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A Word From The Headmaster Dear Friends, This year I filled out more college recommendations than normal, often writing a letter and using the “Common App” reference form. (The Common Application is a college admission application used by over 450 colleges and universities.) While filling in one recommendation, I paused to take a closer look at the student qualities the Common App asked me to evaluate. They included: academic achievement, intellectual promise, quality of writing, creative and original thought, productive class discussion, respect accorded by faculty, disciplined work habits, maturity, motivation, leadership, integrity, reaction to we will “develop students of integrity and setbacks, concern for others, self-confidence, honor who embrace and emulate Christ-like initiative and independence. character, who have the knowledge, courage Does it strike you, as it did me, that colleges and leadership to engage the challenges of and universities are looking beyond academic today’s world and who find joy in serving promise as they seek students of character? others before self.” Of course, they want students with academic Colleges are looking for men and women horsepower who can communicate effectively of character. The world is looking for men through writing and speaking, but they want and women of character. And Westminster so much more. is striving in partnership with the home Interestingly, I read about a recent panel and church to produce men and women of discussion in which the participants (including character. In the Gospels, Jesus frequently presidents from Georgetown and Stanford and said “follow me,” often meaning follow my one of Harvard’s deans) were asked what they example. That’s one of our great desires -- that wanted to see from entering freshmen. The Westminster students would follow Jesus as consensus led to a top-four list that included they develop the character of Christ. character. As a college-preparatory school, Westminster takes character one step further calling it “Christ-like character,” exemplified in the person of Jesus Christ. We are also focused on character development for life, not just college. One of our core values states that

Warm regards,

Steve O’Neil

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Save the date for the 40th Anniversary Homecoming October 26 and 27, 2012

Finally Four! The Westminster Lady Wildcats Basketball Team had arguably its finest regular season ever in 2011-12. Sporting a team with five seniors, all of whom played instrumental roles during the season, the Lady ’Cats achieved a regular season record of 15 – 7 overall en route to a No. 4 seed in the Region 4-AAA Tournament. It was a “season of firsts” for the Lady ’Cats as they enjoyed a fast start, cruising to an 11 – 2 overall mark at the conclusion of the nonregion portion of their schedule. They returned from Christmas break to find that they had been ranked in the GISA’s Top 5 Poll for the first time during the regular season in the school’s history in AAA, coming in at No. 2. Statistically, the Lady Wildcats were led this season by the play of six-foot junior post Samantha Trobaugh, who transferred to Westminster in 2010 from Harlem High School. “Barring injury, I believe Sam will have an opportunity to play basketball at the next level when she graduates next season,” said Coach Greg Wilson. “But I’m even more excited about the tremendous improvements she has made as a person and student since coming to Westminster.”

Nearly matching Trobaugh pointfor-point, senior guard and Team Captain Anna Hearon had as much to do with Westminster’s success as anyone. Hearon somehow maintained her scoring average all season long despite battling an ankle sprain, as well as chasing the opponent’s best backcourt scorer as Westminster’s top backcourt defender. “Coming to Westminster in 2009, I recognized that Anna was a natural leader with a strong desire to be coached,” Wilson said. “She breathed, ate and slept basketball, and her tremendous speed and leaping ability, to me, spelled success.” While Trobaugh and Hearon certainly were instrumental to the Lady ’Cats’ storybook season of 2011-12, others have played a role as well. Senior wing Javona Douglas routinely made key plays. Seniors Ivey Herrington and Catherine Zecha made statistical and off-thecourt contributions, too. “Our seniors have been outstanding all season long,” said Wilson. “From Catherine’s leadership during practices to Ivey’s stellar defensive play to Javona's ability to infuse enthusiasm and energy into our team. Without a doubt, we would have been marginal at best without them.” 2011-12 was also impacted by the loss of a key player. Senior six-foot post Haley Barinowski, a three-year starter, was unable to finish the season due to a back injury during the final week of regular season play. It was difficult for the team to endure the loss of one of their defensive stalwarts and main leaders, but Barinowski’s attitude made it easier to digest. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Haley is probably the closest thing to a lockdown defender that Region 4-AAA has ever seen. She takes pride in shutting down the

opponent’s best frontcourt scorer. She is someone other teams literally had to gameplan for every time they played us, because she was so effective in a one-on-one defensive situation.” Contributions were made by non-seniors as well, so the Lady ’Cats can look forward to significant seasons in the years to come. Season highlights were not limited to a No. 2 ranking in the GISA AAA poll. Achieving three wins against rival Augusta Prep by 31, 13 and 17 points was as memorable as anything else achieved in 2011-12. The Lady ’Cats have now reeled off five wins in a row against Prep dating back to last season. Sweeping John Milledge Academy ( JMA) was also a big accomplishment for this team as JMA entered this year’s region tournament as a No. 3 seed, one spot above WSA. No other Region 4-AAA team swept JMA in 2011-12. Also, defeating 2011 Elite 8 team Atlanta Girls’ School 36-24 in the annual Augusta Prep Tournament was a season highlight. The Lady ‘Cats earned a berth in the Final Four of the GISA AAA State Tournament for the first time in the school’s history. In that tournament at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia, they lost 48 – 36 to eventual state champion, Arlington Christian. Nevertheless, the 201112 Westminster Girls Basketball season has been, without question, a memorable one.  Editor's Note: The Boys Varsity Basketball team finished the regular season with a record of 19 wins and 7 losses. They enter the Region 4-AAA Tournament as the No. 3 seed. After a tough loss at the Region finals that earned them a spot out of 16 teams at the GISA State Tournament, they won their first game to advance to the 'Elite Eight.' Though the team did not advance to the Final Four, they wrapped up their very successful season as one of the top eight teams in the State.


I RemeBymKaybLeovringood (’80) I remember when Westminster was born. It was a small school that first year, with only eight grades -- one class each of first through eighth -- renting space from National Hills Baptist Church. The course offerings were a bare minimum, and the students were fewer than 200. The next year we added Pre-K, Kindergarten and ninth grade; and each year after, we added a higher grade. I remember that as the school grew, we moved from our rented "nursery" into our own private home, our current living quarters on Wheeler Road. By that time, we went through 11th grade. The middle- and high-schoolers took pride in helping to clear the land for the current campus, working side-by-side with our teachers. Although we had our own land and classrooms, we didn't have a gym or a field. We used the soccer field between the First Baptist Church and the Family Y, and the basketball gym at Tutt Middle School. In fact, Westminster's gymnasium wasn't completed until after I graduated in 1980. Yes, Westminster was small then -- my graduating class had 15. But it had what it takes to grow big and strong. Preachers, teachers and parents held the school up before the throne of the Lord. In that Christcentered atmosphere, we knew that we could talk to any teacher about any problem. The small class sizes gave teachers the opportunity to get involved in their students' lives and hobbies. Many of my teachers from back then are now among my friends. Some might think that the small size of the school and the limited course offerings in the early years would prevent those students from achieving their dreams. But even then, Westminster prepared its students well. My friends from the early years of Westminster have been scattered across the United States and around the world as teachers, preachers, missionaries, musicians and counselors. Cake designers, chemists, electricians, welders, law enforcement officers and business owners are included among the group. My class even has


a Hollywood filmmaker, who began honing his talent by making Super 8 movies with classmates on the campus at Westminster. Through the years, the school has grown in size and reputation. The student population is now over 600. And instead of the borrowed classroom space of our birth, Westminster's facilities include numerous classroom buildings; gymnasiums; fields for soccer, football, and baseball; tennis courts and a crosscountry course. The academic offerings, which included one year of Latin and two of French during my high school years, now include four years of French and five years of both Latin and Spanish, with Advanced Placement courses beyond those. This rigorous curriculum makes Westminster alumni attractive to many prestigious universities. At the age of 40, most people are nearing the halfway mark in their lives. As they continue to age, they get replacement parts -- knees, hips, dentures. Institutions are no different. They begin to gray. They look dull and old. Facilities need a facelift. Parts need to be upgraded. That’s why I eagerly await the completion of the new master plan at Westminster. We will replace those buildings that have aged and update a layout that is no longer workable. I pray that the work

at Westminster will continue to please the Lord. My prayer (if I may quote a popular song from my youth) is that "we’ve only just begun … to live".  Editor’s note: Kay Lovingood (’80) is in her 24th year of teaching music at Martinez Elementary School. One of her hobbies is photographing the flowers, bugs and landscapes of God’s nature.

good morning,


Each weekday, students in classrooms at the Lower School are greeted with a resounding “Good Morning! It is time for your Wildcat News!,” from the intercom.

After the Wildcat News covers any upcoming events of the day, the “Birthday Broadcast” announces the birthdays of faculty, staff and students in the building. Applause for various birthday boys and girls can be heard in the hallways as the celebrations begin for that day. The “Good News” each day reminds children of a Biblical truth. Students also listen to a classical music selection at some point in the broadcast, which allows foreign words to be introduced as students describe the piece. To close, all the children are led in singing the Doxology and a closing prayer is said. Featured nations for prayer that coincide with chapel studies are also included periodically. When the nation was El Salvador earlier this year, the students sang the Doxology in Spanish.

The Friday script is always different than the rest of the week, allowing for more whimsy. Oftentimes, an audio skit to convey a message of truth or a lesson is performed on those days. Fifth graders pair up to lead these announcements each week. Giving them responsibility for a task that an adult would normally do is one way the program develops leadership skills of the Lower School’s oldest students. Without adding specific leadership curriculum to the school day, students are called to practice and develop public speaking skills, timeliness and creativity. “I was really nervous the first day but through the week I got less nervous,” said fifth grader Caroline Campbell. “I don’t think I’ll be nervous the next time I do it.” “Leaders have to be able to speak well,” said Mrs. Sara Lawson, who oversees the program. “Through preparation for the

Noah Jordan and Jack Berman at the announcement station.

announcements, I get to work with students on diction and phrasing. It also helps them get comfortable hearing themselves.” Students receive the script on the Wednesday before the Monday they begin broadcasting so they can practice at home. They also must arrive at 7:45 a.m. each day of the week to practice for that day’s edition. Is the program working? Testimonies from the students would indicate yes. “I learned that even if you mess up, you have to keep on talking” Caroline said. “And where there are commas, you need to pause or slow down,” added Ashlyn Dawkins, fifth-grade student. Westminster students enjoy the privilege of participating in the audio performance with their friends and cannot help but learn along the way. 


Steering the Arts First impressions sometimes sneak up on a person. Prior to her freshman year at Wheaton College, she came to Augusta to meet Westminster students who would soon become her Wheaton classmates. She had no idea that one day she would return to that same campus in a totally different capacity. Miss Amy Turner now steers the Fine Arts Program for grades Pre-K through 12 at Westminster as the Fine Arts Coordinator. She also teaches Bible and directs the choral program. Since joining the faculty last August, Miss Turner has been dutifully working behind the scenes to build the Friends of Fine Arts (FOFA) program, increase the Fine Arts budget, and grow the Fine Arts program through long-term

planning. Her vision for the future of Westminster’s fine arts goes well beyond these three goals.

An expansion of the Fine Arts department is in the works to meet the desire of young artists, musicians and thespians. In the future, Westminster students will be able to participate in an instrumental program and Westminster supporters can plan to see a Friends of Fine Arts group that is as robust as the current WSA Booster Club. Additionally, a Fine Arts Academy is being developed for Lower, Middle and Upper School students, which will offer instruction from outstanding teachers in various artistic arenas. Continued growth of facilities and staff is necessary to be able to implement these program changes and continue Westminster’s standard of excellence. Therefore, a specific timeline has not been determined. The AP Studio Art class taught by Mrs. Vivian Hornsby is in its second year at Westminster, and it has been a tremendous success. Last year, every student who took the AP exam scored a 4 or a 5 – the highest scores awarded in Advanced Placement testing. Miss Turner hopes to expand the AP offerings in artistic venues.


“I’d like to achieve greater academic focus in the arts by offering more AP classes, such as AP Music Theory,” said Miss Turner. “Offering more variety will help students discover and cultivate their unique creative strengths.” The depth and breadth of the choral program has increased with the hiring of a full-time director. “Miss Turner has offered several new opportunities for our students to perform in new venues and competitions this year,” said Middle and Upper School Principal Craig Johnson. “Her investment has taken the Middle and Upper School choral program to the next level and has encouraged our students in their pursuit of excellence.” This year, students have participated in District Honor Chorus on several levels and All-State Chorus. Additional Men’s and Women’s Ensembles have been formed as well. Some of the new groups also participated in Region Literary Competition, where all music events received either first or second place and represented Westminster at the State Competition. At the State Literary, Westminster secured many musical

victories with a State Championship in Duo Interpretation and Piano, a State RunnerUp in Boys Solo, a third-place finish in Girls Solo, and a fourth-place finish in Boys Quartet. (Details of State Literary results may be found by searching "State Literary" on In April, Westminster will host an event called “Solo and Ensemble,” which will bring in other schools from the musical district for judging. “I love giving students opportunities to receive recognition for talent and growth from outside judges,” said Miss Turner. “Hosting this event allows us to serve not only our own students, but our greater musical community as well, which is one of my goals.” As Miss Turner continues to work with the teachers and students at the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School, Westminster will continue to emphasize the importance of a well-rounded educational experience.  Editor’s Note: Amy Turner is Westminster’s Chorale Director, Pre-K through 12 Fine Arts Coordinator and Middle School Bible Teacher. Miss Turner moved from the Atlanta area to Augusta last summer, but her hometown is just around the corner in Greenwood, South Carolina. She earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Wheaton College and a Master of Music degree in Choral Conducting from The Ohio State University. As the Pre-K through 12 Fine Arts Coordinator, she oversees the Fine Arts Education at Westminster for all grades.

Five Minutes with Amy Turner: What are you currently reading? I love to read historical fiction, but lately I’ve been reading “The Message in the Music,” which is edited by Brian Walrath. It explores the relationship between the worship music we sing and our understanding of God and the Christian life.

Tell me about a meaningful moment at Westminster. When I first came to in-service week, I was impressed by the sense of community. The spiritual emphasis of that time was meaningful to me as we started the year seeking the Lord as a whole faculty and staff.

What do you like to do when you are not at work? I love spending time with my family, especially my two nieces under the age of 2 who live in town. I also enjoy photography, exercise and taking ballroom dance classes.

What is something about you that people are surprised to hear? I enjoy hiking and have been on a two-week hiking, backpacking and canoeing trip.


Roots and Wings Celebrating 40 Years of God’s Faithfulness

The Westminster community came together to begin the 40th Anniversary celebration, enjoy friendships and raise money for the Westminster Fund at this year’s annual auction, held Feb. 3 at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center. The 2012 auction served as the kickoff for our 40th Anniversary celebrations, scheduled to occur throughout the 2012 calendar year. The event grossed more than $100,000 for the Westminster Fund, more than any other auction to date. This event would not be possible without the parents who make up the Auction committee and our sponsors. We are grateful for how everyone came together to help celebrate and support our school! Visit for more information about the 40th Anniversary activities.  8 | WINDOWS - SPRING 2012




















Celebrating 40 Years LS OF A O UG of God's H O Faithfulness C







10 | WINDOWS - SPRING 2012


Pslam 126:3 "The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."







Steering Committee is formed to launch what would become Westminster.

Westminster becomes incorporated and opens in rented facilities at National Hills Baptist on Washington Road, enrolling 178 students from first through eighth grades.

Kindergarten is added with classes first held at Lakemont Presbyterian Church. Enrollment climbs to 220 students.

A 25-acre tract of land on Wheeler Road is purchased and construction on new buildings begins.

Two academic buildings open and soccer field construction begins.

An administration building opens, which also houses a new Pre-K classroom.







Four classrooms and a science lab are opened adjacent to the Academic Resource Center. 501 students are enrolled.

Annie, the first spring musical, is performed.

Children of the Holocaust, the first oneact play, is performed.

Flowers for Algernon, a one-act play, wins a State Championship.

The Campaign for Excellence, a $4 million dollar capital campaign, begins.

Science Olympiad begins.

WINDOWS - SPRING 2012 | 11






Westminster holds its first graduation with six graduates.

The Christian Leadership award is established.

Enrollment stands at 322 students.

A new gymnasium is built.

Apple computers are first used by students. A cafeteria and second-floor classrooms are added to the gymnasium.







Pollard Baseball Field is completed. Groundbreaking on Pamplin Hall begins on five newly acquired acres of land.

Pamplin Hall and Pollard Baseball Field are dedicated and opened. The Middle School program is established. The Boys Varsity Soccer team wins Westminster’s first State Championship.

Westminster celebrates its 30th anniversary. Enrollment reaches 592 students.

The Debate Team wins its first State Championship. The Student Prefect program is established.

The Green-Orr Faculty Award is established.

The Boys Tennis tea wins the S Individual Team Tenn Champion







Outdoor Classrooms begin.

The art, band and debate programs begin.

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is established. 426 students are enrolled.

Westminster receives accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The Academic Resource Center is opened.

The Literary Team wins its first State Championship.






Sports Academy begins. The Spirit Rock finds a home on campus.

The Girls Varsity Soccer team wins a State Championship. The Upper School House system is established. Imagine 2020, Westminster’s strategic plan, begins implementation.

Football begins as an interscholastic sport. A Cross Country course on campus is built. SAIS-SACS accreditation is completed. The first Westminster Academic Honors Scholarship is awarded.

International teacher-inresidence program launches. New campus master plan approved. 600 students enrolled.

Westminster celebrates 40 years of God’s faithfulness.

Varsity am State l and nis nship.

WINDOWS - SPRING 2012 | 13

School News Spring 2012 2011 Commencement Playing Around The Lower School received new playground equipment this winter. This new equipment and configuration of the playground has improved playground safety, increased playing options and expanded the play area to make room for pickup games such as football and soccer. The new equipment is in keeping with the natural theme across campus and includes a butterfly jungle gym, a large bee to climb, a table and chairs in the shape of mushrooms and a 10 x 10 shade station. Familiar items including the slide, swings and tunnel were also re-installed. The updates were made possible through funds from the “Free Money” raised by Westminster Parents’ Club’s Box Tops collection, the Westminster Fund overage and through our regular budget. Special thanks to Teru Kassner for her leadership in the “Free Money” initiative.

tournament escorts for the visiting teams. As the face of Westminster, they represented our school very well. "All in all, it was an extremely successful event with all facets of the tournament running smoothly. Several officials from other schools made very positive comments on how the tournament was run," said Booster Club President Rhonda Barinowski. At the tournament’s end, our own Boys and Girls Varsity teams were both the Region Runners-up and enjoyed several big wins in front of a large hometown crowd.

Senator Hardie Davis Visits

After a tour of the Liberty Campus, the group traveled to the University of Virginia (UVA). Students attended a UVA information session before going to Washington and Lee University for a self-guided tour. The group also toured Virginia Tech and visited information sessions at two other colleges - Roanoke College and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. College planning is an integral part of the curriculum at Westminster and all juniors participate in the annual tour organized by Director of College Counseling, Alex McCallie.

Our Middle and Upper School students attended a special joint assembly on Jan. 17. Senator Hardie Davis came to campus to address them. Using biblical references from the book of Acts, he spoke about 'What if?' we could make a difference in the world for Christ by walking in love, forgiving others, living courageously and serving others.

Varsity Football Players Honored Two students were named to The Augusta Chronicle Independent Schools All-Area Football Team: Joe Coleman for the Kicker position and Patrick Moseley for Wide Receiver. We also had five players receive Honorable Mention. Patrick Moseley, a Westminster senior, was also selected to play in the 2011 GISA All Star game.

Gracious Hosts Westminster was privileged to host seven schools in our region for the GISA Region 4-AAA Basketball Tournament in February. The Westminster Booster Club worked in conjunction with Coach Bryan and the Athletic Department to manage all the details involved in an event of this magnitude. Classrooms were turned into locker rooms. The ARC became the Hospitality Suite for coaches, administrators and school officials and the cafeteria became a full-service café, complete with a big-screen television, featuring a live video feed of the current game. Several Westminster seniors served as

14 | WINDOWS - SPRING 2012

Juniors hit the Road The Westminster junior class visited colleges in Virginia in February. During the Junior Class College Trip, students were led in conversations and activities designed to help them understand their interests and the types of schools they should investigate further. They spent a night on the campus of Liberty University, a Christian college in Lynchburg. The students enjoyed this small taste of what college life is like, which included staying in the on-campus dorms with a student host.

Westminster Spelling Bee Results Westminster's Spelling Bee champion, Alyssa Carrad, and runner-up, Kylie Duckworth, competed in the Independent Schools Spelling Bee on Jan. 26, which Alyssa won. Because of this win, she represented our school for the second consecutive year at the CSRA Regional Spelling Bee on March 3, where she placed third. Both Alyssa and Kylie are sixth grade students.

Signing for the Future Congratulations to Kerrie Edmondson and Cara Smith, who signed National Letters of Intent to play soccer at the collegiate level next year for Wofford College and the University of Georgia, respectively.

ways. Throughout the day, the children were engaged in numerous activities, including creating 100 Day necklaces, making 100 Day crowns, dressing up like 100-year-old men and women and counting, sorting, comparing and listing items. They also enjoyed feasting on the 100 Day food items after the counting was finished.

Middle School Geography Bee Swimming Hugs for Heroes Mrs. Jan Moccia’s and Mrs. Sandy Buchanan’s classes learned about honoring those who serve us this year. The second graders made “Hugs for Heroes” cards and attached Hershey Hugs and Kisses to them. The cards were sent to Col. John Farr (father of Mrs. Buchanan’s student Catherine Farr and fifth grade student Sarah Margaret) who is currently stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan He was able to pass laong the encouraging messages to other soldiers

The ’Cats swim season culminated with a strong showing at the GISA State Swim Meet on Feb. 4, where the Junior Varsity boys and girls placed second and fourth, respectively. Also, the JV Boys and Girls teams both placed in the top three in the Medley and Freestyle Relay events. The Varsity swimmers scored many team points in individual events.

100th Day of School Celebration

Westminster’s Geography Bee, sponsored by the National Geographic Society, took place on Jan. 10. After competing within classes, eight students qualified for the school-wide bee. John Schafer was the Westminster champion. John will now complete a written exam and could qualify to compete in the state competition.

40 Days of Thanksgiving Our Moms in Prayer group (formerly Moms in Touch) organized the 40 Days of Thanksgiving as part of our 40th Anniversary Celebration. After asking faculty and staff for items about Westminster for which they are particularly thankful, a list was compiled with something to thank the Lord for each day for 40 days. Westminster initiated ‘40 Days of Thanksgiving’ that ended as the schoolwide ‘Days of Prayer’ began on March 14. The faculty and staff list of 40 items of thanksgiving was the perfect prayer guide for our school community to use to uniformly pray for our school. To download the list, visit and search ‘40 Days of Thanksgiving.’

Jan. 23 marked the 100th day of the 2011-2012 school year. The celebration was a fun way for our younger students to experience the number 100 in practical

WINDOWS - SPRING 2012 | 15

School News Spring 2012 Honest Abe Fifth grade students were quite surprised to learn that their special guest speaker on Feb. 8 was Abraham Lincoln. Abe, dressed in authentic looking “garb,” addressed the students in a period dialect and told them about growing up in a log cabin as a young boy in Kentucky. He continued by discussing life during the Civil War and his work as the 16th President of the United States of America. His message to students was to be educated, be honest and always persevere. Abe Lincoln, aka Mr. Gerald Pitts, is a retired member of the U.S. Army and a former Science teacher.

also provides leadership opportunities to students in all grades. Although the Upper School students are the primary leaders of the program, the long-term success depends on the Middle and Lower School students. The inclusion of Lower School students will hopefully ensure that Westminster will continue to maintain this shift toward “going green” long after this year’s seniors have graduated.


Mrs. Carrie Brigham and secret weapon--Mr. Grayson Pippin, husband of second-grade teacher Destiny Pippin. The cheerleaders representing the Lower School were Mrs. Destiny Pippin, Miss Mary Charles Coleman and Mrs. Missy Smith.

National Recognition Senior Haley Barinowski was named a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Haley is among the less than 1 percent of the some 1.5 million program entrants nationwide who received this honor. Haley, who is also Westminster’s STAR Student, selected Mrs. Regina Franklin as her STAR Teacher. The PAGE STAR (Student Teacher Achievement Recognition) program was created to focus public attention on Georgia’s outstanding students and the teachers who have been most instrumental in their academic development. To obtain the STAR nomination, students must have the highest score in one sitting on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) taken through the November test date of their senior year and be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students in their class. Each high school STAR Student is asked to choose his or her STAR Teacher.

Going Green

Faculty/Staff Basketball Game

A student-led recycling program has been implemented this academic year. At the end of the 2010-11 school year, Frances Plunkett, a current senior, met with Mr. O’Neil to discuss the idea of Westminster starting a recycling program. She said, “Seeing an unmet need that could be so easily remedied, I felt that creating a recycling program at Westminster was a ‘no brainer’.”

The Lower School Faculty/Staff and the Middle and Upper School Faculty/Staff competed in a halftime game during one of the varsity basketball games this season.

Frances and Service Prefect Sabrina Rush began to implement a campus-wide recycling program last fall. To manage the logistics of the program, engage the student body in recycling and promote other environmentally sound practices within the school, they created an Environmental Club. The club

16 | WINDOWS - SPRING 2012

Headmaster Steve O’Neil was one of the three referees. The Lower School defeated the Middle and Upper School team with a score of 6-2. The Middle and Upper School team roster included Mrs. Marsha Cantrell, Miss Lisa Cook, Coach Andrew Bryan, Coach Mike Freace and Mrs. Vivian Hornsby. Principal Sue Ames served as the Lower School team coach. Mr. Mike Greiner was the Assistant Coach and a player along with Mrs. Caroline Whitcomb, Miss Christal Duggan, Mrs. Kathy Slaten, Mrs. Kelly Hitchcock,

Award-Winning Art The artwork of four Upper School students was selected for display along with others in the CSRA in the Educational Gallery of the Morris Museum of Art from Feb. 14 through 29. Congratulations to Jay Hartmann, Patrice Jean-Pierre, Kelly McGahee and Sarah Saxon for being selected to participate in this juried art show. The annual Agnes Markwalter Youth Art Competition and Exhibition, held March 5 through 30 at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, featured work from students in each division of our school. From the Lower School Maggie Tabb, Sasha Hammarlund, Levi Morris, Caroline Robertson, Jack Berman and Allison Diamond participated. Middle School students included Joshua Fulcher, Luke McCartney and Will Nabholz. Summer Barfield, Jay Hartmann and Roy Smith represented the Upper School.

Grandparents’ & Grandfriends’ Day More than 300 people joined the Lower School teachers and students for Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day on Feb. 17. Students recited scripture from memory and sang songs related to the day’s theme of God's Faithfulness. The third through fifth grade classes demonstrated their sign language skills by signing the words to “Our God is Greater”. After a video celebrating the 40th anniversary of the school, Dr. Randy Cooper spoke about God's faithfulness to Westminster in the past and in the future. Dr. Cooper is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and grandfather to four Westminster students. After the program, guests visited the classrooms and students were dismissed early to spend some extra time with their visitors. Special recognition is due to Mrs. Carrie Brigham, Miss Christal Duggan, Mr. Paul Owen and Mrs. Sara Lawson for the preparations for this celebration.

reported that the cast of our One-Act Play, "See How They Run," won first at State. A letter to the Editor of The Augusta Chronicle raved about the Lower School musical performance of "Christmas Messiah for Young Voices." Thank you to all our third through fifth grade students and to Mrs. Lawson! Kelly McGahee, Rebecca McGahee, Ann Elizabeth Gore, Leila Knox and Taylor Robertson were all pictured in an article of The Legacy, a Watson Brown publication, regarding their participation on the Junior Board for that organization. Kelly McGahee was later interviewed about the Junior Board in an article in the Jan. 26 edition of the Richmond County Neighbors section in The Augusta Chronicle. The Feb. 22 edition of The Augusta Chronicle featured the Lady Wildcats Basketball Team on the way to the Final Four of the State basketball tournament.

Jump Rope for Heart Students, dressed in red, pink and white, jumped during P.E. in February to raise awareness of heart disease. Students were challenged to choreograph different jumping routines that utilized the various styles of jumping that they were taught.

Youth Leadership Conference

On Valentine’s Day, Miss Buurma’s fourth grade students spread the Gospel at Kentwood Nursing Home. On Feb. 13, Mr. Greiner’s did the same at Morningside Assisted Living. Students distributed Gospel Bracelets they made in the weeks prior. Each student presented one or more bracelets and explained the meaning to residents.

From the Stable The Pre-K & TK classes participated in a service project to complement their study of farm animals. They partnered with From the Stable, a ministry of Gospel for Asia that provides families with animals.

Making News

On Dec. 15, the Richmond County Neighbors section of The Augusta Chronicle

Sharing God’s Love

Some of the teachers jumped in for some fun, too! Mrs.Tebbs played music and encouraged the students as she commentated the event over the microphone. The event also raised funds for the American Heart Association.

The Augusta Chapter of the Military Order of World Wars held its annual Augusta Youth Leadership Conference on Westminster’s Upper School campus on Feb. 24 and 25. Four Westminster students attended the conference: Michael Goodell, Will Newton, Hope Patterson and Caroline Powell.

On Dec. 14, a photo and caption of some of our Kindercubs students putting on their posada Christmas celebration was on page 2A in The Augusta Chronicle.

Mike Freace, Mr. Craig Johnson and Mr. Keith Romer were celebrity flippers. Celebrity Dining Room Helpers were Mrs. Elizabeth Meeks, Mrs. Debbie Nye, Miss Kathy Buurma, Mrs. Julie Wiggins and Mr. Dwight Redick. Thank you Booster Club for all of the hard work that went into the planning and operation of this event.

Pancake Flip The Pancake Flip on Friday, Jan. 27 provided lots of fun, entertainment, prizes and good eating! Mrs. Sue Ames, Coach Andrew Bryan, Coach

These young students emptied their piggy banks and were joined by the Lower School faculty and staff to purchase a cow, two pairs of chickens, two pairs of goats and a water buffalo for deserving families in Asia. The recipients will not only benefit from nourishment the animals provide but also from the income produced when the milk, eggs and/or offspring are sold.

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Alumni News Spring 2012 1980 Amy (Ellington) Perryman (’80) is the owner of a cake bakery, Absolutely Amy. In 2004, she left her other work to spend time with her youngest child and began making cakes. What began as making birthday cakes for friends soon progressed to three-tier cakes for birthdays and wonderful word-of-mouth accolades. Her next challenge was wedding cakes and for the past eight years, brides have challenged her to create new and fresh ideas. Amy now owns a kitchen behind their home and has developed a website, AbsolutelyAmy. com. She recently had the honor of making the wedding cakes for the daughter of Moultrie’s mayor, William McIntosh. Amy lives in Hartsville, Georgia with her husband Craig. They have four children, Tyler, Aubrey Anna, Everley and Elle.

writing, media relations, marketing and grant writing. She writes for The Augusta Chronicle, Columbia County Magazine, Augusta Family Magazine as well as other corporate clients, including a biweekly restaurant review in The Augusta Chronicle’s Applause section called Dine & Dish. Previously, she worked in PR, marketing and fundraising roles at Walton Rehabilitation Health System and MCGHealth. More of her work may be seen at and

Barry Jones (’88)

Elizabeth (Huckabee) Leslein (’00) and her husband Justin welcomed their third child, John Thomas, on Oct. 24, 2011. John Thomas weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 21.9 inches long. The Lesleins live in Macon, where Elizabeth works part time at First Presbyterian Day School. She coaches their swim team and the middle school girls soccer team. Justin is the Director of Young Adult Ministries at First Presbyterian Church. Their two other children are Elcee Pearl, 4, and Abee Ruth, 2.


1988 Barry Jones (’88) was working toward a business management major when he was called to the ministry. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Christian Education in 1995 at Toccoa Falls College. Barry joined the staff of Spout Springs Church as Life Development Pastor in 2010. He is now the Executive Pastor, focusing on discipleship, leader development, planning and systems. Prior to his current position, he served in youth ministry and as a senior pastor. Barry and his wife Angie have two children, Elyse, 7, and Claire, 6. The family lives in Sanford, North Carolina.


Dani (Wong) Moores (’92)


Jenny Wiggins (’05) graduated from Samford University in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Musical Theatre. She currently attends Georgia Health Sciences University, where she is enrolled in the Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy program. She is involved with Medical Campus Outreach and recently traveled to Haiti on a mission trip with fellow occupational and physical therapy students. Jenny also volunteers with New Town, a Bible study for inner-city students, and Steps of Grace, a ballet class for children with special needs.

Danielle (Huckabee) Meikrantz (’97) and her husband Chris welcomed their first child, Mary Stewart Meikrantz, on Feb. 19. Mary Stewart weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces and measured 20 inches long. The Meikrantz family resides in Augusta, where Danielle works at the Georgia Health Sciences University’s College of Dental Medicine and Chris works at Fireside Outdoor Kitchens and Grills. Mary Stewart Meikrantz

1992 Dani (Wong) Moores (’92) opened her own business as a freelance writer, with services including magazine and feature

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Jenny Wiggins (’05)

2006 Alex MacDonell (’06) graduated with highest honors from Georgia Tech in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. He is currently finishing up his second year as a medical student at the Medical College of Georgia at GHSU. For the past two summers, Alex has participated in biomedical research at GHSU’s Vascular Biology Center.

an offshore oil-drilling company as a 3rd class officer in marine engineering. He currently works 30 days on, 30 days off.

2007 Mary Hester Hill (’07) is completing her final semester at Auburn University, where she studies apparel design. This past semester, Mary Hester was one of eight fashion students from across the United States who were awarded the Geoffrey Beene Scholarship through the YMA (New York’s Young Men’s Association). As a Geoffrey Beene finalist, Mary Hester traveled to New York in January to present her scholarship application to the YMA board members. She was also honored at the annual YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Gala. This is the second scholarship Mary Hester has received through the YMA. Before graduating in August, Mary Hester will complete her second internship in New York City where she will work for Shoshanna, a small women’s clothing company.

Mary Hester Hill (’07)

Marcus Tebbs ('09) and Jared Tebbs ('07) with current Westminster senior Matthew Tebbs.

2008 Victor Gutierrez (’08) is pursuing a degree in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish and a minor in Communications at Augusta State University. He has been published in the Polyglot Lumina Spargo, a volume of writings published by Augusta State. He also established ASU pick-up soccer and has been on the school’s Dean’s List. After getting involved with Campus Outreach his freshman year and coming to know the Lord, Victor took advantage of several growth opportunities, including a Cross Cultural Project for six weeks this past summer in Singapore. Victor’s vision for seeing the nations come to know Christ has grown and influenced his decision to go on staff with Campus Outreach in Houston, Texas, after his anticipated graduation in June 2012.

in Public Relations and Advertising and minoring in Photography. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, where she currently leads a Bible study and was the 2011 formal event planner. Mackenzie is on the Georgia College hip-hop dance team, The Sassy Cats, who are ranked in the top 10 in the nation. She is a host for the school’s campus radio station and is actively involved in Campus Outreach (CO). She will attend a second summer at CO’s Summer Beach Project and will serve as a room leader. Mackenzie received the Presidential Service Award, completing over 100 service hours in a calendar year. On Jan. 30, Mackenzie spoke at Westminster’s Middle and Upper School chapels, sharing her testimony of how God has worked in her life since she graduated from Westminster. She encouraged the Upper School students not to become apathetic towards how we are called to live as Christians.

Mackenzie Burgess (’09) Marcus Tebbs (’09) is a junior in the United States Merchant Marine Academy. He is currently stationed at sea for eight months of training in marine engineering. Victor Gutierrez (’08) (far right) with students in Singapore

Jared Tebbs (’07) graduated in June from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Long Island, NY. Jared had a dual major in Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management. He was hired by ENESCO,


The Alumni News provided is submitted by alumni and friends of Westminster. Send your Alumni News to Anna Glisson at aglisson@ or submit it online through the alumni section of

Mackenzie Burgess (’09) is a junior at Georgia College, majoring in Mass Communication with a double concentration

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Alumni News Spring 2012


Alumni Team Roster Katelyn Matthai (’10) Caroline Whitcomb (’95) Lauren Snyder (’08) Ginny Boone (’08)

On Jan. 6, some of our Athletics Alumni returned to campus to challenge our Faculty and Staff to a short basketball game during halftime of the Boys Varsity game vs. John Milledge Academy. The school’s employees put up a good fight, but our talented former students walked away with a victory.

Faculty/Staff Roster Alumni Basketball Players

Andrew Bryan Mike Freace Steve O’Neil Vivian Hornsby

Westminster has several alumni who are currently enrolled in the School of Dental Medicine at Georgia Health Sciences University. (L-R) Ivan Stojanov (’05) is in his 3rd year, Will Boyd (’04) is in his 4th year, Walt Green (’97) is in his 2nd year, Katherine Boone (’07) and Caleb Morris (’00) (seated) are in their 1st year. Dental Students

Young Alumni Christmas Social On Dec. 21, the Third Annual Young Alumni Christmas Social was held at the home of Alex (’06), Kathryn (’08) and Robert (’10) MacDonell. More than 50 students from the classes of 2007 through 2011 attended. Attendees enjoyed a wonderful night of reminiscing, games and a dinner catered by Moe’s Southwest Grill.

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Developing News The more dollars redirected to our school through this program, the greater our ability to meet the needs of our families. When should you participate? NOW! Each year there is a five-million-dollar cap on the dollars that can be redirected. Last year the cap was met in early November. This year they are predicting that the cap will be met by June. The reality is that many schools in Georgia will be receiving these funds and the sooner we participate the more beneficial it is for Westminster.

Redirect your tax dollars to Westminster through the GOAL Program Do you pay Georgia state income tax? Did you know you can have a say in how a portion of those dollars are spent? A married couple, filing jointly can redirect up to $2,500, or single up to $1,000 to Westminster. You receive a direct credit on your Georgia income tax. Plus, if you itemize deductions on your federal income tax return, these dollars are also deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. After you make your contribution to the Westminster Fund, we encourage all our families and friends to participate in this program. The only requirement is that you pay Georgia state taxes. How does this benefit Westminster? It increases our ability to offer tuition assistance to our current students as well as new students. The GOAL (Greater Opportunities for Access to Learning) funds are available to students who are currently enrolled in public schools that would like to attend Westminster. Students do not apply directly for the funds. They go through the admissions process and are evaluated first to see if they meet our academic requirements. After they have been accepted, the admissions team is able to tap these funds for financial aid if there is a need. This frees up funds in our current budget to help existing families who may need tuition assistance.

How do you participate? Forms are available on at under the “Giving” tab or we can send forms directly to you. It is a very simple process. I or Maryanna Thornton ( will be happy to help you. Once someone has participated in this program, they realize how simple and beneficial it is to them and the school. As some would say, it is a "no brainer". One of our participants brought us his forms and commented that his accountant told him to do it, and that was good enough for him. So, I encourage you to contact us, your accountant or others who have participated to find out just how easy it really is. It's not very often, if ever, that you get to tell the government how to spend your money. Let's work together to get a big piece of the GOAL. Gratefully,

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