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Post Event Report WORLD SUMMIT YOUTH AWARD WINNERS FESTIVAL Networking | Conference | Workshops | Gala

Exceptional | Inspirational | Transformative

The World’s Best in Social Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovation São Paulo, Brazil, June 15 – 17, 2015

Directed by Peter A. Bruck, WSA Chairman

Hosted by

Orchestrated by Charlotte Dreyer, WSYA Manager

Co-organized by

WSYA Winners Festival: an event to remember The World Summit Youth Award Winners Festival in Brazil has been successfully completed. Throughout 3 days the world’s best social acti-preneurs had the opportunity learn, network and inspire the audience! From June 15 - 17 2015, São Paulo hosted the 7th WSYA winners festival. During the event, the winning teams of WSYA 2014/15 met with their peers, gathered valuable contacts and built long-lasting friendships. The event featured world-class keynote speeches, hands-on workshops and engaging panel discussions about social entrepreneurship and the content industry. Among the attendees were leaders of ICT business and governments, high level UN officials, as well as other leading persons from the creative sector, civil society and NGOs. Thanks to all who have participated, contributed and made the WSYA 2015 such a success! Once again, WSYA have proven to be an excellent platform for all those committed to making a real difference in the achievement of the MDGs using Internet and Mobile as well as shaping the world post 2015.

June 15th – Day 1 Social Tour – Get to know Sao Paulo WSYA winners and international speakers discovered the area around Paulista. The rain did not affect the good mood! organized by SP Turis

Winning Teams Pre-Conference Workshop: How to sell your project - Creative Pitching Workshop Leader: Ms. Sallyann Della Casa, Growing Leaders Foundation, Caribbean- UAE

Opening Event

“Young People take Action with ICT: Impact & Innovation” At the Museum of Art in Sao Paulo, WSYA Winners Festival kicked off with a festive Opening Evening on June 15th.

Inspiring key-notes by and interviews with

“Brazil – Country of Youth and Innovation” Mr. Rodrigo Assumpcao, CEO, Dataprev, Brazil Mr. Gabriel Medina, Secretaria Nacional de Juventude, Presidencia de la Republica, Brazil Prof. Virgilio Almeida, Secretary for Information Technology Policy, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Brazil Dr. Wilson Martins Poit, Secretary of Tourism São Paulo City and President of SP Turis, Brazil Mr. Mauro Motoryn, Engineer, Co-founder of MyFunCity (WSAMobile Award 2013), Brazil

Moderator & Host:  

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, WSA Chairman, Austria Mr. Lucas Foster, Founder and Executive Director, Projecthub

Introducing the Winning Teams of World Summit Youth Award 2014/15: Exceptional use of Internet and Mobiles for Social Good I am…, I come from…, My Project is… One of the highlights on the first night was the Speed Presentations by the WSYA Winners, introducing themselves to the audience and pitch their approach to act on the UN MDGs in 30 seconds.

Meet the winners from Armenia, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, USA, UK, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Nigeria, Spain and Iran!

Núcleo de Dança Pélagos Contemporary Dance Performance Thanks to Red Bull Amaphiko, the Evening on stage ended with an impressive rhythmic and engaging dance performance. The group is an initiative of Rubens Oliveira, a Brazilian dancer and choreographer that use his talent to form and inspire other young people through the dance in his modest neighborhood in Campo Limpo.

June 16th & 17th – Days 2 & 3 The WSYA Conference

“Starting up Society: Social Innovation & Digital Creativity”

Inspirational Shot Talks from Arab World, Latin American Continent, Caribbean Islands

What are the perspectives of young social entrepreneurs, what are the lessons to learn, how to overcome challenges and how can the experience of others help to not make the same mistakes – these were some of the issues our international speakers shared with the audience. World Café : Pains, Perspectives, Projects: Experiences to learn

In small discussion groups of the World Café, the audience had the chance to interact directly with the speakers and ask their most pressing questions. Each turn was 10 minutes. Speed dating in a business networking set-up!

“Caring for people with Special Needs: Innovation driving compassionate solutions” Mr. Carlos Pereira | “Innovation is cool: Growing leaders for non-profit social enterprise” Ms. Sallyann Della Casa | “Community Based Knowledge Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship" Ms. Effat El Shooky

“Sustainable Solidarity: Brazil, United Nations and the Internet”

Topics: Apps Innovation, Internet4All, Smart Cities & Regions Transformation: The Global Agenda for Local Development: Young people taking action Internet and Social Development

Workshops: Internet4NGOs by Public Interest Registry represented by the Marketing Expert Tony Connor and the PIR regional representative Vanda Scartezzini Social Media for social businesses by former WSYA winner and entrepreneurs Mathias Haas and the Brazilian New Media Expert, Ricardo Poppi

Fishbowl Session Transformation through ICT4Action: From MDGs to SDGs – What does the United Nations Agenda mean for me and us? Cyberactivist Agenda Exchange: From Brazil to the world

WSA Networking Reception provided by

Austria presents itself as connector for innovation from around the world. Participants of WSYA Event come from over 23 nations and cultures with different backgrounds and aspirations, now it is time to have a drink, network and share feedback.

Winners Projects Presentations

Inspiration: The world’s best in social entrepreneurship & digital creativity!

The toughest challenge for the WSYA winners: pitching their products to the international expert jury with a chance to become the WSYA Global Champion 2015

The WSYA Art Exhibition

How to visualize a mobile application on a piece of paper? This difficult task was taken and successfully transformed by WSYA Team member, Gemma Palacio, and presented in the WSYA Art Exhibition. Thanks as well to our network partner TakingItGlobal for adding art pieces visualizing the MDGs!

World Summit Youth Award


Celebrating Young People taking Action on the UN MDGs with Internet and Mobile Technology

Hosted by

In the impressive atmosphere of the former Latin American Parliament and today’s Sao Paulo State Secretariat of the Rights of the Person with Disability, the WSYA Winners 2014/15 received their awards. While inaugurating them for their achievements and giving them the recognition they deserve, this evening was also the stage of a call for action.

The WSYA Manifesto for the Future “We live in an era marked by many crises. This is nothing new. Humanity has been between wars and collapses. Nonetheless, this is a special era. Not only in problems, but also in opportunities. Opportunities that can take us into a new future. (..) As the World Summit Youth Award completes ten years of existence and it ends its first cycle in line with the Millennium Goals and restarts its journey assuming new challenges. The WSYA convenes a community of committed young people around the world to accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions that guarantee wellbeing, safety and rights through the Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations, for the next 15 years to all beings on Earth.”

The WSYA Global Champion 2015 After heated discussions the Jury has decided: the best of the best is Project Annuit Walk! Brazilian project developed by Marcos Oliveira and Emily Schuler has been awarded as WSYA Global Champion 2015.

Last but not least, the evening was completed by musical entertainment. Thanks to Guido for sharing with us your music!


Truly Inspirational | Transformative | Exceptional

Thank you for joining WSYA!

Brazil 2015! SPEAKERS & MENTORS                                

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, WSYA Chairman and Honorary President, Austria Dr. Wilson Martins Poit, Secretary of Tourism São Paulo City and President of SP Turis, Brazil Mr. Stefan Nemetz, Vice Commercial Counsel of Austria in Brazil Mr. Carlos Abler, Content Marketing Specialist 3M, USA Mr. Carlos Pereira, CEO, Livox, Brazil Mr. Cid Torquato, Deputy Secretary, Sao Paulo State Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Brazil Mr. Daniel Fink, Manager Stakeholder Engagement Brazil, ICANN, Brazil Mr. Tony Connor, Public Interest Registry, USA Mr. Fernando Grisi, Conaje, Brazil Mr. Gabriel Medina, Secretaria Nacional de Juventude, Presidencia de la Republica, Brazil Mr. Gustavo Maia, Co-Founder,, Brazil Mr. Juan de Urraza, WSA Content Award Paraguay Mr. Lucas Foster, Founder and Executive Director, ProjectHub, Brazil Mr. Marcio Belissomi, President, Prodam, Brazil Mr. Mathias Haas, CEO, SuperSocial, Austria Mr. Ricardo Augusto Poppi, Assessor de Novas Midias e Outras Linguagens, Presidencia de Republica, Departmento de Participacao Social /SNAS/SG/PR, Brazil Mr. Rodrigo Assumpcao, CEO, Dataprev, Brazil Mr. Thadeu Luz, CEO, Handtalk, Brazil Mr. Thierry Bouffioux, Business Angel and Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship, Belgium Mrs. Vanda Scartezzini, Consultant for Latin America and Caribbean, Public Interest Registry, Brazil Ms. Effat El Shooky- Technical Director, Women Business Development Center, Egypt Ms. Raquel Rosenberg, Co-founder, Engajamundo, Brazil Ms. Sallyann Della Casa, Growing Leaders Foundation, UAE Prof. Virgilio Almeida, Secretary for Information Technology Policy, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Brazil Mr. Mauro Motoryn, Engineer, Business Administrator and Adman, iBrasil Mr. Virgilio A. F. Almeida, Secretary for Information Technology Policy Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Brazil Ms. Maria Shirts Núcleo Digital, Brazil Mr. Diego Casaes, Avaaz Brazil Mr. Pedro Telles, Greenpeace, Brazil Ms. Anna Livia, Executive Director, Minha Sampa, Brazil Mr. Sergio Branco, Director, Institute of Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ms. Andrea Sender, Acupurtura Urabana, Brazil

CONTACT ICNM – International Center for New Media Leopoldskronstrasse 30 | 5020 Salzburg | Austria T: +43 660 63 04 085 Ms. Charlotte Dreyer, WSYA Project Manager Ms. Nora Wolloch, WSA Project Manager | | #WSYA


WSYA 2015 Brazil - Post event report  
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