Wenonah Yearbook - 1964

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FOREWORD This is your copy of the 1964 WENONAH. Inside its covers you will find a pictorial history of your year at Winona State College. You will find coverage of every aspect of your collegiate life, including pictures of your old and new friends, your campus and its surroundings, its scenes of culture, activities, and sports. Specifically, you will retrace your steps to many events. Among these are the \'\'enonah Players' history-making production of Ibsen's "Ghosts," the music department's version of H andel's "Messiah," and the entertainment of the Four Freshmen. Dance steps can be re- traced at Homecoming, the Christmas Ball, and the Spring Prom. The review of your participation and spectatorship in and at athletic events will bring smiles. We, the staff of the 1961- WENONAH, hope you will find this book more dynamic, more exci.t ing than any other yearbook you have seen. 2









The faculty of Winona State College rank with the best of the state-college faculties in the nation. Of our JOI faculty members, thirty per cent have doctor's degrees. This figure approximates the national average. Of those without the doctorate. eighty-five per cent hold master's degrees, and many of the instructors and professors in this group have done considerable \'l<Ork toward a more ad\¡anccd degree.

With the program that Winona State offers-including majors appropriate for the B.S. in Elementary or Secondary Education, the B.A. sequence, and the M.S. in Education as wellour faculty have to be versatile, and they are. Statistics show that our graduates arc placed appropriately and that they succeed in their positions. This record reflects the excellence of our faculty.



M. R. Raymond College Dean , Vice-President


F. L. Van Alstine Graduate Coordinator

Marguerita Ritman Dean of Women


M. R. :\<farincr D ean of Men, Personnel Services

Amelia Tribell. Secretary; Bernice Safranek. Accountant; and Angelyn De Groot, Office Manager.

Milford lilven and Lois Simons, Registrars.

ROW I: J oanne Gough, Elizabeth Donath, Arlys Severson. ROW 2: Jean Safranek, Meta Harris, and Hilda Muhle, Secretaries.



Warren Marley, Division Chairman.

Joseph Foegen and Ruth H opf, Business.

Glynna Morse, Chester Egner, and Gertrude Finch, Business Education.



H. R. Jackson, Division Chairman.

G len Fuglsby, J. Hugh Capron, and Donald Bilsc, Industrial Arts.

James Wilson, William Hopkins, and Floretta Murray, Art.

Agnes Bard, Richmond McCluer, and Fred Heyer, Music.


George Christensen, Counseling and Guidance: J ohn Lewis, Personnel.

G. E. Fishbaugher, Division Chairman and Placement Director.

Mildred Bartsch, George Grangaard, and Amanda Aarestad , Elementary Education.


M. 0. Wedul, William Gemeinhardt, Ralph Erickson, and John J. Fuller, EduC'ation.

Harold Rogge and E. L. Ragar, Psychology.

James Spear, Visual Aids.


HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Joyce Locks, Marjorie Moravec, and Susan Education.

Luther McCown, Division Chainnan.

Margaret Browning and Ruby Clark, Nurses.

Madco .\folinari, R obert Gunner, J ohn L. Martin, Robert Keister, and Robert Campbell, Physical Education.



Day, Ph>•sical


J. P. Emanuel, Di\'ision Chairman.

James Opsahl. Cal\'in Frcmling, and Francis Uecker, Biology.

Fred Foss, Roger Schoen, and Donald Fick, Physical Science.

Milton Undcrkoffier, Marrclinr Gratiaa, William Emmons, and R . L . Lokcnsgard, Mathematics.



H arold Guthrie, Division Chairman.

Nancy Todd , Isabel Foster and Jeanne Shaw, Librarians.

Dorothy Magnus and L yman Judson, Speech.

R uth Mary Payne, Ellen Judson, Librarians; Edward Jacobsen, Chief Librarian; and Alice Thurston, Cataloger. 14

Douglas Stenerson, Margaret Boddy, English ; and Adolph Bremer, Journalism.

Marion Davis, Language ; James Ralph Behling, English.



Augusta Eng lish.


Nelson, Gerry



Ilaukur Bodvarsson,



~ I

Daniel H oyt, Division Cha irman.

R ockrick Henry, A. B. Villanueva, and \\'alter Graessle. Political Science.

Marvin Lichtenberg, Zoe Swecker, Larr}' Connell. and H enry Hull, History.

Richard H opkins and Il}'aS Ba-Yunus, Geography.




Howard Munson, Principal

Cleo Reiter, Ki ndergarten: Doris Pennell, First Grade; Kathryn Dunlay, Second Grade; L. Opal Foster, Third Grade: and Lillian Spencer, First, Second and Third Grades.

Martha Cau lk ins, Art: Magda Talle, E nglish: and M arie Stratig, H omemaking.

Rex Ingram , M athematics and Science; John Kane, Mathematics and Social Studies.

Helen McGrath, Fifth Grade; James Sabin, Sixth Grade; Verlie Sather, Fourth Grade: Carlis Anderson, Music.




Since time imrne111orial, human beings ha\'c been wanting to learn. Thousands of years ago men were attempting to find ways to clothe themselves, feed themseh-cs, and find a better way of life. Hundreds of )Cars ago, men \\ere lusting for power. seeking to conquer 111ore lands- to find a new world. Toda) is much difTetent than the time of Caesar, Peter the Great, and ~a­ polcon. Today men arl' t1 ying to conquer something far l!;reatcr than landed areas. Outer space is today's destination. Sixteen hundred undergraduate studPnts a t \\'inona State College an¡ benefitting from the modern educa-

tional methods used here and arc preparing themsch-es for today's modern world. Today's studen ts possess many qualities, among which courage stands forth. It takes courage for the college student - be he frcsh111an or senior- to gather his college me111oirs into a chapter of life's history and set out on a ne\\ pathway into an unce1tain yet challenging future.




- - - - --

- - --




FRESHMEN The first week in September the freshmen arrived with great expectations of their first year in college. They were cager to enter this nC'w way of life, but at the same time were a little anxious about the future. Coming to college was a big step a step from a small island of thei r own into a wide new world with many new people, interests a nd opportunities. After su1Yiving the first busy week of orientation activity, forms to complete and tests to finish, the registration weary freshmen settled down to a nonnal collegiate existence- hectic. T he city tours, tea111 meetings, and finally the fresh111a n talent show, provided opportunities for the incoming students to get acquainted with one another and with upperclassmen as well. Newly organ ized, the freshman class found ti me to jump into the upheaYal of college acti,¡ities. A dance to sponsor, homecoming responsibilities to assume, a nd Christmas hall decorations to comple te proYided many of the frosh with time consuming fun. As their first year at WSC draws to a close, the freshmen realize that this new wodd they entered in September provided many opportunities for greater independen ce and broadened interests. They ca n look back on the good times, the new friends :ind the knowledge gained ; and they can also look fo rward to threc: more wonderful years of college life. Srtting the stage for the freshman class arc J ewell Jones, treasu rer ; Ron Williams, ,¡ice presid ent: Carol W eber, s.e nl'tary: Jim Noll, president. Colleen Anderson Larry Anderson T imothy Anderson Lynne Arns Dennis Ashbach

Helen Atkinson Judy Bailey J oseph Baisley J ohn Baller Mary Bambenek K athleen Bankey J udith Bartz J ohn Bec k Gary Beneke J onathan Bentley

Darlene Besek Albert Bina Kenneth Blomq uist Karl Bohn John Borden


Barbara Balzart Ann Bartz Richard Becker Judy Beckman Dulcie Berkman

David Bernadot Fred Benning Gary Berg Charles Berning Teri Binge Marleen Blietz Micki Bradfield Dennis Bronner Mary Brombach Gretchen Bratrud

Frank Braun David Breza Brian Brinkmeier Kenneth Brueske Jame's Bruton

Roger Buerge Patricia Burke Phillip Burnett Gerald Butenhoff James Butterwick

James Byrne C larence Byram Michael Cada Michael Cahalan Linda Cameron Kathleen Carroll M ary Carter Ralph Carter Thomas Casey Thomas Cichanowski

Robert Cieminski Frank Condon Candy Connaughty Mary Connelly Jimmilee Corson


Sharon Crandall Kathleen Crouse Richard Dahl Peggy Dahlberg Micha<'! Dean Franklin Deters

LeRoy Deters William Dewey Judith Dittrich Charles Doedrick Barbara Doely Susanne Doergc Donald Doerr Rosemary Dohrn Margaret Donaldson Byron Downs Donna D\'orak

Peder Dressel Sharon Drwall John Dwyer Diane Ebert Peter Ecker

FRESHMEN :'.; ormagene Edel Richard Effertz Barbara Egge Karen Ellefson Diane Emerson

Bruce Emond Barry Engrav Burnell Engrav James Ersig Mark Esch .Joyce Evens Fay Fanslow Kathleen Feindt Thomas Fennessey Ann Fenney Cheryl Fick

Richard Fisk Michael Ferrin Patrick Ford Steven Forster Darrell Foster Susan Frisch


Larry Frucchte Thor Cajecky Roger Cicske Cary Gimble J on Gislason Richard Claunert

M ichael Glende Shirley Glende Cherre Crams Kathleen Gravelle Jeanette Cravenish J oan Grcethurst Marie Griffin Darliss Grobe Vicki Gronert Gregg Grope! J erome Grossman

Steve Gushikuma J oseph Guzzardo Susanne Hageman Edward Hall Elizabeth Hames

Margaret I [ankes Darlene Hannon Carol I Ianson Russell Hanson J im Harrington

Verdon Hasleiet Russ Hassinger Judith H azelton Phyllis Herschberger Carol H int Gary Hitzeman Paul Hodge J oa n Hoff Susan Hohenhaus Charles H oiness Karen Holla nd

D iana H o'7er Barbara H orihan James H owe Kenneth Howe Jim Huetti Bill Hurd


J ohn H ustad llt"nry K lis ~ fary !ten Eunke h ¡erson Roh!'rta Ives

Carol J <'rhc Gary J ensen J anis J ensen Catherine J ilk Gregory J ohansen Bruce Johnson K athryn J ohnson Marjorie J ohnson Stephen Johnson Susan Johnson

J ewell Jones Richard Jonrs D onald J ulifs Kathleen K ackman J ane K aczrowski

FRESHMEN Louis K anavati J oan K angel J oyce K ehren Terrence Keller Michelle Kelly

K athleen K enney Fred K iehn Young Kim Carol K lippert Mary K las Kenneth Klot7 R ichard K napp Carol Koester LeRoy Kohlmeyer J ami's Kop<.'t7ki

Nanry Kopperud Loran K opro" ski Philip K opro"ski J udith K ressin Leonard K rcug<'r


Mike Krier Ralph Krohse Faye Krough Donald Kropp Sue Kuchenmeister

~ l ary Kambcrtz Joan Larson Michael Leibfried Linda Lennon Gary Lenz

Linda Lewis Ste\¡en Lewis Burton Lidgcrd in!-( David Lilla Gloria Linbo

Curtis Lindahl Neale Lindeman William Lindig Sheryl Loeding Susan Loeffler

Jeanneen Loerch Virginia Lorenson Gina Lo,¡ett Anne Lukaszewski .Marcia Lundberg

Stephen Lupie William Luthin Pennie Mack Walter Maesen David Majerus Judy Malmin Daniel Martin James Martin Gordon Matson Mar'l'o McCune

Kenneth Meyer Larry Mierau Marilyn ~[ ikulewiez Ann Miller Robert Miller


~fary ~fodjeski

Linda Monis Arthur ~foriarty John ~forken Karen ~fortensen

Jake Mowr<'y Karen Mullane Jerry I\'agahashi Dale Nelson Lynelle :'\rlson Richard Nelson Loren Nerby lne;rid :'\ewton Gary Nissalke James Noll Joanne Obuchi

Larry Olson Sharon Olson Elaine O'Rourke Kathleen O'Rourke Thomas Oswald Albert Paffrath

FRESHMEN James Palbicki Janet Palmquist Glen Papenfuss :'.\farvin Papenfuss Vern Parsons :'\oel Paulson

Veronica Pellowski Darlene Peters Barbara Peterson Ja<:k Piehn Eugene Phlaum Da\'id Pistorius William Poppcnbcrgrr Mary Pottratz Rachel Price Leonard Purrington Karen Qualset

Sandra Quam Robert Quinn Mary Redig Robert Reihsen Judy Reiter


Dana Reps J ames Reynolds Robert Riner Paula Roberts Gerry Rode

Jolene Roe Douglas Rosendahl ::-.lichael Rowan Heather Roxburgh Thomas Rudquist Patri<'ia Runningen John Ryan :'\anc)' R>¡dlund Nancy Ste\'enson Daniel Sadowski Thomas Sandstrom

Karen Sather Da\'icl Satka Lance Shirai Barbara Schmauss Kathleen Schmitz Mary Schott

Eu~cne Schreiber Thomas Schroeder Danny Scrabeck Clark Seeman Robert Shulstad William Silver

Randolph Sinke Judith Smith Karen Smith Richard Smiti; Sharon Sebraskc Lois Solher11; Roberta Spahn William Spurbeck Judith Steinbeck Sara Stl'nccl John Storey

J eromc Styba Carole Sy\'erson Alvin Takaki George Thomforde Albert Thompson


Patrick Thompson Eugene Thrune Lynne Tiegs James Trochta William Trouten

Leslie Tro\\ bridge Sofia Turrzmanowycz Kathryn Underwood Gary Urness Gerald Vagts

D onald Vang Michael Vigcsaa James Vignrss Charles Volin Lesy Vorbrrk

Thomas Wildenborg Virgil Walker Marian Warma<'k Valerie Watr rs Carol Weber

FRESHMEN Larry Wedemicr Gloria Welch Bernice Wells Eileen Whitaker J oan Whorton

Sally Wic7ek Gordon Wiebke Karen Wilbur Thomas Wildcnborg Kathleen Williams Paul Williams Ronald Williams Barbara Wilson David Wobbro<'k

Calmer Wood J oel Worra Hermione Zientek Mary Zierdt

SOPHOMORES The sophomore returnrd to the campus welcomed by the familiar faces of many friends he made in this freshman year, and "as anxious to take part in the corning year's acti,·ities. Pre-registration in his freshman year rnablcd him to carry out th(' first day of school with compara ti,·e ease. H aving decided on which course of study to pursue, the sophomore re,·icwed his schedule, wondering if he would e\"l~r complete the long road of required courses and hard stud) im·ohed before graduation.

The sophomore class officers, M adeline Litschkc, secretary; Greg Richardson, , ice president; Bert Yamamoto, president; and Carroll Ruedy, treasurer, manipulate, the lighting.

J oseph Alfonso Cheryl Anderson Judith Anderson Pamela Anderson Esfandiar Azad

Dean Bailey Nancy Barski Mar.~e Bebe rmeycr Charles Becker K ent Bergum

Arlys Berning Lyle Brsse Diane Borgen Diane Botcher David Boyum


The grnelling act!\ rt) schedule greeted the sophomore at homecoming. Floats to construct, meetings to attend and studies lo com;>l:>le all added up to a welcomed Thanksgiving \'aration. Other \'acations prm·ided relaxation after strength-sapping assignmrnts like C hristmas concerts and decorations, spring carni,·al acti\ ity and, of course, athletic c,·c nts.

Dwight Boyum Ervin Callahan Sharon Chamberlain Franklin Conray Nancy Cotton J ean Creminski

Terri Cutting Marria Daily Lola Dingemans Clyde D oepner Elizabeth Dolney Frank D oyle

SOPHOMORES Ann Duncanson Paula Ellinghuysen J ohn Enger Diane Erickson Phyllis Ernstrr

Kaye Esselman Elizabeth Fletcher D ouglas Furst Gary Curtis Saundra Gulbranson

Elizabeth Gunhus Ronald llanson James H arrington Judith I-laukom Gene Hemme John Hess

Richard I lolst H enry Hull ~ [ ar~arct Iverson Bonnie J ohnson Laurel J ohnson Mari Kaczrowski


Ronald Kesler David Klassen Barbara Knutson J udy Knutson John Kokkoncn Sharyl Kozak

Jacob Lamp Gloria LcTourneau Thomas Lcuchtenberg Madeline Litschke Nathalie L itschkc Margaret Lyndahl

Judith .\lc:\allr Diane Martenson .\larlcne Moechnig Jl.laq• .\loechnig Janelle Millam

David Milne Judith Ness Lorraine Overhaug Gary Peterson Kathleen Peterson

Susan Peterson Marvis Pinke Patricia Rader Kenneth Ratasczyk Rickey Ravnholdt Gregory Richardson

Roger Roepke Leonard Rollins Carroll Ruedy Sandra Rumstick Thomas Schou Marilyn Schwanke


Jane Soffa Delores Starling Janet Steinmetz Karen Stinson Mary Stocker

William Stockton Harry Strusz Ted Thiele Judy Thompson Joan Timm

SOPHOMORES Kathryn Torvick Penelope Truble Nancy Turner Sharon Tyler Michael Wagner

Elizabeth Walters Jan Wassing Donna Wayne Sandra Wehrenberg Marian Welch

Nancy Wcllck David Wendlandt Jay Wescott Cleon Wilbur Michael Williams

Mary Witt Roland \Vussow Loren Wondrasch Bert Yamamoto Patricia Yetzer


The junior class officers-Ted K elly, president; Sandy Mau, vice-president; and J ack Gctskow, secretary-treasurer - prepare for the show.

The end of the journey is in sight for the juniors as t hey complete their third year at Winona State. The road has been rough at times, but they feel a sense of achievcm<'nt as they enter their senior year. Academically, the class has become \'cry serious about their education as they realize the value of it. They are not the same carefree freshmen that entered the campus three years ago, but serious students who work hard a nd plan to get the type of education they desire. As the yea r draws to a close, the junior class looks forward to their journey's end next year, eventhough they realize t he responsibilities they must face one day soon.


Barbara Anderson Gretchen Anderson Everett Austin Thomas Baer Robert Beatty

Sharon Benson Judith Bell

Mary Ann Berti

Thomas Blaisdell Ted Boehlke Earl Branum Thomas Braun



Charles Briese Edith Brown Gerald Curran

J anis Cutts Ronald Dadetta Nicholas DeMartino

Betty Engel Richard Droyen

Joan Gates John Getskow Naomi Gilbertson

Robert Ginn Roger Goerish

Rose Ann Grulkowski

J anet l laack Karen l lartley Gail Heller

Janet J ohnson Mary Kaiser

Kristine Karlsen Edward Kelley

Robert Kiral Sharon Klebs Judith Knapik Mary Landino Janice Lee


R ichard Lictzan Stanier '.'-.1aass Lawrenre Madland R ory Mattson R obert }.lausz}¡rki

j e1ry M ensink Wayne M emel

Arthur '.'.tiller Cynthia Orrill

Suzanne Parsley .M artha Paulson J ohn Pctronck

Patricia Powell

Bonnie Ramsdell '.'-.lary Re uter

Regina Robinson D avid Rosenau Elaine Rotty

Richard Schnorcnberg J oe Seufert

Robert Scyba Harry Sieben J ames Starkman

Kathryn Turner :0.1ary \\'cirhcrt Alfred Wolfram


SENIORS As the senior lives through his last days of campus life, he cannot hrlp but re\'iew the four active years that have passed before him. In addition to his memories of classes. research papers, and professors, he recalls the major formals, picnics and parties, mixers, ath letic c,·ents, concerts, dramatic productions, and homecomings. He remembers with an odd mixture of sadness and joy the people he met and the friends he made. It is with growing nostalgia that he rcalil'es he will be leaving acquaintances whom he may ne,·er sec again. Jn a few short minutes, four years of the senior's life becomes past tense he is a beginner again. Just a few steps, perhaps a few tears, a diploma. congratulations, and goodbyes, and then the big step to a new way of life a carcrr, graduate school. the anned sen·iccs. or marriage.

In thl'ir last performance officers Bonnie Corcoran. ien£' Wilson, secretary: gaard, vice-president: Bob dent.

arc the senior treasurer; DarJoanne BergsChapek, presi-

JOANNE AADAHL Physical Education

DAVID ASSUM Elementary Education


RICHARD A ADANK Elementary Education

KATHLEEN ALBERS Elementary Education


GARY ANDERSON Elementary Education


STEVAN BAILEY English Speech

LOWELL ALLEN Business Education



J AN ICE BAKKEDAIIL Business Education English


WILLIAM ALLEN Elementary Education

MARY LOU Afu'\ESON Elementary Education

EARL BEHRENS Elementary Education

BARBARA BENIKE Physical Education Art


JOANNE BERGSGAARD Elementary Education

GEORGEANNE MAYTHM BERKMA:"l Elementary Education

STEPHEN BOLLER Mathematics Industrial Arts

DAVID BESS Business Administration


MARY BLAllNIK Elementary Education

KAREN CAFOUREK Elementary Education

ROBERT CHAPEK Business Administration Social Science

JANICE BESKE Elementary Education

PIIJLLIP CHOFFIN Elementary Education


KENNETH CHU PITA Business Administration

KATHLEEN CODY :\fa thematics Phrsical Education

DOUGLAS COFFEY Business Administration

BONNIE CORCORAN Physical Education

MONICA DVORAK Elementary Education

:\.!ARK DILLEY Physical Education

LE VERN DEVRIES Social Studies


DALE EGLAND Business Administration

1'.lYRON ELIAS Biology





CAROL FENSKE Elementar y Education

DAVID FRANK Physical Education Industrial Arts

GEORGE FERRATA Biology Physical Education

GARY FERDEN Elementary Education


SHEILA FLEMING Elementary Education

JILL FLORIN Elementary Education Art

WILLIAM FRASE History Social Stud ies

ALICE FRATZKE Elementary Education

WILLIAM FULTON Industrial Arts



JUDITH GERKEN Business Education

KAREN GLUDT Elementary Education Mathematics


DONALD GRAMS Business Administration

BARBARA GOETZ MAN Elementary Education

GERALDINE GRIFFITH Elementary Education

DARLENE HAESSIG Elementary Education

ROBERT II ALASKA Business Administration

CHARLES HAGER Elementary Education Art



ALFRED HANSON Elementary Education

SENIORS LARRY HOLSAPPLE Industrial Arts ROGER HANSON Business Administration

GLEN HOUGHTON Elementary Education DEMETRA HAS SOS Mathematics


MARY ROIIR IHRKE Elementary Education Physical Education ROBERT HILL Business Administration

R I CK HEYER Social Science

MARY ISSENDORF Physical Education ARTHUR H ITT Mathematics

INGE HOFER Elementary Education


GRETTA JOHNSON Physical Education

CAROL JOHNSO:'.'i Elementary Education



Elementary Education

ALFRED JOHNSON Business Administration



Elementary Education

Physical Ed ucation

RUTH JC'RRIES Physical Education



Elementary Education

KELBERER Business Administration

MARLENE JAMES Elementary Education




ROSS KING Mathematics English

GERALD KLE}.lENT Business Administration

CAROL KJOS Social Studies


KENNETH KLAWITER Industrial Arts Mathematics






GORDON LANNING Physical Education Biology

RICHARD LAPATKA Business Administration

RALPH LEISTIKOW Physical Education

KAREN LENTZ Elementary Education

RAY LOCKHART Social Science

GAREY LUNN Industrial Arts

MAXINE LORAXG Mathematics Science

DIA:\'A LUTZ Elementary Education

JUDITH LYNN Elementary Education




JOHN LITCHER Elementary Education


SPENCER MAUSSNER Business Administration

LOYAL MENS INK Elementary Education

DUANE MUTSCHLER Physical Education Biology

MICHAEL MRACIIEK Elementary Education

GERALD McCAFFREY Business Education

DONNA MYRAN Elementary Education

MAURICE MILLER Industrial Arts

JERRY NELSON Industrial Arts




GARY OBELE Physical Education Business Education

KENNETH O'BRIEN Business Administration

MARY O'CONNOR Art Elementary Education

LYLE PAPENFUSS Business Administration


MICHAEL O'REILLY I ndsutrial Arts


SUZA:\NE PARSLEY Elementary Education

MARTHA PAULSON Elementary Education

DENIELE SCHRODER PAHL Elementary Education Physical Education





DOUGLAS RAVNHOLDT Business Administration


DOUGLAS REINHARD Elementary Education



Physical Education

Elementary Education

GEORGE RICHABOL'Gll Elementary Education



Elementary Education

Business Administration

HARRIET RICE Elementary Education



Elementary Education

Elementary Education Art


SHARON SANNESS Elementary Education

LOIS RUSSELL Elementary Education BETTY SCHULZE Business Education

ANN ROSE English Physical Education

JAMES SCHMITX Mathematics PATRICIA SHERMAN Physical Education

KAREN REED Elementary Education Art


SHARON SIMON Elementary Education

SYLVIA RUPP Elementary Education



ROGER SKATTUM Business Administration


THELMA HAGEN START Elementary Education

JIM STRANDE Business Administration



MARY STREMCHO Elementary Education

KATHRYN STORK Physical Education

ALMA TASHIRO Elementary Education

DOUGLAS THOMPSON Business Administration

GENECE THORESEN Elementary Education


GENE TILLMAN General Science

PATRICIA TIMMERS Elementary Education

RONALD TROK Business Administration

DAVID VAIL Mathematics

CURTIS WILBUR Elementary Education

DARLENE WILSON Elementary Education


JOSEPH WISE Business Administration

JEFFRY WOLFERT Social Science Business Administration

CHARLES E. ZANE Business Administration


JEAN GOIHL WATERMAN Elementary Education


BOLLER, STEPIIEN \\'inona S.;-..J.E.A. 3.+: Gamma Delta 1.2.3,+; Amaleur R adio Club 1,2.3, k BUCK. RO:'\ALI) - M inm·sola Cit): ~1inor: Bio logy - Kappa Pi 3.4: Summer Social Committcc.

AADAHL. JOANNE Northfield: :v!inor: Biology H omecoming Committee 3.+: Orientation Team '.~: S.:\.E.A. I.+: L .S.A. l; W.R.A. 2); W .P .E. 1.2,3.4.

CAFOUREK , KAREN L.S.A. 3: \\".R.A. 3.

ALBERS, KATHLEEN - Northfield - Sludent Commission Officer 3.4: Homecoming Committce 2.1.-t: Orientation Team +: \\'cnonah 3: Who's Who 4: L.S.A. 2.

C IIOFF IX , PHILLJP - Genrva, New York S.N.E.A. 3,4, Sigma T au Gamma I ,2,3,4; \Vn•stling 1,2. C H CPITA. KE:'\NETII Winona: Minors: ~fath­ ematics. Economics \\'inonan 2.3,4: Pi Delta Epsilon 2,3,4. Business C lub 2.3: S.A.M. 4.

ALLEX. LO\\'ELL - Winona: M inor: Social Science - Orientation Team 4: S.N.E.A. 2.3.4: \\'ho's \\'ho 4: Sigma Tau Gamma 2,3.-t: Ilusinl'ss Club 2,3: lnlramural Sports I ,2.3;J.: C:ollcgiate Club 3.4. \\" T LLIA~1

COFFEY, DOL'GLAS Winona; Mi nor: Sociology - Class Officer 2; Dolphin Club 1,2; Swimming 2,3.

St. Paul: Minor: Social


A:'\DERSO:'\. GARY \\'inona 3.4: L.S.A. 2: Ci rcle K 2.

S.N.E .A. 2,

CODY, KATllLEE:-1 Worthington S.N.E.A. 3.l; K appa Delta Pi 3,4: Newman Club 3.4: \V .R.A. 3,4 W .P.E. 3.4.

ANDERSO:'\. l\1ARY LOt: K enyon; Minor: Social Science - S.N.E.A. ·l ; L.S.A. 1,2,3.4: Young Republicans 3: Circle K -Dettes 3.

COLBE:'\SON, GEORGE Rushford : Minor English \\'.S.S.A. 1.2,3.+; Wenonah Players 2. 3,4.

AR'.\'ESO'.\', MARY LOU - D o rchester, Iowa D ormitory Counselor 3,4; S.N.E.A. 2,3,4; \\"eslcy Foundation I ,2.3.4 : Student D ean 3; Policy Commission fo r Admission and Retention to Teacher Education 4.

CORCORA:-1, BO 'NIE - Pine Island - Minor: Biolo~· Class Officer 4 : Student Commission CommittPe 4: Orirntation Team 4; S.N.E.A. 4; :'-le\\man Club 1.2.3: \\'.R .A . 2.3.4; W.P.E. \\'arriorcttes 3.

BAILEY, STEVAN Chatfield: ~1 inor Speech - \\'SSA 3,4: Orientation Team I: Dormitory Council I: D ormilOl) Counselor I: S. 1.E.A . 1,2.3 ..J.; \\'i nonan ·f: \\' cnonah 3,4: Sigma T au Gamma 2,3,4 : English Club I.

DAR l S, HARRY Oakford, Pennsylvania; Mino1: Social Science S.N .E.A. 4: \ Vho"s \\'ho 4: Academy of Science 1,2,3,4; " W " Club 1,2,3,4; Sig111a T au Gamma 2.3,4; Cross Country I ; T rack 1.2,3. I ; In tramural Sports 1,2.

BEllREXS. EARL Waltham: Minor: Geography - Studc·nt Commission Committee 2.3: \\'inonan 2,3: \\'pnonah 2J.4: LS.A. 1,2,3,-t: Circle K 1.2,3.

D ILLEY. ~1ARK Soldiers Gro\C, \\'isconsin: ~linor: M athematics S.X E .A. 1-: " \\'" Club 2.3. L Basketball 3,4: Baseball 2.3.


BARBARA Lewiston - Class Officer 3: Studen t Commission Officer 3,+: Orientation 'fl'am 3,4; S.XE.A. 2,3.4; \\'ho's \\' ho 4: L S.A. I: Chonrs 1: Dolphin Club I ; W .R .A. 1.2.3, 1; W . P.A. 1,2,3.4; D elta Zeta 2,3,-t; Warriorettes 1,2,3,4: IIomC'coming Q11<'<'n Candidate 4: Campus Cover Girl Candidate 3. BERGAUS. MARY \\'inona: ~1i nor: Sociology - Newman Club 1,2: Wenonah Players 1,2: Young Republicans 1,2. BERGSGAARD, JOAXNE Spring Grm·p Class Officer 4; D ormitory Counselor 3,4; S.N.E.A. 3,4; Wenonah 3; K appa Delta Pi 4; L .S.A. 1,2,3.4. BE KE. JAN ICE

St. Paul -

S.l'\.E.A. 3,4;

C HAPEK, ROBERT H insdale. Illinois Class OAicer 3.4: Studl'nt Commission Officer l: H omecoming Comm ittee 3; Orientation Team 4; \\'ho's Who ·l ; Academy of Scicnce 2; Sigma Tau Gamma 2,3, f ; Intramu ral Sports 1,2,3,4.

ADANK, RICTIARO Spring Vallcy, Wisconsin S.N.E.A. 4; Vets Club 1,2,3.-t.

ALLEN, Science -

Austin -

DVO RAK. MO;\'ICA Call'donia 1.3.4: \ \'inonan I : l'\ewman C lub 1,2.3,4.


EBERT, ROBERT Winona; Minor: Physical Education - Gamma D C'l ta l ; Academy of Science I: D olphin Club 1.2.3; W enonah Players 2; Business Club I; S"imming 2; Intramural Sports 3.4: "'Twelfth ::\ight." EGLA:\'D, DALE Ilouston: M inor: ~1athemat­ ics S.A.l\I. 4: B11sinC'SS Club 1,2,3: rntramural Spons 3. 1. ELLIAS, MYRON Virginia; Mino r : Chemistry - Band 1,2; S.N.E.A. 3,4; Wesley Foundation 3; Chor us 1,2.3,4 ; ~1alc E nsemble 2.

S. .E.A. 3,4.

ELLESTAD. CAL\ ' JN Sociology Wenonah W .S.S.A. LS.A.

RESS. DAVID - Fountain City, \\'isconsin: ~li­ nor: Economics - Gamma Delta 1.2; Acadl'my of Scil'ncc I : Business Club 2.3: Rifle Club 3: Soci!'ty for Advancemt•nt of ~1anagcmcnt 4.

FERDE>r. GARY K appa Delta Pi 3,·l.


Spring Grove : Minor: Players. Radio Guild,

Rushford -

S.::\f.E.A. 2,3,4:

FRA:'\K. DA \'JD \\'inona - "\\"' Club 2.3,+: Dol phin Club 1.2.'.H; Cross Country 2,3: Swimming 1.23.4: Track I ; Intramural Sports 2.

II ASSOS. DE'.\1ETRA Athens, Greece: Mino1: Physical Science - S.N.E.A. 2,3.4; Gamma lklta 1 ,2.'.~. I: Academy of Science 1,2.3,4; I. R.C. 3.4.

FRASE. \\' JU .TA'.\1 Minnc-apolis; Minor: English Dormitory Counsc-lor 4: \\'inonan 3; \\'1•slc-y Foundation 2.3; Acadl'my of Science 2,3.1: Circle K +: Em~l ish Club 3. I: Young RPpublicans 2: Young Democrats 3.

1IEi\'RY, :vt I K E J la1mony; Minors: Economics. Sm·iolog'} W Cl11h I .2.3..I: Football S.A.'.\1. I.

FRATZKE. ALICE Winona - S.N.E.A. 1,2,3. 4; N'ewman Club 1.2.3, I; Young Democrats I.

III LL. ROBERT '.\ l inneapolis: Minors: Sociology, l\1usic - J Iomtcoming Committee 3; Dor111itory council I; L.S.A. 1,2,3; Chorus 1.2.3,1: Acadl'my of Science I ; Circle K I : Businrss Club 1.2.3. I; Young Republicans 2: Intramural Sports 1.2.

FERRATA. GEORGE Rocht·ster, New York Student Commission Officer 4: \\'enonah 3; Who's \\'ho ~: ::\e,, man Club 1.2; Academy of Science 3.-l: "\\"' Club; Football 1.2.3. ~; Wrestling 1.2: Track I : Intramural Sports 4. F IXLEY. ~IICll !\F.L Chatfield: '.\1inor: Mathematics SS.E.A. I; \\'enonah I : \\'rnonah I: Cant(•bury Club Acadrmy of Science 2,3A; Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3, 1: \\'mona Players 1,2; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. FLATEN. WAYNE Kenyon S.N.E.J\. 3.4: L.S./\. 1 : AcadPmy of Science 3: Intramural Sports Fl.ORI:'\. J I LL \\'inona OriPntation Team ~: S.i\'.E.A. 1.2.-t ; \\'ho's \ \ ho L Kappa Delta Pi 3, I: N<'wman Club 1.2.3. ~ ; Delta Zeta 2,3, I. GABR\'CH . BREN DA AN DERSEX Rc·d Wing: Minor: Lihra11 Se1' in· Homecoming Committ1·e 3: Ori('ntation T<'a111 3. L Dormitory Counci l 1: SS.E.A. 3: \\'ho's \\'ho 4: :'\ewman Club 1,2: \\'enonah Players 1.2: Business Club 2.3.4: \\'. R.A. 1: \\'.P.E.E. I : Cheerleader 1: Collegiatt• Cluh 3.4: D"lta Zeta 3.4. GERKE:-\', jL'J))TJI Zumbrota: Minor: Spanish S.XE.A. 3.4: Gamma D('lta 1,2,3,4; Business Club 3.4; K -d('ttes 3,4. GEPPERT. RONALD L ake City: i\ l inor: Physic S.X.E.t\. I: Radio Club GLL'DT. KARE:\" Lake City - S.:N.E.A. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3.-t: :Ne\\man Club Hand 1,2. GOETZM/\N, BARBARA Players 3. GRAMS, DO:'\/\LD Economics.

\\'inona -


Grand Meadow: Minor:

GROEXE\\'OLD. ROGER Rushmore ; Minor: French Studl'nt Commission Officer 3, l ; Homt·coming Committee 3.4; Orientation Team 3,4; SXE.A. 1,2,3.'!: \\'ho's \\'ho -t; LS.A. 1,2; Sigma Tau Gamma 2 .3, f; Young Republicans 1: Collegiate Club 3.4. H AESSIG. DARL EXE \\'inona: M inor: Physical Education - S.X.E.t\. 2.3,4: Gamma Delta 1.2.3; Band 1,2: \\'.R.A. 1.2.3: \\'.P.E. 2.3.4. H/\:'\SOX. ROGER Lake Benton: Minor: Geography - Orientation Team -t: Sigma Tau Gamma 3,1; Business Club 2.3; Track 1: S.A ..M. 4.

II EYER. FRED \\'inona: Minor: 1-Iistm~ Swing Band Orclwqra 1.


ARTTI CR cial Stucli<'s.

Alma. Wisconsin: Minor: So-

I IOFER, I?\GE - J anwstown, North Dakota: :'\1inor: Physical Education St11d('nt Commission Offin•r 4: Orientation Team 3.'I: S.N.E./\. 3.1; \\'ho's \ \'ho ·I; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4: L.S.A. 1.2.3.'I: \ \ '. R.A. 1.2.3: \ \'. P.E. Delta Zeta 3.1. HOLSAPPL E. L.\RRY \\'yfoff: '.\linm: Speech \\'es le) Foundation 1.2: Intramural Spoils 1.2 ; J\racl<'my of Science 1.2; Industrial .\rts Club 2.1.1. ll Ol'GHTOX. G LEi\':'-J Elgin: M inor: '.\1usic Student Commission Officer ·l; Orientation Tc·am 3.4: Dormitory Co11nsl·lor 2.3.4: S.N.E.A. 4: \\ho's \\'ho L L.S.A. 2.'l: Band 2.3: N.E.N.C. 3: C:horns 2.3.-L Circle K 3.4: \'('ts Club 4 : Winona Concl'rt Choir Pn·s1·ntation 3: Sp1-ing '.\1usica l 2: \ 'ariet,· Sho" 4. l:'\''.\1,\:'\, Jl'D\' \\'inona phin Cluh 3; \\'arrion·ttl's 2.

L.S_,\ , 1.2.1: Dol-

ISSEXDORF, '.\1ARY Lak<' City: '.\I inor. ;..rusic St11dl'nt Commission C:ommi ttl'c ·I: S.N.E.A 1,2. 3.~; Band 3: Y.W.C:.i\. 1.2 : W.P.E. \\'.R./\ 1.2.3. k j ,\COBSEN. CARO L llanlcy Falls: :'\l ino1: Music S.:'\.E.A. 3: \\'enonah 1.2: Gamma D elta '~: LS.:\ . 1.2: i\I.E.:'\.C. 'L Young Republicans 2.3. .JAII R. CARO L Rushford S.X.E.J\. 2.3.4; LS.A. I. JA'.\1ES, '.\ IAR L E:'\E T n·mpealeau. Wisconsin S.N.E./\. ·I: N"ewman Club 3.4. JOIINSOX. ALFRED Jlouston: Minor: Social Science. .JOil:\'SON. GRETfA H ayfield: '.\I inm·: Gt'ography Dormitory Council 1: S. r.E.A. 2.3,4: L.S.A. I ,2: \V .R.A. : \ \'. P.E. Co-c•ds 2: /\.A.11 . PE R.R. 1,2.3,4. J OI INSON. JAX ICE BAKKEAIIL - H ayfield S .•. E.t\. 3,4; Wenonah I : Kappa Del ta Pi 4 ; L.S.A. 1.2: Business Cluh 2,3. .)OXES, ll ARLA Hopkins; Minor: Music \\'cnonah 1,2.3: Chorus 2.3.4; English Club 3.4: W.R.A. 1; Circle K-Dettes 2,3, 1. KE LRERER, RA YMO~D Wolf Point, Mon-

tana: .\l mor : :-ional Studi<'s. KELLER, NORl\ IA.'\ - Richla nd Center. \\"isrnnsin: ;1,1 in or: Ph y,ical Sri<'nC<' Class officer 2: S.N. E.A. 2J. l; L.S.A. 2: Acadern y of Sciencr 2,3, I: Sigma T au Gamma 1.2.4: Yo11ng Rep11hlicans 1,2: \\'restling 1.2.3: Intramural Spoils K IESER. BR L:CE Prairie du C:hien. \\'isrnnsin: :\1inors Social Scirnce. DriH·r Education '"\\··· Club Footba ll 1.2.3: Jntramwal Spo1 ts 1,2.3. KING, ROSS St<'wam·ille - S ..'\.E.A. 1,2. 3.+: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 1: \\'esley Fo11nclation 1.2.3 : English Club '.H. K JOS, CAROL Minnesota Cit) : :\1inor ; H istory Intramural Sports 3.+: Interna tional R<'lations Club 3. KLA \\'JTER , KEN.'\ETH trial Arts Club 3,4. KLEME'.'JT. Mathematics

\\"inona -


GERALD Farmirn:~ton ; Minor; Business C lub 3: S.A.M. 4.

KLOEK. GERR TT Minneapoli s; :Y!inor: Chemistry - Class Officer+: Acad<'my of Science 2,3.4,5; Dolphin Cl ub,5: Swimming 3.+,5. KR.TE, ])\\"ALA Red Wing; Minor : Social St udiPs Student Commis.sion Committee 4 ; S.:\. E.A. 1.2.3,+ : \\'enonah 2.3: LS.A. 1: Band 1.2; Delta Zeta 3,.1: Collegiate Club 3.4. KRAMER, KA ROLE Ad rian - I lorncroming Commi ttee 3,4: Orienta tion Tea m ·I ; S.N.E.A. 3,4: \\'ho's \\'ho 4 ; Newman Club 3.L \\' .R.A. 3; D elta Zeta 3,4; K-dettes 3: Homecoming Q ueen Candidate 4. LAN:'\IXG, GORDOX \\"inona - D olphin Club 2,3; Swin1ming 2.3 ; Track 4; Intramural Sports 2,4. LARSON, RO BERT Spring Valley; Minor: Sociology - " \\'" Clu b : Football 1,2,3 : Intramural Spo1 ts 1,2.3. LE:'\TZ, KAREN Rock Jsland. Illinois: M inors: Speech. ~Iusic - S ..'\ .E.A. 1.2.3.l: \\'enona h 2,3; l\c\' ma n Club 1,2: K-delles 2.3: \\'r nonah Players 3,4: \ \' .S.S.A. 3.1 ; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,+. LlGIITFOOT, .FRANKLYN - Winona ; Minor: Grngraphy - S.X E.A. 3: Academy of Science 4 ; l.R.C . 4. LITCHER. JOII:\' - \\'inona - S ..'\.E.A. 4; Band 1 ; Chorus 1; D olphin Club I ; \ 'cts Club 4 : Swimming 1: Bradford Club I. LIVI:\'GSTO:'\, DA\TD - \\'inona , :\I inncsota; M inor: Physical Education " \\'" Club 1,2,3 ; Football 1.3 : Track 1.2. LORAJ'\G, MAXINE L ake Ben ton Donnitory Council 3,4: Do rmitory Counselor 3,4: Newman Club 1,2.·l; Academy of Science 2.3, I: \V.R .A. 1 : K-dettes 3. LC'KASZE\ \'SK I , CHA RLES - \\'inona ; :M inor: Economics S e\rnian Club l.2 ,3,4 : Phi Sigma Epsilon 2.3,+: Society for Ad,·ancement of '.\1anage-

ment 4. LUN:'\. GAREY ~ioux \ 'alley: '.\1inor: Social Scirncr - S.:'\.E.A. '.U ; I ndustrial Arts Club 3,4. LUT Z, D I AXA Trcmpeal<·au, Wisconsin; M inors : French , Library Scirnce - S.N.E.A. 4: Kappa Delta Pi I: :\'e" man Club ·I. LY.'.\'N . .J UUITII Owa tonna Studrnt Commission Committee 3. t: S.:\'.E.A. Kappa D<'lta Pi 3,+ : Cante bury Club 1.2.3.+. '.\1AN IO.:\. MAUREE:"-l - Lewiston - \ \\·nonah 3; Kappa Pi 1.2.3.+. McCOFFREY, GERARD - Winona; Minor: Sociology - Band 1 : I ntramural Sports l.2. :\1cMA::\'I MO.'\. DOSAL! ) Rushford S.N.E.A. 3.4. ME1 S J:\' K . LOYAL Preston - H omecoming; Cormnittec 3: 5.XE.A. I: L. S.A. 2; Phi Si~ma Epsilon 1,2,3,+; I ndustrial Arts C lub I. :\1 ILL ER, YfAUR IC:E Winona; M inor: Speech - S.N.E.A. 4; W .S.S.A. 1,2.3,4: Industrial Arts Club 2,3, 1: M .E.A. 4 . M IT SCH, CAROLE GREENWALD - Elysian - · Student Commission Officer 3; Student Commission Committee 3; \\"ho's \\'ho 4; Kappa D elta Pi 3, I ; L.S.A. 1,2,3,4; Swing Band 2 ; N.E.l\'.C. 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Circle K-dcttes 1,2,3. MCT SCl ILER, DUANE - S .N.E.A. 3,·1; Wesley Foundation 1,2. " W" Club 2,3,4; Football t,2,3,4; Baseball 1.2,3,4. :\1YRAN, DO:\'NA \\ 'anamingo - Minor: Physical Education Class Office r 2 ; Student Commission Officer 3,4: Student Commission Commitl<T 3: Orientation Team 2.3. 1; S.N.E.A. 4 : Who's \\' ho 4 ; W.P.E. 2.3. 1: Cheerleader 1.2,3,4 ; Collegiate C lub 2,3.4. N ILSEN, H ENRY - Winona; Minor: Mathematics - L.S.A. 2 ; Academy of Science 4 ; C ircle K 1,2. OBELE, GARY - Lismore ; Minor: Bookkee pingT yping 'ewma n Club I : Business C lub 3. O 'BRIEN, KENSETII Wabasha ; Minors: M a thema tics, Economics - Football 1: Intra mural Sports 1.2,3; S.A.M. 4. O 'CONNOR , MARY ANN - H astings Homecoming Committee 3,4: S.N.E.A. 3.4 ; Newman C lub 1,2,3: Kappa Pi 4. OTT, SHIRLEY Mahtomedi; Minor : Physical Education - S.::\'.E.A. 1,3,4; Wenonah 1.2.3; Kappa Delta Pi 3,+: L .S.A . I ; Academy of Science 3,-1-; Pi Delta Epsilon 4 : \\' .R.A. 1,2,3,4; \V.P.E. 1,2,3,4. PAH L, DENIELE SCHRODER - . Faribault Class Officer 2 ; Student Comrnission Committee 3; H omecoming Committee 3; Orientation 3,4; S.N. E.A. 2,3; W enonah 1.2 ; Who's Who 4: Gamma Delta 1,2: Band 1,2 ; \\'enona Players ! ; W.R.A. 1,2,3; \\'.P.E. 1,2,3.4 ; D elta Zeta 2,3,+ ; Collegiate Club 2,3.4. PAPENFCSS, LYLE La Crescent: :\1inor: M at hematics - \\'ho's Who 4: '' \ \ .. ' Club 1.2.3,4;

Basketball 1.2,3..J: Baseball 1.2.3,J.: S.A.:.\I. 4. PARSLEY. SCZAf\:\'E S.N.E.A. 3,4.

Austin: :.\1inor: Art



S.N.E.A. 3,-+:

i-Iokah S.X.E.A. 3 ..J: Si!{ma Tau Gamma 2.3: I ntrnmural Sports 1.2,3, I. PI:\SO:'\:\'EA L:l : r , Jl"DITH - \\ abash.1: i\linor: Mathematics S. 1.E.A. 1: >.'<·\\man Club 3;1-: English Club 3,.J. PLOOSTER. JOY H opkins; Minor: Sptwh S.:\'.E.A. 1,2; K appa !)<'ha Pi 3.4; \\'esley Foundation 1.2: \\'.S.S.A. 3..J: \\'. R.A. 1.2.3..J: \\'. P.E. 1.2,

3,·I. POTTRATZ. PATRlClA Eiven: :.\!inor: French 1Jon11ito11 C:ouns<'lor 3.-t: S ..:\'.E.i\. 1,2, 3, I: Kappa Delta Pi 3. I: \\'ho's \\'ho .J: \\'esky Foundation 1,2.3: \\'a11iorC'ttes 2.3..J: DC"lta Zeta 3,4. PRICE, A. A.:\' NETTE Richfield: i\finor: Art S ..:\'.E.A. 3.4: \\'enonah 1,2,3: Gamma Delta Gamma 1.2,3.4: Pi Ddta Epsilon 4: I nternational Club 3. RA:\'GITSCH , KATIILEE:\' - Sr. Pa11l llomecoming Committrl' 23.·I: Dormito11 Coun~elor 3,4; \\'ho's \\'ho 4: :'\t•wnnn Club 1,2,3,4: Kappa Pi f: Delta Zeta 3.-~: Collegiatt· Cl11b 3,4. RAVNllOLDT, DOCGLAS - Hopkins: :.\1inor : Social Science L.S.A. 3: Businf'ss Club 2.3: S.A.M . .J: Football '.~. REI'.\'HARD. DOL' CL.\S \\'inona: ~iinor: Sociologr Gamma DC'lta 1.2.3..J: Youn~ lkmocrats 1,2,3,-J: Rifle Club: Bast'ball I : Intramunil Sports 1,2,3 ,4.

1.2.3, ~:

mural Sports 1.2: T<•nnis 'fram Swimllling Team 3,+.


SC:JJ }.I ITZ, JAi\fES Caledonia: Minor: Physical S('irnce - S.N.E.A. 4: Newman Cl11b 1,2: Arad<'my of Science 1.2.3: Phi Sig111a Epsilon 2,3.4: Intramural Sports 1.2.3.-t. SC I I U .ZE, BETTY Caledonia: :.\1inor: Spanish Dormitory Counsl'lor ~ ; S.XE.A. 2,4: L.S.A. 2.1: B11siness Club 2: Co-eds 2: Exchange Student to :'\onrny 3. SEEi.iNG. SIIAHR0:\1 Winona Kappa Pi 3.4; Young D emocrats J.


~ KIBBE. DOROTHY Ste"art,·ille 1.2.'.l.1: Gamma Delta 'l,4.


!-,J.\10:\'. SIIAH.O.:\' Nl'\\ man Club 1,2.3.


S.'.\'.E .. \ . 2.3:1:

STORK, KATl IR Yi\ J larnron y: ~Ii nor: Biology Student Commission Committee 1 · S.:\1.E.A. 3,4; \\'ho's \\' ho ·1; Kappa D C'lta Pi 3,4: L.S.A. I : \V.R.A. 2,3, I: \\'. P.E. 2.3,4: Chrerlc·ader 1,2J.4. STR:\:'\DE. JL\1 Chatfield: .\finor: Economics :\'emnan Club 3.+.

S'J REI 11.0\\'. ROSELLA J lastin~s: .\Iinor: :\fusi< S.N.E.A. 3, I: \\\•nonah 3 ~ Gamma D<'lta 1.2.'.t STREi\1CJ LO, MARY Minn esota City; Minor : Sociology - S.J\:. E.A . 2.3, I : L.S.A. 2.3: l ntrrnational Relations Club :{,I; K-dett<'s 2.3.

TJf.l.~fAi\', GEXE

Rodwster: i\finor: Social &i!'nce Chonrs i: Acacl<'lll)' of Science .J : 1ntra111111 al Sports I.

Tl!ORESEl\, SXE.A. 3,4.



IUCABAl:GH, GEORGE Spring Valley: Minor: Library Sen ice Dormitory Council 2: S.N. E.A. 2.3.4: Wenonah 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 1,2,3,.L Vets Club ·k

TROK, RONALD \\'inona; Minor: Economics l lomecoming Co11rmitl('l' I; OriC"ntation Tram 4: \\'ho's \\'ho ~: Phi Sigma Epsilon 2.3,4: S.A.i\1. I.


\',\,:\! FLEET, ROD .\Iathenratics.

Canton: Minor: Spanish


S.l\'.E.A. 2,H. RCDOLF, CAROLJ:\' E St. Paul: Minor : Music S.N.E.A. ·~: Wesley Foundation 4; Band 3; M.E.'.\'.C. 3.-1: Chor us 2.'.H: Orchrstra 3,-~; Dolphin Club 2.3,+: Phi SiJ.!'ma Epsilon Sweetheart 3: M adrigal Singers 3,4: Sno-Queen Attendant 3: H omrcoming Queen Candidate 4: Campus Co"cr Girl Candidate 2. RUPP. S\'L\ ' IA - Caledonia - Stud('J)t Commission Committ<"e -I: Dormitory Counselor 4: S.XE.A. 2,3,.J: Kappa DC'lta Pi 3, ~: \\'<·sley Foundation 1,2; Band l.2,3; Orche5tra 1.2,'.l, I : \\'arriorettes 1,2,3,1. RUD, KARE:\! Byron Class Officer 3: Ilomecorning Committee 2.3. ~: S ..\l.E .A. 2.3.+: L.S.A. I, 2,3: Delta Zeta 3,4: Collegiate Club 3.+: Co-chairmen of Orientation -1. SHER:.\1A:\'. PATRIC:!.\ \\'inona: :.\finor: Biology - Kappa Delta Pi 3. 1; :\ewman Club I; Orchestral; W.R.A. 1.2.3, 1: \\'.P.E. 1.2.3,+; Intra-



\ 'AIL, DA VE - \\'inona: ;\,finor: Physical Science :\'t•wman Club 1; Chorus 2,3; Golf 1,2.3; International Relations C lub 3,4. \\' lLBL'R. CuRTJS Mabel nonah ~ : Wesley .Foundation 4. \\'ILSOJ\:, DARLE:\'E

S. . E.A. 4: We-

li<.1 )fil'ld - Class Officl'r

4; S.'.\'.E.A. 2,3,4: L.S.i\. 1,2: Academy of Scienct' 3,4: Sno-Queen Attendant 3: Ilomecoming Queen Candidate 4. Z.\:\!E, C: ll ARLES Iladdonfiel<l, ~<'W Jt·rsey: ~ l inor: Physical Educa tion S.N.E.A. 1,2.3; " \\'" Club 1,2,'.1, ~ : Business Club 2,3: Vets Club 1.2,4; Football 1,2,3,4: Wrestling 3: Baseball 1,2.3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2.3: Collegiate Club 3,4. ZELU,£ER, BRCC:E Romah. \\'isconsin : Minor: i\1athematics \\ho's \\ho 4: "\\'" Club 1,2,'.U : .Football 1.2.3, I: Basketball 2: Baseball I ; lntrarnural Sports 1,4.


During the course of every college year there are many happenings and events which add up to make our days at Winona State the different. fun-filled moments they prove to be. The first days of school opened with Orientation \\'eek and Club Nite. Football season came, passed. The Delta Zeta Style Show provided activity for the fashion-minded. Winter brought snow and act ivities like skating and skiing to many club members. The winter drama productions, offiered by Winona State, The College of St. T eresa and St. Mary's College, provided further acti\ ity. The Christmas

Dance and the Winter Fun Fest were seasonal highlights. Spring brought sunbathing at Lake Park, poor study habits, and graduation. At Winona State, you become part of a new world, a world filled with four years of hard work and study, highlighted by the fun and laughter of the many activi ties that make ours an outstandin!{ college. Yet, as you know, even these student life activities are not performed without hours of planning and hard work.


Orientation Kirsrhe, D. Turner. B. Chapek, I\[.

Team: K,\'EF.LISG: D. ~l yrm1. R. Dadetta, J. Pct ronek. R. Skattum, B. Keller, I. H ofer, STA.VDI.\'(;· G. Hou!!htnn, D. Schroeder, K. Rud, M. Lyons. B. Cornran, C. Orrill,

B. Gabryich, E. Bailey, L. Johnson, K. Kramer, K. Albers, S. Rotty, T. Smith. L ..\lien, ]. J ohnson, G. Griffith, R. llans1rn , K . Rangitsch. R. Grot•newold, P. Powel l.


\Vatc1mclon feasts, a water-ski show, the annual "Staff Stomp," and co-rec night were among the orientation festivities for fr('shmen the first week of September. Thanks can be directed to twentyfive uppcrclassmt•n who organized and planned the previous spring for the record number of freshmen. Rob Keller and Karen Rud served as co-chairmen for the Orientation T eam. In return for the good deeds the upperclassmen did for them, the freshmen produced a talent show for the student body.

Judy Hazelton belts out a song during the frosh talent show.


T ypical scene during Club Night: J an Keever, George Colbcnsen, Carl Fratzke and Bob Carr hunt for new Wrnonah Players members.

All smiles are eviden t from freshmen King and Queen Louis Kana,¡at , and I feather Roxburgh .

Students-to-be during registration.


HOMECOMING Jean Goihl Waterman was selected on October 17, 196~ to reign ovrr all Winon a State Homecoming subjects. Jean was chosen from a be\ y of \\'SC beauties all nominated for candidacy by clubs and organizations. Voting was held the afternoon of the 17th, and Queen Jean was presented formall y at an evening convocation in Sornsen Hall. Nick DeMartino and Ann Duncanson served as master and mistress of (Tn¡mon ies at the coronation ceremonie~.

Queen Jean Goihl Waterman radiates her warm beauty to her subjects.

The Homecoming queen candidates were Inge Hofer, Bobbi Benike, Caroline Rudolf, Donna Myran, Patty Pottratz, Jean Goihl Waterman, Jean Iwata, Kathy Stork, Dennie Schroder, Darlene Wilson, Carole Kramer, and Jill Florin.


Mal(', female or nrutcr? A reasonable question to ask. wouldn't you say? Actually, the would-b(' ballerinas a re Tom Smith, Nick Dc~lartino, Bob Stone, Gron~e Ferrata and Bob Gray.


TALENT SHOW The night befo1c the big game with Mankato State, a talent show with a ,¡aude,¡ille theme was presented in Sornsen Auditorium. R on Dadetta was director of the show and Tom Luechtenbcrg was master of C<'remonies. The aud ience was extremely rcsponsi\'e to the \'aricty of skits, musical selec tions, and dance routines. Homecoming royalty reigned a t this and all other related cwnts.

"Gi"e me- back 111y purse," says Pam Anderson to Bob Gray prior to the Homecoming talent show.

"Come on up and sec me sometime . . ."Ann R ose seems to he sayin~ as J an Wassing ge>tures . . . "Aw, cut it out . . ." All this was seen in the Vaudeville Varsity Show, October 18, 1963. 61


PARADE The 1963 I lomecoming Parade was bigger and better than any previous parade. There were fifty-three units, incl uding eighteen bands, compared to the thirtysix units in last year¡s Parade. Phi Sigma Epsilon took top honors in the float division, with an independen t organization, T.K.D., taking second place. The awards were presented at the halftime of the game. Mike Lyons and Sal Rotty were cochairmen for parade organizing and routing. Two of W.S.C.'s lovliest gaze at the Phi Sig's winning Aoat. The Warriorettes are Sylvia Rupp and Mary Gates. A proud Phi Sig looks on.

Queen J ean is protected by two gallant Warriors as she rides her fl oat m the parade. The Queen's Float was designed by Kappa Pi.


Couples swim~ out to the beat at the Homecoming Dance.

One of the bands that provided the music was the llcnr>' Burton Band.

HOMECOMING DANCE Denny Mori"ison headed the committl'e that prepared for the annual Ilomecoming Dance. Even though the Warriors were bumped 14- 6 by Mankato in the afternoon football gaml', the 250 couples that attended the dance agreed that this year's dance was the best ever, and proceeded to enjoy themseh es. Two bands, the Henry Burton Band and the Rick Heyer Band, sent music flowing throughout Room 200 and the Smog. Punch tables were set up both on the stage and in the hall.


FOUR FRESHMEN An audience of 2,100 welcomed the delightfully entertaining "Four Freshmen" to \\'inona State and filled Memorial Hall with enthusiastic applause for a group well deserving of it. The program was sprinkled with moods of thought. comedy, and beat prO\ oking songs sung in their own individual style. Twenty-two numbers in all were presented by the jazz g roup ranging from their million sellers "'Day by Day" and "Poinciana" to satirical renditions of modern teenage styles. The Student Commission arranged for the Four Freshmen program.

The Four Freshmrn m action-exhibiting vocal and instrumental talent.

The world-famous jazz quartet poses for a quick shot prior to their concert at Winona State.


''A SPLASH INTO SPACE" "A Splash Into Space'' was the thrmc for the 1963 Dolphin Club swim show. The show ran for a weckM ay 12-19- in the ~frmorial Jl all pool. M ltch of the pla nn ing was handled by D olphin Club president, D a\'c Frank, and his com mittee heads, J ohn Pctronek, Bill Kohler, .Jay Wescott, Bob Stone, Dana Bluhm, Pat ti Rowan and Bergie L ang. J ames Davies, then the varsity swim ming coach, served as ad\'iser.

Mr. Davirs and 1\1r. Reidclberger talk over plans for the show with Cathy Lindsar. Da,¡e Frank, John Petronck and Gary Klock.

Precision swimming is another phase of the swim show which requires a lot of preparation. H ere a g irls' ensemble rehearses.

Taking a "splash into space"' of his own is Tom Barr. If h<' docrn't recei,¡c somr assistanrr from Jim Deets, he will end up in thr watrr instrad.


STREET DANCE Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Xi chap ter o f Winona State. sponsored the fall street dance near the girls' donnitories. The entire block of Winona Strel'l b('t" ern Sanborn and King Streets was blocked off for the occasion. Ta bk settings, rrcorded music, and pri7c drawi ngs provided the background setting for tltt' se,·eral hundrrd persons attending from Winona State, College of St. Teresa, and St. Mary's College.

Quick! Check out sweatshirt!

the qirl


the white

Careful, fella. that's mistletoe under that J apanese lantern.

Bill Anderson. Da,·e .'\asum, Jcnr l\Icnsink. Jim Morton, Ron Trok, Mike Jacobsen and Ste,·e Lund poS(' for a quickie.


''MAGNOLIA TIME IN THE DEEP SOUTH" "Magnolia Ti111c in the Deep South" was the theme for the 1963 Spring Prom. The Smog was trans formed into a CC>urtyard of a large southern mansion. Potted palms were placed throughout the halls and on the dance floor. The Dick Chaffc¡<' Orchestra played nC'ar a la;¡ge cyprus tree with entang-lecl 111oss hanging from its branchco;. \\'inona State's O\\'n ''Rluewater Trio'' entertained in the refreshments room \\'here white pillars with larn;e pediments were located a111ong the tables. Kappa Pi \\'as in charge of the successful occasion, with J oan Modjeski and H arold Fcrkingstad acting as the general chairmen.

Thinking about the bugs in the moss, Dr. Fremling?

Ref rcshmcnts served southern style.


Siuing a spell under the olc cyprus tree.

SPRING CARNIVAL The 1963 Spring Carni,¡al was sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma Fra tc1n ity. The Carni,¡al was held in the dormitory courtrard last April. A stage show was held in Richards I fall cafeteria, and those who didn't want to sit all evening could participate in games of " Dunk the Pledge," "J ail," and a fair-handed game of "2 1" or basketball. Prof-its from the C\Tllt went toward the Russell Miller Scholarship Fund.

Phi Sig members do their rendition of the hula in a skit with a "South Pacific" theme.

Bob Chapek, emcee for the stage show, interviews Jerry Wilharm. ( Cra7y). Gary Pahl, Sig Tau member. waits for his chance to "dunk th;:: pl edge." Swinging out with a folk song is the Blue Water Trio.


In the courtyard Sig T a u members sell refreshments to the hungry and thirsty. Delta Zeta girls Berky Gerlach, Bobbie Benike. Madeline L itschke, Karole K ramer, Pat Powell and Ba rbara Anderson take a break from the highland Aing. Sal Rotty and Leon Nesbitt join Bob Beatty in a "sing along "ith Bob." The Freshman Girls, a singing group, seem to be haYing prohlPms keeping their act together.

A scene from "The Coming of Christ."

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT The religious commi ttee of the Student Commission sponsored the first annual C hristmas Pageant in So1nsen II all on December 17. The theme of the pageant centered upon the ~ati,¡ity scene and the birth of Christ. Its title was "The Coming of Christ." Bob Carr, Nick DeMartino and Jill ::\1iller almost single-handed ly promoted this successful affair. Some thirty \\'.S.C. students participated in the production. Eli1abcth Gunhus and Bill lloward presented vocal solos of Christmas music.

Kathy Rangitsch and Babs Goctzman decorate the Somsen windows for Christmas.

Pageant officials preparing for the performance. 70

CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES Christmas acti\ ities at \\'inona State this year were wide a nd varied. Students hurried and scurried to complete Sornsen Ilall decora tions in a contest between classes ( the class of 1966 won the trophy ) ; K appa Pi again did a 111arwlo11s job on the Somsen H all windows and also clC'corated the huge trees at the head of J ohnson Street. The lights on the trees this )'C'ar were formally ded icated to ou r late President .John F. Kennedy, in ceremonies conducted by President ~1innr. A new face in Christmas zeal was added this year as a pageant, scheduled to be an annua l program, was presented by the students. Other acti\ ities included the perfon11ance of the orchestra and choir in llanders ¡¡:-.fessiah."

The H alls of hy at Christmas time.

Christmas spirit reflected in student apar tment.

Mr. McCi uer directs the o rchestra and chorus in H andel's "Messiah.'.


"SNO-BOUND" Sigma T au Gamma sponsored the an n u a 1 Christmas Ball this yrar Jahded "Sno-Bound" - that \\'as hdd December I~' 1963, in the Smog. The <lane<' area \\'as appropria tely decorated '' ith Christmas trees, pa pier-mac he snow banks and a tinseled ceiling. The Ilcnry Burton Orchestra pcrfom1ed for the 300 couples pa tronizing the affair. Norm K elle r and J eb Griffith '''ere the g-eneral chairmen for the event.

Diane Botcher and Gerry Blake accept punch from Jerry Wilharm and Kathy Brock during an intermission at the dance.

Kathy Albers, Lowell Allen , Peggy Lindahl and R oger Grocnewold enjoy si tting one ou t in R oom 200. Rollie Wussow (left, background) seems to be looking for something, or maybe it's someone.


Lowell Allen, president of the Beta Xi Chapter of Sigma Tau Fraternity, presents K ath y Brock, fra ternity sweetheart, with a bouquet of white roses.

INTERNATIONAL NIGHT The foreign students from \\· inona State College. the College of St. Tcrrsa and St. ~far}··s College presented tin.: annual "'International I'\ight." It was held in the aud itori11111 of the Coll<'gc of St. Tl'resa. The program included songs and dances from many countriC's, a n C'xhibition of th!' a rt of Karate and a dt•monstration of the ancient J apancs!' Tea Ceremony. Th c International Relations Clubs of the three collcg<'s sponsored the C\en t. Pegg}· Anderson. \'i\'icnnc Scow, Eleanor K awasowski, Gladys Chin Choy. Mary Louisc Ehrhardt, Sonia Anderson and Shirler Lyn prese nted a skit representing Jamai«a.

Rosy Sanmartin and Carlos Ledezma dC'monstratcd the punto, a Panamanian dance.

Maria IIogetvcit, Norway, gave the audience a sample of Norn cgian folk music.


Jim ~fajerus shows that chivalry 1s not dead by helping Sue Zimmer with her skates.

With friends like him, who needs enemies?

Students help thcmst'l\'es to hot chocolate and donuts m the Lake Park Lodge .


Just a fireside chat.

WINTER FUN DAYS This year \\'inter Fun Days, Sponsored by the ··w·• Club, replaced the annual Snodays. Thursday, January 23, at the Lakr Park Lodge. refreshments and music were provided. Those who dared went skating" On Friday evening the Fun Days Dance was held in the Smog. The Swing Band pro\·ided the music for dancing. Co-chairmen for the event were Jerry Curran and Jerry Kohn.

"United we stand ... "

Mr. Heyer leads out with the flute solo in " Moon River."

Students enjoy the music and dancing in the Smog.

t 77


:y{eetings to attend, programs to plan. a set of lllinutcs to be typed, deadlines to be 1nc·t; sometimes it gets to be too much. and you are ready to quit. And yet, you ne\·er do. The costurnes get made, the posters arc painted, the P.O.'s arc stuffed, and the dance decorations arc finally in place. Each \\'Orking group, each organization a t Winona State. prm·idcs a place for solllcone's interests. The student co111mission offers studC'nts the chancc to discuss and work out problems of ca111pus life. The religious groups 111cet to learn more of their denomination

and of others as well. Wenonah Players pro\'ides a challenge to the actors and entntain111cnt to th<·ir audience. The departmental clubs gi\·e their members the chance to meet leaders in their fields and to discuss happenings in th<" area. As \\'inona State has grown, the student organi/<Hions ha\·e increased in size, number, and \'aricty. The multitude of organi1ations on ca111pus help gi\T students the educational and recreational background that is so \'ital for a co111plcte college life.

Pl DELTA EPSILON Pi Delta Epsilon is the national journalism fraternity on campus. ;-.[embers of the organintion either S(' IYl' dc,·otedly on campus publication staffs, or Jia,·c a desirable interest in journalism. Mr. Adolph Breme r is the ad,·iser to the journalistic Greeks.

Karen Lrntz, Ken Chupita, Diana Erickson, :\lr. Bremer, adviser.

COLLEGIATE CLUB The Collegiate Club cooperates with the Student Commission in coordinating campus ewnts with a special emphasis on promoting public relations at Winona State. Sponsoring Smog opC'nings and arranging the spring Parents' Day offered nearly full-time employment for many of the mt'mbers. :--lick De Martino was the Club's president.

ROW I: L. Allen, :\I. Kirsrhc. ~- Dc:\1anino. D. :\lyran. IL Sieben. ROii' 2: K. Rud , B. K eller. J . .Fl1>rin. D. Gebhard. L. Johnson. ROW 3: Dr. H oyt. G. Houe;hton. J. J ohnson, K . Hartley. J \\'assine;. K Rane;itsch. R . Grocnewold.


RADIO CLUB The purpose of the Winona State College Amateur Radio Club is to maintain an acti\'e radio station which sends mcssag<'S frC'e of charrsc to anyone in the Uni tcd States. The group also maintains a dose affiliation with the Minnesota Civil D efense Department in order to help in times of natural or national emergencies.

Ascending: D:nc Anshus, H oward Okland, Steve Boller, Ronald Geppert. Roger Wisc.


J. Florin, J. Lynn. ROW 2: S. Corey. K. Stork, K. Cody, K. Belter. ROii' J: P. Pottratz, P. Powell, J. Brrgsgaard, RO II' I: S Rupp. I. Hofer,

Knowledge, duty. and power arc the three meanings which are synonymous with Kappa Delta Pi. McmbC'rs of this organization include juniors and srn iors who academically rank in the upper one-fifth in the educational srquence at " 'inona State. Joy Plooster scr\'ecl as prrsident of the Gamma Tau chapter.

P. Sherman. H . Stone. ROW 4: S. Munkcl, Ploostcr, S. Ott, G. Ferdcn.



ROW I: T. Cutting, J. Florin, K. Kramer, B. Dolny, N. Schmauss. l. Hofer. ROW 2: C. Wenger, D. Krie, S. Sebo, P. Lyndahl, J. Johnson. K. Hartley. ROW 3: P. Pottratz, L. Russell, J . Knapik, P. Timmers, M. Litschke, S. Corey, B. Benike. ROW 4: S. Rotty. N. Litschke. P. Powell, J. Wassing, K. Rud, K.

Delta Zeta, Winona State's only social sorority, stresses scholarship, responsibility, loyalty, service, fun, and vision. The sorority's activities arc embodied in sef\'ice and social functions. The sorority sponsors a style show, a I lornecoming queen candidate and float, and dances. The sisters also se1Yc as usherettes and hostesses for school functions. Karole K ramer is Presiden t of the group.

Rangitsch, J. Fuglestad.

SIGMA TAU GAMMA Lowell Allen served as President of the Beta Xi Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma, a national social fraternity, during the past year. The brothers sponsored Se\¡eral worthwhile projects, mcluding a Ilomecoming queen candidate, Deniele Schroder: a float for the parade: and also the pcpfest. Other acti\'ities were the Christmas Ball, "Sno-Bound": a \\'inter Carni\'al team:

and the Campus Carnival. Other officers were Jerry Curran. Vice-President; Jack Gctskow, Treasurer; Dave Rosenau, Secretary; Bob Chapek, pledge trainer; and Roger Groencwold, member-at-large. Miss Gertrude Finch was the patroness, and Mr. Milfred Uhen was the adviser.

ROW I: W . :\[enzel, P. Choffin, R. Hanson , Clare, J. Getskow. Miss Finch, Patroness. ROW J. Wilharm, P. Blum, D. Schnorenberg, T. Hall, Allen. ROW 3: B. White, R. Ginn, G. Griffith, Davis,' Mr. Ulven, Adviser. ROW 4: H. Sieben,

Boehlke, B. Luthin, W. Maeser. ROW 5: J. Curran, R. Groenewold, IL Johansen, R. Wussow, L. Abbot. ROW 6: D. Clare, J. Haukoos, B. Chapek, B. K ohler, G. Richardson, D. Rosenau.

D. 2: L. H. T.

KAPPA Pl All students intrrrstrd in art are eligible to join Kappa Pi, the national art fraternity on campus. The Winona State chapter is Alpha Upsilon. Projects included the preparation of the Homecoming Queen's Ooat for the annual parade and the Spring Prom Decorations .

• ROW I: M. O'Connor, K . Belter, J. Lubinski. ROW 2: G. Anderson, K . Rangitsch, S. Rumstick, J. Wilsey. ROW 3: R. Lebakken, B. Goetzman , R. Buck, P. Dressel.

PHI SIGMA EPSILON The Ph i Xi Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon social fratcrnit) is one of two national fraternities on campus. Phi Sig members propose to promote friendship, brotherhood, and a closer bond among men. Ron Trok was the chapter president.

ROW I: E. Austin, G. Matson, D. Davies, J. Majerus. ROW 2: C. Leeson, J. Mcnsink , B. Andersen, G. Ricabaugh. ROW 3: S. Munkcl, J. Stuber, R. Trok, S. Lund. ROW 4: T. Stcndall, M. Davis, J. Schmitz. 33

ROW I: K . Albers, I. H ofer, J. Johnson, B. Benike, S. Rotty, D . Myron, G. Anderson. ROW 2: B. K eller,

G. H oughton, G. Ferrata, R . Groenewold , B. Chapek, T. Kelly, J. Noll, B. Yamamoto.

STUDENT COMMISSION T he Student Commission is Winona State's governmental council. T he organization consists of elected members who serve t he student body on all campus activities. T he commission each year sets up an appropriate budget and a social calendar and operates within its limits. H omecoming, along with activi ties such as boosting school spirit and selection of the Campus Cover G irl, a re sponsored by the Commission. This year the Commission was instrumental in a rranging a nd promoting the Four Freshmen concert on campus. Roger Groenewold was the Commission p resident prior to the February elections. J an J ohnson served as secretary. The various committee sections are pictured.

DEPARTMENTAL Wassing, Sally Rotty


J an

FINANCE COMM ITTEE: J ohn Petronek, Mike Kirsche, Donna Myron, Karen Rud

ATHLETIC COMM ITTEE: Ka thy Stork, George Ferra ta

SOCIAL COMM ITTEE: Ascending: Bob Beatty, Pat Powell, Bobbie Benike, Sylvia Rupp.

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: Gretchen Anderson, Barry Downs

STUD ENT UNION COMMITTEE: ROW I: Karen Hartley, Peggy Lyndahl, Bob Keller, Joann Mealey. R O W 2: Gary H itzeman, Larry Johnson, Nick DeMartino, Don Turner.




SEATED: B. Anderson, D. Myron, P. Pottratz, K. Stork, K. Rud, K. R angitsch, J. Florin.


STAND ING: D . Schroeder, B. Zellmer, L. Papenfuss, R . Trok, G. Hough ton, P . Powell.

Twenty-five senior students have been elected to Who's W ho Among Students in American Colleges a nd U n iversities. This is the la rgest number ever elected to this honor at Winona State. Students elected to Who's Who must have a 1.0 average or better academically, must be a sen ior, and m ust actively participate in extra-curricular activities.

SEATED: I. Hofer, B. Benike, A. Fishbaugher, G. Anderson, K. Kramer, K . Albers, STANDING: H. Davis, L. Allen, R. Groenewold, G. Ferrata, Chapek.


ENGLISH CLUB English majors and minors and anyone else interested in creative writing and literary activities make up t he English C lub. Within t he past year, the club reinstated a n old p ractice here at W.S.C.- that of publishing THE LOOM, a student literary magazme. Mr. Bodvarssen was their adviser.

RO W I : J. Conway, J . Birch, C. Ruedy. R O W 2: B. Frase, R . Carter, B. Conway. R OW 3 : Mr. Bodvarssen, M. Sheimo.

INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB T he objectives of this club are threefold: professional growt h, service, and social life. These phases serve as an integral binding

tie among these men. D r. Harry Jackson serves as the organization adviser. T he club meets once a month.

R O W I: D. Bilse, D . Manz, G. Lann, E. Austin. R OW 2: R . Stolley, D. Schnorcnberg, R. Ginn, H . Johansen, M. O 'Reilly. R OW 3: D. Kesler, J. Stuber, C . Gerdes, J. Curran. R O W 4: J. Ne!-

son, D . Boyu m, K . K lawiter, M. Miller. R OW 5: G. Seve rson, R. Manke, W. Maeser, K . Gilbertson. R O W 6 : M r. G. Fuglsby, T. Stenda ll, D. Heroff, J. O 'H anlon.

er, J . Ellenberg. ROW 3: Mr. McCluer, D . Furst, R . Schmidt, J. Saeckcr, D . Turner, G. Jensen, 0. Haught, W . Rustad, J. Fluegel, A. Steege, C. Rudolf.

ROW J: T . Cutting, /\.. Hanson, S. Wehrenberg, L . Vorbeck, M . Daily, F . Felder, M . Stocker, E. Gunhus. R OW 2: D . Broker, R. R ustad, G. Houghton, B. Howard , J. Stephen, L. Johnson, E. Brown, M. Weichert, K . Turn-

CONCERT CHOIR 1963 marked the first year that the college chorus performed concerts as a sharp looking, blazer-dressed un it. Members individually purchased blue choir blazers at the beginning of the school year. The chorus performed with the orchestra for the annual " Messiah" program at Christmas time. T he choir departed in April for their annua l concert tour. This year. the tour included concerts at Beloit, Wisconsin, and at St. Louis and J efferson City, M issouri. The Beloit College Singers also perfom1ed at Winona State as a part of an excha nge program.


ROW I: N. Turner, P. Waugh, G. Welch, J. Steinmetz, C. Anderson, S. Gulbranson, J. Millam, C. Greenwald. ROW 2: C. Anderson , S. Corey, T . Binge, H . Jones, C. Anderson, T. Thiele, T. Trouten, R . Hill, M . Hanke, R .

The Madrigal Singers are a selected grou p of Concert Choir members. They have sung for several occasions when it was inconvenient for the entire choir to appear. The M adrigal Singers appeared at luncheon meetings and other gatherings in Wisconsin as well as in Minnesota.

Ravnholdt, T. Zitnak. ROW 3: B. J ohnson, K. Wollin, G. Anderson, P. Powell, M. Van Auken, S. Forster, J. Majerus. G. Tillman. M. Elias, C. Li ndahl, D . Gebhard, L. Adams.


ROW I: E. Gunhus, C. Rudolf, S. Wehrenberg, K . Turner, P. Powell, M. Stocker, S. Gulbranson, C. Greenwald. ROW 2: D. Gebhard, J. Saeker, J. J ohnson, B. H oward, J . Stephen, T. Eggerichs, R. Ravnholdt, B. Hill, M. Hanke. Mr. M cCluer is at the piano.

ROW I: A. Hanson, A. Knutson , A. Berning, S. Wehrenberg, L. Lewis, S. Gulbranson, K. Johnson, S. Harnack. ROW 2: T. Cutting, T. Thiele, C. Anderson, D. Holst, M. Daily, K . Wollin , B. Spurbeck, C. J eche, M. Van Auk-

T he college band participated m the following even ts for the 1963-64 school year: foo tball and basketball games, the Homecoming parade, two concerts, and the 1963 Spring musical, " West Side Story." M r . Fred Heyer is the band director.


en, 0. Hager, E. Ryan, R. Ravnholdt, S. Kuekenmeister, G. LcT ourneau. R OW 3: H. Okland, D. Heyer, T . Leuchtenberg, G. Schreiber, G. Urness, C. Anderson, J. Ness, L. Parrington.

The M.E.N.C. on campus is the local chapter of the national Music Educators National Conference. M usic majors and minors compose this organization. Their program of activities includes sponsoring and publicizing campus m usical events.

D. Broker, T . Thiele, J. Fluegel, T . Kitnak, M . Hanke, Ravnholdt. ROW 2: P. Waugh, C . Rudolf, K. Lentz, Cutting, S. Wehrenberg, F. Felder, N. Turner, Anderson, C. Anderson. ROW 3 : K . Wollin, J. Ness,

R. T. G. K.

Turner, A. H anson, G. Welch, A. Steege, E. Gunhus, L. J ohnson , E. Brwon, S. Gulbranson, K. Han ke, J. Podany, J. Millam, Mr. M cCluer.

ROW I: G. Laffin, T. Cu tting, F. Heyer, T. Thiele, A. K nutson. ROW 2: S. Ostrom, 0. Hager, M. Van Auken. ROW 3: ]. Ness, C.

Anderson, G. Urness, T. Zitnak, K . Woll in, G. Durfey, R. Heyer.


RHYTHM MASTERS T he Rhythm Masters, "Winona State's swmg band, held several concerts this year at which jazz renditions were offered by the group. Many of the selections were arranged by Mr. Fred Heyer, the director and originator of the Rhythm Masters.

The group consists of twenty mus1c1ans, many from the W.S.C. student body. Fred H eyer belts out the blues. 91

M rs. Griffith, G. J ohnson, M. Witt, A. Duncansen, D. Botcher, R. Nelson, K . Bonnen.


Students living in camp us dorm itories elect representatives to the two dormitory councils, which are responsible for estab lishing r egulations a nd disciplinary standards for dorm residents. The members of the councils also organize and assist in the social and recreation al activi ties fo r the dormitories. M embers of the cou ncils a re pictured.

ROW I : S. O verby, M. M cHenry, B. Yamamoto, B. Sebo, J. Petronek. ROW 2: J. Curran, S. Bailey, R . Froyen, M. Kittleson, B. Frase, A. Smith, S. Ostrom.


ROW I: D. Myron, S. Corey, M . Lorang, S. R upp, J. Bergsgaard, Miss Tovson. R O W 2: B. Schulze, K . Rangitsch, B. Engel, M. Arneson, P. Pottratz, P. Powell, Mrs. Griffith.


SEATED: S. Bailey, R . Froyen, S. Ostrom,

J. Petronek.

M rs. Fae Griffith is the over-all dormitory director . Sh e is assisted by M iss O live Tovson in t he gir ls' dorniitorics and by Mr. T om Vail in Richa rds Hall. Counselors are selected by a committee which screens potential floor counselors on the basis of character, scholarship, maturity, and responsi bility. The counselors a re p ictured above and below.


Curran. STAN DING: B. Frase, M. Kittleson,


VETS' CLUB The Vets' Club is one of two new cl ubs on campus this year. It is composed of veterans of the United States a rmed forces now attending college. I ts purpose is to promote school spirit as well as serve as a fraternal organization for veterans. The club drew up a constitution and by-laws and elected officers in Janua ry.


• ROW I : J . Petronek, K . Rockwell, G. Ricabaugh, W. McDonald, S. Streater. R OW 2: J . Littens, R . R ogen, B. Brunkmeier, B. Anderson, R. D uellman. R OW 3: J. Stearns, F. Kottschade, D . Osweiler, S. Ostrom, 0 . Hough ton. RO W 4: C. H agen , G. Severson, B. Fulton, R. Adank, R . Kerrigan, A. Skemp. R OW 5: D . Lee, D. Houselog, D . Stan"k, M . K owalczyk, J . Skorlinski, D. Boardman.


W.S.S.A. is a professional organizations for speech majors and mmors. Guest speakers from college and high school speech departments provided lecture spots during the scheduled meetings. Each spring, the group sponsors the Minnesota District 3 Speech Festival. C lub members a lso serve as speech judges for a rea high school speech contests. Bob Turner was the W .S.S.A. president. R OW I : J . Stenbeck, S. Rotty, E. R yan, S. Paul. ROW 2: J . K eever, K . Lentz, J. Bambenek, M . Stocker. R OW 3: R. Timm, G. Colbenson, Miss M agnus, Dr. J udson. ROW 4: T . Leuchtenberg, R. Wussow, K . Fratzke, R . Schmidt. ROW 5: B. Zenker, B. Carr, S. Bailey, J. Hess.


ROW I: K. Wilder, S. Rotty, J. Stenbeck, E. R yan, M . Hogetveit, S. Paul. ROW 2: J. Keever, S. Zimmer, J . Jones, J. Bambenek, Miss Magnus. ROW 3: S. Wedul, M. Siebenaler, J. Thompson, K . Belter, K . Lentz, M. Stocker. ROW 4: R. Matson, D. Furst, T. Leuchtenberg, M. Calahan, G. Colbenson. ROW 5: B. Spurbeck, R . Wussow, J. H ess, C. Fratzke, R . Schmidt, L. R ollins. ROW 6: B. Carr, B. Zenker, T . Cickanowski , S. Lewis.

WENONAH PLAYERS This year, the Wenonah Players presented an arena stage production of the domestic drama, Ibsen's "Ghosts." The Players made headlines in the newspapers by being the first college theatrical group in the nation to p erform in the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Officers were George Colbenson, Presiden t ; Bob Carr, Vice-President; Kathy Belter, Recording Secretary; J an K eever, Corresponding Secretary; and Alfred Wolfram, Treasurer.


Another national organization which found its way to the W.S.C. campus this year is th e Society for the Advancement of Management. T his organization replaces the now defunct Business Club. Members of S.A.M. are enrolled in the B.A. curriculum in business administration and economics. Ken O 'Brien served as the chapter president.

ROW I : C. Lukaszewski , R. Trok, K . O 'Brien, D. Thompson, J. Lee, J . Gerken, J . Keever, D . K onop, J . C. Pfeiffer. ROW 2: D. Ferren, J. Bentson, D. Egland, D. Ravnholdt, J. Cavanaugh, S. Maass, F. Bonofiglio, R . Hanson, D. Bess. ROW 3: J. Rogers,

R. Miller, B. Brunkmeier, J . Majerus, D. Doherty, F. Bilder, G. Mayer, P. Abts, J . Harrington. ROW 4: Dr. Foegen, J . Miller, H . Kleis, D. Osweiler, K . Brueske, B. Nystrom, R. Lapatka, T. W. Tweedy, K . Chupita, R. Wussow.


I. R. C.

ROW 1: S. Papenfuss, M . Stremcha , M . J azaeri , M. H ogctveit, M . Siebenaler, G. Gonides, S. Wedul, Dr. Villanueva, Mr. Bayunus. RO W 2: A. Goldsmith, K. W ilder, P. Boller, M. Daily, D . Evens, D . M cLaughlin, B. Habibi, R . W illiams. RO W 3: J . Kokkonen, B. Beatty, A. Biederman, J. Floyd, Yi. Vogland, 0. Kj ustad, A. Fenney, A. Esfandiar, D. V ail.

For having been in existence only two yea rs now, the I.R.C. is undoubtedly one of the most active organizations on campus. During t he course of the year, the I nternational Relations C lub, advised by Dr. Villa nueva, h as provided this campus and the commu nity with outstanding speakers on controversial subjects a nd events. I ts purpose, to promote a better understanding of the 1ife and customs of other cou ntries, is quickly being realized. D ave Vail served as the club's presiden t.

EXCHANGE STUDENTS As W .S.C. students know, an active student exchange program exists between Winona State College and a n Oslo, Norway, T eachers T rain ing College. T his year, two students from \i\linona State, K aren Van Au ken a nd K a thy Lindsay, atten ded school in Norway. In exch a nge, at W.S.C. we have O lar K justad, Inger Ka rlsen, Maria H ogetYeit an d Olar Houge- all from Norway.

O lar H ouge, Maria H ogetveit, Olar Kjustad and Inger Karlsen pose for a snapshot.


ROW I: J. Haack, D. Kiese, M . Pagel, C. Beil, S. Maass, C. Finske. ROW 2: D. Fischer, D. Haack, J. Nelson, P. Dressel, B. Stendall, S. Boller. ROW 3: R ev. A. L Mennicke, A. Denzer, A. Price, L. Wondrasch, J. Timm, J. H arrington.

The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Gamma Delta is a re lig ious organization for synodical Lutheran college students on campus. Besides promoting Lutheran fellowship, Gamma Delta also provides Christian service and Christian knowledge. Loren Wondrasch served as president.


The Lutheran Student Association meets for weekly fellowship at Central Lutheran Church. LSA offers Bible study, speakers, discussion groups, and social events to students who wish for an active church life in a church away from home. All students who are members of the National Lutheran Council of Churches are welcome to join. Inge H ofer was the club president.

ROW I: Pastor W. C. Friesth, S. Sanness, S. Iverson, D. Samuels. ROW 2: Martha Paulson, I. Hofer, P. Berg, B. Egge. ROW 3: C. Anderson, L. Lewis, K. Towick, L. O vcrhaug. ROW 4: R. Ravnholdt, 0. H auge, K. Mortensen, S. Wedul.


ROW I : S. Kuchenmeister, M. Siebenaler, J. Fletcher, J. Bartz, J. Schultz, M. J ames. R OW 2: P. Thompson, D . Peters, K . Johnson, M . Hankcs, S. Hageman, S. Drwall. RO W 3: M. O 'Connor, K . Rangitsch, M . Lorang, K . O 'Rourke, M . J ohnson,



Huett. R O W 4: T . Keller, P. K oprowski, B. K oh ler, B. Puetz, ]. Kokkonen, T . Casey. ROW 5: N . Kratch, K . Brueske, ]. Grossman, V . Siegel, K . Kenney.

The purpose of the Newman Club is to provide a connection between the Catholic Church and the Catholic student on as ecular campus. Throughout the year, religious, educational, and social activities are combined in the program. They hold their weekly meetings at the Newman Center. The officers were President, J ohn Przytarski; Vice-President, Richard Schleich; Treasurer, Leo Daley; R eco rding Secretary, Karen Gludt; Corresponding Secretary, Rose Marie O'Neill.

ROW 1: K . Gludt, P . Boller, M. Weichert, S. Hohenhous, M . Verchota, R. O 'Neill. ROW 2: L. Tiegs, S. Johnston, J . Goetzman, P. Ern-

ster, M . Cahalan, Mrs. J . Orlowske. R OW 3: T. Eggerichs, D . Janikowski, L . Daley, J . Przytarski, Rev. J . LaPlante.

ROW I: N. McLaughlin, C. Wood , B. Schmauss, M . Broadfield. R O W 2: R ev. Mr. Ell ingson, J . Prentis, D Fruen, J . Hess, W . Sill man.

The Canterbury Club is the Episcopal students' organization on camp,us. The group meet weekly for discussions and lectures. This is also one of the many newly organized clubs on campus this year. There is no definite group of officers, only a loosely-knit council that meets once a month with parish representatives and Episcopal faculty to coordinate activity. Their adviser is Mr. Jacobsen, and their parish leader is Rev. Mr. Ellingson.



Wesley Foundation is the M ethodist and Evangelical United Brethren student organization on campus. Its purpose is to promote u nderstanding of the C hristian faith, and to stimulate meditation and social action out of personal religious convictions. Its meetings consist of Sunday suppers and Thursday informal discussions. The yearly activities include retreats and river excu rsions.

R OW 1 : N. R ydlund, J . Carney, C . Hanson, C. Anderson, M . Daily. ROW 2: A. Berning, J . J ohnson, S. Sebo, C. Rudolf, J. Thompson, C .

Anderson. ROW 3: C. Wilbur, R . Carter, D . Gebhard , E. Horton, L. Rollins.

ROW I: K. Brock, J. J ohnson, S. Rotty, B. Benike, K. Rangi tsch, R. R obinson. R O W 2: L. J ohnson, S. Zimmer, M. Vogland, S. Harnack, Betty Engel. ROW 3: I. H ofer, D. M yran, K. Torvick , D . Palmquist, M. Stremcha, M . Issendorf. ROW 4: S. Parsely, C . Anderson, C. O lson, J . Olson, K . Olson, B. Schulze, D . Haessig. R OW 5: J. Podany, C. Anderson, G. R icabaugh, M. Daily, L. H olubar, G. J ohnson. R OW 6: R. Jurries, W. Flaten, L. Russell, D. Wilson, E. Brown, D . Ebert.


All students who plan to en ter the teaching profession are urged to join the Student National Education Associa tion. The monthly meetings covered panel discussion s, model interviews, films, and talks by guest educator-lecturers.

ROW I: J. Waterman , J. Petronek, B. Walters, N . Turner, S. Rupp, H. Rice. ROW 2: S. Wehrenberg, P. Boller, D. Rosendahl, D . Wayne, E. H orton. ROW 3: Mary Ann O 'Connor, G. Anderson, J. Haukom, M. Iverson, S. Wedul, J. J ones. R OW 4: K. Lentz, A. Price, L. R. Deters, ]. K okkonen, C. Wilbur. ROW 5: S. Boller, Rog Groenewold, S. Bailey, J . Enger, G. Ande rson, M. 0. Wedul, adviser.

CIRCLE K The Circle K organization is primarily interested in service to the school and community. It is comprised of male members interested in doing a little more for their college than the average college student. The Circle K organization is affiliated with the Winona Downtown Kiwanis Club, and both groups work closely together. The group also manages to have time for social affairs, such as an ann ual dinner party held in the spring. Business meetings arc held every Monday evening at 7 :30. Officers for the year included Robert Hill, President; Glenn Houghton, Vice-President ; R ay Wilsey, Secretary; and Richard Martzke, Treasu rer. Dennis Gebhard, R obert H ung and Douglas Furst served on the board of directors.

SEATED: Dennis Gebhard, Gary Goodwin, William Frase. STANDING: Bob H ill, Roy Wilsey, Donald Bilse.

K-DETTES The Circle K-Dettes, a sister club of C ircle K, is organized to give service to various activities on campus. The club has sponsored dances, ushered on numerous occasions for college functions, and served in other capacities. T he main function of the club is to publish the student directory.

Ascending: J. M iller, S. Benson, R . Robinson, H . J ones.

10 1

SEATED: J. Seufert, J. Miller, T. Smith. ST ANDING: C. Wilbur, A. Berning, R. Wussow, S. Benson, S. Bailey, M. Stocker, C. Ruedy.

Under the persistent drive of the co-editors, Mary Stocker and Arlys Berning, the W enonah staff worked industriously to meet its deadlines. The aim of the staff is to reveal to WSC students fond memories of the school year 1963-64. The yearbo()k this year has more pages, a bigger selection of pictures of interesting events, and other extras to make the project a successful one.

ROW I : S. H ageman, N. Stevenson, S. Zimmer, A. Steege, N. Barski. R OW 2: J. Ness, R. Wussow, J. Seufert, A. Hanson, R . Kesler. ROW 3:


T . Smith, M. Bebermeyer, W . Menzel, C. LeTourneau, T . Baer. ROW 4: C. Ruedy, K . Turner, C. Wilbur, Marcia Daily, S. Bailey.

WIN ONAN The Winonan, our campus newspaper, provides coverage of all college even ts. Interested students learn to write feature stories, news articles, and edi torials, and to make up pages for layout work. The editions arc published 15 times a year 'at intervals of 3 weeks. Copies arc distributed to the student body via post office boxes, and copies a re also sent to alumni and to other colleges and universities. Managing editor for the 1963-64 school tem1 was Fra n DeGrood. She was assisted by Peg Siebenaler, fea ture editor; Tom Baer, news editor ; Rollie Wussow, sports editor ; and Diane Erickson, copy editor. Ron Kesler was the photographer, a nd the adviser was Mr. Bremer.

Section editors: F. DeGrood, P. Siebenaler, D . E rickson, M. Jazaeri, R . Wussow.

Photographers at work: R. Kesler and

Ascending: R . Wussow, N . Stevenson, T. Baer, N. McLaughlin, R . Kesler, M. Reuter.





ROW I: P. Rader, D. Wilson, C. Rudolf, A. Steege. ROW 2: T . Erickson, J. Petronek, T. Baer. R OW 3: D. Blanchard, B. Kohler, G. Kloek, S. Andrus.

The Dolphin Club is a co-educational organization for students who enjoy swimming. The activities for the year included sponsoring a homecoming candidateDarlene W ilson; the freshmanupperclassman swim meet; and several co-rec swims. Officers are Dave Frank, President; Dennis Blanchard, Vice-President; Darlene Wilson, Secretary; Bob Stone, Treasu rer; Sal Rotty, Historian.

PEP CLUB The Pep Club is a newly organized club on campus. The main purpose 1s to provide support for athletic events. All students are invited to join to promote better school spirit.

R OW I: H . Atkinson, N. R ydlund, M. Brombuck, S. Zimmer. ROW 2: P. Rader, S. Hageman, P. Roberts, J. J ones, E. Whitaker. ROW 3: R. Groenewold, E. Gransee, D. Bailey, B. Johnson, E. Branum, D. Haack.

ACADEMY OF SCIENCE As the name indicates, the Academy of Science C lub is an organization for students interested in th e field of science. The group had notable lecturers in the field of science for their meetings. Dr. Calvin Fremling served as the club's advise r.

LEFT R OW: G. Tillman, L. Benish, E. Azad, R . Keller, L. Deters, L. Berry. RIGHT R OW: B. Frase, J . H aack, B. Ebert, D. Wilson, G. Kloek, H . Davis, P. Watkins.


T he Women's Physical Education Club, consisting of physical eduoation majors and m inors, is designed to promote physical education at this college and to fos ter cooperation with the department in general. Each year, this organization provides a loan fund and a J ean Talbot Scholarship F und for women in ph ysical education. I t is a ble to provid e this scholarship through selling H omecoming buttons and operating the coat checkroom a t basketball games.

ROW I: I. H ofer, S. Rotty, K. Olson, Olson, D . Sanders, K. Grimm. RO W 2: H . R oxburgh, M. Bromback, M. Ihrke, M. Issendorf, C. Hanson. ROW 3: B. Voss, J. Lubinski, J . H off, R. R obinson, D . H aessig, M . L itschke. ROW 4: J . Plooster, J. Knutson, N . Litschkc, L. Betts, J. Kidd. R OW 5: B. Benike, R. J urries, S. Sebo, J . Bell, R. Dahling, G. J ohnson.






T he following is a brief chronological sketch of a year of sports at Winona State College: In the fall, Saturday becomes a panorama of the sounds and color and movement of a crowd watching the game. Football is precision and skill, excitement and spirit. T he crisp weather of winter sends the ath letes and spectators indoors. Cheering fa ns, intent on the precise actions of five men on a basketball court, fill the Memorial Hall complex. Wrestling and swimming also bring excitement to the winter sports focus. T hen it is spring, and the emphasis shifts to the outdoors again as track,

baseball, tenn is, and golf take the spotlight. Sweat suits become a familiar sight on the campus, the golfer takes to the green links, the sounds of baseball echo across Loughrey F ield, and spikes soar over hu rd les at Jefferson Field. Throughout the year, Winona State's athletic department does its share to add excitement and spirit to the cam pus.


CHEERLEADERS Figh t! Fight! Fight! These are familiar words to all those who attend the athletic events at WSC. The gi rls leading the crowd in these words and other yells are the six cheerleaders for the .school. As the word "cheerleader" suggests, t he purpose of the cheerleader is to lead the spectators in yells giving support to the athletic teams and showing their school spirit.


Ascending: Donna Myran, Sherrie Kozak, Phyllis H erschberger, Mitzi I verson, J oan ie Kangel, Kathy Stork, captain.


Cheerleaders lead students m the " Fight Yell" at a football game .


Left to right: M. Modjeski, J. E vens, P. L yndahl, D . Borgen, P . Rader, P. Frubl, S. Warmack, M. K las, S. Harnack, K . Schmitz, B. Dolny, K. Brock, D. Gislason, K .

Mullane, K . Hartley, S. W iezek, M . Litschke, B. Benike, S. Ru pp, J. Fuglested, B. D ocly, M . Gates, M . Schwanke, N. M cLaughlin, N. L itschke, P. Pottratz.

W ARRIORETTES The Winona State College Warriorettes, this school's precision drill squad, performed successfully during th e past year. The Warriorettes opened their marching schedu le by winning first place in th e La Crosse, Wisconsin, O ctoberfest parade on October 5. The girls also marched at the H omecoming football game, several basketball games, the St. Paul Winter Carnival, and the Winona Winter Carnival. The administrative council consists of Bobbie Benike, Judee Fuglestad and Karen Hartley as choreographers; Sylvia Rupp, publicity ; Patty Pottratz, secretary-treasurer; Mary Gates, ward robe ; and Jeff Kremer, business manager. Their adviser is Miss Locks.

W arriorette choreographers arc Judee Fuglestad, Bobbie Benike, and K aren Hartley .

Why aren't we all bowing ?

Officers: Judy Bell, President; J oy Plooster, Vice- President; Judy Knu tson, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss M oravec, ad viser.

W.R.A. The Women's R ecreational Association is an active organization open to all college women. Volleyball, basketball, bowling, and softball made a season of successful sports activities. Individual clubs fo rmed in W.R.A. arc tenn is, badmin ton, tumbling, swimming, golf, and modern dance. W.R .A. sponsors a fun night fo r freshman women, co-rec volleyball, and a college Sports Day.

W.R .A. Board. R OW l : R . Robinson, J. Plooster, R . J u rries, J. Bell, K . Grimm, Miss Moravec, adviser. R O W 2:

W.R .A. members participate in athle tic activities.

B. Knutson, J . K n utson, K . O lsen, Lubinski.

11 0


O lsen, M. Witt,



l Lining up for practice start are cross-country runners D. Lietzau, T. Cale, B. Smith, D. Wodcle, R . Belongie, B. Stone.

Tom Vail's cross-country team wou nd up its dual-meet season with a 7- 3 record. This is one of the best records ever compiled in WSC history. Coach Vail was quoted as saying, " \'Ile had many tough opponents on our schedule and I'm happy with the results."

Season's Record WE 35 27 19 24 21 28

23 38 30 27

THEY 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carleton 28 . . . . State College of Iowa 35 . . . . . . . . . . . . R iver F alls 31 . . . . . . . .. U. of D ubuque 34 . . . . . . . . . . Bethel College 29 . . . . . . . . . . . . . La Crosse 34 ............ . .... Loras 19 ............... Mankato 27 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wartburg 30 .. .. . . .... ...... Luther





I •Kt~ r'1I

Captain D ick Lietzau p repares for the next meet.



S!Alf .;

R OW I : V. Haseit, R . Belongie, D. Lietzau. ROW 2: Coach T om Vail, D. Wodele, B. Anderson, T. Gale, B. Smith. 111



0 8 6 0 16

Season's R ecord THEY 27 . .... . ....... Eau Claire 60 .... . Northern Illinois U. l 6 ......... Michigan Tech 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Moorhead 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . St. Cloud 14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . M ankato 41 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bemidji 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Platteville

Line: T . H all , G. Ferrata, B. White, J . Curran , B. J ohnson, B. Gray, D . Rauen. Backfield: M. Henry, R . Leist ikow, D. Konop, D . Mutschler.

Warrior defense zeroes in on Platteville ball carrier on the way to victory in final effort of the season.


ROW I: P. Engen, C. Zane, D . Vagts, ]. Kremer, B. Zellmer, Doug Konop, Dave K onop, P. King, T . Brostrom , B. Lieberman , H . Walski. ROW 2: ]. Benedict, T. H all, F . Berning, R . Goersch, D . Usgard, T. F inseth , M. Henry, B. Engrav, ]. Ryan, L. Anderson, B. Pyka. R OW 3: C. Berning, E. Hall , B. Fermann, B. Grey, C. Ferrata, G. Waterman , B. K ennedy, P. K oprowski, J. Cur-

ran, J. O 'Brien. ROW 4: F . Conroy, B. White, R . Leistikow, J . Simon, B. J ohnson, D . Ruaen , L. Burros, J. H aukoos, D. Mutschler, J. J ungers, J . Byrne. R OW 5: D. Furst, C. Byrom, A. Skemp, F. Deters, L. Olsen, B. Lang, R. Leonhardt, L. Wedemeier, D. H eroff, C. H orton, D. Boyum, D. Williams.

Moon and his stars . . . Coach Moon M olinari checks the day's practice schedu le with R og Goerisch, Ralph Leistikow, Duane Ruaen and Bruce Zellmer. Zellmer was d rafted by the Detroit Lions of the N.F. L.


M ike H e nry slams through the Northern Illinois line for a Warrior gain.

"Get that schnook . . . " H alfback Rog Leonhard t yells to quarterback Bob L eiberman. L eonhard t carried for a six yard gain agai nst the Michigan Tech Huskies.

" Drive for fi ve .. . " Rog Leonha rdt did m ore than tha t on this carry. After hurdling a Platteville tackle, he carried the ball to the Pioneer 3 yard line. The W a rriors subsequent ly scored.

ARR ORS Win ning Warriors From top left-following the " W" pattern : C. Gardner, D . R os.e nau, T . Anderson , J. Kelley, G. Peterson, M. Leahy, M . Dilley, Assistan t Coach D. Klagge, D . Goede, Coach Campbell, D. M eisner, T. Stallings, C. Enger, D . Schuster, D. Milne, L. Papenfuss, R. Kj omc.

BASKETBALL During the 1963-64 campaign, the Winona State basketball team was backed with the type of spirit that this school has seldom seen. The gymnasium was packed fo r nearly every home game by cheering. fana tical basketball fans. This is one of the reasons why the team perfo rmed admirably at home in posting a winning record on the M emor ial H all hardwood . The team coached by Dr. Robert Campbell, won the Lakeland, Wis. H oliday Tournament by posting victories over North land and Lakeland. Prior to the La keland classic, they won the consolation Championshi p in the Beloit Ho liday Tourney. Mainstays on the Warrior personnel included Lyle Pa penfuss, Gary Petersen, Dave M eisner and Darrell Schuster. Captain Papenfuss is the only sen ior on the squad.

Really now, Dr. Bob Campbell is a nice guy. I t's just that he has to illustrate mental pictures to his basketball team during timeouts. H e is speaking Middl e English to his charges in an attempt to tell them h ow well they are doing ...


Warrior war d ance .. . Perh aps Gary Peterson would like to try and dance-but not with River Falls' K en Lee. Peterson scored 27 points in this game. "Looks good" . . . T om Stallings adds a poin t to the Warrior cause against 'K ato. WSC dropped this one 63-56.

" Fudd" Goede Mankato.

WE 66

75 JOO

77 99 75

94 66

79 71 83 82 81

70 67

59 74 56 71 71 62 98 86 85




Season's Record

80 86 91

Stevens Point State College of Iowa Platteville 81 River Falls 89 Northland 83 Loras 92 Superior 102 Stout H oliday Tourney-Beliot, Wisconsin 85 Beloit 70 Carroll Holiday Tourney-Sheboygan, V1'isconsin 74 Northland 71 Lakeland 62 R iver Falls 67 Mankato 68 La Crosse 92 St. Cloud 61 M oorhead 63 M ankato 85 Bemidji 78 Moorhead 82 St. C loud 72 Bemidji 71 Michigan T ech 69 Michiga n Tech

Peterson takes time out from his scoring racket to impose a little tomfoolery on Mankato's Les Sonnabend. Peterson slapped the ball away from Sonnabcnd's grasp.

Lyle Papenfuss grimaces as he drives for the basket against NI C rival M ankato. Tom Stallings moves in for a possible rebound and Dave Goede is in the background.

"Big K jome" ... Rog Kj ome goes up for two points as Dave M eisner looks on.


R OW 1: D. Morgan, S. Lupie, T. Anderson. L. Kanavati, B. Lee. ROW 2: R . Gieske. M . Wagner, D. Glover, N. Paulson, J. Benedict. R OW 3: Coach Vail, J. Vigness, G . Grope!, J. Alfonso, C. Wilbur.

'B' BASKETBALL The Little Warriors were coached by Tom Vail for the 1963-64 season. The junior varsity was composed prima rily of freshmen athletes but some sophomores, in the likes of Mike Wagner and Craig Gardner did play on the squad. Three of the freshmen, Tim Anderson, Noel Paulson and Dennis M organ, did suit up for varsity games. The "B"' squad played twelve games during the year. They posted wins over La Crosse, Mankato and Standard Oil of the Winona City League, but lost to St. Mary's, St. Cloud and River Falls in other games.

Steve Lupie displays his jumpshot for m against the Mankato " B's."


TRACK 1963 T he 1963 track team was relat ively young, but posted many fine showings for Coach Bob K eister. Outstanding freshmen talent piled up the majority of the points, but seniors L arry Pontinen, D. C. Dahl and J ohn Lautigar added class. Pontinen set a few records in the two-mile event before injuring himself. Dahl and Pontinen provided continual personal duels in their events and Lautigar looked good in the weight events. Bob Stone was the outsta nding freshman performer. Stone won three firsts a nd a second in the Carleton meet last spri ng, piling up 17 points.

Bob Peterson hefts the shot- looks as though he was kissed by a W inter Carn ival V u lcan??



STATE Coach and aces . . . Coach Bob Keister discusses times with his star cindermen, Larry Pontinen and D. C. Dahl.

ROW 1: P. La Veile, D. Williams, D. Drizan, D. Leitzau, D. Haines, G. Olcott. ROW 2: T. Oswald, H. D avis, M . Leahy, ]. Simon, D. Dahl, C.

Wilbur, B. Anderson. ROW 3: D. Stegen, B. Pederson, J. Lautigar, B. Pe terson, B. Kennedy, B. Stone, B. Pitts.

ROW I: G . Matson, K . K nutson, P. Ki ng, L. Marchion da. ROW 2: Assistant Coach G. J ohnson, P. Flaherty, M. Sovereign , L. Wedemeier, M. Cavanaugh, ]. Price, K . Blomquist, D. Haines, C. Haines, ]. Wolfert, Manager D. Furst, D. Scrabeck, Coach Gunner.

"Cut it out, you're tickling my foot."

Larry Marchionda works for a win.

WRESTLING The Warrior wrestler were caugh t in a rebui lding year during the 1963-64 season. Coach Bob Gunner's team developed slowly at the sta rt of the year but always put up a strong figh t in the matches. T he Warriors picked up their first win against Michigan T ech 25- 8 after losing to L uther College and participating in the State College of Iowa and Iowa State quaclrangu lars. Outsta nding performers on the mat team incl uded Pe rry King, Buzz M a ttsen, Larry Wcdemeier, Pat Fla herty, a nd Dan Scrabeck.

Season's Record

WE 7

25 10 14 19

21 8 22 0 15 5

THEY 24 8

24 19 23 20 20 13 33 16 22

Luther College Michigan Tech. St. Cloud Bemidji Su perior La Crosse Morehead River Falls M a nkato Wa rtbu rg South Dakota State

Larry Wedemeier, State's heavyweigh t wrestler, gains an early ad vantage over Mike Gaydeski from Superior State. Advancing his position by turning his opponen t Larry proceeds to get a pinning hold as the referee keeps a close watch. After a successful match Larry d isp lays his win ni ng smile.


BASEBALL 1963 Coach Lu ther McCown's baseball W a rriors were one of the top teams in the nation again last year. T he W arriors posted a 22- 6 won-lost record in gaining the N .A.I. A. finals in Kan sas City, Missouri fo r the third yea r in a row. O utsta nding performe rs on the squad which also won the North ern In tercollegiate Conference Championship, included J on K osidowski, C harlie Weisbrod, M ark D illey, Roger Leonhardt, 13ob Lie tza u, and Dick and Lyle Papen fuss.

Dr. M cCown d iscusses th e theory of wi nn ing ball gam es to his star pi tche rs, J on K osidowski , Chuck Weisbrod and Mark Dilley.

W hammo ! Action against Loras.

C hu ck W eisbrod on h is way to one of 11 wms.



Murderers' Row . . . Dilley, Gunderson, Leitzau, K osidowski, Papenfuss and Leonhardt proved troublesome to opposing pitchers.

Season's Record WON


Bemidji St. Louis U. Loras Whitewater U of Wis. at Milwaukee River Falls State College of Towa La Crosse Moorhead St. Cloud Mankato N.A.I.A. Playoff: Stout Nationals: Mayville, N.D. Californ ia (Pa.) State Lewis College ( Ill. ) Eastern Caroli na






2 2 2 2

2 0 0 0 0 0


2 I















Fourth in NA IA .. . ROVi I: M. Dilley, D . Papenfuss, A. Klinder, R . L eonhardt, Il. Leitzau, B. Allaire. ROW 2: K . Barker, D. Usgaard, C. Zane, D . W endlandt, J.


The first baseman stretches for the throw to first to end the inning.

K ohn, J. Stephan. ROW 3 : G. Grob, M. Gunderson, C Doepner, L. Papenfuss, R. Roepke, T. K elly. ROW 4: L. Olson, J. Kosidowski, C. Weisbrod, Coach M cCown.

SWIMMING Coach J ohn M artin developed a strong swim ming team in his first year as head coach at Wi nona State. T he Warriors lost to .M acalester by a close score a nd then won seven straight dual meets and posted additional victories before the season was over. Coach Martin credited his success to the "attitude of his team." There was a defini te desire to swim, and his boys went ou t and literally overpowered their foes . D uring the year Rich Childers broke the school record for the 500 yard freestyle, and the 400 yard medley relay squad smashed the school and pool reco rds in that department.

Randy Sinke d isplays his winning diving form.

ROW 1: H. Seibcn, B. Lang, ]. Dwyer, R . Kn app, G. R ode, A. Takaki. ROW 2: ]. 'Wescott, R . C hi lders, B. M iller, F. Braun, P. F ord , D. Frank, G. Nash . R OW 3:

Mr. Martin, R . R ydman, B. K ohler, D. Blanchard, R. Sinke, L. Olson, B. Downs.


' I;


Coach M artin talks wi th ace freestylist D ennis Blanchard.

Season's R ecord WE


69 42 70

26 53 17 44 27 23


67 73 82 49 73 75 66 74

Platteville M acalastcr Platteville Carleton Bemidji Oshkosh M ankato La Crosse St. Thomas M a nkato H am line Gustavus Adolphus


46 23 20 34 20

School spirit is evident from the poster as swimmers arc a bou t to splash. R ich Child ers on h is way to a n ew record. Buzzy Braun calls out the number of lengths to Dick Knapp in the 500 meter event. D ave form.






GOLF 1963 The J 963 golfers had an excellent schedule of meets but didn' t fare too well in most of them. Coach Madeo Molinari's golf squad won its first match of the season in a triangular meet with River Falls State College and Stout State College. The W arriors gained a win over River Falls a nd a tic with Stout in the match play mee t. The remainder of the season included losses to Eau Claire State, La Crosse State, St. Mary's and Ylan kato, a nd a win over Luther College in the final match. Low W.S.C. shoote r for the season was M ike Kowalczyk with an average of 77. ROW I: D . Vail, R. Hogenson, T . Thaldorf, ROW 2: Coach M olinari, M. K owalczyk, D. Olson. L. Mayer.


The " W " C lub is composed of major letterwinners in intercollegia te a thletics at Winona State. The athletes util ize their off seasons by promoting " W " Club activities a nd campaigns, such as t he Fun Days event this year ; serving refreshments a t ath letic events: a nd selecting and promoting the Athlete of the Month and the Qua rter Sports Queen. George Fcrrata served as president of the club.

R OW I: R. Seyba, D. I Iaines, R. R oepke, T. Finseth, T. Gale, P. Engen, D . Mutschler, M. Dilley. ROW 2: G. Waterman, C. Fcrrata, D. U sgaard, D. Boyum, J. Haukoos,

H . Davis, Dr. Campbell. ROW 3: G. Goodwin, M. Rouse, R. Rustad, L. Papenfuss, R. Puetz, R. Stone, W. And erson, B. Whi te.


INTRAMURALS The intramural program this year was headed by M r. Austin Loeffler , replacing Mr. Molinari. who was on sabbatical lea\¡e at the University of Minnesota. Mr. Loeffle r arranged intramural basketball leagues in the winter a nd softball activities in th e spring. Approximately 200 male students participated in the programs. Female intramural activi ties a re arranged through the women's p hysical education department.

Dave Usgaard scores two points for the Leftovers in a ga111c against th e Cel tics.

Gretch en K ochler scores tw o points in a game between the Dribblers and the H ustlers.

Karen Grimm and Kathy Cody jump to gain control of the ball.


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FACULTY AND STUDENT INDEX Aadahl, Jo:i.nnc 36 AARESTAD, /\MANDA 10 Aasum, D~tvid 36,66 Abbot, l:ynn 82 Abts, Lawer ance 95 Adams, Lee 89 Adank, Rich;i.rd 36,94 AlberS, Kathleen 36, 58, 72,84,86 Alfonso, Joseph 29, l 18 Allaire, William 123 Allen, lo'''ell 37,58,72,80,82,86 Allen, William 37 Anderson, llarbara 33,36 Anderson, Billy 83,94,lll /\NDlRSON, CARLIS 17 /\ndt::>rson, Carolyn 89, 100 Anderson, Cheryl 29,89,90,91,99, 100 Anderson, Colleen 20, 89,90,99,100 Anderson, D.ile 37 Anderson, Cary 37 Anderson, Gretchen 33,83,84,85, 86,88,90,97, 100 Ande rson, Judith 29 Anderson, Larry 20, 113 Anderson, Mary Lou 37 Anderson, Pamela 29,61 Anderson, Timothy 20, 114,118 Andccson, William 66,1J9,126 Andrus, Steve I 04 Anshus, David 81 Arneson, Mary l.ou 37,93 Ams, Lynne 20 Ashbach, Dennls 20 Atkinson, Helen 20, 104 Aust in, Everett 33,83,87 Azad, Esfandmar 29 1 96,105 Baer , Thomas 33,63, 102, 103,104 Baile y, Dean 29,104 Bailey, Cary 37 Bailey, Judy 20 Baile y, Stev::m :'.17 ,58, 92,93,94, 100,102, 140 Baisley, Joseph 20 Bakkendahl, Janice 37 Baller, John 20 Balza.rt, Barbara 21 Bambenek, Mary 20 BARD, ACNES 9 Barker, Kenneth 123 Barski, Nancy 29, 102 Bartkey, Kathleen 20 BARTSCH, MILDl\ED 10 Bartz, Ann 2 1 Bartz, Judith 20,98 BA -YUNUS, !LYAS 16,96 Beatty, Robert 33,69,85,96 Bcbermeycr, Marge 29,102 Beck, John 20 Becker, Charles 29 Becker, R ichard 21 Beckman, Judy 21 BEHLlNC, RALPH 15 Be hrens, Earl 37 Bell, Judith 33,105,110 Belongie, Ronald 1 11 Bened ict, John 1 13 1 118 Reneke, Cary 20 Benike , Barbara 37 , 60,69 1 82,84,85, 86,100, 105, 109 Benish, Lawrence 105 Benning, Fred 21 Benson, Sharon 33,101,102 Bentley, Jonathan 20 Bentson, Gerald 95 Berg, Cary 21 Berg, Peggy 97 Sergsgaard, J oanne 36,38,8 1, 93 Bergum, Kent 29 Berkman, Dulcie 21 Berkman, Ccorge a1me Maythm 38 Bcrnadot, David 21 Berning, Arlys 29,90,99,102,140 Berning, Charles 2 1,113 Berry, Lynn 105 Berti, Mary Ann 33 Besck, Darlene 20 Beske, Jani ce 38 Bess, David 38, 95 Besse, Lyle 29 Betts, Lo is 105 Biederman, Anna 96

llilder, Franklin 95 BILSE, DONALD 9,87,101 Bina, Albert 20 Binge, T eri 21,89 Birch, J.1net 87 Blahnik, Mary 38 Blai~cl1, Thomas 33 Rlakc, Gerald 72 Blanchard, Dennis 104, 124, 125 Blietz, Marleen 21 Ulomquisl, Kenneth 20, 120 Blum, Peter 82 Boardman, Dennis 94 BODDY, MARGARET 12 Boehlke, William 33,82 BODV/\RSSON, HAUKU R 15,87 Bohn, Karl 20 Boller, Pacricia 96,98,100 Boller, Stephen 38,81,97, 100 Bonofiglio, Frank 95 Borden, John 20 Borgen, Diane 29, 109 Botcher, Diane 29,72,92 Boyum, David 29,87,113 Boywn, Dwight 30,126 Bradfield, Micki 21 liranum 1 Earl 33, 104 Bratrud, Gretchen 21 Braun, Frank 21,124,125 Braun, Thomas 33 BREMER, ADOU'H 15,80 Breza, David 21 Briese, Charles 34 Brinkmeier, Bria,1 21,95 Brock, Kathleen 72,100,109 Rrokcr, David 88,90 Brombach, Mary 21,104,105 Bronner, Dennis 2 1 Brostrom, Terrance 113 Brown, Edith 34 1 88 1 90,100 BROWNING, MARGARET 12 Brueske , Kenneth 21,95,98 Bruton, J J.mf:>s 21 Buck, Ronald 38, 83 Rue rge, Roger 21 Bwke, Patricia 21 Burnett, Phillip 21 Burros, L ee 113 Butenhoff, Gerald 21 Butterwick, James 21 Byom, Richard 113 Byram, Clarence 21 Byrne, James 21, 113 Cada, Michael Zl Ct1fourek, Karen 38 Cahalan, Michae l 21,95,98 CJ.llahan, Ervin 30 Cameron, Linda 21 CAMPBELL, ROBERT 12, 115,126 CAPRON, J . HUCH 9 C :irncy, Jean 99 Carr, Robert 59,94,95 Carroll, Kat hleen 21 Carter 1 Mary 21 Carter 1 Ralph 21,87, 99 Ca sey, Thom as 21,98 CAULKINS, MARTHA 17 Cavanaugh, James 95 1 120 Chamberlain, Sharon 30 Chapek, Robert 38,36,58,68,82, 84,8& Childers, Richard 124,125 Choffin, Phillip 38,82 CH RISTENSON, CEORCE 10 Chupit:a, Kenneth 38,80,95 Cichano,vski, Thomas 21,95 Cicminski, Robert 21 Cl2re, D.tvid 82 Clare , Richard 82 Clark, Ruby 12 Cody, Kathleen 39,81, 127 Coffey, Douglas 39 Colbenson, George 59,94,95 Condon, Frank 21 Connaughty, Candy 21 CONNELL, LARRY 16 Connelly, Mary 21 Conray, Franklin 30,113 Corcoran, Bonnie 36,39,58 Core y, Sandra 81,83,89,93 Corson, Jimmilee 21 Cotton, Nancy 30


Crandall, Sharon 22 Creminski, Jc::in 30 Crouse, Kathleen 22 Curran, Gera ld 34,82,87,92,93, 112,113 Cutting, Terri 30,82,88,90,91 Cuus, Janis 34 Dadetta, Ronald 34,58 Dahl, Richard 22 Dahlberg, Peggy 22 Daily, Marcin 30,88,90,96,99,100, !OZ

Daley, Leo 98 Davies, David 83 DAV IES, J AMES 65 Davis, Harry 39 DAVIS, MARION IS Davis, Michael 83 DAY, SUSAN J . 12 Dean, Michael 22 Deets, James 65 DeCrood, Fran 103 DeCroot, Angelyn 7 De Martino, Nichol:is: 34,(il,80,85 Deters., franklin 22 Dete rs, LeRoy 22,100,105,113 Devries, Laven' 39 Dewey, William 22 Dilley, Mark 39,115,122,123,126 Oingcmans, Lola 30 Dittrich, Judith 22 Dockrick, Charles 22 Doc!y, Barbara 22,108 Doepner, Clyde 30,123 Doely, Barbara 22 Oocrge, Susanne 22 Doerr, Donald 22 Doherty, Richard 95 Dohrn, Rosemary 22 Dolney, Elizabeth 30,82,108 Donaldson, Margaret 22 Donath, Elizabeth 7 Downs, Byron 22,851 124 Doy le, Frank 30 Droyen, Richard 34 Drussel, Peder 22,83,97 Drwall, Sharon 22, 98 Due ll man, Merlin 94 Duncanson, Ann 30,92 DUNLAY, KATHRYN 17 Durfey, Robert 91 Dvorak, Donna 22 Dvorak, Monica 39 Dwyer, Jo h n 22,124 Ebert, Diane 22, 100 Ebert, Robert 39, 105 Ecker 1 Peter 22 Edel, Normagene 22,96 Eggerichs, Terrence 891 98 Effertz, Richard 22, 95 Egge, Barbara 22 Egland, Dale 39,89 EGNER, Cl-IESTIR 8 Elias, Myron 39 E llefson, Karen 22 Elle nberg, Janet 88 Ellestad, CaJvin 39 Ellinghuysen, Pau la 30 EMANUEL, J . P. 13 Emerson, Diane 22 EMMONS, WILLIAM 13 Emond, Bruce 22 Enge l, Betty 24, 93, 100 Engen, Paul 113,126 En~er, John 30.100 Engrav, Barry 22, l 13 Engrav, Burne U 22 Erickson, Diane 30,80,103 ER ICKSON, RALPH 1 1 Erickson, T odd 104 Ernster, Phyllis 30,98 Ersig, Jam es 22 E'ch, Mark 22 Esselman, Kaye 30 Evens, Delores 96 Evens, Joyce 22, 108 fanslow, fay 22 Feindt, Kath leen 22 Felder, Fr ances 88,90 Fennessey, Thomas 22 Fenney, Ann 22,96 Fenske, Carol 40








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Ferden, Cary 4 0,81 F'errata, George 40 1 61,84,85 1 86 1 112,113,126 Ferrin, Michael 22 Fick, Cheryl 22 FICK, DONALD 13 FINCH, GER T RUDE 8 Finseth, Thomas 113,126 Fishbauger, Ann 86 FISHBAUGER, G. E . 10 Fisher, Barbar a 97 Fisk, Richard 22 Flaherty, P3trick 120 Flaten, Wayne 40,100 Fleming, Sheila 40 Fletcher, Elizabeth 30 1 98 Flo rin, Jill 40,60,80, 81,82,86 Floyd , J en n ifcr 96 Fluegel, J ames 88, 90 FOE GEN, JOSEPH 8, 95 Ford, Patrick 22,124 Forst er, Steven 22,89 FOSS, FRED 13 Foster, Darrell 22 Foster, Irene 14 FOSTER, L. OPAL 17 Frank, David 40,65, 124, 125 Frase, William 40,87,92,93,101, 105 Fratzke, Alice 40 Fratzke, Carl 59,94,95 FREMLING, CALVIN 13,67 Frisch, Susan 22 Froyen, Rick 92, 93 Fruechte, Larry 23 Fruen, Richard 99 Fuglestad, Judee 82 ,109 FUGLSBY, GLEN 9,87 FULU:R, JOHN J. 11 Fulton, William 40,94 Furst, Douglas 30,88,95,113,120 Cabrych, Brenda Anderson 40,58, 84 Cajecky, T hor 23 Ca le, Tom 111,126 Gardner, Craig 1 15 Gates, Joan 34,62 Cates, Mary 109 Gebhard, Dennis 80,89, 99, 101 Geppert, Ronald 81 GEMEINHARDT, WILLIAM 1 1 Gerdes, Gary 87 Gerken, Judith 41,95 Ger lach, J. Becky 69 Ce:tskow, John 33,34,82 Cieske, Roger 23,118 Gilbertson, Naomi 34 Gimble, Cary 23 Ginn, Robert 341 82,87 Gislason, Diann 109 Gislason, Jon 23 Claunert, Richard 23 Glende, Michael 23 Glende, Shirley 23 Clover, Donald 118 Cludt , Karen 41,98 Cocdc 1 David 115, 116, 11 7 Cocrish, Roge r 34, 11 3 Goetzman, Barbara 41,70,83 Go etz.man, Janice 98 Coldsmith, Ann 96 Conides, George 96 Goodwin, Gary 101, 126 Cough, Joanne 7 GRAESSLE, WALTER 16 Grams, Chene 23 Crams, Donald 41 CRANCAARD, CEORCE 10 CRATIAA, MARCE LINE 13 Grave lie, Kat hleen 23 Gr avenish, Jeanette 23 Cray, Robert 61,1 12, 113 Grcethwst, Joan 23 Gr iffin, Marie 23 Griffith, Fae 92,93 Griffith, George 82 Griffith, Geraldine 41,58 Grimm, Karen 105, 110,127 Gro b, Gaven 41 Grobe, Darliss 23 Groenewold , Roge r 41,58,72,80,

82,84,86, 100,104 Gronert , Vicki 23 Grope 1, Gregg 23, 118 Crossman, Jerome 23,98 Grulkowski, Rose Ann 34 Gu lbranson, Saundra 30,89,90 Gunhus, Elitabcth 30,88,89,90 GUNNER, ROBERT, 12,120 Curtis, Gary 30 Gushikuma, Steve 23 GUTHRIE, HAROLD 14 Guzzardo, Joseph 23 Haack, David 104 Haack, J ane t 34,97, 105 Habibi, Bahman 96 H aessig, Darlene 41, 100,105 H ageman, Susanne 4 1,98, 102,104 Hagen, Charles 41,94 Hager, Orrin 90,91 Haines, D ave 119,120,1 26 Halaska, Robert 41 Hall, Ed ward 23, l ! 3 Hall, Thom as 82, 112, 113 Ha mes, Eliiabeth 23 Hanke, Mary 89,90 Hankcs, Margaret 23,98 Hannon, Darlene 23 Hanson, Alfred 41 H anson, Audrey 88, 90, 102 Hanson, Carol 23,99,105 Hanson, Roger 42,58,82,95 Hanson, Ronald 30 Hanson, Russe It 23 Harnack.1 Sharon 90,100,109 Harrington, James 30,95,97 Harris, Meca 7 Hartley, Karen 34,80,82,85, 109 Hasleiet, Verdon 23 Hassinger, Russ 23 Hassos, Demetra 4 2 Hauge, Ol ar 88,96,97 1-laukom, Judith 30, 100 H at1koos, James 82, 113, 126 Hazelton, J udit h 23, 58 Heller, Gail 34 He llerud, Michael 42 Hemme, Gene 30 Henry 1 Mike 112, 113, 114 l-1£NRY, RO DERICK 16 Hcroff, Donald 87, 113 Herschbcrgcr, Phyllis 23, 108 Hess, John 30, 95, 99 H£YER, FRED 9,77,90,9 1 Heyer, Rick 42,91 Hill, Robert 42,89,101 Hint, Carol 23 Hitt, Arthw 42 Hitzeman, Cary 23,85 Hodge, Paul 23 Hofer, Inge 42,58,60,81,82, 84,86, 97, 100,105 Hoff, Joan 23, 105 Hogenson, Robert 126 Hogetveit, Maria 73,95, 96 Hohenhaus, Susan 23, 98 Ho iness, Charl es 23 Ho ll and , Karen 23 Holsapple, Larry 4 2 Holst, Richard 30,90 Holzer, Dia n a 23 Hopf, Rut h 8 HOPKINS, RICHARD 16



Horihan, Barbara 23 Horton, Eugene 99,100,113 Houghton, G len 42,58 1 80,84,88,94 Houselog, Dennis 94 Howard, William 88,89 Howe, Jam es 23 Howe, Kenneth 23 HOYT, DANIEL 16,80 Huetti, Jim 23,98 HULL, HENRY 16 Hull, Henry 30 Hurd, Bill 23 Hustad, John 24 Ihrke, Mary Rohr 4 2,105 INGRAM, REX 17 Issendorf, Mary 42,100,105 !ten, Mary 24 Iverson, Euni ce 24

13 1

Iverson, Margar et 30, 100, 108 Iverson, Sharon 97 Ives, Roberta 24 Iwata, Jean 60

JACKSON, H. R. Jackson, Marilyn Theis 43 Jacobsen, Carol 43 JACOBSEN, EDWARD 14 Jacobsen, Edward 66 Jahr, Carol 43 James, Marlene 43 J an ikovn;:ki, Daniel 98 Jazaeri, Mohsen 96 1 103 Jechc, Carol 24,90 Jense n , G ary 24,88 J ensen, J an is 24 Ji lk, Catherine 24 Johansen, Howa rd 82,87 Job<inson, Gregory 24 Jo hnson, Alfred 43 Johnson , Ben 112,113 Johnson, Bonnie 30 Johnson, Bruce 24 Johnson, Carol 43 JOHNSON, CLEN 120 Johnson , Gretta 43 Johnson, Janet 34,58,80,82,84,99, 100 Johnson, Jerry 89 Johnson, Kathryn 24, 90, 98 Johnson, Larry 58,80,85, 100 Johnson, Laurel 30,88,90 Jolmson, Marjorie 24,98 Johnson, Stephen 24 Johnson, Susan 24 Johnston, Sharon 98 Jones, Harl a 43,89, 10 1 Jones, Jewell 20,24, 95, 100,104 Jones, Ri chard 24 Judson, Ellen 14 JUDS ON, LYMAN 14,94 Julifs, Don3 ld 24 J unger 1 J ohn 11 3 Jurr ie s, Ruth 43 , 100,105,110 Ka.ck.man, Kathleen 24 Kaczrowski, J anc 24 Kaczrowski, Mari 30 Kaiser, Mary 34 Kanavati, Louis 24, 59,1 18 KANE, JOHN 17 Kangel, Joan 24,1 08 Karlsen, Krist ine 34,96 Keever, Janette 59,94,95 Ke hren, Joyce 24 KEISTER, ROBERT 12,119 Kelberer, Raymond 43 Keller, Norman 44 Keller, Robert 58,80,84,85, 105 Keller, Terrance 24,98 Kelley, Edward 33,34, 84, l 23 Ke lley, Johm 115 Ke lley, Michelle 24 Kennedy, Be rnard 11 3, 119 K e nney 1 Kathleen 24, 98 Kerri gan, Richard 94 Kesler, D avid 87 Kesle r , Rona ld 31 1 102, 103,1 4 0 Kidd, Joan l 05 Kiehn, Fred 24 Kiese , Don 97 Kieser, Bruce 43 Kim, Young 24 King, Perry 113 , 120 King, Ross 44 Kiral, Robert 34 Kirsche, Michael 58,80,84 Kittleson, Michael 44,92,93 Kjom e, Roger 115, 117 Kjos, Carol 44 KLAGCE, DONALD 115 Klas, Mary 24, 109 K lassen, David 31 Klawiter, Kenneth 44,87 Klebs, Sharon 34 Kleis, Henry 24,95 Klement, Ger a ld 44 Clippert, Carol 24 Kloek, Cerritt 44,65,104,105 Klotz, Ke nne th 24 Knap ik, Judith 34,82 Knapp , Richard 24, 124,1 25

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Knudsen, Arlyn 90,91 Knutson, Barb 31, l 10 Knutson, Judy 31,105,110 Knutson, Ken 120 Koehler, Gretchen 127 Koener, Carol 24 Kohler, William 82,98,104,124 Kohlmeyer, LeRoy 24 Kohn, Jerome 123 Kokkonen, John 31,98, 100 Konop, David 112,113 Konop, Douglas 95, 1l3 Kopetlki, James 24 Kopperud, Nancy 24 Koprowski, Loran 24 Koprowski, Phillp 24,98, 113 Kos i<lm ...·ski, Carolyn Maetens 44 Kosidowski, J on 122,123 Kowalczyk, M ike 1 26 Ko7.ak, Sharyl 3 1,108 Kra.rner, K~role 44,58,60,69,82,86 Kratch, ~ancy 98 Kremer, Jaffrey 113 Kressin, Ju<lith 24 Krcugcr, Leonard 2:4 Kric, DwalJ. 44,82 Krier, Mike 25 Krizan, Dennis 119 Krogh, Faye 25 Krohse, Ralph 25 Kropp, Donald 25 Kuchenmc ister, Sue 25, 90, 98 LAFFIN, GERRY 15,91 Larnbcrtz, Mary 25 Lamp, Jacob 31 Landino, Mary 34 Lang, Bcrg,ic 113, 124 L..tnning, Gordon 44 LaPa.tkJ. 1 Richard 45,95 Larson, Joan 25 L1.:ahy, Michael 115,119 Lebakken, Russell 83 Lee, Donald 94 Lee, J anlce 34, 95 Lee, Rober t 118 Leeson, Clark 83 Leibfried, Michae l 25 Le istikow, Ra lph 45, 112, 11 3 Lennon, Lind!! 25 Lentz, Karen 45,90,9-1,95,100 Lenz, Cary 25 Leonhardt, Roger 113, 114, 123 LeTourneau, Glori<t 31,90,102 Leuchtenberg, Thomas 31,90,94,95 LEWIS, JOHN 10 Lewis, Linda 25,90,9i Lewis, Steven 25,95 LICHTENBERG, MARYLN lo Lidgcr<ling, Burton 25 Lieberman, Robert 113 Lieu.an, Richard 35, 111 Lilla, David 25 Linbo, Glori l 25 Lindah l , Curtis 25,89 Lindc:mJ.n, Neale 25 Lindsay, CJ.thcrine 65 Lite h er , J ohn 45 Li tschkc, Madeline 29,31 ,69,82, 85, 105 Litschke, Nathaline 31,82, 105, 109 Lockhart, Ray 45 LOCKS, JOYCE 12 Loeding, Sheryl 25 Loeffler, Suson 25 Loerch, Jeanneen 25 LOCKENSCARD, R. L. 13 Lorang, Maxine 45,93,98 Lorenson, Virginia 25 Lovett, Cina 25 Lubinski, Janet 83,105,110 Lukasiewski, Anne 25 Lukaszew·skl , Ch::ulcs 95 Lund, Stephan 66,83 Lundberg, Marcia 25 Lunn, Gare y 45 Lupic, Stephen 25, 118 Luthin, \.\li lli am 25,82 Lutz, Diana 45 Lyndahl, Margaret 31,72,82,85 1 109

Lynn, Judith 45 1 81 Lyons, Michae l 58 McCaffrey, Gerald 46 McCLUER, RICHMOND 9,88,89, 90 McCOWN, LUTHER 12,122,123 McCune, Margo 25 McDonald, William 94 McGRATH, HELEN 17 McLaughlin, Dorothy 96 McLaughlin, Nancie 99, 103, 109 Mc Nally, Judith 31 Maass, Stanley 35,95,97 Mack, Pennie 25 Madland, Lawerence 35 MAGNUS, DOROTHY 14,75 ,94,95 Maesen, Walter 25,82,87 Maje rus, David 25 M:J.jerus, Ja.rnes 70,83,89,95 Malmin, Judy 25 Manion, Maureen 45 Manz, Donald 87 Marchionda, Lawrence 120 M/\RlNER, M . R. 6 MARLEY, WARREN 8 Martenson, Diane 31 Martin, James 25 MARTIN, JOHN L. 12,124,125 Mart2ke, Richard 87 Matson, Cary 83, 120 Matson, Gordon 25 Mattson, Rory 35,95 Mau, Sandy 33 Maussner, Collen Botch 45 Maussncr, Spencer 46 Mauszycki, Robert 35 Mayer, G::iry 95 Mayer, Len 126 Mealey, Joanne 85 Meisner, D~wid 115,117 Mensink, Jerry 35, 66,83 Mensink, Loyal 46 Menzel, Wayne 35,82 1 102 Meyci:, Kenneth 25 Mierau, Larry 25 Mikulewie~, Marilyn 25 Millam, Janelle 31,89,90 Miller, Ann 25 Miller, Arthur 35 Miller, James 95 M\llcr, Jill 101, 102 Miller, Maurice 4(>,87 Miller, Robert 25,95 Milne, D.ivid 31, 115 MINNE', NELS 6 Mitsch, Carole Greenwald 46,89 Modjeski, Mary 25, 109 Mocchnig, Marlene 31 Moechnig, Mary 31 MOLINARI, MADFO 12,113,126 Monls, Linda 26 MORAVEC, MAJOR IE 12,110 Morgan, Dennis 118 Mori arty, Arthur 26 Morken, John 26 MORSE, CLYNNA 8 Morton, Jimmie 66 Mortenson, Karen 26 1 97 Mowrey, Joke 26 Mrachek, Michae l 46 Muhle, Hild a 7 Mull ane, Karen 26,109 Munkel, Spencer 81,83 MUNSON, HOWARD 17 MURRAY, FLORETTA 9 Mutsch ler, Duane 46 1 112,113, 126 Myran, Donna -16,58,60,80,84,86, 93,100,108 Nagahashi, Jerry 2b Nash, Ceorge 124 NELSON, AUGUSTA 15 Nelson, Dale 26 Nelson, Jerry 46,87,97 Nelson, Lynelle 26 Nelson, Richard 26,92 Nerby, Loren 26 Nesbitt, Leon 69 Ness, Judith 31 ,90,91 1 102 Newton, Ingrid 26 Nilsen, Henry 46


Nissalke, Cary 36 Noll, James 20,26,84 Nystrom, Harold 95 Obele, Cary 46 O'Brian, James 113 O'Brien, Kenneth 47 Obuchi, Joanne 26 O'Connor, Mary 47,83,98,100 Okland, Howard 81,90 Olson, Clifford 100 Olson, Dale 126 Olson, Judy 100,105,110 O lson, Kaye 100, 105, 110 Olson, Larry 26,113,124 O l son, Sharon 26 0 1 Ncill 1 Rose 98 OPSAHL, JAMES 13 O ' Rei lly , Dennis 47 O'Reilly, M ichael 47 ,87 O ' Rour kc, Elaine 26 O ' Rourke, Kathleen 26,98 Orrill, Cynthia 35,58 Ostrom, Myles 91,92,93,94 Oswald, Thomas 26, 119 Osweiler, David 94,95 Ott, Shirley 47,81 Overby 1 Bernie 92 Overhaug 1 Lorr aine 31,97 Paffrath, Albert 26 Pahl, Dcniclc Schroeder 47,58,60, 80 Pahl, Gary 08 Palbicki, J lmes 26 P4lmquist, Dlannc 100 Palmquist, Janet 26 Papenfuss, Glen 26 Papenfuss, Lyle 47,86,115,117,l23, 126 Papenfuss, Marvin 26 P apenfuss, Shirley 47, 96 Parsley, Sulanne 35, 47 Parsons, Vern 2(, Paul, Sarah 94,95 Paulson, Martha ..35,47 Paulson, Noel 26 Payne, Ruth Mary 14 Pederson, Bruce 11 9 Pellowski, Veronica 26 PENNELL, DOR IS 17 Peters, Darlene 26 Peters, Donald 98 Petersen, Barbara 26 Peterson, Gary 31,115,116 Peterson, Kathleen 31 PetNson, Robert 47, 119 Pe1erson, Susan 31 Peuonek, John 35,58,65,84,92,93, 94,100,104 Pfeiffer, J. C. 95 Pflaum, Eugene 26 Piehn, Jack 26 Pinke, Mavis 31 Pinsonneault, Judith 48 Pistorius, David 26 Plooster, Joy 48,81, 105,110 Podany, Joan 90 Poppenbc rger, William 26 Pottratz, Mary 26 Pottratz, Patricia 48 160,81 , 82 1 86, 93,109 Powell, Patricia 35,58 1 69,81,82 85,86,89,93 Prentis, J ohn 99 Price, Alicia 48,97,100 Price, Rachel 26 Prazytarski, John 98 Puetz., Robert 98,119,126 Purrington, Leonard 26 Pyka, Robert 113 Qualset, Karen 26 Quam, Le Roy 48 Quam, Sandra 26 Quinn, Robert 26 Rabideau, Sydne 48 Rader 1 Patricia 31,104,109 RAGAR, E. L. 11 Ramsdell, Bonnie 35 Rangitsch , Kathleen 48,58, 70,801 82,83,86, 93, 98, 100 Rataj czyk , Kenneth 31

Winona's Largest Bank

THE MERCHANTS' NATIONAL BANK of Winona Your Local , Independent, "Full Service" Bank " The Bonk That Service Bui l t " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation



Dairy Products

A ce Store

of Superior Flavor Hardware ''Home-Owned' ' Friend ly Service Since 1855 Pho ne 3626 529 Hu ff Street

Winona, M inn .

Winona , Minn.


Men ' s, Women's, and

Restaurant & Drive-i n

Boys· C lothing

Home of t he Country Boy

Corner of 4t h and Center

Hi-way 61 and Orrin St.

Phone 4396


Loca l Bus Transporta tion

WESTGATE BOWL a nd Charter Service Open Dai ly from 10 A .M .

Special Student Rates



Your City Bus Line Westgate Shopping Cen ter

~ -




Rauen, Du Wayne 112,113 R~vnholdt, Douglas 48,95 Ravnholdt, Rickey 31,89,90,97 RAYMOJ\1), M. R. 6 Redig, Mary 26 RElDELBERCER, JACQUE 65 Reihsen 1 Robe rt 26 Reinhard, Douglas 48 REITER , CLEO 17 Reiter, Judy 26 Reps, Dana 27 Reuter, Mary 35, 103 Reynolds, James 27 Ricabaugh, George 48,83,94,100 Rice, Harr iet 48, 100 RIOiARDS, JAMES 15 Richardson, Gregory 29,3 1,82 RITMAN, Mi\RCUER!TA 6 Ritter, Robert 27 Roberts, Paula 27, 104 Robinson, Regina 35,100, 101,105, 110 Rode, Gerry 27,124 Roe, Jolene 27 Roepke, Roger 31 ,1 23 ,126 Roge rs, Jerome 95 ROCCE, HAROLD 11 Rollins, Leonard 31, 95, 99 Rose , z\nn 49,61 Rosenau, David 35,82, 115 Rosendahl, Dougl:is 27 Rouy , Elaine 35,58,69,82,84,94, 95, 100, 105 Rowan, Michae 1 27 Roxbwgh, Heather 27 , 59,JOS Rudd, Karen 49,58,80,82,84,86 Rudolf, Caroline 49,60,88,89,90, 99,104 Rudquist, Thomas 27 Ruedy, Carroll 29,31,87,102,140 Rumstick, $:1.ndr<l 31,83 Runningen, Patrici:i Rupp, Sylvi:i 49,62,8 1,85,93, 100, 109 Russell, Lois 49,82, 100 Rustad, Richard 88,126 Rustad, Wayne 88 Ryan, Eileen 90,94,95 Ryan, John 27, l 13 Rydlund, Nancy 27,99, 104 Rydman, Richard 124 SABIN, JAMES 17 Sadowski, Daniel 27 Sacckcr, Jon 88,89 Safranek, Bernice 7 Safranek, Jc;i.n 7 Samuels, Delores 97 Sanders, Donn3 105 S:indstrom 1 Thomas 27 Sanness, Sharon 49,97 S;i thcr, Karen 27 SATHER, VER LIE 17 Satka, David 27 Shirai, Lance 27 Schmauss, Barbara 27 Scn.mauss, Nancy 82 Schmid t , Ronald 88,94, 95 Schmitz, James 49,83 Schmitz, Kath leen 27, 109 Schnorenberg, Richard 35,82,87 SCHOEN, ROCER 13 Schott, Mary 27 Schott, Thomas 31 Schreiber, Eugene 27,90 Schroeder, Thom:>:s 27 Schultz, James 98 Schulze, Betty 49, 93, 100 Schuster , Darrell 115 Schwanke, Marilyn 31,109 Scrabeck, Danny 27, 120 Sebo, Sheryl 92,99, 105 Se braske , Sharon 27 Seeman, Clark 27 Seufert, Joe 35,102,1 03, 140 Severson, Arlys 7 Severso n, Cayle n 49,87 ,94 Scyba, Robert 35,126 Shaw, Jeanne 14 Sher man, Patricia 49 Shulstad, Robert 27

Sieban, Harry 35,80,82,96, 103, 11 3 Siebenaler, Margaret 95,98 Sillman, William 99 Silver, WiJliam 27 Simon, John 113,119 Simon, Sharon 49 Simons, Lois 7 S inke, R :rndo)ph 27, 124 Skaltum, Roger 50,58 Skemp, Archie 9 4, 113 Sk;bbc, Dorothy 50 Skorlinski, James 9 4 Smith, Bruce 111 Smith, Judith 27 Smith, Karen 27 Smith, Richa rd 27 Smith, Thomas 58,61,102 Soffa, Jane 32 Solberg, Lois 27 Sovereign, Merle 120 Spahn, Roberta 27 SPEAR, Jl\MES 11 SPENCER, LILLIAN 17 Spurbeck, William 27,90,95 Stallings, Thomas 115,116, 117 S tanek, David 9 4 Starkman, James 35 Starling, Delores 32 Start, Thelma Hagen 50 Stearns, James 94 Steege, Ann 88,90,102,104 Steinbeck, Judith 27 Steinmcu., Janet 32,89 Stencel, Sara 27 Sccndall, Belty 50,97 Stendall, Thomas 83,87 STENERSO N, DOUGLAS 15 Stephen, John 88,89, 123 Stevenson, Nancy 27,102,103 Stinson, Ka ren 32 Stocker, Mary 32,88,89 1 9 4,95,102, 140 Stockton, Will iam 32 Slollcy, Ronald 87 Stone, Robe rL 6 1,119,126 Sto rey, John 27 Stork, Kathryn 50,60,81,86,108 Strande, Jim 50 STRATIC, MAR IE 17 Stre ater, Scott 94 Stremcha, Ma ry 50,96,100 Strusz, Harry 32 Stuber, John 83,87 Styba, Jerome 27 SWECKER, ZOE 16 Syverson, Carole 27 Takaki, A lvin 27 TALLE, MAGDA 17 Tashiro, Alma 50 T haldorf, Thom as 126 Th ie le, Ted 32, 89, 90, 9 l Thomforde, George 27 Thompson, A lbert 27 Thompson, Douglas 50, 95 T hompron, Judy 32,95,99 Thom pson, Patrick 28,98 Thoresen, Gcnccc 50 Thrune , Eugene 28 Thurston, Alice 14 Teigs, Lynne 28 Tillman 1 Ccnc 50,89, 105 Timm, Joan 32 T imm, Richard 94 Timmers, Patr icia 51,82 Todd, Nancy 14 Tribe11, Ame li a 7 Torvick, Kathryn 32, 100 Touson, O li ve 93 Trachea, James 28 Trok, RonaJd 51,66,83,86 Trouten, Will iam 28,89 Trowb.ridge, Leslie 28 Truble, Penelope 32 Turcimanowyc1, Saha 28 Turner, Donald 58,85 1 88 Turner, Kathryn 35,88,89,90 Turner, N ancy 32,89,90,100 Tweedy, Tom 95 Tyler, Sharon 32 UECKER, FRANCIS 13


Ulven, MHford 7 ,82 \JNDERK OFFl.ER, MILTON 13 Underwood, Kathryn 28 Urness, Cary 28,90,9 1 Usgaard, Davis 113, l 23, 126, 127 Vagts, Dale 113 Vagts, Gera ld 28 Va il, David 5 1,96, 126 Vi\IL, TOM 111, 118 V /IN ALSTINE, F. L. 6 Van Auken, Mic hael 89,90,9.1 Vang, Donald 28 Vigcsaa, Mich:1cl 28 Vigness, James 28, l 18 VILLANUEVA, A. B. 16,96 Vogbnd, Meredith 96, 100 Volin, Charles 28 Vorbcck, l.csy 28,88 Voss , Betty 105 Vuc inovich, Thomas 28 Wagner, Michael 32,118 Walker, Virgil 28 \.\falski, Henri l 13 W:alters, Elit:abcth 32, 100 Warmack, Marian 28,109 Wassing, Jan 32 ,6 1,80 Waterman, George 113, 126 Waterman, Jean Coihl 51 , 60,62, 100 Waters, Valerie 28 Watkins, Paul 105 Waugh, Phyllis 89,90 Wayne , Donna 32 , 100 Weber, Caro l 201 28 Wed e mi cr, Larry 28,113, 120,121 \VEDUL, M . 0 . 11,100 Wedul, Sylvia 95,97,100 Wehrenberg, Sandra 32,88,89,90, 100 Weichert 1 Mary 35,88,98 \\fclch 1 Gloria 28,89, 90 Welch, Marian 32 We lick, Nancy :12 We lls, Bernice 28 Wenger, Carol 8 2 Wendlandt, David 32, 123 Wescott, Jay 32, 124 Whitaker, Eileen 28,104 White, Barry 82, 112, 113, 126 \-\fhorton, Joan 28 Wkzek, Sally 28, 109 W;e bke, Cordon 28 Wilbur, Cleon 32 ,1 18, 119 Wilbur, Curtis 51,99,100,102,1 40 Wilbur, Karen 28 Wi ldenborg, Thom3s 28 Wilder, Karen 95, 96 Wilharm, Jerry 68,72,8 2 Williams, Kathleen 28 Wi lliams, Michae l 32 Willi ams , Paul 28 Williams, Ronald 20 1 28,96 Wilsey, Judy 83 Wilsey, Roy IOI Wilshusen, Kay 51 Wilson, Barbara. 28,105 Wilson, Darlene 36,5 l,60, lOO, l W[LSON, JAMES 9 w;se , Joseph 51 Wise, Roger SJ Witt, Mary 32,92,110 Wobbrock, David 28 Wodele, Dennis 111 Wolfert, Jeffry 51 ,120 Wolfram, Alfred 35 Wollin, Kathryn 89,90 ,91 Wondrasch, Lor en 32 ,97 Wood, Calmer 28 Wo r1 a, Joel 28,99 Wu ssow, Ro land 32,72,82,94,95, 102, 103, 140 Yamamoto, Bert 29,32,84,92 Yetzer, Patricia 32 Zane, Charles E, 5 1,113,123 Ze llmer, Bruce 51 1 86, 11 3 Zenkcr 1 William 9 4,95 Zientek, Hermione 28 Zierdt, Mory 28 Zimmer, Susan 76,95,100, 102,104 z;rnak, Thomas 89,90,91

CALLAHAN'S LIQUOR Compliments Leona rd J. Tschumper


119 Main St.

W inona, Minn .

Phone 4970

120 East Thi rd Street

Compl iments of

" TV Signal" Gives You


The Most and Best

EDSTROM STUDIO TV Viewing in the World 69 E. 4th

RUTH'S RESTAURANT G ood Food Is O ur Business

Phone 2936


of the

Open 24 Hours a Doy Except M ondays

WILLIAMS BOOK & STATIONERY 126 East 3rd St. Phone 9955

STORE Whether It's a Bite or a Banquet . .. Our friends are becoming more and more enthusiastic every day about the quality and quantity of fine food s we serve here at Sh o rty' s. In our HIAWATHA ROOMS you will find dining a pleasure amidst soft, comfortable , relaxing Sandalwood walls and Newwood paneling surrounded by a host of your Winona friends. We d.?fight in offering everythi , g from snacks to steaks . .. luncheoi:w,_ com plete. ~inners, and carrY:ouJ~order. . . We also feature for your convenience meal ticf<et.s . . . Ai.L 141;-!IS AT LOW, LOW PRICES THAT WILL ~ MAZE YOU!

~i~a~a~'a ~e4tau1tant & L oun9e

Compliments o f


Winona, Minn.

176 W. Third St.

64 Ea st Second Street

Phone 2643



102 Walnu t St.

S~ol ···

G roceries

• Shakers


Mea ts

Buttons We Give Go ld Chips .

• Sweatshirts , Pennants • Other Fund-Raising Items

Complete Photography Service

W inona , Minn .

500 Huff St.



W inona

Corner of Washington and Wabasha Brentshire fashions fo r women Two Doors N orth of Maxwell Library Brent fashions for men

Pho ne 5952

DAIRY BAR For a Quick Snock, Try Our

Compl iments of Home Mode Pie , Cake, Ice Cream or Sandwiches and French Fries

Pho ne 2646

114 East Third St.



Winona's Finest Barbers

For Appointments Phone 3104

103 W . 3rd St.

177 Center

Compliments of


Airport Indu strial Park

Winona, Minn . Look ...

Complimen ts of

a t your step sEveryone


else does!


Corner 3rd and Center Streets

Winona , Min nesota


Compl imen t s of



119 Cen ter

Winona , M inn.

When you wish fo r the taste of good


home-cooked food , eat a t the-

Box 605

SNACK SHOP Winona , M inn . 100 W. 3rd


St eel We lded Rings


Special Wire Shapes

PEERLESS CHAIN COMPANY Chain Manufacturers Complete Line of Tire Chains for Passenger Cars, Trucks and Tractors Complete Line of Industrial and Hardware Chain Office and Factory

Winona, Minnesota

--- - -- -




Compliments of

BAY STATE MILLING CO. Manufacturers of



Comp liments of

Winona's Complete Photographic Shop


One Doy Photofinishing Sou th Mankato Ave. Comp lete Stock of Tope Recorders Winona 159 Main



SIEBRECHT FLORAL CO. Meet Your Fr iends The WENONAH staff






th ose f ir m s who hove


contributed to this year's b oo k.

403 West Third

McVEY'S ICE CREAM SHOP We hope we hove done our port

toward making your year a pleasant one.

451 Huff Street

Dia l 9808

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT T here a re many people to whom we should extend " thank you's." H owever, a few deserve special recognition. In the p ast few mon ths these few have worked long hours on the WENONAH. They took t he first steps, hesita ted, then climbed onward and upward toward the completion of the book . At times their steps faltered but they kept climbing. J oe Seufert has been a cons tan t driving force a nd source of ideas. H e worked on all levels from taking and pri n ting p ictures to completing the final layouts. T o Rolli e Wussow, whose wit kept us going when we were slowing down; Curt Wilbur, whose persistence was un matched ; Steve Bailey, who took time out from his busy schedule to complete his section ; Ron K esler, who worked with J oe on our photography; and Dr. Stenerson, who had the tedious job of correc ting the many n1istakes, we extend our appreciation. T he Editors

Frame 23: Curt Wilbur, Frame 2+: Ron Kesler, Frame 10: Steve Bai ley, Frame 17 : R ollie Wussow, Frame 18: Carroll Ruedy, Frame 20: Joe Seufert.

Arlys Berning and Mary Stocker