Wenonah Yearbook - 1944

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DEDICATION Respect for his instructors is an important attitude for a college student. Very often this respect turns into admiratio.n and gratitude beca.u se of the many things the instructor does for the student. These things may be in the forms of a friendly chat, a bit of advice on a better way to do something, or a willingness to cooperate with the student at any time regardless of how busv the instructor may be. Such an instructor is Dr. Minne'. He has displayed the same friendliness, understanding, and cooperative spirit in the classroom as he has as adviser for extra-curricular activities. Whether we have taken physics or calculus from him, or only physical science, we know that as a favorite instructor Dr. Minne' ranked high . Because he is interested in everything that interests us, because he displays impartiality, because he believes in the teaching profession as we believe in it, and because of his all-round school spirit, we dedicate this yearbook to DR. NELS MINNE'.


IN MEMORIAM Mr. Simmers was known for nearly twenty-five years to the students of our colleqe as one who loved children with a deep and abiding passion . This was the unifying and explanatory principle in all his professional life. It was at the basis of the confidence reposed in him by childhood . It underlay his leadership in scouting. It was the clue to his long hours in his office. It was the justification of his insistence upon adequate preparation of all who passed through his training school on their way to the larger responsibilities of the teachinq service. It was the motivation for the collection and distribution of baskets for the needy at holiday time, and for uncounted ministrations to children known to be in want . It bound him to the unfinished task until late in the evening of his last day of service to the college . No picture in memory's store seems better to represent his happy mutuality with children, and the influences he would make impressive than that which shows him reading at Christmas-time the story of the Nativity against a background of children's faces, uplifted, sunny and trusting, toward one whose staunch loyalty to their well-being was as unquestioned as the next breath . It is a picture one loves to remember.

ByW. A . 0 . • 4 ·•

THE ADMINISTRATION• THEY GUIDE THE FAMILY A school without a faculty would seen at times a Utopia to us students. The times we are talking about are times when we slave over history outlines, diagrams of the mind, preparation for "the Doctor's tests/' Minnesota history, and many more seemingly outrageous assignments. But now we take back all the mean things we muttered under our breath about the faculty and administration . We have a pretty well-planted idea in our minds that all that went on during the s<:hool year was for our benefit. All kidding aside, we students of 1944 think the faculty and administration are a "pretty swell bunch of fellas ."

A. T. French --------------- ------------------------------------- President Amanda Aarestad _______ ___ ___ ___ Fifth Grade Supervisor Jose B. Acuna ---------------------------------------- Social Science Agnes Bard ---------------------------·-------- Piano and Organ Mildred Bartsch -------------------------------- Rural Education Willis E. Boots -------------------------------- English, Biology Jeanne Brouillette ____________ Second Grade Supervisor Hugh Capron ----------------------------. Industrial Education (On leave for duration) Olive Christiansen -------------------------------- College Nurse Etta 0. Christensen ------------------------ Rural Education Ella C. Clark -------------------- Middle Grades Supervisor Cathryn Cramer ________________ Fourth Grade Supervisor Catherine Crossman ------------------------------------ Fine Arts (On leave for duration) Marion Davis -------------------------------- French and Spanish Mildred Engstrom ---------------------------------------- Librarian Glenn E. Flshbauger -------------------- J. H. S. Supervisor Charles Fisk -------------------------------- Physical Education (On leave for duration) Opal Foster ---------------------------- First Grade Supervisor Leslie Gage -------------------- Primary Grades Supervisor Glendon E . Galligan ____________________ Physical Education Alice Grannis Murdock ____ ________ Jr. H. S. Supervisor (Resigned) Frieda A. Grieder --- ------------------------- Dean of Women Walter Grimm ------------------------------------------------------ Music Verna Hoyman ---------------------------- Jr. H. S. Supervisor Harry R. Jackson -----·------------------ Industrial Education F. A. Jederman ------------------------------------------------ History Jessie Knano -------------------------------- Jr. H. S. Supervisor


Florence Kroeger ______ Jr. H. S. Home Ec. Supervisor A. H. Langum ___ _____ __________ _ ____ ________ Music, Band Manley E. MacDonald ------------------------ Dean of Men, Director of Personnel Dorothy B. Magnus _------------------------------------------ Speech Margaret B. Miller _ ------------- --------- - College Nurse (On leave for duration) Nels Minne' ---------------------------------- ----------------- ----- Science Ella M. Murphy ----------------·----·-------------------------- English W. A. Owens ------------------------------------------- ___ _ Psychology M. R. Raymond _________ -------------------------------------- Science (On leave for duration) Robert R. Reed ------------------------------------------------ English Ruth Richards ---------- ·--------------------- Physical Education Mabel Sampson _____ ___________ Kindergarten Supervisor R. J. Scarborough ---------------------------------------- Geography Bertha Schwable _____ ___ ___ Nursery School Supervisor Charles Simmers _____ __ Director Phelps Laboratory School (Deceased) L. G. Stone __ ___ __ _ Director Phelps Laboratory School Jean Talbot ------------------------------------ Physical Education Mady Metzer Ziegler -------------------------------------------- Voice Minnie Zimmerman __ _____ _________ Librarian (Assistant) Mabel Marvin -------------------- Secretary Phelps School Helen Pritchard -------------------------------------------- Registrar Angelyn de Groot ------- -----:··- Assistant Accountant Hilda M. Muhle ______ ____ _------------------- ------------- Secretary Helene Schroeder -------------------------------------------- Secretary Rosalie Voelker ------------------------- ----------------- Accounta11t Fae Griffith --------------------·-- ________ Dormitory Manager Mildred Moeroushek ------------------------ Office Assistant


WHY SO SERIOUS? Miss Murray, Miss Zimmerman, Miss Engstrom, Mr. Jackson, Miss Grieder.

FOUR MEN F ACULTY TALK IT OVER. Mr. Scarborough, Dr. Minne', Mr. Jederman, Mr. Acuna.


T H E Y DISCUSS HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dr. Galligan, Mrs. Christianson, Miss Richards, Dr. Talbot.


Standing-Mr. Grimm, Madame Ziegler, Mr. Langum. Seateri-Miss Bard.


Dr. Murphy, Mr. Boots, Miss Magnus, Mr. Owens, Mr. Reed .

• 7.

OUR ABLE RURAL SUPERVISORS Miss Christensen, Miss Bartsch.

PHELPS FACULTY SHOW US HOW. Row One-Dr. Stone, Miss Schwable, Miss Foster, Miss Aarestad, Miss Sampson, Miss Gage. Row Two-Mr. Fishbauger, Dr. Clark, Miss Cramer, Miss Knapp, Miss Brouillette.



One-Miss de Groot, Griffith, Miss Muhle. Two-Miss Moroushek, Voelker, Miss Pritchard, Schroeder.

ONE HAPPY FAMILY TeeCee's little family is like any other family-there is the eldest, wise as owls (The question is whooo! whoo!) we're speaking now of the Senior class led by Chuckie Leman and her able assistants-Grace Stanek, Elaine Strand, Mary Rowekamp, Helen Borger, while Dr. Minne' stands by-just in case. Next in line are our jolly Juniors and to keep to the family line, it's always been said that "Junior is the member of the family who was always on the go"dates and stuff. Who are we to deny this when our Junior class officers are Florence Walch, president, plus just as able a group, namely, Jean LeMay, Erna (Shield) Roth (aha! daughter gets married), Dottie Engel, and Clara Larson. Bob Pagel was treasurer until he heard he could handle more money thru the Merchant Marines. Dr. Murphy has kept Junior in hand-it requ ired a doctor too, with Engie and Flo taking turns being on the sick call. Ah! but now we come to the CHARMING sophomore group (-must be a prejudice here). The dear Sophomores are working on a debate with Webster as they definitely don't like the definition of sophomore (meaning "foolish") which can be found in the gigantic Webster dictionary- of all places! The debate should be a good one if the class officers have anything to do with it. Angie Clarke's wit will certainly throw the opponents off guard . Then her fellow officers, Mary Lou Grant, Shirley Tschumper, Choice Duxbury, Ruth Pagel, and Lois Butenhoff can step in · with a good rebuttal. To make the winning complete, Dr. Galligan, class adviser, should be one of the judges. Now, we come to the baby of our TeeCee family - the frosh! Seriously though, I've heard the saying "last is best of all"-not being Freshies, we can't go too far in praising an underdog, but it must be admitted the Freshman class have "it"-the glamor girl of the family. Wally Harmer headed the class before tacking up his blue star. Things are running smoothly again with Gerry Ryberg in the lead and the good supporting cast including right-hand standin, Lorraine Brislance as vice-president and Eleanor Kugler as secretary-treasurer. Mr. MacDonald is the godfather of our baby class. As all happy families do-we, the upper and lower classmen, work together. A lot of fun can be had and it has been "had" in this past year. The family reunion was a great success because so many older brothers and sisters came back. Our parties have been few-but-fun,- sailor dances, student association dances, the social hour featuring the Campus Coed orchestra, mass moviegoing-all will be carefully tucked in the family memory album until we're old. Until then, when we can relive the present-store up some sweet memories.



SOCIALIZED STUDENTS Row One H. Borger, M. Reller. Row TwoR. Clay, A. Posz, K. Seeling.


F. Lindgren




P . Anderson, E. Strand, F. Lindgren, R. Clay. Row One-R. Flanigan, M. Rowekamp. Row Two-M. Reller.



Row One-J. Calhoun, C. Lehman, H. Borger, H. Bungarden. Row Two-R. Flanigan, E. Strand, M. Rowekamp.

.Row One-J. Tomkins, D. French, N. Grausnick, T. Brauer. Row Two-D. Skow, R. Gernes, G. Stanek, H. Wadewitz, E. Zimdars .

• 10.


Row One-E. Marsh, E. Quast, R. Kottschade, E. Roth, B. Huntley, V. Fehrman. Row Two-L. Casby, G. Anderson, M. Croonquist, R. Gast, M. Kruse, C. Larson, M. Collins. Row Three-J. Pulver, J. Hovden, A. Carothers, L. Sykes, J. Smith, M. Jacob.


Anfinson, R. . A Prudoeh, Ak. M. Thill, M.. R Doermg, .,...:, 0 -A. Fun e, · R ow ~"" Row OneGraner. Smith, J · Thompson. smart, P.

Row One D son M - · Cbellbe Sirr{pson. J!rante. R~~ ATw.Anfin, . Mundabl N o-c. ' · Starz.

Row One-J. Kruger, C. Munch, M. Lenton, E. Carlson. Row Two-S. Root, M. Beach, M. Schamel!, M. Ferguson. Row Three-G. Kjos, R. Kennedy, R. Pagel, E. Ulwelling, M. Grant .

• 11.


Row One-J. Law, D. Mindrum, M. Hein, H. Brand. Row Two-L. Berry, R. Francis, C. Erwin, L. Bredeson. Row Three-H. Storlie, C. DeWald, A. Sprick, D. Wildgrube.

Row One-J. Morcomb, A. Clarke, M. Meier, B. Somers. Row Two-M. Fox, E. Turner, C. Matzke, K. Grimm. Row Three-S. Olson, E. Harper, L. Butenhoff, D. Wesenberg.

Row One-H. Romness, M. Peterson, S. Darrow, L. Flatten. Row Two J. Evans, B. Tooker, R. Hilke, M. Church, B. Thompson. Row Three-L. Roehning, L. Brislance, M. Neil, L. Greer, E . Ask.

Row One- A. Haines, L. Pearson, S. Sheehan, B. Fladager, E. Kugler. Row Two- N. Tainter, J. Shoenrock, E. Rodman, B. Benson, M. Stippich.

Row One- 1. Macha, L. McNary, A. Truman, B. Elwood. Row Two- M. Sallet, M. Meitrodt, B. Dugan, H. Johansen, F. Bernhardt. Row Three- G. Ryberg, N. Nolte, M. Kjos, S. Vaaler, J. Buehler.



Three may be a crowd in some people's language and not desired, but in the T. C. family the more the merrier's very nice, and the number of organizations present in our alma mater shows quite clearly that man is a social being. Without further ado, may we present the various activities in which the family shows definitely that a crowd can be fun. People with the world on their shoulders, the International Relations Club has settled the fate of the world at least three times and certainly illustrates "The Thinkers" multiplied by some twenty. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast," so why not the. troubled student? Music, as represented by the Mendelssohn Club, Apollo Club, Mason Music Club, and Band cooperates with the Art Club in fulfilling these artistic yearnings, and gives the beauty seeker an outlet for what ever frustrations may be dashing about in his gray matter. "Good things come in small packages," or so the Kindergarten Club, Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club, and Primary Club testify. With plenty of soothing hands to smooth small knowledge fevered brows, these lasses are an integral part of Phelps and Ogden¡ model grade teachers for supposedly model students. Ardent fans of Vimmies for vitamins and energy, that Die-No-Mo Club has that rugged vitality of a strictly pep ration. The Die-No-Mo show amply represents this display of energy, and so as pep organization deluxe, we salute you, Die-No-Mo! Stern world-wearied body of government, the Representative Council desides affairs of momentus weigh-t, such as committees' membership and matters of discussion for the student association. Cares of state and burning the midnight oil has weighted them down, yet they still function efficiently as T. C.'s body of government. Brains Incorporated, Kappa-Delta-Pi, Purple Key, and Who's Who represent the acme of scholarship, leadership, and service to T. C. A four-gun salute to the students who constitute the three bodies. Congratulations on achievement! "Three strikes and out" in fine form are the athletic aspirants of the college portrayed by the members of the Women's Physical Education Club, W. A. A. and the "little but oh my" Men's Physical Education Club. At holding up their end in the social limelight, the Men's Club is adept although outnumbered by their feminine counter parts as represented by the Y. W. C. A. with a dash of the League of Women Voters to add to a bit of seriousness to the social whirl. The Lutheran Student's Association and Newman Club gives the students a chance to participate in church affairs though away from home, and gives them an opportunity to meet other young people of their faith. The honor of the theater and drama is upheld by the Wenor:tah Players and Radio Workshop . Both are enthusiastically participated in, and fine plays and plenty of hidden talent are perennial products of these two organizations. Thoughtfully meditating about the relative merits of H20 and H2S04, the Science Club is quite an active element in school life. Its members are occasionally explosive (both literally and figuratively) and vary to a degree the routine of school Iife. The WI NONAN or official news sheet of the establishment provides news, discreet scandal, and facts of genuine interest to the family, as . well as being a cause of perspiration and hilarious levity (the forerunner of hyteria) to staff members. The WI NONAN is worthy of praise for it has been rated as first class excellent by the Associated Collegiate Press. Last, but not least, comes the family album, or WENONAH in polite society, revised annually, and containing a record of all the leaders and members of the family, what they do in their saner moments, and the capers they cut after class.

"EASEL" DOES IT IN THE ART CLUB! Seated R. Gernes. Row Two-D. French, I. Pearson, L. Berry, N. Grausnick, M. Eiein, D. Chellberg, J. Thompkins, L. Flatten, G. Anderson, B. Huntley. Row Three -E. Harper, B. Acheff, L. Butenhoff, D. Skow, C. DeWald, L. Sykes, C. Larson, Miss Murray, J. Kruger.

h E Ask, M. Seated-E. Mars ' A . Posz. Row Meier, L. BGede~onC .. Lehman, ~­ Two-M·. ran Ma nus, E. Ulwe Olson MisS D. Clay D. Wes. g Row Three- . M Schammel, m . E Harper, . enberg, . J Smith. A. Becker, ·


WENONAH PLAYERS "TREAH THE BOARDS". Row One-L. Flatten, E. Ask, K. Roth, K. Grimm, L. Bredeson, R. Kottschade. Row Two-S. Darrow, C. Erwin, E. Strand, C. Lehman, M. Meier, S. Olson. Row Three-G. Ryberg, M. Schammel, S. Vaaler, E. Turner, A. Clarke, E. Harper. Miss D. Magnus .

• 14.


Seated-E. Marsh, E. Roth, L. Bredeson, M. Collins. Row Two-C. Simpson, G. Ryberg, K. Grimm, M. Fox, C. Larson. Row Three-A. Posz, M. Meier, C. Lehman, L. Sykes, M. Croonquist, Dr. Minne'.

HEADLINE BREAKERS, STORY MAKERS - THE WIN ON AN STAFF. Seated-L. Flatten, A. Becker, A. Clarke, A. Sprick, H. Borger, S. Olson. Row TwoR. Kottschade, E. Ulwelling, M. Grant, D. Chellberg, M. Schammel, G. Ryberg. Row· Three-C. Simpson, C. Erwin, E. Zimdars, D. DeWald, M. Meier. Row Four - N. Starz, H. Bungarden, E. Carlson, M. Smart, Dr. Murphy, N. Gtausnick.

WENONAH STAFF PRODUCERS OF '44 ANNUAL. Seated-E. Carlson, P. Anderson, R. Clay, J. LeMay, G. Ryberg, M. Petersen, M. Kruse. Standing-Dr. Minne', E . Quast, E. Ulwelling, A. Sprick. Not Pictured - A. Clarke, M. Grant, M. Smart, H. Borger, V. Fehrman, K. Seeling, S. Darrow, M. Borger, L. Greer.

• 15.

THE "WHO'S WHO" OF COLLEGES SHOWS "WHO'S WHO" AT 1'. C. Seated-E. Marsh, E. Strand, M. Croonquist. Standing-G. Stanek, K. Seeling, H. Borger. Not Pictured-B. Erwin, D. Engel, D. Payne, R. Gernes, B. Clement, R. Gast, H. Rollins.


Seated-G. Stanek, K. Seeling, L. Brislance, M. Grant, A. Posz, M. Rowekamp. Row Two-G. Ryberg, Miss C. Cramer, A. Clarke, L. Butenhoff, M. Croonquist. Row Three-R. Pagel, E. Strand Miss F. Murray, C. Lehman, H. Borger, C. Larson.

T. C.'S SCHOLARS-KAPPA DELTA PI. Seated-Miss Murray, N. Grausnick, E. Strand. Row Two__:_R. Kottschade, M. Croonquist, P. Anderson. Row Three-H. Borger, G. Stanek, A. Posz. Not Pictured-J. LeMay, B. Clements, M. Jederman .

• 16.

THE INTERMEDIATE GRADE CLUB. Seated-A. Prudoehl, E. Carlson, A. Becker, C. Munch, P. Thompson, J. Kruger. Back Row-N. Nolte, I. Macha, R. Kjos, A. Funke, E. Ulwelling, M. Jacob.

1 j

WHAT'S THE PRIMARY CONCERN OF THE PRIMARY CLUB? Seated-N. Grausnick, M. Grant, D. Chellberg, D. Skow. Row Two-A. Anfinson, Miss Brouillette, M. Croonquist, Miss Gage, E. Kugler. Row Three-M. Collins, J. Pulver, G. Stanek, L. Sykes, E. Rodman.

THEY'RE INTERESTED IN LITTLE CHILDREN. Row One - C. Larson, N. Tainter, E. Marsh, J. Tompkins, T. Brauer. Row TwoS. Tschumper, M. Stippich, B. Benson, S. Sheehan, G. Brokken.



Seated-A. Becker, J. Thompkins. Standing-H. Borger, P. Anderson, H. Bung-arden.

• 19.

"JILL AND JIVE INC."-COLD SWING BAND. Directing-Madeline Reller. Clarinets-H. Brand, R. Flanigan, G. Anderson, M. Sallett. TrumpetsJ. LeMay, L. Brislance, B. Dugan; Trombone, G. Brokken. Manager-G. Ryberg; Pinaist, M. Rowekamp; Bass, D. Wildgrube; Drums, K. Grimm.



Seated-D. Wesenberg, Mr. Langum. ~tanding-S. Hueseman, J. Smith, A. Posz, G. Matchan.

"LIFE IS A SONG"-THE MENDELSSOHN CLUB. Row One - M. Rowekamp, Mr. W. Grimm, M. Reller. Row TwoG. Anderson, B. Fladger, D. Wildgrube, M. Smart, K. Grimm. Row Three- G. Brokken, D. Mindrum, J. Buehler, M. Meier, E. Turner, M. Collins. Row FourH. Wadewitz, H. Brand, L. Brislance, R. Flanigan, P. Anderson, S. Vaaler, J. Le May.

• 20.

MUSIC LOVERS GET TOGETHER-MASON MUSIC CLUB. Seated-M. Sallet, G. Anderson, R. Flanigan, Mr. W. Grimm. Row Two-E. Turner, M. Rowekamp, K. Grimm, M. Reller, M. Collins. Row Three-J. Le May, H. Brand, D. Wesenberg, S. Vaaler.

PEP LEADER EXTRAORDINARY-THE BAND. Row One-Mr. Langum, H. Rom ness, D. Wesenberg, J. LeMay, L. Brislance. Row Two D. Wildgrube, J. Smith, M. Sallet, M. Beach, M. Stippich. Row Three-P. Thompson, B. Thompson, G. Brokken, R. Flanigan, H. Brand, G. Anderson.

• 21.

T. C.'S AMAZONS-WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB. Seated-E. Zimdars, Miss R. Richards, F. Lindgren, Dr. J. Talbot, C. DeWald. Back Row -M. Sallet, B. Francis, G. Ryberg, E. Strand, A. Carothers, H. Borger, M. Fox, L. Flatten, K. Seeling, M. Kruse.


POPULAR QUARTET-MEN'S CLUB. Seated-K. Seeling, J. Smith. · Standing-R. Clay, M. Kruse.

SNAPSHOTS OF THE FAMILY The college, along with Lucky Strike Green and numerous other people and things, has gone to war. Complications have set in . Photographitis, due to scarcity of film, has been slightly overcome, and the following pages bear testimony to that fact. Because all the pictures were not taken by the photography class, they may not be l 00 per cent perfect, (She said as she looked at Dr. Minne'.) But it's a well established fact that they represent a fair cross-section of life at T. C., where men and quiet hours are scarce, sleep is unheard of, and the meatballs keep on haunting us. (P. S. You've read of these meatballs_ in previous publications and seen personifications of them on the stage, no douBt.) But to get back to my subject, the darkroom dynamos have come through fairly well. Occasionally the D-72 mixed with D-76 ran riot as they fought over the emulsion on some hitherto perfectly good film, but the developing tank (Du Pont Bakelite, we pr-esume) halted all this folly by merely falling on the floor and breaking. When the fumes cleared and the lights were turned on, any resemblance to good film and usable printing paper was purely accidental. The printing paper, sensitive as it is, decided that it had no busniess staying there virtually alone, and so it too disappeared. Few pictures survived. So any snapshots that may appear on the following pages are purely accidental. They are the rugged but right, the sturdy, the valiant. They escaped all darkroom difficulties only to live a public life in the "44" Wenonah. So you will see TeeCee's family as they look, as they would like to look, and (in some cases) as they don't look. TeeCee boards most of her family in Shepard and Morey halls, and Lucas Lod~e. Nightly parties, Sunday dress-ups, Saturday hikes, and anything not related to studying are in vogue there, as these snaps will verify. Also if you are very observant, you will soon discover how greatly the boys are outnumbered in TeeCee's family¡. You see, many of them are off to the seven seas, so the girls carry on at TeeCee, waitina for the big family reunion in the near future. So now we present TeeCee's family .


So the sun was bright!

Facepowder ad.

Morey Trio.

Gen caught on.


Male call, please.

Holding hands.

Those Stillwater ferns.

• 24,..

So phs

The Zimdarses.

Friendly roommates!


Ah! Those checks!

That Pepsodent smile.

Toni in usual togs.

Enemies- Al and Gerry.

In a rut?

Could it be Mausie?

Wiliy and weed.


Four of a kind.

Seasick, N ev ·?

• 25.


3 guesses.

Gen and friend. \

Pretty good pals.

All out for the Navy.

Meet the McVeys.

A cheer for the Army

Jean and neighbor.

A Lovely Way to Spend an Eventng.

Typical twosome.


Peek-a-boo '

• 26.

Dick and Bruce.

Sun bath

Party finery.

Ahoy down there.

Vogue a la photog. class. Morey inhabitants.

Old Maid Club.

What! Again?

• 30


Chain gang.

Speedy characters, no?

Snow or rain?

Ice in Lake Pepin.

"W" club in wartime.

Fashion mag. cover.

Shepard bound.


High on a Windy Hill.

• 27.

Ju ~ t


Wher e 's the Turner smile?

Night 'Life'.

How to enjoy a Watermelon bust.

A penny for their thoughts.

Queen ca ndidat(•s

How to influence people and win sailors.

• 28.

Morey party.

Leg art.

In Sunday best.

Soda jerk.

Drama in one act.


• 29 .

Mausie and That again!


Airing out.



How did Cleo g'et in here?

Romness Up a tree Lady in Waiting .



Beauty contest

Johnny Stan

• 31. Fleet's in.

Love-all That Hollywood pose.

Miss Marion Davis

Playing rabbit .

• 32.