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A small good thing. Genevieve Donovan Karina Dukalska Grace Ives-Farren Sylvester Siani Alex Shanon Maddison Warnes

Genevieve Donovan For my final piece I have developed my ideas of taking water for granted that we use in our everyday lifestyle whether it is for survival or hygiene purposes. I wanted to show the typography in an informal manner that looks more natural, complimenting the water factor rather than using a more digital looking typeface. By using a photocopier and textured

paper, I was able to create a water effect background by filtering it with a light blue colour. I started the project using sketches of a cartoon girl reaching out to the water droplet; I have now cropped the image so you can only see her hands and the water droplet composed to the bottom right hand side of the image.

Karina Dukalska ‘A small good thing’ initially evoked thoughts of objects dear to me. Experimentation in mono printing allowed me to think about the emotional aspects that link to the text given, as the textures set moods and an atmosphere. Playing with the scale of the prints on a photocopy machine enhanced the detail not noticed by the eye. This caused a drift into a conceptual thought process: humans, the small things we do, or do not appreciate in life. My piece was starting to become overelaborate,

when I tried to include typography. I wanted to combine a continuous line drawing that deformed text into an image. This though would cause the image to lose its simplicity and direct the viewer away from the message sent across. Everyone has a different small thing they cherish; whether physical like a key or abstract like a kiss. The four images create a whole, as it questions what is presented and what the links are between them. Together with the title, it should take the viewer on a journey to find what do they see as their own small good thing.

Grace Ives-Farren My piece is a photograph of a piece of type I created to symbolise a small good thing. The cling film is made to look like a thin membrane; something that could be found in the body of a human or another being and the typography has been created to look like the vessels and veins within this. The glow at the bottom of the piece connotes a feeling life and warmth. I have therefore focused on life itself being the ‘a small good thing’.

Sylvester Siani My approach to the sentence “A small good thing� was very experimental, I explored production techniques I was unfamiliar with prior the project, using collage; repetion; rubings and layering images by using a Photocopier rather than using photoshop, which is the modern technique of producing similar work. The concept behind my

work is on how small things can be overlooked due it being too simple or sometimes vague. However when broken down or looked into further you can then notice the details and the beautiful content within the item.

Alex Shanon By looking into the widely known but often not entirely understood phrase ‘Mind your Ps and Qs’ in response to ‘A small, good thing’, I was able to research the complex theories behind it’s original meaning. This gave me a wider variety of directions to take the project currently, and in the future should I choose to do so. In this instance, I chose to focus on the literal sense of the Ps and Qs, cutting them out of a heavy weight card using a scapel and suspending

them with nylon. I specifically used Times New Roman to give a regal touch to reflect the element of etiquette. When hung, I used a torch to cast shadows against a neutral wall and photographed this. By adjusting the angle and distance of the tourch and alternating from single to multiple exposures I was able to achieve a good variation of finishes, thus giving me a wider selection to chose my final piece from.

Maddison Warnes I have illustrated an A1 grid of one hundred and forty small stamp sized, watercolour and fine liner images. These are designed to represent our theme of ‘a small good thing.’ Each one is particular and important to me; they show a variety of different foods, places, people, items and activities. I used an expressive technique of watery ‘messy’ style paint, combined with not taking my pen off the page, in

order to create naive doodle like illustrations. I hope that these emphasise how tiny and unimportant they may be to other people, despite the fact that to me, they are very special.

A small good thing.  
A small good thing.  

Genevieve Donovan Karina Dukalska Grace Ives-Farren Sylvester Siani Alex Shannon Maddison Warnes (Group 6)