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2014 / 15 World Summit Youth Award

The World´s Best in Social Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovation

2014/ 15

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The World Summit Youth Award


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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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WSYA Winners 2014/15


Winners Category 1 “Fight Hunger, Poverty and Disease!”


Winners Category 2 “Education for All!”


Winners Category 3 “Power 2 Women!”


Winners Category 4 “Create your Culture! “


Winners Category 5 “Go Green!”


Winners Category 6 “Pursue Truth!”


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Welcome to Brazil & São Paulo


IMPRINT Editorial Team Editor and Author: PETER A. BRUCK Text Management: CHARLOTTE DREYER Project Management: CHARLOTTE DREYER; Project Assistance: GEMMA PALACIO WSYA Festival Team: CHARLOTTE DREYER, ­GEMMA PALACIO, NORA WOLLOCH, HANNES URBAN WSYA Booklet Design Produced by World Summit Youth Award Office | ICNM – International Center for New Media | Leopoldskronstraße 30 | 5020 Salzburg | Austria |T: +43.660.630408.6 | | | ©2015 ICNM – International Center for New Media All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reprinted, reproduced, utilized in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying or in any information storage or retrieval system, without permission of ICNM in written form. This edition has been published be ICNM. Printed in Brazil

Taking Action on Societal Issues – Transforming Society for Good Digital creativity, social entrepreneurship, societal innovation

What does it mean to use Internet and Mobile to take action on societal issues, how can ICTs help create a more just and equitable society and provide for a brighter future for all? How can smart phones, innovative applications or welldesigned websites change the conditions? The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is the initiative that gathers and showcases projects from around the world which offer answers. WSYA is the stage where young people shift the light on now-a-days basic digital devices from entertainment and diversion to real issues and concrete solutions. Everywhere in the world there are young people who wish to make a difference. They care about their communities and want to improve the lives of relatives and friends, their peers and fellow citizens. WSYA demonstrates how technology is used by them as key in their endeavours.

In this booklet we present to you the best young people who use in their projects creative ways to harness the power of ICTs, who demonstrate unique entrepreneurship and enable the transfer of knowledge and experience. The motto is: What works in Armenia might also work in Paraguay, what works in Brazil could most likely be of use as well in Nigeria!

In this booklet you can learn about the WSYA winning projects of 2014. There is a smart phone app providing health care information to young mothers, SMS services for sexual education of teenagers, apps and campaigns to improve urban living, solutions for social inclusion, the empowerment of women and easy access to education.

Over the past years the World Summit Youth Award has received thousands of project submissions from over 160 countries. A unique pool of innovative ideas, creative applications and rich eContent has been gathered. All developed by people under the age of 30 – all of them working in the effort to take action on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

I invite you to take a look and see where young people have discovered a need for smart solutions! Be inspired by the creative and artistic way youth wants to raise awareness of social issues in the world and in their very close environment! In 2015, the UN will present a new set of objectives for global development, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Considering lessons learned from the last decade, the SGDs promise a differentiated understanding where to take ac-

tion. Outcomes shall be measured more transparently, activities shall be coordinated smarter and more stakeholders shall be involved more actively. The goals are high, as are the stakes. WSYA shows the paths that are being taken by young people using Internet and mobiles to create local digital innovations and projects for social good. They offer unique solutions and a global network for development to achieve the SDGs.

Thank you for your interest and your support, Best wishes, Peter A. Bruck Chairman of WSA Hon. President of ICNM


Vision Statements

Vision Statements Young people using Internet and Mobiles to put UN MDGs into Action Nora Abusitta

São Paulo State Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disability

VP Development and Public Responsibility Programs, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


The rapid growth of the Internet has made it the home of innovation and social change, offering unparalleled opportunities to improve the interconnectivity of our world. We will count on young talent to improve the quality and availability of local content and to provide exciting and pioneering approaches for developing and expanding the Internet and its global reach.

ICTs have the power to facilitate socio-political participation and inclusion on an internatsional and country level. Young people are key to harness exactly this power by creating innovative and socially relevant projects. Having been a partner of the World Summit Awards for many years, we are excited to see the Youth Award coming to Brazil in 2015 where we will take the world’s best to a global stage.

ICANN is proud to support the World Youth Summit Awards recognizing the innovative achievements of our current and emerging young leaders and entrepreneurs.

Rodrigo Assumpção President, DATAPREV, Brasil

The WSYA is a powerful channel of transformation, by bringing together young entrepreneurs and social activists dedicated to the same goal: to solve complex problems that afflict vulnerable populations in various parts of the world. Dataprev, IT company which is also committed to support social programs, believes and pays close attention to the creative potential of these young people who have natural affinity with the information technology and want to build a better future for all, two great features.

Dr. Linamara Batistella

Our mission at Public Interest Registry has always been to empower, through the Internet, those who dedicate themselves to improving our world. The WSYA is giving a voice to young people with great solutions addressing social challenges. We are happy to collaborate with this initiative and are looking forward to an outstanding event of knowledge franchising and networking in Brazil 2015.

LI Yong

Chief Strategic Communications Officer, Internet Society

Director General of UNIDO UN Industrial Development Organization

We continue to be impressed by the creativity and innovation that emerges on the Internet. So much of it comes from young, talented Internet citizens who see Internet and mobile technology as means to promote social benefit. We look forward each year to the World Summit Awards and World Summit Youth Awards, which bring to the world’s attention some of this excellent work and the people who have created it. The Internet Society congratulates the impressive assembly of 2014 winners and all the participants in this exciting global initiative.

Economic, social and environmental development is dependent upon innovation and entrepreneurship. At UNIDO, we believe that Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) is instrumental for poverty eradication, the creation of shared prosperity and stronger environmental safeguards. These objectives can only be achieved with the contribution of courageous entrepreneurs who take the path of innovation and responsibly create prosperity for themselves and for their community. A good example of this process is given by the contribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to wealth creation in both developed and developing countries. ICT have great potential for reducing poverty, as they make it possible to overcome one of the greatest hurdles to broad-based development: the lack of access to information suffered by individuals, households and business, particularly by micro-, small- and medi-

um-sized enterprises. ICT also play an important role as a catalyser for successful business strategies, including improved productivity and access to essential information and new markets. ICT and innovation are powerful means to defeat poverty, by creating shared prosperity while safeguarding the protection of the environment. They are ultimately instrumental to achieving an inclusive and sustainable industrial development. I am pleased to convey my best wishes and congratulations to the winners of this prestigious award. A Chinese proverb states, “A person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the man doing it”. As an entrepreneur and an innovator, you will certainly encounter people who have doubts about you. Don´t let those people get in your way. Instead, use their doubt as further motivation.

CEO Public Interest Registry

Walda Roseman

Brian Cute



The World Summit Youth Award

USA 2010



Selecting & promoting young digital entrepreneurs who make a social impact SÃO PAULO 2015 2015 marks the seventh edition of the World Summit Youth Award, the annual international competition for digital and social innovators under 30. Each year the number of applications has increased significantly. Until today, the WSYA has selected and promoted over 150 projects which contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), raise awareness of local and global social challenges and take action on making a difference. The WSYA is promoted in all UN member states through the networks of the World Summit Award (WSA), participating UN Organisations and Agencies such as UNESCO and UNIDO, governments and NGOs, youth organisations, and many other committed partners.

Tunisia 2005 The first WSYA meeting was held in conjunction with the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis. In three categories, 3 winning teams had been selected out of over 300 applications hailing from 70+ UN member states.

Mexico 2009

With the great support of INDIGO BRAIN ­MEDIA

and the Knight foundation the winners’ event took

place in Monterrey. Participants from over 50

countries, among them ministers, UN representa-

tives and e-content experts, attended the four-day event.







WSYA Flashback

Flashback The WSYA Story 2005–2015

Tunisia, Mexico, USA, Austria and Canada: For ten years the World Summit Youth Award strives to act as a platform and international network for young social entrepreneurs who make a difference. In the framework of different high-profile events the WSYA offered its winners the opportunity to share ideas, debate, celebrate and present their projects in front of an international audience. Every WSYA program was designed for the uprising MDGs Pioneers to get to know each other and network with potential business contacts. Starting in 2005 with 3 winning teams out of 300 applications to 2014's 18 winners out of 2200 submissions from over 140 countries – the WSYA is a true success story in selecting and promoting the next generation’s innovations acting on the MDGs.

USA 2010

Canada 2012

The UN Millennium Review Summit was the

In the framework of WITSA’s 18th World Congress

perfect framework for the WSYA Winners’

on Information Technology, the WSYA was part of

Event in 2010. Alongside meetings of high level

this outstanding event as Young Digital Planet. As

representatives of the UN member states, 40

WCIT’s youth track it featured speed meetings,

winners and runners-up had been invited to

mind minglings, best practice presentations and

New York to celebrate

workshops, showcasing some of the most committed young producers from all over the world.

Austria 2011 In a slight flush of homesickness, it was decided that the WSYA was going home to Austria. Graz, UNESCO City of Design and Human Rights, just seemed to be the perfect place for a World Summit multimedia Festival. The 18 winners and 15 runners-up met here with representatives of governments, NGOs, business

Sri Lanka 2013 Together with the World Summit Award and hosted by the Sri Lankan ICTA, the 6th edition of the Youth Award was a huge success. Unforgettable are the welcome reception at the presidential secretariat, the inspiring key-notes and the gala ceremony with fireworks at the beach.

and the United Nations.


It doesn’t matter where you come from. What impact will you have on the world?


Programs Nonprofit

Organisations Civil Society

Community Social Enterprise



WSYA Fact Sheet

UN & UNESCO member states!

WSYA 2014/15 in Numbers 18 Winners have been selected out of 1896 applicants from


UN & UNESCO member states!



Total number of entries Complete Projects Eligible Projects Winners 2014/15 Runners-Up 2014/15

334 266 18 12

Per Category Eligible Projects



1 4

1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease 2. Education for All 3. Power 2 Women 4. Create your Culture 5. Go Green 6. Pursue Truth


62 89 24 53 22 16

Per Region




Africa 81 Arab Countries & Middle East 33 Asia 84 Europe 31 Latin America & Caribbean 24 North America & Oceania 13



Meet the WSYA Jury 2014/15 Jury President: Franz Josef Allmayer, Vamed Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, Guatemala / Austria

Diversity is key. 39 jurors from 26 countries have dedicated their time and expertise to evaluate this year’s WSYA applications and select the best and most promising projects addressing UN MDGs. In two rounds of online evaluation they chose 3 winners and 2 runners up in each category based on the following criteria: - Content - Design - Innovation & creativity - Interactivity - Sustainability + Strategic value (Effectiveness in putting the MDGs into action) We thank all of them for their indispensable contribution to the success of the WSYA 2014! 10

Alloysius Attah

Co-founder & CEO | Farmerline

Simone Bernstein

Co-founder & President | VolunTEENations

Thomas Biebl

Director, Marketing & Communications | Salzburg Global Seminar

Tony Connor

Director of Marketing | Public Interest Registry

Ferhan Cook

Co-founder | mSpark

Jennifer Corriero

Co-founder & Executive Director | TakingITGlobal

Pooja Dharan

Co-founder | Lil'MDGs

Ehssan Esfehani

Chairman | Vista Samaneh Asia

Ghana USA Austria USA UK Canada USA Iran

Luis Fernandez CTO | XumaK Bernhard Goeschlberger Researcher & Mobile Software Developer | Research Studios Austria FG Hira Hafeez

Co-founder | Youth Dividend

Iqbal Hariadi

Co-founder | Lendabook

Guatemala Austria Pakistan Indonesia

Ahmed Hassan Al Lawati Information Security Officer | Information Technology Authority Oman Anush Hayrapetyan Founder & Executive Director | "Use Art" social venture

Oman Armenia

Alex Hung

Co-Founder | Crossover International Co. Ltd.


Abbas Ibrahim

Founder | Morsi Meter, Zabatak


Ravi Karkara

Global Advisor on Youth | UN Habitat | Millennium Campaign

Eileen Knowles

Executive Director | Education Generation

Marcus Lavorato

Institutional Relations Manager | Cetip Financing Unit Brazil

Carina Lima

Institutional Relations Manager | Cetip Financing Unit Brazil

Joannie Marlène Bewa Nathan Masyuko

Women Leadership Activist

Marvin Mathew

Leader | BridgeSport

Maryam M. Majareh

Project Coordinator eEducation | ictQatar

Ramiro Murguia

CEO | Latinomics


Paula O'Malley

IACC Series & Global Initiatives Project Manager | Transparency International


Denise Paulsen

Assistant of President | Dataprev

Alberta Pelino

President | Young Ambassadors Society

Rapelang Rabana

Founder | Rekindle Learning

Thomas Röhlinger

Founder & Editor in Chief | Radijojo World Children's Media Network

Prukalpar Sankar

Co-Founder | Social Cops

Bikramjit Singh

CEO & Group Managing Director | Glotera

Davide Storti

Information Knowledge Manager | UNESCO

Anshul Tewari

Founder and Editor in Chief | Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth


Véronique Thouvenot

Head | Millennia2015 "Women and eHealth" International Working Group


Nkemdilim Uwaje

Director | Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd.


Juan Valera

Global Youth advocate | MY WORLD


Chris Worman

Director of Program Development | TechSoupGlobal


USA Canada

Benin Kenya

Chief Executive Gamer | NexGen Ltd.

USA Qatar

Brazil Italy South Africa Germany India Malaysia / India France


Statements WSYA Jury 2014/15

“Judging the WSYA gave me hope for humanity to see so many young innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world working to tackle problems in education, poverty, health etc.” – Ferhan Cook

“All the projects I evaluated were very interesting and creative. I liked how these projects provided innovative solutions for serious problems that the world faces today.” – Pooja Dharan ­

mSpark, UK


“As usual I had great fun judging the projects. This is my 6th year as a juror and overall I think it's very positive to see that young people all over the world are working on projects focused on implementing the MDGs.” – Nkemdilim Begho ­ Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd., Nigeria

"I never tire of sharing and applauding the innovative ICT projects that come from our global community of this competition. Hope the participants can help to spread the important message of Millennium Development Goals (MDG)." – Alex Hung Crossover International, China

“Seeing and evaluating those projects from all around the world gave a lot of inspirations and hopes; that by internet and mobile technology, youths can create social change and positive impact to society.” – Iqbal Hariadi Putra Co-Founder, Lendabook, Indonesia

"Be presented to so many projects well intentioned and recognize some really bright from young people motivated to positively impact the world, is a work that’s worth." – Carina Lima Cetip, Brazil

"It was great to see all the excellent ideas and efforts by young people all over the world, united in the spirit to make a change for a more fair, healthy, inclusive and friendly world. This is what we need." –Thomas Röhlinger Radijojo World Children's Media Network, Germany


The Global Network

The WSYA Global Network WSYA Board 1 Nawaf Abdulrahman President |Bahrain Internet Society Information Security and Quality Assurance Manager |Al Baraka Banking Group Bahrain


2 Ehssan Riazi Esfehani Chairman | Vista Samaneh Asia Iran 3 Jennifer Corriero Co-founder & Executive Director | TakingITGlobal Canada 4 Alex Hung Co-Founder | Crossover International Co. Ltd. China


5 Titi Akinsanmi Committee Member | ICANN South-Africa 6 Andrew Gakiria CEO | Kenya e-Learning Center Kenya 7 Nkemdilim Uwaje Director | Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd. Nigeria 7

8 Zawan Al-Sabti Projects Specialist | Information Technology Authority (ITA) Oman 9 Franz Josef Allmayer Project Engineering/Medical Equipment Planning | VAMED Engineering Guatemala 10 Sebastian Bustamente CEO | Colombia


11 Abdullah Mosaad Founder and General Coordinator | What's Up Youth Online Channel Egypt 12 Anshul Tewari Founder and Editor in Chief | Youth Ki Awaaz: Mouthpiece for the Youth India 13 Eileen Knowles Executive Director | Education Generation Canada


14 Carina Schmid Co-founder and CEO | The Global Experience Germany 15 Mathias Haas CEO | SuperSocial Austria


The Global Network WSYA Ambassadors 1 Rapelang Rabana Founder | Rekindle Learning South Africa 1

2 Francesca Ronchi E Content Award Italy Italy 3 Stephan Hamberger Product Manager Web | Red Bull Media House Austria 4 Adam Itzkowitz Co-Founder | USA


5 Dylan Mahalingham Founder & Executive Director | Lil´MDGs; Chief Strategist | Under the Acacia USA 6 Alexander Ojo Co-Founder and CEO | FreelancePro.Me Ghana 7 Nathan Masyuko Chief Executive Gamer | NexGen Kenya


8 Fungai Machirori blogger, researcher and creative writer | Fungai Neni / Her Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 9 Momal Mushtaq Founder and Executive Director | The Voice of Youth Pakistan 10 Jithin Krishnan Director | Make A Difference India


11 Bistra Kumbaroska Master candidate: International Business | University of Ljubljana; Network Coordinator and Co-founder | Mladiinfo Macedonia 12 Sébastien Bourdu Co-founder and CTO |; Member | MakeSense France


13 Renato Martins Dornelas Head of International Affairs | React & Change Organization; Youth Ambassador | US Department of State; Global Changemaker | British Council Brazil 14 Muthoni Njuguna Systems Administrator and CSLT Facilitator | Jesuit Refugee Services Based in Kakuma Kenya 15 Shareef Shaik Khasim Founder | India 16 Maninder Singh Bajwa Managing Director | iScuela India


17 Gloria Silas Mangi Founder | The African Queens Project; Media and Communication Director | Maanisha! Limited Tanzania 18 Analy Paz Special Needs educator | Paz Joven Guatemala 19

19 Muhammad Iqbal Hariadi Putra Co-Founder | Lendabook Indonesia 20 Roberto Ruz Sahrur Founder | You Are What you Post – Eres lo que publicas Mexico 21 Vintagesam Okoroafor Co-Founder | Opinion Nigeria; HR and Business Strategist | Globalplux Consulting Services Nigeria


22 Ana Pantelic Founder | The LISTA Initiative Colombia / Serbia 23 Bikramjit Singh GMD & CEO | iScuela Australia / Malaysia



The road to dignity by 2030: ending poverty, transforming all lives and protecting the planet The sustainable development goals (SDGs) … a new, universal set of goals, targets and indicators that UN member states will be expected to use to frame their agendas and political policies over the next 15 years. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nation, reports on the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.

“The year 2015 offers a unique opportunity for global leaders and people to end Poverty and to transform the world to better meet human needs and the necessities of economic transformation, while protecting our environment, ensuring peace and realizing human rights. […]

board into the future we want, a future free from poverty and built on human rights, equality and sustainability.

If member states agree the draft set of 17 SDGs at a UN summit in New York in September, they will become applicable from January 2016. Six “essential elements”: dignity, prosperity, justice, partnership, planet, people.

This is our duty, and it must be the legacy we strive to leave for our children. […]”

Young people will be the torch bearers of the next sustainable development agenda through 2030. We must ensure that this transition, while protecting the planet, leaves no one behind. […] We must invest in the unfinished work of the Millennium Development Goals, and use them as a spring More on


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)


JOIN THE GLOBAL CONVERSATION on For more info on the UN Millennium Campaign



The WSYA Categories


Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease! Content and applications addressing issues of extreme poverty and hunger, offering solutions for those whose income is less than $ 1 a day, supporting the reduction of diseases and fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS and malaria.




Content and communities which promote gender equality and empower women, eliminate gender disparity in education and at work places, facilitate access of women to all levels of political decision making and strengthen women’s contribution to the peaceful resolution of conflicts

Applications and content addressing the natural environment, promoting environmental sustainability, integrating the principles of environmentally sustainable development into policy programmes, reversing the loss of environmental resources and biodiversity, reducing the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and improving the lives of slum dwellers.

Power 2 Women!

Education for All! Content, platforms and solutions to give boys and girls everywhere in the world a full course of primary schooling, to advance training for personal development and jobs, and to achieve a high level of understanding and knowledge of the global information society and its promises, challenges and opportunities.



Go Green!

Create your Culture! Online platforms, applications and content expressing young people’s aspirations, ideas and values, sharing their news, enabling their participation in decision-making processes, strengthening social justice, promoting the knowledge of many languages and cultures, supporting multilingualism, creating contemporary forms of culture and preserving indigenous knowledge and traditions.


Pursue Truth! Journalism using Internet and Mobiles to cover the MDGs and to report on issues related to them, to their realization or failure to be realized; addresses content excellence in terms of a fair, accurate, contextual pursuit of truth and the success in publishing the content using digital, interactive media platforms; invites young journalists and citizens to share their news and become active participants in the public interest of their community and country.

WSYA Winners

Winners 2014/15

Category 1: Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease! OMOMI Charles Immanuel Akhimien, Emmanuel Owobu, Raman Anurag Nigeria, RFIShoe Xi Liu, Ruoqing Sun, Jiachen Zhu China, Project Annuit Walk - PAW Marcos Oliveira da Penha, Emily Schuler, Jalingson Assis, Higgor Leimig, Everton Meirelles Brazil, Category 2: Education for All!

SmileUrbo Aleksandra Zemke Spain, Zaya ClassCloud Rahul Dsouza, Mr. Neil Dsouza, Priyamvada Tiwari, Cliffton Fernandes, Shivi Mishra, Gopal Ojha India, Christopher Pruijsen UK, Category 3: Power 2 Women! Ladybug Maryam Ansari, Arash Zad, Mehrnoosh Bagheri Iran, ChatSalud / TextHealth Lauren Freda Spigel, Nishant Kishore, Phil Gonzalez Nicaragua, I Decide Armando BenjamĂ­n Cush Guatemala,!yodecido Category 4: Create your Culture! CityBugs Arman Atoyan, Hovhannes Aghajanyan, Tatevik Markosyan Armenia, Minkay Tomas Fabian Gonzales Olavarria, Liz Moyer, Francisco Javier Cespedes Vinuela Colombia, Online Model United Nations (O-MUN) Zohaib Ahmed, Alia Ali ElKattan Qatar, Category 5: Go Green! rideIT Rahul Mani Jacob, Genoveva Galarza India, Indonesia Gardening Idnul Fitriya, Ayu Sukma Adelia, Maria Ulfa, Andi Ilmi Utami Irwan, Putri Octarina Indonesia, Green is the New Gangsta Joi Michelle Sears USA, Category 6: Pursue Truth! The Slum Challenge Mikkel Cantzler Christensen, Jonas Unmack Larsen Denmark, VOICE OF R Rohayl Varind Pakistan, Broken souvenirs Eman Osama Mohammed-Darkhalil Palestine,


Category Winners

1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!



OMOMI Mobile health care info and monitoring tool for mother and child NIGERIA

OMOMI – meaning “my child” in the Yoruba language – is an android-based mobile application designed with the child’s health needs in mind, making access to health care and medical expertise easier for parents. The apps’ unique features enable parents to monitor their children’s health at the touch of a button. The app has a vaccination reminder, a child growth monitor and a GPS locator to find the nearest hospital in case of emergencies. OMOMI also has vital information on breast feeding, family planning, food supplementation and dietary options for babies, as well as the home management of symptoms, such as diarrhoea. Furthermore, a very vibrant MOTHERS COMMUNITY section – the most popular part of

the app – provides a secure platform for mothers, with online discussion boards to crowdsource answers to mothers’ questions concerning their health and that of their children, as well as to get advice from medical personnel. OMOMI is the first app worldwide that addresses all of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Childhood Survival Strategy, developed to help reduce child mortality and promote maternal health. OMOMI looks beyond Nigeria, targeting cooperation with governments and international organizations, so as to improve child health across Africa.


Dr. Charles Immanuel Akhimien

Dr. Emmanuel Owobu Mr. Raman Anurag


Category Winners

RFIShoe Inclusion and accessibility with intelligent shoes and a virtual mouse application CHINA watch?v=3F3GSWXbkUk English

Mr. Xi Liu

Ms. Ruoqing Sun Mr. Jiachen Zhu


RFIShoe is a virtual mouse application for disabled people using a pair of RFID and bluetooth-based Intelligent Shoes. The app targets people with upper limb disability, who cannot use a regular mouse. Each shoe, deriving from an intelligent footwear system designed by the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, contains eight sensors for detecting pressure from different positions of the feet. Thanks to RFID technology, RFIShoe can be easily customized to suit each user, making it possible to control a mouse cursor with small feet gestures, for instance, by tapping with the toe or heel against the floor. RFIShoe uses a RFID tag attached to the shoes to store the user’s personal profile reflecting their specific

requirements. The customizable settings include the preferred primary foot, the amount of pressure exerted by the user’s feet (affecting the sensors’ pressure threshold level), and the user’s preferred method of simulating mouse clicking. The RFID-tag also features an auto-login function and a customization tool for modifying information and storing changes in the tag. The efficiency and accuracy offered by RFIShoe beats assistive products currently available. With 5.2% of the Hong Kong SAR population living with a disability, RFIShoe sets social responsibility above commercial profit, at the same time closing the “digital divide” for people with disabilities.


Project Annuit Walk-PAW Improving quality of life with smart glasses and object detection BRAZIL

Project Annuit Walk - PAW is a project helping visually impaired persons to walk safely in cities, offering an alternative to canes which risk hitting someone or getting hurt when the cane fails to detect objects affecting the upper body. The PAW solution offers smart glasses for the visually impaired with a focus on obstacle detection. Using ultra-sonic sensors at an angle of 120°, PAW glasses identify all possible obstacles coming up. The user is then notified of these obstacles by means of bracelets with vibracalls, indicating the best way forward. Data on the quality of the streets, their accessibility and a recommended route offered by social networks enhance the glasses.

PAW’s main idea is to promote the social inclusion of blind people, estimated at 6.5 million in Brazil, giving them more comfort and safety while walking. According to research, the visually impaired do not feel comfortable with existing products for mobility. People surveyed express more confidence in using a technology like PAW, since it offers greater detection and also recommended routes, thus improving the quality of life.


Mr. Marcos Antonio Oliveira da Penha

Ms. Emily Schuler Mr. Jalingson Assis Mr. Higgor Leimig, Mr. Everton Meirelles


Category Winners

2. Education for All!



SmileUrbo Providing easy access to interactive educational content SPAIN SmileUrbo is an interactive, role-playing game that encourages players to deliberate issues and to cooperate in order to facilitate development in their community. The setting is a small village surrounded by mountains and nestled beside a lake in a developing country facing tough times. The unemployment rate soars while young people emigrate in search of a better future. The objective is to save their village, using an online interface throughout a game that tracks the well-being of the village and each individual. As a member of the village board, each player learns how to find a balance between personal and communal benefit as they vote on what actions to take. One

day, an investor comes to town with a proposal to build a hotel. What would be best for the community? Realizing the effects of their actions causes the players to accept responsibility for the well-being of the community and understand how life in the village is interconnected. SmileUrbo is a practical application of group decision-making giving users the opportunity to participate in democratic processes, learn cooperative strategies for community development, while becoming a conflict-resolving member of the community.

English / Catalan

Ms. Aleksandra Zemke


Category Winners

Zaya ClassCloud Effective teaching and learning with a cloud in the class room INDIA


Mr. Rahul Dsouza

Mr. Neil Dsouza Mr. Priyamvada Tiwari Mr. Cliffton Fernandes Mr. Shivi Mishra Mr. Gopal Ojha Ms. Deepa Manichan Mr. Nikhil Bangera


ClassCloud is a portable battery operated WiFi device that teachers can carry into the classroom and use to diagnose the learning levels of every child in Maths and English. ClassCloud lets the teacher prescribe high quality digital content for students in underserved areas regardless of internet connectivity. The ClassCloud creates a “local cloud” in the school through which any WiFi enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones can access the content on the device. It collects a wealth of data on student performance to help teachers focus their efforts and closely measure outcomes. The platform divides students into four groups, generating activities for teachers to engage with students. The lesson plans are scripted by expert

teachers who curate digital content and update it to the ClassCloud. Each group of students moves across four modes of learning, including learning with technology; learning in small groups with teachers; peer learning; and individual homework. The rotation model frees up the teacher’s time to focus on smaller groups with the right set of activities. ClassCloud offers a tool to overcome the crisis of students lagging behind their grade levels and dropping out, by allowing even semi-professional teachers to be effective in the education field and to deliver world class learning to every child.

Winner Interactive audio content to provide free and accessible education UNITED KINGDOM

The percentage of Africa’s illiterate youth stands at 29%. Not only is in-class learning deficient, leading to early school abandonment, but reaching learners outside the classroom is difficult due to technological constraints and supervision of afterschool learning is lacking. Classes are often crowded, with 40-150 learners per teacher. In addition, school fees can consume more than 25% of a poor family’s income. Taking into account these factors, addresses learners outside the classroom. A “Sterio” is a pre-recorded interactive audio lesson delivered via a USSD/sms-triggered inbound voice call to the learner, reinforcing content and making it more engaging. Free for educators and learners, Sterio. me is accessible to any learnes with a

feature phone, without requiring internet access. There is a big need for early school leavers to access educational materials such as English language and business training, especially in formats other than text for those struggling with literacy. The solution focuses on audio, thus opening up a wider market. Teachers save time marking and distributing homework; are able to measure and track learner progress and assess teaching quality; share their lessons and access the lessons of other teachers for free; and compare learner results across individual, regional and national levels. Cooperation with ministries of education and corporate training initiatives is on the way.


Mr. Christopher Pruijsen


Category Winners

3. Power 2 Women!



Ladybug Training women in the use of ICTs IRAN

Ladybug is an Iranian start-up for a new generation of women enthusiastic about and active in different technological fields. Partnering with well-known websites and blogs, the project encourages women to enter the IT world. Ladybug has a young team of managers all under thirty living in Iran. In only 12 months, like-minded partners came together and invested in video-making, promotional photos and the overall design, leading Ladybug to successfully catch the attention of the public. Being online and enjoying exceptional publicity, Ladybug aims to reach a wide female audience and to become easily replicable, by assisting women to develop skills in IT whether using smartphones or programming on computers. With short-term and long-term goals,

the executive team targets particular groups of Persian-speaking women in Iran with campaigns and advertising, as well as online and offline training. Combining role-modelling, mentoring and skill development, Ladybug uses professional women in IT to train and guide its members, while empowering them in their professional, financial and managing ambitions. Members of the Ladybug Club benefit from online courses covering general and professional topics. The initial success of the project has attracted many volunteers and a strong professional network by promoting female IT pioneers. In the long-term, members will be able to create their own start-ups or enter tech companies thanks to the Ladybug women’s network.


Ms. Maryam Ansari

Mr. Arash Zad Ms. Mehrnoosh Bagheri


Category Winners

ChatSalud / TextHealth Providing youth with sexual and reproductive health information and local health services via mobile phones NICARAGUA


Ms. Lauren Freda Spigel

Mr. Nishant Kishore Mr. Phil Gonzalez


ChatSalud is an opt-in SMS system connecting Nicaraguan youth to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and local health services via mobile phones. Studies show one in four adolescent girls will become pregnant before the age of nineteen, while the prognosis rises to one in three in rural areas. Many adolescents avoid conventional health centres due to a perceived lack of confidentiality. Using a number of research methods to ensure a participatory design process, ChatSalud developed content which is more interactive, dynamic and attractive to a youth audience. With nearly 90% of Nicaraguans having access to a basic cell phone, a public-private partnership with a cell phone carrier makes ChatSalud free to the user and accessible re-

gardless of socio-economic status. It is a completely automated system, powered through a mobile platform on a local server connected to the mobile carrier through a VPN. Arising from a collaboration between public and private groups including Peace Corps Volunteers and the Nicaraguan Red Cross and harnessing the ubiquity and anonymity of mobile phones, ChatSalud currently covers themes such as HIV/AIDS, safer sex and gender violence, with plans to expand content to address family planning methods and sexually transmitted infections. ChatSalud empowers young men and women to take charge of their SRH, as well as to be responsible partners into adulthood.


I Decide / Yo Decido Education on sexual and reproductive health for Mayan youth GUATEMALA!yodecido

Yo decido –I decide– an initiative of the Guatemalan youth organization Paz Joven, works to reduce teenage pregnancies among Mayan young people by utilizing strategies such as investigative participation and IT to educate and inform. Many Mayan communities live in poverty without access to schooling or computers. However, most Mayan young people do have a cellphone, so Yo Decido focusses on teaching Mayan youth to produce videos using their own footage. Video presentations are shared in local movie theatres and schools, showing what youth think about the psycho- social problems that contribute to teenage pregnancies, thus breaking through tabus making it difficult to talk about sexual and reproductive health.

With the support of local leaders, Mayan volunteers take action on behalf of youth. Young women and men are both sensitized to take action on behalf of gender equality. To date, a total of about 2800 youth are among the direct beneficiaries of Yo decido, many of whom are under eighteen years of age. Participative methodologies, such as musical activities, are part of the strategy. Paz Joven promotes and generates opportunities for the training, education and political participation of young people, as well as inclusion in decision-making locally and nationally. Yo decido has been implemented through a network of organized groups whose volunteers contribute to the development of the local community.


Mr. Armando BenjamĂ­n Cush


Category Winners

4. Create your Culture!



CityBugs Let’s make our city a better place to live ARMENIA

CityBugs is a social platform targeting young people aged 18-30 developed to raise awareness of and find solutions for critical issues in the local community. Using the slogan “Let’s make our city a better place to live” and a participatory approach, every citizen is invited to take responsibility for change by reporting the “bug” in their community and tracking solutions to reported problems. The “bugs” are filtered according to their thematic affiliation and reported to the Mayor’s office for solutions. A two-way communication design allows users to contact local authorities and to investigate the results. Citizens can access CityBugs through the web platform or by mobile app. Anyone can report any issue pertaining to garbage removal, traffic lights, health care problems, non-supportive infra-

structure for disabled people, missing zebras or lighting in streets to name just a few. Using Community Action Groups (CAGs), CityBugs activates youth to overcome apathy and low self-esteem, to learn volunteerism, open up career paths and discover the value of action for the common good, while improving services. CAG members collect bugs, verify the importance and reality of social issues, track the bug solutions, check and investigate how bugs are categorized and at later stages, provide pictures and reports on solved bugs. Ownership of the process by community residents is the key value for the platform. Initiated in Yerevan, CityBugs has spread to four other cities in Armenia.

English / Armenian Mr. Arman Atoyan

Mr. Hovhannes Aghajanyan Ms. Tatevik Markosyan


Category Winners

Minkay Exchange services with the alternative currency “time” COLOMBIA


Mr. Tomas Fabian Gonzales Olavarria

Ms. Liz Moyer Mr. Francisco Javier Cespedes Vinuela


With an unemployment rate of 9.7% (WBO, 2013) and a GINI coefficient of 0.587 (CIA, 2014), Colombia is an excellent place to start Minkay, a favourswapping platform targeting underserved communities, starting with low-income communities and expanding after the public launch to college students and young professionals. The pilot program uses an online forum and SMS text messaging for community members to exchange services with the alternative currency “time.” Redefining wealth and social welfare – Minkay emphasizes that everyone has something to offer and that an empowered community can provide support for itself. After registering, the member receives a profile with which to advertise the services they offer or need. When a service is completed, the member receives “credit” in the form of hours based on

the amount of time taken to complete the task. With the hours earned members are able to acquire other services offered by fellow Minkay members. Through a well-established review system, members can make informed decisions about who to interact with and to expand consumption opportunities. Minkay targets individual users in order to become a global social network of interactions, incentivizing people to share their unique set of skills and giving communities the opportunity to cultivate social capital and social cohesion. Within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, Minkay offers an innovative approach to advance several goals, especially economic opportunities and skills development, information and communications accessibility and gender equality.


Online Model United Nations (O-MUN) Digital platform to experience problem-solving and consensus-building, while fostering leadership and positive engagement QATAR

Online Model United Nations or simply O-MUN is a non-profit organization run by young people from all over the world. O-MUN has become the online branch of THIMUN, The Hague International Model United Nations, one of the most prestigious MUN conferences. In a world where freedom of speech and expression are still being curbed in so many countries, OMUN serves as an outlet for young people to express their views about international issues and discuss possible solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, all in an online environment. Most work in OMUN is done by youth. The executive leadership team is made up of high school students (grades 9-12), while assistant directors are university students. Acting as delegates, students are given the opportunity to learn about the United Na-

tions, improve their debating and communication skills and expand their horizons. O-MUN democratizes the availability of the Model United Nations experience, engaging students in the collaborative process of problem-solving and consensusbuilding, while fostering leadership and positive engagement. Organized in timezone regions, each region holds one debate per month, in addition to the monthly global debate. Although started as an English-language program, O-MUN now includes Arabic and French, encouraging young people across different cultures and vast geographic distances to come together and establish lasting friendships and understand many perspectives.

English, Arabic, French

Mr. Zohaib Ahmed

Ms. Alia Ali ElKattan


Category Winners

5. Go Green!



rideIT Safe and easy carpooling within corporations INDIA

rideIT targets 4.5 million working professionals in India who travel to work and back home on a daily basis. The urban social initiative aims to reduce noise and air pollution, as well as fossil-fuel consumption, by reducing the number of cars on the road. The lack of good public transport coupled with fast-growing populations in Indian cities has increased dependency on personal vehicles and auto-rickshaws, creating huge inefficiency in the transport system. rideIT is an inter-company carpool matching service facilitating ride-sharing in four kinds of vehicles: car, motorbike, auto-rickshaw and cab. rideIT reduces wasteful empty seats in all these modes of transport by introducing users to colleagues travelling on

their route. By integrating Google Maps API into the carpool search engine, rideIT shows users the most relevant carpool routes in its database. Registration is limited to employees of major companies, providing a reliable level of safety as employers verify the authenticity of users. rideIT also facilitates women-only carpools. Carpooling leads to fewer cars on the roads – some 450 cars were taken off the road thanks to rideIT – while offering financial savings for car poolers and helping the environment. With support from government departments and major corporate associations, rideIT is on the verge of creating a carpool movement in India.


Mr. Rahul Mani Jacob

Ms. Genoveva Galarza


Category Winners

Indonesia Gardening Mobilizing “urban farmers� with social media INDONESIA

English / Indonesian

Ms. Idnul Fitriya

Ms. Ayu Sukma Adelia Ms. Maria Ulfa Ms. Andi Ilmi Utami Irwan Ms. Putri Octarina Ms. Diah Puji Lestari Mr. Moch Miftachur Rizqi Mr. Ardiansyah


Indonesia Berkebun is a non-profit volunteer urban farming movement working through social media, including twitter, facebook, youtube and the website Indonesia Berkebun’s activists, composed of socially diverse enthusiasts from 32 cities in Indonesia and 8 campuses, all share the vison of building environmental awareness through urban farming. Gardening can be a tool for learning, community building and recreation, especially for children, while also providing public green spaces in the city. The program turns vacant urban land into productive plots with economic value for gardening, food security, health and greening. Thanks to social media, half of garden activists are under thirty years of age.

Indonesia Berkebun is committed to ecological principles: organic gardening, waste recycling and water filtration are part of the program. Educational initiatives include gardening classes and social media outreach with information and public discussions about organic farming. A third economic prong aims to create sustainable organic gardening activities for personal consumption or professionally managed production for distribution to town markets and restaurants. Since its launch in 2010, the Indonesia Berkebun twitter account @Idberkebun has won 73.142 followers who share tweets about gardening, stories or pictures from their own gardens, while making urban farming simple, fun and rewarding.


Green is the New Gangsta Spreading awareness about important environmental issues & promoting a more eco-consciou and ethical lifestyle USA

The Green is the New Gangsta project, an initiative of Free People International, fuses online and offline action in an effort to spread awareness about important environmental issues, promote a more ecoconscious, ethical lifestyle, and inspire collective, creative action. It consists of five platforms, seamlessly working together to be a driving force behind environmental change: a community based arts programming and education project, a green consulting initiative, a crowdfunding platform, an e(co)-commerce platform and a fully integrated social marketing campaign. The arts platform offers online/offline events, art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances, online courses, popup shops and creative place making projects. The green consulting platform encourages social/creative entrepreneurs

and business to adopt environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable business practices. T he e(co)-commerce platform offers creative, eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable “social goods,” inspiring individual consumers to make educated purchasing decisions with a positive impact on their health, the environment and the human rights of all people. Green is the New Gangsta is geared towards empowering the community to take an active role in the environmental justice movement and encouraging social/creative entrepreneurs and businesses to adopt environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable business practices. With a quizzical turn of phrase, Green is the New Gangsta makes “green” the new currency of cool.


Ms. Joi Michelle Sears


Category Winners

6. Pursue Truth!



The Slum Challenge A tangible experience how life is in a slum DENMARK

The Slum Challenge (TSC) is a documentary project about life in slum areas, home to more than one billion people worldwide. In the megacity of Manila, a third of all people live in densely populated slums. The core of TSC is an interactive plot filmed in point of view through the eyes of a Filipino boy in the Ulingang slum. The storyline unfolds in fifty-four unique interconnected sequences. Using gamification, the viewer decides what will happen next by selecting from the options placed at the end of each sequence. Along the way, pop-up icons appear, giving the viewer more insight into the dilemmas and choices of life in slums. Different formats allow views of child workers collecting nails, a typical job for many children here, or other challenges

such as collecting garbage and playing street basket. A background interview with Chris Rollo from the Philippine UN office takes the viewer out on a tour of the slums and explains the five slum indicators. Viewers can also meet a family whose house in the slums is flooded several times a year. TSC literally brings the slum at eye level to the target group – teens aged 13 to18 – making them think about the consequences for young people of growing up in slums.

Danish / English (in the future)

Mr. Mikkel Cantzler Christensen

Mr. Jonas Unmack Larsen


Category Winners

VOICE OF R An online platform to raise awareness and motivate young Pakistani to take action PAKISTAN


Mr. Rohayl Varind


Voice of R (VOR) is an online forum created primarily for Pakistani youth in times where ethnic prejudice, misogyny, poverty and corruption threaten the democratic foundations of society, according to VOR founder. 25.5% of males and 57.5% of females in Pakistan suffer from depression due, as the producer suggests, to prevailing fundamentalist thinking of all kinds. V OR is designed to challenge acceptance of the status quo. T he VOR platform engages Pakistanis to bring awareness to young people and to motivate them to take charge of their lives and develop activism for positive social change. A primary focus is the development of online discussions promoting

freedom of expression and focusing on human rights. Citizens across the country can connect across the barriers of socio-economic class, religion and ethnicity. Participants write thought-provoking articles on current issues, such as genocide, rape or honour-killings. VOR also takes pride in showcasing Pakistani talent, interviewing artists as an important strategy in confidence-building. Other activities include the organization of social events and a venture into print publishing and news making.


Broken souvenirs Capturing reality to stop manmade destruction PALESTINE

Broken souvenirs is a symbolic archive of portraits showing the lasting aftermath experienced by survivors of war once the shooting is over. Born out of frustration with the increasing power of extremists to wage war around the world, the project focuses on past and present conflict countries. The idea is to depict the way the families of victims choose to express their loved one’s absence and their own loss, an alternative kind of storytelling. Based on the notion that pain has no nation, broken souvenirs expands its gaze from Gaza to countries that have experienced war some time ago or currently continue to record rising casualties, places like Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Pakistan.

Telling very detailed and sensitive stories, broken souvenirs examines the ongoing trauma and agony of violence faced by relatives, loved ones, friends and survivors themselves, regardless of their religion, colour, race or nationality. At the same time, the archive highlights the devastating impact of war and armed attacks on children and the old. Far from succumbing to despair, however, the portraits gathered by broken souvenirs show the aspects in common for humankind, the similarities between pain, conflict, struggle and longing for peace. Broken souvenirs is not only a reminder of present injustices, but a wakeup call to stop manmade destruction.


Ms. Eman Osama Mohammed-Darkhalil



WSYA 2014/15 Runners-Up FIGHT POVERTY, HUNGER AND DISEASE! ICT For Agriculture

Mr. Sibjan Chaulagain



Mr. Felix Kimaru


Mladiinfo International

Mr. Stefan Alijevikj



Mr. Youssef Ghalem


The Voice of Women Initiative

Ms. Aya Chebbi Chebbi



Mr. Joseph Mathias Mulagwanda Tanzania

National Student Network

Ms. Jacqueline Ha



Mr. Leonardo Pรกrraga


Sikremut Commuter Train

Ms. Ade Kurniawati


Go Public

Mr. Genta Indra Winata


Finding Care

Ms. Yana Kunichoff


Wiki Niaja

Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuebuka




Create your Culture!

Go Green!

Pursue Truth!



Winners' Event

WSYA Winners' Festival SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL JUNE 15-17, 2015


Exceptional | Inspirational | Transformative It’s all about the right format! For many of the young entrepreneurs it is the first time to be on stage and promote themselves. Creating an environment where creativity and innovative spirits rule is key. The WSYA Winners´ Festival offers various formats of interactive sessions such as the Business Matching World Café, a form of business speed dating, or the Fishbowl and many other engaging set-ups.

A unique insight of what is happening in terms of socially relevant content on a global scale

PROJECT PRESENTATIONS The toughest challenge for the WSYA winners: pitching their products to the international Expert Jury with a chance to become the WSYA Global Champion 2015.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS • Opening Inauguration at MASP • Galadinner and Award Ceremony

at The São Paulo State Secretariat for the Rights of the Person with Disability

• Interactive Workshops and Discussions at Red Bull Station • Visionary Keynotes, Interactive Discussions • Casestudies from globally successful entrepreneurs


São Paulo


... is a global network promoting the creative economy ecosystem through connections between entrepreneurs with world change ideas and investors in order to ensure the best opportunities in terms of value proposition and to shape a more innovative, human and sustainable future. Recognizing the incredible potential of WSYA to generate innovative ideas that can really make positive impact on people´s quality of living, ProjectHub joined the co-organization team of the WSYA 2015 edition in Brasil. The initiative constitutes an important incentive for producers of digital content throughout the world and generates a high level recognition for groups of  motivated and future-oriented media professionals, whom significantly contributes to the development of quality information society.

cerned with the participation of Brazilian youth internationally. It seeks to disseminate and create relevant content to inform, empower and engage those young people in the context of international negotiations, and effectively increase their participation in these spaces. This process is made through training and collaborative actions of empowerment and our work is focused in three areas: social and sustainable development, climate change and gender equality. Our next challenge is to help bring WSYA to Brazil.

For us it has been a great pleasure getting to know all these entrepreneurs and we look forward to see the results that will come out of this event. We are specially glad that the WSYA is taking place in our hometown in this important year, a year for changes and hopes. National governments, the United Nations as well as civil society already know that if we continue to develop in an unsustainable way, the negative impacts that we are already experiencing will increase in an irreversible way, until we can no longer deal with its consequences. 2015 is key to try to change this scenario. The Sustainable Development Goals and the new climate agreement to be signed at COP21 are a required start for this change to be achieved.

As young people working with other young people, we know how important it is to have our work recognized and to inspire and be inspired by others.

We, young people, are agents as well as recipients of this new agendas, and as WSYA has been showing, we have the tools, power and abilities to help come up with solutions for our current challenges.

...was created by young people con- @projecthubBR @engajamundo 45



■ GLOBAL NETWORK of Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Jurors, IT Experts, Governments and International Organisations IN 178 UN MEMBER STATES.


■ Organized IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE UNITED NATIONS World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS) supporting the United Nations Post-2015 ­ Agenda on the Sustainable Development Goals.

October, 2015| Kigali| Rwanda AFRICA at Transform Africa Summit



■ Diversive, democratic, inclusive and highly competitive award system: 1 Nomination / Country / Category. ■ Encouraging young entrepreneurship, innovation and digital creativity. ■ More than 50 local, regional and global events throughout the year ■ Narrowing the digital divide through innovation for development and ­bridging the content gap! GET IN TOUCH: #WSA15

Conectamos Ideias

Ao unirmos criatividade, serviços e soluções, transformamos ideias em oportunidades


São Paulo, Brazil

Welcome to Brazil



With a population made up of almost 12 million inhabitants, 70 nationalities, and with over 15 million tourists received annually, São Paulo is a global city that unites customs and culture. Trends and styles setter with options for leisure, business and entertainment for many different tribes, from intellectuals to athletes through clubbers, religious, hipsters and workaholics, São Paulo is tuned absolutely different. Known for its versatility, São Paulo surprises in every way. You can take a bike ride, visit one of the famous and numerous shopping malls or enjoy the varied gastronomy with more than 51 different types of cuisine! - all in one day!

Paulista Avenue: Located in the heart of the city and near the upscale neighborhood of Jardins and funky Rua Augusta, Avenida Paulista is a major financial and cultural center of the capital. The avenue gathers thousands of people a day, and the atmosphere of hurry and work it breathes during the week becomes festive and relaxed on Saturdays and Sundays. Besides several options of stores and restaurants, it stages great events and is home to several shopping malls. With over 120 years, the avenue became the symbol of the city’s economic history. Former home of the coffee barons, it is still possible to observe on the way some architectural examples of the era, such as the “Casa das Rosas”. Among the modern buildings you can find the tranquility of the Parque Trianon, and a lot of culture in the MASP, FIESP Cultural Center and Itaú Cultural.

1 48

Top 4 attractions


Sri Lanka, Wonder of Asia!

3 6

Municipal Market: Considered one of the largest supply centers in the city, it is famous for having a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and other types of goods such as cheeses, spices, seafood, exotic meats and wines. The building, with stained glass windows and an architectural style that charms, is a great place for a snack or lunch. On the mezzanine there are restaurants with delicious delicacies, the most famous being the bologna sandwich and the cod fish “pastel” (fried pie).



Vila Madalena Neighborhood: In the 1970s, Vila Madalena was the place of choice for artists and stu¬dents, since it was within easy access to the University of São Paulo and rents were low. From this point on the district acquired a reputation for bohemian life in São Paulo. Besides the nightlife, several town¬houses shelter workshops, galleries, bookshops, cafés and other nooks and crannies for cool shopping. The Beco do Batman is the most famous graffit streets on town, don’t miss it!

Ibirapuera Park: the most important and visited park in the city has a variety of entertainment options for the entire family. It has areas for physical activities, lakes, bike paths, place for bicycle rentals and many important cultural centers: the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), the Bienal Pavilion, the Pavilion of Cultures, the Ibirapuera Auditorium, the OCA, known for hosting prestigious exhibitions, the Afro-Brazil Museum and the Japanese Pavilion, a space for oriental culture. Right beside the park, you can still visit the Museu de Arte Contemporânea (MAC) and the Obelisk, Mausoleum to the Heroes of 32, recently reopened.

© Pictures Parque do Ibirapuera (6), Caio Pimenta - Mercado Municipal (2+3), Jefferson Pancieri - Avenida Paulista (1), JoseCordeiro-Masp(5) Vila Madalena Beco Batman(2), Caio Pimenta



Abu Dhabi 2014 WSA-MOBILE



Dataprev offers information and communication technology

The WSA-mobile is the only ICT event worldwide, which reaches solutions for public policies and social programs. Its main customers the mobile community in over 160 countries. It promotes exare and financial institutions. cellentgovernment mobile contentagencies and innovative applications, turning UN The company is responsible for systems applications, data custody and data WSIS targets into action. Use the unique and feel the pulse of this such thriving processing of allopportunity social security benefits in Brazil, as pensions, ­industry.allowance and sickness benefit, among others. maternity

WSA-mobile website

WSA-mobile facebook In addition to five units dedicated to system development, Dataprev counts on three Data Centers with safe rooms, prepared to provide security and high availability for the large computational power servers, data storage and network devices, ready to run 24 hours, seven days a week.

To show these high performance environments to society, the company mantains an initiative called Provir – Program of Visitation and Relationship with Dataprev, which conducts guided visit to the Data Centers, located in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

Schedule your visit by email:


Thanks for supporting the youth, taking action on the UN MDGs! HOSTING PARTNERS WSYA





Secretaria Nacional de Juventude


Secretaria-Geral da Presidência da República P Á T R I A



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