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WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

About The European Young Innovators Festival in Graz – inclusive, purpose driven, digital!


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November for the last 17 years, Graz has turned into a hub for social innovation, entrepreneurship and European youth exchange. In 2021, the Festival has been reshaped to ensure safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, avoiding big crowds, but connecting the right people, enabling meaningful connections and being as inclusive as possible.



WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

Together with the WSA community, we discuss the most challenging topics of our time -climate change, gender equality, youth employment, migration, education, democracy and fake news. Bold, multi-stakeholder and where international experts, thought-leaders, government representatives, academia and young entrepreneurs meet on a level playing field.



Crises seem to be everywhere! Let’s solve them together! Climate crisis, energy crisis, mobility crisis, health crisis, social media crisis, a pandemic, and a war of aggression within European boarders.

One can understandably feel scared! Especially when one thinks to be powerless and helpless. But this must not be.


European Young Innovators Festival offers alternatives and fresh perspectives with the creative and good use of digital technologies. The Festival and the award inspire social entrepreneurship and provide a spirit of “can do” and a sense of community with “we do”. No doubt, the current crises are challenges that require decisive and joint action! And we cannot deal with all of them. But digital means do offer ways to address and even solve them – some of them. If you join the Festival in Graz, you will meet people who are not just concerned. They are young creatives and developers who work on climate protection, health improvements, education innovation, European solidarity and more.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

European Young Innovators know: We must work together for bettering the future; and the UN SDGs shall be our measure! The award winning 15 projects do this. They turn challenges into solutions and combat the crises. European Young Innovators demonstrate how, with the impact of their innovations, society can be improved. Thanks to its embeddedness in the global World Summit Awards, the European Young Innovators Festival can combine two major perspectives: first, the commitment to the UN SDGs from the perspective of globally responsible youth and secondly, the positive shaping of the future of Europe from the perspective of smart citizens.

The Festival offers engaging workshops for developing new skills. It will connect European participants with the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Graz and Styria. It is a multi-stakeholder process and shows how we can contribute to unified – not split – European societies in solidarity while and because we are learning from each other. We act on our world’s most pressing issues and learn how digital content driven applications can make a difference! Digital. Purpose Driven. European. Welcome to the European Young Innovators Festival! Peter A. Bruck, WSA Chairman


Welcome Statements

I am happy to see that this Festival unites those who just refuse to stop looking for positive answers. Connecting these young and engaged Europeans in Graz encourages the creation of solutions – solutions that we need urgently. I congratulate the creative minds who are now winners of the WSA European Young Innovators Award and thank them for all these digital innovations to improve society. It is impressive to see the vast variety of applications that are being honoured: Some improve the quality of education. Others reduce inequalities and encourage the disadvantaged. The European Young Innovators started a campaign to raise awareness for violence against women as well as they foster CO2 reduction in unexpected ways or help to administer one’s digital legacy. That is inspiring indeed! Thank you to all creators of submitted products for caring about these important topics. Your solutions are valuable contributions to making the world a better place.


The WSA European Young Innovators Festival 2021 addresses the profound changes the ongoing pandemic has brought upon our European societies. It presents purpose driven entrepreneurs and innovators who involve themselves into solving the issues at hand.


live in an ever-more digitalized and connected world with automated devices and algorithms influencing our daily lives in one way or another. This development is set to continue - whether we like it or not - but it is for us to decide how we shape it. This years European Young Innovators teach us that digitalization can contribute to a more sustainable future and that young entrepreneurs create the Europe they want. They show that it is possible to turn the digital revolution we are facing into climate action. They show us that digital transformation can be shaped to ensure it supports transitions towards more sustainable societies and towards the achievement of the UN SDGs. What it takes is inventiveness and courage to walk off the beaten track. Qualities also decision makers sometimes need to be reminded of. It is wonderful to know that each year the European WSA community meets in Graz, exchanging ideas and knowledge with Austrian stakeholders, calling for action. Leonore Gewessler, Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.


eight universities in the urban area, Graz offers an enormous range of educational opportunities. The close cooperation of science, business and culture makes Graz an international hub and a hotspot for students, innovators and creative people from all over the world. With over 291,000 residents and almost 60,000 students, Graz is the second largest university location in Austria. Graz has been the European Capital of Culture in 2003 and has been rewarded the title of a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999 for its harmonious blend of styles wich range from the Middle Ages to contemporary architecture. In 2000, Graz has become Europe’s first city of human rights. There is no better place than Graz for hosting you as winning teams and the European Young Innovators Festival. The city’s council and our municipal government are committed to reducing our CO2 footprint in a sustainable and inclusive way. To achieve this goal we need to focus on collaboration and solidarity, think about new and innovative solutions and seek collaboration. We need young entrepreneurs like you who shape the future. It is our pleasure to welcoming you in Graz at this festival and I wish you meaningful connections, conversations that turn into collaboration and a sustainable exchange of knowledge with people from Graz and all across Europe.


Regional Minister for Economy, Science and Research I am very pleased that Graz is once again the venue for young social entrepreneurs. Styria offers the perfect setting for such conferences. With nine universities and a high number of research facilities our country is an international hub of research and knowledge. With a research and development quota of more than five percent we are the innovation leader in Austria and one of the leading regions in Europe. The main factor of success are the innovative companies and researchers in our country. I would especially like to thank the initiators who make a safe festival in the Styrian capital possible. It is also significant that interested people from anywhere in the world still have the opportunity to join the festival online. I am convinced that only together we can find answers to the big questions of our time. Innovative ideas and digital technologies will be the key to a successful and liveable future. I wish you all an interesting festival full of thrilling discussions and new inspirations. Barbara Eibinger-Miedl Regional Minister for Economy, Science and Research

Elke Kahr Mayor of Graz 8

WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


Greetings from the festival partners in Graz

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

Bernhard Puttinger,

Marketing Manager Next Incubator

CEO Green Tech Cluster

The next-incubator is an innovation hub for sustainability. We are a small but motivated team when it comes to shaping the future. Our future and the future of the next generation. Graz with its many universities, research institutions and innovative individuals offers countless possibilities of working together with people that are determined and inspirational. We should all be aiming to work together on battling the biggest crises we have ever faced as human beings. Graz is the perfect city for the EYI festival because: …it is my hometown so I find it perfect for obvious reasons, but of course with all our universities and organizations that support people with ideas, especially green ideas - I find it a perfect match!

In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: Graz has a very southern, some say Italian, flair and I recommend to just rent yourself a bike and explore the old-town, ride alongside the Mur and visit one of our many Cafés.

My insider tip: You should definitely visit the zero-waste store “Das Gram”m. It is not only a very pretty store, but the owner also knows a lot about zero-waste - talk to her and get inspired. I totally recommend a visit at the farmers market at Lendplatz on Saturdays. There are plenty cafés and small shops that are fun to spending time at.

Graz is the perfect city for the EYI festival because: Graz is the best place to think about and shape the future of the world. Graz is the perfect combination of innovation and tradition.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

climate protection business. There is a large community and network, that operates on international base and is open to connect with-likeminded people. In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: When visiting Graz for the first time, you should go up the Schlossberg but do not get confused by the clock hands. The tallest underground slide in the world is definitely the best way down.

My insider tip: The Science Tower in the Smart City Graz is a nice place with a beautiful roof garden plus its innovative solar collectors circling around the tower, the sun brings enough energy to our offices.

Bernhard Weber, Managing Director

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Michael Terler, Innovationmanagement, FH Campus02 Graz has over 40,000 students who shape the image and DNA of the city. Young people are present throughout the town. And it is precisely these young people who are called upon to think about the future and make the world a better place. That is why Graz is the ideal place for a festival like this. Let’s form the future together!”

The ecosystem Green Tech Valley, which is located in the south of Austria, is internationally regarded as the hotspot for climate and circular solutions. Graz is the centre of the valley, where a lot of young people are involved in the development of innovative solutions for a greener future. The Green Tech Cluster encourages the brilliant ideas of the young minds. During the Green Tech Summer Graz program, for example, students from all over Austria are being supported in growing their own climate-startup. The Green Tech Hub is a startup centre that is located in Graz Science Tower then serves as the ideal place for the implementation. Graz is the perfect city for the EYI festival because: Graz is the perfect city for the European Young Innovators Festival festival because it serves as a hub for young people, who are interested in the development of their own

Unicorn Graz

In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: Walk through the city and enjoy the beauty and the southern flair.

My insider tip: The open-air cinema at the Island in the Mur.

Every Year I am surprised and happy about the energy and the creativity of the young innovators joining the European Young Innovators Festival from all over Europe. And every year it makes me sure that we see the real future of Europe within this group of people joining here and working like hell to realize their dreams. So (besides its real fun :) it is my duty to help them to connect with the ecosystem in Styria whether it’s the science community or the startup ecosystem in the so called “Startupmark”. And for sure, we have a lot of opportunities for young innovators here.

Graz is the perfect city for the EYI festival because: …Graz is full of inspired, young innovators. So it’s nearly impossible to NOT find likeminded people. In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: Walk up the Schlossberg by stairs and take a view over the city.

My insider tip: Standl 5 (Main Square), get a “Käsekrainer” with fresh bread and potato salad with pumpkinseed oil (and a Beer) there, it’s the perfect starter into a night out in Graz.



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Smolle, Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation Science and technology in medicine Graz, the capital of the province of Styria, is the place to be whenever you deal with research and technology. Styria shows a research&development quota of 5.17%– one of the highest values among about 270 European regions. On one hand, this is due to five universities, two universities of applied sciences, and two colleges of education, constituting the Science Space Styria. On the other hand, industry and small and medium enterprises are responsible for about ¾ of the research activities, often in close cooperation with academia, together providing excellent conditions for young, creative and innovative people.

Graz is the perfect city for the EYI Festival because: … because it is a European hotspot of research and development.

In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: The Medical University of Graz is one of the top 200 universities of the Times Higher Education Ranking, where about 1 Billion Euros has been invested in clinical and research infrastructure during the last decade. . My insider tip: Visit the Schlossberg and enjoy a great view on one of the loveliest and most dynamic cities of Europe!

Martin Mössler, Managing Director Science Park Graz | Esa Space Solutions Centre Austria General Manager „From Graz into space and back again“ Can space-tech and everyday life go hand in hand! Yes, they definitely can! Our start-ups at ESA BIC Austria, the exclusive business incubation centre from the European Space Agency in Austria, transfer space technological achievements to global applications. Sounds groovy? It for sure is! In addition, our high-tech start-ups at Science Park Graz rock the international innovation stage with their projects. The combination of space-tech and high-tech incubation make us the place to be for young entrepreneurs from Austria and the SEE-region, seeking to transform their ideas and visions into scalable and successful innovations.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

at scaling internationally. Thus, Graz is the perfect city for the EYI Festival. In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: don’t forget to look up while strolling through down-town: there are architectonical beauties all over. Apart from the “Herrengasse” and “Sporgasse” don’t forget to walk through the nar-

Angelika Mitteregger, Why are we part of the EYI festival? We share the same passion: the passion for innovation, technology, empowering dreamers to become doers and the vision of a better tomorrow.

Graz is the perfect city for the EYI Festival because: Graz is a melting pot for young creatives, students, and visionaries. It is home of topnotch universities, attracting future Academics from all over Austria and beyond its borders, high-class industry players and an emerging design scene. Its Mediterranean flair in combination with its Medieval city centre creates an atmosphere of pure well-being, and quality of life. Due to its geographical location, it is the ideal starting point for young entrepreneurs, aiming

Innovation and Startup Services, City of Graz Graz: lively, historical, sociable, dynamic, research-driven, a university environment, and located in the heart of Europe. Our city has many faces. As the second-largest city in Austria, Graz is an ideal size, characterized by a constantly growing and well-connected startup community in which you can meet key players quickly and gain a foothold. As a university city, with almost every fifth person being a student, Graz is also young and creative. This is reflected in the startup landscape, which is shaped by spinoffs from universities, nonprofit organizations run by (former) students and numerous initiatives. The community is operating next to industry giants and international leading companies. These combined skills and cooperation opportunities shape the contradiction in which innovation can flourish.

row lanes – they have a spirit of their own. Take a ride up the Schlossberg with the historical funicular and enjoy the view over the rooftops. And don’t forget to enjoy a coffee or a glass of Styrian wine in one of the numerous outdoor seating bars and cafés.

My insider tip: Salon Marie, Kaiser-Josef-Platz and Lendplatz

Graz, the city that combines history and innovation, is from our point of view the ideal place to start up and to grow into the world. Graz is the perfect city for the EYI Festival because: We are a city full of history and innovation that is eager to create a livable future together. In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: Keep your eyes and mind wide open for all the beautiful monuments, corners and friendly aliens.

My insider tip: Ginko opened in 1996 as the first vegetarian restaurant in Austria and is my favorite place to meet and have amazing food that varies every day (buffet-style + vegan desserts). It was so hard to choose – there are so many great options!



Barbara Nußmüller Creative Industries Styria, Assistant Manager

Eberhard Schrempf Creative Industries Styria, Managing Director Graz is the perfect city for the EYI Festival because: Graz is a young city! More than 50,000 students study at various universities in Graz adding diversity, colorfulness and joie de vivre to the city. Graz is also a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs and startups from all fields. How come? Graz and Styria in general are extremely thirsty for knowledge and active in innovation. With an R&D rate of 5.15%, Styria is the most innovative state of Austria and one of the top regions for innovation in Europe. A lot of these developments start right here, in the state capital. And last but not least: Graz is a UNESCO City of Design – and passionately so!

Johanna Pirker Graz University of Technology Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science Graz, a Gaming City Video games still face so many prejudices, but in reality they are just as multifaceted as other media such as film or books. They form an interface for culture, art, technology and innovation. At the university, but also with the Game Dev Days in Graz, we highlight the positive impact of games – in society, for education and try to bring more international talent to Graz. Video games combine all the elements of the future and teach people to make decisions or develop empathy that they can benefit from in real life. The European Young Innovators Festival, focusing on innovation, technology, content and social impact, is a great complement to 14

WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

When visiting Graz, you simply have to ... ... stroll around the old town! Don’t hurry, just take your time, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy. The old town of Graz is, after all, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You don’t get to see something like that every day: medieval alleys, beautiful squares and a breath-taking roof landscape – be sure to take a look from the Schlossberg. Or is contemporary architecture more your thing? – We have plenty of that as well. The Kunsthaus museum, for example, and of course the Isle in the Mur. Speaking of the Mur: The river Mur has shaped the city with its riverwalks and relaxation zones.

My insider tip: ... definitely the Lend district! It is the place to be to enjoy a lively nightlife, excellent food and drinks, creative shops and stores and the urban lifestyle of Graz. And if you still have leftover energy, why not climb the Schlossberg and visit Aiola Upstairs for a stunning panorama view of the city. By the way, the slide through the mountain is the quickest way down ...

the Game Dev Days in Graz, which focus on similar areas with different forms of expression. I hope that together we can foster European collaboration and make the gaming and startup scene more equitable, diverse and content-driven. Graz is the perfect city for the EYI Festival because: With its universities and different festivals (Game Dev Days, Fifteen Seconds, Elevate,…) a lot of international, open minded and creative innovation takes place. In any case, pay attention to this when you visit Graz for the first time: Probably many tips have already been given for Graz itself. I myself love the possibilities for experiences in nature in or around Graz. So why not round off a visit to Graz with a relaxing hike in the mountains around Graz (“Grazer Bergland”).

IDENTITÄT ONLINE PRÜFEN. IN ECHTZEIT. Überprüfen Sie die Identität von Kunden – einfach, sicher und rechtskonform. Mit der österreichischen Software für Ihr Online-Business. 15

Sustainable Development Goals The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The SDGs, set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030, are part of UN Resolution 70/1, the 2030 Agenda.

Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


The UN SDGs are the metrics of success for digital content driven solutions and innovative applications


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

2030 Agenda for Sustainable De velopment, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets which we are announcing today demonstrate the scale and ambition of this new universal Agenda. They seek to build on the Millennium Development Goals and complete what these did not achieve. They seek to realize the human rights of all and to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. They are integrated and indivisible and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental.

The SDGs build on decades of work by countries and the UN, including the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

The Goals and targets will stimulate action over the next fifteen years in areas of critical importance for humanity and the planet:

Preamble This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative

People We are determined to end poverty and hunger, in all their forms and dimensions, and to ensure that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment. Planet We are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including through sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing its natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change, so that it can support the needs of the present and future generations.

Prosperity We are determined to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature. Peace We are determined to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies which are free from fear and violence. There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development. Partnership We are determined to mobilize the means required to implement this Agenda through a revitalised Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, based on a spirit of strengthened global solidarity, focussed in particular on the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and with the participation of all countries, all stakeholders and all people. The interlinkages and integrated nature of the Sustainable Development Goals are of crucial importance in ensuring that the purpose of the new Agenda is realised. If we realize our ambitions across the full extent of the Agenda, the lives of all will be profoundly improved and our world will be transformed for the better.


Winners 2021

Discover Green Tech Valley Young Innovators 2021

Global Hotspot for Climate and Circular Solutions









WeSolve, Better Together






Colibri Charity – Make Charitable Purchase simple






KPI of Vilnius city



North Macedonia

CycleAI – Empowering cyclistst for heir safety




Bracelet Maker



URL 19

Winners 2021

Winners 2021

#14toomany #14zuviel

Dean Çelaj, Irena Matraku, Resa Shukulli

Isabel Drasl, Daniel Langer, Elke Pichler


Austria is an online learning platform using inter-active methods to deliver high-quality online education. With more than 20,000 video lectures to draw from, helps educational institutions or teachers develop their own LMS (learning management system), creating engaging virtual classes with multimedia content. The platform also offers a marketplace of professional courses and a White Label solution to organizations needing an LMS for internal staff training. Bring school to the students.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

#14toomany is an online-donation platform with diverse features for non-profit-organizations, private donors, and companies. It makes fundraising up to ten times cheaper for ngos, so more money reaches projects directly. #14zuviel (too much), one of Austria’s biggest public campaigns ever, refers to the 14 femicides in the first 5 months of 2021. #14toomany emphasizes publicity and awareness-building, in this case, violence and murder against women, as much as donations, reaching over 200,00 people. Sadly, as of November 11, 2021, 24 femicides have been counted in Austria.


Winners 2021

Winners 2021

Shayp Alexandre McCormack, Zineddine Wakrim, Grégoire de Hemptinne

Albert Gajsak, Tomislav Car



Shayp is a highly scalable leak detection system helping water utilities reduce water demand by 20%. As climate change and population growth drive water shortages, public authorities rely on water efficiency in the building sector to reduce water demand. Using only the utility water meter, Shayp informs property managers about water being wasted while providing comprehensive insights for improvements. Shayp has detected over 12,000 leaks and helped save over 1 billion litres across all types of buildings.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


CircuitMess provides STEM kits to empower kids and adults to learn about science, electronics, AI, IoT, and machine learning in a fun and easy way. Using DIY kits, users learn hands-on about electronics and hardware. Once the device is assembled by soldering and screwing the pieces together, new functions can be programmed so as to learn about software. Users customize their devices by coding new functions into them, using CircuitMess’s beginner-friendly graphic programming interface, and gain skills for the future.


Winners 2021

Winners 2021

WeSolve, Better Together Simone Leomanni, Luca Leomanni

David Peters, Giorgi Totladze, Rezi Chikviladze



WeSolve, Better Together is a digital platform for democratic participation and data-driven decision-making. A digital management panel and mobile app allow municipalities to connect with citizens to make transparent and inclusive decisions together. Admins can create challenges, report issues, generate surveys, and present data for mobile app users. By creating a two-way communication channel, with automatic translation in 90 different languages, WeSolve enhances community cohesion, while rewarding users for their participation.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

Sharemac: Innovative and sustainable solutions for the construction industry

Sharemac is a holistic solution to digitalization of the construction industry, enabling the automated planning, documentation, and analysis of construction processes. The SAM software interfaces with other systems and automatic cost allocations use telematics and geofencing. All data is stored centrally and easily accessed. Sharemac solutions reduce transportation, construction project implementation is faster, and machine utilization conserves resources, making construction sites more climate-friendly and sustainable.


Winners 2021

Winners 2021

Userwill Frederic Heigel, Nico Hofmann, Maurice Docter, Nora Weirich, Mark Röhrig

András Bodó, John Adler



Userwill is an app with the latest in cryptography, e-ID development and register modernisation to help families deal with the digital legacy of loved ones who have passed away. The deceased often leave behind numerous accounts on the internet for the bereaved to deal with: profiles on social media platforms, streaming services and much more. To solve this social problem, Userwill advises hospice staff and private individuals on a voluntary basis, collecting feedback to further develop Userwill in a sustainable way.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

Colibri Charity Make Charitable Purchase simple

Colibiri Charity is a platform with a free browser extension for both companies and individuals. Users can turn everyday online shopping into a charitable act by simply activating the Charitable Purchase at checkouts in their favourite online stores. Their selected charitable organisation gets a part of their eligible purchases from stores cooperating with Colibri Charity. Companies can set up a socially responsibility marketing programme, while non-profits get a new way to fundraise. Supporting charities becomes easy.


Winners 2021

Winners 2021

Snapstudy Vagif Aliyev

Vlada Musvydaite-Vilciauske, Justina Verbickaite, Oleg Zheleznyi



Snapstudy is an AI based content revision app using proprietary and state-of-the-art NLP models. Users preparing for exams take images of handwritten or printed notes to create flashcards. The app encourages knowledge-based learning instead of short-term cramming, resulting in greater understanding and retention. The gamification element in Snapstudy makes revision fun and challenging, while giving users personalized content tailored to their needs. With Snapshot, learning can even become enjoyable.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


#Walk15 is a friendly digital tool to get people moving and become aware of their personal CO² footprint. Sustainable mobility awareness helps people to walk short distances instead of driving. With #Walk15 walking becomes fun, even competitive, with tangible benefits: users can exchange steps collected for special offers in real shops or online. The more a user walks, the more virtual trees grow on their application. Project partners make them grow into forests. Challenge family and friends to walk more!


Winners 2021

KPI of Vilnius city


Vilniaus paslaugų kokybės rodiklių sistema (KPI)

Egidija Rolytė, Kamilė RamanauskaitėŠidiškienė, Matas Mačiulis

Angela Busheska


North Macedonia

KPI of Vilnius City is a digital tool developed to collect, monitor, and represent data to allow fast data-driven decision-making in urban management, while also developing Lithuania‘s capital in a smart way. The tool is comprised of 170 unique quantitative and qualitative indicators covering all eight strategic areas of the city, as well as municipal services. Digital technology has led to the implementation of new management models through flexible data monitoring mechanisms, so organisations can engage directly with customers.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

Enroute is a web and mobile platform enabling CO²-reduced travel, exposing greenwashing in everyday activities, and shows how to live sustainably. With EnRoute, users can create daily commuting plans with the least CO² emissions; learn what environmental practices underly popular fashion and brands; discover more sustainable brands; develop an environmental lifestyle and join a global community of over 3000 passionate environmental leaders in fifty+ countries. Reduce your carbon footprint - one CO² gram at a time.


Winners 2021

Winners 2021

CycleAI Empowering cyclists for their safety


CycleAI – Empoderar os ciclistas pela sua própria segurança Miguel Peliteiro, Luís Rita

Andreea Nistor, Silvia Herman, Bianca Ciubotariu



CycleAI offers safety maps for entire cities, based on neural networks estimating the safety score of an image seen through the eyes of the bicyclist. Drawing on crowdsourced perceptions of safety and using advanced computer vision and AI algorithms, CycleAI offers users a route from A to B through the shortest, fastest, safest circuits available. Active mobility is of key importance to sustainable cities. By placing the reliable routes at people’s fingertips, CycleAI enables people to switch to biking in safety.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

ALFABETAR is a digital platform to help teachers evaluate students’ literacy skills and reduce gaps in Romania, currently ranked 47 out of 79 countries by PISA tests. Developed with professionals and more than 1000 teachers, Alfabetar aims to help children, from preschool to 6th grade, to overcome obstacles to literacy. Teachers can access teaching resources, expertise, and webinars which help them to assess individual needs and set personalized targets for each student. Make reading effective and fun!


Winners 2021

Bracelet Maker GirlBOT

Irena Stolic, Zoja Kukic Djordjevic Serbia

Bracelet Maker is a robotics tool designed for girls, enabling them to learn coding and electronics by making jewellery. Since most robotic toys and learning tools are targeted for boys, parents and teachers find it difficult to engage and keep girls interested in STEM and computer science. Bracelet Maker’s unique patented knitting system makes it especially suitable for kids to learn and use. Testing shows girls get involved with Bracelet maker and in playing, realize electronics can really be interesting.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


European Young Innovators Jury Members 2021 The European Young Innovators Jury reviewed and discussed all submissions in a democratic process and selected the 15 European Young Innovators 2021.

Hartwin Kostron Austria Silicon Alps Cluster

The jury criteria did not only include content, technology, innovation and design, but also the impact on society and the relevance for the UN SDGs.

Marketing, Communications, Events

Ediola Pashollari Albania

Michael Terler Austria

Darko Bozhinoski Netherlands

Magdalena Kubow Poland

World Assembly of Youth Secretary-General

Campus 02, University of Applied Sciences in Graz Innovation Management

Entrepreneur and Researcher


Willy Kempel Austria

Amila Mujkić Bosnia and Herzegovina


University of Pennsylania

Antoaneta Ivanova North Macedonia

Austrian Ambassador to Kazakhstan


Balkan Green Foundation Program Manager

Lisa Mahajan Austria

Dušica Birovljević Serbia



Institute of International Management

Founder and Owner

Monika Kosman Denmark Thinkers50

Diana Ionita Romania

Marketing and Communications Director


Arnau Gifreu Castells Spain

Head of Digital


Leila Hadzic Bosnia and Herzegovina

Florian Glossner Germany

Wais Bashir United Kingdom

Geena Whiteman United Kingdom

NGO “Laboratorium” Tuzla

Agile Process GmbH

Hyper Island

Cardiff University


Founder and CEO

Visiting Lecturer

PhD Student

Sarah Klein Germany

Avgi-Maria Atmatzidoy Greece

Bunny Island

Mykonos Multimedia Festival

Managing Partner

Founder and President

Stephen Vickers United Kingdom Education Consultant

Franz Lorenz Germany/Switzerland dormakaba AG SVP Product Development AS EMEA


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


WSA Youth for Innovation – international entrepreneurship program for students

Solving Business Challenges & Analysing awarded Tech Ventures.

Youth for Innovation Annually, WSA conducts the international entrepreneurship program for students – YOUTH FOR INNOVATION (YFI). In cooperation with several academic partners across Europe, WSA YFI brings together students from multiple universities to collaboratively analyse purpose-driven tech ventures. The international tech ventures use digital solutions to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). All participating tech ventures have been awarded as global WSA winners, selected in a highly competitive and global contest.


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


W S A Yo u t h f o r I n n o v a t i o n – international entrepreneurship program for students

48 Students 7 Teams 7

YFI enables students to: • Apply their skills, creativity and knowledge on successful tech ventures on the market • Analyse, consult and exchange with former WSA winners worldwide • Get unique insights into successful impact tech ventures and exchange with their founders • Collaborate internationally and interdisciplinary • Gain intercultural competences • Pitch their work and analysis in front of an international jury • Grow an international network and become member of a global community • Gain ECTS credits as part of their curriculum (depending on university) YFI PROVIDES purpose-driven tech ventures with the OPPORTUNITY to: • Receive case studies and in-depth evaluations from international students • Create their own challenges and focus points for students to work on

Business Challenges by successful social impact venures

WSA YFI consists of 2 phases, an ONLINE and ONSITE phase, providing participating students with the opportunity to work on two different case studies. ONLINE PHASE Over the course of a 6-week period, students work virtually and independent¬ly in interdisciplinary teams. The objective is to analyze enterprises of WSA Winners (challenge hosts) and consult them on real business challenges. Students are encouraged to join online webinars to gain new and relevant skills and useful information along the way. The outcomes of the findings are presented through an online pitch and the submission of a report.


Winning Teams

Youth for Innovation

Final pitching session in front of the Experts Jury

from WSA categories


ONSITE PHASE As part of the WSA European Young Innovators Festival students collaborate in teams to compile and present business analysis of European tech ventures (EYI Winners = case study hosts) within 24 hours. Students will get the opportunity to meet their case study hosts and participate in capacity building workshops, before they pitch their outcomes in front of an expert jury and their peers.


Universities from 7 countries

Building 4 Skill Webinars

TESTIMONIALS „Working in multinational teams with people of different studying backgrounds help to understand ones own professional role. Particularly motivating is the fact that the


WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

target project aims at making the world a better place. Since you can contact the founder, it becomes very personal, too.” “The real highlight is , of course, coming together with

everyone in Graz at the European Young Innovators Festival.” Prof. Dr. Franziska Uhing FH Kiel, Head of Degree Program Multimedia Production Germany

„[...], I really appreciated the WSA module. It gave me the opportunity to work with international students and gain new experiences. Also, the challenges we received were exciting, and it was so cool to

work with those start-ups and ventures.” Program Participant University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Switzerland

„Participating in the WSA Youth for Innovation program allowed us to take a step back, think about our strategies, and consider, once more, the potential of our product, Not only was it a lot of fun, the program provided

a venue for us to consider fresh, outside, insight into the possibilities at our fingertips.” Babak Fakhamzadeh Agência Pública, The Museum of Yesterday, Brazil


Youth Ambassadors Europe


Banushi Alda

Polytechnic University in Tirana

Atoyan Arman


Mujkić Amila

University of Pennsylvania

Pantelic Ana





Co-Founder & Product Manager

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Social Policy Manager

Aghajanyan Hovhannes


Steinfelder Georg


Drača Ljubica´

Private language tutor

Schubert Lucie





Co-Founder, Graphic Designer & Illustrations


Court interpreter and translator & private language tutor

Czech Republic

Freelance Trainer and Facilitator, Team Member

Bizolm Mehdi

UniCredit Bank Austria AG

Juan Camillo Poveda

Dialoghi in Architettura - New Humanity NGO

Hoffmann-Schröder Anne Sofie


Hauerslev Jensen Alexander

Be My Eyes


Senior Software Engineer


Communication manager


Independent Journalist


Product, Partnerships and Business Developement

Weiss David

Kenne deine Rechte

Cancar Sanja

Bonea Paul

Bonea Creative Studio

Viik Joosep

Sirkel & Mall OÜ


Project Coordinator


Blogger and Information Specialist




3D Modeller

SpiesbergerHöckner Paul


Kohansal Kambis

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Puikkonen Arto

Gofore Ltd.

Rostedt Pihla

Rostedt & Co


Software Developer


Head of Startup-Services


Business Manager


First Lady

Polovenko Tetyana

ks actuaries

Hamberger Stephan

Red Bull Media House

Rostedt Timo


Bourdu Sébastien





Head of Digital Platforms


Lead Designer


Web developer and UX designer

Vasiljevic Branko

DVC Solutions

Brljak Ema

Youth Press Association of BiH

Kakhidze Mariam

State Audit Office of Georgia (SAOG)

Chakvetadze Giorgi

State Audit Office of Georgia (SAOG)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Business developer

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Board of Directors


Senior Analyst of State Budget and Strategic Analysis Department


Head of State Budget Analysis unit

Selimović Dženana

University Of Sarajevo

Hadžić Leila

NGO “Laboratorium” Tuzla

Mazmishvili Ana

State Audit Office of Georgia (SAOG)

Bestavashvili Giorgi


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina



Senior Budget Analyst



WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


Yo u t h A m b a s s a d o r s E u r o p e

Ulmke Nicholas

Fit Für Immer

Haufschild Alexander



Technology Lead


Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder

AlAshraf Abdul Rahman


Gürtner Hans Peter





Project Lead

Schmid Carina

The Global Experience / Easy Languages

Wegener Adrian

GamesAHEAD E.V. Eye Build It


CEO / Co-Founder


Founder Chairman Of The Board

Dreyer Charlotte

Hasso Plattner Institute

Consonni Matteo

EIT Health Germany


Project Development, HPI School of Design Thinking


Business Creation Manager

Atmatzidoy Avgi-Maria

Mykonos Multimedia Festival

Berg Aviram



Founder & President



Carrai Luca


Uka Fidan

Blood Donor


CEO and Founder



Cakaj Arbnore


Nushi Valon

UNICEF Sierra Leone Country Office


Architect and Co-Founder


Youth Innovation Specialist

Xhafce Zejd

Turkish Embassy

Kniūkšta Darius






Isevičiūtė Odeta


Pazouki Tahereh





Lead Manager

Hot Dervic Elma

Complexity Science Hub Vienna

Bozhinoski Darko

Cognitive Robotics, 3mE | Delft University Of Technology


Resident scientist


Postdoctoral researcher

Sattely Connor

SEMA - East Africa public feedback system

Ilieva Viktorija

University Of SS. Cyril And Methodius


Co-Founder and CTO

North Macedonia

Assistant Professor

Dimitrievska Simona

Jovanovski Gorjan


North Macedonia

North Macedonia



Yo u t h A m b a s s a d o r s E u r o p e

space solutions Austria

Scale me up, baby! Looking for „the place“ to get your start-up started? We‘ve got you covered! Apply now! |

Elizabeta Cebov


Kumbaroska Bistra

Social Impact Award gGmbH

North Macedonia

Group business operating associate

North Macedonia

Scaling and Partnership Manager

Zdravkovikj Jovana

University of Ljubljana

Mushe Eda Makedonski

Telekom AD

North Macedonia


North Macedonia

Senior Associate For Digital Experience and Innovation

Zdravkovski Teo

Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

Sawyer Taylor


North Macedonia




Costa Tomas Pessoae


Costa Ricardo André





Founder and Editorial Director

Paciência Diogo

European Travel Commission / Visit Europe

Pop Tiron Cristina



Digital Marketing Manager


University Lecturer

Mihailescu Tudor

SpeechifAI Inc.

Zivkovic Sandra

Faculty Of Law, University Of Belgrade


Co-Founder and CEO



Lezaic Tijana

Forest and Climate

Petrović Nađa

MEF Faculty


Project Coordinator


President of Student Parliament and member of Career Guidance

Janković Marko

MEF Faculty

Birovljević Dušica



Marketing assistant


Founder & Owner

Mohammadi Allen


Atoline Rebecca

Zürich Council


Co-Founder & CEO


Immigrants Representative

Holovachenko Anton


Carmona Luna

Achieve More! Scotland



United Kingdom

Marketing Officer

Williams Timothy

Bundeswehr University Munich

Carmouche Ayesha

The Care Quality Commission

United Kingdom

Junior professor of insecurity and social order

United Kingdom

Senior Parliamentary Adviser

Shah Shwetal


Whiteman Geena

Cardiff University

United Kingdom

Technology Partnership Manager

United Kingdom

PhD Student


About WSA


Innovation has brought about rapid advancement, transforming the way societies function. Especially during the global pandemic digital innovation offered support and new solutions.

More than ever, the challenge is and remains worldwide to bridge global divides and to work on reaching the UN SDGs. Be it the global pandemic and new solutions for remote working, digital health and online education, or gender inequality, environmental challenges and the access to information and infrastructure. The global divides are manifold and affect us all. Reflecting the changes caused by the pandemic, with new economic challenges, or the case of climate crisis and global warming, we see that the divides grow nationally and worldwide. It is high time to act now and connect4impact!

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Years of Activities

WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz

National Experts and Youth Ambassadors

UN - Countries participating

Events in Countries

In the face of such societal challenges, how can digital solutions and interactive applications make a positive contribution? How can international collaboration and knowledge exchange disrupt current nefarious developments? And what benefits are hidden in the digital transformation? With its worldwide, multi-stakeholder community of social entrepreneurs and digital innovation enthusiasts, WSA focusses on international knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the contribution to the UN SDGs. Founded in 2003 as part of the UN World Summit on Information Society, WSA awards yearly 45 outstanding best practice local digital content with a high societal value. WSA spans its community in over 185 countries, a network unique in its passion and reach, holding close cooperation with UN agencies, academia and the private sector alike.

48 49

WSA Experts Europe


Mezini Dritan Albania

DM Consulting Services Senior consultant and Managing Director

Sharkov George Bulgaria

ESI Center Eastern Europe Director

Font Joan Andorra

Government of Andorra Head of the Audiovisuals & Comunications Department

Brigovic Ana Croatia

ACT Group Business Development Manager

Yengibaryan Bagrat Armenia

Enterprise Incubator Foundation Director

Andreou Panayiotis Cyprus

School of Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus Assistant Professor in Computing

Hödl Lena Austria

Trive Studio Venture Architect

Pyrkettis Constantinos Cyprus

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Business Development, Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry | Industrial Development officer

Haas Mathias Austria

SuperSocial Founder and CEO

Polycarpou Irene Cyprus

University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus | Professor of Technology and Innovation in Education, Head of the School of Sciences

Rupp Christian Austria

Eureopean Joint Innovation Lab Chief Innovation Officer

Malekkos George Cyprus

Powersoft Software Innovation Architect & CEO

Gulusoy Shanay Azerbaijan

E-Gov Development Center Public Entity Leading Specialist on International Projects

Vu Lan Anh Czech Republic

Vunela Founder

Yenin Sergei Belarus

NGO „Information Society“ Executive Director

Bach Per Denmark

Sociale Entreprenører i Danmark (SED) Chairman of the Board

Enin Nikolai Belarus

TIBO Internet Award Competition Secretary

Org Liisi Estonia

Startup Estonia Startup Community Development Manager

Tibau Frederik Belgium

Agoria Expert Digital Innovation & Growth

Kurkela Ilkka Finland

Laurea University of Applied Sciences Development Manager

Madzarevic Tanja Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education Development Center Inc. Business Development Manager

Vezina Craig France

Z-School Founder & Executive Director

Varbanov Pavel Bulgaria

European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe EU Projects coordinator

Jvania Elene Georgia

Impact Hub Tbilisi Co-founder and Co-CEO

WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


WSA Experts Europe


Ebanoidze Ketevan Georgia

Impact Hub Tbilisi Co-founder and Co-CEO

Hot Dervic Elma Montenegro

Complexity Science Hub Vienna Resident scientist

Felsenberg Alexander Germany

Retresco Strategy & Alliances

Oorschot Herman Netherlands

Fullmoon Interactive Solutions Media entrepreneur

Doxaras Yiannis Greece CEO and Co-Founder

Lazarovska Natasha North Macedonia

Startup Macedonia Co-Founder and Executive Board Member

Tsolis Dimitros Greece

High Performance Information Systems Laboratory, University of Patras | Assistant Professor

Bruaroy Kristian Norway

Bridj CEO

Horváth Balazs Hungary

Founder Institute Country Leader

Sobiczewska Bogumila Poland

MOST Foundation Mentors Community Builde

Malmquist Johann Iceland

University of Iceland Professor and Serial Entrepreneur

Domaradzka Barbara Poland

MOST Foundation SMEs advisor on sustainable development

Casey Martin Ireland

Arekibo Communications Managing Director

Kaczmarek Jan Poland

MOST Foundation President of the Board

Sandler Carmel Israel

Tech for good

Laudy-Nagy Anna Poland

MOST Foundation Grant and International Projects Manager

Shimony Nir Israel

Tech for good Co-Founder & CEO

Almeida Fazenda Sandra Portugal

APDC Executive Director

Boral Omri Israel

Tech for Good Co-Founder and Professional Director

Carneiro Roberto Portugal

Universidade Católica Portuguesa | Dean of Institute for Distance Learning & Professor at School of Human Sciences

Ronchi Alfredo Italy

MEDICI Framework General Secretary

Bujor Ana Maria Romania

Risky Business Accelerator and Ventures Operations Director and Conductor of Chaos

Melnudris Andris Latvia

Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) | Managing Director

Priemov Dimitry Russian Federation

Rossiya Segodnya Head of Mobile

Zunde Kristine Latvia

Latvian IT Cluster Projects Manager

Capello Luciano San Marino

Digital Design srl Chairman

Irmeja Aiga Latvia

Latvian IT Cluster Executive Director

Kostic Ivana Serbia

Health Tech Lab Co-Founder

Murniece Inese Latvia

Latvian IT Cluster Digital Liaison Officer

Damjanovic Damjan Serbia

Health Tech LAB Co-Founder

Dünser Thomas Liechtenstein

Government of Liechtenstein Director of the Office for Financial Market Innovation

Burkic Vladimir Slovakia

iLearn Online Learning Centre CEO

Zilioniene Ieva Lithuania

The Communication Regulatory Authority Of The Republic Of Lithuania | IT consulting

Jerman Blazic Borka Slovenia

Josef Stefan Institute and Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana | Head of Laboratory for Open Systems and network

Baxevani Pelagia Luxembourg

1,2,3 Go Social Manager

Vea Andreu Spain Founder and Director

Schembri Mark Malta

Malta Communications Authority Project Coordinator, Information Society

Gustafsson Micael Sweden

Cluster 55 Managing Director

Attard Marcelle Malta

Malta Communications Authority „Project Coordinator, Information Society“

Weilenmann Amanda Switzerland

SEIF - Driving Impact Innovation Project Manager

Bone Kenneth Malta

Seasus Managing Director

Özer Mustafa Turkey

imece Director

Postaru Andrei Moldova

Technical University of Moldova | Lecturer at the Software Engineering and Automatics Department

Perohanych Yuri Ukraine

Association of IT Enterprises of Ukraine (AITEU) General Director

Jurovicki Anton Montenegro

Jankari Consulting Director

Popova Tatiana Ukraine

Association Telecommunication chamber of Ukraine Chairman of the Board

Franeta Slobodan Montenegro

Lucha Science Institute Founder

Favell Andy United Kingdom

Freelancer Freelance consultant, web editor & journalist

WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


„Exceedingly obliging, helpful and what is most important: very reliable!“

WSA Team

Nora Wolloch Executive Manager

Manuela Wagner Global Community Manager

Liene Ulmane Youth Community, Social Media, Design

Peter A. Bruck WSA Chairman and ICNM president

What sounds like self-praise is just one of our client‘s feedback. We are happy to help you bringing your vision to mission.

Barbara Hinterleitner Storytelling

Katharina Weber Event Management Blanca Vidal i Jiménez Project Assistant and European Volunteer

Miriam Rodríguez Gómez Project Assistant and European Volunteer

Pia Frizberg Event Management, Youth for Innovation

Matthias Kandler Partnerships, Events Luka Kalas ICNM Accounting, HR


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WSA Young Innovators Festival, Graz


WSAoffice #WSAGraz

World Summit Award