Wenonah Yearbook - 1925

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T JI E Class or :\incleen Hundred and Twent\·-Ji,·c mo\TS on, its members lea,·e as a memory of the happy hours spent together, this " \\'enonah." :\ fay Lhis book prescr\'c many p leasant recollections or the first year spent in College Hall.




COLLE(;E IL\LL, the ntw and spacious home of our .\l ma ~later round which tradition and sen timent cling, we, the Class of );inctecn Hun dred and Twenty- lin:, dedicate our " \\'enonah." :\by t his line building C\'Cf' be a monument in honor of the high ser\'icc of those \\'ho ha.\'c gone before, and an inspiration for those who arc lo come .

ORDER OF BOOKS Classes Organizations Athletics Features

HAIL! WKNONA Lo, in :\li~sis:-;ippi\ wat<•r,;, Blue the eternal :-;ky; In our hearts, 0 ,\lma 1\ l atn, Clear thy spirit high: CuoRL':i

Liit the rhoru,.; Send it ringing Far o'er hill and 1·ale~ ll ail to thee, 0 .\ lma 1\later: I fail, \\'inona, hail~ ~oble

hill,; watch o'er thl· ,·alley Where thy dwelling lies: Steadia"t heart:-. 0 .\ lma :\ l atn, (;uard thv destinies. E1 cr shall tomorro\\' hettn \\'lwt today hath 11on, Lead thy child ren, .\lma :\later. On , forn er on:


. . .1 '-' r 'o//1•tre in I l1t' 1•atrt!J ~

.~I tilt:''

"1Voblt: hills 'u:atch o'er the <t:alley"


i11 fu/JJ uf dark 'U:uodbinc"

• r•



.Jittllrt' /ookJ to tht•t'"

"11'here muJic and moonligl1t andfeeling are om"




l' R FS! !H.\ I




\X\1 1 1.1. n

I'U). H., lll.\ \II l :\:1\ t.lt l

'- I LI' II E .\

-;o\1" 1 '\, I..L II UIJU (roN

I 1.010:\'(' 1·, 1.. RH II \RIJ' ,\. \1 .. t ...r .ll ich ~·st.u~n.

ot . \' ot

II I L:Il.\ ! .ILl l E .\1 ~; I'- l icK

,\ \ 1 , Cnlumhia ' I (


Lilt"< \TIOS

.\R lll l ' R I. I R f·,\! II .\ \1 , Culumhia L. lJ\T IJ L)I\llf S





A. 0\\ I X~ , U of ('hicas:o



'>\:".\ \ B. ll \\1 :-. .\.\I., \1 ill on College RJ \01\"C,.i ,\NO


J.R \\ 111.' " · ~Jo. l.l.l·. ,\ ,\I., ( 'ulumhia l ' :-.HC IOLnt,\

\1 ,\Rlll\ b T.F.\\1'> .\.B .• \\ i... cun~in l_, PU) :-.It AI. J.OL( .\

('\ RU:-. j.


R \\ I II \III:.R\IAX X B. P .I:.., Spnnltficlrl ' ~ I ( .\. Cullegc PIJ \~I C.:\ L LDt:C.\ llU!<ri

jE XXI\(,~

Chicago l. lJ \Sl .\L TK.:\ISC\<.;.

LU 11.1. 1: \I ~IORITI. II \ ,\urt h Dakota As:ricultural ('ollc~e IJU\IE LCfJ\"0 ... 1(:-.


\SU f,O\ I.R'\\U 'liT

j\\1'1 (O,J...I.I:\ L.t Cro -c "--t hnnl of I' hr. I.• I. 1'11\":-.H \L f.Dn \llOS

jOII'\ II S\\ I H Culumlna 'J ( .\1.\Sl \L lR \1'\1"01,





\ \I., l r uf ,., h

I' I

0 Ill


\\ \Lli:R (,RDI.\1 Indiana "t tll' \urm.ll hool


'\1 \'~fill~

II \RR\ 1,11!,0:\ •\ \I , ( hi«··IJ.:o l \:\U f,O\tk,\U.:\f



II . "L':\'-0\ (I' I\ l l (



HK \\\ 1'\f,

(,f II( R \I'll\

1'1:\RL I. \1\I,LOR\ lu \\a "I lit 1.(

R' . I. ~1. ( ' \'-SII>\ \urm.tl \rt ~" htu,\

\I a


~IR~ .


111\RI.I'- I. '1\1\II.R'\\ j .. rnn"' n l . I ,1,1 IS II

II R'\ \'\I>RI:\\' Ol,'-1>'\ I nell n.q ,!J .. :\or mal ~~ hool \Jl :-,U, fR_\1:'1-!I:\f,. Sl!IUHI.

ROBER I R IU 1.1> .\ \J . Cnlumln.t L l.~t,Lbll



P ruu.:ap.tl Jun ior Jligh St huol

1111.;11 :-iCUUtll,

< 11.\RI.I·> L . :"1\ I~II .R-. \ \I , ('olumbia l IHHt.l TON fA \l'•;i,t, :-.C IIUOl


\ ~1., Oh io l 51 I'Ut\ I ·IlK TN \1'\1~10 !'II IIOOL

LI'T\ o. < IIRI'IE\'-.1·.:-.. B "·· (·olumlu.l L" R.,R\L t.Un


,\ . .\ll.\1.\ \I· \RI/ K.X., f:: ,·an t.on I r:uning :-.cho ,) for

I.J>L II : <• \t.r; ( 'olumiJi.t l. Sli'EJt\ bUR I K \1:'1\I,C,

Hl.ll•. \11 HRl '\\I R

\R\OI.Il \1. CI!Rhl E:\..,1 '\ \ \I., li. nf ,\1 inn

\1,1!"1·: B. <.R \ \ ' \ I ' '1 t.:dlhcr':; <"rrl. Chicq.:o \rt ln .. tttutt.·


'\'ur t:t r Nl.dbl.

RLS11H ~

BER Ill\ B. ~(' II\\ \lli. E II s., Columbia I (.

I.Ol lSI. (' Sll'l ll ERL .\ :\ [) \. \1., Columhii1 T.C. i::l~ Ut

JR\\'CI·:s ~1. S\11 1'11 B.s .. ( nlumuia T.(' !o>t t•tR\






\\ inona T.( . l..INDt.R(;. \ RTI N

'd0.\1 \ \\F. rz EL \\' innna ...,tate T.C. TR.\1~1:\t.

~t JlouL

LILLI.\:\ ~IILLI>R Ph. fl., ('hica~u t;. til.Pt.W\ hoR


II.ISIHfH •. \RH:-o

JU,, \RTl~ l.UL:l \ 110~




\RI \ t. I\!. BERG \\ inuna T.C. lR

\1'\l~t. ~(


1\l. R Ill\ :-Pl . < I' \1 .\ ., \ur111.1 l \rl ~l hou l .II.•

.\1\R\ <,K\\1 \"l '' \ urk Pul,la J.!l,r.uv

Ill 1.1.:>. II

I'RI r< 11.\KII

·U Rll \R\

unR utJ ' '

h.RI' 11.' ,ll.;;;;u:-. \1 inm· ...ul,t (;, kl


.\II \II 1'.

~II' \lUI

\\ '"""" I <

Jk\lNI'4' "'C IJOtJI

IJHt \lll1;>.;

KO'- \I.IL \01 U .. I:R \U


' ' ' I I \ 1.. \lf'-EL\ \ B. \\ ,... ~.;on•m l;. ,\ "' :.,l: I \'- 1 I.IIIK .\ttl .\\.:

\1 K'-. \\ . II. 1'0 I 11 ; 1{ " ' ti C t:

\ SSISJ A -:o.; T



\\.: \(,f.R


Senior Class \f1 c 11 \ 1 1. B \\fB I :-.; n :: .. Eu \:-.ol<

L1 o C1 1



1\.F , , I 111 B ol'~<:-.r

E \Ill Os rl<o \1 ...

C 11 \1 1 ' r .\ l o1<c"

J o ll :\ 01 r . . . . B 1 ({ "

(. F

B" c II

P rrsidrnl

1· he Pn sidt•n/


\~I ..

.\arc/or\' Trl'asura .II l'mbcr of .11/i/l'lic Board 1/ nnbt r of /'inana ( 'ommilfl'l' 1/ cmhl'r of f.Niurl' Com milfl'l' 1/ rmbt•r of Sot ial Com milft'C

Third Year Class Joll:-.:

Lv~Ctr ..

... . .. .. ... . . .... . .. . . . ... . . . . . . . .. . !'n sidntf

. . . . . ... . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. .. !'in· f>rl' sirft•Jif .\ :-.:N \ :1\L\ \',\:\ ... . . ..... . ......... . . . . . .. .\l'l'rctan•- 7'ri'I/SIIrl'r i':I.IZ .\BETII

.:\ l iLT. HI

HE lirst year in College Hall marks the beginning of a' third ) L"ar cour,.,e in the \Yinona Slate Teacher:< College. Thi~ cour:<e will und o uhtedlv be a required one in th e near future. .\ fourth year of work will be addl'd ''hen interes t in thi:< ach·anced \\ork warrant;; it. The "tudenls fo rming the lirst class in this co urse ha\'l~ sho\\n fore -;ight and real interest in the teaching profl·..,sion by more thorough!~.- preparing themselves before such pre paration is required. \\'e hope a larger cla ss will be formed m·-.;t year. The school has benefited by the work contributed bv member-; of the class. John Lynch and Ed\\'ard Chinske, through their skill in athletic:- , ha\'l' helped to make the football team Conference Champion~. and were important membns of the basketball team. Muriel Meyer has aided the .:\lusi c I>epartmcnt by gi,·ing students an opportunity to study piano. I n October ,.,he gave a piano recital at chapel. Some articles, made and used by the natives of ,\frica, were loaned to the school for an exhibit, by .l\lerle Todd, another lllL' Illber, '' ho ga' l' a short talk on them at chapel. As a co-operali,·e project carried out by the History of Education class, an e\ hi bi l rcprcscn t i ng Greek and :'If cdieval Ed ucation wa s dis played last fall. During Education \\' cek thi s ;;ame class, under the leadership of Gr:tCl' ~luir , presented a paper, The Teac!ta as a .\ ation Builchr , at chapel.


~ l antor\'ille I' II YSI< \1. 1-.UI 'C\TIO:>.

\'. \\".C.•\ .;\\ .. \.\.; Baskct balll,(Fir,t team :!): llolkt'}· 1/w


uh,, rxcr/1 in ,,tJtlrJio art ,,/u.·uy'i l!,ood \porh u1 /wrs. 1111d .l(tlf];Ut'rift i\ 'ttf i.\lt'p/ifHl- /11 JfliJ



K .\TJII.. RI ~ E

\ u rora

Z L\D I I·:R\1.\ '\ ..

l' ll\'SI(' \1.

I·:Dt ('


\\'. \ . \ . {Pres.); Range Club ( Reporter); j unior ll i~h Club ; Ca t holic Student:; Club: Ba,kl'lball (First team ). "l.immir" 1/wuflt modt~l ,,,J r,tnllt' l.·nau•, her oodr

mwd IJ.tld somrli mr.J :.t.·;·Jitink 'Itt ~'IW'il't }u,c\ , '''"·'

I I I \ S \I Il l ELL....... . . . . .


ld:>.IH.Rc; \RTF'\

K inckr~artcn Club; T"·in Cit\' Club ( Yin· l'rc-.): Y. \\ .C .. \. · \rllr is lh~ ,irl o..lu ~,J/u-.n·s <.tt•lfS •I s mile anJ 1utrr i "" u-iJit <J frtJ'Jo.JI. i '"""{" (/orm .n,,J ""' lrinr· hr ''""•littt thr ,,,ur '"' ri.rr ,,,,(,• frintd

\ l agnolia

\ 1.\R I E COX.\ EL L\" . . . . . . . )I '\lOR I!Il.ll

ju nior ll i~h Clu b {Scc-Trcas.); Collt'"l' Clrrlll'stra; Catholic Studen h Club: \ \' . \.\. . I tltur)ul Jritwl i.\ likt· a wnny day.



ltrr mtoic.

\hr rnlrrlain' \l arit' is a jnnul lhtll donn'/

"'' 11' "'''· !{UTI I IIJ·: L< iE RSO:\'

. \\'e,thopr, '\. I lakota

l'RI \1 \RY

Primary Club; \\' ..\ ..\ .; \'. \\".C .. \. Vou m~J)' /mJk fdf and IUtJT, you ma y lonk lure 11,./ llrrre, but tirli likr Rull: are :.fr_\ ttur .


\LI CE lo.. FI. I. \.

B l oomin~ton

Jl :O.IOR Ill<;!! Jl)mtltmu llri11k ,,f .IIicc us 11 "'.\/rrphrt RfMI/ \ ' " U't 1eoudcr il llfr ..,Hlttknriu(' -..:ill br tlu kiu or tltt' tht prinrt or lht mare 111/tJer, kumk ,f 0PPt,rlunil\' ('a/ling hrr ltJ Jur pt~rl in tlu W,rfd',) H '~t rk.


\Ill l l !H. Il \ IOI. LO\." ...

\\ 'inona


\\"l·nonah StaiT; Intermediate (; rack ('lui>; .\rt Cluh . fJtnfJ/e lhink tiM/ life is futt t1,11J fr oth'' 1111d .luJtojiuishlllt'rhymc,t,·t' uuol \41\' tht' is ' H'iff mtlanclwl_v 1 aud llf"N'f ~Jill ."illt· 1\ rrtr sn cletu al drtnt.•i"l:·


~t,dnn" M il."

\ I \R(i \ RET R.\D il \TZ ...... Dod~e Cen tl'l' 1'11 \'SH \ L FDl:( .\ 1'10:>.

l'hniral E duca t ion t'luh; \\'. \ . \ .; \ .\\. C.' \ .; llaskt:tball. \/ DrgtJrrl i. tJ rral Phi. J·:J. (.irl• •'\"In· h '' ~oo.J .Jill tlt olltllink slu i::. ttwd fun "l<trbldl" 4 tood ra me fJj /111 kcth1.1ll "'-'t' k 11uw.




... :\I inlll'apolis

1:-.TI· H\IFill ITI

Twin Cit1 l'lub; Catholic Stuclt·nt- Cluh; 1ntt·rmt•di'atc (;racle Club. ".lo"J" 1nth lrouhh in lilf i~· bfillt twab/;· ,,, li11./

ltcJ/) hour in lA-·hi1h to do ho



\/Ud\'ill u·r \UppoH.· the ft'~l 11/ hrr limr ''' br lt~l..·fu up 'l4'ilh, .all. tlllur thin '·





\\ innna \ 1 l":-\l(

.\J a,on :\ l u,;ic Club (l'rt•,.J; :\lt·nd el,,ohn Club, Song Ll'a<ler. l1

utidtr\tund lhtll ",1/inntwJ,, l " il tJUi/t' Jhr hr~l Pl<~rf in tht' "',,[J, ''' lnHI iu Rnuiu J uarJ,J, ; u.t 111 prc,f~tl. I(\' m;Jihrmllfif·ll ,lf.fttl ,;,,, ~·{ tMtr/u.t ..




\011 ~\ ,/it.lr y



l >n... t,ln

1-:s'J' IJER hi·. '\ f PW:l \1 \R\

Primary Cluh. •·!M, J. ;!,llrrr Atnl, $lit's "''' "' tit,- hr- I t.itl iu tltr tid .. l"ltdl' ( ul~o~t •lllolha' ''bt ,f x, ir/" ,,, tihtlt •J ktd U t lfJU, ,Jn't imp''' t' 1111 it.


I LR'\' "1'\/.IE . . . . . . . "l'lli. R<. IRTI.'

" in<krgartt·n Cl u b. II ,.•.f' llt't'rr "'"'',,,imp. but~.-,. nrppoq th,lt iJ u•r did . ..., 'd uw~:11i r Ft·rJJ'\ t")'n in his ltl/io~t·i, dJt Ji mi/,u f1 l 1t' immrJidltly. llfr ddi, iuu g i ~(lt wiot d\ ,;,,J,;,-,ou.;, .\fhu~·u,~. 11nd tull ot tuu 1/t,tl\ /Itt 11111 ltrn, IJild ,Ju ,oulrln't ht' Jlu /I'll\( hi I ~.;roi''" u {' il


.......: J






Jl ' LllS

\\ inona CURTIS ......... J l :-.lOR C'U l.l F<.l .\lt•n'.; ('luh ; \\'enonah StatT; \\ l'nonah l'l a~Tr~. ,.,,.111/f /il·r ,




kiM '-'

/t,u/hr liltto~liun ri rhl unJrr







lu ,/rol•lr

l hip, il't 11/1 Kl'l rml u( f;r,-~rth tni11 '" l·r(p up o~.illl .luliu lrt'// ,, o l"rl,tl hif t.rtrlltnl p11r/r,,,,,[ t•! I rincu/11 ,,,./ / 1ok 'Zl.hidt ,J /1 '''' "

01 •( 1111 •

,,,,J Jltn1



s ,,, hou

reli It,-./ by thr br

\\I lUI. .Rl"B U :



I ot) Ull 11

\\inona llJH \1 \R\'

\'.\\ .C .. \.: Primary Cluh. ·ill,, tllr .._, p, 11 ,/dill/\' lilllt ,f,,,tf, is A :·ttill. \lu n-m" to ht~:t: ll (f tlll dr11llo ••""' tJI•,Jit/ plus/\ to 'milt «Jbout. ·



u. ;,d \

\1 \R(;lE Z.\Cil E

\\ inuna

"1:0.1)1 R<. IRTL'

Kindngarlt•n l'luh ( \ 'irl' l'n:,.).


ir (i..•r< lol\f'cJrith~/_\' of Ito H'f~iu ,, mlta Ita,,, IJ Iii/It- rlaurin ~- /Jut.h girl

II r ,. 7 hr f~111

;, \l dr,;it (,, ., l>ul1h, !111/ perltop, \'lltl kno'it' llt~ll ~ltf ;_, litll' tlwl ;_, tJ t.rtltrful d,lntrr .rt'd/1\!.

l.Ol' IS J·: B \R T RO '\ "I '\;I) I Rl; IRTI'

"indt· r~:artt•n Club ; \\' . ht /t. u 11 litllt s!Jil,J,,«.· I hill \ .,t,mly llt•ll, h111 lu 1111~ r,tr


\. \. d t'

iu ouJ Mil .- ilh Ito

tJ ' " ' ' d~sp,,\itiMr du./ i tlllfr('•/t>d ;, btJ,kl'/b.l/1 41JJJ lvotb,J/1 Ill /•HI

1ltf' u,,~,


I.I :);'O IH. R\ \)\' I'












Tlw Ran~crs; Intermediate Gradt• Club; Cathulir Studcnb Club. U , /,kt 011d


l.rr~ort. iN' tlturk ~hr is fit~r U'tl.\'\ mfll.:t' lur t1 joy

1/rr tlufl \'



l lfttlr

fou ·cr.

\\' I LLI.\~IS 1.'\H. RMLDI ITI

I ntt•rmedial c Grad e Club. !tum llilllrr i;Jditllliofl~ tt·e frtJr \l arKllrtf i-. no/IMI~ fiJI thr lt:llthinf. i,.. orf,J H t' think llwt ~>Jof " i ~ •J mirlll)' /urky m11n t111d ,...,, ,zr,. \·frong for hi ~ JU·I"ttu·nt ,,f /JtcU\• Kirl

\ \ \ I F LOL: GR.\\.


I'RI\1 \R\

l'rimar) Club. lnJuJ/rrou • cltfl ·rrtl, ,,,,J ndr /ht u ghr 11 { 11ir ,(rf \Oiplivll uf .1 ""it /.1111 • ..\ltr i f '' pu rt~n u·h·'' ' Prtll.v II<J»>t lit lur.

0\L\R( , \RET

~I\'\ \II\~ .

. Chattil'ld


Primary Club; Catholic ~tudcnh Club. Hlur n·rs, bludt h11ir, t1 ru:al Ji\fM ilion, t/i,JI i s \l arrllrrl. . I 1.irf 11 )u:rdtH -.he i prt'tl\' \IIR I \:'If HERR .... ~orlhli"ld J l '10 1~ llt (; JI junior lligh Club; Y.\\'. l' . \ . I (Cabinet :2), .\turvy llall (\i cc P n·,;.); R ~d \\'inl!; Cluh I ( l'n·~. :2). \f ,Jrillm u DIU of tltu~r quifl rj/ifienf pr1Jp/e odw m11kf the "'''rid g,, round oil ~ rttJ'ifd d.\'/n , l'ul hrr in •JH)' /)usili''" tHid rnl 11.\\Urtd silt ~·on't "fell/ do'ii.'ll aH tlrr jub "









l 1 ninr>it1· of X. Dak.; Priman· Cluh; \ . \\'0 C. \ , \\ \ .. \ .; T win City Club. l.D


Slu «'"' tJ. d'U\' bf dt' Pn•clr./ ,,, In ,Ju tlu 11 ht thin e tJI tlu: ri.~ hl limt' _ .\hr ; , '' ' ludtnl P/ ltirlt Jldt~/i, (. 1/rr ~ rnuine l llllrrif.\' r.r 1.1 tr..Jil t1

m rlfl.


of lrur oocunanltcJdcl,

. Cannon Fall,

\!.\BEL IIOUI ES I'T~~Rill : lll


lnkrnll'diate (;rade Club. lf ,Jhtl i f JI'.S T.C mllnd!JN of Jhr mtJrcrl u ·arr, ha ~idr -line i11 /tumor being c1 l:rtdf lllfrlltlit~~z \'hr h1H hrtn /lw bu,y to fnJiure her •· , tun( ' w d.n t nrn d11y, but 1(•/un _,Ju dor\ )inti timr 11ft n t rn• tl'l!ffiiiO wil/t //tr j II 1/flU/IIf.

1:. :\II LDREU M .\RR. l'\TI:R~ILOI



Lu n·rrw


lntnmcl eiatc (;rade Club. Cal tff, pdistd, attd pha ) i, r .- und \o '"' dou.•n tltr lid o l tJdjr<titts uttlil Jhr_y 1Jrt' rxhtltt ~ J,d, and ~ Jill onr CDI4ldll'l Jd.Y ,,,.Jw(f llu 11ia /h111 rs P•Hs iblc /tJ su \' uhnwl .ltiUrtd lrt J;Ju to look 111 hrr, ht· i t HI pltdrinr '" tht r_vt


\\ innna

I I. I /.\ BI·.TII Bl' R'\S ... Jl '\lOR


\rt ('[uh, \\ t'IH>nah l'lan:rs; \l t·IHit·l"ohn Club; \\ ~nnnah StatT; J t;niur ll il.(h Club. I,,~.:.

lick, liCk , litk. 1111 thdt'f IIIII !Itt' I l)fk, ,,, }tl I dt'uribin .( "Lih ." Wr m.rl.·,· dut '''''l{niti,, ,f )at/) llrttl "Lihby" h drama/it!.:, tiff;,,;,~.;, rom.tntid·, ''"" 1o•tlli\tick . .,,,J.z' tt


S f•: I. \1 \ FOSSl'.\1 J l '\101{ Junior ll i~-:h Club.


\f'lm,, nHt ,f,J 1111ytltiu>: 1/tr\ a miltd /u,


11/u:u Ita rld\'t.mahs \fu


,\ ltr if ,, jwr d,uhJ, thr \' d k lt'dthiu~ ;,j l11r

dtf ; ,

Kf•tduulr·l 1111•1 'U'II

o,.u '"o"//.,."nrtlwmosla(JI\,

\,,u·,JIJ,u~.\rl mll .


I.Hll. \ ..., UII'LE . . .

\ a llt·y

Jl :\lOR 111<.11

\\ l'lll>nah Stafi. colt;,, Ltuilh," lhif ii /. r.t!<J '''• ,,,,. t:rPrr '''"· 0/ltn ...·i\t' lu f,, t ,a,J )t•l·r ,,,,( prltl( p/cu/J ,,( llitm.


. • ( 'annun Fall'

\ '\CE!:> I'I :TERS JL'-I<>R 111 1011

Junior ll igh Club. \uth 11 bri~hl. ,mifim:. j.ur ht \u·tfl 1111./ tlltolt\fJIIJI •Ill likr l~rr.

Mh' Jwm,d Jlu· (irl \ltr i, 1Utd oh

brhind hn<~

If• ;:,1'

II 1-: R '\ I (' 1·. B R \' .\ :'-(. I' IU\1 \R\

l'rirnar~ Club: \'. \\ .C ..\. ; R~ d \\ in~ Cluh . /Jauit f i \ rlln rtf fftr 1/ IU ,f 1rf n·l /.: 1/IIU, ,ffl toUt •t/'U.•11 \' br rountrd Mt /11 ho, t1 rhu ry milr ,,,,,f) )''' tht• Ollt U Ito '"' d' it

llm •·r

\ll i.I>RLI! ROEJH: R 1'\fl- R\11 Ul \II




( ,, m .nt.l liiMMt, \1 iUu./ tci/1 " lhrou~lr lifr <rrill( 1hr br J .uzJ '' lttJ. ill~ tJ 6 m timt' \h(' 11 " rl f'rcitrd , liD dunn'/ U'tl It· our;p•lhotl U d \


:-,m \

Zumbrota \1\:\1 \L TR \1''-'''

:'.Iu Elhilnn '\u ; Junior Font hall. " l~ilf' n

no /ollt:N it"

<.t' l'

h u rry

ll i~-:h

Club: Trark ;

If I ,J,n't



I 'II come tom11rro,~· " 1/ ,t..T,t't·, John '''~'''' \'.\ IJrin (:~ hi~ /roM/' ;,,·ith him ~d1n1 /t, tti/IJt • lh trl1~··t \'' kuo«.·~ lti\ sltt/f.

\\ inona

I· \' 1·: I.\ '\' J.H: ;-..: '\ ETT Jl '\lOR 1111.11

II ho1 o;:r dlltmp/rJ "' at Ill ruJtr tc J•tid ,ht did nat ht:lit r in i./Ir l•llk


hi\' Uf

op(t/ hrr '" 111 1J~'t:

,,,[./ run if Itt is



~ith I.

thu Jrr J. '""' tthdl ltrr

'''' ' noi


iu lht·

\\' ill mar

II HE:\ C ll \ R I > llR \\U:\l,

\ rl Cluh ( P re,.l; \ \"enonah Stall; P rimar~ l'luh ( \ 'ire P re,.); \ \" ..\ ..\ .; Y.\\".C .. \. I hPIIIJii:int:IY i~rrxpliwblr> youm: pentm <tfl .\/tJn in lrrr t\'n, o hinl ol mi,rhief, a~ul ilu undusttJm}in~t ~ l twi,k/r. :..;hr dTe~i.l..'' ,,u kind<~ or llli"e." t~nd ptoph 11nd JttJ,. rn cl/1 ; , tl 1/11/e of limp abedirna and lt~till'tldmirlllirltl.

\\"ill ma r

LFOL \ C ll \RD . i-- 1'IH. R <; \RT IO:\

\ rt Cl ub; 1\. inckr!(ar tl'll Club (Sec.); \" . \\'. (',,\ .(Cabinet); .\I orey fl ail ( P n:~.); \\'. \ .. \ . /.tPIIJ (hard 1/t.Htd' dmllnl! tH u•itlzout a pnr thr /JJh.tl. GIRt. \'Itt' reprc~nlls d/1 thai;, hr,J cl~ 11 IN,frr 111 11 Kirl . Uaarol· of lur hi(lt idto/.; ,Ju Jt,H lr/t cHI imprn5iou ilttll ':J.•iil '"'' 1/trOJI(lt mMr :.r•JrS lhtHI ur ftUI mronun· .\"It~ has t:i'i'rll U.'i rJII 11 lrurr ithi 'Itt imo the ual mftJnin_ l! af )rirttlllltip.


Rl ~ \10 :\

\ CT.\1\11 :\(;S

. . . . Sprin!( \"al lt·y

1--1:\DI R!; \RTE'

1\. inder~arten Club; Catholic Stuckn h Club; \\ l'nonah StaiT. Hen~ ,,a is a lillie ditfcroll iwm llu cM1wwn l111rdt ,,,,J

ut'rt .tHtHifl( thai lin di[fnnut· is ;,, R~·mond':. fa ur. ,\'he ltlrts slati~lics ',J' Crtdrrtt1l cml)i{h and zu drl1ut hcl'rill

ltrr mtHlln;c




FLO R L:\CE B R ITT ............. P ipt•,tont: Jl \lOR IIIGI! tl i~h Club; Cat holic S t ude n h C lu h. ll't lcarucd lo kuou• Florrna. onl.Y lixhtly berausr ,·hr llayrd mo.~i/y a•iJh llu Pipeslont; group, but Jlu li/1/r 1'e ktuw pwmz\t·tl mu(h, ~·e u•is!J ·wr wuld "''•'f

Ju nior


I Ll /..\ll FT ll .\ . C O:'-J K I·: Y ... . . . . . \\' i nona PKI\1 \RY ~tude n ls C lub; P rimary C lub. l"ht i~rk l~lt~altttlt'o; cilplama u·a~ dry dlo".i! .\f t~rdt Ihe fi.fllz, tlll•l ~lu lldd the kick uf d lilrtimr -.it/inK up ; ,, lltt Jdr u/(\' rou tHtd ~miliux dwcnt "'' t~U tltf " ' ' ,,, us Rut tMnrlrau.• <.:t 1111/td 11 gourtt~4' /i::il of jriord\ not quite lU cht·uju/ about it tJ/1.




\LI C E KJER '\E R I' ll \ Sl( \L I Ul"t \Till'

.\ kndt·b,ohn Club (Pn·s. ; \\"..\ .. \ .; Y. \\' C..\ .; Physical Education C l ub (Sl'c.-Trl':h.); \\'t:nonah StaiT. I I•JOtl dudct.t 11t1J 11

~~~~~J 5t't1U/




llik'l.l}'' kiu,J i~ lilt kiud of girl lltdl'l httrd lo pnd. lVr /UJuu/ all of llu.~e in .1/icr, a11d mau 1/u /uarl u ,,pen d~ the tidy. 1/tr fa/in~: .. all '''' lrur. •• J·,w lnMu• I ~.zy ju<;/ ':A. hal I lit ink '"'"


~tJ/J.i~tg ,OTt ,,,,It~

. .''

EI.I. E'\ 11.\S LL::'\ 1> . . . . . . . . . . . ... St. Pa ul Jl"'il0]{ llll:ll

J unior l l il(h C l ub ; Y .\\'.C .. \ . Wlrrn \fr. Ou·ens call.-.' on Jfi.H

lfa -~hurd,

tltr dcnx

~t'IJ ih r.rpctltlllll.\' fo r lhr re.tl tre!lt in slorr for t llfm J·:llrn I11H '' 1.4'tlY of \tJVin~ lire tiring lo bt• .\11id i n d

u·orllt u.!ltile 'i.L'(l~\'. · 1 ,,.· l'l'tr:yllring, \ltr u.•i/1 br 11Mt ,,, exprriorrr lhc plt•a,·ure uf u·ork u:ell dont.

...... \u ~tin (' L.\R \ ROCK 'IE ll \!OR Ill< oil j unior ll igh Ct"ub (\"icc Pres. ) ; Y. \\' C ..\ .; \ l ay Fete.


E~er_\'011£ lu-.tf )rr /hat prrllyjtJit hetJ.I tJppetJr t111J i1 tfJiltJIIy S llff)o' ''' t c't it go ,

u/i/dn./t,'' tlrtJI i.\ Cl•lfd.


(' \TilRl:\' E

. . ... \l ht"rt Lt"a

hi:\DEIH •.\kTI· :>;

h: incler~-:a rl en Club; Y . \\'.C .. \ , ( <'ahinl'l ): \.\\ .C. \ . ( Pres. ; .\rt ('lulJ.

A 11/ink.r, lat't:l\' lady jtJ 11wu ~ nwtl r~pur,rllv f,, lur drmplt·; dnd .J.•ilh a tml.lbUitlr\' lhdl •·adds thnttu." ."ihr lta1 (l pre/ly puniou )or Ptulin 11111ilhouglt \he "kid\ lire l')'t:S out (If }'tHI" vou'l/ eH)•'\' lltt· prutt s

Jt''Jln: OTTER.\I I·:Ss Pll \SIC'.\ I. I·. Ill '\ \Till"

J>h p;ical l·:ducat ion Cluh ( J>n•,,), \' . \\ .C. \ .; \\'.\ ..\ .;Junio r lligh Sdwol C lub : Ba,kl'l hall r l"alll. J

!~/,~ ,~:~: '~f ,;/(,~;~ a,;'1::.,~:'r<J ··P,:,~;t ,'"~~ ,:"·~.~~ct .o;;·~:F

I·. I>Y rilE OLDS .. . . . J l :-,I IlK \\ l"llonah Players.

. . ll ihhin~-: II Holl

flllt lrit'!J lo owmrr.Jit thr· .ftn~ qu,z'illfS thoJI Fd\'lltr ai/J brint lfJ !lt'r ....~rk 11 tJ lroltlto, tJH,f

II !tnt

irhitlt :)Jrr il11s bnwf:,ht to II .\_/ (", iJ.,Ifd ju I jail, "'t·"ll \IJ ,. hf\- li nf'. twd 'jfop.



. . Lamht.>rlon

l'kl \Ilk\

\' .\\'. (' . \ . dr1triht'' t ddlr , run t drllt Jru,t'!{ lldmrl il ;, ' lr itJr,f fllllfldt:nfl!. \hr likt> 1' !:ood tim( 1.111d ""' il mo1/ of the lime

''( lilt•''

I{O S. \ ,\ 10:\ D S l'.\1 D E.

\\ inona

F ltil pitlurt" u:cju,/ ,,mld11'1 plt~tr , fill' "o ont had rei ~ c·n1 lilt lau·, I o llrt ojlitc ... f u.ri1t · Ou llrulh .\•1\'ill l{ hull,



lind ,Jre



lhl' fila. \ '\' (,I{I·.EX LEE

. Chattidd

l'kl\1 lk\

P rimary Club. \' .\\'.C.\. 7 Jt, ruff ''' lur li,t· i Ia muh· p/(<J urr

11 bu inrss 1111.t btuimSi tl p/rr.J llrt S/11 h.J c1 )ritndl_v hrr.Jrl attJ ploJ/_\' o) Jriozdr as t·ary unr kno . . .•s ....JJ, I i.-c./ ill ~\ht' Pilrd u-ith her.

\1 \I{ I F I. \ H !->0 "\


\\' inona R\1~1>1

I I' I

l nlt·rmt·diatt· (:radl' Club, !St'r.l; ll ono r 1\·a clll'r. If .111 /l'tlt/u·n /J,zd tn nuuh f11 P.h t to lltt•ir lrt~fhiu~ f.H tfar ie ha.~. lilt' 'hildren M ill tt l',old it'ti U/d lit~.·r it'Oilthrlull\' tim· lnuhen. · ll 'r !lfl' ll!raJd too _lt·tt Pfnp/,··knr:,. ha ~t•r/1 nwu,;h to ~.~ppnti!llt' Iter 'il'tnlh tl•ltilnH'''·



'\'. LORE \ '\' II \:\I.E\' ..

. .. l'annon Fall ,

1:\ TLR\Hlll \TI

Catholit S tudt"n ts Club. l



u/"r.J_\'S 'W.illiu• to Jo llu tltiur. !hr u

u fidt nl far


gudd rt, u mm~'I·I<Jiio ,.


Jud to

:\I LRLE S 10 1. I Z Jl

....... PlairH it·w ~lOR


J unior ll i.[(h School Club; \\" ..\ ..\. tltrlr n quut, In hr urr- twlil you knou: ltrr. \ltr i a/\,, qttifr '''"atnrd t.·itlt tJ , , , , , ; , ynun~: mrrn 111 ,'\'1 \t arv't, .ilrrle is 11 girl ,,·Ito ca,, ,Judy tHtd tir,ht,

tUid ,,.;,,

J\1 \ BE L ,\ .

cmru:s l' RT\1 \ R \

P rimary Club, Y. \\'.C.,\ .; \\·. \ .. \ . M tJhtl n llkr J.:twd ii1'rr. .\/,( is 11nt only wu fo /woe 1trnrwd, hut '"' urnn tall hr.,iflf\ hcin~ ,m.,t .\llfiJ jyin1, /1> lhr r_w 1-.r:oJ lwcltinr: thr _l;nl ~rude pho,ics dorJn't \poi/ Iter r,noJ uaturr mu hi/

H\Rl> EL L,\ (, L-t;(' K .. .......... Chicago I'RI\1\R\'

Primary ('lu h. Bpdtlltl hdir r ill inrMHi\lf'IU\', inr lu.•rt )"f•IT 1/u has prrialt ·r./ in "ltrtJrl·/hTithr " H ""/d J/,.,1 J()mt J,J~ the"'''-" puh/ish her nunwu s.

\l \R Y S il l Lfi'. . . . . . . .. ....... Bi" ahik JYrFR\ll:nr \n; l ntcrmcdiate (.rarlc Club; The Ranger,; Catholic Sturlenb Club. U hr n .tfan· ;,


lh{ w11


''"~·rv, U'C

llrlk,· Joo.


/orr In ~rr hrr np II r arr ;:lad u·c k1twu1

L.\ UR EN I·: G lllB O XS ....


. . . . ~l iuneapoli,

Kl 'iJH:R" \RH.,

1\ inders:artcn Cluh; T win City Cluh ( P res.): Ort·hcstra. L.turrt~r dotf 'lfll llf/>irr to lu·anl; nu a lyrr

'II J.;IJfS tltr rJr_,·mt, hut 1/tr dnn prndurr J•nf the s·u:rrJr,t nuni, U.'ilh hrr jlulr '-•wrr11r is quilr '' dir,ihrd \'111111( lrJdy hut ,,,, I•M di;.uilird lo b"h it 11lo11I: u·illt thr

rt~l "/ u .

FR \ '\CES E\1 \I I. R f Jl "OR

\\'inona IIH~Il

\\ cnonah Players: Junior H igh ('luh. 1 liltIt u Nlhrr r,J uc u·ho ..rfu-,, )'f ha Oti,J{ calrtrd,Jr 1111d i.dtd s miln <J:ith yo.

:\1.\B EL ]) \ \I ]) ...

rc prd j11r t;)rs rJ







J unior ll is:h Cluh. J f nhtl is a utr runuf./t ~irl aud majnr w 1 f1rrrlulmss a11d quirt r]firir,r.\' ll'r ran )to/ uc .\lohrl 1n 1t )fotiM lltJ.;It 1tfXI year ltar:ing Otc ~-:rcalnl uta '·

EL L \ ::-J OR D. (;() LTZ JI ' ~IOR

\\' inona IJJ( .J I

Y \\ .C. \ . (('abinct); Junior Ll igh Cluh; Editor in Chid \\ inonan Sta!T: J unior l·:di tor \\'cnonah StatT; \ ssistanl Editor in Chid \\'cnonah StafT. 1-:.Ir••nnr haf ,, h•wd w f'TrT}' ,,.,,)11/ arlio:i(\' 11t1d a :·rr.) r.fficietU h.utd iJ i , tno /In uucss in cltotJI it onl;y all illdil1ll11m af ii'Illll tltt c.. ill dt' 0111 ur life.

(;L \I>\ S I'ETTI·.'\ (;1! . 1. .. .. ... Rmk

Ra pirl~

PR I \ 1 \K\

l'rimary l'l uh; \' . \\'.C..\ . (,"/,,/\· '' , ,,In/ ''" hrr drt1 hiltrr (1141





\/u··~ thr kill•/ 111111 slirf~

'' · inkr hcr,rJf.

rrlt lr I•• tJu

;;.ri u,,

,\I\\' I! I·: L JO I I :\SO:\ I'Rllt \1{\ l'rim ~H) ('luh. ,t/ ttTc rMII tiW II I\• k no--...·" a,- "}nhmn," lw ban otillt 11 nnly tmr ,-(,,, \ m.t· ·a·r '«'tHI1hr lru«.• ..o:r rro &"J t~IMt J.! hdorr that. R rsidc.\ bri n ~: 11 tltoro u ~h/y n .rrl lillie body, she lra!J a pcnMt•tlity hi~ nwu..:h (nr tltrn

hrr \i;e.

. . . S p rinJ.: \ 'allt-y

IS.\ BEL II \:'- SO:\ PR DI.\RY

l'rimar) Cl u h. hdhdl i) 4lfl , no ~ dir miu. .'"dtc. h·u /o1 rly ('ntH e ryn I , } llrt !lilt" i) t: rdrc (tJmP•JUild of cMllrddicl ;,~lrttih .

II>.\ (,I< \ 1-:TZ

Stl·\1 art vi ill' "

Tl R \ I I Ill \


I da ;, ,;,rrrr tlltd tdllm~: to do . ,\lu lolf ) Jhr 11rli\fir 11nd u·c hopr ,Jtt u:i /1 be tJblc In wnt' t•ul '' ju/urr fu r ltrnr/1 in J!Jj, line.

:\u rthlid d

.\1 \'RT L E CR .\:\1> .\LL . hI :-- O EJ{t, \Rfl.:--

K i n<krga rt en (']u b . .ll )'rllt's olr11 of,, J;ood time i\ Uut lim/only hrJ.:ilh tltr


to ltwr

\(ttr)', .~/11.:'~ t1

''''I'll 11.curn ,

jully, good tirl

aud ·u:r likr Ira llr11 ps a 11J hr~ p\,

.\1.\R'I. ,\(;:\1·. !--> \R.\111 \(.J·..

.. . l' rinrl' ton

h i',D E RC \RTI'

1\. in d l' rj!artl"n Club; Cat holir Stu dt·nh ('luh; \ \\ .('. \ .

".u.,,_,, " '" d

i~ unl nur 1f,,_ ,.. j , sht's ond frit,Jiy tlliU df " " ' mistdl:t

quite (tHI/fnry,'

mtH/ II(Trf•t hlc

'i llr's a :,t/w,,f m•J' m llt'Jtt". /),, _,.,, ~ uppfJ r slrt ttJ/1 lt•uh '""·~! ,\IJc lz.n a chu mmy Slur rt,•rd to,


u·r ra11 d il ly


St. (' harlt:> Jl ' lO R 11 1(;11


llil-(h Club ; Cou nt ry Li fe l'luh ;

\". \\', (' ..\ .

.&:.nnd .,·cou l u:ifh di m ple.\ and rzuly ,,, ;,, tlwl " thr r rpor t 'U't' rrtchcd ou /t'tJ, l hil \ff' m t:d to ~~~.\' il 111l • Jl111/\ //111/


.\LICE (;REE'\ ..

. . •. \\"ino na

I'RI \I \R \

.\rt Cl u b ; Primary Clu h. ~t

mbitiv u (, nr frrpriJi , ~. hroy, tltr~t ,tr/jrtii H'S ''" .rppl\ In .tliu. l'hr lr·uhin..: prnjts.,iun urll "'"' tJ }lilt tlddit iMI 1rt iiJ rd ttks ; , Ita.

\I.\ RIO~ SOL\'\ ll . . ~lOR


Canton 111<.11

junior J!igh rlub. \la11on h


lltt \lrn "'t

'''' '

L\ I·L\ \

til rrlcr mrmhrr of lhr "(}r./rr



r 11f this"' ,,,. ,,,,..,d ltr ui/1 'h" lta,.Jrin pr11fr( ;,.,, far"''''' • ''''




"t. l'a ul

\'I~ LSO.'\ ld,IH:H(;\Rrl-:'

Kindcrg<trll·n ('lub (Sl'c. 1, l'rl'S. :!); Twin City Cluh, \\'l'nunah Player>; \rt Cluh;

Y. \\'. C.\ you 'U'dnl ''"ilhi11

ll:tll tlont,

111k 11

flu • (It no" Ju

•ID 11 J.ttl~·n is that kit~d nf a pow11 1/o m•Ht\' dtllin doH I U"t"r aut hn dHpmi/1n11 t•r Ito milt f. ely" IMu•'t UO:(Ionhtd to tile lurr rrfthr J/H•l' Tlurt' •I rell tn .

.\1 \RY R\ \ \

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . l' n·>ton Jl 'lOR 111 <:11

junior lligh Club ; Catholic Studl'nls Club. " I prrl(\' lrisl1 rMr,'' tlwt i" _\fary u•ilh Ita prrl/.\' t'yn alfd h4ir, ,\'hr ~d/1 hr tut ,,ddiJio" ''' tWY jfo up ot /rd hcrJ to f!•J.ith 1llf h tlcrtrd.

\\ inona

l ll\\ \RD RLI!"\1-.E Jl 'lOR IJJ(;II

I oothall;

Basket hall;


\\ l'nona h

J'la~Tr>. \/Dsl of ru illl t. l•IJmdtltdt /·.d' s ··bark ,-, llll4tlt \·orr th,Jn lti.s hilr.' Hut fO'fll .w u·c v.i.dt ltr uo u!dn'l h~~rk quilt so lr11ully. 1/ou•ct•rr, J·:d ft,u ltdpt 1

ll' i11M111 out ;, nwn y


wt'rt p1oud ttJ rhum him ~1\'R


tixht p/arr in •tlltlrtics 1111d 11 1H "our of our:,

~1 ~ 1.~0\

ll aytidd

Jl 'lOR 111(:11

\ . \\ C. \.:

Countn· Life ('luh ! Pres. ; \\.\..\ :; J unior ll igh Club. ~lmdirrus

t.:r tcmtdtr uhrlltrr tJ~r,r quid /lt't/Hr ,;d

tlfOV(h trtdil )"' Jhr thi11 .. > 'U't k,.,,"' .\f ;s, Chri fi,HJ't"

line Prr<ldtlll



they Ia.



lh,-,th \1 \·ra 11111dr


lite "Cou111ry Life Cluh."

\'I :R:-- \ \\ OLFE..


Jll'IOR IJ[(,I!

junior ll igh Club; II on or ' l't·ar hl·r.

M cnucb"•hn

Cluh ;

ll t ca" Mr,lfy f,r/irrr ou r (!Jrs u.hn1 u·r ltr11r JJ,,,t I'"''' n a Jrochrr 11:ith rxprrrrnrr.' lrr: nr rr 'U'""'d ka r nen skspatrJ it if ~Ju hadn't u.ally d1td scntibly told ur.

\IOU STEE<a: ...... . . . ... .

\\ ;t(('rl0\\'11

l'Rl \1 \R\'

Primary Club. • t tom/ tp,,t, u.itll loh ~>J prp'' th11t ;~ u:fwl tilt' rr.;orlcr u•,u 111/d U.'lut& Jlu i11quirrd 11hout I ;,,[JJ, .., e4uldn'J Jmprol't: "" il ~0 lilac iJ is.


\:\i\ETTI SYLLJ\'(, .



l'TI- 1!\lt:DI HL ~Ju c<Jmc late b ul tre 11 re ~l11d slu hoir 11 her tift frvm lilt God.<.

is lure.

l.i r;h/,uth

/ ...; .\}





\Rt.l' LRITE 1.. Jll. CJ.,LR I'R I\1 \RY

~\la" > n

~l e n dd"nhn;

.\l u>ic Clu b;

P ri mary

Club ; \.".\\".C .. \. f llfy '~II).' aPPraraurn rouut. \far,eurrilr \" lwuld .\Ju' 111 Jltr /rtp oi tlrf ,f,IJf iu 1/lf ltllnir ,J,n,rt d ttd 11 .l:rt't~l 1111/t in \J rndrl~w/111 . ..1 ;,t/ d it'c '''"/hal d m biJinn mtJtn ! Itt i.l'orld ,p;11 r~ttwd, sltr'll Jnoh11hly ~ire tn 1111


l'ii' ir/,

RUTIL \\' JJERL.\'\1> PIIYS I< I L 1·.11 1 ( \1 111'

I'll\ si ca! !·:durat ion Clu l• ; \\ . \ . \ ; \ \\ . C ..\ . ; Bas ketball . Thi i · tltr tltrn nnlm.:i,f'., rrjlor/of Nuth

!. lhr lrnn:.lt " "'." he rrro m mrnrln/ 11~ 11 urc cure for 1111_\' form (d tltr h/ue{ ! . ,\hr\ ,,~o...,, 1111 Jhr jtJh 11/ tltt tritir,,/ mn mr11/, .;• .''ltr ~~oultl giu htr /1 I lwr-






\umm•U) . •\llf

.,,J co m rade.



.\1\ RTLE FE'\IJ


\\'i nona i'IH \I IR \

l'rima r) Club ; \ . \\". C..\ . \I yrlh h11 1 prrll_v It -tit '"'" n otltrrtri c •Hit tit.rllv ,, di,rd .\ltr ;, '' hr·wliful uritrr '"" .r/1 Ita c/.u male

IOtdPEi m nus/y




po t /

ELL!-.'\ I·: (;(;J-:S BOI : ......... .

/. um h ro la

I'R I \I \ RY

T'rimar~ Club; Co un try Life Clu b. 1:./lrn ; , a sir .\• l ittlr f,irl tdtlt u •i,l.lu l f'.\'''· .\hr has do11r mauv tlti n r:.~ to r us but dnr~n't hotlrrr to tr/1 the rrs t nl " ' a houl them. It c ·w i .\ ll lnr ~lt££C\ .~ jar rur

dnd ,·,cr.

1·: ,\ L\ I.\ .\1 E \'1·: R

\\ inona P RDI I K \

P r imary Cl ub. r .mmll il "' tin\' i i ( think ,,( Ita tlf .\((1//l(r ,,.,,0 r' rltild . Shr fr,ultr, \l'l·J/1 thildrfH «.ilh '' /,11•/o lh•ll dtJC' )'lHU /tear/ KOOd

( ' L \IU.

~ l ORI ·: \'

. \ t~>ti n

l ' TI R\H Ill\ 1'1.

Tn t..r med ialc (; radc Cl ub ; Cou nlr) Cl ub .


J/Jrtrl mrtth timr n1t1kiu rrrrn,JJ ;L·rtlt m1HI ,,( IH, hut 1/t~J~C tdttl lw r hl'fn lhrw;nt itll•• (1111/•td ii:ilh fur, lltrttu.:./z clwlltr or olho.~· hc, rrall~r lrii'J.i.

( ltlrt' !J,"u't

uu {orl tol<J.Ie the ft:·l


Ita.,· htuz

:\cw .\! bin, Iowa Kl R.\1 .

Co untry Lik C lu b. (,'rdrr ;, fuel/ _\', plcawul, and likrllhlr

like Iter u•ordd cnmc to

.\ll'Ril·: L

tt l

lrr ... i~h mare

lrnm l ou:ti

~11-: YER

Lake C ity \l l'~l(·

)l('nrlel ~,o hn


I t u:nuld hr hard In crwmrralr tlrr mtlll\' luu lhitrc;, llwl \f urirl lul\ hrou~ht In

Jr ..\ ./'(',

\ltr l11n tirnr

11llnic of Jhr hie,Jusl type, hut u·r lrrlif lutrurd In f,,tt" 1/u J!;r/ cr-rn m Mc than tl ·r likt" lltr mu it.: ~hr ~i.cs so bt .wtiJully. Shr is linr.

llf.R'\1 \X R. TIEDE'\!.\"\ J l :\lOR 111< .11 \lu l.p,iJon \"u ( rn·a;;.'; junior ll il-(h CluJ.. l/am4rt i ~~ hu 1l.'r ... ·111 .rdmtl 1/ c /r,,. ltollimt

,,.wI t

f,' (irl n1 famr r h• um.


1 "moe dif'lom•J"


\ER:\\ \\'llER SO:\ Jl \l OR II 1<: 11 junior ll i):(h Cl ub : \".\\".C ..\. lluh (\ ire l'rl">.J.

Red \\ in)(

Is l cnro~ utJlkrl P•HI 11 llltf tia)• -u.r hHifd d m.~ }UIIWI ll.) , '' ll'lt•J is lh•rf hr•wliful ~ irl!' II , llrwk tlllll ~aH 11 all rxrrpl llwltlro•c "' u


tiS Si.L'l'l'/ d--~

•Jdtl. "She's


/u• ;,

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Blue l·.arlh

\I.ICI : \I\' PF E F FER 1:\TI R\IFDI \Tio;

\!1 nn \l u>ic Cluh l~ec Trea~.

Y. \\ C.\ . \\. \ . \. ; lntcrnll'(liate Cluh, l'atlwli< St u d1 nls Cluh ( l'n·,; .. lit

no qu,linll.rd.> '&..illt p.uklin~.; J~tr flll•l(li'L rrm urds mr ~1 <J ga)' liltlr (lu-rkot· holdrn

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Jtrr "'"'"Ill up iJr dtiUII.

~ t mrn

IO'\ I·, II \:\nt ER I'TLR\IUH IT!-

\ ,\I .C ..\ .; l ntcrmcdiatt• Crad c Club. !tJ nc Jta had pr~l i /Jrd

/IIIli' dcczdw~ Ml d





,,,,,,l-/tlt~kin' ymoJ !;'

prmt' jClldMr

hut tlrr


an i1nlrurtor in '' (tJI/n.;t· .tor mru look~ ll!frar/li't· 11 11d "''' \'

Uut cJrr u·r

mi ,judxin~

\:\:\ ,\C'ET\ 11 \:-./L EY.



Cannon Fall



Sturl<·n t ~

Cl uh: J unior

ll i~h


JJ,,,/ry if o11r "f lltt"r prnJ>It' -...·h" 11 oJ/t,r Mtr 11} lktt)l' w.IJ,, i iu thr puM,,


rollto tltun

Il.<n II \RRIS

\',· l :t PRI\l \R\

l'hi t:d. Club, Y \\ .C. \ ., \\' .. \ .. \ .: P rimary lluh. P1 INttlo your dj n iilllr



lot Itt d1mb Mu ffs, :md h11 /fl/ ,,

cJU'U /ratt

r \ I'll L R I \



fi'H' ~I



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I f,,y.

\ I> I> E :\

Rm hl'


I'RI\1 IR\

Primary Cluh; Catholic Studrn t> Cluh. lpf;,zr r"tly ( l.ltltcrtnc


quiffa, '' m,t,c, hutqrtict

plr '''' oftn' mo~/ Jurpr;,; , g.

Catltrrin f' il l ri'h t11ul the


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tol 11mn.



. . \\ inon:t


lnlrrnwliall- (;radc Club. I

lttn ltrr cur •·J•.Ju .. h attd Jlu U.l''f,/ f,IU In ttt/Jr,ou" rxil G/onm. r nu can tll&!'U)' (111011 Oil


f ron,f lrumnr In t~dd mirth trJOite is htr u-tJ/.u.iJha.


tt' '"'.\'

11t(•l iMt


OR I' l l.\ \\"lllT.\1.\ \



l'i TL R \IF O l \TF.

l nterrm·diatl' (; radc Cl ub. Orpha likes to stud-y.•, hut fur r utulainmr , tr Ml Jf nrr)' ,;rd 1/onr k ('(p mau.v of U t; frnm gmm: Ponr 1/l fnr Jwthi n ~

yo u. sec.

\'11{(;1:\'1.\ L.\R S OJ\

. \\ i no na

rl'IT E R\11-:D I A TI

Int ermedia te C racl r C lub . I l'itiCitw_~ I ir~inio ito/ .\milt'• , lmt nit lmu.• ttuult thtJt .unilr i~ u•nrtlt.' 011e frr/( tltlll /Itt ii'ttr/d n u m11;hty !i11c place, tJ{Ia all. 11'r dli lik(' l' irgini11

lll·: u : :-.; (i R.\ L' S . KJ , ll l RC,\R IL '\

1\.inclt•rgartcn Club . Thr lou '" pre//_\• d11tltrs i c ptrhfJP i tit,. m11 I dt1/1n uit;hiu;:: l'•lr»>ltrk nj nrllrtt girl '$ .urd ltrrt 1/r/rrr

dtstrt·n the /a urds. .\'he is tl ,,c,do amtt~e •Urnr l ; , rrerytla_v xray ~r rss hrtidt\ Pt•'hr.Hill( ll~r prrllir I fitlle Tiht ; , a dn:rn lta~urs •JUd p!,r\'ifiK 11 bridr,r J.:dmt lilllr shorl crf mirtuuloru.

<il. \I>Y S 1\..\RI\.EET .

\u rora

JL' 'ii CJ R II IC, fl

J u n ior lligh Cl ub ; \\ .. \ . \ .; Range Cl uh . Owl'~ llu tmly u.·nrd JIJ,t l dn"ihrt hfr hrrc '' ll appy" likrs to J:o to tlu r;Jtow o11 1.l'rtk m ~ht\ uoho1 _,·!Jr has her I~HMH(/) J" n u (fUJ't m akr Jhr tw lho rities heliea yn u hcnr lllfm, Cd ll you "ll tJPP.vl''

" 1/appy''

liO IWT ll \ ' S .\JURE J l''i iO R lflt ; rr J u ni o r lligh Club ; \' . \\', (' . \ .; S tafT.

Red \\'i ng \\ l' Jl<>n a h

/)orolhy 'IUdrrd ~n hard u·r dit/11'1 f'lln "kn,Ju lur ltkr a honk.'' P er/tap\ '"mr d•TY (hr ·u:i/1 h•Trtt th,tl Mfi•ll l(fc ,,,J good limrs ht1rc !heir p/.uro; IH u:c/1 •H !J,, ,J .\ludying.

J·:LE \'\OR IU'F ..

\\ inona

1 \:TFR\ I L !l l \II.

1nll' rmcd iatc Craclc Club. II (' ·rinc Ia .slalr /h,ll <.t.C toulrd tJTttlotd lor,, urck rl111pr/ li m e trying tn

tl wmr


1•1111 1 ,.,,, / '.lru1"'

Rut '" no o;ail. . I ll u·c rould J:fl W.•I J , ''1·./r,wor Rul, ltc's a Pl ~. t ( II ." H r ~dtt il up.

UL.\:\'CIII·: R .\ S I\.

. . . Calt-clon ia

Jl,t\ I OR lll l dl

Junior ll igh Club. /H a11clre i \ 11 ~:,irl wltnu frir,td~ ~l uk fn•

.\!Jr ''t\'f l rH

J!J,rn the m o~t nf zH. ·bul acl ua/lv ll1.ink!> more.

E;\IIL\' BH..\I)T


x re1jl drcJI

St. ('ha rl l's

Jl \lO R lffC , I[

Junior ll igh Cl u b . l!.:. m ily is lhr sorJ of r:,irl •c·ho a/lend~ 1/ritlly Jo IH"r ,,u,. brn i lll'H, and wmeli~tJC 'i in tlu m1Jd ,.,, lz t~{ uiMol Life she may he al m fHJ ,,,crlot~krd, h11t u·c knnu· hr u·ill be far f rom a m intu quo,lil}' uhe,J Jhr ttls

oul in life.

I anhault

IRI.\" 1, IIUI'KL \rt Club ( Tr~a-.l; \ . \\ .l'..\. ltr•ll u on artist

nlmn I ,,/u: h.a ,fr,uu.rtu ,,hi/it\, 1 o, Jor j}U ('W ht •llf •11/tuin!! Turki\lt m•ridrn m do d cakttl1•11k i ~1 11 \lin 1/rtt \hnu·. J1 d; •Ill\' \louv J/tJU rrsi.frttl tJhlllfl "Rcnr."

The_\ 'II gl;rdl)' tell

\"'' otln1 ·Ill.

. . • . . I la ,;,;d

Rl 1"11 .\. JOif.:\SOX .. l'<TER\11 lll.\D,

lnkrml'dialt• Grade Club. ,\'/Jr i\ a!~dJ\'\ Jhr ,,1 m1 calm, c/f ct"lltlUtrd 1111rl ca /)llhlf'. .t jrirnd Jo ,,/{ IItJ nul onr. She ui/1 U'tllk urc"c/y lhr<llii!h lrlt,

"Calm'' dr «rihr. Ruth

ha•rl ,,. Ji.u1d with .\ tuass. I~ Ill·: R II

l' I. \ R \

\ R]) .... JL'-IOR 1111.1!

junior lligh Club; \'.\\'.C.\ . s uitl ~~ /uudlv knm.1.• lu rs ut tltr. (/,u , ~ut llu lr e hr ~•1)~ i.s ;o to tlu p,illl. \,,n, nt !Itt rt J tJ/ NJ 'IIJI(h Uf $hO'i&td cridr"a ·~f <IS flue thm,,;lrl u she dots

litHO u


llll.llllR I'REEIH"RG I:\TER\11 Ill\


lntnmt·dialc (;rad~ Club; Ranger Club; \.\\ ,(" \.




1 tltr: a<.kllo .. lrdt:cd '"liallt•adrr in / _( lltr f/'Cti1J/11t~ arc ~"-1·1. tf1lf_\' ~ me,, ,,·itlt Jidt lim' nt I.( \ ond tflum. II e tm·y hrr I he qualit.v •~ lrit If 1

ll'cS Jtrr lltt opporluniJy to t:hooy.r from



/rJrrl( }.!f 111ft. 1

. \\ inona

I' \l 1.1\ E \ <H.LKE R . PRJ \J \~\'


l"lu b.

l r o lt1Hhrr Pdu li 'lf' hl'iMti:S '" Jhc frnl ''''' tlrt (, //rr· ,Julcfrr,. ,,,~·1 thr Mtly MH > u·ltn on•r fond nt hrr U't

all art. Sltr has ''"'n'



tnt./ It;·,

·~ I• thtm.

I' I I \\OR STCl\\ L PRJ \I \R\

Primary Club; \'.\\" .C .. \. Jl t /ralt /0 /Jr f'rtrtwrptrMU , hut t/rr Ctrt llntdlliHi<Z/ c rdcncc, tttilint brtlU'" f.\'f', ~in umr m Jltllrr, •lltd dar,un diJpll~ilinn ,,.,kc 11 ' trllulttdt 1/r.tf pnh.t fl /jd~ JmJfC I

I.e r


j11r .'iMti(OIIt:: i1t



<.C tJ~rt'(

m..rn of Jhuimilf•tlian

111: 1.1;:-; j \


\\ inona

II \TCIJ. . I :\TLR\11 Dl \TE

lntt·rmc<liatc (;radc Club; .\rt Club . \lcn,/rr, 1t.J1\Uul-laaki11J.!, ~cilh drea m y r_vn, '' pa.Jnl ,M k (,,, 1111 alai1HHI arqtti'iilit•e mind lhat\ J11n c. [~a ,Jrfditiat~, ~hr's arti.,·tic In thr "11 th" dr~-:ra .

.\IILI>REIJ \\'()()() .. .

. ... l·:lgin

I'Rl\1 \R\'

Primary Club (Tn·a,;.); Y.\\ .C..\.; \\ .\.\. "i(il's" h,ur is not mort

HHHJ\' thou lur /rrdrl \'l1c 1 i~t.du flrio u s little pcrwti ,u,,l lm·p 111 fJidy n"d play ,\'lu is drtt"r, /tut, o ud mtut}' a ,[,,rndtoT) stu•u is tht rtfult ,,j htr Jchcmt.


('IIRI !-. IT\E l' CI< J:\11!1 ·: I' 1' 1. ..


PR J\ 1 \R\

P rima ry Cl ub ; \ .\\ .C . \ .. Rangl'r Ref/\' rMnr.; ,,, rn frnn; ,,;.~·,n· up \"flit, hut''" flt,rt hn tli\po~itioJt ;_\n'f thr ha'l hit 1 ro~l\' ,\ltr ftlll l•lfk

f lllfi,Jn }''''

lttriau 1\·


'U.'IIIItla u.. h.rt ,/rl''

""mrlim,.. 1n- ki11,J,, H rl/,,/ll.n.lll' , it ound ,,/1


rt,.;hl, / 'it ltt'iud ldlihal RriiY'-~ po, n td


FJo. R.\' L.\\\'RE:'\ C' E


\\ inona

hl,llio:JU ; \WI I•. ,

\rt l'luh; k ind ergarll'll C l ub. I nn


tl fiMrminr: ~irl ,,j tfdirtiir hr.tul\'

mrm/lrr Iter ,,, U,r,r/.rd. 1/rw.'>

lt"t rr

Jlu lo rl\' t r,,h;,, t d·nnrr nr 1/tr uly


II c (tdmirt·llll ,p;,, w uhr,h llf


I'll l.L\1 \ H . ;'II\\'<..,()\" h l ,lll R<. IRII'

k indl' rga rten l'lu h. Thumh\•," lilu 'Op f)• Ill\ 1/wmh, 1 ,zflll/r pu nn •llld, ~~~t· (,'oldif,•tk. hoH (ll{r/rlt IMJt,•l ' ' ' " ' brwl.: c~rl ,,., a· l'for, and •l'toni hiu ·/v mort, },,· 1 bu tilt 'il&r 111d (lrnwlll in ,z/1 ltr due •

'\OlD!\ L.\ '\(; E

. . ('a n non I all, PR J \ 1 \R\

Primary ('Ju h. li t ·If ..·,n·, nad a t,..... \Utff' f 'n in thr

, ,,h lin yntr

11 hu., r \lurr

, and

i4;1/ d in<~ ··,., thif pmft'' 't t·t·n· ·.. ·ttl a 11d ••r i.!.i.~ lr you ii.'r/1.

"''''' ,l· lt~rl lo

,,.f think


II r likt" .\"" •

. Tr ium ph P RI \l

\ I~\'

l'athn li< !-.tudcn ts ('J u h ; ln ll'rnwdi a l l' C radl' Club ; l'rirna ry ('i u h. 1/ rlru i


jnll, fi n d J.:iu,f

1 ) '1

J,w lr,


tl '1.4tllt u

ll f 1/u ,,k 1t/ltrr •h ,z/,r./\ afu11 ,• •

elY ell u , I 'l4tllldn!

II \ Z 1·. L SC II L \ H \('II Jl ""R ll l< d l

J u n ior ll ich ( 'luh. :\'o r lh l.ndgl' ( l'n·-.). I ll \or/lr f. ,tf/~;,r''"' It I] lu 1u·

•tnd /.:indue

I• Jl,z ,f

un'adnt lhort ht

It .. Juw r pre It/or/

r/finr nl 11 hr i . II c "i h tlu n like her i11 tlu il orld

,,, ,,

ourr morr jd/l:

II 1·. J.lo. \" B l·:z I> I ( 'II 1·. "

l .a:-. t nn

Jl " " R II 1<. 11

;\la, on ;\lu,;ic ('luh ; Cath ol it ~t udc n ts ('luh , Junio r lligh Cl u b : \\' . \ . \ . , \'.\\' (', \. ; ( >rc hl'' ' ra . Ju,J ,,,~. 1ut\' ,,. idntl L rt Ill lilt' tuhrll IIIII\' ' ' " " \ltf' u ·illlu llllm /hi' (lzlllmi/\' I\ II IV; /out· Ill •I / ' \ \'1/r. f 111111,

" /Ju q •", " mu \ft /r .ttlt tltarm<;, of. _\! orr \'. f 'I' ll / h 0 11 1:,/,



yo ur oulli , c


yonr a.s _lfJ/c

LLCILLI·: TIIOR:\'111 1.1.



. S pring \ a llt-y

l' lll\1 IR\

Primary Club. duu>l tc~ul~tr, •lrmrd • tilt •I prrmrr, tr.-tdv '" r:o ft•rtlt a n d CMtqrur \he;. is '' f•lllltful ,,,,J ~1

Rc/zn(d tltr

tJ:illint tl.'o rkcr

\l.ll'F SCI !\\' \R K JI

\\ inona

:\lOR II 11:11

Junior ll i~: h S~hool Cl ub. I


I tQ tt'l

If,, it


lei mt Jry it



l111s u plt..J\tlitl philowplzv, !IIJw'J llun~ , ·ith :t I tltlll makn it


'U'tJ\' ''

,ft, ~ \"/,.

Pttd inlo


t.I ' R I Rl' IJE IJ OT Y . . . 1:\ T L R \ 11 U l \TE

lnkrnw dial <' (;radc Club. 1 1l'f1 of tltt br I

orl tlf qutJ!ilit.'~ are Crrlrudr'f


kuadnt'$! 111 drunb-,urimotll, «.'hith mf1llt1 l·i11dun~ ltrr jrllounncn, and lttr Pt'TH'r:·amr. II 'litk lo •II r: nrss wi11~ /he dav, C:utrudc u.•i/1 not hf (11~nJ Jc.Jd ,,. llu 1rld tlj b.rttlr


~1 \

R ru : l'ET LR SO '\

\\'hilt· Bl'ar Lakr

l..t '\UER<· \RTI: '\

K i n d~ r~:a rl t·n

t. \ ,

Cl ub; Twin City l'luh; \ . \\

'I r/ t i a sur, rt/ tthJiJ. lltr r_\'r f•Hl>lolll//\ t~l • J JJ r r;p, lru.r 'rriJIIU (u·u/ Jtc' :S ~1\Ril .




J'\H, IO II Ill\


Catholic Stud~nh Clu b . \larit i Ar c

thr " ilnll fwr/llcf' ;, dU_\' da '' illld '' J,, Ia/$ oj 11/ltu iofk,,

II r likr


I. \ R \ ZITLO\\

B rcm nton

Jl -.;toR lll< oll

j un ior ll igh Srhonl Cl u b ; Y. \\.. C ..\ .; II <HN'hold \rb l' lub. "'tl llff''' I S 11 lt'f\' rrwuraful ~;rl u .tint' 1/Udlitv /tl ,,, r :r. \hr ·;, u uadlc;,J.'twtlln 11nd ,,.u·t ariz lie thiii,S. lt' t lrkt hn tHitl t..i(h Jrcr 11 h•tPPY j u lurr


ILL\ \ I \\'\

. . . . . . Clark. Sout h I lakota h. I "H K<; \R TJ•.'\"

Kindngarll'n t luh; \'. \\ .C ..\ . !Cahinetl; o.;hq >.lf<l II a ll \ iu Pre, ..


u c u ,,t~,.,,,,,, 1~1/a' anJ "In d,, tat JV J/ biJ HrcJighta -...·lun Itt" 1 cJruund I t u ba.wsc llt rralrc lhr lrttt ;z•,ulh ,,r llu 1ri1Hid uun' /11 cnme tJ lillfr Jlt'•lrrr bt•in uho.Jt

Il l: r

J'' ,, ..,,,

•• I

lll,\\ l' ll l S I RLX\ESS

\\ illma r

Jl -.;toR 111 <'11

J unior l l i~: h ('l ub; ~ l rn d t'b"ohn l'luh (S,·c . l'n ·a ~ . l;

\\',\ . \ .; \ .\\' .C. \ .

n lrt ll

Jlrtrt ir ., hil hlhtt!l £111111.' on, or \jll}lf' ft,,;, ,, Itt bc~bbrd ,, (Urlnl, ".\.lrti.t" is llf~nJ .n on dnl.: -.,•ilh bdls '"'· !'oil ai'Wdn ,lind lur ri.tt.hl in Jltr ll(·arl 111 G" Y n titr m nll 111 \fouy, 111td 'i..:itlt muth ,t!,lt'alt't knotr!td, for pra,b tlttl n \/Jt' i.\· «.til/i11g to udmil Htu{lr! ,Jf/, 1/u /tiJ, llltJ1It' fo r honor., lfllll ("'"' w•ith II I LC

\1) \ 1' 110.\ 1 Jl 'lOR Ill< .!!

lli ~: h Cl uh; Y. \\'. C . \ /r lUI, IJ,J, .;,,f J,m I bltoh, l<lf

junior OU


rry )rior,f

'"'''""/ rooJ spdr/,



"-'l !ldd •1 T 1•• lor !JUtl' dtllJrr5 \'1111 aff· 1 /u·

/ , Jkortha,J you're P A .''

:\I innl'apoli~

RIJOL> .\ :\El"\1 \.'\ PRI \I \J{ \

Primary Club. Nltodd, believes Jhat £t'll;,r,; om:'s r./ur~rlio~J in mt.lll.\'

,,/tools ltas its athrJntaxn. lr r think Jo, /o,,, but v.ish she lwd \htyula littlr lou ·cr ~:itlt us.


llihbin ~ l'\ TI R\11 Ill \ll

[ntn nll'diale Crade Club;\ . \ .C. \ .; Club. U rrr it t~.:itltiu our /Jmc·rr, ta ,(·oul dre, rct ol . I.B .. tltr Ju:nr fro m

11 rr


PtrH' ., To1 ;zre



R all!(l'

utt ron \'nltl /Jrc \'rhonlot I mhi

/u r

J uturt


t :~TIIEI~\\:~'ZE UIA



l· n11 Ill \ 11

\~ ,. ,~,~ ~·t' rs. 1 LL·rm~:diall' <·n~d.L· Cluh: \.\\ .( . . . \\ enon, 1 ~tall; ll onor ),·ada·r. think ,,( 1~(/ltrr,

ll ltnt

1/ \





think ,,f •·ouf.>· .; ... "

ht"f·f't.'.' .\"ltr is nu( ~~J Jllf IMr 1-tt:Mkiu' uomor tin' ;,otiluliiJu but lu ,rfu:•IVS h,J cno \ to p.uc .w./ t1 mo1/ iftlf lit•U i h.


\RIO:\ FERCl:SO'\ .



Jl '\lOR

Ju nior lligh Club; ' )\,in Cit) Club; \ .\\. (',


lf,uion i~ 'i.it-,.uiou,, .W\, ,,,,J r!(oJI'\tintt, too, ~\'rl mr limn a·e u.•andu jtnl it hj1t 1/W.\f ruh_r lip, u:ill tell llt.rl. But .")/lt'pard 1/al/ xir/1 u:ill ml\' ,\/ ,uil111'.s clttay smile IJ.IId rct~d_, tW\it' t'r ncr/ .W•lr.

\\'.\LL .\C'E :\IORC \

. \\' inona


Jl 'lOR JI J< ,JI

J>lan·rs, "\\.'' Cluh

Football; \\'l'nonah

( J'r~,; .); \\'enonah ~!alT. · " II tJ/Iy" i Ollt til lhr ff•tlr,l, SQII •Iff

I, ro1nt./1 I mcu rm 1/u· ramprts. lit i not P"'PIII) t~f th~ fMihl\', hut rtJIIta 11 l<~.inldin • '''''• ,,,,J ,, lilllt ""''l•n11 ;,


tJtut:hly uarld.

\l innl'apoJi,


\1 \R\

1.1'01 1<1, \I< II'\

Ki ndergarten Club; f\\in t'it) Club, \ \\ (' \. f o bt"lw/J suul hlo11d _lf,tr v. OJU ;., u d nr;.cr ur- Ji lilt h11d e1 "ti IIllo lht• fJni~h" spirit. B t /ik( lrrr lo r il. \h,. ht1' tl smilin( (ou~tfiii,JIIIt, tt Jritndly aav




:\1 \RlE .\:\:\ \\'..\ ..\ ,

t~ll t~dmirt'



lfari f\ a I!Ood (rinrd roncmbt:r -..·our nud .,

1 t' l'll

in lilllr tl11n •s. .\lrr'/1 11111~ /'hr tu nn sltr


pluck .\ on iter ukc n111kc ·''flur ./lf'llrip l.l mtl.l \ l i f l


J\ lora

1'\ 11 1~\II.IJI\TI.


(;JLJn: RT~O~

Mini.· tlltd your

Rl'd \\ ing

1'\TLR\11 Ul \TI

I nkrnwdialt' t;radt· Club. jim~ tllrougll ,,,d tlaourh but Ju is ro quit/ /ltd/ )til.' Pt"dPh /111,, }tltW./ it 11111, '"' r tu/J likt·./, ho.,r.tr, by 11ll aJw luli.JW "''·

\f,lf,fl i)

\ l.:\1 \ \\' \ C 11\\ IrZ



lntcrmt'diatc (;rade Club; \\" .. \ ..\. )

diJ a WMJ tttr e:cpress a puson bdlrr tltd" lltdl tcorl Jt,tS llmoJ I . I~J trer rtadv smilt tJIJd 1.1

cltury mil IIIIa muko ha 1.1 Je!iJ:htftil compt~nion }or /Ira t lukr hr is w jtJIId of I!Jkint,.

l'Ulll \RY


\ .fl.; Primary Club ( Pres.); \lrn

d..!Nohn Club; \'.\\'.C .. \. If .t ''Primar~·" tJutlwrily, <Jnd u.•e unda.\ldlltl ,u KtWd in prurlia. Tl'e prrtfid a .HI/Old n1111J iJIId body for all thr lillie Xebra,k,nJs u:lw come u drr lur tilrt:.

H tl4

a nM I

1· 1. 1 \'\OR \\ .\LJ\.ER

\\ ykoiT

l'Ul\1 \R\

l'rim.tn Cluu; \ . \r .C ..\. I



., r tlJ


thr uhc\1

Dnt a)



'thtm/ ,

llHI, uwrlhMhilr, tHtJ :·u/l of ftot.

~\lu i( .\lup.trd

Jill/ ••Is ull '''•Ill ·c: /1J/n tJht~ul Ita.

\1.1 \ !'I RSl'll

• ( 'alt•donia 11 RI\1AK\

l'rimar) Club; Catholic Studcnb Club. t

u a tl"',J wrll. ..\lu il prrl('t' and xuy uud ta'or luurd ilfUT!PIIHl ulti<h predirt 1ht1/ her lttulzin.t: dtt_\'S Iff n 11 mhcrrd

rc lR \

l ' l. \'EST \ D . . ...

:\I o rris

l'TVR\11-:t>IAT I

lntrrm!·dialc (;raclc Cl ub. II

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~lu H'tmL

J'I.OIU \ {' 1· SP ELTZ . . . . . . . . Rollinf('tonc l '\Tl;R \IFUI \TJ::

lnltrnwdialc Grade Club; llo nor TL"acher: \\ •·nunah l'lanrs, "Only :.!~"; Catholic "tud~nts Club: II ' 11 ou tc'tHII 511mt 'Ztt~rk Jvnt u·e/1 and quid:/_v, ,:n ID florrttct, Jht 11lu·uys Ja~1 lur lttlrt' dnJ more·. ~.tr t 4 Jldfclft bullcr:v flj 'fl:il, humor trml t".ffirittJt v:

(illrlrr mrmhtr ,( 1h~ OrJu of (;oatl 1-e/luit'\lllp. llortnu· won't lack )or friends tun i} hu job ltJI.:n lltr lo IJrrcu

\ I IC\1 <'F I'\ L' LSO\' . .

. :\I inneapolis


l'rinw r) Cluh; \'.\\'.C.\.; Twin City l'luh ; Country Life ('fub ( Pre,. ), I trHirc ir .u1 quirt U!t: /ta;,:tn•t lt<tnted tu kfto'il.· hrr likt

a hMk, but wr t/1) kuou.• ,Ju·\ alu·ays retltly to da tlti11~' "J'Ith oflc chtudclcrisJic a/o11c rlli~tl hn P•I'II:U ift eruyunc's t:)·e~ .

for otltt·rl,

I tht "Ill

1.1 1.1 I \\ SJ.\1 0

............... Biwabik l'Rl!L\R\'

Primary Cluh; \'.\\'.C..\ .; \\' ..\ .,\ .; Rangl' l'lub. 5i" i Ill tUthl(ul a,J tu·rtl /rum her he~d lo hn jut; r try 411/f s jritnJ dud no u,e·~ e , tm>'· Bol uj ull,

hr '" " 1'1-P."

liEU:'\ KJ ER::\ER .

Chat lidd


Primary Cluu: \Y. \ . \. 1/dor is ,1/u·u_v rr,Jd_ to


In ltdp uhfr~.er -:,/n m,t_\ ~IIIJI/1\·


11 dlf'ff\' ut~rd

tomr ••ut all ric.ltl ·•

tJud ,,-,,dv '" p/,, v, rr.td\' mi/1 11111 l•l•' "/)ou'J :.. nrn• it'll

... ilh n r f that


Lon~-: l'rairi(·

K \TIII :R:\ <:RU31·: R Jl '\IUR 111\oll

Catholic Students Club : Junior l l i~-:h Club ; \\ .. \. \ .; \\' inonan St a iT. i a jo/1_\',_c•l ,. oin~ ;,,Ji,itilwl 'tl•ilh lltt· /t,tf'P\' pltiloHiplty, VI s/J, , ,·a .botlttr~ to plt~ltnop/u r) J.:.oin • to IMPPt·n JU I ll!IIU,•tllr, r/1 10 U"ll\' 'iJ.'tlff\'.' 1/w , "' At~ \'. h.rppn11 I ,z IIIIC ,,1/ irl .

" A ,ry"

" .•·ltcJJ i~


10 '\ \ I I >Ll..\1>

Cannon Fall,



I nterm('di:llL' (;rariL Club: \ . \\ (' \ . \\ \ \ ., Country Lik ('i uh. \'lour i ho (rrlllt' t l r ,, < "n~rr '' iur \.'lrr h.u no ltmt"lllr mrn ''' ·llnr u mot dipr,,,z,, 1 fur •trm. llll.l>R EI> CR \\\TO RI >


1 '\TFK\ILill I n

l nll'r med iat(' (;rade Club ; \ . \\ .C. \ . flu bu' \' ~~~dill'«- hir/ ltd' man) a/Ira, I ian~ /tJr tin l11dv, hut r.rn >I' \hf i~ ,,1\J ;,•,rtltu.·lrilr ,,d ~tlad .~·e l.:ne;, Iter.

1•: \ \ .\ ll'JZI'H\' .

\'till II



(·a ledonia

I ' 1'1- RIll· Dl I IL

Ca t hol ic Students C l ub; l nternwdiall' (;rade Cl ub. f/tr lt'd(hinr, prufe,.iou ha

rolimr./ F ,, rJnd .u ...,,, lttr Wut u. .\he i1 nt u idft ,, 111tnutr '"'" i lhri/1\' IJml thou )tl}ul oj olho

FLO\ I> '\ 1-:LSO:'\



:\l u L p~ilon '\u Club. hmtball : nonan Stall.


\ 'in· l'n·,.), junior Ba,kethall: l'ra('k,

trom llu lot lh of Jlu /i1J •JI ou,·J Flol,f' llolmr, hr ,,,;it, pa Mti.tud. 1/r Jt,, /f~tt.t~Jitn ''' m1nlwn ~: tJhilll" IIJ (llin lhr ,n dr./ ''' r "' lhr {dlf ( , r/$




Junior ll i~-:h Club. I ftf' Ptr oniltul1it•ll of "cJdion{ f'nl~ f,~udrr tlwn ;,·ord1" I' lJori1 1/rr Ptn1111,. tlf ,,/I ,,Jtool ,u/i.,illt' i ,, ,Pft''ll.fid rxamplt nJ HhoHI/aw/1\•.

I I I·: LE'\


U :'\:"-J I·:T .

\1 in m•a pol is

J ::o-TL II\11 Dl I 1'1

l nternwcl iate c:rad,· C l ub; \' . \\ ( '. \ .; \\ . \ \ .;Twin City Club. 1/,{, It ts JU I Jhr h•1d o{ /Jt r1Mt .. ·r',J l1lt (or,, 111 i hh11r .\In ;, frieurlly dnd aa·ru/1\• 11od Jtm II hor t(f fh111k Of lft'/nr, Oc.f J/JinJ,: U fand f'<.J/ •Ill./ d /rll( ltinrd ''

' J.

\II- RI.E TOll f)




Juntor lli).(h Club, \\ t:nonah S ta ll. little 1 /lrt Cr17trp,miohu '!O"rl .\'lu ne-ar rom f,, IM:r 'mNth 111 d11 hut u·htJI ,Ju· call do ,, ;.:nat d1 tl tor H



•Jdmitr Ita

p,,;,,. rHd t!it~·rflln!),

( ' hat liel ol

\I R.\ \1 \I' I·.~ I'TI R\II'IH \TI"

ln!t-rnwdiat t· (;mclc Cluh; \\' .. \ .. \ . F





thr thin




I' \Ill L Oll'.\;

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,( 6r I ullfn

all likt lttr

Bl nomin~


l'ra ir il'

I ' fl R\ll·lll \TI,

Catholic Stucknh Club ; Cou ntry Li fe Club. I


dor ,r t '" murlt hut 'he think~ ,, lot. \lu is bfJ lulb,t/1 IHid likD 1111 1111/·donr pnrl


\\' inona~

I 1111·.1. BIRR K l :\1>1 ~~~ \ o<TI '

1-. ind,•r).(arlt•n ( 'l uh . I

1.1dy ':l/111 ullrutf, /o hfr bu1inr't uith ,, ~;.·til r :llul is 'uad(d,J in hrr «.·,!r{ tJI~\·s lite. .tmt Plt·aqntf an./ inlrrr,trd ludtnl. 101

'"I dtlrrmtutJit ,IIJ. dn



\1{11. IWS \ \E'\


Jl,,IOR 11 1<. 11

Junior High Club. Nrl haft i ttfP•Htd 111 ha<r a h11d ttfuiMr onr\ trmpo hut rt )ltl n I dllmll).'.rd \t t~rir'~ (I ltV. -"Itt n IJ quirt, 11na


&if/oj ,Jcrlin 'i.!.'orth

\Jill R1 \' I•:


RI'11 \."

1'11\" SI( \1


LDL l \Till'

\\. \ . \,; Primary Club; Catholic S t udl'nb (lull , Rangt· rs Club (!'res.); l'hysicnl l·:du cation ('lull. JlurpJ.v 1 Q loyJI aud /rut J,ntfltln t•J ,,fd l~rin. .\t 'f4rJ

1 ha }11 drilr r,diftc 1111J lhtJ(s t11/ ri lrl

(d/'''''" lr11r a ("o/lrnff torlu,r d{ uil, t~ d hm r, •111J thr luck of thr fri it.

optim1 m,

ET HEL <.OOl>RTCIT . . 1...!~

. • . Stillwater

Dl' R(,.\ RTr \

1\.indngarlcn Club; \".\\".('. \. ··c,ood\·'· pruteJ to be a ~t,oad £1111/ 111 tht \lorn·;,;,;,, .. tion . . 1/tlwu.:)t llfr l!rJml' 1 tirr. wmt, l.tlul iw '1 /Ia 'k'it hus fftiJ,td ffltlll.\' tJ trnt· of 1hr glooms ch:•J\

jr,,m thi1 fuir wllrgt

I·: LI Z \ B ETll ].J II.L.\ :\I



\rt Club (Sec.); \\'enonah S taiT; j unior ll igh Club; Clas, l'ht); T hird Y ~:ar Cia" (\'iu· l'n:~. ).


"11fflt" ran. d11,a tJ.) ;:,nuld likr to, ('"d ht· u·ulds tJ .t·ickcJ Ptlinl brzt~h. ,\ht h~n tlrt· trail oj lH'i"( thr thin'( 1/rrou;;,lr.


.\,Itt• ,zJ."t_\'' ~lwuldrrs hrr

h1.1rr ,,j


\FR .\ HERR\" . . . " f l IOII.Ill \ 1'1

\he 11r,cr \Ums to ltcJtt much''' U••rry ahoui•Hid


dt'cll to mile d/ /J \'1111 mrrl hrr ht's '""""''"~ dnd lht1/ riehl prcflih·. It's ,, lwppv





u :o



: \ R \"

. \\"inona Jl \lOR JIII.JI

Football I, :? ; j unior Cia" IS~:c.), Sl'11inr Class (Sec.); Cla:;s l'la:-·; Catholit Studt·nt' Clu IJ. l.t·o ;, thr )air !J,Jirtd "<,lmp" d/1/MI~ our mo1. Iff ~pnrd.\ mo.,/ of fti,- timl' ~,·,mdrrin.r. .itnl ~'·hhh Kit/ ht• JwJ hdto try m·xt. J{ut infrr,poq·,J 111 tlri1 t,'tl\' ,-otill/ lilt: ht· Jind, limr 1"11/IU!!h for hi) ,,Jt,ml 11.•ark so

that Itt'


a· .lt>IJ/tkhdt



1.1 LI.L\ :\'S SJJ.\ IH >\\" . For further information st"l' paj.!;l" .,, E:\1 :\1.\ 1>.\ '\l E LSO'\


Jl \lOR 1111.11 Thrrr is Mit thiu,_ _,.,, rt~ufd ,,. t'f •1Uit:.f l·.mm•l ttf hfing, ,,,d tlwt i$Jriro/,us Sltt· i Ott prrtMH./11•1 lion o} llll th11t 1 prllrlit 111.



l'rt·, ton l' I~ I \I \I<\

l'riman· Club; .\lend,·l--ohn Cluh , \ .\\" . ('

.. \.



i a _tine e.r,Jmp/e nj vnr tl'ito ~,:·,Jn/ to do ltllf' ":A•ork and be d pluoam lruzl to llr'r jrit ;rd II hat btllt'r

rombi nalio11 c,ou/J thcrt' bt'l



1:-.iTI.R II LUI\ J'lo.

Intermediate C:rad e Club; \\"enonah StaiT, \". \\".C ..\ . 1 the wrt .Jj girl on~ Junt' /11 ,,,, hd p ,\'ht tJIU:~ys lht thiflK. «:ell . . ."HJI11t; .H iwo/ l·•ff iJ KcJith ) /() bt' mil de ml11Jy liml't Jronf:" bt't.UI t } u/i.J u 11n it.

J ult•l


I ' I'ER\IUli.\TJ:

lnt<rmc<liall' <:ra<lc Club ( P re,.); W enonah Stall; ll onor Tcatha; Y. \\' .C. .\ . ~flwol, our t~PPlllttse :..:ill fallo:t· lur I htrt i ~~~ mu•h thai i.> J:tMd to say tlral ..c.f hn: lrcr pard• " for _n o/ lilli 11 r d u holr Pt~~t u·illt ..l h.rt . I g11n land Jm HI fhu ra flrr 1111d .ntrk .

U httl l «n t /tfJirJ

1.1.11 ~

:\ I



. .. Sprin c; \' a il e~

\~. Jl 'lOR IIJI.JI

junior lligh Cluh; .\rt Club; Y.\\'.C ..\. \tlrt ll111 r11llttr drddt•d idfd( .wd 1/u:\· art htr fl'iL'II , 1 tltr. l lmr ur Mrs' tfflt Pfi.I/Jlt'. .\lu tt'c/ ltachitl( "out ~!tot til~ U n/ be in~'·· lwl now u.·1


hd e lur b.rck i" the f••ld.

li.OSSII : Jl'LI\'\ I'RI \1.\ R \

Primary ('luh; Catholit Stu<l!'nls Cluh. I


1111d htlir c Jilt! bt' lamrd ar/1 .'H. J/ cJry·~ /r,J quitr an dllrollli•W [.,, dun'/ tnran 'il . l/ dH''.) oll /·,,ib.wh


,a ttiJqn

1 ft rt/lttr



U'A •m 1Jrr


~:oi11~ Ia

,.,k,, to tlu: ,f,,,,r




\\ inona

Jl :\lOR lllt:ll

\lu l•.psilon '\"u; Junior ll igh Club; ''\\' " ( luh ; T rat·k; \\'inonan StatT. trn l1l i prrlly di,courad n Ji to tlrr wlln:c :''""fH l11u ,.,., hr 1111\ 11 lu.•in hrolhcr, and it'~ hard tu ldl llldl it's ltll tl/d upan u.:hom Jhfir brte y look\ 1trl btill( br''''u•rd, 1f ,lkc J/te mo'l •'f you r appor· /l.outit (, I nwld

J \'\I. I'


. . .. \\' inona

RTI~ Jl 'lOR lll l.l l

\1!-ndcl,,uhn ('luh ; j unior Jl igh Club . H lun f111ly l~t~ir ir mttr/iMJrJ, ~'-'f' Jhittk of Jibhrr) \f Sl dftj,lme of lht' dtJ)' U't' r•UJ ' a it lmhhin ( dwlol


/Itt ltiJll tJn.J u•r luww JJ.,Jt ~Ju has tomr kind 1111 dPPtJudmtlll .(t) W e nr;u "·••~ "' :torr) ''"''"' ,,., 4ollf (lit btUtf. iJ1<1/ Jtrr /''ot•ill i s ~Jio..·•l\S Jlttrt U.fflll

n< JtJ


Ill.\ \I. BE\II S . . .

..\ u--tin

Jl 'lllR llll:ll

Junior lligh Club; \ltson \lusir Club. ,;(( ~,., t' 11 liJlh (ot 11 tmd na111rr 1!11

I Ia


\ l t'n<lebsohn

Cluh ;

./o11hl1 purp,H·: il shl ( ' }nr u ,,,d U't· nrioy hath fQUI.lll)' "dl 1/rr

mddr Ita m tul\' fritnd~.


\I 1<.\ ,\IIIU.'\'S . )I 'lUll 111<.11

junior lligh Cluh ; Catholic ~tudl·nt,; Cluh. l ",, 1 ; a ~irl u•iJIJ a Ito~/ of )rin11h'. tlllcl 11 <;milt• for o tUf/lllliU/clJUl. ll cr populdri(\' ~cillla~t t'ltn1 nrr she mti.V go.

. \\'att•rl o\111

K \1111 I F'\ BO\'L.\ \1 . PRI\1 \ll\

l'rimar) Cluh. P/u,p, plr1 4111, u111l

PI•·• i11 ,

a ullv o) v 1juyiu' lift.

J\ ,!Jhlall hu s 1/11· lwpp1•

Ill l.F'\ 1'\(; \LT.S

. . !Iam mond


J unio r

ll i ~h


i.l·i/1 ,,r/mr/ th11t /hint' $ P•nl fi,J, hurt irrrpro,uiNhlr, bu/ )/U I d Jl 1101 (ff 1Hl •I V 'G'i/fl /hi r t IHI 1/ol ll / {o l fl tr tufT '" '" not lrott' tH ~~ J,-,,\f JtHPat 1/w::.nn .,.'// hoftt' for Jltr hnl.

H 't•

\ RI . I :\C:TO\" .\ l. C.\:\ ll'lli·: LI . \1 azt"ppa J l \;lO R 11 1!. 11 :\ l u l·: rh ilo n Xu ; J unior ll i~h Cl u h . l rlin~.:,lo n /w_~

•tho/a tir tl"ilih awl /r,tdrnhip. In itJtl ih rnJII\' da n,. ; rrou ror tire rr•t "' tn u·it lt hi m

.j" Jht dtUI.

1:. I.L"C I LI. E tT l' I'

\I ora

Jl '\ I IIR JI J(; JJ

J u n ior lf i ~h Cl uh. ll r .rdmi,-


indrpru./our .utd ,·ffinrnl "''" ""'

.'lh,- rlt Ita aJim hir.!J ollld trdthr s It \/Jr't tJrr J..·iud ol girl .. t l"nl . 'a. hrrf'' c It' ho •lll.f /u wn r ss

S [( , J· RJI> S O:\D I ER Jl ' I<> R 111 <0 11

T win C it y Club ; Ju nior ll igh Cl ub . 1 /t, ''

•1ft' _hu.• prrttifr or mo rt ... ·ortlr ..·hilt• tirls at U .\ , / _(.than ,\ir.:lnd ,\-om mo I t i· •I lilY to br 7i·ith lu r i n a dtH~: lor ~~~~- uol on[,, thinb drtn lv, hut ~111 t•tprr''C-' lru~df t.•d/ .

\1 \ R I 0 '\

<; 1-u -: 1·: X ..

Sprin ~

l ~T LR \ 1 1-Ill


\ 1"1

It ht'n ;.a thin/.: of Jl 1..1rion ~a a/;nt.\'~ th in k of hit Mur n·n lhtl l tlrt' r o v ~.f/1 lw udlrd. ll'r thi nk llu / ulun· prohtJhl.\' lwidf 11 11 llllS U SPt'dtn m.w Ut ·I•J rc l••r !his .)'Otlllt: {,zd.\

110\\ \ R I > OLSO'\

. . . Ca nl nn

Jl \;) OJ{ IJI I ,IJ

\lui·. J"ilo n \" u: Junio r rrack.

ll i ~ h

l" lu h: l"nn l hall ;

/J,ztt./wmt '1ho1l ic

Jf ·tt uto," tin· idal•'' .\'Mih J.o•lu IIi\ cluay 'illlih ' lin m.rll\ •Ill llltolltlldltcw, JU t u Jw t" -:..·, ~.·?n'l lol.\" 't'r JI:,JI 'l4c'u'd bt· ;clint~~,

:\1 \ R TII .\ TITO:\II'SO'\" I' K I \ I \R\

Prima ry Club. I s !Jtllt Ho pn p .rt the l'riW II Y\ /',z rly ':U "lJ.·i/1,,/u•cr.\'S n mt mhtr " \I ,,,,, " II t 1111" \liT I" wmf' scltaol -:.t'i/1 /,,. JJJIITI' Jrappy btt•J llll" (jlf /•J/1 /t/ Iii i/.

:\I \1{( ; \R I·: T

I' _\ \':\ 1·: ..

St. Paul

l'KI\1 \R \

P rimary Club ; \ l l'nd l·l" ohn (") u h . ... I J ''" •tnlhrJit" JtJJHf l' , "Pdin" ;



1/cr uniqw· .,,,, ,

,, .. •o ~t dol ul /ltJ •Ittt• phrtJ wlo( .\' oup/r.J ' ' ' Jr

U·ith hrr g t"lll"flt/ ,;ooJ llr.l ltt rt' pro"oo'( 4 SMifl ( li Itt ltJ tJ/1 tJbout Ira • • I ,, ,,. ult ~ ~~~ lt•U

lrru frioJ.Ir..

, ., ,y

llii· R \ILL \ l' :\ IT E ..... .

\\ inona

1\TI R\111>1 \rl,

l nt n lntdi.llc ( , raclc Cl u h 1\ ir e l' n·- ), II cnon,dl l'la\"l'rs I Set. T rt'<h.): T win ( "it\ ( l uh, Ca t lwli.c St ud ents l'luh ; ·· on! ~ :!'-."' T

nmt, h ~ tlrrr iJ 1/rr t irl ulw rotw H , I'.; ~./ti .\.' I rutrl '· i":', to nJit rn, J/u ;~ lhr trr).' !lrrrpt,,h/,. ,;~ •·ontv .;.\ ,•" dttd l o .Hi ll nilun \llf j, ju1/

a I m thfl

I llcrr, thr ( nn,i j rintd u 1rd hard tt.'fiY{'o. R ut no "'lila tl'lzirh ,- 'd.\' she i( kum.t·n 1/tc i~ all.nt \' S tikr·l.

1, \ Ill.\ 0 \'F R \1 \ :\" . 1\Tl Rill Il l \1"1.

lnltrm cdia ll' (; r;uk Clu h. Pr aNI , p!1pul u, d n l plu m p,tlw t od.JI't./t.-c f.\pu I dta /tJ ~~~ . l nvMrr uhlt lt1 imp,-o.·r 111t IJ!tm ~ 14


s ["()1. f l.

Ill!.\ \

!'lain\ il'\\

J l '>, l O R 1111. 11

J unior ll igh ('Juh , \\ . \ . \ . Tit

1 t l d"'l

lhr r k,,.,.,,,f c ... itlr them ,,


y ,f,,

li " IN tel" , not nr Jt pltJ>. but lvr flu ir ""', u ,

S ht cl ll"ctlc Hdr..

I RLll sC III\ .\( ; E R ..

. \l tura

\1 \\I \1 , TR \ 1 \ 1 '\C,

I oolha ll ; \lu J:p, ilon '\u ; " \\ ' Clu b. ll

.. ,ufli"t hrt)U·n " r yn nrr admtrrd hy all «./111 .,.,. 1/,.'s , ol ,zf d/l tl.tf\l' to Fnrd toupn. tn }a,f /l i1 otltfr ~-:real in/ln1/s till noJhalf, mll llll•l l lmi 11 i 11:.:, am/ taJ.:i111: t:tlff 111 llltt 11. ·Jl! ,. tin t~ of l hf' A i n dcrKa rlt it Cl ub


llf \' rr l11 r l:ohhy

11,\FS f>OTI :\' Jl \ I<J R ll[(,Jl

ju nior lligh Club. I


tf:ollld / i kr l rJ IMu tH thiul: ltr. 1 l1ttrr/, h!ft ilt a/ d brt bl uff .\"hr ;, jl;rr rwd mi hi) ";,. d1n.,,, ,.,. (rJft &JI II , tt:IIJ dn 11'1 }tJ II hi marr folk IIJ:d )"fl :.1, 1t n



\RJ T I.L '\ 1-.. 1'11 \ SIC II

\\ inon a 1- 0 l< Ifill '\

1\ \ . \ : Cathulit S t ud c nb ("lu lo. Ptll • pully , 1I Hd pt,-,,,;,_t:, thr r ,u,· tin ,,,Jirtlt t r wp ollirlt ti PPiird to II .:r;;.urt. 1111d , , , , 4PtrP r" thtm, tllrtt' flu> 11rt.

Rliii<.JL LE I'T E


S pring \'alit·.'

)I '\ !OR 11 11 .1 1

Ju nior lligh l'luh ; \ .\\ .C ..\. Tltt rirl

illf Jlrr rrttdy nnih, p!,-tt ""'' m •lllltt r, ,wtf fl"n , ral ltclpfr;b tn., . ll'r ktwu. ltrr but to /rr,r lrn Olllr /itJ/1' htJ,\'\ tW d gir/~· V.•i/J be 'lf"T\' ha p py Ill hu r: ha j m lltrir lrll (hcr tHiiJ

B \Ril \IC \ S I' J·: R BI·:C K

. I Jal-.ota

Jl \ lOR II IC , If

Ju nior ll i)!h Clu h ; ll ono r T l'achl'r. Ita o la~t M l rlrnnl tJnd nrtf'f WI l111 s '""' btty i11 .lru1ior 1/i,;IIJiz,zt U 11rhoJr•t- duln' tm•rk,Jlk t hr strtJ it.hl awl ll •lrrou. P•llh It f U. t'ndrr i f ltf ,J,u , '1 r tf:llrd .snmc of tltt· rr~l nl ro ;, tlu- li Ia

8dr6• r4

huM d

11nr11b b,:ys !.lnd


to put

rH ; , Mtr

pl.,u .

\:\\ \ :. l lL\ L'(.J ILI \ t-.:Tt R\11 HI \TI.

l ntt·rrnl'diatc <:radc {'luh; ('atholil- :-.tu den h Club. •· 1/;t·,ry., {11itltful in filllf lltut~' • (1111 Jruthfu/1\• he atd o( I nild . · .t fl ..... ,,iJ,,,,l rorp, cou/,f 1-w proud /tl (rtll Iter one of il5 croup.

\l.lli ~ RT

. R ed \\'in~:

LO I'J·:R. \ 1.\ \ t \1 , Tl!\1\1"·

~ l u Ep>'ilon :'>iu. I mi,Jhlr, amhlinJ:. tlbat ftj, jdllll· rtrcjr .. .''

fru nd ~



•Iff m•W )

II EI. E'\ '\0\' J·:S. ..

I ll \In

l'RI \1 \ K \

P rimary Club: \\ . \. \ . "' \ ,; ry" i

<1 pr,,~rt,si;c



hit •

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~~tt.f lldlurr




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of ,./1111/rr.

;, mighly xoad n' mP•llt )' , , , ,



:.1 \B E L T \LI.Jo:. I \ II 1!\11 I> I \ I I ,

l nlt·rnwdiale {;radc Cluh; Country Lik ('l u h.


\fuhrl 'U."oultln'J lfl u' ldto~t ltfl :oy udl hut hr '' l ol/,,·· _,cnn Jo lttJ;.·c 11 ~tllgltl\' ~nn,J IIIUf ;to/ hrw


n;cJ I. l .\ LI E Bl·: J l '(!I({ Ill loll Catholic Stud,·nt, C l uh. J unior

. Owatonna ll i~h


i altt.'tf\'\ llt1111 ht ful of nJircr.\, al"·a_n kind, ,,,,J a/;,.·,n· lr11' 11 milr. lor r;tr\'llllf, llrrr '!J to )'IHI, ( rdlw, Jm ,, /tJ"f• "·•PPY li}c

Yorlh Lod··rrs all ln;·c ( ·,., iliri


. . I lttl\an Jl \I!IR 111<.11

J unior Cluh.

ll i~-:h


Club, l'lay


11 /ty lu•uld ~tudit~ lwlhtr ... lull''"' htJ u ' ' ' ' " ' /011 Jtr, ,, f,rr,r it'tllhttl•tr.\', '' ima u kttlt •fll


c ,,f hunwr/

J I-.IW~ I L



JOI·;R( , Jl ' I I Ill

(, rmc


\ J u Epsilon Xu. ''Jury, the d11urw~ _foal" the turf ttll lo<'t lum hut "Oil, My, II I~ /o;·c" Jill', 111-. lorn mr nol" litll uriolnly .laomc i\ 11 'tllld \toul, lwth t11 14/wol tWrl


<;L.\1> \'S


• J l armon.1·

1'\T V R\1 1 Ill ITt,

Y. \\'.C. \.; I ntermediall' Cradl· Cluh; Coun· try Life C l ub. ju1/ u.JMI G/.r./ \S u tltiuking tiS slrr ,;h lidrn;,t~ Ia 11 rt~~HO~•IIio n, hul Olt snmrli,r uoudcr if tdttll she tlzi11ks isn't nwrr 'i.ltlrlkilhilt than u.:ltiJt is btin~ said.

011c lltdr bw7J.s

\I R '\ \\ <lllH : ..... . . .

RI I'll 1.1 :'\I) I·: R

. . . . . . .. . . • •.. 1-:aslOJ\._ •



lnt nrm·dtalc Cradc Clul.J; Catholic Studr nb < lu h; \\", \ . \ . U It 11 N11tla i m y\lrrin usly srriotn, heu·.nr. .\hr t\ JN 1 ill /hr. tcdrm i u ( up pr11rru nf snmt n r~· 'l ull /


k'''' "':s j u st u·lwl il u·ill br, a hi./! in llr r r_\r,


ood JtJI:r. J u sl llll)'lhi 11 ~ In help nrryMu lwn· '' tlla11gll, ll'r jn mrl im rs u·mtJcr ulr.v .1...·1 . .\l ary' tat o fJjlt:n m Rut h'~ tnpics nj cMtursa/11111.


llll.ll\ :-1 \RII·: I' ET J~ R S O'\ . . . . Brow nsd al" 1'\H R\H. OJ \TE

\\ \ \ .; ( luh.

\'. \\ C.\.;



d S IJ pl( tJj d ll f •HI 11 fd1Wd xirls, II J.!nnd u:nrkrr o"d d f tJOtl f ritn./ . . t f.!tWff timr ;~ her lwhhy. "t.. lflt oN ou r, H ~t'll 1hnu... ym1 a gnmlti mr.''

I.!. I '\(; J l 'dO R Ill!:!! Junior ll ig-h Club , ~ l u Epsilon t\u.

(,J ClR<ol·, S \



Atu o


ni•UI V

\1 \1{(, ,\RET

h il t q u aliltr~ JltaJ i.i:t'<·r f(rilr·l to

II t '/1/ra ·r lhr rc1/ /o yo u .

lhn• •II

11 1 ·: :-\:-.J I ~ SSI.::Y


\\ inona

1'\TLR\IIWI .\ T L

( athnlit Sltuknts Cluh ; l ntcrnwdiatc C radl' I lui>. Jf r art/ is


.,, llrarlf ~'''


Jl ip of a J.:irl if'lw lun j u ,J ~lipprtl in/11 .\ltr i ~ dn am/ ~ay ami o11c'.s eye liw~cr~ Ju ;, i n lit( line of ti im1.

II \ZI I. I.\ \\''iO'\ \ \' OL .\:'\ Dl-.R .. .\l inn l'apoli:J' RI\1 \R\

l'n m~ n

~ l t• rHlcls snhn

Cluh; nonab StatT. u



lrtJ~cl~ In dnd ,,,,, ,\hf ;, J htfCrc iu tJlilln t•niou

"/ lite frw of us. u·J,,,

dm,ll 1ft tJ f tJ r .

.J htt.dry tlritJ tJ Jhr dnr.s for 11 11d

ortJ tnnd

l II \RLI ~S

Cl uh ; \\ r

Il l.

,..,hr. i s '' gowiuc

sct~ ul.

I'I· I·. ILST I C J-. E R . . \1\'\l.\1

~Itt I ~ I "il un

TR\1'\1'\ C:

1 (Sergeant-at-arm s :!) ; Fool

ball I ; T rark :!. l


i .l Knm/,·/ti-;for m h twc.Htllcd. 1/aoc rnt him Jtruf lti.( .~ lu.JT, a.wl heard n ·ot

m)' bny"

u ; rr

()IIHlir /u,tstf/

My . . . ,

do n 't r a re, I


Good .''

. . . . . :'II in neapolis Jl '\lOR 111 ! .11

Junior ll igh Club; T win City Cl ub. Lu ' tis qtutl ,wd UlfU ~ u m it~ t . \'It~ is m i1.hly fi,r and u nt tlrtnkl a lol nf lru . This i s a sample of tJr cllara lui ll tidH u·t· U'twld tite her, ij 41 stlwol b dtd mfmbtr asktd u s tJbord lrcr .

IlLLI.:\ '\OR Till lELil ....

L.th City

I'RJ\1 \R\

l' rimar~ Club: :\ lendeb,ohn t 'lu b . llrhn (,a tll_\•lilllr /11 ir o,·hu in~t prrlfih 1111d ,J,,,,, f "n tu.·tnkfi,s.:. too '1/t,· i r111 optinn 1 t.nl u:hot lhr qw ;,u't \hiniu\ ll r It•;·, lt,·r.

l l 0 \\'. \ R I l B L' R "- II 0 Lr H : R \1 \'1 \I TR \l'"c; Lp ~ilon

:\l u

. ]Iarm on~


J-.d n·on .. u:ha knou.' l/ oi4'llrd liiiJ:.~ /11 {t;r tlu· hr1/ po,,iM~- rnomm111dlrlion -/'1t/lrr .\Itt tau'/ ·''' \' ~ti(r otaut,lt fum II (' kt~fl';;.' he ui/1 hr \lt((O\{u/ •~.,.JJ


.\1\L R I\1. BOEllLI\.1. J l''d lll<

Jnahr,, hut /...''' to .tl r thilt\S 1thMtt •JIId ...., ui It

. . . Plain' iew Jlll.JI

J unior ll igh Cluh: \ . \\ .C \


Jl ttluiw i

,, nr ./u i 1 11 tltllltou ,,,,J Jr,u./-or-,rkill~ \hr il..tii ,,,,;huh mu(h '" tlu flit ''1 IIH {/ril•lnn in Ita l l ltotJI,



Cannon J ails

PRI \1 \ R\

Prima ry Club . .I


'Jud ntf, a ltol'llru·lulr friud, 11"d rt hffr lnt•lur (fllild anyo JU' had tl )inrr rrr'' """~"""''linnl


. \\ i 11011:1

I :0-.TI R \IIIli \II



t'l uh.

,\'<tH1, ~hy, and i11r-rrt, that U•H /111 rrlllrll tollro m •I t•lii<•IH of Ot~rnl/n) llltllrll

'Itt mu I ht· Jlrdl_\' , ;,,, ,J,,,r'l


tltr rt·pol/tr

H 1 tltinl·

\.''11 1

TII0:\11' ~ 0\

•. ll arnwny

Jl 'lllR III C. IJ

l fi~o:h Cluh. \ . \\ C.\. fi,Jpfl \', tllml lt•llurcd, 11•1 ,fl4dl•HH, liM r ,,,. lhr 11•/)uthc flt,JI lflmr '"mind .... hot Ut' J/rink fl/ A,,, f,,,tr 1 !try ou Ill Jo I•Jitd f•n ,, hUt or/ ,,, po 1111

J unior


lh( .\'do.

:\1 \1. ll \EilTKI·:



"fl.ll\l l.lll \II .

.lftlf n tt drl v.:lwm onr r11n alu,l\'~ 011011 ''" In ~mih c.nt 1../tnt lhill\' arc not lrw pf,:,,,,,,f thtl( if a ll (' 111 /Ire }nlc I qu,Jiilio 11 Ira! her ow pot \fB.

t'.\ 1{]. \\ITT .

l.andH'rton J I :\lOR 111<.11 Junior ll igh Club: :\lu l·:psilon \ u; \\'inon an St all' ; \\ t•nonah l'l:tn· r~ {" O nh :l'- "J; \\\· nona h S tatT. ·

( ,,.J i\

ft7inrul ,., n.uytlu11.:, he undrrf,Jl·r , br il :·,JJdr ,il/r ilun/{, daiS t..11rk, nr lt··~thin 1/r frundf

t~rc a /rgio11.

CL \ R I~:\l L :'lie U :OI> . . . . 1'11\ SJ( \1. I· o r C ATi ll"\

I oothall; Track ; llaskcthall ~l ana)(er; :'ll u I p lion ~u ( Pres.); S t u nt Committ ee ; ' \\ ('Juh; \\'inonan S taff ; \\'cnonah S ta ll J.clitor in Chief); j unio r H ig h Clu b. lf dC I lht "(Jri )!i tw / fll ltff l1(tltiun .\ftrrk.'' Of (IJUr-t, tall knww tlwt jtJJh tdw U'cl llllo k twu: 1/u rcaw,

•hY arr 11f lite u·idt au·ttke rarirly, a/1(1 M 1u ;, no ttctPII11tt 1/c lrd ~ lu/ ped makr u succru f)f al mrht uy srh1111/ tulir il_v in JUJJ. I~ c'rc looki ng for hi m

to do

$tfrllllr111 Nl.

. .. Chatlidd

Till K \ 1'. E \ \ 'IS \ll ' S l('

~1 .1 on \ l u~i c Club ; ;\l cnd cbsohn Clu b; \\ \ \ .; \ .\\ .C .. \. \h

d" Cl (

In d

.ltJ lu r] I hal (rates tH ;, ah1urd, .....·onllt t


lmar:;itu r lirra ""im: lht! " 1/ 14111 1/ u/,z.'' ,\ltr d rl. Hts idts 1.ht'" in J/ ntdtf,'>nlw and add s th ret • . II o ht'' tnod "' prnl/nring

I \'\ CliO:\ l!ORE'\E

:'l lon tL·'·idco

J l "\!OR !IlL !!

j unior lli)(h ("lub ; \. . \\'.C..\ . f 4JJ h N: it ont ttl lht most unrlh l4hilt

r;irh ;, \du•,,f

Sht co" he drprnded upoK to auMnpli~lt tlu: thinr. IJt tU out to dn. 1/cr _fi nr quali1it~ 'i~o:ill cJSSUrt /l(r It t ! " ' ' '" ltar·hing professio".

MILD RJ-: Il f' ,\CO\'SK\' ........... Gl c ll\ i ll~ l"\T! R\I ED I \H,

\\ . \ \ ; Jnlcrmcdiate Grade Cl u b ; Y. \\' .



ll 1 Jred u pltdlllnt /1• lwrt a rorw d ami .\lzc dot\ mah: 1lu 11 hum U!itlroul half tn•in g, it H"r m .... Site i\ d1 ~uu/.1h/, '"' n w mmillec an-d a }irst rate j rirftd.

ll \I S\' !) 1·..\ U:i .... , .. , ...... . .... \\' inona l~TJo.R\I E DI

\T E

lntcrnll'diat\' (;ra<lc Club.

JOII~ 1. \

. \\'i nona

.\'C II I!R!l H .. \ R

I hird \ •·ar (.' . s ( Pres.); We nonah Pl ayer~ l'rcs.): l'nnt all , Basketball ; Track; '·\\ .. ( luh, .\ l u Ep,ilon '\u . F. rn'

4/rd oullonJt m t life CtW r" more ,fi}f ltrtks llt t t lli•JH foothall docs. li e Jws u I!Hic Jnr anJ other alhlttic'l:. Like aU ~rral mn1, • 1Ja1 " hard ti me dnd~:ine publicity aud krrpi, ~ tr•d •f hi• Ph•>l•>~ra p~' 0.' Dcah.' t

rn tilt

tl JJ


11\RB\ R \ \\'I I.COX .

.. lla rri'

1"\l'l R\I LD I\T !

lntcrnu·<liatc (; radc Club ; .\rl Club: \ '. \\' . \,



h•I S ul/ Jlu ltch ltiwlilin of "this hu.,inn•'' dlll1r ft, ers' t 11ds. She can de.\c"ribe cirrfr, •Ufllllld llrr rt I o.t IH et·uy ti me. , r.~pccially i 11. profc~siomJI k~toVrft'./(t. n1u tn /u r rcurt•e .~he hasn 't brn1 ex actly *'i, lite lim clithl.'1 bul site is lhorotl f!,h/y liktd dnd drm t 1/u hight>t praise.

f.l'l. \ ..'II OO RE . .

. ..... . ....... Gl c n\'i lll'

K!:-<U! RC; \RT E :\

Kindergarten Club ; Y .\\' .C ..\ .; \\ ' . \ . \ . £.11ld lonh at lire


ral mly.

She doeHl'l ltrtrr\· "'

s 11"1 tJbtful, n rttrlltc/t}~ she manaJ:t'~ quilr iu/1, tMni 10M. She ha~ a ~PMJ/aneo u s tis:glc v:hirh ue al ""'lrrJt•nd, for a giule is the '" "" itt all I •r~•t•s.

JO ll '\~0:\.

1: 1. \\T\

"prin,:: \aile)

Jl 'iOR lfl(,lf

.\ l u l~p,ilo n :\u; J unior LT,hcr Committee . . I P/JIIrt:lllly lrr i., tl~ quirt

mr" arr

dl time.~



lli~ h

Club; \thklir

<;IU et-:

hul lite quirl

a mmnr

-~urpridur: .

'"id "he i.~ mir.hly jorrd of \ oyr.~."

.~ I.;

it h11s brtn

..\I ILL ER TI I IRO \L\R ~thool

\' . \\'.C ..\ . (Cabinet); J unior ll if.(h Club.

Gr11rc ctz.me hark In u~ ·u.:lritlt ~rm.r' J/wl ,.,,, r,jlt\'J JU a~ much a' u·r dtt lur. .\'hr h11s hrr11 llfltrr In tltr l' lr.C. 1. I sltuddrr In llti11k nl 'll.'ltnl mirhl lrntt hun lrfJ rwdmrc if Grace lra(hr't

hl'lirtc.t in



us aid.




. .. l'ipco.lonc


Intermediate Grade Club; \'.\\'.C.\. IJ"c'/1/av \'OU a dollar,,, a ,fnu..:lmut tlwt ,.,,, r11n I ru11 hriht·ll;,)'tmt ,, di\tlfht '"'l "Pt~pu/,rr i'itltttn .. ah,wl tlzi~ Mt4diOIH maidrn (( haprl ah1rnu1 cxupttl .tltltra is a fine s/udrnl tJntl ll'j,wna is proud Pj Ira

.•.... .. El~:in

Ll L t. I.\ :\ fh;\\Trz I'!TER\IEDI \TI

Y . \\'.C ..\ .; \\' ..\ . \ .: ~h·ndcl>Snhn Club; In tNmcdiate Grade Club. Undrr rnt•er of a


quirl cxlrrwr

i~ 11

Ktrl ·u:lto


ar(()mplish much. 1.-Uiian i\ '' ,JrnftJ: rlwmpin" nj dnrmiMry f un and mlftt.\' ;, tltt pmuk .\Itt l11n In Jrcr


;\l.\1{1 1·:

~l c L . \ U(;lJLI:-\

..... Winona

ll' 'TOR lllldl

J unior ll ig h C lub; Catholir Students Cluh. J larit ;~ rcry quirt, hut try 'b:tnlh -"·hi/r, loll \'ltr V.JIJ make .wmc ~:,ror~p of childrt:u HrJ 1111PPl', hrraN r slu ;, a /.:nod lcaclur.

\\'.\LTER K E).;:\Y


Jl 'lOR 111<;11

O n h<''lra; .\lu


:\u, Football \I an


A.ttlll_\' i\ ajrrqurnl ri,itnr '''·"IUfliud 1/alln" 1"1utd1y l_ti,;lrt~ , 'ii.:hhh gtJI'S In pmrr th111 hr f1HI trHJti•J'e /tij _lcrl quite as udl at the ftw th,r/1/rllm. ( d~:\ E\' I E \'E

K0\\' 1·: 1. 1.


PRJ \ 1 \H\

P rimary C lu b. 1'/rrrc is .w m ethinJ.: sn line !lboul (,'rnrt;it't't llwl tmr lwt difficulty pull in .~ it.iuto t('ordJ, so u·r'll ju~t 5ayllwt a ~:roup of childrru .wmru•hrrr ;" M iluuwla u•ill he might)' lucky iu, hat'iug her for their lrucltrr.

J D.\ KR.\TZ

..... \\ innna j\''!IOR TIH:tl

J un ior ll igh C luh; \\' . A.. \ . Can -u·e ~:a~

~ire a hit:hrr rrrom.mrutltJht"' llr1H' tlwl de Jf r . .'·iimmrr~ doH nffiar ;,, ~lltnnl mlliJ•Ht·


•if il<

,\.(Jmc sch01tl u:i/1 br prnut/ In claJ m hrr a ttnt .<lnff.


~n: ~J


ld"DLRl, \RTE'\

K1nr r)!arl l'n Club, ' .\\".C..\. ICabinl'l : \\ tnonah l' hi )T r~ "Only :1:-.."; .\l o rcy II all l ibrarian. tl/r dflflll/1\ (ffi'U'II IJ{ J:Oit/, j( /Ott>tf hy ho/lt (/t( un ,,,,l thr ~tid .\'lit'-~ t1lu·,1y~ lct~diiJR 11 ltclpiu~> lr nd om/ ,, pr;lln 'll.-'ould gh.c much /M lrrr faith mmcnul.

If 1

\\ \1,1 LR I'ELLO\\ S l\.l. .

\\" i nona

II " l \ 1 TR \l"'...C' I d ttnl/r rrmimfrr ,;( tltr farllhlll rlti<fllr\' i~ r Jmct. llr i\ alu•,J \'.\ nt' lzand ;£'/u-, ,rcJrd

lttlhtr il he


utmn.sp/urt Ia Jhr srt,rry ar

up'/ '''l tlu mr~ inb li"r~ .

\\ inona

II\:\'-' \\ 1:1::\. \1 \:\ l' \L TR.\1'\1 :<.<;

\lu l thi on \ u; Track; Ju nior Il i~h School ( !uh. N Gild sn/iJ (OOd hllmtJf (Jr( 1W fiiHffJI!t"IJU S tteb "alion. II!Jt~S krw11. s all abnul 1/:at. Br i~lcs t, lit' t1 t'tl11 nuldoor malt i11 a car.'


Rt.; I II ('OLin P K I\1\R\

l'nm.~ry Club, Y. \\'.C ..\ . \ltnnca p In ,,,![ tn \nnu }rile girls, amnn~ tllf' jinnl 11 thtm. iJ Rt~th If llure rue 1111)' more likr lur ••P lhrrr U'C U'rwld like al lcasJ one 1uxl year In takt It r Pl•lfr


L\R SO~.

. St. Paul

1:\ T ER \I Jo:Dl \TE

(; radc Club; Jl onor Teacher ; 'Intermediate \\ \. ( ',

r IC'io .btnw "L11rry'' at .tchnnl .(/tr may u.c/1 he '"' lrral Dj JU<fru alm1t rrtry lint cmrJurtrd uilh rA, but htllrr Jlill In lllou u:lm /n1nW '"lhr hid, 1 lJ r,'' ~he m..ry urtr af '"' ills/Jir,uinll 111 (/~,zd




r rtll lslt;p and lit th JrtJC/tr

~ ('1.

all nllrcr qrwlilin "u.·hicls moJkr


.\I inncapoli:-

l"fEK\IEDI \TI·:

\\ nuna h


In ter mediate (;radc Club:


r trllr' Trru~nph" mithl U'rll he tltc Jill~ nf ., tlldrM jttr FlMrnrr lrf lto/>c at Jfl11H' 1tt"IH' 1/nll' te htr ~lolfri,t in 'nmr pluy, u·c lzat·r .\flmp/ed I

ll a ahilrf.>' u"d "-'C knou• it's }it~c. ~II<

\1 ~ 1.

I! \:-J BE:-JE K ........... \\'inon:.t Jl '\ l OR IIIC II " cnior ('la>> ( I' res.); Football : Hasket hall ; I rack I (Capta in ::?) ; " \\' " Clu b (Trca>.); \lu Ep,ilon :\u; .\l en's Quar tet te.



1 out nr ,llf thittf:.f alhltlic, hut lu combtllr\ Jla llru o}l'lf mrnd, t~.·lticlz hr uses at all lime{ . ll"c tar Ju dt~t H'l rtnli:e hnu: man\! luarJ.Iii btal a lilllr 11 /rr trhtll he apprtu~. l'trha/H it is a t:ot•d lltin~. d "'' it makr him ncrNws and thai ·would nrur do.


Junior C!ass R \I




11.\IWIT> j i'\'\1'\<,S

RnBFRJ ~l t C\ RL

U o'\ \l.ll

CL \1~ h.

~1.\R( ; \RI T T!I0\1 \S

CE:->1 . \'lF\l L\Jil ;-. , \\'.\LTLR S.\11 I'll .

J usEl'll S'l RJo:t FJ

. • .

. . . • •••

l'rD idrnl . ... 1· iu l'rrsidtnl .'·ir< rr/arv Trca.\ urrr .\!ember of . l!!t/clir Hoard .. .If ember <~f Finu1nr Co mmillrr . .tlnnbcr of Soria/ Com millr·r . .. .\!nnbcr of L crlurr Commillrc


~til Ill ...-..&;


1-inl H•'':l:'-- 'J>tr.rl, \\J.tltl., '•MtUJ-, \I••HG\"· 1...\II So\, 't•\ti'IW . .\rcon./ l<au. L:-.;t.u.~. lit ")fn!>., ('t Wll', \I \WI I'\, "1'1 ~c 1-W, \It <"oKl.lll..,, \\li T. l'hird }(,)~ Bt X~ 'S, \\ \l KFM, \Itt \1 .\.liE, \l \'\~11\, lJ \\ 1~, ()t lt.l.l, PnLL\, I· t.J \IF.M l

Wenonah Players \\"11 11\\1 E\1:1 1s ..

F R \ \ ( I ... E \1\ll R I E sllliR \ '111.\l'\llf: . . . .

~l"'' B. I J\u:-; ..... .

Prrsidrnf I' io !'resident .<.,n rrlan•-1 rrasura !·aru/1\' .lthi\l·r

The Year TJ E past year has been both happy and prosperous for The Wen ona h Pl ayers. The opening of th e F a ll C)uarter found hut se\·e n of the old player ~ in sc hool. These players were: Esther \ 'ill aumil·, F rann•s Emmert, J ohn Lynch , \\' allare ~l organ, Bryant Spencer, Edward Ruhnke , and Floren ce Butler. Th e first incident of interest, and we are proud of it , too, was a regular club meeting he ld early in September on the stage in the new College Auditorium . Although we sa t on piles of lu m her and ou r 'oices echocu sad! y in the hear conc rete room, yet we felt that we were making history. T o ou r knowledge this was tlw fir~t meeting of any club to be hel d in th e ne \1' buil di ng.


As always there was lin·ly competition for election to membership in Th e W enonah Players and about fift y stude nts tried-out. October found lh ' ' ith the foil owing new mcrn bcrs: Eli ~a beth Burns, ~ ~ ary Ellen P oll ey, H den ~I a n~on, :.\furilla Walker, Enly n Telso n , Julius Curtis, H arold ,\ l rCormick, Esthl·r W etzel, Floren ce P eters, \ 'alois D eZell, J oseph :'l l artin, and J osep h Streiff. Tlw programs during the fall were gi\'e n O\'er to rc\'iews of current play-. and the discu ssion of stage me chani cs. Th e seco nd h igh-\\'ater mark of the year was the Christmas Party gin·n 1n co njun ction with the l\l endelssohn Club. This pa r ty contribute d greatly to th e soci:tl life of the yea r chiefly because it eli cit ed th e inte rest of the e ntire sc hool students and faculty. .\ dri,·e was pul on to arouse in Lh<· school tru e Christmas spirit, a spirit of low an d good-fellowship. You who read thi~ account, we hope, still ca rry in you r hea rts so mething of th e results of th·t t drin~ . Six hundred guesb attended the pa rty . The program carried three big features: the singing of Christmas carols by the ~[ endclssohn Club, the presentation by both clubs of a 10\ ely Christmas play, " The Christma~ Spirit ,'' and a real Christmus tree with a gift for every one present. The spirit of Christmas \\'as truly in our midst. The third important e\·cnt of th e vcar was the presentation on fe bruary t\\'enty-sixth of a three act comedy "O nl~· :~ '' by .\ . E. Thomas. From the proceeds of t his play permanent stage equipment ,·,tlucd a t about one huncl recl doll ars was purchased and presented to the College. The work of the club during the Spring Qua rter has been devoted ln regu lar club meetings with an occasional social gathering to kee p things mov ing. .\! t oge th er th e :·ear has been a me morabl e one for The \\'e nonah Pi a; t•rs.

The Christmas Party T ilE :\I E'\'DEI.SSO H X C l.t.; ll



T ill·: \YE:'\0'\ .\11 I' L.\ YERS

grcaltr /hall


Cro .. 11 ...

l>cn•mher I:!, I!J:? I

Program Carob

The .Aiendcls~ohn Club . . . . .\ Christmas Fantasy


1'111 Chrisl/11<1.\ Spirit ...

By Frank and Lillian l<kkahy The :\Jcnckb~ohn Club and Th<• \\enonah Players C\SI' 01' Cll \1{\(' ITRS

.. ... . . . Jo-eph :\ l artin . Elizabeth Bunh Florcnn· Su<·mpcr I ranc,·s Emm,·rt .\Ian· Ellen Pnll<'\' .\lice 1.. "-.jcrm:r II den :'\orthticld Flickt:r J .\label J. \athing Bright Julius Curti~ Perk. a misrhicn>us moon ncatur(' . . (;erald l l usl<>n rill' ll crald, the light king's me,;,cnger . . J oscph St rei IT Old Rumble, the ~to r m king . . . . . . . . . \'irginia .\ll'lcalf \\ inklc Twinkle Star Eln:s...... . . . . . :\Jary J o ll ulhcrt Ella B<·mis Pr inre~s (;olden, la ter 1-:,·cning Star ..\lurilla \\'alker Prinr,·ss Brilliant , la ter "\ lorning Star . Dorothy Spanton, Tlw Star Child ren Lorraine Peterson . .\I inen·a I >ownn , lkrnin• l lal·,l,·y. l•:s tlwr \ndcNH1 , j osephine hjcl land, I larrid Tust. l·:vclyn llacsley. · Carl \\"itt Tlw Light "-. ing . .... . . . . . ll arold :\ld'ormirk rtw Splendid Stranger . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ... . ... . . . Old !-,ilcnn·. tlw ag,·d watrhman of the moon \loonmotha. the mother of tlw m<><>nh,·ams Sih l'r CrYstal '\irnhlc Sparkle :\loonhl·anh .. . . . . . . . . . .

T il E \\ E'\0'\ \II Pl.\\ I·.K'i PRI·.SF\ I'

"Only .\ comedy by \ .

3~r' 1:.


Thursday En·ning, Fcbmary :?fi , I!J:!.) (' \ST Ol ('11 \R \( 1'1 KS

. .. . . , .... l ~s th er \ 'illaumi<• .\1 rs. Stanley, widow of the lateR!'\', .\ l r. Stanley . . . . . . . . . . . . . Esther \\'l'l;.el .\ Irs. '\l'\\Tomh, a n<•ighlwr. . . ......... . Flort·n ce Spdl/. .\Irs. l'l'lcrs, another nci!-(hbor. . . .. .. . .. . . . . Carl \\itt :\ I r. Sanborn . .\Irs. Stanley's fathe r . .... ...... . . . . joseph St reiiT Robert Stank\', her son ... . . . , . . ... . . , . Florence Suemper l.un· Sta n kY."hcr dau!-(htcr . . . . . . . .. ... Frann~~ Emmert .\lar1 ll adk.Y. fri end oi Lucy Ccrald ll uston Professor (;icldings, commoril~ known a s "Old (;iddy" . . . j oseph .\I arlin Sydney johnson, friend of Bob ... . \ ' alois Dc..:cll \lin• S mith , friend of l.ury. 'in Ill \:Ts. Eli;.aheth Burns, .\ lary l·:lll' ll l'ollt·y, :\I urilla \\ alkl·r, E\'d) n :-\ebun. l! ekn :\ larhon, \\' illiam En ~ds. \\'allan· .\lor!-(an, J ulitr-. Curtis, J ohn 1.) nl'h, Hr~ ant Spenn:r, I larold \I, t'urmkk, biward Ruhnke.

luI Roi.t.

Cb~IUY, \,JR\111\, 1.\\\KI.Nf"f. , \t.IS0'0 1

~"~atJnd I<«'"'

1.... (

H..\RH, (;tot, ,

\l ui.I.U\", ,\lu.r \\1,


\ll\" 1 Jf o J•)..t., luuM:-.o~, \\ tHo\ ,


H .\rUI, Ht.N\:., \ ''•·•


Art Club liE LEI\

Cn.\ Rn.

. . . . . . . . • . .

j.\:-.E li ATCII... . . . EJ.IZABETll

iii 11.1..\M . . . . . .

l iUl\F H oPKE . .

President Vice President

. • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .

. .........................

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\'crrclary . .............. . . . . . . . . Trca s /11'1'1'

. . . . . .

T'he G:rcat Why


1\CE there Jin·d upon earth some poor mortals who were morr or less \ iolently alllicted with the ma lad)," ,\ . T." (The .\ rtistic Tt'llliH· ranwnt ). Their homes were also atllicted, hut not in the same manner as the aforesaid mortals. \\'hat to do? Somehow the fall of Ht?:{ ~ll\\' :1 goodly number of the .\ . T. (i m-) patients at the \\'.S.T.C. Great was the joy amongst them when so considerable a company of kind red s pirits was discon~ red! T he "tic" was,- all that remained to be done was t he "binding." T he Great Powers were sought and sagely T hey pondered: ''There is E ne rgy. E nergy, when properly harncsstd will do much work. Ah another potent force in the I nstitution !" Th us it was that the little mach ine of but Jifteen parts was set a-sp inning along - with first the AYerill lady at the levers, and always ~Irs. Cassidy hehi n d it. And it happened that the li ttle machine , organized because of a. ma lady t u rned out many strange things : sketc hes and scenery, decorations and artistic ad\'irc, and a Jlying trip lo Bagdacl for all the college. That is the " why" of ho'' it 1ras and ~~ and those who lo \·c it say, " .:\l ay it c\·t>r he, for always and ah1a\'s."

Fin/ ('o\\lt.s, 'rHu\1\S, \lt:lfut\s, I l l MK, ( .._\tcotd R,,u :-,ut.lll'l.R, 1\.uRt'\, ()rJtN:\t:;:s,




luu~1 su ~. S\IIUtl. t , \ 1 \~S.


Nr·. LLE S.\lllH: U . .

?\ I \ R \'



President !'ire Pr1'sidn1t . . . • . • •• . • . . • . . .. Secretary . . • . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . Treas11rer

... . . . . . . .. . . . .

. . •....• .......

. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . •. . . . . .. •. .

\1• 0JTER'\ESS..

. ...

C \BI :t'\ET Err\:.!\'\\





\111.1. Co\\-LES

L ot·rs F


\RC \RI T TI!O\l \S

;., [ IRL\\1 lJ1 RR

0 1 \

Cll \RD St 1.\lPER XtCI!OL\S

IT E \'.\\'.C ..'\. rahine t i ~ a group of girl~ w ho lea<l the Y. W. work i n thi s ,;r h ool. Their aim is to gi,·e :-.er\'it·e, t o promo t e fellowship, a nd l o gi\ e he lp in uph o ldin g the ;; t an dard s of th e sc hool. :.reeling the new stude nt ;; the first dap oi ~rbool, h el p in g them to lind their wa_,. about and to get acquain t ed, fo:--te ri ng t h e lli g Sister mo\·em ent, bringing the id eJ o f frie nd sh ip to the \\'hole :-;chool on Fr ieJHbhip Day. and furthn carrying out th at idea of sen·ire and good fl'llow:-;hip al Christmas timl' by t ·1king a bit of the Yuletide spiri t to tho:-;e in the h o:-;pital and at the P oor Far m thl',;l' an· ,;o nw of t lw thing:; that tlw \' .\\'.C .. \ . doe ,; during the year.





f '\ \ 'ttt~'~1,~~,.~~··,. .. '


t. '

/- ir I Ru;o- Bt RR LSO~, .\L\R TIS", :'\1 .\\ \S, \\

,\rwnd Rn-o..--'-U\ \,

*' ' ~ \,_~ ~ .



t'Ll'\RY, \h:('Ju-.\U \' 1

.\ UIOL1, LY!\ CJ-1, jnll\:!'\0\:, (,JL~Uokl-, (; \RLOcJ..:.,

(,»o:l.-..;, \\Jn,

l.n,.;,J-_:o,~, /u~tur,

Rn•P, L1. Rt t"Kt:,

C\\JI::Ro:-o, ""icH\\ H.J:R,

\\ H~,



Bun..-. J"hitd


Ct Rns, CA\IPOt:Lt., II \1' 1'1

1., Ot.~oN,

Huu"·s, ~nu-.u t-, l1 ~ 1,

'h·C \RL, Ht

KI\.IHJUH H, ~"·' r '"• Jo~p.;:-;n~.

1>11 ON.I(_J<S 1 1\YLIXI<:.

Fourth Ruu·

BF\fo.,, Su.u,c;, O srKuM, F\KU:Y, Sn.u, T1 ru t M\-.:, Orr, \fd . t: ou, \It t ..... o,, <:uiso"l, J.,JPFR,

\\ OUIG, .\' Iss!-\:

Mu Epsilon Nu Cr. \RE::\CE ~ f C'LEOJ) . . . . . . • F LoYD Tu .su-.; ..

. ........

. President

. ......... l"ia Prcsiclcnl TT EIOI ,\N T!!.DJ-:~1 \:\ . . . . . . . • . . . . . • . . • • . • • . . . . . . . . . Trcas un•r Jo 11 x OTT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . • . • . . • . • • • . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,)'arc/a ry CnAHLES PFI'TLST!<'Id I{ ..................... Scrgcanl-al-. l rms

E. S. SELI-E 1 0. II. GIBSO'\


....•......•.....•.. .

/'£1(11 ' 1/y . IIl "<'I·SCI'S

Tl E ~J u Epsilon Xu Club, an organi;.ation of the young men, attempts to promote professional ath·ancemenh, social a eli ,.i tics, and good fellowship among the men of t h e school. The club, which has a larger membership t han in p revious years, has made some deJinite steps forward. The mosl important among these i-; the inlrouuclion of the merit system into the club. The cluh initiates ne'' members from time to time. The largest initiation occurs soon after the opening of the fall term. Thi~ year the club has pr<)\·idcd a numhtr of programs, debates, and social evenings for its member:;. T he All ~ l en's Banquet held at Shepard Ilall was thl' mos t important of these. F rom time to lime prominent business men of the town arc invited lo speak to the club. Tn this way its members a rc able to obtain a work ing knowledge of various p rofessions apart from that of leaching. The :i\len's Club take:; an a cli\·e part in all school afi'airs. It often unite:; with other organit.alion:; of the school in presenting programs, and assisting in social acti Yi ties. i\ s a clo~ing event, th<' club annually holds an outdoor pi cni c. "Ont• /111ndred men in /he Collt·gc by Scplnnba I!J!.j" is the slogan of the club.




\\ t-:b\1 '·"•

\lcL ....,~ . .\';Dllt~o~.

'iuanJ R,,.,..

ld·R\C.Itl\, l wt-U\\ \\" 1 \\ ltH,lll, ] 1 \ll.SU'•

!"hirf l<rl


\1 ' ' ·

(;Rt ~NET, \1 ..\lcl.1 \S" , llo~HtRil, Tno\1 \S, BRY \:S, l R.\l-.111 If" II, ~ktJ I ' Pt.n.Jt~o~. J I\Ll~u~. jOII!IOSU'\, l"LIH.t :-,us, O'HRit.~. \\11.1.1\\h, PLlt.R~u, ,

l'tfHhn~. El STh. ' u SO'\, \h ,..,,~,;. l;IIIUU,s, ( ' wn:-.:-.\J ,,, I.OUlJt r.t, Yt-Lt , , , "o\1\lt tn•,

'-uaut.r t, Tun\1 \!t.

'I'win City Club L \t'Rl .:-.1 Gmno:-:s E uz \lll 111 CRoss~I \~ \ ' ' \ L nt l Sl

L oB JH. l.l

.. Prrsidcnt l'icr Prrsident .'l·crrl'fa ry- Trea sura

il E Twin City Club 1s composed oi young II Omen from :\[ inneapolio.;, St. Paul, and immediate YiCHlll tes. T hrough social actiYitieo.; t he club aims to furthe r good fcll ow::.hi p among it~ membe rs. Duri ng the ~·car the club ha~ hel d man) parties a nd picnics, as well as an an n ual hanqul't.


Fin/ Rou.• \t(Mid

I hu.J

}(w;" Nt~u

R\ .\:S, \\ LST\1.\.:'\, P1 \lH 1-., \I\.\ '"'• ' ' t. ... o,, LI"UIH.. ,..., l lu.l., XtL\1.\RK.

Hu~KJ'''• 1\._\R.._I- t.r , :\.HIIOI b, IJ\1\II.M\1 \1'\ 1 Zt.uZ\C,

S\\ 1 'u\, K K.u }II w, l WI 1.111 we., H1 \ H•~. R1 1.u, \It

Ct ~f.\1-~0Z\,

(;lfi\IUI 1 n, "''''"• PnJ'O\ 1nt

RJ•H\, ,\,out~o~, ~HILll,

The Range Club C\11JERINF. l\lL'RPI!\' .


Th: \TO:\


EDITH .\ :-. DERSO"\

. .. . . .. ...... President . ....... l'icc Presidl'llf . . .)'ecrcla r y- Trcas 11 rrr

" ish I \\'ere a Rangrr .\n d "ith till' Rangers stand, .\ pick-a\t' on my shoulder, .\ n iron mine at 111\' hand.


liE newc,;t organi7-ation in the college is the Range Cluh, composed of twrnty-ti\'e peppy member-. whose homes arc on the lron R anges of north eastern Min nesota. The Club aims to promote friend,;hip and good kllo\\'ship among ib mcmhcrs, to uphold t he scholastic standards of the college, and to secure nc\\' studen ts from the R anges. ,\! thoug h the C lub is but a recent organiza ti on it has sponsored many acti,·itie,; throughout the year. Skat in g and sleighing parties, picnics and suppers across the Lake ha\'(: been frequent events. The largest social gathering of the ;car \\'as the dinner party gi,cn at the Social Tea Room,;, \\'ith ~lr. and :.Jr~. Rl'ed, thl' :t(h·iscrs. The club ha:-; been delightl'd to at'C('pt :.rr. Reed'~ ill\·itation to hold a reunion thi-. sumnHT at the Rt'l'd rottagl' on beautiful Burnbide Lake.

\L\:'\ \II \N, H t R~LTT, BRow~. :\1 R\ ''• 1\.N.\\tt.N:, C L J. \N\, \1 \Mil'\, :\1(.·( uRYlt'K, \11.1 H \IH., \it.\'

/it,\l J<,,·u:

(rOR\1 \~, RI.U\10:'\U, ( r RL8ER .


R.nu \I(

Zc.o,C", ) 1 1 I l l . \ , , 1-..0IH.:,

TlurJ J(,,u (.h·tN:\ Po PO\ H 11, lfJIUIIt Ro-...


Jl" Ll.\~,

1.. \l'«iHLI,, /t\1\ll R\1.\:"\, O'B\K'\~,


Rot-.UJ-.R, ) l l"LLLl-..R,


(rJ-. R H;Jil Y,

I.. Y'\1"11, \1


jo\1 t-, "\"t.LSO.,, l..t'\IH R, ( ·I.RISJ,


\ ,

\'"a k, \h


R\ \ '•

~IJ \\\, k.E!\Lt I<..._,

R\ H\1 \'·;\ I.\ 'O(("IJI.o,

UR\ ' ' ·




1... K\ ''·\\Jill I:, \hC\kiiiY, IIY,t-.s,

hill R.

Rt.U.\Iosu, HRo~s.\RI>, Pnt·n R, lh \HH~, B1 \\k, llt.\\l:.!">~t\·, .\tt\liT\t..OJ .• ClYYI'\t.s, I ·J.liU.\,

II \:'I;LLY, I.. 11.\~tt.\:", lh.:zou: ui.K, O'lhtu '• Co~!\U.I.\,

CathoHc Students' Club A LH'L

.i\1 \ E


j J-:SSIL B EATON . . . .

1' \l'I.Dd .



......... P rcsidwt . . l'irc Prcsidcut . ... Sccrclarv



iiL \RY . \ RmL\GI ...

..... Press .1gcnt

l! E Cat holic Student:-' Club ai 1i1~ to keep its membe r,; happy h.\ p ro\ iding for them "ocial actiYit ies. T herefore t he hu~ine;.s meet ings alternate wi th rcneationalmccling.,. .\ 11 meeting;. arc held in the Social Room at Shepard llall. Early in the "chool year t h e St. R ose of Li ma Gu ild en t ertained t h e cl ub mem bers. .\ n au t omobi le r id e about \\'inona acq uain t ed t hem wi t h places of i nte rest an d bea u ty. After th e ride t he guc:,;ts \\ e re take n t o t he K . C. Cl u h H ouse where ref resh ments were sen·crl. A noth er social even t whi ch was greatly e njoyed wa ,; a Vale n tine Carn i\·ttl gi\'en by t he clu b . Th e cl u b has tr ied to he of sen·ice t o th e college. .\t C h ristmas time it took cha rge of th e sale of R ed C ross seals at t he dorm itories. It has also ta ke n pleasure in cont ributing twenty-fiyc dollars t oward the e(1u ipmen t of t he social room a t College II all.


r;, ,,


\I \1.\T~O:'\, P\\ 1.~0'\, '''''II\'\, )lcCnR\IICt.., )011'\:-.0:'\, Ut ' lUtl':o'O~, llon.. r\t\, Ec;c,f~IHIL

()Lso~, \I1•RJ\, 1,\U\KCti , R, Tun\II'SON, DorY. \11 ''• (~oWM\X, Fli.U:K,I I \sso,, ~1\IIIIso-..J, R\\;-..;,

·"''""" Rw...·


tl:rrd I\ at.

J \C on:-n'\,

)1.:'\~..,u'\, ll ll.LSO'\, "'"'·· II \lt.sos, Fll.'-"1, ~OR\"1'1', BNf-.\II.R, L HI. I', (Rn'\1'\, Ot.tll. fh·sn-


I o ur/It


Lot 111 R, ju\ct, ''· LLI::N~, P \ rll '1, I· t-.L Tl '\, ~ 11.-..:..o'\, H.\ R 1:..nr, t'HR...,ll_,st '• I \l.l.t, '-~t t-;.uR.\ 1


lit. 1-

SI0'\1 ..

Country Life Club Ill·. Country Life Club i~ an organi;.ation composed of person-. who arc interested in rural education. c-,pecially those \\'ho \\'ill teach in rural schools. The purpose of this club is to interest its members along such educational lines as ma: be of n1 lu c to them in their leadership of rural communities. This.' car's \\'ork \\as gi,·en a good start by a program of readings and musical numln·r~. furnished hy talent outside the club. The \\'inter term'~ \\'ork \\'a~ out~tanding for its series of meetings \\'ith :\li ss Gildcmcistcr on quc-.tioning. One-third of the group will each be rc... ponsiblc for a meeting this spring. ,\ picnic, al which the group furnishing the best program is lo be "treated,'' will close the year 's \1·ork. Th l' annual )\fa y picnic, formerly gi,·cn by the club to the a -.sociated schools, \\ill not take place as these sc hool s arc co-ope ra t ing in the County Unit Play I ht , ..


~I 011 o:

Beller rural teachers.

firs/ Rwu

"'tiiH I.L, FR.\Nn·., RoLLJss, :\1 \DOt !'10, 'bo\:, lh ~\t n, .\1. P t.n.Rsn,, KoRt:~ . .kt:sEt-rc)(, E. \"u.so'\, Rut., ( a \'\:ll.\1. 1., lrOODR.ICH, P \RSOS~, U . Xt.L-.o~. (II \RU, l'HOll \-;, ~ \TIH.R, L.\\\ Rl-"Ci:, t'ti\1\II'O"(.s

.\non./ Ro~,

:\loR't, \f t;.\t NS, l'l LLLR, Lon OE:LL, SenTI, \

\'t.L~0:'\ 1 I.Jf\"UittC"K,

l .\\iH, \JJ 'oi"SINt;, (iJD8W\S 1 1\ruut., C'Hl Rt HILL, \"r sst.'l,

Third Hw,('


Pt~TlR~o:-.;, StH\\ \BU., "'l Till: N

\R\t lr\f;t., "-tt.:t.O.\l., I"RI PI'

.\lllM O\, \\ \Ilht:, Sn·.:.UPI::R, M\NN, 1\.J!\Zlt. , /.\CH1., B.\RlRO'I, lt.l.I .\!'SO'O,

< .\l.l,

\\Ju c; u r, ll oLDt.Rf, \It r

(.~.\l·s, BIMM , :\looNJ·~

Kindergarten Club E\ Jo:L\ :-.; :\1 \RCH.


, \] lCI·. TII 0\1.\S




1.1·.:\ \\' .\TZKJ·.

.. •

.... Prcsidc11l . First I ' icc Prcsidc11t .)'ccond !'icc Prcsidc11t . Secret a"' . . . . . . . . . . . Trea surer

II E program of the 1..indergarten Clu h i ncludc.._ both work and play . In their " play " the gi rl s had a "get - together" party the lirst of the year, a lostume party giYCn by the Seniors, . I Fcstitul of.\ ations fo r the \\'hole sc hool, and a picnic breakfast, the Juni ors' fare\\'ell to the Seniors. :\Iiss Sutherland and .i\li ss Sch\\'able added to the~e good limes hy entertaining at their home. 1 n their ''work"' th e club made Christmas stockings for the Kindergarten chi lei ren, and prO\·ided care for those whose mothers attended the 1\f others' .i\leetings . Because of its intere::;t in all childhood the club last year sent a gift to needy children in France, and this year sent thirty doHars to tho::;e in the :t\car East. The 1..indergarten Scholarship Fund , founded in l OJ n, totals almost SIX hundred dollars. The club adds to this fund each year by selling Christma.:-. card:> . Inspiration is constantly furnished by the interest of graduate members \\hose letters so frequently say, ''How can we help?"

\'\lHR~o~. 11\,so~. \\un•. Bo\t.\,,

l1nl J<,-.r

(;Rl t :\:LJ J.., Tu ci\JP~o....-,

\ru•ttd Rot::

lhn''· Ro\\tll,

~~-''-'11''• llttl., Sro\\t., \\l:st\1.\:-.o, J( n ... tutm,

P \t tsn,,

Kf.:-.; t, THUKSitiLL, ( lkl ~t., RntU., !"-1\IO, KJUt:\:f.M, (;k.\\' 1 llnu. \:'\0 1 (,t oliiH,TII, ) l l l ' ' · (,Kt.l ' ·


rhird Rov. - 'tn-:<;t.,

L\,'(;1:, lh


\\.\11\.I:. R, :\1('1.\l"I,JII.I'Irri • .\tau.. , \nyt·S, (;l ... T\t':--0!'1., 11 .\RRI'-, PnJ•U\IUI, lh'lrrit~, Ptlll , ,l.ILI.,

Cow u .s, :\oRtiiFII.I u, jotl'•;sos, P\1 1.sn,, TMa U\\ \\, \1 \UIH s. Hn: .-.J~.R, llt.Lf .tR~os, ~l\\11\\, ( Ru,:,s\1\,, \ut.u . . t.R. liLl ll\, CU\MU, "1'\1LUI\:c" lh ' ' ·

J'ourlh Rww.


~11, .\RU, \\ 0()1), P .\ \"\L,

Prin1ary Club Bun'


. \IH . I.LE SP,\1.111'.(; Il LLI·:'\ lii .\RJJ

lhKDELI..\ CLLTh. ~ 1 11 DRED \\' 001>

.\ 1 \KC.\RET P\\'\1. .\l KS. Sl\1\IVRS .\ l iSS G .\C:J




.\l t;\ .\KD

/'rc.\idrnl . First l'iu· l'rrsidcnl S('(olld I· i((' l'rcsidl'nl .Sccrclar\' . Trca.\ltrcr .\"n<'S R!'porfcr Club .If of her Fci( ulty .I dt•isrrs

li E l'rimar~· Club ''a" organi.t.ed in 1\l:?:~ to ~en·e the need~ of pro"pccti\' \' primar:· teacher:-;. It ''a" fo r med with a t\\·o-fold purpose: to promote the educational intere"ls of the lowe r gra<ks in particular. and to foster friendship. l n September :\! iss Pritchard ga,·e an interesting talk on her trip abroad. On H allowe'en c\·ening the member:; gathered for a hard- t ime party. I n December ~ Irs. Simmers ga\·e a talk on the Parent-Teacher As:o;ociation . . \ .\ I other Goose co"tume party was giY('n in February. .\ t this party ~ I iss Richards ga\T an account of the inte re:;ting place~ which she \'isi t ed when abroad. .\ lecture by ~ I iss Speckman on Child ren's .\ rt wa::. gi,·cn at the :\l arch meeting. I n .\ pril the club entertained the entire college at a spring party. The year do~cd with a picnic breakfast on the blulh.


I in I Raw I.I'\Uru 1u., '\\ t 'n\·, (fRl""'\'a:r, \\"H IT\1 '"• Em.t '\U, .\l t Lt \X, .\ I\ Rlt, \\ nnou, 1-\" 1.1 \ft. R. I h.\\ 111. R,,w Jnn'\~n,, Snut.HH.R, Xt:t.\1\R.._, \ ' UlRSo:\, ~11 11. 11, \\"rt cu'\, I'\I'U\,1\.\ 1 .\l cl...\tGHJ.I'...:, P o r r u ntt


.\ 1 \'\~11'\, L\R~O:'\

1 IJu,f RM:t•

I· Kt t Ut Rt., k \ \ '• L 1'0t.R, \\

luurlh RtJt4

t.rzt 1.,

II \1 c 11, jull'\ ~o,, I I \f.t ' , ,\1 \ l't- s,

(; 1 K \t.H 1 \,

Jln••~u ,

( Ja su:'\, K L t

\l ou.n\, 'I't.L t 7., ll \\1\lt.R, Pn.llLR, \u.L\t \fit., !'o\11111, PUHR:-to'\, \\'lt/.1-1. 1 .\l tt.ll.\'\, (htR\1\_,,,


Xntennediate Grade Club \ c, \I Es


p 1·. JlV RSO\


Jill R \'11. 1.. \l \1!1·•.••

:\1 \RII . L \RSO'\' .\ l 1ss F_n \ \CJ s .s _,IITH .:\l1ss :\ \0\11 \\ J.llLL

. Pr esident l'it I' President

Srrrctar v- Freas 11rcr }

Fa rultv . l ch•i., cr.l

l!E l ntcrml'diatl' Craclc Club, nnl' of tlw ~ounge:--1 organi..:ation,.. of the rolkge, \\'a:-; organi..:cd for the purpo-.e of promoting better tcarhing in the intermediate grades. During the spri ng term of last year and the fall term o f this year, the cmpha:-is \\Us pl aced upon dramatizations. Short play~. taken from hooks suitable for in t ermediate c hildren, \\'ere presented by groups of rluh member,; at each 111l'l'l ing. ,\ t the dose of the programs these plays \\e re critici..:cd and C\'aluated . ,\ set of standa rd s fo rm ulated by thl' third a nd fou r th grade children \\'as used as a basis for cntluation . . \ t the meetings of the winter term :\li-;s Cildemci,.,ter ga,·e the club a snies of 'er_\ instructi\ e tal ks on " Th e .\ rt of <Jues ti oning." The dub feels justilied in predicting a future of grcal gro\\th and acti,itv because of the -;plcndid co-operation among its members.


J\cJ'fl' Uou '• fiiO\Ir>'''~• (dH 111- W, (,ol 11, I 1 •l \f 1 II \'\U \, \'\IH.N:sns, l.tTLO\\, LntHt, E1n Mil \ItO, J<,t .... -Ht.\IIS, I>\\;H:L~u~, .h.\IUdt-.1, ~lt\tlt< · K, l'tll w.... , Sn\1\ti:. RS, SJr..t.tl~ , f.,.(i\1.1 !-o; , .._lULl/, (oll.U Ill J'l1ird H.IIV! lit: R R, !'\TOLfZ, L \"IHRt.t K, U.\\ w, .\lll. L \\1, ( lJ Rl h, BRt· \"'\J-. R, lh t!:\:-, 1 /.1 \1\ll 101 \ '• J· t.ltt.t ~"', 'c


It ) /

.,\ ((IHld

"\t..t1 .

hnullt No te




C .\\IPJll.I.J



Rot ... ~J..

(OX "'I I.L\.

Jnn...-sos, :\It

l..L<JU, \\Oil hi, l ht'\ \Til ..

Junior High School Club E 1 \\ 1 '\


J<111'\ :-.o ~

\R .\ Ro c~-.~r.

l'rnid1 nl l' ia Prcsidrnl


. :') ('(rclarv- Trl'a .\ltrcr

~IJS S B Rt::\\FR . . .

Class . lth·isa


Ill \

I ir I No<.l \'n(lw( Rn':l'

/ltud Rott!-

flo:.;)\"<;, Ln\ t, LI\IH R r, '\11'11111 \s,



~ t 1 ~O\, Pt


\lli.l.U.R, El~JJo,, .\ l \\,11\', ~\\'UIRS, h.R\\U.R, RI·U\IO'IiU, 1)111\

+\It( .\RTHY, TLR!'ii'.R, l. \111...-, I \RI.IY, RLI'I', \l c

La·.. \.,,


'The Junior High School Club HE J unior Hi gh School Club, con~i ~ting of about eighty ~tuden t s "hn are specializing in junior high ~chool work, is one of the actiH organization~ of this ~chool. The aim~ of the club arc to further the J unior H igh School Mo,·cment at the \\"i nona St ate Teacher~ College and throughout the =-talc, to enable ih memher~ to gain a clearer in-,ight into the problem s of the junior high ~chool teacher, and to a"~i~t in standardizing junior high -.;chool curricula and teacht·r tratmng. l n 'iew of the fact that the number of junior high "chools i~ rapidly increa-.;ing in ~Iinne~nta, the dub hopes to ~ce a -.;pecial Junior H igh School Cour~e prm·ided in this college. Meetings of the dub arc held twice a month. -:\Jcmber" of the facultv ancl others interested in education ha,·c helped to make the-;c meetings interc~ting and benclicial. The social side of school life is al,-o emphasized by the club. Tl1c !lome romin,; Party for the students, facul t y, ancl alumni was given by the club in the College IT all gymnasium on November 1.). The H omecoming Party is to he an annual club acti,·ity. The loyal co-operation of the members and of the adviser, ~fiss Brunner, helped to make the Ji rsl party put on by the club a success. Such co-operation ha:, created a spirit of good will and has made the club successful in accomplishing its purpose.







'\•.tsos-, II\\'J Rl.\~O, Br\TTY .

\It Luw, (dl:l 111 w, (;oLJ1, .1\.t:.LLl, XIS!:ot!l.:, \\ n a.

WinonaJtll Staff E 1 1 \:-;OR

E ditor-in -r hi ef . . b s i ~tant Edito r . . . .\ ssociale Editor


C\RL \\' JTT ..

KI,). J..TJJ KI~~L'\

L I.:-.1.11 Tl \\ LRI \'ll


F lOYD :'\ ELSO'\

CL \RI.'-0. 2\I c L icO D.. . \ I.ICF K I.I.L\


K .\T ll ERN CRt BJ..R . . . . . . . . .

GoRDON lh:,\TTY . .\ RXOLD D oN.\TH ..

n u~inrss ~l anager

Sport Editor . Reporter R eporter . . Reporter . .. II umo r ... Exchanges

trnl Rt-rol!

S\\ll'l.l:, \\

lhird R1•-.t.'

nr, F\l~.u·y,

<.'1 ltllS,


\TJ\, \lnNf.\:", \\ t 111 t.

~)l N:'\Lr<, BtN..,s, CL l.l\11:\t .... , Tnuu, IN \l.lll .lf 11, \\ n1 ''UI N, lluJ•h.t., PuTTIIOH

.\(r,;u,J l<ou•

""'l Nt.,

)Ju.l \\1, Pl.Dt.:w.~•"• t:uuz,


<:1 Ku t-..1,


( ' num,


Cu\JtU, \ln11.u\

Wenonah Staff CL .\RJ.N<'E

Er.Jo: \r;OR

i\IcLr-:on . . . . . ........ . . .. ........ .


. .

IR \'IN Ct·.R I:CJ.: I.

. .. . . . .. . ..


RE\1 0:\ \


. .. . . . . • . . . . . . . . .

.. ..


...... . ......•.. .


~1\ll,GS ... .

D oRoTI JE.\ FR .\EII LICII . . . . . .

. \ G:-- ES PI· IH.RSON .

. . ... .

j t'U \ POT11l0FF .

Jl\ zr·:J L \\\so'

\\'OT.\'1>1 R

;\I ER T.l TODD ..


Ol \

S.\ \1 I'Ll

I> OROJII\: S:\LR l :. , \UCJo: 1\.jl R:-.LR. \\' \1 T. \C'E ;\ l oRe\:"\

ll r.LF.N Cli\RJ> .. ~l !L il ln: ll l\I oJ.LO\ .

Eu z \tH.T ll Bt


E L I Z\llt-:'l ll l\l ll.l.\\1 . . . . .. . .. . .. .. . ..• .. . [ RE:\Jo: l! O PJ,. l· . . .

GoRDO' B 1..\T rY

C \Rl.

\\'ITT . . . .

.\ Rll ll R F .\RLI. \ . LHil. \

E sTill




. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .. . . .

• . . . .

.. . . .

. . . .

. . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . .

. . . . • . . .

. • . . •• . .

R \\' t·: J z t:I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

.. . . . .

. . Editor in Chit:!' . . \ ,si~ta n L Editor . . Bu ~ine~s M anager . \:i ~ i s lant Busine:-;s i\l anager . \ ss i ~ tant Business .\ fanagn .... .. . Picture Editor .\ ssi::.tant Picture Editor .\ ssis tanl Picture Editor . Literarv Editor .b sistan t Literary Editor \ ssistant Literar\' Editor i\,sistant L ilcran· Editor . \\' omen's .\ thletic-, :\fen's .\ thletics . .. .. \r t Editor .h sistant ,\rt Edi t or .\ ssistant Art E di t or . .. . . . \ ssislant .\r l Editor . Assistant .\rl E ditor . . Feat ure Editor .\ -,si,.,tanl Feature Editor . . . Junior Editor . . Charactcri,mtions

. . ... .. ... . Characterization~

tint R.ou'

c.;JI\11\\1, lhto'\S\KU, O"lhtu,, \\n.n, .'\tHtiO:\, \\u.r.tnh, \\u~'''' ·

,'\t'wtld Rorr- T•.R\Illll, ~JI.K,tK, 1-:t!'>lt--, \\IHICI\\0, lhRRb, ~FL~o:'\, .\1\KtP...; s , 1/tird Rn~· R\UIJ.\Jl, \\ \lliU, ,\ It MI'H\, OtiHtNE.S~, ( n\"'1.1', Lt\\IS, Tun\l\ ~

Physical Education Club j U'\ I ('}: OTTI·.R;>;FSS l\L\ JH;ARJ•:T TIIUM \S

. .. ... . .. .. . ......... President ... J"ice Prcsidntl


. .)'('(rcla r y- Treas 11 rcr


. .. Faculty .I d<•iscr.


IrE !' hYsical E ducation Club is a n organization of thirty lin·ly girls S)ll"cializing 1n physiCal eclucatwn. I h purposes arc to promote physical and mental efficiency ancl t o encourage high standards of social helHt\·ior. E ach member docs he r he~ t to make the club one of the foremo~l organizations of l he college. T he acliYities of the club consist in holding regular meetings, in promoting all physical actiYities and in gi,·ing parties and picnics. T he club spends a week-end each fall and spring at the Y. \V.C .. \ . camp at P rairie I sta nd. L ast fa II, t he girls, rha peroned by 211 i:;ses Lewis, .\ rLt., a net Conk lin, enjoyed row ing, hik ing and other outdoor ,;po r t-; at thi~ camp. ,\ nother pleasure of this trip was a Yisit to the Boy Scouts' camp where the girls were guests of :\l r. L inney. The " P hysical E ducation Specials" returned from the trip with a firmer determinat ion to slancl :slraig!tl, to 'i<'tt!k s/raig!tt, ancllo bt' straight.







~\JIIH::Lt., 1.1:\UIU·Rt:,


J\:.u.\U.R, ~11.!'11, TinU\\ \\", t...t·_R\t.llf\,

Lu\t., LP\UfKI, ~1.\Hit-.,~ 1 \\ILLL\l.IS, OrTl.RNt.s:s.

Ot..o~, PKt.\~.\ 1 \luut_, \f\PLS, On-k\1\"'N, ll\t;J:'•I, \lnokt

I"MtJ Nt•o.

\1 ' ' •

I "''''h J<, ,


\lOch, HRn:,:-..\RU 1 l..unUt:I.L,

\ • '"' n, 'I • R\1 'r 11

\\ H:-.11 \ ' 1





l·:t.tF~HHI, h:.\Rll.:.t.tr, l·t s lf S, ( ' wu~s ..

IU., \\ IU. RL \~0.

KUI t.,

II . h:.Jf. R!l. t w L1 "u w, B. \ 1

t 1

su', ( o' t.;r.r;-.;, Lt '' t ~ . /un.tt R \1 ' ' ,

\. h_jt W\if W, (tl ' ~f \t..,o,, '\'U\t.S, \ h IIIII ,.,, ") HtHI \~,

vVoJtnen's Athletic Association K K

111lERl:\F. ZIMMERM IN. \Til l·. R:-. (~ R l' HE R . . .

B Lil\C IT ic STRlXNESS • . . . . • . .

J\ l 1ss

L E\\IS . . . . .

. ..... President . . l 'ia Prr:sidl'lil Sccrcla ry-Trea s 11 rcr Facu!lv . I d~·iscr

F YO L' arc a real sport-lo1·ing, modern girl, you will be intcrc,ted in the organization kno\\ n a:, the \\' .. \ .. \ ., for it is a group of 1\'idc-:.tll·ake, -.portIo' ing, friendly girls "·hose aim is to fos t er physical lit ness, mental efl1rienc~, ancl a lol'e and appreciation of beau t y in nw1·cmcnt. Fifty poinb earned in actil'itie::, ou t side the required physical education \\'ork. arc required for membership. T hese points may he earnt:d in the folloll'ing sporb: hockl'), riding, hiking, basketball, ,·ollcyhall, d ancing (inte r prctati\ c and folk), !Ja~el>all, tennis, s\\'imming, skating, sk iing, and toboggani ng. P urple " \\"s" arc all'arded for earning one hundred poinb, a nd gold " W '' pins for ea r ning tll'o hundred poi n ts . .\! though t he honors arc \\'O n t h ro ug h indi1 iclual \\'Ork, t he g roup often acts togethl'r in social alTair~. Moon li ght hikes o1·er IO\·cly Birch T rail, picn ic suppers, sleigh ride parties, and \'a rio us other "get toget her~" keep the organization a united and a happy one.


The T en1pest ll\ \\' tt.U '> I· '\ I OR C L

1\1 Sll lt-:1 Sll 1~ 1

\ S~

I' IW I l t 'C 1'1 0 '\"

June lt h, 1!>:.! I l 'ndt·r thl' l> in·ttio n of \!I SS S l 'S. I \'H. D . IJ ' JS (' \'i T 0 1' (' II I~ It fi.:Rs

l'rospno, t he right Duke oi ;\ l ila n .. \ntonio, his brother, the usu rp inl( l >u kt• of \ l ilan \lonLo, Ki ng of Xapl~s ~~·bastian, his brot her 1·\·rdinand, son to t he K ing oi :\a pit·' ( .onzalo, an honest old cou nst•llor \ drian Fr:liH'isco 1 Lo rd- ·

... F rancis (;ilsdo r i ll a rold f...l'l l.) . Lt·o Clt·ary H oward Lund J ames :\ I itt hdl f... t·nnl'Lh Bou rn,· Bryan t ~pt·nn·r l l·:dward Chin,kt· Calihan, a sa\·agt• sla1·e .. . ll oran· Zimnwrman 'J'rinculo, a jestor . J ulitt- Curtis Stephano, a dru nkcn b u tlcr . . I·:d\\ard Ru hnl..t· ;\I iranda, daughter to Pro-pc ro . I lt·r mi na Lind b erg ,\ rid, a n airy spirit. .. . ( 'ccdia K o\\ alt·ska Iris, goddt•ss of t he rai n bo11 Lt·la Ca rpen l n ( 't•rt·s, goddess of t he eart h Carol yn Su nde J uno, qu een of the gods Edith \ hlhng \\ a lt'r Sp ritt·s Beni ta Hersal(t•l, Fern Law n ·nn ·, l·: lit.allt't h .\ l illa m, Doro t hea Brandt, \dt•lint· <: orl(us, I lo rot hea l·rachlidt, l.ut• ll a i\ l ,•.l' t•r. Rain bow Sp irib Leah .\l orro11, Hanna h l'am, \ l arjori(• Blakeslre. K at he ri ne Ott , Do rot hy 1-rom nws, Ruth Corcoran, Leona "- ul..o wksa, t:la d ys Check , ll l'atrirc .\'t·,;\wt t, Sada \ 'an Buren. \1 mphs an d Fau ns Ru th l'osz, .\l il d rt·d \'night, :\f a ri e J aspl'rstm, Il ekn T oy ry la, Eh ira \l l'lin, \ lirl' Swind ler. l kni ta llt•rsal(t'l, Fan La11renn·, Elit.ahl'lh .\l ill am L>orot hl'a Brandt, \ •kline ( .orgth, l>orot lwa I· ra~hlith, L ul'lla \J ,·yl·r.

"You and I"


LE CTTXC fo r the lirst time in ~l'\ t•ra l yt•ar~ to pre~ent a modern play for the annual commencement production, the Senior Cia,.,,., of nineteen hundred and twent\-li,·e ~rlected "\'ou and 1," a comedy, by P hilip Barry. Mr. Barry i~ a young pla:nnight who gained di,.,tinction hy winning the Ilarnnd prizt· for long play~ with his "You and J" in nineteen hundred and twent: - two. H i-. "'t'l otHI pia:· "The Younge::.t" has been pre:-en t ed on Broad way during the past ~ea~on.

"\'ou and [ " is a brilliant pia:· whose action centers around people whom \I'L' might ~ee about us e\'ery day. Thi-. is why we like il. In the action and the dialog the author suggesb "the whim,y of Barrie, the brilliancy oi Sha\\', and the aptness of \\'i lde.'' Th e th eme of the play is ~uggc,tcd in the line, ''\ l ost men lead li\'l:s of quiet desperation" carry in g the thought that lift• demand,, for the good of others, many sacrilir('s of ou r in ner ambitions and aspiration~. ThC' play is thoroughly modern in l'\'L'ry re~pecl and was a happy choice. F rom the lift) sentor,.; who tried-out for the pia:·. the follo\\'ing ca~l was selt•t'ted: \laitland \\'h ite ..... t\,tncy \\' hite. his wife . Roderick \\'h ite. hi,; -.on \ 'eronire Duane C. T. \\'arren CL·oiTre\ ~irhob Etta .

Gordon Beall' . . Eleanor Col tz Joseph \Iartin . Janet Curtis . . Lestn Stephan Julius Curtis :.\!arion Green



\avnJ Rou. lhirJ Rd-...


\TZKt:, ()f:\\uz,


\S, Bt\11..,, P.\\\1-, lh \'\',llnuu:RJ, 'IE\"lR

Ku-1-, l'Houl':..n,, OI.~o.\, (;KIYV, ""tltl :x:..-t.ss, Osun~u\, lh R\:' \~,\\lUI''·· ('t Kfl ~, lht .. , M, ... JI k:'lr.l.k, UtSCII\\1, ~1 1LL;,, \\ILLt\\1 ... , I.\

\\.JLlJHI"tY\, :\td;U\\

\\ S

Mendelssohn Club ,\ucE KJERNJ·.R l:lt.RNJCE BrNGII \M.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Prcsidtnl .. .. . . . l'ice Presidt'lil Secretor\'- Trcas nrcr

ilE ).fcndebso hn Club is composed of twent~·-four regular members and a group of rescrYes. Thest· members arc selected hy the din·ctor because of th eir mu,.,ical ability. It h as bct•n an organization of the school for t went~ liu· years. Each year it tries to broaden the mu~ical life of the ..;chool and to create a greater appreciation of better mu,.,ic. The club appears on Yariou s occasions each yea r. This year, under 1he direction of ~Ir. Grimm, the club mack it~ first appearance \\' hen Colkge fl ail was opened to the public. It joined \\'ith the W enona h Players in entertaining the sc hool ala Christmas party. The club look part in the Lincoln Program gi,·en by t he school on February l :!. That evening the clu b sa ng a g roup of so ngs al the Shriners' Ball. I ts ne\t appearance was at the ;\larch rnectinl{ oi the \\'inona .:\lusic Club. Each s pring the club giH·s a concert and appears al the comm encL·ment


l'\l'rl'i ~ l' ~.


Fint l<u a• \l ·\'-OCCHI.o, f..\·sut, Ou ~u. BRow,, LArtJ!'.i • .\uaml Ro;.. ('\N:LStJ~, Bt:.rKLK, Otso!'ll, Ut~t.UA\l, Ut:ZOH.: tu. ..-:, J..: J'hirJ Nuu

\1st-.lt, 11uLtH.RI .

PH.H'ld<, BLMis, E\.-\Ss. (~MIMt.t, J\li vut, Out.RI~uN.

Mason Music Club B I :\G If\\( lf r r 1' Br.zrHC'III.J.. Or SO' ..

Br:R:-. TO.

r' \


. President ...... .. . l'ia J>re:;idt 11/

.'·lrrret a r v

~ J ason -:\l u~ic Club is composed of students 1\'ho are speciali.dn~ in music. -:\ J eetin~s arc held semi-month!:. The purpose of the club is tontend to students the opportunity of "tudying the phases oi mu~Ir which are not included in the regular music course. Under -:\l r. Grimm's :>upcn·ision some ,·aluable studies were made this year. The work included intensi,·c studies of the symphony orchl·.,tra, of the pip1· organ, and of the essential;; of good ('ondu('ting.

/"ir\1 Ra'i.i"¡''(UIIIJ RI,'4A.'


1., c:lnno,.,,

lhH11 , BI7UU IH J..:, Bl, t.ll .\\1, I' WI\; (


( llKISJl.7'ol~},, .... 1\lfll\, (h ~l) :\, (;WIU\1, ()\U\', J"L-.111:;1<, Jl \\1 kl \\U,

The CoHegc Orchestra ~ f R. GRT\1\f,



TI E orchestra \\'as organi1.cd last year for a three-fold purpose: to gin¡ -,tudents \\'ho play instruments an opportunity for experience in concerted \\'ork; to aid by its presence at concerts, plays, and chapel exercises, and la.,;t, but most important, to familiaril.l' its members \\'ith \\'orthy music of a grade :-.uitablc for junior and senior high schook T he orchestra ha" appeared a t \'arious t imes, includ i ng ''On ly as," chapel, the annual class play, and comrnl'llet'ml'llt. J\1 r. C rimm, t lw dirl'rtor, has had \'l'a rs of r'ipni('nre in leading orchestra,;.


CO.\(' JI K \ \' L. 11 .\III, R\1 \ \ \ ,


FIRSI' ti i \\11'10\SI I II' J L\\1


Football History hec;~me a retognized ~port in the college in t:-.!1.). That th e heginning of the game was a humble one is e\·iclenccd in the fact that in ~ome of the ea rlier game::. the coach, Professor Roberb, abo officiated as referee. The Daily Republican for October ~n. IS!l.) relates how the football men requested of President Shepard ·t hat they might curtai l some\r hat their st udy hours in order to ha\'e opportunity for practice. .\ later iss ue slates "about t.i(} peopl e saw the i\ormals defeat Gale College at i\thletic Pa rk." IIowe,·e r , in spite of t hese handicaps, wh ich to-d a y seem ra th er am using, the football team of JSDO \Yas recog n ized as seco nd on ly to t he University team. The Teachers, haYing scored decisi\'e \'ictories o\·er Winona lligh School, La Crosse Hig h School, (twice), Carleton College, and the UniYersity ~!edi cs. earned the right to the title of ~tate c hampions. The arh·ent of the W orld \\' a r brought footba ll to ib lowe-.t ebb in the College, as was common in all the schools, for the able-bodied men, of course, were



'iEC0'\1> <II\ \11'10.'\SIIIP J'E.\ \1

First Rm.. ."in and R.oit Jltiul No.~·

,.,,,;rlh RlJOA.

\1\:\:\<,fK kt:X'\\' 1 \\ .\tHo f-/ 1



.\1\Rrl,, ('o\tH 11\IU.K\f\''·

\lntH.\N, Ht..\Tn, B\N~O'\, Tt ~d, ('lltN~h.t· .

\JnRJU~oN, 'cnw\r;J K, joll\'\~:-.1~, J)t/111., (,\NitU K.


u \R\", RtH'\"Jd:., C,\J''l "" (JsTRo\t, ('\1''1.\1~ J.U.I r B1 :-.t 11, l\..\1~1nu ... :-a.R, L\''\<Jl.

almo:-l t·ntireh· in the :-,er\'lre. \\' ith tht· rlo:-l' of the war came more modern ml·thod:- of coachin~ under Coach \\'. E. En·rts, who did much to put football on it... feel again at \\' .S.T.C. The year I !l:?:) pro,·ed to he onl' of th<: greate,..l .\ears in the football histor: of the school. The College had ht•t•n fortunate enou~h to secure the sen ices of Ray E. ll abermann, a man ,,·ith tried ability and considerable C\perienrc. Coach llahermann turned out a team \\hich could not only play a superior brand of foot hall but \\·hich also pro\'ecl to he a credit to the school in sportsmanship and in conduct oiT the gridiron. The same year marked the introduction of the Stale J unior College Confl'rence. \\' inona held the championship of the Southern di,·ision and missed the Stale Championship by one game.

R<Hrll·.R "'''


l'H U\1\ S

,\ ,\ ll CJll.l.'\'Bl \10:\


Season of x 5p. 4


ilE close of t he ID:.! I [oo t lw ll season found Winona holdin g jointl.\ \\ilh

lf ihi>ing J unior Coll\'gc. thl· Stale Championsh ip honors in the J unior ('ol ll'gc Conference. Il may be saki: ,aid that this pa..,t :-cason has b een the mo"\ sun:e"~ful -..ea~on in the histon. of the school. T his success lies not onh. in the actual \\inning of game-.., hut in the i'ttH' spirit in 1\'hich the .,port \\a.., played. Tht• co-operation of th e ... tudenl bod:. the ,inrerit: and good sportsmanship of the squad. and abo\'l' all, the untiring etTorh of Coach ll ai>ermann ha\c contributed lo\\'ard a mo-..t .,ucn·-..sful se:bon. Credit is due to Trainer ~lirhad Bami>enck and ~lanager \\' alter l'. cnn:, hoi h of ,,·hom ha,·e pro\·ed loyal and capable aids to Coach ll abermann. Recognition abo i, due to Bryant Spencn, ,\ lfrcd Kalkbrenner , \\'il i>ur Beaton, J ohn So\·a, Clarence ~I cLeod. ll< marrl Ol:;on, ll erherl Zierrlt, Lyle Garlock, J oseph L ccknes.,, and J oseph :\!arlin, \lho hy their faithful \\'Ork ha,·e hl·lped make pos-.ible a championship t eam. On September :27 the fi rst game of t he sea::-.on was played a~ usual at La ( ' ro"'"e again"( the old r i\'als, La C ros,.,c Normal. The score of 0 lo 0 can, of course, tell little of the hard fought batt le it wa:;. The fellows 1\'cnl onto the \l'ater-.oaked tield wilh t he detnminati on "if we can't score on them, they 1\'on't score on u-:." This fir"l game showed Lhe followers of the learn thal a machine of no ;,mall :tbility cou ld be put on the field for \\' inona. The fact that La Cros"e httd alwav:; preYiousl; defeated \\' inona abo inc rea.... ed the con tidencc of the farb.

On Ortober I the lir:-; L -,quad motored to ~lenomonie to play Stout l n -. titute. Tht· g.tnH', ntremdy hard fought at time-;, 11as won by the Purple and \\'h itl' with the ~core :l to 0. Coach H abermann had adopted a policy of consen·ation of resour c e~ and therefore Chin-,ke :-;a 1 eel the best and mo ~ t efiecti1·e play, for the time of greatest necessity. The lll'.\t 11-cek, October 11 , the :.quad played t he llamline Freshmen at home. Hccau:-;e of motor t r ouble the 1· isitor~ did not arrive in W inona until fully two hour-, afte r the t ime scheduled fo r the game to begi n . :\I t hough the Frc'ihmen we re some11·hat upset by their la te ap peara nce, they ne1·er could h:tl't' been a ,·cry good match for the \\' inona men who tore through them fo r a score oi II to 0. The game was remarkable because of the almost perfect blocking of the \\' inona team. The fourth game of the schedule wa,., played at :\Jankato against the :'lfankato Teachers. l t is thought by many that thi-. game marked the turning point of the -.ea,on fo r \\' inona. T he successt•s of the preceding games cau..,ed the men to be a bit OYer-confident upon going into the ;\l ankato game. .\ hot day coupled 11 ith thio; tendency toward oq•r-confidenrc almo::-t spelled dcfl'at for the Ll·am. H appily the men found thl·m,eh-cs before it was too late. B: calling upon Rollie Tust to dropkick, the: 11on (i to 0. The team had learned i ls ~e~~o n. The Rochester Junior College team in1aded \\' inona, October :21, full of d l'lermination to a1·enge their defeat of the last yea r. The Rochester player-., a ~trong, he::wy, a nd Yery able outt1t, came Yt'l')' nearly accomplishing their a tm . Tl o11' e1·rr, the capable Wi nona ddense ll'ithstood the st r ain and Tust '-, educated toe did the ll'ork, G to 0. :"Jo1 ember 7 found the lirst squad entra ined for Campion College. The llll'n 11ere in e\cellent ~pirit~ and good footbal111eather had come atla,;t. Little 11a:, knoll n of the strength of the \\' iseon,;in ..,chool and cYcryone 1\'a-; at hi s be..,t at the start of the game. Because oi a lack of time, a-. wa.., the case in the Hamline game, only 10 minute quarters were played. Xc1 erthelc,.;s, in thi~ ~hort time the \\'inona men were able to a mas..,:~ I poinh to their opponenh' 0 . . \ t ll ome Coming, XoYember 1:1, \\'.S.T.C. played St. Cloud Teacher~ College. This game marked the close of the I H:21 football season for the college and al~o ~tood as Lhe one remaining ob~tacle in \\'in ona·~ path to the champion ship Litle. .\! though the ticld wa,; hea1·y ll'ith mud, a fast pare was set and held until the final 11 histle. .\ punt, blocked and reCOI'l'red in the first quarter by St. Cloud, resulted in the onl:· score against the \\' inonans dur ing the entire sea~on. The !oral men sholl'ed t heir resen·e s tr ength by putting over two tourhdoll'ns in th e sccon(l quarter to o ffset this turn of l'l ents. Th e second half 11as hard fought hut ~roreless, lea1·ing \\' inona Yictors and undefeated ior the sca;.on.

(' \l'T. E.\111. OS IRL .\1, J.-ull

To Capt. Ostrum gol's thl' honor of kadinf.( the 1!1:!·1 grid team lo its tirst ('onfercnet• Championship. o~trum, at fu ll, pla~l·d in ('I cry game and was always a reliable plungn and stronf.( defense player. "Fi rp" earned a sweater \lith t11o scn·ice strip,·s.

C.\ PT.- E L ECT \\ .\LTER Bl 'S ('J I, (\·nta " l' EI- \\' l l...

Busch. ne'<t year's captain, pro,·cs himsl'lf worthy of leadership hy his careful foll owing of the hall and his powerful clcfcnsin• work. \\ c anticipate a successful season next year umkr " Pee \\'cl·'s" kadership.

l ~ll\ \ .\RD

(' 111 .'\S"-.E, <Juarter ··En1 1 r"

('hinske piloted tlw team lo slllll'" and pnlled to even c'<ccl his p<t>-t pnforma nu•s in pass grabbing and dcfl•nsi1·c work. li e wears a sweater with three scn·icc stripes.

FRED SC II\\' \Cl·.R, 'Ltt·kll·

.\ more con~istent man ddcnsi1 cl~ and of fl'nsin·ly than " F ritz" Schwager, would bt· hard to lind. If a hole was to he made or an opposing hack stoppt•d behind the line, here was the man to do it.

LEO CU:.\R \', Lnd "1'01' 1."

Ckary, an exceptional puntl'r, tould In· dl· pendcd upon to get the hall out of dangl'f under all conditions. \\'hilc his work at end parallels his kicking ability, .. Pope" earned hb sccon•l ~wt:atcr thi~ ~cason.

R \ L:\1 o:-- lJ 1TST, ll alf " RoLl.\"

"Rolly\'' dod~:ing, tnd running tactic~ \\l'rl' cdiiN'd only hy the work of his cd ucall·d tol'. ll b d ropk icb brought ,·it!orics in the Stout, ;\ lankato, and Roch\'sll'r games.

\\ l Ll, l \;\I l>t /, I·:L L , t;uarcl

"Bill" Wl'ars his '-\\Caler with thl' two stri pl's on the ldt sll'l'\'C h,•rathe of his strong playing at ~:uarcl !''"ilion. lli s ddcnsi,·c work was a fl-atun· of th,· team.

Johann ~on, at ~uard, pn._,\-cd an intl'rferencv

ma n of wo rth and a specdy,ag):rl·,;~j,·c, dcfcn:-h l'

player. '' lll'nnil'" is expected to pro\c C\en more cll'll·ient ne'\t y~:ar.

\l.JoiU,Il 1-- \ LKB RJ·::O.::--LR, End "\\11

{,u "

"\\ l'l (,n· 's" work at La ('ros~c estahli,h,·d him as a football player of no ~mall ahilit). I lis ~pCl' d , ag~:rt·ssi,cnl·,;s, and tackling abilit y snn·d him wdl in gd ting down under punts.

I ~ I>\\'.\ R I > J{L' 1J

:0.: K 1·: , 1·: nd

'' L \11·:1!\K''

'' l·:mny k" showed up as a pas, grahiJl•r ni note a s well as a fa st, hard lark lcr when on till' ddcr1sc. l k wears his sweatn with the t\\o st ripcs as c,·idcm:c (If two ycar5' work on the gridiron.


\\ \LL.\CI·. .\IORt; \ '\, <;uard

"\\"1111" \lnr!(an, althou!(h a littk man, la•ld down thl' !(uard bath lo perfection. lit· nndd always he rdit·d upon to perform his duty wdl. He 11on his >'l'cond letter and a swt·ater this year.


I lO'\ B 1·:.\ l"T \, llalf

The throwin!( end of the pa"' !(:tmc \las ably takt·n rare of by "(; onl" lkatty. li e abo ran the ball and tat kled hi> man equally wdl. Tli,; consislt'nt t'ITorts for the pasl two season:; casil.1 earm·rl him a s11cater.

I '\ l L B.\'\'\ 0:\, II all "1'.1 l


Hann nn wi ll he rcmemhcrt·d for his L<>n,islcnt !(round !-:<linin!( abilit) and his rcliahlt· dcfcnsi1·c play. Jlc ,;howcd up as a quick thinking, con sistcnl player.

BI:IC\.\RIJ \L\<'IIO L Z, l atkle .. BFR\JJ;"

\\ arhol;. wa:; a man to lw fl'art·d in the line. !lis hard, smash in!( play, both o!Tensi1 rly and dclcnsinly, wntributcd materially to the sucres~ of the team.

J0 II '\

L \ :\ l .' ll '· _<'~n



Lynrh, a third year man. earned hi, second sweater by hi- clilcicnt sen·ires in the middle of the line. ll is work in the ::-.t. ('loud game will be remembered because of his blocking, tackling,

'~I17;:E-¥ ~ ./~' c---t.-fL.


fo-( / ~'/


JOSEPH :\1 \RTI);, Tackle " J <n."

\! arlin pla_q·d a hard, ar;grcssin! game whl"n ,·allt-d upon and pro\"c<l hinhclf a lineman of ahilit). lit- is <'\pl"rl<•d lu he a \·alu ablt- man 11<'\l \l':tr if lw rl'l u r n,. ~n·r

I.\' U : <; \ R LOCK. End .. ( ; \I{ J.f(


( ;:1rlock rep<>rtL"d ior practice last fall with no pn·,·ious l'\pL"riL"nce whatcn·r Il is deq•Jop nwnt into a play<·r ui judgml"nt and capability i- trul~ n·markahl,·.

('1.\ J)E :\IORRISO:\, Tack!,• nl'LY JH::''

:\lorrisun, a t hird year man, pro,cd his worth a' a iootha ll man when he captured thc ll'am of ':.!(). llis \lur k was handicapped this year, h<>WC\"e r, hccause he was u nable to report iur pra ni n· at thl' opt·n ing oi the sea son.

:\II t' ll \ I: L 1!.\.\1 B I:"\' 1·: 1\:, Traim·r

\ lthnugh "'\ l ike"" couldn't pla)· this ~Tar lw<"ause of his injury at l.a Cro,,e la,t st•ason, Ill" was out ior prartice C\Try night and helped t hr squad materially. ll ad hC' been a hie to play, he surely wou ld ha\·e hcen a mem lJt·r of tlw !Irs! squad.

\\' \1 : 1'1-: R KE\':'\\", :\fanagl'r " \\" \t;r"

''\\'alt" did his share in making a Champion · ship team this yutr by raring for the squad and aiding thc Cuadt in a manna which helped much to bring sucn·ss to the tram.

lir H I<."U.'


\ltLum, l'ur,..,J\.t.• H.\:'\\ns, 11\RI.t ... llf.l\lt. K, ('\Pl.\IS · ELf:LT Tl·:-.1, B\\IIU.\itK,


Jl .\ 111 K\J '''~ RttliJ joJI,~0\


(jJ:..RLit"lll K, C\1'1


lh \TI\ 1

I..\ Sill,

( n\c·n

1\..\I.KUKl.\\t-R, )I(: (KI- \U\,

Basketball IT !f a nucleus consi~ting of last year's men, namely Captain Beatty, Bambenek, Chinske, Bannon, Gerlirher, and L ynch, a third year student ancl former letter man, Coach llahnmann developed a remarkably aliYc ancl capable outfit. .\ I though the men were often considerably out weighed by their opponent~. thi~ handicap wa~ more than made up for by speed and accuracy with plenty of tight and determination to win. The men C\hihited the thorough knowledge o[ the fundamental~ of basketball playing which is so neces~ary for a succe~sful team. The work oi Coach Habermann in de\eloping and guiding the team i~ worthy of no small amount oi commendation. :\tanager :'ll c Leod abo contributed materiallY to the welfare of the men and deo-en es the -,inct·n· thanks of the squad and student body. On December .), after tilting dedicatory exercises, the first uasketball ganw of the ~cason, again-,t Stout I n"ti tute oi il l enomonie, \\"iscon~in, was played in the ne\1 gymnasium. The game proYed to be a ::; plendid "opener," as the ~co re IIi to 17 shows. J t was not until just before the tinal whistle that the Purpk and \\' bite were assured of Yictorv. The second game of the season against an cYen more formidable opponent, ll amline L'ni,·ersity, \\'as abo played in the new gymnasium. T he outcome of the game, \\'hich 11·a~ a Yery close one th roughout, 1ra,; clecicled in the last fe11 minutes of play when :\l aet1.old, one of ll amline's stars, sank three l>a~kets from almost mid-1loor. thus clinching the game for the Cni,·cr,.ity men, :?I to 1:-.. On January J:-1, Eau Claire Normal played here in a rath er urH~\·cntful l!:ame, l''\Cl'Jll for the 'cry las t portion. Eau Claire played mainly -,erond ,.tring men during the lir-..t half and the greall'r part of the "econd half of thl· game herau-.t·


of a Conference game ~cheduled with La Crosse :\ormal for the iolhming night. ln the latter part of the second half Coach Habermann put in his second :-.tringcrs and a 'er~ intere"ting, although scoreless battle ensued. The game ended II to I:! in favor of \Yin ona. Tht• Rochester Junior College team played the P urple and \Yhit t' cagers on J anuary I (i, abo at the ne\1' gymnasium. The game was a thrilling one for \\'inon a and a heartbreaking one for Rochester, for the Winona players canH' from behind in the latter part of the ~ccond half and won:!:~ lo :!0. The Roches· ter team afterward ~uccceded in gaining the title of Champion" of Southern ~I innesota. The e\·cning oi J anuary :!:3 found the \\' inona team playing ~lankato Teach crs at .\ l ankato. .\! though the score at the half -.tood II all, "\lank ato was defeated :! I to :3.J. Coach H abermann directed his mt·n to adopt a type oi stall game \\ith a "kick" in it which did the trick. On Jan uary :w the first ~quad played St. Cloud on their home lloor. Tlw \\' inona mt•n ~ccmed to haYe an off night and simply could not lind 1 he ha,..kct. Consequently they \\'Cre defeated :!9 to l!l. The follo\\'ing night, J anuary :31, the men redeemed themseln·, hy dcieating Jlamline !;ni,·ersitv on their Jloor :?lito:!\. .\ s was true in the fir-.t Rochester game, they came up from behind and won. A special train carrying OYer two hundred-lifty fans wa" run, Fehruar\· li, to Rochester to sec the second R ochester- Win ona tilt. \\'inona \\Tnt down to ddeat :~.) 10 :~1 in one of the hardest fou~ht ~ames in the basketball histor: of the colkge. The gttmc is one which will long be remembered hy all \\ ho ~a w it. On February 1:~. "\Iankato came to \\'inona to play. .\lankato gained eight point~ before \\' inona scored but was held to onl: two more points which were made in the second half. The game ended :~:? to 10 in fa\or of \\'.S.T.C. Waukon Junior College played the \\'in ona Tt•acher,; in their gymnasium on Fehruar: :!0. The;· were defeated in a \-cry unc\ t•ntful game 1>; a ,core oi :w to 1:!. On Fehruar;· '21, the St. Cloud Teachers came to \\' inona, played and ldt 'ictorious with a score of l (i to:!:~. The score i,., no indication of the cllbem·-..s oi the game \\ hich wa~ decided only hy a f[n·-minute extra period of play. I l ard luck honor~ go to ;\[ ichael Bam henek, who, with the be"t of prosperh for a successful season of basketball ahead of him, \\as forced out of the game because of a shouldt'r injured in football during the IH:!:~ season. :\!th ough the \\'inon a team did not gain a championship, the "cason has been ont· of great :;uccess, not on ly from the standpoint of games won, but al,;o hecau"c of the incrca:;e in interest on the part of the townspeople, and niH>\ t' all, in the high athletic standards set and followed. Prospecb for next year look very encouraging with Ca ptai n-clect Tust, Kalkbrenner, Ilarge,.,heimcr, :\lcCrcady, and J ohnson probably coming hark. The training and experience that the,;e nwn ha\ e gai1wd thi-. yl'ar will undouhtl'<lh '-'l'f\'l' the -.chool 'erv mall:rialh· 11l'\l ,.,eason.


\~S •

.")rt,n./ No:..

lo\t-LL\ 1 Ku:l~t., ..;o\·\,



\ll l..Luo,

H.\\IIU.~t. J..;.,

Dos.-HH, L1

:-.;n, (rLIO.ILIIlR.

Track O. \ C H IL\BER~ l. \ ::\::\'S call for track material was answered last spring b~ Captain Lund, Chin-.,kc, Zimmer man, \\' a ll , K.elly, and Kleine of the I!J:!:l track squad. Be-.ide,; these men a good number of other experienced track-;ters , including Ruhnke, ()[.,on, Cleary, \\" clch, SoYa, Ostrum, ~ l cLeod, Bamhenek, Donath, and Gerlicher , re,;poncled. F rom the two group,; of men C'oath H abermann dcn•loped a learn which placed COJbistently in the three mt'l'b in \\hich it was entered. Bryant Spencer, -;erving as manager, pron·d to he an eflicient worker and worthy of the commendation of the school. For the tirst time in the hi,;tory of the school a team wa, ~ent to tlw II amline Relay CarniYal at St. Paul on ~ l ay I. T he \\' inona Tcachtrs, repre~ented by Bambenck, O,;trum, Cleary, and l\J cLeocl, placed fourth in the ha lf-mi le rare in tht J unior Coll ege Class. T he time was J :10 ~-10. Bamhenek, Ostrum, Kell y, and \\'all, the members of the medley relay team, placed sccond for \\'i nona in that c\'Cn l. T he time was 1:00 :!-10. The \\'inona team ml'l Lu t her Coll ege on .:\ lay 10 in a dual meet at llw local field. Although the Teachers we re saclly outclassed, H.i 1 '2 to :!/ 1 2, Ger litiH·r won the I :W yard high hurdle, time 1.)::!, \\'all captu red second place in tlw mile run, time ,)(j: I. Gcrlicher also won third place in the :!~0 yard hurdk~. time :!!1: 1, Bamhenl'k won tht· 110 :ani dash, time .)(i:-1. D onath 11on till' bali


mill', time :.!:1"1::.!. \Yall took second place in the t\\o milt• run, time 1:.!:-1 . !>l'Cond place \\'t·nt to Chinske in the pole Yault, height n feel, Bambcnek took second in the broad jump. di;;tancc I~ ft. !l 1 4 in., Ct·rlichn tied for third in the high jump, height.-> ft., and Captain Lund took third in the jaHlin thro\\', di;;tance I 1:.! ft. II in. On t h e :-.ame day, the T eache rs College \Ia~ host to 1 10 athletes from elc,·en high schools \\' h ich part icipated in the ,\ nnual Southeastern Track and F ie ld .\ l t·t'l for H igh Sc hools under the auspices of the College. T he fi nal e\·enl of the ;;cason t ook place ,\ Ia_\' :{ 1 on the loca l field bet\\'ecn ~ l acalestn, St. ~l ary's and t he \\' inona T eachns College. :\I acalestn \\'Oil h_, making 1'2 points, St. :\l ary's \\'as nnt 1\'ith II points, and \\' inona was t hird with 1'2 point:-.. K leine \\'On third place in the h igh hurdks, time I..J '2-.), \\' all won third place in th e mile run, time -1:.)I 1-.i, \\'all and D onath got ;-;econd and third respecti,·el~· in the,,'-,() yard run, tinw '2: 1 1 ..J-.->, Bambcnek ,,·on second place in the 110 yard clash. time .i..J '2-.i. Ostrum and Gerlichl·r \\'On .;econd and third place;-; respectin·ly in the :.!'20 yard lo\\ hurdles, time '2!l 1-.i, \\' clch took third in the t \\'O mile run. time I I :!l '2 .->. R uhnke \\'on second place in the discu,thro\\', distance IOH ft. !I in .. the ja,elin throw \Ia;-; \\On hy Capt. L und, d i;,.tance 1:3:! ft. 11 in., the pole \'au lt \\'as \\'On hy Chin,-ke, height !l fl. !lin., Hamherwk took second place in the broad jump. distance 1.1.\ ft. X in . . \ t the time the lrwonah goc~ to pre~s the outlook for a succes;;ful t rack season in I !)'2.) looks brigh L Captain Bam henek. D onath, So,·a, Olson, ancl ~ l c L eocl, members of las t year's squad arc all out in suits. W ith them arc W edge, a forme r letter-man, and ~ebon, Nyl inc, L inam. T ust, R uhnke, Kalkhrl'n ner, M artin, Rost, \V ach olz, and H anson, all exper ienced men. From this matnial a team worthy of the l'mplc and \\' hitc is e-.;pected. \\' inona will again participate in the fl amlirw Relay Carnival held thi!> ) ear on ,\I a~ !1. E ntrie:-. \\'ill he made in the half mile relay, the mile relay, and the mile medley. On :. l ay I.i, St. Cloud, l{oche,-ltr, ~ l ankato, and \\' inona will compete on the local College .\ thktic Field in the F irst .\ nnua l Track and Field ~ l eet of thL· Southern D i' ision of the L ittle Ten ConiL-rence. Coach H abermann is also corhide r in!.( a meet with St. ~ l arv's of \\' inona or l.uthn College of D ecorah, l o\\'a. \ mel't '' ith L'ither of the;-;e colleges would rntainh insure a full track "e<hon.

Athletic A wa:rds L ETTER

~lE N


():-; I IW ~ I

\\' \I.TEH F HI


Bl S('ll

SC JT \\" \GEH

ED\\ \HD CII IC\,.,J...F


r J on \:-.:-..s l·.'\

\\' I!.I.l.\:11

I) I:Z E 1.1.

\\' \I. I. \( '1' i\I OR{; \ '\

B ER:\ \RD \\' \C II O I. 7

Ell \\ \Rll R l ' l l'\ J... l

L Eo Cu. \R Y p \l'L B \'\C\ON \\' \ I.Tl R K I '\ '\ \

R \I

\10>.1> T t ST

CoH il O'\ B L \TT\

B . \ ~ K E TB . \LL CoH IHlC\

R \I



\ I0:-:1> T l ' ST

\ J.FHI-.Il "" \I.KBRE'\'\ER

E D\\ \RI> C'lll ,,.,J...I \\'J J.L I ' "



I' \t.,L B \:\'\0'\

c \RI.


J on'\ L \:-.CII Cl..\lu.xn ;\ l c LEon



i\: 1>

~I ICII \ I I. B .\~l llE'\ EK

C t,.,T

C .\RI. G i-:RJ. I(' III" R

\\' \ 1. 1.

.\R NO I. Il

I )n :-,

\ 1" 11

E D\\' \RJ) C II I'\SJ...E B RY .\'\ I SP I·. N(' I R

1·: \1 11. O sTH0\1

N L' \I ER r\ L .\TEX FOOT B.\LL B H\ \\T SPI.~C F R

Tl o\\ \R D OI.S O'\

J o"LJ'Il

J oll'\ Sm \ L YI I G \IU.OCK j osJ I'll :\f \HTIC\

R o\ J o ii '\SO'\

. \ !.FRED

\\' II . IILR B V\10'\

CL\ D~. :\l oRRISO'\ Ct \R F '\CE :\f c Lvo n

L H ' J... '\Lss


\Lh.IIR I '\'\ I R

IL\ S K ET B.\LL ~I .N'\ 1 : 1" 11 l.I CCRI·: \ D Y


Jo:R F 1 1 J o ii '\SO'\

1\ I I c II

\ 1·: I.

B \ \Il l I. "

T R.\ C K \\'11 II \ ,\1 \\' FJ.CII

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lirJ/I<ww ~·wt,('I:.R, jou'''"'t.:-.o. L\x<.:H, Gf.1tLJ<.:lltk, ( ' U . \R\, CnHH JI\Ut.R\1\_\i, , .\u cwd Rwo~. \I< Lrnu, (hrKt"\1, Clll\iSt\.1., n,,,t)!\, Ut:~nt, lh, \1 fl, lh/u 1., ,\lnRt.\,, J.\.t-:,,\". third}(,,,, 11\Rc;l..,llii\H.K, h.\LKJHtE::o.;:\.t.;R, ' t" u,r, ~CH\\H.:t.1t, \\\c.llnll, lJo:\\111 1 HutJC,t., \\t.u c.. r.,

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"W" Club il E '' \\"' Club i:> the outgrowth of a need for a men\ athletic organization in the College. \\' ith th is idea in mind, t he men of the ,chool who had pre\ iously won a letter, met du ri ng the fall term a t the home of the Director o( .\ thktics, Coach H abermann. .\ ftcr much careful work, thc~c men, \Yith the hl'lp of t hl· Coach, fo r mulated a pol icy for a club and drc\\' up a con~ti t ution. Coach H abermann \\'a,; made H onora ry .\ <h·isn and the following offtcn, \\ere elected: Wallace :\l organ, p re,;ident; Kenneth Bourne. Yicc pre;;i<knt; Cordon Beatt;, sec reta ry; .:\l ichael Bambenck, treasurer; and Leo Cleary, sentinel. T he other chartl· r members of the club arc Bryant Spencer, J ohn Lynch, Emil Ostrom, Edward Chin;;ke, P aul Bannon, W illiam D eZcll, and .\ rnold Donath. T he purp<bcs of the " \\"' club arc to organize the men \\'ho ha,·e earned a letter in .\ thletics in t h e \\' inona State T eacher,; College, and to promote clean athletics in the College. T he club embraces t \\'O degrees, the I nitiato ry ncgrcc, and t h e" \\' " D egree. Not un t il a candidate ha" successfully passed upon both dq.~rees i~ he considered a full-fledged member. ,\ gold " \\"' pin set \\'ith nine half p<'arl~ has been chosen as the emblem of the club. The men \\'ho haYC earned letter:-; in the sports of the current year han• incrca~ed the membership to t\\'enty-tin·. Keen intcre~t has been cvidl·nct•d hv sl'\ era! letter-men of the alumni of the colkgl' '' ho \\'ished to heroml' at ll'<ht inalli\'l' lllL'Illhl'fs of thl' organization.


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1,\l'f,llll'\, Zl\1\tl k\1 .\ \ , Orn.M~J:ss.

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ITE object of girb' ha,.,kethall in the \\'inona State Teachers Col kgt· is to dl·,·clop an all around line phy-.ique, to dcYclop mental alertne-.s, and psycho-motor co ordination. hut mo:il of all to bring about and foste r sporbmans hi p and fair play. Girl~' ha~ket!Jall pl ays a large part in th e acti,·it ie,; of the college. :\Ian.' women s tudents turn out for thi" spor t and arc hcnclited physically, mentally, and socially.

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Fin/ Ro u: .\·rcnnd Nou1

L ou, k u \ILR, Gt:sr\rsu,, (:LR-\GUT\', LINIH Kl. joHr.oso,, /.t;oro.; c, ( ' \i•l. \\ .\Lno, l.JsUJHRt ~, 11 \,,J·s.


L-ndcr ra r~:fu l training both Jun ior and Se ni or classes prepa red fo r a tournament at the close of th e season. There seemed to be ju;;t as much interest in int ramural a-; inter-school gamt""· T he quality of the l\\o teams this .vear was so ncarh· . a like that th e tournament was an interesting one. T he J unior~ litre tina lh 1 iclorioth and carried off the cup.

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~ ~~~)If~ Fi nl RaH·

.\ aond J<o ·,;.·

Fhird Roo;.·

PJH\ t \ , Pt:JJ Rs oN , (;Rt BHt. Orn:RNI


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(!IH ' ' '· '• \\ \f.' ll\\ 11'7, FoRRES T. /.I\I\1EK\1\'Ii 1 f\.JI R:\1 K, R\UU.\1/ , lli.ZHi t: HI:.K

ilE " \\" " Club i~ an organization \\ithin the \\' omen's Athletic .\ ,.,~ociation. lt is made up of girls who haH earned purple felt \\ .. ~and \\' pins. Earning one hundred or more point-; in extra -curricular actiYities entitle~ one to a purple felt \\' and two hundred or nwn· poinb entitle,; one to a gol d \\' pin. Dancing, swimming, hiking, golf, lenni,;, hockey , basketball, ba;;eball, hor-,cshoe pitching, horse-back riding , and ,;kating arc ~ome of the spor ts the girl, enjoy while working for their \\"s. Some o f the sporh arc done individually, and o th ers hy groups, but in whate,·c r manner, much r eal fun and pleasure a rc de r i \'e(l. F ifty-one members of the \V .,\ .. \ . ha,·c ea rn ed felt W 's. Gold \\' pins ha,·e been p resented to t h e following: K. . Gruber, II. P e terson, L. Prevey, J. Otternes:-;, ::\I. Paco,· ~ky, A . \\' achwitz, .\ . K.j crnc r , ~1. F or rest, .\1. Nelson. C. ;\lurphy, H . Bczdichck, E. ::\l oorc, .\1. R addatz , .\I. Thomas, and K. Zimmerman.


fi fl l H. ou: Bt. Rs\f : .. L, \\IIH 111., P \ Rl\.1 H, 11.\JJHd , Seco nd R<JW- E\ \S :-. , '-' 1 \S(.; I.J.It, run \I SO~. ( ' u \RI), 1

~It'( lin\ \7\ 1 " t'llt\ll .\ C U . h.nRI "·

\LLL'· TunH.

W. A. A. Affiliates With National Organization


. \ ~~ociation wit h the \\'omen':f )i,·i:-ion of the :\ational .\ mateur .\ thlttic Federation marked the cl ima.\ of the reorgani..:ation moYcment which the club carried on this ~·car. Thi, connection wa~ made bccau~e of ,t felt need for standardi..:ation of actiYitie~. points. and award~. and beca usc the p r i nci pit·~ w hirh the K ational Fed era I ion l' IHlorse~ are the principle:-. that the club ha,.; embodied in its con~titution and ih law~. The club has accepted whole- heartedly thi~ attitude toward \\'Omen's athletic" and has endt·a,·ored to carry out, in the acti,·ities it fosters. the true spirit of this purpo~e. That the \\' ..\ .. \ . has affiliated wit h an o rganization of national consequence in the sphe re of ,,·omen's athletics is Yerilied by the fact t hat ~uch nat ional groups as the Girl Scouts, such Physica l E ducation schools as ,c.,·arKcnt, and colleges and universities, as well as hundred" of normal and priYate schools, ha,·e allied themscl\'es with the Federation. The mon·ment is hut little more than a year old, yet it~ influence is being felt in girl< athletics. The affiliation of the \\' .. \..\ . of this College with ~o large a group means greater consideration of girb ' athletics and girb' actiYitie-, in this school in the \'Cars to foliO\\.

il E afliliation of the \\'omen·, .\ thletic

.\lb:-. Cn:,J:LI,, (

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rn:. \\or. \SIH K, \I''~" l ~.

:-.s\, St\to:-o;,

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\RRI!.TT. lh'\(,11 '\1, \\ t.h\t ' ' · \ '\Ol:.Rso'\, L.\Kso'\, HLH'II, 1\.oJH.'\, ('t' JlP, ( 11 \KU.

'ORTHHElD, Spa-R nn·k,

Otns, P..:·t tRSO\",


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Bm_·Ku K, \\ \J.Ji:U<, I ).\L-IL, (J 1..\:-.KlU, ~q fH\ t, "''Ill It,

'I' HOlt



Field Hocke.,v


LT II OCG H field hockey ha,. been pla_\ed in the Cnited States since I!lOI, its present popularity really dates from the first .\ merican tour of the .\ II England Team of 10:?1. \\' e arc fortunate, that in recel\·1ng the game from England in its full de,·elopment, "·c acquire \lith it so man: tine traditions and such a high standard of team play. With tht possible cxctption of soccer, field hockey is one of the newc,;t of team sports for g ir k The introduction of hockey into our O\\'n athletic curriculum prO\td a g rtat success. The girls who camt out for hockey showed much enthusiasm and a splendid spirit of friendliness and co-operation. .\ fter learning the fundamentals of the game from :\fiss Conklin the girls staged some spirited contests. Four teams \\·ere o rgani zed and the ti r,..t hockt•y tournament e\ er held in our College took place at the College .\ lhlctic F ield during ~o,·emhl·r. .\ silver cup was awarded lo the winning team.


Suggested Forn1 Letter for Seniors

Stree L Winona, Minnesota May 1925 June Supt. of


Dear Sir: Madam: (check one) I am at this time graduating from the Winona State Teachers College which is situated on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River, surrounded by towering bluffs. I feel that I am quite capable of filling the vacancy of instructor in any subject, superintendent, principal, secretary (check one) in your school. Janitor work not preferred. It is too bad that I did not finish college sooner as I realize how badly the world needs me, but now that I am out I will try to make up for lost time. You can easily see by my photograph how Fearless, Clean-cut, Handsome, Eager, Honest, Intelligent, Ambitious , (check three) I am, and what a valuable woman, man, (underline one) I will make. Upon receipt of a personal let ter from you, you may get excellent recommendations from any of the following: Mother, Father, Sears Roebuck and Co., First National Bank, My Girl, My Beau. I hope you will appreciate your opportunity and will answer immediately before it is too late. Sincerely yours, Very truly yours, (check one) Yours for Biz,

Socia! Calendar ~ EI'T E~ l


L'R i l\G the Jir:-.t two 11ceb of September former "tudent:; and town·~ people\ ied 11ith one another in ll'elcoming the new :;tudents and in sholling them some of the charms o f \\' inona. '' Big Sisters" met tht train:;. "Cetacquainted" pa r ties II'Cre held at each of the four dormito ries. ll ikcs to the blu ff~. and "S t unt Night" clo:;{•d t he fir~t 1\'eek. l n the ~econd week all the chu rchc:; entertained thei r rc~pcrti1c student groups with ntriccl forms of entertainment: receptions, suppers, auto rides, and pia: s. The \\' inona .\ s:;ociation of Comme rce supplied autos to ~holl' all studenb of the College thl· bcautie~ of the city. T he \'.\\" . invited the ;;tudent hod:· to a weiner-roast on the hlufT,-, and the Facult:· held its annual reception. .\ t the encl of the month the beautiful cen·mon:· of F riencbhip J> ay wa~ held.


On thl' evening of Friday. Sq>tember .->, the College famil;, ,-tuclent~ and faculty. met in the Libra ry C.' mna,-ium to enjo; a get-acquainted and ~tunt party in 1rhich ~ocial dancing played a minor part. .\ 11 present liTH' di1 ided by ~ l i"" Richard, into groups according t o their birthday months. Rq>rc:;entatil e:; from each group wert· clwsen and put through a hilariou, {'nH>tional test. Clever stunt" follo11cd: t he K indergarten Department presentin)!; songs and dances of childhood; the Country L ife Club, a t ragedy in three parb; and each dormitory group the rich est h umo rou:- e'l:pre-,,;ion of which iL ll'as capablt-. But the P hysical Education group bore off the palm. I t presented a gymna~tic wedding at which various gymnastic mo,·rment,; were fitted to the wedding ceremony. For instance thr mini:-tn entered ll'ith deep knee bend mm·ement, the ushers with goo,.e step. and the bridesmaid-, with an esthetic dance ,;lq>. The audience laughed themsehT,. sick. There was no homesickness after this pa r ty. J ust one ll'eek later, on Septembn 1:!, thl· entire collegl' group donned its best attire for the annual Facul1_1 Reception. .\ florist hac[ decorated the room in green oak boughs and marigolds so that the gymna-,ium 11·as a bower of beauty. T he gue;-ts were greeted by .:\l iss Richarcb at the lib rary door. \\'ithin, the re~t of the facult:> 11 c.:lcomed them for the e1 ening and for the year. .\ fter some pleasant moments of con1 nsation to the low tones of an orchestra almost hidden in a recess of the library. all ll'ent to the gymnasium where dancing was enjoyed the rest of the e1·ening. Delicious refreshments were served in a Kinderga r ten room II' he re the appointment;, again \\'e re.: most al trac t in·. E 1 n; one enjoyed t his beautiful party. O C T OB ER On Octobe r 1:{, .:\ furicl ~ l c.:ver entertained the college at chapel 11ith a delightful piano recital. l\ l is,.. :\ l eyer comes to us from ~IcPhail. She proved in a skillful manner that she i" lrorth) of the recognition ..;he ha" been gil'en.

On Octolll·r II. the College had the plt-a~un· and the honor of entertaining I hl· pre,.,idenh of hn li' e ~i-.ter college-. and the State Teacher-, College Board.

Tlw ot1icial opening of College !Iall W<h rcrogni;.ed in a general a:;scmbly program during this ,·isil. .\ ddre,;,;e,; were gi,·en b:· President R. B. :\lacLcan of :\loorhead and by State Commi~sioner J. :\1. ,\lcConncll of St. Paul. The :\lt•tHielssohn Club and the College Chorus furnished music. .\ number of citii.Cih attended this e-.;crrise. Later a dinner was sen·ed in the socia l room a t Shepard lla ll to wh ich a ll t he men of t he Farult; were ill\·i t ed to meet the Board members. T he College and the general publ ic were given the p r i\ ilege of hearing Seumus .\l c:\ l anus, lri-,h no\elist ·tnd short story \\riter, speak in the auditorium, October ::! I . .\ fund of nati,·e drollery. an cas: mastery of the racy Irish idioms, and a happ_\ facult: of bringing out the di,;tincti\ e traits of his people, ma<k the ,.,tory-tdkr \ er: entertaining. On ~aturday n·ening, October ::!.i. tlw Stnior-. entertained the farult: and ,;tudents at tht·ir annual party. Grinning pumpkin faces, black cab. and \\itche-, in a dim light made an appropriate background for a gho»t story. told hy :\Irs. Simmers. .\ fter the \'irginia Rt·d \\as danced hy members of the faculty, and a peanut race wa,_ run (?l social dancin)!; concluded the program of the first part: in the new gymnasium . T he formal opening of the new auditorium to t ill' public wa-. marked h)· t he lirst appearance of the .:\[inneapolis S:·mp hony Orchl'stra in Win ona. Th at its roncnt \\as rerei\'l·d ''ith great pka~urc and sincere appreciation wa» demon~tratcd by the rapt attention and enthusia~tic respunse of the audience.

1\0\'L\IB ER

.\ short pia: . .\aua for the Goslings, "a" presented in chapel :\o,embn .i. Tht· play ckalt "ith the c!Torts of a modern iather and mother to tt·ach tiH'ir children the cheapness of slang. Tt was the first of a ~cries of plays gi\'l'n by the student-; oi the play coaching cla.;~e-..


Saturday, :\member l.i, \\a~ Il ome-Coming I> a\. Preliminary festi,itie,., \\t·re ht'id on Frida: eYening when the farul l ) and student,; of the college gathcn·d around a huge bonfire a t the ath letic field. Speeches we re g i\'en by mem bers of the football team, the facu lt y and alumn i. T hen a ll formed a line an d wound their wa:' , cheerin g and singing. through the down- t own section. Saturda: morning the .\lumn i inspected College H all. Th e footba ll game with St. Cloud, in which \\'i nona was Yictorious, \\as the most , ·ital e,·ent of the day. lf ome- Coming festi,·itie:- do:;ed Saturda: en·ning with a party given by the J unior IIigh Srhool Club in the new g)·mna~ium at which the ,\l umni and the ,· i~iting football team "ere guc~t" of honor. Tht· hanest time fo r med the theme of the party. .:\ l ost artistic dt-rorations of vine, with g reat clusters of

grape~ made of dark red, ;ellow, and purpk balloon;, encircled the room. In a beautifully conceived pageant the goddess of the harvest, Pomona, recei\ ed the bringer:-; of gifts of fruit and nowrrs. It was like a beautiful oil painting come to life, so rich it was in color. lTarYe-,t maids then danced, interpretating the beauty and grace of autumn leaves. E\·en the refreshments were a part of the central idea, cornucopias (horns of plenty ) filled with candy in the form of yello\\ kernels of corn, and pop-co rn balls. It was a very artistic party, worthy of a home-coming .

.\ joint recital, in which 1\1 i:-;s Su:-;an B. ()a,·is read Tennyson's /~ no £ It . I rdru and :'II rs. \\'. L. Hillyer played Richard Strauss' musical interpretation of the poem, \\il:-; gi,·en XoYCmber 17 in Colkge H all. This artful presentation of a poem familiar to the majority of people added much to the appreciation of J~uorlt .I rdrn. On Tue~cht\ ' evemng, 'ovemher :.!.i, the graduation of the fir!->t cla~s from College Hall took place in the nt•w auditorium. The address on Clzifdrcu's 8oo/..•s \\as giYen bv ~li:-;s Ddla J\J c(;regor, Chief of J uvenile l>i\ i-.;ion, St. Paul Librarv.


Thu rsday, December II, .\ lr. Charles \V . Farnum, a reti red attorney of St. l' aul ga\·e at chapel a reading of Tltr Old J.ady Slto·ws llcr .lfcdals, by James ;\ J. Barrie. On December n, the \\' enonah !'l ayers and the ?IIendelssohn Club entertained the faculty and students at a ,·ery delightful Chri;;t rnas party. The gut·~t~ first a~,;emhled in the auditorium where the ~lendelssohn Club san~ carols and a two-act play, Tltc Cltrislmas Spirit, wa, presented by both club~. The attention to minute::;t detail in the play and the ~incerity of the actors tnmbined to produce an almost perfect result. The beautiful ~tory of sen·ice and kindness created an inspiring and uplifting inAuence appropriate to the Christmastide. The remainder of the e\·en in g was spent in the College gym nasium. The center of attraction, there, was a large, beautifully decorated Christmas tree at the foot of wh ich were piled the presents. Santa Claus and three of his brothers guarded these until they should be distributed. !\J eantime, Santa himself presented to se,·eral members of the faculty appropriate g if ts and read letters which he had recciYed from th em and from certain sorely t roublcd members of the student body. \\'h en a hag of candy and a gift had been giYen to each guest great fun was had opening and displaying them. ,\I I joined in the carols which were sung before departing. The guests left with the feeling that "Lo,·e i;;, indeed, greater than a c rown."




·" I



lk-•/ltJlli •t •ftt' tlld 411,

JXKU.\RY The .\ rt Club entertained tlw facull\ and studcnb at an .lrabian Xir,llls party on January :21. .\ sa result of long :--tudy and much etTort on tht• part oi mL·rnbers of the oq.!;ani;.ation. e\ ery·thing, from the musical e!Tcct~ to the allerl\'eloping iumcs oi incense, \\'as in periect ket·ping "ith customs of the Ea;;t. The girls of the club \\'ere dressed in .\ ral>ian co,.,tumes created by themseh cs. Ln the screens and panels \\'hich adorned the \\'ails. as \\'ell a:- in the attracti\'e bazaa rs at each end of the room, the dominating night colors. blue ,·ioll'l and red violet. \\'ere accented \\'ith contrasting rre..;cenh and stars. The same general color ,;cheme \\'as carried out in the Saracenic bangals suspcndcd from the lights , in the tray'. and in the \\'rappings of the dates \l'hirh \\ere ser\'l·d as refre:--hmcnb. L'nder the gay canopies of tht· ha;.aar,., fortune" \\'l're told by tht· mystic horoscope nH: thod. Throughout tht· program. \\'hich consi~ted of a dance oi tht· Orient by Fern La\\TenCl' and a clt·,·er chalk talk by Cordon Beatty. colon•d lights produced an Eastern atmosphne. Fa,·ors ronsistL·d of oriental rings ancl bracelets fashioned of paper. ln ohsen·ancc of :\ational Drama \\'eek, January :!.i-:30, the Play Coaching Club presL·nted DunsarH"y's Tilt Lost .'>.ilk 1/al . This humorous production, played by a caste of young men undt·r the clin·ction oi ~I r. Jamt·s Cole, \\'a~ cnthu-.ia,.,ticalh· . recei' eel ll\'. iarult\· . and students.

FEBRl'.\R\' The \I usir and Lecture Course for the year \\'as iormally open eel on Fehruar: ~. \\hen Dr. Sigmoncl Spal'th oi 1'\cw \'ork City· delin•rcd a ll'rture on The Common .'>·cnsc ~~f .\lush. ()r. Spaeth i-. a 'igorou:- spcakn with a keen "l' lhe of humor. Il is practical illu~trations on the piano had a general appeal, and sen·cd to makt• hi,. poinh concn•t1· ior th!' amateur a..; well as the proie-.-;ional in music circle::.. On February I :2, the ~chool met al the chapl'l hou r ior a program in honor of Li ncoln', B irthday·. Rt'adings and talks \\ l'l'l' giH·n b\' se\ eral nH·ml>er,., of tht' faculty and student body. The \lt"ndel-,sohn Club ~ang two selections. On February 11, the children of the third and iourth gradeo;, under the o.,upeni-.ion of ~liss Smith, presented, at chapd. a pia}· · . 1/hc//('s 8irlhday. This pia). \\'hich sho\\'ed murh original \\'ork arcompli-.hed in art. ph.\,.,ical edu cation, composition, reading. and histor.'· cla,.,~L' s, \\'as H·ry intnt•o;tin,g and pleasing lo a II. .\ nothcr triumph for the \\'t·nonah Player:-; \\as arhieH·d when, on Ft·bruar\· :!ti, they played ior a large audience of to\\'nspeoplc and fellow - student~ the thrt•t• act comed:· Only .;,\. .\ mple opportunity for enjoymt•nt was aiTordcd in the l'\tn· mely humorou-, situation..; \\'ith "hirh the play dealt. On this orra-,ion "PL'Cial music 11as iurni,.,lwd l>y tht' Collq,:t· Orclw,.;tra "·hich madt· its initial appearance.

The Kinckr.g arten Club entertained the faculty and -;tudents at a party. f'ltl' l·ntit•cll of lltl' .\"a/ions. in the gymnasium Saturday e,·ening, F ebrua ry :!~ . .\la n .' eli IT eren L coun tric-. 11 ere repre.;en ted by the tlag,; 11 hich decorated the walb, b!· the appropr iately co~tumed girls 11 ho took part in the program, by the fa1·ors, and by the dance mu~ic. One featu re of the prog ram was a geography le s~o n illu~trated h: human paper doll,. Follo wing that was a Scotch dance and a woode n shoe dance. :\ scene symbolic of ll'orld unity concluded the program. Thi :-; was a l\laypole dance by girls repre~enting th e leadin g nation;.; of the world . .\ fter the program rcfre:-;hment;.; were ~ern·d in an adjoining room by Kind ergartt·n Club girl~ who ll'cre dressed in a ya r it'l.' of national costumes. During t ill' rema indn of the e1·ening the gue~ t s danced to fon· ign mu-.ic.

:\1 \R C H On the e1-en1ng of \larch .i l'\ercises for the :\farch graduating da;.;s ll"l'rt' held in the auditorium. Twenty-one ,-tudenb rerei1 ed diplomas. The add re,s on W ltal a Ttacltcr Can IJo to Conscr<•c lite 1/caltlt of Pupils was dclii"Cred bv l> r. \lax Seham of :\Iinneapolis. .\lu~ic was furnished hy the :\lendeb-;ohn Club and the College Orchestra. Th e second number o n the L ectu r e Cour-.e was gil"en Thursday en· ning, :\larch I!! . Th e Chicago O peratic Trio, accompan ied by Frank St. Leger at the piano, presented a hi gh ly plea,-ing co n rn t . Their program of 1·arious number:-; from gn•at operas delighted and thrilled the a p precia ti1·e audi en ce. On Friday e1"Cning, .\[arch :!7. occu rr ed ~omdhi ng new in the life of the College. The Dramat ic Club of the Ju nior Hi gh School, a new organ izat ion in the Training School, pre,.;enteJ in the audi t oriu m a play of coloni a l da:·s. 8rm·1· /.i/1/t Tomboy. The con~cientioLh efforb of th e player:- were greatly appreciated ll\ the audience. T he do-,ing n-ent in \larch wa,.; th e Junior Cla-;s par t y. an annual occurren ce. gi1 en in the College gymna,ium '' hirh wa-.; mo-.t a rt i..;ticall y decorated wi th balloon,.. The program pre~cnted during the en·ning was one of the mo~t plea-;i ng and eiTccti ve gi \"Cn at a party this year. X o one will fo rget th e dance of the little wooden soldi er~. Social dancing was also enjoyed by a ll. .\PRIL The third numb e r on the lecture cour;.;e wa~ a co n cert by th e C"niversity of \\'i sro tbin Clee Club gi1·cn .\pril 1:{. Thi ~ h igh cl a -;s musical organ i/.at io n prcse n ted a mo,.;t pleasing program to an a lten ti 1·e aucl ience . .\play, In the Days oJ 1\inJ!. Joint, 11as gin·n by the childre n of the fi fth and ,.;ixth ~rades a~ the culmination of a term'..; work in History and English. T wo pnformanre..; were gin·n. one on F r iday l'\ ening, .\ pril l( , for the pub I ir. and olll' on t lw following .\I onday afternoon for tlw -;tlwol chi ld ren o f \\' inona.

The main cnnt of the play wa,.; the signing of the ~fagna Charta. .\II the action of the play leu up to this .\ 11 co-,tunH', and -;tage properties were made in l he department and were modeled after l ho~e used in medieval times. T he object of the play was to recreate very vi1·idly for the children some of the strne..; from their history and to give l hem training in dramatic work . The play 11as a great succe.'s and was received with t•nthusiasm by both audience~. On .\,H il 2-l, the College tendered a reception to M r. and :\ I rs. Pa ul Watkins in apprl·ciation of the rare art collection gathered abroad and presented to the College. To this the public was invited. l\1 r. Dudley Crafts \\'atson of the Chitago .\r t Tn~tilute spoke on .1/odcrn Painter~ . .\ p ri l showers and :\ l ay llowers IITrt• very much in evidence at the las t allcollege party, which was gi1·en h) the Primary Club on .\ pril :!.j. R eal dripping u m hrellas. fl:·i ng kite,.,, hlowi ng wind-.. soaring birds, and growing flo11 t•rs were all ,.,ign.., that this was a real spring party. The program of interpretatin· dances. ca rr ied out the same idea of spring. \ t harming solo dance was gi n·n by .\I iss Christine Ciom hetti. Thi,., part:· marked the close of a 1·er:· successful : ·ear for the club. Th e last number on the Lecture Course was a joint recital by IT ans Kindler, Th e College was, indeed, fortunate to secure on it.. lecture cour;-;e these arti sts prominent in eastern symphony orchestras. t•elli~t, and Leo Orn-,tcin, pianist.

1 1.\\' :\ lay I ll'a~ .\lm a :\later Day in th e College. The young \\'oman ~tudent most representati1·e mentally, physically and -;piritually had been elected p re\ iou ~ l) by popular \'Ole as .\lm a .\l ater. She wa~ in troduced to the s t udents, faculty, and alumni, on this day, in a -,imple hut most eiTectivc indoor pageant l'ntitled /'he .'l'piritof Winona.

0 n .\ 1ay -+, the opening day of \lusic \r t•ck, the ~chool was treated to a surp ri-.c in the way of a conce rt gi1en by all the c hildren in the Training School, under the direction of ~ l rs. Obon. Th e program opened with L110 li1ely number~ played by the thirty nwmhers of the 1·iolin cla",.; and was followed hy a group of folk songs from all nation~ ;-;ung by the ch il dren in the intermediate g rades. The feature numbe r of the program was a litt le dramatization in song by the c h ildren in the lir:-. t and second grades. Th e little songs learned during the year we re combined with some ryt hmi c drills and arra nged hy ::\Irs. Olson into a little musical sketch called Jfonday. Th e sclcct iom from opera sung last h: the J unior Iligh Sc hool we re well done and showed a keen sense of appreciation and unde rstand ing. On F riday e1·ening. :\l ay i-., a delightful operetta, The Frog Prill(e, \\'as g iHn by the Junior ll igh School Glee Clu iJ under th e direc t ion of ~Irs. Olson. Tht• rhildn·n n·alh lin·d the mu-;ir and hv mean,- of their keen enunciation put


l «.J, tE'Acl Ulijt VttMitl • t11ftl Rflllu f• tAils


1.'"6U /rJ"''

I 11d tritlr lu' J•u•< IJ nwe.t ita


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'~IHJ'~Jtn. /tJ(I 0 llt~lJ\'




lro~d JJcHtJI,


lrkt Ius biiJifj•llftJI,

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M:.l•, lutU•

'C"• ,.,..~A.

Htcl ,_.,1,. h•*"• 1.41 ,,., .D • N•J 'l'rt"

11 t:Wil,., t~JJd

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'tt"'' b•(t •~;,_.,,,JJ ~4lt lum &I• ./

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I'' '7.utJrflrr • A,-;,

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tnJt llt~i rfoJlitJ rz JN•, it IIIC' lilllt I Jlurj

'' iH \ '"''"'' /Ia '•""""

fM J••l(mr',.~ "H1tt.v' 1ri•u tJu fl·t

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1/, ~u·· Haum.mn h' ltfl'l 01 ;,.., til rtf ~ r/'J

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JII4J~ /tiJ

dJII«tt Hlbhy /J~t '

across the story of the Frog Prince in ,-er:--· pleasing manner. Light, air: co,;tumes in contrasting colors added to the happy ~pirit of the singing and it \\'as felt tha t the children accomplished ''hal they set ou t to do: namely, to place a smile in the hearts of their listeners . . \ gymnastic demonstration was presented, in the gymnasium of C'olll'gt IT all on \Ia:-- Hi, h_\ the Physical Education Classe~. .\ 11 \\Ollltn students took part in the marching, cal i ~then i cs, drills, folk and ae~lhetic dances, and. gamt'-;. :.Jay :!.i marked the t \\"enty-fifth annual concert gi,·en by the l\Iendd.;sohn Cluh. The Pen Gynt Suite, a Cantata b:--· E<h·ard Grieg, \\a,; artistically rendered under the direction of .\1 r. \\'alter Grimm. The srhool had heen prepared for the concert h:--· a series of rhapel talks \\"hich made the ,,·andering:-. of the \\·ay\\"ard Peer Gynt, described in the music, seem more reaL Three delightful piano numbers h_v l\liss ;\Iurie! l\leyer, the accompanist, supplemented the program and addt•d much to an already enjoyable e\·ening. The :\femorial Organ \\"as shipped to \\'in ona .\ pril 10, and its installation required ahou l a month. For the fin;t public recital one of the leading organisb of the country was engaged, one who had already made Duo-. \r t reco rd s for the .\ eolian organ. Consequently after he play·ed a selection on the o rgan, he let the audience hear the record of the same compo,.ition played upon the .\eolian player so that the public might appreciate ho\\ faultlc:;sly the player ran n·produce an arti~t's inll'rprdation of a masterpi ece.

Proie,so r Ri chard Burton of the l·n i,·er~it: of :.Iinnc,ota will preach the Commencement sermon, and Bi"hop Charles Locke of St. Pau l will gi\'e the Commencement address. The Alumni Banquet and Reunion will d o u hlle~s be largely attended this year on account of the return of many alumni to hear the organ and to ~ee the new building with its new art collection and uniquL' ,.ocial room. \\" e hope this last e\ ent of our sot ial program will be one long remembered for the "til· that bind"."

The Social Room ill..: class of 1920 a~ked the privilege of establishing a social room in our college as its memorial. A room formerly used as an office ''as selected across the corridor from the general assembly room. .\iter the cupboards and blackboards had been removed, the walb tinted, and the f1oors polished, the class of I 020 proceeded to furni~h the room, raising fiye hundred dollars for that purpose. At the "·indows they hung dark blue sunfast curtains with a deep lambrequin to produce the effect of lowering the height of the room. Two rug~ of e'\cellent color and design, an attractiYe oblong walnut table, and man; wicker rocking chairs, made the room il1\·iting. The Clas~ left the following request which is now in our tiles:


"Tt is the wish of the Clas,- of 1020 that the 'Social Room' he prt·sern·d hy a committee appointed e\·ery) ear hy the Senior Cla~s. Tl will he the dut_\ of this committee to sec that the room is always in order and the conduct of those 1 o furniture ma: he remo,·ed from the room without enjoying it is suitable. the consent of Miss Richards or a future Dean of \\'omen, hut it is the wish of the Cia,;,; that the furniture he not remoYed. \\'heneYer another ~ormal School building is erected to take the place of the one now stancling, proYision must he made for a similar room and the furni,-hings now in the present room tra n,.,fnred. .\ ll furniture must he kept in perfect condition and the wicker ,·arnished." Ct \ll\'S 1. BRo\\'N, President. When the plans for our new College lf all were drawn, a b eautiful large welllighted room on the first f1oor was set apart as a ''Social Room." Then· i,., at the present time keen interest in its furnishings. \\'hile in Chicago la~t summer. ~I iss Richards consulted the intnior decorating department of ~Iarshall Field and Company, a,;king for "uggestions for an appropriate, artistic furnishing so that a definite ,;chcme might he in mind, an idea toward which to work. .\-. a re-.ult of thi,; \·isit, one of the o;pccialists of that department ,·isitecl the College to get the atmo,pherc of the new building and to see the location of thL· room. :\ I r. Jennings, of the :.Icchanical .\ rt~ department, then drew an accurate plan of the room which ,,·as mailed to Chicago. Soon the firm sent a large attracti,·c water color ,;ketch showing how the Social Room will look when completed, and also a f1oor plan designating where all the suggested furniture :;hould stand. Mr. and :\Irs. Paul \\' atkin:i ha\'C contributed to the room two beautiful pieces of statuary, one of Sappho and the other a bust of a young girl, and li\'l· large oil paintings, all of which were bought abroad. One of the largest, a copy of Rembrandt\ ll'idow of . ltlmiraL .)'warlcnhonl, dominates the room . . \ beautiful taupe rug with a design of lea,·es resembling the f1oor of a f(;rc-.t, and tapestry hangings of old blue and rose ligures against an old gold background, form the setting of the room. The student;; ha\·c shown great ingenuity in earning mone\· to make this drt'am of a most artistic "Social Room" come true.

Our Men1orial JPi pe Organ lfT \\".\ Sat_ the \\ 'ino1_1a Re~1nion and _Banquet, !1eld i1~ St. Paul_ 01~ No, ember :!, 1O:!:L 1n ronnert1on w1th the ~l1nne~ota l~ducatwn .\,-sonatlOn con,ention, that the idea of the ~l emorial Organ lirst took delinite form. The toa~t program ct-nterecl in the memories of the old building, burned but a fe\\ month:-. before. Each ~peaker fostered tht· crescendo wave of the same loyally to the college in the new building that had been given the .\ lma :\ l ater in the old. Follo\\ing the toa,.;ts there 11·as an enthu~iastic and unanimou,.. YOle, pledging the .\ lumni Society to sponsor the purcha-.e of a magnificent memorial pipe organ . . \ n E:->ecutin· Committee wa:-; authori?.ed by the Society, with .\Irs. J. R . .\I rCon non, 'OU, as chairman. ,\ n appeal went out to e\·ery for mer \\'i nona n, declaring that ··nothing could more beautifully perpetuate the inOuence of the two score memorial::; gratefully presented year b:· year, or more gracious!~ comnwmorate the great sen icc rendered to education and character by the thou~and~ who wrought 11·ithin the walls of the well-lo,·ed old main building. or acknowledge in more fitting and tangible form the debt he owes the school, than will this great organ." Go,·ernor Prcus 11 rotc that he would "accept on behalf of the stale a memorial organ h~ which it i-; proposed to honor the old home and in gratitude to those whosL' 'i,-ion and sacrilicc made possible the helpful inOuence,- of the school in days gone by ." The College Board granted to the Society permission to install the organ in the new building and e\lHcssed appreciation of so striking an e,·idenn· of goodwill and loyalt~·· The E:->ecut i ,.e Com miltec, upon advice of per~ons who had had e:-; pcrienre 11 ith organ~. decided that an in~trument which would fully meet all condition~ as to ~ize, form, and Yaricd pu r poses for which it would be used, together with an automatic pia~ cr , would at the ,·cry minimum require an amount not less than !':l.i,OOO . The Faculty of the College after t"·o sessions, Yoted to underwritt• the project to the extent of :-:I 000. ThL· Senior Cia-." n>ted to raise :-:.iOO. and the Junior Class 'oted !'IiilO. Citizens responded promptly 1 and g('nL·rously, :\ lumni throughout the stale sent pledges and in the end there were 10 1.'> ~uh,..criptions and the total amount subscribed reached :-::~ 1 ,107. 1!1. The architect fur the new building made -.pecial plan~ of suitable span· to receive the organ. The contract for the organ wa~ awarded, after careful stud~ to the .\ eolian Pipe Organ Company. The musical possibilities latent in the organ range from the dainty· -.ong, full of emotion, to the gigantic and passionless fugue, or from massi,·e chord succes~io!ls and striking contrasts of tone-color to stately and impressiYe hymns of worship. Installed in the new auditorium and used for concert and recital. for special devotional ncrci,..c, oratorio, and other musical forms, and for baccalaureate and commencement programs, it will pro,·e most helpful to the special music work of the college and aiTord fine \'alul'-. to a ll who hear it. The o rgan is, without question, the iinest to be found in any teachers colkge in the country.



An Appreciation

of the Watkins Art CoHection ilE \\"inona State Teacher~ College ha'- been the recipient of a number of \-ery wonderful pieces of sculpture and of a tine collection of paintings, prinb, engra,路ings, etchings, lithographs, and photographs presented by .\1 r. and Mrs. Paul \\'atkin,;. The e~tent and quality of the collection gin: the school an unparalleled distinction among the teachers' colleges of the entire country, making it one of the most unique schools in this respect in the 11orld. The sculpture wa,; secured in Roml', and Florence, Italy. The fact that the~e art piece~ came from marble~ of lost or e~hausted quarrie~ and so cannot be replaced, increases their 'alue and importance year by year. Four heroic bu,b of Roman emperor", fl adrian, .\I arcus .\ urcl ius, Septi m u..; Severus, and Caesar :\ugustu-;, are a part of the collection. For ~upporting these husb there arc pecle:-tals, the marbles of which are Carrara, Giallo .\ntico, .\frican, colored Bigio, or Egyptian alabaster. Supplementing the four hush, there is a Outecl vase which, with pede~tal, stand-; some nine feet in height at the end of the main corridor just oubide the !'resident\ office. This o\路oid Jluted 'ase in "\frican marble is an old copy of a Roman specimen. The column for the \"a'-e is in \ 'erde .\ntico marble with i>asl' and cap in Giallo .\ ntico marble. The Giallo .\ ntico, ,\frican, and R<bso .\ntico marble came at the Roman period from Kumidia, Africa, carried otT b;路 the Roman;; after the destruction of Carthage. The \'erde ,\n t ico marble came from the island of Euboea, Greece. The Egyptian alabaster was imported by the Roman;;. from Egypt a~ were mo~t of the other colored marbles. The;路 were u~ed in the decoration of temple~ and monumental buildings . . \ valuable modern tigure of Sappho in Carrara marble and a beautiful bu~t oi a 11eeping maiden in l'arian marble grace the Social Room, ~i\ "tatuette~ in terr,t colla, repre~enting :-.ix of the nine Greek mtbes, have been placed in the librarY. Two bronze tablets, one commemorating \\"ashington and one Lincoln, arc placed on either side of the main stairs. One tablet bears a bas-relief oi the bu~t of \ra~hington by George E. Bissell, a facsimile of Washington',- signature, and a copy of his Farewell .\ddress ( I /!Hi ). The other tablet has a has-re lief of the hu,;t oi Lincoln by \ '. D. Brenner, a facsimile of Lincoln's signature, and a copy of his Gettysburg Addrcs:-.. The pictures, which number nearly four hundred, \Yere collected by Jd r. and .\Irs. \\"atkin" in European art centers and ha\ e been framed under their personal direction. They CO\ er a wide range o( subject", including reproduction~ (some in water color and :-;ome in oils) oi manv famous painting:-.; l'\terior and interior photographs uf cathedrals, palaces, and other great architectural





ll \ .\:'-.1·'

~\t Gll~n·~ C.u;:i.\R

\\orb: original etchings and engra\ ings; and etched and cngra\'ed copies of paintings of hi storic and dramatic scenes, and of old Engli!:--h inns. ln the rolll'ction arc about eighty portraih of famou:-- mt~-<irians, :;cicntisb, author,, pol'l-.;, and artists. Th e following list i::. illustrati,·c of some of the oubtanding picture~: photographs of the magniticent church of St. Petn at Rome and the cathedrals of :\I ila n, Pi,.,a. and Roucn: The Parthenon, T/11 Colossi' IIIII, Tlu· Caslfr of Chilton, J'hl' 1 l'lllp!c of .I upiter, T/1e Jung(rau, The !' en us Di .\1 ito, il[ichal'l .\ngdo ':-. /)a,·id, Rembrandt'" Lesson in .lnalomy, !,o .'·:pll'::afi:io and Jladonna h_v Raphael,

The Uon of / ,ur1rn1', Pyramids alllf .'·>phin.r of l~gypt, The ForJ!.C of l'ufcan by \ 'clasquez. Joan d'.Jr(, Lc Pont du Ganl in France. Thr J~rahlhtum at .\thl·ns. Thr .IIl111mbra at C ranada, and The Con art by· Giorgonc. The pirture which has attracted most altt·ntion and created cnthusia~tic romnwnt is a large and beautifu l oil paint ing by .\ dolphe Causson, a modern French artist. This picture, entitled Canal . I .1/artigucs, France, is a scene taken in a ti:-.hing ,·illagc on the :\lcditnran<'an ~hore north o f ~ l ar,..cilles. I n thi s radiant, sunlit landscape, 1\'C fed the intluenn• of the imprc~sionists in their marn~lou;-; treatment of light. TIYo "maller paintings by· :\[r. Gausson arc similar in st\·k. Other oil paintings of note arc: a ropy of Rembrandt\ J~fisabcth, Ja wbs Bas



,1\RriCLI.~. FR.\'IC.:l<:

by .\lath. Yan Salk, a modern Dutch arti~t. a marine scene by R. Pearson, and t \\ o rura l ::;cencs bv Frederic Ed c. The cngraYing~ arc line esampll's of pictorial reproduction before the i11\ enlion of the photographic proces,;. They repre-.ent the work of -.omc of the best arti~ts from one hundred to t\\"O hundred years ago. Th ese line specimen" of a bygone art, \\'hich lend an air of quiet refinement and elegance to their surroundings, arc replete \\"ith interest and \\"ell dcser\"e ~erious s tud y. The majority of the pictures have been placed in the corridor,., \\"here they may he Yie\\'ed a 1 all times \\"ithout disturbing class sessions. Se\¡eral of the oil paintings add greatly to the attractiveness of the social room. The collections pro\"e of the greatest help, not only as artistic decoration and as the basis for art studies, but also a s an aid to instruction in hi s tory, literature, geography, music, and dramati cs. Through the generosity of the donors named th ese increasingly rare art pieces ha\¡c been made anlilahle to the colkgl¡. They mulliply many times the collection,., \\"hich the school had acqu ired for th e o ri ginal building fr om many sou rces and through half a century, but \\"hich were lost in the fire of l\\"0 years ago.

Rt Cannot Was I r E faculty had awaited the coming of the spring Yacation with as plea~ant anticipation a" did their work maddened pupils. lL wa~ like coming up for one gasping breath of air before going under water again. ;\ number of the faculty members had chosen this brief re~pi t e of ten days for the realization of a che r is hed dream a. camping t rip into the II'(HJ<k For a li tt le t ime would they forget that lofty citadel of learning wherein they daily watched the "el'<l:. of knowledge which they had planted grow and bear fruit. For a little time would they forget the eager. upliited iaces of the ,..tudents, untiring in their que:.t for Truth~ On the morning of .\Iarch !i, the little band of ··enthu~ia::>ts" gathned at the front ent rance of the \\' inona Stale Teache rs College. Susan B. l>a\'is occupied the topmost step, her angular form gol\'ned in a ,.,imple, heflounced, be ribboned creation of ~ilk and Yeh·et. Bel<m· her 1\l rs. T . l\l. Cas,.,idy ~at hy her husba nd, happy in the reali zat ion t hat she \\'as looking hn best in a dn·ss of t he most brilliant sca rl et, its broad ho rizontal s t ripe" of intense yellow gh·ing her figure an illusion of rotundity. A little apart "at .\1r. and .\1r,.. E. S. Selle. ::\othing appeared to he funny hut .\lr. Selle repeatedly broke forth in the most boi,.,terous guffa11·s at which poo r .\Irs. Selle flushed. laughed embarrassedly and apologized. " lie a! \\'ays laughs at c\·erythi ng." .\ l iss DaYis turned a stern Yisage on the otTender and said she thought it nonscn!>c, Leing plain giddi~h. she called it. .\ dalyn .\ rtz, too, lacked .\I r. Selle·~ happ,\' nature, for she t'rdgetcd \l'ith the crumpled lace on a little frock of hahv blue. ;,George!" she finally e-.;postulated nudging 7\ l r. Cri mm, " W hat d o thn· mean hy keeping u:; \l'aiting this \ray?" .\ l r,. Grimm fro\l'ned tiercel\'. ·· Let us hear \l'ith one another," \\'alter G rimm ans\\'ercd. looking pained. Il e \\'as a mild little man and nothing hurt him more than to hear an unkind criticism or a hint of sarcasm. J ust then they heard a great !ihout and the.' sa\\' .\lr. and ~ I rs. 0\l'elb and their li ttle "on, \\' ill iam, s\\'inging up the street. .\l r. 0\l'elb ran a fe\1' pares ahead, a jaunty li t tle cap perched on the :;ide of his head. Ili s collclr ll':t:; t\l'i:; t ed a\l'ry and a soot smudge ma r red his face, hut li t tle di d he care. H is \\'as I he spirit of the hoy. "Sec. \\' illiam, if _\'OU can turn handsprings as 11cll a,; father," he calkd a challenge to his ,.on . .\ gay handkerchief fluttered behind the 0\l'en,; trio and .\Ii-.s Richards came up behind them, arm in arm \\'ith .\ l r. (;ibson. Tht• as~emhled party 11aited, pleasu rc in l'\·cry eye. ··To-da\· we 11ill sec .\r t in ib highest form ;\ature," chuckled .\l r,;. C'assid\'. · · .. \\.'e \\'i ll han· op p or tuni t y for u:;i ng ou r leisu re Lime \\'el l,'' i\ lr. (;ihson cunningly refnred to a recent ora t orica l triumph. "Psycholog:-· pro\ es that a desire for more freedom is a natural reaction from too prolonged work. .:\lo\1', our \\' illiam " But here .\lr. 011 ens \\'a~ interrupted hy a beaming .\I iss Richards \l'ho in stentorian tones announced. " H ear~ I f ear~ L et us throw otT that \l'hich fetters and hampers the ~pirit. 1 speak of thost• petty con\ en lions \l'hich han· no relation to the moral rode. Laclie-;, ll'l' 11ill not llt'ar hat-; and gJo,·es to da\' ...


Then to p rove her good faith ~he opened her pur:,e and gave each of them a symbol of sincerity, a stick oi L'ncle W iggly's spearmint gum. l\Jr. Simmers and Mr. Sandt capered about the lawn with ~Iiss Brunner and .\! iss Sutherland, playfully throwing handful;; of grass and little pebbles at each other. A ll 11·ent well un til 2\liss Sutherland stumbled over a rock the shock of which caused the tears to course down her checks. ~Ir. Scarborough rushed up to com fo rt her with, ''l\o11· let us stop to conside r the pebbles and this very f1ne specimen of granite. And, Oh, d id you observe the moon last night, ill iss Sutherland?" "Oh! l 'm so afraid 1 sprained my ankle," cried ~Iiss Sut herland. " \\' e shall speak of that fu r t her in a moment," consoled ~fr. Scarborough. 1\lr. H abe r mann leaned against a tree, his head bent wistfu lly forward as he munched Ray J un ior\ red and white stick candy. H e was recalling tho'ie delightful days of barefoot bo:.·hood. ,\ deep sigh told of thoughts re,·erting to thosL· of a sober fat her. 2\lrs. Olson stood as though in a dream, a bright red how oi ribbon adorning her hair. :\ sparrow chirped gayly abo,·e her while she, with uptu r ned face as though to be - but no matter, there she stood longingly observing the hird while she held her violin clasped in her arms . .\ clatter of hoofs broke upon these fond reveries and illiss Gildemeister, illiss Smith and l\l iss Gage rode up on fiery, high spi rited , prancing ;;leeds. The riders were attired in ::.tunning new riding habits, creations direct from illoscow. T here was a ;;houted, " llaloo!", a clatter of hoofs as they cli~appeared in a. cloud of dust. .\Irs. Simmers, in somber black, feigned ha ppiness as she deftly balanced herself and tripped lightly along the top iron railing of the fence. :\ keen obsen'<'r, however, would ha,·e detected an occasional and carefully guarded g lance directed towards the sporti,·e Charles L. 11r. 2\lunson lay with his full length of boyish figu re sprawled upon the g rass. H e might he likened to the mighty Lincoln as he lay obse r ving t wo fri' olou~ lady bugs making love . .\f r. F rench now was seen coming briskly up the st reet, dressed in white flannels, wearing a derby and skillfully twirl ing a glistening reed cane. " W ell. I ha,·e an iclear we shall have an ideal dav. This reminds me of an apple o rchard in the spring hack in l'\1' England," ·he observed as he sa\\ the ha-,ket of delicious apples which we re to he taken along . .\ l r. l{eed sat a little apart from the rest of the group. On his face was a 11 rapt t'\pression and from time to time he hummed to himself. .\liss .\ rtz ... ncaked up behind him, unaware;;. ll er report was that he was singing ".\I I .\ lone" and that personally, ~he feared he was growing childish . . \ car drove up and 1l r. 2\la.\\\'ell stepped out \\hile ill rs. 2\laxwell remained scaled, smiling and calling jokingly to the assembled body . .\l r. .\la\wcll wa~ immaculately togged in his golfe rs and from the e\pression on his face, it was e,·idenl that he had been hurried. ''Now are we all ready?'' he inquired. Th e scene immediately turned into <l hustle of confusion. " W ait until I get my shoes on,'' c ri ed l\l r . .l\lunson. "Oh! Wh ere is H a rold?'' excitedlv asked :1\frs. Olson. "1 feel just like a sporti,·e lambkin gamboling upon the green!" e'\claimed the now huO\·ant .\Irs. Simmers . .\Ir. fl al)ermann rushed about frantically crying. " H as anyone seen Ray J unior'..; bootie?'' while 2\lr. Selle and l\liss D av is joined l\l r. Reed in ~houting \·ociferously, "Let U'i awa;·! Let u-. away:"

Just tlwn a wildly honking bu-. dri' en hy :\I r. Chri;,lenscn. who wa >- dre ~..,ed in a Pl·tcr Pan s uit , dro\'e up and in it were di;;co\·ercd the heretofore absen t facultv memb er,;. ~\Il ;;;; Grant and l\liss Grannis were perched ato p cha ntin~ , " l n the sp rin g time it would be suc h drearv weather." " l fo rgo t to Jock the do~r .'' s uddenly expos tulated :\Jr. Grimm. " H ere ' s the bootie! " called the exc it ed :\1 r. ll al>c rm ann. " i\rc there anv other announcements?" asked Mr. .:\laxwcll. By thi s time there was a general s crambling , s hO\·ing , pus hing, and jos tling to gel into the bus. l t wa s soon jammed to the d oors. There was a sno r t as the motor speeded up, a gro\\'ling of gears, and the bus lurched forward with a jerk as it :-;purl ed out from the cu rb. ..\lr . Fre nch st ood on the s t ep holdin g on with one h a nd \\'hile ,,·ith the other he wa\'ed the de r h\' and cane; the en tire hand was cheering wildly. The cheering grew fainter 'a nd fainter, th e bu s :-uddenly di-;appcared around a corner, the dust "ettl cd quietly and all was st ill .

Once, when \\'as a Child I thought that Faculty meant something . . . . . .\wful . ...... .. .... ............ .. Bu t now I ' m a . ..... .. .. ...... . Gro\\' nup a nd . l kno11· :\liste r .\ht \\\·ell a nd ..\lister French and . :\lister Owens, a nd .l\1 iss Gildcmci..,ter .\nd Mbs Ri chard s, and :\ l arn more a t

T. C . .\nd so Kow .. ... .. . . . . . . 1 know that . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . Faculty . . ... . . . ... .. .. . . . . . .... . . . . .. . ..\1 cans ;;oml'l hin g ...... .. . .. .. .

\ 'cry, ,·ery .. .. .. . ::'-lice.

. ... . .... .



HE lll:2-1 -:?.-J sc hool year has not passed withou t th e arri,·a l of a number of interesting pcr,.,onagcs into the pleasan t glare of the lime light. Furthermore, the W inona Stale Teacher~ College has not failed lo contribute a goodly number lo the ranks of the great and ncar great.

Habermann's Success Greatest The -,uccc~sfu l football sea~on brought to light seYeral persons whose piet urc,.; deserYe to he hung in the " H all of Fame." .\ mong these, Coach llabcrmann Sr., probably shou ld he awarded the grand prize of t he yea r. Ha bermann is an athletic director by profes~ion, but he is also a gre:tt man in other field s Tl i-. hobby is psycho analysis, and he has distinguished himself by hi s lectures, as an authorit:· on the subject. The Coach studied character in the Yarious jail-. and work-houses which he Yi"ited about the country and rccci' cd his training in the art of con,·incing the public at the M ad ri d Aren a, l\ l ad r id, Spain. In cidentally, Coach H aberm ann has his 1L\. ( Bunk .\rt ist) degree, and a family.

Capt. Ostrom Deserves Credit Of t he parts of H abermann's machine possibly none desen cs more c redit than docs Captain Emil Ostrom of R ead's Landing . .\ !though his s uccess a s an a t hlete was hi s greatest accomplis h ment, he also gained remarkable popularity a:- a model. Ilis grace of body, h is sweet amiable expression com bined with a dainty colo rful com plexion , and hi s soft purple eye;; made him the rage with the feminine gender. \\"hile "Firp" has not announced his plans fo r the future , we rcceiYed a good tip from a reliable source that he plans to go int o t he fish business on a la rge scale. \\' e learned from hi s compe titors that "firp" a lready controls:the fi:;h market at !{cad's L anding.

VV. S. T. C. Has Wrestlers J oe .\ lartin. a dramati~t of prominence, ha~ distinguished him~el f in more than one field of endeavor. J oe is a wrestler of me rit ll'ho hold:-; the championship belt in the hammock cli,·i:-;ion. ~ l artin came to the front in a recent match with stran~ler \ \' ampus .\! organ at a local livery stable. J oe :-;uccccded in getting three Jalb in quick ~ucet•:-;sion. The tou~h part of it happened to he that he wa~ \\:tTl u ... f"UK \ \\ "· T (. \\ RESlli'G It \\1 alwa,·-, on the bottom . .\!organ deserves more than a mere mention a-. a wrestler and so docs" Kid " \\ 'acholz. ~l or~an i:-; a leader in the Da,·cnport Class, while Bernie is a champion in the Paper \\'eight Section. c\ t the next meetin~ of the Athletic Board. \H' would lih to suggest that \He,Uing be taken up as a major sport. \\.ith \\'achoL.-:, .\! o rgan, and J\ l artin fo r ming a nucleu~, \\'.S.T.C. :-;hould ha,·e a great team.

Winona Has Two Great Musicians I n thl' Jield of music, Robert Reed and Charlie Pfeilsticke r stand sup rcmt· and un challenged. Bobbie Reed '-. -..ucccss a-. a writer of popular melodic:-; a rri' eel simultaneously with the appearance of hi" famous "after sha,·e" melod: l'ntitlcd " I t's 1\ot .\I y Barber Shop .\n: more." .\I r. Reed recei,-cd his musical training at Reed's berg, \\'is. , where he pia: ed the gas pipe in the Boys Bane!. H e later directed a hand at the Hollyhock Seminar:· (for girl,) at Hollyhock, Quebec. .\ l r. l'feil:-;licker is not a compo::.er like H.eed, hut he has become very popular as an interpreter. We know that all gn·at ::.ingt·rs pos::.c~s a line voice. The on\~· way in which Charlie differs from others i:- that he possesses four or ll\·e 'oices. This statement will not be doubted when you hear Charlie recitin~ a hit of Swiss melody from his bedroom window. It will sound like a mi-..ed quartet, but if you search the room , ) ou will find onlv Charlie. Perhaps you arc interested in knowing where Pfeil~ticker culti' a ted hi., voice:-.. Tie did it at the ~ame time he "a, culti' a ling the cabbages on hi., father\ plantation ncar \ \'aba:-.ha.

Tust Xs Versatile Like the other notables, "J{ollie" Tust has gained success 111 se\eral Jidd~. llis great drop-kicking and baskrt shooting success is closely seconded by his dramatic ability. The public was treated but once during the past theatrical season by the appearance o[ l\lr. Tust. fT c \\"as seen and enjoyed in "Sauce for the Coslings" in the auditorium last fall. "Rollie" is the president of the Junior Class and a lion among the ladies. lie is also a holdout in the 1\'ational League (kitten ball) but he will probably sign with the "Wingolcls" for another season.

A Dramatic Find .\nothcr dramatic lind of the pa~t year is Janet Curtis. "Jibbcrs" \\"ill take the part of ··Ronn:--·" in ··You and)," the Senior Clas::; Play which will he gi,-cn June third. Janet is a remarkable actress, particularly in the roles of the blu,hing damsel of fourteen summers. .\wa:--· from the stage, .:\fiss Curtis i:-. a real normal .\mcrican girl. She is\ cry fond of sporb and athletes, that is, a certain athlete with curly hair and bent legs.

Gedicher Xn Dentand For valuable scn·1ccs in bringing to the public's view the best in photography, scandal, and non"cnse, we award the diamond studded sha,·ing mug to Carl GcrJicher Jr. Gerlicher, being the ofllcial photographer of this hook, furnished us with a ,·cry fine assortment of pictures, among them, many fine group pictures of the "\'ou and I's," of this institution. lie also assisted wonderfully in lrJ-RJ.!CHlR, '1111· PlfUI(I(,I{.\l'IIIK picking up bits of scandal and other interesting items of information. The value of his work for this year's book may be better e~limated when it is known that the publishers of ll'hi::: 13allf!., The Ilol Dog, The Po/i(l' Ga:.l'llc, and sc\·eral others made Gerlicher very advantageous offers. for instance, the II' hi:. Han/!. oiTcred Gcrlicher f1ve hundred package~ of Bull Durham for the dope he had collected on ''Wee Gee" Kalkbrenner. Fortunately, Gerlicher refused to be bought.

President MaxweH In this outline of the great personages of this citadel of learning we can not fail to giYe you a little insight into the life of its President. \Ve know that Guy E. is a hear at golf, he is also a cle\Tr man on the volley ball court, but we were mo"t surprised to learn that President :'lla\.well is a genius in the field of marbles. It is a well known fact that Eugene Maxwell, the President's son, was for several years, until the a<h·ent of Willie Scarborough, son of Prof. R. J. Scarborough, the champion marble shooter of the entire city. The intere:-;ting fact about Eugene'" succ('ss is that he got hi-; training from hi-; father. :\ ::-.hort time ago ,,.e were at the ~laxwell home seeking an inten·iew with the Pre,ident. \\"e ,,·ere completely astounded to find President Guy E . .\la\.\\·ell down on hi-; knees shooting marhk,.,, out in the back yard. We did not interrupt, but stood quietly by watching the match, and anxiously awaiting the outcome. ~lr. ?llax\\"cll played superior ball. After congratulating him on his sparkling victory, we begged him to tell us the secret of his success so that ,,.c might pass on a few words of ach·ice and encouragement. The President blushed rosily and modestly replied, •·J attribute my remarkable success to my strict training rule,. To keep in good shape, f make it a point to spend at least two hour,- a day on my knee::;, and to prohibit all sorb of midnight lunches.

Literary Honors Divided Literary honors of the year are divided bct\veen .\li,.,,., Eleanor Golt~:, recently retired editor of the Bi-weekly Disappoinlcr, and ~I i:;:; :'llorillae \\"alker, the new blue pencil arti:;t of that publication. Mi~s Colt;~ is a literary genius of unusual abilit). fler de,terous ,,·ork with the blue pencil, scissors, and jar of paste, brought The ll"inonaJl well on toward the peak of perfection in the field of periodical degeneration. Gnder the guidance of l\liss Walker, ''The Low Down" has been so elcn1tcd that it is now called ''The High Up." The journalistic qualities which re' cal literary ability are found in the makeup of both :\li:;s Goltz and ;\I iss \\'alker. The primary requisite for a good editor is understanding. Both qualify in this respect. ~liss Colt~: wears an eleven E shoe, ,,·hilc l\liss \\'alkcr i:; rompl'lled to have hns tailor made. The

one other important characteristic 11 hich the writer of editorials must po~~c~~ is a literary appearance. Bc~idc:- po~~c~~ing a \'acanl stare denoting "nobody home," an editor ~hould wear gla,.,~c,. CnCluestionably, we could find no finer c:-;amples of adaptability to a profl'~sion than arc found in the:-e t11 o artisb of



P:rofesso1r OwellliS, Diver ·ow, ladic,.; and gentlemen, we haYc ~aYed what we think is the mo-,t interesting hit of intimacy for the la:;t, and hope to ~urprise you by ren·aling the information that the n~~erl'ed Prof cs-.or ()" Ctb i-. a great fane~· din:r. ~lr. Owen:, in recent ) ears ha,; confined hi:; talent to the pri1·acy of his immediate family , hut we learned from hi~ son \\'illiam, that Professor Owens used t o he kno11 n as "Fearless Bil l Owens of the Big Splash \\'ater Circus." To he certain that we were gelling the correel dope on ;\lr. Owens' pa-.t. IH' rc1·icwed a great number of BillI"E\RI.I ss BILL 0\\l:\ ~ boards and found that all that thl' hov had told u, wa-. true. ~[r. 0\\ctb had large writcups 111 nearly cn·ry issue of that magaz ine for a period of tiftecn years. The is~ue of June 1BOO contained a complete biograph_, of the diYer with hi~ picture on the co1·er. Thi, wa:- po~sihl_v "ritll'n whil!' Owens was at the :-.ummit of his di1·ing career. l n reading later is~ues. we learned that ~lr. Owens wa s ~e,·erel: injured when he missed the lank and struck his head on the pavement. The pa1ement wa-. not ;,criou::;l:· impaired. No more could he found in any of the later is-.ues to tell us how Owen~ survived the fall. .\t any rate , we kno\\· that he is making a succes~ in the field of psychology, so the accident was probably all for the i>l'st. Ko doubt you will all agrel' that \ Jr. Owens desen·es a ring -.id<· ">!':tl al thl' ron\'ention of notables.

[ON;} ~

SPEED ... , .....KINGS ...


"fLAT " l~




J~~ ~ fi!ovR liKe Nurmi wears a uJ r [sf w at c h. •


~--- ~OSr


Students At lrion1e \\ ill temperature n~e if 1·ou put n·a~t

i Ill 0 i l? J ut~ "Thi~

Curtis (in L it., ~troking his chin ) is thl· iorest primc1·al."

ll errings arc like gran; l' arcl~ hones.

full of

Some bologna makns put pepper in their irankfurter:-- to make the hot dogs !Jilc.






L. Clean "The Dr. told Ill(' that ii f didn't ~top ,moking, f' d hl· hali 11ittcd . " J . L .1 nch " \\.hy didn't _1·ou stop?" Jc:--~ic



told us in H ygiene that the nm:-, ild in Chisholm.

Dru ggist "Did 1·ou kill all thl' moth~ wit h the moth h alls I "old vou~" 1' . Bannon " ~o . 1 sa t up all night hut didn't hit one." li e


" D o \ ' OU care ii 1 smokl·?'' '' \' ou can burn for all me."

Young :\lan " I wi,h to "l'l' :\!iss Conklin." \l i"" L l'll'i" ":'lli,.,s Conklin is l'ngagcd now.'' \ 'oung :\Ian " \\' ell, 1 don't care, ] don't want to marn her." (;. l' ut nam " H ow much arc th ose plums?'' Sto r e K eepe r " IOc a peck." G. P utnam - " \\'h at do ! ou think l am, a b ini:." Coal

" II ad 1·our tron toda1 ?'' "Yep. I \ e been



College Calendar SEPTE~ l BER ·I



I ~.


School began. .\ 11 door~ and window~ opened so that all might sec l'ITrything in t he new building. ~ l i.\Alp party for a ll. " W ee Gee" go t mi\cd up at the pa r ty and abo in di rections. H e forgot whe re he wa~ ~laying. Old students directed new students around the city, showing them places w here they could )!;O and especially places whe re they had bette r not go. "Dcfcn:,;e Day" exercises du ring chapel. The J uniors heard, before coming to chapel, that ther e were t o be defense day exercises so came prepared 11ith club,.., hammer,., and ~tones, and "Rolly" Tusl c1·cn brought his ~ding ~hot.



Talk by ~ l r. R a~· H abermann. The la~t of !I abcrmann's talks when he 11asn't "Senior." J essie Beaton had a date. 0 to 0 F irst football game of season played at L a Cros:;c.


·1. (i.

II. II. 1~. ~I .

·>·> ~I.

:.!.i. 21.

\\' c beat Stout in a dose game, :l t o 0 . " Bette r S peech for Heller Ame r icans" speec h in chapel. \\'.S. T .C. s\\'amped H aml ine, II to 0. Gerald H uston and Babe Burns became closclv associated. \ l anka t o game. \\'e won a clo~c game again,() to 0. J oe Leckne..;s had his l e~son in Penmanship. Grea t e1·e nt: Bettv Bossharcl came to ..,chool 11 ith a new hat on. T ust ..,,ll·ed the dav. \\' c heal Roche,..tc r () to 0. Spooks! Senior class entertained at a l l allo\\'e'cn pa r ty. \linncapolis Symphony Orchestra at Coll ege H all.

NO \ 'E:-. I U E R I nteres t ing mu~ical ta lk b~· J\ l r. ( ; ri mm. ,\ lit he girb were muc h inlcrc~led . .i. "Sauce fo r th e Coslings" was "sauce" for the stude n ts also. (i-S. (;lorious holidays. ~l.E .A. S. C a mpion College 0, W inona :~-1. I~:\Ir. Owens got reckless and gave ~c' era I I OO's in p~ychol ogy. l.i. Great day. Homccomin~. St. Cloud defl'a t cd by a ~core I~ to I, \V.S.T.C. therch:• gaining championship honors. Jl. "Enoch .\rden" came to u,;, assi~led by :\ !iss Tht~·is and :\Irs. H illyer. :l.

HI. •)·)


.\nne l'opoYich ::-.tarted dieting for her ThanhgiYing dinner. Junior High Club entertained the College at a Thanksgi\'ing party. ~lr. Selle informed ~Ir. Ostrom that ThanksgiYing \'acation did not begin until the 20th. The long looked for vacation begins.


I. fi.



1.1. 1i.


Winter term begins with all stud ents trying to work hard. .\t the dedication of the new gymnasium, W.S.T.C. defeated Stout J nstitute in a close and fast game, 1/ to IIi. Christmas party gi,·en by the Dramatic Club and the ~lcndels~ohn Club. EYen the Santas were there. In the last minute of play. Hamlinc decided to call the game theirs by a safe margin, winning with a sco re of :!-l to 1~. The studenb connrsed "·ith the unknown planets through Prof. Scarborough. Christmas carob were ::;ung at the Poor Farm. Some of the song~ters didn't know whether to slav there or return to the Dormitory. You sec, the Christmas hills were coming in. 1\ lu ch excitement. Vacation begins.


/'.. I 0. 1·1. IIi. :!:~.

:!li. ~0.

3 1.

College work resumes with some studenb prolonging their \·acation. :\largaret Curtis lost a pound of flesh but didn't know where. Eau Claire was swamped by a score of .J 1 to 1:!. Bertha D"·cllc fell on the icc. The ice wa~ ju~t ~lightly damaged. Chinskc made the winning shot in the Rochester game, giving \\'.S.T.('. a not her Yictor\' :?:~ to :!0. :\lankato lost. :3.J to :!-l. ~cw work begins. E\'eryone is inspired but the inspirations didn't last throughout the week. St. Cloud won :!0 tolD, at St. Cloud. \\'.S.T.C. made up for the lost game the night before and IJcaL ll amline :!S to 2G.



Chinske slept during chapel. Question was: \\'here was Eddie the night before? Chorus was enlightened with a bass solo by Joe ~!arlin. buL no one knew it was a solo until it had been announced.

li. !l. 1:!. 1:~ .

I li.

l!l. :! I. :!.->. :!li. :!7.


.\ special train took \\' inona boosters to Rochester. The game will long be remembered as a thriller, Rochester "inning:~.) to:~ I. Joe Streiff wore a loud pair of red socks to keep his feet a\mkc. l'\o school! Lincoln's birthday. .\ nother victory fo r \\'.S.T.C. ".\Iankato lost :t.? to 10. Donald Clark had his Psych. lesson . J ohn Lynch demonstrated in the Penn. room how nice he cou ld slidt• with his new shoes. T he K indergar tners. en tcr t ai ned t he college ch ildren at a grownup pa rty. Louise stepped w ith someone other than Eddie. "Only:~~." The W eno nah Players' talent was displayed. Tn an extra pe riod of play, St. C loud won :!:~ to lU. The last of the month.


0. J 7. I H. :! I .

:!:L :!.-). :!7.


\ RC H

Term ends and vacation begins. .\ II students come back refreshed and begin the spring term with a little spring fever. Everybody found everyo ne else \vait ing for someo ne. Fi rst day of sp ring. Ph ysiologica l lecture. E veryone looked his teeth ove r afte r t he lecture. Fl o;·d Kelson rendered a piano recital to the seats and himself in tht gym . \\' a ll y :\ [organ came to school with a new smile on. ;),li I !i,OOO seconds left of school.

.\ PR ! L I. I. li.

\l. 10. II. i(i.

:!0. •)_ .).



.\ ll fools fool each other. Egg eating bet. Ask Burkholder for particulars. .\ nnual nearing completion . One could tell that hy the excited ,\! eLrod and Gerecke. Catherine T h ompson chosen by the stude n ts to represcn l Alma ..\ 1aler. ..\l ost overwor ked s t udents went home for Good Frida\·. Easler logs we re see n all around. \' era .\ hrens entertained four youn~ men l>y ~iving them a ride. T rack men a rc hard at work. Primary party. Real kid-like. \\' alte r Busch missed the ,;econd slq>. The result was crash ing. ..\f cLeod and Gerccke looked a~ t hough they had noth ing to do l>ecau~c the annual had gone to press. They missl·d their work greatly.

:'If \ y I. I. '· I :2. I H. :20. :2:~.

:2.i. :2i.

:w. :{I.

I. :~.


Grand ru~h to the bluff!' for :\Ia\' Rower~. Senior Cl<b~ Pia\' hard a l '' ork. "Ru:;ty," a cartoonist, graces the school. D onald Clark wa::; a ! way~ seen around the art rooms and he doesn't draw. .\ l ay Fete. .\ lice l'.jerner passed the remark that she wa, so glad school was almost O\'Cr. We wondered whv. The :\l cndcb,.;ohn Club agonized an audience with a program. Pfeilstickcr starl:i to usc 13andolinc. fl is nearing graduation, and hi,.; hair, like his feel. won't beha\'l'. Spring feYer is e\·idcnt C\ ery whl•rt·. Decor a lion Day exercises. Commencement sen·ircs found ('\'l'f\' Senior rdip;iou,; .

.\ II Seniors, by mark indications, hope to graduate. E Yeryonc prepares for the end. Senior Class P lay entitled "You and 1. " :\ lumni Reunion and Hanquct. Commcncenwnt.

\ II i, on·r.

A Perfect Girl Should Have I. •)

:L I.



'. s. \).


II. 1:!. I:L II.

Jane Shaw's eye::-. Ro,.;clla Dietz', compll'\ion. Jessit Beaton's smile. Janet Curti::,' curly hair. F rances Emmert's ahilit ,. to dance . Eleanor Goltz\ ,·ocabulary. Kathern Gruber',; athletic ability. Cecelia Kowalcska's dramatic al> ilitv. Esther \ \ 'ctzel';; sense of humor. Ella Bemis' ,·oice. :\ I uric] :\l cycr's ability to play the piano. Blanche Struxncss' wit. Catharine Thomson's way of displa:-·ing charms. Helen Bczdichek's ability to play the ukc and trombone.

PEDAGOGICAL OFFSPRINGS Dean's Son Applies Military Tactics to Boxing Richard ()a,· i~ Gih~on, ~on of the Dean of :\fen, entertain-, a fancy fo r the milita ry. I n a practiCl' bombardment one en·ning Dicky tossed a jardiniere on Daddy Gih~on',; head and brought hostilities to a close. The Red Cro-;,.; nurse, :\Irs. Gih"on, wa-; called in and both comhatanh were retired to the inli r man·. H ot towd~ ''ere applied to the Profes~or\ injured cranium, and a warm hair brush t o the ho) ·,.,. Dicky'~ parenb arc now attempting to get him intere-;led in po litical science, but since beginning to read the sport page-, he has de,·eloped an interest in ring strateg: and Yery ,oon plan" to apply his acquired military knowledge to the technique oi boxing.

Ray Jumuior Gives Psycho-anaJ ysis tlh.e Go-by Examine the home portrait oi the Ray H abermann-,. The gentkman on the right i.., the Papa. But thl· dominant charann in the lancl~capc i~ Ra\' Edward J unior. I n an in ten iew we learned that the hoy wa..; perfectly happ y, l'\'l·n I hough the neighbors \\Tre not. Tic i:- cldinitely interl'sled in phy:-ical cll'\·elopmcnl, likes khkctball, and has al rea<h· mastered the chest shot and the bounce pass. E xamination oi the child's toe and oi the chandeliers ren:aled that he abo ha-; the po~­ -;ihility of becoming a great kickl·r. .\ 11 of this plea..,e-; his father gn·atly. while his mothn wishes he \\ould take an intnest in charactt: r analogy. I n a hrid conlidential talk with Ray J unior, he 'tated that he \\a-;n't scriou,.. about at hlctic..; except ior gaining a little iame and a girl in college. H e :-aid he wa-; certain he wantl'cl to l.Jc a deterti\ l'.

William Shows Talent With Hammer and Saw \\"illiam Jennings is coming along line an indu~trial artist. lle has done ~ome beautiful carving on the furniture around the house. The hoy also enjoys metal work, particularly beaten brass and copper work. H e has redone the family kitchen utensils in fine style. I foweYCr, he has shown more definite progress along militan· line~. He has gained marked perfection in marksmanship with hi~ pop-gun and carries his sword well. \\'hen asked, he admitted that hl' was going to he a General in the IH' \t war. a~



BAXQGET did ;\lary Grant for Torhl, Sunde. \\'ith Beth to Boss and GcneYieYe to Cook there had hl·en no opportunity for ;\lildred to l\larr, no danger of Burns b:· Elizabeth, and nothing by Leola Chard. Although Helen made 1\oycs and Lone did H ammer, Walter was Grimm and ;\lildrcd -:\foocly, Orpha did Love it. Before the pic was opened \Ye did choost• NeYa King and :\lice Kai~er. The pie \las declared to be by Arthur, (;rcen, by Annie, Gra:· . and by Rosemar: , \\'hite. ".\ 11 of you arc color blind for it i~." <;aid Irene, ''Brown." Declared Lois, "\\'right." The tilling was conceded to be by \'era, lkrry and h: \'t·rnice, Rice. It pron~d to he, as thought by H elen. Grau". The nust Ill' abo did comment upon. It was thought to be hy -:\filclred. \\'ood, h.' Ruth, Bohn, hy \lela, \\"hctstone, and by .\lary, Graham. Two opinions did we fail to comprehend, for Arthur spoke French and Cent•,·a Lattin. This made Catherine Boylan and she called in disgust. "Erwin, Selle it." .\ t this Joseph started a StreifT which wa s quelled by Je-.~ie Heaton 'im. ln the confusion did )largarel Tripp, and when \\·e sa\\· Burkholder, oh, wasn't the look upon ~laric Blank! Said Ella, "~ lan n , T wish someone would open the pie!" "\'es,come," said Leola, "Sample it." Thereupon she gaye ~ lir iam II err ,;han·. ''ITurry up, gi,·c me a \\'edge, " Clarence said. E:o.claimcd Hannah, "\\'eisman, see Eleanor St owe her pie away!" Said ~Iorillae, "\\'alker out !" Cried Eula, "l\Ioore.' ' Ans wered GeneYa, ''Smab_v it':-. all gone." Shouted Jane, "Shaw."

Our Roman tic Sports IRLS~

for in the a young man's fancy turns to loYe or to track. The G two sports arc identical in so man:· ways that the boys will bear watching. Trainbeware of the boys who wear spiked shoes and who pound the cinders, ~pringtime

ing in one is preparation for the other. Both sports arc instincti,·c and call for sensori-motor activity. In loYe, words must flow rhythmetica ll y on without conscious ct1ort. Tn track, the fel'l must moYe ceaselessly on long aitcr all conscious control has been expended. Time for breath is limited in either. lf ca rried to excess, both sports arc liable to produce cardiac derangement. Symptoms of over-training are : a waning of the appetite, a sleepy appearance, a wandering recitation , a \'aca nt stare, and general absentmindedness. There i~ nothing more stimulating in either sport than keen competition. Caution is thrown to the winds, and the opponents dash recklessly forward. Both activities require a certain amount of coaching from the sidelines, in one case, a dean; in the other, a coach. I n college, one sport is organitcd, the other recognized. Instructors have a definite schedule for rehearsals. l n order to a void conflicts, one is usually scheduled after school, the other in the evening. Training rules must he strictly obeved. ] n one, the diet is watched, and in the othe r it is wanting. Onions do ~ot appear on eithe r menu. Time is recorded by the "stop watch," and the gun is usually the starting :-.ignal in either case. I n track, it is fired by an official starter, and in romance, by an ofT1cious father. Starters arc limited to blank cartridges because the h int is always taken. Certainly speed is an essential factor in eithe r branch. Close followers of either sport pay little attention to the first two or three laps, for they know that the contestants are saYing the great d riYe for the final lap. \'ictory in one is rewarded hy precious rings and a triumphant trip to the alter; in the other, by cheering from the grandstand and by gold medals. W inners in either sport u~ually hoard letters and pictures to reYi,·e their memo ries in futu re years. Folks do not blame the contestants, even though they seem to be wasting their energy . l t is a worthy usc of leisure time. Girls, better turn back to the track p icture and p ick your winner. H is training has been thorough. Since the sports a r c so similar, any one of those gaunt, energetic, shifty looking fellows could be remodell ed into an ideal romancer on twenty-four hour::. notice . .\ nd boys, the girl..; arc talking of ha,·ing a track team another year. \\' ith the preparation trark would gi,·c them fo r similar sports, what would we do, outnumbered eight to one? Oh well, remember what they said about Solomon.

A t ip of the hat, Or a lap of the track, .\ re means to the Yery same end, Be the pace not too fa;.t And they stick to the last, No heartstrings there'll be to mend.

April Fool . \ ('T




The "cene is a darkened li\·ing-room in the Baumann re~idcnce. The time is 1:00 P.X., ~l onday e\·ening, .\p ril I. I!J:!:>. Pill i\. Baumann enters. 1 le is tall, ha nd some, and only sl igh ti_Y pigeontoed. \'ou will kno\\ as ~oon a~ ht· speab that he i' in Jon·. The pneuma! ic tread of the flat feel slop. Pill lll!l please . . . Right . . . l 'd like to ,;peak to ~liss Shaw. please . . . . Thank you . . . . Did 1 tear you away from your dinner? Good, you need to redu ce. l think 1'1 1 call eYery L'\·ening at se\·en. An hour in wh ich to eat is long enough for anyone. H a~ ITa! (There is a brief s ilen ce which i,; b roken by the arri,·al of another th ought. Pill has been trying to get an :\pril foolcr on J ane, hut ha-; failed consistently. Y c,; , did you hear that :\li s~ R ichard,; \\'as letting the g irls go out tonight? Suppo~e \\·e go to a siH>\\. ( Brief sil ence, J a n e must he saying some thing. ) Oh~ ah~ uh~ yes, tha t'll he line . . . . Yl'S, . . . 1'11 hurry . . a h . er . . g'hy. Pill hurries aero;;~ the room and turns on the light. \\' e notice hv the expre'-:.;ion on his Yi~age that something is bothering him. He looks about the room, then da;;hes upstairs. li e return s quickly with a ~a\ings hank in hi" hand. H e shakes it to get an idea of its contents. IJ e lays it on the table and hats out. li e re-enters wi th a hammer, p icks up the hank and g iHs it the final once OYer, place::. it on the brick floor in front of the lireplan· and a ll ows the hammer to drop forcibly upon it. lf e picks up the coins \\ hirh appear to hL· largely pcnnie;;, and counts them. ( li e fin ishes aloud. ) S-l-~.-) - ~(i, thank good ne,;s~ Tow to tm de them for some money. ( U e picks up the rl'mains of t hl' bank an d hi s tool, turns off the light and goes ou t. ) Curtain

\\'hitfords . .\n assortment of men and maids are seated about the front part of the ston·. The \ 'ictrola is humming " \\' ho'" Sorry Now,'' while Cleary i, furnishing h_\ play hy drinking a milk-,hake. \\' e do not hear much of the ~ong. Baumann l'ntc rs. Gtrlhhl'r Shaw ju~t left. P ill is absorbed in removing the pennies from hi,; pockeb. Pill \\'hi t, can you gi,·e me ,;ome mone:· for thc,;e pennit·,~ ll'hil !low much? P ill Eig hty- ti\·e cenb. Spt'lll't'r · ll ow can J ane get out tonight?

Grrlirhrr Robbed the kid',_ hank. ~ l ust h:1H a elate. (Choru" of laughter from the crowd. ) \\"hit c-.:amines the till. ll"hit Ckary, did you pay for that milk ~hakt·? Cleary Ko. (To Lynch ) IfaYe you got a dime? Pay for this. ( Lynch renigs and \\'hit giHs Baumann eigllty-fiYe cents for the pennies. Pill does not bother to count the money hut throws it into his pocket and tears out. ) .">pcii(W- lf ow does that guy rate a <bte on ~ l onday night? Whit i:; counting the pennies. ll" hit Darn that Baumann , there are only eighty-four cents here. (The gang gi,·e~ Whitford the merry ha-ha as the curtain falk )


.\ cr ·> Back \·arc! of the Baumann re-;idence. Pill i-; busy wa:;hing the car to obtain cash with which to re-imbu rse hi,. ,.i.,ter C'atllt'rinc. Catherine enters. Catherine ~ l amma said ,·ou ,}wuld take out the ashes when YOU get that done, and Pitt .\ w, gel tired! Cathrrinc .\ nd you ha,·e to get me a l1l'\\' hank, too. f>ifl li ang it, get out of hen·. Curtain



Classified Advcrtisen1ents \\".\:'\TED .\ :-ccond hand oil ~ tm·c, suitable for light hou,..ekeeping 111 the student actiYit 1 room. E. (; ol L~. · \\', \~TED

The latest inlt'ntion hair tonic. John Sm a.

\\ \ :-.JTEI> Five thousand has,; singers to ,..upplcment our ,.;pecial choru~. \\'. Grimm.



\\'.\NTET> School management at I J> • .\1. instead of at :{ J> •.\1. Preferahlv not at all. Tl o11 arc! Obon. \\'.\.\"TE () .\ life hi-., ton· of" King" Cole for historical purpo~es onlv. Senior Cia,;,.._ · \\'.\~TED

.\ good looking t'hauffcur. .\ l u,;t he able to dril'l' a Dodge car. .\lore a matll'l' of right man tlnn salary. .\ I opportunit). .\ppl_v to Etta Chri ...ll'lhcn. J~ural Dept.

\\'.\NTED .\fore young men to get ... carlct fe1·er so that l may get mort• telegrams in the cla-<sroom. .\lust be so ll'orded that the1 11 ill gill' a good thrill. lh·lt'n I rigall:-.. \\' .\~TED

.\young man ll'ho ran accompany me to and irom panics, carry me o1·er mud pucldh-,;. buckle my o1ershoc~. open and :-.hut my locker, etc. Education not lll'Ces,..~tr), but succe..;:-;1\d applicant mLr-.t under,..tand hi:-- :--uhject. K. CruJ,er

\\'.\::\TED Someone to snve a:; a model for 1111 art 11 ork of nt'\t 1·ear. .\lust ha1e 'curl\· hair, large ·reet. and a \'acant ;tare. .\ILr,..t ht· a good "mixer." H annah \'anger. \\' .\ .,J'E [) Someone ll'ho can run a tvpe1Hitn ll'ithout ol'erhcating it. l{ecause of the danger from tire, applicant mu,t limit her--elf to one hundred ll'orcls jH'r minutt·. Till' Editor.

\\'.\ 'TEU .\ joh suitable to intellect and training. ,\pply at once before \'OU arc too late. Ed die R.


.\n assistant business r_nanager who has heen inoculated lor mumps. l\one othn need apply. In in Gcrccke.

I:\ FOlDL\TlOK \\'.L TED To the Facult1·: \\'hen ll'ill I recein· my diplonia irom \\".S .'f .C.? Leo Clean·.

FOR S.\LE Joerg. FOR S.\LE Editors.

~I: popularit:.



Jerome nen cs.

1-'0R S.\ LE .\11- 1·ast amount of k noll'll'dge 11·hlrh no one appreciate-,. Tom Gilsdorf. ;-,I() RJ-:\\".\RD For information leading to the identity of the student or faculty member ll'ho appropriated the t: pe 11 riting tai>ltfrom the ~tudent acti1·it1 room. Finger prinb can be furnislied upon request. I n·in Gnecke. I\OTICE .\11 person;; 11ishing to join the .\ rt Club for nc:-.t year ,..Jwuld apply to the honorary president at once. Donald Clark. I\OT ICE A ~ew Course in llal l 1-'us,..ing: \ "en· skillfully conducted. Two hour, ·per day: Eligible-,: Onlv those :-tudenb ll'ho ha1·c tlur1ked or \\'ant to flunk. Open to both hoy,; and girb in equal number,... Send application,., to .\I iss Florence Richard~ at once.




1 of';

Opposi te Y . l\1. C. A.

Discount to all Students

~~~~~<if~ GOOD



WI NO ' A, MIN ' ,

"Good ( ·a 11dy is C:ood f or I' 1111 ..

For the Nt•cllillgs at Il omc -







J 0%- J


IT. D. FOSS & CO., Inc.

In J\ l orc Than 11 ,000 E1-cning TRY




!Vinona' s Only

h .

Yot: 'u




I r.

Zeches & Garry

.\ splendid place to spend your leisure hours Special ::\fembership for i\ on- Resident Studcnb. Lob by privileges only ;..;:).00 .\ YE.\R Fifth and John son Streets

Special No ti ce to T eac hers College Stud ents Thl· Bc,l of 1·: , cr~ thin~-: at the Ri~-:ht l'riq I li)!h <. radc Cah·,;, Pie.;. ('ookk,.;, ll nmt• \l;uk Candi,·-. l'op torn and Soda,.

C \:\DlL S, In: CR E .UI. .::\L\<;.\z" Es SoFT DRl:\1-.:s, ETc. 1.">1 \V . ·Hh St.

BARBER SHOP "If :.•r ran'! rio it.


one wn"

Bohhing IT air a Special ty

TIL\LDORF & ROCKO\\' l.il Main Street

.;.;:l lluiT St.

It is our bu,im·,;s to


YO U R n:-. J.1un:s



H u!T

\\ 'oR~o..


Holden's Pharmacy Can co1·cr all you r needs in S'L\ T ION'ER Y, PERFI.j ~IES and TOILET A. RTI CLES Giu Cs




Room in Southern :r.Jinncsota

\\' arm in \\'in ter

Cool i n Summer

F ..\ . 11.\:\ll ~ lU\ I K , Ti l f~ O. P.\ RT L O\\', l' r<'i "· F. \ . J!.UII ~ RN I K, ,\!gr.

10:1 I o.-,

\\'. :l rrl

\\ inona, ,\I inn.





Ed. Sachlcr, Prop.



Hurn' Back Recreation Par1or

UFE J)lSliRA)lCE of ;\lilwau kce The Dirident!-Paying ComfM"

nf . 1 »H:'IC(J

0. F. H liRLfNGA;\l E lllSTR l CT \!a:.\'T

10:3 Ex change llldg.

Wino na, Min n.




So1 o J3y


SPORTS.\L\.\i's 1-l E.\OQL'.\RTERs''

10\1- 111 East Third Street

\\'1:\0•. \ , .;\ll


THE '\1 11 'OHJ..,



CO i\lP:-\~Y

FRO:\! 00. \:\" TO OCt-:.\.:-. Bosro:--, ::\"111 Ill f.., ('ou \Jill s, 1-.. 1:--s1s

l<.o, ('Jn, '"'''"I, 0\J..L\:\ll, ~\lo'\I'RF.\1., Tf \IJILTO,, " "'ll'J.(,, \\'-COlIER



\I PillS





l>rink ~.

Fan rv


City Laundry


and .\ppl'li zing L uncheon:-.

The Butterfly

The Grill

IIi( \\"esl Third St.

Td. 1'-.!l

J\lahlkc's Fine Bread

.\ . W. Briggs

'' J!adc Beller ll' if/1 Butter'' \\'inona's Leading Cafe Ill \\'. Third St.

\'' inona Baking Co.



I I <<'I'


,\ lorro



«·ill gl'l it.

Oppo,.itt· ;\lore: ll all

;\ I R. 1>. :\1.

~\\I I·\ I \ ,


McCONNON'S FI , \\OIU\c;:-, SPJl'I·S. I'I·.RFl \II.S, So\PS, T()ILVI

P ()\\IHR.


I'1E F11 UR, B.\KI\C


ilt·,.t (juality. large quantilit·,;, rl'a-.onabk prict'' J/ !llllt/at"!uring l'lta/'11/tlt isis

\ri ::\OX.\.


:.u ~x I ·:~ err.\

it with F!owerJ FRO.\!

S I EBIU.Cif'l"~

Siebrecht Floral Co. Flm\ t r" Tl'll'gra pht·d E\'l'rywhL·rt•

YOL' \\'ILL \L\\' .\YS

.-),..., \\ l'S(





1:\' CO.\TS. SL'ITS, I>RESSES . \~D \\'.\I STS \ I

5~ ·

51 West 3':.."St. Winorlil Minn.

T hl' Stort' that Sell~ lhl' Bt'"t for ju;.t a Litllt' Lt'""

Third St.


Ll ~ E

OF BU LI >lNG .\1.\TER L\L

\ \'l' make our

0\1' 11

Shop \\'or\

Especially ,,·ell equipped to furnbh manual training material \\'inona,

l'hoJH' fi!)()




rhe hl'st that D!ER I C.\:\ BRICK


t•an hu~ ._,\\1'-;S C\R\\\'\\'


.\ll'ST \Ril S\\ ISS hk your ~ler rha nt.

If ht c annol supply you.




Winona, Minn.

\\'I!O L ES.\ 1.1·: I HSTR IIll'TORS

()uality and Scn:icc

W m. Rademacher \\'ll OL ES.\L E & RE T .\! L

Springdale Dairy

1> R L'GG l ST

Company \ II LJ:.;. & CRE.\\1

.-,n \\'. Second


\\' 1~0~

\,\ I I'\'\,

Phone ri:!ri


The TEMPLETON Co. Third and \\' inona

\\'lKOI\ .\.


Phone .i:!/

Contplinzents of Winona Clearing House A ssociation T ilE \VI !\OKA N .\TTON .\L B.\N K

F I RST TRCST & S.\\'lX<; S lL\NK DEPOSIT BA:KK AXD TRUST CO. \ LERCH.\NTS ll.\XK FIRST .1'\.\TION:\L B r\!\ K 1\1 ERCHANTS TRUST C0;\1PANY \\" 1 '0 ·.\ S.\ \"l.NG S 13.\X K

STUD Ji:N·rs PHOTOGRAPH S ~:!_.-,()



in Folder:;

Priewert Studio THE STl.JDENTS PUOTO S il O!'

H e rbert Auto Supply

Ziegenfuss Bros.


\\'holesale - Retail ~I E.\T ,\f.\RKET



I :.?1 E. Third St.

\\'in ona,

~ l inn.

Pac kin g !Louse and Sausage Factory \\'e Grind Bone~ for Chicken Feed ·177 \\'e:;l Fifth Street

Ji'ndsay Studio 1'/wloKraphs of f)islinrlion


Special Pri res to Studenh

ll!i- IIS \\' r~l Fourth S t.



Our Business to Repair Your Shoes \\" e D ouble Their Life

Winona Business Co llege I '\('OR PO R .\ T I·: I)

For Specialized Com mercia I Education

A. M. Bard .-,:!.-,

H ufi St.

Schroth & Ahrens


\\'r ile, Phone or Call

Thorn Grocery

\I\:\ l ' F .\C'Il' RERS O F

C) C. \ LLTY

Sash, D oor~. Blinds. ~l ould i ngs, Srrrrn:-, Frames, Stairw o r k and General ~Jill \\' o r k




.iOO Hull S l.


I ~~

The ParisitlJJ

Winona Insurance Agency


TR \" Ol" R I\OON T> .\ \"

R ELI. \B LE l i\S l" R.\~CE

C. \~I>IE S


OF .\LL KI NDS \\' e h andle :\l agazirw~



and School Supplie,;

l·:\change Building

\:-.JT> :\IR S. \\"III T FOR () P hone /0:.!


SPR I :\G \\'. \ TER. C II\(;E R .\ LE .\I\[) C.\RBOI\.\ TED BEYER .\ GES Bn'IIJ.J:Il



D .\ L l l: S P R 1N G W .\T E R CO .

Dr. R. B. LeMay

Ph one /1)0


Star Shoe Shining Pa rlor

llocto r of Dental Strrgl'l"_\

& Repair Shop

Choate Bldg.

lla' e.' our ~hoes repaired by u,;. \\' e do lirst clas!" work. One da \' ,;en·ice . . \ bo dve and clran Suede :-h.oes.

\\' . N . S.. '()I , '()/

"l"' oi \1 inn . . 'I I


~la in


\\' i nona, \I inn.

l /-



( J









./ '






/ ""

-~ WHYv ~t}T TEA-tsH? .~ .. ./~

\ )


I '

~t\lh att

....,. ..., /






. -


Other Vofation Ofrcrs { ou J . L~EE TR .\ Nf0.'G · T AS S~U R E D P 0 S l '1' 10 N ..; INCRft:ASI~G SAI ,.\1{\:. l~ 'l' E(J.~J"l: C 'l ' U . \1 , GR()\\' 'l ' I-f and CRE.\TER OI>J>ORTLT~ITY FOR SERVICE - "

~ ......< z,

Winona State Teachers

College ofFers Courses for TEACHING POSITIONS SLTPER\'lSIO~ -- GR .\Dl l: s or SPECL\L SC H.J ECTS TRA~SFER to U0Jl\Tl l: RSITY or PROFESSION .\L SCilOOL This Teachers College offers a general and vocational educational at smaller expense to the student than any other higher institution of learning "I \; l l FO R C \ T \ LOC; \'\1 > " l'l'lll '\ I LI FL Hl ' I. I. EII'\








We do Pleating, Accordion, Box, Knife, etc. All work called for and delivered.

DRY CLE.\ 1'\ERS, DYERS .\ NO IL\TTERS 119 Eas t Third Street

WI '0'\/A, l\T J:-.ir-;.




Royal Confectionery


:hd . St .

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Associati o n of Co mm e rce o f Wi no na, M inn. llrishes to Extend G reeting.r tZIUI Be.rt lVishes to tl1e Stu dmts a11d Famlty ~l tl1e 1/'illOIIIl State Teacher.r College l lcn ry B. Kline Dr. Koch \ "t.·gt"tah!t: '1\·a Cu. S. S. 1\:rest-:c Company ~ Irs. ll .. \ . ~ I iller ~ I i ll e r \ ( ;rocery .\ llyn S .•\ ! organ J\lu rphys Departmen t Store j . C. Pen ny Company Gco. H. l'let kc \\" m. Rademacher Reese Furnitu re Com pa ny Schaller Cleaning \\'orks R . Schoenbeck L. E. SpelL< Spurgeon :\l ercantile Company Stager J ewdry Store J ohn \"on R ohr \\'cstnn Crai n & Coal Com pany The \\' illiams Hook Storl' The \\' illiams Company \\"inona l·:lcclric Construction Co. Winona l la rdwarc Com pany The \\"inona Stea m Lau ndn F . \\" . \\'oolwort h Company \\'ruck & (; ales

Bailey & Bailey Baker & Stti n bauer B & [) Shoe Sto re .\ !fred Hcinhorn :\I rs. ::\lolly R. Brown Edwin .\. Brown Brunswick & Hurry Back Bill iard P arlor I I. Choate & Company Helen .\ . Cichanow,;ki Colonial .\ musemcnt Compa ny R. D. Conl' Company Consumers Icc & Fuel Co. The Continental Cloth ing Compan y Dotys Ladies Ready to \\"ear Federal ll aker~ Chas. \\". (;raai The Crill \\' m. ::\T. Tl ard t Con H ei nl7. ll cnry & Frank's D airy Lu nrh ( ;eo. Ilillycr Fu rnit ure Co. H irsch Clothing Compa ny W inona & I'ark II oteb llofTman & Wil kinson l ntcrsta te .\l !'rcantile Compan~· Jones & K rocgrr Compan~



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Winona Association of Confmerce, f'


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(} IourcJlnnual J i~ our Jlnnual Our interest in the success of your book, ts reflected in the idea, layout dummlJ and

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Electric Light and Po\ver Service C L E.\:K -

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ECO:KO~flC. \ L

Call us on your light and power job~. \\' e can gi\T you prompt and reliable -;enire \Y E SE LL A ::\11> S ER\' ICE E \ ' ER Y TIII ~G ELECT R I C.\ L

Wisconsin Raihvay, Light & Power Company 1'11 0~ lo.

i'!l East Third St.


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Clark & Clark 1:\Sl"R.\ XCE ALL"'\'"N s.~IonG.~"'

Since ISO:? the ~ l organ J e\l'elry Shop h as steadily increased it::; patronage by rendering to e\·ery customer a

Sincere Ptrsonal Stn•i(('

Wanted Sale..;mcn and Salesladies to '-l'll

1'-0 C'II PRO I> l"CTS

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.J E\\. EL ER O ur Price-; are X e\'l'r H igh

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D. F. O ' HRl Ji::'\ L U l\IBER C O.

~YrD!arly Cf3cclltty

RET.\lL U ; .\l B E R

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\II'OOS, f.\("[ \LS, \1 .1 '\ ll l'REs T URKISII B.\ r11s

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G. Fruetel


Ca rpcl Cleaning L' phobtcri ng .\ l attrcss .\laking ,\\l'ning:; and F urniture Co1·crings Storage, Furniture Packed for :;hipment Phone


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CANDY CO. \\' ho\c:;afe .\ l anufaclu r in g and J obbing C onfcc ti onn,-


NEVIUS CAB JL-\ GGAGE t1 1/{/ TR 1\ NS F E R CO. ( \l.L l>l>l

Cah P riCl'~ to and From Trains .) ('c For One f)r T\Co l,ol-... cngn:-. Jndurlinlo." Childr,·n

D 1\ Y and N IG II T SE R \ ' TCE

IJOT EL \\'!)ION "\ Bea ut) P arlor ''"" Barber Shop \\ ' a,· in~-:. \ra ter \\' a,·in~-:. f lair Drl'ss in~. Sharnpooin~. I l air Coloring,

\ larrl'i

I nl'Cis ll enna Coloring Rinst•s Scalp T n·almenb Sri,·ntilit· :'llethocl L'st·cl) Facial Trealmt·nh E.n·hrow l'erfntcd and S hap ... rl .\la nicuring l'l:tin and Oil

Heaut 'r P arlor l'ho;H..' -...·,o

Harber Shop Phone: :!t:!l wj

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~ t~/~~_., a~~~e~~~~ \\'e <ater to Ladies and Childr~ hair bobbing .\ 11 Styles Sqntratc Ladil'~ l>epa rtml'nt


\\' here,·er you <).-S t andard L umbt·r ~·o. ~gn y~u ~n ~yt M ~le H ide ~~ncl ttfC" Fa:rpflus S,i;tndard f{; C 1 • / _)£._..,. -:-<;-j. / /~,...-vf~'~{. _ J. ~[OLLOY




Sale~ ~l anagl'r

Dr. Frank F. Graham OSTEOP.\ T I 1Y


(;ROC J-: R I ES. ( ; J-: l\ T ~ ' Fl RN IS II 11\' C S, HOOTS & S JI O ES B t.t TI R (~oon~ FoR L 1 s:- .\ I o:-.J>

m.,:!-H\Ii \\' . F ifth St.

ELE CTRO-T ilER .\ P\' J'os 1 Sys·J E\1 for fool ddecls

fa ll en arches, fl at fl'et and weak an kl es.

:w:;.:wn Choate Bldg. \\'inona,

. E\\'

~l inn.

~E. \T



E R y T H I N


Henry & Frank's "'

DAIRY L C:\C IIES .i() East T hi rd Street , W ino na, ~I inn. :~ () 7 ~l ain


Street , La Crosse,

\\' i ~.

L.:P-TO- D.\ TE




Day a nd Night Service a nd Storage

33 I

Our Studio Gives

Extra Special Rates

P eacock Slipper

to T nn/l(n Col!fgc Students

" Fo r the \\' oman \\' hob Particular''

Ou r


and ;\lall'riab \ rl'


tlu· llr>l

( o urli'S\' and .'>.rn·iCI' . I r c I" ours

The \'an Yranken Studio I'IIOTOldl.


I \ i"OL R 1'011 :\

f/ir l'ri1I' is .1/ odes!

The B & D Shoe St,ore "Spf'(iali~ing

In Proprr l·illin~."

Phone 1.p8-L



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- _// ~ ., ~ )r";;---z ~ 7-T.. 4/. / ;..-z;l' t . ....n --T ~ , / } . _ 1 • . 1.__ ,_. 1 ,,t.hi"11L ...;;n~./" \ ../ • l V) '} ' t~tng >e~~ • C. :-'J;J S$.itr~, ~~~ ·· \~tn .'ouJ: cl- ~ -L \ l y. \\ h,tt 11"""\\onde~-..un _,;::; /.t>ptnt<)fl. h the m<~lportant .JI >i"od': ".



t/VI'rc~1'.!?tf~~4"~ ')!-,.··-\'"6u ~l't'""Z-£ ~~t -4 -t·hc l ~iia-h-~ ~"JI.t~ ·r-; quite a daughter

your~cl (; !:..£---r ve-e- ~ cnt




Fa t \I an (in mn,·ie, to litt le ho,· b eh ind him ) "Can't _vuu see, young mani'" " L it tic B o ~ 1 ":\Tot a thing. " Fat \ Jan ' ' T hen keep your eves on me and laugh when l do."

\ I r. Selle "Can an:·one giYe us an nample of dimini..;hing utility?" Corn L.\'nch "Sure. \\'hen Short'. Burkholdn \\·as eating them hen "lTd ~ O\ er at \\' e,.;'s I could tell h\ t ill' t\\inkle of h i, eye that eac h -.ucce""i,·e increment of egg ta,.;ted \\or"e than t he lir,t one did."


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fula /c.lla'~"ll'C'--


" \\' e "'i ll speak a moment."

BIT O F .\DYI CE TO T ilE BOYS _\ woman was a,,·ardcd ~.i O .O OO for a broken heart. bearu-.;e of a breach of promi,;e. The unlucky man paid. .\ \\oman \\'a:-; a\\'arded s J( )() fo r a broken rib. clut: tn being r un oYer b.' an automobile. T he unluck\· man paid. B oy,.;~ r[ you ha \'e to break ,;onH·thing, break t he gi r l'~ r ib, it\ c h eaper.

\\ l:\0'\ \, \II'\'\

I (' E C R 1-<: A ;\ 1 -7'-:h"'"'tA-v--;t


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Ole in ph:·~ iolog:· cla~s "\ l r. IJ a he r mann, i~ the humcru~ bone the funtw hone?' '



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JONr!.o lit KHOCC.Lf.t <..O., fllliNT £ HS. WINONA, MINN.