Wenonah Yearbook - 1940

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FACUtTY We, the students entrusted with the forma tion of the 1940 Wenonah, wou!d like you to meet the faculty of the school in an impersonal manner. We feel you would prefer it this way as here in Winona , we come to know our instructors as friends who wish to help us to do better things and inspire us to better teachers. ~o in case you haven't met our faculty , we present: Mr. French, the one and only head of the mathematics department; Miss Andrews, who makes folks like to dance the old-fashioned way; Miss Bard, the organ grinder; Miss Bartsch, a loyal Minnesota booster; Mr. Boots, the humorist and philosopher of "Daisy Mae Week"; Miss Brou illette, the supervisor with the sparkling eyes and f riendly smile. Miss Christensen, famous for her reading of "Ole Swenson at the Ballgame"; Miss C lark, a visual aid education leader in the U.S.; Miss Cramer, a friend of the children and students; M iss Crossman, a clever decorator and a willing worker; Miss Dal lman, has now become a va luable addition to th e psychology department; M iss Davis, who knows French better than we do; Miss Engstom, C:ilways readys to serve you in th e library w ith a smile; Mr. Fishbaug her, a loyal booster for the athletic department at our col lege. Mr. Fisk, better known as "Chuck"; Miss Foster, an ail around friend and teacher; Miss Gage, a sincere interest in primary children; Mr. Galligan, be alert is his advice to his athletes; Miss Grannis, a fine addition to th e Representative Council; Mr. Grimm, music direction with a sense of humor; Mr. Jackson, better known as Harry; Mr. Jederman, is a friend to all; Miss Jeffrey, can make a violin sing; Miss Kro eger, many a ta sty dish has cooke d; Mr. Langum, all around musician; Miss Leake, sma ll- yes but very energetic. Miss Lynch, never too busy to be on another committee; Mr. MacDonald, a lways a good waffle entertainer; Miss Miller, knows your woes and issues those importantreadmission slips; Mr. Minne, the father of the science night tradition; Miss Murphy, whose understanding of human problems can't be surpassed; Miss Murray, famous for her designs for " Per G ynt"; Mr. Owens, a boxing judge and scholar com bined; Mr. Pawlek, a round and jovial ba seba ll coa ch ; Mr. Raym o nd, a cartoon drawer of great ability; Mr. Reed, an ability in taking excellent pictures second to none; Miss Richards, a knack at planning school parties which grows better with th e years; Mr. Scarborough , world traveler and fri end. Miss Schwab le, sets a fine example in ambition; Mr. Se lle, a scholar of international affairs; Mr. Simmers, Boy Scout friend and P.T.A. booster; Miss Sutherland, whose frie ndsh ip day has become a tradition in our college; Miss Talbot, full of pep and energy; Miss Tay lor, her picnics are enjoyed by her students; Mr. Tozier - WE are all sorry to have you leave Dr. but are proud of your success; M iss Zimmerman, efficiency p lus in our library. Miss Marvin, wh o knows what a b lackout on a shi p is like; Miss Pritchard, patient and kind to th e tenth degree; Miss Muehle, a n offi ce assistant who's is a n early bird; Miss Sch lesselman, a worthy addition to o ur competent office force; Miss Sielaff, takes yo ur money but not without a sm ile; Miss Voelker, th e guiding f orce in keeping us within our budget . We are glad to have known a ll of you!

[ 10 ]

Front Row: Mr. R. R. Reed, Miss J. Talbot, Dr. E. S. Seele, Dr. M. R. Raymond, Mr. A. T. French. Row: Mr. W. A. Owens, Dr. R. B. Tozier, Mr. R. J. Scarborough, Dr. N. Minne, Mr. M. E. MacDonald.


F AUUL T Y Front Row: Miss L. C. Sutherland, Miss E ', R. Leake, Miss 0. L. Foster, Miss J. Foster, Miss B. Schwable, Miss L. Gage. Second Row: Miss B. Andrews, Miss J. S. Brouilette, Miss A. Grannis, Mr. G. E. Fishbaugher, Miss V. Jeffrey, Miss F. Murrqy . Third Row: Miss C. Cramer, Miss M. E. Dallman, Miss E. C. Clark, Dr. G. E. Galligan, Miss E. M. Taylor, Mr. C. L. Simmers.

Front Row: Miss A. Bard, Miss F. L. Richards, Mr. W. E. Boots, Miss M. Davis, Miss M. Bartsch. Dr. G. E. Lynch, Mr. A. H. Langum, Mr. H. R. Jackson, Miss C. Crossman.

Second Row:

F A (] U L T Y Front Row: Miss A. Hickey, Miss H. M. Muhle, Miss D . Schlesselman, Miss A. Sielaff. Engstrom, Miss M. Zimmerman, Miss R. Voelker, Miss H. Pritchard.

Second Row: Miss M. L.

s E N

Arthur Andrejek

Allan Davis

Ivanhoe, Minnesota Majors: Physical Education, So cial Science. Minor: History. Die-No -Mo 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3; )fen's C lu b, 1, 2. 3, 4; Vice Pres. 3; \ V C lub , 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, 1 , 2, 3, 4; International Relations C lub, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Del ta Pi, 3, 4; Purp l e Key, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Capt. 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 3; Tennis, 1; Intran1urals, 1, 2, 3, 4; Board, 3, 1; \ Vi n onan, 2; \Venonah, 3, 4; Rep. Council, 4; Band, 1; Sr. C l ass Pres.

Winona, Minnesota. Majors: Science, Mathematics. Sc i ence C lub 4; International Rel ations Club, 4; \Vi no nan , 2, 3, 4; Intran1urals, 3, 4.

Kathryn Einhorn

Helen Mae Eifealdt

I 0 R


Winona, Minnesota Major: Music. Minors: Physical Education, English . Mendel ssohn Club, 1 , 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3; Die-No-Mo, 3, 4; Rep. Council, 4; L. S . •\. , 1, 2, 3, 4; Yice Pres ., 3, 4.

Winona, Minnesota . Majors: English, Social Science. Minors: Science, History. Y.\V.C.A., 1, 2, 3; )fason Music C lub, 1, 2, 3; Leagu e of \Yomen Voters, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec.Treas., 3, 4; Intramurals, 2; International Relations Club 4; \Yinonan, 3, 4; \ Venonah, 4.

Marie Gernes

Gayle Graham Winona, Minnesota. Major: Music. Minors: English , Social Science. C\Iendelssohn, 1, 2. 3. 4: Yic e Pres ., 3; Pres . 4; Di e -Ko-:\fo, 2, 3. 4; Phy. Ed. Club, 1; Sec., 1; Mason Music Club, 3, 4; :\fixed Choru s, 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 4.

Winona, Minnesota Majors: English , Elem . Education. Minors: Geography. vVenonah Players, 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club, 1, 2; L. S. A. 3, 4; Y. \ V.C.A ., 1; Interm ediate Grade C lub, 4; vYinonan, 2, 3, 4.

Karen Grimm

Margaret Meyer

Winona, Minnesota. Majors: English , Music. Minor : Social Science. Mendolssohn Cluh, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec., 2: Mason Music Club, 2, 3. 4; Die-No - Mo, 1, 2, 3, 4; \\'i-

Elgin, Minnesota. Majors: Physical Education , Mathematics. Minors: Science, Social Science. Phy. Ed . Club, 1 , 2, 3, 4; Yice Pres. 3, 4; Inte mational Relations C lu b, 2, 3, 4; Treas ., 4; Science Club, 2, 3; \Vinonan, 1, 2: Wenonah, 3; Morey Hall Pt·es., 4; \\T.. \ ..\. Board, 2; Kappa Del ta Pi, 4.


Mona Louise Olds

June Patterson

Virginia, Minnesot a. Major: Elementary Educat ion . Minor: English. Kindergarten Club, 3, 4; Yice Pt·es., 4; Y. \V. C .•\ .. 3; Arrowhead Rangers, 3, 4; Primary Clu b , 4.

Winona, Minnesota. Majors: Physical Education. Minor : English. Y.vV.C.A ., 1, 2; W.A.A., 1. 2. 3, 4 ; Board, 1, 3, 4; Pres., 4; Phy. Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Git·l Reserve Advise t·, 2, 3.

Averil Randall

Mae Schollmeier

Winona, Minnesot a. Major: Eleme ntary Education. Minors: History, Art. League of Women Yoters, 3, 4; Primary Club, 3, 4; Newman Cl ub, 3, 4; I.R.C. , 4.

Cochrane, Wiscons in . Major: Elementary E ducation. Minor: Social Science. Country Life Club, 1, 2; Pt·imary C lu b, 2, 4; League of Women Voters, 4.

[ 14 ]

George Allen

Jeryl Amdahl

Watervi lie , Minnesota . Majors: Science, Social Science. Minor: Mathematics.

Mabel, Minnesota. Majors: Mathematics, Industrial Arts. Minor: Science.

International R e lations Club, 2, 3, 4; Pres ., 4; Sci ence Club , 3, 4; Vice Pres. 4; M e n's Club, 2, 3; Pres. of \Ves t Lodge 3, \Vinonan, 2, 3.

Men's Club , 1, 2, 3, 4; Science C lub , 4; Band, 1; Intramurals, 3, 4.

Ervin Barringer

Margaret L. Brousseau Bovey, Minnesota. Major: English. Minors: Music , Social Science.

International Relations Club, 3. 4; _lcpollo Club, 3; Mixed Chorus, 3, 4; Art Club, 4.

Newman Club, 3, 4; Arrowh ead Rangers Club, 3, 4; Sec. Treas ., 4; French Club, 4; Mason Music Club, 4.

Howard Brokken

Hugh Capron .

Harmony, Minnesota. Majors: Mathematics, Physic al Educat io n. Minor: Science.

Lanesboror, Minnesota. Majors: Industrial Arts, Science .

~len's Club, l, 2, 3, 4; Yi ce Pres .. 3: \\' Club, 2, 3, 4; Pres. , 4; Die-1\o-:\lo Club, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi. 3, 4: Band. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3. 4; Track, 1, 3, 4; Baseball 2; \'Vinonan, 3; Intramural Board, 2; Financ e Committee ·l.

M e n's Club, 2, 3, 4; Sci e nc e Club, 2, 3, 4; _~crt Club, 3, 4.

Beverly Coe

James Davidson

Winona , Minnesota. Major: Elementary Minor: Music.

Winona, Minnesota. Major: Science. Minors: Mathematics, Social Science.


~I e nd elssohn, 2, ~Iusic Cluh, 2, 3, 4;

3, 4; Mason Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4; .\xt Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; \'ice Pres., 4; Primary C lub, 1, 2, 3. .J; Sec. 4: Y.\V.C.A. , 1, 2; Treas., 2; ·wenonah, 4.

\\Tenonah Players, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vic e Pres., 3; Pres., 4; W. C lub , 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 2, 3, 4; Die-No-Mo Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Club, 1, 2; International Relations Club, 2, 3; L.S.A. , 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice Pres., 1; Pres. , 2, 3; Winonan, 2, 3, 4; Bus. Mgr.; Rep. Council, 2, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4; Capt. 4.

Cedric Dettloff

Clinton Dornfeld

Grand Meadow, Minnesota . Major: Science. Minors: Mathematics, Physical Education.

Winona, Minnesota. Majors: Science, Mathematics.

\\' Cluh, 1, 2, 3, 4; SciencE Club, 2, 3. 4: Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball. 1 2 3; Baseball, 2, 3. Track, 1, 2, 3.

Science Club, 2, 3, 4; Men's Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; I.R.C ., 3; French Club, 4; Winonan, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Ins., 4.

G. Norman Fjetland

Arthur W. Goede

Farmington, Minnesota. Majors: Mathematics, Science. Minor: Social Science.

Lakefield, Minnesota. Major: Mathematics, Minors: Social Science , History.

Science Club, 2, 3, 4; Men' s Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; I.R.C., 4; ·wenonah, 2. 3, 4; Assoc. Ed., 3; Ed.-in-Chief. 4; Pres. West Lodge, l; \Vinonan , 2; Intramurals, 1, 2, 3; Track, 1, 2, 4.

International 2.

[ 15 ]



Minors .

Red Wing, Minnesota. Major: Social Science. History , English.




0 R


s E N I

0 R


Jean Harris

Allan Hassinger

La Moille, Minnesota . Major : Elementary Education. Minors: Geography, Social Science. Primary C lub, 3, 4; Sec.; Vic& Pres.

Seguin , Texas. Ma jors: Mathematics, Science. Minor: Social Science. Men's Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Die-No-Mo, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2; Intmmurals, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Donald Hein

Glenn D. Johnson

Dover, Minnesota. Majors: Mathematics, Science. Minor: Social Science. I.R.C., 3, 4; \Venonah P layers, 3, 4; Treas., 4; Scie nce C lu b, 4; Die-No-Mo, 3, 4; Men' s C lub, 2, 3. 4; Rep. Council, 4.

Stockton , Minnesota. Major: English . Mino r s: Speech , History, Music. Apollo C lub, 1, 2, 3. 4: 1\'enonah Playe rs. 2, 3, 4; Vice Pres. 4: D ie - No-Mo, 2. 3, 4; Sec. 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 4; Pres., 4: Purple K ey, 4; Art Club. 1, 2: Tr·eas. . 2; Orchestra. 1. 2, 3; 1\Iixed C h onrs, 1. 2, 3. 4: ::\le n' s C lub, 4 : \ Vinonan, 1. 2, 3, 4; \ Venonah, 4.

Robert Johnson

William Kaczrowski

Dassel, Minnesota.

Ivanhoe, Minnesota .

Ma jors: Physical Education , Soc ia l Science. Minor: Histo ry. M e n 's Cl u b, 1, 2, 3, 4; 'N C lu b, 1. 2, 3, 4; Newman C lub, 1, 2, 3 4: Pres. 3, 4; I.R.C., 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa D e lta Pi, 4; Football, 1. 2, 3. 4: D ie -No -Mo. 2. 3, 4 ; Bask etball , 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Capt., 2; Intr·amurals, 1, 2, 3. 4; Board, 3, 4; vVino nan, 2. 3. 4; Vice Pres. Sophomor·e Class.

Oscar Joneson

Carol Keirn

Redwood Falls, M in nesota. Majors: Mathematics, Music. Minor: Speech. Apollo, C lub, 1, 2, 3; P r es., 3; ·wenonah P layers, 2, 3. 4; Treas. 3; Kappa Delta Pi, 4; Mixed Cho,rus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3 ; Orch estr a, 2, 3; Wenonah, 2, 31 \Vinonan, 3; Purple Key, 4.

Stillwater, Minnesota . Major: Physical Education. Minors: English , Social Science. Phy. Ed . Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A ., 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Band, 1.

Eleanor Knutson

June M. lerstad

Winona , Minnesota.

V irginia, M i nnesota. Major: Elementary Educati on. Minor: English. Inte rmediate Grade Club, 3, 4; P r·imary Club. 4; Y.W.C.A .. 3, 4; Vice Pres. 4; League of Women Voter s, 4; L.S.A., 3, 4.

Majo r s: Soci a l Science, English Minor: French. Newman Club, 1, 3, 4; I.R.C., 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A., 1, 2, 3; Kappa Delta P i, 3, 4; Rep. Council, 3, Sec.; P urpl e K ey, 3, 4; Wmonan, 2, 3, 4; Ed.-in- Chief. 4; W enonah, Assoc. Editor, 4.

Donitza lumovich

Valerie lyons

Kinney, Minnesota. 1ntermediate EducaMa jors: tion . Minor: Art, History. Wenon ah Players, 3, 4; Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Sec. 2 ; Pres. 3, 4; Arrowhead, 2, 3, 4; Intermedi· ate Grade C lub, 2, 3, 4; Wenon· ah, 3, 4.

St. Paul , Minnesota. Ma jor: English. Minors : French, H istory. Y.W.C .A. , 4 ; French Club, 4.

[ 16 ]

Minnie Mae Mclaughlin

Ruby Mogren

Virginia , Minnesota .


Major: Elementary Education. W ino n a n , 3, 4; I nterm ed iate Grad e Club, 3, 4; P rimary Cl u b , 4; A rrowh ead Ran gers, 3, 4; P res . 4.

Ma jor: Social Science. Minors : F r ench, Music , English. Y. vV.C.A. 1; :vrason M u sic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; L .S .A. , 1, 2, 3, 4; F r e n c h C lub , 4; \ Vino n a n , 2, 3, 4.

Laurette Nadeau

Laurel M. Pennock

Bovey, Minnesota. Major: Elementary Education. N ewma n C lub , 3, 4 ; A rrow h ead R a n ger C lu b, 3, 4; Pr' m a r y C lu b, 3; Kind e rgar ten Club, 3, 4 ; a Capell a C hoir, 3.

Elbow Lake, Minnesota. Major: History. Minors : Speech , Education. P r es ide n t of Coll ege Associa t ion , 4 ; K a ppa Delta P i , 2, 3, 4; I.R .C . , 4; Bu s . M g r . \ Ve nonah, 4; P r ecept e r· of vVest L o d ge, 4'; \\' inonan, 1 , 2, 3, 4; V ice Pres. Sr. C la s s ; M en' s C lu b, 4; Ass't. Direc tor o f Pee r G)rn t.

Marion Rohde

Shirley S. Sievers

Rochester, Minnesota. Majors: English, History.


Farmington, Minnesota.

Inte rme diate G ra d e C lub , 2; Tre as. ; M ason Mu s ic C lub , 2, 3, 4; Y .W. C .A., 2, 3, 4; P r es., 4 ; Fre n c h Club , 4.

Major: Elementary Education. Minor: English. I !lterme diate G r a d e C lu b, 3, 4; Vice Pres. ; Prima r y C lub, 4; L eagu e of Wom e n V o te r s , 4; Kappa Delta P i, 3, 4; Treas. 4; Pres . of Morey H a ll , 3; S ec. of Sr. Cl a ss.

Ralph Spencer

Ralph Stucki

Mi -

nor: Music .

Columbia Heights , Minnesota. Majors: Physical Education, In dustrial Arts. Minor: History. W Club , 1 , 2, 3, 4; M e n 's C lub , 1; Die - N o- M o C lu b, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4 ; Foo tba ll , 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Bask etb a ll , 1, 2, 3, 4; Base b a ll, 1, 2, 3 4; T rack , 1 , 2.

Pine Island, Minnesota. M ajors: Industrial Arts, Social , S c ience. Coun t r y Life Cl u b , 2, 3, 4; Pt·e s. , 3, 4; I.R. C ., 2, 3, 4; In t r a m u r a ls, 2 ; Trac k , 2.

Roy W. Stuhr

Bernice Sunde

Winona , Minnesota .




Hayfield , Minnesota. Major: English . Minors: Speech, H istory. Mend e lss ohn , 2, 3, 4; Vice Pres ., 4; W e n o n a h P layers, 2, 3. 4; S ec. 4 ; Di e - No -Mo C lu b , 3, 4; M ixed C horu s, 3, 4; Ban d, 2; L .S'.A., 2, 3, 4; Homeco mi n g Qu e e n , 4.


lish, Social Science .

Die -No- Mo C lu b, 2· Men 's Club , 2; vV C lub , 2; F r e n ch Club 4; Football , 1 ; T r ack , 2 ; Bask etb a ll , 1.

Deloris Theisen

Gordon Vogard

Zumbro Falls , Minnesota. Major: Elementary Education.

L a nesboro , Minnesota . Majors: Science , History. M i no r: Mathematics. M e n' s Clu b , 1 , 2, 3; I. R. C., 3, 4; Sc ie nc e Club , 4; Winona n , 3, 4; W e n on a h , 4; F o otball , 1, 2; I nt ra mura ls, 1 , 2, 3; Jr. H. S. C lub, 1, 2, 3.

Minor: Music.

Kind e rgar te n C lub , 1, 2, 3. 4; Prima r y Club , 2, 3, 4 ; Y. W. C.A., 1, 2; I.R. C .. 3, 4; A r t C lub , 4; \~' inonan , 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Wenon a h , 3, 4.

[ 17 ]

s E I 0 R



leslie Shaffer

Anita Sundby

Winona , Minnesot a .

H a rmony , Minnesot a.

Ma jors :


louise G. Whitman

Dorothy Jane Vitali


M a themat ic s .

4; Sec. 4; Sc ie n ce Cl u b, 3, 4; I.R.C. , 3, 4; Sec., 4; Kap p a D e l ta Pi, 3, 4; S'ec ., 4; \V inonan, 2, 3, 4; Wenonah, 4.


I 0 ll


Minors: Science. Y. \ V.C . A .. 1, 2, 3; Country L ife C lub, 1; Sec.; Art C lub, 3,

Winon a,

Chish o lm , Minnesot a. M a jo r : Histo r y . Minors: Mus ic, English. Newman Club, 3, 4; Arrow head Rangers C lub, 3, 4; \~Ti ­ nonan, 3, 4; \~T enona h , 3 ; Or chestra, 3, i; Band, 3, 4.

Minnesota .

Majors: Elementa ry Edu ca tion , Engli s h. Minor : Physical Educa tion.

D ie - No - Mo. 4¡ \ Ve n on ah Players, 1, 2, 3.' 4; \ V.A.A. Board, 2, 3, 4; P h y. Eel. C lub, I, 2. 3, 4; L.S.A., 3, 4; Winonan , 1; I n termediate Grade Club, 1.

Maurice F. Schuh Rollingstone, M a jors:



Scien c e,

Musi c .

Minor: History . Mason Mus ic Cl u b, 1; Ba n d, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 3, 4.

Margaret Finkelnburg

Carroll Kramer

Winona , Minnesota.

Winona, Minne sota.

Ma jor: Scien c e. Minors: History , Soci al Science, Phys ical Education . D ie - No-Mo. 2, 3, 4; Art Club, 1, 2; Wenonah , 2, 3, 4; Sec .T r eas. of Fresh m an C lass .

Major: History.

L eagu e of Women Voters, 3, 4; P r es . 4; I. R.C., 4; Y.W.C.A., 4.

lucile Skeels Rochester, Minnesota. Major : Soc ial Science. English , Geography .

[ 18 ]

Minors: Soc1 a l

Sc ience, Mathemati c s.


Carmen Anderson

Evelyn F. Anderson

Goodhue, Minnesota.

Mezeppa, Minnesota. Primary.

Primary C lub, 1, 2; Country Life Club, 1, 2; l~' inonan Staff, 1, 2; Y.W. C .A . , 1.

Eileen Baker

Dorothea Jeanne Bates

Stewartville, Minnesota. Intermediate.

Pl a inview, Minnesota. Kindergarten- Primary. K inde t·garten C lub, 1, 2; Prima ry C lub, 1, 2.

Country Life C lub, 1, 2.

s 0 p H

0 Fern Brakke

Agnes E. Bungarden

Rochester, Minnesota . Intermediate.

New Richland , Minnesot a . Primary.

Inte rme diate G rade Club, 1, 2; Yice Pres., 2; Country Life Club, 2 ; Y.\V.C ..-\..,1; League of \\'o m en Vote r s, 2: \Venonah Player s, 1, 2.

N e wman Club 1. 2; In termediate G t·ade Club, 1.

luverne Carlson

Mary E. Carlson

W ebster, Minn esota. Rural.

Sti l l w a t er, Minnesota . I nte rmedi at e.

Coun t r y Life Club, 1, 2.

Co untry Life C lub, 1, 2; Y. \\' . C . A., 1; Intermediate Grade Club, 1.

Ellen A. Carrigan

A nastasia Krismer

H ouston , Minn esot a .

L a ke City, Minnesota . P rimary-Rural . Countrv Life C lub, 1, 2; Yice

Pres., 2; . Art Club, 2; Ne\Yman C lub, 2.

Alena A. Cooper

Leona Crain

So uth St. Paul , Minn esot a . Kindergarten -P rim ary.

New Ri c hl and , Minn esota . Primary.

Kinderga rten C lub, 1. 2; Pri ma ry Club, 2; .\. Capella, Wi nonan, 4.

P t·imary C lub, 2; Inte rmediate Grade C lub, 2; Newman, 2.

[ 19 ]


0 R E s

s 0 p H

Dorothy Cummings

Milda Dahl

Lansing, Minnesota. Intermediate.

Spring Grove, Minnesota.

Country Life C lub, 1; Y. \V. C. A., 1; Intermediate Grade C lub, 1, 2; League of Women Voters, 2.

Arlene Deters

Ruby Ditlevson

Eitzen, Minnesota. Intermediate.

Ellendale, Primary.

County Life Club, 1, 2; Vice Pres., 2; Art C lub, 2.

Primary Club, Life C lub, 2.

laura Drogemuller

Jane Goss

Spring Valley, Minnesota. Intermediate. Country Life C lub, 2.

Winona , Minnesota . Intermediate.




0 M


Cou ntry Life Club, 2; Interm ediate Grade C lub, 2.



Edna S. Haakenstad

Marilyn Harvey

Mabel, Minnesota. Primary.

Primary Cl ub, 2; Country Life C lub, 2; Y. W. C . A., 2; KindeJ•garten Club. 2.

Winona, Minnesota.. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten C lub, 1, 2; Primary Club, 1; "\V.A.A., 1; Band, 1.

Patricia Hennessy

Marian J. Herick

St. Paul, Minnesota. Intermediate.

Rochester, Minnesota. Primary. Band, 1, 2; Pres. 2; Orches-

W. A . A . 2: Board, 2; Die-No Mo C lub, 2 ; Newman C lub, 1, 2; Vice Pres. 2.

tra, 1, 2; Primary Club, 2.

leonette Hurley

lois Johnston

New Albin, Iowa. Intermediate.

Houston, Minnesota. Intermediate.

Newman C lu b, 1, 2; Country Life Club, 1. 2; Band, 1.

Coun try Life Club, 1, 2; Int e rmedia t e Gra de Club, 1, 2; W.A.A.; B a nd, 1, 2; Treas. Fre shman Cla ss.

[ 20 ]

June Komplien

Helen Joslyn

Cottonwood , Minnesota . Intermed iate, M e n delssohn, 1, 2; O r ch estra , 1 ; Count r y Life Club, 2 ; \Ven o -

Pine Island, Minnesota . Kindergarten. Kinderga rte n C lub. 1, 2 ; S ec. 1; Y.IV.C.A., 1, 2 ; Primary Club,

n a h, 2.


s 0 p

Lorraine Lampe

Marcella Larson

Elgin, Minnesota. Primary. Prima r y Club, 1, 2; Country Life Club, 2; Y.\V.C.A ., 2.



Intermediate. Y .W. C. A., 1 , 2 ; S'ec., 1, 2; Country Life Club, 1, 2; Interm e dia t e G ra de Cl u b , 1, 2 ; P rim a •·y Club, 1, 2; '..V.A. A., 1 ; A Cap e lla, 1.

Marcene Meincke

Audrey Nelson

Lake City, Minnesota.


0 M

Houston, Minnesota.

Intermediate. Country Life Club, 1, 2 ; Interme dia te Grad e C lu b, 1, 2; Pres. 2.

Delores Neumann

Lucille Olson

Plainview, Minnesota.

Intermediate-Rural. L.S.A., 1, 2; In te rme diate Grade Club, 1, 2.

Stillwater, Minnesota. Intermediate. Coun t JT Li fe Cl ub. 1, 2; Inte •·m e d;ate Grade C lu b, 2; Y. IV. C . A. , 1.

Mary Ann Perrault

Caroline Pfeilsticker

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Wabasha, Minnesota. Rural-Primary. Country Life Cl ub, 1, 2; Pri m 2. ry Club, 1 , 2; Treas .. 2.

Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club, 1, 2; Country Life Club, 1. 2; Kinde rga rten Club, 1, 2; L eagu e of Women Yoter s, 2; P1·imary Club 2.

Marian Roschen

Viola Ray

Lake City Minnesota, Primary. Primary Clu b , 1, 2.

Austin, Minnesota .

Intermediate. In te rme di ate G ra d e C lub, 2; Coun t r y L ife Cl u b, l , 2; Sec.T r eas., 1 ; Band, 1; \ Ven onah, 2.

[ 21


0 R E


s 0

Alice Rheingans

Virginia Richter

Millvil le , Minnesota . Intermedi a te. Country Life Club, 1, 2; Sec., 1; Intermediate Grade Club, 1, 2.

Winon a, Minnesota.

Intermedi a te. I n ter mediate Grade C lub, 2~ Country L ife Club, 2; Art Club, 2.

Irene H. Scheitel

Frances Schulz


H 0 M 0 R E

E lgin, Minnesota . Kinderga rten-Primary. Kindergarten Club, 1, 2, 3 ; Primary C lub, 3; Y.W.C.A., 3.

Winona , Minnesota .

Intermediate. Intermed iate Grade Club, 1, 2; Country Life Club, 1, 2; L.S.A. , 2.

Charlotte Shannon

Bernadine Sheehan

H e r o n Lake, Minn e s o t a . K i nde rg a rte n-Prim a r y . Y.\V'.C.A., 1, 2; K indergarten Club, 1, 2; Treas. 2; Primary C lub, 2.

K e ll og g , Minn e s o t a.

Dagny Stenehjem

Ruth Story

W i non a, M i n nesot a.

Kenyon , Minnesota . Kinderga rten-Prim ary. K inde1¡garten Club, 1, 2; Primary C lub, 1.

s Marian L. Sumner

Marian A. Thoreson

B e llingh am, Minn e sota. Interm edi a t e. Y.\ V'.C.A., 1, 2; Treas., 2; L. S. A., 1, 2; A Capella, 1.

F ounta in , Minn esot a .

Prim a ry. Primary Club, 2; Coun try Life Clu b, 2; Y .\V'.C.A., 2; Band, 2.

lois C. Turner

Mildred Van Sande

Lanesbo r o, Minnesota. Prima r y. Primary Club, 2; Country Life C lub, 2.

Wykoff, Minneso ta . Intermedi a t e. Interme diate Grade C lub, 2.

[ 22 ]

Mary Wehrenberg

Dorothea Zuberbier

'<ellogg, Minnesota. ?rimary-Rural. Primary Club, 1, 2; Country Life Club, 2; Band, 1.

Holloway, Minnesota Elementary-! ntermediate. Inte rmediate Grade Club, 1, 2; Cou ntry Life Club, 2; L.S.A., 2.

s 0 p

Dorothy Christensen

Luella Berg

Min neapolis, Minnesota. Intermediate. A r t C lub, 1, 2.

Pine Island, Minnesota. Intermediate. Intermediate Grade Cl ub, 2.

Volborg Hollan

Ruth Kottschade

Spring Grove, Minnesota. Primary. Primary Club, 2; L.S.A., 2.

Theil man , Minnesota . Primary-Rural. Orchestra 2¡ CountiT Club, 2. ' '

Vivian Pederson Revere, Minnesota. Primary . . \rt Club, 2; Primary Club, 2; Y.W.C.A., 2; Phy. Ed . Club, 2;


0 M 0 R E


\V.A.A., 2.

Evelyn Best

Eva Louise Russell

Chatfield , Minnesota. Intermediate. Intermediate Grade Clu!J. 2.

Pl a invi ew , Minnesota.

Merab Henricksen

Veronica Toohey

Rochester, Minnesota. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarte n Club, 2.

Intermedi ate. N e wma n Club, 2.

Primary. A1¡t C lub, 2; Primary C lub, 2.

Fulda, Minn esota.

Mildred Peters St. Paul, Minnesota. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten Club, 1, W. C. A., 1, 2.


Raymond Ahern L anes boro,

2; Y.

M innesotl:'!:,

Rural. N e wman Club, 1, 2.

[ 23 ]

Front Row: W. Appleby, A. Fahey, E . Green, N. Lee, M. Deters , M. Isaacson, E . Hanson. Second Row: A. Hickey, E. Jordan, L. Hadler, G. Peterson, W. Jones, D. Case, E . Brodin, M. Br ightman. Th ird Row: A. Drackley, H. Flemming, F. Luth, S. Anderson , J. Haug, D. Busse, A. Grier, J. Kalbrenner. Fourth Row: A. Flint, E. Morrison, J. Kunelius, F. Eifealdt, C. Libbey, K. Campion, E. Einhorn , D. J ohnso n.

JUNIORS Individually the juniors have distinguished themse lves in athletics, scholarship, and in student organizations-dramatics, music, the Winonan, and the all college association.

The class officers are: J. Kalbrenner, president; E. Meyer, vice-president; D. Busse, secretary-treasurer; adviser, Dr. Raymond.

Front Row: F. Walsh , D. Millar, I. Stransky, A . Selness, V. Risser, D. Molloy, D. Yennie, V . Towner. Second Row: E. Meyer, G. Peterson, G. Weber, F. Pfeil , S. Werhenberg, H. Rosencranz, L. Schoening , E . V a rani. Third Row: E. Siebold , E. Spencer, W. Wells, I. Swalwell, L. W a ls h, M. Roelofs, J. Ollom, D r. Raymond.

Front Row: J. Chadbourne , R. Hassig , R . Fakler, E. Joh ¡1son , I. B . Bates, L. Johnson, L. Halstenrud , G . Edstrom. Second Row: C . Bard, B. Kissling, E. Bowen, M. Elusse, H. Denison , M . Juliet, M. Hanson , E. Gibbons. Third Row: D. Fairbank , J. Flynn, R. Foss , C. Balcer, R. Eastin, C. Duncanson, E . Brandt , R. Johnson . Fourth Row: P. Colbenson, V. Hart, R. Gillette, D. Bredeson, L. King, F. Hatfield , C. Bosshardt, J. Carlson. Fifth Row: J. Clawson, J. Flannigan , E. Coyle, M. Burt, B; Baesler, D. Boyum, F . Heyer, P. Adamson.

Sophomore Degree Ulass The number of non-graduating sophomores is increasing every year.

This shows a growing demand for better

equipped teachers and likewise it shows an increased interest in the teaching profession .

The sophomores have made themselves known about the campus this year.

They have carved places for them-

selves in athletic and musical organizations, club activities, and scholarship .

The officers of the class are: F. Heyer, president; C. Bard, vice-president; E. Sohn, secretary-treasurer; Dr. Minne, adviser.

Front Row: M. Schlessel!11an , 0. Rue , L. Olson , P. Lang , M. Martin , I. Sackett, M. Sibila. Second Row: J. O'Brien, R. Stephenson , M . Little , F . MacKnight, E. Russel , M. Morcom, J. Westfall. Third Row: Q. Sabotta, M. Stanek , M. Waldo , B. Nash , A . Pfeiffer , P. Nipp , Dr. Minne. Fourth Row: V. Wood. R. Moen, 0. Renslo , C. Sulack , W . Laabs , T . Sirilla , J. Zindars, W. Smith.

Front Row: F. Deters, M. Damman , M. Bambenek , D. Armstrong, H. Anderson, A. Busse, F. Bernardt, L. Davis, M. Dahl, H. Dixon. Second Row: E. Currer, I. Anderson, E. DePover, L. Benike, R. Dixon, C. Briggs, A. Albert, H. Brandt, E. Cunningham, B. Adams. Third Row: D. Demming, B. Carlson, E. Cart'lgan, H. Bailey, R. Blum , B. Brown, J. Duncan, B. Brown , B. Bernard. I. Bucholtz. Fourth Row: M. Bakken , R. Bogue, D. Blondell, A . Briggs, W. Bakke, K. Byboth, R. Brown, H. Dammen, J. Blondell. Fifth Row: R. Cunningham, R. Campbell, F. Abel, D. DeLano, S. Breckner, R. Arns, W. Bleifuss.

Freshmen The quality of the freshman class is a determining factor in forecasting the amount of scholarship, initiative, and socia l success the college may expect during the next three years.

This being true of this class, the fine sta ndard of

Winona will be upheld, and a better college assured for the future .

Several class members have achieved scholastic recognition .

Worthwhile participation in the various clubs by

many of this group has added to the success of these organizations.

The officers of the class are: R. O'Halloran, president; R. Kabat, vice-president; M. Jellis, secretary-treasu rer; Mr. Boots, adviser.

Front Row: A. Fahey, M. Glasrud, S. Harris, R. Kjos, C. Hanson, F. Hamlin, M. Goswitz, B. Lippen. Second Row: C. Gappa, A. Gilbertson, M. Edwards, M. Kalberer, B. Krueger, H. Eaker, H. Foster, J. Gardner. Third Row: H. Hoesley, G. Heise, G. Ehmcke, R. Johnson, G. Hanson, D. Johnson, M. Jellis, G. Erickson. Fourth Row: R. Kabat, S. Fritz, L. Herron, J. Holden, M. Heinzen, H. Devenport, L. Luchsinger. Fifth Row: J. Hoeppner, M. Johnson, F. Kohlmeyer, A. Knatterud, D. Heins, L. Engelien, L. Finley.

Front Row: A. Pauley, L. Martig, J. Ostrom, M. Riester, D. Mehus, V. Reed, P. Maricle, R. Nelson, L. Rivard, M. Melby. Second Row: M. Martin, D. Matias, R. Papenfuss, M. L. Martinson, L. Parkin, C. Nelson, E. Mixich, C. Redahl, H. Palm, D. Nichols. Third Row: N. Mueller, F. Mielke, B. Rowe, G. Miller, M. E. Quigley, E. Morton, A. McCabe, M. McBeath, M. Olson, H. Orr. Fourth Row: D. Ramcyzk, D. McConochie, L. Peterson, D. Reiland, G. Hoesley, J. Ranger, G. Radtke, D. Rand, Mr. Boots. Fifth Row: G. Pike, W. Murbach, R. Olson, E. Northouse, G. Naze, R. Pederson, E. Ness, A. McCutchan, A. Posz, C, McVey, E. Peterson.


Front Row: F. Thimijan, J. Warley, R. Wakefield, A. Sprick, L. M. Shield, L. Todd, E. Westby, D. Westby. Second Row: E. Tolleson, B. White, V. Reed, J. Sjoberg, R. Schmidt, M. Thompson,, M. Riester, G. Sanford. Third Row: R. Williams, N. Werner, E. Titrington, B. Walch , C. Starz, A. Westfall, L. Spitzach, R. Swendiman, L. Rivard. Fourth Row: M. Schuler, E. Theurer, J. Summers, F. Solberg, W. Stitch, R. Sharmer, A. Schwabe, D. Ramczyk, D. Soller, L. Theurer.

, Autographs

Front Row: A. Andrejek, Miss Grannis, H. M. Eifealdt. B. Kissling, C. Bard , G . Peterson, E . Meyer, J. Kalbrenner. Second Row: J . Bard, H . Duel , C. Duncanson, R. O ' Halloran, C. Libby, L. Pennock, D. Hein, Mr. Boots.

The Representative Council To the representative council is given the power to act for the college in behalf of the student body.

The council

is a democratic organization and is composed of the president and vice-president of each class, two representatives from the three upper classes, the officers of the student association, and two faculty members.

The duties of the council include: nomination of members to joint and faculty committees, supervision and revision of the committee system, approval of applications for new clubs, act as a board of review for student problems, and govern the eligibility for officers.

This year the council has included two new duties in its program.

The flr~t one is a rather revolutionary one-

namely a revision of th e guide book and the directory which is issued every fall.

The second- a new innovation in the

school's recruiting policy-to take charge of the activities for the Senior High School Day Program, now to be an annual event_

The officers are: Laurel Pennock, president; Henry Duel, vice-president; Barbara Kissling, secretary; Miss Grannis and Mr. Boots, faculty representatives.

[ 30 ]

Front Row: Mr. Simmers, M. Meyer, A. Sundby, D. Millar, G. Graham, S. Sievers, E. Meyer, E. Knutson. Row: 0. Joneson, C. Dornfeldt, H. Brokken, A. Andrejek, C. Libby, G. Johnson, L. Pennock, D. Hein.




The Greek letters, Kappa, Delta, and Pi embody




The highest honors to be conferred on students

three great ideals-those of knowledge, duty and pow-

is membership in the Purple Key.


an honorary society, has no officers, and holds no club

These three ideals serve as the goal for which Kap¡

pa Delta Pi members are reaching.


The Gamma Tau chapter in Winona began February 10, 1934.

Members are admitted to the club

upon passing certain scholarship and character standards, and having the possibilities of becoming a good teacher.

Elections are made once a year and those ten students showing the greatest promise in the educational field are elected into the organization . Other qualifications for membership are: excellent scholarship, participation in at least one quarter

Glen Johnson and Clinton Dornfeldt were sent as delegates to the Bi-ennial Convocation at East St.

each in four different co-curricular activities, character, and services rendered to the coliege.

Louis. The officers of the club are: G. Johnson, president; 0. Joneson, vice-president; A. Sundby, secretary; S. Sievers, treasurer; Mr. Simmers, sponsor.

Front Row: R. Rockne, 0. Joneson, E. Knutson.

Purple Key is purely

Back Row: G. Johnson, A . Andrejek.

Front Row: I. Sackett, F. Luth , D. Busse, H. M. Eifealdt, M. B •1sse, L. Hadle r, G. Graham, B. Kissling , L. Whitman. Second Row: G. Edstrom , E. Spencer, D. Hein, A . Andrejek, C. Balcer, J. Flynn , R. Spence r, H. Duel , K. Grimm. Third Row: E . Siebold , Mr. Jederman , Mr. Reed, Dr. Selle, Dr. Minne, C. Libby, G . Johnson , G . Weber, J. Davidson , L. Arns.

Die- No- Moe Ulub "They've got a pocket full of dreams" and more than that they're the initiative to give those dreams a rea lity.

The aims of the Die-N o-Moe C lub are to foster school spirit and t o promote interest in the affairs of the college. The organization began in 19 16 w hen the Sportsma n Code of the college was drawn up.

During the homecoming activities, th e Die-No-Moe C lub has complete charge of the bonfire and pepfest, the chapel program, and the dance at nig ht. Bates, Jerome Hoeppner, and Milton Coppe.

Thi s fall the club selected four cheer leaders- Mary Jane Martin, Dorothea Thi s spring the club sponsored " Daisy Mae Week"- the week w hich proved

the girls o f the college very adept at "date-making".

The week's events culminated in the ann ual Die-No-Moe show-

Li'l Abner in "Ah Hates Love" and the "Daisy Mae" al l college dance.

The officers of the club are: R. Spencer, president and High Voltage; J. Haug, vice -president and Voltage; E. Meyer1 secretary-treasurer and Brush; Messrs French, Jederman, Selle, Minne, Reed, advisers and Insulators.

[ 32


''AU HATES LOVE'' This unique title was the name of the annual spring show sponsored by the Die-No-Moe Club as a part of "Daisy Mae Week". The play wa':l cleverly written and directed by Henry Duel, Junior, and original hill-billy music by Fred Heir, Sophomore, furnished an appropriate musical background.

(In disorder-as usual) Lil Abner Yokum Daisy Mae Pappy Yokum Edjikated Eddie Pansy Yokum Hairless Joe Sharper Sandra Hillbilly Hunies Singer Tap Dancer Roller Skating Maryin' Sam Tap Chorus Drunk Fox Hunter Hounds Announcer Voice of the Moon Moon Manipulator Finis

Gus "Termites" Fjetland Ruth Fakler-Phone 27 43 Eddie Siebold AI "Jitterbug" Posz Margaret Schlesselman Ralph Spencer "Chuck" Balcer "Tallie" Tolleson Busse Trio Joyce Haug-Phone 4658 Pat Hennessey-Phone 2922 "Scoop" Detloff Oscar Joneson B. Nash, M. J. Martin, R. Fakler, R. Lyons, P. Hennessey Roy Kabat Genevieve Edstrom-Phone 4621 Oscar Joneson C. Libby and J. Bard Henry Du-el' Also Eddie Spencer The End

Act I. Scene: Dogpatch, Kentucky. Time: A~y afternoon, any day in June, any June in any year you wish to call it.

Act II. Scene: Ditto. Time: Ditto. A little later.

Act Ill. (Didn't have time to write one).

This production was pronounced as one of the best ever produced by the Die-No-Moe Club and a large crowd applauded the characters generously. Part of the proceeds were turned over to the recruiting committee, which again proves the interest of this club in the welfare of W.S.T.C. Students are already looking forward to the next play.

E. Knutson

J. Davidson

THE WINONAN Editor-in-Chief

Eleanor Knutson

Editorial Writers . . . .. ....... .. . ... . .. ............ . .. . . . .. . .... ..... . . . . ... , Clinton Dornfeld, Dorothy Millar Make-up Staff .... . ..... . ......... . ... . ....... .. . . ... . ... .. ....... . A. Sundby, D. Theisen, E. Jordan, C. Allan Sports . .. . . .. .. . .. .. .... . . . ... . . . ... . .. . .. . .. .. . . .. W . Kaczrowski, C. Duncanson, G. Vogard, R. Spencer L. Arns Features .... .. . . .... . . ...... ... ... . . ...... ........ . R. Eastin, G . Johnson, M . Martin, M. Busse, M. Schuler, L. Pennock, E. Hansen, L. Sanden, J. Warley, J:¡ Gardner, B. Kissling, H. Rosencranz, H. Parker Reporters . .... .... . . . . ... . . . .. . .. . . .. . . . .... . .. . . .. G. Petersen, A. Cooper, K. Einhorn, R. Mogren, E. Green, J. Duncane, M. Jellis, D. Rich, F. Kohlmeyer, S. Blondell, S. Anderson, N . Werner, E. Anderson Business Manager ... ...... .. .. . . .. . . .. . . .. ..... . ..... .... . . . . . . . .. . .. ¡. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Davidson Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N. Onstad, H. Hiedemann Exchange Editor .. . . .. . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A. Davis Distribution

N. Lee, E. Brodin

Typists ... . . .. . . . . .... . . . .... ..... .. .... ... .... ........ . . . .... .... . . . C. Balcer, P. Nipp, D. Soller, D. Vitali

Sitting: D. Theisen, E. Jordan, A. Sundby, D. Soller, P. Nipp, D. Vitali, C. Dornfeld, D. Millar. Standing: J . Duncane, B. Shuller, M . Busse, G. Petersen, E. Green, G. Johnson, N. Werner, C. Allen, J. Warley, H. Rosencranz, L. Sanden, R . Mogren, J. Gardner, M. Martin, E . Anderson, s. Anderson, .\. Cooper, E. Hanson, K. Einhorn, G. Vogard, A. Davis, H. Hiedemann, E. Brodin, N. Onstad, B. Kissling, L. Pennock, S. Blondell, D. Rich.

N. Fjetland, L. Pennock

THE WENONAH Editor-in-Chief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . G. Norman Fjetland Associate Editors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eileen Brodin, Eleanor Knutson Business Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Laurel Pennock Assistant Business Managers .............. .... J. Kunelius, K. Einhorn, L. Schoening Literary Editors .. . ...................................... D. Theisen, D. Yennie Assistant Literary Editors ................................. E. Jordan, A. Sundby Art Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D. Lumovich Assistant Art Editors .............................. R. Johnson, B. Coe, M. Busse Feature Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H. Rosencranz Assistant Feature Editors ......... .... . .......... ... C. Balcer, M. Martin, I. Bates Sports Editors ......................................... A. Andrejek, E. Meyer Assistant Sport Editors ............... G. Vogard, C. Duncanson, R. Eastin, F. Walsh Snapshot Editors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . M. Finkelnburg, I. Sackett Characterization Editors ................................ S. Anderson, D. Millar General Service .................... V. Ray, J. Komplien, P. Nipp, M. Burt, F. Luth


D. Lumovich, E. Brodin, E. Knutson., L. Schoening, K. Einhorn, J. Kunelius. Standing: D. Theisen, A. Sundby, B. Coe, M. Fonkelnburg, G. Vogard, I. Bates, E. Jordan, H. Rosencranz, A. Andrejek, D. Millar, M. Busse, 1. Sackett, s. Anderson, M. Martin, D. Yennie.

Front Row: Dr. Minne, A. Sundby, E. Meyer, G. Allen, G. Petersen, H. Duel, J. Amdahl, E. Siebold. Second Row: Dr. Raymond, C. Bosshardt, D. Bredeson, C. Dornfeld, E. Einhorn, P. Adamson, D. Hein, J. Davidson. Third Row: A. Hassinger, J . Zimdars, H. Capron, K. Campion, N. Fjetland, G. Vogard, F . Hatfield, S. Wehrenberg.

SUIENUE ULll B In the spring of '37 a group of would-be scientists organized a little club . Today the club is one of the most active of the college clubs. The purpose of the club is to provide opportunities to broaden student interest, to impart information and to learn more about science . Current science news is reported at meetings, speakers are obtained, individual studies and reports are given . Then as a climax to the project work done this year by individuals -the club sponsored its first annual Science Night. The club activities closed with the annual spring banquet. Officers of the club are : president, Henry Duel; v ice president, George Allen ; secretary-treasurer, Gerda Petersen ; advisers, Dr. Raymond, Dr . Minne.

ART ULUB There are two types of forces in the world. One type tears down, and the other creates. The Art Club, a creator, seeks to carry out activities which bring pleasure to the individual members and to the college as a whole. Among the accomplishments of the club are the decorations for the Prom, Christmas, and Homecoming . A style show was also put on by the club. Officers of the club are: president, Donitza Lumovich; vice president, Beverly Coe; secretary, Anita Sundby; treasurer, Elizabeth Green; adviser, Miss Crossman.

Front Row: P. Guy, V. Richter, E. Green, A. Deters, D. Christensen, A. Krismer, V. Pederson. Second Row: A. Sundby, D. Theisen, S. Snyder, B . Coe, N. Werner, E. Russell . Tnird Row: E. Brodin, M. Hansen, F. Thimijan, Miss Crossman, D. Lumovich, M. Sibila, W. Bleifuss. Fourth Row: H. Capron, E. Barringer, R. Johnson, S. Blondell.

Front Row: E. Siebold, G. Peterson, D. Hein, A. Hassinger, J. Amdahl, R. John~on, J. Carlson. Second Row: Mr. MacDonald, R. Eastin, C. Duncanson, T. Sirilla, P. Einhorn, H. Capron. Thord Row: J. Flynn, E. Brandt, C. Libby, M. Roeloffs, L. Walsh, J. Ollom.

MEN'S ULll B One of the outstanding events of the college year-the High School Senior Day in April-was sponsored by the Mens Club. This organization also took charge of the freshmen initiation and at the annual homecoming arranged for the pepfest and bonfire. In April they had a lively initiation ceremooy. Each new member was sponsored by an old one. Officers of the club are: president, Charles Libby; vice-president, Gerald Peterson, secretary-treasurer, Robert Eastin; adviser, Mr. MacDonald.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ULUB With membership limited to those students interested in foreign affairs, the International Relations Club holds meetings once a month for the purpose of studying national and international problems. This year the club brought Dr. Joshi of Carleton College to the college as a speaker on "Storm Centers in Asia". Club meetings vary with debates, panel discussions, guest speakers, and teas. Each year the club receives valuable books dealing with national and international problems from the Carnegie lnstifute. The club has been under the leadership of George Allen, president; Robert Johnson, vice-president; Anita Sundby, secretory; Margaret Meyer, treasurer; Dr. Selle, adviser.

Front Row: E. Brodin, R. Rockne, N. Lee, Dr. Selle, E. Green, R. Johnson, G. Allen, A. Sundby, M. Meyers, E. Knutson, D. Millar. Second Row: A. Randall, D. Theisen, L. Pennock, W. Kaczrowski, R. Stucki, S. Blondell, D. Lomovich, D. Hein, C. Kramer, E. Joraan. Third Row: L. King, A. Andrejek, P. Einhorn, C. Duncanson, G. Vogard, C. Balcer, R. Moen, A . Goede, E. Barringer, C. Allen.

Front Row: P. Thompson, Miss Richards, R. Schmidt, J. Lerstad, F. Hamlin, C. Kramer, A. Randall. Row: M. Perrault, S. Anderson, F. Brakke, 1. Stransky, K. Einhorn, M. Schollmeier.


The League of Women Voters

The Ranger's Club

In its efforts to promote interest and understanding in governmental and civic affairs, and to stimulate individual responsibility, the League of Women Vo1ers followed a program of varied activities during the ye9r. A smorgasbord, an excursion to the new loco! city hall, and contacts with the Winona City League, through a talk on "Juvenile Delinquency", were among the highlights. The theme of the all-college contest meeting, an annual affair, was centered around various pre-election activities. The club sent A. Randall, C. Kramer, and K. Einhorn to the annual state convention of College Leagues of Women Voters held at St. Paul in October. Officers of the League are: C. Kramer, president; S. Anderson, vice-president; J. Lerstad, secretarytreasurer: Miss Richards, adviser.

The Arrowhead Ranger Club as its name suggests is made up of all the students from the iron range of Minnesota. The club is a social organization and is under the sponsorship of Mr. Reed who annually entertains the club at his home. The officers of the club are: M . Mclaughlin, president; J. Kunelius, vice-president; M. Brousseau, secretary-treasurer; Mr. R. Reed, adviser.

Front Row: L. Nadeau, M. Olds, D. Lomovich, J. Lerstad, D. Vitali, M. Isaacson, E. Varani. Reed, J. Kunelius, E. Korpela, M. McLaughlin.

Second Row: Mr.

Front Row: M. Shield, Miss Schwable, L. Olds, C. Shannon, Miss Sutherland, P. Lea, J. Warley, J. Thimijan, A. Sprick, E. Hansen. Second Row: '-¡ Todd, L. Theurer, M. Hendrickson, M. Peters, R. S. Banning, C. Nelson, B. Adams, R. Story, E. Haakenstad. Third Row: I. Schietel, E. Currer, J. Dixon, C. Briggs, E. Theurer, M. Paustian, H. Brandt, A. Westfall, D. Case. Fourth Row: A. Cooper, M. Perrault, D. Bates, M. Harvey, K. Crotty, M. Glasrud, M. Melby, H. Joslyn.

Foster, F. Stephensen, Sjoberg, R. D. Nichols,

Kindergarten Club

Primary Club

They have a common interest. The Kindergarten Club is composed of the students doing work in the kirdergarten field. The new members are always made to feel a part of the club by a Halloween tea given in their honor. A.t Christmas time there is the traditional Christmas Sing with Miss Sutherland telling a story and everyone joining in singing carols. The club raises money for a Kindergarten Scholarship Fund by selling Christmas Cards. Then there are supper meetings, meetings featuring a guest speaker, and a spring picnic. The officers of the club are: president, Patricia Lea; vice presidents, Rosewayne Stephenson, Mabyn Shields, Louise Olds; secretary, Charlotte Shannon; treasurer, Janice Warley; advisers, Miss Sutherland and Miss Schwable.

All those students interested in working in the primary field are welcome to join the Primary Club. Their programs have included talks by outside speakers on subjects of interest to the members, a dinner meeting, a Valentine tea, and a picnic in May. In addition to this the club sponsored the November all-college party. Officers of the club are: president, Eileen Brodin; vice presidents, Averil Randall, Jean Harris; secretary, Beverly Coe; treasurer, Evelyn Anderson; advisers, Miss Gage and Miss Brouillette.

Front Row: Miss Gage, M. Thoreson, J. Harris, E. Brodi'n, A. Randall, D. Theisen, R. Nelson, E. Russell, M. Deters, Miss Broullette. Second Row: E. Haakenstad, L. Lampe, H. Joslyn, E. Anderson, V. Pedersen, R. Hassig, M. Little, W. Appleby, J. Westfall, M. Wehrenberg. Third Row: C. Shannon, F. Bernardt, B. Coe, Mt. Meincke, v. Hallan, R. Ditlevson, L. Turner, F. Turner, M. Schollmeier, Miss Foster, A. Cooper. Fourth Row: D. Matias, R. Bogue, D. Deming, D. Armstrong, D. Soller, J. Risser, M. Larson, D. Stenehjem, M. Roschen, R. Story. Fifth Row: N. Mueller, M. Perrault, B. Walch, D. Bates, M. Harvey, C. Pfeilsticker, M. Herrick, L. Crain, 1. Scheitel, S. Sievers.

Front Row: M. Dahl, J. Stedman, C. Redahl, C. Hanson, M. Quigley, F. Brakke, A. Nelson, M. Winhorst, H. Palm, L. Benike, A. Pauley. Second Row: E. Westby, E. Cunningham, H. Dixon, A. Bungarden, H. Orr, C. Starz, N. Lee, P. Thompson, I. Stransky, L. Johnston, E. Best. Third Row: A. Gilbertson, H. Bailey, J. Kompelien, L. Berg, R. Papenfuss, B. Sheehan, D. Zuborbier, F. Hamlin, F. Schulz, M. McLaughlin., L. Olson, A. Rheingans. Fourth Row:. D. Westby, Miss Clark, R. Schmidt, L. Halstenrud, M. Sande, W. Jones, M. Bakken, D. Lumovich, E. Green, C. Anderson, J. Lerstad, V. Richter.

Intermediate Grade Club

Country Life Club

The Intermediate Grade Club is for both degree and two-year girl students. It aims to accomplish something worthwhile educationally as well as socially. This year's study was concentrated on text books and there were reports and panel discussions on texts. In addition to these study meetings, the girls had picnics, a taffy pull, and a nature study hike. The officers of the club are: A. Nelson, president; F. Brakke, vice president; M. Windhorst, secretarytreasurer; Miss Clark, adviser.

The country Life Club is unusually large this year. The club' provides educational and recreationai opportunities for students who are interested in rural life. One program was arranged by the rural associated teachers, and in April the Homer school children presented a play. The members had a fall hike and at Christmas time a party. This year they were hosts at the Winona-LaCrosse joint meeting. The Country Life Club changes officers each quarter. The spring officers are: I. Stransky, president; A. Krismer, vice-president; A. Rheingans, secretarytreasurer; Misses Bartsch, Christensen and Taylor sponsors.

Front Row: L. Lampe, S. Underbakke, J. Stedman, L. Davis, M. Dahl, L. Martig,, A. Rheingans, 1. Stransky, A. Krismer, R. Stucki, E. Anderson, M. Wehrenberg. Second Row: A. Pauley, R. Papenfuss, E. Cunningham, D. Zuborbier, L. Carlson, C. Hanson, C. Redahl, F. Brakke, V. Richter, H. Palm, E. Titrington. Third Row: B. Sheehan, R. Schmid.t , M. Thoreson, M. Goswitz, I. Anderson, M. Bakken, E. Westby, R. Ditlevson, L. Turner, L. Benike, M. A. Perrault, V. Ray. Fourth Row: F. Kohlmeyer, F. Schulz, L. Hurley, J. Goss, G. Naze, D. Deming, L. Johnston, A. Nelson, J. Gardner, F. Turner. Fifth Row: H. Dammen, L. Drogemuller, C. Pfeilsticker, E. Northouse, E. Jordan, Miss Taylor, F. Pfeil.


MUS I U Hats off to the musical department of the Winona State Teachers College! Under the direction of Mr. Grimm and Mr. Langum the various musical organizations of the college have become well-known in our state, and have added much to the college activities. Not only have the members of the organizations benefitted from participation in them, but the whole college in hearing them. A distinct feature of the college is the all-college chorus which participates in the chapel exercises every Wednesday.

Front Row: G. Miller, B. Nash, M. Bambenek, P. Lang, E. Johnson, B. Sunde, J. Kompelien, Mr. Grimm, G. Graham, A. Grier, G. Sanford, J. Foster, K. Grimm, I. Sackett, H. Foster. Second Row: B. Kissling, C. Bard, D. Busse, D. Stenehjem, Miss Bard, C. Bierce, A. Busse, H. Anderson, M. Busse, K. Crotty, H. M. Eifealdt, G. Edstrom, L. Hadler, J. Sjoberg, Joyce Haug, B. Coe.

Mendelssohn Club

The Apollo Club

Music, when soft voices die, Vibrates in the memory-" The Mendelssohn Club, composed of girls under the direction of Mr. Grimm, has a good opportunity for interpretation and appreciation of fine vocal music. The club this year sang Christmas carols at the hospital, sang at a former member's wedding, and took a three day tour in the spring. They appeared in schools in Alma and Holmen, Wisconsin, Farmington, Buffalo Lake, Atwater, Bird Island, Spring Grove, Owatonna, and with Dick Long's orchestra in St. Paul. The annual spring concert was held May 10, during Music Week. The oiftcers are: G. Graham, president; B. Sunde, vice-president; K. Grimm, corresponding secretary; C. Bard, recording secretary; M. Busse, treasurer; Mr. Grimm, adviser.

The Apollo Club is the men's musical organization of the college having as its objeclives the fostering of the love of good music and the pleasurable training of the voice. With these objectives in view and with the musical interpretation, leadership, and guidance of Mr. A. H. Langum as their incentives, the Apollo Club has carried to completion ano!her year of work which should help to make them worthy members of their profession. The officers of the club are: R. Johnson, president; E. Coyle, vice-president; G. Weber, business manager; Business assistant, R. Moen; C. Balcer, librarian; Mr. Langum, adviser.

Front Row: Miss Brightman, 0. Joneson, G. Radke, E. Northouse, R. Johnson, Mr. Langum, E. Coyle, R. Foss, G. Weber, J. Blondell. Second Row: R. Moen, E. Ness, S. Bakke, M. Burt, F. Abel, D. Boyum, M. Johnson, A. Drackley, R. Johnson.

Front Row: A. Busse H. Anderson, H. Eifeldt, G. Graham, M. Busse, A. Grier, C. Bierce, B. Coe, K. Grimm, G. Sanford, E. Johnson, H. Foster. Second Row: B. Sunde, J. Kompelien, G. Miller, K. Crotty, D. Stenehjem, J. Sjo¡berg, Mr. Grimm, L. Hadler, G. Edstrom, B. Kissling, M. Bambenek, 1. Sackett, C. Bard. Third Row: P. Lang, B. Nash, Miss Bard, G. Radke, M. Roelofs, M. Burt, E. Northouse, R. Foss, J. Blondell, 0. Joneson, J. Foster, J. Haug, D. Busse. Fourth Row: E. Coyle, R. Walters, D. Boyum, E. Ness, R. Johnson, R. Moen, F. Abel, M. Johnson, A. Drackley, J. Bard, .G. Weber.

Mixed Uhorns

Mason Music Ulnb

The Mixed Chorus includes members of the Mendelssohn and Apollo Clubs, and other students who are interested in singing. The chorus of fifty voices is under the direction of Mr. Grimm . The Mixed Chorus has made several public appearances during the year and has sung over the local radio station. • Officers of the club are: president, James Bard; secretary-treasurer, Delores Busse; librarians, Alice Busse, Ray Johnson; adviser, Mr. Grimm.

The Mason Music Club, composed of members majoring or minoring in music, began to function in

1920. The music programs on Tuesday and Thursday of each week over station KWNO have featured members of this club. The club brought the Women's Choral Club of Winona to the college for an evening program. As is customary, bus trips were sponsored to concerts at LaCrosse and Rochester. This year's college Christmas party was under the direction of the Mason Music Club. Officers of the club are: president, Lorraine Hadler; vice president, Ardella Grier; secretary-treasurer, Joyce Haug; adviser, Mr. Grimm.

Front Row: J. Ostrom, G. Saford, I. Sackett, L. Freemire, R. Kjose, K. Grimm, P. Lang, E. Johnson, B. Coe, G. Edstrom, H. Foster, E . Varani. Second Row: R. Mogren, M. Bambenek, R. Stephenson, B. Nash, A. Grier, L. Hadler, C. Bard, A. Bard, M. Brousseau, F. McKnight, M. Martin. Third Row: L. Sanden, M. Schuler, A. Busse, D. Busse, B. Kissling, D. Vitali, M. Busse, G. Graham, H. Eifeldt, J. Haug, D. Theisen, D. Sherin. Fourth Row: M. Rhode, G. Miller, L. Streuber, Mr. Grimm, R. Walters, 0. Renslo, M. Schuh, D. Blondell, G. Weber, H. Anderson, B. Brandt.

Front Circle: Mr. Langum, F. McKni ght, H. Foster, D. Stenehjem, L. Streuber, M. Herrick, C. Bard, B. Kissling. Back Circle: E . Korpela, P. Lang , D. Sherin, B. Schuler, A. Gilbertson, J. Ostrom, F. Heir, A. Selness, 0. Renslo, J. Flan,igan, J. LeMay, M. Busse. Standing: D. Vitali, Mr. Grimm, Director.

The College Orchestra The study of good music literature is one of the functions of the college orchestra. There are about twenty-five members in the group which is organized os are the other clubs of the school. The orchestra meets twice a week to play compositions of the best composers. Smetana, Mozart, Haydn, Tschaikowski, Bach, and Beethoven are among the composers from which the orchestra chooses its selections. Several concerts, including one at the college, were given during the spring quarter. Mr. Grimm is director of the orchestra and is assisted by John Flanigan as¡ president and Alice Selness as secretary and treasurer.

The Band This year the band has been under the direction of Mr. Langum who helped cheer our football team, as he directed the college band at the home football games in spite of adverse weather conditions. The band presented two concerts at assembly programs. Stephen Foster's "Memories" was one of the arrangements which brought many favorable comments from the college body. The band officers are: M . Herrick, president; J. Flanigan, vice-president; R. Walters, librarian.

Front Circle: A¡. Selness, F. Heir, L. Streuber, M. Herrick, 0. Renslo, J. Flanigan. Second Circle: M. J. Martin, L. Martig, J . Sjoberg, G. Sanford, M. Thoreson, A. Posz, A. Gilbertson, J. _Ostrom, G. Miller, G. Weber, R. Campbell , 0. Joneson. Third Circle: D. Boyum, M. Schuh, M. Thompson, R. Stevenson, J. LeMay, H. Dammen. Standing: D. Vitali, D. Busse, B. Adams, Mr. Langum, B. Lippln, A. Briggs.

Front Row: C. Whitlock, E . Spencer, W . Kaczrowski, A. Andrejek, M. Roeloffs, H. Brokken, D. Johnson, J. Davidson, L. Arns. Second Row: J. Clawson, R. Foss, E. Einhorn, C. Duncanson, B. Baesler, R. Eastin, S. Fritz, T. Sirilla, v. Wood, Dr. Galligan. Third Row: R. Johnson, J. Ollom, R. Spencer, J. Flynn, C. Libby, C. Sulack, L. Walsh, E. Brandt, D. Delano, D. McConochie.

"W" Club " To promote the true ideals of an athlete and a sportsman-to create a great interest in the various sports." That is the two-fold purpose of the "W" Club. Membership in the club is limited to those who have earned the purple "W" for skilled performances on the gridiron, basketball floor, tennis courts, baseball diamond, or the track field . The club is responsible for the homecoming decorations at Maxwell Field. A movement to give senior awa rds at the college started the club on a new drive to earn money. This was done by setting up a concession stand at the football field during the past season and by sponsoring roller skating parties during the winter. The club sends out letters every month to former members keeping them informed on the athletic status o f th eir college. The officers of the club are: H. Brokken, president; J. Clawson; vice-president; C. Libby, secretarytreasurer; Dr. Galligan, sponsor.

Le Cerule Francais A new decade- 1940. And February of this year marked the organization of a new and exciting club- Le Cercle Francais. In plain Eng lish that means The French Club, and there are more than fifty charter members all eager to learn more about the French people, their culture and interests. Not only students of French but any W .S.T.C. student interested in the life and language of France may join. Most popular are the vital discussions of the ~ rench people whose institutions are so closely associated with ours and th e world today. Excellent speakers contribute to th e afternoon meeting s of Le Cercle and plans are made to conclude future meetings with refreshments. Next year promises to be most active with French games, songs, picnics, and at least one playtto be given entirely in French. This year's officers are: V . Lyons, president; M. Deters, vice-president; 0 . Rue, secretary-trea surer; R. O'Halloran, publicity; Miss Davis, faculty adviser.

Front Row : A . Fay, I. Sackett, 0. Rue, L. M. Olson , L. Spitzach, M. Deters, R. Mogren, F. MacKnight, L. John son . Second Row: M. Rhode, V. Lyons, E. Mixich, B. Bowen, B. Nash, C. Bierce, V. Reed, D. Johnson, Wolfe. Third Row : A . Randall, Miss Davis, R. Lyons, D. Yennie, C. Dornfeldt, H. Nipp, A. Davis, V. Hart, H Davenport, M. Stanek, H. Parker.


Front Row: R. Johnson, J. Flynn, M. Roelofs, C. Sulack, R. Spencer, A. Andrajek, W. Kaczrowski, E. Spencer. Second Row: C. Campoon, C. Duncanson, L. Walsh, J. Kalbrenner, J. Clawson, C. Libby, H. Torgerson, J. Ollum, A. Briggs. Third Row: R. Eastin A. McCutchon, J. Kunelius, T. Siirila, B. Korrup, F. Solberg, R. Pederson, R. Johnson, D. DeLano. Fourth Row: D. Stiehm E: Brandt, E. Einhorn, D. McConochie, G. Hansen, S. Fritz, R. Calhoun, R. Cunningham, C. Dettloff. Fifth Row: Ass't Coach Fisk A. Schwabe, Managers Harvey and N ipp, M. Larsen, Coach H. R. Jackson. '

FOOTBALL Yes, Winona was on its way to the football championship the day school opc¡.ed last fall. Not only did the coaches and players anticipate a championship, but the student body as well sensed the possibilities. Coach Jackson could not help but be optimistic when all but two regulars returned from last year's team which finished second. For once pre-season dope ran true to form. Undefeated and untied on in conference play, and losing only one game in non-conference play, the football team had its most successful season in many years. The team boasted many stars and alt should be recognized here but space does not permit. Nevertheless, those who watched the games can not help but remember the smooth functioning play of the backfield where the inspiring play of Captain Ralph Spencer, the brilliant runs of Ed. Spencer and Jack Kalbrenner. The hard blocking of Art Andrejek, and the accurate passing of Kaci:rowski were always demonstrated. Linemen who likewise attracted the eye were Dettloff, Clawson, Sulack, Flynn, Campion, Eastin, and Capt.-elect Milt Roelofs. Others who will be heard of in the future are: Hanson, Fritz, Delano, Walsh, McConochie, and Briggs. In passing, a word of congratulation should be extended to Coach Jackson through whose thoroughness in teaching a championship team was possible. To the student body for their financial support which made it possible to award the players gold footballs, congratulations is also extended. Although prospects for next year seem bright, it will be no easy task to replace Captain Ralph Spencer, Art Andrejek, Bill Kaczrowski, and Cedric Dettlo.ff who will be lost through graduation.

SEASON STATISTICS Through the coaches poll seven Warriors received recognition at the close of the season.

On the first team were Ralph Spencer, fullback; and Ed Spencer, halfback.

Kaczrowski, Sulack, and Clawson achieved second team honors.

Andrejek and Flynn

received honorable mention. ST. MARY'S
















MANKATO (Homecoming)




















Front Row: W. Kaczrowski, R. Spencer, A. Andrejek, H. Brokken, B. Baesler, C. Duncanson. Herron, R. Eastin, S. Breckner, L. Arns.

Second Row: E. Spencer, R. Foss, L.

BASKETBALL W ith only one letterman lost from the championship team of the preceding year, great things were expected of the basketball team this year, but "Lady Luck" strangely enough failed to give them the breaks. At a height disadvantage and with the injured Captain Art Andrejek on the sidelines most of the time, the scrappy Warriors gave the fans many thrills with their determined play. The team's 58-55 overtime victory over Stout in the final game of the season was a true example of the team's competitive spirit. Although they lost the conference championship and the city championship to St. Mary's, the team deserved and got the full support of the students. Through graduation the services of Captain Art Andrejek, Ralph Spencer, Bill Kaczrowski, and Huck Brokken will be lost. These boys will be sadly missed, having formed the nucleus of this year's team. However, things are not too black for next year with Duncanson, Eastin, Eddie Spencer, Foss, Arns, and Breckner returning. Three Warriors were given recognition by the coaches in their annual poll. guard on the first team while Andrejek and Baesler received honorable mention.

Ralph Spencer was selected as a


40 40










25 37 35


48 It

49 3918



42 45






52 30 32 45 48 48 47 55

38 It It It



23 30 39 45 39 36 58

Front Row: L. Arns, D. Johnson, J. Jozwiak, R. Johnson, A. Nusslock, M. Bambenek. Second Row: F. Knatterud, L. Luchsinger, R. Arns, D. Reiland, D. McConochie. Third Row: J. Peterson, J. Flynn, R. Eastin, V. Wood, E. Brandt, R. Spencer, W. Kaczrowski, Coach Pawlek.

BASEBALL Even Coach Stan Pawlek would have to admit that at the beginning of the basebatl season this spring, pro3pects for a championship team were the brightest they have been since the sport was introduced several years ago. This was due mainly to the fact that besides a few outstanding newcomers, there were several outstanding newcomers to aid the nine returning lettermen. The veterans who have formed the nucleus of the nine are: Captain Darrel Johnson, first base; R. Spencer, catcher, outfielder, etc.; Kaczrowski, short-stop; Wood, third base; L. Arns, second base; Jozwiak, pitcher; Brandt, catcher; Flynn, third base; E. Spencer, Eastin, Johnson, and Peterson, outfielders. The newcomers, namely R. Arns, pitcher; Reiland, pitcher; Luchsinger, first base; McConochie, infield; and Nusslack, outfield. At the time of the writing, three of the fourteen game schedule has been played, winning against Luther and LaCrosse and dropping a return game with Luther. Other teams which will be met before the season ends are St. Marys, Eau Claire, St. Cloud, and Mankato.

Front Row: J. Carlson, J. Clawson, J. Bard, J. Davidson, T. Siirila, C. Duncanson, R. Stucki, S. Breckner. Second Row: G. Pike, R. Walters, G. Naze, R. Stuhr, D. Fairbanks, F. Abel, C. Sulack, D. Ramczyk. Third Row: D. Stiehm, G. Hanson, D. DeLano, Peterson, L. Walsh, J. Ollum, J. Kalbrenner. Fourth Row: C. Libby, E. Einhorn, H. Nipp, H. Brokken, A. Andrejek, Coaches Galligan and Fisk.

TRACK Despite the IQss of such valuable men as Farmer, Ottman, Wolverton, Rich, Steffes, and Schmidt from last year's squad, Coach Galligan has prospects for a rather successful track season. The team will be led by Captain Jim Davidson, an outstanding man in the hurdles and dashes. Other returning men and their specialties are Kalbrenner, hurdles and dashes; Libby, dashes and .relay; Dettloff, dashes; and Stuhr, dashes and hurdles. A renewal of interest in track was quite evident this spring judging by the number of candidates reporting regularly for practice. Outstanding among the new prospects are Delano, in the weights; Fairbanks, Smith, Walters, and Clawson in the distances; Walsh, Brokken, Duncanson, Pederson, Siirila, and Pike in the field events; and Carlson and Hanson in the hurdles and dashes. The relay team which was one of the best in several years was made up of Davidson, Sulack, Libby, Dettloff, and Kalbrenner. The schedule of meets was as follows: May


Dragon Relays.



Upper Iowa.



Invitational meet at Decorah.



Triangular meet at Mankato.



Conference meet at Mankato.

Coach Fisk, N. VanDevanter, C. Balcer, J. Davidson, R. Stuhr,


Raymond, J. Carlson, E. Siebold, W. Murback.

Kneeling: J. Peterson, J. Carlson, W. Smith, H. Hoesley, R. Cunningham, M. Coppe, D. DeLano, G. Hansen. Standing: J. Ollum, Coach, D. Fairbanks, R. Johnson, T. Siirila, W. Laabs, C. Campion, A. Briggs, L. Walsh, B. Korupp, C. Allen, c. Sulack, F. Solberg.

BOXING Boxing came into its own this year as a sport at the college. One of the largest classes ever to turn out, approximately twenty-five boys, joined the class which was taught by Jack Ollum. The first six weeks of the quarter were spent in drilling on such fundamentals as punching, blocking, feinting, and footwork. The second half of the quarter was spent in application of these newly learned formed skills. The squad was divided into weight classes. The highlight of the season was the final boxing tournament held in Ogden Hall to determine the champion of each division. Student interest was high as was evidenced by the large number of students who took advantage of the opportunity to witness the tournament. The crowned champions of each division were as follows: HEAVY WEIGHT LIGHT WEIGHT MIDDLEWEIGHT SENIOR WELTERWEIGHT WELTERWEIGHT


Dr. Galligan, J. Ranger, R. Eastin, W. Kaczrowski, E. Spencer, A. Andrajek.

INTRAMURAL BOARD The intramural board is a group composed of a representative from each class, the basketball captain, and the director of athletics. The purpose of the board is to set up an intramural program of various sports which will provide for an activity program for the men of the student body.

Badminton This year saw a new peak in interest shown in badminton. The entrants are divided into two classes, namely: experienced and inexperienced. After this each class is divided into teams of doubles who compete in an elimination tournament in their own division for supremacy. The winning team, composed of Detloff and Ollum, was crowned college badminton champs.

Aerial Dart Tennis Aerial dart tennis was a new intramural interclass sport this year, and because of its success, it promises to be an annual affair. The championship this year was won by the sophomores. This is another¡ example of our constant enlarging intramural program which ¡promises to make our college one of the best in this aspect.

-. G. Pike, J. Clawson, M. Roelofs, D. Rand, J. Bard, D. Fairbanks.



Volleyball without a doubt is one of the most popular intramural sports as is evidenced by the large number of students that take part in this activity. The Owls, lead by Captain Jack Ollum, captured the volleyball championship this year. Scoring 208 points, 12 points better than the second place Streamers, the Owls showed their superiority over the other teams in the tournament.

Probably the keenest rivalry in intramurals is found in the basketball tournament. Only non-varsity members are eligible to play in games thus keeping the players in teams more evenly matched. This year's tournament was one of the most interesting and exciting ever to be held, because a four way tie for the championship at the end of the regular schedule necessitated a play-off, with the Reds, captained by Milt Roelofs, coming out on top.

Front Row: S . Breckner, J. Clawson, J. Second Row: A. Andrejek, L Walsh.


Front Row:• Miss Talbot, L. Whitman, L. Halstenrud, v. Pedersen, C. Spande, E. Meyer, .V. Towner, F. Walsh, Miss Andrews. Second Row: H. Eaker, J. O'Brien, N. Lee, S. Snyder, M. Fisscher, E. Green, M. Waldo, c. Kelm, M. Meyer.

Physical Education Club

W. A. A.

The Physical Education Club is a professional club open to all majors and minors in physical education. The officers are: F. Walsh, president; M. Meyer, vice president; S. Snyder, secretary-treasurer. To provide funds for the year's activities the club sold buttons at Homecoming and also sold candy at the basketball games. The club meets once a month at which there is a social, business, or a combination of the two meetings held. Miss Talbot and Miss Andrews are tht! advisors.

The W.A.A. provides the recreational athletic activities for the girls of the college. It is directed by the W.A.A. Board consisting of nine members: Seniors, June Patterson and Louise Whitman; juniors; Frances Walsh and Ethel Meyer; sophomores, Leona Halstenrud, Patsy Hennessey and Ann Martin; freshmen, Harriet Eaker and Cordelia Lundquist. Among the highlights of the club activities were a splash party and a trip to the state playday at St. Catherines College in St. Paul. Frances Walsh and Ethel Meyer were sent as delegates to the North Central District Convention of the Athletic Federation of College Women at Bloomington, Illinois.


Why Jim! Who's who

What the . ...

So. St. Paul Baa a a

Service with a smile Snooty (?)

Come on out Sunnin' West lodge?



looking up





Mess 10:30 Lunch

St. Cloud-Bound Skull Boys

Political Cigar?

"Humans" OOOH!

"Nurse" Warley Thinkin' Go-it Relaxin'





- _,!='-




Concentration Lucasites

Watcha lookin' at?

Eva lou

Ice Boatin'?

Karen Sunbrite?

Carol Millie Shepard

" Dommy"


stands for college, studying and all; nine months of springtime that begins every fall. stands for alpha, the famous Greek letter; we substitute activities and get along much better.


stands for Mabel, Molly, and Mice; we have a Iotta coeds and really they're nice.


starts off playing, parking and price; it's really the fellows that give life its spice.


stands for ultimate, unction and unusual; learn how to borrow money without a refusal.


stands for sports, spirit and spunk; try not to study but also don't flunk.

If I have as much intelligence As you say I possess, If I always look to you The snappiest in dress. It I am half as beautiful As you say I am, Then why do I date you You funny little man? .

Dorm days! Dorm days! Dear old Morey Hall days. Chatting and lounging and dating too Scolded by the bell girl when overdue. You were my room mate talkative I was your eager confidante. You wrote in my book "Vous etes charmante" When we were a couple of frosh .

- v. L.

Last minute quiz to test your 'graspi ng and holding' qualities. ' by-words' of your professors in your four years of delvings at W.S.T.C. to the bell-shaped curve. " You Juniors and Seniors ought to get this."

See if you have absorbed these quotations and Fill in the blanks and rate your results according


"Some day we'll have to pay off our national debts."


"What is Unity? . . . . Unity is oneness!!!"


" Learning is connection forming."


" Yo get it?"


" Open your mouth when you talk."


" Isn 't that a worthy thought."


" Utilization and appreciation of community resources."


" I may be a little maticulous."


" I'll say 'Amen' to that."


" You get out of everything just what you put into it."


" Progressive Education ... . . . "


" When are you going to get to work."


" You didn't report your illness."


" You can start teaching tomorrow."


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Time: Any Time.

Mae Kid.

Scene: Any night, any hour, any month, any year.

of his shell.

It took Daisy Mae Week to bring him out Bucky?

He's the Lodge's star musician

and his piano playing is enough to cause De Bussey

Place: West Lodge, W.S.T.C., Winona, Minnesota.

(trio) to swing out!

Characters: Guide and visitors.

Erick-he's a man's man; new window and all " Hey you guys out there. study (?) hours?"

iBa:cer plus heavy snow plus muscle equals new window

Don'tch know it's

at $1.50.

Thus, any night of any month of any

give him time; Mrs. Jack is nobody's sissy.

year is ushered into West Lodge, that veritable Utopia of the Southeastern tip of Minnesota. veritable.)

(Notice the word

And Karl, well the son of lsaaz can hardly go

Oh, but you say you've never been through

West Lodge?

Cupid has yet to dent his cast iron frame but


Well, let's take a word trip through the

Especially with any Christensens around. Room 10 is the lu-I mean, a h-er-is Gus' Gas-

dim halls of this ancient hall of learning (what?) and

he use.

see what we shall see.

His favorite game is "Heisie Lowsie Jick Jack Game' '

Notice the spacious walls.

under all those pictures. fellow.

Keeping on north-up over the curva - sorry, I

Yes, it's

thought I was back in my geography class.

They say that's the first stage;

pictures over the Vvall-paper.

Not bad, eh?

(Not bad for a hairlip.)

Room 1: Lars Pennock's penthouse; the Preceptors's Paradise.

Take a peek at the pictures.

Next in

Room 11 comes the Dassel Wood-cutters-the Johnson

And he was such a nice

brothers, Ray and Soak.

Well, it happens to the best of them. Of course.

Roy is the Dote Bureau's prob-

Kayp this under your hat but his new glasses w~re from

lem child.

Einhorn' s.

well give him a brush , paints, paper and his White

Room 2: This is Bowser's Barracks.

There is no Helen for him.

And Soak-

Bear and let him dream and he'll never bother you .

No, we don't

That l1ttle doo,- across the hall is the telephone

know much about him except that he's Grimm most o f the time, but he is one who knows "who the next speak-


er is" and how to move a piano!


Notice the numbers on the walls plus the feet


Many delightful hours (?) hove been spent

Room 3: Here we have Schwabe's and Solberg' s Sing-Sing.

broadcasting booth-the hot spot of West

there, haven't they Karl and Chuck?

Here the theme songs seem to be "Carmen

"Hey, Glut- it's

time to stop for station identification."

through the Rye" and " In MY Merry 'Oids'mobile" respectively.

Room 12 is the Lodge "office".

Well, let's leave them, should we? here?

Room 4: Here resides Roger-the-Lodger Pederson-just a plain 'Hick(ey). It is almost 4 feet square.



Take a look at his closet.

and Von just too flat.

And then Room 13-unlucky.

They make up 2-5ths of the

~.:ntil you see them .

Renslo, he's the one that

is planning to go west, Montana, I believe.


And May-

nord, his attraction is back home on the farm.

Woodie, he's the athlete of th':!

house; the "4 inning kid".

Room 6: "Little Sweden".

And he has the nicest col-

lection of bed-time stories, haven't you Veir?

Jug Peterson and Car-

Jay is our history man.

Jug, is our war-news hound and the one

who believes in celebrating homecoming.

Maybe, but wait

It's none other than the Houston

With Wood, Jay and Mick having matters

well in hand, or foot.


.say what, but it must be good.

by Carlson .

Ray next door offers the only


Room 5: Maynard Johnson and Skiifoot Renslo Fumbling Five, remember?

This spot is where we have the charm-

ing (!) duets in lower register snoring; Camp is E flat

Go Kid' with the red light.

hang their hats here.

Oh , I'm sorry there's a mix-up somewhere but yo·'J

get the ideo .

Yes, Roger is the 'Stop and

And who stays

Why Dorothy Campion and Anne Von Deven-

He knows "We tha

people" by hear and is Jedy's pride and joy.

Carlson, he

And Mickey, he is the versatile member of the

is the type that waits for valentines that don't come; Lodge.

Chicago, wasn't it, Johnny?

He's a grammer major.

Watkins salesman,

boxing champ, Farmer Labor Secretary, Cashmere BoRoom 7 : That last inmate on the lower floor is the Phantom Kid-Bill Bleifuss. dlewick bedspread.

quet Kid, and push -over for red heir.

The one with the can--

He's the one that breaks up a

honest it does.

card game with his inevitable "Anyone quitting yet?" Now for the upper story. tle way, and how!

And oh yes, he

has a car-l mean a vehicle for riding or well, it runs,

There you have West Lodge, and as the sun sets in the West so does the moon shine.

Batty in its own lit-

As we give

Right around the corner we have

a last farewell to this beautiful addition to the halls of

those two duplex rooms with the too, too darling little

higher learning (who said that?) we hear the shouts of:

steps leading up to them .

"Hey, turn off the razor, the Hit Parade's on".

On the right hand we have

Erickson and Byboth and on the left Hatfield and Wal-

left the bathtub in this condition".



Francis Ratfield, you know him, he's the Daisy



[ 67 ]













Sept. 10, 1939

Today we have as our special guest artist one we ll known to all of you, our great Indian friend, Ta-ya-he-ti. Will you say a few words to th e boys and girls?" Ta -ya -he -ti is no coward, how!

Winona, Minn. Dear Mum, I got here alright on the bus Sunday. It was raining and I got my new outfit all wet. Tell Dad to send me $1.00 to send it to the cleaners. The lodge I stay at is Lucas. It's a swell new building. I met a neat blonde a~ dinner Sunday night. I don't know what her nome is, but I tock her out. Tell Dod to send me $5 .00. When I get to teach ing I wi ll pay him back. I didn't get much sleep Sunday night either. Someone put angleworms and cracker crumbs in my bed. They tell me that is the way th ey always oct here . They tell me l'il cet used to it w hich I f-.oce I will. Ye3terdoy it rained.~ Just about all day we. sot in the auditorium taking some kind of tests to see how smart we ore, I guess. We took a spelling test too. You hove to get 95 in it to r:oss. If you don't you don't get a mark in grar:-.mar until you do. Somebody told me sometimes ycu hove to toke it again if you don't pass it the first time, and then if you don't pass it you hove to toke it again and maybe again. I guess I'l l wait and toke grammar when I am a junior. I know I should of got some sleep lost night cuz I on ly got 7 4 in the test. Last nite some of th e seniors said they like to start off the year with a bong with social activities and keep it up all year. So they're selling tickets to their first outside activity of the year, some boat races at Lake Winona. I didn't know Lake Winona was big enough but I guess it must be if the seniors say so. Anywa y I bought two tickets. Tell Dod to send me $3.00.

Two mosquitoes once lit on the featu res Of two fai r and peroxided creatures. W hen asked by what right, They rep lied, "We're not tight, We're just seeing the game from the bleachers."

Dash off a rime that the students like; Cleverly phrase it and mildly scent it; Offer it with a joyous heartAnd never a censor w ill let you print it. Dash off a rime that the censors like; Muffle it, soften it, tune it-bleed it; Offer it up with a weeping soulFor ma ny a student will never rea d it.

I once had a classmate named Guesser Whose knowledge got lesser and lesser. It at last grew so small He knew nothing at allAnd now he's a college professor.

W hy is it when I' m sleepy and "9o to bed at night, The gang on my hall has to start a fight, And stamp and knock and run and jump and beat hammer and truck and jig and rip and roar snort and laugh a nd talk and sing and shout pitch a nd argue and fuss and fume and cuss pound and blow and ca ll and clap and drum play and cough and sneeze and whine.And bull with lip and tongue and limb, And keep me awake until 2 A. lv\.

How's th e weather home? It's raini ng down here today. We hove to go to regular classes here today, too. It's quarter to 8 now. Guess I better quit writing so I won't be late to class. So long!

and and and and and

LoveYour son, Junior. P.S. Don't forget to tell Dod to send me that money.

And how about thi s: Where th ere's a will there is a way. A way is means. To be mean is t o be nasty. Relatives are usually nasty. Where there is a will, there's usually relatives.

College girl with rosy cheeks, Flowing hair and flying feet, Ankle socks and saddle shoes, "Sloppy Joes" of varied hues, How can you make a transformation Into a beauteous creature

And Dad: "It's a funny world. It a man get s money, he's a g ra fter . If he keeps, he's a capita list. If he spends it, he's a playboy. If he doesn't get it, he's a ne'er-do-well. If he d9esn't try to get, he lacks ambition . If he gets it without working for it, he's a parasite. And if he accumulates it after a life time of work, he's a sucker.

.of unbelievab le loveliness, Wh en at th e prom, in some cool frothiness, You are a queen, serene and charming, Or elfin fairy with smile disarming, The hea rts of all Apollos harming.

Frosh-"Tra nsfer, please." Conductor-"Where to?" Frosh-"Can't t ell you. It's a surprise party."

With television just around the corner, it will soon be, " Why'n'cha call me up and see me scme time."

[ 69 ]














June 4, 1940

thing except in learning to swim.

Winona, Minn. There was a young fellow named lzzie Who went for a drive in his Lizzie, His view of a train Was hidden by rain, Alas for poor lzzie, where is he?

Dear Mother, The school year is practically over now, an d a very fruitful year it was, too . the final examinations.

All that now remains a re

I have been studying for them

every night for the past week so I have high aspirations for obtaining at least all "B" grades. It ain't the cough That carries you off. It's the coffin They carry you off in .

Jack informed me of the fact that Mary had a green stick fracture of her ulna .

I hope she recovers

soon from the accident, and we can rest assured that


she will as long as the periostome was not severely She could consider herself fortunate that


A little work, A Iotta pay Is what I call A perfect day. (The guy that wrote that never was a school teacher, I bet. )

the damage happened to her ulna and not to some other part.

This way her daily work is not retarded in

any way.

Think how much worse it would have been

if she had injured her patella and broken the bursa. You can console the child with such similar contemplation.

She really isn't as inhibited as she may think. I have been going with Joan-recently.

She is


one of the most intelligent girls I have ever had the occasion to meet. She and I motored to M-- to attend

Our LAMPES ARNS for sale.

the annual spring concert of the M--symphony or-


chestra .

How about a close shave with GILLETTE.

We both especially liked their particular ren-

dition from Verdi's "Aida".

FOSS do matter?

We are planning to attend

I will be home Friday night.

AN IT A friend.


the opera, "Die Valkyrie", very soon.

Who will ASK him?


Tell father to meet

me at the train for I have sou much luggage.


ART thou RUSSELLing up a little business?

I am

Confuscious say: "It's WARLEY simple to get MEYER'd."

bringing home all of my botannical and zoological co l-

KISSLING'S all right when you're MICKst in the head.

lection, and other materials for I intend to do extensive

Quit you LYON you know ARMSTRONG.

research work this summer.

Why didn't MORCOMB of it if her heart was BROKKEN.

Love to all,

DUNCAN soon BATE his line. Whoever heard of a musician with SANDIN his shoes.


He's always SHERIN things; that why he's beHEINed. JOHNNY boiled because he was so VIVacious. In the parlor there were three, She, the parlor lamp and he. Three is company-no doubt. So the little lamp-went out.

HEISE changed again? I'll take that BALCER.

GUS not. This is a GRIMM game.

CAMPION is SCHLESSELMAN in the way. Why don'tcha BYBOTHE of them ISSACSON? DAVIDSON leave if you told them to, LOIS.

The while I swat The buzzing flies, I can't restrain My thoughts and sighs. I needn't swat Until I'm blue, If Noah had Just swatted two !

Are others BARD, JANET? Things are keeping ANDREJEK pretty BUSSE. That's DAHL right HATFIELD. You DU-EL by yourself TOLLESON. Whose HART has VALERIE got? HASSINGER got any time to study ELIDE? Hey, PENNOCK . . . . . ? AL alltime SPANDE time away from studies.

... ...; •!<

Are they going to COPPE HELEN'S style?

A shortsighted lady came into the grocery store: " Is that the headcheese over there?"

SPENCER moon comes over da mt. we'll reJOYCE.


SIEBOLD man got a half-NELSON on the canary. You ain't so OLDS huh, FRED .

All things come to him who waits; But here's a rule that's slicker; The man who goes for what he wants Will get it all the quicker.

SIELAFF of VAN's boomed out. Try some LIBBY's RICH ham. CLINT may RUE the day .....


I DONITZA no help from JOHN.

It's a good idea to begin at the bottom in every-


[ 71 ]























[ 73 ]


STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Established 1858-9331 graduates. Oldest Teacher Training Institution West of the Mississippi River. Accredited by the North Central Association of Co ll eges and Secondary Schools.

Accredited by the American Association of Teachers Colleges. Graduates can teach in any state of the Union.

Four-year curriculum-leads to the Bachelor of Scie nce Degree. Students may major in Elementary Education or prepare themselves fo r high school t eaching in the academic fields or fin e arts, music, in d ustrial arts, and physical education .

The two-year curriculum p rep ares teachers f or the elementary grades, kindergarten , or rural teaching.

" There is an atmosphere of maturity about the institution,

a purposeful way of doing things, and an alertness on the part of the officers of ad min istration that cannot fail but imp ress a though tful visitor."-NORTH CENTRAL ASSOCIATION report.

[ 74



Boyum, Shubert & Sorenson ARCHITECTS & ENG~S Winona, Minn. LaCrosse, Wis.



Architects and Engineers for Winona Public Schools W.S.T.C. College Library

120 E. Third St.


McKEY'S ICE C REAM SHOP We hope we have done our part toward making your year a pleasant one 451 Huff St.


- --

KEGLER'S KLUB Jus. C . Weisman

Dial 4808


115 East 4th



Williams Book & Stationery


Students and Faculty of W.S.T.C. have bought their supplies

w inona

682-686 W. Fifth St.

here since 1914





68-70 East Fourth St.







129 E. Third

77 E. Third St.




Mississippi Valiey T e achers' Bureau MANKATO, MINN.


Marion Evans, Mgr. "The Oldest Agency in Southern Minnesota"




52-54-56 East Third Street

LAUNDRY 164 West Third


Phone 2888

[ 75 ]



LOUIS THUROW BOX FACTORY Manufacturers of Window and Door Frames Packing Boxes and Crates Quality Mill Work




Tbird & Wilson


Deerwood -

Ubesee -

F oodcraft



Distributed by

66-70 East Second Street Since 1855 Phone 4052







Dial 3982

529 Huff St.

Phone 2875

--I I



Phone 2202

108 W . 3rd St.



STEVENSON'S A FRIENDLY STORE TO SHOP FOR College Togs. Formals and E verything Smart for S chool and Campus "If it's new you'll find it h ere" COURTESY SERVICE


Winona. Minn.

A Complete Line of

Compliments of



WERNER & OSTROM 519 Huff St.

Dial 2358


Great Sport _ Fine E xercise - Swimming Handb~ll _ Showers Friendship Companionship - Fine Social Lobby Member ship $10 a year Good at any "Y" in the world



174 Main St.

Fifth and Johnson S ts.

[ 78 ]


H. CHOATE & COMPANY Established 1861

at a Saving

Quality Photographs

Phone 2936


Compliments of the



McCONNON & COMPANY Memphis, Tenn.

Winona, Minn.

A Winona Company which manufactures a complete line of over 1 70 guaranteed products, including Foods, Toilet Articles, Good Health Products, Stock and Poultry Raisers Supplies, Insecticides, and many other necessities.


[ 79 ]



Incorporated I 91 0

"The Store where you find the nationally advertised lines"' Winona, Minnesota

I 66- I 68 Center St.

SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS ON APPLICATION PICTURES Kodak Roll developed, printed and a FREE enlargement for 25c

KRESGE STORES $.05 and $.10 -


$.25 to $1.00

Opposite Library

The following firms have contributed to the financial success of this 1ssue of the Wenonah: We appreciate your patronage.

Henry G . Burton

Morgan's jewelry

Lu. El. Beauty Shoppe

Edward Saehler's Barber Shop

Chief of Police

Salet' s Depar.tment Store

The Candy Box

Jensen Optical Company

Bill's Barber Shop

W. T. Grant Company

Quality Fur Shop

Lincoln Hotel

Haddad's Dry Cleaners

Aksel Anderson Furniture & Upholstering

Shelton's Beauty Shoppe

Ardath Dress Shop

Marsh Drug Company

Rackow's Barber Shop

Royal Taxi-Steak Shop


Owl Motor Company

Winona Furniture Company

N. E. Holden Drugs

] ackman Standard Service

A. Aune Upholstering


Herbert M. Bierce

Mason Motor Company

Dotty Dunn Hat Shop

Chandler's Candy Shop

Henry Burton Band

Kratz Candy Shop

[ 80 ]