Wenonah Yearbook - 1947

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Winona State Teachers College Winona, Minnesota

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Dedication Because he firmly believes in the high ideals of his profession, Mr. William Owens has served our college for twenty-seven years with staunch loyalty and unselfish dedication. He has given unstintingly of his time and energy to promote the best interests of the college as he has seen them. As vice-president, Mr. Owens has successfully fulfilled the duties of administrator. Serving as chairman of the Committee on Scholastic Standing he has done much to foster high standards. It has been his special undertaking each fall, or when necessary, to administer the general aptitude tests to entering students. As instructor of psychology and through his personal advice, Mr. Owens has aided many students in social adjustment to college life. Mr. Owens has been teacher and friend to any number of students, who, even though gone from our school, will always be grateful to him for helping them to advance one step in the ladder of learning. Because we respect his judgment, value his friendship, and greatly appreciate the amount of service he has given our college, we dedicate the 1947 "Wenonah" to Mr. William A. Owens.


The "Wenonah" for the year 1946-47 is the first year-book to be published since the college enrollment has returned to pre-war levels. While the number enrolled now only slightly¡ exceeds that for the year 1941, the type of student group has changed materially. In pre-war years, women outnumbered men two to one, while at present the ratio is reversed. This change has affected the enrollment of students in various curricula. For example, now few women are preparing for elementary teaching. A preponderance of men will be noted in the organization pictures. Another notable feature is the low upper class and high lower class membership. To induct the large incoming groups into campus activities has this year been a major problem. Even the publication of a year-book by a largely new student staff has been a difficult task. Thanks to strong leadership by upperclassmen, this task has been accomplished. In other ways the college has had to make major adjustments this year. New faculty members have had to be added and new courses introduced to meet emerging demands. To meet the heavy loads which have developed in certain areas the college has had to add facilities or make the best possible temporary provisions. Alertness to need and readiness to change must characterize a college which is striving, however valiantly, to adjust itself to the demands for service that have been imposed by the times in which we seem destined to live. A sketch of these changes and a record of highlights in this current scene will be of increasing value to the student now passing through these halls. This sketch and record is presented in the 1947 "Wenonah" by a capable and conscientious staff.

Nels Minne


Nels Minne, President

Administration To be able to walk down the hall, meet a student, and greet that student by his or her first name is an accomplishment few can acclaim. There are very few times when Dr. Nels Minne' cannot do this. This feat ties up very closely with the fact that his administration of our college has been a success. To coordinate faculty and student programs of activities is no small job for any executive. That this has been done and is being done by Dr. Minne' is evidenced by his popularity with faculty and students. We believe this is a case of having "the right man, in the right job"-Dr. Minne' as college president.

Miss Hilda Muhle,

President's Secretory and Nels Minne,


W. Verhage, M. R. Raymond, and S. Pedersen.

William Verhage

Dean of College M. R. Raymond

Science; Dean of Men; Adviser of Science Club, Wesley Club Stella Pedersen

Dean of Women; Adviser of Freshman class, Associated Women Students,

Y.W.C.A. Seated : D. Magnus, W. Boots, E.

Murphy; Schultz.

Dorothy B. Magnus

Speech; Adviser of Newman Club, Radio Gui ld, "Wenonah" Players Willis E. Boots

English Ella Murphy

English; Adviser of Senior class, "Wenonah" Robert Hosokawa

English, Journalism; Adviser of Junior class, "Winonan" Bernard Schult%






F. Murray, W. Grimm, A. Bard, R. Busdicker.

Floretta Murray Fine Art; Adviser of Sophomore class, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Pi Walter Grimm Music; Adviser of Apollo Club, Mason Music Agnes Bard Music; Adviser of Mason Music Club Roger Busdicker Band John Gunderson Industrial Education, Science Hugh Capron Industrial Education Harry Jackson Industrial Education; Adviser of Lucas Lodge

J. Gunderson, H. Capron, H. Jackson.

F. Jedermon, R. Scarborough, F. Ron iele, E. F. Bailey, E. Da vis.

Frederick A. Jederman

History; Adviser of Die-No-Mo Ray J. Scarborough

Geography Fred J. Raniele

Social Studies E. Frederic Bailey

Business Administration; Adviser of Commerce Club Edward M. Davis

Social Studies

Eugene Brodhagen

Physical Education; Adviser of Intra -M ural Board, Men's P.E. Club Ruth Richards

Physical Education; Adviser of W .A.A., W ome n's P.E. Club Glendon E. Galligan

Director, Health and Physical Education; Adviser of Intra-Mural Board, Men 's P.E. Club, " W " Club Jean Talbot

Physical Education; Adviser of W .A.A. , Women's P.E. Club Margaret B. Miller

College Nurse Luther McCown

Physical Education; Adviser of Intra-Mural Board, Men's P.E. Club, Prentiss Lodge

E. Brodhogen, R. Richards, G. Gal ligon, J. Talbot, M . Miller, l. McCown.

R. Lokensgard, L. Arnold, 0. Anfinson, P. Giddings.

Rudolph L. Lokensgard Mathematics Luther A. Arnold Chemistry; Adviser of Science Club Olaf Anfinson Physical Science Patricia Giddings Mathematics, Science Amanda B. Aarestad Fifth Grade Supervisor; Adviser of L. S. A. Mae Sweeney Fourth Grade Supervisor Helen W ardeberg Sixth Grade Supervisor

A. Aarestad, M. Sweeney, H. Wardeberg.

M. Greene, I. Horney, M. Bartsch, W . Owens, M. Wedul, G. Fishbougher.

Mildred Greene Supervisor, Junior High School Irene Harney Supervisor, Junio r H igh School Mildred Bartsch Rural Education W. A . Owens Psycho logy Melvin Wedul Principa l, Jun ior H igh School Advise r of L. S. A. Glenn E. Fishbaugher Director of Trai n ing, Placem ent Mrs. Madeline Tews Prima ry Music

Madeline T ews

V. Steinbauer, M. Zimmerman, M. Engst rom, J. Fry.

Violet Steinbauer Spanish Minn ie Zimmerman Assistant Librar ian Mildred Engstrom Li braria n Jeanne Fry M usic and Art, Phe lps

Mrs. Arnold Donath Secretary to Mr. Fishbaugher Miss Hellen Pritchard Registrar Miss Evelyn Fakler Secretary to Miss Pritchard

E. Donath, H. Pritchard and E. Fakler.

Jeanne Brouillette Second Grade Supervisor; Adviser of Elementary Grade Club Opal Foster First Grade Supervisor Anna Clute Kindergarte n Supervisor Bertha Schwable Nursery School Supervisor

J . Brouillette, 0. Foster, A. Clute, and B. Schwoble. Mrs. Griffi th, R. Voelker, A. DeGroot, B. Safranek and M. Maroushek.

Mrs. Fae Griffith Dormitory Manager Miss Rosalie Voelker Accountant Miss Bernice Safranek Office Assistant Miss Angelyn de Groot Assistant Accountant Miss Mildred Maroushek Office Assistant





Harmony, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts Minors: Physical Education Social Science L.S.A. P. E. Club W Club Vets' Club



Rockford, lll ono1s Major : Social Science Minors: ausiness Administration Mathematics Kappa Delta Pi Representative Council



Red Wing, Minnesota Majors: Industrial Arts History Apollo Club Mixed Chorus


Winona, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Elementary Grode Club IRC Koppo Delta Pi Winonon Wesley Club Y.W.C.A. Purple Key



Farmington, Mmnesoto Majors: Physical Education Industrial Arts P. E. Club W Club Wesley Club


Lake City, Minnesota Major: English Minors: Spanish Social Science Die-No-Mo Kappa Delta Pi Representative Council Winonon Y.W.C.A. President, AWS Who's Who Purple Key


MARGUERITE GILBERT Madison, Wisconsin Major: Intermediate Education Elementary Grode Club Newman Club Intermediote Grode Club

"PEGGY" ALTHEA GRABAU Cresco, Iowa Major: Physical Education Minors: Spanish Mathematics Oie-No-Mo WAA P. E. Club


ALBERT HUNGERFORD LeRoy, Minnesota Majors: Science Mathematics Science Club W Club Vets' Club

" KANNEL" WAYNE KANNEL Plum City, Wisconsin Majors: Physical Education History Minor: Social Science Intramural Board P. E. Club Newman Club Representative Council Winonan Wenonah W Club Baseball Basketball


WILLARD LAABS Wmona, Minnesota Major: History Minors: Social Science Speech IRC Radio Guild Wenonah Players

" DON" DONALD McCONOCHIE Cha t field, Minnesota Major: Industrial Arts Minors: Physical Education Socia l Science P. E. Club W Club Vets' Club Football Baseball LSA

"GEORGE" GEORGE MATCHAN Zumbrota, Minnesota Majors: Industrial Arts Social Science Who's Who Kappa Delta Pi Representative Council Pres., Student Association Winonon W. Club Purple Key

"ROG" ROGER MOEN M ilan, Minnesota Major: History Minors: English Social Science Apollo Club IRC LSA Representative Council Vets' Club Mixed Chorus Debate Club

"MARY" MARY NEIL Randolph, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics Social Science IRC Kappa Delta Pi Science Club Winonon Wenonah WAA Y.W.C.A. Student Exchange Boord

"ALLAN" ALLAN NUSZLOCH Lewiston, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics Science W Club Football Baseball



Winona, Minnesota Major: Science Minors: Physical Education Mathematics Intramural Board Kappa Delta Pi P. E. Club Representative Council Pres., Student Association Winanan W. Club Basketball Football Track Purple Key


LAURA ROEHNING Stockholm, Wisconsin Major: History Minors: English Spanish LSA Representative Council Wenonah



Appleton, Wisconsin Major: Mathematics Minors : Physical Science Physical Education Intramural Board W Club Track Football


Red Wing, Monnesota MaJors: Physical Educat1on English Die-No-Mo Kappa Delta Pi Who's Who Representative Council Wenonah Players Winonan Wenonah WAA P. E. Club Purple Key


"TONI" MYRTLE SALLET New Ulm, Minnesota Majors: Physical Education English Bond Kappa Pi Representative Council Wenonah WAA P. E. Club Wesley Club Co-ed Swing Bond

"ROLLIE" ROLAND SCHMIDT Kellogg, Minnesota Majors: Mathematics Science Mtnor: Physical Education P. E. Club Science Club W Club Football Track Box ing


RALPH SCHWICHTENBERG Morristown, Minnesota Majors: Science Social Science Apollo Club LSA Representative Council Bond Mixed Chorus Vets' Club

"WARREN" WARREN SMITH Winona, Minnesota Major : Industriol Arts Minors: Physical Education Biological Science Intramural Boord Koppe Delta Pi P. E. Club Newman Club Representative Council Vets' Club Purple Key Student Exchange Boord


ANNA SPRICK Lake City, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Elementary Grode Club Koopo Delta Pi LSA Winonon Wenonah Y.W.C.A. Vets' Club


BERNIECE THOMPSON Lanesboro, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Band Elementary Grade Club Mendelssohn Club Mixed Chorus Kindergarten Club


BETH TOOKER Winona, Minnesota Major: Kindergarten-Primary Minor: Speech Elementary Grode Club Radio Guild Wenonah Players

HALLWORTH HANSON Winona, Minnesota Major: Social Science Minors: Art Physical Science Apollo Club IRC Vets' Club Mixed Chorus

WILLIAM RAYMOND Winona, Minnesota Major: Social Science Minors: History Biological Science Pres., Student Associa tion W Club Basketball Tennis

WILLIAM MARX Homer, Minnesota Major: Social Science Minors: Physical Education Biological Science Apollo Club Band IRC P. E. Club Representative Council Vets' Club Football Basketball ROBERT TEWS Lewiston, Minnesota Majors: Boalogical Science Social Science

RUSSEL KREIDER Winona, Minnesota Major: History Minors : Biological Science Physical Science Track Intramural Basketball

PATRICIA THOMPSON Preston, Minnesota Major: Elementary Education Minors: Art Music Band

"GEN" GENEVIEVE BAER New Ulm, Minnesota Major: Primary Band Elementary Grade Club Newman Club WAA Vets' Club

G r


d u a


s 0







g LOIS BEERS Hopkins, Minnesota Major: Intermediate Elementary Grade Club Winonan

" EVA"

EVA DANIELSON Chatfield, Minnesota Major: Prima ry Elementary Grade Club


Pu rple Key

"MARGE" MARJORIE DUSCHEK Owatonna, Minnesota Major: In termediate Elementary Grade Club Winonan Y.W.C.A. W esley Cl ub

m 0


e s


MARGARET FINNEGAN Farmington, Minnesota Major: Primary Newman Club Elementary Geode Club


HELEN FORD Winona, Minnesota Major: Primary Elementary Grade Club


ALICE FRANKE Eyota, Minnesota Major: Primary Band Elementary Grade Club



DORIS GARNES Canton, Minnesota Major : Primary Elementary Grade Club

LSA Winonan Y.W.C.A.


LUCILLE GARRY Chatfield, Minnesota Major : Intermediate Elementary Grode Club Newman Club Winonan



West Concord, Minnesota Major : Primary Elementary Grade Club



Hancock, Minnesota Major : Intermediate Elementary Grade Club



Hancock, Minnesota Major: Intermediate Elemen tary Grade Club


WILLA HI~CKLEY Claremont, Minnesota Major: Elementary Winonon Elementary Grode Club


BEVERLY JOH ~SON Harmony, Minnesota Major: Intermediote Bond Elementary Grode Club



IRENE KIRSCH Roscoe, Minnesota Major: Primary Newman Club Elementary Grode Club Homecoming Queen


ELIZABETH KLAVITTER Lewiston, Minnesota Major: Primary Elementary Grode Club



GRACE LARSON Birnhomwood, Wisconsin Mojor: Intermedio te


ROSE ANN McNARY Kellogg, Minnesota Major: Intermediate Elementary Grode Club Newman Club


FLORENCE McNEE Spring Volley, Minnesota Major: Intermediote Elementary Grode Club Wenonah Players Wenonah WAA



LOIS RICHARDS Brownsville, Minnesota Major: Intermediate Elementa ry Grode Club




DOROTHY SAND Mazeppa, Minnesota Major : Primary Elementary Grode Club Newman Club


ORLA STIPPICH Hayfield, Minnesota Major: Elementary Elementary Grode Club Mendelssohn Club Mixed Chorus


BETTE THIEMANN Claremont, M innesota MaJOr: Intermediate Elementary Grode Club Die-No -Ma Club


" PAT"

PATRICIA WALCH Plainview, Minnesota Major: Primary Elementary Grode Club Newman Club


DORIS WESTERGAARD Appleton, Monnesoto Major: Primary Die-No-Mo Club Mendelssohn Club Mixed Chorus LSA Elementary Grode Club


JOYCE WRATZ Spring Volley, Minnesota MaJOr: Intermediate Bond Elementary Grode Club Wesley Club

EUNICE STALOCH Wells, Minnesota Major: Elementary Winonon Newman Club Elementary Grode Club

Homecoming Queen Candidates



Snow Queens

One Year More Presided over by Tom Baab, the small but active junior class had a surplus amount of "vim and vitality." They have been living in expectation of a glorious next year, when as a class they will take over the positions left vacant by the seniors. Co-workers with Tom were Edith Zamboni, vice-president; Jean Zamboni, secretary; and Lauretta Dickman, treasurer. Mr. Hosokawa acted as faculty adviser.

Two Down--Two to Go "Wise fools," these Sophomores, but though a class divided, they have carried through on the athletic field, on the stage, in the tower or the "pub" room, as well as on the honor roll. Losing some of its members through graduation may reduce the quantity of the group, but the quality is maintained by those remaining for their degree or for further pre-professional training. Dave Malcolm presided as class president, accompanied by Herbert Borger, vice-president; Marilyn Gilbertson, secretary-treasurer; and Robert Anderson and Gilmour Pike as delegates to the Representative Council. Miss Murray served as adviser.

SOPHOMORES: First Row: M. Eokens, M. Gilbertson, B. Peterson, D. Hanson, J. Me Andrew, B. Ludtke, J. Jedermon. Second Row: H. Me Leon, S. Buckingham, J . Campbell, E. Pell, B. Mocemon, P. Thiele, B. Utley, D. Malcolm. Third Row: W . Marker, E. Nienow, B. O'Neil, L. Just, M. Boyer, G. Fraser, G. Pike. Fourth Row : C. Moorhous, A. Ensberg, D. Austin, J. Norton, L. Martin, R. Cloppier, T. Wolters, A. Goergen. Fifth Row : W. Corliss, B. Kreofsky, R. Sherin, W . McCormack, H. Borger, L. Legwold, R. Anderson, J. Lofk.y, R. Harders.

The Freshman class, which had an enrollment of about four hundred, was the largest in the history of the college. At the first monthly meeting of the class, Rufus Bee, Red Wing, was elected class president; William Duffy, Great Neck, New York, vice-president; Rosemary Hallisy, Lanesboro, secretary and treasurer; and Dorothy Rosenberg, Altura, class representative to the Social Committee. Under the supervision of the class adviser, Miss Stella Pedersen, the class sponsored an all-college party based on the theme of a masquerade ball in January.

FRESHMAN: First Row: J . Hein, M. Lenton, F. Flotin, L. Backlund, R. Crotchfield, E. Fritscher, S. Lanning, M. Hougen . Second Row: R. Hickson, L. Me Dougal, H. Helleck, S. Lou, A. Monzow, S. Carlson, E. Cierzon, M. Bublitz. Third Row: R. Johnson, R. Aorsvold, C. Johnson, D. Bartholomew, W. Fetting, G. Boecker, G. Foss. Fourth Row: D. Grabau, R. Bailey, M. Beyer, W. Duffy, D. Monroe, D. Hansen, L. Huston, R. Clayton. Fifth Row: J . Cook, A. Abraham, D. Besser, B. Burkett, V. Anderson, J . Cronen, W. Erickson, W. Hohenstein.

RoW \h C. J SobOtta. \( j-\orn0 Rosenberf~nd A.. 1-\ittnerHo~son, O. S Nuszlod'· ·u\: E.l-\o"s J~hnsan, L. ~ R. See. RoWL Manlove, . E Wegner, . R. l(adas,C. l(eith, C. Le IV: V. l(anz, . · RoW \(vorn, S · Lew•s, 0 Logeson • G · j-\arns. ..,HM-"-"' : J r.onsen. F · 1-\. I(noll, · L. serg, · f R£ ,. RoW \ : A.. o W. Marron, 1-\ Neurnann, . N. johns, Mundohl, · D und. Moline, j-\onson, R. E Mueller, · rnel, C. J l(uzniar, · \(nipfer, ·

FRESHMEN Row 1: E. Boyum, M. Eppard, L. DeGross, M. Baxter, M. Gorman, P. Anderson, M. Bell, E. Bretoi. Row II : J. Dyor, V. Jondera, D. Buelow, M. Greer, M. Brustuen, G. Blohm, V. Bittner, M. Gamey. Row Ill : A. Davis, E. Baird, R. Bacon, R. Dupre, R. Glover, J. Fennie, R. Clausen, R. Blohm. Row IV : M. Christensen, R. Degnan, L. Boelter, E. Glubka, R. Goldstein, S. Abramson, J. Flanery. Row V : E. Boe, G. Backlund, N. Goss, R. Schlesing ren, L. Austin, W. Bicknese, K. Cummings, R. Anderson.

FRESHMEN : Row 1: E. Sanden, D. Tuff, J. Reed, D. Sinclair, K. Tillmann, H. Vogt, J. Richardson, J. Yonte!i. Row II : L. Spanton, R. Patzner, T. Stoltman, J. Thielen, R. Todd, W. Persons, D. Wantock. Row Ill : E. Holst, V. Keller, J. Rezab, E. Sobota, L. Scanlan, E. Thompson, R. Ryan, W. Wilkinson. Row IV : D. Sweeney, V. Niggle, R. R. Yantes, R. Sershen, R. Srnith, C. Prussing. Row V : V. Pellowsk•, D. Pottrotz, G. Nissen, F. Sandeen, M. Schmidt, F. Slettengren.

Larsen, D. J. Nelson, Verchoto, Wass, D.

FRESHMEN : Row 1: M. Skeels, L. Snyder, G. Sprigg, W. Ronnenberg, J. Sorenson, M. Stevens, B. Ludtke, B. Swendimon. Row 11 : D. O'Neil, J. Wilson, C. Prokop, G. Woss, M. Thomson, F. Zepp, R. Tnpp, K. Vogel. Row Ill : P. Pellowski, L. Peterson, J. Weaver, G. Summers, R. Polachek, C. Tegfeldt, L. Wood, W. Skorboszewsk1. Row IV : C. Monson, M. Vincent, J . Tolleson, G. Sondstede, P. Ruhr, D. Rice, J. Teorse, C. Nakamoto. Row V: E. Shipsteod, C. Wagner, J . Welty, W. Neitzke, C. Pfeiffer, J. Warren, R. Radloff.


Kappa Delta Pi Talks and discussions on education, world problems, and other topics of interest for future teachers are presented at the monthly meetings of the Kappa Delta Pi, national honor society in education. Officers were president, George Matchan; vice president, Charles Reps; secretary, Mary Jane Borger; treasurer, Mary Neil; and historian, Gerry Ryberg. Miss Murray is adviser.

KAPPA DELTA PI First Row: M. J. Borger, G. Ryberg, A. Sprick, B. Elwood. Second Row: M. Neil, Miss Murray, J. Zomboni, W. Smith. Third Row: E. Bailey, G. M a t c h a m, C. Reps, R. Schenck.

Stonding: R. Krieder, W . Corliss, A. Hungerford, G. Pike. Sitting: R. Bierbaum, E. Pell, R. Boker, D. Brom, E. Stephan. Not pictured: R. Roth, M. Holliday.

"Who's Who" Gerry Ryberg, George Matchan, and Betty Elwood were chosen by vote of the student body to represent T.C. in Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Who's Who-ers may sport gold engraved keys.

Purple Key To be chosen into the Purple Key is one of the highest honors for students to achieve. Members are selected through scholarship and activity in extra -curricular activities.

PURPLE KEY: G. Ryberg, D. Brom, C. Reps, M . Borger, G. Motchon, B. Elwood, W. Smith, E. Danielson , Miss Murray.


First Row: L. Charlson, J. Jedermon,

M. Finnegan, J . Wallace, J. Zornbani, B. Elwood, A. Grabau. Second Row: J . Dyor, J. Holliday, C. Dressen, M. Brustuen, J. Ferdinondsen, E. Zomboni, G. Ryberg . Third Row: E. Johnson, J. Carlston, B. Thiemann, N. Staley, R. Hayner, J. Fennie. Fourth Row: G. Motchon, R. Anderson, R. Johimiok, T. Boob, W. Quickstod, W. Duffy.


As hot sparks from a dynamo generate that lively stuff called electricity, so the hot sparks of the Die-No-Mo club generate another lively quality-namely, pep. Pep aplenty was issued from cheerleaders Joe Fennie, Jack Dyar, Donna Charlson, Julie Holliday, and Jean Wallace at basketball and football games and pre-game pepfests. Gaining fame and capturing the first prize at "T.C. Follies of '47" was the Die- No-Mo skit, "The Fatal Quest," directed by Judy Ferdinandsen. Robert Hayner furnished high voltage; and Doris Westergaard, the brush-spark for the year, with Mr. Jederman acting as insulator.

Out of Pep?

Cheerleaders: J . Wolloce, J . Dyor, J. Holliday, J . Fennie, L. Charlson.


Mason Music Club The Mason Music Club, an organization of music majors and minors, is supervised by Mr. Walter Grimm and Miss Agnes Bard. Regular monthly meetings are held, at which members present a program to increase the knowledge and appreciation of music. Excursions to music contests, clinics, and recitals are additional features of the club's program. The meetings serve as supplements to regular courses in school music.


Band The biggest and best band T. C. has had in many years gave us music between quarters of the season's basketball and football games. Mr. Busdicker, the director, is assisted by Ronny Schenck, president; Mel Ruehmann, vicepresident; and Jean Darling, secretary-treasurer.

Row I : E. Nienow, M. Eokens, L. Backlund, R. Kodos, B. Waldron, J. Rolondt, J. Flattering, V. Niggle, J . Cronen. Row II: C. Quinn, P. Thompson, W. Hanson, Q. Sobotta, S. Buckingham, R. Clapier, W. Marker, J. Darling, B. Utley, C. Lee, M. Ruehmonn. Row Ill : H. Newmann, R. Aorsvold, F. Hawker, D. Sweeney, D. Koetz, M. Skeels, R. Blohm, A . Davis. Standing: G. Boer, P. Anderson, A. Gooderum, J. Fennie, Mr. Busdicker.

The ca meraman caugh t the Mendelssohn vocal ists off guard wh ile they practiced their novelty number for the " T . C. Follies."


Mendelssohn Club The Mendelssohn Club had a busy year with a number of local concerts besides those on the spring tour. Mr. Walter Grimm directed the girls, while Miss Bard was the accompanist. J udy Ferdinandsen served as president; Jean Zamboni, vice-president; Clyda Dressen, secretary; and Berniece Thompson, treasurer. The group toured northern Minnesota this year, presenting concerts in several of the range towns.

MENDELSSO HN CLUB : Row 1: B. Peterson, S. Lanning, B. Thompson, 0 . Stippich, J . Yantes, E. Zamboni. Row II : M iss Bard, S. Buckingham, E. Sanden, J. Ferdinandsen, S. Lou, M. Nelson, J. Darling, H. Wold. Row Il l : B. Ca rlson, C. Dressen, P. Thiele, B. Macemon, S. Carlson, E. Nienow, L. Me Dougal, G. Blohm, Mr. Grimm .


APOLLO CLUB: Row 1: W. Marker, G. Foss, J . Werner, D. Malcolm. Row II: J. Ferdinondsen, R. Blohm, J . Thomson, V. Juliet, Miss Bard. Row Ill: J. Fennie, J. Welty, J. Wood, T. Wolters. Row IV: G. Wilcox, D. Wilson, R. Musket, R. Bembenek.

Apollo Club

Mixed Chorus

The men's singing group, the Apollo Club, was under the musical direction of Miss Agnes Bard. Mr. Walter Grimm was the club's adviser. Theodore Walters, Winona, was named president; Arvid Davis, Grand Meadow, vice-president, and Raymond Muskat, LeRoy, sec reta ry- treasurer.

Members of the Mendelssohn and Apollo Clubs composed the group known as the Mixed Chorus. Public appearances were few, but the group derived the pleasure obtained from the mixture of men's and women's voices in song. Darel Wilson fulfilled the duties of president, while John Thompson served as secretary-treasurer. The group was directed by Mr. Walte r Grimm. Miss Agnes Bard was the accompanist.

MIXED CHORUS Row I: B. Peterson, S. Lanning, E. Sanden, 0. Stippich, J. Yontes, E. Zomboni, J . Zomboni. Row II: B. Thompson, J. Ferdinondsen, S. Buckingham, P. Thiele, G. Blohm, J . Darling, M. Nelson, H. Wold. Row Ill : Miss Bard, S. Lou, B. Mocemon, E. Nienow, L. McDougal, C. Dressen, Mr. Grimm. Row IV: W. Marker, T. Wolters, J. Fennie, J . Welty, J. Thomson, R. Blohm, D. Malcolm, G. Foss. Row V: R. Schenck, G. Wilcox, R. Musket, D. Wilson, J. Wood, R. Bembenek, V. Jul iet J. Werner.

A.W.S. All W.S.T.C. women are members of the organization known as Associated Women Students. The activities of the group during the year have been numerous, all being in nature, of service to the school. Headed by Betty Elwood, who worked with Miss Stella Pedersen, adviser, committees were appointed to plan and conduct morn ing snacks and decorate the social room at Christmas and St. Valentine's Day.

Y.W.C.A. The Y.W.C.A. is affiliated with the national organization, which it first joined in 1910. With service to the individual, to the college, and to all as its goal, it has sponsored severa l activities on campus this year. In the fall the Y.W.C.A. sponsored the Big-Little Sister movement. Miss Louise Sutherland spoke at the annual Friendship Day in chapel. Students and faculty received flowers in honor of the day. One hundred fifty dollars for the World Student Service Fund was solicited through a campaign. Officers for the past year were: Mary Neil, president; Jean Jederman, vice-president; and Reta Baker, secretary-treasurer. Miss Stella Pedersen is the club adviser. Shown below is a Y.W.C.A. committee hard at work.

On the Job

Row 1: M. Nelson, G. Boer, B. Elwood. Row II: M. Gilbertson, D. Hanson, Miss Pedersen, B. Macemon and M. Gilbert were photographed while at a committee meeting of the A.W.S.

The "Winonan" Managing Editor ... .. ... ... . . . B. J. Burkett Make-Up Editor ................ . Jack Dyar Sports Editor ............... Kenneth Vogel Assistant . ....... ..... ... Roger Mundahl Copy Editor ......... . . Bernice Wadekamper Assistants ... Jean Campbell, Betty Peterson Page Editors .. Robert Williams, Frances Langmo, Jack Tolleson, Carol Kleist, Jo Richardson, Mae Kleist Business Manager ............ Edwin Johnson Advertising Manager ... . .... John Robertson Assistants .. Rosalie Critchfield, Harold Olson Circulation Manager ...... Marilyn Gilbertson Assistants ... Ann Sprick, Mary Jane Borger, Frances Langmo, Lucille Garry, Lulubeth Backlund, Dorothy Hanson, Edna Pell, Alice Schulz, Lois Beers, Willa Hinkley, Marge Dushek, Marge Greer, Jean Hein Reporters .... Bill Grossbach, Robert Williams, Ned Danuser, Jean Campbell, Jean Jede rman, Jean Carlston, Jo Richardson, Hazel Helleck, James Werner, Frances Langmo, Ann Sprick, Marilyn Gi lbertson, Mae Kleist, Nancy Staley Adviser ........ . ......... Robert Hosokawa

"Big Wheels"

Adviser Hosokowo and Editor Burkett

The "Wenonah" Editor-in-chief .... .. ............ .. . Gerry Ryberg Assistant Editor ................... Jean Jedermon Business Manager ..... . ............ Roy Johimiok Assistant ........................ Jerry Ostrom Advertising Stoff ....... Phil Pellowski, James Teorse, Gordon Loson, Roland Radloff, Clem McVey, Lauretta Dickman Make-up Editor .... . .............. Evelyn Stephan Assistants ....... Bernice Wodekomper, Edna Pell, Dorothy Hanson Copy Writers .... Marilyn Gilbertson, Florence McNee, Lucille Just, Jock Dyor, Nancy Staley, Jo Richardson, James Werner, Mary Neil, Robert Clayton, Frances Longmo. Art Stoff ....... Constance Strommer Phillips, Adeline Johansen, Elaine Cierzon, Marilyn Bublitz, Phyllis Thiele. Snap Shots .. Ruth Bierbaum, Myrtle Sollet, Marge Bell Boys' Sports ...................... Kenneth Vogel Assistant ...................... Roger Mundohl Girls' Sports ....................... Jean Carlston Typists ...... Ann Sprick, chairman, Marion Brustuen, Rueben Lervik, Roy Colwell, Barbaro Swendimon, Barbaro Nuszloch, Marietta Lenton, Bette Waldron. Photography ..... Edstrom's Studio (Dick Muehler), Carl Tegfeldt Adviser . .. .............. . ...... Dr. Ella Murphy

WENONAH-BIG 4 J. Jedermon, Dr. Murphy, R. Johimiok, G. Ryberg

WENONAH: I: B. Swendimon, B. Nuszloch, A. Johansen, M. Lenton, M. Bell, R. Bierbaum. Row II : B. Waldron, M. Bublitz, L. Just, E. Cierzon, M. Neil, L. Dickman. Row Ill : P. Pellowski, R. Radloff, D. Rice, R. Clayton. Row

WENONAH PLAYERS--Active Row 1: J . Jederman, J . Zamboni, E. Pell, M . Gilbertson. Row II: W. Mahlke, J. Carlston, B. Tooker. Row Ill: W. Laabs, T. Boob, J. Werner.

Wenonah Players The dramatic organization of the college, the Wenonah Players, was established for the purpose of raising the standards of dramatic productions at the college. Both modern and classic drama are presented for the worth of the material itself as well as for the experience gained in acting. The group is under the direction of Miss Dorothy B. Magnus. There are three classifications for membership : active, apprentice, and probationary. All students who successfully pass tryouts are probationary members. When a probationer has participated in one major production, he may be elect ed to apprenticeship. After ap-

pearing in a second major production, an apprentice may become an active member. Active members may be elected to guard membership through the point system. Every year shortly before the Christmas holidays, the Players present the traditional Christmas drama, "Why the Chimes Rang," and each spring another production is offered. Officers of the Wenonah Players were Jean Zamboni, president; Tom Baab, vice president; Marilyn Gilbertson, recording secretary; Beth Tooker, corresponding sec retary ; and Edna Pell, treasurer.

WENONAH PLAYERS--Probotionory Row I: B. O' Neil, N. Staley, C. Bierce, B. Macemon. Row II: R. Clayton, R. Staehlin, D. Sweeney, R. Lervik. Row Ill: K. Vogel, E. Micllef, J. Kukowski, R. Radloff, W. Quickstod.


} ~c­ Gilbertson, . nd } . Ludtke, ~C Bierce a R S. \( Vogel, . Everytna n, . AndreW •. ·kneeling. zambottn'.standing. Radio ·

Confession, B. Staehlin; Knowledge, C. Bierce; Everyman, R. Radloff.

"Everyman" A modernized version of the medieval classic, "Everyman," was given as the Wenonah Players' spring production . True to the pattern of the morality play, the theme of "Everyman" is the struggle between virtues and vices for the possession of one's soul. Actors represented personified abstractions rather than individuals. "Everyman" is the best known surviving morality play, although the identity of its author is unknown. It was the first classic and the first costume play to be given by the Players in more than three years. A unit set of levels, pillars, and curtains was used. Lighting was provided almost entirely by a battery of spotlights. Liturgica l music, including a solo by guest artist Julian Neville, and symbolic lighting added dramatic effect. Professionally designed costumes of the medieval period were rented for the play. Miss Dorothy B. Magnus directed the play. Marilyn Gilbertson was assistant director and William Mahlke, head technician. Roland Radloff played the role of Everyman.

TECHN ICIANS: Row 1: B. Swendiman, J. Jederman,

B. Utley, B. Nuszloch, and E. Pell. Row II : J. Wallace, and C. Keith.

Row Ill : R. Goldstein, W. Quickstad, W. Mahlke, D. Rice, and D. Austin.

RADIO GUILD: First Row: J. Zamboni, E. Zambani, D. Hanson, M. Gilbertson. Second Row: B. Tooker, Q. Sobotta, C. Bierce, R. Lervik. Third Row: E. Micllef, R. Anderson, R. Staehlin, W. Quickstad. Fourth Row : G. Wilcox, T. Boob, W. Laabs, J. Lofky.

Radio Guild

Jim Cronen's Band

Radio Guild fosters and advances interest in radio broadcasting at the college. Script writing, announcing, interviewing, book reviewing, and learning how to handle sound effects and remote control are among the projects the Guild has worked on this year. The Guild has charge of the weekly program, "Qua rter Hour on the Campus," which is broadcast over station KWNO, Winona, from the stage of Somsen Hall every Wednesday afternoon at 4: I 5. During the past year, Guild members have interviewed new faculty members to introduce them to the public. Jean Zamboni was announcer and Robert Staehlin was technician. Recently the organization began producing a series of fifteen-minute plays. The first, "Tobin's Palm," an original adaption by Marilyn Gilbertson of 0. Henry's short story of the same name, was presented February 5. Officers of Radio Guild were president, Willard Laabs; vice president, Tom Baab; and secretary-treasurer, Beth Tooker. Productions are directed by Miss Dorothy B. Magnus.

Successfully making a name for himself with his triple-tongueing trumpeting and the danceable rhythm of his newly organ ized seven-piece band, was that fresh music major hailing from Mapleton, Minnesota-Jim Cronen. Playing for many of the all-school parties and post-pepfest sunlight dances, as well as other "outside" jobs, Jim Cronen's Band became well known to T. C. students. Jim's sister, Lois Ann, better known as "Sandy," played the trombone and acted as vocalist. Other T. C. students in the band were Fritz Hawker at the drums; Ted Walters, clarinet and sax; and Kay Vincent, piano. Don Turkington of St. Mary's College played second trumpet, and rounding out the rhythm section with his bass viol was Roger Ehlers of Winona.

Elementary Grade Club The Elementary Grade Club is open to all students taking courses preparatory to elementary or rural education. Anna Sprick was president; Bernice Thompson, vice-president; Luella Sukow, secretary; Marjorie Anderson, treasurer; and Miss Jeanne Brouillette, faculty adviser. Monthly meetings consist of educational and social programs. On the twenty-eighth of February, the club sponsored an all-school barn dance.

Elementary Graders help one of their members get ready for the Barn Dance party which the club sponsored in February.

ELEMENTARY GRADE CLUB: Row I: R. Halli sy, A. Sprick, L. Sukow, B. Nuszloch, M. Lenton, L. De Gross. Row II : M . Borger, M. Gorman, J. Hemstreet, B. Nosh, H. Berg, M. Eppard, 0. Stippich. Row Ill: E. Danielson, D. Rosenberg, H. Wold, B. Field, P. Mullin, M. Gilbert, S. Keller. Row IV: P. Anderson, E. Boyum, E. Welke, F. McNee, G. Blohm, C. Quinn, L. Richards.

SCIENCE CLUB: Row I: L. Dickman, R. Baker, R. Bierbaum. Row 2: S. Zimdars, E. Stephan, M. Neil. Row 3: G. Pike, B. Marker, D. Malcolm. Row 4: D. Dyar, A. Hungerford, E. Johnson.

Science Club When those who remember Eddie Johnson's performance in the Science Club prog ram last year try to imagine how he is as president of the Science Club, they have a pretty good idea. Like Mr. Johnson's presentation, the club's business is as full of interest, dynamic and explosive as possible. The club's discussions range from the atom bomb to what kind of party they should have next. To help Mr. Johnson smooth the troubled scientific waters were Shirley Zimdars, vicepresident; Mary Neil, secretary-treasurer; and Mr. Arnold and Dr. Raymond, advisers.

Vets' Club Newest, and one of the largest organizations on the campus, is the Veterans' club. The membership, which is open to all students and faculty who have served in the armed forces, totals approximately two hundred. The purpose of the club is to act in the general welfare of the student veteran and to assist the college in its educational potentialities. Officers of the club were: president, William Grossbach; vice president, Edwin Johnson; secretary, Anna Sprick; and treasurer, Gerald Ostrom. Activities of the Veterans' club included sponsoring an all-school party. In December members sent a petition concerning student subsistence to Representative August Andresen.

VETS' CLUB : First Row: D. Gernes, R. Patzner, H. Lueck, G. Foss, L. Larsen, G. Pike. Second Row: E. Sobota, R. Hengel, J. Rezob, D. Spanton, G. Ostrom, W. Grossbach. Third Row: R. Mundahl, R. Anderson, E. Hassinger, G. Larson, R. Clayton, E. Johnson. Fourth Row : N. Danuser, G. Backlund, W. Johnson, E. Glubka, D. Bartholomew, F. King, C. Maxham. Fifth Row: L. Legwold, 0. Knipfer, R. Jahimiak, H. Borger, D. Heaney, D. Schmidt, P. Ruhr.


Kappa Pi The Alpha Upsilon chapter of the Kappa Pi, national honorary art fraternity, was installed in a formal initiation June 1, 1946, with fourteen charter members. On February 12, twelve new members were initiated. Kappa Pi sponsors three annual projects: a bazaar to sell articles made by members, the painting of the Christmas window, and the spring formal prom. This year the club painted the mural on the walls of the Student Exchange and sponsored an exhibit of Kaethe Kollwitz' paintings. Officers were Constance Strommer Phillips, president; Nancy Staley, vice president; Myrtle Sallet, treasurer; and Evelyn Stephan, secretary. Miss Murray is adviser.

Art club members busy at work on Exchange murals.

Prentiss Lodge President : Fred Hawker Vice-President : Wi Ibur Winblad Secretary-Treasurer : Walter Hohenstein


W. Quickstad, F. Hawker, W. Hohenstei n.

Morey Hall President: Myrtle Sallet Vice-President: Marjorie Anderson . Secretary-Treasurer : Bernice Wadekamper

Lucas Lodge President : Arthur Ensberg Vice-President : Donald Heaney Secretary-Treasurer : Henry Hoes ley


I: B. Wadekamper, M. Anderson, M . Sollet, L. Roehning, L. McDougal. Row II : J . Zomboni, J . Holliday. Row


H. Hoesley, D. Heaney, A. Ensberg .

Shepard Hall President: Jean Carlston Vice-Presiden t : Reta Baker Secretary-T reasurer: Mary Louise Eakens

Odgen Hall Ruling is done by each and all; No special officers were elected.

SHEPARD HALL Seated : H. Wold. Standing: J. McAndrew, R. Boker, D. Daniels, M. Finnegan, J. Carlston, M. Eo kens.

OGDEN HALL W. Erickson, L. Roncovr,

J. Gibbingson.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Fall grads "Wenonah" fans Exchange-ing Teachers of '47 Grossbach family Our friend George



First row. l R· Smith R T. · Manlove V derson l · roxler R S h : Clausen A H stede, c~f;~er, Doh\ ned~ Seco~d r~w :U~gesford, H. Hanson v s, J . Th omps · oxhom · Th · d · •mon c R · · Soortnn R c:; on, J . Yonte;, T " row: E: B~o/Ps, A. Abroharr:sa . >lover, H. Bar . Wolter, D. Judd hagen, Coach p Fn, R. Hedman ~er,KW. Wrnblod ' ond l . M C ' · reemon J ' · unz p A ' c own, Ass' t C~ch. Emkovik, G. Son~:



T. C. football stalwarts returned to the gridiron wars last fall after a three year lapse during which most of the squad members engaged in a more far- reaching conflict, World War II. This largely "veteran" outfit numbered eighty strong, and prospects for the season were considered very bright when a number of highly regarded area prep stars enroll ed here as well. Head Coach Eugene Brodhagen, three year letterman at tackle for the University of Wisconsin, took over the coaching reins. He met with hard-luck in his initial season here when the purple-and-white-clad aggregation failed to win any of the six games they played. The Warriors were plagued with injuries throughout the schedule. Considerable strong opposition was encountered, as most of the teams were bolstered with pre-war and service "~reats."

R. Glover


J. Emkovik

. ._ ttempts an W 1nona,..

End Run

The new coach and his assistant, Luthe r McCown, didn' t count the season a total loss despite the dismal record. The final scores did not indicate the d iffe rence between the two teams, as " breaks" were a majo r factor in the outcome of the m. It was not unti I nea r the end of the season that the coaching staff was abl e to di scover the best combinations to work. Thus a groundwork for a mo re successful season next fall has been laid. The Season's Statistics Macal este r ........ .. . 13 W .S.T. C. .... . ...... . 0 Moorhead . .. . . . ...... 6 W.S.T.C. . ..... . ..... 0 - Duluth . . . . .. ... ..... 22 W .S.T.C. ............ 7 _ St. Cloud . . ........... 14 W.S.T.C. ... ... .. . ... 13 ... St. Marys . . ....... . . . 13 W.S.T.C. .... . ....... 0 238

Line Practice:


Cochran, H. Borger, B. Ba iley, T. Wo lters, G. Spa nton, L. Wagner, and C. Doh l.



VARSITY SQUAD : Seated : V. Clausen, C. Dahl, G. Sylvester, C. Sour, W. Kannel , D. Lee, J . Moynihan, W. Wmblad, D. Ell iott. Stand ing : Coach McCown, D. Judd, R. Boyum, E. Muell er, R. Rostvold, N. Morem, M. Schaefer, Mr. Brodhogen.

Varsity Cagers

Perhaps the main h ighlight of the basketball season of 1946-47 was the overtime victory by Winona over a very strong River Falls outfit. Although Winona lost five men via fouls t hey still emerged triumphant over the Falcons. Another good example of the type of ball t he Warriors were capable of playing was shown when they were barely shaded by Mankato 53-51. Mankato later came out second best in a mid-western invitational tourney. Wayne Kannel, senior center, was awa rded the second team center post on the all confe rence team. "Chip Sauer," tall forward was given an honorable ment ion. Several games were decided by two or th ree point s, and the team showed evidence of capa ble handling by Coach Luther McCown. Winona finished in fifth place in the conference, winning four games while losing six.

Sonny Dahl rescues the ball a s Wayne Kann el !54 ) and Roy lipscomb, St. Mary's ce nte r close in.

Manage r J e rry Ostrom

R. Holmberg, R. Lorson, J. Cram, R. Bocan, and G. Sylvester.

J. Pouelo, Redman guard, tried to dribble around G. Sylvester in the action pocked St. Mary's-T.C. game.

INTRAMURAL BOARD G. Pike, T. Boob, W. Kannel, J. Emkovik, W. Smith.

"W" Club The " W" Club is an idealistic organization consisting of monogram winners in varsity sports such as football, baseball, basket ball, track, tennis, and golf. The club's two fundamental purposes are: to instill in the student body the true ideals of sportsmanship in athletics, and to stimulate interest and enthusiasm in all types of sport competition. The club sponsors various events through out the year including the Homecoming reunion banquet, decorations at Maxwell field and benefit sports contests. Officers of the club this past year were: Wayne Kannel, president; Charles Reps, Vicepresident; Pat Mclean, secretary-treasurer; Dr. Glen E. Galligan, sponsor. The intramural board, representative panel of men, governs all intramural sports and arranges schedules in the various sports for non -varsity squads.

INTRAMURAL CHAMPS: W . Raymond, G. Pike, R. Lorson, L. Wager, R. Mundohl, D. McConochie

In the Ring Boxing also underwent a record revival in this year's sports scheme with a number of former amateurs and service champions participating in the allcollege tourney after tutelage in a class conducted by Coach Brodhagen. Prominent among these were: Lyle Iverson, Rushford, T.C. featherweight champion in '43-'47, also Keesler Field, Miss. (Army) feather champion; Elert Boe, Lanesboro, Southern Golden Gloves Champio, and T.C. midleweight titleholder this year; Kenny Vogel, La Crosse district Golden Glove champion, and runnerup to Northwest champ in 1941; Danny O'Neil, Minneapolis, Minneapolis De La Salle lightweight titleholder, and Northwest Golden Glove entrant; Len Martin, Barlow, N. D. '47 T.C. light-heavyweight title-holder from Golden Gloves ranks; Jack Lake, Winona, Air Corpsmiddleweight champion; Marty Lee, Elgin, this year's heavyweight champion; John Robb, Winona, lightweight champ this year, lightweight runner-up in '43; Dick Rostvold, Harmony, '47 junior1 welterweight champion; Bob Wallace, Kasson, Navy-experienced fighter who fought a draw with Joe Kelly, Chatfield, for the 1 55-lb. title. Other tournament entrants were James O'Brien, ,Lewiston; Pete Freeman, St. Paul; and John Drugan, Winona. Also in the class were Jerry Ostrom and Bill Corchran both of Winona. The tournament was sponsored by the physical education majors. Judges were Mr. Davis, Mr. Jederman, and Mr. Owens. Coach Brodhagen, who learned his boxing fundamentals under Johnny Walsh, Wisconsin's boxing "master," refereed the bouts.

L. Iverson, R. Wallace, K. Vogel, D. O'Neil, L. Martin, M. Beyer, Coach Brodhagen, D. Rostvold, J. O'Brien, J. Kelly, P. Fr::!eman, J. Robb, J. Drugan.

April 19

25 May

30 2 9 13

15 20 26

SCHEDULE Luther, there Eau Claire, here La Crosse, here Wartburg, here St. Mary's Eau Cloire, here Upper Iowa, here St. Mory's Upper Iowa, there

Wayne Kannel, Vet Letter Winner

Baseball Baseball, the national game, was back in the spotlight at T. C. Several promising college rookies were uncovered. Intermingled with the staunch lettermen, they presented a formidable foe for their opponents. Although certain departments show need for improvement the lookout as a whole was better than last year. The squad is working outdoors and at this time have made an impressionable showing with their hitting and fielding. All positions are two or three men deep, and with a hit of luck T. C. could have a very successful season.

B. Arns, W. Kannel, D. McConochie, T. Qualy, A. Gessner


Off to a running start

Track and Tennis T.C.'s track prospects looked pretty good at the time the annual went to press, with cindermen turning out at Maxwell Field early in the quarter. Coach Brodhagen also saw a rather large squad of men reporting for spring football, scrimmaging now to get in shape for next fall. Lake courts as well as college courts were kept occupied as men got tennis fever early in the season. Arrangements were being made to formulate tournaments and teams in the English gam~.

Ace serve!

PHY. ED . CLUB Row 1: Dr. Talbot, J . Jedermon, M. Sollet, R. Bierbaum, P. Grabau, Miss Richards. Row II : C. Dressen, M. Brustuen, G. Ryberg, M. Bell. Row Ill: J. Holliday, S. Zimdars, D. Mielke, J. Carlston, J. Hein.

W.A.A. Board

P.E. Club

It is the duty of the nine W.A.A. board members to preside over all W.A.A. activities. The planning and running of a successful girls' athletic program is efficiently carried out by this group of officials. President of W.A.A. Shirley Zimdars also serves as president of the Board. Other officers are Toni Sallet, vice-president; and Jean Jederman, secretary-treasurer. Gerry Ryberg, Ruth Bierbaum, Clyda Dressen, Julia Holliday, Marion Brustuen, and Phyllis Anderson comp lete the triple trio of the W.A.A. Board.

Head linesman for the Physical Education Club was Peggy Grabau. This professional organization, including physical education maj o rs and minors, conducted a year' s program of work and social meetings. Vice-president Ruth Bierbaum and secretary-treasurer Jean Carlston aided in handling the finances and general offic iation of t he c lub activities. Dr. Talbot and Miss Richards are advisers of this organization.

W.A.A. BOARD. . . . . . . ...

. . From top to bottom : S. Z imdars, M. Brustuen, Miss Richa rds, C. Dressen, G. Ryberg, J . Ho lliday, J. Jed ermon, R. Bierbaum, P. Anderson, M. So ll et, Dr. Talbot.

W.A.A.··· The Women's Athletic Association fosters various types of activities open to all girls of the college. Major sports-soccer, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, and softball-provide fun for everyone during the various seasons of the year. Members of W.A.A. traveled to Duluth for the annual Play Day held there this year.

Outfitting the goalie

Block that kick

Basketball Gerry Ryberg's basketball team defeated Clyda Dressen's sextet in this year's tournament. Members of Gerry Ryberg's team were: M . Anderson, P. Anderson, M. Bell, M. Brustuen, B. Carlson, J. Carlston, L. De Gross, H. Helleck, J. Jederman, F. McNee, D. Meilke, and E. Stephan. Teammates of Clyda Dressen were: G. Baer, P. Grabau, J. Hein, J. Holliday, V. Jandera, M. Neil, M. Sallet, L. Snyder, D. Swanson, and S. Zimdars.


Tip off


Softball The enthusiasm of the girls who came out for softba ll indicated that thi s is one of the most popular W .A.A. activities of the year.

Volleyball True team cooperation is a necessary feature of every volleyba ll game. Proving this were the teams captained by Ruth Bierbaum and Hazel Helleck.

Spike it!

A. f. C. W. Winona's W.A.A.'ers acted as hostesses to representatives of Minnesota's colleges at the convention of the Athletic Federation of College Women on April 11 and 12. The group camped at Whitewater State Park. Schools represented were: Bemidji T. C., Carleton, Concordia, Duluth T. C., Gustavus Adolphus, Hamline, Macalester, Mankato T. C., Moorhead T. C., and the University of Minnesota.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Relaxation Milk-shake Where are your skiis? Going my way? Show me how, teach! 54, 56, 58, hi! Fore! Northern fried chicken P.E. majors

1. 2. 3. 4.

Homecoming planners Hollidays Three, Dr. Raymond After a cage battle Conscientious people

l. 2. 3. 4.

Swing your partner Ex-servicewomen getting info Be my valentine 2 x 2 equals 4

"Joe College"

"T.C. Follies

"The Boys from New York"

Talent was abundant at "T. C.'s Follies of '47," the Y. W . C. A.-sponsored talent show. Nearly every club donated some talented members to participate. The purpose of the Follies was to earn money for the World Student Service Fund, and as an entirely newT. C. project, it proved to be a tremendous success. Marilyn Gilbertson was director.


"Sweet Ad-o-line"

of '47"


"Wenonah Hero of '07"


"Winonan Bedtime"

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Sunshine Bonnie 'n' Dean Ah! Spring! Lutch 'n' Gordie Laurel

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 1. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.


School daze What will h1s girl say? Farobault fashion U-Rah-Rah! He went that way! Your diet, Carol! The Pipe Big Fred Ruthie B. Pre- forestry "Teach" - s Miss Winona of 1897 A bird in the bush (Leg) art major Monsieur Peek-a-boo

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 1.

Contact! Garvin gamesters Naughty! Naughty! Yours, Bob? Robinhoad Fickle tree Heads off We three New b1ke? Such fancy ones! Morey solidarity 12. Boll Marx the spot! 13. Winanan big wheels 14. Mmmm! Good! 15 Look1ng dawn 16. Friend or foe?

1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. I 8.

Warrior from the wigwam They don't look so green! One of the Smith girls Big Stoop and Little Shrimp What a mess! Great Neckers! Red Wing's missionary Fuzzy Wuzzy Spiked? Identical Jacob's Ladder? Sad sacks Whashe? Eyeful Blah to you, too Admitted? Christmas sprite Thanksgiving dinner

1. 2. 3.

Now listen, you guys! Huddle Jody and Neil

4. 5. 6.

Those aching feet! "R-rivers" Push her in!

7. 8. 9. 10.

Lorry On speaking terms No! It couldn' t be true! Boss-man and boys

11 . 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

She said, "Yes." Pause that refreshes Colgate ad "You Weasel, you!" Smile, Fred Birdie!


I. 2.



5. 6. 7.

8. 9. I 0.

1 1.


13. 14. 15. 16.

17 . 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

Shy-but nice Chummy Tree and Me That's Tex's woman! High on o windy bridge Three musketeer-ettes You tell 'em

Artistically inclined Vern Ambitious Art Cierzon At home Spring -and o yuuny man's fancy!


Coke bottle, thot is! At Morey, that is! Kithy and her man Via the thumbroute Chapel The new Legwold

Lad of the La ke A couple of cherubs Your knees ore showing


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1 1. 12.

Another "teach" Shepard polish Danny's g1rl Entomologist Pike Broom-mates Debut Moline special Imported? Biltgen's Saturday night! Slippers Knee-deep T riolets

WINONA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Established 1858 Oldest College for Teacher Education West of the Mississippi River

** * Fully Accredited by The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools -andThe American Association of Teachers Colleges

*** Graduates accepted in every state in the Union

*** The college exists not merely to supply professionally trained workers, but also to provide those who attend here, with a broad, rich, and purposeful educational experience.


10, 124 Graduates


179 E. Second Street WINONA, MINNESOTA


H. Choate & Company Wi nona' s La rges t Lead ing Oldest Departm ent Store


LEE & EDDIE'S for Good Food -- Delicious Ice Cream -- and Friendship WE SPECIALIZE IN PARTY ICE CREAM PHONE 4515


&."cluli.iv~ (/)~


Nationally Advertised Merchandise

"Friendliest Credit Terms


In Winona"

55 W. 3rd




Baker's Shoes

Th~ Star Sho~ R~pair Shop

165 Cente r Street

Cleaning, Dyeing and Repairing


114 Center St.


C om p lime nt s

National T~a Co.



Winona Theatre Co.




"Spend where you savt"

Compliments of

Winona Coal Co. E\'eryrhing to Wear for Every Member of the Family 63 W. T h ird

Phone 2097

Winona Goodrich Corp.


Cold Storage and Commercial Storage --

Sundaes -

Sodas -

Butterscotch Corn -

Home-made Peanut Brittle

Varsity Inn HOWARD JOHNSON, Prop. "BUSINESS BASED ON fRIENDLINESS" Corner 4th & Johnson Popcorn -

Frosted Malts -

Soft Drinks -

Caramel Apples -

Light Lunches

Compliments of

Winona Hotels, Inc. PARK HOTEL





f I. 2. 3. 4.

Gett ing up in the air How 'about nights? Spirituals Glad to 'see yo'

When You Wan t

Brandt's Food Market


Hardt's Music Store Where You Can Hear the Finest Reproducing Instruments CAPEHART, MAGNOVOX, PH I LCO, BENDIX, RCA








HILLG)(ER~ IN~. 166 Center St. Winona

Fresh Meats -- Vegetables


Slipper Shop 103 E. Third


I. 2. 3. 4.

Gernes is the name Ludtke sisters Find 'em? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Phone 2551

Special Rates on

Nelson Tire Service



Harold's Studio (Formerly New Lindsay Studio)

Hotel Winona 4th and Johnson

Phone 2700

Compliments of

Henry N. Schuh Wholesale Distributor

Winona Transit Co. YOUR CITY BUS LINE



71 -7 3 E. Second

Phone 5252

Winona Cab Co. Goltz Pharmacy

274 E. Third

Phone 2547

"A Veterans 0 rganization"


1. 2. 3.

Checkmate Hi, Kids! Walking the straight and narrow

108 West Third Street-- Phone 2202


Pletke 's FINE FOODS

11 3 East Third Street


Red Owl CoHee Bar We corry a complete lone of FINEST FROSTED FOOD

EAT at the

Steak Shop GOOD FOOD

I. 2.

3. 4.

Spirit of the institution The lark We won Sans song


It Pays to Go Out of Your Way to Buy

Kalmes Tire Service Jewelry at the

Cichanowski Jewelry Store




313 Mankato Ave.




Sherwin Williams Paints




The Miracle Wall Finish

Distributors of

Wallpaper -

Phillips "66" Petroleum Products

1074- 1104 W. Fifth

Phone 2847

116 W. Second

Phone 5621

Pictures- Gifts

Artist Materials -


167 Center

Phone 5025

Williams Hotel & Coffee Shop The Hurry Back FINE FOOD and BEVERAGES "Where Good Fellows Get Together"

103-105 W . Third

Phone 3686

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Vernon Sjodin

Midge, your legs don't show ! Shirking your duty Fountain of Youth Messenger boy

Raymond Sjodin


Winona Milk Co., Inc.

West End Greenhouse

Distributors of

SCIENTIFICALLY PASTEURIZED We Telegraph Flowers Everywhere

802 W. King

Phone 4182

DAIRY PRODUCTS 759-61 E. Broadway

Phone 5016

Ride A Royal Cab



=== = ·

Winona fruit Market

~~~1 ~~~


124 Hour Service

Fully Insured


Compliments of


Badger Machine Co. Manufacturer of

Pepin Pickling Co. Winona



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Sunday best All fed and happy End of the trail To the halls of higher learning

C. Paul Venables, Inc.






57 WEST THIRD 110 Main St.

Winona, Minnesota

Phone 3393



Winona Tool Mfg. Co.

Robb Brothers Store




Coast to Coast Store



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Hi, felfas Inmates Be sure and come back

Safranek Brothers



Graham and McGuire



601 E. 8th St.

Dial 2851




Compliments of the


The Rexall Store Kodoks, Cine Kodaks and Kodak Supplies



Winona Clinic

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On the fence Hong on tight Otf to church Hove a good time?

Siebrecht Floral Co.


BAILEY & BAILEY -A Good Place to Trade-

millers SMART APPAREL Ladies & Children 's Ready to Wear

Phone 2876 54 East 3rd

Phone 5511

MeV ey' s Ice Cream Shop Stager Jewelry Store We hope we have done our part toward making your year

Corner Third and Main Sts.

a p leasant one 1451 Huff Street

W. J. Warmington

Dial 7508

Haddads Cleaners & Hatters


W inona Better Cleaning

4 hr. Service

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P.E. Major Cold? Springfield Big dote?

Exchange Building

Phone 3366

Bet ter Pl umbing and Heating

Nash Clothing Store

Since 1868

"Walk a b lock and save"


Complete line of

W. Toye Supply Co.

QUALITY CLOTHI NG For Dress and Sports Wea r

Rad~macher Drug Co.

Dial 3072

170 Cen te r St .




59 West Second St reet

BotsFord Lumber Company

Compliments of

Aksel Andersen

Upland Products Co.

Furniture and Interior Decorating Drapery Material

64 East 2nd Street Winona


103-1 05-107 Center Street Winona

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The worst is yet to come Escorted Scarecrow Dressen Off to the dump


H. B. Macemon Standard Super Service


14th and Johnson

Winona, Minn.

At las T ires Phone 2175

201 East Third St. WINONA, MINN.



Batteries Te lephone 7579

Lubrica t ion Pick-up Se rvice I

Compliments of

Winona Engraving Co.


Artists-Engravers-Photographers The Store Whe re Youth is Served

Winona, Minn.

Archie •s Snack Shop


Corner Third and Main





Phone 7523



126 East 3rd St.

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Oh deah me! The steps Lucas Lodgers Miss Rolandt

Wmona, Minn.






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Ole rocki n' choir's got me Why, Cha rlie! Wenonah Happy choppies