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International Union of Operating Engineers, Training and Conference Center

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Christ Church Cathedral, Renovation

Project Profile International Union of Operating Engineers / Crosby, Texas

As you approach the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Training and Conference Center in Crosby, Texas, you realize that this facility is so much more than a building on a large piece of land - it’s a tribute. Founded in 1896, the Union’s members have been instrumental in maintaining a strong workforce in Canada and the US, and to this day, continue that mission of longevity in their respective crafts. With rich history, from contributing to America’s war efforts in WWII to building much of our modern day roadways, a facility that would honor the Union’s past yet look to the future was paramount. Sitting on 237 acres, this flagship, state-of-the-art facility was built for the entire International Union of Operating Engineers organization. The new campus is comprised of a 179,200-sf, two-story administration building with two attached three-story dormitory wings. The Administration Building houses administrative offices, a grand ballroom that can be divided into eight large classrooms, dining facilities, and a commercial kitchen. The overall site includes exterior site structures (field classrooms), a 12,380-sf central plant building, a 18,420-sf shop building, a 8,670-sf warehouse, and a 3,250-sf health club complete with a pool and basketball court.

The Program When IUOE was in the early stages of developing plans for their new campus, they kept their members at the forefront. President Jim Callahan wanted the best for the Union so he looked to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America’s International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada designed by Carlile Coatsworth Architects, Inc. (CCA). The Carpenters Union and the Operators Union have a long-standing friendship so when it came time to figure out what IUOE wanted, they toured the Carpenters facility and were blown away. Jim Callahan had found his architect.

CCA’s lead architect, David Prickett, kicked off the process by giving IUOE a 10-page questionnaire to gain a better idea of their vision for this project. To appreciate the smart and purposeful programming that went into this project, you must understand IUOE and what they do. IUOE is a progressive trade union representing two core divisions. One division is the operating engineers who work as heavy equipment operators, mechanics, and surveyors in the construction industry. This group has three primary groups: pipeline, general excavation, and cranes. Their stomping ground is the site’s exterior. They have 12 crane pads with brand new equipment. The exterior site structures, or field classrooms, have the functionality of a traditional classroom setting with glass walls so they can reference the equipment outside during their lessons. The other division is the stationary engineers who work in operations and maintenance in major building facilities of all types. The central plant, also known as ‘the jewel’ of the site, was built for the stationary engineers. It’s not only the lifeblood of the facility, it’s also an active classroom. The central plant is equipped with three chillers so when two are running, they are able to use the third for training.

Bellows Byline | Spring 2018

Project Profile International Union of Operating Engineers / Crosby, Texas

Another highlight is the shop building. With so much equipment on site, it was crucial they have a state-of-the-art workshop for training and maintenance of the equipment. IUOE has a partnership with Stanley – Black & Decker that includes products from DeWalt, Proto, Lenox, and Mac Tools as well as Lincoln Electric which has given them access to some of the best equipment and technology the industry has to offer. A few amenities include a 10-ton overhead crane, welding simulators, and computer numerical control technology. The shop floor has railroad tracks built on footings so the heavy machines don’t crack the floor when they come in for cleaning and maintenance.

The Location Once CCA had a thorough understanding of IUOE’s wants and needs, they got to work on locating a site for this monumental project. To quote Chief of Staff Joe Giacin, “many of our operators spend their careers in the dirt” so it was imperative that they chose a site where equipment operation can be performed year-round. They also needed a parcel of land that could accommodate the magnitude of this project. According to Joe, by June 2018 the Crosby location will have 70-90 pieces of equipment so ample amounts of room with the option to expand was a must. Even though some native southerners long for the cooler northern temperatures, we don’t have issues with snow and freezing ground, so Texas topped the list of potential spots with the Union eventually settling on Crosby. The new campus is also near the airports and industrial ports so it’s easily accessible for students and instructors coming from all over the US and Canada.

Bellows Byline | Spring 2018

Project Profile International Union of Operating Engineers / Crosby, Texas

The Details IUOE toured many local unions throughout the US and Canada to see what was successful and without a doubt created a one-of-a-kind facility. The ultimate design for the Operators Union is contemporary, yet timeless. Using local materials was a key factor. The curved entry way is clad with Texas limestone that is carried over to the back of the building. The limestone is iconic and a statement piece on its own. The bar is situated in a nice prominent spot with an outside view so the students can unwind. They want their members to form a strong camaraderie and have an open dialogue, which is why you won’t find a two-top table in the bar or lunchroom. Finally, the main lobby has a section dedicated to all of the local Union’s branches featuring glass plaques complete with the logo and date of each establishment.

The Hope This campus was designed to prepare IUOE members to meet the changes in technology and equipment in the construction and stationary fields, and was built to give them a sense of pride for the career they have chosen and for the important jobs they perform every day. The International Union of Operating Engineers has been around for 100+ years and this facility will ensure they will be the industry’s leader 100 years from now.

Employee Spotlight Paul Oliver, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Paul joined Bellows as controller in 1995 and in 1997 assumed the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. A Native Texan with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from Rice University, Paul found the opportunity to work for Bellows to be the right fit. Paul’s start at Bellows coincided with his wife, Jill, and he starting their family. Helena was born in his first year at the company, and Elissa, two years later. Both are now in college and have never known their dad to work anywhere else. In fact, if you walk into Paul’s office, he has sweet drawings and messages from his girls on his whiteboard from when he would bring them to the office on the weekends. The drawings have been there for 20+ years and he can’t bring himself to erase them, and probably never will. Paul is also a CPA and his engineering background gives him insight into our operations you don’t typically find in a ‘financial type.’ He loves learning new things and continuously improving. Being an engaged member of the management team that supports our business and clients gives him a sense of fulfillment. Ensuring that we have the back office systems and processes that allow Bellows to be successful is his goal. He appreciates leading the accounting team and coordinating with project teams, the equipment yard, and the rest of the management team. Paul has an eclectic taste in hobbies. He enjoys golf, salt-water wade fishing, and travel. He has also performed in numerous Nutcracker ballets as a party parent and as “Mother Ginger”. As Paul says, “When your little girl asks you to dance with her, you say ‘Yes’!” Helena will graduate from Butler University this year with a degree in Dance-Arts Management. Elissa is finishing her sophomore year at Wake Forest University and is working towards a degree in Mathematical Business – a trait Paul is proud to have passed down.

Bellows Byline | Spring 2018

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Upcoming Project: Christ Church Cathedral Renovation Inspired by tradition, Christ Church Cathedral is a diverse and passionate Christian community devoted to meaningful worship and ministry. It is a parish that has embraced its historic, downtown Houston setting and is proud of its 180-year history. After more than a year of research, conversation, feedback and prayer, Christ Church announced Sowing The Seed – The Campaign for Christ Church Cathedral, and we are thrilled to be the contractor that will bring their vision to life. The Cathedral’s buildings date back as far as 1893 and require work on masonry, windows, roofs, drains, and scuppers. These buildings are listed on national, state, and local historic registers and work must comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The interior of the 1893 sanctuary requires modest work, consisting of painting walls, refinishing the floor, upgrading the lights in the chancel and installing a new electronic system to improve acoustics in the back of the sanctuary. The most complex interior work is remodeling the sacristy where vesting occurs, altar accoutrements are stored, and collections are returned after each service. Christ Church is improving and restoring their historical campus to continue their mission of providing inspiring worship and expanding their transformative ministry to Houston and beyond while preparing for their future.