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Two Deep: We got to sit down with local sensation and discuss where their inspiration comes from. Jmar: A closer look a the man with big dreams and a plan Fashion Findz a new site that you need to know about with fashion finds that you need to know about One Curl At A Time a unique natural hair journey that you need to about.

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Ju’lia Samuels Editor-in-Chief

Editorial Art Director Marcus Williams Executive Editor Whitney Johnson, Managing Editor Toni-Ann Martin, News Editor Andre Samuels, Music Editor William J. Kennedy, Photographers Gavin Samuels and Christopher Outler, Designer Brenda Samuels, Fashion Director David Farmer Contributors Pasha Gray, Neil Alvin, Blezin Nathalie

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A few words from the editor. about this issue just for our Worthy readers. We have a few changes that we are making to the magazine and we want to take the time out to thank you.

BEAUT Y This issue is focused on the concept of beauty. I think what I love the most about dong this magazine, is that each issue inspires me and I can relate to each issue. So I can honestly say that each issue is for me just as much it is for you. Society has some interesting views on what the definition of beauty is. We understand what the politically correct definition of beauty is but we are still inclined to favor the socially accepted stereotype of beauty. It contributes to our insecurities and our aspirations. This issue will be filled with pieces that will inspire you to recognize what makes you beautiful and tips on how to appreciate what you have to offer to the world. We all deserve to believe that we are worthy of being called beautiful. So hopefully this issue will uplift you. I hope you enjoy it. Give us your input and share your concerns with us at Written in love,

Ju’lia Samuels


A voice we will NEVER FORGET August 9, 1963 – February 11,

News at a GLANCE Advertisers’ Exodus

News you need on the go

Morning In America Let’s stay

According to a memo published by the industry together 2012 website, at least 98 advertisers -including big names like Ford, GM and McDonald's -- have indicated they want to avoid "environments likely to stir negative sentiments."Sponsors began abandoning Limbaugh's show en masse after he made offensive comments about Sandra Fluke, calling the law student a slut for her testimony in support of "It's Morning In America!" Or Is It? The famous President Barack Obama's birth control mandate, and Type to enter text phrase once encapsulated a renewed sense of hope suggesting she should make sex tapes if she wants birth control covered by insurance. and optimism, as America began to emerge from


Mayer broke the news on his blog. He had a granuloma on his vocal cord last fall and it's grown back. From Mayer's blog:

“This is bad news. Because of this, I have no choice but to take an indefinite break from live performing. Though there will be a day when all of this will be behind me, it will sideline me for a longer period of time than I care to have you count down.”

recession, under the leadership of Ronald Wilson Reagan. A surprisingly strong deluge of economic data suggests that it might be "Morning In America" once more, but this time its under the leadership of President Barack Obama. The Dow has finally hit 13,000 for the first time since 2008, unemployment has declined in 37 states and unemployment was constant in 10 other states. In January, the economy added 243,000 jobs, which was the highest increase in jobs, since 2009. The economy has been growing at 2.8 percent, a full point higher than experts expected. The President has been able to boast of 23 consecutive months of job growth.The irrefutability of the economic data has put the GOP in a panic and some republicans have even started to claim credit for the improving economy. At a recent conclave of Governors, Virginia’s Republican Governor, Bob McDonnell said, "I'm cheerful!" “As an American, I'm delighted to see the unemployment rate going down. But I'd suggest to you that it has more to do with Republican governors." If the GOP candidates for President continue to falter and the economy continues on it's current trajectory, it really will be "Morning In America" and a difficult November election for the GOP.




South Beach Food and Wine Festival The time has returned to treat yourself and your taste buds. The annual event beckons celebrity chefs from around the world to Miami all for the sake of good eats. The series of events and dishes is something you don’t want to miss. Make sure you mark your calendars. The festival will start February 23rd and will end on the 26th.



Tyler Perry is returning to the big screen with his latest heartwarming tale about good deeds and self discovery. True to what is becoming Tyler Perry fashion, the film includes heavy hitters like Thandie Newton, Phylicia Rashad and Gabrielle Union. Make sure you head out to theaters to see this film.

This action-packed comedy is a Worthy must-see. Reese Witherspoone stars as the leading lady in this love triangle too steamy for words. We are certain that all the ladies will love Chris Pine and Til Schweiger. Angela Basset also makes an appearance in the highly anticipated film. Make sure you head to theaters to see it.

March Dates 23

The Hunger Games In Theaters The highly anticipated film will finally come smashing into theaters for avid fans of the book series and movie buffs to enjoy.

20 Noteworthy Book Mudwoman


Mudwoman by Joyce Carol Oates follows a woman who is now a president of an Ivy League college, having risen from a poor childhood where she was abandoned in the mudflats as a baby. The woman now wrestles with her place and teeters on a nervous breakdown as she tries to lead.

21 jump street in theaters “In the action-comedy '21 Jump Street,' Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are more than ready to leave their adolescent problems behind. Joining the police force and the secret Jump Street unit, they use their youthful appearances to go undercover in a local high school. As they trade in their guns and badges for backpacks, Schmidt and Jenko risk their lives to investigate a violent and dangerous drug ring. But they find that high school is nothing like they left it just a few years earlier -- and neither expects that they will have to confront the terror and anxiety of being a teenager again and all the issues they thought they had left behind.�


Noteworthy Book Monday mornings Monday Mornings by Sanjay GuptaFollows five surgeons and uses the Morbidity and Mortality conference as a backdrop, exploring the personal and professional failings of the characters and how the learn from their mistakes.



“Have you noticed that television news and analysis shows have become havens for sensationalism? Have you grown weary of the overly simplified opinions and dangerous assumptions that are presented as facts on numerous cable TV shows? If you have had enough of the intellectually shallow, low- brow “infotainment” that passes for political discussion, then we have two must- see tv shows that will enlighten your perspective and brighten your weekend.”- Andre Samuels

{ } UP with Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes is the unassuming, mild mannered host of UP With Chris Hayes which airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 8a.m.. eastern on MSNBC. Hayes will immediately strike new viewers as a major departure from the larger than life characters that populate other opinion based news shows. He's somewhat meek. He's polite to his guests and his opinions are steeped in facts and tailored by considerable reflection. It's not at all what you might expect from a political talk show! The format is very appropriate for a weekend show. Hayes invites approximately five or -so guests to sit around a -not-soround table. A small bowl of baked goods sits equidistant from all guests at the center of the table and a polite but weighty conversation ensues, concerning the most important events of the week. And this is where Hayes and his mild temperament come into play. Whereas the hosts of most shows, seem determined to pull "the fight" out of their guests, Hayes opts for a surprisingly mature approach. The conversation rarely degenerates into the shouting matches you might expect to see. It's clear that Hayes wants to assure, even his most controversial guests, a fair-uninterrupted hearing. It rarely (and by rarely, I mean never) gets personal. The discussions are passionate but Hayes demonstrates clearly that passionate conversations can also be respectful and productive. Tune in to UP With Chris Hayes and we guarantee that you will learn something. And don't be surprised if you learn how to have a civilized discussion about the world's most controversial topics.



{ } THE "MELISSA HERRIS PERRY" SHOW The title might be a mouthful but we expect the discourse to be just as full. Melissa Harris Perry, MHP (for the sake of brevity) is the host of MSNBC's latest addition. MHP will follow the thoroughly entertaining UP With Chris Hayes show, at 10a.m. on MSNBC. The show will be debuting on February 18. MHP has been a phenomenal guest host and commentator for the network. Her signature has been to offer criticisms that are focused, disciplined and uncommonly thorough. Her skill thus far has been in bringing a sense of calm to the dizzying passions that often cloud conversations. By offering a dispassionate and rational analysis, Perry provides

forceful, penetrating and insurmountable arguments. Unlike many on television, she never seems to succumb to the pressure to sensationalize issues or her rhetoric. She seems to recognize that even those she pronounces to be wrong are not necessarily morally wrong or malicious malefactors in the public discourse. MHP approaches issues with a much broader perspective. She dissects controversy with a Professorial rigor that leaves viewers in awe. MHP clarifies where others divide. PAUSE. CONSIDER. AND THEN SPEAK; is an apt description of her approach to issues. We can only hope that the political chattering class learns from her example. MHP will undoubtedly be one of the most learned shows on cable news. And you will no doubt, enjoy her new show!

Worthy Beauty Meet Imani Josey a beauty with something to say


Wo"hy Beauty

Imani Josey a Worthy Beauty We had the opportunity to sit down with our latest Worthy Beauty, Imani Josey, to discuss how she is making the world a more beautiful place. Worthy Magazine readers will be following Imani on her journey to Miss Black USA. You have an impressive record in pageantry. What would you say are some of the misconceptions about pageants that you would like to dispel?

Thank you for the compliment! It's been a great experience. The biggest misconception about pageant girls is that we're superficial egomaniacs. Most people think that all we care about is the reflection in the mirror and that we're unconcerned with current issues aside from "world peace." But, in all honesty, the women I have met through pageantry have been some of the most ambitious, compassionate, and community-oriented women I have ever come across. For example, it says a lot that 80 percent of the contestants of the Miss Black USA (2012) Pageant, including myself, are in graduate school.

First pageant you ever participated in, how did it go?

The first pageant that I ever participated in was the Miss Black and Gold Pageant for the Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I was a sophomore in college at the time and terribly shy... in fact, most people hadn't heard me speak before let alone know that I had an interest in competition. I guess I like to do things in a big way and it turned out to be an awesome way to introduce my voice. I won that pageant and it was really the beginning of my journey. What would you say you enjoy the most about them?

The most enjoyable part of pageantry for me is bonding with my fellow delegates. I know this sounds cliche, but it's true. Of course, I don't become best friends with every girl I've ever competed with, but I have made some great friendships. You have to think about it this way: where else are you going to come across a bunch of girls that love their communities, encouraging the next generation of girls to reach their fullest potential, and extremely high-heeled taupe shoes?


What quality do you think you bring to the pageants that you have been in that makes you stand out?

My definition of beauty is happiness, self- acceptance, and confidence. The most beautiful people are the ones unconcerned with the way people look and are most concerned with the contents of their character. What is your definition of beauty?

The quality that I possess that makes me beautiful is courage. When we think of pageants, we think of glamour, big hair, big smiles, and the crowning moment. We don't think about the fear of failure. We don't think about the criticism or judgement of strangers. We don't think about the courage it takes to walk across a stage and tell a panel and general audience, "Okay, judge my mind, body, intelligence, and God-given talent, and whatever the outcome, I still feel pretty great about who I am." I've had to develop a lot of courage and in many instances, stepped out on enormous faith, and I think that is what makes me beautiful. What quality do you posses that makes you beautiful?

My journey to self -confidence was like that of any girl. I wasn't the "it" girl in high school and I wasn't a pariah. I wasn't bullied but I didn't waltz the hallways either. I was shy and I was more of the type that didn't inspire much recognition one way or the other from most people. I just instinctively knew that I had a lot to offer and that was a lot more than I was showing anyone. My journey to selfconfidence began with trusting my talents and slowly but surely, not being afraid to display them. I'm a dancer (jazz, modern,etc) and thus I started joining dance teams and performing in talent shows. That put me around more artistic people and I could find the affirmation I needed being around like-minded individuals. Starting pageantry during my college years continued the journey to finding confidence, trusting myself, and developing a sense of self and courage

What was your journey to self confidence like? Were you always confident or was it a process for you? Why or why not?

The advice I would give to your readers concerning their selfperception is to trust yourself. The gifts that God gave you were given for a reason, and developing those talents ( whether it's dancing or a knack for mechanical engineering) will always point you in the right direction. As my dad tells me, "Your internal compass always points toward your character." Also, remove toxic people from your circle of concern. Those "friends" that constantly are bringing you down and discouraging you need to go! What advice would you give to our readers who might need encouragement about the own self perception?

Someone asked me yesterday about what I do in my free time and I responded, "Free time? What's that?" I am currently in grad school at Northwestern University for communications (that means I am a professional job hunter) and I am training for the Miss Black USA Pageant which will be in Washington, D.C. on August 13th. While I train, I also will promote a personal platform of asthma awareness (as I am an asthmatic) and literacy, as well as the national platform of The Heart Truth (heart disease awareness). I also am the dance director of the Chicago Mustang Dancers and our season will be coming up this summer. Lastly, I am dancing in the ensemble of DreamGirls in Chicago this March. Come and wear a Miss Black Illinois USA official t-shirt! You can find them on my Facebook page!:-) What new developments are you looking forward to that are coming up for you?

Which is a great segway into my contact information. Anyone interested in my journey to the Miss Black USA Pageant (and my crazy life) can follow me on Twitter @OfficialImaniJ and visit my website You will see a link to my blog there. Also, you can "like" my Facebook Page at http:// Be sure to get your official t-shirt!

Life Guru

Whitney Johnson is Worthy Magazine’s Life Guru and trusted adviser to the editor-in-chef. We all have someone who has uncanny ability to see the things we can’t. Whitney Johnson is Worthy Magazine’s chosen voice of advice

What is beauty? Some would say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if that is the case then who is to say that any definition is wrong? In my life some of the most beautiful moments have been the simplest. Always remember that every great experience is made of a bunch of minor moments that accumilate to make it grand. SO cherish those minor moments. I will always cherish working at LeAndra’s Preschool for a year and getting to know all of the parents but more so than that, the children. Watching them learn to walk and talk, or even feeding themselves. There are so many moments that you witness with them that are just precious. Their smiles and laughter, or even when they cry because you put them down. The fact that no matter how your day is going or how your night was they still love you and want to be around you. So for me one of the most beautiful things in the world are the babies that are simply AMAZING!

Another one that has been around for years and will always be there no matter what. Is the best family in the world, they have been their to witness it all and aid in me creating some beautiful moments. In addition you can’t forget your friends! And of course who is more beautiful than yourself. The most important place to find beauty is from within. If you think that you are ugly on the inside you will not find anything around you to be are beautiful or spectacular as it could be. I think that a person’s personality determines so much about a person, it creates that glow that each person has, the sparks that draw a person in to ones warmth. What is within is more valuable and beautiful than anything that is found on the outside.


Worthy Style

Presented by Black Girls Killing it

Editors Top Picks For 2012

A look at style from BGKI

Flawless skin care

Alicia Coke Professional Model and Worthy Style Feature.

Worthy Approved

We Will See You At .....

Flawless Skin Care

Finding the perfect skin care regimen does not have to be complicated and exhausting. The rules are simple and Worthy Magazine has done most of the leg work for you.

“The first step to flawless skin is learning what type of skin you have. Knowing your skin will make it easier to know how treat your skin � Dry: Find a cleanser that has a creamy formula that contains, glycerin, hyaluronic acids or less than 10 percent lactic acid. Oily: Find a cleanser with a gel or foamy formula that contains salicylic acid or low concentration of glycolic acid. Sensitive: Find a soap- and fragrance- free cleanser formulated for sensitive skin

Essential Supplies Sunscreen: This product is not just for fun at the beach. Sunscreen is an essential skin care product that every beauty should have in their possession. It is the standard anti-aging cream. It will protect you from the harmful ultraviolet alpha rays, which cause premature aging and skin cancer. Moisturizers : All skin needs to be moisturized daily. Always use a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 to 30. Always apply it before applying foundation. There is some debate as to whether or not you should apply moisturizer at night. Listen to your skin. If your skin is dry and flaky in the morning then you should moisturize at night. Toner: While there is still debate on the necessity of toners, Toners do an excellent job of removing make-up and debris This new BB Cream is the latest must-have item in skin care. BB creams are multitaskers that combine skincare ingredients with moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF.

White Cloths: It may just sound like a personal preference, but it’s not. White towels lack the coloring that can actually irritate your skin Exfoliant: Speeds up the renewal process Exfoliant Sponges or masks: These help with removing dry and dead skin


“Know where you're going with the look. If the look is more for the office, running errands or a typical day, go for neutral, colors like beige, brown, muted pinks.” But if it's for a night out the rules change, you can go for darker colors, or even brighter due to your settings. It's all about having your makeup fit the setting, if not you'll look out of place. But

“When you're first starting out, drugstore brands are your friends. Because they're more affordable you can try multiple things, figure out what you like and don't like at the fraction of the cost in comparison to taking a trip to Sephora. Don't assume that because it costs more, it's better. Some of my more favorite products are drugstore products. So when your first starting out, your drugstores and big box stores are your best bet.”

I will warn against red shadows though, you'll rarely find them because the dies have a tendency to irritate skin easier. So when it comes to those keep that in mind, especially if you have sensitive skin.”,,

Myth #1: “I'm dark skin, bright colors won't show up on me.”

That is so wrong! In fact, darker skin tones have the best palette to show brighter colors.

Myth #2: That looks good on you, it won't look good on me

A: Wearing any makeup look is all about confidence. Confidence is what you need to pull of any make-up look.






Natasha Betty is just a girl with a dream trying to enrich the lives of naturals one curl at a time, says the 22-year-old natural hair enthusiast on her blog. After moving to New York to pursue a career in fashion, the Jamaican-born, South Florida-raised blogger launched She realized her natural hair journey was far from over once she transitioned, and set out on a mission to educate and entertain others. With Asili Glam, Betty provides her beauties with hair care do’s and don’ts, product reviews, and style and beauty tips. I interviewed Betty to find out why she ditched relaxers, embraced her chemical-free tresses, and how she is inspiring others to do the same.

By: Toni-Ann Martin


Blog of Note

Fashion Findz We know that the world of web browsing has become inundated with so many sites dedicated to the wonders of fashion. We are here to help you navigate through the surplus of fashion sites with our Blog of Note

I started my site as a way of expressing my views on fashion. My main goal is to give readers insights into trends and style not necessarily the high end and haute couture but looking good on modest means. Fashion Findz features posts highlighting trends and where you can find similar pieces, mostly online, to get the look. But recently I've also featured designs from BB Fashion Week (Barbados) and I conducted interviews with designers which I'm going to post to the blog. I also collaborated with a local store to try my hand at styling, stay tuned for that post as well. Fashion Findz was born in 2009. In the future I'd like to diversify the content some more, maybe street style photos and more collaborations with stores. My inspiration comes from my excitement about all aspects of fashion and watching developments in the industry. The recently concluded BB Fashion Week is probably the major event on the Barbados fashion calendar and I always look forward to it and this year was no different. My favourite part would have to be Christian Siriano, although he isn't local it was truly a coup to have such a well-known and talented designer in our midst.

Blog of Note

Worthy Approved Fashion Findz caught our attention with their amazing coverage of Barbados Fashion Week

A Review By: Steve Tirogene


 Weeknd By: Steve Tirogene

He talks about sex, drugs, partying, and love, and no he is not a rapper. He is The Weeknd. You may have heard him on Drake’s Take Care album where he is featured on 4 songs. But for the true music lovers The Weeknd has been banging out of club speakers, car speakers and especially bedrooms since last March. With his mixtape trilogy being released last year and one being named album of the year by Complex magazine (House of Balloons), he is definitely an artist not to watch for but a must listen. With his unique alto voice The Weeknd creates background music for everything that happens when numerous drugs and beautiful woman are involved. He has been dubbed the songbird of his generation. MTV’s own John Norris has said that he is the “best musical talent since Michael Jackson”. But how can someone become so popular and gain so much recognition without an album, radio play, a hit single, or even a music video. He does not even have an interview but yet his buzz surpasses any artist that is filled with all of these things. He simply is winning people over with his music. The Weeknd real name Abel Tesfaye is a 21 year old Toronto native.

He is apart which XO crew who are affiliated with Drake’s OVO crew (OVOXO). In March he released his first Mixtape House of Balloons. After Drake tweeted a line from his song Wicked Games, much more people became aware of The Weeknd and turn average listeners into Stan’s. His captivating voices catches your attention, then he reels you in with his subject matter, but it’s not what he’s saying its how he is saying it. The Weeknd can make something so vulgar and outrageous sound so tasteful. With lines like “Work that back til I tire out/roll that weed/blow the fire out/ taste that lean when you kiss my mouth/get so wet when I eat you out, you can tell he is very descriptive with his experiences. His ambient music gives you the feeling of lust, love, heartbreak, and deep passion all at the same time. He is able to tap into the true feeling you get when love and lust collide and you have no ability or desire to stop it

The sonic noise coming from The Weeknd cannot be labeled as R&B. It is something of it’s on. With samples from Siouxsie and the Banshees, Beach House, Cocteau Twins and Aaliyah is clear to see he is influence by more than just one genre of music. The high demand for his music has everyone crowning him the next in line. The funny thing about it is that there still is a majority of people who don’t know or never heard of the The Weeknd. The Weeknd being on Drake’s album was his first presentation to the mass audience yet he still is in high demand. The Weeknd is breaking new ground by putting his self out there almost in rapper form. To be honest there is no difference between him and your local rapper, matter a fact your local rapper may have a slight edge with more music videos. The biggest difference that’s separates him from the pack is his thought out well produced album sounding mixtapes.

“I was forced to make records so you ain’t got to ask who’s next”.


In July 2011 House of Balloons was a nominee for the Polaris Music Prize but lost to Arcade Fire’s Suburbs (which won the Grammy for album of the year). The Weeknd announced that he is planning to re-release his trilogy mixtapes remastered as a package with bonus content later this year. With his follow up Mixtapes “Thursday” which was released in August 2011, and” Echoes of Silence” that was released in December 2011, he proved to the world that he is not a flash in the pan and he is a hard act to duplicate. 2012 should be a good year for The Weeknd. He is slated to perform at the Coachella music festival, which is one of the biggest music festivals in the Country. He has also stated on his twitter that he will tour the country after his trilogy is released. With the saturation of mainstream music it’s hard to give a new artist a chance without a co-sign from a big artist. But The Weeknd has done it the old fashion way by himself. After the release of his last mixtape big name music figures such as Diddy, DJ Khaled, took to twitter to inform their followers that his mixtape is a work of art. More people are noticing that his music and still with no interviews nobody really knows who is his. Only time will reveal more about this talented young man but for now you can only overdose on his music.

Decades of


We took a look at some of the latest styles that remind of us of our favorite style icons who have shaped our individual styles even now. 39

#e Bonet



Poetic 90’s

Sleeveless Blouse from Top Shop

2012 The Poetic look is about more than just big braids. This a look that weaves in out and of style but somehow manages to have a timeless appeal to it when executed properly.


#e Girlf$end

Present Day

Tracee Ell& Ross ia a (yle icon in her $ght. It & only $ght )at we put her on *r l&t.

The girlfriend everyone wants is a stylish chameleon. Don’t be afraid to leave things to the imagination


Eo"less Style The Ollsen twins have created a signature look that can only be described as effortlessly chic. Give us wavy hair and floral print sneakers and blazer vests any day of the week.

Shoes from Solestruck

All clothing from Top Shop

#e Zoe Project The Zoe Project is all about long flowy ensembles that come together with an effortless classic appeal. Rachel Zoe is a fashion giant who has ushered in her unique signature of vintage jewelry and oversized faux fur vests.

All clothing and shoe from All Saints

WE*LOVE*COCO “When considering a beauty to grace the cover of our beauty issue, Worthy Magazine searched every resource we had. In the end, our trusted correspondent, Neil Alvin of BGKI, had the answer. He introduced us to Parisian blogger and beauty Lindsay Vitz known to the blogging world as Coco Vitz. As we sifted through the stylish beauty’s blog our decision became unanimous- We LOVE Coco.”

Meet Lindsay Vitz

Noteworthy Style

Blog started in: January 2011 I started my blog because: Even though France has a strong blogger community, there is only a small number of black bloggers. I decided to start my blog to prove that black people in Paris can also be active contributors to the fashion community. What advice would you give other bloggers out there? Be yourself in everything that you do. Try to make a blog that will express your feelings and show what makes you unique and try to take high quality pictures.


I Hate French Toast Nia Imani is an artist who hails from Orlando FL. Recently at an art show that showcased many talents, Nia painted a portrait entitled “I HATE FRENCH TOAST” What inspired "I hate French Toast" Nia Imani: I actually walked into the space not knowing at all what to paint. While I was sitting on the stage thinking of concepts, I got an angry text from an ex that reminded me of a little poem I wrote that started “Sex with you is like French toast. I hate French toast...." And I just went with that...

“Art is my wife. We have a passionate, energetic, exciting, intense relationship.” Nia Phillips

Where do you get your inspiration? How long have you been painting? Nia Imani: I get my inspiration from whims, songs, smells, other dope people, and feelings. Nia Imani: I've been painting for about 10 years, making art all my life. They come randomly and I just have to seize the moment when inspiration knocks. How would you describe your style? Nia Imani: Style. What's that?

How do you feel about art? What does it mean to you? Nia Imani: Art is my wife. We have a passionate, energetic, exciting, intense relationship. Art allows me to breathe and get up every morning and carry out a day to day life. Art keeps me sane. Do you make custom paintings? Nia Imani: I definitely make custom paintings, but as a stubborn artist, I abhor when people tell me exactly what to paint. If someone asks me to do a piece for them, I like to have full creative control. Contact info : All inquiries and potential clients can contact me @ journalgirl22/niaimani

Worthy Approved

“The emergence of a lyricist with a mystical grasp of the written word is something that Worthy Magazine not only embraces but celebrates and honors. Adaeze is a talent who has captured my attention and held it for years, literally. From her angelically majestic accent to her hard-pressed lyrics, which are laced with an indescribable strength and heavenly virtue, Adaeze is truly an artist Worthy of a feature in this magazine. We promise you will love her. With a new project set to be released on March 12th entitled “Rapid Eye Movement,” Adaeze is proving to be an artist who still has a lot more to say. I am literally standing on pins and needles to introduce my ears to the new EP. It truly was an honor for Worthy Magazine to interview Adaeze ”---Ju’lia Samuels

Interview by Marcus Williams

What are some of your main musical influences?

How did you get started making music?

In terms of content, I’d have to say that I’m heavily influenced by biblical precepts. I’m influenced by my faith and both my experiences and the experiences of the people around me. When it comes to the actual music though, I’m heavily influenced by neo soul, hip hop and African/Caribbean rhythms. Because I dabble in a lot of the spheres in the music business, I try to be as open to as many influences as possible so that I can, with a diverse background, develop my own sound.

I’ve been playing instruments since childhood. It started because my brother and sister went to piano lessons, and I was “too young” to go, so I would watch their hands and I would use their books and try to figure things out on my own. I taught myself the piano, figuring the pop songs or songs from church by ear. Over the years I picked up several instruments like the saxophone, guitar, steel pan, some drums etc. I would try to write songs but my “real writing” and production only developed within the past year.

What are you working on currently? Currently I’m wrapping up my debut project entitled “Rapid Eye Movement: an experiment” which will be released on March 12th. This project is 100% experimental in the sense that I mix many genres and methods of message delivery. The content covers a wide range of topics but all resolves around the idea of pursuing your dreams, despite the opposition and associated fears. The project is a good prelude to who I am as an artist, trying to develop my sound. It has depth, while showing a lot of my character. I’m pleased with it and am excited to give it to my supporters as a big thank you! The project can be obtained on and experienced on on March 12th. What inspires you? I’m inspired by just about everything around me: from things I see, touch and hear to things people experience! My audience really inspires me to remain vulnerable and bring them both the realities of life, and the possibilities of life. I stay inspired because I try to maintain stimulation by doing different things, meeting new people and going to different places.

When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career? Well, everything started when I was introduced to spoken word poetry in 2009. I became known for poetry and it was weird because I had always be The Musician, not The Poet. About a year afterwards, I realized I wanted to go back to the music and take poetry with me. I’d say I realized I wanted music as a career sometime in late 2010, early 2011. I’m horrible with dates because it all feels like a blur. It feels like my career has picked up so quickly and a lot of the time I think “wait, how did I get here?” In a way, everything just …happened. What do you want to communicate through your music? Who do you hope to reach? My music has one mission and that is to give to each person whatever it is they need in order to feel positive about their life and their purpose. People need to hear different things at different times and so I rely on God to tell me what to deliver, and when. I know what it’s like to be at the end of my rope, and I just want my music to add a few inches to people’s ropes when they feel like they are at the end. How would you describe your style? That’s a hard one! My style does whatever it feels like. If it feels right, I go with it. My style definitely doesn’t follow convention.

When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

Well, everything started when I was introduced to spoken word poetry in 2009. I became known for poetry and it was weird because I had always be The Musician, not The Poet. About a year afterwards, I realized I wanted to go back to the music and take poetry with me. I’d say I realized I wanted music as a career sometime in late 2010, early 2011. I’m horrible with dates because it all feels like a blur. It feels like my career has picked up so quickly and a lot of the time I think “wait, how did I get here?” In a way, everything just … happened.

If I could collaborate with one artist it would be Mali Music, hands down! He is probably my favorite artist because he is relatable, creative, energetic, humble and just about everything I’d want to be as an artist! How can you be contacted for booking etc? I can be contacted using the following: TWITTER: @adaezelyrics FACEBOOK: Adaeze Simone EMAIL: YOUTUBE: adaezelyrics SOUNDCLOUD: adaezelyrics


Meet Jmar A one man empire “ I tell stories people can relate to.” --Jmar Musical movements are nomadic in nature. One year all you hear about is Atlanta, another year it’s all about New York. Occasionally an artist will emerge from South Florida who leaves an impression on mainstream music. As these artists weave in and out of the mainstream musical fabric, there are artists stirring the melting pot of music in Florida carefully making their way to the mainstream. Artist, producer, and emerging one-man empire Jmar is working towards putting Broward County on the map. Jmar is the CEO of Young Stunnaz Music Group a Florida based record label committed to making music that not only gets people moving but captures the sentiments of their life experiences. “The most challenging thing has been building a fan base,” Jmar said. For Jmar the formula is simple. I just want to make music people can vibe to. I tell stories that people can relate to. That simple formula for Jmar is what he separates him from other artists. “Right now I am working with my artists Diondre, Yung Spitta and Jboy.” Young Stunnaz Music Group Facebook Group


Two Deep Sum your music up in one word? Both: Diverse

Favorite song that you have written to date? Both: Our hit single “She A Freak” What has been the biggest obstacle that you have overcome so far? Both: Getting a Record Deal and Building a Fan Base What keeps you going and pursuing your dream? Both: The Fans & Supporters

Where do you draw inspiration from Lyrically? Are there any other artists that you look up to? Yung Spitta: I get my inspiration based on how I’m feeling at the moment or depending on what kinda beat I’m bout to hop on and honestly I look up to myself but I respect everybody that’s already in the game JBoy: I look up to Rick Ross because he’s lyrically and a grinder and my inspiration I just like to keep the people entertained! Where do you want to see your career in the next five years? Both: Really we just wanna be in a different position than we are now hopefully on B.E.T winning an award for Best New Artist!

What do you enjoy the most about what you do? Yung Spitta: I enjoy making the beats and just good music that people can vibe to.. Universal music! What unique quality do you possess that makes you stand out from other artists? Both: Were bringin a whole new swag! How are you balancing your music career with everything else? School? Work? Yung Spitta: Well most of the things we do pertainin to music is usually on the weekends so so far it hasn’t been difficult! JBoy: I’m currently not in school this is what I do everyday all day!


Shay J Mickey Retro Introduction By William Kennedy

In today’s oversaturated hip-hop world, people like me—people obsessed with new music—are usually trying to sift through the BS that permeates today’s music industry. The beauty of the Internet is limitless access to new music, the downfall the fact that anyone and his cousin can make a mixtape

So it’s pretty impressive when unknown unsigned artists can impress. It’s more impressive when you know the artists personally. Yeah, I have friends that rap and tell me to check out their music, but honestly, it’s usually mediocre. That’s the truth. That’s not the case with Shay J & Mickey Retro’s collaborative “Huey vs. Riley EP” though.

Fans and friends of Shay J & Mickey Retro, both students at the University of Florida at the time of recording, waited a long time to finally hear the finished EP. We were excited when we heard “The Hype,” produced by Meni Faces, ecstatic when we heard “Dreamer.” Hell, I was invited to the video shoot for “Dreamer” but was unable to make it. The video, by the way, is one my favorite of the past year.

When the EP finally dropped in late December, I rushed to download it and was more than impressed. From the FloridaGoon-produced “Intro” to the final track, “The Prayer,” these MC’s prove that hip-hop is alive and well and resides in the South.


The project weaves in old-school hip-hop vibes with southern influence and provides listeners with an eclectic listen. Light on features—the only two being from Life Lyriccs and Valerie Seas, close friends of the MC’s—“Huey vs. Riley” is proof that the unsigned artist is relevant and many times better than his major-label counterpart. True fans of hip-hop should definitely check out this project at I got the opportunity to interview Shay J & Mickey Retro separately about the EP and their similar answers show just how in-tune these guys are with each other. Worthy: How much time went into the project and what kind of commitment did it take to complete? Shay J: Technically, the tracks for the EP was blueprinted in about two weeks. We both were working on the same wavelengths so it didn’t take too much to commit musically. It took patience, dedication, sleepless nights and a lot of drive to complete this project. It was more difficult because we were both students at the time too. I remember leaving exam locations with mick after spending days of studying to go and record our verses repeatedly. Mickey Retro: We conceptualized and finished writing to majority of the project in a matter of two weeks. The process was in the spring of 2010. The level of commitment wasn't anything out of the ordinary. We each demand a high level of commitment in our own projects. So this project wasn't nothing out of our comfort zone. We always give 120 percent in anything we put our name on. Only difference is we came to agreement that we wouldn't limit ourselves to one sound. We decided to go all in on this one.

Worthy: What is the significance of the project's title? Shay J: The title summed up our personality when we’re around each other in relation to the boondocks characters Huey & Riley Freeman. When we hang out, at times when Mick may view something from a more serious, intellectual approach, and I may reply by saying something completely ignorant…and vice versa. People may notice this contrasting approach in our verses on the album. In addition, the title was to embrace the idea of identifying common grounds between the contrasting mindsets of people. It’s like showing how we all can relate in some way no matter how extreme our views are. Mickey Retro: Huey vs. Riley EP. It's the understanding that... though we are revolutionaries at heart, we also relate to Riley's story. Both characters in “The Boondocks,” the audience can kind of cope with or understand. Or at least that is the point behind “The Boondocks.” You have type A and type B. Well in the art we express, for this particular tape, we give you a little bit of both. It's a mindset. Worthy: What are your favorite songs on the project? Shay J: It’s quite hard to say… All of them! “All I Ever Knew” is definitely up there because it’s a very personal song from me. My favorites change all the time for this EP though. I like “TMZ” because of Mick’s visionary style of storytelling. But I had the most fun recording “Chauffeur.” Mickey Retro: I don't have one actually. I think Shay J should be charged for lyrical manslaughter on “Chauffeur” though. Worthy: Do you plan on working together in the future?

Shay J: You’ll definitely hear more tracks from the both of us in the future as far as features. That will continue. As far as projects, I’m not sure as of now. We both have plenty of solo projects lined up after this one. Mickey Retro: We're always working together. We chat about life and common goals weekly. The door is always open to create musically. But it always goes beyond that. To me learning from one another is creating. Learning from anyone, absorbing life lessons is creating. I am creating by answering these questions. I am learning about myself. Also, you all created by asking the questions. But aside from the philosophical answer, yes always. The camp I'm apart of, MIAnimals, is always working with dope emcees who are putting on for their community. It's funny that you mentioned more collaborations from us. A lot of fans have asked if Shay J and I are going to make another tape. They really enjoyed what we did on this one.

Worthy: What do you hope the future holds for you musically? Shay J: Whatever it is, I just hope the future holds happiness, and security. I mean that musically and in all senses. That’s all that matters. Mickey Retro: I could care less about my career musically. I'm more concerned about the music culture. Hopefully, I can be apart of it's preservation, and renewal. I would like to expose the community to various resources and help make a difference. If I can do that with music, God willing, cool. I have many aspirations, apart from music, being an emcee is just the tool I use to inspire others as well as myself. I have many aspirations, which in essence is many opportunities. I don't know which one is important enough to make a difference but one day hopefully it'll just make sense. And I hope I am focused enough and patient enough to capture the moment when it's time.

Worthy: If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? Shay J: It wouldn’t only be one artist. I would have to say, Q-Tip, Devin the Dude, Big KRIT, OutKast, and Stacy Epps to name a few. Mickey Retro: Hands down it would be between Tupac Shakur and Jimi Hendrix. I would have also worked with Mati Klarwein. He was the artist behind Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew.” Artwork for an album would be the first thing on my list. But I think if I could work with someone like Klarwein, more can be done to evolve all forms of art in the music industry. I believe artists can do more to capitalize on cross platform marketing strategies. Maybe I just have to get to a place where I'm known more on a global scale. For instance, Kanye West brings more to the fans than just an album. I think what Kanye has been doing for music, let alone art, is exceptional.

Mickey Retro: I have a tape I've Worthy: The video for "Dreamer" is finished writing to in summer of 2010, awesome and looks like it was fun to shoot. What are your favorite parts of the titled “Bad Luck Good Nights.” I was going for the 808's meets RZA vibe. All video? true events. Thought I'd put it on wax. Shay J: I would have to say every candidThat's what poets do...I should be done moment of the people in the whole video.recording it soon. I'm also re doing JayWhat I liked most about the video is the Z's “Reasonable Doubt.” I'm calling the project “South Beach.” I'm Capturing fact that I had a lot of friends in the video, and each person was seen in their the hearts and minds of young own element. That was beautiful enough ambitious kids around my area and what we think and see as we come of for me. age. Been working on that project here and there. The newest project I’m Mickey Retro: Wasn't shown in the working on is titled “M.A.R.T.H.A.” I video but we had our friend Vincent Alvarado on Skype. He was pretty much seriously can't tell the world what the on set. He was interacting with everyone. acronym stands for just yet. I have to He is a very hardworking individual and until the release date gets closer. Can't have that title stolen. It means a lot to he brings the best out of anyone he is me. After that I'm planning to speak around. It was cool that he showed outside of my own personal experiences support like that. and hit a pivotal point as a poet, songwriter, whatever us dreamers are Worthy: What can we look for in the called now a days and speak more for near future from you? the community. After those three projects Shay J: Look out for random features on I'll be ready to create from a new place... many projects from me. I have 2 projects from the place I am at with my growth. that I’m simultaneously working on. One Those three projects, as well as of them is currently untitled. Soon after “HVREP” were my process as of the end that, I will be releasing another album of 2010. I'm excited to write in the present form. Show the fans my growth. titled “Shay’s Rebellion.” I’m very excited for that one. You can follow Shay J & Mickey Retro on Twitter at @ShayJToday and @MickeyODx2, respectively.

I would have to say every candid moment of the people in the whole video. What I liked most about the video is the fact that I had a lot of friends in the video, and each person was seen in their own element. That was beautiful enough for me.

Worthy Style

Essential Looks

By: Marcus Williams


What Do Men And Women Really Want? When it comes to communica.on between men and women it is almost like there are two completely different languages being spoken. Women seem to have their own unique compulsions and desires and men have theirs. I’m sure most men can recall at .me where they may have made what to them seemed like a completely innocent statement only to be immediately subjected to a .rade of emo.onal fury. And I’m sure most women can relate to something from a man which to you seems like a simple task only to soon realize he completely misunderstood. With all of the nuances and ambiguity with which men and women u.lize the English language individually, when it comes to a rela.onship, it becomes very difficult to avoid even the simplest arguments. When you are confused about what is expected of you, it is nearly impossible to keep your significant other sa.sfied in the rela.onship. And if there isn’t a amount of communica.on between the two of you to begin with, the confusion is only amplified And so in an aGempt to break down this apparent language barrier I decided to consult the most successful married couple I know, my good friends Brandon and Kimberly Allen. These are the people I look up to when it comes to love. So naturally I assumed that they must know the secret to what men and women really want. They must have cracked the code. Although each of their responses was worded differently from the other, they ul.mately managed to give similar answers. On the subject of what men want, both Kim and Brandon have similar takes on the issue. There didn’t seem to be any confusion between these two on what men want. Kim was definitely more elaborate in her account but they ul.mately came to many of the same conclusions. Ul.mately being that, men want what Brandon refers to as a “Superwoman”.

What Do Men And Women Really Want?

They both felt that men want a woman that is both secure. This means that men don’t want to have to be punished in a rela.onship with you for things that occurred in previous rela.onships. Or as Kim put it “He does not want to come into a rela.onship to take the heat for dirty dishes the last man leQ. Whether or not men admit it, they have been hurt too, but they con.nue to take chances‐‐they want women that can understand that.” They were also in complete agreement on the fact that men want an independent woman. While at the same .me, men want a woman to be able to treat a man as a man and cater to him some.mes. They don’t want someone whose independence is paired with excess pride, hindering them from showing humility. Men want a woman that is going to support them fully, but not lose sight of her own ambi.ons. They want a woman that can func.on on her own but does not throw her self sufficiency in his face the first chance she gets. They want someone who can take care of the household without having to sacrifice her career. Another key desire of men that both Kim and Brandon agreed on is trust. As Brandon stated, “we want a woman that trusts us, because there are s.ll good men available that deserve to be trusted.”

When it came to women the responses were also similar. First, women want security. They want “a man to be a man” according to Kim. They want a man that can make them feel secure physically, emo.onally, and financially. Which, Kim says, does not necessarily mean that he provides the best of everything, but rather that he provides to the best of his ability. Women want a man that shows great and works hard to live up to that At the same .me they want a man that is going to support her in living up to her They want a man that can and will cook and clean and not place the burden of house work on them. they want a partner in every sense, but a partner that shows strength. They want to know that they maGer in the rela.onship and that the man that they are with has their back 100%. If you truly think about it this is not much different from what men want from women. This is an observa.on that Brandon also observed “Well, I guess women want a superman as well.” So it seems like men and women have more in common than we realize. I think Kim assessed it perfectly when she said “At the end of the day, men look for a lot of the same things as women, but those needs manifest themselves in different ways for a man, so a man wants a woman that understand how to fulfill his needs in the way that he needs them to be fulfilled, which requires a mutually intense level of in.macy and trust.” I think we can all agree, both men and women, that this is something that we ul.mately desire from the opposite sex. The problem seems to simply be a maGer of communica.on. We just get lost in transla.on. And so, if work harder at geXng to each other’s real desires, and actually make a real effort to understand these desires and respond accordingly through the appropriate ac.ons, we can save ourselves a lot of unnecessary headaches.

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