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From the Field Fall / Winter 2018 The future will be elephant-friendly, thanks to you Making a world of difference in disasters Canada joins our Global Ghost Gear Initiative

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From the Executive Director

Thank you for giving animals a hopeful future Fall is my favourite time of year. It’s a reminder to reflect on the successes of the past year and an opportunity to look forward to what’s next. And, it’s a time to reflect on what you are most thankful for. Each year I am amazed at the generosity, dedication and commitment of our donors. Thanks to you, millions of animals around the world have hope. Whether you provided food for hungry animals, rescued them from danger or helped build them a safe new home, these animals have you to thank. The stories that you are about to read are your stories. You were there with us, in the field, every step of the way.

You are protecting ocean animals from ghost gear

What I am most struck by when reflecting on the success stories contained in this edition of From the Field is the hopeful future you are creating for animals everywhere. You are always there fighting for animals in times of crisis; but what’s so inspiring to me, is that you are also preventing animal suffering before it happens. For example, your powerful voice helped us convince the government of Canada to sign on to our Global Ghost Gear Initiative which will help clear the seas of dangerous discarded fishing nets. This means that fewer whales and turtles will become entangled, suffer and die. Your ongoing support and commitment means that we can move the world’s biggest travel companies to prove that elephant-friendly attractions are the way of the future. This means that fewer elephants will suffer to give tourists rides and instead will stay in the wild, where they belong. I hope you enjoy this issue of From the Field. From my family to yours, have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. You are giving rescued sloths a wild new start


Josey Kitson Executive Director, World Animal Protection Canada

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E: From the Field Fall/Winter 2018

Highlights Nos réussites

Breaking news! Canada joins GGGI

Thanks to your ongoing support, we moved the government of Canada to join our Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI). Together, with other members, we’ll be protecting marine animals from lost gear. Follow us on Facebook at WorldAnimalProtectionCanada for the latest news.

Win! Improving the lives of mother pigs Thanks to your support, thousands of pregnant pigs will live happier lives free from cages. Following our call on Thai supermarket chain, Tops Market, the retailer has committed to sourcing 100% of pork sold in its stores from farms that do not cage pregnant pigs by 2027.

Win! 5 bears freed from suffering

After 13 years of suffering, five Asiatic black bears have been rescued from the horrific abuse of bear bile farming. For years, the bears lived in small cages, sick and in pain. The owner was persuaded to release the bears to a sanctuary by our partners, Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) and government authorities.

Learn more | En savoir plus From the Field Fall/Winter 2018

Le Canada adhère à la GGGI Avec votre appui, nous avons inspiré le gouvernement du Canada à adhérer à notre initiative mondiale contre la pêche fantôme (Global Ghost Gear Initiative). Ensemble, nous protègerons la faune marine des engins de pêche à la dérive. Suivez le projet sur Facebook : WorldAnimalProtectionCanada.

C’est gagné! Meilleure vie pour les truies mères Grâce à votre soutien, des milliers de truies enceinte seront enfin libres de bouger. Tops Market, la chaine de détail thaïlandaise, nous a confirmé s’être engagée à s’approvisionner d’ici 2027 uniquement en porc issu des fermes où les femelles en gestation ne sont pas confinées à des cages.

C’est gagné! 5 ours libérés Après 13 ans de souffrance, cinq ours noirs d’Asie ont été libérés de l’horreur des fermes de bile. Ils ont passé des années à souffrir, malades, dans de petites cages. Avec les autorités publiques, notre partenaire (ENV : Education for Nature Vietnam) a convaincu leur propriétaire de les relâcher dans un sanctuaire.

Making a world of difference in disasters

1 Eugenia Morales

2 Dr Judy Kimaru

Around 350 disasters strike every year, but your support means we can protect animals and their owners. Il y a près de 350 catastrophes par année, mais avec votre appui nous protégeons les animaux et leurs maitres.

3 Wanwalit Krutgard

4 Dr Naritsorn Pholperm

Project Manager for Animals in Disasters

Disaster Operations Manager and livestock vet

Disaster Management Logistics Officer

Project Manager for Animals in Disasters and vet

“I work with governments, academics and communities so they understand how important it is to protect animals and how that protects people as well...”

“Working in a drought, you have a great sense of responsibility because of the trust that people put on you to do something for their animals…”

“I don’t feel frightened going to a disaster zone, but it is emotionally demanding – the animals and owners need our help so much…”

“I have been to so many disasters to protect animals in Asia and the Pacific. Each one is different. It makes me happy when we can help…”

« Lors d’une sècheresse, il faut un grand sens des responsabilités, car les gens mettent leur confiance en vous et vous confient leurs animaux. »

« Je n’ai pas peur d’aller en zone dangereuse, mais c’est émotionnellement très exigeant. Les animaux et leurs maitres ont besoin de toute notre aide! »

« Je travaille avec les gouvernements, les chercheurs et les communautés pour leur faire comprendre l’importance de protéger les animaux, et le fait que ça protège les gens du même coup. »

« Je suis allé sauver des animaux dans les catastrophes, tant en Asie que dans le Pacifique. Chaque intervention a ses particularités. Le fait d’aider les communautés me rend heureux. »

Photo: Thomas Cristofoletti / World Animal Protection

From the Field Fall/Winter 2018

An elephantfriendly future

Vous êtes l’avenir des éléphants

Happy Elephant Care Valley, in Chiang Mai, Thailand has taken the first giant steps to becoming a truly elephant-friendly venue.

Le site Happy Elephant Care Valley, à Chiang Mai, en Thaïlande, a pris l’énorme décision de devenir un site vraiment respectueux des éléphants.

Thanks to your ongoing support and alongside some of the world’s most influential travel companies, we are moving towards an elephant-friendly future for tourism.

Grâce à votre appui continu et à celui des voyagistes les plus influents du monde, l’avenir du tourisme appartient aux sites qui sont respectueux des éléphants.

Elephants are wild animals and attractions that offer riding or shows, use cruel training methods to keep them under control. Separated from their mothers, baby elephants are beaten and suffer immensely. But at elephant-friendly venues, tourists observe elephants behaving naturally from a safe distance. Happy Elephant Care Valley’s transition allows tourists to see elephants roaming freely in the valley and bathing in the rivers. Many venues across Thailand still offer elephant rides. Your powerful voice means we can continue to work with travel companies and prove that elephant-friendly venues make both ethical and financial sense. Thank you for creating a better future for elephants.

Les éléphants sont des animaux sauvages, et les sites qui offrent des tours et des spectacles d’éléphants utilisent des méthodes cruelles pour les dresser et les contrôler. Ils séparent les bébés de leur mère, puis les battent et les torturent jusqu’à ce que les petits acceptent d’interagir avec l’humain. Or, dans les sites qui les respectent, les éléphants sont gardés à distance sécuritaire des touristes, qui peuvent observer leur comportement naturel. La transition du site Happy Elephant Care Valley permettra aux touristes de les voir errer, paitre et se baigner librement dans les rivières. Il reste encore beaucoup de sites qui offrent des tours d’éléphant en Thaïlande. Mais avec la puissance de votre voix, nous continuerons de travailler avec les voyagistes pour prouver que les sites respectueux—qui n’offrent pas d’interaction forcée et dangereuse avec la faune sauvage— sont un bon choix éthique et financier. Nous vous remercions de tout ce que vous faites pour améliorer l’avenir des éléphants.

Elephants have strong problem-solving abilities

Rather than just something the young do, elephants play all their lives

Elephants will protect other elephants and help them when they are in trouble

L’éléphant a une grande capacité à résoudre les problèmes

L’éléphant ne joue pas seulement pendant l’enfance; il joue aussi pendant toute sa vie adulte

L’éléphant protège ses semblables quand ils sont en difficulté et les aide quand ils sont dans le besoin

From the Field Fall/Winter 2018

Give to World Animal Protection I hope you have enjoyed reading about how your commitment as an Animal Protector has improved the lives of animals globally. Whether it is elephants in Thailand, or bears in Pakistan, when they have needed you, you have stood by them. Your generosity has once again moved the world to protect animals and you have been a voice for the voiceless. Thank you. If you have been inspired to make a one-time special gift please fill out the information below. Sincerely,

Josey Kitson Executive Director, World Animal Protection Canada


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A day in the life of Cassandra Koenen Thanks to our partners, the AIUNAU rehabilitation centre in Colombia, rescued sloths learn how to survive in the wild. And your support is funding four new habitats.

Another resident Cassandra and a puppy who also calls AIUNAU home

Cassandra Koenen, our Head of Wildlife Campaigns, visited the centre and saw the release of a rehabilitated sloth. She shares one of her days… 7:00 am After two days spent at AIUNAU, we are heading to Cordova to meet up with Tinka Plese and Bravucona, one of the young sloths she has been rehabilitating for the past nine months. Bravucona is heading back into her wild home today, thanks to you. 9:00 am We begin the trek to the Medellin airport for the flight. If all goes according to plan we will be in Monteria in a few hours and on our way to the release site. 4:00 pm Our day of travelling is long, but I know that Tinka and Bravucona had an even longer journey back into the wild. At the centre caretakers clip fruit to branches so sloths learn to climb and survive. Bravucona will be able to thrive on her own thanks to the skills she’s learned.

5:00 pm We finally arrive at the site and need to move quickly. With a fed and watered Bravucona, we head into the forest. 6:00 pm We find the perfect tree and Bravucona grabs the lowest branches. Her slow climb takes about 45 minutes. Once she was high in her forest home, we say goodbye.

Loving hands Tinka guides Bravucona to a safe branch

7:00 pm We head to the research centre for the night. It has been reconstructed thanks to you so research students can come and study the sloths. We feel lucky to be its first guests! Tomorrow we are heading back into the forest with our binoculars to try and find Bravucona high up in the trees. Without supporters like you and our partners at the AIUNAU, sloths like Bravucona would not get a second chance at life in the wild.

Home at last Bravucona’s first moments in her wild home

To learn more about how you’re helping sloths rescued from the exotic pet trade or tourism industry visit