Wenonah Yearbook - 1949

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Winona State Teachers College Winona, Minnesota


• • •

this year of the

Territorial Centennial to the

School Children of Minnesota On these children rest the responsibilities of tomorrow's world. From these children we, as teachers, see our responsibilities. Our Minnesota public schools are a melting pot as traditionally American as America itself. Chil dren of all races, nationality backgrounds, and creeds meet on this common ground. As teachers in these schools we have the ideal surroundings to utilize our own experiences on our educational stairway. We desire to realize our responsibilities of educating these children to better goals, greater tolerance, and more realistic understandings as they stand on the threshold of tomorrow.

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Administration Classes Activities Sports

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Dr. Minne One of the marks of o successful administrator is his obilrty to inspire cooperation among his fellow workers. Judging by this criterion, our president, Dr. Nels Minne, is exceptionally successful, for under h1s administration the college has raised its prestige through joint effort of students and faculty. Dr. Minne does not let his duties or his posit1on deny him time with the students. H1s friendly greetings and personal interest in every individual help in making each student feel a part of the college.


Dr. John Fuller, dean of the college, pauses while in the midst of correcting high school technics exams. Explaining the psychological aspect of ganglia is Mr. W. A . Owens who also serves a s vice-president of the college.

Min Marguerita Steffenson, dean of women, and Mr. Maurice Mariner, dean of men, check over the week's absence slips.

Making entries ta keep students' records up to date here occupies Miss Helen Pritchard, registrar.


Mr. G. E. Fishbougher, director of teacher training and pluement, takes a moment to look up from reports he has been checking. The librarians, Miss Mildred Engstrom and Miss Minnie Zimmerman, check cards and the overdue book list.

The college band ond awing band get in the mood with direc:tion by Mr. Fred Heyer.

lnspec:ting the new gear-making mac:hine installed in the industrial arts department are Mr. Harry Jac:kson, Mr. John Gunderson, and Mr. Hugh Capron.


Mathematic:s exams are c:hecked by Dr. R. L. Lokensgard and Mr. Harold Anderson. Amid Kappa Pi art projec:ts we find the art instruc:tor, Miss Floretta Murray.

Tuning up far a bit of song are Miss Agnes Bard, Mr. Walter Grimm, and Miss Winnifred Julsrud.

Mr. F. A. Jederman pauses between his medieval and English history classes.

Miss Margery Robinson points out a cross section of the Ascaris megalocephala on a slide to Dr. M. R. Raymond and Mr. L. A. Arnold.


" Una flare bonita" and "eine schone blume" agree Miss Marion Davis and Dr. Hans Freudenthal.

Planning the English department program are Dr. Augusta Nelson, Mr. Ralph Behling, Mr. W . E. Boots, and Miss Grace Hiler.

"On with the shaw," calls Miss Dorothy Magnus at play rehearsal.

Faculty Checking business administration student's test papers occupies Mrs. Shirley Ness.

Mr. James Becker and Mr. Edward M. Davis pause before social studies and American history classes.

Miss Elta Kern - mid - year addition to the phy. ed. department. Dr. Jea,. T:


boll . olbot and M . '" Prep

.,. oration'S.f, Ruff. "'Cflard 1 PUtnp or Pfly d • e • clas.es. up o




book for rural pleases Miss Louisa Farner and Miss Mildred Borh~h. s~hool teo~hers

Mr. R. J. s~arborough examines o mop of North Ameri~a preparatory to o geography class.

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tell, Mr. l

"~~<ay bade tit utlter M C en . c ow,. and


" l Mr. E. N r. Yle Arns. •


Miss Margaret Miller tokes time out from auporvising the h • a I t h program.

Discussing the Phelps fourth , fifth , and sixth grade Christm.-.s parties ore Miss Lillian Hammer, Miss Moe Sweeney, and Miss Amanda Aarestod.

Phelps Kindergarteners enjoy a readingaloud period witfl Miss Bertfla Schwable.

Miss Kathryn Dunlay and Miss Leslie Gage pause in a discussion of their second and third grade pupils.

Miss Marjorie Monroe and Miss Virginia Richter pause to integrate Phelps music and art activities.

A nature study unit is directed by Miss Opal Foster and Mrs. Ed Bill in the first grade.


Explaining soil conservation to junior high students is Mr. Melvin Wedul.

Miss Magda Talle and Mr. Mathew Barry compare notes on the progress of their junior high students.

Receiving assisto~nce from Miss Florence Kroeger in the home economics deportment i1 a junior high school girl.

Accountants and secretaries pause in their various duties to get together in the general office. Standing left to right : Miss Bernice Safranek, Mrs. Elisabeth Donath, Miss Rosalie Voelker, Miss Loraine Conaughty, Miss Hilda Muhle, and Miss Myrtle Kratz . Seated left ta right : Miss Angelyn de Groot and Miss Mildred Moroushek .

Office Staff

Checking on dormitory records are Miss Florence Siewert, Morey Hall house mother, and Mrs. Foe Griffith, dormitory manager.

South side of Somsen.

Maintenence Custodians and engineers pouse a moment before mid- afternoon coffee. Sitting: August Cierzon , LeRoy A. Bewick, Women Norton. Standing : Hugh Shaw, Paul Johns, Ray Potzner, Lyle Truox, George Holt, Louis Henry, Dan McCabe.

Senior doss officers ond ad•isor, Miss Murray, G. Radtke (¼ice-pres.) , M. Kirkland ( pres.), and L Just (sec.-trea s.) discuss graduation plans.

Graduates Bachelor of Arts Marilyn Gilbertson Winona, Minnesota. Major: English. Minors: Speech, Spanish. Activities: Wenonah Players . . . Wenonah . . . Winonon . . . Radio Guild ... Die-No-Mo ... Wesley Club . . . Y.W.C.A . . . . A.W.S. Council.

Bachelor of Science Robert W. Aarnold Kasson, Minnesota. Majors: Music, Industrial Arts. Act ivities: Band . . . Mixed Cho rus . . . Apollo Club . . . Industria l Arts Club . . . L. S.A.


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Henry 0 . Anderson Winona, Minnesota. Majors: Industrial Arts, Social Stud1es. Activities: Industrial Arts Club . . . Kappa Delta Pi.

Robert L. Anderson Winona, Minnesota. Majors: Fine Arts, Social Studies. Activtties: Kappa Pi . . . "W" Club ... Track. ... Representative C o u n c i I . . . Die-No-Mo . . . Radio Guild . . . Vets Club . . . Congo Club . . Cheerleader . . . Y.R.L.

De Leon C. Austin Lanesboro, Minnesota. Majors: Fine Arts, lndustnal Arts. Activities: Kappa Delta Pi . . . Swing Bond . . . Band ... Wenonah Players . . . Industrial Arts Club.

Elert R. Boe Lanesboro, Minnesota. MaJOrs: Industrial Arts, Physical Education. Activities : Football . . . "W" Club . . . Vets Club Physical Education Club.

Lowell C. Boelter Elgin, Minnesota. Majors: Physical Education, History. Activities: Physical Education Club . . . Track. .

Donald B. Bolkcom Bloomington, Minnesota. Majors: Physical Education, Social Studies. Activities: "W" Club . . . Physical Education Club ... Winonon ... Wenonah . . . Baseball.

Sheila Buckingham Ploinvtew, Minnesota. MaJOr : Music. Minors: Spanish, Social Studies. Activities: Mendelssohn Club . . . Mixed Chorus . . Die -No-Mo . . • Bond,

Virgil Clausen Winona, Minnesota. Majors: Physical Education, Social Studies. Activities: Football . . . Baseball . . . Basketball ... Vets Club ... Y.R.L. . . . "W" Club . . • Who's Who.

Jack L. Cook St. Joseph, Missouri. Majors: Industrial Arts, Socia I Studies. Activities: Industrial Arts Club . . . Vets Club.

Kenneth M. Cummings

Jean Darling

Winona, Minnesota. Majors: Industrial Arts . Fine Arts. Activities : Kappa Pi . Industrial Arts Club.

Winona, Minnesota. Major: Music. Minors: English, Speech. Activities: Mendelssohn Club . . . Bond . . . Mixed Chorus . . . Mason Music Club . . . Representative Council . . . Die-No-Mo.

Clyda Dressen

Pipestone, Minnesota. Majors: Physical Education, Engl1sh. Activities: Mendelssohn Club . . . Phys1col Education Club . . . W.A.A. Board . . . Winonon . . . Mixed Chorus . . . Die-No-Mo.

Arthur J. Ensberg

lorraine Erickson

Frederick W. Fox

Peterson, Minnesota. Major: Industrial Arts. Minors: H 1 s to r y, Social Studies. Activities: Industrial Arts Club ... Die-No-Mo . .. I.R.C. . . . Bond . . . Wenonah . . . Winonan.

Winona, Minnesota. Major: Elementary Education. Minors: Geography, Spanish. Activities: Kappa Delta Pi . . . Elementary Grode Club . . . L.S.A. . . . Wenonah.

Winona, Minnesota. Major: Science. Minors: Mathematics, History. Activities: Science Club Intramural Sports.

Irene Dushek

Owatonna, Minnesota. Major: English. Minors: Social Studies, History . Act1v1ties: Newman Club ... Winonon ... Wenonah.

Gerold R. Froser

Winona, Minnesota. Majors: E n g I i s h, Social Studies. Activities: Golf . . . New¡ man Club.

Edith Fritscher

Hastings, Minnesota. Major: History. Minors: English, Spanosh. Activities: Kappa Delta Pi . . . Canterbury Club . Y.R.L. . . . Winonon.

Anah Goss

Lewiston, Minnesota. Major: Fine Art. Minors: H is tory, Social Studies. Actovities: Kappa Delta Po ... Kappa Pi . . . Wenonah Players . . . Y.R.L.

Doratfty Hanson Winona, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education. Minors: Speech, Music. Activities: Winonan . Wenonah . . . Wenonah Players . . . Radoo Guild . . . Die-No-Ma . . . Y.W.C.A. . . . Miss-Mr. Club.

Audrey C. Hansen Minneapolis, Minnesota. Majors: Social Studoes, History. Monor: English. Activoties: I.R.C. Wononon.

Robert D. Harders

Winona, Minnesota. MaJOrs: Physical Education, Industrial Arts. Activities: Physical Education Club . . . Industrial Arts Club . . . "W" Club .. . Basketball ... Intramural Sports.

Jerome Harrington

Red Wing, Minnesota. Major: Social Studies. Minors: Geography, History.

Donald R. Heaney.

Mazeppa, Minnesota. Majors: Industrial Arts, History. Activitoes: Newman Club . . . Vets Club . . . lndustrool Arts Club.

Hazel Helleck

Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Ma,or: Elementary Education. Minor: Physical Education. Actovitoes : Physical Education Club . . . Mendelssohn Club . . . W .A.A. Boord ... Die-No-Mo.

John Hendrickson Plainview, Minnesota. Major: Social Studies. Minors : Music, History. Activities : Band . . . Mason Music Club . . . Newman Club.

Virgil Holmquist Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Majors: Industrial Arts, Social Studies. Activities: T ronsfer from Moorhead State T eochers College . . . Industrial Arts Club.

Lucille Just New Ulm, Minnesota. Major: English . Minors : Art, Music. Activities : Kappa Delta Pi . . . Mason Music Club . . . Wenonah.

Chorles H. Keith Winona, Minnesota. Major: lndustnol Arts. Minors: Speech, Science. Activities: Wenonah Players . . . Radio Guild . . . Industrial Arts Club . . . Science Club.

Lyle I. Iverson Rushford, Monnesota. Majors: Physical Education, History. Activitoes: Football ... Basketball . . . Track . . . Class Officer . . . "W" Club . . . Physical Education Club.

Douglos Kindschy Galesville, Wisconsin. MaJOrs: Industrial Arts, History. Activities: Bond . . . Industrial Arts Club . . . Science Club . . . I.R.C . . . . Vets Club . . . DieNo-Ma . . . Y.R.L.

Jeon Jedermon Winona, Minnesota. Major: Elementary Education. Monors: Physical Education, Social Studies, Geography. Activitoes: Class Officer ... Kappa Delta Po . . . DieNo-Ma . . . Wenonah Players . . . Winonon ... Wenonah . . . Elementary Grade Club ... Y.W.C.A. . . . Physocol Education Club . . . W.A.A. Boord.

Melvin L. Kirkland West Concord, Minnesota. Majors: Industrial Arts, Mathematics. Activities : Die-No-Ma . . . Industrial Arts Club . . . Representative Council . . . Science Club . . . Student Exchange Boord . . . Vets Club . . . Wesley Club.

Christ J . Krista

Le land T. Larse n

Lake City, Minnesota. Majors: Science, Mathematics. Activities: Science Club . I.R.C.

Mountain, Wisconsin. Major: History. Minors: Eng I is h, Social Studies. Activities : I.R.C. . L.S.A. Vets Club.

Ve rnon G. Kroeger

Carroll R. Larson

Wells, Minnesota. Industrial Arts, MaJors: Physical Educotoon. Activities: Industrial Arts Club . . . I.R .C. Physical Educotoon Club . . . Vets Club ... L.S.A.

Winona, Minnesota. Majors: English, History. Junior High Activities: School Club . . . Country Life Club . . . I.R.C. .. . Art Club . .. Track .. . Intramural Sports . . . Die-No-Ma . . . Vets Club.

James Lofky

Marjorie I. Lyle

Lewiston, Minnesota. Mo1or : English . Minors : Hostory, Speech. Actovities : Rodoo Guild . Wenonah Players . Kappa Delta Po Y.R.L. ... Vets Club ... Winonon . . . Representative Councol.

Oakland, Minnesota. Major: Elementary Education. Activo ties: Country Life Club . . . Primary Club . . . Girl Scouts .. . Y.W.C.A. . . . Elementary Grode Club.

Frances Longmo

William B. McCormack

Dodge Center, Monnesota. Major : Englosh. Monors : Sponosh , Speech. Actovotoes: Wononon Wenonah . . . Wenonah Players . . . Rodoo Guild . . . Y.W.C.A.

New Brotain, Connecticut. Major : Social Studies. Minors : Speech, History. Actovities : Representative Council . . . Radio Guild . . . Vets Club . . . Commerce Club ... Wenonah Players . . . Winonon . . . Wenonah.

Howard P. Mclean Lake City, Minnesota. Ma,ors: Mathematics, Physical Education. Activities: "W" Club . . . Physocol Educotoon Club Doe-No-Ma . . . Student Exchange Board . . . Intramural Boord . .. Basketball . . . T rack.

David R. Malcolm Peterson, Minnesota. Majors: Boology, History. Minor. Physical Scoence. Activities: Kappa Delta Pi ... Purple Key . . . Representative Council . . . Science Club . . . Congo Club ... Die-No-Ma .. . I.R.C. . . . Y.R.L. . . . Bond . . . Apollo Club .. Mixed Chorus . . . Who's Who . . . L.S.A. Radio Guild . . . In tramural Sports.

Clare nce R. Moorhaus Des Moines, Iowa. Majors: Industrial Arts, Fine Arts. Activoties: I ndustriol Arts Club.

Bernard J. Murtaugh Winona, Minnesota. Major: Social Studies. Monors: History, Geography. Activitoes: "W" Club . . . Tennis . . . Die-No-Ma ... I.R.C . . . . L.S.A. . . . Y.D.L.

Leonard P. Martin Winona, Minnesota. Major: Industrial Arts. Minors: Fine Arts, Music.

Wayne M. Nash Red Wing, Minnesota. Majors: Physica l Education, History. Activit ies: Physical Education Club . . . Vets Club ... "W" Club . . . Footboll ... Intramural Sports.

Charles G. Monson Winona, Monnesota. Major: History. Minors: Social Studoes, Bio¡ logical Science Activities: Kappa Delta Pi ... Science Club.

John W. N e lson Rochester, Minnesota. MaJOr: lndustrool Arts. Monors: Biological Science, Social Studies. Activities: Industria l Arts Club . . . Science Club . . . I. R.C.

Ela ine Nienow

Paul F. Polson

Plainview, Minnesota. Major: Music. Minors: S p on ish, Social Studies. Activities: Band . . . Mendelssohn Club . . . Mixed Chorus . . . Mason Music Club . . . Die-No-Mo ... Kappa Delta Pi ... L.S.A. . . . Representa t ive Council.

Millville, Minnesota. Major: Science. Minors: History, Mathematics. Activities: Science Club . . . Apollo Club . . . Mixed Chorus.

Bonnie D. O'Brie n

Winona, Minnesota . Major: English . Minors: Speech, Fine Arts. Activ1t1es: Wononon . . . Radio Guild . . . Kappa Pi . . . Wenonah Players . . . Wenonah . . . Ve ts Club.

Phil ip V. Pellowski

Winona, M1nnesoto. Major: Soc1ol Studies. Minors: History, Englosh. Activ1ties : Newman Club ... Vets Club Y.D.L. Intramural Sports.

Gilmour J. Pike

Elg1n, Minnesota. Major: Sc1ence. Monors: MathematiCS, Soc1ol Studies. Activ1t1es: Science Club . . . Kappa Delta P1 ... Representative Councol Intramural Boord.

Gerold G. Radtke

Hokah, Minnesota. MaJor: Music. Minors: Speech, Social Studies. Activities: Rod1o Gui ld . . . Quartette ... Apollo Club . . . Mixed Chorus . .. Representative Council.

Me lvin Schaefe r

Salone, M1chigon. MaJOrs: Physical Education, Mathematics. Act1v1t1es: Transfer from Ad non !Mich. ) College; Western M1chigon College of Education ... Football ... Track ... Basketball . . . Kappa Delta Pi . . . Who's Who.

Alice Moe Schull:

Wonona, Minnesota. Mo1or : History. Minors : Eng I ish, Social Stud1es. Activities: Kappa Delta Pi . . . L.S.A. . . . Radio Guold . . . I.R.C. . . . Wenonah Players . . Wenonah ... Winonan.

Lawrence S. Wieczorek

Bernice Wodekamper

Fountain City, Wisconsin. Majors: Physical Education, Industriol Arts. Activities: Industrial Arts Club . . . Physical Education Club . . . Intramural Sports.

Foroboult, Monnesoto. Majors: Physical Education, Socool Studies. Actovities: W.A.A. Boord . . . Physocol Education Club . . . I.R .C. . . . Wononan ... Representative Council . . . Homecoming Attendant Who's Who.

Wilbur W. Winblad

Red Wing, Minnesota. MaJOrs: Physical Education, History. Activities: "W" Club . . . Physical Education Club . . . Vets Club . . . Footboll . . . Basketball . . . Baseball.

Corl J. Wagner

Lyle E. Wright

Vernon Weinmann

Kasson, Minnesota. Majors: Socool Studies, lndustrool Arts. Activities: Industrial Arts Club . . . I.R.C.

Dodge, Wisconsin. Ma,or. lndustrool Arts. Monors. Mathematics, Geography Actovoties: Industriol Arts Club.

Winona, Monnesoto. MaJOrs. Science, Mathematics. Activotoes Wenonah Player~ Radio Guild Science Club.

Raymond J. Yantes

Delano, Monnesota. Majors: Physical Education, Industrio I Arts. Monor: Boologocal Science. Activities: Football Baseball . . . Representative Council . . . Doe-NoMa . . . Physical Education Club . . . Industrial Arts Club . . . Newman Club . .. Who's Who ... Vets Club ... Intramural Boord . . . Winonan.

James Werner

Houston, Minnesota. Mo,or: English. Monors: Spanish, Physical Science. Actovities: College Chorus ... Apollo . . . Wenonah ... Wenonah Players . . . Winonon . . . Kappa Delto Po . . . Science Club Die-No-Mo . . .


Gladys Asleson

Chatf1eld, Mmnesoto. Act1vit1es¡ Homecom1ng Attendant . . . Representative Council . . . Die-NoMo.

Marjorie Bok er

Shirley Butle r

Stewartville, Mmnesoto Act1v1t1es: Elementary Grode Club . . . Y.W .C.A. Wesley Club.

Mabel, M1nnesoto. Act ivit1es: Y.W.C.A. Elementary Grode . . . L.S.A.

Marion Colstrup


Albert Leo, Minnesota. Acllvit1es: Elementary Grade C lub . . . Represen ta ll~e Council . . . L. S. A .

Associate of Education

Je an Currier

Zumbrota, Mmnesota . D1e- No - Mo, Act1v1t1es. . . . Mendelssohn Club . . . M1xed Chorus . . . Elementary Grode Club . . . Wenonah .. Bond.

Phyllis Currier

Dorothy Droivold

Colene Elton

Zumbrota, Mmnesota . Ac!lv1t1es. Bond . . . Mendelssohn Club . . . Mixed Chorus . . . Cheerleader Die - No-Mo . . . L.S.A. . . . Elementary Grade Club.

Spnng Grove, Mmnesoto. Act1v1t1es: Elementary Grode Club . . . L.S.A.

Canton, Minnesota. Act1v1 t 1es: Y.W.C.A. Elementary Grode Club Congo Club Closs Officer.

Marilyn Eskar

Alice J. Hammer

Houston, Monnesoto . EleActivitoes: L.S.A. mentary Grade Club .. Y.W C.A.

St. Charles, Minnesota . Actovotoes : Y.W .C.A. . . Elementary Grode Club.

M . Marilyn Graskamp

Je an Hein

Eyota, Minnesota . Activitoes : Elementary Grode Club.

Dover, Minnesota. Activitoes: Elementary Grode Club.

Ge ne vieve Haas

Doris He lland

Chatfield. Minnesota . Actovotoes: Elementary Grode Club . . . Newman Club .

Carolyn Hall

Lindstrom, Minnesota . Activo toes : Oie-No-Mo . . l.S.A. . . . Elementary Grade Club.

Mabel, Monnesota. Actovi ties : Y.W .C.A. Elementary Grode . .. L.S.A.


Evelyn Halmstadt

Lake City, Minnesota . Actovotoes : Elementary Grode Club . . . L.S.A. . . . Y.W .C.A. . . . Wenonah Players . . . Winonon.

Joyce Johnson Center C1ty, Minnesota. Act1v1t1es: Elementary Grode Club . . . L.S.A.

Mary Leonard Lake City, Mmnesoto Act1v1t1es Newman Club . . . Elementary Grode Club . . . Wenonah Players . . Homecommg Queen.


Jean Keefe Chotf1eld, Minnesota. Activ1ties: Newman Club ElementQry Grade Club.

Mildre d Moen Albert Leo, M1nnesoto Activities: L.S.A. Elementary Grode Club.

Mrs . Lois Kirkland Little Foils, Minnesota Act1v1tie~: Elementary Grode Club . . . Representative Council . . . Wesley Club.

Elaine Moore Wmono, Minnesota Act1v1t1es: Mendelssohn Club . . . Elementary Grode Club . .. W.A.A. M1ss-Mr. Club.

Arlene Klavitter Lew1ston, Mmnesoto. Act1v1ties : L.S.A. Ele¡ mentary Grode Club.

Mory Lou Norton Preston, Mmnesota Act1v1ties Newman . Elementary Club . .. I.R.C.

Audrey Nunemacher Hokah, Monnesoto. Actovotoes: Elementary Grade Club . . . L.S.A. . . . Y.W.C.A.

Bette Oppeilahl Rochester, Monnesoto Actovotoes: Elementary Grode Club ... L.S.A.

Geneva Peterson Houston, Minnesota. Actovities : Elementary Grode Club . . . Y.W.C.A. . . . L.S.A.

Mary Pfeilsticker Wobosha, Minnesota. Activitoes: Elementary Grode Club . . . Wenonah.

Renata Radsek Dakota, Monnesoto. Activoties: Elementary Grode Club . . . L.S.A.

Janice Risser Owatonna, Minnesota. Actovo t oes: Elementary Grode Club.

Eileen Schumann Eyota, Minnesota. Actovities : Elementary Grode Club.

Elaine H. Sickle Lanesboro, Minnesota. Activoties : Elementary Grade Club . . . Y.W.C.A.

Dolore s I. Sore nson Albert Leo, M1nnesoto . Act1vit1es Elementary Grode Club W.AA. . . . Y.W.C.A.

Be tty Lou Torrens Oakland, Minnesota . Activities. L.S.A. Elementary Grode Club . . . Y.W.C.A.

Hube rto M. Stippich Hoyf1eld, Minnesota. Act1v1t1es ¡ Y.W C.A. . Elementary Grode Club . . . . Congo Club.

Mary Ann Tostenson Albert Leo, Mmnesota. Act1v1ties: Elementary Grode Club . . . I.R.C.

Fern Thie le Caledon10, M1nnesoto. Act1villes; Congo Club Elementary Grode Club . .. Homecom1ng Attendant.

Rosemary B. Voux Owatonna, Minnesota. Activities; Elementary Grode Club . . . Wenonah Players . . . Wenonah . . Winonan . . . W.A.A.

Charlotte Thompson Lanesboro, Minnesota. . Activ1t1es ; Wenonah Elementary Grade Club.

Sadie Vollon Zumbrota, Mmnesoto. Act1v1 ties; Kappa Delta Pi Elementary Grode Club . . L.S. A .... I. R.C. Y. D.L.

Lois E. Whipple

Mary Walch

Joyce Voorhees

Altura, Mtnnesoto . Acttvtttes. Newman Club Elementary Grode Club.

Elkton, Minnesota. Acttvtttes: Elementary Grade Club . Wesley Club . . . YW.CA.


Mazeppa, Mtnnesota . Acttvtttes. Elementary Grade Club .


Seniors Donald Gernes

Winona, Mtnnesoto . MaJors So c t o I Studtes, Btology Robert J . Prigge

Wtnona, Mtnnesoto . MaJors. Industnol Arts, Biological Science. Acttvtties : Sctence Club .. lndustrtal Arts Club . Y.R .L. . . Vets Club. Patrick H. Stok es

Chotfteld, Mtnnesota. Mo1ors. Engltsh, History.




Evelyn Fohs l

Winona . Mtnnesoto. Acttvtttes Elen"entory Grade Club . . . W e n o n a h Players. Brigid C. Leonard

Mazeppa, Mtnnesoto Acttvtties: Winonon Elaine Martinson

Red Wing , Minnesota Acttvtties: Ele mentary Grode Cl ub . . . W .A.A.




Kenneth Abraham

Wtnono, Mtnnesoto. Betty Ludtke

Wtnono, Minnesota.

Placement Bureou-Mr. Fishbaugher, J. Darling, D. Gernes.

"Oh myi"-J. Hendrickson.

Did he bite, B. Torrens?

In t.twa Mr. & Mr1. V. Weinmann Mr. & Mr1. 0. Weinmannto be

Freshman Closs Officers : C. Goss (sec.-treas.l, D. Christenson ( pres. ), Mr. Becker ladvi10r l, and K. Boob (vice-pres.).

Class Officers 01~ ·


'cers: B • Sob0 tto·

Sophomore Closs Officers: A. O'Neil ( pres. ), C. Elton (sec.treos.), V. Horbo (vice-pres. ), and Mr. Barry (advisor) .

Known as the " Thundering 400" when as freshmen they ente red the college, the junior class has dwindled to a total of ninety-six members th is year. An active class throughout its three yea rs, they sponsorj:!d this year, unde r the presidency of Robert Clayton, an a ll -college party in September. Assisting Mr. Clayton as vice presi dent was Robert Clausen and Janice Sabotta as treasurer. Advisor to the group was Mr. Melvin Wedul.

First row : M. Hougen, S. Lanning, B. Kopp, R. Critchfield, J . Sabotto, E. Sanden, C. Jackson. Second row: R. Petty, B. Clayton, J . Edwards, W. Ronnenberg, M. Bublitz, M. Brustuen, E. Lomplond, J. Wintervold. Third row: J. Wilson, G. Truwe, R. Clausen, G. Foss, V. Christensen, B. Sershen, H. Knoll, J. Tews, C. Lee. Fourth row: J. Fennie, J . Molhke, D. Judd, E. Mueller, M. Weber, V. Anderson, D. Todd, E. Hovland, S. Ledebuhr. Fifth row: D. O'Neil, D. Johnson, D. Hilling, J. Kirby, B. Wallace, B. Lawstuen, B. Bailey, R. Colwell, .0. Sweeney, D. Monroe. Sixth row: M. Beyer, J. Lake, G. Sandstede, C. Hansen, D. Kong, F. Sandeen, D. Guidinger, H. Bartel, B. Erickson, W. Hohenstein.


The most outstanding attribute of the sophomore class is its array of feminine pulchritude. At homecoming, three of its members were in regal positions, as queen-Mary Leonardand as attendants-Gladys Asleson and Fern Thiele. Iris Jacobsen was the Snow Queen, representing W.S.T.C. in the Winona Winter Carnival. The sophomores sponsored an all-college party-a movie-on January 7. Officers were Arthur O'Neil, president; Louise Harbo, vice president; and Colene Elton, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Mathew Barry was adviser.


First row : D. Pretzer, K. Swanson, B. Corio~~ B. Newell. L. Mut-ller. Second row: N McKeith, J . Wempner, P. Almeter, I. Jacobson, S. Hall, J. Joyce. Third row : J . La Chappelle, R. Nachtsheom, F. Percuoco, F. Ludtke, D. Thorson, S Peterson. Fourth row : M. Morton, V. Amundsen, J. Dernek, C. Mettolle, A. O'Neol, H. Barnes. Fifth row: N. Robonson, P. Segal, C. Summers, J . Nueman, E Nosh, L. Mavlond. Sixth row: L. Catlin, J. Robonson, P. Hoeppner, L. Peters. L. Bielke, A. Olson, R. Weok.

First row: E. Bretoi, V. Schmidt, P. Ullom, M . Ullom, L. Mueske. Second row: J. Peter!on, M. Christopherson, P. Snyder, M. Wesenberg, ,..,., Rose, C. Thompson, H. Peterson, M. Marshall. Third row: R. Frisby, J. Cosby, M. Schmidt, M. Murphy, E. Krueger, L. Harbo, L. Anderson, J . Ramsdell. Fourth row: D. Brandt, P. Corliss, F. Luchau, J. O'Brien, J. Borgen, H. Schuchard, Fifth row: D. Gauntenbien, C. Johnson, H. Burkard, R. Stork, H. Schumacker. Sixth row: M. Anding, M. Witt, J . Raphael, V. Stensrud, W . Clausen, R. Yackel.

First row: J. Boyum, D. Bergsrud, M. Deon, J. Holt, M . Field, Y. Bittner, D. Chnstensen. Second row: C. De Gross, 8 . Buckman, M. Bohnen, C. Goss, M . Dopke, J. Ambrosen, M. Fleener, R. Busch, R. Golewski. Third row : J . Eskra, M. Fitzpatrick, B. Flatten. A. Gonrud, I. Gaustad, R. Hauke, N. Garnes, S. Guckenburg, P. Glesener, M. Hemmelmen . Fourth row: A. Bortz, E. ~oumboch, R. Challber.g, D. Christenson, H . Essman, 0 . Cotlm, F. Bauer, R. Courtoer. Fifth row: J . Burkard, B. Grabou, D. Fair, J . Dearmon, M . Edge, R. Ellos, R. Dreisbach . Sixth row: D. Cieminski . W. Drugan, N. Blohm, L. Burch, J . Pellowsko .


First row : D. Tukuo, P. Voste, J . Worner, A . Woof, W. Smith. Second row : J . Simon, J . Walch, 1'. Severson, D. Yehrenkamp, J . Steve, J. Waterbury, R. Siebert. Third row : C. Strtuod, R. Palm, K. Seabold, R. Thayer, D. Schulz, R. Robb, T . Reod. Fourth row: E. Schreiber, T. Reid, L. Ross, L. Steffen, D. Schultz, A. Yondroshek.

First row: V. Jenst'n, L. Mueske, J . Hyde, J . Jenney, D. Kindt . Second row: L. Sheehan, B. Lelwica, W . Leir, R. Lally, M. Kotlaba, L. Jacksha, E. Myrah. Third row: C. Wtllis, H. Jorgenson, M. Ko lberg, R. Jorenby, M. Ihlen, R. Hubbard, V. Leighty, D. Jordahl . Fourth row: J . Letcht, R. Hansen, N. Lester, M. Johns, R. Markle, A. King, W . Jacobs, R. Kershaw. Fifth row: R. Harcey, R. Mann, S. Jordon, J. Kovaleski, C. Haas, J . Henry. Sixth row: C. Mothtas, H. llle, R. Mornsette, L. Lorson, J. Lynch, C. Kilamcowtcz .

The Freshman class proved to be one of the most active groups at T.C. this year. Beginning in October, the frosh handled the Homecoming decorations for both the game and the dance. On their own, the freshmen sponsored the Sadie Hawkins dance on November 19, with Roger Challberg as master of ceremonies. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes and beards. The Debate teams were revived by the freshmen and were composed largely of first year students. Freshmen also sponsored the May festival for seniors in area high schools. On joint committees were Richard Kubier, social; Janet Hyde, finance; Janis Peterson, public relations; and Ivan Nienow, Assembly and public functions. Mr. James Becker was adviser.

First row: A. Smith, R. Sheilds, M. Thompson, C. Stromberg, J . Ronenberg. Second row: M . Rtcha rds. P. Prodztnsk t, M. Vieths, G. Perry, A. Stang, J . Peterson . Third row: J . Varner, G. O' Neil, M. Peterson, A. Rygmyr, D. Petorski . Fourth row: L. Olsen, J. Riesch, M. Rohrer, D. Nelsen, L. Roskam, E. Sturdevant, R. Reissman. Fifth row: L. Rashen, L. Ruff, I. Ntenow, A. Zingeigo, D. Sza rmach, A. Swo ta, F. Wiebusch .




\ \

\1 \

\ \ ~


Student association officers--pres., J. Swenson; treos., J. LoChoppelle; sec., E. Nienow; and vice-pres., J . Fennie.

Representative Council The Representative Council, studen t gove rning body, is the agent through which the Student Association, composed of all T.C. students, seeks attention to pertinent issues of student welfare at the college. The Student Association e lects a president each year, who also serves as Representative Council prexy. James Swenson led the students this year, with the other officers: vice-president, Joe Fennie; sec re tary, Elaine Nienow; and treasurer, James LaChape ll e. Six representatives from each class and two faculty members-Miss Margue rita Steffenson and Mr. L. A Arnold-joined the association officers to make a total of thirty participating in the Representative Council. Because of its limited powers, the Council is largely a discussion group which recommends changes to the administration.

First row: J. Hyde, G. Asleson, Kirkland, J Wontervold, J Peterson, R Crotchfield. Second row: Moss Steffenson, D. Malcolm, R. Clayton, D. Chrostenson, B. Clausen, J. Radtke, Mr. Arnold. Third row : M. Weber, D. Kubier. Fourth row: J . Fennoe, J La Chappelle, M. Korkland, B. McCormock, J . Swenson, A. O' Neil, I. Nienow.


Sitting : D. Malcolm, R. Critchf1eld, R. Clayton, A. Nelson. Standing : S. Lanning, J. Jederman, M. Gilbertson, E. Nienow, F. Langmo, J . Lofky, M1ss Murray. Missing : B. Utley, J . Werner.

Purple Key

Who's Who

Each year the faculty selects students from the sen1or and graduating sophomore classes to be awarded the Purple Key. Shortly before graduation, announcement is made of membership in this group. Scholarship, character, and interest in college activities are considered. Although the holders of the Purple Key elect no officers and have no meetings, both two year and four year students strive to attain membership in this group. It is the highest honor of the college.

Members of Who's Who were chosen this past fall from the sen1or class by vote of the entire student body except freshmen. Selections for the init1al slate were made by a committee of students and facu lty who considered candidates by the threefold qualifications of scholarship, leadership, and professional potentiality Biographies of members wdl be inc luded in the an nual publication, "Who's Who Among Students in American Un1vers1t1es and Col leges. "

R. Yontes

ÂŁ. Nienow

D. Malcolm

M. Schaefer

J. Swenson

V. Clausen

B. Wodekomper

First row: E. Fritscher, A. Goss, Miss Murray, L. Just, J. Jedermon. Second row: J. Werner, V. Smith, A. Schulz, B. Clayton, B. Ut ley. Third 1ow: H. Anderson, C. Munson, J. Lofky, D. Malcolm.

Kappa Delta Pi The in1tiation of twelve new students in March nearly doubled the membership of the Gamma Tau chapter of Kappa Delta P1, the honorary education society. Guests from widely separated parts of the world gave talks at the monthly meetIngs; Mrs. Teresa Lucero of Manda spoke on life in the Philippme Islands, and Miss Opal Foster gave an acocunt of her year as an exchange teacher 1n Scotland. Miss Floretta Murray, counsellor, had the club as guests at a meeting in her home, at which Dr. John Fuller talked on scholarships. The Educational Forum supplement, published by the nat1onal soCiety, printed excerpts from talks given by students of this college. President was James Lafky; v1ce president, Robert Clayton; secretary, Anah Goss; treasurer, David Malcolm; and historian -reporter, Lucille Just. Fi rs t row: S. Vollon, B. Waldron, C. Jackson, E. Donath. Second row: M1ss Murray, L. Erockson, R. Sm1th. Third row : E. Hovland, J. Swenson, R. Yontes. Fou rth row: R. Sershen, M. K~rklond.

First row: A. Woof, B. O'Brien, Miss Murray, M. Kolberg, M. Ullom. Second row: A. Goss, M. Kling, R. Busch, R. Markle, C. Willis. Third row : C. P~arson, M. Bublitz, M. Murphy, R. Anderson, V. Christenson. Fourth row: R. Colwell, D. Redlich, R. Sherin, K. Cummings, S. Ledebuhr.

Kappa Pi Students desiring membersh ip in the Alpha Upsilon chapte r of Kappa Pi , national art f raternity, were asked this year to submi t two drawings to be judged by the organization . New members were ini t iated in May. Sketching parties at which st ude nts modeled composed some of the year's meetings. Members painted nativity scenes on the ground floor windows fo r the Christ mas season, under the direction of Don Redlich, and held a pre-Christmas bazaar at which they sold a variety of hand made arti c les. In October, ¡art students saw the famous "Berlin salt mine" paintings from Europe at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The spring prom, held May 28, was sponsored by the c lub. Officers were Bob Anderson, president; Adeline Chri stensen, vice president; Anah Goss, secret a ry; and Don Redlich, treasurer. Miss Floretta Mu rray was counsellor. S. Ledebuhr and M. Kolberg examine Christmas Ba:raar Smorsborg trays.

assignments to page . Editor Phil Schwa b g tves O'Brien, and B. Wadekamper.

editors J. Lafky, A . Schuls, J.

The Winonan Monog 1ng Editor .......... . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phil Schwab Sports Ed itor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John O' Brien Assistan t Sports Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lyman Geary Page Edi tors -James Lofk y, Be rn1ce Wode komper, Lorry Cotlm, Alice Moe Schulz. Copy Ed1tor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . .. Rosalie Cri tchfield Music Ed 1tor ... . .. . . . .. . .. .. ......... . . . ......... Elome Sanden Art Edi tor ...... . ........... . .... . ............ . Charles Pearson Girls Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... Ka thryn Swanson , Rosema ry Voux Busi ness a nd Adverti sing Manage r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... Pa ul M. Sogol Advertising Assistan ts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gloria Gynild, Rosemary Siebert Typ 1st . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joan J oyce Reporte rs -Ka thryn Boob, M a rilyn Bublitz , Monlyn Thompson, Violet J en~e n, M ocy lhlon, Ge rold me O' Ne il, Clydo Dressen, Dons Pre tzer, Clo reen W illis, J oe Yontes. C.rculo tion Manage r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....... . .... Mono n Rose Assistants- Joyce J e nney, Mov1s J o hns, Edith Fritsche r, Audrey Hanson, Phyllis Severson, J oyce Esk ro, Carol Stromberg, Margare t Wesenberg, Rita Hubbard, R1to Lo lly, An1to Stong. Pho tog raphy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .... . ...... Arthur Ensberg Adv1ser . . . . .............. . ... ... ............. Rolph A. Behling First row : D. Bergsrud, R. Critchf1e ld, E. Sa nden, V. Jensen, J . Joyce. Second row: D. Pe torski, A. Schulz, A. Hansen, C. Willis, B. Wodekomper. Third row : J . Eskra, R. Busch, P. Swerson, M. Bublitz, M. lh lon, M. Wesen be rg , M. Rose. Fourth row: H. Essman, J . O' Brien, P. Sogo l, A. Ensberg, L. Catlin, R. Clayton . Fifth row : D. Christensen, J . Lofky, P. Schwab, M r . Behling.

Ye '49 Wenonah ed1tors hove final powwow. Sitting: M. Gilbertson (copyl; K. Swanson (women's sports); F. Longmo (student life I; J. Jedermon (edi tor-in-chief). Standing : Mr. Behl1ng lodv1sorl; D. Hanson (seniors!; R. Clayton (business mgr.); M. Bublitz (o rt J, D. Balkcom (men's sports!. Missing: A. Ensberg (photog.); P. Pellowsk1 (odsJ.

The Wenonah Taunts and threats of " Hand in your glossies," "Pay your subscription," and " Get in your assignments," are the obvious evidences of the work of the W enonah Board. But behind the gruffness and urgency of its production are hours of writers' cramps, scissor burns, distasteful pasting, and many headaches. The Wenonah goes to press as a record of school occasions and familiar faces seen in the halls and on the campus.

.,,ip t

0 the " U•, /lede,,., ' a, •• ''~. R ' ..,, Gilb -lirst . C/ona, ertsa,, S rollf; F. l . eco,d a,g,., rollf ..... · •• 8a, J. First row : J . Jedermon, J . Jenny, E. Sanden, M. Gilbertson. Second row: · "6A. Schulz, M. Kotlobo, D. Petorski, J . Wintervold, J. Curr ier. Third row: R. Colwell, L. Just, M. Bublitz, B. Clayton. Fourth row: A. Engsberg, D. Cieminski, F. Sandeen, P. Pellowsk1, Mr. Behl1ng.

First row: M. Gilbertson, V. Jensen, Miss Mognus, S. Worner, J . O'Neil Second row: A. Rygmer, P. Severson, A. Schulz, B. O' Brien, M. Kotloba Third row: E. Sonden, R. Critchfield, R. Clayton, D. Swe.:ney, N. Robonson, 0 Cotlon, R Petty. Fourth row: E. Fohsel, R. Vaux, J . Wintervoid, J. Korby, J O'Broen, D. O'Neil, J. Leicht. Fifth row: C. Wollos, M. l"'lon, R. Crumb, L Roschen, J . Lofky, L. Peters, D. Redlich, W. McCormick.

Wenonah Players Lost spring play for stage c rew members V. W einmann, J . J ede rrnan, a nd C. Keit h.

The d ramatic organization, Wenonah Players, has two categories of members-technicians and acto rs. Active members who participate successfully for two years in or on an unusual number of productions and committees a re e ligible to be elected to the Guard. Senior Guards who have contributed beyond the call of duty are candidat es for election to th~ Purp le Mask. In addition to the traditional Christmas d rama, "Why the .Chimes Rang," a spring production is also staged by the g roup. Officers were Robert Clayton, president; Rosalie Critchfield, vice president; Marilyn Gi lbertson, recording secretary; Frances Langmo. corresponding secretary; Bonnie Utley, treasurer; and Charles Keith, head technician. Miss Dorothy Magnus was adviser. First row: M. Ullom, L. Mueller, B. Newell, B. Utley. Second row: J. Jedermon, J. Eskra, D. Tukuo, Miss Mognus. Third row: J. Cosby, J . Lorgenson, M. Bublitz, C. Keith. Fourth row : V. Wienman, E. Schreiber, R. Challberg, J. Fennoe, D. Auston.

cfl q l'etwnah

'.J::fuycu •:../J....oJudion ,

'bcu!.cld fy 'bowth!J !B. dlfa~pzu.l ·

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1949 8:15 p.m. Somsen Hall Winona State Teachers College Ticket~


No Ruervecl Seat&

"On the air!" J. Leicht, C. Keith, D. Christenson, A. Schuls, J. Kirby, J. Fennie.

Radio Guild Radio Guild is the organization at the college to foster, develop, and advance interest in radio broadcasting. Membe rship is based on a successful a ud ition, judged by members and the adviser. The group produced the weekly "Quarte r Hour on the Campus" broadcast, heard every Wednesday afternoon at 4: 15 over KWNO. President of the Guild this year was Gerald Radtke. John Kirby served as vice president; Alice Schulz as secretary-treasurer; and Vernon Weinmann as head technician. Miss Dorothy Magnus was adviser of the club and Miss Grace Hiler and Mr. Mathew Barry of the broadcasts. First row : R. Cntchf1eld, B. O'Bnen, M1ss Magnus, J. Norton, J Joyce . Second row : R. Petty, A. Schulz, J. Le1chr, C. Keith, J . Fenn1e, P. Sagol. Third row : M. Bubl1tz, C. Pearson, J. Kirby, J. O'Brien, J . Radtke. Fourth row: R. Crumb, D. Schulz, D. Chnstensen, L. Roschen, N. Robmson, W. McCorm1ck. Fifth row : E. Schre1ber, W. Hohenstem, V. We1nmon, L. Peters, H. Bartel.

First row : B. Turnbull, Mr. Becker, G. Gynild . Second row : W. Hohenstein, R. Chullberg, D. Christensen, H. Essmonn.

Debate After a few years of inactivity, the Debate team again became a functioning organiza tion this yea r. The objectives of the cl ub are to debate with other college groups and to help its members become better public speakers. Members of the club have appeared before the Rotary and Exchange clubs of Winona and have participated in debates with St. Mary's College. They we re also p resen t at Augsburg College for a debate sponsored by the National Student Association, at River Falls, Wisconsin, and the University of Minnesota. David Christensen was president; Harold Essman, vice presi dent; and Glona Gynild, secretary-treasurer. Adviser was Mr. James Becker.

"Resolved--" D. Christe nson, G. Gynild, and B. Turnbull.

First row: 5. Vollen, J . O'Neol, V. Jensen. Se cond row: A. Ensberg, P Pello wski, P Sogol, B. Murtough . Third row : J . Roesch, C. Honsen, H. Bortel.

" De mocrats . phs w h e n p Pellowski tuum ' ng crepe paper. Democro t · dons m ourn& . n D Malco1m Re pu bl &co ·

Do It Again" as

Young Democrats The Young Democrats club, o rganized in '48 to campaign for the nat1onal and state elections, was composed of thirty- five T.C. students, directed by chairman Phir Pellowski . Before the election, me mbers distributed campaign literature 1n Winona and conducted a local telephone campaign with the cooperation of Winona citizens. Pellowski was a lso county chairman of the senior party, and he rode the visiting Truman train from Winona to Spa rta. Eight de legates represented the college group at the D.F.L. stat e convent ion at Hast ings. Threc -Pellowsk1, Art Ensberg, and John Riesch-we re placed on permanent pre-convention com mittees. Campus members worked for a closer organization with the city Democ ratic group in order to enhance political education, t hereby contnbuting to better government. Glona Gynild was chai rwoman; Violet Jensen, sec re ta ry; and Joh n Riesch, treasu re r. Mr. Luther McCown advised.

First row : R. Clayton, D. Kindschy, W . Hohenstein, R. Anderson, D. Malcolm, B. Clausen. Se~ond row : E. Fntscher, R. Dickman, J. Wintervold, M. Bublitz, B. Stuck., C. Jackson, S. W orner. Third row: D. Nienow, J. O' Brien, J. Robinson, C. Pearson, J . Swenson, E. Hovland. Fourth row : D. Johnson, R. Prigge, W. Erickson, J. Cosby, A. O'Neil.

M 8 y o~ng Derno~rots and R · ubl•b and R A d epublicons S V II . n erson or . . o on, C. Pe gue preSidential elect· orson, P. Pellowski •on ~ornpoign policies. ,

Young Republicans Work! talk! argue! convince! Work some more! During the frantic, hectic months preceding the 1948 presidential elect1on, that is just what the members of the Young Republican League did. The value of their efforts was shown in the mock election held on the campus the day of the nationa l polling. W .S.T.C. went out for Dewey. The national defeat of the Republicans, however, did not mean the death of the local group. Instead, they are as energetic as ever, holding meetings to discuss current political situations. At the head of the group were David Malcolm, chairman; Willard Erickson, vice chairman; Betty Stuck, secretary; and Robert Clausen, treasurer. As long as the Republican party exists, this group pledges its loyalty and support.

The purpose of the International Relations club is to better acquaint the members and the entire student body with the problems of the peoples over the globe, and through an understanding of our neighbors, to establish and preserve peaceful international relations. I.R.C. maintains a library of books on present day matters and reta ins a regional affiliation through cooperative conferences. Members have heard several speakers thi s yea r who told of life in their native lands. They were Gunther Hohman of Germany; Madeline Chen of China; Miss Megan Flemington of England; and Christ Krista, a Teachers College student from Albania. Officers were Walter Hohenstein, secnotary-genera l; Le land Larson, assistant secretary general; Marion Rose, secretary-treasurer; and James LaChappelle, publicity manager. The adviser was Mr. James Becker.

I. R. C.

First row : A. Ensberg, D. Nienow, W. Hohenstein, D. Malcolm, B. Murtaugh, R. Clausen. Second row : A. Schulz, S. Vallen, S. Lanning, M. Rose, S. Warner, C. Jackson. Third row : R. Seibert, A. Hansen, E. Lompland, J . Murphy, J . Norton, M. Tostenson. Fourth row : J . O'Bnen, F. Wiebusch, J . Cosby, L. Wright, E. Hovland, D. Gernes. Fifth row : R. Johnson, D. Kindschy, M. Anding, W. Enckson, H. Bartel.

B ker and Bill ~rickson ~'路 :~th Miss f\emongton, relatoons R C meeting. ~r, ot an 1路 路 路



Anglo-American exchange teach-

First row: M U llo m, M Christopherson, R. Crotch field, K Swanson. J Sobotta, P. Ullom. Second row: B. Corliss, M Wesenberg, W Ronnen berg, P. Al me te r, I. Jacobsen, 6 Waldron. M. Schm1dt. Third row: Dr. Royman~. D Malcolm, L Horbo, M. Brustuen, E Schm1dt, D Chadbourne. C Ke1th. Fourth row: C. Monson, J . Nel,on, R Nachtshc1m. V Chnstensen, D. Gerncs, J . Hennessy, A O'Neil. E Nosh Fifth row : M K~rklond, V We1nmann, D Monroe, V Stensrud, R. Clausen, J . Moh lkc, C Kmto Sixth row : D. K1ndschy, J. Swe nson, K Sh1pstcod, W T~o t ~ns. H Bartel, E. Hovland, R. Proqge, D Hdl1.,(]

. Iris Jacobsen snow lung, at the wint;, party ~~:~:~,:~db Bobh Cla~sen, snow Y t e Sctence Club.

Science Club Nuclear fission, endobiotics, and mathematics are subjects that appeal to the members of the Science Club. Made up of science and mathematics majors and minors, the club has the twofok! aim of educating and ente rtaining its mem bers. Among the activities of the club is the sponsorship of the annual Science Night, at which demonstrations are put on by the various departments to show the work carried on here. The annual Science Club trip to Chicago was something the senior members looked forward to. Students visited the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler planetarium, and the Museum of Natural History. The activities of the club this year were guided by David Malcolm, president; Robert Clausen, vice president; Rosalie Critchfield, secretary- treasurer; and Dr. M. R. Raymond and Mr. L. A. Arnold, advisers.

Mendelssohn Club

Perhaps the oldest organization of the campus that is still active is the Mendelssohn Club, the women's choral group. This year the club boasted a membership of twentyfive. Members are selected each fall on the basis of tryouts before the present members; Mr. Walter Grimm, the director; and Miss Agnes Bard, accompanist. A good singing voice, character, personality and scholarship are essentials considered for selection. Practices are held each Tuesday and Thursday at 4:05 in the music tower. Christmas and 'tween season concerts were given both during chapel and at meetings of local civic organizations. Highlight of the season was a spring concert in Somsen auditorium at which the group displayed the climax of a year's work. Sheila Buckingham served as president this year, assisted by Elaine Nienow, vice president; Elaine Krueger, corresponding secretary; Louise Harbo, recording secretary; and Hazel He lleck, treasurer.

First row: D. Kondt, S. Lannor.g, E. Sanden, M. Dean, B. Tester, V. Jensen. Second row : Mr. Gromm, M. Dopke, S. Guckenburg, B. Buckman, S. Hall, N . Buck, E. Moore. Third row : Moss Bard, R. Busch, M. Marshall, E. Krueger, C. Dressen, P. Currier. Fourth row: J. Waterbury, D. Jordahl, S Buckongham, H. Helleck, L. Harbo, G. Blohm, E. Noenow, J . Currier.

First row: N. Robmson, G. Truwe, M1ss Bard, S. Lann1ng, J. Ramsdell, R. Aorsvold. Seco nd row: G. Radtke, R. Colwell, J . Sorflatm, W. Jacobs, P. Polson, C. Summers. T hird row: J. Robmson, N. Blohm, R. Robb, L. Peters, L. Roschen, J .Raphael.

You too can sing! Some of us students remember when there was a rash of advertisements beginning, "You, too, can ... " In the case of the Apollo Club, it's true, because all one needs to do to join, is to try out, and presto! you're a member! The Apollo Club is the men's voice organization on the campus. Meeting twice weekly under the direction of Miss Agnes Bard, the club goes through its repertoire and adds new songs to its list. Its wide variety of selections ranges from Fred Waring's arrangement of " Loch Lomond" to sacred music and back to Rodgers and Hammerstein. The club has a feeling of mu t ual taste in music that comes from working together. It has also an ai r of informality that encourages people like Mr. Walter Grimm to walk in at any time to lend a hand . The officers of the club this year were Jay Robinson, president; Gerald Radtke, vice president; and Ray Colwell, secretary-treasurer.

Apollo Club

First row : D. Kindt, S. Lannmg, E. Sanden, M . Dean, B. Tester, S. Hall, V. Jensen, P. Curroer. Second row: Miss Bard, M Dopke, S. Guckenburg, B. Buckman, C. Dressen, N Buck, G. Curroer Third row : Mr. Grimm, B. Aorsvold, R. Busch, M. Marshall, E. Krueger, L. Horbo, G. Blohm, E. Moore. Fourth row : N. Robinson, R. Colwell, J. Ramsdell, J . Waterbury, D. Jordahl, S. Buckmghom, H. Helleck, W. Jacobs, P. Polson. Fifth row: J . Robonson, J . Radtke, G. Truwe, J . Sorfloten, R. Robb, L. Peters, L. Roschen, J. Raphael , C. Summers.

G. Radtke accompanies E. Sanden and J . Meldc as they practice a duet for the spring Mixed Chorus concert.

Mixed Chorus Composed of membe rs of th e Mendelssohn and Apollo Clubs, the Mixed Chorus is an organization existing chiefly for the pleasure obtained by the members in the joining of men's and women's voices in song. Under the direction of Mr. Walter Grimm, and accompanied by Miss Agnes Bard, the group made several public appearances during the yea r. Chief among them was the presentation of the Christmas cantata, " The Shepherds of Bethlehem," December 13, in Somsen Auditorium before the college audience. Soloists were Mary Dean, Elaine Sanden, and Leon Peters. The cantata was also presented before the Rotary Club of Winona and at Altura, Minnesota, as a part of the Christmas program there. Presiding over the forty-nine member chorus was James Werner, assisted by Sylvia Lanning, vice president, and J ean Currier, sec ret a ry-treasurer.

Mason Music Club All majors and minors in music are members of the Mason Music Club. Under the able leadership of president John Raphael, the monthl y meetings, the past year proved to be constructive and entertaining. Subjects of musical interest were discussed and the club heard solo and ensemble performances by members and talks on music. The club stimu lated interest in local recitals and the concerts which are sent by the Community Concert Association. Because of their inte rest in public school music, six students and Mr. Walter Grimm attended the Minnesota Music Educators Association convention in Minneapolis. While there they saw Dimitri Mitropolis direct a rehearsal of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. William Bunn was vice president; Shirley Hall, secretary treasurer, and M1ss Agnes Bard and Mr. Walter Grimm, advisers.

G. Radtke, J . Raphael, L. Just, and S. Lanning listen to re cords at a Mason Music club meeting .

First row : M1ss Bard, S. Lonnmg, B. Tester, E. Sanden, M . Dopke, S. Hall Second row : P. Almeter, V. Sm1th, L. Just, V. Jensen, P. Snyder, Mr. Gnmm. Third row: J . Rob•nson, N. Rob1nson. G. Truwe, R. Aorsvold, C Lee . Fourth row : J . Raphael, J . Hendrickson, L. Pe te rs, D. GU1d1nger, C. Summers, D. N1enow.

First row: J . Hyde, J. Waterbury, Mr. Heyer, B. Buckman, V. Jensen. Second row: P. Almeter, M. Marshall, M. Peterson, C. Eakens, J. Currter, J. Eskra. Third row: F. W1ebusch, N. Robmson, J. Ramsdell, R. Thayer, B. Aorsvold, C. Summers, J. Fenn1e. Fourth row: D. Nienow, C. Lee, J . Robinson, J. Wood, E. Schneber, F. Luchou. Fifth row: J . Ropheol, D. Kindschy, T. Zmge1go, R. Mortmger, D Gu1dinger, J . Hendrickson, G. Bunn.


Composed of thirty-five members, the Wi ¡ nona T. C. Band is under the direction of Mr. Fred Heyer. Band membership is open to any college student who plays an instrument; beginners are welcomed also. During the '48-'49 season, the group played at football games and at a chapel concert. In the Winona Winter Carnival parade the band won second prize in the marching unit division . Meeting four days a week, the band rehearses for a 45 minute period. James Cronen was president; Fred Luchau, vice president; Elaine Nienow, secretary treasurer; and Clarence Lee, sergeant at arms.

A rest 'tween notes; J. Robinson, P. Almeter, .and D. Nienow.

First row: J. Cronen, E. Schre1ber, J. Ramsdell, E. Nienow, N. Robmson, J. Hendnckson, R. Mortmger, D. N1enow Second row: Mr. Heyer, J . Fennie, D. Guidinger, D. Austm, C. Lee, J. Wood, F. Ha wker, G. Bunn.

Rhythm Masters Organized in 1948 "just for fun," the Rhythm Masters have developed into a group of 17 members. Under the direction of Mr. Fred Heyer of the music department, the group played for social dances and chapel programs. During the spring quarter, the band made several tours to Minnesota schools, presenting concerts. Included in the swing band were former professional musicians who came to T.C. to complete their education. Featured in the band were trombonist Lois Cronen, trumpeteers Jim Cronen and Douglas Wood, and Mr. Heyer. Although the b..md stresses modern music, it also plays classical selections; only experienced musicians are accepted.

Mr. Heyer a nd the Rhythm Mast-

ers--E. N ienow a nd J. Hendricksonentertain a t Chapel.

,rJOll sr~rt ~tC ~RIIYTHM I!AHEQS/

First row : E. Sanden, S. Buckmghom, S. Hall, P. Snyder, J. Sobotta, J. O'Neol. Second row : J Jederman, M Kolberg, B Wadekomper, I J acobson, P. A lmeter, J Currof'r, B. Utley. Third row: C. Dressen, M Bublitz, M. Brustuen, G. Blohm, D Chrostenson, G. Perry, L. Horbo, M Klong, B. Murtaugh. Fourth row : D. Malcolm, B. Clayton, A Ensberg, H Helleck, M. Schmodt, M. Weber, J . Fennoe, R. Anderson. Fifth row : B. Clausen, C. Hansen, M Korklond, D Kondschy, P. Schwab, J. Lofky, J Swensen, B. Erockson, P. Sogol .

Die-No-Mo A representative commi ttee of students, the Die-No-Mo Club is the vital organ of school spirit. Throughout the year its me mbe rs urge loyal ty and participation for the athletic teams through stimulating pre-game pepfests. Severa l were enjoyed by students in the gymnasium during activity period. Di eNo-Me officers were Don Redlich, president; Phyllis Currier, vice president; Marion Brustuen, secretary; and Bill Erickson, treasurer. Adviser was Mr. F. A. J ederman.

Pre-football gome pepfest with S. Peterson, F. Percuoco, W. Winblod , M . Schaefer, D. Todd , E. Boe, J . Corchron, L. Anderson, R. Cook, and W . Schumacher.

\. Chris0 Redlich . . d R. leaders · G. PerrY• an CheerM Kolberg, tensen, . Crumb·

Industrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club is another college group that combines enjoyment with education. It is an active organization too; thi s year the members went on bus tours to visit the Red Wing potteries and the Ford plant in St. Paul. Composed of industrial arts majors and minors, the club had as its president, Don Heaney; vice president, John Nelson; and secretary-treasurer, Robert Prigge. Mr. Harry Jackson and Mr. John Gunderson were club advisers.

y Amundson, U. Dru an E. Von Gtlder, H Anderson, J . First row : J. gJ 'N lson S. Jordon, . M Capron , ' A Ensberg r. G d row · · e .ngs Third row : · . w' Drugan, · Shugart. Sccon K Cumm• · d F th row. · Pendelton, J hnson D Bran t. ou~ Cook F ltpinski . ' · .J. Theilan, 0 .~ E B~e M. Ktrklond, · Stmpson, R. Wet , . ,

First row: L Wteczorek, C. Ketth, J . Dearman, E. Schnell, F. Ludtke, S. Peterson. Second row: R. Frtsby, L. Martin, R Morrisette, V. Christensen, R. Wolloce, D. Heony. Third row: M. Mortin, J. Myers, D. Nelson, H. Radtke, I Ntenow, D. Todd. Fourth row: Mr. Jackson, M. Byers, R. Aarsvold, S. Ledebuhr, L. Wright, M. Edge, W . Jocobs. Fifth row: T. Reid, F. Harvey, D. Kindschy, D. Guidtnger, L. Lorson, R. Prtgge, D. Austin, R. Grabau.

Mr. Winkels displays some nccdlccroft to Industrial Arts Club members, Marty Beyers, Earl Schnell and Stu Peterson.

First row : J . Jenny, J . Eskra, A. Hammer, M. Thompson, P. Snyder. J . Peterson. Second row : D. Tukua, D. Holland, P. Severson, W. Smith, N. Garnes, M. Eskar, E. S1ckle. Third row: B. Torrens, S. Butler, A. Nunemacher. A. Ganrud, E. Lampland, B. Flatten. Fourth row: D. Sorenson, C. Elton, I. Gaustad, E. Myrah.

Little sister W. Smith is treated to a coke at Lee and Eddie's by big sister E. Halmstadt.

Y. W. C. A. The purpose of the Y.W.C.A. group is the promotion of friendship among all girls on the campus. Among the activi t ies of the group were the sponsorship of the Big Sister program to help new girls become acquainted and of the annual hike up Garvi n Heights. Evelyn Holmstadt was presiden t ; Huberta Stippi ch, vice president; Cele ne Elton, secretary treasurer; Dolores Sorenson, publicity chai rman; Shi rley Butler, program chairman; Sylvia Lanning, devotional chai rman ; and Mi ss Marguerita St effenson, adviser.

First row: Mr. Mariner, K. Seebold, T. Reid, R. Mann. Second row: R. Grabau, G. Sondstede, F. Wiebusch, G. Fraser, R. Courtier.

Mr. Torras councils commerce club members E. Desantis, R. Courtier, and E. Holst on good stock investments.



The Commerce club is an organization for pre-professional and majors in business education. The main purpose is to acquaint the members with modern business methods and opportunities. This is done by inviting various speakers to talk on subjects which are of interest to the members. Films on insurance and banking procedures were also shown this year. The officers were Earl Holst, president, and William Beseler, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Shirley Ness and Mr. Maurice Mariner were advisers for the group.

First row: V. Schmodt, J . Rosser, M. Fotzpotrick, J. Keefe, J. Johnson, A. Hammer. Second row : Moss Schwoble, D. Droivold, D. Jordahl, V. Leighty, A. KonQ, D Helland, A. Nunemocher, D. Chrostenson. Third row: M. Ullom, E. Moore, G. Haas, M. Pfeilstocker, M.. Moen, J . Eskro, S. Butler, L Kirkland. Fourth row: J. Jenny, C Elton, E. Schumann, G. Asleson, J . Waterbury, B. Oppedahl, B. Torren, M. Boker, J . Steve, E. Sockle. Fifth row: E. Schumann, D Sorenson, V. Smoth, M. Leonard.

Elementary Grade Club Students planning to teach in the elementary or rural schools are eligible to join the Elementary Grade Club. This year's activities began with a tea for new elementary students at the college. Speakers at the monthly meetings included Miss Lillian Hammer, sixth grade supervisor, talking on the new methods course being offered this year; Miss Opal Foster, first grade teacher, talking on her experiences as an exchange teacher in Scotland; Miss Kathryn Dunlay, second grade instructor, and Miss Elsie Kurzweg of Jefferson School, on the Association for Childhood Education; Miss Amanda Aarestad, fifth grade teacher, on new trends in teacher education; and Mr. Glenn Fishbaugher, director of teacher training and placement, on the need for elementary teache rs today.

Student teacher, M. Leonard, helps a first grader with her workbook.

J . Joh nson , C. Ha ll, E. Schumann , E. Holmstadt, and J . Keefe repair and paint toys for the Christmas project.

Members repaired and repainted seventy-five broken and soiled toys which had been donated to the Welfare department by local stores. Money was contributed to buy layettes fo r needy families. High school seniors interested in teaching were invited to attend a panel discussion given by club members. An all school pa rty, featuring a movie and refreshments, was sponsored by the club in December. A spring picnic and a t ea honoring graduating members closed the program for the year. Officers were Mrs. Lois Kirkland, president; Fern Thiele, vice president; Audrey Nunemacher, secretary; Joyce Johnson, treasurer; Mary Walch and Renata Radsek, pub Iici ty. M tss Bertha Schwable was adviser.

First row: M1ss Gage. M. Thompson, W. Sm1th, C. Jackson, S. Vollen, M1ss Bartsch. Second row: B. Buckman, N. Garnes, M. Eskra, M. Norton, B. Flatten, E. Fahsl. Third row: I. Gaustad, P. Severson, A. Ganrud, E. Myrah, J. Peterson, E Lomplond. Fourth row: A. Rygmyer, R. Hauke, J. Murphy, R. Lally, Miss Forner, D. Vehrenkomp.

First row: Miss Magnus, Father Curtis, J. La Chopelle, D. Guidinger. Second row: M. Fitzpatrick, G. O'Neil, A. Strong, M. Schmidt, M. Rose, M. Hemmelmon, L. Mucha. Third row: C. De Gross, L. Sheehan, R. Lally, P. Almeter, M. Norton, M. Ihlen, M. Murphy, J. Joyce. Fourth row : J. Kovaleski, J. O'Brien, M. Kotlobo, J. Walsh, D. Petorski, L. Jackson, J. Yantes, L. Catlin. Fifth row : W . Ferguson, P. Sogol, L. Martin, E. Glubko, B. Boeckman, J. Kirby, R Morrisette, J. Thorne.

Newman Club

Wesley Club

The purpose of the Newman Club, the Catholic or~an­ ization on the campus, IS to further the education of students in rei igion. Discussion meetings were held twice a month under the direction of Father William Curtis. A Newman club-sponsored dance was held Janua ry 26. Joint meetings of the Newman Club and students at the College of St. Teresa were held. Officers were James La Chappelle, president; Donald Guidinger, vice president; Barbara Le lwica, secretary; and Janice Sa botta, treasurer. Advisers were Miss Dorothy Magnus and Father Curtis.

The Wesley Club, student organization for Methodists attending W.S.T.C., ai ms to provide discussions and lectures, spiritual enrichment, recreation, and fellowship fo r its members. The president, Glenys Wandsnider, and Ruth Hause were delegates from the Winona group to the Minnesot a Methodist Student Movement held at the First Met hodist Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota, for a three day convention in February. Other office rs were Rodger Robb, vice president, and Ralph Polachek, secretary-treasurer.

Fint row: L. Kirkland, R. Hoock, G. Wandsnider, M . Dean. Second row : N. Robinson, M. Kirkland, F. Sandeen, D. Kindschy, H. Bartel, L. Miller.



First row: B. Clausen, R. Aorsvold, Mr. Wedul, V. Schmidt. Second row: J . Holt, J . Jenny, J. Boyum, D. Bergsrud, D. Kindt, D. Jordahl, W. Smith, J . J ohnson. Third row: J. Worner, B. Flatten, J. Ambrosen, D. Tukuo, M. Brustuen, P. Severson, B. Torrens, G. Asleson. Fourth row: J . Pederson, I. Gaustad, N. Lester, R. Jorenby, E. Myrah, A. Gonrud, M. Bublitz, E. Lamplond. Fifth row: S. Vollen, J. Ramsdell, A. Schulz, R. Busch, D. Dro1vold, N. Gornes, D. Christensen, V. Christensen. Fourth row : J. Cosby, V. Anderson, D. Schulz, D. Christenson, T. Z ingneigo, F. Wiebusch, C. Strand, R. Court ier, J . Cipra.

Congregational students are eligible to become members of the Congo Club. Sunday evening meetings are highlighted by informal dinners, addresses by guest speakers and discussions by members. The outstanding event of the year was a meeting held jointly with other Protestant clubs to com pare the four denominations. Speakers were Mrs. Philip Murray, and the Reverends John Simonds, Vernon John son, and Truman Potter. Wil lard Erickson was president; Robert Anderson, vice presi dent; and Betty Kopp, secretary. First row: R. Critchfield, E. Kopp, M. Dopke, I. Jacobson, J. W intervold, S. W orner. Second row: R. Clayton, V. Jensen, H. Stippich, A. Hansen, C. Elton, F. Thiel, D. Malcolm. Third row : G. Radtke, R. Colwell, M. Woss, W. Erickson, R. Anderson, L. Cotlm.

L. S. A. The Lutheran Students' Association is the campus organization for all Lutheran students. Besides having as the main objective of the cl ub, the spiritual enrichment of its members, the students have an opportunity to participate in numerous social activities. These include the annual fall banquet and homecoming breakfast, the Christmas party, and the spring sun ri se breakfast. Officers were Robert Clausen, president; Val Christensen, vice president; Robert Aarsvold, treasurer; Evelyn Holmstadt, secretary; and Ruth Jorenby, historian. Club advisers were Mr. Harold Anderson and Mr. Melvin Wedul.


Post-dinne r relaxat ion in Morey Hall. E. Krueger. R. Vaux , C. Thompson, D. Pre tze r, K. Swanson, M. Tostenson .



l(otlaba,C~ ·ppelle dinner at

J . J~hnso;. Prokopowtcs. More'/ Hall.

ves M · J \.a na Ge;,.,\land. and ·

Shepardites. Seated : E. Schumann , H. Stippich, J . Currier, S. Butler, J . Keefe, D. Tukua , I. Jacobsen , M . Brustuen, G. Pe rry. Standing : E. Sickle, D. Sorenson, S. Hall, and J . Wintervold.

Commuters J . Corlson, C. Ryde r, and D. Elkins have a noon snack ot the bchonge

Eat and


Early evenings ot Prentiss. J. LoChoppelle, A. Zinge igo , ond Mr. and Mrs. Moriner.

W Erickce, J. Swenson, . tudying Wallo little pre-s R Lucos Lodgers . indulge in o d M Be yers son, an ¡ relax:~tion .


p 0 R 1


Coach E. N. Brodhagen


Football The Warriors got off to a fast start by tipping St. Mary's to win the 1948 city championsh1p. However, the rest of the season proved fruitless as far as victories were concerned, du~ to a plague of injuries. At one stage of the campaign, Coach Brodhagen faced the task of replacing seven first stringers who were on the injured list. Although the Warriors ran into much stronger competition this season because of the great improvement shown by the other confe rence teams, they put up a good scrap in eve ry game, giving the fans an exciting autumn. Those who will be greatly missed by the Warriors next year are "Tank" Clausen, "Soup" Winb lad, Mel Schaefer, Bill Corchran, Wayne Nash, and Joe Yantes.





Football Scoreboard St. Mary's .. 0 Bemidji 0 0.20 Duluth .... 19 St. Cloud .. 13 Mankato ... 7 Moorhead .. 19 Eau Claire .. 27 La Crosse .. 14 Warweg





Winona .. 12 Winona .. 12 Winona .. 6 Winona .. 0 Winona .. 0 Winona .. 13 Winona .. 0 Winona .. 6 King

Winona scores a touchdown during the La Crosse game. Stensrud










Konkol Burkard Warweg Swota Drugan


Vondrashek Winblad


,, Dahl



First row: W. Winblod, H. Burkard, F. Worweg, G. Vondroshek, C. Dahl, L. Geary Second row: Mr. Arnes, R. Stork, J . Tews, V. Clausen, W. Drugan, Mr. McCown. Third row: H. Konkol, L. Ellinghuysen, A. Swoto, G. DuBoos

Basketball The Warriors made strides in their comeback on the court, bettering their 1947-48 record by capturing seven games. The team started off with a bang by winning six of their first eight games. Loss of three regulars at this point was a blow from which the team did not recover. Those winding up their cage careers this year were "Soup" Winblad, Virgil Clausen, and Sonny Dahl. George Vondrashek, Warrior captain, led the team in scoring with 334 points and was also chosen as center on the all-confere'nce second team . Vondroshek rebounds against St. Mary's with the aid of DuBois and Worweg.

Basketball Scoreboard SEASON'S STATISTICS . . . . . . . . . . .... WSTC Score Opponent Score Platteville ....... 58 65 61 Eou Claire ....... 57 44 La Crosse ........ 46 Stevens Point ..... 47 51 44 Michigan T . C. . . . . 40 49 Wartburg ........ 58 52 La Crosse ........ 51 68 Platteville ........ 63 Upper Iowa ...... 47 45 43 Eou Claire ~ ... . .. 6 1 Stevens Point ..... 58 51 North Dakota .... 61 54 Platteville ....... 58 52 31 Mankato ........ 65 30 St. Cloud ........ 62 St. Mary's ....... 60 54 Moorhead ........ 60 51 39 Bemi~o ......... 48 47 Duluth .......... 54 Moorhead ........ 51 53 47 St. Mary's ....... 49 43 St. Cloud ....... . 65 51 Duluth .......... 70 54 Bemidji ......... 60 45 Upper Iowa ...... 52 38 Mankato ......... 70 1262


... .. ... 1468


Catcher M. Lee.

Manager M. Weber and outfielders L. Anderson, F. Percuaca, J . Tews, H. Karle, and J . Mahlke.

Infielders--Kneeling: C. Dahl, P. DuBois. Standing: R. Kershaw, J. Barrett.

Tennis Coach L. A. McCown' s tennis squad was well fortified this spring with Cap tain Jack Myers, Bill Tsatsos, Bernie Murtaugh, and Dan Besser back from last year. Newcomers that showed promise were James Dresser, who captured the Big Nine and Regional high school championships last year, and Anthony Zigneigo.

Baseball Out to repeat last year's championship were lettermen Jack Drugan, Ev Mueller, John Barrett, Horst Radtke, Bob Stark, Stan Prokopowicz, Larry Anderson, Felix Percuoco, Jim Tews, Henry Karle, John Mahlke, Sonny Dahl and Marty Lee. Standing out among the newcomers we re Andy Swota, Phil DuBois, Bill Drugan, Jake Konkol, and Enoch Bennett. Coach Lyle Arns' team made an impressive start by winning its first five games.

J. Mettille, R. Clausen and J. Konkol ot the finish line.



Lettermen returning from last year's squad were Captain Bob Clausen, in the 100 yard dash and broad jump; Bob Verchota, in the 880 yard dash and javelin; Jim LaChapelle, two-miler; and Marty Beyers, shot and discus. Showing promise as potential lettermen in Coach E. N. Brodhagen's squad were Jim Mettille, Dave Todd, and Joe Lynch in the dashes; Jack Strommer in the mile, two mile and high jump; Lyle Raschen, high jump; Bob Dreisbach, low hurdles and discus; Fred Bauer and Bob Nelson in the half mile; and Bill Ecklund in the 220 and 440 yard dash.

Captain LuVerne Scanlan, Jim Wilson, and Roger Smith were veterans from last year's squad. Those who also competed for positions were Marty Beyers, John Pendleton, Phil Pellowski, and Ross Wood. Gene Pelowski, star of former teams, was coach while Mr. L. A. McCown was in charge of the squad.

Kneeling: L. Scanlan. Standing: P. Pellowski, J. Pendleton, J. Wilson, M. Beyers, R. Smith.

n J Tews, W . Schumach er, W . W in First row: H. Mclean. J. W•lso • .. B Bodey J . Drugan, W . Nosh , hnell S. Peterson. Second rowM. t. h L• Anderson. Third row : bla d • E. Sc ' S k E B net B ur aug . . . B J L<' Chappelle, R tar . . en • A~derson B. Verchota, M. Mortm, . Weber, H. Karle, J . Mahlke, R. w· Beyers, D. Besser, E. Boe, Cl~usen, H Radtke. p Schwab FourthF~~h · ro~: D. Johnson, F. Percuoco, E. Mueller, Mr. Brodhogen, Mr. tr~ndstede, Mr. McCown, B. Tsotsos. F. Harvey, T. Burkard, D. K1ng, ·



''W'' Club Lette r wi nne rs in ma jor sports of the college make up the " W " Club. Among the funct ions carried on by the c lub is the awa rding of " W " b lanke ts to seniors who have won four lette rs in one sport or three lette rs a nd have been e lected captain. In the spring all " W " men get togethe r for a stag banquet and reunion with alumni sports heroes. Office rs we re W ilbur Winblad, preside nt; W ayne Nash, vice-presid e nt; and Horst Radtke, secreta ry- treasurer wh ile Mr. L. A. McCown acted as adviser.

d ond J. Tews moke pions W Nosh, D. King , W . Winblo • . I W Club spring bonquet. for the onnuo

M. Weber, W. Ferguson, J. Yantes.

Intramural Board The intramural board is concerned with providing athletic activity for as large a number of persons as possible. The board arranges, runs off, and regulates tournaments in various sports and plans the teams competing so that there will not be too great a variance of ability between groups. Members were Pat Mclean, Joe Yantes, Bill Ferguson, Lyle Roschen, and Moe Weber. Engaged in the scramble for the intra mural basketball championship were sixteen teams and over 130 basketeers. The Lakers were crowned champs by nipping the All Americans 27-26 in the playoff finals. Members of Captain Bob Lawstuen's Lakers were Charles Johnson, Charles Erwin, Rudy Ellis, Lyle Mavland, Vic Stensrud, and John Wiebusch.

First row: J . Wo lson , W . Nosh . W . Schumacher, P. Boelter, W . Winblod, S. Peterson . Second row: B. Sershen, J . La Chappelle, B. Stork, D. Judd, H. Radtke, L. Wieczorek . Third row: P. Mclean, J. Tews, V. Anderson, B. Verchoto, M. Morton, C. Ha nsen, D. Besser. Fourth row: T. Burkard, D. King, E. Boe, E. Mueller, Mr. Brodhagen, Mr. Arns, Mr. McCown.

Men's P. E. Club Keeping its members up to date on new developments and techniques in physical education is a major purpose of the Men's P.E. Club. An experiment carried on by the club for the past two years with the McCloy Achievement Tests in choosing intramural basketball teams proved highly successful. Members of the club are majors and minors in the men's physical education department. The officers were Howard Mclean, president; Darold King, vice-president; and Donald Bolkcom, secretary- treasurer. Advisers were Mr. L. A. McCown and Mr. E. N. Brodhagen . D. Besser is scorer as E. Mueller takes an intramural basketball achievement test.

Firat row: J . Jederman, J . Sobotta, J. Peterson, L. Denning, K. Swanson, L. Mueske. Second row: M . Bohnen, M. Johns, B. Wadekamper, M. Schmidt, B. Waldron, D. Tukua . Third row: H. J orgenson, M . Kolberg, M. Vieths, M. Brustuen, P. Almeter, C. Dressen, R. Dick.


P. E. Club

All majors and minors in women's physical education are members of the Women's Physical Education Club. As this is a professional club, the monthly meetings are planned to be educational. Speakers bring new views on this field of education. Frequent work meetings have as their projects the making of lanyards, soccer boards, and other useful phy. ed. articles. A new contribution to the school was made by the Women's Physical Education club, in the form of a loan fund for phy. ed. majors and minors. For two years, these girls have been in charge of concessions at all home athletic games. Clyda Dressen was president; Jan ice Sabotta, vice president; and Kathryn Swanson, secretary-treasurer. Miss Elta Kern and Dr. Jean Talbot were advisers.

Phy. ed. majors gather for a cup of coffee. , D. Tukua, J. John1, M. Bohnen, Miss Kern, K. Swanson, M. Kolberg, M. Richard•, J. Peterson, B. Wadekamper.

First row: Miss Kern, Dr. Talbot. Second row: J . Peterson, J. Sobotta, C. Dressen, M. Brustuen, M. Schmidt, B. Wadekamper, D. Tukua.

M. Schmidt and M. Casey at registration during W.A.A. sponsored play day with St. Teresa.

Twice each week all girls interested in sports get together for games- soccer, speedbal l, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, and softball-through the Women's Athletic Association. Last fall the W.A.A. sponsored a play day which students of the College of St. Teresa attended. That college, in turn, had a splash party for T.C. girls.

W. A. A. Board

Batter up! B. Wadekamper, Tukua, M. Schmidt.


W.A.A. sent Clyda Dressen and Marion Brustuen-the president-to the national convention of AFCW at Madison in April. The state play day, held at Moorhead, was attended by a T.C. delegation. Janice Sabotta was vice president; Mary Schmit, - - - - -...secretary treasurer; and Dr. Jean Talbot and Miss Elta Kern, advisers.


Get the rebound! J. Jederman, M. Marshall, C. Dressen, M. Johns.

and Sports

With "Kon-Ker Kato" as the slogan for T .C. 's twenty-sixth homecoming, students, faculty and alumni opened festivities on October 15 with a pepfest, at which Queen Mary Leonard was presented with her court-Gladys Asleson, Fern Thiele, Bonnie Utley, and Bernice Wadekamper. A snake dance to a giant bonfire at the practice field was led by the cheerleaders. The L.S.A. and Kappa Pi breakfasts and Wenonah Players and "W" club luncheons made it possible for alumni and present students to meet again . Following the game-which Winona lost to Mankato 7 -0open house prevailed at the dorms and lodges. At the Shepard Hall tea, Mrs. Harriet Taisey, oldest living graduate of the college, was present. A semi-formal dance, with music by Henry Burton, concluded the 1948 Homecoming activities.

Homecoming queen , Mary Leonard .

S ob Clausen sells W .S.'T.C . pennants ot the

6\\1 ' '''' ' '" ••"

peP t est .

\,.odg e decototions.


Queen Mar Asleson , Bon . y ond atte nd the football game noe Utley ond ants, rn adekam . pe r Glenjoy with M Bernice Th1ele, onkato . FeW a d ys

t>•''""' •••' ' " '" L•"'



3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

Man and corsage. Young Joe Yontes. The Mid dIe Ages. Spot on the floor. Danny boy. The merrie frous. Bubbles Tukuo. Streamlined. Perplexed Petty.

1 0. 11. 12. 13. 14.


Red roses for a blue lady. What flavor? Attention Pat! In the gutter. I' m just 3 1 2 years old! Beauty and the beast.

16. Atlas and Venus. 17. Burnt offering. 18. Lover come back to me.

Our editor. Refer to No. 16.

1. Woshdoy blues. 2. G.l. Ba ll. 3. Rose o m o n g thorns . 4 . Legs. 5. Inmates. 6. watch th e game! 1. Sun's too bright. 8. Everwear " Pill."

13. 14.

15. 16.

20. Grrr! 21.

Li'l Alice.

17. 18. 19. 22.

Formal affair. My lpona smile. Anatomy Kitty. The Crumb profile. 23. Yours Mike? 24. Love-;aiJ.

The voice. K-K-Koty. More legs. Is this party authorized? South St. Paul. What, no skiis? At los s for words. Three wise men.

WINONA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Established 1858 Oldest College for Teacher Education West of the Mississippi River

*** Fully Accredited by The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools -andThe American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

*** Graduates accepted in every state in the Union

*** The college exists not merely to supply professionally trained workers, but also to provide those who attend here with a broad, rich, and purposeful educational experience.

*** 10,204 Graduates



Q~ ~---,.~


179 E. Second Street


I . Bond at Homecoming game. 2. Who won? 3. Hi!-J. Voorhees, M. Boker.



H. Choate & Company Winona's Largest Leading Oldest Department Store

Sundaes -

Sodas -

Butterscotch Com -

Home-made Peanut Brittle

Varsity Inn HOWARD JOHNSON, Prop. "BUSINESS BASED ON FRIENDLINESS" Comer 4th & Johnson Popcorn -

Frosted Malts -

Soft Drinks -

Caramel Apples -

Light Lunchea



Nationally Advertised Merchandise



Credit Terms In Winona"

55 W. 3rd





All Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Boyum, Schubert & Sorensen Architects & Engineers 300 Exchange Bldg. Winona, Minn. Architects for Five Winona Schools and for Maxwell Library

Compliments of

Winona Hotels, Inc. HOTEL WINONA


1. Johnny Roberts Orchestra. 2. Evy. 3. Overtones--R. Critchfield, F. Longmo, S. Worner, G. Horton.

"Spend where you Javt"

Williams Hotel & Coffee Shop FINE FOOD and BEVERAGES W inona

Everything to Wear for Every Member of the Family

Vernon Sjodin 6) W. Th1rd

Phone 20117


Slipper Shop 103 E. Third

Winona Fruit Market

Phone 2551

Watche s - Diamonds- J ewelry

Rademacher Drug Co.

J. Milton Dahm J ewe le r


112 E. Third St. 59 West Second Street


I . Picnic 2. Take me aut to the ballgame. 3. Howdy do!-H. Buck, R. McDougall.

M innesota

Congratulations to the Graduating Class and may they at all times continue to be and TEACH TRUE AMERICANISM. We are in TWO kinds of business.

1st. We are in the business of Selling AMERICANISM, but not alone Americanism but Freedom. One can be an American but must believe in freedom of speech, religious liberty, in our public school system and the right to vote as we please.

TOO MANY of those who claim to be Americans are going to the left and are actually supporting Communism. We live in the best country in the world and have the best of everything that money can buy. Our workers are being well paid and can do with their money what they please.

UNDER COMMUNISM The people are told what to say and write, where to work (and not a 40 hour week) but from dawn to dark and usually in the making of war materials to destroy if possible those countries that believe in democracy. 2nd. We are also in the business of producing washed sand and gravel either to be loaded on trucks or on railroad cars.


PHONE 7829


Archie •s Snack Shop

Nash Clothing Store Corner of Fourth and Center

Corner Third and Main

"Walk a block and save"


Complete line of QUALITY CLOTHING For Dress and Sports Wear

Soda Fountain





Phone 9823

Local Bus Transportation and Charter Service

Springdale Dairy Co. MILK & CREAM

Winona Transit Co.

of Superior Flavor



Hardt's Music Store

-A Good Place to Trade-

Records, Sheet Music, . Phone 2876

Radio Phonographs and Electrical Merchandise






Complim e n t s of

Winona Theatre Co. DRUGS



117 W . Third St.

Morgan 's 87th Year

The Candy Box

Compliments of


The Store Where Youth Is Served

Garden Gate Where The Best People Meet-And Eat

Compliments of

13&() SHOE COMPANY 57 WEST THIRD Winona, Minnesota

MORGAN'S " At the Sign of the Street Clock"

Upland Products Co. Distributors Pepsi -Cola and Other Qua lity Beverages 64 E. Second Street

1. Ne!"' Yorkers J. Jupin, J. Lynch, A. Swota, and R. Kershaw and recruiter G. Knatterud. 2. Ha1rleas Harvey.





I 13 East Third Street



Siebrecht Floral Co.



..,1111---~ r.:osnai 900os\





We corry a complete line of FINEST FROSTED FOOD


W .~nona "VetsII ca b


Phone 5004


MeVey• s Ice Cream Shop

Baker's Shoes

We hope we have done our part toward making your year

165 Center Street

a pleasant one 451 Huff Street

Dial 9808



1. Don. 2. Librorion1 M. Boker A. Honten, L. Jult, V. Smith, C. Jocklon, ond M. Gilbertson.

EAT at the

Kalmes Tire Service VULCANIZING

Steak Shop




116 W. Second

Phone 2847


Goltz Pharmacy

Graham and McGuire



274 E. Third


Harold's Studio Potraits of Distinction 111 W . Third

Phone 4455

~~VILL~!) J .... The Man or Woman Who Knows .... Wears Neville Clothes

Phone 2547

Aksel Andersen Furniture and lntenor Decorating Drapery Material 103-105-107 Center Street Winona


Nelson Tire Service COMPLIMENTS OF THE

Goodyear Distributor PHILCO RADIOS AND

Winona Clinic


4th and Johnson

Phone 2700




The Star Shoe Repair Shop Cleaning, Dying and EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING


Ladies & Children's Ready to Wear 54 East 3rd

114 Center St.

Phone 5511


LEE & EDDIE'S for Good Food-- Delicious Ice Cream-- and Friendship WE SPECIALIZE IN PARTY ICE CREAM 159 WEST KING STREET


PHONE 4515


~Ide A Royal Cab DIAL






3331 • • 24 Hour Service

Fully Insured Two Way Radio Service

166 Center St. Winona



Stager Jewelry Store

BUILDING MATERIAL and FUEL W . J. Warmington See Corner Third and Main Streets

Botsford Lumber Company





Red Owl CoFFee Bar

1. Ju1t Fro.h. 2. Sh.t1 or 1wim. 3. Bookworlft (11 M. Rote.

Wenonah Staff Editor ........ . .. . .. ... . . ... .. .. . .. . . Jean Jederman Business Manager . ... . .. ... ..... .. .... . Robert Clayton Photography . ............ .... . . .. .. .. ... Art Ensberg Assistant .... . ... . ...... . . . .. . ... Fletcher Harvey Copy Edito r .............. . ........ Marilyn Gilbertson A ssistants ........ . ..... . I rene Dushek, Lucilie Just, James Werner, Elaine Sanden, Kathryn Baab, Pelagia Prodzinski Art Edito r . ................ . ......... Marilyn Bublitz Assi stants . ......... . . Mildred Marshall , Joyce J e nny Senior Editor ..... . ... . ..... .. ..... . . Dorothy Hanson Student Life Editor ....... . ...... ... . .. Frances Langmo Assis tants .. . .. .. .. Alice Mae Schulz, Ma ry Kotlaba Men's Sports Editor .. . . .... . ........ .. . . Don Bolkcom Assi stant . .................. . ... . .. . .. Art Olson Women 's Sports Editor ....... . . . ... .. . Kathryn Swanson Adverti sing Manage r .. .. ...... . ... . . . ... Phil Pellowski Ass istants ............ Fred Sandeen, Don Cieminski , Oest Weinmann Typist .. . ... . .. . .. .. .. . . ... .... . . . ...... Ray Colwell Faculty Adviser . .. .. . . .... .. . . . . . . Mr. Ralph A. Behling The Wenonah staff and odv1sor wish to thank Miss Florette Murray for her help in the production of this book.








' I


/ I

'"\....' ............






.' -..:-~'

/P .... -=~~- --.. ~ -:::::;:.


. .: x\


\ ;., . '