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34 Meet Brittany DeShields -

Gentlemen's Fashion Handbook

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Fierce, doesn’t describe the fashion genius of Ms. Brittany DeShields. Meet the Young, Fly and Fabulous Entrepreneur Behind BDES Clothing Line!

Distinct Fashion Trends For Men of Distinction. Stay Ahead in The Game with looks that complete the closet of Worthy Men!

35 Bdes Lookbook To Be a Designer You Must Have Something To Say About Fashion: When Brittany Talks, Fashionistas Listen. Check Out Her Look Book and See Why We Are So Captivated!


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There is never an excuse to be out of fashion. Worthy Magazine is your official source for all trends worthy of your consideration


35 Worthy-approved Items.

The Important Events of The Month That Are Worthy Of Your Time!

Don’t waste your hard earned cash. Our official guide will fill your closet with Worthy-accessories, and those hard to find items that pump up the volume on your wardrobe.

12 Worthy calendar of events 13 Music Review Meet Brittany DeShields the visionary behind Bdes clothing line.

Worthy Beauty

38Fearless make-up Who Is Afraid of Make Up?You won’t be with these tips!

39A worthy beauty Beauty isn’t just skin deep! Worthy Women are Accomplished, Brave and Seductive. Meet This months Worthy Woman!


Watch The Throne- Worthy or Unworthy?




Do you hear me? Do you see me? Does my opinion matter to you? We are all worthy. You are worthy because you are here. - Oprah Winfrey !

The fearless issue : This issue may help me more than anyone else. I enjoyed each interview, which were all done differently. Nothing should ever be the same especially when you are dealing with such amazing women. The fearless issue is an issue that you can just dive right into. Aside from being riddled with wonderful quick reads, We try to remember the fellas in this issue as well with our men’s fashion handbook. The fearless issue, much like future issues, will encourage you and provide relatable figures to inspire you to grow, and dream and believe in yourself. Why Did I Start Worthy? To put it simply, I felt like there was still a niche in magazines that needed to be filled. I didn’t feel like there were a lot of magazines inspiring the younger generation. We look different and we see things a lot differently than previous generations but one thing that has not changed is our worth. As we evolve the presentation needs to evolve as well. We NEED to see models who like everyday women. We need to hear the stories of soon-to-be legends, and more importantly we need to be encouraged.

Remember that Ju’lia (yes I talk tO myself!!)

I have been told that this idea doesn’t sell that easily, but I had to try. I had to push past my own fears about my faults and evergrowing insecurities and produce something that I love. I needed to hear this message just as much as you . We are worthy. The message of this issue is to be fearless start that new project you were afraid to start. Dream that dream you were afraid to dream. You are capable of anything and despite what you might believe you are WORTHY. We hear you and your opinion does matter.

You remember that Much Love,

Ju’lia Samuels 4.

October Issue

Cover Stories 43 Fearless Interview: Robyn-Ann from SALTY magazine sits down and talks to Worthy about her faith based magazine. 9. Our Worthy Guide: Conquer your fears.

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Confessions 8.Questions Editors share their recently conquered fears

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37. Words of Wisdom

6. News Briefs News you can use on the go


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4. Read the continuos stream of ramblings that go on in the editor’s head.

46. Auto Revolution

49.Nakia Harris has some worthy news.

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Women e-mail too much.According

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to an article from Forbes online, an online article by Matt Mireles discussed how a woman’s tendency to stick to e-mails to prevent experiencing awkward moments with male co-workers can actually prevent a woman from getting ahead in the work place. DON’T BE AFRAID TO NETWORK. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EMPLOYERS SAY “DITCH THE RING.” According to recent reports, employers can actually be put off by your bling, even the holy matrimony bling. "Please remove your giant diamond rings," warned one contributor to a community forum on "I work at a non-profit," she continued, "and when I interview someone who is sporting a huge diamond, I immediately deduct points from that person. I talked about this with some of my colleagues today, and they feel the same xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Facebook promises More privacy Good news for those who can’t get enough of Facebook privacy. Facebook has stepped up their privacy settings. From now on items posted online will now have their own unique sharing settings on the user's profile page, rather than in a separate settings page, so they can choose who can see each individual post. Facebook users will also be able to approve posts they are 'tagged' in before the item appears on their profile

This case doubles as a charger for your iPhone. The Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 is an essential must-have.

Spotify, the digital music service that hit the United States in July, offers an alternative to iTunes and Pandora. users can select specific songs to stream (unlike Pandora) from a selection that includes 15 million tracks from top labels. Spotify also syncs with Facebook to share your Facebook friends' public playlists


Dominatrix Lawyer Alisha Smith has recently been suspended from her job. Apparently the power attorney had too much power. She was discovered moonlighting as a dominatrix, which resulted in her suspension from her job. Smith is known for her role in the Bank of America case which resulted in a $5 billion settlement.


Dropbox protects your digital files from crashed hard drives, frozen computers, and misplaced flash drives.

Ju’lia Samuels Editor-in-Chief Art Director Marcus Williams Executive Editor Whitney Johnson Managing Editor Toni-Ann Martin News Editor Andre Samuels Assistant Editors Sarah Yu, Monique Thorton Photographer Gavin Samuels

Fashion Fashion Director D. Michael Designer Brenda Samuels Entertainment Music Editor Williams J. Kennedy Contributors Neil Alvin of Black and Killing it Larry Rosalez -Robyn’s Photos


If you are interested in volunteering, please send all inquiries to


I don’t really have any fears. -Marcus Williams Art Director

“After years of doubt and uncertainty, I can finally look into the mirror and enjoy the man I’ve become. I finally realized that I had to love myself and my image of myself and my image before I could do this job comfortably.” --- D. Micheal

Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Director

The one I've actually conquered is my fear of making no mark on Earth. I don't want statues, plaques, trophies or money to represent my worth. I measure my success in the lives I've been able to touch. Whether it be via face-to-face interactions, tweets, a Facebook post, or a simple anonymous deed, I can say I've made an impact on someone's life. Ideas and the human mind are the most powerful things I can think of on Earth. (And that's word to Inception.) -William J. Kennedy Music Editor

“I have always done things for other people, but I have never invested in myself. So I think running for office for myself is a fear that I have conquered.” -Andre Samuels News Editor

I have conquered the fear of working in a position that required that I be a leader. I am always worried about the failure instead of focusing on what I can and will do to succeed. I had to come to terms with that very quickly. - Whitney Johnson Executive Editor

“I think that the most difficult thing for me to conquer was believing in myself. You know not just saying that I can do something but actually acting upon it. So that is my most recent fear conquered, acting on my belief in myself. In every way, Worthy magazine is a manifestation of what I was afraid to believe about myself--that I could be and an editor.” -Ju’lia Samuels Editor-in-Chief

“I have conquered my fear of not being perfect.” --Sarah Yu Assistant Editor

“A few years ago, I finally conquered my fear of roller coasters. I was scared for my life! But in the end I got on the roller coaster and actually had fun.” -Monica Thorpe Assistant Editor




Question: What fear have you recently conquered?


A Guide To becoming


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. -H. P. Lovecraft

“But you are stronger.”- Worthy Magazine By Ju’lia Samuels

I remember not being able to breathe. It felt like I was dying. I remember my thoughts not making much sense. The only thing that was clear was that I was alone, and that I would die alone. I was shaking uncontrollably and sweating relentlessly. My mouth had become so dry. I couldn’t even talk if I tried. I assumed it was because my body was fighting death. After five minutes, which felt like an eternity, my breathing became slightly consistent. I realized that I had successfully survived- what I would soon learn was an anxiety attack- I sat paralyzed by fear. I doubt I would’ve moved at all that day if my family hadn’t called me. While I am no doctor, I can say that fear can manifest in our lives in a number of ways that can literally paralyze us. At the time, I was very stressed and contrary to what others might think, stress can actually effect your health and if left to run rampant in your life, it can even


cause health problems. So when it comes to matters of your conquering your fears, take it as a sound investment in your amazing future and your health. It is important to understand that conquering your fears even if it is something that you consider to be small, is really for the best. Fear is possibly one of the few emotions that is sure to grow into something bigger when given the tiniest foothold in our lives. So here is our guide on taking those necessary steps towards conquering your fears.

“Fear is possibly one of the few emotions that is sure to grow into something bigger when given the tiniest foothold in our lives.”


1. Move

It is so easy sometimes to get caught up in our thoughts. When you are on the go and busy, you realize how much energy goes into worrying and freaking out about things you can’t control. Therefore, one of the easiest things that you can do to cut back on that tendency to worry and freak out is keep moving. Remove your self from everyday environment. Exercise in a different location-like the beach or a park. Take a dance class or join a local club. Find a new venture to commit your time to. Once you do that, you will see that your time is precious and it can’t be wasted on things you can’t control.

4.Believe in y"rself It may sound like a simple solution but it is one that may require the most strength. It is not achieved nearly as easily as remembering to laugh at yourself. For some reason, it is easier for us to believe the worst about ourselves and a situation than it is to think positively. It takes much more discipline to look at an undesirable situation and still believe that something great is on the horizon, but it is true. So compliment yourself every day. Surround yourself with positive people who see the potential in you. Find the victory in everything that you do.

2. Embrace t!al and error Don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes in life our best teacher is failure. Instead of looking at it as a determining factor to what you are trying to achieve, look at it as a valuable lesson that will make you a better person. This can be achieved by working towards changing how you think. Instead of seeing the failure in your latest project or business venture, give yourself credit for trying and begin to think of ways to conquer that project. Ask yourself what could you do differently and think how much more prepared you will be in the future.

3.Laugh learn to laugh at yourself. Laughter is all about becoming comfortable in your skin. When we know how to laugh at ourselves there isn’t much that can scare us.

5.Grow The time will come when you will have to address your fears. Instead of looking at like you are taking on your fears, look at it as an opportunity to grow. That way, no matter the outcome, you walk away being a better person.

“Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them.”

--Rabindranath Tagore With each step into the unknown, we conquer our fears. What makes life so complicated and oftentimes disheartening is that when we set out to conquer our fears, we think that we will conquer it in a day. However, the reality is that it may take longer than a day or two even. Realize that whenever we set out to change anything about yourself, that it will take time. So while the next day may not be as great as the day before, it is not impossible to conquer your fears.


It’s important to find an approach that works for you and stick with it-on the good days and the bad.

NOTE WORTHY DATES: SEPTEMBER The 3rd solo LP from producer Swizz Beatz is heavy on features as most producer albums typically are. It features a diverse selection of artists including: Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz, Bono, Kanye West, John Legend, Alicia Keys and Eve who is featured on the first single entitled “Everyday“. The album was originally scheduled to be released in a traditional manner but with his partnership with Everest Entertainment, Swizz Beatz decided to go the unconventional routereleasing the album one song at a time.

IN STORES NOW SEPT. 20TH Mary J. Blige - My Life 2: The Journey Continues The 10th studio album from Mary offers a sequel to one of her most well known works 1994’s “My Life”. This highly anticipated album will feature production from Kanye West and Swizz Beatz. Lil Wayne and Diddy assist Mary on the first single from the album called “Someone To Love Me” produced by Jerry Wonda.


The debut solo album from Little Brother member Phonte was originally set to release September 13th on the six-year anniversary of Little Brother’s “The Minstrel Show”. However, the album will now be released the same day as fellow Little Brother member 9th Wonder’s album “Wonder Years“. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This is another producer album loaded with features from Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder. This long awaited release will feature the likes of artists both legendary and up and coming such as Erykah Badu, Raekwon, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Marsha Ambrosius, Tanya Morgan, and more. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

After much waiting and anticipation the Roc Nation artist from Fayetteville, NC is finally releasing his debut album. This album features the Trey Songz assisted single “Can’t get Enough” as well as the previously released singles “Workout” and “In The Morning” featuring Drake. Jay-z and Missy Elliot also make an appearance on Cole’s album on different songs. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Events Calendar Mark your calendars October is filled with a few things you don’t want to miss you

4. Sunday

Evanescence’s new album is in stores. Exciting!!

Drake’s new album “Take Care” will be released in stores. We are sure that








it can only get better with Drake.

Maino’s new album will be in stores on the same day as Drake’s new album. We can’t wait to hear what else Main’ has to say.

25. Sunday

21.Wednesday Jones


Meet Me in Miami. Gotta go!!!

Melanie Fiona “The MF Life.” We love



Kelly Clarkson “Stronger” Always Amazing.

Yelawolf RadioActive 31. Halloween Super excited

Get the

costumes ready

Watch The Throne By: William J. Kennedy

When I sat down to type this review, the opening of “Niggas in Paris” screamed from a nearby student’s laptop. When Jay-Z and Kanye West announced that they were actually releasing a collaborative album, people knew the album would be epic. This album had the potential to be a game-changer. These men are at the forefront of music in general–not just rap music. I can’t rate this album based on some arbitrary number system. This album gets no stars, no microphones, no thumbs up and no kudos from me. Such systems only serve to simplify things. Art is not simple so I won’t buy into that method of review. What I will do is tell you what I think about this album in one sentence, before going into a slightly more detailed review: This is the most important hip-hop album ever released in terms of marketing and sales strategy because they kept it from leaking in its entirety, which in today’s digital market is unheard of. No normal consumers had this album before Jay-Z and Kanye wanted them to have it. Jay and Ye have potentially changed the entire face of music, hip-hop especially, in terms of keeping things under wraps. No one got it before its release date. Aside from the lack of a leak the album’s content is wide-ranging yet still coherent and refreshing in most aspects. Opening with a track like “No Church in the Wild,” which features an budding star Frank Ocean, is nothing short of genius. With so much speculation about alleged Jay-Z’s involvement with the so-called Illuminati, opening with such a potentially controversial track is bold. To me, the track is a well-developed metaphor made, in part, to stir some controversy. That’s what a lot of today’s popular music lacks though. Out of context, lyrics like “What’s a god to a non-believer,” make “No Church…” seem like an anthem for atheists across the world. In context, the song illustrates an important point: Not everyone believes in



“This album gets no stars, no microphones, no thumbs up and no kudos from me. Such systems only serve to simplify things. Art is not simple so I won’t buy into that method of review.”

They have perhaps the best chemistry of any two artists in recent memory. Like religion–and I don’t mean Jay-Z and Kanye are God-like figures–some things may never be agreed upon between some parties. That’s life. That’s music. Aside from that, “No Church…” could be considered a metaphor for survival instincts. Humans are animals and can be beast-like in certain situations. When backed into a metaphorical corner, some of us behave like rabid wolves. Life, as civilized as it can be, is like the wild sometimes. When it comes down to it, some of us may lose sight of our true beliefs in times of desperation. “Church” takes a backseat to survival. While forgetting religious beliefs or who we are in times of desperation can be counter-productive, it happens. “Lift Off,” which features Beyoncé might be my least favorite song on the album. This doesn’t mean I dislike the song altogether, though. I just didn’t expect it, and if I might like it more if it was on a Beyoncé album. “Niggas in Paris” is, aside from “Otis,” my favorite track to listen to, based on a combination of arrogant bars, a catchy beat and a hilariously unexpected dialogue from “Blades of Glory.” Plus, “that shit cra’y” might be my new favorite hip-hop phrase. “Otis” is my clear-cut favorite because it embodies all my initial expectations for this album. It has a great Otis Redding sample that Kanye flipped very well. It’s classic Kanye beat-wise. The way they trade bars so effortlessly is amazing. They’re clearly on the same page nowadays. Plus, the video is dope– perhaps unrehearsed but still dope. They have perhaps the best chemistry of any two artists in recent memory. “Gotta Have It” is like “Otis” is several ways. Jigga and Ye trade bars, and there’s a dope beat. It also contains a great James Brown sample that really makes me bob my head and vibe. But with the Neptunes and Kanye producing a beat, could a hip-hop lover expect anything less? WORTHY-MAGAZINE.COM OCTOBER 2011

With Jay-Z and Beyoncé finally having a baby on the way, as announced on the night of the VMAs, Jay’s verse, which contains promises to be unlike his own father, is perhaps the most heartfelt on the album.

“New Day” features co-production from the RZA and is one the deeper songs on the project. Kanye and Jay both speak on how they will raise their children whenever they have them. With Jay-Z and Beyoncé finally having a baby on the way, as announced on the night of the VMAs, Jay’s verse, which contains promises to be unlike his own father, is perhaps the most heartfelt on the album. Kanye doesn’t disappoint either as he contrasts his unborn child’s life to his own, deftly vowing to make sure his child won’t make the mistakes he did. “That’s My Bitch” is a song that leaked almost a full year before this album’s releases but definitely deserved to make the cut. The album version contains additional bars from Jay-Z, showing that Jigga does what he wants. You leaked his track? Well, he’ll put it on the album anyways with some bars added in the middle of the verse. My favorite part of the song though is the beat, which most notably samples “Apache” by Incredible Bongo Band. “Welcome to the Jungle” is, I think, hurt by Swizz Beatz being on the hook. I like Swizzy when he’s on the boards but his choruses and hooks are just annoying to me. Aside from that slight misstep, though, the song is good. I especially like how Jay-Z refers to himself as the “Black Axl Rose,” a nod to the lead singer of

Guns N’ Roses, who rose to fame partly because of their song “Welcome to the Jungle.” “Who Gon Stop Me” is nothing short of unexpected in the terms of sample selection. The selection of Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop” was potentially dangerous in terms of possibly alienating devout fans that might hate dub step or similar genres. It turned out well though. The song is a nice break from hip-hop norms. “Murder to Excellence” provides good insight into both artists’ personal views on race and the interaction minorities have with American Institutions. The phrase “black-on-black murder” is loaded both in and out of context, and Kanye really drives home a sad reality when he raps “314 soldiers died in Iraq–509 died in Chicago.” In America, even in what some consider a “post-racial” society, minorities are still harshly discriminated against and forgotten about because of racism’s role in the deeper fabric of the American institution. “Made in America,” which features Frank Ocean, is a perfect song to have after “Murder to Excellence” because it provides a contrast in message without contradicting the previous message. Jay-Z and Kanye embody the American dream.

As a whole, it really captures the essence of where Jay-Z and Kanye West are in life. Jay-Z and Kanye rapping over a Lex Luger beat They both worked very hard to get where they are today. It took some luck. It took some wheeling and dealing. They made it happen though. Without each other’s help though, they may be in completely different places. Jay-Z helped make Kanye but Kanye helped make Jay-Z at the same time. “Why I Love You,” featuring Mr. Hudson, is more Jay-Z than Kanye, and drives home some harsh realities about friendships and business partnerships. Without going into a history less, Jay-Z made this track, in my opinion, to let people like Beanie Sigel know that, Jay-Z has not forgotten what they once had together. He tried to teach some people how to be kings but they just didn’t have it in their hearts to run the world. The deluxe edition of “Watch the Throne” contains “Illest Motherfucker Alive,” “H.A.M.,” “Primetime” and “Joy,” which features Curtis Mayfield. “Illest Motherfucker Alive” wasn’t what I expected at all. I expected something a little more fast-paced in terms of flows. However, the track is actually pretty “ill.” Lyrically, it follows the lead of “Otis,” in that Jay and Kanye rap about some things we will never do or own. I’m not mad though. They’ve earned it and motivate me with their braggadocio. “H.A.M.,” the album’s first official single, received a lot of mixed reviews when it was released.

seemed ludicrous. At first, I didn’t really like the track because of the beat. Honestly, though, they spit better on it than most people would have, and that’s really the most important part about this song. “Primetime,” appropriately, made me think of Deion Sanders when I saw its title. Like “Illest…” Jay-Z and Kanye tell us the slightly harsh truth: They are richer than us and can do a lot of cool stuff because of it. The Orange Krush sample on this Pete Rock-produced track is pretty nice as well. The last song on the deluxe edition is “The Joy,” which was sort of leaked by Kanye for his G.O.O.D. Fridays series. Kanye very tersely describes what he finds enjoyable in life, while simultaneously telling the negative effects of his lifestyle choices. This album, while not being my favorite project from either artist, is great. As a whole, it really captures the essence of where Jay-Z and Kanye West are in life. Some may argue that this album is pompous and made in bad taste considering the current economic struggles many Americans are experiencing. The reality is that these men worked to get where they are today and are proof that the American Dream is still real. They dreamed being on the throne and made it happen. I’m just glad I could watch some of it unfold.

As a whole, it really captures the essence of where Jay-Z and Kanye West are in life.

The reality is that these men worked to get where they are today and are proof that the American Dream is still real. They dreamed being on the throne and made it happen. I’m just glad I could watch some of it unfold.


Gentlemen’s Handbook: Classic Fashion


The Essentials

When it comes to male fashion there are a few essentials that all men should have. The foundation of any strong wardrobe is having a solid color base. It will allow you to make the most out of your clothing. Brown is the essential The search for the perfect pants doesn’t have to be complicated. These light grey Chinos are ideal for any stylish wardrobe. Button downs are a staple in any wardrobe like this Buttondown from Topman.


Never underestimate the power of a simple white shirt like this Topman white shirt. Leather jackets and trench coats similar to these two Asos Jackets are essential and versatile in any wardrobe.





5 Things I Can't Be Without: Life As A Wardrobe Stylist Before I became apart of the Worthy Magazine staff, I worked feverishly as a wardrobe stylist! I spent many of my days running around, jumping in and out of cars and the most interestingly, forgetting about eating! As a stylist you develop a pretty uniform life, and also you develop a uniform which generally consist of throwing on just about whatever you see laying on the floor at that general time. So when I am asked, "D, what's something you must always have as a stylist?" My mind generally goes blank. I honestly never have an answer! For this article, I rummaged through my studio and after several hours of completely making a mess, I couldn't find one single thing that I had to have as a stylist. Sure, I found a vintage Oleg Cassini jacket, my old Prada satchel and my favorite pair of riding boots but nothing substantial. So back to the drawing board I went and right there I realized, what my "Stylist Uniform is"? That's when my list of "5 Things" hit me.


iLove My iPad When I need to know the latest in fashion, my iPad never fails me! I have subscriptions to the top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar, W and V. With my iPad, these magazines become my digital getaway and dreams of inspiration. It also has a really cool app that I simply cannot do without! SmartPhone For Dummies Seriously, it’s 2011 and who doesn't have one? My weapon of choice? The HTC Evo by Sprint powered by Android! My phone allows me to watch runway shows during Fashion Week, download the latest in trend reports via and doubles as my music player when in my creative zone. These days, smartphones are doing so much that they are taking the place of digital cameras (I have chopped mine in place of my phone), music players and a one-stop shop for just about everything else Just Throw It In The Bag Okay, so everyone knows that I am a bag guy! I just cannot live my life without them! I have at least 150 bags in my closet and for me the bigger the better! My go to bag that I cannot leave home without is my Dooney & Bourke Florentine Satchel in camel. It has two ways to carry. I like to carry it by its two top handles. When my hands are full with my Starbucks and portfolios, I use the long strap to make it a cross body. Inside my bag, I keep my Lush Ultrabalm, my Tom Ford sunglasses, a compact mirror and the aforementioned items in this article. I love the versatility of the bag, its light enough for the Spring and dark enough for Autumn. The best part about the bag is its versatility! It's a great city bag with great functionality. Man Behind The Lenses I need to say this, I can't see at all! But the best thing about that is, it gives me a great excuse to wear frames! My signature pair? A pair of no name aviators I picked up from a local boutique.I generally like giant frames because I have a large head. Another pair that I always turn to are oversized wayfarers by RayBan. Mine are in classic turquoise shell. They just go with go with everything I own! Wash The Day Away When all is said and done and it’s time for me to retire back to my domicile, nothing is better than a good shower and skin pampering. After all, every stylist likes to wash away the day! I am a naturalist. All of my beauty products are all natural and contain no harsh chemicals. I use traditional African Black Soap to maintain a healthy glow to my skin. Yes, I wash my face with the soap as well. Speaking of washing faces, it is important to tone and moisturize as well. A great toner to use is "Breath of Fresh Air" by Lush Cosmetics. The base of the toner is rose water, which in essence is rose petals extracted of its nutrients. It leaves a nice soft smooth touch when applied generously. "Enzymion" is the moisturizer that I use, with its Papaya and Lemon properties, it helps to fortify the skin and helps to give dull skin a wonderful glow. Being a stylist is all about being able to create a flawless look for your client. Why not start with the skin?

Project Runway

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Do you love these cool bracelets as much as us? Check out these bracelets and other must-have items on


The Denim Blues


Feeling ‘Oh So Blue’

On September 8th, Les Jeans de Chanel nail polish trio hit Chanel boutique shelves. (One doesn’t really hit Chanel shelves as much as arrive on a pillowy, quilted landing, but no matter.) Blue Rebel, Blue Boy and Coco Blue—it’s hard to pick a favorite, isn’t it?

“I like my heels high and slim; even if wearing them makes me 6 feet tall and liable to stumble at any moment.”

Killer Heels for the Fearless Woman Check out this season’s hottest heels from Casadei, Brian Atwood, Casadei,

We e s e th LD O ! B s r lo co

In a shoe boutique near Union Square, the store owner walked me from shelf to shelf suggesting the newest and most stylish shoes he had in stock. He grabbed a pair of Jeffrey Campbells, and although I adored them, I wasn't looking for a wedge. He reached for a pair of Dolce Vita peep toes, and again, I turned him down, requesting a thinner, sleeker heel. "But chunky heels are in," he said. Perhaps he was right, but some shoe designers have recognized the sexiness of a slender heel and have reintroduced stilettos for their fall 2011 collections. The five-inch heels from Casadei’s Blade Collection stand true to their name. With a dagger-like thinness, they’re sure to leave their mark with every step. These razorblade sharp heels are available in other colors at

Nicholas Kirkwood, Christian Louboutin, and Guiseppe Zanotti.

e Lac


e ued



“I don'

We the ivory trim!

Not ready to paint the city? Keep it classic with black. Every woman needs that quintessential pair of black pumps. Why not go stilettocrazy with these Casadei patent leather pumps? For the fierce businesswoman, the leather and ivory-trim, peeptoe shoes are sure to turn heads in the office. For the girl about the town, these lace and suede peep-toe shoes will get his attention every time. And let’s not forget about the Catwoman patent leather boots. Just don’t add a leather catsuit to match unless it’s Halloween.

w who invented

c patent leathe r pumps



high heels, but all

women owe

him a lot.”

All Black Everything

On Point with Spike Heels

Brian Atwood cappuccino nude platforms with a sharp gold heel and sexy double ankle strap. ($885) Also available in electric purple suede!

For your red-bottom fix, Christian Louboutin’s gold and taupe textured leather pumps. ($995) Also available in black!

The 80s-inspired Giuseppe Zanotti rust-colored platforms with a gold-tipped heel. ($775)

Nicholas Kirkwood always adds futuristic swag to his heels, especially with these nude patent leather, wooden platforms. Visit for more info.

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Meet Brittany DeShields


rittany DeShields isn’t afraid to be different. In fact, everything about the Philadelphia-based designer is unique. The self-taught designer is known for her ready-to-wear-form-hugging dresses, but she is forging a name for herself that is sure to make her known among the most fearless of fashion lovers. “I love the fact that I can push the envelope and go beyond the norm and still be accepted,” DeShields said about her clothes. However, there is more to the young and talented designer than what meets the fashionloving eye. “I was once told by one of my mentors, ‘You can have the most beautiful collection in the world, but if your business is not on point, you have nothing’.” DeShields knew a truth starting out as a budding designer that some seem to forget or oftentimes try to ignore, fashion does in fact repeat itself. DeShields has an outlook about the fashion industry that fashion lovers don’t hear very often. DeShields believes that the only thing that sets one designer apart from one another is their business. In 2006, Brittany transferred to Temple University to major in Business Management, with a concentration in Marketing.

“I love the fact that I can push the envelope and go beyond the norm and still be accepted.” - DeShields DeShield’s sound mind for business stood out to Worthy magazine when we came across her name on Fashion Bomb Daily and then saw pieces from her line offered on Celeb boutique. It doesn’t matter where you look, when you discuss finding form-fitting and daring pieces Brittany DeShields is a name that you hear. CELEBRITY CLIENTS TM




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WORDS OF WISDOM: LIFE GURU A Fear of Loneliness By: Whitney Johnson

1. Inserting myself into situation where I

I am still working on my

others may find to be quite ridiculous but none-

would have to be alone or possibly rejected

Ornithophobia, which only developed

the-less, a persons fear can be paralyzing.

(auditions, interviews)

after being attacked several times by

Although people will try to fight it or act like

2. Finding stress relievers (writing, dancing,

birds. Little evil creatures (giggle).

People are afraid of a number of things that

I will conquer this fear one day to but

everything is fine in their lives, they all have some breathing techniques) fear or phobia that alters the way they perceive

3. Praying or

until then my motto will remain, "Little

their surroundings or the way they act. 

meditating. The

evil things that are only good for one

For me I have several fears that I am not at all

reason this is one of

ashamed to admit: stairs (Bathmophobia),

the most helpful

heights(acrophobia), birds (Ornithophobia) and

sources is because

most of all loneliness/ rejection. The first two I

you have to do these

have been able to live a normal life and conquer

things alone. No one

them in one way or another by running up and

can distress for you in

down stairs to getting on a roller-coaster. In the

these methods and

midst of me conquering those two I have never

people are sometimes

been able to shake the fear of being alone, until

distracting during


these times of

Autophobia is something that starts from birth silences.  and some people grow out of it sooner than

Being alone does

“No matter how much I have loved others in my life, if the amount that I love them

thing and that's being cooked on my plate!" You have to know your self worth, and that people are being blessed/graced with your presence. As conceited as this may sound, it is the truth. If you allow everyone to be in your circle then there is nothing really special about it. The truth of the matter is that the only thing to fear is not being alone but letting in people that are not worth the time or

others. In order to get over the fear of being

not mean that you are

the energy. I have come to realize that I

alone you have to come to terms with the idea

unworthy of love or

would much rather be "alone" than

that at one point or another you will be

companionship but instead is a time for you

taken advantage of.

PHYSICALLY alone. That does not mean that you

to work on yourself. During this time dive

are alone in the world or that you are unloved but deep into parts of your life that you feel that at that very moment no one is PHYSICALLY

need work and make them excellent. Your

around to keep you company. Once I was able to

drive to remain in the presence of someone

grasp that concept these are the things that I did

can lead to many down fall, which are

to help get over my fear:

seeming desperate, forcing something that

Questions? Don't be afraid to ask. E-mails can be sent to

is not there and possibly loving someone 1. Preoccupy my time with favorite hobbies that

more than you love yourself. Either way

do not require others company (ie reading,

those are all possibilities that only hurt you

blogging, writing, planning surprises etc)

in the long run. Make sure that you love 2. Surrounding myself with people who genuinely yourself first and foremost because it took care about me and my well being my UOM telling me: "Your love is Even though it may be embarrassing talk to those perfect and pure and selfless [...]and you people because it will make it easier for them to realize that when you work on you work on understand. I talked to one of my friends about it loving you once you accept that you won't and she made (and still makes) it a point to mind the time it takes for the perfect person to contact me on a regular basis even if its just to find you..." for my eyes to be opened. No matter

say "hello =)". It gave me the comfort of

how much I have loved others in my life, if the

knowing that someone was always thinking

amount that I love them out weighs how much I

about me and cared.

love myself, the relationships will fail and I will always settle just to feel needed, loved or wanted. In the long run that is nothing.

EDITOR’S NOTE Whitney Johnson is a graduate from the University of Florida where she majored in Anthropology with an education minor. Currently, Johnson is the ____ director. Her title of Worthy magazine’s life guru was bestowed upon her by Ju’lia Samuels who frequently employs Johnson’s advice.


Fearless Must-Haves Sticky situations are being developed almost every day for the fashionistas of the world. We are little drooling over Violent Lips innovative and super-easy to use temporary lip tattoos.

Our Favorite quotes:

“My lips are big but my talent is bigger,”- Fantasia Barrino

“Language is wine upon the lips,”- Virginia Wolf

As if Dior doesn’t make life better already, these new Velvet Eyes eyeliner take convenience to a new and stylish level.

Mac’s new breathtakingly beautiful powder palettes are literally pieces of powdered art. These bold combinations of saturated pigments for the eyes and cheeks are a must-have for any fashionista.


A Worthy Beauty Peta-Gaye Robyn Simpspon


Worthy Beauty Peta-Gaye Robyn Simpson is the Worthy Beauty for our fearless issue. As a graduate from the University of Florida where she majored in construction and process management, Simpson is a beauty with brains and a soft heart. Her passion for service has been manifested in the various organizations that she has been a part of including; Society of Women Engineers, National Association of Women in Construction and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

When asked who she looks up to, Simpson gave the answer that anyone should give, and few are afraid to give, she quickly replied “ I look up to myself.” Simpson went on to say that she surprises herself every day especially when she keeps in mind where she has come from.

In 2011 Simpson entered the Miss Jamaica Universe pageant where she made it to the top five. From her impressive resume, to her heart for service, PetaGaye Robyn Simpson is a Worthy Beauty we are sure to see again. She has a few words of wisdom for our readers, and they are pretty simple for you to follow. Her message is simple and something anyone who reads this should make an effort to follow, love yourself.

“Why would you want to be like anyone else?” Peta-Gaye’s Advice: So in your opinion what makes a woman beautiful? The magazine focuses a lot on beauty but not a specific standard of beauty. We are really big on making our readers appreciate what makes them beautiful. So in your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful? What makes a woman beautiful is what’s on the inside. How she carries herself is also another big one. When I say that, I don’t mean what she wears. I mean, how she speaks to people no matter where they’re from. Her smile has to be genuine, and she also has to love herself- without being conceited and cocky- just appreciating everything that she has What advice would you give to girls working on their self confidence? Love yourself. Don’t think about what anyone else has. Love what you have. Yeah your hair may be different, and you may have bigger feet or whatever the case may be, but that's what makes you special. Why would you want to be like anyone else? Love yourself.


Comfort Zone Studio & Spa is a unique alliance between Relaxation, Beauty, and Art. Our Art Gallery features paintings of Earth, Tranquility, Peace and Beauty as seen through the eyes of many talented artists.

Your comfort is our highest priority, because

Every Guest is a Guest of Honor

at Comfort Zone Studio & Spa.

Fearless Faith

Name: Robyn-Ann I am: Age (if you would like to share): 24 A fear that I overcome is: settling for the American Dream, where I begin hoping more for retirement than for the Kingdom of God to daily invade earth. My greatest dream is: establishing an umbrella company that will employ and inspire young adults to use their artistic abilities to showcase the Good News, in skillful and refreshing ways. I am working towards achieving my dream by: challenging myself to not bury my creative talents just because I have a 9-5 job, but daily asking the Lord for grace to see why I have a certain gift, and how He wants to use it to point to Him. My biggest inspiration is: taste buds! (chuckles) But seriously, my taste buds minister to me frequently when I eat, because food is only required to keep our body going – yet God didn’t just leave it there. He’s so creative in His demonstration of love that He also gave us the ability to enjoy a variety of flavors, while performing an otherwise mundane act of fueling our bodies. __Love__ makes me fearless: more specifically, Love Himself.


October 2011


Robyn-Ann is the woman behind the new publication, Salty Magazine, which isn’t afraid to go there when it comes to faith. How many magazines do you know that are doing that?

“No guilt in life. No fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me!” What made you start your established brand until this my own road, I ended up freedom! What magazine? It was inspired 2 summer. hurting a good friend so it By Ju’lia Samuels

years ago when I saw a flood of Gator blogs pop up, all working diligently to feature blurbs on beauty, relationships, and other “good news” finds. I began wondering what would happen if someone worked as hard to publish chunks of “Good News” finds in a similar format. When did you start it? I decided to start compiling a magazine March 2010 to fundraise for Haiti, which was printed in July of the same year. But I did not decide to make it an


Were there any roadblocks? How did you overcome them? If there weren’t any roadblocks, how helpful were other people, and how did they help you? Roadblock(s) is an understatement, and also makes you think you’ll see them coming. Not only did I have no money or experience in this field, but I also wanted to break many of the traditional magazine rules – so there were roadblocks before I even started. I could not get to the road! In trying to forge

made me stop completely and demand that God give me clarity before I proceed. It took a full year almost, where I just sat before the Lord and cried out for Him to destroy my own ideas and will - so I could hear His. I just did not want to do it anymore unless this was something that really made Abba smile, and not just something done in His name. I also received a mentor this year, who stirred me to step out with what I have and allow my promotion to only come from God. I’m sure it


Don’t just refrain, indulge! We were made to indulge in greater pleasures What was your reason for covering the issues that you covered in your magazine? The issue about abstinence and dating in the Christian world really stuck out to me. There have only been 2 publications so far - on “Freedom” and “Purity”. The pilot issue for Haiti was themed “Free from Sin, but Free to Do What?” because many believe in Christ and the liberation He brings, but don’t seem to know what to use that freedom for. We often return to unfruitful acts that are not necessarily sin, but they blind us to the pleasure and call to now advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. The “Fight for Purity” reminds our culture that purity is more than abstinence, or following rules, it’s about following Christ – the only One who satisfies. Therefore, contrary to the female stereotype usually attached, even in the church, purity is for anyone (male or female) with the pursuit to see God as we are reminded in Matt 5:8. Do you feel like the idea of having a Christian publication is revolutionary or only viewed as revolutionary because it is not very common in the magazine world? Why or why not? Christian publications have been around for a long time now, so I would not call the idea revolutionary. SALTY just hopes to reach an additional audience by using photography and design to bring to life certain Biblical concepts that young adults wrestle with. We are definitely not the best Christian magazine there is, but for whatever reason, SALTY may be the first of its kind that some readers have come across. Do you feel like you have to have a different mentality as an editor when you are editor of Christian publication? Oh yeah! Unlike other brands, it’s not just about gaining the numbers and serving up what sells. You are actually publishing for an audience of One, so your priority is keeping that relationship in check first, and from that place, call others to do the same. Could you share one memorable story about creating your magazine? Describe your favorite moment while creating your magazine? The most memorable part of the production for me was finally finding a logo I could finally love. I went through dozens of logo designs made by myself, and others, and just was not satisfied. On the final stretch, a few weeks before launch, I pretty much threw a 5-yr old tantrum before God and said ‘Ok, I know you


can use any logo to draw men to You, and you’re more concerned about the content anyway; but as your daughter, I’m asking that you PLEASE grant this one vain request to inspire me with a logo that I can embrace – no matter who else loves it or hates it. Otherwise, I cannot publish this magazine!” That last phrase was pretty bold and probably deserved a rebuke, ha ha, but He graced me with a firm idea to send to the designer. To everyone else its just a logo, but for me, it symbolizes God’s care for the petty matters of my heart. What story do you think you could relate to the most in your magazine? I related most to the Web Picks I selected for pages 14-15. The last 2 points in the “Strategies for Lust” have been growing testimonies for me over recent years especially. I struggled with porn addiction in high school, so lust was a constant struggle throughout college. And even after graduating and deciding to run after Christ, I would often get stuck on the first 2 strategies; but your mind will never be content in refrain mode all the time. We were made to indulge in greater pleasures. Don’t just refrain, indulge! Where do you see your magazine going in the next three years? I honestly have no idea. As it gains a readership base and a committed team, we plan to move into other forms of viral media to infect our generation with a passion for Christ. We’ll see! What is your call to action at the end of this interview? What words of encouragement would you give to someone who is trying to conquer their own fears? The man who fears God has nothing to fear. End of story. “No guilt in life. No fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me!” What freedom :)


SALTY may be the first of its kind that some readers have come across. How do you think you are being fearless with your publication? By committing to make SALTY Magazine a quality publication featuring real models, with real struggles who have experienced real freedom. Other magazines can use stock photography to fill their pages, but I want SALTY readers to know that the content can be put to the test – because the faces they see are living it daily and gaining humble victories. I have to ignore the fear of failure by setting these high standards, trusting that the Lord will send the provision for His vision, if He wants it to continue. What would you like to cover in future issues? We plan to continue unpacking terms that get misrepresented by society and cause Christians to forget the benefits of loving Christ. The next 2 issues should be on “Beauty” and “Desires” respectively. What did you enjoy the most about making the magazine? Hmmm, I can’t seem to pinpoint one thing right now. There were so many challenges that the only thing coming to mind is the friendship I gained with Jesus. I never cried so much in my life, but I have never been so comforted either – Jesus became a trusted friend :) What goes into making a digital magazine? I know for me, it has been a lot of work so far. Was it tedious for you? Why or why not? Well, SALTY Magazine is both digital

and print, so yes – a lot of work goes into meeting the requirements for both. From recruiting models of substance, to directing photo shoots, planning contacts, contracts, Other magazines can use stock content, photography to fill their pages, but I layout, want SALTY readers to know that the

content can be put to the test – because the faces they see are living it daily and gaining humble victories. Robyn-Ann

marketing – tedious is only the beginning. Brace yourself! Do you feel like the idea of having a Christian publication is revolutionary or only viewed as revolutionary because it is not very common in the magazine world? Why or why not? Christian publications have been around for a long time now, so I would not call the idea revolutionary. SALTY just hopes to reach an additional audience by using photography and design to bring to life certain Biblical concepts that young adults wrestle with. We are definitely not the best Christian magazine there is, but for whatever reason, SALTY may be the first of its kind that some readers have come across.

Salty Magazine features models who practice the lifestyle showcased in Salty magazine.

www.saltymagazine. com/


Editorial OCTOBER 2011


Obama’s often overlooked contributions to the auto industry have managed to revolutionize an industry that was dying


It was quite possibly one of the most un-enviable moments in history, to become President of the United States. If there was ever a time, when the American Presidency was a job that no sane person might have wanted, it was in the early spring of 2009. The deluge of catastrophe besieged the new President, almost as soon as he entered the Oval Office. The economy was in free fall and the future of the nation was uncertain. The new President came into office with an unprecedented series of challenges and an uncommon fervor against his presidency. Despite the dyer circumstances, the election of the nation’s first black President was a moment relished by most in the media and most in the country. Yet, while most of the nation was


celebrating, an angry minority was stewing with discontent. They viewed, the election of the first black president as restricting and bothersome. The day after President Obama’s election Rush Limbaugh mused on his radio show, about leaving the country all together. He lamented being forced to “root for the President”, “just because he’s black”. He famously “hoped” the President would fail. The vitriol coming from the right was so cantankerous, that some failed to recognize that many of the President’s most ardent critics were on the left. Many on the left, wondered allowed if he was a “real progressive” in the same way that those on the right were wondering if he were a “real american”.

Events in the nation, seemed to feed the skepticism of both factions. One of the most controversial moments in the Presidents term came in the early days of his presidency, when the nations automobile manufacturers were forced to return to the government for yet another bailout. The Big Three were nearing bankruptcy and financial ruin. Memories have since been rewritten by politicians for the sake of political benefit, but in point of fact, the nations car companies had already received a bailout from the Bush Administration as a part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

Editorial October 2011

The funds however, were insufficient to turn the sinking ships around and new assistance was required. The new President would make the very unpopular decision to bail out GM and Chrysler Automotive. Only 39% of the country supported the bailout and the President would place much of his political capital at risk to save american manufacturing. GM would be branded by the conservative right as, Government Motors and talk radio hosts would fill their airwaves with the demand that their listeners not support “Government Motors” by buying their government mandated automobiles! For the right, the bailout was absolute proof that Barak Obama was indeed the socialist they suggested he was during the Presidential Campaign. When the President, fired the CEO G. Richard Wagner Jr, it was seen as absolute proof of Obama’s tyrannical leanings and his intent to micro manage the auto industry. The bailout, they argued was a mere harbinger of things to come. The President now owned the financial sector, and the automobile manufacturing business. Visions of Karl Marx and Lenin, seizing the “means of production” filled the imaginations of conservative audiences. They simply did not believe the President when he assured them that he had no desire to run companies. For the left, the bailout was a major disappointment. The car companies, in their view should have been nationalized along with the banks and some called for the automobile manufacturers to be turned over to union management. The President, followed his characteristic pattern of choosing the middle path. He bailed out the car companies, and required them to make serious concessions that included plant closings and layoffs. What few realized at the time, is that the bailout would result in a major reimagining of the entire auto industry. The President almost immediately called for new fuel efficiency standards, but the new fuel standards were below what-even the Bush administration promised to enact. It was seen as a major retreat for the environmentally conscious president that once promised to “heal the earth” and make the rising waters from global warming recede. But what followed were a series of costly, political maneuvers that would truly test the President’s commitment to the green movement as he used some of the nation’s most obscure levers to marshall the auto industry towards a future that some had previously ridiculed as impossible. The President would funnel billions of dollars into moving electric vehicles from mere concept cars and sketches to commercially viable, in demand products, supported by (the beginnings of) a robust charging infrastructure. A few years ago, it seemed obvious that the fate of the American Automotive Industry was to be sold off in pieces to one of it’s foreign competitors. A few years ago, the idea of Electric Vehicles selling out in any showroom, anywhere in the world, would have seemed like an environmentalist’s wacked out fantasy. Today, The Big Three in American Automobile manufacturing are experiencing record profits. They are building new factories and hiring new workers. And the 2011 North American Car of the Year, is the Chevrolet Volt.


The Volt was once just a concept, today it is in so much demand that consumers are hard pressed to get to test drive the vehicle. It can rarely be found on showroom floors and consumers are still waiting for the car to come to their individual states. The Volt is Motor Trend Magazine’s Car of The Year and is highly acclaimed among those fortunate enough to actually purchase it. The Volt was released at the same time that Nissan released its highly awaited Nissan Leaf. The car is the first mass market, all electric vehicle marketed by a major manufacturer. And demand seems to be outpacing the supply. Consumers often wait for Nissan to produce the vehicle and the Leaf rarely stays in the showroom after its delivered to the dealerships.

Nissan has received 1.4 billion in loans from the U.S. government to retool and expand it’s Smyrna, Tennessee Plant. Building the new plant will not only allow Nissan to meet the expected demand for the Leaf, it will also create 1300 jobs. The government expects to reduce oil usage by 65.4 million gallons per year with the rise of Nissan’s electric autos and the new factory could produce 200,000 battery packs per year. During the early debate over the President’s bailout, Ford was often lauded for not soliciting government funds. This praise however, was incorrectly placed. Ford did need a bailout-of sorts. The FED and the government enabled Ford to obtain extended lines of credit loans, long after the private markets had given up on the company. Ford also received a 5.9 billion dollar loan from the Department of Energy. Ford will be releasing its own highly anticipated Ford Focus Electric which will be an all electric vehicle. It will also sport an innovative solar panel that will supplement its charging. The Focus will be one of five electric vehicles launched by Ford in the next three years. It’s quite easy to understand that the bailouts were pivotal to ensuring the continued existence and dramatic resurrection of the U.S. auto industry. But the bailouts are not the entire story. The President didn’t just make sure that the auto industry continued to exist, he made many of the exciting new product lines possible. The President made funding for new battery technology possible. He provided funds that made it possible

for an entirely new generation of ground breaking, full electric vehicles. The barrage of funding came from the Department of Energy and it allowed the Obama administration to fuel the rise of a dizzying array of electrified choices for consumers. The early sell-out success of cars like the Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt have inspired once skeptical competitors of the need to produce electric options to meet the heavy consumer demand. The investments also seem to have spawned autos that are striking in contrast to their early predecessors. The famously unattractive Electric Vehicle has morphed from its infancy as hideous, glorified golf carts, into new, wildly orgasmic expressions of beauty and engineering prowess. Today’s creations, backed by government funding, are beyond attractive; they are sex personified. Companies like Tesla, Fisker, BMW and Jaguar have produced award winning, stand out designs. Tesla, the company that started it all, has updated its original Roadster and leveraged its government loans into the painfully seductive Model S, luxury sedan.

Tesla received a piddly 465M dollars in loans from the Department of Energy to develop and build the Model S. The funds have allowed the once fragile company to build its factory in Southern California and begin the production for high volume deliveries in 2012. The company has even managed to push forward their Model X, SUV which has moved at light-speed from concept to full scale production. The Model X SUV will be the company’s most affordable car and is evidence of the companies newly found mainstream appeal. Tesla has gone from the manufacturer of a beautiful but obscure and financially obscene sports car, to a major partner with many of the major car companies. Tesla has also inked a 100 M dollar deal to develop electric power-trains for Toyota’s fleet of future electric RAV4 vehicles. Larger consulting contracts are in the works, that could find Tesla motors literally powering the future for some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. Tesla was not the only car manufacturer to benefit from the aggressive priorities of President Obama’s administration. A relatively new company called Fisker Automotive received 528.7 million to allow it to produce two lines of auto-motives. Fisker has garnered tremendous buzz with its Fisker Karma, four door sports sedan. The expensive sports car is perhaps the most embellished and aggressive design .The Fisker Karma is a $95,000 model. The bulk of the government’s loans will enable Fisker to produce its much more affordable, Project Ninja, which will include a coupe, sedan and a crossover (according to a verbal gaff by Joe Biden) for $39,900.

EDITORIAL October 2011

The C.E.O of Fisker was once the design director for Aston Martin, which indicates the now mainstream potential of electric vehicles. The government believes that it’s investment in Fisker will result in a reduction of 821 million gallons of gasoline and an offset of 8 million tons of CO2. Beautiful designs alone have not lead to the rise of these electric vehicles. In fact, the often critical environmental movement often neglects to realize the extent to which the President has virtually rigged the free market to ensure the success of alternative vehicles. The President has supplied a tax credit that has knocked $2500-$7500 dollars off of the price of vehicles. This tax credit has made the Leaf, the Volt and a host of future cars attractive options for consumers. The administration then increased fuel efficiency standards, requiring that automakers produce cars and light trucks with an average fuel economy of 54.5 mpg by 2025. This standard virtually ensures that automakers are forced to produce an array of electric and extended range vehicles. If they continued to resist innovation, it would be impossible for the average fuel economy of company fleets to meet the Obama Administrations new fuel standards. The new standards are an 80% increase in the existing standards. They were instantly derided as “overly aggressive” by critics. But the standards are necessary to ensure that car companies don’t simply revert to their old habits of producing inefficient, and unoriginal cars.

“Beautiful designs alone have not lead to the rise of these electric vehicles.”


The Presidents, green and left leaning critics would be wise to recognize that Electric vehicles were set to take off, once before. As the acclaimed documentary, “Who Killed The Electric Car”, pointed out, the first successful and appealing Electric Vehicle was the EV-1 manufactured by GM. The documentary highlighted the fact that the attractive car was a breath of fresh air when it was announced and there was a palpable hype surrounding its release. But the car also came about, in part because of incredibly strict fuel emission standards enacted by the California Air Resources Board. The EV-1 also received price supports that made it affordable for manufacturers to produce. The buzz around the car was so successful that other car manufacturers began producing their own experimental variants of the ev-1. Toyota, for instance produced an electric Rav 4. The future looked very bright for electric vehicles! Is this story starting to sound familiar? But the rise of the Bush Administration put an end to all of the artificial supports that made the car and its cousins, possible. Green advocates would be wise to take note of history. The degree of market engineering cultivated by the Obama Administration can easily be turned back and environmentalists could find history repeating itself, should the battered President fail to be re-elected.


“He just got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”

Nakia Harris and Jerimy Wright are scheduled to get married on May 19th, 2012. Nakia, who is known for her golden heart for community service, said that what she enjoys the most about being engaged is looking forward to the big day. Nakia has selected Lilac and regeney as her wedding colors Wed!ng Colors: Lilac and Re"ney

Jerimy took the classic approach when he proposed Nakia. “He actually proposed to me at a family gathering on July 16th- on my birthday. After everyone song happy birthday to me, he came up to me and asked me to have a seat, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him,” Nakia said. The couple have been together for 11 years and are anxiously preparing for their wedding. The wedding is schedule to take place at the Eden Regal Ballroom. Nakia will also be chronicling her bridal adventures on her blog. More details will be posted on the Worthy magazine site.


After being together for 11 years, Nakia and Jerimy got engaged at a family gathering on July 16th, Nakia’s birthday. With their wedding quickly approaching, the couple anxiously await the day that can make it all official. Nakia will be blogging about her experiences on her new blog. Be sure to give it a look. Check Worthy magazine for updates about Nakia’s blog.


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