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!"#$%&$'(%)*+ 2'.'/3#4#5)*6/04)14'5me

!%7#+ Sample

,-../0'1# Bleed: Trim: Type:

307 mm (h) x 220 mm (w) 297 mm (h) x 210 mm (w) 277 mm (h) x 190 mm (w)

8)-9.#/0'1#/!"4#': Bleed Trim: Type:

307 mm (h) x 430 mm (w) 297 mm (h) x 420 mm (w) 277 mm (h) x 400 mm (w)

,)45'( The finished artwork should be supplied as a high resolution (300dpi) PDF. This is our preferred format. In special circumstances we can accept the files as high resolution jpeg or psd.

3).)-4+ All artwork should be supplied in CMYK colours. If artwork is supplied in any other format (such as RGB) we can not be held responsible for the inaccurate reproduction on paper.

2#((%*1/6)-4/'4(;)4</()/-+ If the file is under 10Mb in size you may email the finished artwork to:

marketing If the file is over 10Mb it can be uploaded to:

Please select 'Marketing Department' as the Recipient. Please email to confirm it has been received. If you have any queries please email or phone +44 (0)207 925 0000.

World Travel Awards Gala Program Specs  

Design Specifications for World Travel Awards Event Gala Program

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