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WSPA: 30 years dedicated to helping end animal cruelty


Over the past 30 years, WSPA supporters have helped us change the lives of animals for the better. As WSPA moves into our fourth decade of promoting animal welfare around the world, we hope you continue to stand by our side to achieve lasting, positive changes for animals. To learn more about WSPA’s work, please visit

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Without you, last year would have been a disaster. Your support for our work to protect animals helped us achieve great things in 2011. In particular, we had great success in rescuing bears from horrendous suffering and malicious cruelty. You helped rescue bears from ‘bear dancing’ Three bear cubs were seized last year in India by WSPA’s partner, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). The cubs have been spared from a life of ‘dancing’ but we suspect that the bear dancing hub has shifted to a new area of India. Our ongoing anti-poaching and awareness work is vitally important to ensure we can keep cubs in the wild where they belong.

You helped rescue bears from bear farming It was a very successful year for WSPA’s Captive Bear Programme with rescues of bears in India, Pakistan and now, Vietnam. Here, thanks to your support, WSPA’s partner, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) was successful in its long, three year battle to rescue three bears who were caged by their owner who cruelly extracted their bile.

You helped rescue bears from bear baiting With our partner in Pakistan, the Bioresource Research Centre (BRC), we rescued nine bears last year. Because of WSPA’s work, the number of bears now being used in baiting has decreased to around 60 from over 2,000 in 1996. Look inside to learn about even more successes you helped make possible in 2011.

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You were there when disaster struck in Kenya When WSPA began providing relief in the Mwingi province of Kenya to help alleviate the devastating effects of drought, some herders had not seen rain for three years! Not surprisingly, their animals were severely malnourished and at great risk of starving to death. WSPA delivered necessary fodder, supplements and veterinary treatment to the animals and by doing so benefited more than 20,000 cattle, goats, sheep, donkeys and camels. Without you, this would have been a disaster.

You are helping Cambodian horses live healthier, happier lives Working with our partner, the Cambodia Pony Welfare Organization (CPWO), and because of your support, WSPA expanded our Human Behaviour Change (HBC) workshops so that we are now working in over 25 villages in Cambodia. This expansion enables us to help hundreds of ponies by supporting their owners to learn the best way to care for them. And for those problems which cannot be prevented, three trained vets from CPWO are available to provide treatment and advice.

You helped WSPA’s rescue efforts in Japan WSPA was on the ground within a few days of the devastating earthquake, planning how we could provide the best support. To date, 827 animals were supported through WSPA funded shelters. At the end of April, just over one month after the tsunami, 120 animals were rehomed through the Japan Animal Welfare Society (JAWS); this number has now grown to over 200. Also, 460 animals were rescued from the 20 km exclusion zone around Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

You helped protect dogs in Bali You supported our campaign to stop the cruel culling of dogs in Bali. Because of your help, more than 210,000 dogs were vaccinated and saved from cruel and agonizing deaths. The decrease in the number of rabies cases proved the effectiveness of our humane vaccination programs. This success allowed us to move forward with our current “Collars Not Cruelty” campaign, where WSPA is calling on governments worldwide to introduce mass dog vaccination programs in the fight against rabies. Our efforts have just begun in Bangladesh, and with your continued support, we aim to vaccinate thousands of dogs, protecting them and the communities they live in.


Raht was wild with fear as the flames scorched his flesh, burning him badly. The fire that burned the gentle donkey was no accident. After being maliciously abused by children for days, an eyewitness saw a group of boys cover Raht in a nylon sheet, tying it tightly around him. They then poured kerosene over the sheet, set it ablaze and chased him through the village where the severely wounded animal became lost in all the chaos. After two days spent frantically searching for Raht, a journalist covering the story found the stricken animal and quickly hid him in his nearby garden.

© Pegasus

You helped provide hens a better quality of life Because of your support, we convinced five Canadian schools to phase out their use of eggs from caged hens. As a result, approximately 400,000 eggs purchased annually will now come from hens that have the freedom to move, stretch their wings, perch, nest and express other natural behaviours. Visit to see our campaign.

You supported our campaign to end bear farming The action of 155,000 WSPA supporters has helped kick start a parliamentary process in South Korea that could lead to a phase out of bear farming when a new bill was considered. Around 1,000 bears are confined in horrific conditions on farms in South Korea until they are about 10 years of age when they are slaughtered for their bile. The bile is then sold for use in traditional Asian medicines.

© WSPA/Nick de Souza

Here are just some of the incredible things you helped us achieve in 2011

Raht was rushed to WSPA’s valued partner in Israel, the Pegasus Society for the Protection of Horses and Donkeys. Here, Zvika, the caring founder of Pegasus, provided Raht with emergency care and now ensures that he’s treated twice daily for his burns. Miraculously, Raht’s wounds will heal completely! Without your support of WSPA, this story – as dreadful as it is – would not have a happy ending.

WSPA's 2011 Achievements  
WSPA's 2011 Achievements  

Here are just some of the incredible things you helped us achieve in 2011