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FY13 The Winona State University Magazine

STEWARDSHIP The Winona State University Foundation Annual Report & Donor Honor Roll

ENSURING A FUTURE In 1858, the citizens of Winona came forward with land and money to found the first normal school west of the Mississippi River. They were convinced that the Winona State Normal School would improve the lives of their children, as well as the fledgling community they had settled only a few years before. The strength, purpose, and resolve that drove our founders has continued to guide Winona State University for more than 150 years. And for half a century, the WSU Foundation has advanced and supported that legacy by engaging those who care deeply about the university and carefully stewarding the resources that are vital to its future. The Foundation was chartered in 1963 to manage gifts of two local properties, which included Prentiss Lodge, to what was then Winona State College. The proceeds from their sale provided the first financial corpus for the Foundation, from which scholarships were awarded in 1967. Throughout the seventies and eighties, public support for higher education remained strong and the Foundation’s activities were relatively modest. In 1972, the Foundation awarded ten scholarships totaling $1,260. Ten years later, the amount awarded rose to a little less than $8,000 as Foundation assets topped $100,000 for the first time. Its role grew in the early 1990s when state appropriations for higher education declined by unprecedented levels. As it was increasingly entrusted to protect and advance the university mission, Foundation


assets rose to $1 million in 1990 and then $10 million a decade later. Over the last decade, the Foundation has employed creative, yet responsible, ways to ensure the needs of a university that has grown in size and reputation. In 1997, the Foundation partnered with the Winona Area Public Schools on a capital campaign that raised $1.5 million. The East Lake Apartments, student residences planned and managed by the Foundation, were completed six years later. And in 2009, construction began on the Integrated Wellness Complex, built through a unique combination of public, student, and donated funds and part of the university’s first capital campaign, Light the Way. Today, Winona State finds itself in a challenging financial situation. When the Foundation was chartered, the state funded most of the university’s operating costs. Student debt was almost unheard of. In 2013, the university receives less than 20-percent of its budget from the state of Minnesota. The average Winona State student graduates with about $27,000 in debt. Through careful and responsible management of your generous gifts, the Foundation transferred more than $2.1 million to the university last year, including more than $1 million in scholarships to deserving students. From its modest beginnings, the Foundation has served thousands of students, faculty, and staff. Along with you, the Foundation will work to ensure a dynamic future for Winona State University.

50 YEARS OF STEWARDSHIP 1963 The Winona State College Foundation is chartered.

1975 A scholarship committee forms and distributes 25 awards totaling $3,400.

1990 In its 27th year, the Foundation now manages more than $1 million in assets.

1993 At the height of state budget cuts, an endowment fund for the Miller Brothers School of Engineering is finalized.

2000 With assets topping $10 million, plans begin for East Lake Apartments, student housing built and maintained by the Foundation.

2008 The public phase of Winona State’s first capital campaign, Light the Way, is launched.

2009 For the first time, $1 million in scholarships is awarded to students.

2010 The Integrated Wellness Complex, built with a unique blend of public, student, and donated funds, is dedicated.

2013 With a gift of $1 million from Harriet Johnson, the Foundation now manages more than $36 million in assets.

1 Your contributions and the Foundation’s role are becoming increasingly important. Just 15 years ago, funding from the State of Minnesota covered more than 60-percent of the university’s operating expenses, with the balance covered by tuition and fees. Today, the state supports only 18-percent of Winona State’s operating expenses. The Foundation has been able to offset a portion of that drastic decline in state support through its careful and responsible management of the resources provided through your generosity. Support for students, student housing, and academic programs has greatly increased, and the Foundation has been instrumental in raising funds for capital improvements such as the East Lake Apartments and the Integrated Wellness Complex, a true campus showpiece. I recently attended the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Gala held in Lourdes Hall on West Campus. The following morning, I joined more than 1,100 students, family members, faculty and staff, benefactors, Foundation trustees, and friends of the university for the annual Scholarship Breakfast. In my many conversations at these two wonderful events, I was once again reminded of the connection we all share with Winona State and with one another. There is a strong feeling of community and caring, along with much pride in the university.

Message from the Foundation Chair


ifty years ago, Winona State University (then Winona State College) was the intended recipient of two real estate bequests. Because the college was prohibited from being the legal beneficiary of the gifts, the WSU Foundation was created as a steward of the institution. In its first year, the Foundation received gifts totaling $1,065. One of these gifts was used to establish a loan fund designed to meet short-term needs of the college. Foundation assets totaled $29,378 in 1968. In 1972, the Foundation awarded $1,260 for ten scholarships. The WSU Foundation has grown significantly from its humble beginnings 50 years ago. At the end of the last fiscal year, its assets were $36 million. Last year, the Foundation awarded $1 million in scholarships to more than 900 deserving students. In addition, the Foundation provided another $1 million to support programs, equipment, student housing, and other needs. Your generous support has made all of this possible.

As we celebrate the Foundation’s 50th anniversary, we can proudly reflect on our accomplishments and be optimistic about our strong attributes – attributes that have withstood the test of time. WSU has become the university of choice for students in the region. A Winona State education is perceived to be a good value, one reason that our enrollments continue to increase as others decline. While more than 40-percent of our students will be the first college graduates in their families, our incoming first year students have the highest ACT scores of any university in the system! Our students are very impressive. With your support, we can ensure that they have sufficient housing, equipment to engage in undergraduate research, programs that address today’s needs, and scholarship funding for those who need it. With your support, we can maintain the affordability of Winona State and continue to make a WSU education a good value. Last year, many of you participated in a survey conducted by the Foundation. We learned that you share a love for Winona State and maintain a strong connection with the university, its faculty, its athletics, its academic programs, and its students. We also learned that you have a strong desire to see how your gifts are being used and the impact they have. The Board of Trustees understands the need to better communicate how the WSU Foundation is protecting, managing, and utilizing the resources entrusted to its care. On behalf of the Foundation Board, I thank you for your generous gifts and continued support. We have accomplished much in our 50 years, but the needs are ever increasing. A new generation of students is depending on us to maintain the value of a Winona State education and to ensure that WSU remains a special place. As lifelong Warriors, I know we can accomplish our objective. Daniel R. Mortensen ’79 Chair, WSU Foundation



RESPONSIBLE JIM REYNOLDS ’67 and NANCY REYNOLDS ’66/’70 both have longtime relationships with Winona State University. The connection began early for Nancy, who grew up in nearby Chatfield, Minnesota. Winona State had been part of her life since she was ten years old. She attended summer programs at the Phelps School while her mother worked on a bachelor’s degree. Her mother and brother earned two degrees at WSU, just as Nancy would go on to do.

Jim discovered Winona during his search for a college to study teacher education. The Minneapolis native was aware of Winona State’s academic reputation and he fell for the campus. It’s where he met Nancy, and it’s where he would return a few years later when asked to join the sociology faculty at his alma mater. Jim and Nancy Reynolds took different paths in forging their ties with Winona State. But they share the notion that the university changes the lives of those it touches, and see it as their responsibility to maintain and care for its assets. “We enjoyed an excellent education, and we can help maintain the possibility of an education for current and future students at Winona State,” says Nancy. Jim adds, “We feel that it’s our responsibility to care for something very valuable that has been entrusted to us.” Although Nancy retired after 30 years of teaching in the Winona Area Public Schools, and Jim in 2004 as professor emeritus of sociology at WSU, both have worked tirelessly to “pay back” the university. The couple has generously funded two scholarships, reflecting their interests in education and sociology. They’ve perhaps given more, however, through the time and talent they spend advancing the mission of Winona State. Shortly before he stopped teaching, Jim realized that the university was losing a tremendous asset in the knowledge of retiring faculty, administration, and staff members. He worked with colleague Ron Stevens to found the WSU Retiree Center that, today, contributes about 1,800 hours of service annually to the university and community. “Think of the talented faculty and staff who are remaining engaged and committed, and who see helping Winona State as their responsibility, too,” says Jim. Nancy has always felt a deep sense of place in southeastern Minnesota, and Jim developed an appreciation for the area during his undergraduate days. They’re committed to helping campus remain a creative and distinctive place to pursue education at any age, according to Nancy.

Laura Rae Photography

Most recently, both have been working with others on a committee to designate campus as a landscape arboretum, dedicated to public education, scientific study, and enjoyment. Examples include the recently completed, student-designed native prairie garden near the Integrated Wellness Complex, and the project to label campus trees. Students and community members can walk through campus and find information on Winona State’s trees using a smartphone app developed by WSU Information Technology. The Reynolds’ commitment to the Cal Fremling Floating Interpretive Center and Classroom boat project will enable faculty and students to extend their studies in a different direction when they begin plying the Mississippi this fall aboard the new, 49-passenger research and education vessel.


Jim and Nancy Reynolds aren’t working tirelessly to be remembered. It’s for a place they treasure. Nancy and Jim agree, “We want Winona State to be able do for others what it has done for us.”


INVOLVED For , the pieces began to fall into place during the floods that devastated southeastern Minnesota in 2007.

than she ever had shoveling postflood muck – and meeting with the superintendent of schools and talking with families.

She found herself in Rushford, a small town about 20 miles from Winona, wearing yellow boots and shoveling mud out of a flooded basement. “I thought, ‘This isn’t enough.’ I can contribute something that will make a more lasting impact.”

Anderson says she plays the role of an “eccentric aunt” to her students. She sends regular notes, checks up on their progress, and stops by to visit if she thinks someone is struggling. Anderson enjoys strengthening the connection with Rushford and with Winona State. “During that first year, I got the feeling that this was valuable and productive. That it had the possibility of growing.”

Anderson grew up on a farm near Le Center in south central Minnesota, but she formed a special connection with Rushford when she was a freshman at Winona State. Two of her floor mates had graduated from Rushford High School, and Anderson says she identified with them because “they grew up in a rural community and went to a good public high school, just as I had.” The longtime friends continue to get together every year. As she began to consider how she could do more for her adopted hometown, Anderson again looked back to her undergraduate days. She received a scholarship and “was flabbergasted it was there for me. It gave me a measure of confidence, that I could do it and someone cared.” She decided to award scholarships to graduates of Rushford-Peterson High School who planned to attend Winona State. At first, Anderson focused no further than the first class following the 2007 floods. She enjoyed selecting and building relationships with her students – much more

The Susan E. Anderson Scholarship is now in its sixth year of making awards to selected graduates of RushfordPeterson who choose to attend Winona State. Students receive an initial grant of $1,000 per semester, which continues as they maintain a 3.0 GPA. If they fall below a 3.0, they can become eligible for the scholarship again at any time during their four years at WSU. Although the number of students has increased, Anderson remains just as involved in their lives. On the day of her interview for this story, she was scheduled to drive to Rushford to visit with the new high school principal and check up on a student from whom she hadn’t heard in awhile. “The students return more to me than I give to them,” says Anderson. “I’ve been able to strengthen my association with Winona State, with my friends, with Rushford, with the kind of college student that I was. The pieces fit together perfectly for me.”

Laura Rae Photography




MEDALLION SOCIETY The Winona State University Foundation established the Medallion Society in 2012 – a new tribute to honor our generous benefactors who make the university’s mission possible. The President’s Medallion itself carries the spirit of philanthropy. The gold medallion was a gift from WSU students in 1968 in honor of President DuFresne’s inauguration. The gems in the medallion represented the people’s faith in education, a responsibility for the university’s mission, and guardianship on behalf of the State of Minnesota and future generations. The Medallion Society is prominently displayed outside the entrance of Harriet Johnson Auditorium in Somsen Hall and recognizes giving levels by aligning each with a gem represented in the actual medallion.

$25,000 GOLD

Original gem donated by the 1967-68 students of Winona State College


Original gem donated by Mrs. James Browning

$100,000 TOPAZ

Original gem donated by Mrs. Ward Lucas

$1,000,000 OPAL

Original gem donated by Miss Floretta M. Murray

$5,000,000 ALEXANDRITE

Original gem donated by Dr. John J. Fuller

$10,000,000 DIAMOND

Donated by Mrs. R. H. Watkins

$500,000 GARNET

Original gem donated by Allyn S. Morgan Jr.


Melvin & Lois Kirkland Pat & Dan Rukavina


Ervin Bublitz Jeb & Pamela Griffith IBM Ruby A. & Margaret I. Johnson Harriet Johnson August Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. & Foundation RTP Company


Annexstad Family Foundation Anita Anderson Dr. Stanley Arbingast David & Muriel Arnold Jeanette E. & Arnold R. Bergler Margaret Miller Browning Gordon & Beverly Elliott Elizabeth Callendar King Foundation Calvin R. & Arlayne I. Fremling Gateway Computers Erika & Robert Gilbertson Paul Haake Ph.D. William Hajicek Hal Leonard Corporation HBC, Inc. Hiawatha Education Foundation Harry & Genelle Jackson Ruth E. Johnson Richard & Priscilla Kalbrener Gilbert B. Kraft Kwik Trip, Inc. Larry Lunda Henry A. Marsh Robert E. Maxwell Merchants National Bank Charles & Anita Mettille B.A. Miller


The Morrie Miller Athletic Foundation R.W. Miller Floretta M. Murray Thomas A. & Lauray T. Pietsch Don Redlich Rebecca Rau Barbara Schilling William & Barbara Schuler Joe Schultz, Jr. Keith H. Schwab Family & Friends Maynard J. “Mo” & Dorothy F. Weber Wells Fargo Bank Winona National Bank

Warren & Dorothy Marley & Family Marrimak Capital Frank C. Mettille Miller Felpax Corporation Midtown Foods Augusta Nelson Michael Niedenfuehr Jon C. Nienow Northern States Power Company Richard & Janet Bierce Northup Merle & Helen Oistad Ohlsen William A. & Barbara Owens Jerry & Patricia Papenfuss Merle & Betty Peterson Albert “Bill” & Marie Posz Helen B. Pritchard Judith A. Ramaley 3M Company James R. & Nancy M. Reynolds Susan Loeffler Anderson Aileen N. & Robert Rice Bob & Joanie Armstrong David J. & Susan M. Rislove Ethel L. Ascott Rochester Area Foundation Aspen Capital Company Inc. Howard A. & Mary Lou Tom Baab Rosencranz Gordon & Hilda Mahlke Bear Geraldine “Gerry” Ryberg Bernice Berg Shirley Wadewitz & Webster L. Don & Pat Cieminski Sage, Jr. M.D. James H. Clark Ardis Prinzing Serafin Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. Steve & Barb Slaggie Family Federated Insurance Companies Rosewayne M. Thiele Ormsin Sornmoonpin Gardiner The Thompson Family & Harry Walter Gardiner Foundation Andrea Gerth Dick & Valeria Traxler Dr. Robert H. Gray John Vivian & Steve Lunde William & Harriet Green Frank A. Wachowiak Donald W. Helble Family The Family of Judy Whetstone Richard & Moonyeen Holle Dare Lamberton White Larry & Serena Holstad Winona Health Etta H. Howell Helen B. Imm William Koutsky Thomas E. Leuchtenberg Apple Computer, Inc. Terry L. Lierman Christopher Arnold & Stacey Fredric Mademan Mounce Arnold Bay State Milling Company



The very foundation of Winona State University was built on philanthropy in the mid-1850s under campaign leadership of Dr. John Ford, an advocate for public education. Dr. Ford swiftly raised more than $7,000 in cash and land. The gifts obtained were at all levels, much like those of the new Medallion Society, which will showcase this tradition and honor the leaders who continue to make Winona State University’s mission possible.

Benchmark Electronics, Inc. Branson Ultrasonics Corporation Joseph J. Cieminski Eva Jestus Clark Verna Crone Susan J. Day Ruth Dick Wayne & Marion Diekrager Robert A. & Barbara DuFresne Joseph P. & Gladys M. Emanual Greg & Terri Evans O.J. & Karen Fawcett FEI Company Ruth Severud Fish Frank & Kathleen Fox Friends of Ted Foss Berge & Ann Garabedian Michael Garvey General Mills Foundation George E. Hajicek Robert & Phyllis Hartle Harvest Moon Advertising Steve Heuslein C. Gordon & Ethel Holte Ruth Howe HSBC Bank Robert B. Hungerford Lorena W. Jacobson Dr. Jean E. Jederman Carol A. Jefferson Scott & Michelle Johnson Mary S. Joyce Neva M. King Harland & Pauline Knight Steve & Candi Kohner Ruth T. Kottschade Darrell W. & Nancy L. Krueger Martin & Joyce Laakso Dr. Rosemary Langston Michael Leaf Burl & Nadine Leo Jerry & Marlene Mensink Patricia & Frank Mertes Connie Mettille & Tom Sawyer Modern Ready Mix Madeo & Rosemary Molinari

Spencer & Judith Munkel Nash Finch Company National Children’s Alliance Patricia & Gerald Neal Fred & Sandy Olson Scott & Tracy Opfer Phillips Plastics Corporation Margaret & Daniel Preska Pro-Build North Ruth Radsek Eva M. Reese Roger & Dana Reupert James & Kimberly Schmidt Harry P. Schoen Florence Schroth Lois Simons Myron Snesrud Jo & Jerry Stejskal Bob & Mary Jo Strauss Jean Talbot US West Sothern Minnesota Initiative Foundation Treasures Galore, Inc. Henry Walski Watkins Incorporated Watlow Winona Inc. WinCraft, Inc. Winona County Voiture No. 580 Winona Daily News Winona Eagles Club – F.O.E. #1243 Winona Lighting Wm Miller Scrap Iron & Metal Co. Orvil & Louise Wobig Soo Young Yang Roscoe & Vikki Young Dr. Lewis I. Younger Xcel Energy Foundation

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)


1858 FOUNDERS SOCIETY The WSU Foundation Board of Trustees has established the 1858 Founders Society to recognize those individuals who have made a provision for Winona State through The WSU Foundation in the form of a deferred gift — a will, life insurance or a life income agreement. The Society exemplifies the importance of will provisions and other deferred gifts to the university and expresses the Foundation’s grateful appreciation to individuals who make a future gift in support of the university’s mission. If you would like more information, or if you have made a provision for the Foundation but you have not yet notified the Development Office, call 507-457-5020. All information will be kept in strict confidence.

Ruth Dick Suzanne & William Draayer Dean & Beverly Eberhard Norman Ellingson Gordon Elliott Family * James R. & Ruth A. Erickson Michael & Suzanne Ericson David Essar Betty J. Anderson * Gary & Ellen Evans Cathy Jo & Syed Faruque William J. Doerer Pat & John Ferden Dr. Paul Haake Elizabeth Fjetland Harriet Johnson August Richard & Janet Fitzpatrick Barbara & Don Roeder * Theodore L. & Diane E. Fredrickson Dolores Sande Andrea Gerth * W. Jacque Gibbs Steven R. Volkman Robert & Erika Gilbertson Reid Gisslen Anonymous John & Jacquelyn (Johnson) Anonymous Gosse Anonymous * Harriet L. Green & William E. Anonymous Green Anonymous Dr. Jay Greenberg Anonymous * Ray & Katharine Grulkowski Anonymous * Anita (Sundby) & Glenn Anderson Julie Haas William Hajicek Carlis Anderson William “Chops” & Diana * Stanley A. Arbingast Hancock Ethel Ascott Robert J. Hartle * Charles & Elizabeth Balcer * Peter V. N. Henderson * Elizabeth Balcer Bernice Hills * Greg Ballard Richard & Moonyeen Holle * Linda Ballard * Marilyn G. Hood Lucille Barnes-Diesslin & Blaine Robert B. Hungerford Diesslin Helen Imm Sandra Bennett, Ph.D. Genelle Jackson * Bernice A. Berg Harry Jackson Jeanette & Arnold Bergler Gary Janikowski Mark Bergmann Carol A. Jefferson Frances Blanchard * Joyce M. Jenney Rick & Debbie Block Glen Johnson Danning W. & Susan R. Bloom Kurt & Connie Johnson Debra Kay Bond Ruth Kamin Tyler & Susan Bowen Thom & Robyn Kieffer Emma Brandt Gladys Sanford King James & Dee Dee Brodie Neva King Nancy M. & James R. Brown * Melvin & Lois Kirkland Margaret Browning * Harland P. & Pauline G. Knight Helen & John Buche Gretchen Koehler Roger & Myra Carlson Ruth Kottschade Lance & Patricia Carroll * Gil Kraft Francine Corcoran Martin Laakso Vicki & Dennis Decker Kenneth & Karen Landro * Douglas O. DeLano Arlis Legler * Elizabeth M. DeLay * Burl Leo Catherine T. Dempsey

Congratulations and welcome to our new members:

* Terry L. Lierman Joyce O. Locks Lee & Ione Loerch Timothy & Karen Long Donna & Gene W. Lundberg Family Robert & Ruth Lyngholm Fredric Mademan Henry Marsh Tina Mazurkiewicz David & Karen Matzke Leone & Thomas Mauszycki J. Patrick McCarthy * Kim McCullough * Fern S. McKnight Jim & Linda Meyer * Eugene J. & Betty Cushman Mielke * Eloise Tuftee Mobley * Ken & Sally Mogren Ronald H. Morem * Judy Munkel & Spencer Munkel * Floretta M. Murray Bob & Lois Neis Dr. Dennis & Karen Nielsen Jon C. Nienow Jim & Caron Nissen * Ruth Nuetzel Barbara & William Owens, Jr Richard L. & Mary Papenfuss Mark D. Patterson Ken Pedersen Thomas A. Pietsch Conrad & Marie Posz * William E. Prigge Jim & Claran Ramsdell Rebecca Rau Don Redlich James & Nancy Reynolds Aileen & Robert Rice Virginia Richter Doris Riede Mary Lou Rosencranz David Rubenstein Mike & Cherie Russell * Geraldine A. Ryberg Bernice Safranek * Webster L. Sage, Jr. M.D. & Shirley Sage Harry P. Schoen Earl & Phyllis Schreiber * Louise B. Schroeder William C. & Barbara S. Schuler Joseph Schultz, Jr. * Ardis Prinzing Serafin Ellen Schwark

* * * * * *

Carol & Rodney Sheffer Lois A. Simons Dr. Alma E. Smith Charlotte & John Speltz Michael E. Speltz Rick & Rhonda Stein Jo & Jerry Stejskal Evelyn Stephan John Stephan Robert & Mary Jo Strauss Rosewayne Thiele Paulette A. (Kesser) Verdick Frank Wachowiak Carol Ann Wallace Maynard J. Weber John Weis Helen & Ulysses E. Whiteis Wayne Wicka Linda A. Wood Marlys Youngck

* Charter Members



CORNERSTONE SOCIETY In addition to the six annual donor societies, the WSU Foundation created the Cornerstone Society in 1989. This special society, which was concluded on June 30, 2012 and succeeded by the Medallion Society, recognized those who, through their ongoing efforts, enabled the Foundation to become a force in supporting the university’s academic mission. The Cornerstone Society honor roll occupies a prominent place in the main corridor of Somsen Hall and will continue to provide a lasting tribute to benefactors who made cumulative gifts of $20,000 or more to the Foundation.


(Charter Honorees) 3M Company Margaret Miller Browning International Business Machines Corporation Frances Prentiss Lucas Robert E. Maxwell Helen B. Pritchard Florence Schroth Thomas F. Stark Memorial Mary Tillman & Hannah Tillman Walter & Shirley Wadewitz


Stanley A. Arbingast Cincinnati Milacron Compositek Corporation, an affiliate of Shell Oil Company Development Corporation of Austin Gordon W. Elliott Ruth Severud Fish General Dynamics George E. Hajicek Hiawatha Education Foundation Elizabeth Callender King Foundation E.L. King Jr. B.A. Miller R.W. Miller Northern States Power Company Richard & Janet Bierce Northup Schneider (USA) Inc. Pfizer Hospital Products Group Myron Snesrud Maynard J. “Mo” & Dorothy F. Weber


Apple Computer, Inc. Kathryn Dunlay ICI Fiberite Dr. Leonard Johnston Elizabeth S. King McDonnell Douglas Corporation Mayo Foundation William A. Owens Watlow Winona Inc.


Amanda Aarestad Ervin Bublitz Phyllis Ehmke EMD Technologies Inc. Merchants National Bank Dennis Neville/Valley Wholesalers, Inc. Phillips Plastics Corporation Margaret Stevenson Karen & Doug Sweetland Wells Fargo Bank



Dave & Muriel Arnold Gordon & Hilda Mahlke Bear William Hajicek Hal Leonard Corporation Dwight & Ruth Howe Harry & Genelle Jackson Neva M. King Harland & Pauline Knight Martin & Joyce Laakso Benjamin A. Miller Family Fund Doris E. Pennell Pat & Dan Rukavina Treasures Galore Inc. U S WEST Dare Lamberton White Orvil & Louise Wobig


Gilbert B. Kraft Verlie M. Sather


Ethel L. Ascott Tom Baab Jim & Jean Frankard Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. Helen B. Imm Ruth E. Johnson Terry L. Lierman Larry Lunda Warren & Dorothy Marley & Family Perkins Family Restaurant of Winona William E. Prigge Evelyn B. Stephan Levi N. Stermer Jean Zamboni


Andrea Gerth for the Ted Foss Memorial Howard A. & Mary Lou Rosencranz Mary Caldwell Rusche SAFECO Corporation Ardis Prinzing Serafin Harry P. Schoen Lois A. Simons

Gateway Computers Robert B. Hungerford Ruth T. Kottschade Floretta M. Murray Nash Finch Company Winona County Voiture No. 580

Steven M. & Catherine K. Richardson David J. & Susan M. Rislove Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. Foundation For Education, Public Health & Social Justice Shirley Wadewitz Sage & Webster L. Sage, Jr., M.D. Bruce & Kathy Schott Wincraft, Inc. Roscoe & Vikki Young




Bernice Berg Jeantte E. & Arnold R. Bergler Joseph P. & Gladys M. Emanuel Frank & Kathleen Fox Darrell W. & Nancy L. Krueger Fredric Mademan Henry A. Marsh Merrimak Capital Company Keith H. Schwab Family & Friends John Vivian & Steve Lunde Winona Athletic Club


Verna Crone Fred & Sandy Olson Aileen N. & Robert Rice RTP Company Barbara Schilling Estate Jean Talbot Trust Winona National Bank


Eva Jestus Clark Robert & Erika Gilbertson Dr. Jean E. Jederman Ruby A. & Margaret I. Johnson Midtown Foods & County Market Merle & Helen (Oistad) Ohlsen Albert “Bill” & Marie Posz Rebecca Rau James R. & Nancy M. Reynolds Frank A. Wachowiak


Town & Country State Bank of Winona Dr. Lewis I. Younger

Carol J. Anderson Anonymous Ruth Dick Estate Gerald R. Fraser Jeb & Pamela Griffith Robert & Phyllis Hartle Donald W. Helble Richard & Priscilla Kalbrener Gladys Sanford King Madeo & Rosemary Molinari Jerry & Patricia Papenfuss Merle J. Peterson William & Barbara Schuler Joe Schultz United Building Centers Carol Ann Wallace


Ace Communications Group Bay State Milling Company James H. Clark Calvin R. & Arlayne I. Fremling Berge Francois Garabedian Ormsin Sornmoonpin & Harry Gardiner Melvin L. & Lois M. Kirkland James W. Marley Spencer & Judith Munkel Augusta Nelson Don Redlich

Christopher Arnold & Stacey Mounce Arnold Susan J. Day Robert “Bob” & Helen Hanson Larry & Serena Holstad Charles & Anita Mettille The Morrie Miller Athletic Foundation Jon C. Nienow Watkins Incorporated Dr. Maudie M. Williams Winona Eagles Club - F.O.E. #1243


Donald & Patricia Cieminski David Essar O.J. & Karen Fawcett Federated Insurance Companies Andrea Gerth Dr. Robert H. Gray, 1964 Kwik Trip, Inc. John & Rosemary Langston Burl & Nadine Leo Frank Mertes Wm Miller Scrap Iron & Metal Co. Jane E. Neuharth James W. & Ann Eljenholm Nichols Michael Niedenfuehr Margaret & Daniel Preska Ruth Radsek Estate Steve & Barb Slaggie Family Bob & Mary Jo Strauss Donald & Norma Vinger Xcel Energy Foundation


Wayne & Marion Diekrager Robert A. & Barbara DuFresne FEI Company Joseph & Mary Foegen Thomas E. Leuchtenberg Estate Scott & Tracy Opfer The Honorable Duane & Patte Peterson Thomas A. & Lauray T. Pietsch Judith A. Ramaley Frank & Joyce Rocco James & Kimberly Schmidt Henry Walski Winona Health


Susan Loeffler Anderson Al & Cathy Annexstad & The Annexstad Family Foundation Branson Ultrasonics Corporation Joseph J. Cieminski Family for the Gertrude Finch Scholarship Eva M. Reese Family & Friends of Wilbur “Soup” Winblad Friends of Ted Foss Harvest Moon Advertising Scott & Michelle Johnson Mary S. Joyce Jerry & Marlene Mensink Miller Felpax Corporation Rochester Foundation For Computer Education & Training, Inc. Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation Jo & Jerry Stejskal Winona Lighting


Anita Anderson Estate Bob & Joanie Armstrong Bjelland Shavings, LLC Debra Bond Gary & Ellen Evans Greg & Terri Evans Gordon Holte Estate Don & Lois Lovejoy Roger & Dana Reupert Michael Schwitz Patrick & Janet Thompson Winona Daily News


Aspen Capital Company Inc. Loren & Deb Benz Professors Vivian Fusillo & George Bolon William “Chops” & Diana Hancock Steve Heuslein Richard & Moonyeen Holle Steve & Candi Kohner Lorena W. Jacobson Mike Leaf Lee & Ione Loerch Wally & Joan Madland Dr. Thomas E. & Leone J. Mauszycki Modern Ready Mix Patricia & Gerald Neal Connie Mettille & Tom Sawyer Geradline “Gerry” Ryberg Michael W. & Linda Spiten Rosewayne M. Thiele The Family of Judy Whetstone Soo Young Yang

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)


WSU FOUNDATION HONOR ROLL FISCAL YEAR 2013 JULY 1, 2012 - JUNE 30, 2013 The WSU Foundation has established six societies to provide special recognition for annual donors. These societies are used in preparation of the yearly donor honor roll to salute Winona State University benefactors. The categories are: Capstone Society ....................... Keystone Society........................ Arch Society ............................... Colonnade Society ..................... Pillar Society ............................... Benchmark Society .....................


$5,000 or more $2,500 - 4,999 $1,000 - 2,499 $500 - 999 $250 - 499 $100 - 249

Society names were chosen to reflect names common to the architectural features of buildings, because the WSU Foundation is building a better Winona State University through the significant efforts of its benefactors. The percentages adjacent to the class year represent the percentage of donor participation for that class this fiscal year.

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Robert Psedarker Other Donors Beulah Travis Ankeny

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Robert Anderson Lucille Just DeRose Marion Colstrup Mueller Bernard Murtaugh Other Donors Enoch Bennett Doris Helland Doely Janice Sabotta Heitman John Hendrickson Marilyn Gilbertson Hood Joyce Johnson Jacobson Elaine Martinson Koonce Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Lorraine Erickson Krenz Thusnelda Brauer Herzfeld Dolores Sorenson Riemer Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Sheila Buckingham Rislove Mildred Frischkorn Artes Elaine Sickle Schmidt Albert Posz Eileen Schumann Traeger Other Donors Norma Grausnick

1939 (11.11%)

1945 (4.00%)

1927 (1.85%)

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Helen Strand

1931 (3.03%)

Other Donors Erna Kintzi Olsen

1938 (6.25%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Lois Simons Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Gilbert Kraft Other Donors Sybil Anderson Fillman

1940 (16.00%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) June Lerstad Braisted Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Deloris Theisen McVey Other Donors Jean Harris Brose Janet Foster Dvorak

1941 (9.52%)

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Pauline Maricle King Helen Smith Workman Other Donors Devola Rich Olson Gerda Petersen Stearns

1942 (23.68%)

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Ruth Boyum Black Marjorie Einhorn Duel Robert Eastin F. Joy Seifert Schilling Other Donors Elaine Thedens Eggler Doris Tainter Laska Carmen Spande Montgomery Anita Hartman Palmquist Catherine Colbenson Sorom

Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Gordon Hansen Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Cordelia Lundquist Alden McCutchan Other Donors Evelyn Baker Ruth Swendiman Hovden

1944 (11.11%)

1952 (17.57%)

1943 (14.29%)

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Florence Walch Simon

1946 (15.63%)

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Carrol De Wald Abel Maynard Burt Betty Ann Cushman Mielke Other Donors Janice Sellman Johnson Lois Johnson Larson

1947 (3.23%) Other Donors Helen Ford Foell

1948 (17.95%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Anah Goss Munson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Eldon Steuernagel Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Marietta Lenton Grabau Judith Ferdinandsen Schenck Sylvia Zimmerman Schroeder Shirley Zimdars Other Donors Donna Sinclair Johnson

1949 (28.79%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Jean Keefe Lynch Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Jean Currier Hillesland Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Jean Jederman

1950 (23.38%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Charles Mettille Donald Redlich Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Maynard “Mo” Weber Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Mary Kotlaba Kaplan James Tews Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) John Drugan Douglas Grabau Marian Brustuen Hammer Charlotte Sanden Kerrigan Everett Mueller Other Donors Phyllis Severson Anderson Ruth Hauke Boser Carol Stromberg Burgess Patricia Almeter Hendrickson Eva Fleener Iverson Clarence Johnson Janiece Steve Ness Ervin Schmidt

1951 (21.43%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Robert Boeckman Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Audrey L. Hansen Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Richard Fawver Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Roland Kerrigan Josephine Howland Morrow Joyce Peterson Robert Stark Shirley La Rock Wilson Other Donors Jean Gardner Dr. Bob Gowlland Harriet Hahn

Kathleen Harper Hall Bernice Sande Hanson Beverly Dearmin Hart Mary Jane Dilworth Ihrke Mavis Aasum Kolman Lyle Mauland Neil Robinson Joyce Thedens Rucker Dorothy Nielsen Schulze JoAnn Peck Thoe

Robert Wise Louise Adams Yost

1954 (16.33%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Donald Cieminski Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Darlene Griebenow Lynch Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Vincent Enright Donald Mallinger D. John Nelson Other Donors Dorothy Ostrem Bammert Charles Haugh Myrtle Bernhardt Kime Lois Smith Loomis-Theesfeld Dorothy Vehrenkamp Mahlke Earl Schreiber Clarice Jackson Smith Eugene Sturdevant

1953 (36.99%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Anita Stang Mettille Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Joan Verchota Fox Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Lowell McMillen Martin Roessler Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Marjorie Schmidt Baier Carla Jessen Barkley Curtis Connaughty Mary Kilkelly Connaughty Mary Henderson Goss Norma Chinander Krier Charie Ludwitzke Petersen Jean Percy Polachek Jerome Ramstad Other Donors Ardys Hagen Hurley Lawrence Janikowski Maxine Erickson Kornmann Rodney Lingenfelter Frederick Ludtke Mary O’Reilly Miller Glennice Welcher Morgenson Dorothy Jetson Norman Elloyce Johnson Queensland Marlyne Kniebel Quiel Willa Holliday Thingvold Irene Gaustad Tweito

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) David Christenson Charles Fox Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Richard Kowles Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Valerie Cieminski-Fielitz Amy Hemming Jack Knothe Other Donors Victor Grabau Roland Hill

1955 (20.90%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Merle Peterson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Arnold Boese Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Sondra Stephens Baer Helen Nelson Buche Jerome Grebin Donna Daun Knothe George O’Reilly Betty Wilson Threinen Elaine Behnken Weber Other Donors Maxine Czapiewski Johnson Curtis Peterson William Prinz John Wooden Mary Walsh Wooden

1956 (26.25%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Claran Ramsdell Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Barbara Gaddis Patrick Darlyne Bearson Whitman Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) J. Bauer Rodney Buxrude James Helcl Margaret Kloss Honigs Gerald Kittleson Delmar Ollhoff Geraldine Gynild O’Reilly David Smith James Threinen Other Donors Richard Hart Polly Madison Jelinek Allen Johnson Donald Lowrie Regina Hudrlik O’Brien Shirley Haakenstad Revoir


8 Mary Roberts Rolfing Joanne Dehaven Rowe Samuel Schneider

1959 (21.05%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Gordon Elliott Janet Brunner Fitzpatrick John Kane Sharon Jackson Kaste Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Camille Gilbertson Moll Jeanette Salwey Bergler Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Richard Behnke Burl Leo Darlene Moeller Toensing Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Norman Toensing Susan J. Day Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Kenneth Pedersen John Newall H. James Ramsdell Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Randal Russett Edwin Ferkingstad Jerry Seeman Burton Ferrier Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Willis Fleener Shirley Balzum Burns Carol Friday Gran Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Mary Rost Ross Craig Currier Lawrence Whittier Barbara Johnson Larson Other Donors Dale Timm Richard Abraham Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) F. Keith Burmeister Margaret Riggs Bauer Patricia Mitchell Gammell Earle Drenckhahn Georgia Stiehl Gielau Marilyn Gallagher Duellman Dorothy Benson Greseth Charles Grider Eugene Haakenson Charlotte Stiehl Harguth Lynn Iverson Jo Anne Nagle Koeller James Mallinger Ronald Kruse Robert Meyer Leland McMillen Robert Motzko James Miner Raymond Myers Beverly Bryan Odden James Sands Roberta Flynn Reihsen Vernon Strand John Strommer Other Donors Darlene Leslie Carlson Roger Eskra Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Elmer Grassman Glen Johnson Lillian Ravnum Grassman James A. Martin Louise Oech Hanks Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Ruth Fueling Johnson Howard Kaste Walter O. Jones Donald Klagge Ronald Kindt Eugene Lundberg Jack Krage Norbert Mills Deloris Kruger Schultz Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Dorothy Holt Lueth Donald Behrens Elizabeth Devney Murphy Herbert Espinda Harold Regnier Marie Engrav Espinda Mary Tripp Rusert Gerald Nagel Nancy Blaisdell Trelstad Kay V. Strand Nelson Elizabeth Wolfram Alice Rekstad Robert Scott Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Judith Bauch Glazier-Stewart Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Doris Kamla Killian Philip “Dean” Eberhard Robert Lee Dave Mertes Evelyn Kaiser Newall Louise Schroeder Coralyn Gerry Worth Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Ernest Buhler Donald Barber Lois Stoehr Neighbors Patricia Ryan Carlson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Thomas Chandler Norris P. Abts Evelyn Hall Cole Allen Svenningson David Erdmann Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Susan Schwager Gannaway Kaliope Theios Bishop Kathryn Carlson Goldsberry P. John Carter Roger Helgerson Wayne Ebert Joseph Hentges Elaine Fuller Carter Larry Laugen Marilyn Latcham Kapsch Douglas Matti Duayne Malewicki Joanne Helgerson Meyr Arthur Maze Mary Ann Pickart Preston Beverly Krieger Pieper Arlan Ross LaVerne Pieper Kathalyn Way Smith Gavin Strand Constance Heaser Strand Barbara Peterson Strommer Richard Sulack Keith Todd Ann Shepherd Ulum Other Donors Duane Wolfe Arnold Checkalski Other Donors Kathleen Sackett Ellsworth John Angst Gerald Gleason Richard Bowe George Grangaard Richard Butler David Greden Karen Chamberlain Lamoreaux Merle Peterson Christenson Robert Doerer Nancy Sperbeck Minnick Paul Evenson Ardyce Bening Peter Gerald Hentges Charlene Frost Roberts Raymond Heyer Richard Mackey

1957 (30.71%)

1960 (31.93%)

1958 (21.54%)


David Marquardt Ruth Brosseth McKay Marlys Gravenish McNamara John Quist JoAnn Wilson Runkel Charlotte Johnson Slifka Charles Vaughan

1961 (22.16%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Roger Reupert Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Lucille Barnes-Diesslin David Keller Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Kenneth Landro Irvin Plitzuweit Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Lois Bergsgaard Ballinger Ralph Ballinger James Cole Leif Elstad John Felsch Lowell Gran David Harris Michael Healy Darrel Jaeger Kay Morcomb Robert Rogneby Ellsworth Simon George Tashima Diane Feuerhelm Whittier Other Donors Ardell Meyer Doering John Fend Joseph Fitzgerald Gayle Goetzman Beatrice Nyrud Hasselmann Dorothy Swanson Krage Al Jean Majerus Lawrence Marilyn Heinen Myers Ronald Nelson Norman Paulson Michael Petersen William Prigge David Prondzinski Lewis Schmidt Richard Schultz James Slifka Marcia Hobbs Wantock Joanne Sackett Wright

1962 (23.00%)

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Gary Grob Marilyn Schroeder Grob Moonyeen Deaton Holle Robert Mahlke Caron Clinkscales Nissen James Nissen Phyllis Schneider Carole Gilmore Winslow Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Richard Anderson Richard Fosburgh Leah Ohnstad Smelser Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Hugh Blee Bruce Blumentritt Davis Gilbertson Diane Gravenish Roy Henderson John Jacobs Anita Peterson Johnson Robert Keister Charles Kirchner Joanne Yamamoto McDowall Elaine Jahnke Rohrer Helen Holtegaard Simon Other Donors Jean Passe Bartusek Roxanne Brunner Baumann Richard Brown Laurence Clingman Gerald Davis Fred Day Karen Bening Day David Doner

Ardena Diderrich Feils Duane Gebhard Karen Aune Golden Patricia Solum Hill Donald J Hint Lyle Hoppe Frederick Klein John Modjeski Roger Ojakangas Ronald Olson Michael Porter John Stow Robert Tryggestad Mary Wolfram Robert Wood

1964 (20.23%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Robert Gray Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Charles Zane Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Kathleen Albers Allen Lowell Allen James Strande Judith Lynn Winslow Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) John Curtin Thomas Hall Mary Rohr Ihrke Lucille Lohmann Jacobs Carolyn Maertens Kosidowski Robert Larson Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Harriet Rice Lawston Dana Bluhm Reupert Rollo Luell Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) George Muth Lee Loerch Patricia Pottratz Nystuen Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Deniele Schroder Pahl Galen Betsinger Lyle Papenfuss Charles Weisbrod Sylvia Wedul Pecsenye Marlys Pater Zane Marlene James Schultz Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Donald Smail Paul L. Helgerson Dwala Krie Smail Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Carolyn Anderson Smith LaMarr Beuchler Bruce Zellmer Virginia Harris Other Donors Robert Lietzau David Aasum Marnae Sereno Ranta Kenneth Alderman Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Kathleen Anderson Mert Barth Steve Bailey Le Etta Wondrasch Blumentritt Judith Bell James Connor Janice Tungseth Beske Gerald Demars Rose O’Neill Cyert Vera Miller Demars Dale Egland Lyle Helgerson Dennis Forsyth Arley Ihrke Caroline Rudolf Gebhard Sharon Keelan-Cusson Dennis Gebhard Arlan Klinder Lois Russell Grob John Lindner Charles Hager Minnesota Hoyt McCartney Alfred Hanson James Milanovich Robert Hill David Moracco Kathryn Hollman Karen Voth Natwick Judy Inman Gary Pahl John Kotek Sandy Walczak Posner Patricia Kressin Glenn Schneider Duane Larson Ronald Tobias David Lueck Jerry Wedemeier Daniel Minnick Joseph Werre Carol Fenske Peng Robert Wolf James Schmitz Robert Young Gaylen Severson Susan Roth Young Patricia Sherman Other Donors Bette Onsgard Simon Robert Aaker Jean Goihl Waterman Curtis Accola Richard Adank Kenneth Behnken John Benson Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Ronald Butterfield Thomas Caron Cleo Elton Cieminski George “Jeb” Griffith Jean Cogdall Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Shirley Wermager Eiken Joan Gates Klagge Nancy Thompson Forsyth Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Rosemary Schade Gray Carl Miller Gaven Grob David Rosenau Ellen Headington Halverson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Carol Pye Hayes Marcia Engen Ervin Imm Paul Engen Richard Larson Margaret Iverson Dohn John Lautigar Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Marlene Neshiem McCabe Gretchen Anderson Thoen Virginia Shiel Nash Peter Blum Yvonne Simon Randall Sandra Corey Enger William Roth Lavern Fossum David Runkel June Garrison Roger Schoen Thomas Healy Howard Sheehan Larry Johnson Lynn Sheldon-Sieving Robert Lieberman Judy Whempner Srnec Jerry Mensink Thomas Steidler Marlene Moechnig Mensink Roger Sterbentz John Nystuen Kent Stever Elaine Rotty Glenn Stocker Diane Hagen Severe Peter Tabor Harry Sieben Donald Weinmann Donald Turner

1963 (27.78%)

1965 (17.11%)

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)

9 Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Marlene Kane Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Steven Wildman Susan Loeffler Anderson Virginia O’Neill Wildman Larry Holstad Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Ted Roberton Diane Broad Fredrickson Jerome Usgaard Ted Fredrickson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) James Reynolds Charles Bentley Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Ralph Furst Francis Hayes Jon Gislason Walton Madland Terrel Hoopman Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) David Meisner Mary Alice Anderson Dolores Sande Judith Swigart Beardsley Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Linda Peters Beerman Mary Reglin Eddy William Block Franklin Kottschade Steven Drange Larry Olson Eugene Durand Jack Rader Kathleen Macioch Durand Davis Usgaard Thomas Fishbaugher Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Loren Gallagher Sara McBride Buxrude Bruce Harem Rosemary Dohrn Connor Charles Healy Gregg Gropel Carole Davies-Sinke Helgerson Jane Kaczrowski Gropel Michael Jefferis Margaret Hankes Robert Judge Cheryl Fick Huettl Karen Miller Krafka Henry Huettl Harry Mitchell Michael Jewell Joseph Murphy Carol Hint Johnson Duane Murray Judith Bailey Kalbrener Harold Remme Jon Kosidowski Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Claudia Bishop Sajevic Richard Mancuso Ervin Bublitz Lynn Schumann Theurer Norma Christianson Nelson Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Terry Vatland Gene Pflaum Nancy Turner Reynolds Thomas Wagner Robert Sandeno Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Willie Watts Judy Dittrich Schultz Bernard Kennedy Kathleen Heiller Westberg Larry Senrick Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Thomas Westberg John Simon George Olcott Roger Wistrcill Merle Sovereign Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Edwina Hofland Wolfe Barbara Schmauss Stevens Ruth Jurries Abbott Other Donors Orrin Stevens Michael Baglino Randall Anderson Geraldine Taylor Nancy Barski Sandra Sacia Auseth Susan Thorson-Barnett Lynn Berry Carol Benson Bilse Raymond Walsh Arlene Blank Byron Bremer Other Donors Nancy Mampel Carlson Paul Chick Richard Dahl Peter Connor Richard Clare Kenneth Denny Diane Erickson Dobrinska Barbara Davidson Lawson Dallas Diercks John Enger Dorothy Blahnik Denisen Gary Drewianka Kenneth Knutson Carol Feldmann Kenneth Freimark Jonelle Millam Moore Howard Flen Mary Pottratz Georgesen H.N. Nystrom John Gaspard Donald Glover Karen Meyers Nystrom Karen Meistad Gleason Eunice Iverson Goodrich Howard Okland Jay Greenberg Miriam Towata Green Douglas Rosenow Judith Meschke Haase Kathleen Williams Haines Thomas Smith Kathryn Bell Hart Dwayne Hanson Donald Steinle Roger F. Hartwich John Horton Barbara Anderson Westberg Raymond Hegtvedt Donna Dubbs Hovland Jerald Wilharm Jelaine Sackett Holtegaard Maria Warren Inselman Kathleen Brock Wilharm David Hoppe Ronald Johannsen Mary Kaczrowski Wussow Pamela Brockway Hoppe Bernard Johnson Roland Wussow Michael Jeresek Louis Kanavati Other Donors Ellen Bissen Kanavati Henry Kleis Sandra Kerrins Allaire Judy Larson Kuester Susan Rudeen Kleis Bruce Ause Cheryl Volling Larsen Judith Johnson Knutson Sharon Iverson Bornfleth Walter Maeser Joan Schmidt Lewis Gary Brone Gaylord May Kenneth Meyer Judee Fuglestad Brone James Meyer Judith Mahlke Miller Donald Hansen Dale Newcomb Karen Sather Moses James Haukoos Susan Bickel Pence Richardson Karen Mortensen Haukoos William Pence Pennie Mack Olson Sandra Ferschweiler Holloway Donald Rajtora Michael Rivers Ann Fenney Horswill Orville Rehling Susan Nelson Roffler Henry Hull Edward Schlumpf Roger Rumstick Ann Duncanson Kern Frank Siebenaler Richard Rydman Rose Ellen Lee Charlene Yamanaka Takeguchi James Schaub Patricia Norton Loftus Ernest Timmers Joseph Schiestle Lorraine Overhaug Maenke Mary Gronvall Timmers James Stoll Mary Lou Lindahl Nelson William Urban Robert Swygman Dolores Samuels Patzner Peter Weisbrod James Wieczorek Richard Peter Carole Tangen Wendlandt Douglas Ravnholdt Carolyn Redlund Wieczorek Michael Rayfield Arlo Wold Theodore Thiele Betty Ludtke Woodworth Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Janet Haack Tlusty Richard Yeske Richard Kalbrener David Wendlandt Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Marjorie Johnson White Robert Clark Orrin Zimmerman James Ullrich Other Donors William Allaire Dean Bailey Sharon Kreher Besek Kent Burleigh Kathleen Peterson Bussian Norman Bussian Gus Chafos Herbert Dibley Mary Wendt Ferguson Katherine Fishbaugher Fine Peter Fritz Robert Ginn Michael Hellerud Richard Holst Michael Leahy Mary Moechnig Leppala Darlene Haessig Metzler Beverly Meyer Mary Stocker Moffitt John Petronek Saundra Gulbranson Rohrer Richard Sather Sharon Harnack Schmitz Peggy Berg Schroeder George Seim Robert Spartz Robert Stirn

1967 (19.20%)

1966 (16.19%)

1968 (15.01%)

1969 (16.01%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Janet Jozwick Thompson Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Cynthia Jones Gary Margot Johnson Roberts Ann Rutledge Sawyer Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Jo Ann Bartlett Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Jerry Arens James Brodie Clark Dobbs Patricia Boyum Ferden Raymond Gunderson Rodger Jehlicka Robert Junghans Robert McDonough Kay Quinn Peltier Richard Smith Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Barbara Jenson Bambenek Richard Behling Glen Bernard Esther Pechacek Bunch Gene Churchill Timothy Gerenz Paul Gerlach Sandra Burt Hall Ruth Wisdorf Jewell Curtiss Johnson Ladd Lee Beverly Stahr Milton Nancy Novak Sharon Poppe Schulze Sharon Graner Smith Joyce Wickman Stevenson Thomas Stover Elaine Hagman Swedin Linda Schild Van Arsdale Robert Witherow Other Donors Richard Anderson Gary Anhalt Lowell Bartel Linda Behrens Best Carol Bjorklund Trixie Delaney Brommerich Alan Carlsten Peggy Kropp Dalton Timothy Dalton Brenda Reindal Davies Harold Davies Thomas Davies John Doyle Frank Drazkowski Robert Duellman Kenneth Evans Rita Meyer Evans William Evenson Gene Fairchild Roger Fischbach Harvey Fossum Ronald Gipp Mary Glubka Robert Goldstrand Thomas Goodrich Genene Smith Gordish Janice Winter Graziani John Haas Dennis Holtegaard Gary Ihrke David Janssen Sandra Ambuhl Jeresek Ronald Johnson Suzanne Bremseth Kastelic Kathleen Czaplewski Kinzer Karen Barker Larson Linda Reed Larson Terry Lobland Lorraine Schneider Losinski Rick Lottig Joanne Karsten Mossing Robert Nichols Rose Martinek Njus Annette Richardson Nygard Jeanne Olmstead Ralph Olsen Jarl Pettersen

Paula Kruger Pettersen Harold Poock Ruth Kesson Poore David Prescott Donna Sweazey Rekstad Jack Rislow Diane Roffler Julee Nickels Ruby Lawrence Schuette Rosemary Hamilton Schultz Mary Groger Sorum Barbara Quest Staples Marcia Stevens-Casterton Allan Thompson Barbara Garnes Vang Donald Vang James Vonderohe Bruce Wallace Karen Williamson

1970 (13.41%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Denis Duran Jerry Stejskal Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Michael Rivers Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Carol Riska Loshek Kenneth Mogren Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Pauline Connell Christensen Thomas VonFeldt Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Richard Boyum Larry Nutter Sylvester Schwartz Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Robert Anderson Vincent Arnold Jon Ask Kathie Jahn Beeman Thomas Beeman Patricia King Betlach Jean Garrison Blosberg Darrel Corey Judy Kingsbury Diemer Gary Eddy Susan Bullemer Eddy Beverly El-Afandi Sonja Saari Hoch Cherri Kaplan David Knopick William Kroschel Mary Kuchenmeister-Lein Rita McCauley-Redmond John Milton Irvin Nehring Curtis Palmer Diann Bastin Pflaum Arlyn Pohlman Michael Ryan John Schurhammer Peter Stanfiel Richard Starzecki Gerald Swedin Fred Swenson Robert Urness James Van Alstine Other Donors Susan Grausnick Allaire Mary Kurtz Batcheller James Bigelow Dennis Bishop JoAnne Swanson Bollenbeck Claudia Halstead Buccos Angela Boettcher Bunke Jeffrey Cadwell Carolyn Clementson Christenson David Clay Robert Cliff Marilyn DeForth Sharon Schieche Fimian Colleen Frank Allan Grant John Gregoire Beverly Gronvold Garry Hall Gary Hamm



Robert Hamsund Allan Haynes Nancy Bezdichek Henry Kathleen Servais Jaszewski Stephen Joswick Judith Paulson Kinny Cynthia Merrick Kjos Ronald Kolman Joan Benson Kosters Dennis Landers Donald Leaon Karen Schieche Lisowski Joan Daniels Lundstrom David Mack Mary Stearns Mack Diane Rippel McCready James McCready Sam Michels Michael Mikrut James Moser Dennis Murphy Barbara Berg Nelson Gail Albee Nelson Kathleen Bernatz Peterson John Poore Donald Pressnall Rosemary Marz Schmidt LaVonne Schneider Michael Simons Gary Spencer Thomas Stoffel Mary Bonnerup Swanson Richard Swanson Elaine Kalien Thrune Robert Walker Bonnie Boysen Zitzow

Gregory Hite David Hoel Dennis Hovden Dennis Iverson Ruth Reinke Kinsley Donald Kleiboer Robert Larsen Deloris Kratz Limpert Jerry Lowery Steve McGhie Sheila Marschall Olson Yvonne Passe Peplinski Thomas Pride Warren Rosin Michael Ruby Judith Kessler Rydman Phyllis Rosenberg Schreiber Wayne Shustrom Douglas Smith Nelsen Smith Mark Stenzel Ronnie Thompson Stephen Thrune Mary Skalisky Warren Michael Wilder

1972 (11.92%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Dawn Fiegel Cole Michael Cole Thomas Frisby Jean Dore’ Mills Sally Berens Mogren Stephen Wing Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Diane McNally Forsyth Marilyn Mason Foss Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Jan Galchutt Bernstorf Loren Benz Diane Dutcher Sharon Euerle Peggy Dohrmann Edmonds Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Cindy Quinn George Benedict Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Diane Hanson Stevens Carol Boysen Bedtke Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) John Bedtke Kathleen Turek Petersen Lois Adams Berlin Bette Brand VonFeldt Kathleen De Yoe Boettcher Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Steven Cordes Karen Donehower Engel Bonnie Dill Janis Graner Geesaman Wendy Evenson Nancy Neumann Scott Hannon Louann Hedbom Smith David Harwood Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Richard Henry Ann Spelhaug Arnold Robert Komoroski Thomas Dunlap Jane Larpenteur Kroschel Gerry Gunderson Greg Markham Robert Jacobson Cleo Heiden McMillen Ronald McNamara Lee Paul Newman Barry Nichols Janet Gish Penn William Ochs Roger Runningen Daniel Patterson Marie Tolstad Ruth Wegman Riles James Westberg Susan Hoblit Thurlow Don Wistrcill Susan Bisek Urness Other Donors Sharon Marggraff Van Alstine David Anderson Jane Kahl Voelker Diane Larsen Bergler Terry Vogt Mary Taylore Boehmke Aloys Wieser Anthony Bowden Other Donors Roger Braaten Lois Balk Grace Zwiener Byrne Ida Eggen Benson Bruce Closway Susan Ruehmann Blagsvedt Patricia Dolan Patricia Meska Buechler Monica Geraets Eide Gerald Christenson Ann Patterson Gibson Charles Ciszak Cheryl Nihart-Tomforde Bonita Lewers Connell Glander Sheila Cunningham Kathleen Rolli Grabau Jane Costello Cyrus Gary Hendrikson Paula Fandrey Deleon Barbara Broich Hite Susan Schroeder Dudley Donna Scherbring Hornberg Peter Edwards Laurence House Neil Gadbury Kathleen Kenney Huffman Robert Ganka Avis Bierbaum James Glen Goeman Mary Gunderson Jungblut Robert Goodwin Paul Jungblut Robert Grabau Betty Finn Kalmes Nancy Glover Hansen Michael Kelley Barbara Hill Michael Klomp Harold Hines Mary Lowery

1971 (10.16%)


Benjamin Mahle Jean Darling Masyga Sandra Pittelko McCoy Joanne Schuttemeier Melbostad Candace Newman Carol Sommer Ossell Jeanne Foley Parker Joyce Paul Joy Benda Roth Jeffrey Schlee Thomas Schmitt Donna Schaffer Schrantz Kathy Sorom Smith Roland Solberg Edward Stamy David Steffes William Sullivan Douglas Thompson Julie Klomp Titcombe John Torgrimson Jane Kuisle Trok Michael Trok John Vogel Sally Schick Vogel Hjordy Christison Wagner Paul Wagner Barbara Glasrud White Constance Carver Wick Nancy Lilla Wille Calvin Winbush Eugene Wodele Robert Wurm Janet Hull Zabel David Zarling

1973 (13.12%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Richard Fitzpatrick Mark Patterson Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Elizabeth Seidlitz Ahlers Joseph Stevens Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Thomas Bernstorf Wayne Chalus Ronald Evjen Marleen Martin Jon Nienow Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Carl Aegler Marlene Myran Babbitt Lee Boettcher Terry Carlson Kenneth Club Charles Ehler David Einhorn Steven Einhorn Richard Fullmer Ruth Breimhorst Fullmer Thomas Grothe Marilyn Hansen Vonna Deguise Henry Arline Hoen Douglas Hubbard Dennis Jerome Steven Kingsley Steven Krinke Jeffrey Middendorf Phyllis Stadler Mohrlant Marcia Korb Morrill Dennis Peterson Steven Reinhart Janet Willroth Strom Luverne Sweep Gerald Urness Theresa Walch Walsworth Terrance Westby Gerald Wildes Other Donors Kathleen Cemensky Allen Steven Amann Dale Auckland L. David Belz Joanne Moen Biederwolf Bill Blagsvedt Patricia Sweeney Blaskowski Kyle Brokken Virginia Beinhorn Burgart

Alan Busch Roxanne Casey Byom Margaret Sullivan Clark John Dybvik Lyle Felsch Patricia Hatch Felten Linda Jacobs Fitts Theresa Goerke Roger Hansen William Helwig Roger Holm Brian Houdek Nancy Bellingham Houdek Craig Hummer Nikki Jackson Jacobs Susan Snyder Jobe Sandra Mester Johnson Susan Erickson Kahle Richard Kahn Jeannine Karnes Douglas Kronlage Sharon Langer Lepsche John Lindsay Susan Peterson Lindsay Barbara Ihrke Literski Deborah Dahl Lund Craig Nash Garry Nordhorn Marguerite O’Brien Charles Ossell Jack Peplinski Marilyn Johnson Ruhberg Shirley Harris Sacia Lavonne Kienitz Sasse Ann Goodier Schmitt Cynthia Schwager Mark Singer Gerald Skree Sherry Albers Stechmann Julianne Tompte Stenehjem Robert Thomas Marlys Tuftin Wendy Snyder Tuttle Holger Vaher Randy Walters Glen White Clarian Richert Wilder Gregory Williams

1974 (11.56%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Marilyn Frauenkron-Bayer Dr. Donna Helble Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Gary Janikowski Ronald Schmidt Roscoe Young Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Donald Anderson Elizabeth De Lay Dennis Lande Timothy Penny James Romich Roger Younker Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Russell Ault Jerome Bigelow Margaret Cassidy Donald Curtin Roger Deets Richard Emanuel Fred Fuchs Carmen Lutjen Hannon Paul Iverson Rita Roelofs Iverson James Ives David Jerde Judith Ogburn Jerde Carmen Keister Sandra House Maule Janelyn Lien Navarro Robert Northam Arlen O’Brien Joni Kieffer Polehna Barbara Schafer William Schuldt Wayne Woxland Other Donors James Allen

Jerry Allen Monica Weigenant Bahls Sandy Brandt Bauer Connie Withers Boline Judith Borgan-Weiss Larry Briske Joy Lovell Chall Ann Coates Barbara Coffelt Roger Delano Sue Kyrk Ebbers James Ekern Susan Nickolauson Frame Patrick Gerber Susan Jacobsen Gerig Howard Hammel Sharon Goede Hass Earl Heartt Mark Hofmeister Kathryn Mueller Holle Alfred Holtan Constance Hoveland-Belden Debra Brunberg Jackson Faye Phernetton Johnson Norman Jorgenson Nancy Parmenter Ludwig Phillip Malley David Maurek Ernest Moeller David Moorman Richard Morris Gene Mossing Gregory Nixon Terrance Olson Theodore Ondler Sharon Overland Pillatzki Karen Weif Placek Timothy Raymond Cindy Billman Reese John Rosell Jeanette Anderson Ruff John Scherer Vicki Sieve Sarah Smith Joslin Beverly Haakenstad Spande Cynthia Giese Stanislav Dean Stenehjem Diane Voss Torrel Kathleen McElrath Wolfe

1975 (11.09%)

Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Deborah Nickles Benz Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Gail Whipple Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Timothy Long Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Robert Groettum David Krenik Wanda Pestorious Lande Lois Kelly Rockney David Severson Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Diane Ganske Aegler Renae Berkner Bock Michele Richardson Connolly Nathan Davidson Paul Duddleston Gerald Eichman Gary Feine James Flim George Maule Robert Mims Thomas Murphy Linda Okland Bruce Peters Sandra Schlesser Schollmeier Gerald Stevens Thomas Stoa Elizabeth Krenik Traxler Other Donors Rebecca Bacon Richard Clarke Diane Engel Mary Ann Fuchsel Michael Gabel Werner Giesen Robert Hanson

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)


Bryclynn Carlson Hartman Cynthia Bonnert Hauwiller Jeffrey Holthaus Howard Horen James Jaszewski Debra Hobert Johnson Ralph Johnson Jean Kramer Kennedy Kelly Kieffer Harold Klenke LeAnn Reindal Kline Steven Kline Mary Devine Kneissel Julianne Paulson Loven Rebecca Grindland McGann Mary Bissen Murray Gene Pelowski Alan Peterson Wayne Peterson Susan Hudgens Pieper Ramona Redig Dennis Riesgraf Jeffrey Ross Dennis Rude Charles Rue Bradley Schulte Charles Sewall Jeanne Amell Skree Charles Stark Rosalie Gulbransen Steele Harvey TePoel Marilyn Maus Treder James Weidemann Maureen Weidemann Jolie Ehlers Wood

1976 (11.96%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Robert Strauss Thomas P. Wunderlich Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Phyllis Gerth Fredricks Candace Mixa Marx William Marx Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Rodney Barkema Barbara Bentley Marvin Christensen Diane Papenfuss Holmay Patricia Tolmie Laurie Rittenour Younker Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Scott Abramson Gary Andrews Dana Babbitt John Brinkman Denise Abrath Davidson Nancy Denzer Jean Diederich Thomas Eggenberger Karen Feye Charlene Bonow Kreuzer Diann Handt Lindeman Terrance McGee Shannon Liddiard Micevych John Murtha John Odden Debra Dow Ott Paul Ott Cynthia Bechly Peck Michael Polehna Douglas Riles Marjorie Taylor Smith Other Donors Bruce Bauer Merle Becker Brenda Rose Birkholz Barbara Verthein Carlson Ginger Herbst Church Thomas Desutter Nancy Krueger Dorn Jill Kieffer Esser Susan Brueske Gessner Deborah Gough Gilliam Gayla Goyer Hallquist Charles Hauwiller Jeffrey Higgins Todd Holm John Keill, Sr.

Luke Klaja Carmen Klomp Susan Lundquist Kohler Debra Westhusing Konicek Rebecca Saehler Korder Edward Krugmire Kathleen Hansen Lueders Thomas Marpe Stella Sexton Mathieu Scott McLaughlin Gary Mills Kathryn Landsverk Nelson Jeffrey Noll Dirk Peterson Sandra Gustafson Richter Carol Hallquist Rife Richard Ruhoff Palmer Schneider David Schumacher Carmen Schulze Smith Bonnie Sonnek Estee Stene Krueger Loren Stensgard Mary Shaughnessy Suerth Joyce Hongerholt Underwood Ramona Bieder Voelker Judith Sundet Von Arx Ronald Wenzel Nancy Mohr White Jerry Williams John Yackel Ronald Zopfi James Zuehlke

1977 (11.94%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Thomas Taylor Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Laura Mettille Dreas Dorothy McLaughlin James Ridenour Susan Strilzuk Ridenour Neil Sawyer Mary Jo Schad Strauss Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Michael Balow Pamela Rieke Bauer R. “Wayne” Clark James Madsen Daniel Malm Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Steven Landberg Howard Strey Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Roger Berg Robert Bestul Gail Broring Boom Randall Borchardt Kathryn Baab Buck Timothy Fischbach Marjorie Frost Nancy Strelow Goltz Carol Kiehm Humburg Margaret Foegen Karsten Randy Karsten Teresa Ryan Kingsley Janice Lemm Kreiter Cheryl Maider Larson Ronald Lenoch Craig Mariska Carla Eskelson McGee Mona Knop Mims Monica Moris Debra Swenson Murphy Richard Murphy Pamela Jensen Nelson Kathleen Arnold Ochs Bradley Randolph Susan Karli Stork Catherine Wertjes Other Donors Denise Reedstrom Clarke Suzanne Lexvold Diercks Jessica Dusich Roger Esser Patricia Dyb Ferguson Cathy Johnson Gabel Richard Graen Colleen Green

Susan Ebertowski Hauser Louise Kester Hedrick John Horner Linda Harris Houts James Husman Karen Beck Knospe Bruce Kohn Jean Gittens Kronebusch James Larmore Karen Larson Vickie Smith Malay Susan Mathison Gordon Meiners Christine Ridout Miller Peter Moczarski Kathryn Fitzgerald Nakagaki Pamela Schaller Nelson Janet Dittrich O’Brien Jill Karwoski Randall Stephen Rannenberg Kelly Reynolds Joan Carver Rodde Robert Roloff Mary Dudgeon Scott Deborah Shamsuddin Dean Siehndel Lynette Thoe Traxel Reid Ulve Raymond Watts

Rodney Hoesley Deborah Geske Kloss Kathy Andrews Kohner Jeff Kruger Joann Manco Kujawa Joanne Haase Landers Thomas Martin Joan Fleming Miller Robert Miller Lori Hoff Nelson Paul Rader Steven Riles Lou Ann Roloff Doris Ruben Allan Scheer Catherine Becker Schroeder Robert Shoup Gary Simonsen Harriet Megas Stinson Carol Hoenk Van Oort Dale Walde Kenneth Wilder Sheryl Dimick Wilder

Cindy Averbeck Penning Sharon Skrip Pierscionek Brenda Severson Rosenberg Nancy Rogneby Sangpeal Carrie Frank Schuppenhauer Steven Schuppenhauer Karen Seeling McInnis James Skauge Cathy Ratz Snyder Mary Stenson Joan Mandelko Wissing Kimberly Luther Zemke Lois Mountin Zoromski

1980 (10.44%)

Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Russel Larson Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) John Dullard Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Eileen Henry Bohn Michael Haas Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Janet Suilman Baker Kristen Bentley Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Dean Emanuel Daniel Mortensen David Lauseng Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Mark Ryan Darol Lee Susan Woods-Jeffries Rodney Pritchard Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Barbara Rathke Ames Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Linda Herrick Barbara Furlong Baldwin Joyce Curley Black Trudy Hall Horihan John Burros Ione Swain Loerch Thomas Kearly Klea Anderson Ecker Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Geoffrey O’Connor Randy Fabian Randal Jacobson Debra Quandt Quigley Tamara Ettesvold Fagely Martin Lueck Patricia Dettman Thompson Kathryn Fischer Joseph McLaughlin Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Barbara Becker Hartmann James Nadeau Karen Francis Berg Ariane Ingram Herberg Catherine Master Nichols Amy Wilson Daufenbach Sharon Ebensperger Mark Nichols Maureen Adams Dolan Hofmeister Sandra Pehler Reed Robert Dolan Maynard Johnson Linda Mettille Spiten Ruth Erickson Kay Hillmann Keimig Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Michael Felmlee Kenneth Lanik Sharon Behnke Donald Hageman Robert Lembkey, Jr Jeanne Nelson Danneker Jan Hanson Jeanine Semrad McShea Jim Danneker Thomas Herberg Steven Nelson Thomas Dickey Deborah Ehlers Maus Maureen O’Brien Briggs John Ruggeberg John McShea Nancy Schultz Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Robert Rinaldi Norma Sedlack Mapuana Whaley Evjen Joyce Woodcock Ringeisen Grant Tews Debra Lyngstad Huhnerkoch Richard Ringeisen Kristy & Kurt Weise Gary Huhnerkoch Denyse Pennington Schroeder Janet Wiley Bonnie Kottschade Rick Snyder Other Donors Richard Menden Randy Staver Frederick Blahnik Richard Schoeneman Ann Dwyer Tranvik Paul Boettcher Craig Stanbro Kurt & Kristy Weise Wallace Carlson Janet Marxen Strey Debra Wilk Carole Olin Dimler Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Wendy Kolpin Winders Judith Kirchhoff Eilers M. Jean Craemer Other Donors Sandra Hawley Finholt Patricia Hayes Fehlinger Connie Abernathy-Ness Edward Fornberg Mary Frasczak Sacia Andersen Sharon Foss Martin Grogan Barb Bickford Lavonne Gates David Kohner Darryl Breitenfeldt Joyce Powell Gibbs Balfour Lancaster David Broin Jon Gravenish Nancy Johnson Mariska Pamela Grose Broin Julie Hedgecock-Jacobson Gary McDonald Reginald Cooper Virginia Henry Scott Miller Bruce Feuerhelm Debra Hewitt John Safranek Michael Gleason Sandra Manzow Kubly Nancy Safranek Monica Harrell Marilyn Leavitt Bradley Turner Donise Heiller-Becker Mary Leykom Other Donors Loren Hewitt Julie Andreen Lutz Renee Anderson-Pavek Linda Sanchez Hirte Carol Helgeson Machemer Joyce Beard Brian Ihde Cheryl Christofferson McKane Mary Norton Bennewitz Patricia Lamberty Imai Claire Wieczorek Metzler Debra Snodgrass Berg Vicki Greeder Iocco Linda Larson Naney Colleen Gertner Cenfield Glenn Kooken Mary Netzer Jonathan Ebner Michael Kruempel Linda Kovalsky Painter Donald Emanuel Thomas Kujawa Donald Pappas Marilyn Wicka Ezdon Douglas Lindstrom Richard Pavek Garey Ferguson Ruth Handelong Long Scott Peak Beverly Freeberg Theresa Duffy May John Peterson Angel Garcia Therese Gerten McBride Dindyal Ramkissoon Candace Watson Gordon Sherrie Kaplan Meixner Peggy Ericson Reding Mary Gosselin Larry Meyer Carol Dammann Rolph Robin Jaeckle Grawe Gary Nelson Daniel Sadowski Jim Gregar Terry Olsen Bonita Blahnik Sawyer Patrick Griffin Nola Blencoe Olson Pamela Zachman Schwarz Diane Halvorson Virginia Pease Kayce Jo Johnson Shaeffer

1979 (11.46%)

1978 (11.26%)



Sarah Bue Shaff Thomas Sivia Robin Randolph Solac Norma Anderson Wangen Tammy Steele Westby Richard Will Sharon Wick Yorde

Carl Stange Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Mary Brallier Lori Updike Hare James Comadoll Scott Johnson Shellie Fulkerson Nelson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Wade Langsev Susan Holter Hovell Dean Nihart Paul Johnson Jeffrey O’Connor Dean Selleseth Julie O’Connor Mark Smith Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Barbara Brown Oertel Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Craig Scheevel James Rickoff Duane Anderson Paula Aussem Scheevel Thomas Rislow Samuel Bernard Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Krista Carson-Elhai Tammy Gunn Larson Sheri Boettcher Anderson Tami Aldinger Eckert Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Dave Bostrom Charlotte Ellevold Dana Schneeberger Wood Gelene Jacobson Cochran Diana Long Hellmann Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Roger Erickson Ralph Hoffman Amy Strachota Haas Cathleen Cieminski Faruque James Hosfield Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Marybeth Rausch Gordon William Hunt William Baker John Jorgenson Richard Lind Patricia Meekma Kearly Mary Keal Bryceson Maus Bradley Kolberg Lori Sunderman Maser Deborah Jean Cooper Muller Kathryn Johnson Nieman Jennifer Micke-Kopetsky Susan Matts O’Reilly Lynda Perry Rickoff Mark Nelson Denise Jacobson Pflughoeft Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Clyde Scheevel Richard Scearce, II John Beal Curtis Sorenson Deann Lobmeyer Scearce Pamela Johnson Bostrom Kay Steuernagel Speedling Nancy Johnson Scholz Susan Schweiger Fabian Nancy Herrick Thicke Deborah Hemsey Sobeck Timothy Fagely John Wagner Barbara Trapp-Moen Teresa Rathslag Frigo Other Donors Other Donors Alan Gadola Dorene Delong Bartz Julia Accola Laura Olson Gathje John Beiswanger Richard Baem Janel O’Malley Haider Michael Belden Kimberly Meyer Bell Debra Hanscom-King Theresa Hoffmann Bjorklund Cheryl Crowley Biessener Cheryl Jones Terese Moore Bjornstad Judy Wendler Birkholz Joanne Lynch Kevin Buechler Paul Burmeister Julie Mandery Liane Stevenson Buechler Terry Bush Michele Matthews-Jepson Rita Hughes Buehler Kay Zoeller Campe Susan Miller Russell Comeaux Margaret Claus Donna Koelper Saehler Amy Cordry Elizabeth Johnson Dorn Holly Shi Mark Coulter Jean Henning Fairchild Janice Golnick Sigona Sandra Otto Eastling Marybeth Burdorf Fitterer Julie Berreth Smith Linda Johnson Freitag Rachel Ortiz Garber Cheryl Scholzen Strusz Joanne Fritz Greg Garmon Daniel Strusz Sharon Miller Gerdes Jeffrey Hanson R. Paul Thicke Carol Gronseth Susan McCarthy Hill Kathryn Herrick Tri Carol Michenfelder Gunderson Leanne Ackerman Holland Susan Eiden Wagner Douglas Hadac Kathleen Eitzen Knudson Other Donors Harold Hansen Roy Korte Peter Aarsvold Roslyn Goree Helberg Dorene Peterson Lee Ronald Andro David Herzuck Donald Lindberg Robert Baer Brent Hoffman Robert Navarre Philip Bostrack Mary Jo Jensen-Carter Judith Vreeman Nichols Jill Erickson Bradley Cindy McGrath Cindy Osland Deanna Mercer Capelle Michael McGraw Rosemarie Knudson Pappas Ann Windshcitl Dalhoff Rebecca Geerdes McGraw Karon Peterson Faye Hongerholt Doyle Diane Bernard Mills Kimberly Och Pilarski Marilyn Petz Dubay Lynn Shea Myhre Kyle Poock Mary Farrell Ruth Nordby Joanne Boettcher Riska Jana Julsrud France Michael Norris Mary Beth Mullins Ruhland Sherry Arnold Garness Kelly O’Neill Mary Wistrcill Ryan William Hammes Jay Ostrem Terry Hartman Schepers Mary Falvey Harris Katherine Dolby Praska Mary McMahon Schneider Robert Harris Fran Rainey Daniel Schooley Peggy Hayes William Reuhl Kimberly Boe Seehafer Brad Helmeke Patrick Rian Karleen Sycks Shellum Brenda Kryzer Hoffman Joan Engel Roemer Donna Lawson Siolka Gregory Hovey Denise Sexton Sackreiter Robert Siolka John Jaszewski Jane Ronneberg Schooley David Stendahl Ann Sikkink Johnson Rachel Schroeder Mary Harris Stettler Diane Kinneberg Peter Stenson Jody Behnke Thiele Laurie Voigtlander Kruempel Jennifer Kornmann Stickel Donna Torkelson David Mahlke, II Ellen Niebuhr Sveine Elizabeth Arnold Traff Gary Melbostad Laurie Hanson Timp Wayne Wodarz Ira Naiman John Waldo Chris Neuharth Mary Willson Teresa O’Donnell-Ebner Susan Myhre Wiste Kathy Rehovsky Petersburg Elizabeth Jones Wulff Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Mark Praska James Zaborowski Scott Opfer Gail Dehning Prestemon Jean Solheid Zuroski Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) James Ressler Michael Russell Michael Roiger Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Lorie Schuetzle Michelle Dupont Johnson Kimberly Skorlinski Capstone Society - ($5,000+) James Krupke Richard Smith Frank C. Mettille Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Terri Westman Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Debra Bond Elaine Wilbur Karen Fawcett Julie Haas Kyle Wolfe Mary Hoddecheck Joyce Victor Vieth James Wulff Thomas Sawyer

1982 (10.09%)

1981 (11.46%)

1984 (9.94%)

1983 (8.88%)


Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Mary Foegen Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Nancy Nielsen Adelmann Penny Ohm Bianchi Bridget Ahern Ender Cathy Fischer Elizabeth Tomczyk Freitas Darla Sanford Grover Khalid Haidari John Hogue Todd Kowalke Sally Frick Miner Kimberly Tevlin Olson Kevin O’Reilly Carolyn Duffy Poblocki Kevin Poblocki Timothy Riedl Barbara Baia Roeder Sheryl Woods Sarff Debra Schauer Michael Stalka Donna Strum Jay Thesing Patrice Walch Thesing Judy Ulland Rosalie Perron Vondrashek Other Donors Jean Abbey Robert Bambenek Timothy Berg Janice Born Scott Botcher Sandra Shaffer Brooks Karen Fravert Bush Lisa McEvilly Dibble Robin Drake Kathryn Smith Ferrell Diana Brown Flury Robert Flury Kathleen Peterson Frickson Margaret Murray Funke John Graupmann Maureen Guillou John Hardie Gretchen Ladwig Hill Sheri Heltne Huppert Robin Whitaker Husman Gary Johnson Thomas M. Kane Carolyn Lemke Kanne Julie Erickson Kauffman Joan O’Donnell Kauphusman Ann Killingsworth Rachel Koll Mary Dorsch Kosidowski Timothy Kramer Leota Trytten Lind Cynthia Okamoto Martenson Amy Schuchart Mayer David Messling Traci Ripley Morken Laurel Von Holtum Mugg Bruce Nason John Ostrom Lisa Hansen Ostrom Carolyn Helland Penner Jeanne Poppe Yalanda Rishovd Julie Schilling Schilling-Varvel Jodi Palmquist Schoer Lynelle Tack-Dannecker Scullard Susan Bianchi Smith Boyd Snyder Diane Tenuta Mark Veloske Elizabeth Colapietro Vozzola Kasey Wadding Kathryn Patek Wychgram Michelle Cochran Zuzek

1985 (10.27%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Michael Leaf Tracy Harvey Opfer Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Kevin Cappel Jim Meyer

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) John Freund Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Christopher Brown Pamela Capecci Reginald Johnson Kristina Mazurkiewicz Richard Stein Paul Wiese Reyne Wilhelmi Wisecup Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Kristen Jayne Carlson Michael Celt Julie Glamm Deets Debra Meyers Dehler Laura Enga Janice Harem David Keller William Maurer Karen Kline Northam Peggy Roberts Perschbacher Russell Perschbacher Silvia Ponce de Leon Sandra Krzywdzinski Riedl Deanna Sellner Kevin Vogelsang Pamela Dahl Weisdorf Michele Welte Ann Busch Zweig Other Donors Rebecca Vollmer Allen Russ Anderson Robbin Vachalek Barnes Thomas Batell Cynthia Ferger Bedford Nancy Hellewell Blum Connie Albrecht Bober Sandra Lawrence Botcher James Bremer Cynthia Burt Janet Hartfiel Campbell Matthew Chandler Lisa Hinsch Cronin Douglas Crowson Patricia Spitzer Emanuel Robert Felegy Karen Kofoed Frank Heidi Hanson Hansen Thomas Hansen Lisa Palmer Harreld Maria Enzenbacher Harshbarger John Hass Mary Tuttle Hastings Christopher Hazelton Chris Heiderscheit Alan Heimer Susan Prigge Holz Victoria Mattke Irwin Gregory Johnson Jane Richardson Johnson Jeanne Keelan Johnson Katherine Rozek Koehler Carol Kriener Kreter Steven Machacek Barbara Schmitt Mack David Malchow Patricia Becker Marsnik Kirk Moist Kim Nelson Valorie MacGruder Nystrom Terry Oelkers Jill Springer Peak Denise Funk Priebe Amy Buggy Rex Nancy Hitchcock Roberts Michele Thomas Russell Dennis Schreiber Cloann Wais Schultz Ann Shellum Andrew Sirocchi Mary Meyer Snyder Colleen O’Neill Timmons Debora Johnson Trotman Michael Trotman Julie O’Neil Vangsness Julia Rude Wall Richard Weaver Jean Reinart Wilke Patricia Meier Young

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)

13 Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Karen Rolseth Dickey Amy Roettger Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Carl Amundsen David Rubenstein Mary Connelly Amundsen James C. Schmidt Theresa Gegen Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) DeAnna Mudd Hollerud Maryann Stone Dennis Kathleen Hoopman Michael Ericson Steven Roberts Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Kurt Norris Connie Henze Ackermann Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Bonnie Clipper Mary Wooden Gordon Jeffrey Dehler Scott Norris Richard Dippel Barbara Beyerstedt Ramer Larry Elvebak Barbara Lano Rummel Kevin Fratzke Roxanne Nelson VanDeWater Mary Gawronski Bruce Winter Perian Zillmer Heffner Jon Wisecup Linda Heine Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Stacey Knuppel Hurrell Marianna Byman Elizabeth Corser Ihrke Karen Johnson Dippel William Ihrke Julie Schroeder Dohm Russell Keating Michael Dohm Carolyn McGrew Leckey Anne Gilbertson Foegen Jan Morgan Juan Foegen Louis Orr Perry Gigot Thomas Russell John Howe Charles Schollmeier Julie Meehl Hunt Michael Sir Robert Johnson Stephanie Larsen Smidt Diane Feneis Moeller Vicki Andreen Stickels Steven Olds Andrea Bartos Sztajnkrycer Nancy Hyser Penick Catherine Barck Thoen Doyle Smidt Kim Koeppel Tornstrom John Thompson Other Donors Margaret Trott Dale Adams Other Donors Lynn Dimitroff Aldrich Cecilia Koll Allen Kim Anderson Eric Anderson Shannon Banitt Dawn Johnson Ausenhus Peter Belina Bernard Beaver Renee Hilgendorf Belina Suzette Bechly Catherine Enabnit Boehm Harold Beckala Daniel Brannan Kristin Guenther Bergaus David Bremer Susan Briske Joan Broers Eric Burnham Christine Thaldorf Buswell Susan Dahl Christensen Beth Little Eichman Marilyn DeSanto Julie Frye JoAnn Sorum Drake James Garber Roxanne Himlie Evenson Terri Kuball Hallaway Shelley Burmeister Gierhan Beth Fahning-Hanggi Timothy Hale Kristi Jacobson Hanson Mary Morin Halla John Hemmesch Ann Johnson Hanson Mary Bukowski Henkel Brian Haugen Michael Jacobson Jennifer Hein Hazelton Brenda Fay Janning Jeffrey Hemmelman Dawn Johnson Carroll Colleen Bauer Herzberg Marsha Fischer Knudsvig Mark Hesse Carol Koenig Alan Ihrke Stephanie Koppa Rogness Amy Schroeder Johnson Brian Krambeer Kathleen Kaplan Kip Krzmarzick Todd Kieffer Jodi Heikes Muenkel Kerry Klungtvedt Joanne Arnold Nichols Kevin Knudson Linda Lee O’Connell Lucille Daley McMartin Julie Strand Olsen Kathleen Arndt Miles Leslie Theroux Palm Carol Johnson Olson Kristi Papcke-Benson Lynn Pearson Daniel Pronley John Pilarski Kevin Schaller Patricia Langer Rowan Beth Wilke Scherr Dorothy Glasser Schilling Julie Kuhlmann Schneider Patrick Sheehy Susan Siebold Dennis Thackeray Victor Sivore Robert Traff Howard Stout Peter Wagner Kari Chesness Unke Jodi Peterson Weaver Troy Unke Joyce Eskra Wendt Kendall Unruh Lisa Osborne Wenzel Elizabeth Page Vane Donald Whalen Monica Brasket Wedin Nancy Bundy Whetstone Kenneth Wright Kristine Gadow Zaborowski Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Julie Wiebusch Zsido Patricia Neal Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Mary Cappel Timothy Missling Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Andrea Schmidt Scamehorn Ruth Wackler Young

1986 (8.22%)

1987 (9.45%)

1988 (7.26%)

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Susan Rislove Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Philip Burfeind Kimberly Pexa Guentzel David Schuh Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Nancy Klein Doerr Laura Allen Eisterhold Ann Lemke Ihrke Kurt Johnson Michael Keefe Jay Kohner Diane Palm Jeffrey Rutter Sharon Giemza Rutter Gracelyn Hahn Schueler Lisa Taylor Snyder Tracie Saufferer Spinler Lori Kiekbusch Thicke Susan Thalacker Thomas Michele Anderson Wick Other Donors Lisa Lehmann Barnett Steven Brown Laurie Cunnien Susanne Eckhoff Cutshall Sandra Gillen Drache Susan Fenske Douglas Gesme Marlys Ross Gesme Brian Gould Thomas Hansen Timothy Hansen Darla Olson Harstad Brenda Hinrichs Hartkopf Lance Hartkopf Clay Hedrick Carolyn Heim Ronald Helmers Ruth Morgan Helmers Robin Boldt Hoeg Diane Ryks Holland Jeffrey Karlson Paula Sorenson Kirkpatrick Mary Miskovsky Klabunde Fredric Knudsvig Judith McNally Leahy Virginia Liebenow Lilla Kim Peterson McKimmy Kenneth Metz Debra Voss Meyer Patrick Miller Jane Allen Nettz Jeffrey Newkirk Brian Olson Leanne Blanchard Peterson Susan Steinbauer Priem Julie Probach Sarah Swendiman Prunty Thomas Rooney Linda Rudrud Thomas Ruesink Paul Schaffner Alicia Roemeling Scheevel Wayne Scheevel Brenda Newcomb Scott Anthony Tripicchio Joanne Miller Wagner Todd Walter Shari Kalien Zehala

1989 (7.01%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Catherine Dempsey Scott Ellinghuysen Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Susan Labrec McDonnell Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Barbara Smith Parks Debra Schulze Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Jane Grote Bartz Theresa Heath Doering Tami Anderson Forstall Louis Heidenreich Carol Ebner Jaworski Ann Koehnen Miller Lisa Maier Mullen

Todd Nesley Janet Strelow Northam Joliene Olson Betty Pora-Golubiec Debra Randall-Anderson Susan Jensen Schley Bradley Spinler Linda Voigt Sudman Karen Hall Torchia James Tornstrom Scott Trotman Deana Sonnek Witt Other Donors Beth Befort Arendt Linda Bobo Barclay Joan Kramer Betsinger Paula Nelson Beyer Tara Ellinghusen Biever Colleen Crownhart Cynthia Kramer Crowson Monica Drealan DeGrazia Laurie Lang Deters Holly Coe Egge Todd Fenske Kathleen Wynne Gillman Greta Palen Goetting Jeffrey Holecek Sharon Hegseth Holst Michelle Wick Hovey Gerard Hying Jay Johnson Susanne Gripentrog Johnson Jon Knutson Brenda McNally Litscher Michelle Stofferan Mahowald Carol Peters Malcom Joseph McMahon Joel Meyers Jeff Neumann Carrie Graff Rebischke Beverly Jenkin Richardson Mary Maier Roeder Joan Hopp Runke Leah Nishimura Schlegel Annette Beerkircher Schoeberle David Schrandt Bryan Scott Thomas Scullard Kenneth Stanislav Christine Engen Streukens Laura Robillard Tripicchio Gary Urness Kimberly Wedul Melanie Edlund Wegner Gregory Weiss Peggy Peplinski Welshons Ronald White Peter Woerpel Jennie Wood Sharon Wiersgalla Zell

1990 (8.02%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Karla Pielmeier Kennedy Karen Matzke Timothy Meyer Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Melinda Dawson Reinardy Lantha Gleisner Stevens Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Mark Christopherson Frank Davis William Schmidt Jennifer Mann Trucco Jeffery Vrieze Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Lyle Blanchard Kalene Engel Cathryn McKean Espy Mark Franke Nancy Gaudet Thomas Grier Keith Hamburg Deborah Moffat Heidenreich Karen Vennevold Johnson Janet Koelper Mary Luhman-Johnson Michelle Hale Martinek

Lawrence Mishkar Gary Rossin Colleen Sallee Albin Timm, II Other Donors Paul Allen Kent Anderson Michelle Anderson Nancy Anderson Michael Bass Jennifer White Bausch Donald Bergler Lisa Johnson Black Frederick Blacklock Emily Chapel Bloomquist Connie Stelzer Blum Tracey Becwar Broadbent Susan Matthees Burns Karen Lecy Caldie Lois Caulum Paula Wagner Cole Christine Papageorge DeSouza Laura Jensen Drentlaw Nancy Forstrom Emmy Zavadil Foster Gregory Gaspar Bradley Haase Susan Henning Hanson Julie Wills Harris Peter Ho Karen Holte Mark Iverson Ellen Jensen Deborah Johnson Tamara Kaddatz Karla Hoff Kellen Lisa Moffatt Knutson Daniel Koch Anthony Krenik Sarah Keenan Lysne Gloria Meulepas Alicia Dauk More Doris Lindemann Navarre Elizabeth Nelson Lynn Thynes Nelson Geraldine Nielsen Michael Nix Chad Norgren Cristin Riddle Oelfke Joseph Oelfke Mary Peck Timothy Poock Jill Peterson Richter Kimberly Paduano Rinehart LeAnn Jaskie Salwey Kim Schmitt Karen Skugrud Michelle Quinn Smith Peggy Rasner Tafelski Lyle Turtle Todd Wagner Edward Waldo Jean Hlavacek Waldo Nathan Wendland

1991 (7.98%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Michael Garvey Connie Mettille Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) David Gresham Peter Gutierrez Paula D’iorio Kabe Tammy Keeran Omar Pillar Society - ($250-$499) John Branick Matthew Conant Julia Ketcham Corbett Patrick Langowski Michael Reed Michael Rusk Lana Blue Swanson Paul Swanson Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Tracy Nesley Bachman Jody Wojchik Bahr Richard Brewer Eric Christianson Laureen Schutz Christianson


14 Linda Cibulskis Mitchell Elvebak Daniel English Geoffrey Espe Sara Gabrick Michael Guckeen Raquel Yurch Guckeen Gregory Heitz Marlene Hemann Susan Obenauf Hess Joseph Horihan Christine Conety Katzmann Lance McMorrow Linda Pellowski Bonnie Vanalstine Rung David Scharpen Patrice Vaplon Scharpen Daniel Spors Erik Thompson Mari Gustafson Thompson Michele Wood Other Donors Gene Allen Tamra Wiese Andersen Ron Aumann Keith Buss Iris Avery Clark Neumann Holly Tews Clarke Jill Mickelson Collins Daniel Diehl Ralph Fairchild Scott Felten Dana Prudhomme Gibson Ken Gibson Jacqueline Nelson Godeen Leigh Gomez-Dahl Kelly Posekany Hagenbucher Rodney Hansen Kimberly Meyers Haze Thomas Haze Brenda Toenies Johnson Jane Trygstad Kirmse Barbara Clark Kling Jennifer Brey Lamberson Mathew Lamberson Cheryl Jensen Larson Brian Lay Kathie Bottelson Lein Julie Omodt Lundberg Scott Mahle Ronald Manley Shelly Sornberger Merchlewitz Barbara Neubauer Lisa Noller Nix Michelle Nowlan Laura McGovern Oelkers Boyd Rasmussen Steven Richardson Suzanne Roberts James Root Renee Petit Root Karen Gretz Rubado Laura Risler Schaffner Mary Baier Schell Philip Schmidt Anthony Shealy Andrea Stadsvold Smothers Randy Smothers Edward Stites Todd Taylor Nona Johnshoy Thackeray Sandra Zehnder Timm Amy Loechler Vanwey Daniel Vrieze Mark Yaglowski Susan Yell Melissa Zitzmann

1992 (5.53%)

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Vicki Simpson Decker Kimberly Horman Gresham Ali Omar Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Laura Pils Bambenek Brian Corbett Molly Ritter DuBois Robert DuBois Jon Flatness

Michelle Pearson-Langowski Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Stacy Holstad Anderson Sherry Bennett Kristin Blanchard Brenda Stilwell Davis Christine Didier Dudgeon Derek Espy Cheryl Gullicksrud Paul Katzmann Richard McGill Paula M. (Cleveland) Regan and Robert M. Regan Jr. Nicole Setnicker Wood Other Donors Jean Aimonetti John Arndt Mark Barsness Charlot Wobschall Bass Terrence Behrens Thomas Benson Andrew Bergaus Raina Wefel Bergland Mark Bergmann Diane Block Christine Boos Patricia Beranek Buerkle Amy Becker Chambers Gail Evenson Christine Harmon Kent Harris Lori Overland Haugen Merrily Hazelton Debra Stiller Hinrichs Sean Hong Terrie Klug Tracy Lehnertz Pamela Poeschel Lijewski Carol Marchant Carolyn McDonald Mark McDonald Kelley McGowan Randy Moger Wendy Lau Moger Karen Anderson Morlan Michael Murphy Kristi Valen Nyberg Lyle Peterson Paul Pharis Karen Polyard Amy Buegler Rinken Laura Piechowski Romesburg Joseph Rubado Thomas Schell Andrea Johnson Shealy Adam Smith Diane Steinhoff Ty Sukalski Janet Brommer Thewis Mary Bellingtier Vrieze Kevin Walter Timothy Walton Stan Weigel Michael Zinser

1993 (5.63%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) John Davis Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Bradley Hompe Craig Stelmach Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Thomas Brown John Gosse Lori Walch Reed Wayne Wicka Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Chad Anderson Beth Risser Cage James Chapple Carla Weller Johnson Susan Kozelsky Elisa Bulver O’Malley Kathryn McNab Parsi Charlotte Blaser Podein Brian Schramm Tracy Sears Schramm Leanne Witt Schugel Bette Smart


Ann Longenecker Taschetta Joseph Taschetta Daniel Wood Other Donors Hope Hawley Aikens Linette Kronebusch Allison Mary Anderson Amundsen Andrew Andersen Susan Ellis Anderson Christine Askew Matthew Bloomquist Marilyn Amdahl Braunreiter Beverly Wynne Chard Michelle Flom Chock Vicky Nelson Dahlgren Laurie Delmedico Karen Schmeichel Diehl Robert Fox Lydia Gnos-Krebs Laura Olson Graham Cynthia Kramer Hadlich Christopher Johnson Dennis Johnson Jane Johnson Vicki Budach Johnson Jonette Schroeder Jordan Jacquelyn Kriesel Lettner Patrick Lijewski Julie McGuire Marthaler Sarah McCauley Ann McDonald John Meyer Elizabeth Minette Corey Mir Jenifer Montag Michelle Slayback Peacocke Suzanne Pries Rachel Grehl Recknagel William Rinken Christopher Ross Julie Jensen Sammann Molly O’Rourke Schultz Rebeca Rice Sedarski David Sell Charles Soper Troy Trippel Audrey Beck Troke Rosanne Quick Urbik Judy Brown-Feldmeier Vix Deborah Von Arx Brenda King Walter Jennifer Von Allmen White Rosvita Feilinger Wolk

Amy Bakken Johnson Leanne Johnson Kasper Suzanne Kennebeck Melanie Kramer Dennis La Roche Jacqueline Stahmann Lafky James Lorenz Dawn Erickson Meyer Richard Meyer Sara Stanchina Meyer Kathryn Asp Miller David Myhre Hal Nyseth Michelle Allen Nyseth Rose Peterson Michelle Brenno Pyfferoen Robert Renaux David Ross Jill Schewe Barbara Garbisch Schramm Brenda Wickingson Sellner Christopher Sellner Steve Spors Sheila Tschida Craig Van Oort Melissa Aspen Wangen Denise Irvine Wermager Kendra Larson Wright Kevin Wright Vang Xiong

1995 (5.43%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Mehboob Alam Patricia Sizemore Benedict Melissa Ascheman Davis Echo Huang Michelle Strunge Mertes Shirley Newberry Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Sandra Briggs Mary Lu Gerke Andrea Pitkus Marc Spieler Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Sarah Holstad Adams Scott Adams Teresa Discher Jacquelyn Johnson Gosse Donna Kamann Sonja Bogum Meiers Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Todd Burns Arthur Gove John Groh Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Lisa Linder Groh Scott Mertes Keith Misukanis Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Jeffrey Olson Jeffrey Reinardy John Preiner Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Sean Rahn Cass Gordon Jeffrey Rolfson Roy Iggulden Janet Smith Christopher Malone Cynthia Townsend Michelle Heyer Malone Robert Wick Sally Horn Mesibov Other Donors Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Jacqueline Laumb Baker Michael Anderson Amy Weimer Bang Amy Carpenter Burns Richard Bartz Todd Cage Brenda Berg Diane Carney Gregory Berge Melonie Gaskins Elvebak Ruth Berns Steven Gatti Darrin Brand Shane Hoff Julie Northrup Brand Arthur Shrader Patrick Broers Melinda Wiedenfeld Shrader Lynn Brom-Kuusisto Theresa Szatkowski Waterbury Jeanine Christensen Antony Wheat Lisa Colborn Other Donors JeNean Sticha Cory Gregory Broadbent Sandra Cummings Matthew Chambers Kristine Faber John Christensen Celia Arakaki Fracek Paul Churchill Lisa Verbrugge Hagenson Brent Cory Melinda Anderson Holtegaard Delroy Deberg Stacey Pfaff Johnson Leah Kaleinani Espinda-Brandt Barbara Dahl Keller Laura Petri Gillen Eugene Kopecky Carolyn Blahnik Greeley Stacy Amundson Kopecky Dana Schwartz Hoenigschmidt Mary Kovar Cheryl Kleindl Jacobson Carrie Lapham

1994 (4.57%)

Jason Maurer Margaret Bastian Maurer Pamela McCabe Kevin Melvin Peter Milton Troy Pearson Julie Swanson Roberts Pamela Trca Roberts Michelle Koenig Ryan Erich Schafer Lori Rahm Schafer Stephanie Shea Julie Bieber Shockman Marilyn Smith Michelle Phenow Spors Kristi Busse Tlusty Catherine Wagner Amanda Hauschildt Weilandt Heidi Lund Youngbauer

1996 (3.59%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Christine Nelson Gerdes Eric Gerdes Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Aaron Squires Kathleen Maxwell Van Buskirk Eric Wollan Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Celia Riley Domeyer Brian Ellsworth Grant Evavold Erik Heidemann Richard Hinz Mark Mendell Victoria Field Nelson Christopher Plambeck Heather Pechacek Prigge Charles Quigg Jan Smid Theo Tenseth Venus Charles Whillock Other Donors Gary Adams Amy Bradke Beinecke Martin Christenson Judy Bailey Couch-Hughes Jon Eckhoff Mary Albrecht Frisch Erica Truman Gossard Rita Hawes Timothy Hoese Sarah Krebsbach Holthaus Kari Johnson Ruth Putz Korder Kristine Larson Christopher Lavold Jody Baker Leise David Ludy Melissa Ohlemann Ludy Jennifer Good Neiss Kay Pedretti Todd Podgorski Kristin Anderson Reese John Schmid Henry Terry Michael Usgaard Margery Marsh Weichers Marlene Benischek Werden Amy Wiltscheck Liya Zhang Xu

1997 (4.22%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Thomas Dreas Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Leslie Albers Brenda Booth Greg Davis Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Casie Goodrich Budolfson Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Mary Speltz Ballard Ellen Bateman-Naeser Alison Spiegel Bjoin Angela Bohringer Ellsworth Kelly Wieser Iverson Randall Knudson

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)

15 Jennifer Sullivan Kreibich Brenda White Misukanis Theodore Mueller John Naeser Elizabeth Ortner Jamie Peterson Keely Berge Teynor Amy Hubmann Whillock Other Donors Sean Beinecke Heidi Taylor Berge William Braun Diane Buscho Catherine Cabelka Carrie Wickman Christenson Nicole Peterson Dempsey Rosemary Schug Dorn Mari Sullivan Erickson Meg Kubesch Feyen Timothy Firstbrook William Frank Thomas Gjersvig Cynthia Groth Marcia Toberman Hagen Lori Lamborn Hoppe Theodore Klassen Dan Kuhlman Christine Stienessen Logan Amy Sime Love Margaret Lundquist Jennifer Morrison Maier Jeffrey Mann Kenneth Mann Laura Haney Mann Shirley McKinley Ericka Mitchell Robin Stephens O’Callaghan Andrea Smith O’Donnell Michelle LaMere Paradis Joan Queen Sherry Thompson Rajanen Philip Reineke Tricia Prigge Renk Heidi Renken-Burdick Susan Robinson-Denbow Jon Rossow Julie Widmer Schmidt Sharyl Stenson Shannon Cox Tomforde Ann Mladek Tuma Amy Dahl Walton Kristine Moky Walz Daniel Wilmot Kayra Swanson Wood

1998 (3.54%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Jennifer Sonntag Becker Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Tracy Coenen Schaefer Anthony Heilman Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Garrick Beale Andrew Gallion Matthew Howe Scott Iverson Kendal Kreibich Rebecca Neal McCall Dwight Miller Jodi Overson Olson June Reineke Tanya Ryan Heather Nordly Sachs Colby Vogt Other Donors Justin Barrientos Jennifer Becker Vincent Biondo Tyler Bowen Angela Upstone Crawford Mary Strande Galke Rebecca Guinn Kristen Radel Harper Autumn White Herber Karl Hoppe Anne Wiberg Jastromski Eric Kirschner Craig Landsom Lisa Ballard Landsom

Lisa Stockel Lueken Mindy Bodven McTernan Corey Mercer James Parlow Kathleen Theisen Reineke Christy Remington Brian Ruhland Mark Russert Randi McLaughlin Russert Gail Sauter Brian Schmaus Janice Krahn Stephenson Kathleen Boraas Stepp Scott Stepp Betsy Woodworth Tobak Kate Venne Tara Welch Jennifer Gilmore Wilmot

1999 (3.51%)

Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Kärin Moses Wollan Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Aaron Braund Cindy Brown Maurine Hardke Raphael Hennemann Sherry Hicks Hicks-Oligney Heidi Siemers Howe Sheila Livingstone Rocklen Peterson Stevan Sparr Betty Vix Thorson Stephen Zadina Other Donors Erteza Abdullah Angela Allers Wade Anderson Erin Slaby Boland Charles Catt Nancy Dvorak Darlene Sobotta Feltes Kelly Lee Flo Emily Reiman Goemans Jonathon Halbesleben Troy Heinritz Kathryn Heyer Lynette Picha Hoese Jane Jirele-Borleske Matthew Kaczkowski Shawn Killebrew Holly Pronschinske Lambert Jolene Danca Larsen Todd Lundberg Carl Mottram Megan Radatz Paulson Gabriel Perkins Blake Peterson Gina Hagedorn Pierce Christy Riska Tania Kokott Schmidt Brian Soderling Erika Christianson Soderling Stephanie Walters Stevens Kristine Traxler Trisha Helmle Wieser

2000 (3.60%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Warren Becker Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Kurt Simon Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Jeffrey Fedor Katie Harris Gove Raegan Isham Hennemann Marcia Knutson Nicole Bogenschutz Kronebusch Lance Meincke Eric Preslaski Mohammed Rahim Tracy Ferber Rahim Ryan Sinning Phil Sonnenberg Michael Thern Judy Thorn Amy Torbenson

Other Donors Robin Noll Anderson Mark Auge Anne Beighley Cynthia Nelson Blume Susan Bowen Sharon Brandrup Kimberly Callahan Cada Mark Debban Kelly Dittrich Daryl Floden Elizabeth Haywood Groth Scott Hawley Melanie Johnson Carlton Kuck, III Kathryn Lammers Jasmin Ballstadt McCabe Patrick McCabe Christopher Oldenburg Sara Damrow Rasmussen Shaun Rindels Kimberly Ring Kristen Wascoe Rogers Christine Hanson Schuman Christine Silvis Charles Smith Ronald Steen Robert Stuber Aloys “Skip” Wieser Penny Wunderlich Jill Gunderson Zydowsky

2001 (2.81%)

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Ann MacDonald Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Michelle Alexander Brian Breen Melissa Harter Fedor Robert Lambert Jesse Lambrecht Teresa McCardell Vladimir Nikishov Sarah Mensink Ries Michael Swenson April White Beth Marek Zadina Kristina Stuber Zick Travis Zick Other Donors Jared Barse Emily Cassellius Cynthie Washburn Christensen Christopher Goemans Laura Beaumont Gossett Mary Gravenish John Harper Tracy Cook Heinritz Lance Jeppson Kari Miller Johnsrud Sandra Peplinski Kramer Corey Larsen Kimberly Deckert Litsheim David Meyer Tisha Simonson Pischke Craig Schlichting Katherine Schott Michelle Fuhrman Smith John Spaeth Carson Walch Leslie Lundquist Werden Tony Wihlm Barbara Zelinske

Phillip Heimbecker Nicole Klingle Christopher Meller Other Donors Randall Andre Karissa Stone Ashley Margaret Bednarek Shaun Bollig Jane Borgerding Shannon Ehler Nathan Fort Andrea Klein Gerlach Jamie Groth Jamie White Gudmundson Nicole Robinson Haugh Kimberly Klocke Greg Kryzer Sarah Laufer Patricia Marchetti Lavelle Lois Mandler James Menard Tamara Ruhland Munster Anne-Marie Priebe Randy Schacht Tobias Schmidt Jacquelyn Severson Holly Marten Sieve Gary Smith Stephanie Toussaint Stahl John Stapleton Joanne LaShomb Thompson Gillian Norris Twite Laura Espeset Unterholzner Amanda Halverson Urness Natalie Miller Vanish Kristen Wellmann Laura Willaert Cory Williams Kirsten Wyffels

2003 (2.48%)

Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Trisha Brown Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Bruce Carpenter Tanuj Gilja Cassandra Mueller Angela Hermann Mulinix Elizabeth Narten Kathleen Peterson Justin Rzutkiewicz Deborah Smid Karen Darveaux Spielman Rebecca Skozek Swenson Mark Weigenant Christina Olson Wood Other Donors Rebecca Bailey Brandi Cook Matthew Corsello Amy McAuliffe Demers Jennifer Jepson Flowers Cheryl Bolduan Gensmer Rick Guenther James Harstad Annie Jacobson Ketcher Dustin Moburg Rebekah Diers Morris Brian Munster Vanessa Murry Heda Najmaie Lori Perry Robert Priem Debra Robinson Marlys Rowe Janet Bergman Stapleton Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Jacob Tietje Kimberly Pickering Schmidt Sarah Bremer Williams Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Jeremy Wroblewski Kristi Andersen-Loose Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Jocelyn Halverson Hillman Cynthia Schubbe Jones Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Bradley Seurer David Cruz Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Nicholas Hefko Logan Carstensen Jennifer Cuculi Jaeger Megan Bondeson Carstensen Nicholas Jaeger Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Christopher Samp Joanne Heathman

2002 (3.31%)

2004 (1.85%)

Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Diana Cook Matthew Meline Brian Nauman Maria Stracke Other Donors Emily Davis Bedsted Hans-Peter Deruiter Krista Gamble Fort Valorie Bieganski Guenther Andrea Fredrickson Hanson Per Holmgren Julie Homuth Shannon Johnson Ingvalson Brenda Kirby Laura Krenik Lisa Moeller Stefanos Orfanakos Ivonne Parry Anthony Perno Anthony Schwab Igor Seremet Tanya Kryzer Skagerberg Ronald Stevens

2005 (1.84%)

Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Gretchen Johnson Biesanz Amy Reilly Jamey Terrell Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Keri Kreuzer Leech Travis Leech Steven Opgenorth Sarah Schille Other Donors Jessica Van Den Heuvel Blaisdell Rebecca Bown Jessica Hinrichs Brink Kathryn Cameron Dillon Denisen Danielle Noren Dubiel Jeffrey Eichorst Sara Goldstrand Kirsti Fremling Hendrickson Geroldine Hengel Lindsey Cadwell Hoffmann David Lemke Patricia Malotka Catherine Minnich Nelson Jennifer Normandin Okoye Sharyl Sanderfoot Scott Schuh Lindsey Schultz Christopher Shimanski Nafisa Suliman

2006 (1.86%)

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Colin Charlson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Shirley Kirby Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Savanna Petersen Borne Jennifer Dobbertin Carpenter Adam Chapek Brian Gallagher Kelsey Mellard Gowin Zoaron Bucksa Swanson Andrew Tolbert Other Donors Shalana Desotelle Thomas Hainje Terra Voxland Haugen Charlene Hauser Courtney Holtegaard Barbara Johnson Michael Kraszewski Roy Kratt Debra Loewenhagen Jamie Majerus Karen Neu Jennifer LaBelle Neuhring Jessica Wessa Quintanilla Sandra Shirk-Heath Rachel Salisbury Vogel Christopher Warrington


16 Kory Wiskow Kristi Tuttle Ziegler

2007 (1.78%)

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Corey Beech Jonathan Schmitz Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Courtney Kish Colton Samuel Plitzuweit Ashley Wilke Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Ashley Heydt Coleman Ashley Revels Ingvalson Joseph Ingvalson David Kuntz Michelle Fischer Peters Nawang Sherpa Sheila Skilling Other Donors Andrew Bell Nora Dix Ryan Endres Alison Gonzalez Miriam Goodson Elena Grimm Cynthia Heim Amanda Stutzka Johnson Anthony Kelm James Ryan Jessica Rolfes Schrofe Mollee Sheehan Daniel Stensgard Douglas Sundin Douglas Zars

2008 (1.60%)

Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Shelby Frost Plitzuweit Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Kristopher Johnson Kristen Fossell Lampe Scott Sherman Nycole Stawinoga Other Donors Anthony Brown Sam Chaussee Virginia Darling Timothy Fredrickson Carlie Frederixon Frei Andrea Loosbrock Gosch Heather Kosik Nicole Haight Justin Kunferman Mary Nilsestuen Lisa Perez Anthony Schmitt Angela Stremcha Serwa Laine Shipman Laura Servaty Smith Stacy Steinfeldt Kelley Wardell

2009 (1.93%)

Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Katherine Klipstine Thompson Trevor Thompson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Jordan Ogren Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Justin Graf Lori Ortega Rebecca Steffen Other Donors Keith Berstler Kristin Coudron Ruth Crabtree Sirjana Dahal Kimberly Devlin Jonte Flowers Melissa Vodvarka Hunter Robert Krall Dason Kurkiewicz Michael Laird Joshua Malchow Jennifer Roberts Chelsea Rosenow

Laura Schroeder Cherie Seaman Casey Spangler Kelly Strupp Jennifer Stumm Patrick Trewin Amanda Tupy Westley Wamsley August Whipple Prathiba Sridhar Yadav

2010 (1.81%)

Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Alyson Norgaard Ogren Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Ryan Bille David Busse Ross Hellenbrand Ann Lovas Kohner Other Donors Shane Ahlbrecht Paul Alberts Samuel Baker Barton Bjugstad Susan Geiger Mariya Ilcheva Mandy Reker Kauphusman Brian Koetz James Kongshaug Brian Kugel John Leppla Ramona Meers Vicki Eide Nelson Manish Nepal Vicky Rarick Diann Renaas Fred Schulze Danish Shrestha Ryan Slack John Smith Travis Supalla Andrew Witt Sheri Woodbury

2011 (1.83%)

Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) William “Chops” Hancock, Jr. Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Emma Boerboom Andrew DeSousa Tongun Morbe Other Donors Amber Abel Vivian Akpala Katie Ganshaw Baker Diane Beiswanger Lawrence Blahnik Patrick Bryant Teena Doan Joshua Erwin Adam Field Hannah Herman KayCee Johnson Sonja Johnson Brent Krebs Martha Kroger Mitchell Larsen Libbie Bosshart Longfield Anna Miller Dustin Morrow Delanie Noll Paul Ogrinc Kristen Perkins Rachel Reicks Heather Terry Sarah Thomas Ashley Thrond

2012 (2.53%)

Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Robin Honken Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Emma Bressers Yvonne Lee Bryant Olchefske Lindsay Young


Other Donors Lynsey Bakkum Molly Bisbee Kaiya Bisping Katherine Buck Brian Clarke Kirsten Cole Calline Cronin Alex Dodge Candace Ewers Christina Flaherty Alyssa Foggia Barbara French Eleanor Gaston Shannon Hairsine Sabrina Hatten Meghan Ihrke Christy Johnson Lorie Johnson Megan Kinney Lindsey Kuhn Natalie Lawrence Rachel Lee Kelly Maloney Drew Medin Cara Michelson Ndaya Mutanda Nghi Nguyen Kyle Paskewitz Drew Pfutzenreuter Jessica Rudnik Rebecca Sandager Kayla Schollmeier Melody Schreiner Derek Sorenson Paul Soukup Darryl White Michael Wilkinson

2013 (0.35%) Other Donors Emily Biljan Amanda Larsen Ally Lenz

STUDENTS Pillar Society - ($250+) Kelsey Anderson Ashley Walker Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Jessica Heit Briana Hornberg Whitney Sockness Siera Swedeen-Kellogg Other Donors Logan Adkisson Katelyn Alman Michael Anderson Samantha Atkins Ayodeji Awosika Ashley Azar Daniela Bachmeier Brianna Barck Paige Barla Antwan Battles Alexander Beauchene Meagan Beaver Molly Becker Peter Belde Emily Biljan Morgan Blair Tyler Boike Emily Boulay Ashley Brotherton Samuel Brown Brooke Bulman Sarah Burke Charlotte Campbell Steven Carley Rachel Carroll Abby Casey Abigail Chute Thomas Clarkin Erin Cochran Jessica Collins Joshua Cramond Marion Danh

PRESIDENT’S CLUB The Winona State University Foundation established the President’s Club in 2003 to recognize donors who have made an annual gift of $1,000 or more to the unrestricted Sustaining Fund. Unrestricted gifts are directed to the area of greatest impact at WSU, immediately benefiting students by supporting scholarships, faculty and curriculum development, academic and cultural programming, library collections, and other critical needs. Members of the President’s Club help Winona State continue its commitment to excellence in education and service. Along with special recognition, President’s Club members receive university updates from the president, invitations to special events, and opportunities to engage in campus life. The following donors have qualified for this annual giving society for Fiscal Year 2013.

Mehboob Alam Lynn & Fred Anderson Lucy Barnes-Diesslin & Blaine Diesslin Warren & Jen Becker Becton Dickinson and Co. Galen & Janice Betsinger Robert & Shirley Boeckman Capital One Services, Inc. David & Margaret Christenson Michael & Dawn Cole John & Melissa Davis Denis Duran Mike & Suzanne Ericson Eric & Christine Gerdes Lori & Steve Hare Thusnelda Herzfeld Randy & Judie Jacobson Ken Janz Cindy Jokela & John Poling Thom & Robyn Kieffer Russ & Tammy Larson Jean Lynch Joseph & Dorothy McLaughlin Tim Meyer Norbert & Jean Mills Camille & Dick Moll Dan & Shaun Mortensen James Nadeau Mark & Cathy Nichols Dr. Scott Olson & Kelley Olson Ken & Nancy Pedersen Richard Record

Margot & Steven Roberts David Rubenstein & Camille Soriano Rubenstein Andrea & Dave Scamehorn Craig & Paula Scheevel Louise Schroeder Shell Oil Company Lois Simons Tom Taylor & Margo Sackheim The Thompson Family Foundation Steve & Mary Wing Dana & Joel Wood

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)


Mimi Danicic Erika Davison Jordan DeGidio Christopher Dehne Hallie Denning Amanda Dennis Chelsea Devereux Max DeVries Heidi Eldridge Bradley Farrell Kayla Fayerweather Rebecca Friestleben Lindsay Gaber Carlos Galvis Jose Garcia Ryan Gilbertson Erin Gilliland Eric Gustafson Jordan Hagel Justine Hain Jillian Harmening Charles Harter Alexander Hatzis Kirsten Heiland Sonya Hernandez Hans Hollander Whitney Hopfauf Katelyn Horihan Kelsey Jacobs Daniel Johnson Justin Kauphusman Mark Keenan Candice Kimbrough Molly Koelfgen Katie Kohner Coty Kruckenberg Katelynn Lange Kelsey Langness Amanda Larsen Jacob Lewy Jesse Liila Nathaniel Lill Scott Loberg Anne Longlet Amelia Lonnes Nicole Lundgren Cara Mannino Joseph Matejka Bryant McCuddin Michelle McGuire Samuel McIlrath Devin McInroy Jada McNallan Ashley McNeil Eric Miller Ian Mireri Tony Mizuhata Elizabeth Naumann Vera Ndumbe Lucas Neuburg Anna Nicolai Katy Norris Milena Nuñez Garcia Kevin Pace Sarah Parker Tyler Payne Laura Price Brent Quam Abby Ruschmeyer Samantha Russo Rasoga Samarasinghe Haley Schlick Katherine Schou James Schramel Brittany Schwartzbauer Johanna Severson Emily Skaja Corey Smith Paul Smoronk Kaitlin Steege Benjamin Streukens Johnathan Stumm Crystal Swan Ross Tew Anh Thai Lindsey Theis Bruce Tollefson Krista Turgeon Kaila Vento Garrett Wagg

Hannah Wagner Matthew Wagner Alexander Wallner Lauren Ward Matthew Wee Margaret Williams Alexis Wisniewski Kristin Wohlrabe Stephanie Wojton DeShawn Woods Amanda Wright Morgan Wright Xylina Yang Peng Yin Victoria Zais Rebecca Zenner Maria Zivkovic

Scott & Juanita Ballard Mark & Laura Bambenek Philip & Kimberly Burfeind Steven & Melodee Call Gretchen Cohenour & John Short John & Patricia Ferden Dr. Joseph Foegen & Mrs. Mary Foegen Michael & Barbara Halron Timothy & Susan Hatfield James & Jane Hollis Diane & Steve Holmay Fredrick & Trudy Horihan James Hurley Kenneth & Shirley Kirby David & Mary Krenik Peter Lazzara & Elizabeth Caplis Marlon & Nancy Ledvina Vernon & Betsy Lien Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Robert & Suzanne Lietzau Robert & Shirley Boeckman Daniel Lintin Bob & Erika Gilbertson John & Jill Mabry Harriet Green John & Marleen Martin Larry & Serena Holstad Steve & Janet Mashl Kenneth Janz Bill & Carol Murphy Scott & Tracy Opfer Kathryn & Thomas Nieman Craig & Paula Scheevel Todd & Laurie Ridenour Joanne & Jerry Stejskal Richard & Ruth Rosenow Janet & Patrick Thompson Mark Ryan Valeria Traxler Mark & Leslie Seehusen Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Keith Smelser Loren & Deborah Benz Julie Spear Harry & Ormsin Gardiner Judy & James Strande Thomas & Robyn Kieffer Davis & Sharon Usgaard Russel & Tammy Larson John & Judith Winslow Michael Rivers Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Connie & Dean Ackermann Debbie & Rick Block Wayne & Constance Adkisson Kevin & Mary Cappel Carl & Jean Althaus Arthur & Annetta Culver John & Phyllis Althoff James & Cheryl Douglas Paul Andersen & Colleen Gordon & Beverly Elliott Andersen Coach Chuck Enge Joel & Beth Anderson Patrick & Lisa Erdenberger Clark Arons Thomas & Kathleen Frisby Dana & Marlene Babbitt Jack & Marlene Kane Carl & Barbara Bambenek Martin Lueck & Mallory Mullins Kerry & Elizabeth Barnard Walton Madland Brenan & Tammy Bauman Jerome & Susan Miller Dan & Sherry Bennett Frederick Otto J. Lawrence & Mary Bergin Mark Patterson Samuel & Colleen Bernard Joseph & Sandra Reed Mark & Lori Beseler Neil & Ann Sawyer Jerome & Darlene Bigelow Thomas Sawyer Merle & Deborah Bodmer Thomas Slaggie Lee & Kathleen Boettcher Joseph & Kristen Wenker Robert & Loretta Bowes Larry Zanoni Matt & Andrea Bradford Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) John & Lorraine Brinkman Richard & Barbara Barker Edward & Cheryl Buchanan Jo Ann & Charles Bartlett Steven & Patricia Burr Milton & Eileen Bohn Dave & Jody Busch Dennis & Karen Cleveland Rob & Sharon Buss Jim & Jeanne Danneker Brenda & James Canar Dennis & Vicki Decker John & Robin Carbone Ronald & Sharon Elcombe Walter & Heather Carpenter Steven & Janaan Freiburger Cary & Cindy Charlson Gary & Marilyn Grob Urban & Virginia Comes Beth Heim de Bera Peter & Sheila Connor Roderick Henry Janine & Darrel Corey Larry & Susan Kuehn David & Karen Daoust Brian & Kathy Lund Daniel & Rita Darveaux Richard & Ann MacDonald Roger & Julie Deets Robert & Susan McDonnell Paul & Susan Degallier Paul & Kim Nelson Deborah & Willy Dickenson Frederick & Sandra Olson Richard & Karen Dippel Phillip & Susan Plamann Celia & Randy Domeyer Kathy & Tom Ready Steven & Linda Dummer John & Janet Ruggeberg Timothy & Michelle Dwyer Ronald Schmidt & Roberta Rodney & Susan Earlywine Jordan Gerald & Patricia Eichman Eric & Stephanie Schoh Richard & Carolyn Ellinghysen Debra & Steve Sing Larry Elvebak, Sr. & Vanessa Joseph & Lantha Stevens Govender Richard Whiting Sheryl & Nate Emerson Pillar Society - ($250-$499) James & E. Engbrecht Donald Anderson Janice & Mark Erwin Anonymous Timothy & Tamara Fagely Jerry & Mary Arens Michael & Kim Farber


Gary & Kathryn Feine Ed & Laura Feldhake Josie & Robert Fentress Thomas Fishbaugher Michael & Nola Froehle Leon Garcia John & Janelle Geurts Dave & Ami Grausam Steven & Lori Greatens D. & Theresa Gualtieri Gerry & Kathy Gunderson Sean Hageman Roy & Tina Hardy Kevin & JoAnne Harguth David & Judy Harris Hal & Patricia Harris David & Julie Harter Patricia Erickson Hartung John & Kelley Hogue Eugene Holicky Burton & Cara Holm Paul & Susan Holovnia Amy Hudson Michelle Huling-Halverson & Rick Halverson Arley & Mary Ihrke Bill & Elizabeth Ihrke Mary Beth Imperiale Jon & Kimberly Jacobson Thomas & Denise Jeske Dave & Peggy Johnson Russell & Mary Keating David & Rose Keller Steven & Teresa Kingsley Rod & Theresa Kleinertz Scott & Ginger Knapp Gerard & Denise Kne David & Ann Kohner Jon & Carolyn Kosidowski Todd Kowalke Charlene & Karl Kreuzer Steven & Patricia Krinke Robert & Tamara Krogman Burdell & Jolene Kuhl Cheryl & Rolf Larson Douglas & Pat Larson Kurt & Maribeth Larson Craig & Stacy LeClaire Darnell Leffel Ronald & Lisa Lenoch Michael & Mary LeVan Steve & Louise Litman John & Julie Lofdahl Barb MacNaughton Rich & Julie Malacina Dale & Merna Malmberg Arthur & June Maze Mary & Richard McGill John & Liz McGrew Michele Miller Jeffery & Susan Miske Jonelle Moore Mark & Kathryn Murray Dawn Neitzel Greg & Nancy Noel Mark Norman Robert & Karen Northam Jim O’Bert Debera & Arlen O’Brien Francis & Nancy Ogrinc Jeffrey & Mary Jo Olson Keith & Nancy Olson Mike & Sharon Opacich Timothy & Leah Perri Robert & Monica Petersen Jeffrey & Karen Peterson Aaron & Ruth Pientok Donald & Susan Place Terry & Marie Plamann Michael & Joni Polehna Bradley & Kathleen Randolph Lynn & Robin Reinbolt Jack & Barbara Reis Gene & Peggy Reps Ronald & Judy Roddel Lyle Rollag & Sharil Kirschman Rollag Robert & Carol Rutscher Clyde Scheevel Ken Schmocker

John & Kathy Schneider Charles & Sandra Schollmeier Douglas & Nancy Scholz Bruce & Kathy Schott Ronald & Denyse Schroeder John Schurhammer Richard Schuster Richard Schwartz Mark & Roberta Sebesta Peter & Kathy Servaty Dallas Shawback Joseph Sheedy Holly Shi & Russell Smith Preston & Betty Shipe John Shipka Randy Silha John Sirek Doyle & Stephanie Smidt Julie & VJ Smith Russell & Holly Smith Rick & Lisa Snyder Tim & Joy Snyder Merle & Marge Sovereign Peter & Pamela Stanfiel John & Karen Starkweather Randy & Sheila Staver Gregory & Rebecca Steine Joyce & Bryan Stevenson Gavin & Constance Strand Randy & Lisa Tangen John & Jane Tessmann Tom & Diane Thenell Doug & Catherine Thoen Gregory & Karen Thrune Philip & Kim Tillmann Albin Timm, II & Debra Timm Amy Torbenson & Waleed Al Balawi John & Stacy Truedson David & Judith Urban Terry Vatland Theo & Kenneth Venus Michael & Jane Voelker David & Margaret Walch Theodore & Cynthia Waldbillig Mark & Theresa Walsworth Mark & Brenda Warren Darlene & Jerry Wedemeier Robert & Michele Wick Aloys & Karen Wieser Robert & Nancy Windels John & Dejon Wirth Bruce & Melinda Wymore Scott Zahn Other Donors Gary & Linda Adams Brent & Marna Akerley David & Kathy Alcott Lynn & Brian Aldrich Robert & Sandy Allard Kathleen & James Allen Paul & Cecilia Allen Roger Allen Marty & Mary Alterman Terry & Julie Alverson Kevin & Nancy Ament Alison Anderson Jerome & Shaun Anderson Royce & Julie Anderson Russ & Pauline Arnst Thomas & Ruth Ash Lucas & Terese Atzmiller Paul Aukes Dawn & Brice Ausenhus Bruce & Vicki Baartman William Babcock & Lynda Babcock Robert & Vickie Baer Keith & Gloria Baertschi Monica & Bob Bahls James & Barbara Balla Daniel & Patricia Bane John & Cheryl Barman Lawrence & Jane Barton Thomas & Susan Batell Jani & John Baures Bryan Beaird Daniel & Cindy Beck William Becker Terrence & Linda Behrens


18 Robert Beighton John & Diane Beiswanger Mike Belden & Connie Hoveland-Belden Bart & Kathy Belshan Enoch Bennett Mark & Julie Berg Andrew & Kristin Bergaus Kenneth & Nancy Bernier Ross & Julie Bertelsen David & Diana Biebighauser Tara & John Biever Vicki Bjork JoEll & Brian Bjorke Theresa & Wayne Bjorklund Terese & Kenneth Bjornstad Gary & Debra Black Jeffrey & Corrine Blackman Robert Blake Randall & Mary Blau Jack & Denise Bleichman Patrick & Brenda Bluhm Curtis & Patricia Bodden Kenneth Boehmke & Mary Taylor-Boehmke Ron & Karen Bohnert James & Patricia Boldt Connie Boline Bruce & Rhonda Bonestroo Gregg & Phyllis Bongard Sharon Bornfleth Douglas Boser Ronald & Kathryn Botzek Jill & Robert Bradley Michael & Kathleen Brechtl Darryl & Patricia Breitenfeldt Renee Brennhofer Joan & Patrick Broers John & Mary Brossard Todd & Jolene Brost Robert & Kim Brunkow Paul & Valerie Buch Kevin & Liane Buechler Ruth & Frank Bures Barb & Eric Burnham Alan & Christine Busch Albert & Jaclyn Butenhoff Jon & Susan Byom Jeff & Alex Canner John & Jenifer Carey Dale Carlson David & Karin Cash Paul & Katherine Chick Richard & Gail Chilman Thomas & Wendee Christensen Richard & Kathy Clarey Kevin & Susan Clark Laurence & Jean Clingman Jeff & Sheryl Clouse William & Barbara Colclough Paula & Steven Cole James & Faye Collins James & Lynn Connolly Patrick Conroy Michael & Mary Jo Conway Gary & Jan Cook Patrick & Joanne Corrow Jim Crigler & Cheryl Eddy Crigler Janice & Charles Cronk Douglas & Cynthia Crowson Hector & Elizabeth Cruz Richard Culhane, Jr. Steven & Patricia Curtis Daniel & Jean Dahm Wayne & Lori Dalida Matthew & Rhonda Davis Richard & Patricia Davis Ann De Zeeuw Richard & Denise Deeg Gerald & Dorothy Denisen Scott Dewey Tim & Theresa Dick Michael Dobbe Debra Dols Arthur Doscher Daniel & Sheri Dowden John & Faye Doyle John Doyle Roger & Joy Draeger

Conrad & Patricia Drust Dianne Ducklow Philip & Julie Dummer Michael & Sandra Dunn Gene & Sandra Dunnington William & Nancy Dvorak Scott & Karen Dyson Sue & Eugene Ebbers Mark & Andrea Ebner Michael & Patricia Ebner John Eggers & Lori Nelson Eggers Deborah Eichacker Beth Eichman Gilbert & Tami Eid Shirley Eiken William & Cheryl Ekberg Theodore & Carol Ellestad James & Fely Rose Eng Mark & Carol Engen James & Cynthia English Michael & Katherine Engstrom Michael Erickson & Kristine Linner Timothy & Dana Erickson John & Darcy Esser Ken Eterno Paul & Donna Fabian Joseph & Ann Fahey Debra Fetterly Mark & Tammy Fetterolf Rodney & Ann Marie Fiala Timm & Mary Fischer Kelly Fisher Laura Fisher Jay & Gloria Flegal Steve & Patricia Flies Robert & Diana Flury Gina Foggia Kenneth & Mary Fonstad Harvey & Carol Fossum Danny & Dawn Frahm Vern & Karen Frank Bob Frawley & Maggie Quinlan Renee Friesen Randy & Kathleen Frye Mary Ann & John Fuchsel Patrick & Susan Fugina Tim & Julia Gamboni Paul & Patricia Gannon Gregory & Constance Garcia Fred & Sandra Gareis Jake & Rebecca Geiger William & Cecelia Genrich Richard & Joan German Douglas & Marlys Gesme Mike & Jill Gibson Werner & Kathleen Giesen Mark & Cheryl Gillard Ronald & Kathleen Gipp Thomas & Leita Gjersvig Brian & Victoria Glisch Jacqueline Glockner Glen & Janice Goeman Robert & Fay Goldstrand George & Cheryl Goodsell Gregg & Jean Grams Bruce & Juliann Grausam Patrick & Bridget Griffin David & Kathy Grimm Kennard & Catherine Grimm Roger & Bonnie Grimm Cynthia & Dan Groth Jeffrey & Kathleen Groux Frank & Diane Gruidl William & Kelly Guthrie John & Stephanie Haas Ronald & Kimberly Haedtke Al & Cindy Hagle Steve & Beverly Halopka Anthony & Luan Hammell John & Jean Hammer Mark & Shelley Hammes Bruce & April Handtke Mark & Lisa Hansen Tim Hansen & Kevin Reardon Alfred & Karen Hanson Dave Hanson Jeffrey & Susan Hanson Timothy & Susan Hanson


Loral & Tammy Hare Lisa & Thomas Harreld James R. & Katie Harstad Polly & James Harstad John & Sandra Hart Robert & Bryclynn Hartman Lori & James Haugen Mark & Nancy Haugen Karen & James Haukoos Joseph & Jane Hayes Christopher & Jennifer Hazelton Ronald & Sherri Heim James & Tammy Hemmen Donald & Connie Hendrickson Phillip & Lynn Herrmann Larry & Lisa Hiedeman Aaron Hikemann Phyllis Hildreth Thomas & Connie Hill Rick & Melissa Hinrichs Steve & Anita Hoffmann Debra & Roger Holm Alfred & Miriam Holtan Karen Holte & Brian Finlayson Melinda & Roger Holtegaard Curtis & Theresa Hosman Debra Houdek Paul & Vaoita Hoyer Jerry & Marcia Hubner Douglas & Elizabeth Hucek Jeanne & Bill Huemann Jeff & Beverly Hulberg Cynthia Huonder Ronald & Lynda Hurtz Alan & Jayne Ihrke Dean & Catherine Impey Lynn & Marguerite Iverson Daniel & Tammy Jackson Nikki & Mark Jacobs Donna Janz Sheila Jeffrey Craig & Mary Jensen Ellen & Randy Jensen Michael & Jacque Jepson David & Laura Jerbi Amy & Peter Johnson Brad & Kari Johnson David & Michelle Johnson Gregory & Nan Johnson Jerome & Barbara Johnson Joel & Maureen Johnson Lisa Johnson Ralph & Debra Johnson Michael & Christene Jolowsky Richard & Cynthia Kahn Richard & Avonne Kaplan Vaughn Kardashian & Susan Ashley-Kardashian Joan & Thomas Kauphusman Barb Kegler Margaret & Raymond Kiihne Mike & Betsy Killeen James & Barbara Klingle Gary & Mary Kneissel Kevin & Kathleen Knudson Robert & Lucy Kopitzke Ruth & Eugene Korder Michael & Cindy Korn Maxine & Lloyd Kornmann Jeff & Rhonda Kosharek Mary Kosidowski Michael & Judith Koski William & Joan Kosters Constance & Joseph Koza Bruce & Julie Kramer Michael & Sandra Kramer Kelly & Brenda Krause Daniel & Mary Lou Krautkramer Kerry & Kristine Kravik Jean & Kevin Kronebusch James & Renee Krueger Dawn Krupski Tina Kuhlmann Thomas & Joann Kujawa Ronald & Carol Kullmann Cathi Kunde Jeanie Kusie Larry & Jane Lamborn

David & Colleen Landon Scott & Colleen Larkin Keith & Karen Larson Thomas & Peggy Larson Doris Laska Richard & Janelle Laufenberg Brad LaVan Daniel & Donna Lavold Dan & Annie Leadstrom Kao & Yee Lee Kathie & Ross Lein Gary & Rachel Lenell Greg & Karen Lenn Bruce & Cynthia Lervoog Denis & Mary Leyendecker Darren & Lori Lien Beth Lightfuss Richard & Virginia Lilla DuWayne & Lori Lind Gregory & Margaret Lippe Steve & Theresa Loechler Leo & Mary Loosbrock James & Ellen Lorenz Gary & Ronda Lovelace Kurt & Laura Lundblad Paul & Laura Lundeen Donald & Dora Lupkes Jen & Chris Lutteke Julie & Robert Lutz Bruce & Diane Lyman Barbara & Richard Mack David & Mary Mack Mark & Deborah Magnuson Jeri Mahoney Vickie & Mark Malay Brian & Melissa Malone Roger & Karen Malwitz Kevin & Lois Mandler George & Melissa Marazes Carol Marchant Kimberly Martin Jerry Matchey David & Deb May Dennis & Donna McAulay Terry & Mary Ellen McCabe Sherrill McCallson Scott & Sarah McCauley Michael & Ruth McGarvey Sara McGinley Michael & Rebecca McGraw Ralph & Deborah McLeod Andrew & Kellene McMahon Mark & Deb Mecozzi Kyler & Taunia Meers Daniel & Margaret Meier David & Barbara Meister Michael & Helen Melde Robert Melle James & Kris Melton Jeffrey & Michelle Merkling Mike & Sue Metz Joseph & Darlene Meurer Barry & Sue Meyer Joel & Kimberly Meyers Curtis & Barbara Mihm Richard & Jeanette Mikl Greg & Cheri Millard Christine & Allen Miller Craig & Connie Miller Paul Miller & Carol Winter Miller Daniel & Nancy Minnick Jay & Lori Moe Thomas & Kristine Mohwinkel James & Joy Montgomery Constance Mooney Gene & Joanne Mossing Carl & Lori Mottram Dana & Pamela Muchring Gail & Thomas Mullaney Terri Mullen Steve & Patricia Mundsack Shaun & Nancy Murray Duane & Sandra Nagle Jim & Rachel Narum Michael & Lynn Neely Randy & Cathy Neiss David & Patricia Nelson Karen Nelson Kay Nelson

Keith & Anita Nelson Lonell & Carol Nelson Lynn Nelson Randy & Meg Nelson Ricky & Suzanne Nelson William & Barbara Nelson John & Kris Nett Robert & Laura Nichols Beth Nixt Doug & Amy Noble James & Carol Noble Brian & Deborah Norwood Daniel & Karen Noterman Georgeina O’Connell Mary Oelkers Michael & Precious Ojika Carol & William O’Laughlin Jeanne Olmstead Brian & Julie Olson Carol & Jeffrey Olson David & Bonnie Olson Nyla & Roger Olson James & Kimberly Ostergaard John & Lisa Ostrom Jeff Owens Don & Lesley Pannier James & Laurie S. Parlow Earl & Eileen Patterson Norman & Ardyce Paulson Mary & Jeff Peck Nancy Peck Mark & Patrice Peick Gene & Deborah Pelowski Dale & Pauline Pepper Lori & James Perry David Pesch & Elizabeth Schmidt Donald & Leanne Peterson Wayne & Theresa Peterson Ty & Jolie Phillips Roger & Cheryl Pick Michael & Ashley Pizzato Dale & Lori Plemmons Jeffrey & Pamela Ploeger Benjamin & Michelle Pomeroy Mark Popovich Gayle & D. Rene Poradek Mark & Anjanette Poradele Russ & Lauren Powell Dale & Denise Priebe David & Debbie Priebe Pete & Katie Prindle Julie & Charles Probach Maxine & David Prondzinski Daniel & Connie Pronley Jesse & Doreen Puhl Jack & Amy Puncochar Robert & Mary Pyfferoen Kathleen Quinn Kevin & Caroline Racky Vicki & Paul Rader Dennis Radkey & Linda Houts Fran & Dawn Rainey Glenn & Sharon Rasmusson Kenneth Raupp Dennis & Julie Recknor Robert & Anita Redmond Joseph Reinardy James & Kathy Ressler Thomas & Julie Revering Patrick & Betsy Rian Thomas & Joanne Riska Jack & Dianne Rislow Daniel & Brenda Ritschard Cynthia Roberts Ann & Gordon Rockswold David & Patricia Rogers Richard & Shelly Rohwer Thomas Rooney Kari Rosandich Barbara Roth Joy Roth Randy & Cheryl Roubal Jon Rousu Dennis & Averyl Rude Richard & Kathleen Ruhsam Steven & Angela Russo Daniel & Kimberly Rux James & MaryLynn Ryan Thomas & Sue Ryan

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)


Judith & Richard Rydman Shirley & Mark Sacia Ted Sammis & Lynnda Nelson David & Veronica Sanderson James & Jeanna Sands Duane & Lavonne Sasse John & Tina Sauer Michael & Patricia Sauerer Paul & Colleen Schaefer Jim & Chawn Schaff Jeffrey & Karen Schliesman John & Margaret Schmelzer Douglas & Debra Schmidt Marlin & Nancy Schmidt Judy Schmitz Andrew & Pamela Schneider Dan & Jolie Schneider Gary & Marian Schneider Mary & Ron Schneider Daniel & Jane Schooley Jeffrey & Dorrine Schou Douglas & Lori Schubert Darrell & Brenda Schultz Ron & Cloann Schultz Chris & Brenda Schwartzlow Kelly & Beth Schweiner Thomas & Lynelle Scullard Karen Seeling McInnis Randy & Beth Sellner Michael & Claudette Semling Belinda Serbus Norman & MaryAnn Setnicker Ellen & Eric Severson Todd & Theresa Shaeffer Todd & Tracey Shaffer Sandra Shirk-Heath Gary & Joanne Sieck Robin & Paul Sigler Mark & Jean Simmons James & Pamela Simonette Gerald & Lesli Skelly Jeffrey & Tami Skinner David & Charisse Skoog Jeff & Donna Skrukrud Karen & Roger Skugrud Dennis & Rita Slaby Ben & JoAnne Smith Thomas & Elaine Smith Tim & Teri Smith Cathy Snyder Shawn & Hollie Sobotta Constance & Charles Soper Steve & Renee Spaniol Mary Speltz Crista Stahl Matt & Tammi Staloch Victor Standing Cynthia & Kenneth Stanislav Sally Stavn Thomas & Deborah Stawinoga Robert & Beverly Stein Sapna Stevens Harry & Traci Stevenson Troy & Tiffany Stockwell Thomas & Ronda Stoffel Dean & Michelle Stolen Thomas & Sandra Story Jeffrey & Jill Strangstalien Howard & Linda Straub Randy & Christine Streukens Jeffrey & Valerie Strugar Betty Substad Jayme & Sandy Sygulla Andrew & Sarah Sylvester Terri Tacheny Steve & Margaret Tanzer Jesse & Lisa Taralseth Brian Teal Virginia Teggatz Janet & Harlan Thewis Jody & Eugene Thiele Jeffrey & Sandra Thoma Mary Thomas Diana & Nick Thorne Rodney & Fay Thorsell John & Kathy Tingleaf Wendy Todd Paul & Janice Tollefson Donna Torkelson Robert & Elizabeth Traff

Thomas & Lori Trenkamp Sharon Trovinger Ronn & Sherry Trudo Sandy Trzebiatowski Robert Tullius Timothy & Patricia Tuma Curt & Lori Turgeon Kendall & Kari Unruh Dan & Joan Van Leeuwe Craig & Carol Van Oort Ye Vang & Lou Xiong Timothy & Deanna Varner Patty Verdick Brian & Charla Vick Richard & Susan Vincent Nathan & June Vitse Judy & Thomas Vix June & Lloyd Vix James & Sarah Von Ruden Tom & Joanne Wagner Terry & Darla Walburg Jay & Brenda Walgrave Richard & Jane Walker Stephen & Susan Wallace James & Judith Wamsley Thomas & Robin Watson Karren Weber Stan & Sue Weigel Rex Welch & Alicia Hunt-Welch Joseph & Patti Wellnitz Peggy & George Welshons Nathan & Sherri Wendland David & Roxanne Wendlandt Robert & Charlotte Wenger Denise & Carl Wermager Carol Wheeler Bruce & Nancy Whetstone James & Carolyn Wieczorek Randy & Kimberly Wiederin Timothy & Sandy Wilcox Kenneth & Sheryl Wilder Paul & Debra Williamson Rodney & Rhonda Williamson Kevin & Linda Wilson Ron & Shannon Winterhalter John & Laura Wocken Peter & Deborah Woerpel Mike & April Wojahn James & Pauline Wojton Bruce & Sue Wolf John & Nancy Wolf Kathleen & James Wolfe John Wolff & Cathy Bussey Wolff Jolie & Ronald Wood David & Gina Wright Ernest & Julie Wright William & Mary Wright Cher & Lo Xiong Ralph & Lynn Yates Mark & Patricia Young Janet & Gene Zabel James & Kristine Zaborowski Gerald & Kimberly Zenner Mark & Kim Zierden Douglas & Jean Zimanske Stephen & Jean Zimmer Bonnie & Ken Zitzow Robert & Lori Zorn Lois & Ronald Zoromski Jerry & Jeanne Zwald

Robert & Erika Gilbertson Rosemary & Robert Gray William Green ++ Larry Holstad ++ Serena Holstad ++ Carol A. Jefferson ++ William Koutsky John Vivian & Steve Lunde Frederick Madsen ++ Howard & Anah Munson ++ Judith A. Ramaley Robert Rice Patrick & Janet Thompson Jerry Whetstone Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Lynn & Fred Anderson ++ Ormsin & Harry Gardiner Helen Imm Thom & Robyn Kieffer Steve & Candi Kohner Nadine & Burl Leo ++ Lee & Ione Loerch Mark McGrory Gerald & Patricia Neal C. Francis & Maryllis Oehlke Richard Record ++ James & Nancy Reynolds Cherie & Michael Russell Michael Schwitz Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Anonymous Mike Arnold Retirement Navigator Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Lyle Ask ++ Thomas Bayer & Marilyn Frauenkron-Bayer Ted & Patti Biesanz Robert & Bethany Biesterfeld ++ Raymond Brooks ++ Mary & Michael Bruder ++ Roger & Myra Carlson Patricia & Donald Cieminski ++ Susan J. Day Dale & Maryann Dennis Beverly & Philip Eberhard Kelly & Scott Ellinghuysen Beverly & Gordon Elliott Suzanne & Michael Ericson Gary & Ellen Evans O.J. & Karen Fawcett Michelle & David Fries Printice & Cynthia Gary Diana Hancock & William “Chops� Hancock, Jr. John Hatlevig Bill & Margaret Heim ++ Dr. Donna Helble Stephen & Susan Heuslein ++ Drake Hokanson & Carol Kratz Allan Holst Paul Hudgens Judie & Randal Jacobson David Jones ++ Mary Joyce ++ John & Marlene Kane Joyce & David Keller Harland & Pauline Knight ++ Joyce Locks Jerome & Susan Miller Paul Morgan & Rita Miller ++ Floretta Murray ++ Dennis & Karen Nielsen Patte Peterson (++ indicates Retiree) Richard & Sandra Pope + + Margaret & Daniel Preska Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Kenneth Rumpca Anonymous Helen & Randal Russett Anonymous ++ Ann & Neil Sawyer Anonymous ++ Thomas & Janice Sherman Harriet Johnson ++ Lois Simons ++ Ervin Bublitz Tim Slade James & Deborah Deanovic Thomas Slaggie ++ Robert DuFresne ++ Sally & Robert Sloan ++ Barbara DuFresne ++ Myron & Suzanne Snesrud Greg & Terri Evans Michael & Linda Spiten ++ Donald & Phyllis Fick ++ Diane Stevens


++ Ronald Stevens Peggy & Daniel Tomcheck Dorothy & Maynard Weber ++ John Weis & Shirley Weis ++ Charles & Marlys Zane Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous ++ Richard Behnke ++ Sharon Behnke Coleen & Thomas Bremer Nancy M. & James R. Brown ++ Pauline Christensen ++ Karen & Dennis Cleveland ++ Vicki & Dennis Decker John & Susan Eddy ++ Douglas Emanuel James Fraser Rhonda & Kevin Gaulke ++ Gary & Marilyn Grob Gary & Susan Groth ++ Roderick Henry Scott & Jocelyn Hillman Joyce & Alvin Jarvinen Marianne Kleczka Brian & Julie Kopper ++ Marian & Darol Lee Virginia & Robert Mahlke Daniel & Natalie Matejka Annette & William McBreen Robert & Mary McMahon ++ Carl & Caralee Miller Frank & Mary Jo Miske Daniel Monson Rodney & Nancy Nelson ++ Frederick Olson ++ Sandra Olson ++ William Palzer Daniel & Mary Kaye Pecarina Wayne Peterson Lisa Reicks ++ Susan Rislove ++ Joanne Rosczyk ++ Janet & John Ruggeberg Charles & Judith Shepard Stephen & Barb Slaggie Steve & Nicki Stricker Phyllis & Bruce Svingen Kelly Waldron Donald & Roxanne Weber Laura & Kelly Whipple ++ Janet & Robert Wilke Louis & Carole Winslow ++ Pamela & Marvin Wolfmeyer Thomas & Barbara Wynn Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Norris P. & Rhoda Abts Sheila & Stephen Allard Anonymous Mary & Jerry Arens Eric & Catherine Bartleson Bruce & Jane Bechtle ++ Charles & Barbara Bentley Scott & Jane Biesanz ++ John Burdick Richard & Mary DesLauriers ++ John Donovan Charles & Laura Eddy ++ James & Mary Eddy Jenean & Richard Fawver ++ John Ferden ++ Patricia Ferden Meghan Flannery ++ Dr. Joseph Foegen ++ Mrs. Mary Foegen LaNell & Jerry Gerlach Kent & Elizabeth Gernander Mary & Jon Gislason David & Mary Hanna ++ Timothy & Susan Hatfield Robert & Linda Heath ++ Thomas & Jo An Hirsch ++ James Hurley Rebecca Jacobs James & Doris Killian ++ Dennis & Wanda Lande

John & Cynthia Leaf Janice & Robert Lee ++ Robert & Suzanne Lietzau Robert Lintz ++ Orval & Michele Lund Robert Major ++ John & Marleen Martin Jennifer Nelson Raul Nieves Janet & Dean Nihart Toni Oian Randi & William Reinarts Richard & Lois Rockney Jilaine & William Schmidt ++ Charlotte & John Speltz John Speltz Andrew Thangasamy ++ Patricia Tolmie ++ Arthur & Roxanne VanDeWater Milton Whipple ++ Linda A. Wood ++ Marlys Youngck Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) ++ Sandra Adickes Richard Andrade Robert & Donna Andraschko ++ Ahmed & Beverly El-Afandi Daniel Arrigoni Elizabeth & John Bagby Jennifer Bartlett Robert & Jane Bartz Barbara Bass Christina & Troy Baumgartner Edward & Cheryl Becker Pamela Berg Mary & J. Lawrence Bergin Michael & Denise Bernatz Emmett & Verda Blazier ++ Danning Bloom ++ Susan Bloom ++ David Bratt ++ Susan Bratt Williard Brenner ++ James & Carol Bromeland Thomas Brown William & Mary Lou Brown Daniel Buchholz Eric & Gayle Bunge ++ John & Irma Burros Gary Carr Michael Carr Walter & Marian Carroll ++ John & Carolyn Collins Wade & Pam Davick Robert Dinkel Brent Duane Barbara Dubbels Marguerite Dymond Syble & Robert Eastin Casey & Jill Eckardt ++ James Erickson Gail & Steven Evans Marion & Vance Fite Kathryn Fraser Mel & Donna Frederick Jeffrey & Cynthia Gale ++ Susan Gannaway ++ Karen & John Gardner Bradley & Wendy Geenen William Glowczewski Nancy Godeen Michael & Marybeth Gordon Odean & Mary Goss Thomas Graham Katherine Grochmal ++ George & Jean Gross Larry & Victoria Hagness David & Tammy Hallum Milton & Kathy Hallum Tracy & Michael Hartmann Elisa Hatlevig & Justin Edwards Ann Heuer Margaret Hittle Marie & Keith Holmquist Kent & Sharon Hoover


20 Kevin & Cheryl Hornberg Kathy Hovell Jay Huemann Bert & Anita Johnson ++ Robert & Carmen Keister John & Wendy Killen Donna Kleczka Jean Knutzen ++ Jon Kosidowski ++ Carolyn Kosidowski Paul & Judy Kottschade ++ Darrell & Nancy Krueger Tony & Melissa Kruse Richard & Teresa Kullmann Dave Langemak ++ Joanne Lanik Bob & Debra Leaf Jemay & Kevin Leahy Gerald Lein & Mary Kuchenmeister-Lein Walter & Shirley Lowe Irene Lund John & Katherine Makarenko Laverne Malinowski Margaret Manning Jeffrey & Katrina Mantzke Ronald Margelofsky ++ Terri & Richard Markos Michael & Valerie Martin Jesus Martinez & Angela Keelan Martinez J. Patrick & Helen McCarthy Margaret McCutchan Mary & Richard McGill ++ Leland McMillen ++ Cleo McMillen Nancy & Gene Meeker Kent Meister Michael & Susan Meska ++ Roger & Ramona Metz Eugene & Betty Ann Mielke Jeremy & Janel Miller Tom & Jill Miller John Moen & Barbara Trapp-Moen Edward & Phyllis Mohrlant Neil Monson ++ M. Jerry Nauman Christina Nelson Julie & Jerry Nelson Larry & Darlene Nelson Sara Nelson Christopher Nolan Willard & Shirley Oberton Joe O’Keefe & Rae Gravenish Steven & Patty Olson Russell & Patricia Owen ++ Diane & David Palm ++ Lyelle & Mary Frances Palmer Patricia & Curtis Palmer Jerry & Patricia Papenfuss Timothy & Brenda Pearcy Donald & Cynthia Pelton Kenneth & Mary Kay Peshon Robert & Katharine Petersen Lawrence Peterson & Marianne Kopcho Richard & Denise Pflughoeft Brenda Phelps Galen Pittman Marie & Albert Posz Leonard & Jean Prasczewicz Bonnie Prokosch ++ Robert & Jean Raz John Rehkop ++ James & June Reineke Henry Rios ++ Nicholas Ruiz Brian Sauers & Amor Dacanay Sauers Randolph Schenkat Karen Schneider Benjamin Schott ++ Kathy Schott & Bruce Schott Michael Schultz

Rachelle & Robert Schultz ++ R. Stephen Schwartz Kathy Seifert & Bob Pflughoeft ++ Stewart & Katherine Shaw Natalie & Darrell Siderius ++ Curtis & Karen Siemers Rod Sill Beverly Simpson Karen Sinning Matthew & Lindsey Slaggie Mark Smit Albert Smith ++ Marjorie & Myron Smith Lester Sonterre John & Jenny Staats ++ Tom & Deanne Stevens Gavin & Constance Strand Yvonne Strang John & Geraldine Taylor ++ Lynn Theurer Larry & Patty VanGundy Jeffry & Ellen VanLaanen ++ Theo & Kenneth Venus Michele Waddill Jack Warnemunde John & Katie Watts E. Dean & Linda Wendler Christopher & Jennifer Wetteland Robert White Wayne & Sharon Wilkes Kenneth & Cheri Williams Patricia Williams Joseph & Roxane Wojton ++ Duane & Edwina Wolfe Jane Worthington James & Elizabeth Wright Warren & Marie Yoksas Other Donors Arne & Adeline Agrimson Beverly Allin Keith & Michelle Anderson Maxine Anderson James Andringa Harley & Chris Antoff Angela & Mark Augustyn Edna Baldauf John & Kathy Baldauf Eugene Balow Ron & Lisa Barnett Cara Battles ++ Jane & John Baures Steve & Wenda Beadle Tom & Keri Beckman Patrick Befort Michael & Cheryl Beighley Jessica Bell Judy Below ++ Violet Belter Frances & James Benbow Daniel & Patricia Bengston Megan Benson Jeffrey & Lori Berg ++ Andrew & Kristin Bergaus Jessica Bernard Divya Bhati LaVonne Bianchi Russell & Laurie Biesterfeld ++ Beverly Billman Joan & Tim Bischoff Deborah Blanton Daniel & Patricia Blaskowski Becky Blazier Michael & Annette Boban ++ Margaret Boland Vern & Carol Bombardier Marcella Borgschatz Robert & Lori Boris ++ Philip Bostrack Marlow & Beverly Boyum Walter & Beverly Brand Steve & Wendy Brandt Chad Brink Luella Brown Patrick & Jean Buckley James Buechler Barbara Burchill ++ Ruth Bures Pat Buresch


++ Ronald Butterfield Duane & Roxanne Byom Dirk & Audrey Campbell Judith Caroon Vicky Carraher Norma Casselberry Thomas & Lisa Chies Lurae Christensen ++ Dorothy & William Chuchna Donald & Shirley Cipra David & Margaret Clark Maria Clark Jerry Cleveland Carrie Cooley Jeffrey & Lori Cooper Cynthia & Thomas Cordova Jay & Ann Cormier Gregory Corning & Jane Adler-Corning Mark Cota ++ Kent & Jane Cowgill William & Jane Crise Michael & Christine Crist Tim & Susan Crotteau Thomas L. Cummings Mark & Janet Curley Diane Cyert Eugene & Paula Dabel Leticia Dacanay Michael & Diana Daniels John & Mary Danko Kelly & Michelle Davidson Gregg & Paula Day Henry & Audrey Deblon ++ Emilio & Monica DeGrazia John Deming Donald Devaney William Doerer Cynthia Dominick William & Melanie Doran John & Faye Doyle E. & Helene Dreas Gerald & Patricia Driscoll Sondra Driscoll Norma Duden Jaime & Thomas Duffy Ronald & Beth Dufrene Jodi Dunn Lee & Lois Dutcher Marianne Edwards ++ Shirley Eiken Matthew & Marsha Elliott Gerald & Joan Engler Brad & Debra Erickson Laurel Erickson Kevin & Lisa Ewert John & Carmen Farwell Michelle Faust Gilbert & Doris Fechner Troy Fee James & Katherine Fine Priscilla Fine & Frederick Maynes Paul & Angela Fischer Gary & Marybeth Fitterer Linda Fix Mary & Edward Flaherty Patricia Flannery Timothy & Mary Flannery Michael & Patty Flatten Sharon & Richard Flatten Peter & Jeannine Flick David Forest Jerry & Lorna Fossenier Dennis & Jeanette Frahm Laura & Frank Franiak Angela Frank Chad & Patricia Frank James Frederick Rae Frederick Larry & Diane Freiburger Sandra Freund Richard & Phyllis Fry John & Karen Gardner Gary & Susan Garvin Larry & Vi Geislinger James & Kathleen Geske ++ Ken & Dana Gibson Arthur & Annette Gilles Thomas & A Gleason

Mark Glendenning & Margaret Webster Allison & Ryan Goldstein Perry & Patti Good Todd Graff & Laurie Ziliak ++ George Grangaard ++ Elizabeth Grangaard Paul & Robin Grawe Fran Greelis David Gudmastad ++ Maureen Guillou Howard Gunther & Lori Hauge-Gunther Ted Haaland Chilton & Janet Hagan Heidi Haland Lori Hallum Dan & Joy Halsted Erik & Kelly Halvorsen Joyce & Robert Hamsund Gregory & Diane Hanke Yvonne Hanson & Kathy Tabbert Glenn & Renee Haram Teri Hatleli Karen & Thomas Hemker Sandy Herres Rita Hessian Teri Hinds Glen & Sally Hipper Sheri Hix Scott & Robin Hoeg Ursula Hogenson Daniel & Leanne Holland Randy & Jeanine Holm T. & Dixie Holm Frank Hornstein & Marcia Zimmerman Charles & Beatrice Horst Angelica Hoskins Rick & Karla Hovey James & Maryann Huemann Todd & Erin Huemann Marjorie Hughes Chris Huston Jonathan & Angela Huth Donna Jacobson Harold & Carolene Jacobson Richard Jacobson Vicky Jacobson Thomas & Cheryle Janiszewski Steve & Erin Janni Richard & Suzanne Janusz Kathryn Jarvinen Bernadine Jax Bonita Jenne Aubrey & Lance Jeppson J. Trowell Jernigan David & Laura Johnson Gary & Gretchen Johnson Yvonne Walker Johnson Elizabeth Jordan Patricia Jordan Richard & Irene Jordan Gene Kaehler Robin & Steven Karlas Ronald & Sharon Kempen Paul & Margaret Killian Dorothy Kloes Rebecca Kloes Douglas & Lisa Knepper Rodney & Sue Knudtson Bruce & Katherine Koehler Barbara Koehne David & Rebecca Korder ++ Mary Kosidowski Julie Kotiw Karl & Marianne Krogen Cynthia & John Lagerhausen Scott & Janet Laine ++ Joanne & Dennis Landers Joe & Beverly Lane Penelope Lane Kristine Lang Donald Larson Rollis & Leiha Larson Paul & Dyan Laska

William & Shelly Leaf Kao & Yee Lee Kelly Lee Dorothy Lescynski Melvin & Ina Liljedhal Richard Lindseth Marcy Lipstreuer Lori Liston Violet Lohff Christopher & Kelly Loken Dennis & Cindy Loken Roy & Dixie Loken David Ludvig Dorothy Ludy Ashley Lund Jean Lund David & Darlene Lunde Kathleen & John Lynch Shawn & Kari Madden Ron & Sherry Maddox Chris & Patricia Malotka Thomas & Kim Malyuk Jean Marck Vickie Marler Michelle Martin Reid Martin Jesus & Lourdes Martinez Joyce Matthews Thomas Mattson & Deann Johnson Denise & Lincoln McCabe Sandra & Richard McCormick Robert & Susan McDonald Dennis & Rebecca McGann Gregory McGlone David & Jill Meixl John & Lucille Mello Martha Melvin MaryJo Merz James & Marilyn Meyers Kenric Michel Betty & Paul Mielke Michael & Elizabeth Mikulay Ramona Miller Frank & Patrice Miske III Joe & Cindy Moger Cynthia & Kirk Moist Jeffrey & Susan Moore ++ James & Shirley Mootz Judy & William Morefield Robert & Kathleen Morgan ++ Sylvester Mullen ++ Roy & Sally Nasstrom ++ Helen Neavill Aimee Nelson Bradly & Mary Nett Gwenn Nyhagen Richard & Julie Oakley William & Arlene Obert Kristin & John Ochocki Betty Olson Julie & Leif Olson Mark & Carol Olson Mary Kay Orsborn G & Peggy Palen James Palmieri Marc & Sandra Papendieck Dawn Parker Kenneth & Jeanne Parker ++ Michael Parma Kathleen & Bob Peceny Shirley & Richard Peter F. E. Peterson William & Kathleen Peterson John & Patti Pietruszewski Stephen & Carma Pohl Mark & Lisa Potter ++ Patricia Przybylski Jerry & Donna Reynolds ++ Dominic Ricciotti Renee Riek Donald & Donna Rielly Donald & Lori Rivers John & Joy Robb Brian & Vicki Rod Peter & Susan Roehl Dennis & Jane Roesch Donald Roessler Bruce & Debra Rogne

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)

21 Patricia & Roger Rogney Alberta Rosburg Teresa & William Russo ++ Judith & Richard Rydman Curtis & Jennifer Salm Robert & Connie Scharlau Torey & Shannon Schauff Jack & Marlene Schiestle Gary & Amy Schmidt Jeanne Schmidt John & Tina Schmitz Gary & Dawn Schultz Helga Sebesta Betty Sedarski Vernon & Carol Seehusen Irma Servaty Jolie Severson Linda Shepardson Gary & Ruth Sherman Deborah & Thomas Shields James & Judith Shulista Katie Siepker Gordon & Gwenyth Sisson Sarah & Eric Slaby Lani & Jeffrey Sloss Patrick & Shirley Smith Thomas Smith Don Snider Myleene & Parviz Sohaei Randall & Robin Somerville Jeanette Sorenson Anthony & Rebecca Speltz Arthur & Jeanette Speltz Karen & William Steege ++ Paula Stephens ++ Janice Stephenson James & Joyce Stocker Kristine Strain Randy & Christine Streukens Robert & LaVonne Stuettgen Peter & Kim Susens Matt Taubel Rollo & Kay Taylor Mark Tegels David & Meredith Tharaldson Donna Thenell Thomas Thielen Robert & Rachel Thompson Abby Thomson Stanley Thoren, Jr. Adam & Amber Thorson Benjamin & JoLyn Towns Donald & Carol Uecker Rick & Cindy Uecker Manuel & Thelma Valdez Stacy & Connie Van Blair Lee Vance Rick Vanderstappen ++ Patricia Verdick Robert & Carol Verthein Barb Voter Elizabeth Warren James & Mary Warren Michele & Steven Watts Natalie Weber Harvey Weiss ++ Karrol & Ronald Wenzel Marty & Leslie Werden James & Jill Wetteland Virginia Widell James & Susan Williams John Williams & Heather Anderson Delores Willis ++ Calvin & Barbara Winbush Kenneth & Jan Winkelman Loretta Wojton Pauline Wojton Terry Wolenec Betty Wolf Marge Wolfe Frances Worden Rita & Maurice Young James & Toni Zaborowski John & Janice Zambrano Michelle Zemla


Pillar Society - ($250-$499) Stephen Allard Scott Ballard Mark Bambenek Gretchen Biesanz Daniel Bjornson Matthew Bosworth Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Thomas Brown Kenneth Janz Trisha Brown Michael Leaf Elizabeth Burke Scott Olson Arlen Carey Paula Scheevel Gretchen Cohenour Joanne Stejskal Michael Delong John Vivian Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Robin Delong Brant Deppa Deb Benz Vicki Englich Connie Gores Andrew Ferstl Nancy Jannik Jerry Gerlach Cindy Jokela Yogesh Grover Donald Lovejoy Susan Hatfield James C. Schmidt Linda Heath Jan Sherman Peter Henderson Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Kelly Herold Tamara Berg Karen Johnson Debbie Block Kathy Lande Jill Bratberg Richard Lande Scott Ellinghuysen Justin Loehr Fredrick Lee Christopher Malone Connie Mettille Stacey Matthees Gregory Neidhart Sonja Meiers Bob Newberry Peter Miene Shirley Newberry Barbara Oertel Ali Omar Maureen Orsborn Frederick Otto Brenda Phillips Joseph Reed Rita Rahoi-Gilchrest Sandra Reed Barbara Ramer Lawrence Reuter Alicia Reed Rill Ann Reuter Lori Reed Roger Riley Edward Reilly Mary Rohrer Judith Rethlefsen Thomas Sawyer Beth Sass Scott Schradle David Simon Carl Stange Linda Smith Janette Williams Naomi Theye Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Patricia Thompson Leslie Albers Elizabeth Twiton Brett Ayers Peggy Walters Debra Bond Aaron Wangberg Gaylia Borror Wayne Wicka Thomas Bremer Brian Zeller Jeanne Danneker Susan Zeller Jim Danneker Kristi Ziegler Diane Dingfelder Carol Ziehlsdorf Ronald Elcombe Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) Dean Feller Beckry Abdel-Magid Diane Forsyth Lori Adler Joan Francioni Anonymous Carrie Fried Phillip Appicelli David Gresham Mary Ballard Kimberly Gresham Kimberly Bates Susan Groth J. Lawrence Bergin Mary Haupt Blandine Berthelot Robin Honken Lori Beseler Craig Johnson Lyle Blanchard Cynthia Jones Michael Bowler Gregory Jones Marianna Byman Myoung Lee Seymour Byman Daniel Lintin Edward Callahan Carol Long Brenda Canar Ann MacDonald Ruth Charles Richard MacDonald Cristeen Custer William McBreen Ajit Daniel Susan McDonnell Deborah Dickenson Charla Miertschin Celia Domeyer Bruce Nelson Darrell Downs Shellie Nelson Nancy Dumke Bill Ng Gary Eddy Mary Kaye Pecarina Sheryl Emerson Nancy Peterson Janice Erwin Kathryn Ready Emilie Falc Jeffrey Reinardy Cathleen Faruque Mindy Reinardy Jane Foote John Ruggeberg Arthur Gove Brandy Schillace Thomas Grier Eric Schoh Mary Gudmundson Debra Sing Paula Heimbecker Bruce Svingen Sara Hein Edward Thompson Julie Hennessy Marvin Wolfmeyer Michelle Huling-Halverson Jennifer Zemke Frederic Ihrke

Joe Jackson John Johanson Jennifer Jonsgaard April Kerby Ann Kohner Charlene Kreuzer Kendall Larson Vernon Leighton Julie Lutz Francis Mann Diane May Gloria McVay Wayne Meunier John Morgan Mary Mueller Thomas Nalli Pamela Nelson Victor Noland Mark Norman Karen Northam Charles Opatz Steven Opgenorth William Ortega Fariborz Parsi Kathryn Parsi Gregory Peterson Kathleen Peterson Tracy Rahim Daniel Rand June Reineke Sheila Rinn Sharon Robinson Tanya Ryan Larry Sallee Cindy Scherb R. Stephan Schwartz Kathy Seifert Joann Segovia Linda Seppanen Ellen Severson Holly Shi Natalie Siderius Jessica Siebenbruner Stephanie Smidt Russell Smith Phil Sonnenberg Kristie Stevens Steven Street Mike Swenson David Thorn Margaret Trott Chad Tuescher Jane Voelker Theresa Waterbury Edward Wilson Lizbeth Wilson Toni Zaborowski Weidong Zhang Other Donors Brian Aldrich Eunice Alsaker Nancy Amann Marian (Joey) Anderson Randall Andre Ramona Bartels Sara Bass Jean Bellman JoEll Bjorke Jill R. Bradley Julie Brand Eric Brisson Yiu Ming Chan Linda D’Amico John Deming Kim Dehlin Zeiher Antoinette Drier Joy Duellman Mark Engen Mark Eriksen Eric Errthum Marilyn Ezdon Mary Fawcett Sharon Flatten Lori Flikki Randall Forst Dawn Frahm Jeanne Franz Joanne Fritz Gayle Gordon Cynthia Groth

Jamie Groth Tracy Hale Beth Halleck Christine Hansen Mary Jo Hanson Teri Hinds Karen Holte Laurie Hostettler Judy Hovelson Debra Huegel Christy Johnson Gregory Johnson Jerome Johnson Melanie Johnson Sharron Johnson Diane Kaste Margaret Killian Cindy Killion Nancy Koeller Robert Kopitzke Heather Kosik Constance Koza Abigail Kugel Brian Kugel Jennifer Lamberson Kathryn Lammers Steven Leonhardi Jacquelyn Lettner Patricia Malotka Carol Marchant Laura Mann Andrea Mikkelsen Gary Mills Lori Moe Deanne Mohr Darcie Mueller Nancy Nelton Robin O’Callaghan Carol O’Laughlin Sandra Pankratz James Parlow Kay Pedretti Deborah Pelowski Gene Pelowski Kyle Poock Richard Pospichal Vicki Rader Frances Ragsdale Carolyn Ryno Julie Sammann Catherine Schmidt Gregory Schmidt Tania Schmidt Tobias Schmidt Ellen Severson Jacquelyn Severson Mollee Sheehan Laura Smith Julie Speck Ingrid Spies Tammy Swenson-Lepper Janice Tollefson Michael Turgeon Margaret (Peggy) Welshons Nicole Weydt Mark Wrolstad Mark Young Patricia Young

CORPORATIONS & FOUNDATIONS Capstone Society - ($5,000+) Annexstad Family Foundation Aspen Capital Company Inc. Elizabeth Callender King Foundation Federated Mutual Insurance Company Herbert C. Garvin HBC, Inc. Histogenetics, LLC Lewiston Auto Company, Inc. Merchants National Bank Merrimak Capital Miller Ingenuity


22 Minnesota Office of Higher Education Morrie Miller Athletic Foundation Natural Process Design, Inc. Opfer Communications, Inc. Otto Bremer Foundation PHL Save-A-Life Fund of the Winona Community Foundation RTP Company The Thompson Family Foundation WinCraft, Inc. Winona Health Winona National Bank Keystone Society - ($2,500-$4,999) Achieve!Minneapolis Compass Group, The Americas Division Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. Fairview Health Services FLW Outdoors Lee Enterprises Lee Enterprises Foundation Pi Lambda Phi MN KX Alumni Association Robert W. Clark Charitable Foundation The Saint Paul Foundation Winona Daily News Winona Lighting, Inc. Wm. Miller Scrap Iron & Metal Co. Arch Society - ($1,000-$2,499) Alex Yard Memorial Fund Cedar Valley Golf Course Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Community of Christ Church Darby Investments Fastenal Company Green Mill Restaurant Holiday Inn Express Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research Midtown Foods Midwest Family Broadcasting Minnesota Society of CPAs Pauline G. & Harland P. Knight Family Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Pfeiffer Land Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Riverport Inn & Suites Rotary Club of Winona SAS Institute, Inc. Southern Minnesota Recreation and Park Association The Michelle & David Fries Charitable Fund The Plaza Hotel & Suites Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - East Winona County Chapter Twin Cities Area SAS Walz Buick - Pontiac - GMC Watkins Products, Inc. Winona Post Winona Senior Friendship Center Activity Council Colonnade Society - ($500-$999) Benedictine Health System Bobby & Steve’s Auto World Youth Foundation Colin Charlson Insurance Agency Financial Services of Winona Halliburton Public Affairs Support Services Hoffmania, LLC Institute for Operations Research & The Management Sciences Irvin P. Plitzuweit Family Charitable Fund

Jerry Arens, State Farm Insurance Modern Ready Mix Reinarts Stained Glass Studios Inc. SEMWREC - The Clash Signatures Restaurant The Doug, Ivy, and Daniel Olson Aloha Fund of the Lutheran Community Foundation Winona Heating & Ventilating Pillar Society - ($250-$499) American Society for Quality Section 1216 Big River Marketing Coda Composites Company Coulee Rock Club Ewert Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Hiawatha Valley Marines Hoff Funeral & Cremation Services Karsten’s Tire & Auto Kuehn’s Crane Service & Equip., LLC Kwik Trip, Inc. Minnesota Academy of Science Pio’s Place, LLC RBS Subways, Inc. Retirement Planning Navigators, Inc. Vendi Advertising, LLC Benchmark Society - ($100-$249) 3T’s Inc./Allstars Benchmark Electronics, Inc. Bentz, Thompson, Rietow Inc. Bjelland Shavings, LLC Bub’s Brewing Co. Inc. Budget Blinds, Inc. Cary W. Charlson Insurance Agency, Inc. Gerry Cichanowski Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Daffinson Investments, Inc. Daley Farm of Lewiston, LLP Direct Fibers, Inc. Don Gerharz Insurance Agency, Inc. Dr. Timothy H. Perri, D.D.S Encana Cares (USA) Foundation Financial & Investment Management Group Gold’s Gym - Bozeman, MT Goltz Pharmacy H.O.P.E., Inc. Hatlevig Valley, LLC HyVee Inc. Kennedy Recognition Marketing Kish & Sons Electric, Inc. Kochenderfer Sporting Goods McCarthy Agency, LLC Mike’s Bay Town Bar & Grill Minnesota Elevator Minnesota Mat Company NAPCO & Associates, Inc. Owen Warneke & Associates Prime Bar Family Dining, Inc. Randy Lohff Builder Russell & Associates, LLC Schmidt Goodman Sidecar Thorson Graphics Todd W. Kowlake, P.C. Winona Catholic Worker Winona Community Foundation Winona Pattern & Mold Co. Womancare, LLC WSU Faculty Association Other Donors 3M Foundation 3M Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, Saint Paul A & W Drive-In Advanced Marketing Concepts Alma General Service & Refrig.


Graco Inc. Jean Kramer Kennedy Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust Kathleen Hoopman IBM Corporation Julia Accola Bruce & Le Etta Blumentritt Howard Flen Jan Hanson Karl & Barbara Hanson Mary Keal Patricia Marchetti Lavelle Timothy Long Joseph Murphy Jeanne Foley Parker Wayne Peterson Daniel Rand James Ryan Sandra Shirk-Heath Jan Smid Patty Trnka Ingersoll-Rand Charitable Foundation Nancy Krueger Dorn Judy Ulland Land O’Lakes Foundation Robert & Charolette Wenger LPL Financial James Chapple Echo Huang Macy’s Foundation Angie Allers Douglas Zars Medtronic Foundation Amy Roettger Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Michelle Pearson-Langowski Mizuho USA Foundation John McShea NextEra Energy Foundation, Inc. Mark Smith Northwestern Mutual 3M Foundation Foundation Daniel & Patricia Blaskowski Willam & Jane Crise Linda Sanchez Hirte Piper Jaffray Employee Giving Alliant Energy Foundation Program Gary Carr Thomas Thielen Scott & Karen Shulista Principal Financial Group Apache Corporation Wendy Winders Shelby Frost Plitzuweit Prudential Foundation Bank of America Charitable Matching Gifts Foundation Kent Anderson Julie Haas RBC Foundation Becton Dickinson and Co. Larry & Lisa Hiedeman James Nadeau Securian Foundation BlueCross BlueShield of Douglas & Lori Schubert Minnesota Shell Oil Company Kurt & Maribeth Larson Charles Erwin C.H. Robinson Worldwide Thomas Taylor Foundation Standard Insurance Employee Jocelyn Halverson Hillman Giving Campaign C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc Mark Hesse Frank Davis State Farm Companies Capital One Services, Inc. Foundation Daniel Mortensen Jerry Arens, State Farm Chevron Humankind Matching Insurance Gift Program Leah Nishimura Schlegel John Jorgenson Victor Sivore Coca-Cola Foundation The Donaldson Foundation Matching Gifts Program Nelsen Smith Marnae Sereno Ranta The Hartford Deutsche Bank Americas Richard Stein Foundation Thomson Reuters My Marvin Christensen Community Program Dow Chemical Foundation Richard Dippel Bradley Seurer Thrivent Financial for Encana Cares (USA) Foundation Lutherans/Gift Multiplier Michelle Fischer Peters Program General Electric Co Gail & Thomas Mullaney Jean Garrison Blosberg US Bank Foundation Kenneth Ostlund Kevin & Susan Clark General Mills Foundation Sharon Foss Gary & Gretchen Johnson Verizon Foundation Yvonne Passe Peplinski James Tews Randal Russett Wells Fargo Community Joseph & Kristen Wenker Support Campaign Gerald Wildes Norma Casselberry Altura Hardware, Inc. Basten Home Inspection, Inc. Bayside Condominium Association BeWebFocused, LLC Blue Cross & Blue Shield Business Collection Agency, Inc. Chris Carroll, D.M.D. Detjens Deluxe Vacation Rentals, LLC GMI Insurance Services Handbags & Etc. Jewelry Factory, Inc. Kappa Delta Pi LaBoutique Meadow Area Chiropratic, LLC Minnesota City Bus Service Pank Chiropractic Relif and Wellness Center Red Wing Chiropractic Clinic River Hills Dental Standard Insurance Employee Giving Campaign Swahnkolden Enterprises Sweet P, LLC The Cottage House Town Klippers Urbick & Fakler WAL Enterprises Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Wenonah Property Group, Inc. WSU Depts of Social Work, Sociology, & Criminal Justice WSU Software Testing & Development Lab


Marion & Vance Fite Marlys Ross Gesme John Hemmesch James & Jane Hollis Matthew Howe Lance Jeppson J. Trowell Jernigan Jane Worthington Wells Fargo Foundation Jodi Dunn Jennifer Hein Hazelton Erik Heidemann Sheri Hix Carlton Kuck Vickie Marler Daniel Monson Justin Rzutkiewicz Mark & Leslie Seehusen Dale Walde Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program John & Jean Hammer Paul Johnson Richard Schuster

GIFTS IN HONOR OF Dr. Donna Helble on her Retirement Sharon & Richard Flatten Heather and John Holst on their Anniversary Steven & Melodee Call Heather Holst on her Birthday and on Mother’s Day Steven & Melodee Call John Holst on his Birthday and on Father’s Day Steven & Melodee Call Carol A. Jefferson Robert & Mary McMahon William McBreen Sara Bass Carolyn Ryno Sonja Meiers Sara Bass Carolyn Ryno Howard Munson on his 90th Birthday Anah Munson Donald Roessler Fred & Sandy Olson’s on their Distinguished Faculty Awards Harley & Chris Antoff Kathy Orth on her Retirement Jerry & Jo Stejskal Hosea Perry’s Friendship with Prof. Ron Stevens Peter & Jeannine Flick Judith Ramaley WinCraft, Inc. Gary Schmidt Philip & Elaine Schmidt James C. Schmidt Brett & Carolyn Ayers Gretchen & Chris Biesanz Debbie & Rick Block Cristeen Custer & Craig Nilsson Gayle Goetzman Moonyeen Holle Cindy Jokela & John Poling Jen & Hunter Jonsgaard Heather Kosik Abby & Brian Kugel Ann & Rich MacDonald Pat & Chris Malotka Maureen Orsborn Patte Peterson Lawrence & Rill Ann Reuter Philip & Elaine Schmidt Ronald Schmidt & Roberta Jordan Mollee Sheehan Debbie & Steve Sing Phil & Deb Sonnenberg

This report and honor roll recognizes gifts given in FY13 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013)

23 Peggy Walters & Steve Kauphusman John & Shirley Weis Liz & Scott Wilson Brett Young Pat & Roger Rogney Larry Zanoni on his Retirement Robert and Susan McDonald

Susan Rislove Joanne Rosczyk Stewart & Kay Shaw Charles & Judith Shepard Jo & Jerry Stejskal WSU Faculty Association Hazel Uggen Evans William & Jane Crise Gerald Fraser Judith Caroon James Fraser Kathryn Fraser David Ludvig Kathleen & John Lynch Michael & Valerie Martin Jack Benedict Michelle Martin Joni & Dennis Lynch Harvey Weiss Isaac Bera Cal Fremling LaVonne Bianchi Dean Selleseth Bill & Margaret Heim The Grandaugher of Gayle Beth Heim de Bera Goetzman – Megan Fred Brensel Gayle Goetzman Lee & Ione Loerch Kathryn “Kathi” Gudmundson Ray Brooks Violet Belter Cytec Engineered Materials, Susan Rislove Inc. Linda Wood Michael & Diana Daniels Susan Haavind William & Melanie Doran Coulee Rock Club Jaime & Thomas Duffy Braden Holst James and Ruth Erickson Steven & Melodee Call Ron & Kim Haedtke Gail & Steven Evans Scott & Carmen Hannon Allan Holst Teri Hatleli Pam Koelsch Rod Henry Kristine Lang Paul & Dyan Laska Ruth Koutsky Minnesota City Bus Service Robert Doerer Neil Monson William Doerer Howard & Anah Munson O. J. & Karen Fawcett Patte Peterson Tammy Swenson Lepper & Brenda Phelps Todd Lepper Lawrence & Rill Ann Reuter Joanne Lanik Jim & Nancy Reynolds Mary Gudmundson Jerry & Donna Reynolds Jane Madsen Susan Rislove Divya Bhati Jolie Severson Vicky Carraher Kari Shiroma Cyndi Dominick Sarah & Eric Slaby Sondra Driscoll Jeanette Sorenson Marguerite Dymond Ron & Diane Stevens Matthew & Marsha Elliott John Vivian & Steve Lunde Jerry & Joan Engler WSU Faculty Association Priscilla Fine & Frederick George Christensen Maynes Tim Slade Jerry & Lorna Fossenier Robert Cichanowski Yvonne Hanson & Kathy Gerald Cichanowski Tabbert WSU Software Testing & Charles & Beatrice Horst Development Lab Yvonne Walker Johnson Virginia “Ginny” Dahnke Robin & Steven Karlas Kathy Seifert & Bob Pflughoeft Dorothy Lescynski Second Saturday Card Club David & Darlene Lunde Ruth Dalton Fred Madsen Bayside Condominium Julie & Leif Olson Association John Rehkop Sandra & Dick John Vivian & Steve Lunde McCormick Kenneth & Cheri Williams Renee Riek Marge Wolfe Mother of Ray Dretske Phyllis Malotka Jean Marck Violet Belter Gladys Emanuel Linda Wood Beverly Allin Timothy “Tim” McGill Maxine Anderson Anonymous Ruth & Frank Bures Norma Casselberry Walter & Marian Carroll Jodi Dunn Jay & Ann Cormier Marion & Vance Fite Dean & Heidi Emanuel Sheri Hix Doug Emanuel J. Trowell Jernigan Richard Emanuel & Julie Vickie Marler Dumoulin Wells Fargo Community Don & Phyllis Fick Support Campaign Gregory & Diane Hanke Jane Worthington Sara & Jay Hein Madeo “Moon” Molinari Rod Henry Dave & Judy Mertes Merchants National Bank Rosemary Molinari Betty & Paul Mielke Frances & James Benbow Curt & Barb Mihm Allison & Ryan Goldstein Timothy & Brenda Pearcy Bob & Carmen Keister Merle “Pete” & Betty Peterson Walter & Shirley Lowe Patte Peterson Margaret Manning Lawrence & Rill Ann Reuter Dave & Judy Mertes Jim & Nancy Reynolds Gregory Nixon


Stanley Thoren, Jr. Jeffry & Ellen VanLaanen LaVerne Nelson Merle “Pete” & Betty Peterson Muriel “Betty” Palecek Betty Sedarski Delores Willis Hosea Perry Anonymous Anonymous David & Lorene Belz Donald & Diane Bergler Marcella Borgschatz Michael Bowler & Ruth Charles John Burdick Walter & Marian Carroll Pauline Christensen Kent & Jane Cowgill Diane Cyert Norma Duden Cathy & Syed Faruque Dr. Joseph Foegen & Mrs. Mary Foegen Jerry & LaNell Gerlach Gold’s Gym - Bozeman, MT Paul & Robin Grawe Keith & Kristin Hamburg Kathy Jarvinen Bernadine Jax Connie & Joe Koza Tom & Joann Kujawa Rollis & Leiha Larson Ramona Miller James & Laurie S. Parlow Galen Pittman Jim & Nancy Reynolds Jeanne Schmidt Calvin & Barbara Winbush Marvin & Pamela Wolfmeyer WSU Departments of Social Work, Sociology, & CriminalJustice WSU Faculty Association Stanley Prosen Barbara Bass Joyce Beard Richard & Sharon Behnke Dennis & Karen Cleveland William & Barbara Colclough Henry & Audrey Deblon Jim & Mary Eddy Pat & Lisa Erdenberger Chilton & Janet Hagan Kathy Jarvinen Gene Kaehler Bob & Suzanne Lietzau Robert & Rosemary Shoup Don Snider Art & Jeanette Speltz Richard & Jacquelyn Will John Andrés Reed Kyler & Taunia Meers David Rislove James Nadeau John C. Ross Randall Anderson Tom Fishbaugher Frances Worden Judy (Bambenek) Schmidt Deb & Jim Sobeck George Simpson, Jr. Beverly Simpson DeWayne “Tobe” Tobias Irv & Maureen Plitzuweit Jan Verner George & Nancy O’Reilly Arnold “Arnie” Waldron Kelly Waldron Mary Ann Wilma-Boyd George & Nancy O’Reilly Lawrence & Rill Ann Reuter Susan Rislove Alexendar “Alex” Yard Vicki Englich

INTERESTED IN ESTABLISHING A SCHOLARSHIP THROUGH THE WSU FOUNDATION? There are a number of reasons and ways to establish a scholarship at WSU. Scholarships are a wonderful way to create a legacy, honor family members, friends, or a professor or mentor who made a difference in your life or provide a lasting memorial to important people who have touched our lives. Establishing a scholarship is simple. You define the recipient criteria, the award amount and the type of scholarship, either annual or endowed. You can make a difference in the lives of deserving students during your lifetime or through your estate. To learn more about helping students achieve their dreams through scholarships, please contact: the WSU Foundation/WSU University Advancement Office at 457-5020 or Two types of WSU Foundation Scholarships: • Annual Scholarships – Give an annual gift during the academic year for immediate awarding and distribution to a student or students during that year. You decide the amount you’d like to give each year! • Endowed scholarships – Gift(s) are given to reach an amount to sustain a scholarship award. Your gifts are invested in perpetuity. Only a portion of the proceeds of the invested scholarship fund are expended annually for awards. Any additional earned income is reinvested to guard against inflation. Newly established scholarships: New Annual Scholarships Warren & Jen Becker Business Scholarship Courtney Colton Family Mass Communication Scholarship Federated Insurance Accounting Scholarship Charles (Barney) & Joan Fox Baseball Scholarship Illinois Warrior Football Scholarship Lola Johnson Memorial Nursing Scholarship Ruth Koutsky Scholarship Brian Krans Scholarship Dorothy McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship Dolores Sande Endowed Elementary Teaching Scholarship Susan Windgrow Scholarship for Native American Students New Endowed Scholarships Harriet Johnson August Scholarship Barbara & Bob DuFresne Music Education Scholarship Harriet L. Green Elementary Education Scholarship William E. Green Biology Scholarship Gil Kraft Football Scholarship Jane Vivian Madsen Scholarship John J. & Jeanine S. McShea Political Science Scholarship Howard Munson Scholarship PHL Save-A-Life Scholarship Barbara & Don Roeder Memorial Scholarship Barbara Schilling Scholarship LaVerne “Dick” Traxler Memorial Education Scholarship



WARRIOR CLUB MEMBERSHIP HONOR ROLL WARRIOR CLUB MEMBERS 20132014 As of September 25, 2013. Note: Warrior Club memberships include benefits based on the level of giving. Champion - ($5,000+) Thomas Caron Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. Lewiston Auto Warrior - ($2,500 - $4,999) Greg & Terri Evans Larry & Serena Holstad Ken Janz Roger & Dana Reupert Captain - ($1,000 - $2,499) Deb & Loren Benz Ted & Patti Biesanz Family Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Kevin & Mary Cappel Colin Charlson Insurance Agency Chip & Kari Comadoll Dale & Maryann Dennis John Dullard & Anna Manolopoulos Scott & Kelly Ellinghuysen Eric & Christine Gerdes Michael & Amy Haas Rich & Priscilla Kalbrener Dave & Joyce Keller Mike Leaf Lee & Ione Loerch Jim Madsen Paul Morgan & Rita Miller Rod & Nancy Nelson Dick & Sandy Pope Dr. Judith A. Ramaley RTP Company Tom Sawyer & Connie Mettille Eric & Stephanie Schoh Jo & Jerry Stejskal Joseph & Lantha Stevens Tom & Barbara Wynn Varsity - ($500 - $999) Carl & Mary Amundsen Don Anderson Bill & Janet Baker Mark & Laura Bambenek Rod & Kathy Barkema Corey & Theresa Beech Richard & Sharon Behnke Scott & Jane Biesanz Tom & Trisha Brown Katie Dempsey Bob & Molly DuBois Bob & Barb DuFresne Chuck & Laura Eddy John & Susan Eddy Family Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Gary & Ellen Evans Mary & Cass Gordon Jeb & Pamela Griffith Chops & Diana Hancock Thom & Robyn Kieffer Don & Joni Klagge Darol & Marian Lee Bob Major Mark McGrory Norbert & Jean Mills Tim & Lisa Missling Jon Nienow Mark Patterson

Pete & Betty Peterson Susan Rislove John Ruggeberg Michael Rusk Paula & Craig Scheevel Jill & William Schmidt Jon Schmitz Dave & Kathy Simon Barbara & Stephen Slaggie Family Fund of the Winona Community Foundation Tom & Bette VonFeldt Chuck & Myrlee Weisbrod Jon & Reyne Wisecup Purple - ($250 - $499) Scott & Nita Ballard Bruce & Jane Bechtle Don & Janice Behrens Mike & Denise Bernatz Tom & Jan Bernstorf Debbie & Rick Block Dave & Pamela Bostrom Jill Bratberg Bub’s Brewing Co. Inc. Dan Buchholz Cary W. Charlson Insurance Agency, Inc. Dennis & Karen Cleveland Dave Cruz Dan & Rita Darveaux Susan J. Day Direct Fibers, Inc. Brent Duane Diane Dutcher Gordon & Beverly Elliott Brian & Angie Ellsworth Paul & Marcia Engen Don & Phyllis Fick Jim & Maxine Flim Barney & Joan Fox Jerry & LaNell Gerlach Connie Gores Gary & Marilyn Grob George Grosskopf Dave & Mary Hanna Gordon Hansen Dr. Donna Helble Paul L. Helgerson Marie & Keith Holmquist Arley & Mary Ihrke Reggie Johnson Cindy Jokela & John Poling Jen & Hunter Jonsgaard Tom & Patricia Kearly John & Wendy Killen Gil Kraft Kuehn’s Crane Service & Equip., LLC Kwik Trip, Inc. Bob & Suzanne Lietzau Joyce Locks Justin & Virginia Loehr John & Mia Martin Stacey & Tim Matthees Dave & Mary Kay Meisner Matt Meline Dave & Judy Mertes Mona & Robert Mims Minnesota Elevator Gerry & Patricia Neal Joe O’Keefe & Rae Gravenish Fred & Sandy Olson Dr. Scott Olson & Kelley Olson Owen Warneke & Associates Jerry & Pat Papenfuss Daniel & Mary Kaye Pecarina Kenneth & Mary Kay Peshon Barb Ramer Joe & Sandra Reed Jeff & Mindy Reinardy Lynn & Robin Reinbolt Dave “Rebound” & Marylin Rosenau Janet Ruggeberg Russell & Associates LLC


This Donor Honor Roll recognizes Warrior Club membership donors for the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 through September 25, 2013. For information about Warrior Club membership benefits and how to become a member, please contact Jill Bratberg, assistant athletic director, at (507)-457-2985. Mike & Cherie Russell Chris Samp Scott Schradle Chip & Jeanette Schwartz Michael Sir Marc & Shelly Spieler Erik & Mari Thompson Keith & Sandra Todd Peggy & Daniel Tomcheck Bradley Turner & Ellyn English Jerry Usgaard Kate & Roger Van Buskirk Terry & Bev Vogt Dave & Peggy Walch Jack Warnemunde Mo & Dorothy Weber Jerry & Darlene Wedemeier Dean & Linda Wendler Jerry & Kathy Wilharm WinCraft, Inc. Eric & Kärin Wollan White - ($100 - $249) Jay Aamodt Connie & Dean Ackermann Carl & Diane Aegler Michelle Alexander Sheri & Larry Anderson Bob & Donna Andraschko Gary & Jeanette Andrews Mike Arnold Dana & Molly Babbitt Mert & Winifred Barth Eric & Catherine Bartleson Bob & Jane Bartz Brenan & Tammy Bauman Christina & Troy Baumgartner Garrick Beale & Brenda Levos Beale John & Carol Bedtke Chuck & Barbara Bentley Bentz, Thompson, Rietow Inc. Bob & Sue Bestul Big River Marketing Lyle & Kris Blanchard Peter & Joan Blum Renae & Neil Bock Arnold & Marcia Boese Lee & Kathy Boettcher Richard Boyum Aaron & Becki Braund Jim & Carol Bromeland Bill & Mary Lou Brown Casie & Craig Budolfson Todd & Amy Burns Jenny & Bruce Carpenter Walt & Heather Carpenter John Carter & Elaine Fuller Carter Curt & Mary Connaughty Craig & Anita Currier Wade & Pam Davick Vicki & Dennis Decker Andrew & Amanda DeSousa Mary DiMarco Diane Dingfelder Teresa Discher Celia & Randy Domeyer Tom & Laura Dreas Jack Drugan Tom & Judy Dunlap Bob & Syble Eastin Laura & Jeffrey Eisterhold Richard & Carolyn Ellinghysen James & Shirley Engbrecht Mike & Suzanne Ericson Herb & Marie Espinda

Derek & Cathryn Espy Roger & Jill Esser Ron & Mapuana Evjen Randy & Sue Fabian Jeffrey & Missy Fedor Gary & Kate Feine Karen Feye Timothy Fischbach Ted & Diane Fredrickson Richard & Ruth Fullmer Perry & Janet Gigot Jon & Mary Gislason Bill Glowczewski Marybeth & Mike Gordon Kelsey & Brady Gowin Tom Graham Steven & Lori Greatens Green Mill Restaurant John & Lisa Groh Gregg & Jane Gropel Don & Colette Hageman David Harwood Louis & Deborah Heidenreich Ross & Sarah Hellenbrand Roy & Kate Henderson Raphael & Raegan Hennemann Julie Hennessy Gary Hoeppner Shane & Stacia Hoff John & Kelley Hogue Fred & Trudy Horihan Susan & Raymond Hovell John & Rachael Howe Jim & Cheryl Huettl Joe & Ashley Ingvalson John & Lucille Jacobs Mike & Ruth Jewell Cyndy & Greg Jones Bernie & Karla Kennedy Doris & James Killian Arlan & Caren Klinder Gerard & Denise Kne David Knopick Jack & Donna Knothe Jon & Carolyn Kosidowski Dave & Mary Krenik Steve & Patricia Krinke Darrell & Nancy Krueger Carl Kruger Rob Lambert Dave Langemak Kenneth Lanik Barbara Larson Robert Larson Pete Lazzara & Betty Caplis Bob & Deb Leaf Robert & Janice Lee Travis & Keri Leech Bob Lieberman Gene Lundberg Joni & Dennis Lynch Ann & Rich MacDonald Barb MacNaughton Craig & Nancy Mariska Dan & Natalie Matejka Art & June Maze Rob McDonough & Diane Fuhr McDonough Lowell & Helen McMillen Lance McMorrow Lance & Ashli Meincke Charles & Anita Mettille Roger & Ramona Metz Jim & Linda Meyer Jeffrey Middendorf Midtown Foods

Mike’s Bay Town Bar & Grill/ Mike Celt Jeremy & Janel Miller James & Ann Miner Minnesota Mat Company Ken & Sally Mogren Ev & Marion Mueller Lisa & Marty Mullen Mark & Kathryn Murray Bernard & Beverly Murtaugh John Naeser & Ellen Bateman Naeser NAPCO & Associates, Inc. Liz Narten Jerry Nauman, Jr. John Nelson Mark & Sarah Nelson Victoria & Raymond Nelson Denny & Karen Nielsen Bud & Karen Nystrom Will & Shirley Oberton Maureen O’Brien Briggs & Richard Briggs Kathy & Bill Ochs Kimberly Olson Larry & Marcelene Olson Steve Opgenorth George & Nancy O’Reilly Kevin & Susan O’Reilly Russ & Pat Owen Curtis & Patricia Palmer Lyle & Lise Papenfuss Ken & Nancy Pedersen Vern & Beverly Pieper Mike & Joni Polehna John & Lori Preiner Eric Preslaski Cindy Quinn Jack & Judy Rader Randy Lohff Builder Patrick & Heather Reinecke Joyce & Richard Ringeisen Mike Ryan Dave & Patti Scharpen Schmidt Goodman Richard & Jenna Lynn Schoeneman Ben Schott Bruce & Kathy Schott Butch Schultz Rachelle & Robert Schultz Scottie & Betty Scott Larry & Elizabeth Senrick John & Karen Simon Lois Simons Debbie & Steve Sing Matt & Lindsey Slaggie Doyle & Stephanie Smidt Al Smith David & Mary Smith Rick & Stephanie Smith Merle & Marge Sovereign Karen & Josh Spielman Carl Stange Robert & Mary Ann Stark Greg & Becky Steine Thomas & Maggie Stover Howard & Janet Strey Al & Sandra Svenningson Gerald & Elaine Swedin Fred & Barbara Swenson Mike & Becky Swenson Joseph & Ann Taschetta George & Peggy Tashima Jack & Gerri Taylor Catherine & Doug Thoen

25 Dr. Susan Thorson-Barnett Dale Timm Chad Tuescher Gerald & Molly Urness Bob & Sue Urness Davis & Sharon Usgaard Michael & Jane Voelker Colby & Dana Vogt John & Susan Wagner Tom & Barbara Westberg Jan Wiley Roger & Barbara Wistrcill Michele Wood Jim & Liz Wright Brian & Susan Zeller Bruce Zellmer Travis & Kristina Zick Member Donors - ($1 - $99) Scott Abramson Jerry & Claudia Allen David & Jane Anderson Wade & Robin Anderson Richard Andrade Gary Anhalt Phillip & Dawn Appicelli Michael & Sarah Baglino Dean & Karen Bailey Eugene Balow Bob Bambenek Mary & Gene Batcheller Andy Bell Dan & Patti Bengston Megan Benson Kenneth & Nancy Bernier Keith Berstler Nancy & Timothy Blum Janice Born Byron Bremer Dave & Pamela Broin Richard Brown Jerry & Sue Buchman Kent Burleigh & Monica Shaw Keith & Beatrice Burmeister Dave & Jody Busch Ronald Butterfield Tom Chandler Jim & Karen Chapple Robert & Nancy Cliff Larry & Jean Clingman Bruce Closway Steve Cordes Janice & Charles Cronk Hector & Elizabeth Cruz Julie & Roger Deets Roger & Janice Delano Dave Doner Arthur Doscher Roger & Joy Draeger Frank & Ann Drazkowski Ron & Helene Dreas Gene & Kathie Durand Peter & Sandra Edwards Gerald & Patricia Eichman Ted & Carol Ellestad Donald & Patricia Emanuel Timothy & Dana Erickson Roger & Gayle Eskra Paul & Donna Fabian Carol Feldmann John Fend Steve & Patricia Flies Robert & Diana Flury Edward Fornberg Susan Frame Greg Garmon Timothy & Mary Gerenz Gayle Goetzman Bob & Fay Goldstrand Mary Gosselin Victor & Myrtle Grabau Todd Graff & Laurie Ziliak Jerry & Diane Grebin Marty Grogan Tom Grothe Ann Haines Thomas Hansen Susan & Jeffrey Hanson David & Judy Harris Bryclynn & Robert Hartman Barbara & Daniel Hartmann Roger & Linda Hartwich Tim & Susan Hatfield James & Karen Haukoos Peggy Hayes Christopher & Jennifer Hazelton Michael & Judy Healy Karen & Thomas Hemker Hannah Herman

Susan & Mark Hess Barbara & Gregory Hite Rod & Mary Hoesley Brenda & Tom Hoffman Lindsey Hoffmann Ursula Hogenson Julie Homuth Chris Huston Gerard Hying Darrel & Juliann Jaeger Michael & Sandra Jeresek Thomas & Denise Jeske Barbara & Jerome Johnson Dawn Johnson Carroll & Edward Carroll Deborah Johnson Sharron & Tory Johnson Kathy Kaplan Phil & Angela Kier Luke & Debbie Klaja Frederick & Susan Klein Ken Knutson Kathy & Bruce Koehler Ann & David Kohner Joan & William Kosters Dick & Rose Kowles Brian & Jean Krambeer Sandra & Mike Kramer Roy Kratt Tony Krenik Bill & Jane Kroschel Dennis & Joanne Landers Keith & Karen Larson John & Nancy Lautigar Christopher & Kim Lavold Mike & Judith Leahy Ronald & Lisa Lenoch Duwayne & Lori Lind Rich Lindseth Rodney & Joyce Lingenfelter Christine & James Logan Dorothy Ludy Lisa & Jason Lueken Cordelia Lundquist Joan & Loren Lundstrom Amy & Tim Macal Steve & Deborah Machacek Roger & Karen Malwitz Michelle & Marvin Martinek Douglas & Nancy Matti Terry & Mary Ellen McCabe Jack & Liz McGrew Mike & Susan Meska David & Penny Messling Ken & Kelly Metz Scott Miller Peter & Jean Moczarski Randy & Wendy Moger Jim & Shirley Mootz Jodi & John Muenkel Ira & Cheryl Naiman Craig Nash Kay Nelson John & Kris Nett Greg & Nancy Noel Lyelle & Mary Palmer Joyce Paul Megan & Bryan Paulson Jack Peplinski Patte Peterson Rocky & Cheryl Peterson Wayne & Laura Peterson Ed & Sandra Poock Tim & Naomi Poock Michael & Helen Porter Donald & Vanda Pressnall David & Maxine Prondzinski John & Karen Quist Jerome & Jane Ramstad Michael & Judith Rayfield Ramona Redig & Ed Lagace Gene & Peggy Reps James & Kathy Ressler Dennis & Nancy Riesgraf Bob & Denise Rinaldi Don & Lori Rivers John & Joy Robb Joan & Mark Rodde Ron & Judy Roddel Robert & Bette Rogneby Robert & Lou Roloff Brenda & Donald Rosenberg Tom & Debbie Russell Randi & Mark Russert Richard Scearce, II & Deann Scearce Jack & Geraldine Scherer Julie Schilling-Varvel Leah Schlegel

Judy Schmitz Nancy & Doug Scholz Cloann & Ron Schultz Linda Shepardson Pat Sherman Robert & Rosemary Shoup Ellsworth & Helen Simon Gary & Sue Ellen Simonsen Ryan Slack Charles Smith Rick Smith Tom & Carolyn Smith Boyd & Mary Snyder John Spaeth Tony & Rebecca Speltz John & Janet Stapleton Jerry & Theresa Stevens Christine & Randy Streukens Lou & Jo Sweep Rod & Fay Thorsell Jacob & Nicole Tietje Ann & Mark Tranvik Bob & Pam Tryggestad Mike & Abby Turgeon Michael & Heidi Usgaard Rick Vanderstappen Julie & David Vangsness John & Sally Vogel Carson & Becky Walch Robert & Wanda Walker Stewart & Virginia Waller Melissa & Tim Wangen Elaine Weber David & Roxanne Wendlandt Marty & Leslie Werden Ron & Barbara White Larry & Diane Whittier Joan & David Wissing Bob & Judith Wolf Linda Wood Mark & Kim Yaglowski Marlys Youngck

WARRIOR CLUB OTHER/EVENT CONTRIBUTORS HONOR ROLL Leroy Anderson B-2 West Corporation Joe & Laura Baer Scott & Nita Ballard Rod & Kathy Barkema Zach Barton Bob & Jane Bartz George & Patty Benedict Deb & Loren Benz Mike & Denise Bernatz JoEll & Brian Bjorke Debbie & Rick Block Jill Bratberg David Braun Mark & Alyce Breneman Jane & John Brinkman Tom & Trisha Brown Dan Buchholz Cars-N-Credit, Inc. Kent & Jane Cowgill Brian & Sarah Curtin Mike Daley Patrick Daley Vicki & Dennis Decker Michael Dussault Laura & Chuck Eddy Gene Ehlers Scott & Kelly Ellinghuysen Dan English Daniel & Audrey Erdmann Derek & Cathryn Espy Greg & Terri Evans Dave & Heidi Evenson Ewert Insurance & Financial Services, Inc Duane & Jan Fakler Federated Mutual Insurance Company John & Pat Ferden Jennifer & Jonte Flowers Scott Fowler Cass & Mary Gordon Connie Gores Chad Grabau

Jeb & Pamela Griffith Gary & Marilyn Grob Doug Hamper Chops & Diana Hancock Bradley & Stephanie Harmon HBC, Inc. Paula & Phil Heimbecker Rick Heintz Dr. Donna Helble Julie Hennessy Bob Herczeg & Andrea Johnson Herczeg Gordie & Jane Hess Marie & Keith Holmquist Larry & Serena Holstad Inside the Vault InTech Dennis & Yvonne Johnson Jim Johnson Greg & Cyndy Jones Cameron & Michelle Keller Dave & Joyce Keller Jeremy & Brenda Kelly Thom & Robyn Kieffer John & Wendy Killen Don & Joni Klagge Steve & Candi Kohner Deb Kukowski Bob & Deb Leaf Mary Leaf Mike Leaf Ledger Resolutions, LLC Lewiston Country Club Bob & Suzanne Lietzau Rick & Gin Lilla Ann & Rich MacDonald Wally Madland John & Mia Martin Dan & Natalie Matejka Matejka Recycling, Inc. Mattresses & More Bill & Annette McBreen Mark McGrory Kimberly & Barry McRaith Merchants National Bank Miller Ingenuity Jay Mitchell Modern Ready Mix Paul Morgan & Rita Miller Shellie & Bruce Nelson Rick Nester Bob & Shirley Newberry John & Lisa Nitecki Dr. Scott Olson & Kelley Olson George & Nancy O’Reilly Brian Paulson Mary Kaye & Daniel Pecarina Peerless Chain Company Pepsi-Cola Bottling LaCrosse Kenneth & Mary Kay Peshon Merle “Pete” & Betty Peterson Kyle Poock Dick & Sandy Pope Dave & Kari Pringle Judy & Jack Rader Paul & Vicki Rader Joe & Sandra Reed Jeff & Mindy Reinardy Kim & Stephen Renk RiverStar, Inc. RTP Company Mike Ruhberg Michael Rusk Russell & Associates LLC Tom Sawyer & Connie Mettille Rick & Tracie Schaber Bill & Rhonda Schell Jill & William Schmidt Jon Schmitz Eric & Stephanie Schoh Bruce & Kathy Schott Schott Distributing Co., Inc. T.J. & Amanda Schott Bernie Schott, Jr. Butch Schultz Adrian & Lynn Shepard Larry Shuda Dave & Kathy Simon Debbie & Steve Sing Steve Sjolander Matt & Lindsey Slaggie Steve & Jan Speer Carl Stange Jo & Jerry Stejskal Chris Stettnichs TCO Commercial Corporation/ Tom Siewert Erik & Mari Thompson Todd Hoffman Design, Inc.

Trust Point, Inc. Chad Tuescher Bradley Turner & Ellyn English Urbick & Fakler Colby & Dana Vogt Tom & Bette VonFeldt Wabasha Warehouse Liquors, Inc. Buzz Walsh Wapasha Construction Company Wenonah Property Group, Inc. Travis & Kim Whipple WinCraft, Inc. Winona Agency, Inc. Winona Health Winona National Bank Winona Property Management Winona State University Jim & Liz Wright WSU Alumni Society WSU Athletics WSU Foundation WSU Kryzsko Commons WSU Student Union Thomas Wunderlich & Carol Loshek Toni & James Zaborowski Brian & Susan Zeller

WSU ATHLETIC CORPORATE SPONSORS Adidas Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Altra Federal Credit Union Beedle’s Bar and Restaurant Benchmark Electronics Bluff City Properties City Auto Glass Culver’s Custom Alarm Dahl Chevrolet Durfey Studios Framing and Restoration Eastwood Bank Edward Jones Erberts and Gerbert’s Ground Round Hardees Hy-Vee InTech Jefferson Pub and Grill Kryzsko Commons/Student Union Kwik Trip Mattresses and More MCC McDonald’s Media Works Productions Merchants Bank Midtown Foods Miller Scrap Pizza Hut Signatures Sport and Spine Physical Therapy State Farm Insurance – Kevin Ewert Sugar Loaf Ford/Chrysler Winona The Rivers Corp./Green Mill Theis Printing Wells Fargo Winona Health Winona National Bank Winona State Outreach and Continuing Education Department (OCED)

WSU ATHLETICS CONTRIBUTORS DONOR HONOR ROLL 3T’s Inc./Allstars Scott & Sarah Adams Jerry & Claudia Allen


26 Alliant Energy Foundation Altura Hardware, Inc. Kristi Andersen-Loose Chad & Stacy Anderson Keith & Michelle Anderson Kelsey Anderson Lynn & Fred Anderson Richard Andrade Jim Andringa Anonymous Anonymous Mike Arnold Tom & Ruth Ash Mark & Heidi Auge Angie & Mark Augustyn Samuel & Katie Baker Michael & Donna Balow Jennifer Bartlett Basten Home Inspection, Inc. Jani & John Baures Steve & Wenda Beadle Edward & Cheryl Becker Tom & Keri Beckman Michael & Cheryl Beighley Judy Below Frances & James Benbow George & Patty Benedict Deb & Loren Benz Jeffrey & Lori Berg Pamela Berg Mike & Denise Bernatz Russ & Laurie Biesterfeld Tara & John Biever Joni & Tim Bischoff Bjelland Shavings LLC Jessica Blaisdell Deborah Blanton Becky Blazier Emmett & Verda Blazier Debbie & Rick Block Mike & Annette Boban Renae & Neil Bock Arnold & Marcia Boese Lee & Kathy Boettcher Vern & Carol Bombardier Bruce & Rhonda Bonestroo Robert & Lori Boris Robert & Loretta Bowes Matt & Andrea Bradford Steve & Wendy Brandt Jill Bratberg Brian Breen Williard Brenner Nancy M. & James R. Brown Tom Brown Pat & Jean Buckley Rob & Sharon Buss Dirk & Audrey Campbell Kevin & Mary Cappel Gary Carr Michael Carr Logan & Megan Carstensen Norma Casselberry Tom & Lisa Chies Don & Shirley Cipra Maria Clark Wayne & Cathy Clark Larry & Jean Clingman Ken & Sandra Club James & Faye Collins Jeff & Lori Cooper Cindi & Thomas Cordova Mark & Juli Cota Michael & Christine Crist Tim & Susan Crotteau Arthur & Annetta Culver Mark & Jan Curley Craig & Anita Currier Leticia Dacanay Daley Farm of Lewiston, LLP John & Mary Danko Kelly & Shelly Davidson Greg & Paula Day Jim & Deb Deanovic Jerry & Vera Demars Richard & Mary DesLauriers Don Devaney Tom & Karen Dickey Robert Dinkel Steven & Katy Drange Tom & Laura Dreas Gerald & Trish Driscoll Jodi Dunn Lee & Lois Dutcher Casey & Jill Eckardt Gerald & Patricia Eichman Gilbert & Tami Eid Scott & Kelly Ellinghuysen

Larry Elvebak, Sr. & Vanessa Govender Bridget & Brian Ender Laurel Erickson Roger & Jill Esser Gary & Ellen Evans Greg & Terri Evans Ron & Mapuana Evjen Kevin & Lisa Ewert Paul & Donna Fabian Michelle Faust Gilbert & Doris Fechner Federated Mutual Insurance Company Troy Fee Marion & Vance Fite Meghan Flannery Pati Flannery Timothy & Mary Flannery Jon & Sari Flatness Mike & Patty Flatten Barney & Joan Fox Laure & Frank Franiak Chad & Tricia Frank Mel & Donna Frederick Larry & Diane Freiburger Steve & Janaan Freiburger Gary & Sue Garvin Rhonda & Kevin Gaulke Bradley & Wendy Geenen Larry & Vi Geislinger General Mills Foundation Jim & Kathy Geske Ken & Dana Gibson Don & Annette Gilles Jon & Mary Gislason Tom & LaVerne Gleason Mark Glendenning & Margie Webster Nancy Godeen Allison & Ryan Goldstein Perry & Patti Good Connie Gores Fran Greelis Green Mill Restaurant Marty Grogan Mike & Raquel Guckeen Jamie & Jeremy Gudmundson Howard Gunther & Lori Hauge- Gunther Michael & Barbara Halron Dan & Joy Halsted Chops & Diana Hancock Handbags & Etc. Brian & Laura Haugen Francis Hayes Paul L. Helgerson Sandy Herres Susan & Mark Hess Rita Hessian Ann Heuer Glen & Sally Hipper Margie Hittle Sheri Hix Holiday Inn Express Dean & Dixie Holm Randy & Jeanine Holm Paul & Susie Holovnia Larry & Serena Holstad Brad Hompe Robin & Michael Honken Kent & Sharon Hoover Briana Hornberg Kevin & Cheryl Hornberg James Hosfield Paul Hudgens Marjorie Hughes Gary & Debra Huhnerkoch Melissa Hunter Jonathan & Angela Huth Nick & Jennifer Jaeger Thomas & Cheryle Janiszewski Steve & Erin Janni Nancy Jannik Rodger Jehlicka Bonita Jenne J. Trowell Jernigan Dave Johnson & Laurie Pletscher Gary & Gretchen Johnson Mandi & Gordie Johnson David Jones Greg & Cyndy Jones Betty Jordan Dick & Irene Jordan Robert & Debye Judge Karsten’s Tire & Auto Tom & Patricia Kearly


Bob & Carmen Keister Dave & Rose Keller Ronald & Sharon Kempen Bernie & Karla Kennedy Shawn & Katie Killebrew Donna Kleczka Marianne Kleczka Dorothy Kloes Rebecca Kloes Douglas & Lisa Knepper Rodney & Sue Knudtson Barbara Koehne Steve & Candi Kohner Susan & Timothy Kozelsky Dave & Mary Krenik Steve & Patricia Krinke Jim & Lee Ann Krupke Tony & Melissa Kruse Kip Krzmarzick Larry & Susie Kuehn Richard & Teresa Kullmann Justin & Amanda Kunferman Cindy & John Lagerhausen Kristen & Erik Lampe Craig & Lisa Landsom Joe & Beverly Lane Penelope Lane Donald Larson Mike Leaf Mike & Judith Leahy Craig & Stacy LeClaire Joe & Nancy Ledvina Robert Lintz Lori Liston Violet Lohff Walter & Shirley Lowe Ashley Lund Brian & Kathy Lund Irene Lund Jean Lund Wally Madland John & Katherine Makarenko Laverne Malinowski Dan & Joy Malm Thomas & Kim Malyuk Rich Mancuso Margaret Manning Jeffrey & Katie Mantzke Ron Margelofsky Vickie Marler Jesus & Lourdes Martinez Jesus Martinez & Angela Keelan Martinez Dan & Natalie Matejka McCarthy Agency LLC Rob McDonough & Diane Fuhr-McDonough Rich & Mary McGill Greg McGlone Mark McGrory Nancy & Gene Meeker Dave & Mary Kay Meisner Kent Meister David & Jill Meixl John & Lucille Mello Merchants National Bank Dave & Judy Mertes MaryJo Merz Charles & Anita Mettille Frank C. Mettille Jim & Linda Meyer Carl & Caralee Miller Tom & Jill Miller Gary & Marlys Mills Frank & Mary Jo Miske Jeff & Sue Miske Frank Miske III & Patrice Swan Joe & Cindy Moger Ken & Sally Mogren Judy & William Morefield Bob & Kathy Morgan Paul Morgan & Rita Miller Morrie Miller Athletic Foundation Aimee Nelson Bruce & Shellie Nelson Christina Nelson Jennifer Nelson Larry & Darlene Nelson Lynn & John Nelson Paul & Kim Nelson Sara Nelson Brad & Mary Nett Bob & Shirley Newberry Raul Nieves Gregory Nixon Greg & Nancy Noel Gwenn Nyhagen Richard & Julie Oakley

William & Arlene Obert Maureen O’Brien Briggs & Richard Briggs Mark & Carol Olson Steven & Patty Olson Ali & Tammy Omar Opfer Communications, Inc. Scott & Tracy Opfer Dick & Peggy Palen Pank Chiropractic Relif and Wellness Center Marc & Sandra Papendieck Dawn Parker Kathy & Bob Peceny Kenneth & Mary Kay Peshon Robert & Katharine Petersen Robert & Monica Petersen F. E. Peterson Lawrence Peterson & Marianne Kopcho Merle “Pete” & Betty Peterson Rocky & Cheryl Peterson John & Patti Pietruszewski Pio’s Place, LLC Phil & Sue Plamann Terry & Marie Plamann Irv & Maureen Plitzuweit Stephen & Carma Pohl Silvia Ponce de Leon Mark & Lisa Potter Prime Bar Family Dining, Inc. John & Karen Quist Jack & Judy Rader Joe & Sandra Reed Jeff & Mindy Reinardy Roger & Dana Reupert Don & Donna Rielly Henry Rios Riverport Inn & Suites Mike Rivers Brian & Vicki Rod Pat & Roger Rogney James Romich Richard & Ruth Rosenow Sal Rotty RTP Company David Rubenstein & Camille Soriano Rubenstein Richard Ruhoff & Jana Kalmes Ruhoff Richard & Kathleen Ruhsam Teresa & Bill Russo Jeffrey & Sharon Rutter Curt & Jennifer Salm Brian Sauers & Amor Dacanay Sauers Tom Sawyer & Connie Mettille Jack & Marlene Schiestle John & Tina Schmitz Jon Schmitz Dan & Jolie Schneider Gary & Marian Schneider Glenn & Edie Schneider Karen Schneider Richard & Jenna Lynn Schoeneman Eric & Stephanie Schoh Scott Schradle Gary & Dawn Schultz Helga Sebesta Mark & Roberta Sebesta Mark & Leslie Seehusen Vernon & Carol Seehusen Jerry & Marilyn Seeman Gary & Ruth Sherman Debbie & Tom Shields Christopher Shimanski Jim & Judy Shulista Sidecar Rod Sill Debbie & Steve Sing Lani & Jeff Sloss Mark Smit Kirk & Shirley Smith Tim & Joy Snyder Brian & Erika Soderling Myleene & Parviz Sohaei Randall & Robin Somerville Lester Sonterre Gary & Charlene Spencer Mike & Linda Spiten Carl Stange Rick & Mary Starzecki Karen & William Steege Jo & Jerry Stejskal Yvonne Strang Steve & Nicki Stricker Donna Strum Robert & LaVonne Stuettgen

Pete & Kim Susens Swahnkolden Enterprises Jayme & Sandy Sygulla Rollo & Kay Taylor Mark Tegels Dave & Meredith Tharaldson The Plaza Hotel & Suites Donna Thenell Tom & Diane Thenell Bob Thomas Bob & Rachel Thompson Stanley Thoren, Jr. Dale Timm Ben & JoLyn Towns Kristi & Russ Traxler Tony & Laura Tripicchio John & Stacy Truedson Donald & Carol Uecker Rick & Cindy Uecker Jerry Usgaard Manuel & Thelma Valdez Stacy & Connie Van Blair Lee Vance Jeffry & Ellen VanLaanen Robert & Carol Verthein Barb Voter Michele Waddill Kelly Waldron Ashley Walker Buzz Walsh Liz Warren Mark & Brenda Warren Mo & Dorothy Weber Chuck & Myrlee Weisbrod Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Wells Fargo Foundation Joe & Kris Wenker Laura & Kelly Whipple Robert White Wayne & Tanya Wicka Virginia Widell Steven & Ginny Wildman Wayne & Sharon Wilkes John Williams & Heather Anderson Ken & Jan Winkelman Don & Ann Wistrcill Peter & Deb Woerpel Jim & Pauline Wojton Joe & Roxane Wojton Loretta Wojton Pauline Wojton Betty Wolf Bob & Judith Wolf Dan & Nicole Wood Jane Worthington Thomas Wunderlich & Carol Loshek Warren & Marie Yoksas Mark & Patricia Young Roscoe & Vikki Young John & Janice Zambrano Charlie & Marlys Zane Michelle Zemla Gerald & Kim Zenner



Total Gifts: 13,879

Alumni 45.46% Organization 4.94% Student 1.18% Retiree 2.54% Parent 6.23% Friend 7.29% Faculty & Staff


Academic Services $9,449 Alumni Relations $11,896 Athletics $106,403 Campus Beautification $24,231 College of Business $4,392 College of Education $13,738 College of Liberal Arts $19,103 College of Nursing & Health Sciences $17,821 College of Science & Engineering $21,051 Community Relations $64,029 Gifts in Kind $21,418 Student Housing $664,204 Inclusion & Diversity $2,457 International Programs $3,774 Library $25,740 Miscellaneous $24,699 Outreach and Continuing Education $15,261 Retiree Center $3,009 Scholarships $1,034,634 Special Project Grants $45,474 Student Clubs & Organizations $5,870 Student Life and Development $3,762 Warrior Club $41,758 ________________________________________________

Grand Total

$2,184,173 ____________ ____________

TOTAL GIVING BY FISCAL YEAR 2004-2013 $6,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $ FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 Includes gifts received through the launch of Light the Way, the WSU capital campaign.


28 ASSET ALLOCATION AS OF JUNE 30, 2013 Investments at Fair Value


Receivables $1,693,146 Prepaid Expenses Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust

$8,124 $140,430

Cash Value of Life Insurance

Student Housing



Other Assets


Art Collections


Equipment (Net of Depreciation)


Cash & Cash Equivalents $620,356 ____________ $36,488,364 ____________ ____________

ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT BY FISCAL YEAR 2004-2013 $40,000,000 $35,000,000 $30,000,000 $25,000,000 $20,000,000 $15,000,000 $10,000,000 $5,000,000 $ FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13




For The Year Ended June 30, 2013






Fee income and other proceeds


RESTRICTED $1,420,780 $34,499



$1,945,969 $3,669,590 -

For The Year Ended June 30, 2013




Cash and cash equivalents Investments, at fair value

Fundraising events





Investment income









Pledges, net

Change in value of gift annuities





Fees and other proceeds

Interest and dividends

from restrictions





Prepaid expenses

Reclassifications $57,467 ($393,174) $335,707 ________________________________________________________________________________________

Beneficial interest in perpetual trust

Total Support and Revenues

Student housing, net

$2,597,280 _________

$2,327,810 ___________

$2,290,950 $7,216,040 ____________ __________



Change in value of perpetual trust Net assets released


Cash value of life insurance

$1,540,336 $135,288 $17,522 $8,124 $140,430 $49,593 $8,667,190


Other assets


Program Services:

Art collections


Equipment, net




$ -

$ -


Distributions supporting

Winona State University














Special Projects

Scholarship programming $9,827 - - $9,827 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Program Services

$2,184,173 _________

$ - ___________

$ - $2,184,173 ____________ __________

Total Assets LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities:

Supporting Services:

Grants and accounts payable

Management and general

Gift annuities payable


$ -

$ -






Accrued interest payable


Fundraising events

Development activities $28,286 - - $28,286 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Supporting Services $152,208 $ - $ - $152,208 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Expenses

$2,336,381 _________

$ - ___________

$ - $2,336,381 ____________ __________

Change in Net Assets



$2,290,950 $4,879,659

Net Assets, beginning of year

$814,829 _________

$7,901,890 ___________

$15,408,560 $24,125,279 ____________ __________

$1,075,728 _________ _________

$10,229,700 ___________ ___________

$17,699,510 $29,004,938 ____________ __________ ____________ __________

$36,488,364 _____________ _____________

Mortgage payable Total Liabilities

$65,115 $274,904 $29,042 $7,114,365 $7,483,426 _____________

Commitment and Contingencies Net Assets:

Unrestricted $1,075,728 Temporarily restricted

Net Assets, end of year

Permanently restricted Total Net Assets

$10,229,700 $17,699,510 $29,004,938

___________________________________________________ Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$36,488,364 _____________ _____________

WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dan Mortensen ’79, Chair: Retired, Senior Vice President, Capital One Services, Inc. / Global Corporate Citizenship Thom Kieffer, Chair Elect: Senior Vice President & Chief Trust Officer, Winona National Bank Mike Russell ’84, Past Chair: National Account Executive, Federated Insurance Jim Meyer ’85, Secretary: Vice President, Director of Field Operations, Federated Insurance Bob Strauss ’76, Treasurer: Vice President, Business Development, Fastenal Company Mike Arnold: Certified Financial Planner, Arnold Financial Services Robert Befidi ’96: Strategic Business Development, 3M Health Information Systems

Howard Bicker ‘70: Semi-Retired, MN State Board of Investment George Bolon: Retired, Winona State University Bob Brewer ’76: Eagle Ridge Advisors Mike Ericson ’86: Economic Development Consultant, City of Maplewood, Minn. Greg Evans: Regional President, Merchants Bank Karen Fawcett: Retired RN, Winona Area Public Schools Ted Fredrickson ’67: Retired, Capital University William “Chops” Hancock ’12: Retired, Winona State University Dr. Donna Heble ‘74: Retired, Winona State University Steve Heuslein: President, La Crosse Truck Center Scott Johnson ’82: Attorney, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, LLP

John McShea ’79: Retired, Mizuho Securities Tim Missling ’87: Wealth Management Advisor, US Bank Private Client Reserve Ken Mogren ’70: Retired Regional President, Winona Agency
 Paul Morgan: Winona Family Dental Care Bob Neis ’76: Retired, Hal Leonard Publishing Scott Opfer
’84: President, Opfer Communications, Inc.
 Dick Record: MWF Broadcasting David Rubenstein ’86: Co Founder, CEO, President, California Ethanol & Power, LLC 
 Dan Rukavina: Retired Tom Taylor ’77: Consultant, SedPetrology, LLC Jolene Vaselaar: Branch Manager, Altra Federal Credit Union Roscoe Young ’74: Managing Partner, Laurelwood Partners


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PA I D Winona, MN 55987 Permit 192

Alumni Relations P.O. Box 5838 Winona, MN 55987 800.DIAL.WSU

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This special edition of Currents celebrates the Winona State University Foundation and its half-century of sound stewardship of the university’s resources. Inside is depicted the generosity of our donors during the 2012-13 giving year.