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My starting quote was “Revenge of the lawn” instantly after reading this phrase my mind filled with images of rabid lawnmowers and plants running wild, I pushed these thoughts away and searched for something more meaningful. After developing my ideas through the medium of mono-printing and the use of a photocopier, I found one piece I was particularly happy with, I decided to take this print further. I took the print into to Photoshop, altering the image with a green hue, to represent envy and money, two things which could often be the fuel for revenge and more blatantly representing grass or “lawn”. I added type to my composition, removing all of the e’s from the word revenge to leave me with a simplified RVNG, I duplicated this type 4 times to give the piece more of an iconic ascetic, I then used this type as a mask over my mono print, leaving me with a busy, layered piece.

There’s something about everyday objects and how they are used that has always fascinated me. Using them in different situations and moving them to capture a certain part of light helps an inspiration that creates endless inquiries. The digital final image is a rebellion to the low key technical side of the start of this year. With images I found I used techniques learned in lessons to create my final piece after exploring; collages digitally and some type I am happy with my last image. To change this and make it better I would have spent more time on type choosing and generally playing with it. Also my Photoshop skills I am aware that I could have done better with the overall quality of image, however this is a learning curve and I am still very pleased with the concept my team members and myself came up with.

were to show the darkness that accompanies revenge and also the purple electro lines symbolize the powerful energy that is also used when someone is vengeful. After photocopying parts of the original drawing of the scowling girls, you can see they are still present in my final piece. The text was actually digital but throughout the photocopying processes it starts to become distorted, which goes with the evil theme of revenge.

When given the sentence “Revenge of the lawn” two immediate thoughts came to mind, the first one was grass due to the word “lawn” and even due to the word “revenge”. This was the start of my idea development. To begin with I started sketching images of grass monsters taking over, but I new that there was a much more sophisticated way of approaching this sentence. So I started looking at the word revenge and what it meant to mean, this is how the image of the two scowling girls started to become part of my development. They were symbolism for that premeditated act of revenge. Again I wanted to take it further so I started experimenting with different laying techniques like using tracing paper combined with different textures created by mono printing. Also because I could not lose the relationship that this sentence had to do with grass I actually included the texture of it in one of the photocopies. The darker colours of this piece

To express the phrase ‘Revenge of the lawn’ I wanted to use a collaboration of drawing materials to create a unique and interesting piece. I took the phrase ‘Revenge of the lawn’ as the lawn representing nature and it taking revenge on what destroys it such as cities. To create a dark feeling to the image I chose to use quite a twisted style of font to represent the emotions that comes from within revenge. The proportion difference of the city and the grass shows the dominance of the wildlife over the city.

This piece is based on the idea of human interaction with nature, its destruction and nature defending itself. Monoprinting suited the idea as nature can be unpredictable and this technique emphasises this. By using silhouettes, I conveyed the idea that anyone can place themselves into this situation. I decided to use sections of these monoprints to suggest how wide spread the destruction of nature is. In conclusion, the several shades of grey and the fact that the piece is portrait were used to communicate the feeling of being trapped inside this image, while the lawn is seeking revenge.

The Revenge Of The Lawn Group 7  

A collection of work exploring trial and error to create a peice, worked on closely with the whole group.

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