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Read up on the companies that we feel illustrate a worthy lifestyle and find out how you can benefit from them. The theme for this article is fitness, fashion and finance.


Read up on some of the most luxurious pedicures you could ever treat yourself to.

3. MEET MICHELLE DIMARCO OF LILAC AND LILIES The boutique won’t stop growing and Michelle shares why it was time to start a blog supporting other women.

4. MEET SHEENA SUJAN The designer has an amazing story and some awesome words advice to share with you 5. YANIC TRUESDALE

The actor talks about real beauty and his return to Gilmore Girls.


Meet the latest brave soul to join the Real Housewives franchise. Cary Talks reality TV and beauty with us.

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When you envision a chic woman, the terms stylish, sophisticated, elegant and modern should come to mind. At C’est Chic Boutique, our desire is to have you look and feel chic.................... ...................................................




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36.Torrey DeVitto

the actress from Pretty Little Liars and Chicago Med gets persoal with us.

8. DIY BEAUTY TREATMENTS These treatments are good enough to eat. 10. EXHALE WITH THE RITZ-CARLTON 14. EDITOR FAVORITES Read up on a few beauty products our editor swears by. 17. GARNETT HILL 2016 LOOKBOOK See how 2016 is looking for the amazing brand.



27. ENJOY THE JURNEE We talk to Jurnee SmolletBell the star of WGN’s hit series Underground and find out why this is her most challenging role to date. 34. NOTEWORTHY STYLE Teeona Lane shares a short photo essay with us. 40. AMERICAN BEAUTY BY CHAD FINLEY





This is always the last thing to be written. This letter has seen a minimum of 10 revisions. What can be said about beauty that won’t sound cliche? How could it be tied into being worthy without you feeling like I am trying to sell you a brand instead of a true lifestyle that you should aspire to whether it benefits the magazine or not? How can I pour love into you and have you trust it? The most moving advice I got came from a relative who spoke to me when I was close to reuniting with my lowest place in life. She spoke with a passion that still gives me chills. She said “Remember who you are.” She said it over and over as if it was being written on my heart to memorize and I can honestly say that it has stayed with me. This issue is designed to honor that mantra. Remember who you are. You were designed to be unique and beautiful. Nurture that fact. Take care of yourself. You deserve to be cared for and nurtured. I ask our inspiring features to share their definition of real beauty and I assure you that you fit the criteria. We get to know Torrey DeVitto a little more. I had no idea she had Florida roots and we enjoy our look back at the past and future with our interview with Yanic Truesdale of Gilmore Girls. This issue should be a nice little treat for you. Thank you for all of your support. I hope you enjoy what has been a very true labor of love for our team. As the magazine grows, we hope that you continue to share it with your friends. Much Love, Ju’lia Samuels


Beauty Mask Recipes By: Michele Periquet & Firouze Zeroual of Reset Yourself

These are a few worthy approved DIY recipes that you have to try. P.S. They are good enough to eat.

Image courtesy of

Tasteworthy Masks If you are looking for your new beauty regimen, look no further than these tasty recipes

Article and Image By: Michele Periquet & Firouze Zeroual of

ICE YOUR FACE Try this easy pick-me-up for your skin (after a long day at work and all you want to do is go to bed, but you still have that event or work dinner to attend!). This an excellent way to refresh your skin and shake you out of that tired state. It also tones the skin and acts as a great primer for make up. 1. Cleanse skin. 2. Put an ice cub in a soft gauze cloth and when the cloth is damp, apply to the face. 3. Go over the different parts of the face for one minute. 4. Follow with your skincare. HONEY YOGHURT OAT MASK Ingredients: 1 tablespoon raw, uncooked oats 1 tablespoon plain full-fat yoghurt 2 teaspoons raw honey Method: Grind oats into a fine powder in a coffee grinder. Transfer to a bowl and add in honey and yoghurt. Blend well and apply on freshly cleansed, still damp face. Avoid eye area. Let it work its magic for 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. MOISTURE MASK For dry, parched skin (eg. after a long haul flight),

Try this deeply moisturizing face treatment that also softens and soothes the skin. 1 tablespoon milled chia 1 tablespoon raw honey 1/2 avocado, pitted and mashed 1. In a small bowl, mix ingredients together into a paste. 2. Apply to freshly cleansed skin and let it sit for 1530 minutes. 3. Remove gently with warm water and a washcloth. Note: You can find milled chia at a health food store or you can grind chia seeds at home using a food processor or a coffee mill until you get a coarse flourlike texture NUTTY FACE SCRUB To slough off the dead cells from the outer layer of skin, this is a gentle exfoliating, skin-brightening treatment that leaves you with silky soft skin. 2 tablespoons almond meal 4 tablespoons whole milk 1. Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. 2. Apply mixture to freshly cleansed skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes 3. Gently massaging the mixture onto skin in a circular motion and then wash off with lukewarm



FACIALS MAGIC | 90 min: $380| Do you believe in magic? During this all-in-one facial our expert estheticians will focus on eye, lip, neck and décolleté concerns. High-energy sound waves ease skin congestion while delicately pushing super-antioxidants deep into the skin. This therapy superbly achieves visible age-defying results…it’s magic you can see! AFTER SUN | 60 min: $200| Soak up some hydration after a day in the sun. This cooling facial is formulated with hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, aloe vera, and other healing ingredients that hydrate and calm inflamed skin. It’s the perfect way to end a sunny day! BACK + FACE | 90 min: $250 |A multi-tasking facial! This therapy begins with an effective exfoliating cleanser on your back to remove dead skin cells, followed by gentle extractions and a soothing massage. Then, our highly skilled estheticians will help you face the day with a deeply cleansing and hydrating facial — utilizing herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients SCRUBS + MORE

GLOW BODY SCRUB + MASSAGE | 90 min: $215 |This best of both worlds therapy will leave your body and mind glowing. The detoxification and exfoliation of our signature Glow Body Scrub is combined with the healing and de-stressing powers of massage for glow-it and show-it results. TAHITIAN BODY SCRUB | 60 min: $180 |You’ll go coco-nuts for our lemongrass and coconut sugar scrub with Tahitian oils. After the body is topically (and tropically) exfoliated, a cocktail of nutrient-rich oils (acai and passion fruit) will hydrate your skin and lock in moisture for radiant results.

$95 |Soft and smooth feet that can’t be beat! This indulgent foot therapy includes a rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba, and organic coconut oils with Shea butter to moisturize your skin and cure calluses. Hot stone massage will leave your feet feeling fabulous before you pick your polish. SPORTS PEDICURE | 45 min: $85| A treat for active feet. A therapeutic Epsom salt bath alleviates aches and pains before fitness related foot troubles are addressed with exfoliation, toenail trimming and reflexology. It’s the perfect pedicure to leave your feet looking and feeling as healthy as you do. KIDDIE MANICURE + PEDICURE | 30 min each: $20 manicure, $25 pedicure | Fabulous fun for fingers and toes under NAILS 12! A LUXE SPA MANICURE | 45 candy apple oil and fizzing bath min: $50 |Needless to say you’ll soak will sweeten their day, and have noticeable nails. This a gentle massage with apple cuticle cure includes an Eco-fin cream lotion will calm their mask — worries away. We’ll gently shape an all-natural, petroleum-free al- the nails and finish with a fun ternative to paraffin to give your polish color! Offered at exhale hands that super-soft, oh-so Florida locations only. touchable feel. Select your shade of organic or traditional polish to give your fingers the final touch. LUXE SPA PEDICURE | 60 min:

Fitness Finance Fashion

Worthy Lifestyle Fashion Finance Fitness

Read up on the latest companies that are promoting a worthy lifestyle. South Florida is known for its’ steamy temperatures and ridiculously hot bodies that flood the beach. Behind those hot bodies are beautiful souls who put in the time to keep themselves looking great and feeling even better. Liquido Active is a Miami-based active wear brand that offers limited edition apparel for women who love to make a statement. Liquido recently launched their Om Stars collection, which was created in collaboration with social media Yoga stars Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna. The styles align with the Zen, ocean-oriented lifestyle that Verna and Macgregor know all too well. The brand is a true representation of hot and confident South Florida living. The bold colors and prints push boundaries, and lead designer Renata Facchini encourages her customers to do the same. A believer in the yoga movement and confidence that practice brings to women around the world, Facchini creates each pair of pants in limited quantity, offering designs to women that are as unique as each of their personalities. Yoga is an exercise trend that is here to stay, and the apparel has become less of a niche market than what it once was. Many women are beginning to incorporate yoga attire into their day-to-day lives; shopping and running errands, or meeting friends for a causal coffee or lunch. Liquido’s designs are functional, flexible and flattering, allowing for women to transition seamlessly from the studios to the streets.

So what made this brand the perfect fit for social media stars, Kerri Verna and Kino MacGregor? They both share their thoughts below. “Designing the Om Stars collection with Kino and the amazing team at Liquido has been a dream come true for me. I literally live in yoga clothes so what I wear is extremely important to me. This collection is both fun and functional. The amazing fabric is like a second skin on your body. The vibrant and colorful prints actually make me excited to get on my mat and practice. I hope that when people wear Om Stars they feel not only beautiful but that they also feel excited to practice,” Verna shares.

“I have long dreamt of the perfect yoga clothing line but no matter where I looked I just couldn’t find it. Until now! With Om Stars, Kerri and I have created the clothes that embody everything we love about yoga and life. We love the sun, the bright colors of Miami and the tropical feeling of living on the beach. Om Stars is just like us – fun, colorful and full of life,” MacGregor explains.

The Liquido Om Stars collection is made up of funky printed leggings, bandeaus, sports bras, tank tops, and shorts. Visit http:// for more!

Fitness Finance Fashion

The Beauty of Financial Freedom

Assertive Financial Management Team President and Founder, Rachel Vixamar also known as the Credit Repair Queen is offering up some worthy approved financial tips that will illustrate the beauty of financial freedom.

There is great beauty in acquiring financial freedom. A strong command of your finances does not have to be difficult or elusive. As often as people like to find excuses for not addressing financial issues such as credit repair and financial literacy, both are essential to living your life to its maximum potential. Two Fantastic Tips That Demonstrate The Beauty Of Knowledge 1. You can boost your credit score up by getting your credit repaired. One tip to begin repairing your credit is removing inquires on your credit report. Write a letter to the credit bureaus declaring that you didn’t give consent to (company name) to pull your credit. At the end of the letter be sure to include that you want the inquiry removed immediately. Even if you did give consent to the inquiry it works at all times. Also with the letter make sure you send a copy of your driver’s license/ state ID, and a copy of a utility bill with your current address. Get a monitoring website that has all three bureaus and is very detailed oriented for your convenience. 2. The last tip is every single one of us has the ability to validate our debt. Yes I said it. We have the ability to validate our debt. For instance, if any medical bill is sent to collections, they’re violating HIPAA law. US law is designed to provide privacy standards to protect a patients' medical records and other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. Developed by the Department of Health and Human Services, these new standards provide patients with access to their medical records and more control over how their personal health information is used and disclosed. They represent a uniform, federal floor of privacy protections for consumers across the country. State laws providing additional protections to consumers are not affected by this new rule. Always remember that you have the right to dispute anything that you feel is inaccurate that is reporting on your credit.

Making Fashion History: Haus of Rimmy As a Vancouver native, Jaswal always had a creative eye for designing at a very young age. She discovered that she had a keen passion and connection with clothing when she started experimenting with fabric scraps and transforming them into something special for both her and her Barbie doll. After paying close attention to trends she recognized on the television, she would renovate her own wardrobe by cutting them in new places to make them unique. Jaswal’s most recent collection is a reflection of elegance with a twist. The pieces offer an assortment of linen white colors and playful options featuring a mix of tops, skirts, and dresses. The statement-makers freshen up this season with feminine details including lace, tulle, stretch fabric and quilted materials. Every individual piece exemplifies historical moments in her life. Characteristics of the line take her back to her childhood when she used to cut out her own clothing. Silhouettes from the collection feature high slits, open backs and cut outs portraying her youth. The color pallet reminds us of the warm Vancouver summers she still craves. Jaswal says that, “suddenly things, ideas, and patterns, just start coming to me,” perhaps, they are envisions her past.

Editor's Favorites

Editor-in-Chief, Ju'lia Samuels, shares her favorite beauty products

'' Jacq's Organics is an obsession that I may never give up . Nurturing yourself is essential to a Worthy Lifestyle and I am learning that. You have to slow down at some point and enjoy the small things that you have to do to take care of yourself. I hope you enjoy my short list of treats." - Ju'lia Samuels

Editor's Favorites Editor-in-Chief, Ju'lia Samuels, shares the beauty products that have won her undying loyalty. Don't worry she is brutally honest about the benefits of all of her obsessions .

True by made beautiful What the company says: This rich deep treatment masque, restores and repairs dry, damaged hair. deeply moisturizes and repairs dry, damaged or over-processed hair. Free of sulfates and parabens, shea butter and coconut penetrates hair to nourish. A unique blend of honey and mango provide ultimate moisture to restore dry, dull hair. Editor Notes: My naturalistas swear by this product. Namely my mother. She enjoyed the treatment on her natural hair. She described it as nurturing and luxurious. I admit that I was very jealous of the bounce in her hair after her treatment.

Zara Body Oil

What the company says: "This body oil is like invisible lingerie — smoothing out trouble areas and accentuating your natural assets. Delicately composed, this blend of oils keeps your skin hydrated and balanced and gives your body a boost of nutritive energy. While promoting the firm and smooth appearance of your skin, Grapefruit and Rosemary essential oils tone your skin while the bright scent inspires you to show off your playful side." Editor Notes: To close out a night of pampering myself. I treat myself to this silk treatment in a bottle. The skin on my arms and legs tend to be very dry and rough so this product is a trial that can't really be put into words. I love the earthy citrus undertones the oil offers. As I get older, I appreciate the aroma therapy oils provide and the supernatural nourishments they can provided to our skin.

Burt's and Bees Facial Kit What the company says about the product: "Slough off daily cares with this relaxing kit full of expert advice on recreating the spa experience at home. Inside the box you'll find a 32page book, a Pore-Refining Mask, Citrus Facial Scrub, Orange Essence Facial Cleanser, and Marshmallow Vanishing Creme from Burt's Bees, a respected Durham, NC-based producer of bodycare products ."

Editor Notes: This entire experience is the literal illustration of bringing the spa home after a long for me. It has an exfoliant, a cooling face mask that will chill the most heated of days the sweetest presentation that will leave convinced that you are at a spa and not home. I love this kit. Many thanks to Peacock Pr for stuffing it in my gift bag.

Editor's Favorites Beauty products that make the Editor-in-Chief 's life a lot easier

Shea Moisture What the company says about their product: "Smooth away rough, dry skin with this gentle, healing scrub enriched with moisturizing organic raw shea butter. Jojoba beads eďŹƒciently remove dead skin cells, improve microcirculation, lessen the appearance of fine lines and prepare skin for moisture. Cleansed skin is soft, radiant and hydrated." Editor Notes: This is the product I use when I need to get rid of of some serious acne very quickly. It gently removes the juicy stress induced pimples that happily pop up when I am on deadline. The exfoliant is so gentle that it is tempting to use every day. I actually purchased the entire kit that the scrub is a part of at Target. It came with a moisturizer, face scrub and mask. My favorite is this exfoliant and moisturizer.

Jacq's Organics What the company says about the products: "Enriched with the powerful benefits of non-comedogenic sunflower, organic coconut and calendula extract to gently cleanse, hydrate and revitalize skin. The Jacq's Organics Face Cleanser contains Japanese Camellia oil to treat the skin, antiseptic rosemary oil, disinfecting eucalyptus oil and revitalizing lime oil all combined to cleanse, treat and purify any skin type." Editor Notes: When I literally need to feel like luxury and I feel like stress has won, I have a green smoothie night. When I had my amazing facial at MassageLuxe, literally the only cleaner that I could use on my face was my lime and rosemary cleanser from Jacq's Organics. The Green Smoothie Masque is so properly named for its chilling eects on my skin. If you need to feel like you imported a spa into your home, this is your mask.




COMFORTABLE STYLE Essential Knit Jacket | $148 Silk Utility Blouse | $148 Sateen Ankle Pants | $98 Born Crown Daphne Gladiator Sandals |$128


Cashmere Weekend Sweater | $198 Orla Kiely Classic Shoulder Bag | $185 Garnet Hill Signature Bikini Bottoms Cashmere Weekend Sweater | 40609 $198 | $34 Orla Kiely Classic Shoulder Bag | 40529 $185

Garnet Hill Signature Bikini Bottoms | 21637 $34


Classic Denim Jacket | $108 Easy Knit Jumpsuit | $118 Klub Nico Kingston Demi Wedges | $180 Classic Denim Jacket | 32815 $108 Easy Knit Jumpsuit | 32193 $118 Klub Nico Kingston Demi Wedges | 41459 $180


Santorini Cotton Tunic | $98 Havaianas Slim Flip-Flops Santorini Cotton Tunic | 40344 $98 | $26-$28 Flip-Flops | 16612 MarHavaianas Y Sol for Slim Garnet Hill Sisal Basket$26-$28 Tote | $128 Mar Y Sol for Garnet Hill Sisal Basket Tote | 41415 $128



TRUSTWORTHY PEDICURE GUIDE Pedicures have become essential to most beauty regimens.With that in mind, we wanted to highlight pedicure treatments that are so much more than your standard polish and go routine. We have compiled a short list of luxury treatments that you will undoubtedly want to treat yourself to. THE PALMS 3025 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140 HEALING STONE FOOT EXPERIENCE 100 minutes $95 Hot basalt stones open up circulation and allow us to deeply penetrate muscle tension in your feet. When combined with the essence of rosemary and mint, which also improve circulation and refresh the skin and leaves feet re-energized. Method This deeply relaxing and restoring treatment begins with nail and cuticle maintenance, exfoliation and massage of lower legs with the use of basalt stones and beautifying oil, leaving feet ultra-smooth. Treatment is completed with your choice of buff or polish. pedicures finish with a choice of buff or polish using AVEDA’s Spa Ritual Vegan friendly polish line. The line nurtures the nail beds and cuticles and is environmental friendly.

THE RITZ-CARLTON NATIONWIDE SPORTS PEDICURE | 45 min: $85| A treat for active feet. A therapeutic Epsom salt bath alleviates aches and pains before fitness related foot troubles are addressed with exfoliation, toenail trimming and reflexology. It’s the perfect pedicure to leave your feet looking and feeling as healthy as you do. EAU SPA AT EAU PALM BEACH 100 S OCEAN BLVD, MANALAPAN, FL 33462 CHAMPAGNE SHIMMER PEDICURE $85 for 60 minutes This exfoliation pedicure includes an essential oil-infused foot bath, warm paraffin wrap and sensational leg massage. Did we mention that there is also a glass of Champagne? This treatment is decribed as the most coveted Palm Beach pedicure. 60 Minutes $85



Yanic Truesdale The name speaks for itself. We fell in love with Yanic Truesdale’s unforgettable character Michel Gerard on Gilmore Girls years ago. But there is so much more behind the talent. We got a chance to talk about Yanic’s fitness empire in Montreal, his return to Gilmore Girls by Netflix and his next role on YouTube Red original series Sing It!

How would you describe yourself in one word? Passionate. Could you discuss how you got into acting what interested you first about it? It was a total accident. A friend asked me to be her scene partner for her acting school audition. I decided to apply as well and sadly I got accepted and she didn’t. The notion of captivating an audience was very intriguing to me. You are currently starring in Sing It! What was it about the project that interested you? The concept for the show seems really funny and entertaining. I play the head of the network and I love those manipulative characters. Their morals and values are so twisted, I find them fascinating. I also felt that a satire of those shows had a lot of potential. Your cycling studio back home sounds amazing. What lead to that business venture? How do you feel about the response to it so far? I opened it by necessity. I was coming back to Montreal for the summer and I knew that there was no spinning studio in my hometown. It seemed absurd that Montreal was so behind in the indoor cycling world. I decided to take matters in my own hands. We have been embraced from the start and I’m amazed that it keeps growing. What is your definition of real beauty? Confidence and self-esteem. How do you feel about the return of Gilmore Girls? What was your favorite thing about being on the show? What do you think contributed to the success of the show? I think it’s fantastic that we have another shot at a show that was so meaningful to so many people and generations. We also have the luxury of perspective which makes me appreciate it even more. I’ve always felt blessed to have such an interesting character to play. I think the writing has a lot to do with it. It is also a show that mirrors the reality of many parents and kids. For many of them it was a rare occasion to spend time together. There is nothing cynical about GG, it has a lot of heart. Will you be returning to the show? Would you want to return? Yes and of course! What are three facts that your fans don’t know about you? 1. I was raised by a single mom. 2. I’m as sarcastic as Michel. 3. I’m a great cook. What advice or call to action would you give to our readers about pursuing their dreams? Find something that you love so much that you would do it for free and never give up!

Meet the latest brave soul to grace Bravo’s lucrative reality television franchise Cary Deuber is Real Housewives Dallas on Mondays at 10 p.m.

What is your definition of real beauty? Real beauty is having a high self-worth and self-esteem. It is all about what you have on the inside. Outer beauty fades, even with the help of a plastic surgeon. What is your favorite beauty regimen? I love getting derma-planing. It is basically having your face shaved, usually followed by a peel. Men exfoliate their faces every day by shaving, women need that too! You have your own practice, you are a philanthropist, wife and mother how do you balance it all? Which would you say is the most difficult job? It is such a juggling act. I am so crazy busy some days I forget to eat. I think the most challenging job is being a mom and stepmom. After you have had a long day at work it is hard to play with your kids or engage with them. No matter how tired I am, I make sure I spend quality time with them every day. What was it like doing a reality show? You hear so many negative things. Was it a positive experience for you? Did you get any warnings before the show? Do you think you would do the show again? Why or why not? I think people, especially in Dallas, thought I was nuts for doing the show. It would have been a lot easier to just go about my business and not do it. I think the more you go through and take on in your life, the stronger you end up. I am a strong woman already. So I think at the end of all of this I will be superwoman. It has been a learning experience. I think it has been very positive. I would do it again. I am not a quitter and I can’t just walk away from something that I’m invested in.



Cary Deuber Gets Real


e s u ca

e B

Tell us why you are worthy.


“I AM WORTHY BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO” -Jurnee Smollett-Bell The actress sat down with Worthy Magazine during Macy’s Black History Month celebration to discuss the most challenging role that she has played so far and to share her definition of real beauty. Read the actress’ explanation on why her character Rosalee on WGN’s hit series Underground has been her most challenging.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell is an allusive kind of Hollywood child star. If she has any demons, you haven’t seen them sprawled across tabloid pages in true Hollywood child star fashion. The actress walks the line of success, while enjoying the fruits of a six-year marriage. “There are several keys to a lasting relationship. I would say that honesty and communication are extremely important. Men are not mind readers. I think sometimes as women, we are afraid to ask


what we want. I also think you have to continue to date and continue to explore each other. As people we are always evolving.” The actress’ list of costars, which includes the Olson Twins and Samuel L. Jackson (to name a few) were acquired well before she was even a teenager, and the list has only become even more extensive reaching up to cinematic titans like Denzel Washington. But nevertheless, to sit across a table from a talent as young and relevant as Jurnee is to be in the presence of greatness and tremendous humility. It is literally disarming.

The Underground

When discussing her upcoming role on WGN’s Underground, the actress was extremely candid about why she was the most proud of this role. We have enjoyed her in vocal roles on Full House and the cult classic Eve’s Bayou and The Great Debaters. Her list of powerhouse roles is very impressive by our Worthy standards. But her current role is what takes the cake, according to the actress. “I would say that the most challenging character that I have played so far has to be my current character Rosalee on WGN’s Underground.You really get to see her evolve. She starts out oppressed and restricted and throughout the course of the season she is empowered. You end up being surprised by her. She is a dreamer at a time when it is not safe for a person of color to dream,” Jurnee said.


Stunning Sheena Sujan



hat started as a college startup quickly transformed itself into a global lifestyle brand. Sheena Sujan is a female, millennial designer gaining inspiration for her line from “Old Hollywood Glam”. Her collection of handbags, accessories and cosmetics are a perfect representation of the simplistic, timeless and luxurious appeal of the era that Sujan aims to recreate. Who are you professional inspirations? My professional inspirations include designers such as Rachel Roy and Victoria Beckham. I absolutely love their work ethic, creativity and strong sense of self. Describe the woman you design for? The Sheena Sujan woman is confident, successful and a go-getter. I strive to design staple pieces for women who have a love for fashion. What has been the hardest lesson you have learned so far? The hardest lesson that I have learned so far, is that I can’t do everything myself. As much as

I would love to take on every task, it is not possible. I’ve learned that having a trustworthy team supporting you is essential in creating a successful brand and business. What would you say is your most favorite design so far? My favourite design is our Barclay tote. The Barclay tote is your everyday handbag! It’s the perfect bag to dress up or dress down. It’s so multi-functional and the quality is unbeatable. Finish this statement : “ I am worthy because __”

multi-functional and truly is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. What is your definition of real beauty? Real beauty is confidence. If you love yourself and believe in yourself, you’re more beautiful than you could ever imagine. What are your plans for your brand for the next five years? My goal for the Sheena Sujan brand is to take it global. We’ve already expanded into the luxury market of Dubai and that’s just the beginning.

I am worthy because I am a strong, independent woman who takes control of my dreams. My favourite quote is, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” I highly believe that.

How would you describe your designs in three words?

What made you decide that you wanted to design?

It takes about a year to develop a collection from inception to final product. A lot of detail goes into each design. It’s definitely a process.

I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to design pieces that would stand the test of time. The Sheena Sujan Collection is

Simplistic. Timeless. Luxury How long does it take for you to develop a collection?

1531 S UNIVERSITY DR SUITE 108, PLANTATION, FLORIDA 33324 954-947-0918

Michelle DiMarco

Lilac and Lilies with Michelle Dimarco

During the summer of 2015 news hit fellow Lilac and Lilies lovers of their great expansion. Co-owner, Michelle DiMarco did not dissapoint with the launch party for the new and improved boutique. The warm and inviting pastels that dressed the walls, the decor and exclusive handpicked items in the boutique only aided in making it abundantly clear that Lilac and Lilies is here to stay. Now making it over the seven year hurdle, Michelle DiMarco is tackling another tough but promising field, blogging. Read her explanation on why she felt that her new blog was necessary.

I had no idea I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After college, I struggled finding a career I was madly passionate about. I sought refuge in keeping up on the latest trends in fashion magazines and designer blogs while dressing my friends for fun. My style muses ranged from Bridget Bardot to Diane Kruger and Carine Roitfeld. When a retail space opened up near my house, my mom encouraged me to take a leap of (fashionable) faith. Over the next couple weeks, I listened closely to my heart which encouraged me to create that which did not exist. As a result, I surrendered to the universe and gave birth to a new brand – Lilac And Lilies boutique. However, a career in fashion isn’t ALL glamour, ALL the time. After seven years in business, I began to feel the itch. The seven year “business” itch. I realized that the women who were shopping my fashion boutique Lilac & Lilies weren’t just trendy and welldressed fashionistas. These women balanced an equally sophisticated head on their designer heels. For them, style was just

one of many creative expressions in their everyday arsenal. They were leaders too in their own right – Women to Watch! Every week, I meet amazing women doing amazing things in their community, at work and in the home. The fabric of their identities is so intriguing and inspiring that it led me to ponder… how I can connect these women beyond the clothes on their back and an affinity for black. My intuition, which has served me well as a boot strapping woman entrepreneur, told me that I could unite these amazing women online by creating a free and universal platform for them to hangout, share stories, discover music, learn new things and feel inspired! It was within this spark of enlightenment that this BLOG was born. My dream is to create a fun and creative community where like-minded women around the world team up to take center stage. As an entrepreneur mentor who learned many lessons the hard way, I want to share my personal and professional trials and tribulations with other woman while I learn from their individual journeys and perseverance. I want to give back while paying it forward with knowledge, encouragement and inspiration and showcase incredible people who are redefining roles and doing amazing things. This blog represents a new frontier in fashion and I truly hope you join me on this incredible journey. -Michelle DiMarco

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PULLING STRINGS Model, actress and violinst. Torrey DeVitto dazzles us with her amazing talent and passion. Our chat with the dazzling star will show worthy readers that Torrey is not just beautiful on television but in person as well. Read up on the actresses guilty pleasures and Florida roots.

PHOTOGRAPHY ROWAN DALY Hair: David Keough Make Up: Nicole Walmsley Stylist: Mercedes Natalia




orrey DeVitto is a lethal combination of brains, beauty and talent. While she is quickly becoming a household name on NBC’s hit series Chicago Med, which follows the lives of the courageous medical staff of a new state of the art medical facility, the actress is no stranger to being on successful TV shows. Torrey’s impressive roster consists of: Dawson’s Creek, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and our personal favorite Pretty Little Liars. Her latest role however holds a unique place in her heart. “I was excited to play someone closer to my age,” the actress said. On Chicago Med, Torrey is Dr. Natalie Manning a pediatric medicine specialist who is unapologetically focused on her work and is also in the third trimester of her pregnancy. “She is a very strong woman. I have a lot in common with my character. She leads with compassion. This role has been the most thrilling to date. I am in love with the show.” Torrey said. When Torrey moved to film Chicago Med the actress employed a very organic approach to prepare for her as Dr. Natalie Manning. She credits her work with hospice care for developing the strong and compassionate disposition she brings to the role. “A lot of my hospice work comes into sync with my role. You have to be level headed but compassionate.” With beauty, brains and compassion as common

denominators, Torrey sites the characteristics of her astrological sign as the noticeable differences between herself and Dr. Natalie Manning. “Yes, unfortunately I can have the emotional reaction of an infant. I am a Gemini. I have a deep connection with all of my emotions. If I had to describe myself in three words they would be; inspired, lover and giver. I show up for my friends and I love hard.” Worthy Origins While the actress has appeared in numerous sitcoms, we fell in love with supernaturally perfect character she played on Pretty Little Liars, Melissa Hastings. “The pilot agents said it would be huge. I had no idea. You know there are things that you would think would be huge and it doesn’t end up working out. I grew so much on the show. She was the longest character I played. I built a true genuine appreciation for Melissa,” Torrey said. Creative Freedom A lot of Torrey’s fans are learning of her other love which is music. The actress is a very talented violinist since the age of six. She even played a solo at Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook’s wedding when she was 12 years old. “The two are such different experiences. There is one right way to do things with music. But with acting there is no right and wrong except for what is given. I like that I could potentially play whoever I want.”

NoteWorthy A few notes from Torrey DeVitto that will help you get to know the star better

Finish this statement, I am worthy because: I am worthy because I am What is your definition of beauty? As cliche as it sounds, beauty is something within. Being open in your heart, being vulnerable with the people that love you is beautiful. What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is reality television. I love Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. What advice would you give to our readers about pursuing their dreams?

What is something people don’t know about you? That I grew up in Winterpark Florida. A lot of people don’t know that.


I learned early that work ethic is so important. It’s like a muscle you have to work at it. People forget when they look at how successful people are and they forget ir din’t realize that they had to wrk hard to be that successful So work your ass off and you will get there

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Model: Sam

AMERICAN BEAUTY Chad Finley is an American-born beauty & fashion photographer and digital artist. He studied graphic design and photography at Florida A&M University, where he graduated, with honors, in 2008. Chad is currently based in Los Angeles, CA; while frequenting in New York City. This photo essay reminds that beauty is in the most simplest acts and at its best when it is stripped down to its essence.

Photography Chad Finley Model: Asia Dee

Photography Chad Finley

Model : Allegra

Photography Chad Finley

Beauty Issue  

Torrey DeVitto is a Worthy Covergirl

Beauty Issue  

Torrey DeVitto is a Worthy Covergirl