Wenonah Yearbook - 1954

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The Trojan Warrior of ages past rode a horse, wore armor, and sported a shield and lance. The Wenonah Warrior's weapons and goals are different, but the spirit is much the same. Now he uses a baseball bat, a paint brush, or a microscope, but the same fight and determination is there. With his books and pen in hand the Wenonah Warrior looks to the future. This book has attempted to catch some of that spirit. within its pages.

Winona State Teachers College Winona, Minnesota



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Memorial Hall

A Warrior of bygone days would tell us, "I never had it so good!" The alumni coming back for Homecoming said, "We never had it so good!" The visiting citizens of Winona and the visiting teams said, "You never had it so good!" And students on the campus, pansive basketball floor, or sat in a or tumbled in the small gym, or just that they've never had anything "so Hall.

as they played on the exclass, or swam in the pool, sat in the stands, all agreed good" as the new Memorial

The physical education plant was dedicated during Homecoming and the inauguration of the large basketball court came in December with the Wa rr iors beating Eau Claire. Moving-day for the physical education department followed Christmas vacation. However, the opportunities offered by Memorial Hall are not restricted to that department as its doors are open to all students of the campus and citizens of Winona and surrounding communities.



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First State Normal School was established at Winona on August 2, 1858. Later the name of the establishment was changed to Winona State Normal School, and, still later, it was changed to Winona State Teachers College. Even though the name of the college has been so changed, its fundamental purposes and ideals have always been to bring men and women through a series of situations and contacts wherein he will better understand himself, his fellow men, his cultural heritage, his responsibility to the world, and wil l gain some insight and skill in the special abilities, skills, and problems involved in t eaching. The College is a member of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the American Council of Education, and is approved by the American Association of University Women. Governed by the State Teachers College Board, the Col lege is presided over by Dr. Nels Minne with Dr. M. R. Raymond serving as vice-president. President and Mrs. Nels Minne at the Spring Prom.

Administration Because teach er-training is the very fundamenta l purpose of the school , a great number of its activities are centered around teaching. One of these activities is recruitment of individuals who have the ability and interest to go into the teaching field. With the increased enrol lment now coming on the elementary-school level and later to secondary and college levels, there is and wil l continue to be a shortage of teachers. The teaching profession has become one of great importance in training tomorrow' s citizens, and demands for teachers must be met. Education for prospect ive teachers includes a program of self-realization and growth as well as a wealth of background and information. Teaching techniques and ski lls are taught through the observation-participation and supervisedteaching programs. Curriculum changes are made to keep in step with the students and with the world. Changes in the needs of the students bring abou t changes in the type of work presented in the College as well as in the methods of presentation. M. R. Raymond, Vice President.

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Registrar, Placement Another service rendered by the college is the maintenance of a placement system whereby graduates are assisted in finding a n d selecting positions. This service also extends to a pregraduate level in that many of the students of the college are assisted in finding part-t ime employment . Placeme nt Diretlo r: G. E. Fishbaugher

Reg istrar: H. Pritchard

Deans Services rendered to the students of the college include adult counseling by the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women, and under the personal adviser system. Under the latter, each student has a member of the faculty as personal adviser and can discuss problems, ideas, or criticisms which he may have about his personal life or about college life in general.

Rural Supervisors Supervisors of rural teaching are employed to work with off-campus students in building up teaching skills, habits, and techniques. These are the supervisors of students who do offcampus student-teaching.

Du n of Men: M. L. Mariner. Dean of Wome n: M. Steffenson.

Rural Education: M. Bartsch, L. Farner.

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Me n' s Physical Education: L. A. McCown, l. Arns, E. N. Brodhagen.

Physical Education Democracy is being developed through the team play carried on in the Physical Education Department of the college. An alert, cooperative team member who is physically fit can not only achieve persona l satisfaction, but may do his part in serving society as well.

Art Both fine arts and industrial arts are carried on as creative experiences for the student and provide an outlet for self-expression for the student. In addition to creative wor k, practice in basic teaching skills for the prospective teacher are offered.

Music The ability to appreciate music is one of the finest assets to a life of satisfaction. Training in musical theory and ski lls develop that ability within the student. Partrcipation in instrumental and vocal groups help to promote this ability.

Business For the student who is not planning to teach, the business department offers fine business training. The Bachelor of Arts degree may be attained as well as the Bachelor of Science degree for prospective teachers in the commercial field.

Industrial and Fine Arts: F. Murray, S. Ledebuhr, H. Jackson. Inset: H. Capron. Music: W. Grimm, F. Heyer, A. Bard. English: H. Guthrie, A. Nelson, R. Behling, M. Boddy. Business Administration: W. Price, G. Finch.

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Women's Physical Educatio n: P. Roney, B. Gregoire, J. Talbot.

Languages and Speech Work in the department of languages may consist of work in English, Spanish, French, or the fundamentals of speech. In this department the basic f u ndamentals of composition, communication, and expression are presented.

Education and Psychology Courses i n psychology and in educational techniques, skills, and knowledges are conducted in the education department. Working with chi ldren in the l aboratory school as well as general classwork gives the prospective teacher insight into the problems and rewards of teaching.

Science The department of science consists of mathematics, biology, chemistry, geography, geology, and physics. It is the goal of this department to help the student to employ the scientific method of reasoning and to appreciate the abilities and contributions of science to mankind. In addition, many students specialize in a particular field in this work and go deep into the recesses of its knowledge.

Social Studies, Graduate Program


An awareness of our cultural heritage and of our p resent and future responsibilities is brought about th rough study in the social studies field. Study of ancient cultures, modern life, and possible futu re problems give the st udent the needed p rospective on life. Speech and l a nguages: D. Magnus, M. Davis. Education a nd Psychology: J. J. Fuller, E. L. Raggar, A. Aarestad. Mathe ma¡ tics and Science: L. A. Arnold, J. Emanuel, L. Gulick, R. L. lokensgard. Inset: M. R. Raymond. Graduat e Coordinat o r a nd History: F. Van Alstine, E. M. Davis.

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Library Maxwell Library, too, plays an important part in college life. It offers an excel lent co ll ection of books and information and is organized to ¡ meet the needs of the students. A special children's libra ry is conducted for students of the l aboratory school and serves as an oqservation room for students training for teaching.

Health Health p l ays an important part in the life of every individua l. This is especially true in the case of teachers, and every possible effort is made to increase the services offered to the students by the health department.

Dormitory and Offices Life at the dormitory is another big factor in col lege life. Effort is made to make the student feel at home in his college environment and dormitory l ife provides a good situation for this adjustment. In addition to the dormitory, the college offices are always ready to render any possible service to the student citizen. The college office is a vital part of a student's col lege life, and every student should make full use of them. Librarians: E. Jacobsen, R. Payne. Dormitory Director and Nurse: F. Griffith, M. Miller. Business Manager and Secretary: W. Speich, M. Kratz. Office Staff : B. Safranek, H. Muhle, A. de Groot. Seated: L. Conaughty, E. Donath.


laboratory School

Phelps Laboratory School is the work-shop of students tra ining for the teaching profession. It consists of a primary department, kindergarten through the third grade; an intermediate department, the fou rth through the sixth grades; and a junior high school, grade seven through nine. In the f ield of fine arts, both music and art are ofered to the students of the school. The pupose of the school is to provide a laborato ry for d irected teaching, observation, and, to some degree, experimentation. A varied and progressive program is conducted in the school in order to develop good ideals, standards, attitudes, and habits in the prospective teacher. The school seeks to present a teach ing situation as similar as possible to the one wh ich the future-teacher will have in his work. Emphasis is placed upon us ing material-at-hand in the best possible manner rather than the use of materials which most classrooms do not possess.

Top: M. 0 . We dul, 0 . Foster, D. Davis . Se cond: G. Garlid, B. Cornelius . Third: J. Guthrie , M. Talle, D. Hoyt. Bottom: R. Wheeler, D. Heider, M. Sweeney.

Not avai lable for pictures: F. A. Jederman, history; Mrs. B. Tenhoff, fi rst grade; Miss K. Dunlay, second g rade.

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Our Graduates Bachelor of Arts

Richard W. Burmeister Winona, Minnesota Major: Art Minor: Math

Thomas 0. McCullough Winona, Minnesota Major: Physical Science Minor: Math Wesley Club 1, 2.

AI Kulig Independence, Wisconsin Major: Biology Minor: Geography Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; "W" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramur¡ als 1, 2, 3, 4.

John C. Streed Minneapolis, Minnesota Majors: English, Art Minor: Speech Class Officer 3; Representative Council 3, 4; Apollo Club 2; Chorus 2; InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Radio Guild 2; Wenonah Players 2; Winonan 2, 3; Orientation Team 3, 4; English Club 3, 4; Who's Who 4.

John Lewinski Jr. Winona, Minnesota Majors: Business Administration, Fine Arts Apollo Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4 ; Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 4.

Richard J. Thorpe

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Winona, Minnesota Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Business Club 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 2; Science Club 2; English Club 4.

Bachelor of Science Reuben W . Alitz Altura, Minnesota Majors: Math, Physical Education Science Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Intra路 murals 1, 2, 3, 4.

Barbara Brennan Winona, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary A.C.E. 1, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Newman Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4.

Elaine Balch Winona, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education A.C.E. 1; Kappa Delta Pi 3; Wesley Club 2; F.T.A. 2, 3.

Valerie Cieminski Winona, Minnesota Majors: Art, English Representative Council 4; I.R.C. 4; Kappa Pi 3, 4,; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; T.C. Twirlers 2, 3; Wenonah 4; Wi路 nonan 4; Who's Who 4; Young Repub路 licans 3, 4; English Club 2, 3, 4.

, -

Stanley Barr Bagley, Wisconsin Major: Physical Education Minors: Business, Geography Business Club 3, 4; Gamma Delta 3; Science Club 3, 4; Football 4; Base路 ball 2, 4; Men's P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4.


\ Margery Cole Winona, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten- Primary Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Class Officer 4; Wesley Club 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Young Republicans 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4.

Joan Mae Bassett Pine Island, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Minor: Art Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Pi 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; T.C. Twirlers 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 4.

Raymond L. Congdon

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Calmar, Iowa Major: Science Minor: Math L.S.A. 1, 2, 3; Science Club 4; Young Republicans 2; Canterbury Club 4.


Bachelor of Science Eugene E. Cook Spring Valley, Minnesota Major: Music Minor: Math Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mason Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Victor Grabau Spring Valley, Minnesota Majors: History, Social Studies Minor: Physical Education "W" Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Men's P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; lntramura ls 1, 2, 3, 4.

Richard E. Czaplewski Winona, Minnesota Major: Elementary Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; "W" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2; Baseball 2; Intra¡ murals 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4.

Jim Hamblin Northfield, Minnesota Majors: Elementary, Junior Hig h Curriculum I.R.C. 2, 3; l.S.A. 1, 2; Radio Guild 4; Science Club 3, 4; "W" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Intra murals 1, 2; F.T.A. 3, 4.

Charles B. Fox Winona, Minnesota

Major: Business Education Minor: Music Band 2, 3, 4; Business Club 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 'W" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's P.E. Club 2, 3; lntramurals 1, 2.

Iris Mae Hanke Brownsville, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Chorus 1, 4; A. C. E. 1; Mendelssohn Club 1, 4; Wesley Club 1, 4; F.T.A. 4.

Robert Fraser Winona, Minnesota Major: English Minors: Bookkeeping, Typing Business Club 1, 2, 3, I.R.C. 1, 2, 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; T.C. Twirlers 1, 2, 3; "W" Club 2, 3, 4; Wenonah Players 2; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 2, 3; lntramurals 2; English Club 2, 3, 4.

George A . Hansen

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Arco, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Physical Education Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4; "W" Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4.


Bachelor of Science Walter R. Hein Minneapolis, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Biology Gamma Delta 4; Industrial Arts Club 4; Science Club 4; F.T.A. 4.

Jerry Johnson Winona, Minnesota Major: Music Minor: Biology Apollo Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Guild 3, 4; Mason Music Club 4.

Roland J. Hill Lanesboro, Minnesota Majors: Biology, Physica l Education L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; "W" Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Captain 3; Men's P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intra¡ murals 1, 2, 3, 4.

Rose Johnson Winona, Minnesota Majors: Art, English Chorus 1, 2; Mendelssohn 1, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Kappa Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club . 1; Radio Guild 1, 2; Wenonah 4; Winonan 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 1; English Club 3, 4.

Barbara Hoon LeRoy, Minnesota Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Library Service Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Wesley Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4;

Kathleen Keese



Winona, Minnesota ~ajors: Biology, Physical Education Representative Council 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Who's Who 4.



Ruth Hopf Winona, Minnesota Major: Business Education Minor: Romance Language Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Wenonah 4; F.T.A. 3, 4;

Mary "Liz" Kieffer

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Altura, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Minor: Art A.C.E. 2, 3; Kappa Pi 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 3, 4; F.T.A. 4.

Bachelor of Science Jack E. Knothe Winona, Minnesota Majors: Social Studies, History Minors: Bookkeeping, Typing Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Delta 3, 4; Track 1; Young Republicans 3; lntramurals 1, 2; F.T.A. 4.

Mary Ethel Lovejoy Eyota, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Chorus .1, 2, 3; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1, 2; Mendelssohn 1, 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi 2, 3; Wenonah 2, 3; Winonan 1, 2; Wesley Club 3; English Club 3; F.T.A. 2, 3; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3.

Richard Kowles Ivanhoe, Minnesota Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology, Health Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 4; "W" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Men's P.E. Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 4.

Barbara McCullough Lake City, Minnesota Major: Art Minors: Typing, Shorthand Kappa Pi 1, 2, 3; W.A.A. 1; Wesley Club 2, 3; Y.W.C.A. 1.

Ethel Olson Kurth Utica, Minnesota Major: Music Minor: History Mendelssohn Club 2, 3; Mason Music Club 2, 3, 4.

Shirley Minkewitz Winona, Minnesota

Major: English Minor: Romance Languages Chorus 2, 3; I.R.C. 4; Mendelssohn 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Wenonah 4; Wenonah Players 3, 4; Winonan 4; W.A.A. 1; English Club 2, 3, 4.

Robert V. Lipinski Winon~,

Minnesota Major: Math Minor: Science Apollo Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4.

Lois L. Mohr

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Jackson, Minnesota Major: Physical Education Minors: Health, Math Representative Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Wenonah 3, 4; Wenonah Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Winonan 3, 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Women's P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 3, 4; Who's Who 4; Orientation Team 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3.

Bachelor of Science Wendell L. Multhaup Fountain City, Wisconsin Major: Biology Minor: Geography Kappa Delta Pi 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3.

Herbert Gene Rygmyr St. Paul, Minnesota Majors: Business Education Minor: History Representative Counci l 2, 3; Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Delta 3, 4; l.S.A. 2, 3; Wenonah 4; Young Republicans 4; lntramurals 1, 2; F.T.A. 4.

Nina D. Parish (Mrs.) Boone, Iowa Major: Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 4; F.T.A. 3, 4.

Harry Schoen Hastings, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Science Class Officer 4; Representative Council 4; Apollo Club 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Guild 3; Who's Who 4; Orientation Team 4; Young Democrats 3, 4; lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4.

.c .

q. w

Janis Randall Winona, Minnesota

Major: English Minor: Speech Representative Counci l 3, 4; I.R.C. 2, 3, 4; l.S.A. 2, 3, 4; Radio Guild 1, 2, 3, 4; T.C. Twirlers 1, 2, 3; Wenonah 2, 3; Wenonah Players 2, 3, 4; Winonan 4; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; English Club 2, 3, 4.

Jerry A . Sines Winona, Minnesota Major: Biology Minors: Geography, Social Science Science Club 2, 3, 4; "W" Club 2, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4.

Shirley Rauch leRoy, Minnesota Majors: Physical Education, Speech Representative Council 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2; Radio Guild 3, 4; Wenonah Players 4; W.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Women's P.E. Club 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 4; Orientation Team 3, 4; Homecoming Royalty 4; Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4.

Delores Strupp

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Dakota, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Minor: library Service A.C.E. 1, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 4; F.T.A. 3, 4.


Bachelor of Science Gerald l. Timm Plainview, Minnesota Majors: Business Education, Social Studies Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4.

Jan ice Wees Rochester, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Class Officer 4; Representative Council 4; Band 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; Mendels¡ sohn 3, 4; L.S.A. 3, 4; T.C. Twirlers 3; Winonan 3; W.A.A. 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Who's Who 4; Young Republicans 3; F.T.A. 3, 4.

Merlyn Von Bargen Mazeppa, Minnesota Major: Biology Minors: Social Studies, Business Representative Counci l 4; Business Club 4; Gamma Delta 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; lntramurals 1, 2, 3.

Ruth E. Wheeler Winona, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten Minor: Primary Kappa Delta Pi 4; W.A.A. 1, Y.W.C.A. 1, 2.

Mae Wager Winona, Minnesota Majors: Biolo gy, Physica l Education Representa tive Council 3, 4; Kappa l:elta Pi 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 3, 4; Orientation Team 3, 4.

Richard Wildgrube Winona, Minnesota Majors: Industrial Arts, Biology Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4; lntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4.

Les Wagner Winona, M innesota

Ma jors: Elementary Education, Social Stud ies I.R.C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

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Nila Ande rson Harmony, Minnesota L.S.A. l, 2; F.T.A. 1, 2.

Cleo Cieminski Canton, Minnesota Band l, 2; F.T.A. l, 2; Westminster Club l, 2.

Shirl ey Balzum Byron, Minnesota Band l , 2; Gamma Delta l, 2; Winonan l, 2; English Club 2; F.T.A. l, 2.

Marle ne Glaus Mantorville, Minnesota Rhythm Masters l; Band l, 2; A.C.E. l ; Wenonah l, 2; Winonan l, 2; W.A.A. 1;, F.T.A. 2.

The lma Bjorngaard Wanamingo, Minnesota L.S.A. l; W.A.A. l.

Mary Lou Haas Chatfield, Minnesota Newman Club l, 2; F.T.A. l, 2.

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Associate 1n Education Deloris Kruger Waseca, Minnesota L.S.A. 1, 2; W.A.A. 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; Homecoming Royalty 2; F.T.A. 1, 2.

Margaret Renchin Hayfield, Minnesota Newman Club 2.

Donna Mae McRae Chatfield, Minnesota F.T.A. 1, 2; Westminster Club 1, 2.

Drexel Rice Slayton, Minnesota Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2; Wenonah Players 2; Wesley Club 2; Homecoming Queen 2.

Loretta Gleason Merchant Arcadia, Wisconsin

Helen Rindahl Galesvi lle, Wisconsin l.S.A. 2; W.A.A. 2; English Club 2.

Ellen A. Olson Welch, Minnesota Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1; l.S.A. 1, 2; Radio Guild 1, 2; W.A.A. 1; Young Democrats 1, 2; F.T.A. 1, 2.

Jacquellin Stiehl Page 28

Alma, Wisconsin Band 1, 2; T.C. Twirlers 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; F.T.A. 1, 2; Westminster Club 1, 2.

.. • Associate 1n Education

Esther Tuff Rushford, Minnesota l.S.A. 1, 2, 3; Winonan 2, 3; F.T.A. 2 , 3.

Elizabeth Jane Wolfram Rushford, Minnesota F.T.A. 1, 2.

Camera Shys Bachelor of Arts Willis Fernholz Arcadia, Wisconsin Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry

Bachelor of Science Victor Arnold Alma, Wisconsin Major: Elementary Education lois Brickley Anamosa, Iowa Major: Elementary Education Lillard Christ Winona, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts Minor: General Business Robert Fischer Winona, Minnesota Major: Social Studies Minors: Typing, Bookkeeping Lois Gullickson Julsrud Rushford, Minnesota Major: English Minor: Biology

Reuben lervik Hibbing, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Carroll Rislove Rushford, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Socia I Studies Virginia Tubbs Fountain City, Wisconsin Major: Elementary Education

Associate in Education Mrs. Fern Christianson Altura, Minnesota laura Fisk Winona, Minnesota Darlene Fort Zumbrota, Minnesota Mrs. Geraldine Kirkeby Lewiston, Minnesota

Ardys Schaffner Fountain City, Wisconsin

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Back Row: A. Bianchi, E. Bartz, R. Schmidt, J. Sontag, D. Schroeder, D. Mahlke, C. Peterson, H. Lewis. Third Row: H. Burkard, C. Legwold, R. Wood, R. Richter, F. Hoeft, J. Grebin, G. O'Reilley. Second Row: A. Carhart, H. Nelson, E. Behnken, M. Czapiewski, D. Freeman, G. Warren, M. Washburn, S. Stephens. Front Row: L. Arashiro, C. Anha lt, C. Ask, P. Waas, F. Prigge, D. Daun, M. Majerus, A. Martinson.

Juniors The junio r class sparked t he year's activities by sponsoring t he Winte r Fo rmal at t he New Oaks in February. Everyone agreed that the formal was a success with the f ine music, good food, and pleasant surrou ndings of the Oaks. Class officers were: Curt Legwold, president; David Mahlke, vice-president; and Georgianne Warren, secretary-treasurer. Adviser was Mr. Emanuel.

Class Officers

Senior officers: H. Schoen, J. Wees, Dr. Ragar, adviser.

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J unior officers: C. Legwold, G. Warren, D. Mahlke, Mr. Emanuel, adviser.

Sophomore adviser, Miss Murray, and officers: P. Wilke, S. Tolleson, R. DeYoung.

Back Row: M. Skroch, J. Glenna, W. Thompson, J. Belden, K. Smith, R. Bundy J. Knaak. Fourth Row: D. Mathias, C. Anderson, R. Ziebell, G. Stanek, W. Cierzan, D. Erding, R.Oe lke, D. Gulbrandson. Third Row: R. DeYoung, J. O 'Brien, B. Bauer, W. Kortsch, H. Turton, B. Larson, D. Patrick. Second Row: N. Wondrow, M. Peterson, G. Whipple, C. Anderson, G. Doty, D. lrkhe, R. larson, J. Antoff. Front Row: S. Senrick, S. Buck, B. Blagsveldt, J. Thomforde, L. Connolly, D. Mueller, J. Waas, R. Klossner.

Sophomores The sophomore class, with assistance from the Representative Council, sponsored freshmen initiation week and the Kangaroo Court which concluded the week of initiat ion.

Officers we re : Scott Tolleson, president; Robert DeYoung, vice-president; Patricia Wilke, secretary-treasurer; and Miss Murray, adviser.

Back Row: R. Overland, G. McEimury, E. Ke ller, D. Burreson, C. Hagedorn, G. Hanson, W. Gruenzner, M. Treder. Fourth Row: H. Sherin, P. Mueller, R. Welty, J. He lei, B. Walker, J. Threine n, R. Holle, R. Ferguson. Third Row: J. Holliday, M. Kloss, C. Schleder, R. Buxrude, J. Masyga, D. Lowrie, S. Haakenstad, F. Morsching, E. Steffes. Second Row: M. Fernholz, D. S earson, E. Grass, B. Gaddis, M. Walsh, M. Olson, H. Ehlers, P. Sinnott, J. Harbrecht. Front Row: T. Men agas, E. Pumper, J . Lawrence, P. Wilke, I. Buhler, B. Anderson, L. Ladsten, M. McNally.

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Back Row: R. Rubado, R. Lueth, T. O'Brien, W. Northhouse, L Osborne, J. McGinnis, R. Johnson, G. Regnier, R. Mahoney, D. Madson. Third Row: D. Rihs, C. Mahlke, B. Plourde, P. Olson, S. Ryan, M. Roberts, J. Pagel, K. Reinhard, J. O'Reilly. Second Row: J. Queensland, J. Rompa, M. Peterson, J. Michel, M. Safe, J. Rekstad, A. Luhmann, E. Marin. Front Row: G. Ronnenberg, P. O'Neal, S. Marburger, S. Renchin, L Oech, P. Pierce, M. Peterson, J. Nagle.

Freshmen Some two hundred shaking freshmen entered convocation in October to meet their fate-the rules and regulations for Freshmen Week. They didn't stop shaking, according to a frosh, until that week had passed and they needn't "fear" the upper classmen any longer. After they became full-fledged freshmen, with-

out beanies, they sponsored their first dance, the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Lauren Groves was elected president; Jerry McGinnis and Donald Madson, vice-presidents; and Ann Clark, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Guthrie was adviser.

Back Row: G. Haack, R. Feuling, M. Feehan, K. Gaustad, D. Diercks, J. Frankson, J. Hammann, L Hanson, S. Johnson. Third Row: M. Heinen, R. Feuling, J. Backus, N. Blaisdell, J. Griebenow, J. Decker, N. Dearmin. Second Row: H. Lawson, J. Easton, D. Daugs, V. Clark, A. Clark, E. Devney, M. Drysdale, J. Duellman. Front Row: D. Holt, L. Bundy, B. Adams, J . Fuller, B. Bryan, R. Borja, S. Frahm.

Page 32

Bock Row: R. Hennessy, G. Kochenderfer, C. Hoeppner. Third Row: N. Haley, E. Neumann, J. Holmgren, D. Halverson, L. Groves, B. Leo, R. Hammergren, J . Gleason, A. Winkles. Second Row: B. Wilson, N. Grech, B. Heise, M. Holmquist, D. Johnson, J. Grathwohl, D. Growl, A. Hansen, M. Hubbard. Front Row: M. Meyer, G. Riebe, N. Klein, J . Klas, 0. Larson, R. Jacobson, L. Kramer, D. Grovdahl.

Frosh officers: L. Groves, J. McGinnis, A. Clark, D. Madson, Or. Guthrie, adviser.

Back Row: L. Sonsalla, R. Wacholz, G. Selke, W. Ziebell, L. Wass, E. Solberg, C. Pasvogel, J. Strait, G. Peterson, R. Strand, J. Walch, G. Schleder, J. Varner, A. Nardiello, L. Wagner, D. D. Taft, M. Tripp, J. Snyder, J. Wunderlich, J. Swanson, F. Zimmerman, I. Skarstad, P. Yenco, M. Sholes, S. Slaggie, A. Seiler, M. Schmuck, C. Schwantz, L. Stoehr, C. Stiehl, E. Seim. Front M. Stagewald, 0. Tovson, L. Tews, J. Wisland.

E. Wachs. Fourth Row: Thompson. Third Row: M. Stuhr. Second Row: Row: T. Styba, F. Sebo,

Poge 3.:l




v I



/ /~


Page 34


Representative Council

Back Row: R. De Young, C. l egwold, J. McGinnis, l. Groves, R. Holle, M. Von Bargen. Third Row: J. Randa ll, V. Ciemin¡ ski, M. Wager, K. Keese, J. Wees. Second Row: N. Gynild, C. Ask, D. Daun, S. Steph¡ ens, P. Yenco, A. Luhmann. Front Row: Mr. Mariner, J. Sontag, J. Streed, l. Mohr, R. Ziebel l.

Orientation Tearn The Orientation Team, headed by Captain Lois Mohr introduced to the incoming freshmen the activities of the college available to them. Every fall there are mixer-dances, picnics, and a fresh men breakfast given to acquaint the freshmen with one another and the upper classmen.

Page 36

The Represenative Council was the student governing body which advised and was responsible for student activities. The purpose of this student organization was to guide the students welfa re by recommendations, suggestions, and promotions of topics concerning the college. Th is group was made up of various class officers. Offi cers elected from the student body were: Jack Streed, president; Jon Sontag, vice-president; Lois Mohr, secretary; and Robert Ziebell, treasurer.

Seated: S. Rauch, l. Mohr, J . Sontag, C. Anhalt, K. Keese. legwold, J . Streed, C. Peterson, H. Schoen, R. Hol le.

Standing: C.

Who/s Who Eight seniors of the class of 1954 were selected to represent the college in the annual publication WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Selection was based upon high attainment in scholarship, leadership, service, attitude, and character.

Seated: S. Rauch, K. Keese, J. Wees, L. Mohr, V. Cieminskl. Kowles, H. Schoen, J. Streed.

Standing: R.

Purple Key The Purple Key is one of the highest honors a student can receive admittance to at this college. The selection of students is based upon scholarship, character, and interest in college activities. There are no officers or meetings held by the holders of the Purple Key, but all students strive to attain membership in this group. Standing: R. Wildgrube, K. Keese, M. Wager, W. Multhaup, M. Lovejoy. Seated: D. Strupp, E. Balch, R. Hopf, S. Minkewitz. Not pictured: M. Cole.

Kappa Delta Pi The Gamma Tau Chapter represents the honorary society in education, Kappa Delta Pi. Eligible members in this organization are only those maintaining junior or senior standing in the college. Officers were: Kathleen Keese, president; Mary Lovejoy, vicepresident; Mae Wager, secretary; Ruth Hopf, treasurer; Shirley Minkewitz, historian recorder; and Miss Murray, counselor. Back Row: N. Parish, R. Wheeler, R. Wildgrube, W. Multhaup, R. Schmidt. Third Row: H. Nelson, E. Balch, M. Lovejoy, Miss Murray, M. Wager, D. Freeman. Second Row: S. Minkewitz, P. Waas, M. Cole, R. Hopf, R. Johnson. Front Row: D. Daun, C. Anhalt, M. Majer¡ us, K. Keese.

Page 37

Kappa Pi

Back Row: R. Jensen, C. Henthorne, J. Sontag, D. Lowrie. Second Row: V. Cieminski, Miss Murray, R. Johnson. f ront Row: J. Bassett, J. Holliday, M. Kieffer, N. Grech.

The national art fraternity, Kappa Pi, is a service organization to the community as well as the campus. They sponsored an annual art bazaar and tea for Winona guests. A Homecoming float and designing the bulletin boards were just a few of the year's projects with the big one coming in the spri ng-sponsoring t he Prom.

This year's officers were: Jon Sontag, president; Cleo Ledebuhr, vice-president; Valerie Cieminski, secretary; Donald Lowrie, treasurer; Joan Bassett, historian recorder; Charles Henthorne, social chairman; and Miss Murray, adviser.

J. Bassett, Miss Murray, R. Johnson, J. Sontag, J. Holliday wait for tea while Mrs. McConnon pours at the Kappa Pi Bazaar.

R. Johnson, M. Keiffer, D. Lowrie, Mr. Ledebuhr, C. Henthorne, put finishing touches on their warrior for the Homecoming parade.

Back Row: P. Hoeppner, R. Bundy, D. Daugs, Dr. Arnold. Third Row: B. Wa lker, B. Bauer, R. Wildgrube, J. Pelowsko, R. Alitz, R. Gun1in. Second Row: D. Wanek, R. Schmidt, W. Multhaup, S. Barr, W. Hein, J. Sines. Front Row: M. VonBargen, J. Hammann, M. Wager, L. Mohr, L. Bundy, K. Keese.

Science Club The Science Club presented its seventeen th annual Science Day on the TC campus this year. It present ed exhibits which were set up in all phases of science by the science majors and minors. They al so sponsored a winter pa rty i n the latter part of January. There was dancing

L. Mohr, K. Keese check each other on plant cells before t he Science Day tours begin.

one night and snow fun at Silver Slopes the fo llowing nig ht. Lat er in the year the senior members took a t rip to Chicago. Wendell M u lt haup was president; Ka thleen Keese, vice-president ; Mae Wager, secretarytreasurer; and Dr. Arno ld, adviser.

Watching the heartbeat of a frog absorbs several area high school students on Science Day.

Page 39

Back Row: J. Johnson, M. Skroch, B. leo, C. legwold, W. Kortsch, K. Smith, B. Bauer, J. Gleason, C. Peterson, B. larson. Third Row: Miss Bard, D. Halverson, E. Wilson, E. Behnken, J. Lewinski, G. Schleder, P. Olson, I. Hanke, l. Tews, l. Arashiro, Mr. Grimm. Second Row: J. Grathwohl, J. lawrence, J. Thomforde, J. Harbrecht, S. Stephens, D. Holt, D. Johnson, M. Washburn, E. Neumann, M. Tripp. Front Row: E. Seim,

D. Grow!, C. Ask, N. Gynild, E. Adams, M. lovejoy, M. Hubbard, F. Prigge.


The mixed chorus which was made up of the members of the Apol lo and Mendelssohn Clubs, performed at the dedication of Memorial Hall, the Rotary Club luncheon, the Christmas concert, and prepared f or the annual spring concert and the concert tour. The chorus under the direction of Mr. Grimm was accompanied by Miss Bard. Jerry Johnson was president; Carol Ask, vice-president; Kendall Smith, treasurer; Janice Wees, corresponding secretary; and Jacqueline Harbrecht, recording secretary.

Miss Bard, Mr. Grimm

Page 40

Back Row: Miss Bard, D. Halverson, B. Wilson, E. Behnken, P. Olson, I. Hanke, l. Tews, L. Arashiro, Mr. Grimm. Second Row: J. Grathwohl, J. lawrence, J. Thomforde, J. Harbrecht, S. Stephens, D. Hoi!, D. Johnson, M. Washburn, E. Neumann, M. Tripp. Front Row: E. Seim, D. Growl, C. Ask, N. Gynild, E. Adams, M. lovejoy, M. Hubbard, F. Prigge.

Mendelssohn The Mendelssohn Club is the name given to the women's glee club of the college. It consisted of about 26 regular members who were under the direction of Mr. Grimm. Miss Agnes Bard accompanied. Faye Prigge was president; Sondra Stephens, vice-president; and Nancy Gynild, secretarytreasurer.

Apollo Club Miss Bard directed sixteen male singers, composing the Apollo Club, in its appearances with the College Cho rus. Eleanor Seim accompanied. Curtis Legwold was president; Robert Lipinski, vice-p resident; and David Shrake, secretary-treasurer.

Back Row: J. Lewinski, J. Johnson, C. legwold, B. l eo, W. Korls~h, G. Schleder, G. Gleason, B. Larson. Front Row: Miss Bard, C. Peterson, M. Skroch, K. Smith, B. Bauer, E. Seim.

Page 41

Front Row: J. Snyder, J. Michel, D. Halverson, J. Bassett, N. Gynild, P. Wilke. Second Row: Mr. Heyer, J. Grathwohl, E. Cook, J. Duellman, C. Hagedorn, D. Searson, R. Dorothy, H. Turton, K. Smith, E. Behnken, J. Johnson, M. Kloss, S. Balzum, A. Luhmann, S. Ryan, E. Grass, M. Holmquist, R. Hudrlik, D. J ohnson, E. Marin, M. Schmuck, J. Thomforde, M. Skroch, M. Glaus, K. Bittner, L. Stoehr, T. O'Brien, G. Riebe, C. Peterson, J. Queensland, E. Steffes. Back Row: J. Stiehl, J. Wees, M. Majerus, M. Roberts, L. Safe, H. Nelson, J . Gleason, E. Neumann, S. Rauch, D. Grovdahl, C. Stiehl, D. Rihs.


The coll ege band was a very active organization of the college. Its calender of events included: two concerts during the year, Homecoming parade as well as the bonfire, one of the many marching bands that appeared at the Winter Carnival, and appearances at football and basketball games. Mr. Fred Heyer directed and advised the band. Curt Peterson was president; Mark Skroch, vicepresident; and Jean Thompforde, secretary-treasure r.

Mr. Heyer

Page 42



Struttin' their stuff: S. Rauch, J. Hamman, D. Rihs, G. Ronnenberg.

Manl They've Got ltl

Se~ted: M. Majerus, W. Hobson, L. ~ox, t. Maron, J. Johnson. Standing: Mr. Heyer, R. Dorothy, J. Gleason, R. Hammergren, C. Peterson, T. O'Brien, E. Steffes.

Page 43

Back Row: M. Kloss, G. Doty, D. Gulbrandson, C. Anderson, H. Turton, W. Kortsch, D. Taft, D. Lowrie. Third Row: B. Wilson, J. Thomforde, D. Freeman, J. Randall, S. Minkewitz, P. Olson, J. Hammann, H. Nelson. Second Row: A. Carhart, S. Ryan, N. Dearmin, P. Wilke, E. Behnken, M. Safe, Miss Magnus. First Row:

S. Rauch, V. Clark, L. Mohr, D. Halverson, A. Clark, L. Kramer.

Wenonah Players Last spring's play, "The Heiress," was another success in arena-style production for the Wenonah Players. The Players sponsored t heir annual homecoming banquet last fall. Tryouts were held at the beginning of each quarter and meetings were held monthly.

Officers of the Players were: p resid ent , Lois Mohr; vice-pres ident, Janis Randall; record ing secretary, Elaine Behnken; treasurer, Donna Freeman; corresponding secretary, Janice Wiltsie; and head technician, Frank Mertes. Miss Dorothy B. Magnus is the adviser.

S. Minkewitz, Aunt Penniman, scores a verbal victory over J. Avery, Dr. Sloper, in last spring's pro¡ duction.

Page 44

The cast of " The Heiress" was: D. Lowrie, J. Lewis, N. Gynild, J. Avery, R. Kottke, H. Nelson, N. Maillie, S. Minkewitz, D. Rice.

Back Row: D. Taft, G. Doty, W. Korlsch, H. Turton, D. Gulbrandson. Second Row: D. Lowrie, J. Johnson, M. Czapiewski, P. Yenco, G. Warren, E. Olson. Front Row: S. Rauch, D. Freeman, J. Randall, P. Wilke, Miss Magnus.

Radio Guild One of the service clubs on the campus is the Radio Guild. The Guild presented regular programs over KWNO publicizing various campus events and presenting a series of broadcasts titled "T.C. Talent.'

Jan Randall was president of the club. Other officers were Jerry Johnson, vice-president; Ellen Olson, secretary; Miss Magnus, adviser; and Dr. Boddy, program coordinator.

Page 45


Back Row: K. Riska, J. Wooden, J. Belden. Fourth Row: V. Cieminski, D. Gulbrand¡ son, B. Gaddis, E. Pumper, R. Ziebell, Mr. Behling. Third Row: M. Walsh, J. Randall, F. Morsching, M. Majerus, M. Czapiewski, L. Mohr. Second Row: S. Minkewitz, J. Thomforde, A. Carhart, P. Wilke, N. Dearmin, A. Winkels. Front Row: N. Gyn¡ ild, D. Bearson, P. Ycnco, H. Rindahl, S. B"ltum.

"Dead line's at five!" was a fami liar phrase to all the members of the staff of the WINONAN. A last minute change in an article wasn't unusual to please the capable managing editor, Jo h n Wooden. Barbara Gaddis was the assistant editor; Maxine Czapiewski, fea ture editor; Bob Ziebell, sports editor; and Nancy Gynild, circulation manager. The adviser for the staff was Mr. Behling.

1all<.in9 and J.

Checking alumni addresses are P. Waas, N. Gynild, B. Gaddis.

Page 46

"Right there, Bob!" M. Czapicwski, R. Ziebell.


Back Row: Mr. Behling, R. Ziebell, J. Belden, H. Rygmyr. Third Row: M. Lovejoy, S. Slaggie, J. Randa ll, S. Minkewitz, V. Cie¡ minski, L. Mohr. Second Row: E. Neumann, C. Ask, M. Kaehler, S. Stephens, M. Czapiewski. Front Row: 0. Tovson, D. Daun, A. Martinson, P. Yenco, S. Buck.

To keep alive the memories of our days spent on the TC campus we have the WENONAH, the school yearbook. Heading the annual staff was Arlene Martinson as Editor-in-Chief. Gene Rygmyr handled the finances and Rose Johnson designed the book's art work. Other key positions we re held by Valerie Cieminski, Carol Ask, Shirley Minkewitz, Mary Washburn, Maxine Czapiewski, Sal ly B~ck, Donna Daun, Bob Ziebell, and Lois Mohr. The staff was advised by Mr. Behling.

Mr. Durf Rygrnyr, ey POses A

R. Ziebell, M. Washburn, V. Cieminski compare notes.

¡ Martinson

and G.

S. Minkewitz, M. Kaehler, Mr. Behling, adviser and D. Daun enjoy looking over an o ld annual.

Page 47

English Club Back Row: J. Threinen, D. Gulbrandson. Fourth Row: J. Harbrecht, Dr. Nelson, P. Olson, J. Randall, R. Thorpe, T. O'Brien, Dr. Boddy. Third Row: J. Holl iday, D. Halverson, P. Wilke, M. Majerus, M. Drys· dale, V. Cieminski, S. Balzum. Second Row: R. Borja, S. Buck, H. Rindahl, N. Kline, S. Stephens, P. Yenco. Front Row: M. Czapiewski, G. Warren, A. Martinson.

Under President Richard Wi ldgrube was seen the opening of the Industrial Arts Club to all students interested, not just minors and majors as before. Th e club's main projects were the construction of the Homecom ing Queen's float and several extended field trips out of the city. The members participated in these and other industrial art's projects under the capable assistance of adviser, Dr. Jackson; Merle Peterson, vice-president; and Walter Hein, secretary.

Students with a flare for creative writing had a chance to display their talents in the English Club. Their biggest project was writing, casting, and producing their own plays in the spring. Providing recreational activity for the students of Phelps School, the English Club sponsored a series of eight movies during the year. Officers were Georgianne Warren, president; Arlene Martinson, vice-president; and Maxine Czapiewski, corresponding secretary.


Industrial Arts Club

Back Row: R. Strand, A. Nardiello, G. Me· Elmury, G. Hansen, G. Fehrman. Third Row: R. Feuhling, D. Olhoff, R. Mahoney, R. Wood, R. Ingram, D. Erding. Second Row: M. Skroch, B. Walker, R. Larson, C. Christ· enson, C. Anderson. Front Row: Dr. Jackson, M. Peterson, W. Hein, R. Wildgrube.

Page 48


Club Back Row: K. Gaustad, G. Williams, J. Zyblicki, J. Glenna, D. Patrick, J. Antoff, J. Knaak, D. Mahlke, R. Habeck. Fourth Row: Dr. Price, G. Elliot, C. Hagedorn, C. legwold, C. Crouch, C. Fox, R. Thorpe, S. Barr, J. Knothe. Third Row: G. Selke, D. Erding, G. Timm, H. Rygmyr, S. Tolleson, J. Ehlers, C. Currier. Second Row: l. Groves, J. Swanson, K. Reinhard, B. Blagsvedt, T. Menagas, F. Prigge, R. Hopf, D. Daun. Front Ro w: Miss Finrh, H. Sherin, N. Dearmin, E. Grass, F. Sebo, P. Pierce, J. Waas, D. Growl.

Changing its name from the Commerce Club to the Business Club gave all commercial and business majors and minors a new outlook on the club's functions. The high-light of the year was the annual spring tour of business establishments of another city. Two social functions were a freshmen dance and a Christmas party. Gerald Timm was the club's president; Richard Thorpe/ vice-p resident; Ruth Hopf1 secretarytreasurer; and Miss Finch and Dr. Price1 advisers.

I. R. C.

The International Relations Club 1 headed by Les Wagner/ had as purposes in mind: promoting an understanding of world problems/ creating personal interests on the part of the student body in current affairs/ and above all promoting Americanism. Other officers were: Jan Randall 1 vice-;Jresident; Valerie Cieminski 1 secretary; James 1hreinen1 treasurer; and Mr. Hoyt/ adviser.


Back Row: T. O'Brien, G. Hanson, S. Minkewitz, P. Olson, R. Borja, l. Arashiro. Front Row: Mr. Hoyt, V. Cieminski, J. Threinen, J. Randall, l. Wagner.

Page 49

Back Row: F. Zimmerman, E. Neumann, E. Olson, J. Pagel. Fourth Row: J. Thomforde, E. Pumper, B. Gaddis, J. Bassett, R. DeYoung, L. Oech, J. Harbrecht, S. Ryan, H. Ehlers, R. Hudrlik. Third Row: E. Tuff, J. Stiehl, D. Grovdahl, V. Clark, A. Clark, D. Fort, L. Stoehr, N. Blaisdell, R. Klossner, Mr. Hoyt. Second Row: S. Stephens, M. Kieffer, H. Nelson, D. Kruger, M. McNally, A. Luhmann, J. Fuller, C. Ask, Miss Aarestad. Front Row: D. Bearson, E. Grass, N. Gynild, J. Nagle, P. Yenco, J. Wisland, R. Borja, G. Haack.

Future Teachers of America "Within our hands will sooon be p laced the destiny of our race," is the song of F. T. A. In their second year, the Etta Hudson Howell Chapter of Future Teachers of America informed and aided students in becoming future teachers in various ways. Taking part in homecoming events, sponsoring a dance, taking charge of Christmas seal sa les, and working with high school F. T. A.

programs were on the year's agenda. Adding zest to the club was the appearance of Norbert Lindskog, Minnesota state FTA president. Heading this active organization were Harry Schoen, president; Jacqueline Harbrecht, vicepresident; Shirley Balzum, secretary; Elaine Behnken, treasu rer; and Miss Aarestad and Mr. Hoyt, advisers.

Back Row: E. Wolfram, W. Hein, J. Wees, M. Cole, R. Jacobson, N. Wondrow, J. Decker, A. Winkels, C. Stiehl, A. Hemming. Fourth Row: D. McRae, H. Schmidt, G. Timm, M. lovejoy, M. Tripp, L. Connolly, C. Schwantz, A. Hanson, P. Waas, M. Hubbard. Third Row: M. Haas, M. Heinen, J. Lawrence, N. Anderson, M. Peterson, N. Dearmin, M. Washburn, E. Balch, J. Hanke. Second Row: J . Holliday, S. Renchin, P. Wilke, M. Kloss, L. Kramer, D. Mueller, L. ladsten, B. Plourde, 0. Tovson. Front Row: S. Balzum, H. lawson, B. Wilson, B. Bryan, M. Peterson, B. Hoon, E. Dev ney, S. Sen rick.

Page 50


Club Back Row: R. DeYoung, C. Pas¡ vogel, J. Belden, B. Larson, 0. Lowrie, 0. Patrick, G. McEimury, R. Schmidt. Third Row: 0. Mathias, B. Anderson, M. Lovejoy, L. Mohr, B. Wilson, J. Decker, J. Griebenow. Second Row: B. Hoon, A. Carhart, 0. Growl, R. Klossner, M. Washburn, J. Grathwohl, S. Marburger. Front Row: P. Pierce, M. Holmquist, L. Arashiro, G. Riebe, M. Shmuck, M. Cole.

The Wesley Club is an organization of the Methodist students on campus. Weekly meetings were held and four students were sent to Lawrence, a national meeting of Methodist students. Anne Carhart was president; Robert DeYoung, vice-president; Margery Cole, secretary; and James Johnson, treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Pfluke were club advisers.

Y. W. C. A.

The Young Women's Christian Association met once a month during the year with the main purpose of making new frie nds and creating good Christian fel lows hip. They sponsored a get-acquainted tea for freshmen women and various speakers throughout the year. Dr. Margaret Boddy was club adviser and Janice Wees, president; Kathleen Keese, vice-president; Jacquellin Stiehl, secretary; and Darlene Bearson, treasurer.

Ba ck Row: L. Stoehr, E. Neumann, H. Ehlers, L. Mohr, M. Lovejoy, M. Cole, M. Hubbard. Third Row : C. Stiehl, B. Heise, B. Plourde, J. Decker, A. Carhart, J. Wees, Or. Boddy. Second Row: R. Kruger, J. Stiehl, J. Lawrence, J. Grathwohl, 0 . Larson, B. Gaddis. Front Row: N. Blaisdell, 0. Tovson, P. Yenco, H. Lawson, D. Searson.

Page 53

Westminster Club

Buk Row: C. Stiehl, Miss Roney, N. Kline. Front Row: P. Olson, J. Stiehl, C. Peterson.

L. S. A. l. S. A. is the lutheran Students Association here on campus. Members of the National lutheran .Council of Churches are welcome at all activities of the club. Each fall the club sponsors a pancake supper open to students of the college. Officers were: Jon Sontag, president; Curt legwold, vice-president; Carol Anhalt, secretary; and Richard Holle, treasu rer. Rev. M. Brynestad was club adviser.

It was not unusual to find the student lounge filled with activity on Thursday night. It was then that Westminster Club held its meetings during the past year. This Presbyterian Church Club with a special topic of study each year, chose Church History as this year's subject. Club members also put on the the program for the services Sunday morning. Rev. layton Jackson was Chaplain and Miss Roney, qdviser. Officers were Curt Peterson, president; Pat Olson, vice-president; Natalie Klein, secretary-treasurer; and Jackie Stiehl, recording secretary.

Back Row: D. Gulbrandson, R. Buxrude, J. Sontag, D. Burreson, W. Northouse, C. Legwold, R. Holle, D. Madson, J. McGinnis, Rev. Brynstad. Fourth Row: N. Gynild, D. Rihs, E. Neumann, E. Olson, M. Peterson, M. Wager, L. Groves, R. Overland, C. Anderson, M. Peterson. Third Row: J. Lawrence, H. Rindahl, N. Blaisdell, E. Tuff, C. Anhalt, C. Ask, J. Wees, D. Kruger, H. Schmidt. Second Row: D. Searson, N. Anderson, 0. Larson, S. Johnson, M. Heinen, C. Schwantz, D. Holt, B. Heise, M. Safe. Front Row : N. Wondrow, 0. Tovson, H. Lawson, M. Peterson, D. Grovdahl, L. Ladsten, D. Halverson, J. Queensland.

Page 54

Back Row: G. Kochenderfer, R. Czaplewski, F. Zimmerman, A. Kulig, J. Antoff, J. Frankson, D. Schroeder, C. Hoeppner, R. Gurvin, R. Hennessy, J . Walch, J. Easton. Fifth Row: J. Lewinski, J. Basselt, B. Plourde, J . Winkels, S. Slaggie, E. Grass, M. Czapiewski, V. Cieminski, E. Marin, A. Nardiello, G. O'Reilly, R. Ferguson. Fourth Row: J. Grebin, M. Steigerwald, J. Holmgren, N. Haley, J. Rompa, J. Hammann, A. Seiler, M. Majerus, D. Rick, E. Steffes, E. Cook. Third Row: A. Bianchi, E. Devney, J . Wunder¡ lich, H. Nelson, M. Fernholz, N. Grech, B. Adams, J. Duellman, S. Renchin, T. O'Brien, P. Hoeppner. Second Row: J. O' Brien, E. Pumper, J . Holliday, J. Snyder, R. Hudrlik, T. Styba, L. Kramer, R. Borja, M. Renchin, R. Jacobson, L. Bundy. first Row: S. Ryan, L. Hanson, Miss Sweeney, D. Erding, M. Kieffer, J. Thomforde, Miss Magnus, J. Wiltse, M. Walsh.

Newman Club Serving Catholic students and faculty at W.S.T.C. was the Newman Club, a national organization. The club was active, but one of the high-lights was its sponsorship of a dance for all Newman Club members, St. Teresa's College, and St. Mary's College. Approximately 450 students attended this gala affair which took place at the Catholic Recreational Center. This spring the club took part in the Provence

Convention which was held in W inona w ith representatives from North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, and Minnesota attending. Rev. Joseph McGinnis was Chaplain with M iss Dorothy Magnus serving as adviser. Officers were Liz Kieffer, president; Eugene Cook, vicepresident; Jean Thomforde, secretary; and Dave Erding treasurer.

Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational organization associated with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Bible study and prayer meetings were balanced with social gatherings. Officers for this year were: John Streed, president; Bruce Bauer, vice-president; and Darlene Johnson, secretary-treasurer. Mr. J. C. Guthrie was the club's advise r.

Back Row: B. Bauer, K. Smith, R. Christensen, G. McEimury, J. Streed. Front Row: B. Hoon, J. Nagel, D. Johnson.

5 p 0 R

T 5







-----, I



I Page 57

Back Row: V. Mehl, G. Bartz, G. Olson, R. Kowles, R. Alitz, H. Burkard, F. Foster, S. Barr, R. Schmidt, R. Butterfield, F. Hoeft. Second Row: M. Peterson, G. Hansen, J. Greb:n, G. Whipple, J. Sonsalla, G. Doty, R. Haskins, A. Boese, V. Grabau, R. Rubado, D. Duff, R. Habeck. Front Row: R. Ziebell, R. Mahoney, J. Ehlers, W. Ziebell, A. Bianchi, R. Risser, R. Johnson, J. McGinnis, R. Larson.

Football A half-veteran, half frosh squad of football candidates reported to Maxwell Field last August as Coach Gene Brodhagen's Warriors started toughening up for the most successful football season in some years. Losing some heartbreakers, they ended up 4 and 4 for the season, took a second berth in the Conference, and ran St. Mary's into the turf, regaining the City Football Championship.

Captained by line-plunging halfback Vic Grabau and All-Conference end Dick (Oz) Kowles, the Warriors opened the season on a balmy Monday night at Eau Claire. Fumbles, interceptions, penalties, and a great Bluegold fullback named Galuska spelled defeat for Winona, though they outdid the men from Wisconsin in everything but score. At Stout Institute the following week, the State scoring machine began chalking up the points

Football Scoreboard Winona ____ ____ o Winona ________ 19 Winona ____ ____ 14 Winona ______ __ 26 Winona _ _______ o Winona ___ _____ 13 Winona _____ __ _ 0 Winona ________ 13

Eau Claire ____ ____ 13 Stout ___________ o Mankato ______ __ Q Bemidji ____ __ ___ 7 Moorhead _ ______ 19 River Falls _______ 45 St. Cloud ________ 18 St. Mary's ________ 6

Captains R. Kowle s and V. Grabau, and Coach Brodhagen reminisce over successful season.

Page 58

R. Johnson and J. Grebin fight for rebound in the Mankato thriller.

Basketball The Warriors had a highly successful 1953-54 basketball season, finishing with a 14-10 record. In the conference the Warriors broke even, having a 4-4 record. They defeated every team in the conference, but also lost to every team. The Warriors were especially tough to beat on their home court, as they piled up a 10-2 record. On the road, however, they were not as effective, compiling a 4-8 record. The Warriors started the season slow, dropping their first two games. They suffered losses to Stout Institute of Menomenie, Wisconsin, and River Falls State College before annexing a double triumph over Eau Claire State College. River Falls ran up the highest point total to be scored against the Warriors all season as they poured 105 points through the nets. Holding a 2-2 record, the Warriors moved to Forest City, Iowa for the Christmas Tournament. The local Peds dropped their first game 82-63 to Cornell College of Mount Vernon, Iowa, but won their second round encounter 41-40 over Buena Vista. Following the tournament the Warriors returned home to gain revenge over River Falls as they defeated the Falcons 81-77. The Peds next moved into conference action, and suffered the first loss of the season on their home court as they were downed by Moorhead 56-54 in a nip and tuck battle. Then the Warriors ran roughshod over Platteville, and gained rev enge from Stout, as they defeated the Pioneers 81-71, and whipped the Blue Devils 78-68.

The Warriors moved back into conference action, and evened up the record at 1-1 when they defeated highly touted Mankato 65-58. It marked the first conference loss for the Indians. The Warriors then hit the road again, and suffered a 64-60 loss to Stevens Point College. In the next game the Warriors again fell behind in conference play as they suffered a heart breaking 81-79 defeat at the hands of St. Cloud. Platteville made it three straight losses as they powered over the Warriors 93-66 on the small Pioneer court.





Coach Arns and Athletic Director McCown look over new scoreboard.

Batk Row: J. O'Brien, J. Frankson, R. Strand, P. Lee, J. Swanson, R. Nihart. Setond Row: J. Ehle rs, G. O'Rei lley, P. Polus, J. Grebin, G. Fehrman, F. Hoeft, C. Currier. front Row: Coach Arns, R. Kowles, D. Diercks, G. Regnier, R. Richter, R. Johnson, R. Oelke.

The Warriors then left on the annual northern jaunt, and evened up the conference record in the first game of the trip when they defeated Moorhead 77-70. In this game guard Pete Polus tied the school record for points scored in a

single game as he hit for 39 points. The Warriors immediately fell behind again in conference action as they went down to defeat 80-59 to the Bemidji Beavers. This left them with a 2-3 record in the conference, and an overall season record of 8-8.

Left: R. Richte r scores on tip¡in. Above: Captain Kowles jumps for two.

Captain Dick Kowles

Returning home from the north country, the Warriors met St. Mary's in the first game of the annual inter-city clash. The Redmen won the game 59-53, and moved into _a position to t~ke the city crown from the Warners. The Warners stayed on their home court, and_ starte? on a six game winning spree as they _f1rst gamed r~­ venge on Bemidji 67-59, h~ndmg ~hem t~e1r first conference loss after f1ve stra1ght wms. Next on the list was Bethel College of St. Paul and the Warriors rang u~ an?th_er victory _70-61. The Warriors continued buddmg up the1r conference record as they next added St. Cloud to the revenge column 73-69. The next team to go down under the new found Warrior power was LaCrosse State 87-71 as the Warriors ran up their highest scoring total of the season. The La Crosse game was a good primer, and the Warriors chalked up another victory when they defeated St. Mary's 54-49. Captain Dick Kowles led the way as he chalked up 20 points, and

R. Kowles catches a straight-arm as he lays one up.

held high scoring Pat Costello of the Marians to nine points, his lowest point total in three years. The Warriors made it six straight as they whipped Bethel for the second time 82-79. The Warriors finished the season on a sour note, as they dropped their final game 71-46 to Mankato, who went on to win the playoff with Bemidji and annex the conference crown. Pete Polus led Warrior scoring for the year with a 389 total, and an average of 16.9. Fred Hoeft was next in line with an average of 12.7, followed by Ron Richter with 11.8, and Dick Kowles with 9.2. The same four led the Warriors in their conference efforts with Polus having an average of 20, Hoeft 13.1, Richter 11.1, and Kowles 8.6.

Pete Polus P. Polus scores against Moorehead.

Page 63

Fred Hpeft

Gene Fehrman

Basketball S(Ooreboard Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona

________ 51 ________ 81 _______ 68 _______ 76 _ 63 41 81 ___ 54 _ 81 _ ____ 78 ________ 65

Stout ___ _______ 55 River Falls ---· 105 Eau Claire _____ 64 Eau Claire _____ 63 Cornell 82 Buena Vista 40 River Falls ______ 77 Moorhead ______ 56 Platteville _ _____ 71 Stout _________ 68 Mankato ----· __ 58

Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona Winona

Ron Richter

________ 60 ________ 79 ___ ___ __ 66 ________ 77 ___ _____ 59 ________ 53 _____ ___ 67 ________ 70 ________ 73 ________ 87 ________ 54 ________ 82 ________ 46

· Stevens Point __ __ 64 St. Cloud _______ 81 Platteville _______ 93 Moorhead ____ 70 Bemidji ___ . 80 St. Mary's _ ·-· __ 59 Bemidji ________ 59 Bethel ________ 61 St. Cloud _______ 69 LaCrosse ______ _ 71 St. Mary's ______ 49 Bethel _________ 79 Mankato _______ 71



George O'Reilley

Page 64

Gil Regnier

Jerry Grebin


What is it?

Roger Johnson

Junior Varsity Made up almost entirely of freshmen, the 1953-54 Warrior junior varsity basketball team won 13 games in a row before dropping the last game of the season to St. Mary's jayvee team.

closest game of the year was a 52-50 double overtime victory over Leroy High School. Another highlight of the season was the Minneapolis Laker prelimina ry game during Christmas vacation. Several boys moved to the varsity during the season, and all the boys gained valuable experience which should help them try to crack next year's squad.

The junior Warriors beat the St. Mary's and LaCrosse " B" squads once each and the Stout "B' squad twice, besides whipping several topnotch high school and independent teams. The

Dallas Diercks

Pa ge 65

Did it go in, Bill?

Dump it in, Vic!

lntramurals The 1953-54 intramural basketball race closed with the Bird Brains coming out on top. The Bird Brains annexed both the first half and second half championships for the undisputed crown. The season, as usual, was full of excitement and entertainment. It was estimated that, counting the men on the varsity team, about 80 per cent of the male enrollment of the college took part in basketbal l of some kind during the past year.

Try again, Grabau!


Who shot? Front Row: R. Buxrude, l. Bundy, R. Ferguson, R. Overland. Back Row: W. Christopherson, D. Thompson.

Page 66


For the first time in the history of Winona State Teachers College a wrestling team was organized. The team made a name for itself as it participated in two meets over the 1953-54 season. The first meet for the grapplers was the tough Carleton Tournament at Northfield, Minnesota. The team placed fifth in a field of ten. Heavyweight Ken Habeck advanced to the finals by virtue of three straight wins. Bob Haskins chalked up two pins before going down to defeat in his third match. LaVerne Bundy and Gordon Selke also annexed victories before going down to defeat.

M. Peterson, l. Bundy, G. Selke, R. Wacholz, C. Pasvogel, R. Haskins, K. Reinhard, K. Habeck, Coach Brodhagen.

The Warriors have all participants returning next year, and prospects indeed look good. The State Conference is contemplating starting wrestling as a regular inter-collegiate sport. It is neces-

sary for at least three schools to have w restling teams before this can happen, and al ready Winona, Mankato, Moorhead, and St. Clo ud have teams. So it is entirely possible that W inona State fans will have someth ing new to watch when next winter rol ls around.

Coach Brodhage n, R. Wood, T. Medhog, R. Holle, R. Fraser.

Golf The T.C. golf team had a rather disappointing season last year, but prospects for the coming season looked very promising. Bright spots of the season were the opening match aga inst St. Mary's which Winona won 7 to 5, and the victory against LaCrosse T.C. Matches were dropped to St. Mary's, St. Cloud, Stout and Mankato. Winona came in third in the state meet at Mankato and fourth in the bi-state meet at Westfield in Winona.

Tennis Winona's tennis team , wh ich f inis hed f ou rth in both the Bi-State and the State meets in 1953, was composed of Dick Hinze, J im Belde n, Bil l Kortsch, Bruce Wa lke r, and Ron Welty, all f re shmen. They also lost two meets to riva l St. Mary's and one to Stout. Page 67

St•nding: A. Swota, J. Antoff, W. Thompson, A. Kulig, R. Richter, E. Steckel, M. lee, A. Rentz, Coach Arns. Kneeling : G. Fehrman, M. Renk, J. Grebin, E. Davies, D. Timm, G. Whipple, C. Fox.

Baseball Pitchers W Kulig --------------- 7


Swot a - ------------ _ 4


Whipple ----- -------- 2 Vondrashek __________ 1 Grebin --------- ---- 1 Fehrman

0 2

J. Grebin hits the dirt in practice session.

Another foe goes down swinging.

Page 68


The Warriors successfully retained their crown as champions in both the Bi-state and State conference during the 1953 season. It marked the sixth straight year that the Winona team has copped the coveted honor. The Winonans had a successful southern trip this year as they won four and lost none on the journey. The Warriors downed both Arkansas State Teachers and Union University of Jackson, Tennessee twice. In other scheduled games the Warriors ran into trouble with old man weather and were rained out. Following this trip the Warriors returned to face LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Here the Purple and White added another victory as they downed the Indians 5-4. In their first home engagement the Warriors defeated the Mankato Indians 6-5 behind the 4 hit pitching of AI Kulig. In the second game of the double header the Indians handed the Warriors their first loss 4-2. The Warriors then moved northward to St. Cloud and defeated the Huskies twice 4-1 and 7-0 in a double header. Kulig and George Vondrashek combined to twirl a two hitter in the second encounter. The Warriors then returned home to battle the University of Minnesota and dropped their second game of the season 11 -4. The Warriors recovered and ran roughshod over the Blue Devils from Stout as they defeated them twice 2-0 and 6-1 in a Gabrych Park double header. Andy Swota allowed Stout only 4 hits in the second game. The Warriors then journeyed to Cedar Falls and handed Iowa State Teachers a 4-3 defeat. Moving into Wisconsin, the Warriors defeated Eau Claire State twice with AI Kulig collecting a 9-1, 4 hit, victory in the first game and Andy Swota a 10-3, 5 hit, victory in the second. The Warriors continued their winning ways in downing LaCrosse State 9-2. The Purple and White were not to be denied in Wisconisn as they went on to beat River Falls 4-1 and 7-5 in a double bill.

D. Timm pops one up.

Warriors chalk up another run.

These victories cinched the conference championship for the Warriors, and they had only one game remaining. The Warriors dropped their third game of the season to St. Mary's, M.I.A.C. Champions, in the annual intra-city clash. This left the Warriors with a 15-3 record for the season. The season marked the end of great college careers for two of the finest pitchers in Winona State history. Andy Swota ended up with a 4-0 record for the season and 11-3 for four years. AI Kulig had a 7-1 record for the season and a 22-6 record over four years. Swota had 142 strike-outs and Kulig 223.

Ace Hurlers: A. Swota, G. Vondrashek, A Kulig.

Page 69

J. Sonsalla, M. Mullins, R. Ziebell, H. Reed, P. Knopp, A. Maze, C. Haas. Front Row: A. Woychik, M. Peterson, G. Ha nsen, J. Benke, A. Boese, C. Hagedorn, R. Kreuger, Coach Brodhagen.

Back Ro w:

Track Winona's cindermen had a very successful conference season, finishing second to the powerful Mankato Indians in both the Bi-State and State meets, held in Mankato and St. Cloud respectively. Big point-getters were Mullens in the dashes, Woychik and Reed in the distance runs, Hage-

dorn in the hurdles, Kreuger in the discus, and Knopp in the pole vault. Besides participating in several invitationa l meets, the tracksters split even i n two dual meets with W isconsin schools bowing to LaCrosse and whipping Eau Claire.



P. Knopp clears the bar in pole vault event.

High hurdlers, R. Ziebell, C. Hagedorn, G. Hansen, clear the first barrier in the Eau Claire meet.

Page 70

Back Row: J. Sines, R. Ziebell, C. Hagedorn, R. Kowlcs, G. Hansen, A. Kulig, J. Grebin. Third Row: Mr. Arns, adviser, M. Hunter, G. Fehrman, F. Hoeft, R. Mahoney, W. Ziebell. Second Row: R. Fraser, G. O'Reilley, R. Butterfield, A. Boese, H. Reed, R. Haskins. Front Row: A. Bianchi, M. Peterson, V. Grabau, E. Bartz, R. Larson.

The "W" Club, the athletic club on campus, is made up of al l letter-winners from the sports of inter-collegiate competition: football, basketbal l, baseball, track, tennis, wrestling, and golf. In the past year the club brought the Minneapo lis Lakers to Winona. It also provided part time jobs for its members and attempted to provide athletic scholarsh ips throug h excess funds.

The Men's Physical Education Club, consisting of physical education majors and minors, organized and sponsored all intramural activities fo r al l male students of the college. Winners in each of the sponsored sports-basketbal l, volleyball, softball, and golf-are awarded intramura l championship medals. Haro ld Burkard was president and Fred Hoeft, secret ary.

Back Row: R. Overland, S. Baar, G. O'Rci lley, J. Grebin. Second Row: V. Grabau, G. Hansen, A. Boese. Front Row: R. Kowles, F. Hoeft, R. Richter, R. Haskins.

Page 71

Women's Athletic Association

WAA Board: C. Anhalt, D. Searson, J. Thomforde, L. Mohr, H. Ehlers, S. Rauch, J. Wees.

"A girl for every sport and a sport for every girl" is the motto upon which the activities of the Women's Athletic Association are directed. W.A.A.'s outdoor activities included soccer, speedball, and softball. Principal indoor activities were volleyball and basketball. Supplementing the team sport program were individual and dual activities such as badminton, table tennis, and swimming. All activities were guided by a board consisting of five sports' leaders and the association officers and advisers. This year's officers were: Carol Anhalt, president; Shirley Rauch, vice-president; and Helen Ehlers, secreA lot of hard work at college basketball games.


Page 72

Back Row: B. Heise, J. Wees, C. Schwantz, J. Decker, H. Ehlers, F. Morsching, J. Pagel, S. Haakensted, P. Sinnot. Third Row: Miss Roney, C. Anhalt, B. Plourde, L. Mohr, J. Thomforde, M. Ho lmquist, 0. larson, S. Rauch. Second Row: J. Snyder, J. Rompa, D. Searson, S. Stephens, M. Heinen, G. Haack, E. Behnken. Front Row: L. Arashiro, M. Meyer, G. Riebe, G. Ronnenberg, B. Adams, 0. Tovson.

Women's Physical Education Club The Women's Physical Education Club on campus is an organization of women students with majors or minors in physical education and health. The principal club activities were concerned w ith the promotion of professional interest in the fields of physica l education, health, and recreation. The following people served as th is year's officers: Kay Keese, president; Shirley Rauch, vice-president; and Carol Anha lt, secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisers were Dr. Talbot, Beulah Gregoire, and Phyllis Roney.

Back Row: Miss Roney, M. Wager, S. Rauch, K. Keese. Third Row: B. Plourde, F. Morsching, S. Haakenstad, P. Sinnott. Second Row: G. Ronnenberg, J. Snyder, J. Rompa, E. Behnken. Front Row: M. Holmquist, C. An¡ halt, L. Mohr.

Modern dance?

It's two and one on Mitze.

Page 73

c A p E R





Pog. 74

Page 75

We Get

Above: Starting the fall quarter beanie style. Right: "Don't pass the wheaties!"

The first week on the T.C. campus was one filled with getting acquainted, getting established, and signing cards, cards, and more cards. Al l freshmen seemed to agree that the getting

acquainted part-breakfast, dance- was great fun and registration wasn't too bad with so many willing people to help.



Left : J. Harbrecht gives frosh some sound advice from a club booth, a new addition to the program. Right: The end of a perfect day - registration fees!

Page 76


• •

Acquainted ...


Groves blindly "proposing" w ith a little encouragement f rom the "Terrible Twelve." Left: "Down, you freshmen!" L.

Right: T. Styba and M. Stuhr find punishment quite pleasing

in the arms of J. Varner and V. Mehl.




Back Row: V. Cieminski,

J. Sontag, L. Wagner, R. Hopf. Front Row : S. Rauch, J. Wees, J. Stiehl, D. Kruger.

Page 77


A Queen ...

Left: Co-captain R. Kowles crowns Drexel queen after V. Grabau, co-captain, presented the scepter. Right: "Happy day for the Irish!" _Queen Drexel escorted by J. O'Brien and J. O'Reilly.

The "W" Club continued its winning ways by presenting the college with its candidate Drexel Rice as Homecoming Queen for 1954. Drexel was crowned in an impressive ceremony in darkened Maxwell Field on Friday evening. Completing the evening's schedule were the bonfire and pep dance. Jon Sontag, chairman of Homecoming, planned the tight schedule of Saturday to run smoothly

with the highlight of the whole program, and even of the college year, scheduled that morning. Many alumn i were on campus for the dedication of Memorial Hal l, the new physical education p lant. Rounding out the schedule were the parade, the football game with St. Cloud, many dinners and mixers, and the Homecoming formal- all helping to make the busiest , if not the best Homecoming in the h~tory of the college.

The 1954 Homecoming Court: Shirley Rauch, attendant; Deloris Kruger, attendant; Pally Davis, page.

Page 78


Rice, queen;

• I


Above: Alumni and students laugh over old times at the formal. Right: Prentiss Lodge's firs t-place entree in the after¡ noon parade. Below: Kappa-Pi's Warrior.

Royal waves watchers.





Sponsor Sadie Hawkins

Above: "Ya caught lil Abner Schoen!" M. Kratz. M. Peterson, H. Schoen, S. Stephens, M. Von Bargen. Left: "The Winners!" R. Borja, l. Krogh, M. Veir, R. Jensen, D. Wanek, l. Groves.

and the Formal . It was a different group of juniors sponsoring the Valentine Formal, but for the second year it was a success. The couples entered the Oaks through a huge heart-doorway to dance to the music of Curt Peterson and his band . The juniors had fun decorating and arranging the Formal, and that night the product was enjoyed by the entire college.

"You forgot your program!" R. Wildgrube, A. Carhart, S. Slaggie, D. Erding, J. Sontag. l eft: Time-out for a coke. M. Erickson, J. Wi ltse, R. Jensen, V. Cieminski, l. Krogh, C. Legwold.

Page 8 1

Faculty advertisement in the Homecoming parade in the fall.

Are Catered To By The Faculty One of the biggest social successes of the year was put on by the faculty as they staged one of their Faculty Fairs at the college. There were aches and pains the next week, but an

awfully lot of fun went with its production. It was one of the largest in variety and financial success. The money raised is used for recruitment of students for the college.

Left: "Did you embroider it yourself, Nels?" Dr. Gulick, Mr. Jederman, Dr. Minne, Dr. Raymond. Below: " I bet that's ... "

Page 82

"John Phillip" lokensgard leads !he band between halves of the baske1ball game.

left: And it's Miss Steffenson in the lead. Below: "I'll never be able to teach 1omorrow!"



And Open

Our Doors

"Welcome!" R. Thorpe, G. Riebe, Miss Roney, Dr. Van Alstine, F. Morsching, K. Smith.

The faculty and students of the college had a night of fun as they went looking through the dorm for "pink elephants, bear rugs, the prexy's room" during the dorms' open house. When they later formed into groups and presented their "sing-for-your-supper" skits everyone agreed that there was a lot of hidden talent around the college.

You'd never believe that's a goat on the floor.

This is opera!?

Page 84

Above: "Paw" Raymond and his family. Right: Ten little Redmen.

"He won't bite, Curti" S. Rauch, S. Ren chin, E. Seim, D. Lowrie, C. Peterson, R. Larson, C. Pasvogel, B. Gaddis.

Page 85


Left: The facul!y opened !heir homes to s!udents. Enjoying tea wi!h two of !he hos1s and hostesses, Dr. Ragar and Mrs. Behling, arc M. Pe1erson, S. S1ephens, P. Wilke. Below: "Man! Am I hungryl"

We Eat

Page 86

We Work

We Complain

Chuck Williams, KWNO announcer, goes over the game John Brietlow is to cover for the paper the next day.

We complained of too much light at some of our buildings and not enough at others.

And ...

Page 87

We Reign . . .

Left : Sweethearts of State. J. Wunderlich, '54 Winona Winter Carnival Queen; N. Gynild, '53 Winona Winter Carnival Attend¡ ant; G. Ronnenberg, '54 Winona Winter Carnival Attendant; M. Fernholz, '53 Steamboat Days' Attendant.

And look To The Future Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gene Rygmyr and baby Tacy.

Page 88

Students of the college look to the future of Somsen gym. The $100,000 remodeling of the gym into a student center and class rooms is expected to be completed next fall.

"Yeh, Team!" G. Ronnenberg, S. Rauch, M. Holmquist, L. Ladsten. Not pictured: L. Mohr.

Wenonah Staff Arlene Martinson Gene Rygmyr Rose Johnson Carol Ask Valerie Cieminski Shirley Minkewitz Mary Washburn Maxine Czapiewski Sally Buck Bob Ziebell Lois Mohr Donna Daun Sondra Stephens

Copy Writers: Mar y Lovejoy James Belden John Brietlow Jan Randall Georgi Warren Vic Grabau Pat Yenco Ralph Behling

Editor Business Manager Art Editor Faculty Section Faculty Section Classes Classes Organizations Organizations Men's Sports Women's Sports Index Index

O l ive Tovson Elizabeth Newmann LaVonne Ladsten Typists: Shirley Slaggie Joanne Wunderlich Ruth Hopf Faculty Adviser

Our appreciation to Miss Floretta Murray, art instructor.

Page 89

• • I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the business firms of Winona who so generously contri buted to make this book possible. H. Gene Rygmyr Business Manager

Complements of

Baker's Shoes 165 Center Street


V. F. W.


Post 1287 -


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If You Have Insurance Questions-


Stop In!

(Fred Heyer)

And His Orchestra


Aakre Motor Company 107 WALNUT ST.

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PHONE 3366

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Winona Milk Company "Winona's Home Owned Dairy" Distributors of Quality Dairy Products Manufacturers of "full flavored" Winona ice cream 759 East Broadway

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RACKOW'S BARBER SHOP T. C. Students' Headquarters

Clark & Clark, !Jnc. INSURANCE

for Haircutting 157 Main -

Near the Post Office

W. M. C. INC. General Contractors Wm. M. Christensen

W m. S. L. Christensen

"We are extremely proud of our part in the construction of the new Memorial Physical Education Building at Winona State Teachers College."

Page 92

Eat at the f

Steak Shop

The Store For Men, Women and Boys

The Gas Company

Women's Shop Upper level

For dependable se rvice use gas for house heat ing, wa te r heating, cooking and c lothes d ryi ng

Fourth at Center




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Wa t ches


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Drapes and Slip Cove r Making

Sew, Bind and Lay Rugs

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Williams Book & Stationery

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Friendly Service Since 1855

Winona, Minnesota

Phone 2304

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Wood Carvings






Prayer Books

Hummel Bibles

Greeting Cards

Karl F. Conrad 108 W . 3rd. ST.


Jones & Kroeger Company Printers and Stationers Winona, Minnesota

Markle Oil Co., Inc. Compliments of

Phone 6091 and

Winona Tool Manufacturing Co.

Stevenson Coal Co., Inc. Phone 2560 COAL



Let's All Be American and Work Hand In Hand To Preserve Our Freedom Congratulations to the Graduating Class From

Winona Sand and Gravel Co. Producers of Washed Sand and Gravel Winona, Minnesota

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Phone 7829


The Star Shoe Repair Shop



129 East Third St. Winona, Minnesota

114 Center St.

Z, tJH.L Warmington •s Jewelry


Specializing in Wedding Portraits

Your Dependable Jewelers

Commercial & Portrait Photography

Corner Third and Main Streets

209 Johnson





75 West Third Street


Kewpee Lunch, Annex, & Fountain Grill Specializing in BATTER FRIED PIKE- CHICKEN -SANDWICHES BEEF TENDERLOIN STEAKS & T BONES "SoftServ" Ice Cream -

151-153 East Third

Phone 9980 Page 101

Stop at the



Ford Sales & Service


Son Co.

Distributors of DEERWOOD DELIC IOUS FOODS Fresh Fruits & Vegetables


Compliments of

Keglers Klub Bowl for Health

Owl Motor Company

1031/2 W. 3 rd

Phone 5060

Fourth and Main



Silverwa re

Winona Potato Market

J. Milton Dahm




112 E. Third Street

A Store Ful l of Gift s

118 Market Street Winona, Minn.


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Compliments of

MeV ey' s Ice Cream Shop


We hope we have done our part

Hardware & Appliances

toward making your year a pleasant one Dial 9808

45 1 Huff Street

Phone 4982

115 East Third


Springdale Dairy Co. MILK & CREAM

Graham and McGuire

of Superior Flavor


Ladies' Footwear Exclusively Complimen ts of

Bill's Barber Shop

Slipper Shop

Phon€ 71 04

368 Johnson St.

103 E. Third

St ee l Welded Rings

Phone 7198

Special Wire Shapes

Peerless Chain Company Chain Manufacturers Complete Line of Tire Chains For Passenge r Ca rs, Trucks and Tractors Complete Line of Industrial and Hardware Chain Office and Factory

Winona, Minnesota

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Siebrecht Floral Co.

Badger Machine Co. 1124 W . Fifth St reet Phone 2308

e e

W inona, Minn. Badger Trenchers Hopto Diggers


Compliments of

Stirneman-Selover Co. 162 Main St . WINONA,

Since 1885

Phone 6066





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Rainbow Monument



Kalmes Tire Service VULCANIZING



Everything To Wear For Every Member of The Family

116 W. Second

Phone 2847 63 W. Third

Phone 2097


Winona Monument Co.


Manufacturers of Fine Memorials Since 1866

Winona Clinic

(Opposite Court House)



a Loyal Friend


Gamble-Robinson Co. WINONA,


For Your Extra Curricular Activities

Arnies Page 105

Cichanowski Jewelry Store COMPLIMENTS OF

Watc hes - Diamond s - J ewelry

58 E. 3rd.

Phone 5788

Peter Bub Brewery

Dorn •s I. G. A. Store Groceries



"We Got lt, We Can Get It-Or It's Not Mode"






Custom Photofinishing

Ed Buck •s Camera Shop

Vulcan Manufacturing Co. e




l 59 Mai n Street





The Tops in Dry Cleaning

Parkway Coffee Shop The Best Place to Eat


Props. 3 Hour Cleaning (on Request) In By 10 A.M .

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Out By 5 P.M.

Mr. and Mrs. Art Stafne 112 Johnson St.

Phone 8-1534


Curt Peterson & HIS ORCHESTRA


H. Beherens Mfg. Co. High Grade Metalware Winona, Minnesota



Chas. J. Olsen & Sons Plumbing & Heating Telephone 7010

Complete Insurance Service

109-111 Centtr St.

Winona, Minn .

213 Center St.

Phone 3636

Boyum, Schubert & Sorensen Architects & Engineers 300 Exchange Bldg. Winona, Minn. "We a re proud of the part we have in the construction of the new Memorial Building at Winona State Teachers College."

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Winona Printing Company PRINTING and LITHOGRAPHY

Winona Heating & Ventilating

Complete Creative Art Service





Hanson •s Direct Gas ED BUNKE On Hi-Ways 61, 14 and 43 PHONE 9859




Northwest Farm Service We Specialize in Farm and Property Management Appraisals- Rentals 106 W. 3rd ST.

TEL. 9449

The Royal Carpet Is Always Out For You At "The Old Store On The Corner" I

COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE You're always welcome at Choate's . . . where you'll find complete selections of famousname women's fashions, hats, accessories, children's clothing, home furnishings and appliances, as well as greeting cards, gifts and records. Visit us soon-and often!

Durfey Studios

5th at Johnson

H. Choate & Company The Oldest Department Store West of the Mississippi Established 1 861

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Winona, Minnesota

Phone 5952

GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES From Resident Director S. J. Kryzsko And All Memebers of The Staff "We've Enjoyed Having You Drop In - The _Latch String Is Always Out, So Come In Often"



The Merchants National Bank of Winona "The Bank That Ser vice Built" Established 1875

Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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Compliments Of

Johnny Roberts and HIS ORCHESTRA

Compliments of

Compliment s of

Botsford Lumber Co.

THORNE'S Refrigeration Service

Lumber For Every Purpose

253 East Third Street 75 Kansas St.

Winona, Minn.





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Acheff, George, Winona ....................... . Adams, Ellza.beth, St. Paul Park ......... .... . . . . . 32, 40, 41. 51, 55, 72 Alttz, Reuben, Winona............... 21, 39, 58 Ames, Cora, Winona ......................... . Ander 110n, Betty Jean, Winona... ......... 31, 53 Anderson, Charle&, Winona............... 31, 48 Ander 110n. Clt!!ord, K&ll8&3 City, Mlsoourl. ..... .... 31. 44. 54 Anderson, J~Roy, Winona .................... . Anden~on, Nil a, H arm()llJ"............ 27, 50. 54 Anhalt, C!arol, South St. Paul, ............... . .... 30, 36, 37, 54, 72, 73 Antorr. Jerome, Winona, ......... 31, 49, 55, 68 Arashlro, Llllla.n, Hawaii, 30, 40, 41, 49, 53, 72 Ask, Carol, Winona, ... 30, 36, 40, 41, 47, 50, 54 Backus, John, Winona ....................... 32 Balch, Elaine, Winona................ 21. 37, 50 Balzum, Shirley, Byron, 27, 42, 46, 48, 50, 52 Bambenek, Lucy. Winona. ....•................ Barr, stanley, Baaley, Wls.,.21, 39, 49, 58, 71 Barth, Gerald, Winona ......... ...•........... Bartz, EU&ene, Plainview ......... 30, 52, 58, 71 Bassett, Joan, Pine Iola.nd, ... 21, 38, 42, 50, 55 Ba.uer, Bruce, Winona, ...... . 31, 39, 40, 41, 55 Bearson, DarJyne, L&neaboro, .. .............. . .... 31, 42, 46, 50, 53, 54, 72

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.... 30. 40, 41, 42, 44, 51, 52. 72, 73 Belden, James, St. Po.ul Park, 31, 46, 47, 51, 53 Blo.nchl, Arthur, Elkton.......... 30, 55, 58, 71 Bittner, Kenneth, Winona ................... 42 BJor~e.e.rd. Thelma, Wa.na.ml~o•........... 27 Bl~~o~rsvedt, Barbaro., Mlnnea.polls, •....... 31, 49 Blo.tsdell, Na.ncy, Mlnnea.polla, ..•. 32, 50, 53, 54 Boese. Arnold, Harmony, ......•.. 58, 59, 70, 71 BorJo., Rosalia, Quam, .... 32, 48, 49, 50, 55, 80 Brettlow, John, Wtnone., ...•................ 87 Brenna.n, Barbaro., Winona, ......•.......... 21 Brickley, Lois, Anamosa, Iowa. . ............... . Brose, John, Plainview .......... ............. .

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Bublitz. Ervin, Winona ......................•. Buck, Rotler, Winona ...... ...... ......•....... Buck. Sally. Winona.................. 31, 47, 48 Buckl~ham, Layne, Plainview .......•........ Buhler, I rene, Pine Isla.nd, .................. 31 Bundy, LaVern, Winona, ..... 32, 39. 55, 66, 67 Bundy. Russell, W inona., ...........•.. , .. 31, 39 Burkard, Ho.rold, Red W~ •............. 30, 58 Burleigh, Howard, Winona. ................... . Burmeister, Richard, Winona, ......... ...... 20 Burreson Dennis, Winona, ............... 31, 54 Butterfield, Ronald, Wlnono. •.... ..... 51, 58, 71 Buxrude, Rodney, Cochro.ne, Wis., 31, 51, 54, 66 Carhart, Anne, Trempealeau, Wts., ........... .

chrtsi: · t~h:ic~!'tv~o.! ...................... . Christensen, Robert. Racine, Wis. , .....•..... 55 Christenson. Co.rl, Winona, .. . ............•.. 48 Christenson, Donald, Winona ..........•....... Christenson, Joa.n, Rochester .... ..... • .. .... .• Christenson, Fern, AltW'a. ....... ............. . Christopherson, Wtlllam, Wykoff, ...... . .... 66 Ciemtnskl, Cleo. Mo.bel ..................... :27 Clemtnskl, Valerie, Winona, .................. . 21. 36, :n ,. 38, 46, 47. 48, 49, s1, ss, 77. 81 Clerza.n. Btll, Winona, ................... . ... 31 Cisewski, Leonard, Mtnneoote. Otty ............ . (.',ark, Anno., Zumbroto............ 32, 33, 44, 50 Clark, Vein a., Zumbrota, ..........•.. 32, 44, 50 Cole, Margery, Winona........ 21, 37, 50, 51, 55 Congdon, Ro.y, St. Cha.rles, .................. 21 Connolly, J. Louise, Ce.nnon Falls , ....... 31, 50 COnrad, Delores, Minneapolls ................. . Cook. Eugene, Spring Valley .. ... 22, 42, 51, 55 Cooper, Elizabeth, Ra.clne ..................... . Cooper, Philip, Winona ........ . .............. . Crouch. Cha.rles, Wlnone... ... ....... ... ..... 49 Currier, Craig, Winona, ................. 49, 62 Czaplewski, Maxine, Fountain City, Wis., ..... . .... 30, 45, 46, 47. 48, 55 Czai>lewskt, R tcha.rd, Winona .... ......... 22, 55 Da.hl. Ralph, Albert Lea .................... . . . Daugs, Donald, Mon.ono., lowe., ........... 32, 39 Daun, Donna, Winona,. ... 30, 36, 37, 47, 49, 52 Dearmln. Nell, Auatln, ...•.... 32, 44, 46, 49, 50 Decker, Janice, Auattn ............ 32, 50, 53, 72 DeGrood, Richard, Winona . ..... .. ....... .... . Devney, Elizabeth, Farmington, ...... 32, 50. 55 DeYoung, Robert, Dexter, .... 30, 31, 36, 50, 53 1

g~e,:;~~ke~~~'at~~O:::I.Or1. ·. ·. ·. •. ·. ·. ·. ·. ·.~~·. ~::. ~~

Dorothy, Richard, Falrrnont, ......... 42, 43, 51 Doty, W. Gustave, Rochester, .... 31, 44, 45, 58 Dougheaty, John, Fountain Otty, Wis... .. .... . Douthit, Diane, Sioux Falls, S. De.l<ote. ....... . Drenckho.hn, Earle, Mlnnelska ...........•....• Drimel, Jim, PaynesvUle ....... . .............. . Drysdale, Margaret, Waba.sha., .....•. 32, 48, 52 Duellma.n, Jane, Fountain City, Wla., 32, 42, 55 Duff, DI\Il.lel, Hampton, ................•.... 58 Dunca.n, Robert, Winona..................... . Dusenbery, Richard, Independence, Wis ........ . Ea.ston, John, Monon&, Iowa., ............ 32, 55 Ebel. Leona, Fa.rtbault .... ......... ..... . ..... . Ehlers, H elen, Ma.zeppa, ... . .. 31, 50, 52, 53, 72 Ehlers. James, Winona, ...... ...... . . 49. 58, 62 Einhorn, Daniel, Winona ..................... . Elliott, Gordon, Wlnono...................... 49 Erdlng, De.vld, Pla.tnvtew,. .31, 48, 49, 55, .. 81 Everson. Arlls, Ru.shford ..........•......•.... Fair, Donald. Winona........................ . Feeha.n, Mlcha.el, Winona, ................... 32 Fehrman, Gene, Ivanhoe...... 48, 62, 64, 68, 71 Ferguson, Robert, Lewiston .......... 31, 55, 66 Feornholz, Marlene, Arca.dlo.. W is ...... 31, 55, 88 Fernholz, Willis, Arcadia, Wis....•............ Feullng, Robert, Plainview.. .. ..... ..... . 32, 48 Feullng, Ruth, Alma., Wis., .................. 32 F isher, Robert, Winona ....... . ..•.... ....•...

Fish, Clllleen. Winona................••.. ..... Fisk, I..aura, Winona . ......... . .....•...... .... Fockens. George, Alma, Wla .................. . Fort, Darlene, Zwnbrota., ................... 50 Foster, Fra.nk, Preston, ..... .......... ...... 58 Fox. Cha.rles, Winona......... 22, 43, 49, 51, 68 Fra.hrn. Shirley, Winona, ................ 32, 52 Frankson, James, Owatonna, .. ... .... 32, 55, 62 Fraser, Robert, Winona, ............. 22, 67, 71 Freema.n, Donna, Dexter, ........ 30, 37, 44, 45 Froker, Phyllis. Winona......... . ............ . Fuller, J&<lQuellne. Winona............... 32,50 Fl;.nk. Clarice, Kasoon ........................ . Ga.ddls, Barbara., Owatonna, 31, 46, 50, 53, 85 Gallagher, . Dorlose, Winona ................. . . Oo.usta.d, Kenneth, Houston, ............. 32, 49 Gesell, WHHam, Winona .... .............. .... . Glel. Ruth, Winona .......................... . Glaus. Marlene, Kasson, ................. 27, 42 OleB.I!On, Gerald, WI none. ..... 33, 40, 42, 43, 51 Glenna, Jerome. Winona ................. 31 , 49 Goetting, Robert, Houston .................... . Grabau, Victor. Spring Valley, 22, 58, 66, 71, '18

g~~i. lfl~~~t~hAr~~n~: ." 31:. ~~: .4 ~•. ~0:. ~~ Grathwohl, Jeo.n, Gra.nd Mea.dow , ............• .... 33, 40, 41, 42, 53 Grebln, Jerome, Preston, ..................... . . . . . 30, 55, 58, 60, 61, 62, 64, 68, 71 Grech, Noel, Minneapolis, ............ 33. 38. 55 32 8~1~1\"t.h~w P..t~rc~~·. ~~~::::::::::::: :. ~~ Orovda.hl. Donna, Ma.ntorvllle ..... 33, 42, 50, 54 Grover, Donald, Rushford .................... . Groves, La.uren, LaCrosse, Wis. , .............. . .... 33, 36, 49, 54, 77, 80 Growt, Doris, Eyota, ........ . 33. 40, 41, 49, 53 Gruenzer. Wlllla.m. Winona.................. 31 Gulbrandson, Donald, Hartland, ....•.......... . . . . 31. 44, 45, 46. 48, 54 Ourvln, Richard, N ebra.slca.,. ....•.... 39, 52, 55 Gustafson, Ja.net, Racine ..................... . Oynlld, Na.ncy, Spring Valley, ................ . . . . . 36, 40, 41, 42, 45, 46, 50, 51, 54, 88 Ha.ak, Olorlo., P lainview, .......... 32, 50, 52, 72 Hae.l<ensta.d, Shir ley, Mabel, .. . ....... 31, 72, 73

~~~k~~~n~~li. c~~~::1::: :: :::::::::: :~~: .~~

Ho.beck, Ronald, Winona, .........•...... 49, 58 H&~redorn, Charles, Winona, ..•.... • •.......... Haley","


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Hammann, Judith, Winona., ... 32, 39, 43, 44, 55 He.mmergren, Richard, Cochrane, Wis., .......• .... 33, 43, 51 Hampton, Gene, Bloom~ ton, Wis... . ........ . Ha.nke, Iris, Brownsville.......... 22, 40, 41, 50 Hansen, Arlene. Dodge Center, . .......... 33, 50 Ha.nsen, George, Arco, ..... 22, 48, 58, 59, 70, 71 Ha.nson, Gordon, Eau Claire, W is., 31, 49, 51, 52 Ha.nson, Louise, La.nesboro.... ..... ...... 32, 55 Harbrecht, J&<lQuellne, St. Pa.ul Park, ......... . .... 31. 40, 41, 48, 50, 51, 76 Ha.sklns, Robert, Albert Lea.......... 58, 67, 71 Heberling, Evelyn, Winona .... . ..... ....•... •.. Heln. Walter, Minneapolis........ 23, 39, 48, 50 Heinen, Marilyn, Plainview, ...•.. 32, 50, 54, 72 Heise, Bonna.dene, Lake City, .. ... 33, 53, 54, 72 Helcl, James, DennJson, .......... . ... .... 31, 51

~~~~~·. f~~r~t. "g,n,:'r'J:,;; :::::::::::::~~: ,gg Henthorne, Charles, Wlnona., . ...... . ... . .. .. 38 11

m~i~rt,b~r. Wlno;;v~~~~:::::::::::: : :::: :::

HJII. Rola.nd, La.nesboro, ..... ... . ............ 23 Hodae. Shirley, Mlnne110ta Lake .............. . . Hodrtns, Edna., Winona .... . ...... . .... . ... . .. .


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~~~~~Uich~~~~· R~~:',c:::::::ji,"3s·:~t ~~

Holliday, Joa.n, Two Harbors, . . 31, 38, 48. 50, 55 Holmgren, Joa.nn, Winona............... 33, 55 Holmquist, Mildred, St. Paul Park, ........... . .... 33. 42, 51, 53, 72, 73, 89, Holt, Dorothy, W inona, ......... . . 32, 40. 41 , 54 Hoon, Barbaro., LeRoy..... ....... 23, 50, 53, 55 Hop!, Dua.ne. Alma, Wis.. ..... ....... ....... . .

~~~on~'W'.:Y~~n~~,:.;ss.;: \\'t5::::.Z3·. ?: .~3: ~I 3

Hovland, Raymond, Rushford ................. . Hubbard, Marvlyn, Pine Isla.nd, .............. . .... 33. 40, 41, 50, 52. 53 Hudrllk, Regina, Owa.tonna, .......... 42, 50, 55 Hunter, Dono.ld, Bay City, Wis., . ...•. ....... 71 Ihrke, David, Dover, ........................ 31 Ingram, Robert, Rushford ................... 48 Jackson, M&rion, Lewiston .......... . .. . .. .... . Jacll:.son, Ruth, Winona .. . ............ ... .. . . . . Jaooboon, Rose, Blooming Pra.lrle ..... 33, 50, 55 Jenkins, Jerry, Rochester, ........•.......... 51 Jensen, Robert, St. Charles, .......... 38, 80, 81 Johannsen, Wendell. Canton ............... . .. . Johnson, Darlene. Winona, ... 33, 40, 41, 42, 55 Johnson , James, Eyota. . ....................... . Johns.on. Jerry, Winona, ...................... . .... 23. 40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 51 Johnson. Rotler. Blooming Prairie,. ........... . .... 31, 58, 61, 62, 65 Johnson. Rose. Wlnono................ 23, 37, 38 Johnson, Sa.lly, Stillwater, ............... 32, 54 J u lsrud, Lois. Rus hford .. . ................... . Kaehler, Mary Ja.ne. Winona, ............... . 47 Keeling. Tracy. St. Charles ................... . K....,, Kathleen, Winona, .. .. 23, 36, 37, 39, 73 Keller, Emmett. Cochra.ne, Wis .•............ 31 King. Dick, Winona .......... ..... ........... . Kieffer, Ma.ry, Altura .... .. .... ... 23, 38, 50, 55 Kirkeby, Geraldine, Lewiston ................. .

K laa, Ja.ne.t, Wa.ba.sh&........................ 33 Klein, Natalie, Galesville, Wis., ...... 33, 48, 54 KI06s. Ma.rsaret, Ma.ntorvllle ... 31, 42, 44, 5(), 52 K lossner, Rose. Kasson............... 31, 50, 53 Knae.l<, John, Winona.................... 31, 49 Knatt.erud, Gerald, Winona, . ................. . Knothe, Jack, WI none., ............. .. 24, 49, 52 Knuti!On, Barbara, Ho.rtland .................. . K ochendorfer, Gary, Cllchra.ne, Wis., ... . 33, 55 Kollaa. John, Winona ......................... . Kortsch. W illiam, Winona..... 31, 40, 41, 44, 45 Kowle.;, Richard, Jve.nhoe,. ....••.............. . •.. 24, 37, 58, 59, 62, 63, 71, 78 Kramer, Lois, Pontiac, Mlchlga.n, 33, 44, 50, 55 K r011h, Lee, Lake City................... 80, 81 Kroll, Oret.a, Colot~ne, Germany ............... . Kruger, Delores, Wa.seea. 28, 50, 53, 54, 77, 78 Kulig, Alphonse. Independence, Wis., ......... . .... 20. 55, 68, 69, 71 Kurth. Ethel, Utica, . . .................... 24, 51

La.ckore, Lucille,

Winona. . ................... .

Ladsten, LaVonne, Spring Valley, 31, 50, 54, 89

~:~~. =;:!a~~·,:'b".;;,t.er:::::;::::::::::

Laroon, Bruce. Mo.bel, ........... 31, 40, 41, 53 Larson, Opal, Ma.ntorvllle,. ....... 33, 53, 54, 72 Lar110n, Richard, WI none., .... •. 31, 48, 58, 71, 85 Lawrence, Ja.nlce, Chester, Iowa., .. ........... . .... 31, 40, 41, 50, 53, 54 Lawson, Helen, Stillwater, ........ 32, 50, 53, 54

~..b~.il. ~~~~t..~.Uu>~::: :::::::::::::::62

Legwold, CUrUs, Peterson..................... .

. ... 3(), 36, 40, 41, 49 .. 54, 81

~i:.u~u~~r~~gbt~l.s::·. ·. ·. ·. ·. ·. ·. ·. ·. ·. :~~·. ~~:. ~1 Lewinski, John, Winona, ......... 20, 40, 41, 55 Lewis, Henry, Pine Island, ................ 30, 51 Lipinski, Robert, Winona, ................... 24 Lohse. Cleo, Winona. ........ . ................. . LoveJoy, Mary, Eyota, 24, 37, 4(), 41, 47, 50, 53 Lowrie, Donald, Lake City, 31, 38. 44, 51, 53, 85 Lueders, Richard, New York Mills ............. . Luehme.nn, Eugene, Winona................... .


t~~&n~bei~dr~ ~~';.,i~~: . ~~t~~: 42: ·s(i, · ~~ ~:;g~n~~~~: ~~~~:: ~rn~~:: ::::::::::::: J~ 11

McElmury, George, Winona., .. .... 31, 48, 53, 55 McGinnis, Jerry, Lake City, ... 32, 33, 36, 54, 58 McKee.g, Allee, Winona ..................... . . . McNally, Margaret, Winona, .............. 31, 50 McRae, Donna, Cho.trleld ................. 28. 50 Ma.ceman, M&deltne, Byron ....... .... . ....... . Ma.d110n, De raid, Ado.ms, ............. 32, 33, 54 Me.gln, Richard, W inona ..................... . . Mahlke, Carol, Wlnone., ..................... 32 Ma.hlke, David, Winona, ............. 30, 49. 52 Ma.honey, Ronald, Ora.nd Mea.dow, 32, 48, 51, 71 MaJerus, Marlene, Winona, ................. .. . .... 30, 37, 42, 43, 46, 48. 51 , 55 Marburger, Shirlie, Spring Valley, ....... . 32, 53

Marin, Eugene, St. Louls, Missouri, .......... . .

.... 32, 42, 43, 51, 55 Martinson, Arl ene, Winona, . .. ....... 30, 47, 48 Ma.sygo., Joseph, Winona, . .... .............. 31 Me.thlas, Duane, Winona.......... . ...... 31, 53 Mehl, Vern, Faribault........... .. ... ... 58. 77 . Menegas, Theodore., Galen&, Illinois, 31, 49, 52 Mercha.nt. Loretta, Arca.dla, Wts........... ... 28 Mertes. Fre.nk, Winona ............ .. .........• Meulema.ns. Thomas. Alma, Wis .. ............ . . Meyer, Mal'lene, Spring Valley, ....... 33, 52, 72 Michel, Janice, Harmon_v, ................ 32, 42 Mlnkewltz, Shirley, Winona.................... . .... 24, 37, 44, 45, 47, 49 Mohan, Eugene, Winona................... .... . . Mohr, Lots. Jackson, ................. . . .. .... . . ... 24,3~n.~.44.~.n.u,7~TI Morrison, John. Winona .. ... .. ..... . .... . .... . Morschtng, Fern, F&r!ba.ult.... 31. 46, 72, 73, 84 Mueller , Doris, Milwaukee, Wis., ........ 31, 50 Mueller. Paul. St. Charles, ..... .......... . .. 31 Multhaup, Wendell, Fountain Otty., 25, 37, 39 Nagle, Joa.nne, Dakola, .............. 32, 50, 55 Nardiello. Arthur, Northtake, Illinois, 33, 48, 55 Nelson, Helen, Preston, ....................... . . ... 30, 37, 42, 44, 45. so. 51, 55 Neumo.nn, Elizabeth, Rollingstone............. . .... 33. 40, 41, 42, 47' 50, 51, 53, 54 Nihart, Richard, St. Cho.rles, ................ 62 Northouse. Wa.llace. Mabel, .............. 32, 54 O'Brien, John, Watervliet, N .Y .. 31, 55, 62, 78 O'Brien, Thomas, Keewatin, . ...... ........... . . ... 32, 42, 43, 48, 49, 51, 55 Oech. Loutse, Winona .. .................. 32, so Oelke, Robert, Grand Meo.dow, .. . ........ 31, 62 Olho!f, Delmar, Winona . .... . ............... 48 Olson, Donald, Houston ....................... .

g::g: Olson,

~~:~ne.wilf~on.•:.:::::: :28: .4~·. 5o: .~k ~~ Marion, Mlnneapolls, . ................ 31 Olson. Patr icia, Mlnnesoto. City ............... . .... 32. 40, 41, 44, 48, 49, 54 O'Neill. Po.trlcto., Rochester, ................. 32 O"Retlly, George, Goodhue, .... 30, 55. 62, 64, 71 2 &::~:·LI~~~~· S~~~~1!1e; .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' .' _3 .'. Overland, Rtcho.rd, La.ne&boro..... 31, 54. 66, 71 P&~rel, Janice, Wa.basha, ......... 32, 50 , 52, 27 Parish, Nina, Winona .................... 25, 37 Pa.svot~el, Clyde. Schiller Park, Illinois, . .... . . .... 33. 53. 67, 85 Po.trlek, Do.vld, Winona ............... 31, 49, 53 Pelows kl, Jack. Winona ...................... 39 Peterson, CUrtis, Winona ..................... . •... 30, 36, 40. 41, 42. 43, 51. 54. 85 Peterson, Gene, Blal.r, Wis .•................. 33 Peterson. Marlys. Oa.nnon F alls, .... 32. 50, 45 Peterson. Ma.xtne, Preston, ........... 32, s o. 54 Peterson. Merle, Blooming Prairie, ............. . .... 31, 48, 54, 58, 60, 67, 70, 71, 80. 86 Pierce, Pa.trtclo., Eyota, .. ............ 32, 49. 53


Page 111

PI~, Barbar&. Stillwater, ................. . ..•. 32, &0. 53, &&, 72, 73 Polo.chek, Cora. Winona ...................... . Polus, James, Winona, .................. . 62, 83 Pooler, Dorot-hy. Preston ...................... .

~~~·.&~~li~~~tg~.;ie.::::::~~: .~~: -~~·. ~~:.~~

Pumper, E leanor, MlnneaPOils,. ... 31. 46. 50, &5 Queenaland, JoAnn, Orand Meadow, .. 32, 42, 64 Raaar, Alna, Winona .....•.................... Randall, Janis, Winona, ...•............... .... . ...• :~:~, .38. 44, 45, 48, 47, ca. 48 Rauch, Srurley, LeRoy .................. 25, 36. . . . . 37. 42, 43, 44, 45, 72, 73, 77, 78, 85, 89 Reed. Harold, Mlnnuota Cit.¥, ........... 70, 71 0

~~~d, ~~~~· ~~.;;.·,:::::::::::Ji: :~: ~

Retat.a.d, Joan, Winona, ...................... 32


:::~~~: ~::e~ ylfl~~~.~~-~·::::::i2,'50',·~: g~

Renawtck, Jame,o, Winona ..................... . Rice, Drexel, Slayton,. ............... 28, 45, 78 Richter, Ronald, Winona......... 30, 62, 84, 68 Rick. Dorot-hy, Wlnon&,. .................... 55 Riebe, Grace, Wykoff, ........ 33, 42, 53, 72, 84 Rlha, Dolores, Winona, ........... 32, 43, 51, 54 Rindahl, Helen, Ettrick, Wis. , .... 28, 46, 48, 54 Risk&, Kenneth, Winona..................... 46 Rlslove, Allan, Rushford .................... . . . Rtalove , Carroll, Rushford .................... . Rta.ser, Racer, Owatonna ..................... 58 Roberta, Mary, Fayette, Iowa, ............ 32, 42 Rompa, Janet, Winona ............ 32, 55, 72, 73 Ronnenberc, Olorta. Winona,. ................ . ....J2, 43, 72, 73, 88, 88 Rubado, Ron&ld, Downers Gron, Illinois, 32, 58 Rustad, Myron, Independence, Wis........... . Ryan, Edward, Cannon Falls ............ . ..... . Ryan, Sbaron, Pl&lnvlew ...... 32, U, 44, 50, 55


::.s P~f.ii:.'.'~~:J~; :~: ~~: g:

Satterlee. Ch&rlee, Lewiston .. , ............... . Sauter, Jackulyn, Red WU.. ................. ..

.. .. Schleder, Charles, Winona, .................. 31 Schleder. Gordon, Winona............ 33, 40, 41 t::~~t: :i~~l. MJ...:l~~~~~:::,o: ·:n: 3u·:~g: g: Schmuck, Ma.rllyn, Pipestone, ........ 33, 42, 53 tJ:~~~r,R~cf: t~~~ ~~~~· ":":~: :::::::::

Schoen. Harry, Hut101rs, ..... 25, 30, 36, 37, 80 Schroeder, Donald, Geneva, ........ . ..... 30, 55 flchwant.z, Charlotte, Plainview, .. 33, 50, 54, 72 Schwark, Ellen, Fountain City, Wls ......•.••.• Sebo, Plo...nce, Dakota, .............. 33, 48, 52

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seuer, Anita, wtnoaa.. ............. . .... 33, 68 Selm, Eleanor, Orand Mea.dow, 33, 40, •1. 51, 85 Belke, Oordon, Winona, .............. 33, 49, 87

t::~~~~~~~~.""w~~~-~~·.3!1sw: 6i', ·6il

flheffer, Clair, Byron ......................... . Sherin, Helen, Winona, .................. 31, 49 Shole.a, Mabel. Winona, ............... ....... 33 Slnee, Jerry, Winona, ................. 25, 38, 71 Sinnott, Patrlcta, R.oche.ater, ......... 31, 72, 73 Skaran, &o&er, Orand Mea.dow ..... ... ... . .... . Skarstad, lone, Winona, ..................... 33

su~-~·.lf.'i~~·41 .~~:,· 5'fl•··· .............. .

g~~~·K~~!rr.· s'f.~~e.:: :::: :~~: .~:·. ~~:. ~~

.... 31, 40, 41, n, 51, 52, 55, u Snyder, Jane, Winona,. ....... 33, 42, 55, 72, 73 Soboto., Richard, Independence, Wis•...........

t~~~Yi.. ~.nY~~:.ce: ·wii.;:: :5S: iso', -~~ r~~~· J~wl~~~~: ;r~l·5•: 77·. ·~~

Stadstad, Leroy, Manvel, N. Daltoto. .......... . Stanek, Oeorce, Winona., .................... 31 Steffes, l!!upne, Winona, ....•. 31, 42, 43, 51, 55

g~~~~~~d&.~i. ~.:~~~-~·::::: :: :~~:. ~~

30, 36, 40, 41, 47' 48, 50, 51, 52, 72, 80, 86 Stiehl, Charlotte, Alma, Wta., 3J, •2, 50, 53, 154 Stiehl, Jacquellln, Alma, Wla., ..•...•.......••. .... 28, 42, 50, 53, 54, 77 Stoehr, Loll. Elcln............ 33, 42, 50, 52, 53 Storlie, WUilam, Winona..................... . Strait, John, Onamia, ....................... 33 Strand, Rlcbard, Preston, ............ 33, 48, 82 Streed, John, Minneapolis, ........ 20, 38, 37, 55 Strupp, Delores, Dakota, .................... 2S Stuhr, Mart.ha, Winona, ................. 33, 77 Styba., Teresa, Winona,. ............ . 33, 68, 77 1

~!;t~~ai-r~~Jt. ~~~~.". ~~:: :::; ; : ;:~~; ::; !~

Tewo, LaVonne, Winona, ......... 33, 40, 41, 52

Tbo~.f':f1~· 4~~Af1. ~~4~~dw; '5i: is5·, ·'iii' · · · ·

Tubbs, Orrin, Fountain City, Wta.............. . Tubbs, Vlra1nto.. Fountain City, Wis .......... . Tuft, Esther, Ru.shfo;d............... 211, 50, 54 Turton, Huch, Cochrane, Wla................. . .... 31, 42, 44, 45, 51, 52 Varner, Jerome, Winona, ............... . 33, 77 Velr, Marcia, Winona, ....................... 50


.... 26, 36, 39, 52, 80 Vreeman, Harlan, Preston . ... ................ . Waaa, JudJt h , D&ll:ota.................... 31, 49

;:"hiu~;~~J:,aai-l~kt:,';i&t.iri::::: :~~: .~:·. ~~:. ~

WachOiz, Rolf, Stockton, ................. 33, 87 Wacha, Eucene, Winona, .................... 33 waaer, Mae, Winona, ..... 28, 36, 37, 38, 54, 73

;~~.r, J~':"rA1£::~~-~·:::::::::::::~:J~; ~~

W&lker, Bruce, f.':. Paul Park ..... 31, 38, 48, 51 Walsh, Mary, Fountain, .............. 31, 46, 55 Wanek, Donald, Winona, ................ 39, 8G Warren, Oeoratanne, Mlnneapolia, . ... 30, 45, 48 Washburn, Mary, Spring Valley, .............. .. .... 30, 40, 41, 50, 53 Wass, ~d, Nisswa, ................. . ...... 33

wee~... ~26, ~6. ~~~~t~·: 5o: '5j: '54,' 73: '77' · · · ·

Welty, Ronald, Winona, .................. 31, 51 Wheeler, Ruth, Winona, ................. 25, 37 Wheeler, John, Winona ....................... . Wblpple, Oeorce. Bay City, Wis....... 31, &8, 88 WUdsrube, Richard, Winona, .. 26, 37, 38, 46, 81

wu~~· ..~.tr~~~a42.s~~W,~J~·4a;

·so: s3: ·

ai .. · · · Wllllam.a, Gary, Winona,. ............ . ...... 48 Wilson, Betty, Elkton, .... 33, 40, 41, 44, 50, 53 1

;~t.~'fc~e.~\=.~·:::::::::i:i: 46',·g&: :A ;~~~~~. ~C·th~~~;,;.it·.:::: :::::::: ~: gg 0 1 ;::.;'3~ olc:,an~rno~:. ~~~~·::::~. :J&: U:


Thompson, Duane, Lanesboro, ........... 33, 86 Thompson, Predertck, Wtnoaa ................ . Thompaon, WUI!am, Watervliet, N .Y., .... 31, 88

Wooden , John, Winona, ..................... 46 Woycblk, Alber t. Arcadla., Wis., .............. 70 Womey, Joe, Independenoe, Wis.............. .. Wunderlich, Joanne, Winona, ........ 33, 55, 88 Yeru:o, Patrtcta. Oary Indiana., ............... . .... 33. 38, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 53

Tovson, Olive, Manchester, 33, 47, 50, 53, 54, 27 Treder, Melbourne, LeWiston,. ............... 31 Tripp, Mary, St. Po.ul Patll:, ... .. . 33, 40, 41, 50

Ziebell, Robert, Winona, ..................... . .... 31, 36, 46, 47. 58, 70, 71 Ziebell, William, Winona., ........ 35, 58, 86, 71 Zimmerman, Fred, Minneapolis, 33, 50, 51, 55

i'l:~~en~J=: ::e~:t: 'ifOi.i-'.;~: -~~; ::: :: :&~n?e=l. Piv~~:!~::::;;;:::;;;~g; :~: gg

~~~u~~: ~~~ey;v~w~oiia:::::::::::::::::: :~~

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