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Ben Lewis For this illustration project my group had to complete a series of outcomes based on the sentence, “I’m not small, I’m just really far away”. The image opposite shows my final design piece taken at an angle to emphasise the illusion of perception I am trying to convey. I chose toincorporate typography into my design because I think that when it is used correctly it can portray a more powerful message than imagery. I used the whole sentence as my typographic piece to give it more impact. The way I have put the text format in this piece works well with the sentence because it is almost contradicting itself; with the “I’m not small...” piece being really large gives it a slightly humourous effect. I also used one of my mono-print colour experimental outcomes as the background because this gives the whole piece a unique style. I used a spider climbing over the text as the illustrative imagery. I decided on a spider as opposed to other cartoon effect drawings I did because this makes the whole piece interesting and really adds to the sentence I am trying to convey.

Grant Norris I created a vector illustration based on the sentence “I’m not small, I am just really far away�. I wanted to create a piece of work that tampers with perspective and depth. The initial idea was to have the fly look as if it may be very large and in the distance whilst also appearing very close in the foreground. I also created a typographic piece; I drew several different typefaces in illustrator from scratch, I created a variety of styles, some using serifs and others being sans serif, as well as light and heavy type sets to put emphasis on certain words and meanings.

Zoe Ray My pieces of work all stemmed from the workshop of experimental illustration, I did simple sketches of a ball of string, which turned out to be relevant to the sentence my group were given, “I’m not that small I’m just really far away.” I saw my sketches no longer as balls of string, but planets floating in the sky and this gave me the chance to experiment with peoples’ perspective of the size of my own drawings. By photocopying my sketches and making them bigger I achieved some really nice shapes and textures within the lines, I kept the colours black and white so they would stand out and appear simple. I then mono-printed over my photocopies, adding in more of my “planets”, however, this time I decided to play with scale and made them far smaller and more colourful by using inks and marker pens. I felt this contrast worked well against the once plain background because it made the composition bright, fun, but also confusing to the eye and this is what I wanted to achieve. I wanted people to look at my final image and feel puzzle, were these planets floating in space or simply tangled up balls of string?

"I'm not small, I'm just really far away"  

Group 4 Ben Lewis Grant Norris Zoe Ray Harriet Lamb