Wenonah Yearbook - 1941

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'kl~ OF

Winona State Teachers College Winona, Minn.


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ckOJU of, (JM 4/ma A1aieJi we enieMd and depaded.



tJ.e q~ . p.,/,J;JkJ "" . John Kunel.ms M nagmg . Editor . · · · · Lewis . Schoening Editor a . _ Chief · · .. . . pau1 Adamson -m Business Manag er . · ·

Foreword The graduating classes present this annual for the enjoyment of those to whom it has a very meaningful interest. We depart with the thought that our places which we have considered so important will not be forgotten, and will be very capably filled by our successors. We feel therefore, that our absence will not be too keenly felt . We trust that this Annual will so well record our activities that in the future we may recall with pleasure our college experiences. With the poet we deeply feel that "The web of life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together."



Administration Classes Act1vities Athletics School Life Patrons

Dedication We dedicate this annual with sincere appreciation to him who has been our constant friend ¡and willing helper, who has given us a broader view of life, and who has encouraged us to attain the highest. It is with gratitude and respect that we inscribe this volume to one who has laughed with us and has made our college life truly delightful.


Every organization has its President. We are fortunate in having as ours one who is very active in educational circles. A tireless worker for the college which has now become his life, Dr. Mehus exemplifies at his work the true administrator. Vast energy, ceaseless purpose, vital ambitionthese are characteristics of a leader; Winona's president is a true leader. He has demonstrated his tolerance of student opinion by his readiness and willingness to listen to our suggestions. New and stimulating courses have been added to the curriculum, always with the thought that we may receive a more libe ral education.



u L



First row: Mr. W. E. Boots, Miss Mildred Bartsch, Mr. R. R. Reed, Miss Gladys Lynch, Mr. H. Capron, Mr. A. H. Langum, Miss Florence Richards. Second Dr. E. S. Selle, Miss Barbara Andrews, Dr. J.B. Biesanz, Miss Catherine Crossman, Mr. C. Fisk, Miss Virginia Robb, Miss Agnes Bard, Miss Manon Davis.


Arts, Social Science, Physical Education, Administration There is a quintessence to every song we learn to sing, every art object we are inspired to make, and and every dance we learn to do. This strange material is also found when we learn to speak our languages correctly, when we learn about the universe and how men adjust to one another. This quintessence which source is the ideals, thoughts, and knowledge of our instructors is given so unselfishly and so cheerfully to us. It serves as the basic ingredient which makes W. S. T. C. such a friendly college, such an intellectual college, and a college where happiness is the key.

Seated: Dr. N. Minne, Miss Etta Christenson, Mr. C. L. Simmers, Mr. A. T. French, Mr. W. A. Owens, Dr. G. E . Galligan. Dr. Ella Murphy, Mr. F. A. Jederman, Mr. M. E. MacDonald, Mr. R. J. Scarborough, Mr. H. Jackson, Mr. W. Grimm.

Standing: Dr. M. R. Raymond,

Front row: Mr. G. E. Fishbaugher, Miss Jeanne Brouillette, Miss Leslie Gage, Miss ()pal Foster, Miss Beverly Martin, Miss Alice Grannis, Miss Floretta Murray. Second row: Miss Cathryn Cramer, Miss Amanda Aarestad, Miss Verna Hoyman, Miss Valeta Jeffrey, Dr. Ella Clark, Miss Betty Schwable.


Off ice

"Student teaching", perhaps we shou Id ca 11 it "a course in the fine points of understanding children", because our instructors at Phelps teach us just that. These fine people will show you how to make a child happy where under less skillful hands he would be very sad. They will show you the technique of teaching facts so that children are eager to learn. The Phelps people teach, by example, the secrets to success, friendliness, and happiness.

Registrar, nurse, librarian, and office staff is another way of saying patience, cheerfulness, helpfulness, and efficiency at Winona State Teachers College. These people are the ones to go to if you: wish to pay your board bill, barter one class for another, get an excuse slip, pay a library fine, or see the president. They will always help you out.

Miss Dorothy Schlesselman, Miss Rosalie Voelker, Miss Hilda Muhle, Miss Corlyn Weimer, Mi$s Alice Hickey, Miss Anne Sielaff, Miss Helen Pritchard,! Miss Minnie Zimmerman.



u L T y

Paul Adamson

Margaret Brightman

LaVerne Arns

Cyril Allen




Montevideo, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Majors: Science, Mathematics

Majors: Music, Social Science

Minors: Social Science

Minor: History

Majors: Music

Die-No-Mo, Sc i enc e Club, I. R. C., Wenonah, Winonan, Kappa Delto Pi, Assembly Committee

Mendelssohn Club, Chorus, Orchestra, Mason Music Club, Apollo Club Accompanist


Mi Id red Berthe Ison

MARIE DETERS New Albin, Iowa Education,

Major: Elementary Education Minors: Art, History

Band, Mendelssohn Club, Newman Club, Mason Music Club, Mixed Chorus, Primary Club, Die-NaMo, Wenonah, Attendant to Homecoming Queen '39-'40


Country Life Club, French Club, Wenonah Players, Kappa Delta Pi, Y. W . C. A.


Waterville, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Majors: English, Social Science

Major: English

Minor: Biological Science

Minors: Music, Social Science

Winonan, I. R. C.

Radio Workshop, Y. W. C. A., League of Women Voters, Winonan, Orchestra



Harmony, Minn.

Tracy, Minn.

Majors: Physical Education, Social Science

Majors: English, Social Science Minor: Music

Minar: Mathematics

Apollo Club, Mixed Chorus, Mason Music Club, Wenonah, Kappa Delta Pi

"W" Club, Die-No-Mo, Men's Club, Winonan, Wenonah, Physical Education Club, Intramural Board, Basketball, Baseball

Eileen Brodin

Dolores Busse





Albert Leo, Minn.

Cokato, Minn.

Marshall, Minn.

Herron Lake, Minn.

Major: Elementary Education

Majors: Elementary

Majors: Science, Industrial Arts

Major: Science

Minors: Art, Geography

Minor: Social Science

Minors: English, Mathematics

Primary Club, Art Club, L. S. A., Winanan, Wenonah, Kappa Delta Pi, Purple Key, I. R. C.

Football, Track, Science Club, "W" Club, All-College Play

Apollo Club, Mason Music, Wenonah Players, Science Club, DieNo-Mo, Representative Council

Intermediate Grade Club

Kenneth Campion

Morie Deters

Elizabeth Donath

Arthur Drackley

Henry Duel

Everett Einhorn

Helen Flemming

Mory June Fischer

Arlene Fahey

Alvin Flint





Winona, Minn.

St. Charles, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

St. James, Minn.

Majors: Science, Mathemotics

Majors: Physical Education, Industrial Arts

Majors: English, Music

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Speech

Minor : Sociology

Mendelssohn Club, Mason Music Club, Mixed Chorus, Wenonah Players, Radio Workshop, Die-NoMo

Kindergarten Club, Winonon, Wenonoh, Primary Club, L. S. A., Kappa Delta Pi

Wenonah Players, "W" Club, Science Club, I. R. C., Men's Club, Spring Ploys, Football, Track, Intro-Murals

Minor: Mathematics Intro-mural Boord, "W" Club, Physical Education Club, Football, Basketball, Intro-murals, Student Athletic Manager, Men's Club ..

ARLENE FAHEY Winona, Minn.

JOYCE HAUG Holmen, Wisc.

Major: English

Majors: Music, History

Minors: History, French

Minor: Social Science

Newmon Club, French Club, Winonon, I. R. C., Y. W . C. A ., Radio Workshop, English Club

Mendelssohn Club, Mason Music Club, Die-No-Mo, Mixed Chorus, Bond, Orchestra, L. S. A. , I. R. C., Who' s Who, Social Committee, Homecoming Queen 1940.



Winona, Minn.

Buhl, Minn.

Majors: Physicol cial Science

Education, So-

Major : Elementary Education Minor: English

Minor: History Physical Education Club, Winonon, Y. W. C. A., W . A. A., Radio Workshop, I. R. C.

Elizabeth Green

Ardella Grier

Rangers Club, Primary Club, Y. W. C. A., Inte rmediate Grades Club





Kinbrae, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Shafer, Minn.

Major: Elementary Education

Major: Elementary Education

Majors : Music, English

Major: Science

Minors: History, English

Minors: Physical Education, Art

Minor : Physical Education

Intermediate Grades Club, Primary Club, Y. W . C. A.

Minors: Physical Education, Social Science

Art Club, Phy. Ed. Club, I. R. C., Intermediate Grades Club, Newmon Club, Koppa Delta Pi, Die-NoMo, Primary Club, W enonah, Winonon

Mendelssohn Club, Mixed Chorus, Mason Music Club, Die-No-Mo, W enonah Players

Lorraine Hadler

Eunice Hansen

J oyce Haug

" W" Club, L. S. A., Men's Club, Baseball

Margaret Isaacson

Darrel Johnson

Willyan Jones

Edward Korpela

Jack Ka lbrener

John Kunelius

El sie Kurzweg





Minneapolis, Minn.

Cochrane, Wisc.

Spring Grove, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Major: Elementary Education

Major: Elementary Education

Major: Elementary Education

Majors: Industrial Arts, Science

Minar: History

Minors: English, History

Minors : Physical Education, History

Representative Council, Die-NoMo, Student Association President, Science Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Men's Club, "W" Club, Football, Track

Intermediate Grades Club, Primary Club, Y. W. C. A.

League of Women Voters, L. S. A., Primary Club, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. Board, Physical Education Club

Intermediates Grades Club, Primary Club, I. R. C., Phy. Ed. C lub, Winonon, Y. W. C. A., Representative Council



Wabasha, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Majors: Physical Education, Industrial Arts

Major: English Minors: French, History

Minor: Social Science Band, Mendelssohn Club, L. S. A. , French Club, Die-No-Mo, Mixed Cho rus, League of Women Vote rs, Y. W . C. A.

Die-No-Mo, Footboll , Basketball, Track, "W" Club, Building and Grounds Committee, Alumni Relations, Athl etic Board, Physical Education Club, Intra-murals

FRANCES LUTH Winona, Minn.


Majors: English, History

Eveleth, Minn.

Minor: Speech

. Major: Music Minors: Social Science, Art

Die- No-Mo, Radio W orkshop, Wenonah, Box Office Student Manager, Ass' t. Director Spring Play ' 41

Orchestra, Band, Art Club Merton Larsen

Naomi Lee





Embarrass, Minn.

Virginia, Minn.

Homer, Minn.

Lake City, Minn.

Majors: History, Mathematics

Majors: Industrial Arts, Social Science

Majors : Social Science, Music

Majors: Science, Physical Education

Minor: Social Science

Minor: Mathematics

Band, Orchestra

Art Club, Wenonah, Managing Editor ' 41, I. R. C., Rangers Club, Foo tball, Winanan

Jahn LeMay

Charles Libby

Donna Loughrey


Kappa Delta Pi, Die-No-Mo, Physical Education Club, W . A. A. Board'. Science Club, Representative Council, L. S. A., Y. W. C. A., Wenonah uth Ethel Meye r

Dorothy Millar

Domitilla Molloy

Edgar Morrison

Jack Ollom

Gerald Peterson





Winona, Minn.

Blooming Prairie, Minn.

Dakota, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Majors: English, History

Major: Mathematics, Physical Education

Y. W. C. A., Kappa Delta Pi, Spring Ploy, Die-No-Mo, I. R. C., Winonan, Wenonah

Major: Social Science

Major: Elementary Education

Minors: Mathematics, History

Minor: English

Minor: Social Science Apollo Club, Country Life Club

Primary Club

Men's Club, Band, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Intra-mural Basketball, Men's Advisory Council, Men's Physical Education Club, Representative Council



Albert Lea, Minn.

Blooming Prairie, Minn.

Majors: History, English

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Social Science

Minors: Social Science, Physical Education

W. A. A., Art Club, Newman Club

Art Club, Wenonah Players, I. R. C., Koppa Delta Pi, Purple Key, Phy. Ed . Club, Intermediate Grades Club, Wenonah



Robsart, Sask., Canada

Harmony, Minn

Major: Social Science

Majors: Industrial Arts, Physical Education

Minors: History, English

Men's Club, "W" Club, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Football, Baseball

Apollo Club, Mixed Chorus, Country Life Club, I. R. C. Gerda Petersen

Fred Pfeil





So. St. Paul, Minn.

Albert Lea, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Majors: Industrial Arts, Physical lducation

Majors: Science, Mathematics

Major: Elementary Education

Majors: English, History

Minor: Social Science

Minor: History "W" Club, I. R. C., Die-No-Mo, Boxing Cooch, Football, Aeronauticol Instructor, Boy Scout, Track, Phy. Ed. Club. Intra-murals Matie Register

Country Life Club

I. R. C., Y. W. C. A., Winonan, Wenonah, Kappa Delta Pi, Finance Committee

Jean Risser

Ruth Rockne

Minor: Speech Wenonah Players, I. R. C., Winonan, Wenonah, Die-No-Mo, Radio Workshop, Bond, Spring Ploys

Milton Roelofs

Howard Rosencranz

Lylah Sanden

Lewis Schoening

Alice Selness

Edward Siebold

Shirley Snyder





Houston, Minn.

Wabasso, Minn.

Owatonna, Minn.

Eveleth, Minn.

Major: English

Majors: Physical Education, Social Science

Major: Elementary Education

Majors: Music, History

Minor: Music

Minor: English

Intermed iate Grades Club, Country Life Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Y. W. C. A., I. R. C., Wenonah, Primary Club, League of Women Voters, Who' s Who

Mason Music Club, Newman Club, Orchestra, Rangers Club, Die-No -Mo, Apollo Club Accompanist

Minors: Speech, Music

Minor: English Wenonah Players, W inonan, DieNo-Mo, Y. W . C. A., L. S. A., Mason Music Club

Phy. Ed. Club, W . A. A., W. A. A. Board, I. R. C., Art Club, Wenonah, Winonan, Newman Club



Inver Grove, Minn.

Major: Social Science

Major : Physical Education

Minors: Geography, Science

Minors: Social Science, Science

L. S. A., Men' s Club, I. R. C., Wenonah, Editor- in-Chief ' 41 , DieNo-Mo, Debate Club

W. A. A. Board, Phy. Ed. Club, Y. W . C. A., D i ~-No-Mo, Wenonah



Mabel, Minn.

Harmony, Minn.

Majors: Music, Social Science

Majors : Physical Education, Industrial Arts

Minor: English

Newma n Club, Men's Club, " W " Club, Phy. Ed. Club, Football, Intra - murals, Track, Boxing

Band, Orchestra, L. S. A., Mason Music Club, Kappa De lta Pi, Mixed Chorus, Finance Committee


EDWARD SIEBOLD Farmington, Minn.

EDWIN SPENCER Columbia Heights, Minn.

VIRGINIA TOWNER Minneapolis, Minn.

Majors: Science, Mathematics

Majors: Physical Education, Social Science

Majors: Physical Education, Social Science

Men' s Club, " W " Club, Die- NoMo, Science Club

"W" Club, Phy. Ed. Club, DieNo-Mo, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Intra-mural Board, Who' s Who, Athletic Committee

Elide Varani

Winona, Minn.

Minor: Elementary Education

Majors: Music, Mathematics Ba nd, Orchestra, Mason Music Club, Apollo Club, Mixed Chorus, Track, " W" Club

Phy. Ed. Club, Intermediate Grades Cl ub, Y. W . C. A., Country Life Club, W . A. A. Spring Plays

Frances Walsh

Lloyd Walsh

Robert Walters

Glen Weber

Stanley Wehrenberg

Winston Wells

Dorothy Wiler

Dorothy Yennie





Elgin, Minn.

Kellogg, Minn.

Spirit Lake, Iowa

Red Wing, Minn.

Majors: Music, History

Major: Mathematics

Major: Industrial Arts

Major: Elementary Education

Minar: English

Minors: Science, Music

Minors: Music, Social Science

Minors: Music, History

Mixed Chorus, Apollo Club, DieNo-Mo, Mason Music Club, Band, Orchestra

Orchestra, Band, Science Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Orchestra

Band, Orchestra, Mason Music Club, Assistant Band Director

Newman Club, Intermediate Grades Club, Primary Club, Winonan, Wenonah, League of Women Voters, Mason Music Club, Accapella Choir, Kappa Delta Pi



Rochester, Minn.

Caledonia, Minn.

Major: English

Major: History

Minors: French, Physical Education, History

Minors: Physical Education, Fine Arts

Phy. Ed. Club, French Club, Y. W . C. A., Wenonah, English Club

"W" Club, Track, Band, Orchestra, Apollo Club, Die-No-Mo

Donald Zimmerhakl

Seniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear HELEN V. SMITH Wabasha, Minn. Majors: History, Social Science Y. W . C. A., League of Women Voters

Betty Adams

Martha Bakken

Helen Bailey

Loretta Benike

Bernadine Bernard





Hayfield, Minn.

Ste"1artville, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Houston, Minn.




Kindergarten Club, Band



Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

Intermediate Grade Club, Country Life Club



Chatfield, Minn

Winona, Minn.



Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club, League of Women Voters



Rushford, Minn.

Elgin, Minn.



Intermediate Grade Country Life Club, L. S. A.

Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club


Helen Brandt

Ruby Blum





Elgin, Minn.

Winona, Minn.

Elk River, Minn.

St. Paul Minn.





Country Life Club, Intermediate Club, Primary Club

Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

Carol Briggs

Ellen Carrigan

Joyce Chadbourne

Kindergarten C lub, Primary Club

Edna Mae Cunningham

Elizabeth A. Currer


Margaret Dammann

Lulu Davis

Ruth E. Dixon

Halcyon Dixon




Spring Grove, Minn.

Appleton, Minn.

Marshland, Wisc.

Spring Grave, Minn.





Intermediate Grade Club, Country Life Club, Y. W . C. A., League of Women Voters, L. S. A.

Kindergarten Club, Primary Club, Y. W . C. A.

Newmon Club, Intermediate Grade Club, Country Life Club



Lake City, Minn.

St. Paul, Minn.



Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

Newman Club, League of Wo. men Voters, Country Life Club, Jn. termediate Grode Club, Winonar Staff, Wenonah Staff



LaMoille, Minn.

Lanesboro, Minn.



Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

Intermediate Grade Club, L. S A., French Club Jeane Mary Duncan

Catherine Gappa







Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

Winonan, Wenonah, Y. \I. C. A., Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

Band, Orchestra, Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club, Wenonah Players

Adeline Gilbertson

Marcella Glasrud

PHYLLIS GUY .Cochrane, Wisc.

Lanesboro, Minn.

Mildred M. Goswitz

Sadie Greer

Y. W . C. A., Country Life Club Primary Club, Winonan Staff, Ar Club

Phyllis Guy

Frances Hamlin

Martha Hesby

Marcella Juliet

Arvella Lance

Agnes Kjos




LeRoy, Minn.

Plainview, Minn.

Rochester, Minn.




NORMA MUELLER Le·vis•on, Minn. Primary-Rural

Country Life Club Intermediate Grade Club, League of Women Voters, Country Life Club

Country Life Club, lntermed~a~~

Primary Club



5 JEWELL NELSON Coledonio, Minn.

Utica, Minn.



Wenonah Players, French Club, Intermediate Grade Club, L. S. A., Country Life Club

Primary Club, Y. W. C. A., Country Life Club, L. S. A., Art Club


Lanesboro, Minn.

Lake City, Minn.



Country Life Club, Primary Club, Band

Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club



Lanesboro, Minn.

Winona, Minn.



Intermediate Grade Club, L. S. A., French Club

Mary Melby

Lorraine Martig

Dorothy Matias


MARY MELBY Rochester, Minn.

Carber, Minn.



Kindergarten Club, Primary Club Y. W. C. A., W . A. A., Intermediate Grade Club, Country Life Club, Physical Education Club

Country Life Club, Primary Club, Y. W. C. A., Intermediate Grade Club

Norma Mueller

Jewell Nelson

Marion Olson

Erna Ortlip


Miriam Paustian

Anita Pauley

Devolo Rich

Lorraine Rivord





Stillwater, Minn.

Minneapolis, Minn.

Zumbrota, Minn.

Northfield, Minn.





Intermediate Grode Club, Country Life Club, Y . W. C. A., W. A. A., Secretory of Representative Council, Wenonah Players, Radio Workshop Club

Country Life Club, Intermediate Grode Club


Intermediate Grode Club, Y. W .




Stillwater, Minn.

Zumbrota, Minn.



Intermediate Grode Club, Country Life Club, W. A. /\., Y. W. C.

Mendelssohn, Primary Club, Mixed Chorus




Ellendale, Minn.

Spring Grave, Minn.



Kinder'1orten Club, Y . W. C. A., Primary Club

Primary Club, Art Club, W. A. A., Y. W . C. A., Physical Education Club, Country Life Club, L. S. A. Ruth Schmidt

Jo Ann Sjoberg





Sioux City, la.

Minneapolis, Minn.

Stillwater, Minn.

Spring Grove, Minn.





Winonon Stoff, Wenonah Stoff, Wenonah Players, Intermediate Grode Club

League of Women Voters, Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club, L. S. A.

Ethel Schollberg

Lucille Simpson

Evelyn Sohn

Primary Club, Y . W. C. A., Country Life Club

Helen C. Solie

Claro Solie

Jeanne Stedman

Pearl Thompson

Lucile Theurer





Lake City, Minn.

LeRoy, Minn.

Lanesboro, Minn.

Caledonia, Minn.





League of Women Voters, Kindergarten Club, Y. W. C. A., L. S. A., Country Life Club

League of Women Voters, Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

Primary Club, Country Life Club

Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club, l. S. A.



Caledona, Minn.



Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club, Primary Club, W . A. A.



Arcadia, Wisc.

Plainview, Minn.


Intermediate Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club Estella Titrington

Frances Turner





Eyota, Minn.

Minneapolis, Minn.

Goodhue', Minn.





Kindergarten Club, Primary Club, Y. W . C. A., Winonan Staff, Radio Workshop

W. A. A., Intermediate Grade Club, Y. W . C. A., Country Life Club, Secretary of Sophomore Class

Janice Morion Worley

Doris Westby

Evelyn Westby

Betty White

Maryldine Windho

Pauline Maricle

Ava Schultz

Dorothy Weidman




Spring Volley, Minn.

Harmony, Minn.

Winona, Minn.



Country Life Club, Primary Club

Sophomores Whose Pictures Do Not Appear DOROTHY ARMSTRONG Winona, Minn. Primary-Rural



Dodge, Wisc.

St. Poul, Minn.



Y . W. C. A., Primary Club, Country Life Club

Country Life Club, Primary Club, Winonan Staff

MARIAN MCBEATH Hastings, Minn. Intermediate-Rural FRANCES BERNHARDT Lewiston, Minn.

Country Life Club, Intermediate Grade Club

COLLEEN STARZ Zumbrota, Minn. Intermediate



Winona, Minn.

Winona, Minn.


MARJORIE TAYLOR Forest Lake, Minn. Primary-Rural




ELIZABETH THEURER Winona, Minn. Kindergarten

Webster, Minn. Rural




LaMoille, Minn.

Montevideo, Minn.



Front Row : M. Heaser, E. Anderson, L. J ohnson, D . Ellingson, R . Fakler, P. Lang, E. Johnson, M. J . Martin, M. McNallan. Second Row: F. Eden, G. Edstrom, G. Feda, C. Bard, B. Bowen, M. Morcomb, M. Hanson, D. Hendry, E. Haakenstad. Third Row: L. Halstenrud, S. Clarke, M. Hammervold, H . Denison, M. Haugan, B. Kissling, M. Little , F. McKnight, R. H assig. Fourth Row: R. Johnson, E. Brandt, L. King, R. Eastin, M. Burt, C. Balcer, D. Bred eson, R . Foss, J. Carlson.

Junior CI ass In the family, "juniors" are named after their dads. In Winona, juniors are hopeful patterns of their superiors, the seniors. (Academic superiors, of course!) Talent in the junior class runs high, if we wish to judge from the officers only. The class is strongly athletic,. we predict, for its president is Robert Eastin, its vice-president, Charles Duncanson, whose names and pictures are sure to be on any Winona sports page. Music, so fine a force at Winona, is represented among junior officers by two Mendelssohn girls, Irene Sacket, junior secretary and Carol Bard, representative council member; and by Fred Heyer, treasurer, an orchestral man in his own right. Sportsman ship and school spirit has its place among junior officers in a former cheerleader, . Mary Jane Martin, also a representative council member for the juniors. Dr. Minne is adviser.

Front Row: D. Speltz, V. Pederson, C. Spande, I. Sackett, R. Story, E. Russell, M. Schlesselman. Second Row : M. Stanek, P. Nipp, H. Parker, A. Pfeiffer, B¡ Nash, L. Olson. Third Row : E. Scholberg, R. Stephenson, M. Waldo, J. Zimdars, T. Siirila, D. Rich. Fourth Row : B. Scott, F. Hatfield, H. Nipp, V. Wood, L. Streuber.

v /

Front Row: A. Fahey. L. Freemire, M. Bambenek, H. Anderson, A. Busse, B. Brown, S. Harris, R. Boler. Second Row: F. Deters, R. Kjos, M. Caldwell, E. De Pover, R. Bogue, M, ~elberer, E. Belgum, H. Brandt, M._Jellis. Third Row:_J. Hoeppner, D. Blondell, A. Knatterud, F. Abel, R. Johnson, F. Kohlmeyer, M~~'· 8'oru""· L. Eo~'"'"• H. Hooooo. A. Bn=• W. Bo"<. R. A'"' W. "''""'· D. •M•oo. G. Hoowo.

~~A<~L ~1

/JI' ', f* ,(

1 ;~ a~d~t ~a~so~o~~eesoph~s, m~a~;~

G'eeks had a wo'd fo, w;se; mo,es, a fool, fool;sh I' I ?°This class at Winona (and everywhere else) doesn't care to be reminded of the name's origin. In fact, it is probable that they did not know! Sophomores form a house divided. There are those who graduate as two-year students, and those who seek degrees. They are a hardy lot for they have withstood a rigorously new freshman year and bravely face two years more of light and dark school days. But sophomores-take heart. The wisest men and women may be those who know that sometimes also they are the foolish ones! Class officers are: president, William Raymond; vice-president,. Doris Johnson; secretary, Maryldine Windhorst; treasurer, Ruth Kjos; representative council, William Raymond, Albert Posy; adviser, Mr. Boots.

Front Row: M. Zepp, G. Sanford, R. Wakefield, D. Nichols, J. Ostrom, R. Swendiman, C. Starz, D. Sherin, C. Lundquist. Second Row: V. Reed, B. Walch, D. Mehus, E. Theurer, M. Quigley, G. Reinhardt, G. Miller, N. Werner. Third Row: E. Tolleson, W. Raymond, L. Luchsinger, F. Solberg, R. Schwichtenberg, A. Posz, W. Murbach, E. Peterson, B. O'Brien. Fourth Row: G. Radke, D. Ramczyk, G. Radtke, R. Olson, L. Petersen, W. Stitch, A. McCutchan, A. Schwabe, D. McConochie.

Front Row: C. Colbenson, H. Colbenson, L. Bartz, M . .Doyle, T. Bergsgaard, M. Dodge, L . Farstad, W. Christianson. Second Row: M. Chester, H. Bungardcn, J. Bl!rtness. M .. Dvoracek, M. Christison, D. Belter, B. Clements, J. Ashbuch. T!tird Ro~: J, Bohks, A ..Doebbert, M. Einhorn , A. Boyum, G. Armstrong, B . Erwin, L Crawford, E. Fuller. Fourth Row: D. Ashley, L. Carpenter, J. Brokken, S. Burrington, C. Benron, B. Bartel, J. Critchfield, H. Bergler.

Freshman Class Freshmen-like the poor-"ye have always with you." Each year they come, from a wide variety of places, far and near. From distant homes, Saskatchewan, Oklahoma, Montana, New York, North and South Dakota-these have furnished freshmen . From almost every county in Minnesota, from Iowa, Wisconsin, from cities, towns, villages; from rural areas; from interestingly different homes, from fine families. Always the freshman class is largest of all, for it is from this grain that the grist of graduates is finally ground in the college mill. Here is youth, hopeful, cheerful, a little undecided, but testing, in their first year at Winona, the thirst after knowledge. For the hundreds of freshmen who annually register in Sornsen Hall, the trails of experience are often first flayed . It is no joke-this homesickness, this strangeness, this scurrying to adjust to a new patternclasses, library, chapel, activities, initiation, new companions.

Front Row: B. Lehner. M. 1-lagcrthy, R. Krage. JVI. Johnson, D. Gardner, D. Knopp, M. Gunckrson, M. Jackson, N. Grausnick. Sttond Row: M. Graskamp, E. Larson, D. Goss. B. I lauglum, A. Hartman, I. 1 ÂŁauglum. M. Halloran, D. Hanson. Third Row: M. Harens. D. Jenkins. H. Hanson. W. Glover, K. Horihan, W. Johnson, C. Lehman, F. Lindgren, M. Kosciclski. Fourth Row : J. Hittner, M. Hanson, M. Gabrielson, W. Fox, R. Luhmann, W. Lang, A. Hungerford.



P. •

_iJ J;l./B!ii'.ko~ k· A~ · . E ,...0m11dt. Second ltow:. M. O'Neil, D. Nord, R. Bo. m. D. Jo rgenso r, J. Opdyke, J.

Front Row: J. Mathison, H. Greiner: R. Flanigan, M. Reller, L. Knight, M. J:<lavitt strom, W. Rader, E. McKee, M. 0 Donnell , T. Onstad, B. Nash, A. Conniff. T 1~ow: 0. s M;,,.,, A. Nd-•, H. H.<.,, E Koo,,. F-rl• •-• E. R•Me, W. M•n, R. No•o ,, G. Ro'~ •


Freshman Class




And, bitter as it may seem, many freshmen are destined to spend a year or less in Winona. Such is the price of an educational mill : that some must serve as husks and hulls, mostly through no fault of their own . Yes, freshmen are looked down upon, but since all are at one time in that class it is a mild, pleasant sort of inferiority which these new people' enjoy. Even the most "superior seniors" must admit the fine necessity of freshmen. They bring new blood, new life into a group that is vital and rich because it changes. And so--though they be terribly green, though they wear purple caps each fall, and do "double button to upperclassmen-a salute to all good freshmen! Ann Boyum; secretary - treasurer, Maynard Gabrielson;

We'll Be Back Well, we've spent another year at school, And learned right many a thing; We've come on happiness and thrill That new friends always bring; We've tramped in snow that banked the walks, W e've hurri ed in the rain, And bred a hope within ourselves That we'll come back again. We've made our friends in funny ways; They come by chance-or fate; "I saw her in the chorus once, And then we had a date." "And he and I took history." "And I met him in the play" "And he's the one that helped me with my science one Spring day."

Ashes burned them last night. One by one I threw them on the blazing logs. Long cherished dreamsMy love and yoursWritten so tenderly, So meaningly on bits of paper. Your letters, picture, notes. Everyone of them A part of you. In doing it-I burned my heart. Seared yours, tooBut you never knewYou never felt the flame Leap up and lick your heart.

We leaned against the lockers and We whistled in the halls, We made sarcastic faces At the pictures on the walls; We scoffed at chapel and at lunch, Bad manners often plain But all are hoping that next year We'll be back he re again .

I wish I hadn't done it! The curling papers grinned at me. A spitful, taunting smile.

And then for those who won't be back, The ones who graduate, It always seems to me quite sad To watch them sit and wait; To see that lump come in their throat, The ir heart and facial pain, As way down deep they want to shout That they'll be back again. -F. Foss.

The fire died. And, soaring far beyond my reach And crisp-burnt loveAnd you. -C. H. Bierce.

Seasons Silence ..... maste rful silence ... . intricately delicate flakes falling sadly to ea rth. Silence .... . stinging sil e nce .... swish, swish of grass, footsteps walking . . . away. Silence .... . peaceful si lence . pit- pit splash of ra in on a new-dug grave.

-C. H. Bie rce.

Ah, fool! they seemed to say. You've lost him now. No part of him is left for you.

Night Piece Lovely silver night, Flecked with thousand twinkling stars And frothy cobweb filigree. Rave ll ed c louds outspread, Revealing there the frosty moon, So austere and so bright. Softly weep, and wind A scarf of si lve r round the throat Of Daphne leaning o'er the brook. -H. Parker.

, M. Jellis, M. J. Martin.

Second Row: W. Raymond, G. Peterson, H. Duel, R. Eastin, A. Posz,

~\ ~

esen ative Council cil before being presented to

ing it is to sit in on a monthly

Libby; vice-president, Barbara Palm; advisers,

, '


~ \ 'l

Front Row: E. Hanson, E. Brodin, E. Anderson, M . Deters, I. Stransky, L. Johnson, D. Wiler, C. Shannon . Second Row: F. McKnight, V. Pederson. E. Russell, D. Millar, A. Selness, P. Nipp, L. Halstenrud. Third Row: R . R ockne, E. Green, G. Petersen, B. Kissling, C. Bard. Fourth Row: P. Ada mson , C. Balcer, L. King, M. Burt, Mr. Simmers, S. Wehrenberg, A. Drackley,

Kappa Delta Pi Those worthy, students who have maintained a scholastic average of 1.70, participated in at least two extra -curricular activities, and have completed 28 hours of college work, are eligible for Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education. The Gamma Tau Chapter of our college ho lds monthly meetings at which persons promi nent in education address the club and at which student di sc ussions are fostered. Because knowl edge, duty and power are embodied in the Greek letters Kappa Delta Pi, those students elected strive to attain these aims and to promote a high e~teem for teaching as a profession. Readers, don't believe that these students are mere ly a "brain trust" and study all the time. They are human like the rest of us and have the ir share of good times too. President, Eileen Brodin; vice-president, Charles Libby; secretary, Marie Deters; treasurer, Elizabeth Green ; historian reporter, Dorothy Millar; adviser, Mr. Simmers.

Front Row : E . Brodin, V. Pederson.

Purple Key Purple-color of royalty, symbolic of honor-signifies honor in the college for those students who offer the greatest promise of fulfill ing the ideals of the teaching profession. Membership in Purple Key is awarded annually to a very few members of the student body upon the basis of excellent scholarship and helpful participation in extra-curricular activities. The organization is entirely honorary; there are no officers, no meetings. Yet membership in Purple Key is sought as the highest honor of Winona State Teachers College.

Back Row : L. H a lstcnrud, H. Duel, R. R ockne.

Front Row: M . Rother, M. Gunderson, Mr. Gri mm , G. Edstro m , W . C hristia nson. Second Row: F. D eters, G. R eller , P. Lang, E. J ohnson , B . Kissling. E. Tolleson, A. Grier, I. Sackett. Third Row : G. Sanford, M. Martin, G . Miller, H. Anderson, L. Hadler, D. Busse, B. N ash. C. Bard. Fourth Row: R. W a lters , R. Foss, C. Balcer , W. Johnson , M . Burt, E. Morrison, G. Weber. Fiflh Row: H. H anson, H . Macemon. A. P osz. D. Boy um , F. A bel, L. Tolle fs rud, A. Drackley.

Sing! Sing! Sing! The hearts are gay! And that's exactly what you would find should you eaves drop at any meeting of the Apollo Club, the Mendelssohn Club, or the Mixed Chorus.

Mixed Chorus

Apollo Club

The Mixed Chorus is made up of men and women of the college, who enjoy group -singing. This year the group prepared and broadcast a Christmas program. At present the club is prac ticing music which they plan to use in concerts both here and out of town. The Mixed Chorus presented a program at Stout Institute in return for the one which Stout presented here last year. President, Genevieve Edstrom; Vice -President, Alice Busse; Secretary-treasurer, Barbara Ki ssling; Librarian, Germaine Feda; Director, Mr. Grimm.

The Apollo Club, the male choral organiza tion, was organized eleven years ago having as its objective the fostering of good music and the training of the voice. This year the sixteen members limit was increased to twenty-four. Each spring the club makes a tour to other schools and culminates its activities with a concert at the college auditorium. Officers : President, Glen W eber; Vice- president, Eldon Coyle; Secretarytreasure r, Douglas Blonde ll; Business Manager, Albert Posz; Librarian, David Boyum; Director, Mr. Langum.

Front Row: Pianist, E. Varani, J. Hittner, L. S ulli van, S. Persons, D. Blondell , E. Coyle, H . M acemo n, A. Dracklcy, G. W eber. Second Row: E. Mor riso n, L. Tollcsrud. C. Balcer, W. Johnson , R. Schwichtenberg, F. Abel, A. Posz, D. Boy um. Third Row : Mr. Langum, L. Petersen, W. B a kke, M. Burt, W. M a rx, 0. Rcnslo, M. Han ~on, H . H a nson.

The Mendelssohn Club has for its purpose the stimulation of the musical life of the school and

Left to Right - Seated: Elide Varani. First Row : P . Lang, D. Shcrin, E . Donat h,' B. Adams. W . Wells. L. Kobrnson, :;. Harris, F. McKnight, 0. M ehus¡ Second Row: Mr. Langum, J . F lanigan, R. W a lters, S. Wehrenberg, G . Sanford, D. Speltz, R. Flanigan, D . Boyum. Back Row : L. Sulliva n , M. Hanson, G. W eber, L. Strcubcr.

Band Orchestra Who works long and faithfully many evenings before a college play:> 'Tis none other than the college orchestra, which accompanies plays staged by the Wenonah players and college groups. The orchestra gives chapel concerts seve ral times each yea r, playing selections of seve ra l compose rs as Grieg, Tschaikowsky, Ruben stein, and Stephen Foster. The orchestra, which meets twice weekly, is under the direction of Mr. Langum and officers of the club are: president, Robert Walters; vicepresident, Elide Varani; librarian, Ruth Flanigan; sec re tary -treasurer, Fern McKnight.

1-2-3-4, a familiar sound from the band regions of Sornsen Hall, far down there the band meets three days each week. The band gives students who play instruments an opportunity for group work and also familiarizes them with music suitable for junior and senior high schools. At football games the thirty members of the band, with cold and numbed fingers, chilled feet and red ears, play valiantly on helping to cheer the boys to victory. From one corner of the gym at basketball games you may hear the boom, boom, of the bass drum and the squeaking of the clarinets. As a college tradition, the band gives a concert each year in chapel. One of the outstanding selections played this year was the "Poet and Peasant Overture" by Suppe; Mr. Langum is director of the band and is assisted by Mr. Clyde High. Officers are: president, Winston Wells; vice-president, John Flanigan; and librarian, Dorothy Speltz.

Front Row: C. High, G. Sanford, D. Speltz, B. Ada ms, G . Sims, W. W ells, L. Knight, L. M artig, B. Lehner, Mr. Langum. Second Row: L. Streuber, J. Sjoberg• D. Boyum, W. Johnson, W . Marx, S. W ehrenberg, L. Sullivan, D . N ordstrom, L. Starz, M. Zepp. Third Row: R. Schwichtenberg, J . F lanigan, A. Selness, R. F lanigan, R . W a lters, G. Miller, M. H anson. Fourth Row : 0. Renslo, G. Weber, A. Posz, J. LeMay.

Front Row: J. Nelson,~- Werner, H. Palm, L. Sanden, L. Johnson, M. Martin, M. Shield. Second Row: D. Rich, V. Pederson, C. Spande, C. Starz, C. Bard, O. Rue, M. Hanson. Thinl Row: E. Russell, M. Morcomb, B. Walsh, A. Boyum, M. Waldo, R. Rockne, E. Tolleson. Fourth Row : A. Gilbertson, M. Thompson, H. Duel, M. Burt, A. Posz, B. Kissling, B. Nash. Fifth Row: T. Sandburg, C. Balcer, R. Johnson , W. Laabs, H. Nipp, E. Einhorn, H. Rosencranz.

Wenonah Players

Radio Workshop

An old-fashioned melodrama, "He Ain't Done Right By Nell", with its cheers for the trueblue hero and hisses for the sly villain was the festive contribution to 1940's Homecoming made by the Wenonah Players, since 1916, the heart of work in dramatics at the college. Long hours at rehearsals, painstaking work on "sets" and costumes brought at length the fall production of the players, Dan Totheron's "Moor Born", the haunting life story of the Bronte sisters. To those members of the organization whose hard work and interest have made especially helpful contributions to the success of Wenonah Players, Guard memberships are awarded by means of a point system. To Dr. Gladys Lynch, Dr. Ella Murphy, advisors of Wenonah Players, must be given the award of those who serve well. Officers of the organization are C. Balcer, president; A Grier, vice-president; L. Sanden, secretary; H. Duel, treasurer; M. J . Martin, corresponding secretary.

In the studio a signal for silence is given. The sound effects man glances over his equipment. A musical theme fades out, and the announcer says, "The Winona State Teachers Col lege Radio Workshop presents, 'The House of Seven Gables,' a dramatic adaptation of Hawthorne's famous novel." The half-hour that follows such an announcement from seven to seven-thirty on Thursday evenings, over KWNO is typical of the activities of this alert student organization seriously interested in the production of radio programs. Announcing, acting, sound effects, and often the writing of the scripts used are done by members of the group, in cooperation with station KWNO. Membership in the group is based upon C011Jpetitive tryouts. Dr. Lynch is the adviser. Officers are: president, N. Van Devanter; vicepresident, Elizabeth Donath; secretary, Ruth Story; treasurer, Ray Johnson; publicity director, Charles Balcer.

Front Row: E. Tolleson, M. Morcomb, J. Warley, A. Fahey, E. Russell, M. Parker. Second Row: A. Grier, F. Luth, B. Walsh, M. Fischer, H. Palm, 0. Rue¡ Third Row: M. Hanson, M. Wilson, C. Duncanson, N. Van Devanter, C. Balcer, E. Donath. Fourth Row: M. Johnson, R. Johnson, W. Laabs, F. Hatfield, H. Rosencranz.

Frol'.t Row: R. Fakler, E. Tolleson, B. Kissling, L. Schoening, Dr. Selle, H. Duel, E. Meyer, M. Martin. Second Row: E. Kurzweg, E. Varani, G. Edstrom, M· Bambenek, A. Busse, P. Lang, M. Martinson, I. Sackett. Third Row: L. Halstenrud, D. Busse, D. Millar, E. Green, B. N as h , C. Bard, D. Loughery, F. Walsh• Fourth Row: F. Luth, L. Sanden, E. Siebold, L. Arns, H. Rosencranz, J. H oeppner, J . Haug, C. Spande. Fifth Row: R. Foss, C. Duncanson, R . Eastin, A. Posz, C. Balcer, J . Flynn, P. Adamson.

Die No Mo Club "Stuporman" and "everything that is right and just" triumphed at this year's Die-No-Mo Show, "Caught in the Draft", presented Feb. 26. "Caught in the Draft" was a take-off on army life, opening with a radio broadcast from Station RVOK of "Drafts, the National Lottery," under the sponsorship of Smellsafter Soap. The plot thickened thereafter, with a villian trying to steal the proverbial "secret plans", and Stuporman very wittingly trapping the culprits. Several original Songs by Henry Duel and Fred Heyer and acts ranging from a clarinette quartette to Kernel Korn and his Hobblers, were special features of the show. Faculty sponsors of the Die-No-Mo Club are : Dr. Minne, Dr. Murphy, Mr. Reed, Dr. Selle. Officers are: president, Henry Duel; vice-president, Ethel Meyer; secretary-treasurer, Barbara Kissling.

"W" CI ub Next fall when you attend the football games don't forget to buy "popcorn, peanuts, chewing gum" from the concession stand operated by "W" Club men. Proceeds go for senior blanket awards to those outstanding in athletics. All of the men of the college who have earned a letter in a major sport may become members of the "W" Club; the coach of any major sport is a member of the club at all times. Officers are: president, LaVerne Arns; vice-president, Don McConachie; secretarytreasurer, Charles Duncanson; advisor, Dr. Galligan.

Front Row : I.. Arns , L. Walsh. C. Duncanson, M. Roelofs, E. Spencer. Second Row : D. Johnson. J . flynn. R. Eastin, J. Clawson, V. Wood . Third Row : J. Kalbrcncr. H. f'oss. E. Brandt, E. Einhorn, J. Carlson. Fourth Row : R . Johnson , R. Walters , D. McConochic, G. Pt.·tt·rson. Fifth Row: E. Siebold, H · Hanson. W. Glover. 0. Delano, A. Flint.



............ ~u.......,....._.. . ....._.. -



•• _ _..

- -


Front Row: E. Brodin, Dr. Selle, H. Rosencranz, C. Balcer, I. Stra nsky, M. J. Martin, E. Anderson. Second Row: A. Fahey , D. Milla r, S. Synder , D . Ellingson, R . Swendiman, L. Halstenrud. Third Row: V. Pederson, G . Petersen , M . Fischer, J . Haug , M . Stanek , C. Spa nde, L. Schoening. Fourth Row : G. Sadowski, E . Einhorn, L. King, H. Nipp, D. Bredeson, E. Morrison. Fifth Row: V. Wood, J. Ollum, W. Bleifus, M. Burt, J. Kunelius, A. Knatterud.

International Relations Club

Science Club

International peace and brotherhood in 194 l sound like a big and rather far-fetched order, but at least one organization in Winona Teachers College clings firmly to such ideas. This is the International Relations Club, one of a large number of similar units organized under the Carnegie Endowment for International peace. Membership in the local group is limited to thirty-five students interested in the unbiased study of domestic and foreign affairs, and who meet once each month for discussion and reports. An unusual feature of this year's I. R. C. activities was the presentation before the entire student body of a panel of special reports on the present war. Regular meetings of the I. R. C. are pleasantly diversified with debates, panel discussions, guest speake rs and reviews of books on vital problems sent to the club by the Carnegie Endowment. Officers of the club are: president, H. Rosencranz; vice-president, Cyril Allen; secretary, Irene Stransky; treasurer, Charles Balcer; adviser, Dr. Selle.

A wizard in his fantastic laboratory could produce no marvels more fascinating than the every-day wonders about which the interests of the Science Club center. Scientific hobbies of the student members find creative expression in the Science Night exhibit, May 6th this year, where the spirit of the times is revealed in the chemistry of industry, the miracle of the test tube, and the absorbing secrets-physical, chemical, geological, biological--of our life and world. Senior members of the club undertook a new venture this year in the visit to major industrial and scientific plants of Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. Dr. Raymond and Dr. Minne are club advisers. The officers are: president, Ethel Meyer; vicepresident, Paul Adamson; secretary-treasurer, Francis Hatfield; and program chairman, Henry Duel.

Front Row: E. Siebold P. N ipp F. H a tfield, P . Ada mson , H. Duel, E. M eyer. Second Row: N . W erner, E. E inhorn, L. King, K . Campion, G . P etersen. Third Row : C. M cVey , E . C~yle, S. W e hrenberg , A. M cCutcha n, D. Bred eson, J. H oeppne_r. Fourth Row : G. Erickson, J . Zimdars, H. Nipp, W . Bleifus, G . Sadows ki, Dr. R llymond.

Front Row: Miss Schwable, E. Hansen, M. Shield, M. Glasrud, H. Standinger, B. Nash, J. Warley, M. Zepp, Miss Martin. Second Row: M. O'Neil, A. West• fall, H. Brandt, R. Stephenson, B. Adams, B. Lehner, C. Shannon, M. Graskamp. Third Row: M. Melby, N. Grausnick, R. Story, G. Stanek, H. Denison, A. Winkel, E. Anderson, L. Farstad, B. Mcintyre. Fourth Row: C. Colbenson, D. Skow, B. Irwin, R. Dixon, E. Weier, M. Johnson, L. Theurer, A. Doebbert, A. Sprick. Fifth Row: E. Larson, E. Currer, J. Sjoberg, C. Briggs, E. Theurer, A. Larson, B. Snider, M. Kelberer. Sixth Row: J. Tompkins, F. Thimijan, D. Nichols, M. Paustian, E. Belgum, M. McNallan, H. Colbenson.


Kindergarten Club

Primary Club

Chrysanthemums - snowy white, bright yellow, rich bronze-worn on Homecoming Day last fall, are symbolic of the friendliness and service of the Kindergarten Club. Others will remember the group for the Christmas cards, or the candy sold by club members. Activities of the organization are both business-like and social. Two of the year's important events apart from the continued interest in the way of little minds and hands of children, were the teas, one given in honor of Miss Louise Sutherland who retired last year from the faculty, the other given by Mr. Robert R. Reed to carry on the tradition began by the late Mrs. Reed's mother, an early kindergarten teacher here. Officers of the club are: president, Eunice Hansen; first vice-president, Rosewayne Stephenson; second vice-president, Marcella Glasrud; third vice-president, Bonnie Nash; secretary, Janice Warly; treasurer, Helen Standinger.

The aims of the Primary Club are both professional and social. Part of the meetings are devoted to a study of problems encountered in teaching in the first three grades, while other meetings such as the "get acquainted party" in early fall, the dinner meeting, and the picnic at Bluffside are designed to promote friendship. Several fine 1.e ctures are presented each year. The club plans to entertain another educational club of the school, and this year, the Intermediate Grade Club was entertained. "Hi-Lights" of the program were an illustrated lecture on the "Wonders of New York" by Mr. Reed and songs by the Busse trio. Other activities were a banquet in the spring, a Book Week Program, a Christmas play, and a Valentine party. Officers are: president, Vivian Pederson; first vice-president, Marie Deters; second vicepresident, Evelyn Anderson; secretary, Jean Risser; treasurer, Helen Dennison; sponsors: Miss Gage, Miss Foster, Miss Brouillette.

Front Row: Miss Brouillette, V. Pederson, J. Risser, H. Denison, M. Meyers, F. Deters, Miss Gage, E. Anderson, Miss Foster. Second Row: E. Hansen, A. Westfall, R. Hassig, M. Little, H. Solie, N. Hoffman, M. Isaacson, L. Halstenrud, M. Shield, E. Kurzweg. Third Row: J. Tompkins, M. Paustian, J. Warley, I. Stransky, R. Dixon, M. Socha, V. Reed, E. Russell, D. Wiler. Fourth Row: E. Omodt, T. Bcrgsgaard, E. Sohn, T. Onstad, H. Stahmann, F. Bernhardt, C. Shannon, E. Haakenstad, D. Speltz. Fifth Row: L. Starz, M. York, M. Chester, J. Stedman, F. Turner, L. Crawford, B. Adams, M. McNallan, J. Chadbourne. Sixth Row: P. Maricle, M. Hesby, E. Weier, G. Armstrong, C. Briggs, W. Jones, F. Thimijan, K. Sandberg, E. Currer.

First Row: Inez Hauglum,. Betty Clements, Doris Westby, Leona Halstenrud, Lorraine Riv ard. Pearl Thompson, Bernice Hauglum. Dorothy Gardiner, Evelyn Woo~. Second ~ow: Anita Pauley, Dorothy Gardner, Harriet Palm, Halceyon Dixon , Dolores Hendry, Marian Heascr, Dorothy Wiler, M adt._· lla Ha~erty, ~a~1on Doy({', Milda Dahl. TMrd Row: Edna Cunningham, Dr. Clark. Erna Ortlip, Bt.·tty White, Martha Bakken, Mary Lou Martinso n, Margarc.:t lsa:1cson, V1v1a!1 Pcde~son, Colleen Starz. Maribeth Halloran . . Fourth Row: Bernadine Bernard. lrenl' Stransky, Loretta Benike, Elizabeth McKt.·c, Marian McBcth. Evad1cn Smith_, Joyce Opdyke, Mar_vldine Windhor~t , Irene Anderson. Mi ss Aarestad. Fifth Row : Josephine Burtness, Lucille Simpson, Frances Hamlin . l\1rs. Bc~thd son, W1llyan Jones, Sadie Greer. Justine Miller. Joy Seifert, Mabel llamnwwold, Evelyn Westby. Sixth Row : Devola Rich, Mildrl·d Goswitz, Hdt.•nc Bailey, Agnes KJoS, Ruth Bogue , Ruth Schmidt, I Iden Flem min~. Adclim· Gilbertson, Jcwt:I Nelson, Sybil Skogen.

Intermediate Grades Club

Country Lite Club

All of you students who plan on teaching in the intermediate grades should belong to the Intermediate Grade Club, for here you can pick up pointers which will help you "in the field" as well as participate in various festive gatherings. The club is for both two year and degree students interested in this field. Officers are: president, Lorraine Rivard; vice-president, Evelyn Westby; secretary-treasurer, Leona Holstenrud; program chairman, Pearl Thompson; adviser, Dr. Ella Clark.

Do you realize what you may be up against the first time you go out to teach in a rural community? One of the school organizations, the Country Life Club, helps you to find solutions for the problems you may have to face. The purpose of the club is to promote fellowship, good will and understanding, and interest in rural education. ·Officers for the past year have been: Frances Turner, president; Phyllis Guy, vice-president; Lorraine Rivard, secretary-treasurer; Miss Taylor, advisor.

Front Row: H. Solie, M. Goswitz, M. Windhorst, H. Palm, L. Rivard, F. Turner, E. Anderson, D . Gardner, J. Stedman. Second Row: M. Hesby, A. Pauley, A. Larson, J. Mathison, B. Bernard, B. Hauglum, I. Stransky, P. Thompson, P. Maricle, L. Davis. Third Row: M . Zepp, L. Martig, H. Dixon, J. Burtness, D. Knopp, V. Reed, S. Skogen, A. Sprick, E. Kurzweg. Fourth Row: M. Hagerth:y, M. Dahl, L. Starz, A. Hartman, M. O'Donnell, I. Hauglum , L. Benike, N. Mueller, E. Cunningham. Fifth Row: M. York, E. Omodt, E. Thedens, M. Chnstison, D. Jorgenson, E. Smith, E. Fuller, E. Wood, B. Clements, D. W estby. Sixth Row: H . Bungarden , D. Hanson, 0. Benston, M. Schrank, E. McKee, R. Schmidt, I. Anderson, M. Bakken, E. Westby. Seventh Row: H. Greiner, R. Boyum, J. Opdyke. J. Miller, R. Bogue, T. Onstad, L. Crawford, T. Bergsgaard, T. Simons, B. White.

Front Row: D. Wiler, D. Busse, L. Walsh, J. Hoeppner, M. Halloran, M. Zepp, D. Belter. Second Row: A. Fahey. A. Fahey. M. Goswitz, M . O'Donnell. A· Busse, H. Standinger. Third Row: Dr. Clark, M. McNallan, H. Buni:ard<·n, E. Green. J. Miller. M. Socha. D . Speltz. Fourth Row: M. Stanek. G . Stanek• P. Nipp , W. Rader, M. Kosciclski , D. Hendry. Fifth Row: C. Gappa. D. Ramczyk, J. Hittner, H . Nipp, K. Horihan . R. Kl'trney, R. Schmidt.

Newman Club

Y. W. C. A.

Deriving its name and inspiration from Cardinal Newman, the Newman Club functions as the organization for Catholic students of the college. Religious, educational, and social aims bring the members numbering about forty, to meetings held the third Sunday of each month, with Study Club Meetings twice monthly in addition. Father O'Day carries on discussions with members of the group. Three Communion Breakfasts, a tea for all Catholic students, and a Christmas party were among the group's activities this year. For officers the Newman Club has: president, Dorothy Wiler; vice-president, Jerome Hoeppner; secretary, Deloris Busse; treasurer, Lloyd Walsh; adviser, Dr. Ella Clark.

If you girls have never had a "sticker" you had better join the Y. W. C. A. next year-for here you'll learn what they are and how much fun they are even if you have to guess who they are. Each year every girl draws a name and during the rest of the year is remembered on birthdays, holidays etc. by her "sticker" or the girl who drew her name. At the end of the year the "sticker's" identity is revealed. Besides being a social organization, the Y. W. C. A. is a work group; its purpose is one of service. Miss Richards and Miss Cramer are advisers. Officers are: president, Irene Stransky; vice-president, Phyllis Guy; secretary, Margaret Little; treasurer, Ruth Swendiman.

Front Row: Miss Richards, H. Solie, V. Pederson, I. Stransky. R. Swendiman, M. Little, E. Donath, R. Hassig, H. Smith. Second Row: M. Dahl, C. Lundquist, D. Hanson, E. Wood, N. Werner, T. Onstad, B. Hauglum, M. Parker, D. Ellingson, E. Kurzweg. Third Row: M. Hanson, G. Sanford, J. Burtness, L. Freemire, M. Hagerthy, M. Isaacson, I. Hauglum, H. Bungarden, J. Warley, S. Skogen. Fourth Row: D. Mehus, M. Schrank, T. Bergsgaard, M. Paustian, E. Fuller, M. Haugan, L. Simpson, R. Dixon, C. Briggs, D. Skow. Fifth Row: K. Sandberg, D. Jorgenson, M. Jellis, M. York, E. Omodt, M. Deters, J. Opdyke, B. Clements, B. Nash, M. Koscielski. Sixth Row: M. Hammervold, M. Hesby, L. Crawford, M. Doyle, H. Denison, M. Christison, E. Anderson, C. Shannon, A. Sprick.

Front Row: F. McKnight, M. Jackson, N. Schroeder, M. Einhorn, E. Bowen, H. Parker, L. Johnson. Second Row: A. Fahey, A. Fahey, B . Clemen ts, 0 . Ru e, Miss Davis, H. Bungarden, M. Rowekamp. Third Row: M. Parker, L. Bartz, L. Olson, M. Stanek, G. Stanek, G. Sanford, R. Swendiman. Fourth Row: M. Deters, G. Edstrom, D. Molloy, H. Anderson , S. Greer, A. Kjos, D. Yennie. Fifth Row: I. Sackett , D . Lough1ey, H. Nipp, D. Ramczyk, C. Lehman , L. Spitzack.

French Club

Men's Club

The French Club comes through the second year of its existence with fifty-four eager and active members, an all college party, a play, and many interesting meetings to its credit. Established to promote good-fellowship and interest in a foreign country, the club has also served to combine culture with fun right here in the Winona State Teachers College. Next year, with increasing finances, the club plans to attend University plays and out-of-town performances. So in the words of the French "bonne chance" and "au revoir," which mean good luck and we'll be seeing you, we hope!

"Today I am a man" might well be the cry of certain male college students following initiation ceremonies for the Men's Club. Not until the raw recruits nominated by club members have undergone the tricks played upon them by their superior fellows have they a right to be called "men." As its purpose the Men's Club has the bringing together of a group of college men students for social functions, recreation, and entertainment. The manly ushers who assist you at baseball games are the proud wearers of the purple and white insignia of the club. It costs you no dues to belong. Officers are: president, Gerald Peterson; vice-president, Vier Wood; secretary-treasurer, Everett Einhorn; adviser, Mr. MacDonald.

Front Row: E. Siebold, H. Ros~ncranz , E. Einhorn, V. Wood, G. Peterson, J. Flynn, L. Arns. Second Row: E. Peterson, L. Luchsinger, C. Duncanson . Mr. MacDonald , L. Walsh , R:. ~astm, V. Hart, A. Flint. Third Row: R. Johnson, E. Coyle, D. Delano , D. McConochic. E. Brand~, A. Posz, J. Carlson. Fourth Row: L. Carpenter, T. S11nla, D. Boyum, M . Roeloffs, A. Knattcrud, L. Schoening. Fifth Row: J. Ollom. G. Hanson, W. Glover, R. Johnson , L. King, J. Clawson.

Front Row: M. Heaser, E. Russell, H. Solie, B. Green, Miss Crossman, A. Boy um, A. Pfeiffer, E. Brodin. Second Row: H. Stahmann, J . McMartin, M . Hesby, F. McKnight, V. Pederson , D. M ehus, R. D a rrow, H . H a nson. Third Row: B. Brown, N. Werner, J . Kunelius, W . Bleifus, 0. Rue, M . Hanson, M . H a mmervoid.

Art Club

League of Women Voters

A veritable treasury of activities lie at hand for those who are members of the Art Club. Decorations glittering, frosty Christmas ones, peppy, spirited ones for Homecoming, lovely, festive ones for the Prom, become creative art for the club members. Original murals painted on the walls of a new work-room are a genuine contribution to the college. There are work meetings where those of eager interest and tried ability concern them selves with puppetry, sculpture, weaving, and sketching. And there are study meetings where pottery, tapestry, famous paintings and other works of art are made real to the students. The club's officers are: president, El iza beth Green; vice-president, Eileen Bordin; secretary, Eva Lou Russell; treasurer, Vivian Pederson; adviser, Miss Crossman.

How can we as wheels in the great machine of democracy best do our part? This, in substance, is the question young women of the college must ask themselves and seek intelligently for its an swer, if they are to be good members of the col lege League of Women Voters. The League, a non -partisan organization started at Winona in 1929, believes that political education is necessary to the success of a democratic form of government. Seven de legates from the local group at tended the annual League of Women Voters Convention held on Octobe r 18-19 at Mankato. Officers are: president, Ruth Schmidt; vice president, Mildred Goswitz; secretary-treasurer, Anna Sprich; adviser, Miss Richards.

Seated: E. Kurzweg, Miss Richards, R. Schmidt, A. Sprick, M. McNallan, M. D a hl, H. Smith. Stanek, R . Swendiman, I. Stransky, C. Lehman, E. Belgum, M. M artinson.

Standing: D. M ehus, M. Goswitz, E. Donath, H. Parker, M.

Seated: L. Luchsinger, M. Stanek, M. Goswitz, L. Olson, H. Nipp, G. Petersen, D. Millar, Dr. Murphy , C. Allen, E. Brodin, L. Sanden, E. Hansen, R. Foss. Standing: C. Balcer, E. Donath , B. Kissling, H. Parker, D. Ellingson, H . Borger, M. J. Martin , E. Green, M . Windhorst, R . Swendiman, E. Anderson, A. Fahey, D. Bredeson, M. Jellis, M. Burt, N. Werner, D. Rich.

Winonan Stat f Deadline Friday 4 :00-and then what? Hours and hours of work checking copy, seeing that it's typed, proof-read, placed on the make-up page, and headlined. Working late into the evenings, Saturdays and Sundays--do we give the Winona Staff the recognition due it in putting out our college paper? The brunt of the work falls on the shoulders of: editor, Cyril Allen; make-up editors, Eileen Brodin, Dorothy Millar, Gerda Petersen; and business manager, Howard Rosencranz . Others on the staff who devote much of their time to the publication are : Sports .............. ....... .. .... .. .. . .... . La Verne Arns, Bob Fifield, Romaine Foss, Bill Raymond, Mary June Fischer. Features . ....... ............. .. .. . ... . ..... Dean Bredeson, Maynard Burt, Doris Ellingson, Elizabeth Green, An ita Hartman, Barbara Kisslin], Mary Jane Martin, Dorothy Mehus, Helen Parker, Lylah Sanden, Phyllis Guy. Reporters ... ..... ... ..... . ....... . .... . .... Evelyn Anderson, Charles Balcer, Eunice Hanson, Mildred Jellis, Devola Rich, Arlene Fahey. Advertising ...... ........ .. ............................. . . .. .. Harold Nipp, Lorna Mae Olson Exchange ............ . .................. . ........... ............. ........ . Nina Werner Circulation ......... . ...... . .... ... ... .. .. . . LÂŤ;!land Luchsinger, Elizabeth Donath, Mildred Goswitz, Marie Stanek. Typists ......... . ...... .... ..... ... ........ Elizabeth Belgum, Pearl Nipp, Lila Belle Freemire, Helen Borger, Ruth Swendiman. Faculty Advisers ......................................... . .. Dr. Murphy, Mr. Boots, Mr. Reed

Seated: Mr. Boots, E . Green. D. Busse, D. Yennie, Miss Richards, L. Schoening, C. Balcer, J. Kunelius, S. Snyder, H . Nipp, P. Adamson, E . Hansen, Mr. Reed F. Luth. Standing: 0. Rue, E. Russell, B. Kissling, M. J. Martin, L. Johnson, R. Eastin, R. Kios, H . Parker, B. Petersen, C. Spa nde, V. Hart, E. Brodin, L· King, D. Millar, M. Burt, A. McCutchan, I. Stransky, R. Swendiman, M. Goswitz, E. Meyer, D. Rich, M. J ellis.

Wenonah Staff The Wenonah is published yearly by the graduating sophomore and senior classes. consists of:

This year's staff

Managing editor .... .... . ..... . . .. ...... .... .. ... . ..... . ................. John E. Kunelius Editor-in-chief ...... . . . ... . ........ . . ... ................................. Lewis Schoening Associate editors ... . ................. .. .. . ... .. .... Eileen Brodin, Charles Balcer, Dorothy Millar Co-Literary editors ......... . . ...... ................. ... .. . .... Jeane Duncan, Arthur Drackley Assistant literary editors . . .... ................... ..... .... .. .. . . Mildred Jellis, Dorothy Vennie Co-business managers . .... ............. ...... ................. . . Paul Adamson, Charles Libby Assistant business managers ...................... Newton Van Deventer, Eunice Hanson, Harold Nipp Feature editor .... .... ...... . . .. . . ... . .. . .................. . ........... . .... Delores Busse Assistant feature editors ........ ... .... Maynard Burt, LeNore Johnson, Mary Jane Martin, Helen Parks Art editor .... . ... ..... . .. . .. ..... . . ..... .. ............ .. ................ Elizabeth Green Assistant art editors . .. .. .... ..... .. . ... . .................. ... .... Olive Rue, Eva Lou Russell Men's sports editor ......................................................... LaVerne Arns Assistant sports editors ............... .. ............ Charles Duncanson, Robert Eastin, Leslie King Women's sports editor ........................... . . .. ................... .. . . Shirley Snyder Assistant sport editor .. ..... ...... .... . ....... ... .. ..... .... ..... ........ . Carmen Spande Ch?.t;?.C.\~t;\'I.~\\~'i\ ~<l\\~i;

. . . . . . . . , , , , , , , , • , •• , • • • , , , , , , • , , , • , , ••••• Frances Luth

.. ... . .. . .... . ~ .............. Gerda Petersen, Ruth Swendiman

ts~~· · s~ e ~

......................... . ... .... . Vernon Hart, Ethel Meyer Mildred Goswitz, Lorraine Hadler, Ruth Kjos, Devola Rich, Irene Stransky, Alden McCutchan, Dorothy Wiler





1 .) -!

>• .·.. c ·,

.~ ... • ~

• ..

• ,






First Row: K . Campion , D. Delano, J. Flynn. E. Spencer, J. Clawson, C. Libby, M. Roelofs, T. Siirila, E. Einhorn, C. Sub.ck, L. Walsh. Seconrl flow : B. Ritschcr, M. Wilson, I. Pederson, E. Brandt, R. Johnson, G. H anson, S. Fritz, R . Eastin, D . M cConoc hic, M. Larson, A. Nussloch. Third Uow : D . S tiehm , J. Hungerford, R. Tl:ws , R. Novotny, R . Solberg, L. Luchsi111!;cr, A. Briggs, W. Glover, J . Ollom , D. John son , H. Schmidt. Fourth Row: A. Fli nt, G. P<·tcrson. L. Schwark , D. Traxler, K. Witt, R. Foss, S . Brcckncr, B. Montgome ry, D. Fairbanks, 1:3. li~utcl, D. As hley. Fifth ltow: Assistant Coadi Fisk, I .. Arns, I{. M c D an ids, L. Finnlt:y, Coach Jac kson . Stu<lcnt Manag t·r 11. Niµp.

Football As was predicted last year it was found a very difficult task to build a new backfield comparable to Kaczrowski, Andrejek, and Ralph and Eddie Spencer. However the veteran line was a source of encouragement to Coach Jackson and the team. From the standpoint of wins and losses the season was not too successful. The records show one win, one tie, and four losses. Evidence of the team's powe r was shown in the several close games and the third quarter drive in the Moorhead game whe n the Warriors scored 19 points. Outstanding this year was the guard play of Siirila and Captain -elect Joe Flynn, center play of Libby and Eastin, newly discovered triple -threat backs. In passing, a word of congratulation should be extended Mr. Jackson for the fine job of coaching and an expression of appreciation to the student body for the ir cooperation during the season . Mention should also be made of the reserve t eam coached by Mr. Fisk which won three games and lost its fourth by one touchdown. Greatly missed next year due to graduation will be Captain Milt Roelofs, end; Campion and Walsh, tackles; Einhorn and Ollom, guard; Libby, center; Kalbrenner and Spe ncer, backs.

Captains of T. C. EI even '4 O '4 1


''Milt" Through the coaches' poll Milt Roelofs received first team recognition, Ted Siirila received second team recognition, and Joe Flynn and Joe Clawson received honorable mention . Season's Statistics : Eau Claire T. C.




Bemidji T. C




Moorhead T. C.




Duluth T. C.




St. Cloud T. C.




St. Mary's







~~~ - ~~I

~~ ~



~ ~ -~ ~ ~~ \ ~

~~~.~~~~~~~~~~· ~~ ~\),..':"' ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~ '-

~-~~~~~~~~~-ti~ ·.,_,-"-<> ~~ - ,,...~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~'1

\---~~~'lo->-~ -



~~~'\~. ~~ ~~~~

-~·~~ Basketball

~ ~~~~t~d~~~t.;... ~~ ~

leaned heavily towards the latter, the basketball team did display a lot of fight and courage before subduing . It was in that manner

~~ ~

that the Peds overcame their tremendous height disadvantage eke out victories over Bemidji and Duluth, conference leaders


to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

at that particular time. With the teams midgets, Arns and ~ ~ ~ . ~ Spencer, as the only graduates, next year's team carries a iot of ~ ~ potenti•Htie, .

~~~ ~-


First Row: L. Arns , R. Eastin, R . Pederson, Co-Captain C. Duncanson, D . Calhoun, R. Foss. L. Schwark, S. Brcckncr, Coach C. Fisk.

Second Row: Co-Captain E. Spencer, M. Gabriclson , 13. Ritschcr,

The loss of Captain James Davidson and Charles Libby of last season made quite a hole to fill this year. Although this was hard to do many newcomers and the veterans from last year did a very f ine job. The veterans back were Captain Kalbrenner in the hurdles, Duncanson in high hurdles, Delano in the discus and shot put, Bucky Walters and Clawson in distances, Carlson and Rich (letter winner of two years ago) low hurdles, Su lack in middle distances. Don Zimmerhakl, a trac~ star of a few years ago, was back for rn,..,.r~1•,,..itio and did very well.

Seooni Row : H.

Left to Ri ght : C. Ba lcer , W. Mu rbach, N . Van Dcvcnter, Dr. Biesanz , E . Siebold, W. R a y mond .

.j)JUA- ~,,.{.' 0 ~..


r:J~<>f~~~~,~~ ~

~ ~

n8j · ·

~ ~ 9 1£/~. cl ~ ~



Tennis _hJ-c1_,,l,~


u ~ ~ ~ ~Jw~ th%!m~:;;;:



from th e few but interested aspirants. Those returning from last year's ompetition we re E. Si e bold, B. Raymond, and N . Van Deventer. The first

tJ-.~/ ~ V/.I _


am e of th e year was played against Luther Coll ege.

Other games played

were with La Crosse and Eau Claire in out of state competition . Mankato was th e on ly other t each e rs coll ege that tried its powers against the purple and wh it e t ea m . Th e season closed with an intra -city match played aga inst

-bk ~h:~::t~ ~ ~ ~ J ~ ' ~~ 7'.~~£Jo-d ~(~~-de - ~ " ~~~c/~~ VY\,~ ~· -z2J ~


)\_rYc/t-~-~-/ ';J- ~

Front Row: A. Martin , V. Towner, Miss Robb, Miss Andrews, C. Spande, F. Walsh. Second R ow: E. KurzweÂľ;, E. Ortlip, S . Harris, S. Snyder, L. Halstenrud, C. Lundquist. Third Row: V. Schuh, I. Bates, M. Waldo, E. Green, D . Johnson, D. Yennie. Fourth Row : M. Morcomb, E. Bowen, D. M ehus, M. Fischer, H. Solie, M. Caldwell. E. Meyer.

Women's Physical Education Club "All women physical education majors and minors please report in room 134." The purpose of th e club is to promot a feeling of unity among the members of the group and to raise the standa rds and ideals in physica! education. The year's program of work consisted of study meetings and play meetings in which club members engaged in seasonal sports. The club has devoted twenty years of service to the promotion of professional interests among its me mbe rs. The officers are : President, Ann Martin; Vice -president, Virginia Towne r; SecretaryTreasurer, Carmen Spande; Advisers are Miss Andrews and Miss Robb.

Intramural Board You've heard of the board of governors? Well, the Intramural Board is like that. This group, consisting of the Captain or Co-Captains. of the basketball team and a representative of each of the four classes, regulates and controls the boys' intramural athletic events. Through such activities a wider and more informal partici pation is secured in such sports as volleyball, basketball, and tennis. This year's board was made up of : cocapta ins, Charles Duncanson and Ed Spencer; senior, Alvin Flint; junior, Eldon Brandt; sophomore, Gordon Hansen; freshman, Gordon Schellhas.

Left to Right: G. Schellhas, C. Duncanson, A. Flint, G. Hanson, E. Spencer, E. Brandt.

The athletics activities carried out by the men vary from inter-collegiate activities to intramural games of volleyball, basketball, and activities of a lower organization.

Dr. Galligan

Coach Jackson

Volleyboll Chompions

Basketboll Champions

A Noble Game

Coach Fisk

Cooch Biesan%

W. A. A. W. A. A. stands for Women's Athletic Association, but more than that, the letters stand for clean, health-giving sport for all women of the college who are members. Typical of the club's vigorous and vital program was the participation of twenty-three young women in the annual Play Day held this year at Mankato State T. C. Girls who like soccer, speedball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, and other sports like the

W. A. A. The Association is governed by the elective Women's Athletic Board of nine members. Officers of the board are: president, Shirley Snyder; vice-president, Ruth Fakler, and secretary-treasurer, Doris Johnson; Advisers are Miss Andrews and Miss Robb.

"Af004 B<Vu1."

(Pome So-Called) New car Pretty girl Sixty-five Cop behind Seventy-five Cop behind Eighty-five Cop ahead Cop stops Girl stops Cop: "Ha.1 Ha.' My car Can go Faster ihalft Yours can".

~~ Modernism: Do as you please & aspirin Jerk: A humerous antidote Raid: A pretty color Ride: Correct Comb: To arrive Hearse: That girl's Hymns: That fellow's Atom: The first man Average: What a hen lays eggs on Height of something or other; A dumb girl turning a deaf ear to a blind date. Santy Claus: What a kitten gets if he goes in the

desert on Xmas day Tangerine: Looseleaf orange Banana Peel: Food article that brings the weight

down Sandwich: A thing that if you carry your lunch in

wax paper is the stuff you wrap it in Dri:n:lepuss: Kitty in the rain Engraved: Something what's buried Forum: Assuming a definite shape Plateau: Famous Greek philosopher Tension: Military command Ironic: Alloy of iron Column: Serene, peaceful Guess: Motor fuel Slip: To slumber Sang: Was submerged Lips: Jumps Impotent: Big shot Farce: Trained body (police farce) Quip: A clasp for quipping (such as paper quip) Purpose: A large fish Pause:: Belongs to father Thirsty: Day after Wednesday

~OH 'i q.~ /,o R~ Stuporman's red tights . That Jack and Darre l joined th e Army Air Corps and the Naval Reserves, respectively, yeh, and in th e spring, too 11 That besides a beautiful voice Jepson had a gor geous white satin gown. The Morivue. The Lucas Lodge marshmallow roasts . The Play production class making scenery for Moor Born.

That lockers are not for leaning. That we cleavered the Beavers in the Homecom ing game. The plays by the Radio Workshop . The Lucas-West basketball battle. The YMCA and those who dwell therein. lphegenia in Aulus. The piano duo . Moonbeam Vale. Girls' Play Day at Mankato wh e n Carleton walked off the floor at the half trailing the Wi nona girls 30-0. The debate between St. Mary's and Winona. Bill Raymond's analysis of women in Public Speaking Class and Busse's discourse on hats. Bowling at Keglers for a dime . D. Schlessesman and Miss Martin knitting at the March Hare Party. That love is still sweet in the springtime--as if you could . The noise the fountain on second floor made when you'd imbibe and the shower you got. James Melton's smile, or need I remind you, girls:> Spanton's Chapel Hour. Stupor's super locker plan . The deadly silence (:>) of the study hall. Our three band directors. The bell shaped curve . The "field" that awaits you. Miss Richard's chats. The "big tent" and just little "side shows". Jedy's complaint that he is 42nd assistant to th e President. That we have missed Stan. Pawelek's big smile this year. The "name bands" we've had at school parti es via the canning process. How to come late to certain Psychology courses . How to yawn in Mr. Jederman's classes. How to whistle in the halls. How well Morey and Shepard get along. How the boys outnumber the girls at T. C. How Daisy Mae Week comes but once a year and Leap Year only every four years. How Sir Butts was "kidnapped" by the " Enemy" on November l, 1940. That Mr. Grimm 1s now "Grandpa " 1 That you should deve lop your muscle by slam ming your locker door shut. That you should always keep your ne ighbor in chapel awake by talking to him . ¡ Those ' 'Chorus Girls" in the Spring Play .

1. We three.

2. Aw quit.

3. Here comes the queen.

4. Meet the ouditors.

5. Pete.

6. Bolcer's horem.

7. Our artist.

8. Another senior.

9. Hi Mory.

10. "Glut".

11. Picnic?

12. Formington bound.

13. Our Alma Moter.

14. Ambition Plus.

15. Why the forlorn look?

16. Posing.

1 7. Bundles for Britain.

18. Miss Helen Jepson.

19. Meet "Doc" Galligan.

20. Taylor, as I live and breathe.

21. Hord at it.

22. Droft-ing.

23. You name it.

24. One of the best.

25. Woitin'?

26. As you would teoch children.

27. Glover, you're out of line.

I. Good for the paper.

2. Where ore his girls?

3. The sodo pop kids.

4. Ski-foot.

5. Where ore the blankets?

6. Romeo on the loose.

7. Proctice makes perfect.

8. Ain't she cute?

9. Joy.

10. Mustn't wink.

11. 0 you kid.

12. The mod scientists.

13. The kitchen quints.

14. Solid comfort.

15. Guess who.

16. Miss Anderson.

17. Bulldog.

18. What? no gals.

19. Thot popular kid.

20. Some stuff, eh kid?

21. Believe it or not.

22. Do you see what I see?

23. Westerners.

"I like a day off myself. Don't come to conference." ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............ . .. Owens "Put your chairs any old way. Just so you're comfortable." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scarborough "Roosevelt for a fourth term or Me-I'm a 4th termer." . . .............. . ........... . .... Jederman "We need brawn not brains in our department." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Galligan "Whistle while you work." .. . ......... . .... . ...... . . . . . ....... . ............ . .. . . .. .. Boots "Do your work any time. Tomorrow, next week, any time." . . . ... . .. ..... . .... .. .. .. ... . . . . Murphy "Let's swing it girls." . .......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Grimm "Jitterbugging is good exercise." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richards "You're old enough to guide yourself." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MacDomld "Bring your board money in, in pennies. I'll count it." .. . ... . ........... . ...... . ........ Voelker "Surround me with a bevy of beauties." .. . . : ......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ... . .. Fisk "Be a Phy. Ed. Major and have plenty of time to relax." ... .. . . ..... ... ... ...... .. ..... . .. Andrews "Give me more to do to keep me busy." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Simmers "One suit of clothes is plenty for anyone." . ......... . .. . .......... .. ................. . .. Reed "Just take a guess at the answer." . .. .. . . . . ......... . ..... . . . . .. . .. . .. . . .. .. . . . .. .... Minne "Shepard would be a nice change." ...... . .. .... .. . ... . . ........ ... . . .. .. ...... . .. . .. Jackson

W e Jeeps are the most curious creatures. W e know all and see all. Just the other day I f l ited by the corner of Fifth and Huff and spi ed that fin e bri c k edifice called Lucas Lodge. So I just u ps a nd glides through a window pane and lights on the radiator in a big tile floored room with chrome leather chairs. Not a bad joint says I. I slips up beside the two guys beside the fireplace . Ko lm eye r and Jackson at chess aga inth e ir one reason for living. I just got nicely set tl ed in a c rac k in th e bricks wh e n beautiful mus ic drifted in from the west according to my compass. So I ups and wades through the carpet into the living room. Ah, Strauss, Baesler's playing his records again and Boy 1 would you look at th e a nge li c faces all around . I stayed for the e ntire conce rt a nd th e n set my altitude indi ca tor for on e fl oo r up. I whi zzed through the ce iling mo li c ul es and ca me up through the floor boards in the front room. Gee ' thi s floor is we t . Wate r fights aga in, mixed with Ollom and Johnson go ing a t it hot and heavy about th e me rits and d e me rit s of the army and navy. I eased myse lf through the Engli sh import Goody! ed wa ll pape r into the ce nte r room. Good y I give m e a ring s id e . Anothe r ink smear be tween Rich a nd Ha nson (Schoe ning 's kids ) . A most unique idea says I to my se lf- wrestling with in ky hands. Sc reeching of m y hydra uli cs a nd I be ho ld th e room with the full le ngth mirro r (Sulliva n' s de lig htl . Stoop's ge tting ready t o g ive the g irl a t rea t . He's just putting the fin a l to uc hes on hi s coiff ure. The n, of course, Boyum is s leep-

ing on the super-ventilated sleeping porch. (So that's where all the extra blankets go ) Holy Smokes' some big mutt just smashed me down into th e floor boards. What' s the rush::> Gosh' Burrington ' s cheese cracke rs are be ing raided. Stoop l th e hero) found the m. Good go ing Stoop. Te n hungry inma t es present in onehalf minute. Ah' what sudden ecstacy is this. Th e marriag e room . Three in two years. Guess I' ll spe nd the night and see if it works. I d e t oured . through the c loset wall and t o be hold Da isy Mae !Eve lyn 's ha nd c hild). Are n 't those e mbroide red eyes pre tty. I plowed through the drain and came up in the master bathroom just in time to see Han son thrown in th e tub aga in . Boy' a m I tired and does J ac kson 's satin sofa look good . I snooz e awhil e a nd awake whe n the phon e rings. Anothe r myst e ry call fo r Schwichtenbe rg . Five guys liste ning in on the phone upstairs. No fair . Whish I that ba ni ster sure slides nice. Oh 1 Ohr the love seats be ing used again. Donitza just dropped by. Gee ' th ey didn ' t Know I was wa t c hing, but I won ' t t e ll a soul. I pee ked through the keyho le of the lowe r s leeping porch to obse rve the art of remov ing Siirila from bed without re moving him from the a rms of Mo rphe us. Hunge r ove rtook me, so I, with seve ral othe rs ra ided Mrs. Jackson 's c rac ke r supply. She' ll neve r mi ss a dozen c racke rs, will she::> i t was a n exceedingly pleasan t eveni ng, and so home to publi sh my adventures in th e Jeep News.

The Jeep was tired, and seeking quiet and refinement, he stumbled out of Morey Hall completely exhausted. He wandered into the tranquility of Shepard Hall and almost immediately spied Virginia Reed, Gerry Feda, Miss Richards, and Irene Anderson playing that profound game of games, that test of endurance, "Don't Get Mad"! In the other di rec ti on he heard some beautiful music. He hastened down the hall and slipped into the living room. There at the grand piano was seated Joan, pouring her heart into "Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar". He decided that he wanted to see more, so he peeked down stairs into the social room. The phonograph was playing but no one was dancing. He peered a little closer into the dusky room and saw several indistinct shapes of people huddled closely around the machine, intently listening to the music. He couldn't see who they were so he turned around an went up to second floor. He saw lots of people there. They were so busy they didn't notice him. He noticed them though. One girl had red hair, nice red hair, and they called her Adelaide. He'd like to know her. There was another almost as short as he. He'd like to know her too. He looked on the door of the room she went into and saw the names, Kurzweg and Schlesselman. She must be the first, because the name fit, being the "short way" auf Deutsch. About that time the lights went out. He heard somebody say something about a "blackout", so he scurried for cover. When the lights finally went on, he found himself in a room that seemed to be deserted. Sure enough, it was Gunderson's and Beebe's. On the door he saw a sign stating: "Ladies(?) Rest Room, Inspected 2 times evry 7 Daze by the Helth Suspec-

ter. Signed, Society for the Prevention of Lizards." That scared him, for he was a gentleman Jeep and it wouldn't do to take any chances in a place like that. As he came out of the room he received another shock when he saw a sign on the door across the hall. This one said "Boundary Game Refuge, No Hunting Allowed, State of Min nesota Department of Conservation, Division of Game and Fish" in big black bold letters. Dear, dear, who lives here:> Currer and Feda were the names. The first sounded like some kind of animal but the second was no fish! Well, this was no place for Jeeps, and he hurried up the dark stairs to third floor. He crept along quietly and pretty soon he saw a fairy-like maiden come tripping down the hall. It was Lorraine Spitzack. "Look everyone," she caroled in her high, sweet soprano. "Look! I'm so proud of Joseph! He has his picture in the paper!" Then he pricked up his sharp little ears at the sound of some lovely violin music floating out of the study hall. He heard a girl in the adjoining room call to the girl across the hall, "Don't you think Sackett plays extremely well for a beginner:> I just couldn't study without 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' for accompaniment! Could you?" The music was so rest ful that he began to get sleepy. Just then a tall, motherly-looking girl noticed him and said, "You poor dear, you look so ti red. I'd better put you to bed." She picked him up by the nape of the neck and carried him off to her room. She tucked him away in one of the numerous boxes stack ed away in her closet and labelled R. L. S. He found himself being wafted off to slumberland by the soothing smell of moth balls. Thus ended the adventures of the Jeep in Shepard Hall .

We don't blame the Jeep for wondering when he looked in and saw Roger-the-Lodger6'4" in his 5' l 0" bed. How does he do it:> And will he ever forget the bedlam raised in the social room when "Twgg" (Wayne to you) starts playing his two favorite records-"The Grasshopper Polka" and "Beer Barrel Polka in Waltz Time". The Jeep overheard Mickey giving his definition of the old saying "3 times and out"' It's when you call Shepard Hall, you hafta call 3 times before they'll go out!!! And what resident of West Lodge goes in quite heavily for bird lore? We understand he's studying de Plover this quarter!!! The Jeep stayed over-night in January in Room No. 6-there was plenty of room since

Agnes and Gladys started sleeping together those cold nights!!! The Jeep was aroused one morning with a terrible racket. It seems that Ski-Foot took his "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy" to heart and played reville with a boogie-beat. Warning: All Jeeps get out of the way between Morey Hall Dining Room and West Lodge every day after lunch and dinner. The reason is that there are 9 fellows to play cards (whist) and only 4 places. All that Roger askes nowadays since he got his car here is that Chuck Balcer DOESN'T ask him to use it. Seems to be a matter of a bent fender, 'er somethin' ! ! ! Well, good night. As the mule said as he slipped in his stall : "Here's where I hit the hay!!!

1. Winterset. 2 . Behind bars at last. 3. Dee. 4. Scramble. 5. Lovely Irene. 6. Always eating? 7 . Capt. Roelofs. 8 . How' s your heartbeat? 9 . Roast one for me. I 0 . Pretty snippy. I I . Dr. Clark . 12. Pastime? I 3. Strolling alone? 14. Hold that line. 15. Don' t prick him. 16. Just painting . 17. Sunday morning scene. 18. Attaboy Bob. 19. Oh g ee . 20 . Rest t ime . 21 . I'm bigger'n you. 22. Irish. 23 . Quit bummin rides. 24. Familiar sight. 25 . Snow joke. 26. Phy. Ed. majors. 27. Swing out. 28 . Who ya mad at? 29. Dolt. 30. Miss Talbot and Miss Andrew 31 . Built for two. 32. Thumbs up. 33 . Double crossed . 34. Cle m . 35 . Maudie. 36 . Th e quads. 3 7 . Sox Fred. 38 . Must be Sandberg. 39. Two lessons in safe ty. 40. Bottoms up. 41. As I was saying.

1. Quicher peekin. 2. How obout you? 3. Miss Richards. 4. Hostellers on the roll.

5. Morey. 6. Dual personality.

7. Comeon purple. 8. Jitterbug Olson. 9. Mr. Boots. 10. Time out for a rest. 11. Ruth and Brunt. 12. Making believe he knows. 13. For the smile of beauty. 14. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. 15. Little Napoleon. 16. What cha doin' Doc? 17. Pride of the county. 18. Dorothy. 19. More books. 20. Castle in the air. 21. Larning house. 22. Chadwick.

23. Joyce. 24. Evie ond McGulp. 25. Comera shy. 26. Another freshman . 27 . Alwoys study outdoors? 28. Ready to start. 29. Ruthie. 30. Edword, Do you smoke? 31. Fence sitters. 32. Ploinview Betties.

33. Spick. 34. Those Rich kids. 35. Stock ton lassies. 36. Mr. Simmers. 37. What short people. 38. The tinsmith. 39. A puff out the window. 40. South St. Paul. 41. Chem flasks.

1. A wicked wink.

2. Ah shore lak mellon.

3 . First and ten.

4 . Shepard frolics.

5 . Man Killers.

6. Red Grange

7. Bobby.

8 . Before breakfast.

9. Mert in a sane moment.

10. Miss Talbot.

11 . More Shepard.

12. A padded cell.

13 . Queen for a day.

14. Maudie.

15. Where's Stoop?

16. The banker and the farmer.

17. H. James Du-el.

I 8. Buck tooth Joe.

19. Just a sittin.

20. Clean up committee.

21 . All tar'd out.

22. Ge rt the - - - .

23 . You have a caller.

24. City series.

25. Hansom.

1. What a capacity.

2 . Chemist no doubt. 3. Men's Club sleigh ride party. 4 . De feat.

5. Just restin'. 6. Soaking up sunshine. 7. Pres. Mehus. 8. Books for an impression. 9 . Scenery makers.

10. T. C. skating party. 1 I . Double date?

12. Kai. 13. Tired Mik?

14. Flight Commande r.

15. Miss Martin.

16. Pat.

17. Ground school instructor.

18. A football for the queen.

19. Mr. Grimm .

20. Some of the cast.

21 . Mike Bambene k .

22. Bruce at the hurdle.

23 . Beth and Dave .

24. A friendly we lcome .

25. Just posing. 26. Hi Doc. 27 . Johnson's be love d pastime. 28 . Goony cousins. 29. Mr. Capron. 30. Graceful, e h?





One of the youngest clubs in th e sc hool , th e Sci e nce Club has, in its four years of ex ist e nc e, steadily grown to be one of the most ac tive and o utstanding clubs in the school . This year, the Science C lub undertook its second Sci e nce Night, an e xhibiti on ope n to the publi c but d es ign ed mainly to be o f va lue to the Sc ie nce Club m e mbe rs in pre paring th e m for future pos iti ons.

The d e pa rtme nts of phys ics, ch e mi stry, geo-

logy, a nd bi o logy a ll contributed t o the outst and ing success of th e second Sci e nce Night.

lJ...J)..AU/ ~ rJ ~ J~~~~ 1

~ ~ ::e, ~ 71~:

~~;::e~~ ~~~~~<J. ~



-g1 • •


.__, Who am I to philosophize

...:. ~About a lot of other guys; L -i. ~ find myself a hard enough ~~-u Gem to dig from out the rough. -

J ........


-n 0


~J- ~


~ I•"" r'""'\..&.l\..J






-·- . . . .., .,,/

Jeepers Creepers, that Jeep sure got his peepers full when he peeped into Morey Hall. It wasn't any Jeep entertainment, either' It was 6 :30 in the living room,-6 :25 elsewhere. (Yes, the Grandfather clock was still fast I) Well, the Jeep was in the music cabinet looking through the keyhole. There was Elide all keyed up at the piano. Mary Martin was looking on with a dropped jaw and "how-does-she-do-it" expression . Fern was awaiting her chance to fiddle around a bit. And lo, (very low) who was that under the table;> Oh, just a couple of the officers. No. they weren't searching for anybody; they were just trying to find out what it would be like to sleep in a bunk. (Yeh, they decided it was the bunk all right . ) Just off the living room-to the left as you enter-the inmates of No. 10 were going into competition with Elide with some "Boguey-Woogie" music . Jeepers, what was that;> Only the beginning of study hours. Scatter! Clear the living room! Quiet! Okey, okey, but can't a visiting Jeep even look around a little? In a flash he was out of the music cabinet and perched on the fireside davenport looking longingly up at that gorgeous vase of flowers. Could they be orchids? and so many of them! Yes, a little nourishment might help. Orange orchids. Oh, Boy! What? Only crepe paper, huh;> Graft, corruption! Bah! Well, maybe something would turn up on second floor. (Usually does!) Vanish the Jeep. He next found himself up one flight. The first sign that met his eye was STUDY HALL AND PUBLICATION ROOM . The Morivue staff was at work . The furrowed-brewed editress was lunching on a pencil while she resignedly rewrote the articles. Quote : "Morey Hall formal, eh;> That's what you think . No date, no formal. Can't compete with the Off Campus Club. Say, where are all our typists?" "They can't work on the paper tonight. Have to study." "Oh, freshmen, eh;>" What happened;> Inky darkness. Was it a blackout;> Then a shriek, "Quiet! Study hours," and in a lower tone, "Shut up you rats!" The


_.. ""-


Jeep sat down to wait, and he waited-.and he waited-eons passed. A h-alf dozen i1oors along the hall opened. A row of creamed faces and I curie red heads appeared. Horrors! What was them? Then came the light . The "things" withdrew behind the doors-most of which were slammed. Funny place! The Jeep preceded . Here was a door that read GOOD HOUSKEEPING. So? Well, he'd see . But the door wouldn't open, so being a Jeep, he went in anyway. He found the door blocked with shoes, b0oks, clothes, etc. and an empty box from the florists. Flowers? Orchids, maybe! Peering around through the conglomeration he spied a huge bouquet on the table. Making his way through the maze he found that the attached card read, "Happy Birthday, Eunice. Bob." Shucks, no orchids! Why not try your luck on third? No sooner said than done. My, how cozy! "Tish" is the place for me (Don't be too hasty-you haven't heard Lehner yet! Nor will you. ) Just then there was a great clanging of bells, tinkling bells, iron bells, muffled bells, timid bells: Was it a fire, an accident, a burglary?-"For whom were the Bells Tolling anyway?" "House meeting! House meeting!" everybody was yelling . What did they mean by that;> How could the house be meeting anyth ing;> He hadn't felt the hall moving! Now he was down in the lobby again. From all sides more of the "things" came pouring into the room . They all squatted Indian fashion around the fireplace . Weren't they even going to try to escape this meeting? Then it was plain to him-the "things" were meeting. Someone found the Last Chord on the piano and ·struck it to get attention . It seemed the girls had been appropriating food again from the d ining room and ringing in late as usual. But food --why must everything remind him of food when he was dying for an orchid! He couldn't bear it any longer. He vanished from the scene. Pausing on the doorstep to reflect, he concluded that although : They're dying to get into Morguey Hall,. It ain't so "Morguey" after all!


..,, '...I .

1 . Let me show you .

2 . Wings over Winona .

3 . J . Edgar and his men .

4. Gree ks, all!

5 . Wo e to Hanson .

6 . Such reading .

7 . Where ' s th e rest.

8 . Ditto .

9 . Lucas transportation .

I 0. Lewy's reach .

11. Woo! Woo!

12 . The Esquire kids.

13 . Gargantua ond Toto.

14. Lucas shows off.

15 . He-man.

16. Doc and Gerda.

I 7 . Army lad .

I 8. My worthy men .

19 . Library love.

20. Duck!

21. On the rail.

22 .

Now it's this way.

23. Where's the teeth.

24. Pase .

25. Up against a tree.

26. Daisy Mae ':"eek's over.

1 . "fight Fellows Fight" .

2 . Time out for the Winonan .

3 . Morjorie.

4. Dr. Tozier.

5 . I love thee.

6. Louie ond Lincoln .

7. Commencement 1940.

8 . Deorie me .

9 . The terrible trio .

l 0. Stupor.

l i . Looking for someone?

12. See those smiles?

13. Thousond dollor smiles.

14. Can you find Eastin?

15. Why some flunk.

16. Fram the Lucos Rose Room.

.. t

. ~ 411111 I

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Has she plenty, has she much, She has the tin you love to touch, Since Mickey made a lady out of Lizzie! There's everything inside her now except the kitchen sink, ¡ mirror and a powder puff, a shower bath, I think, nee Mickey made a lady out of Lizzie! She once had rattles in her wheels But now she's full of sex appeals, Since Mickey made a lady out of Lizzie! The girls on her they used to frown But now her chassi 's the best in town, Since Mickey made a lady out of Lizzie!

-~ ~. ,





! .