Wenonah Yearbook - 1960

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FACUL TY - --- ------------ --- 4 STUDENTS- -- ----------------------- 7 STUDENT uFf- ---------------------- 15

ORGANIZATIONS- -_-_-_-_-_-_- - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - 39 57 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 83


FUTURE · · ·


• • •

"We cher ish many things in ou r lives: our country, our freedom, our riches, but high on ou r l ist is education. Over th e past one-hundred years, many former students have looked back and d iscovered tha t education is among the ir most cherished possessi o ns. It is ou r hope and our w ish that in the years to come many more students can have th is same cherished possession. It is · to them that we wish to commemorate our cente nn ial edition."


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f 1975

PRESENT . . . . . . . .




• •

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT . The year 1959·60 rounds out an even century in the life of Winona State College. The transition from the first to the second hundred yeu period will take place so quickly that little notice will be attracted u the year 1960·61 begins. Our Centennial year has been fittingly marked by a number of events beginning with the special September convocation and ending with the June commencement when outstanding living alumni will be honored by the college. Increased numbers will attend this college in the next years, of that we may be sure, though forecasts range from 50% increases to enroll· ments doubled or more. Staff and plant will have lo expand lo meet the needs before the numbers arrive at Winona. The new heating plant and science building will be the first phase in 1960 followed by art· industrial art, classtoom buildings, expanded library, music, dramatics,

field house as rapidly as funds become available. Dormitories, food service, student union needs must be met at an early date. This calls for an ex· panded campus according to master plans which have been worked out for land acquisition and college building construction. Programs lo serve the students of the future and to meet the needs of society will naturally be developed in the years ahead. While teacher education will continue as a major function of the college, there will be other areas of service such as educational admin istration, business, tech·

President Nels Minne

nology, semi·professional training which wi ll call for emphasis in the next decade. The pattern of the future is surely not fixed, and the problem will be to meet the future with the fluidity and adaptability which the changing social and economic times will require. The kind of educational task we face is suggested by the fact that teachers graduated in 1960 will be teaching youngsters who live their adult years 1975 to 2010. How shall we plan e ducation for those who will be adult citizens in the changed world of 2000 A.O.? In the new century, as in the old, the principle which guides our efforts ought to be: how can the student best be aided to become 1 professionally competent, socially usefully, ethically fortified citizen for tomorrow. This is the challenging question to which answers must be found, Nels Minne, President

Conway Hall


Resident Director S. J . Kryzsko


-- - .........

College Dean Vice President M. R. Raymond


Science Building


Sornsen Hall

Shephard Hall

Morey Hall


Maxwell Librarv.






I f




! I



Aarestad, Amanda

Adams, F. R.

Elementary Educatio n

Educa tion

Bard, Ag nes

Ba rtsch, Mildre d

Be hling , Ralph

Boddy, Margaret


Extension Supervisor


Eng li sh

Bre me r, Adolph

Capron, J. Hugh

Christe nse n, Ge orge

Davis, E. M.

J o urnalism

Industrial Arts


Social Studies

Davis, Marion

Day, Susan

Emanuel, Joseph

Finch, Gertrude

Spanish, French

Physical Education


Business Education

Fishbaugher, G. E.

Foegen, Joseph

Placement Director

Business Education

Foss, Frederick

Fremling, Calvin

Fuglsby, Glen



Industrial Arts

Fuller, John J.

Gerlach , Joseph

Gulick, Luther

Guthrie, Harold


Physical Education, Coach




Hammer, Mrs. Edna

Heyer, Fre d

Hopf, Mrs. Ruth

Hopkins, Richard



Business Education

Business Education

Jackson, H. R.

Jederman, F. A.

Industrial Arts


Jones, Robert

Lokensgard, R. L.

McCluer, Richmond

McGown, L. A.

Magnus, Dorothy

Physical Education



Athletic Director

Speech and Theel~

Mariner, M. L.

Marley, Warren

Millen, E. T.

Miller, Margaret

Molinari, Madeo

Dean of Men

Business Education

Political Science

Nu rse

Physical Education

Murray, Floretta

Nelson, Augusta

Opsahl, James

Moravec, Marjorie

Ragar, E. L.




Physical Education


Reidelberger, Jacque

Ritman, Mrs. Marguerita

Speech and Dramatics

Deon of Women

Simons, Lois

Spear, James

Stenerson, Douglas

Swecker, Zoe


Visual Aids

English, Economics



Talbot, Jean

Taylor, Stanley

Van Alstine, F. L.

Underkoffler, Milton

Upper Division Coordinator

Socio! Studies

Graduate Coordinator



Voorh ees, James

Wedul , M. 0 .

Wendland, Ray T.

Wilson, James

Physical Education




• •


Caulkins, Mrs . Martha

Dunlay, Kathryn

Edes, Nancy

Reiter, Cleo

Home Economics and Art

Second Grade Supervisor

Music Supervisor


Foster, Opal 12

Third Grode Supervisor

Grangaard, George

Hoyt, D. B.

McGrath, Mrs. Helen

Munson , Howard


J r. High School

Fifth Grode Supervisor




Johnson, Gordon

Pennell, Doris

Sather, Verlie

Jr. Hig h Science and Math

1st Grade

4th Grade Supervisor

Talle, Magda High School English

• •

Ledebuhr, Bernice

Payne, Ruth Mary

Library Assistant

Assistant Librarian

Foster, Mrs. Isabel

Jacobsen, Edward

Library Office Assistant

Head librarian

Steege, Mrs. Wilhelmina

Thurston, Alice

library Assistant



• •

Donath, Mrs. Elizabeth

Duel, Mrs. John



Albrecht, Mary Jane

de Groot, Angelyn

Secreta ry

Office Manager

Klebig, Mrs. Marlene McMartin, Mrs. Mildred Secretary

Office Assistant

Muhle, Hilda

Murck, Harold

Quist, Mrs. Kare n

Sabin, Mrs. James


Business Manager



Safranek, Bernice

Safranek, Mrs. Jean

Same, Mrs. Irene

Tribell, Mrs. Amelia


Accounting Assistant





Top to bottom:

"'Con gratulations"

At last! We're free!


J. Quist, C. Heaser, J. Kaiser, J. Drenckhahn

The Senior Class office rs were John Quist, President; Jon Kaiser, Vice-President; Jane Drenckhahn, Secreta ry; and Connie Heaser, Treasurer. The Senior Class was i n charge of two projects th is year: the homecoming Variety Show, and the raising of five-hundred dollars as their contr ibution toward the new, proposed Student-Alumni Union. The cl ass included the 133 sen iors pictured in this section plus nine seniors who fa iled to have their pictures taken.

Harlan Aakre, B.A . Rochester, Minnesota Major: Business Administration

Robert Bateman, B.S. La Crescent, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Minor: Physical Education LSA 1, 2. Baseball 1. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 2 , 3, 4.

Jim Andrzejek, B.S. Ivanhoe, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Student Commission 4. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Pioneer Club 4.

Judy Bauch, B.S. South St. Pa ul, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Education Minor: Speech Class Officer 2. Student Commission 4. Campus Cover Girl 2. Chorus 1, 2. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. LSA 1, 2, 3. Wenonah Playe rs 1, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4. Orientation Team 3, 4. Homecoming Queen Attendant 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. WSSA 2, 3, 4. Warriorettes 2, 3, 4. Dorm Council 2, 4. Dorm Counselor 4.

Jim Angst, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Industrial Arts

Darrell Searson, B.A. Lanesboro, Minnesota Majors: Business Administration, Social Studies Minor: Speech Band 1, 2. Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4. Di-No-Mo Club 3 . LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. Pioneer Club 3, 4. Dorm Council 3. Student Commission 2, 4. Wenonah Players 1, 2, 3, 4. WSSA 1, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4.

Robert Arko, B.S. Gilbert, Minnesota Major: Physical Education Minor: Mathematics Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 2. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Cross Country 3, 4. W Club 3, 4. Dorm Counselor. 4.

Edythe Beckman, B.S. Cannon Falls, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education

Nancy Arnold, B.S. Spring Valley, Minnesota Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Science Club 4. WRA 1, 2 , 3, 4. WPE 1, 2, 3 , 4. SNEA 3. Dolphin Club 4.

Donald V . Barber, B.S. Lewiston, Minnesota

Maiers: History, Social Studies Minor: Geography



Marcia A . Best, B.S. Chatfield, Minnesota Major: Elemenrary Education SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 2, 3, 4.

Ruth Ellen Brosseth, B.S. Farmington, Minnesota Major: English Minor: Social Studies LSA 1, Winonan 4. Wenonah Players 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 4. Warriorettes 3. Dorm Counci l 4.

Richa rd A . Berg, B.S. Rushford, Minnesota Majors: Elementary Education, Industrial Arts Minor: Geography Industrial Arrs Clu_b 3, 4. SN EA 4. Wrestling 1.

Bruce Burme ister, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Industrial Arts Minors: Bookkeeping, Typwriting Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling

1, 2, 4.

Judith Bodien, B.S. Minneapolis, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Band 1, 2. Bradford Club 2, 3. YWCA 2. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Westminster Club 1. Warriorettes 2, 3, 4.

Wayn e Busw e ll, B.S. Minnesota City, Minnesota Majors: Science, Mathematics Science Club 2, 4 .


Gil Boultinghouse, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Major: Speech

Richard J. Butler, B.S. Lake City, Minnesota Major: English Minor: Social Studies Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramura l Sports 2. English Club l, 2, 3, 4.

Duane Brenno, B.A . Winona Minnesota Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Studies YDFL 1, 2, 3. Business Club 2, 3, 4. 1

Kathryn Carlson, B.S. Cannon Falls, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Student Commisson 4. Band 2, 3. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4 Dorm Counci l 4.


Alexas J. Carpenter, B.A. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Studies Business Club 3, 4 .

... Donald R. Daugs, B.S. Monona, Iowa Major: Science Minor: Mathematics LSA 1,2. Science Club 1, 2, 4.

Tom Caulkins, B.S. Panora, Iowa Ma jor: Physical Education

Jane Drenckhahn, B.S. Goodhue, Minnesota Major: Speech Minor: Math WSSA 2, 3, 4. Wenonah Players 2, 3, 4. WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 3, 4 . Class Officer 4 .

Thomas A . Chandler, B.S. Dakota, Minnesota Major: Speech Minor: Basic Business Student Commission I. Radio Guild 1, 2, 3, 4. Wenonah Players 1, 2, 3, 4. WSSA I, 2, 3, 4. Swimming Team 3 . Dolphin Club 2, 3, 4.

Charles L. Elliott, B.S. Kenyon, M innesota

Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Education Golf 2, 3, 4.

Eve lyn Cole, B.S. Houston, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Minors: Sociology, English

Charles Elwonger, B.A. Winona, Minnesota




Gary A . Collins, B.S. Pine Island, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Geography Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Leif A . Elstad, B.S. Canton, Minnesota Major: Mathematics Minor: Geography LSA 3, 4 . Science Cl ub 3. Young Republicans 3, 4. lntramurals 3, 4. SNEA 3, 4.


Larry Engel, B.S. LuVerne, Minnesota

Ma jor: English Minor: Physical Education W Club 1, 3, 4. Football 1, 4. Basketball 1, 3 , 4. Intramural Sports 1.

Gary Evenson, B.S. Winona, M1r1nesota

Ma1or: Mathematics

Dan Einhorn, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts

Paul Evenson, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics, Physical Science LSA 1. Football I. Track I. Intramural Sports 1. SNEA 1. Wrestling 1, 2, 3.

Marie Engrav, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Major: English Major: French Class Secretary 1. Student Commission 3. Wenonah Players 1, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4 . Orientation Team 2, 3, 4. English Club 3, 4. Warriorettes 2, 3, 4.

Dorothy M. Felsch, B.S. Minnesota City, Min nesota Ma jors: Music, Elementary Education Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Mendelssohn Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 3, 4.

Dave Erdmann, B.S. Lewiston, Minnesota

Major: Education

Richard D . Fenwick, B.S. Lake City, Minnesota Major: Speech Minors: Biology, Geography Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4 . Chorus 1. Science Club 3, 4. Wenona h Players 3, 4. Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramura l Sports 2. SNEA 2, 3, 4. WSSA 3, 4.

James Erpelding, S.S. Altura, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics, Science Science 2, 4. Minnesota Academy of Science 2, 3, 4.

N elson E. Frets, B.S. Cloquet, Minnesota Major: Speech Minor: Social Studies Wenonah Players 3, 4. Football 1. Basketball 1. Intramural Sports 3, 4. WSSA 3, 4.


Charles H. Gaulke, B.S. Minneapolis, Minnesola Major: Social S1udies Minors: Geography, Drivers Training Baske1ball 1, 2.

Charlotte Grafe, B.S. Grand Meadow, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education

Coralyn Gerry, B.S. St. Charles, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Minor: Fine Arts Band 1. Chorus 1, 2, 3. Student Commission 4. l SA 1, 2,3 WRA 2. YWCA 1, 3. SNEA 2, 3.

Marlys Jean Grave nish, B.S. Pine Island, Minnesota Majors: Elementary Education, Music Band 2, 3, 4. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Gamma Delta 2, 3. Wenonah Players 1, 2 , 3, 4. Mason Music Club 1, 2, 39, 4. SNEA 3, 4.

Marjorie Ann Glover, B.S. Racine, Wisconsin

Major: Kindergarten·Primary Minor: Music

SNEA 3, 4. Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Mendelssohn Clu b 1, 2. Chorus 1, 2, 3. Band 1, 2. Wesley Foundation 1, 2 , 3 , 4. Student Commission 4. Assembly Com· miftee 2. Winonan 2. Who's Who 4.

Leslie Greenleaf, B.S. leRoy, Minnesola Major: Elemenlary Educalion Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 2.

Allan Goetzman, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Majors: English, Ari

John Gruden, Jr., B.S. Evele1h, .Minnesola Major: Malhemalics Minor: Physical Science Newman Club 2, 3, 4. Science Club 2, 3, 4. W Club 3, 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Cross· counlry 3, 4. lnlramural Sports 3, 4. SNEA 2, 3. Who's Who 4. Di·No·Mo Club 3.

Gene Goetzman, B.A. Winona, Minnesota

Majors: Social S1udies, History Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Gamma Delta 1, 2 , 3, 4 . LSA 1. Tennis 2, 3, 4. Intramural Sporls 1, 2, 4. Bowling Team 4.

Lorry M . Gunhus, B.S. Kenyon, Minnesota Majors: Social S1udies, His1ory Minor: Physical Educa11on Science Club 2, 3, 4. Foolball 1, 2 , 3 , 4. Baskelball I, 2. Track l , 2, 3, 4.

Shirley Himebaugh, B.S. Adams, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 2, 3, 4.

Barbara Jean Heiden, A.A. Rushford, Minnesota Major: Secretarial Studies Business Club 1, 2. LSA 1, 2. WRA 1, 2.

Lucille Hameister, B.S. Rochester, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4. YWCA 3, 4. SN EA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Joanne Helgerson, B.S. Wykoff, Minnesota Major: History

Marilyn Jean Hanson, B.S. Chatfield, Minnesota Major: Mathematics Minor: Library Science Kappa Della Pi 3, 4. Science Club 2, 3, 4. Wenonah Players 2, 3, 4. WRA 1. Who's Who 4 . SNEA l, 2, 3, 4. Westminster Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Swim Club 1.

Nancy Holman, B.S. Lewiston, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education SNEA 2, 3. Westminster Foundation 2, 3. Kappa Delia Pi 3. Wenonah Players 3. Wenonah 3.

David Harner, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Minor: Kappa Club

English French Delta Pi 3, 4. Winonan 4. English 2, 3, 4.

Earl M. Honda, B.S. Lanai City, Lanai¡Hawa ii Major: Physical Education Minor: Mathematics Track Manager 2, 3, 4. Intramural Sports 2 , 3, 4. SNEA 3, 4. W Club 3, 4. Cross Country Manager 3, 4. Young Democrats 2.

Constance Heaser, B.S. Altura, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics, Art Class Officer 4. Kappa Pi 4. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Science Club 2, 3, 4. Wenonah Players 2, 3 ,4. WRA l, 2, 3, 4. Orientation Team 4. Homecoming Queen Attend ant 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Warriorcllcs 2, 3, 4.

Laura Hoon, B.S. LeRoy, Minnesota Major: Physical Education


Nancy Hoon, B.S. LeRoy, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education

Jim Jacobs, B.S. Mukwonago, Wisconsin Major: Physica l Education


Earl Hughes, B.S. Houston, Minnesota Major: Physical Science

Gordie Jenn, B.A . Plymouth, Iowa Major Business Administration

Sandra Hughes, B.S. Houston, Minnesota Ma jor: Science

Charlotte Johnson, B.S. Rushford, Minnesota Ma1or: Elementary Education LSA, 1, 2, 3. Warriorettes 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4 . Chorus 2, 3, 4.

Joanne Huttula , B.S. Tower, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education

Glen Johnson, B.S. Winona,


Major: Physical Education

Lynn Iverson, B.S. Kellogg, Minnesota Major: Physical Education Minor: Geography W. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2. Baseball l. Track 2, 3, 4. SNEA 4. LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramural Sports 2.

M arilyn Johnson, B.S. Mabel, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten¡Primary SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3,



Katherine Juhl, B.S . Stillwater, Minnesota Major: Art Minor: Physical Education Class Officer 3. Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. Kappa Pi 1, 2, 3, 4. WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. WPE 1, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4. Homecoming Queen Attendant 4.

Richard J. Keopp, B.A . Birchwood, Wisconsin Major. Business Administration Minor: Social Studies Business Club 2, 3, 4. LSA 2, 3, 4. Young Republicans 2, 3, 4 .

Evelyn L. Kaiser, B.S. Minnesota City, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WRA 1. Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3.

Don Klagge, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Major: Physical Education Minor: History Representative Council l. W Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Football 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. In¡ tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Pioneers 3, 4.

Jon Kaiser, B.S . Manitowoc, Wisconsin Ma jor: Physical Education Minor: Social Studies Class Officer 4. Representative Council 1. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Young Republican's Club 2, 3 . Pioneer Club 4.

Robert Klein, B.S. Cochrane, Wisconsin Nlajors: Music, Industrial Aris Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 2. Chapter 66 2, 3, 4. Industrial Arts Club 3, 4 . Kappa Pi 1. LSA 2, 3. Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4. lntramurals 3, 4. SNEA 4. Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Dorm Council 3, 4.

Doris A . Kamla , B.S. Arcadia, Wisconsin Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Newman Club 2, 3, 4. WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. WPE 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 3.

Junior Lager, B.S. Ca ledonia, Minnesota Maior: Art Minor: Social Studies Kappa Pi 4. LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. Young Republicans 2, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 4. Public Relations Committee 4.

Howard E. Kaste, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Majors: Music, Industrial Arts Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 3, 4. Industrial Aris Club 3, 4. Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Westminster Club 2. Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4.

Paul Langstaff, B.S. Lanesboro, Minnesota Major: Industrial Art s Minor: Social Studies Industria l Arts Club 2, 3, 4. LSA 1, 2, 3, 4 . Track 1.


Larry V. Laugen, B.A. Harmony, Minnesota Major: Business Education Minor: Social Studies Business Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3.


James A. McCloskey, B.S. St. Paul, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education LSA 2, 3. SNEA 4.

Brigid C. Leonard, B.S. Rochester, Minnesota Maier: Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 4. Newman Club 4.

Richard W. Mackey, B.S. Gilbert, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics, Physical Science Junior Class President. Representative Coun¡ cil 3. Science Club 2, 3. Who's Who 4 . Orientation Team 4. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Westminster Club 1, 2, 3. Dorm Counselor 4. Di-No-Mo Club 3, Rangers Club 4.

Beverly Lewis, B.S.


Chatfield, Minnesota Major: English Minor: Social Studies Class Officer 2. Representative Council 1. Band 1. Kappa Delta Pi 4. LSA 1, 2. Wenonah Players 1, 2. Orientation Team 3. Young Republicans 4. English Club 4. SNEA 4.

Helen Maki, B.S. Tower, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Gamma Delta 3, 4. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. LSA 2. SNEA 2, 3, 4.

Gene Lundberg, B.S. Lake Benton, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics, Industrial Arts Student Commission 3, 4, Who's Who 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Orientation Team 4. WSSA 2.

David Marquardt, B.S. Rochester, Minnesota Maier: Business Educat ion Minor: Basic Business Business C lub 4. Radio Guild 4. lntramurals 3, 4. Circle K 4. Pioneers 3, 4.

Michael McCormick, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Majors: Music, English Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 2 , 4. Chapter 66 2, 3. Newman Club 1, 2, 3. Winonan 1, 2, 3, 4. Wenonah Players 1 Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4. English Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WSSA 1. Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4.

James Martin, B.S. Chatfie ld, Minnesota Maier: Business Education Minor: Social Studies Busi ness Club 3, 4. Circle K 4. Di-No-Mo Club 3. Variety Show 4.

Marlys K. Me istad, B.S. Arcadia, Wisconsin

Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology WRA 2,3, 4. WPE 2, 3, 4.

Dick Nihart, B.S. St. Charles, Minnesota Major: Science

Norbe rt Mills, B.S. Cloquet, Minnesota Major: Speech Minor: English Class Officer l. Wenonah Players 1, 2, 3, 4. WSSA 1, 2, 3, 4. Radio Guild 1, 2, 3, 4. Wesley Foundation 1, 2. Intramura l Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Variety Show 1, 4. Dolphin Club 3, 4.

Gary Olson, B.A. Galesville, Wisconsin Major: Business Administration

Dwayne Ne lson, B.S. Houston, Minnesota

Minor: Physical Science Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4. LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ramona Ann Olstad , A.A. Rushford, Minnesota Major: Secretarial Studies Business Club 1, 2. LSA 1, 2. WRA 1, 2. Homecoming Queen Attendant 2.

Ke ith Ne lson , B.S. Rochester, Minnesota Major: Business Education Minor: English SNEA 4. Business Club 3, 4. Dorm Counselor 4. Dorm Council 3, 4. Basketball 1. Intramural Sports 2. Class Officer 3. Social Committee 4.

Royce Mensink, B.A. Preston, Minnesota Maier: Business Administration

Curt Nicke l, B.S. Grand Meadow, Minnesota Maier: Biology Wrestling 1, 2. Science Club 2, 3, 4. Gamma Delta 3, 4.

Larry O'Re illy, B.S. Goodhue, Minnesota Majors: Social Science,



Jennie Ozment, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education

Barbara Pagel, B.S. Rochester, Minnesota Maier: Elementary Ed ucation

Dave Patrick, B.A.


Winona, Minnesota Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Studies Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Business Club 2, 3, 4. Circle K 4 ,

Clarence Quanrud, B.A. Winona, Minnesota Major: Business Administration

Gerald Pearson, B.S. Stanchfield, Min nesota Major: Mathematics

John Quist, B.S. Lindstrom, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education

Merle Jean Peterson, B.S. Simpson, Minnesota Majors: Kindergar ten-Primary Elementary Education Minor: Library Service Chorus 3. Young Republicans 3 . Wes ley Foundation 3, 4. YWCA 4. SNEA 4. Dorm Council 4. Dorm Counselor 4.

Bruce Rhoades, B.A. Winona, Minnesota Major: Physical Science Minor: Mathematics, French Officer-Student Commission 4 . Winonan 4. Eng lish Club 4. Science Club 4.

Mary Ann Pickart, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Maier: Kindergarten-Primary Who's Who 4. Young Republicans 4. Warrior· ettes 2, 3, 4. Student Commission 4. Orien· talio n Team 4. Kappa Pi 4 . Di·No·Mo Club 3.

Alice Rekstad, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Maier: Business Education Minor: Library Science Business Club 3, 4. Bradfo rd Club 1, 2. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4.


Alan Ross, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Major: Science

Joe Schiltz, B.A. Caledonia, Minnesota Major: Business Administration

Patricia Ryan, B.S. Goodhue, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Wenonah Players 3, 4. Newman Club 2, 3, 4. SNEA 3, 4. Dorm Council 4.

Susan Schwager, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Orientation Team 2. Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Winonan 3. Kappa Delte Pi 3, 4.

David F. Sands, B.S. Kenyon, Minnesota Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Band l. LSA 2, 3, 4. Football 4. Track 3, 4. Young Republicans 3, 4. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 2, 3, 4. Cross Country 3, W Club 3, 4.

Robert J. Scott, B.S. Chatfield, Minnesota Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Education N ewman Club 2, 3, 4. Pioneer Club 3, 4. Science Club 4. Cross Country 3, 4. Track 2, 3, 4. Di-No-Mo Club 3. W Club 2, 3, 4. Intramural Sports 2, 3.

Jim Sands, B.S. Kenyon, Minnesota Major: Social Studies

Ann M. Simon, B.S. Dodge, Wisconsin Major: Mathematics Minor: Social Studies Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 .

Janet Schwantz, B.S. Plainview, M innesota Major: Business Education Minor: Library Science Wenonah Players 1, 2, 3, 4. Gamma Delta I, 2, 3, 4. WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. Young Republicans 3. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4. Business Club 3, 4 .

Verda Kay Strand, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Minor: LSA 1, Club


Business Education Library Science 2. Representative Council 1. Business 2, 3, 4. SNEA I, 2, 3, 4.

Vernon Strand, B.S. Blooming Prairie, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts

Jim Wagner, B.A. Austin, Minnesota Major: Business Administration

Richard Sulack, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major : Physical Science Science Club 1, 2.

Bob We lch , B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Physical Education

Al Tarras, B.S. La Moille, Minnesota Major: Science

JoAnn Wilson , B.S. Preston, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education YWCA l , 2, 3, 4. Bradford Club 1, 2. Wesley foundation 3, 4. WRA 3, 4. SNEA 4.

Nyles H. Tolzmann, B.S. Minnesota Lake, Minnesota Major: Social Studies Track 1, 2, 3, 4. W Club 2, 3, 4. Assistant Cross-Country Coach 4. Assistant Wrestling Coach 4.

Charles Witte, B.A. Rochester, Minnesota Ma jor: Business Administration Minor: Social Studies Business Club 3, 4. Newman Club 3, 4.

Charles E. Vaughan, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Business Education Minor: Geography Business Club 3, 4. Newman Club l , 2. Young Republicans 1, 2. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SNEA 4. Circle K 4.

Duane Wolfe, B.S. Fountain City, Wisconsin

Major: Mathematics Minor: Physical Science Newman Club 1. Intramural Sports 3. Science Club 4.

Daisy Morikam i, B.S. Kona, Hawaii

Major: Elementary Education WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. WPE 1, 2, 3. Swim Club 2. Class Treasurer 3. Bradford Club 1, 2. Homecoming Queen 1959.

Richard A . Kamla, B.S. Arcadia, Wisconsin

Phil Donohue, B.S.

Major: Business Education Minor: English Business Club 2, 3, 4. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. Newman Club 2, 3, 4. Engli sh Club 2, 3. SNEA 2, 3.

Lewiston, Minnesota

Major: Mathematics

Robert E. Lee, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: English Minor: Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. Young Democrats 3, 4. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. English Club 2, 3, 4. SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Paul Jordan, B.S. Winona, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education

Gene McDermott, B.S. Farmington, Minnesota

Major: Business Education Minor: Physical Education Business Club 3, 4. Newman Club 3 4 W Club 3, 4. Baseball 3. Basketball

J. .

Paul J. Cerney, B.S. Winona, Minnesota Majors: Social Studies, History Minor: Biological Science Business Club 2. Science Club 1, 4. SNEA


Royce Mensink, B.A. Preston, Minnesota

Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Studies Business Club 2, 3, 4. Bradford Club 1, 2. Young Re publican's Club 1, 2. Intramural Sports 3, 4.

Clarence Crum, B.A . Winona, Minnesota Majors: Business Administration Social Studies Minor: Speech Dolphin Club 2, 3, 4. Swimming Team Mana· ger 4. Radio Guild 3, 4. Wenonah Players 3, 4. WSSA 3, 4. Who's Who 4. Homecom· ing Parade Chairman 1959.

Kathalyn Ann Way, B.S. Green Bay, Wisconsin Major: English, Speech Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. Radio Guild 3, 4. Wenonah Players 2, 3, 4. Wesley Foun· dation 2, 3, 4. YWCA 2. Who's Who 4. Homecoming Queen Attendant 4. English Club 2, 3, 4. SNEA 2, 3, 4. Dolphin Club 3, 4. Variety Show 4. Di-No·Mo Club 3. Young Republicans 2.

Roger Helgerson, B.S. Randolph, Minnesota Major: Physical Education Minor: History, Social Studies LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. W Club 2, 3, 4. Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Pioneer Club 3, 4. Student Com· mission 4. lntramurals 1 1 2, 3, 4. Who's


Who 4.

Masanori Yoshimoto, B.A . Takehara, Hiroshima-Ken, Japan Major: Social Studies Minor: Business Administration


Left to right: J. Eichman, B. Nyrud, B. Gillespie



A. Abts

R. Ballinger

J. Banick

R. Cleve land

D. Feuerhelm

N. Figy

L. Bergsgaard A. Bernard

P. Clare

E. Daugherty

J. Fitzgerald S. Glissendorf B. Gillespie

W. Hall

G. Hansen

D. Harris

C. Buettner

H. Burtness

A. DcWitz

D. Dittrich

J. Eich man

M. Erickson

S. Glatch

D. Glazier

G. Goe tzman

L. Gran

S. Har t le

M. Healy

D. Butler

R. Hinkl y

B. Cameron

C. Holland

R. Esson

C. Happel

J. Felsch

D. Jick

L. Johnson

A. Kaldunski

J. Kalmes

M. Livingood

R. Munkel

G. Murti nger

I. Kang

A. Majerus

S. Lang

S. Lehmann

B. Litchfield

J. Merchant D. Meulemans

A. Meyer

K. Michaels

J. Newman

B. Nyrud

J. Oldenburg

J. Parker

J. Paulson

I. Plitzuweit

W. Prigge

R. Renslo

R. Sabin

G. Schmidt

G. Schroeder

H. Schwind

R. Segale

u~ R. Stiehl

P. Thomas

\lg 17'~~ i

S. Walhus

J. Westerman



D. Steffens

P. Mason

M. Kleinschmidt

D. Neleon


D. Steffen

D. Keller

J. Suchomel

D. Trainer

D. True

Mrs. D. Vagts

L. Welt

D. Wheeler

D. Mu lholland

E. Simon

B. Steege

F. Wolfe

J. Zierdt

D. Wahl

H. Williams

Freshmen sure get mixed-up !


L. Miwa

I bid . . . Ah, Ah . . .

Top to bottom: P. Kowalczyk, L. Johnson, K. Aune


J. Albee

K. Aune

D. Cole

L. Barnes

P. Beggs

C. Borchard

A. Boyum

J. Coolidge

P. Crum

B. Erickson

S. Flanagan


L. Berg

B. Biever

D. Boardman

P. Bonthius

B. Brungardt

R. Brunner

F. Buse

C. Carstensen

B. Dammann M. Dezeeuw

D. Doner

C. Eckhoff

J. Ellingson

K. Benning

P. Bristow

0. Force

C. Gilmore

J. Goetz

D. Gravenish R. Grochowski

R. Childs

G. Grob

L. Glingman

K. Guenther


C. Haley

M. Holle

P. Holliday

J. Horton

J. Lammo

C. Paulsen

0. Thesing


H. Mark

J. Peplinski

J. Tomashek

W. Hellickson


M. Jefferis

T. Mauszycki K. McElmury

E. Hellerud

R. Jefferis

A. Hennessy

L. Johnson

R. Herbert

A. Highum

' '

J. Johannsen

R. Keezer

L. Hoppe

M. Kelly

N. Kinneberg

M. Mcleod

J . Micheel

D. Miller

J. Morcomb

K. Morcomb

J. Mulfinger

P. Murphy

E. Naas

J. Nardinger

C. Nihart

L. Ohnstad

M. Oyama

D. Percival

A. Peterson

G. Raddatz

M. Rand

C. Richardson

M. Riley

R. Robertson

L. Rowan

S. Rumstick

J . Santelman

S. Schleich

J. Urness

L. Wachs

K. Wendt

J. Wozney

J. Schmidt A. Schoonover

J. Yamamoto

J. Schuth

R. Kline

D. Papenfuss

K. Parker

B. Chapek

C. Sherman



Top lo bottom: G. Piper, S. Frankfurth, J. Vinar, M. Schroeder

L. Abrams

C. Bo tch er

G . Abts

T. Speher


K. DeWald

T. DeWitz

M. Ames

L. Anderson

S. Bauldh uin

B. Berg

K. Berg

R. Bergsr ud

K. Brown

J. Bronk

B. Bryon

D. Coffey

B. Dressen

R. Atkin

M. Bothin

M. Balzum

M. Barth

E. Brahlhe n

T. Braun

D. Challberg

~ jllll

D. Amdahl

J. Alfonso

P. Ab ts

D. Clare

B. Allen

D. Bla isdell

L. Botch er

E. Brumm

L. Brummund

B. Collins

J . Crandall

A. Crossfield M. Cunningham S. Decrcn

P. Devore

S. Duff

W. Eglington

&e Ill C. Ditch

B. Doffing

G. Evans


K. Fanning


J. Feehen

B. Hanson

S. Keelan

G. Lehnert

D. Feindt

D. Harmon

R. Kelberer

R. Lien

J. Flanagan

S. Frankfurth

G. Freimark

J. Gibbs

R. Glaeser

C. Goltz


B. Gerlach

A. Gagner

C. Graner

T. Grupa

F. Gerry

H. Guenthe r R. Gunderson

B. Harris

B. Heckes

L. Helgerson

0. Hofland

H. Holtegaard

L. Holthe

H. Delroy

M. Hoyt

C. Humble

E. Hunt

J. Jackobson

C. Johannes

G. Johnson

l. Johnson

B. Kelm

J. Kerrigan

l. Kerrigan

J. Kessler

B. Kieser

G. Klement

G. Kloek

L. Kock

J . Kosidowski

F. Kragness

M. Krebs

J. la "Aoync

l. la More

J. lanik

L. Loerch

J. Loesch

M. Mackey

A. Mahlke

H. Marks



J . Lindner

M. Martinson



P. Lockie

K. Meunier

B. Mclean

P. Mc5r>adder

C. Melrose

.. K. Meyer

J. Hagen

A. Hasson

E. Jorvick

T. Kaisersatt

R. Larson

C. Lechelt

V. Miller

J. Moechnig


\ M. Miller

P. Moore

~ ~

B. Nelson

S. Nass

M. Neshiem

D. Neumann

R. Nord

B. Nordell

N. Nowlan

J. O'Brien


di K. O lson

P. Puck

D. Schultz

1.il C. Pye

A. Pinke

D. Paschka

J. rasse


H. Raddatz

S. Radtke

A. Rasmussen

H. Reszka

D. Roesler

B. Roth

S. Roth

R. Ryan

B. Severson

J. Schmidt


S. Streater


W. Parker

V. Shiel

l. Sheldon

~ S. Smith

P. Salum


M. Strand

J. Vinar

R. Vose

P. Waalkens

Y. Roppe

K. Pearson

W. Peterson

S. Prigge

H. Ross

N. Schreiber J . Schroeder

J. Schroeder M. Schroeder

I~ i

'fJ. Stortz

J, Patzner

S. Sommerfield S. Sorenson

~ C. Stever


,,....... ~

S. Sparks

J. Tauberg

K. Taylor

J. Wa lker

R. Walstrom

S. Waltzer

C. Wilson

B. S11enningson S. Sweasey

l. Thompson

C. Tweito

L J. Usgaard

J. Wigness



~ J. Watanabe

i' l. Wondrasch R. W. Wood

J. Wood

J. Wahren

C. Weisbrod

B. Walsh

P. Welti

J. Whempner

W. Wi lfred

J. Woodford

R. Zenke

F. Zoelle

K. Voth

J. Frie

t f S. Gayda

B. Wo lfe


M. Wolfran

(!Jwi I 00


'lfeaM- o/; QIUUUih On August 2 , 1858, ninety-three days after the admission of Minnesota to the Union , the act author· izing the establishment of the State Normal School at Winona was approved by Governor Henry H. Sibley. The first in stitution of its kind west of the Missis· sippi, it formally opened in 1860, when two teachers and twenty applicants met in the upper room of the town hall. After being closed for two years because of the Civil War, the school reopene d in 1864, with William Phel?s as president. It was he who establish· ed the school on a permanent basis. In 1869, a building housing classrooms and offices was erected at a cost of $134,000.


In the hundred years since 1860, what was origin· ally a State Normal School has developed into a State College which grants B.S., B.A. , and M.S. degrees. To achieve th is progress in meeting the chang· ing needs of students, all the presidents, from Mr. Phelps lo Dr. Nels Minne, have worked together with other administrative officials and with the faculty. The legislature authorized the name Winona State Teachers College and the award of the bachelor's degree in 1921. As the result of the broadening of course offerings. the name was officially changed lo Winona Stale College in 1957. A graduate program leading to the Master of Science in Education, initi· ated in l 9S3, is now well established.



In recent decades, as both the student enrollment and the kinds of courses offered have increased, the physical plant of the College has greatly expanded. When the original Normal School building burned down in 1922, it was replaced by the fireproof structure now known a s Somsen Hall. The group of buildings which have been added to supplement Somsen Hall include the Maxwell library, the Phelps laboratory School, Phelps-Howell Hall, and Memor· ial Hall. The two newest dormitories are Richards and Conway Halls. The co'lslruction of a Science building is scheduled to begin before the end of the Cen·






• • • • •



Haircut anyone????

A perfect gentleman

Latest beard display

Miss Wiggle of 1959 We get acquainted



Homecoming Crowning of Queen


"'k/e Beauties on parade! ! !

First place winners



WOW!! He-men!!!


The Roya l Court

loyal on-lookers


The winning smile

The strummers

Chorus line

Ready-Go! ! !

Go man go!

Hi ya honey! I


Latest styles

Just like old times



Who dat??


Hey, 9 or-a-match??

Successful smiles Starry-eyed

Dogpatch Rock


1J 'Wudeli ea/UUu-al . • •

Candidafes for "Our Fair lady" laughs for all


Le t's get with ir!

The calm before the a11ack

Hurrah ! !!

• •

Take it easy, fellas.

. team captains Candidates and their




S~ .....

Ready, set, go.

We anti-shoists. Concentration

At School Now men, we'l l do it like this.

The only safe place to keep your books.


It says right here ... Gene dishes out knowledge.

Romona and Ruth hold the fo rt.

And At Work We actually enjoy our work.

Nancy with "her Child ren."

We learn to write.





I 1he "fourth" Stooge Gosh, I-le I-las Power

\ I

My, '(our Good Looking



5\ I'd rather go to Europe.

"If there's one thing that I like . . ."

On the downbeat. I



They said it cou ldn' t be done ...

Milk is nature's most nearly-perfect food .

Musi be having steak for dinner.


Studying hard???

A most relaxin g cigarette . break.

A little more crease, please.

It's spring trimming . time. No fair . ni n e against one.

Dorm Director Time out f or study break!

Mrs. Griffith

Ping pong p ros!

A Paris-Type Can-Can What A Why To Make A Living


Ride 'em, Man

He Missed!


What Do We Do To Get Out ?



The Smogology Rock!

Our Chaperones

Spring Prom Time out for a smoke break . . . oops!


Dave and Judy, the punch-tenders. A grand time was had by most.

For your dancing en joyment . ..



- '







Sitting: M. Glover, M. Pickart, Miss Finch, J. Bauch, L. Ohnstcd. Standing: J. Eichman, J. Andrzejek, B. Rhoades, L. Johnson, J. Vinar, R. Helgerson, G. Lundberg, D. Bearson, D. Glazier.

Student Commission

The Commission is the governing body of students on campus. The elected officers for this vear were Darrell Bearson, President; Bruce Rhoades , Vice-President; Mary Ann Pickart, Secretary; and James Andrzejek, Treasurer. It also is composed of the four class officers and six commissioners, all elected by the student body. The faculty advisers were Miss Finch and Mr. Voorhees. It is the Commission's responsibility to sponsor Homecoming, boost school spiri t through the Athletic Department, and organize Re ligious Emphasis Week.


.f ..


' \~


,, ..... 1,l, ¡


President Darrell Bearson



......... ~~---~­ '-...

Senior meets Freshman.

Orientation Team The Orientation Team is organized each year to help acquaint new students with Winona State. During the first week of schoo l, the team helped with registration, counseling tests, guided tours, assemblies, and mixers. Mr. M. L. Mariner was the group's adviser. Let me have your attention, men.

Row 1: S. Lang, M. Pickar!, J. Bauch, M. Engrav, C. Heaser, B. Dammann. Row 2: D. Mackey, D. Searson, D. Glazier, Dr.



left to Right: F. Klein, J. Goetz, D. Kesti, R. Hinkley, C. Carstensen, J. Jacobs, B. Slifka, J. Chandler, J. Zierdt, B. Munkel.

Boys' Dormitory President for this year was Dave Glazier; Bob Slifka was Vice-President; George Springer was Secretary; and Charles Carstensen was Treasurer.


Students on campus elected representatives to the dormitory councils. The councils were responsible for establishing regulations and disciplinary standards for the dorm residents. They also organized the social and recreational activities for the dormitories.

left to Right: S. Lehman, G. Schroeder, L. Kock, M. Peterson, S. Hartle, J. Bauch, M. Hanson, J. Huttula, A. Bernard, R. Brosseth.

Girls' Dormitory President for this year was Kathy Carlson; Marlys Gravenish was Vice-President; and Pat Ryan was Secretary-Treasurer.


Row 1: J. Banick, J. Huttul a, A. Kaldunski, C. Happel, W. Hellickson, P. Solum. Row 2: B. Steege, C. Johnson, B. Gerlach, S. Hartle, N. Holman, A. Meyer. Row 3: D. Sands, P. Clare, M. Best, J. Schwantz, D. Odman, G. Goetzman. Row 4: K. Carlson, S. Walhus, J . Coolidge, M. DeZeeuw, H. Mark, M. Ames. Row 5: M. Wedul, A. Aarestad, J. Zierdt, J. Bodie n, S. Lehmann, M. Jefferis. Row 6: K. Nelson, D. Kesti, J. Santelman, D. Mackey, B. Dammann, R. Robertson. Row 7: D. Glazier, J. Bauch, D. Butler, R. Cleveland, M. Mackey, P. Beggs, J. Johannsen. Row 8 : R. Esson, K. Way, L. Bergsgaard, A. Bernard, G. Ozment, M. Peterson, C. Heaser. Row 9: G. Murtinger, J. Fitzgerald, D. Marquardt, C. Vaughan, C. Gerry, E. Torvick, C. Graner.

Student N.E.A.

All students who plan to enter the teaching profession are urged to join the Student Nationa l Education Association. The monthly meetings covered panel discussions, model interviews, films and talks on other pertinent subjects by guest educators. Officers were Keith Nelson, President; Judy Bauch, Vice-President; Lois Bergsgaard, Secretary; Coralyn Gerry, Treasurer; Bertha Dammann, Reporter. Miss Aarestad and Dr. Wedul were advisers.

Row 1: J. Hagen, F. Wolff, J. Wilson, J. Lager, D. Fenwick, R. Ballinger. Row 2: D. Felsch, C. Gebhard, C. Richardson, C. Paulson, J . Newman, L. Wondrasch, M. Balzum. Row 3: P. Conrad, R. Atkin, R. Walstrom, M. Martinson, G. Schroeder, S. Glatch, J. Ellingson. Row 4: K. Whetstone, S. Flanagan, A. Hennessy, M. Mcleod, K. Morcomb, A. Hew, M. Oyama. Row 5: A. Bryngelson, R. Brosseth, B. Morken, D. Wheeler, J. Crandall, J. Lammo, K. DeWald. Row 6: C. Nihart, J. Peplinski, M. Glover, L. Hameister, K. Wendt, F. Kragness, C. Johannes. Row 7: C. Gilmore, S. Glissendorf, C. Gordon, A. Peterson, J. Vigness, C. Botcher. Row 8: P. Ryan, N. Hoon, S. Himebaugh, M. Johnson, L. Hoon, M. Heikes. Row 9: B. Nelson, D. Steffens, L. Barnes, D. Gravenish, C. Botcher, K. Voth.





Row 1: M. Schwager, A. Bernard, D. Challberg, S. Hartle, J. Andel, P. Beggs, D. Harris, W. Hellickson, G. Goetzman, H. Williams.

Mr. Bremer, adviser

..., Editor Dave Harris





Mr. Stenerson, adviser

Editors Jim Mulfinger and Lee Zill

"Centennial Year" was the theme for this year's annual. With J im, Lee, and Pat in charge, the annual depicted aspects of the past, the present, and the future. The Business Club, by taking charge of sel ling ads, helped make ends meet. The staff included 13 people who had charge of various sections and helped shape the book into its completed form.

Rick, Jim, and Marge planning pages.

Row 1: P. Clare, S. Glatch, D. Challberg, Mr. Stenerson, G. Schroeder, M. Ames, M. Krebs, L. Zill, S. Frankforth, N. Holman, H. Williams, J. Mulfinger, B. Allen.


Ka y Way, Keith Nelson, Bob Klein , Judy Bauch .

Distinguished achievement in scholarship, service, leadersh ip, attitude and character is the basis for judgment in selecting students to appear in the yearl y edition of the national publication, W HO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Elected by the Student Commission in 1960 were: l . James Andrzejek 11 . Ka thy Juh l 2. Bob Arko 12. Bob Klein 3. Judy Bauch 13. Gene Lundberg 4. Darrell Bearson 14. Dick Mackey 5. Clarence Crum 15. Daisy M orikami 6. Marie Engrav 16. Ke ith Nelson 7. Margie Glover 17. Mary Ann Pickart 8. John Gruden 18. Bruce Rhoades 9. Marilyn Hanson 19. Kay Way 10. Roger Helgerson 20. Lee Zil l

Roger He lgerso n, Bob Arko, Mary Ann Pickar!, Claren ce Crum, Darrell Bearson.


Who's Who


Dick Macke y, Lee Zill, J oh n Grud en, Marie Engrav, Margie Glover.

Row 1: J. Hutt la, K. Carlson, N. Holman, A. Meyer, A. Kaldunski, J. Bauch. Row 2: B. Leonard, M. Schwager, D. Wheeler, D. Harner, R. Ballinger, Kay Way, C. Gerry D. Kamla.

Kappa Delta Pi The Greek letters, Kappa, Delta , and Pi, embody three great ideals - those of knowledge, duty and power. These ideals serve as the goals for which Kappa Delta Pi members are reaching. The Gamma Tau chapter in Winona was established in February of 1934. It is the honor society for students in the educational field . This year's officers were Judy Bauch, President; Susan Schwager, Vice-President; Kay Way, Secretary; Ken Wolfe, Treasurer; Dick Kamla, Historian. Miss Murray was adviser.

Purple Key The highest local college honor conferred on students is membership in Purple Key. Purple Key is purely an honorary society. It has no officers and holds no club meetings. Once a year, those ten students showing the greatest promise in the field of education are elected to the organization. Other qualifications for membership are excellent scholarsh ip, participation in four different extra-curricular activities, character and services rendered to the college.

Se1ted: H. Maki, J. Huttula, M. Best. Standing: M. Hanson, J . Bauch, R. Lee, V. Strand, D. Kamla, M. McCormick, K. Way.


Row 1: E. Braathen. Row 2 : B. Hanson, A. Hanson, S. Naas, B. Morken. Row 3: E. Jorvick, A. Bernard, J. Ellingson, A. Highum, E. Beck man. Row 4 : J. Lindner, N. Frisby, K. Voth, H. Mark, K. Guenther, D. Searson. Row 5: Dr. L. Brynestad, K. DeWa ld, P. Salum, C. Gerry, R. Reupert, K. Landro.

• •

Row 1: R. Childs, S. Hartle, D. Challberg, R. Gerlach. Row 1: D. Fenwick, R. Aikin, D. Patrick.

Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is the Episcopal students' organization on campus. The club has a definite program of worship, study, and service. The group meets weekly for various activities which include group discussions, a lecture series, corporate communion service followed by a breakfast, and parties. This year's officers were Ramona Childs, President; David Patrick, VicePresident; Geraldine Forstrom, SecretaryTreasurer. Mrs. Ritman served as adviser.



Row 1: J. Lamme, J . Lager, F. Onsgard, H. Burtness, F. Gerry, B. Tryggestad. Row 2: S. Himebaugh, K. Carlson, K. Aune, A. Peterson, B. Kragness, J. Inman. Row 3: R. Olstad, B. Heiden, J. Vigness, Y. Reppe, J. Hagen, P. Beggs, M. Bothun. Row 4: R. Helgerson, L. Elstad, G. Dahly, J. Quist. D. Harmon. Row 5 : D. Sands. D. O lson.

The Lutheran Student Association meets for weekly fellowship at Central Lutheran Church. LS.A. offers Bible study, speakers, discussion groups, social events and music to students who wish for an active church life away from home. L.S.A. officers this year were Coralyn Gerry, President; Kathy Carlson, VicePresident; Anita Peterson, Secretary; Gary Evanson, Treasurer. Other officers were Karen Aune, Deputation Chairman; Junior Lager, Publicity; and Reverend L. E. Brynestad as pastoral adviser. School advisers were Dr. Wedul and David 01son.

Row 1: M. Wolfram, J. Hut1ala, G. Johnson. Row 2: C. Goltz, J, Banick, M. Best. Row 3 : C. Nichols, M. Schwager, J. Swantz. Row 4: C. Johannes, S. Sommerfield. Row 5: M. Balzum , L. Wondrasch, J. Helgerson. Row 6: J. Mulfinger, S. Frankforth, D. Felsch.

Gamma Delta


Lutheran College students of the Wisconsin and Missouri Synods belong to Gamma Delta. Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church is the group's meeting place for business meetings and topic discussion periods. Officers were Joanne Helgerson, President; Curt Nickel, Vice-President; Susan Schwager, Secretary; Paul Helgerson, Treasurer; June Banick, Program Chairman. Reverend A. L. Mennicke acted as adviser.


Row 1: J. Crandall, J. Wilson, M. Glover, C. Gebhard, J. Albee, R. Jefferis, L. Kock, M. Millen, L. Sheldon, M. Jefferis. Row 2 : L. Barnes, L. Hoon, J. Kitt, C. Happel, S. Lehmann, R. Zomok, M. Peterson, N. Hoon, L. Hameister, S. Glissendorf. Row 3: Dr. J. Kestle, R. Larson, R. Ballinger, H. Williams, C. Weisbrod, J . Kidd, D. Odman, C. Melrose, R. Conrad, B. Chapek, M. Johnson.

The Wesley Foundation is an organization of Methodist studen ts seeking to promote understanding of the Christian faith, and to stimulate meditation and social action out of personal religious convictions. Officers were Ralph Ballinger, President; Lucille Hameister, Vice-President; Sharon Glissendorf, Secretary; Charlene Gebhard, Treasurer; Merle Jean Peterson, State Representative; Lucille Barnes, Historian. Adviser was Dr. J. Allen Kestle.



The Newman Club holds weekly meetings at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. Some of its members attend state and nationa l conven tions. The Tri-College Dance was sponsored by the Newman Club for students from Winona State, St. Teresa's and St. Mary's College. James Andrzejek was President; and John Gruden was Vice-President. Other officers were Pat Ryan, Secretary; Gary Hubley, Treasurer. Father La Plante was the chaplain and Miss Dunlay served as adviser.


Wesley Foundation

Row 1: G. Schroeder, R. Glatch , C. Buettner, J. Newman. Row 2: S. Allen, M. Ames, B. Bryn, S. Waltzer, J . Frie, B. Wiczek. Row 3: B. Horto n, R. Ryan, R. Cleveland, F. Buse, J. Suchomel. Row 4: T. Tobias, M. Healy, J. Andrze jek, D. Marquardt, J. Fitzgerald. Row 5 : C. Wise , D. Kamla, R. Robertso n.


~ I








• • •

Row 1: J. Modieski , B. Doffing, C. Graner, C. Wolfe. Row 2 : G. Hubley, T. Grupa, B. Ro1h, S. Rumstick, M. Bergaus, G. Goe1zman. Ro w 3 : B. Schultz, C. Haley, J. Wahrer, L. Rowan, B. Brungardt, A. Hennessy. Row 4 : D. Feuerhelm, C. Heaser,

B. Arko, H. Espinda, D. Cole, J. Gruden, P. Gifford.


Bond The band included in its activities for this year a concert at an assembly, and march ing in parades in the surrounding area. This year's officers were Bob Klein, President; Howard Kaste, Vice-president; Pat Bristow, Secretary-treasurer; and Bea Nyrud and Ronnie Keezer as Librarians. Mr. Heyer was adviser.

We get an orchestra.


If you could only hear this picture! Vocalist Pat Bristow

Swing Band

The Rhythm Masters, swing band of Winona Stale College, performed several times during the year, under the direction of Mr. Fred Heyer. The group played for school assembly programs and provided music for a number of dances during the year, including the Tri-College Dance. They again participated in the Battle of Bands with the Merry-Notes from St. Mary's College. This year the Winona State College Concert Band's activities included marching in the Winona area, <lnd acting as a pep band at football and basketball games throughout the year. Officers were Bob Klein, President; Howard Kaste, Vice-President; Bea Nyrud and Ronnie Keezer, Librarians. Mr. Heyer was adviser and director.

Seated: B. Nyrud, M. Porter, J. Fitzgerald, B. Klein, R. Kline, H. Kasie, P. Bristow, J. Hagen, M. McCormick, l. Miwa, J. Schrieber. Standing : B. Wood, F. Brensel, J. Paulson, E. Hug hes, l. Loerch, R. Keezer, R. Heyer, C. Pace, Fred.

I t.



.. Row 1: K. Wendt, D. Grav enish, M. Miestad, T. Spehar, R. Zomo k, C. Johnso n, M. Wolfram, M. Martinson, L. Kerrigan, K. Reske, M. Hoyt,

B. Wiczek, J. Hagen, J . Kidd, B. No rd ell, J . Schreiber, C. Hanson, H. Kasie, J . Fitzgerald , R. Ryan, H. Schwind, G . Brum m, R. Keezer, M. McCormick. Row 2: C. Richardson, D. Fe lsch, S. Himebaugh , A. Cook, M. Nesheim, P. Bristow, J . Newman, C. Gebhard, P. Lockie, J . Lammo, E. Evans, A. Hanson, M. Gravenish , M. N ussloch, K. Aune, J. Crandall, C. Gerry, S. Prigge, F. Gerry, S. Radke, J . Davis, B. Tryggestad, B. Klein, D. Trainor, R. Cleveland, Mr. McCluer, Agners Bard, Accompanist.

Under the direction of Mr. McCluer, this year's chorus performed for the Christmas program at Winona State and for programs for var ious city o rganizations. They also gave concerts at neighboring city high schools. Howard Kasie acted as President, Marcia Best was VicePresident, Marlys Gravenish was Secretary, and Dorothy Felsch was Treasurer. Miss Agnes Bard was the accompanist.

Mason Music


Row 1 : R. Ryan, R. Kline, H. Kasie, R. Cleveland, J . Fitzgerald. Row 2 : S. Glissendorf, C. Gebhard, D. Felsch , S. Himebaugh, J. Newma n, C. Richardson, B. Nyrud, M. Graven ish, M. Glover.

Activities for the Mason Music Club, which is made up of music majors a n d minors, included monthly meetings and sponsoring a mixer for band members from the su rrounding area during Homecoming. Officers were Marlys Gravenish, President; Howard Schwind, Vice-President; Carole Richardson, Sec reta ry; Shirley Himebaugh, Treasurer. Miss Bard and Mr. McCluer acted as advisers.

Do you think it runs?

Science Club




••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••,


"Therefore, pi equals the square root .. ."

Each year the Science Club sponsors the Winter Party. Male students compete on teams to win the name of Fair Lady fo r the girl of their choice. She reigns over Winona State for the remainder of th e festivities i ncluded in the Winter Party. The club also works to put on the Science Fair, where exhibits are shown by high school students in the area. This year Curt N ickel w as President, Marilyn Hanson was Secretary-Trea surer, Audrey Bryngelson was Publicity Chairman. Dr. Lokensgard acted as adviser. Anyone for space-fligh t? Row 1: P. Beggs, A . Peterson, C. Heaser, J. Felsch, D. Fenwick, M. Arnold, A Bryngelson. Row 2 : J . Keefe, D. Erdmann, F. Foss, adv iser, N. Shay, W. Hellickson, L. Barn es, G . Goelzman. Row 3 : W. Buswell , L. Tobias, D. Mulholland, H. Burt· ness, D. Nelson, H. Will iams, P. Gifford.


Row 1: G. Tashima, B. Arko, D. Percival, L. Johnson, N. Tolzmann, D. Anderson, J . Jacobs, G. Grob, B. Welch, J. Gru-

den, D. True. Row 2: J Quist, D. Cole, J. McCartney, W. Fatchefl, R. Helgerson, D. Sands, J. Swanson, D. Klagge, L. Carroll, W. Asing. Row 3: D. Glazier, H Espinda, D. Behrens, A. Safier, D. Stover, L. Gunhus, J . Kaiser, F. Klein, D. Rislove, E. Simon, D. Schierholt.

President Don Klagge on the Ball.

"W" Club They all said "whiskey."

The "W" Club is composed of the lettermen on campus. Its activities for the year include sponsoring a homecoming queen candida te, the pre-homecoming dance and style show, and the selli ng of refreshments at basketball games. They also so ld ads for the wrestl ing programs. Th is year's officers were Don Klagge, President; Da ve Glazier, Vice-President; Doug True, Secretary-Treasurer. Dr. McCown acted as adviser.

r '


Coach James Voorhees

Dolphin Club The Dolphin Club is an organization on campus made up of men and women students who enjoy swimming for recreation. Their main project was producing and presenting the annual swim show. Jerry McCartney was President; Clarence Crum was Vice-President; Sharon Lang was Secretary; Howard Schwind was Treasurer; Ann Boyum acted as Historian. Sharon Lang and Jerry McCartney were co-chairmen of this year's swim show. Row 1: J . McCartney, N. Arnold, J . Frie, R. Childs, M. Hoyt, B. Steege. Row 2 : S. Helland, V. Harris, S. Keelen, L. Rowan. Row 3: A. Boyum, V. Miller, R. Nord, J. Morcomb. Row 4 : R. Walstrom, J. Sunde, B. Erickson. Row 5: S. Lang , T. Braun, R. Renslo, S. Ba udhin. Row 6: W. Fatchett, B. G illespie, B. Litchfield, D. Percival. Row 7: B. Sl1fka, Mr. Voorhees, G. Ta¡ shima, C. Crum. Row 8: D. Schultz, H. Schwind, J. Abts, A. Mahlke.


Pioneer Club The Pioneer Club also is a new organization this year. It is composed of male students. The club dedicates itself to serve both school and community. It sponsored one of the registration dances during the year and helped the Red Cross with its blood drive. Officers elected were Marlo Schopner, President; Norm Johnson, VicePresident; Roger Reupert, Secretary; Ken Landro, Treasurer; a n d Gary Grob, Publicity and Social Chairman. Bottom left lo right: J. Chandler. G. Griffith, B. Slifka, G. Grob. Row 2: R. Renslo, B. Pieper, D. Klagge. Row 3 : R. Helgerson, D. Searson, N . J o hnso n , R. Ruppert, J . Quist. Row 4 : J. McCartney, K. Ault, D. Marq uardt. Row 5: T. Schafer. W. Hull, I. Plirzuweit ,D. Stover. Row 6: B. Klein, D. Rislove, J . Ka iser, Miss Finch, K. Farber, K. Landro, E. Hellerud.

Ranger Club

The Ranger Club is a new organization on campus this year, organized by students who live in Northern Minnesota. They sponsored the Ranger "Rock" dance and gave free souvenirs of rock samples to those attending . Elected officers were Jim Walsh as President; Denny Kesti as Vice-President; Shelly Glatch as Secretary; Randy Stukel as Treasurer; and Bob lndihar, Public Relations. Mr. Emanuel acted as adviser.

Ro w 1: T. Spehar, D. Kesti, R. lndihar, S. Glatch. Row 2 : D. Mackey, J. Emanuel, adviser, D. Cole, C. Fremling, J. Gruden, B. Arko.


Zill, D. Patrick, J. Martin, M. Neeck, C. Quanrud , J. Abts. Row 2: H. Williams, D. Gebhard, R. W . Wood, J. Fluegel, D. Marquardt, B. Allen, J. Tietz, C. Russell.

Row 1: L.

Circle K

Y.W.C.A. The goal of YWCA is to develop personal, social, and spiritual aspects of personality. Members enjoy the privileges of the "Y," among them that of swimming. Their main projects were bake sales, held at school and other places. Ramona Childs was President; Lucy Hameister, Vice-president; Sally Hartle, secretary; Char Happel, Trea surer. Miss Reiter acted as adviser.

Circle K is a newly-formed service club on campus this year. Kiwanis of the ci ty of Winona is the club's backer. This year the club handled ticket sales for the win ter play, "Teahouse of the August Moon," and took a plaque for giving the most blood of any club on campus during the Bloodmobile v isit in December. Officers were Bill A l len, President; Dave Marquardt, Vice-president; Jim Martin, Secreta ry ; and Mike Neeck, Treasurer. Mr. Mar iner and Dr. Marley were advisers.

Row 1: S. Hartle, S. Le hmann, M. Pete rson, J. Wilson . Row 2: L. Hameister, C. Gary, S. Hap¡ pel, J. Coolidge.


"She Stoops to Conquer"

"Teahouse of the August Moon" "Comedy of Errors"

Wenonah Players Three major plays were presented by the Wenonah Players during the year at Sornsen Auditorium. The Fall production was "She Stoops to Conquer." Th is winter the players presented th,e ever delightful "Teahouse of the August Moon." "Comedy of Errors" was this year's spring production. Officers for this year were Norb Mills, President; Dale Karow, Vice-President; Evon Daugherty, Secretary; Don Schierholt, Treasurer; Clarence Crum, head technician. Miss Magnus was adviser, and she and Mr. Reidelberger directed the plays. Row 1: M. Engrav, M. Pater, R. Brosseth, J. Wahrer, N. Frisby, S. Roth, K. Berg, J. Peplinski, D. Meulemans, D. Fenwick. Row 2: D. Jick, S. Sparks, J. Muller, B. Bryn, N. Holman, J. Bauch, C. Crum, T. Chandler, H. Schwind, R. Ryan, P. Ryan. Row 3 : Reidelberger, adviser, D. Searson, J . Fitzgerald, D. Fosburgh, D. Karow, R. Walstrom, C. Sherman, J. Schwantz,

K. Aune, J. Drenckhahn, E. Daugherty, C. Eckhoff. Row 4: C. G. Schroeder, V. Shiel, N. Mills, R. Cleveland, F. Thissen, J. Davis, P. Puck, D. Schicrholt, M. Pratt, K. Way, D. Magnus, adviser.

Seated, left to right: J. Fitzgerald, R. Stukel, N. Mills, T. Chandler, G. Murtinger, K. Way, R. Cleveland, D. Karow. Standing: D. Mag.,us, adviser, C. Crum, J. Reidelberger, adviser, K, Aune.

Radio Guild W.S.S.A. • Under the able direction of Miss Magnus and Mr. Reidelberger, the Winona State Speech Association held meetings for all speech majors and minors. Many specialists in the field of speech were guest speakers at these meetings. The W. S.S. A. also conducted for the third year the District Three High School Speech Festival.

The big goal of the Radio Guild is to set up a radio station at th is college. Plans were formulated this year for such a project. In the near future, this dream may become a rea lity. Clarence Crum was President, and Kay Way, Vice-president. Joe Fitzgerald was technician. Miss Magnus and Mr. Reidelberger were the club's advisers.

Row 1 : D. Jick, M. Pater, J. Grausnick, K. Aune, T. Chandler, C. Eckhoff, H. Schwind, D. Fenwick, D. Meulemans. Row 2 : Roth, J. Bauch, J . Reidelberger, adviser, D. Fosburgh, C. Crum, J .. Fitzgerald, J: Drenck~ahn, C. Sherman, D. Magnus, adviser. Row J : D. Bearson, D. Karow, N. Mills, R. Cleveland, F. Th1Ssen, J. Davos, D. Schoerholt, K. Way.


English Club English ma;ors and minors and anyone else interested in creative Writing and literary activities make up the membership in the English Club. The club a/so sponsors a tutoring program open to Winona State students who Wish to improve their work in the English field. Th is year Dave Harner was President; Bruce Rhoades was Vice-President; B o b Cameron Was Secretary - Treasurer. Dr. Boddy was adviser.

Press Club The Press Club is a group of students who take an interes t in the school's publications. Included in their activities this year was the editing of the loom and the Beanie, a handbook intended to help familiarize incoming freshmen With the ways of Winona State.



·~-:~ -=~~---:~I;-; 4 S t ] f J 11 11 It 13 14 15 1' Ii II IJ 20 ZI Zt Z3 14 ZS ZS 21 zt ZS 3D 3! : :


---------------------------------- - -- - .


Row l : C. Happel, B. Slifka, J . Lager. L. Ohnstad, M. Rand, V. Adams.

D. Wheeler, M. Christenson.

Kappi Pi All students interested in art are eligible to join Kappa Pi, the national art fraternity. Alpha Upsilon is the name of the Chapter at Winona State. Projects included preparing the Homecoming Queen's float for the annual parade and decorating for the Spring Prom. Rhode Esson was President; Kathy Juhl, Vice-President; Virginia Adams, Secretary; Dorothy Wheeler, Treasurer. Miss Murray was adviser.

Business Club

Row 2: D. Jick, R. Esson, M. Pickar!, C. Heaser,

Selling ads for the yearbook was the main project of the Business Club this year. They also went on a field trip, sponsored the Pre-Prom Dance, and held monthly meetings with severa l speakers from business fields. Officers were Jim Martin, President; Dick Kamla, Vice-President, Janet Schwantz, Secretary. Miss Finch, Mrs. Hopf, Dr. Foegen, and Dr. Marley were advisers.

Row 1: M. Hea ly, R. Vo n Sien, D. Keopp, C. Q ua nrud , D. Brenno, A. Mahlke. Row 2: J. Abts. J . Marrin, D. Searson, B. Heiden, R. O lstad, M. Neeck, J . Schwanlz. Row 3: D. Pa trick, G . Dahly, W. Hall , D. Cocker. Row 4 : Advisers: Miss Finch, Mrs. Hopf.


Industrial Arts Club

Row 1: M. Swadne r, M. Livingood, J . Oldenburg, R. Kline, H. DeWald, D. Wahl. Row 2: G. Fuglsby, advisor, B. Allen, M. Jereczek, B. Slifka , R. Zenke, R. Morcomb, D. Einho rn, B. Klein.

The objectives of this club center upon three main phases of activity: professional growth - this is striven for through field trips, guest speakers, and movies at meetings; service - the club works on many projects which benefit the college; and social life - an annual homecoming luncheon, a picnic, and monthly meetings acquaint old and new members with each other. This year's officers were Howard Kasie, President; Bob Klein, VicePresident; Barry Nelson, Secretary-Treasurer; James Oldenberg, Public Relations. Dr. Capron, Mr. Fuglsby, and Dr. Jackson were advisers.

Young Republicans

The Young Republicans is a club on campus organized for all students who wish to have party affiliations with the Republican party. Maynard Pratt was President; Wanda Hellickson was Secretary; Dave Miller was Treasurer; and Dick Fenwick was Publicity Chairman. Dr. Hoyt was adviser.

Row 1: S. Hartle, D. Fenwick, D. Keopp, R. Ba llinger, M. Be rgans, D. Challberg. Row 2 : J. Albee, D. Harmon, B. Trygge¡ stad, D. Sands, M. Pratt , D Searson, W. Hellickson, A. Peterson. Row 3 : C. Happel, N. Mills, J. Lager, F. Thissen, A. Mahlke, L. Elstad, D. Karow, D. Magnus, advi ser.








D. Livingston



Co-captain B. Welch D. Glazier

L. Carroll

Varsity Football Coaches, Jones, Molinari, and Gerlach.

The Warriors of Winona State finished a shortened season with a record of two wins against fi ve losses. A snowstorm caused cancellation of the final Warrior game with Eau Claire. Coach Molinari's team racked up both their wins in conference action which left the N.S.C.C. slate reading two wins against three defeats. Becau se of the concellation, the Warriors played only two non-conference opponents. They lost the opening game of the season to Stout College 20 to 7 and in their fourth outing were tripped by a very f ine Huron College team 40 to 0. The two wins collected by the Warriors came at the expense of Moorhead 30 to 8 and St. Cloud 14 to 0. Again, this year as last, injuries plagued the team, the big b low being starting fullback Gale Sprute's broken leg. Individual honors went this year to tackle-guard Jerry Wedemeier, who was named to the All-Northern States College Conference team. In Conference action, Bemidji, Mankato, and Michigan Tech. held a three-way tie for first place while Winona, St. Cloud, and Moorhead followed behind.




L. Engel

J . Wedemeier

G. Johnson




D. Stover

Co-cap t ain L. Gunhus


We 7

0 30 0 14 7



Stout Michigan Tech_ Moorhead Huron St. Cloud Mankato Bemidji

20 12 8 40 0 19 31




~~ '

---- --

J. Quist

G . Lundberg


Bemidji Michigan Tech. Mankato Winona St. Cloud Moorhead

4-1 4-1 4-1

2-3 1-4


.800 .800 .800 .400 .200 .000

"" I


Row 1: D. Shierholt, D. Stover, L. Engel, D. Glazier, L. Carroll, G. Johnson, J. Quist, A. Burt, B. Kieser. Row 2 : B. Welch, L. Gunhus, R. Wolf, R. leGros, D. Rislove, J. Parker, W. Jones, R. Henderson. Row 3 : R. Skattum, R. Nelson, D. Matti, P. Malloy, S. Simon, T. Keepers, D. Livingston, M. Groth, C. Grob, D. Matti, G. Johnson, P. Quam. Row 5 : G. Schneider, D. Paschka, B. Young, W. Johnson. G. Pah l, J. Linder, l . Johnson, M. Cunningham. Row 6: Coach Molinari, D. Sands, B. Piepers, J. Lundberg, G. Tashima, Assistant Coach Gerlach.

Tough sledding ahead


Don't you dare touch me, you brute


Welch passing


D. Matti

The defensive line goes to work

It's going to be a rough landing

Sprute digs for an extra yard

Organized confusion

Herc comes Glen

Welch running


Row I: U. Lole, D. Klagge, B. Welch, and L. Johnson. Row 2: Coach Gerlach, J. Goetz, K. Stellpflug, B. James, J. Kaiser, C. Brodt, J. Vinar, T. Caulkins, D. Behrens, D. Papenfuss, H. E spinda, and Manager E. Hellerud.

Coach Joe Gerlach's varsity basketball team finished this year's schedule with seven wins against seventeen losses. The Warriors trav eled to Nebraska for their opening games, losing to Wayne State and Nebraska Wesleyan. Returning home, they picked up their first victory ove r a

It's a basketball, not an orange, Jon!


good Oshkosh State team 71-69. In their first confe rence outings they lost to Mankato, but they came back with a 78-62 triumph over River Falls. After participating in a holiday tournament the Warriors came through with two straight wins, over LaCrosse, 84-82 and Moorhead, 77-68. Then

Klagge's favorite maneuver.

Klagge squeezes throug h two defenders for another Warrior baske t.

came the drought. They lost eight straight games, the last three by a total of nine points. This was follow ed by a 77-72 win over Loras College and a 93-67 whipping of Michigan Tech. The cagers lost to Mankato again but then picked up their last win of the sea son with a l 00-65 thrashing


74 66 71

74 60 76

78 87 69

84 77 66

84 93

102 67

78 99

70 77 93 61

100 90 Head coach Joe Ge rlach

of Stout State. In conference action, Mankato and St. Cloud tied for the lead, followed by Bemidji, Moorhead, Winona and Michigan Tech in that order. Gain ing individual honors was Captain Don Klagge, who was selected on the second N.S.C.C. team.


85 76 69

75 60

86 62 93 79

82 68

78 104 102 110 97


103 73

72 67

100 65

104 Captain and senior Don Klagge


Our Opposition


~® \





Ken Stellpflug

Don Behrens


J ,: I


I )

J · ~


v Herbie d oes the "Ch arleston"

Lance fires away.

Klagge and Ka1.ser drive in


(\/) 1_~1.''


o,,;"'_l ·')

fr11 '





L\.. '




Tom Caulkins


Herb Espinda

hooks for two.

• Don Klagge

Lance does a Waltz.


/ Coming through! Two for Don. Bob Welch

Bobby 1ump-shoots. It went that-a-way.


Kneeling: J. Goetz, D. Cole, B. Tryggestad, B. Heinz, L. Clinger. Papenfuss.

Standing: G. Grob, B. James, J. Vinar, C. Brodt, J. Eiken, D.

"B" Basketball The Warriors "B" Basketball team, coached this year by Lorry Gunhus, included sophomores, transfers, and some top freshmen prospects and may very well make a big difference in varsity basketball for next year. The team played various city league teams and other collegiate "B" squads and showed a great deal of potential. Leading the team were Je rry Goetz, Dave Cole, Transfer Dick Papenfuss, and freshmen Clar Brodt and J im Vinar. Take one giant step . . . and it's a basket.

Clar Brodt, Coach Lorry Gunhus, Jim Vinar


I never could dripple very well.

Cross Country Row 1: D. Anderson, R. Hayworth, J . Grudcn, M. Riley, Row 2: E. Honda, G. Murtinger, G. Marchionda, D. Cole, J. Mod1eski, B. Arko, Coach B. Jones.

Cross Country In ten meets this year, Coach Bob Jones' squad managed to break even with a five won-lost record. The harriers were led in their meets by Captain John Gruden and Dick Anderson. Anderson won nine of his ten outings, first place in the conference meet, and placed second in the small college N.C.A.A. The team took second place in the N.S.C.C. meet. This was only the second year of competition in cross country for Winona State.

Dick Anderson-Winona State's outstanding cross country runner.

D. Anderson, Coach B. Jones, and Captain J . Gruden check the schedule.


36 29 22 26 21 31 20 20 42 30

Oppone nt

Carleton - ---------- - - - - - - - Macalester ----------------La Crosse -----------------Loras -------------- ---- - - River Fall s ----- ------ -----Iowa State Teachers _________ _ Luther ------------ - ------River Falls -- --------------Mankato ------------- ----Dubuque -----------------N. S. C. C. Meet - Second.

23 28 35 31 38

25 35 38 16






Tony Dvorak

Roger Helgerson


Bernie Pieper

Mike Riley


Coach Bob Jones and heavyweight Jerry Wedemeier

O.K. John, flip him off the mat.


This year, Coach Bob Jones' matmen ran up against the toughest schedule of any Winona State wrestl ing season, and the team came through w ith flying colors. The Warriors ended with a 12-2-1 record, beating such teams as Lock Haven, River Falls, and West Point's "B" squad. The ir record was marred only by losses to Lycoming and Iowa State University, and a 14-14 tie with St. Cloud. The team finished second in the Carleton tourney with Mitsch, Willis, Musil, and Wedemeier individual champions. Wedemeier was the heavweight champion of the Wilkes College Open Tournament and N.S.C.C. meet but lost his championship in the N.A.l.A. finals.

Brute strength against brute.

Ray Hayworth Gordy Marchionda

Dave Moracco

Ron Musil Gary Mitsch

Larry Willis


WE 38 32 26 10 36 18 14 20 14 13 25 27 30 29 19


5 0 3 23 0 11 14 6 12 14 3 3 2 5 11 Co-captains Glen Johnson and John De-Lozier

Ho-Hum, another day, another dollar, another pin .

let's do a double headstand.


•• 1···





left to right: T. Braun, M. Hull, B. Biever, J. Yaedke, P. Bonthius, D. Theurer, W. Fatchett, B, Gillespie, R. Rens lo, J. Abts, J. McCartney, C. Russell, N. Cezar, S. Baudhuin, L. Clingman.

WE 50 52 62 44 33 47

OPPONENT Macalester ---------------------St. Thomas ---------------- - ----Univ. of Minn., Duluth______ ___ ____ Michigan Tech. -----------------La Crosse ------- ---------------Hamline ------------------------

Swimming Mr. Voorhees

Wayne Fatchett and Captain Jerry McCartney check the times.


It's a bird . . . It's a p lane .. . It 's a submarine! !

45 43 32 51 63 44

High flying Jerry Abts.

Coach Voorhees watches his divers.

In the second year of competitive swimming at Winona State, Coach Voorhees fashioned his second straight winning season. After opening at the Minnesota time trials, the Warrior tankers took on Maca lester and defeated them 50 to 45. This was followed by a triumph over St. Thomas. Next came the trip to Duluth for the meet with the University of Minnesota, Duluth branch, and the Warriors soaked them 62 to 32. In the next two meets they lost to Michigan Tech. and La Crosse, but the Warriors came back in the finale to defeat Hamline 47 to 44. This year, the squad was led by Captain Jerry McCartney, Wayne Fatchett, diver Dave Percival, and freshman Dick Theurer.

Manager C larence Crum

I Hold it

Steady now

Up, up and away.


First Row: P. Helgerson, B. Arko, B. LaMore, G. Grob, D. Gunderson. Second Row: Bat boy, C. Weisbrod, D. Behrens, R. Ekker, S. Rogneby, D. Roesler. Third Row : Coach Gerlach, J. Christensen, D. Papenfuss, B. Lietzau, L. Johnson, J. Kosidowski, A. Klinder.

Baseball The 1959 Winona State baseball team, coached for the f i rst time by Joe Gerlach, fini shed the season with 16 wins against 7 defeats. After opening with their usual southern trip, the Warriors returned to defend their N. S. C, C. championship; however, they managed only a second place finish. Leading p itchers were Don Behrens, Bill Morse, Jerry Palbicki, a:id Connie Gasper. The last two later signed professional contracts. Leading the hitters were Gary Grob, Bob Welch, and Bob Rogneby. Take your pick. Come on , it's my turn!

In the cool, cool, shade of ...



Bob Rogneb y

Gary Grob Lan ce Johnson

A word of advice from the coach.

The first -year men talk it over.



Buzz LaMorc


Don Behrens



l Bob Arko


Fron t row: M. Cunningham, D. Cole, R. Hayworth, D. Glazier, G. Camero, D. Rislove, S. Painter, H Ferkingstad, G. Grob, D. Livingston. Back row: E. Honda, D. Anderson, 8. Scott, E. Papaceorgui, T. Baxter, J. Modiesk1, unknown, M. Rouse, C. Brodt, l. Gunhus, G. Lundberg, E. Simon, B. Kaiserstatt, S. Reilcrson, J. Slifa, Coach Jones.


Coach Jones with Co¡Captains Lundberg and Glazier.

Get set!


The 1959 track team ended with six won and three lost record for the season. Opening the season on a southern jaunt, they lost to Ohio Wesleyan and defeated Kentucky State and Georgetown College. Other wins were over Loras, Wartburg, and in two triangular meets. Coached by Bob Jones, they came through with a second place in the N.S.C.C. and in the old Bi -State meet. They placed fifth in the Carleton Relays. Leading point getters were Rouse, Anderson, Iverson, and Captain Pat Marren. J. Slifka and T. Baxter prepare for the race.

Lundberg lets loose.

The big push by E Simon.

The distance runners study the charts.

M. Rouse edges D. Glazier. C. Grob jumps high.


You Tell'em Moon

Golf Shooting For Par

This Is How It's Done, Ray

The 195 9 go lf team, coached by Mr. Molinari, fin i shed the sea son with a six won, four lost, and one tie reco rd. Hampe red by the loss of number one player, Gordy Elliot, the team nai led down third place in the Conference meet. They also placed sixth in the St. Cloud Invi tational. Leading players were Elliot, Buswel l, Jacobs, and Smelser.

Come On, Let's Go





6 6

l l

6 4




4 5 6 7


FG HOLTHE (Aces) WEISBROD (Ha wks) RISLOVE (Reds) BUTLER (Bombers) JAEGER (La kers)

40 36 31

34 31

Hand-off to th e second man th rough

FT 14 14 19 ll 15

TP 94 86 81

79 77

Intramural sports alway p lay an important part in student life at Winona State. The highlight of the intramural season was the furious action of the basketbal I competit ion. This year's basketball champions were the Dubs, who whipped the Reds in the final game. O ther intramural act ion was found in the bowl ing alleys and the usual spring softball schedu le.


Kneeling : J. Gruden, J. Raddatz, J. Heller, D. Sands, Unknown. Standing: J. Schroeder, J. T. Schroeder, R. Lien, R. Bajorek.


Cheerleaders Our thanks go out to the cheer leaders of Winona State for the splendid job they did in helping to promote school spirit. Their cheerleading at the sporting events was of great value to the teams. They carried out a successful pep fest at Lake Park last fall. Working with the newly-formed Pioneer Club, the girls showed real school spirit throughout the season.

Kathy Juhl

B. Svenningson

Nancy Frisby Joan Lake

Top to Bottom: K. Parker, E. Naas, B. Svenningson, J. Lake, N. Frisby, K. Juhl. Elsie

Here we go, 'round again . ..


Which one would you choose?

Warriorettes One of the most popular organizations on campus is the Warriorette drill team. The girls performed at several of the football and basketball games throughout the year. They also marched in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade and took first place in the marching units. Under the able leadership of their adviser, Mrs. Hopf, and their choreographer, Phyllis Kowalczyk, the girls encouraged school spirit by their tastefu lly styled routines. Their committee members were Marie Engrav, publicity manager; Diane Feuerhelm, secretary and historian; Keith Nelson, business manager; and Jack Zierdt, properties manager.

Becky leads lhe formation.

Front row, left to right: N. Nowlan, B. Bladholm, l. Sheldon, M. Engrav, B. Steege, A. Abts, V. Adams, J. Inman, S. Roth, K. Reszyka, C. Sherman. Back row: C. Johnson, B. Gerlach, B. Brungardt, S. Lang, C. Niharl, K. Berg, S. Hanson, J. Bauch, M. Schroeder, Y. Reppe, J . Lamme, C. Heaser, M. Ekker, J. Vigness, J . Bodien.


A good time was had by all.

W.R.A. With Miss Moravec acting as their adviser, the W.R.A. enjoyed a season of successful sports activities. These acti vities included vol leyball, basketball, softball , bow ling , and badminton. The club sponsored a college Sports Da y, and also sent teams to other college playdays. The ir officers were Na ncy Shay, President; Margot Anderson, Vice-president; Janet Schwantz, Secreta ry-treasurer.

Margot, Jan, and Nancy inspect trophies.


Row 1: J. Yamamoto, T. Olson, D. Steffens, J. Cranda ll, C. J ohann e s, C. Botcher, S. Keller, K. Voth, A. Hanson, L. Kock. Row 2: Miss Moravec, K. Wendt, l. Sheldon, R. Childs, H. Mark, D. Kamla, M. Meistad, P. Clare, D. Schulz, M. Mackey, J . Peplinski, J . Watanabe. Row 3: S. Naas, l. Barnes, R. Stiehl, N. Arnold, M. Anderson, A. Kaldunski, N. Frisby, Y. Roppe, B. Dammann, K. Parker, M. Spinier. Row 4: M. Dezeeuw, M. Hoyt, K. Berg, R. Morken, R. Olstad, B. Heiden, J . Kitt, E. Torvick, R. Nord, R. Brunner, J . Coolidge, M. Arnold, R. Robertson. Row S: B. Nelson, C. Melrose, R. Walstrom, D. Odmans, N. Shay, S. Frankforth, J. Kidd, K. Juhl, J. Feehan, C. Heaser, J. Hagen, J . Vigness, S. Sparks.

Up, up ano away.

I'll get you yet!

Which one's expecting the cal l?

We're actually practicing Ballet.

Pardon me, girls, I' m coming through.


Seated: D. Kamla, Miss Day. Standing: K. Parker, S. Lang.

Row 1: N. Frisby, C. Botcher. B. Mcken, P. Kowalczyki, D. Kamla. Row 2: J. Kitt, L. Sheldon, T. Olson, R. Childs. K. Parker. Row 3: M. Anderson, S. Keller, K. Voth, M. Spinier, B. Nyrud, M. Arnold. Row 4 : M. Mackey, D. Odman, L. Hoon, N. Arnold, D. Steffens, C. Wolfe, S. Swantz, S. Lang, K. Berg, M. Hoyt, M. DeZueew, Susan Day. Row 5: M. Meistad, H. Mark, A. Freehan, R. Nord, R. Brunner, K. Juhl, N . Shay, S Frankforth, J. Kidd.

W.P.E~ The Women's Physical Edu~ation Club is open to all physical education majors and minors. At the monthly meetings, the girls explored topics of interest. The members sold homeco ming buttons to raise money for the Jean Talbot Scholarship Fund, which provides a W. P. E. sponsored scholarship for women in physical education. They also took care of coat checking, and they assisted with the freshman physical examinations and motor ability tests. Doris Kamla was President; Sharon Lang was Vice-president; Kaye Parker was Secretarytreasurer. Miss Day acted as adviser.





Reaching for the sky

Gosh, the floor is slippery !

/J)IUJ.m oJJ, to new ... 'We'()e 'ji-(J.Ut,

to. 'I°" . • •

</he 1960 'Wenonah.

Wenonah Stoff Editors - - -----

_ __ _ _ _

Lee Zil I, Jim Mulfinger, Pat Clare

Business Manager ------------- - - - - --- - Art Editor _______ __ ___ _

Bill Allen

_ __________ _ Margie Rand

Faculty ___ ____________________ ___________ Mary Ann Ames Organizations __ _ ____ __ _ Student Life

_ _

_______ Margaret Krebs __ Shelly Glatch, Grace Schroeder

Women 's Sports --------------- -- -- _____ Dru Challberg Men's Sports

------ ___________________ _ __ Jim Schulz

Photographer _ ____ ___ ______ _ _ _ __ _ _ ___ Adviser __ _ _

Hal Wi ll iams Mr. Stenerson



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