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We are a national network of over 50 Design and Print Centres, with an innovative approach to providing high quality print and graphic design at affordable prices. Let our experienced team help you make a great first impression for your business. Worldwide Online Printing is an Australian owned company supporting Australian jobs and Australian manufacturing. Our range of services includes: • Creative Design that will effectively deliver your message and grab attention • On Demand Print that can meet urgent deadlines or smaller more targeted quantities • Quality Print that offers exceptional quality at competitive prices • Large Format printing that will make a big impression with posters and display materials • Online Print Management systems that will control costs and save time • B  eyond Print services that can help with project or campaign management, promotional products, personalisation, and distribution Our product range is extensive and includes: • Offset printing for business cards, letterheads, sales brochures, flyers, saddle stitched books and much more • Fast turnaround on demand digital printing for business stationery right through to flyers and product brochures • Large format poster printing, pull up banners and display printing • Promotional and gift photo products such as mugs, photo books, canvas prints and key rings To find out how we can help you contact us today.







the myth: making paper is bad for the environment.

the fact: paper is one of the truly sustainable products

Responsible Sustainable Procurement Chain of Custody Interest in the procurement of printed products produced in a sustainable manner is gaining momentum as consumers and stakeholders increasingly want to know that in buying and consuming these products they are contributing to positive social, environmental and economical outcomes. As an organisation, we primarily deal with paper suppliers who can verify conformance to all environmental, health and regulatory requirements including forestry codes of practice. The process above includes Chain of Custody Certifications from systems such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustained Forestry Initiative and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). The main objective of Chain of Custody Certification is to ensure that material purchased from certified sources is tracked through the entire production chain, from plantation to end user. We believe we have invested in a process which will unlock positive environmental, social and economic benefits. An investment that will not only contribute to a better world, but will also add value to all of our stakeholders. Benefits • Measurable point of difference • Helps meet client expectations for sustainable supply • Ensures ethical supply chain • Responsible • Auditable

We’re continually investing in all of production, waste disposal and sourcing of raw materials to minimise our environmental impact.

Auditable Green Stamp Avoid - Reduce - Recycle - Reuse In November 2008 our production hub underwent an audit by the Printing Industries Association Australia. As a result of that audit we achieved Green Stamp Certification in all centres and Green Stamp Level 1 and 2 Certification at our production hub. Under Level 1 certification we hold all relevant licences and permits and satisfy fundamental infrastructure and legislative compliance requirements. Under Level 2 certification we recycle all waste paper, plastics, metal and wood. We use environmentally sensitive inks and chemicals. Residue inks, chemicals and consumables are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. In 2011, as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, we have and continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacing fluorescent tubes with Low Energy TC5 tubes. Currently under consideration is implementing Solar Power which could reduce our power consumption by 15% and Energy Optimisation which could reduce power consumption by 8-10%. Benefits • Measurable point of difference • Helps meet client expectations for sustainable supply • Improves our competitiveness • Responsible • Auditable

We make sure you don’t pay any extra to do your bit for the environment. Carbon Neutral comes at no extra cost.

Consider these numbers! 1,000 A4 letterheads = 44 kg CO2e 5,000 A4 brochures = 226 kg CO2e 20 triplicate A4 NCR books 50 sets per book = 134 kg CO2e The impact of neutralising 6,683 t CO2e can be summarised as: Litres of fuel saved – 647,070 Kilometres off the road – 8,863,969 Annual vehicles off the road – 607

Unrivalled No CO2 While we educate our team in the benefits of behavioural change and identify technology and process to reduce our carbon footprint, it is inevitable that we will not be able to neutralise our unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. In March 2012 we engaged the Carbon Reduction Institute to conduct a no CO2 audit of our production hub and centres. The no CO2 audit aims to capture 100% of emissions which an entity is responsible for. During October 2012 Worldwide Online Printing pioneered the way forward in becoming Australia’s first carbon neutral print group. To neutralise our unavoidable emissions we purchase carbon credits in Carbon Credit Projects as determined by the Australian Federal Government National Carbon offset standard. Benefits • Unique selling proposition • Exceeds client expectations for sustainable supply • D  elivers sustainable economic, environmental and social benefits to those who need it most • Reduces our carbon footprint • Reduces our client’s carbon footprint • Reduction in greenhouse gas is real • Responsible • Auditable • Unrivalled

Clean energy from biomass in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Carbon Offset Project 1 India: Clean energy from biomass in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh Indian energy production is lagging behind economic

To meet the rising energy demands in the dairy

growth rates. The vast majority of the country’s energy

production, a new efficient cogeneration plant

needs are met by emission intensive fossil fuels,

producing both steam and electricity was installed.

mainly coal and oil. With energy demand expected to

The new boiler is fed with locally available agricultural

double by 2025, this constitutes an immense political,

waste (rice husks) instead of emission intensive coal.

economic and environment challenge for the world’s

Before the start of the project the rice husks were

second most populous country.

not used – they were either burned without using

The states of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, where this biomass project is taking place, are located in the

the resulting thermal energy, or simply left to decay, thereby generating methane emissions.

north of the sub-continent. With their particularly

The factories’ steam requirements can now be met

fertile soil, the economy of both states is largely

entirely by the new co-generation unit. Power needs

dependent on agriculture. Economic growth rates

are partly met by on-site production, but some power

are very low and the majority of the working class

still has to be purchased from the grid. The investment

still live at subsistence level. The electricity supply in

required for the new co-generation unit could not

Uttar Pradesh is so unstable that it limits industrial

have been raised without the revenue from the future

output, thus slowing down economic development.

sales of carbon offsets.

The situation is similar in Punjab where the demand

How it works

for electricity is high and ever increasing, but cannot be met by the existing supply.

Switching from coal to renewable biomass

Biomass refers to biological material derived from organic matter such as wood and organic wastes. In the case of this project, the biomass is locally

The emission reduction project takes place at two

available agricultural waste. During combustion,

production sites of the dairy producer Milk Food Ltd

biomass releases only the amount of carbon

in Bahadurgarh (Punjab) and Mulgarpur (Uttar

dioxide bound during the lifespan of the plant.

Pradesh). Before the start of the project the electricity

As long as the extraction of biomass is less than

needs of Milk Food Ltd were met by power from the

the annual

grid and the steam needed in the dairy production

biomass can be considered to be a climate neutral

was produced on site with an old, inefficient coal

fuel. The use of agricultural residues is particularly

fired boiler.

sensible because there is no conflicting use for the biomass.

growth of the plant it derives from,

Aims to improve the living standards of people living in the region by developing a more efficient home cooking stove.

Carbon Offset Project 2 Cambodia: Impacting living conditions of the local people The second project, based in Cambodia aims to improve the living standards of people living in the region by developing a more efficient home cooking stove. The benefits of this initiative will have a direct impact of the living conditions of the local people including relieving the burden on women and children to gather fire wood in a countryside littered with more than six million landmines, where over 200 people are killed or maimed each year. This in turn will allow children more time to attend schools to receive better education. In addition, this project will also have a direct impact on illnesses caused by the burning of traditional wood fuel indoors and from an emissions abatement perspective, will reduce deforestation and environmental degradation caused by the informal logging of large quantities of wood.

responsible auditable unrivalled

We don’t want to be ‘just your printer’. We want to be a partner in the growth and success of your business. It’s this approach that sets Worldwide apart from our competition.

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