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CONTENT 1. Making Sustainable Impact through digital Innovation | Welcoming Words _ 3 2. Making Sustainable Impact through digital Innovation | Patron Statements 4 3. WORLD SUMMIT AWARD SOCIAL INNOVATION CONGRESS 2016 _________ 5 3.1. WSA SOCIAL INNOVATION CONGRESS OPENING INAUGURATION ____________ 6 3.2. INNOVATION SHOTS 1 | Digital Innovation for Sustainable Change. Global Perspectives __________________ 7 3.3. INNOVATION SHOTS 2 | Local Innovation leading to System Transformation ____ 8 3.4. INNOVATION SHOTS 3 | Future Technology changing Society. Smart Cities, 5G,VR ______________________ 8 3.5. Innovation pitches by WSA winners |Digital innovation at its best ____________ 9 3.6. Future Makers by WSA Corporate Partner Singtel ________________________ 10 3.7. WSA Grand Jury members 2016 ______________________________________ 11 3.8. THE WSA WINNERS | 40 INNOVATIONS FROM 30 COUNTRIES ______________ 12 3.9. WSA Global Champions 2016 ________________________________________ 13 3.10. WSA Southeast ASIA 2016 _________________________________________ 14 3.11. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER SESSIONS & INTERACTIVE DISCUSSIONS __________ 15 3.12. INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS ________________________________________ 16 3.13. SINGAPORE Get2Gether & Networking evening _________________________ 17 3.14. WHAT DO OTHERS SAY ABOUT WSA Social Innovation Congress ____________ 18

4. WSA Global Congress Marketing | STATISTICS, SOCIAL MEDIA AND OUTREACH __________________________ 19 4.1. WSA Publication __________________________________________________ 20 4.2. WSA Video Productions _____________________________________________ 21 4.3. WSA Social Innovation Congress Event Page ____________________________ 22 4.4. Social Media _____________________________________________________ 22 Facebook _________________________________________________________________________ 23 Flickr ____________________________________________________________________________ 25 Twitter ___________________________________________________________________________ 26

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1. MAKING SUSTAINABLE IMPACT THROUGH DIGITAL INNOVATION | Welcoming Words Mobile content developers and producers create exciting content and innovative applications that do more than just meet basic needs of communication. They impact the daily lives of millions with mobile content and apps that connect minds. Smart applications track earthquakes, facilitate banking everywhere for everyone, make governments more transparent and accountable, and save lives. Mobile content and innovative applications empower people to read or visualise colours when they are blind, find each other where there are no street numbers, overcome motoric and cognitive limitations. They change the entire experience of tourists be it in Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mexico or Denmark. They alter the radio experience in Latvia, local news availability in India, or citizen reporting in the Russian Federation.

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck WSA Chairman

On behalf of EP-SI, I would like to welcome you to the World Summit Award Social Innovation Congress 2016 in Singapore. We are happy to be the presenting sponsor for the Congress. EP-SI fund is uniquely positioned to address pressing social ills through strategic partnerships with businesses - businesses that are socially innovative. My role is to mobilise fund allocation in supporting business to drive social change. I’m an activist, who advocates for business and capitalism to take a leading role in positively influencing the shape of social landscape. I hope we can all work together to create a true digital economy where everyone will benefit from it. I wish you all the best for the Award and hope to see you again. Razz Salem Chair Emeritus and Lead Trustee of EPSI Social V Fund.



H.E. Ahmad Alhendawi, United Nations SecretaryGeneral''s Envoy on Youth

Young people are powerful drivers of change in political, economic and social developments around the world. They have asserted themselves as critical partners in sustainable development, proposing innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Using the power of ICTs and social media, young people have a vehicle like never before to engage and participate. From entrepreneurs developing new technologies, to creating green jobs and more sustainable economies, young people are at the forefront of development. We must continue to recognise the valuable contributions of young entrepreneurs and work together to ensure the success of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to again make a statement at this prestigious and important World Summit Award event, despite not being able to be there in person. At UNIDO, we advocate Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID), a concept that is close to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To attain these objectives, the rate of technological progress needs to increase. For example, a greater volume of products and services should be produced with ever less use of the planet’s resources. An important means to that end is increased innovation. However, this will not come about by itself, but requires an army of creative and entrepreneurial innovators, that is people like you. Innovators cannot be created, but society can create the environment that allows you, the innovators, to blossom. UNIDO has recently started a technical program, which inter alia focuses on enhancing the supporting role H.E. LI Yong played by the interaction of government with the private sector, academia and Director-General UNIDO financial intermediaries—the so-called System of Innovation. One finding from the analytical work of this program is how little these different actors communicate with each other, let alone pull in the same direction. In such situations the innovation support infrastructure is inefficient and less able to support innovation. To the contrary, when all actors communicate and pull in the same direction, amazing results can be attained. History abounds with examples that have forever changed the way mankind generate prosperity. It is indeed hard to think of a world without electricity or the internet. And soon electric cars will replace today’s fossil fuel driven cars, and future energy will be produced without destroying the planet—it is indeed a transition that is already ongoing and very much thanks to all innovative and creative thinking out there. Does this sound too optimistic? No, because this event shows what is possible! In fact, it is this kind of work that lays the foundation for a better, more inclusive and sustainable world! With these words, I am pleased to extend my best wishes for your future work from which we will all benefit, and to congratulate the winners of this prestigious and prominent award. Local content is indispensable for the use of information and communication technologies for sustainable development. With the recognition of innovative, digital solutions to development challenges, the World Summit Awards (WSA) encourages women and men's creativity, helps to share applications globally and stimulates young entrepreneurs to find local solutions. I congratulate all finalists, who contributed with their innovations to peace and sustainable development. Frank La Rue Assistant Director Genral for Communication and Information, UNESCO


3. WORLD SUMMIT AWARD SOCIAL INNOVATION CONGRESS 2016 Making Social Impact through Digital Innovation Initiated in 2003 as an Austrian activity in the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) the World Summit Award has since then been selecting and promoting digital innovation with an impact on society from all UN member states. Digital technologies are one of the main drivers for the United Nations agenda towards the Sustainable Development Goals towards the review in 2030. The World Summit Award Congress Singapore 2016 recognised the important part that digital innovation plays in creating sustainable social change and impact world-wide. The 3 days event took place at the Parkroyal Hotel on Beachroad in Singapore and was hosted by the Creative Allience Group in cooperation with EP-SI. Featuring the 40 WSA global winners in the 8 categories, the South-East-Asia regional winners, young social entrepreneurs and innovators and connecting them with international thought-leaders, ICT experts and regional stakeholders to enable a knowledge transfer, the WSA Social Innovation Congress provided a stage for best practices and shared experience on how social innovation and entrepreneurship can be encouraged and play a key role to have a sustainable impact on society. The WSA 2016 Social Innovation Congress featured:  Welcoming Reception  Innovation Pitches by WSA winners  Various networking activities & interactive hands-on workshops  Innovation Shots by international keynote speakers  Singtel Future Maker Launch  Knowledge transfer sessions & interactive discussion panels  The Grand Jury Feud  Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner  Launch of the regional initiative WSA SOUTH EAST ASIA  F*CK-up Night in cooperation with Impact Hub Singapore


3.1. WSA SOCIAL INNOVATION CONGRESS OPENING INAUGURATION The WSA Social Innovation Congress in Singapore was officially inaugurated on 29th June at 9am, welcoming all international guests, partners and local guests.

Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck WSA Chairman, Board of Directors Austria

Razz Salem Social Impact Investment Activist, EP-Si Social Venture Fund Singapore

Guest of Honor: Dr. Janil Puthucheary Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Education Singapore

Guest of Honor: H.E. Ahmad Alhendawi UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth Jordan & USA

Video Message by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and Founder Grameen Center


3.2. INNOVATION SHOTS 1 | Digital Innovation for Sustainable Change. Global Perspectives. Starting into the WSA Social Innovation Congress program, WSA invited four international successful social entrepreneurs to share their story to answer the urgent questions of: 

Why is social entrepreneurship key when it comes to social change?

How can a social enterprise be sustainable and profitable?

How does local content change society? Ashwin Subramaniam Co-Founder of Gone Adventurin

Anshu Gupta Founder of Goonj, Ashoka & Schwab Fellow India

Sihle Tsabhalala Co-founder and CEO Brothers for All/ Up for All South Africa

Osama Manzar CEO and Founder of Digital Empowerment Foundation, India

| Inspirational Performance: Ten Meters of Thinking. Paul Hughes, Innovator and Founder of Ten Meters of Thinking, Ireland & Netherlands presented his „The Circle of Innovation“, an inspirational performance the concept of innovation. „Innovation is now the difference that makes the difference. Every organization needs to create a culture of innovation – for it is only the habit of innovation that leads to success. It is an ongoing process that looks beyond problem solving to opportunity seeking.”


3.3. INNOVATION SHOTS 2 | Local Innovation leading to System Transformation Solutions to solve local problems can lead to a whole system transformation. Innovations like M-Pesa in Kenya demonstrate the potential of digital technologies to transform systems in an impressive way. 6 international experts shared their stories on system transformation; from new ways of building a school system in Mexico to how health solutions are able to serve millions of people. Rudy Laddaga Lopez Founder of Gnius Club Mexico

Adam Montandon Co-Founder of „Factory of Imagination“ Denmark

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo CEO Bubu Indonesia

Dana Al Salem Founder FanFactory & Co-Founder Yahoo Europe UK

Janine Warner Founder Digitalfamily, Executive Director at SembraMedia USA

Jordi Serrano Pons Consultant at World Health Organization, CEO of UniversalDoctor Spain

3.4. INNOVATION SHOTS 3 | Future Technology changing Society. Smart Cities, 5G,VR Drones, Blockchain, VR, AR, 5G, 3D printing—digital innovations are changing the world we live in rapidly. But how do these changes effect our society? What do we do if robots take over our jobs? WSA invited international speakers to share their perspective. Dr. Witman Hung Principal Liaison Office for Hong Kong, Shenzhen Qianhai Authority Hong Kong

Dorothy Gordon DG of Kofi Annan Center for Excellence in ICT and Development Ghana

Lajuanda Asemota Director for Diversity & Inclusion at Singularity University USA

Dr. Anjan Ghosh Regional DirectorCorporate Affairs INTEL, Asia-Pacific & Japan

Ralph Simon “Founder of the Ringtone”, CEO Mobilium UK


3.5. INNOVATION PITCHES BY WSA WINNERS |Digital innovation at its best The 40 WSA Winners already proved that their products are the most innovative solutions selected in the democratic and tough selection process of the WSA. Each winner had to first succeed in a local competition to prove their product to be the most promising from their country in the respective category. Each UN member state is eligible to nominate 1 product per WSA category. This year WSA received more than 491 submissions from over 86 countries. 95 international jurors selected the 5 best, creative and most innovative products per category—the WSA-Winners. In Singapore these winners pitched their products in front of a specially appointed experts jury. Each team had 7 minutes to convince the jury that their team is the most committed, their solution has the strongest impact and their pitch is the most entertaining. 5 minutes Q&A-Time were given to each presenter after their pitch. After the last presentation, the jury selected 1 WSA Global Champion in each of the 8 categories to be specially awarded on stage at the WSA Gala Ceremony. The WSA winners demonstrate the richness and diversity of local content and prove that digital solutions are a key for development.


3.6. FUTURE MAKERS BY WSA CORPORATE PARTNER SINGTEL | Supporting Innovation for Social Impact

WSA Corporate Partner Singtel launched its FUTURE MAKERS Program at the WSA Social Innovation Congress in Singapore. Singtel Future Makers is launched to help build and support an ecosystem of change agents, innovation, capacity building and collaboration that will help transform the lives of the needy and the vulnerable in the community, as well as support care givers and Voluntary Welfare Organisations. The programme was built on past year´s success of community engagements, mentorship and funding support for social entrepreneurs across Singapore and Australia. The programme is open to passionate individuals who believe that technological innovation plays a key role in making wide-scale social impact that will help shape future success for Singapore. Under this six-month programme, up to seven promising social impact start-ups will receive cash funding of up to SGD 20,000. Singtel Vice President of Group Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Andrew Buay said: “Social impact start-ups want to bring about meaningful and impactful change to society. However, roadblocks in funding support, lack of experience in commercializing business ideas sustainably, and missed partnership opportunities can often harmstring even the best idea. Through Singtel Future Makers, we want to play a part to help them turn their ideas into reality.”







Kamran Manar Josie

Agasi Alhashash Cacdac

Director Secretary General

Innovations Center Kuwait eAward

Azerbaijan Kuwait Philippines








Youth Ambassador Brazil





Ghana India Kofi Annan Ghana Center for Excellence in ICT

Mathias Clemens Zikry

Haas Jezler Kholil

Founder e-Platform Chanel Manager Co-Founder

Supersocial Red Bull Amaphiko Incitement



Director Strategy and Consulting Singtel Group








General Manager and Vice Presi- Disney Studios and Disney dent Media Distribution






Program Manager Global Incuba- Austrian Research PromotiAustria tor Network on Agency

Jordi Ralph Janine Johann Dana Ahmad Lajuanda

Serrano Pons Simon Warner Malmquist Al Salem Alhendawi Asemota

Founder Founder and CEO Creator

Universal Doctor Mobilium DigitalFamily

CEO UN SG Envoy for youth Youth & Partnerships

Fanfactory Singularity University

Spain UK USA Iceland UK USA USA









Chee Seong







Planetsisa, TEDx AmbassaAustria dor Austria

Anshu Ashwin Paul

Gupta Subramaniam Hughes

Founder Co-Founder Founder

Goonj Go Adventurin Ten Meters of Thinking

India Singapore Netherlands



Managing Director

Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited



Laddaga Lopez


Gnius Club






Sri Lanka

Marcos Jean-Luc Emily

OAP Scherer Schuler


Annuit Walk Ericsson Annuit Walk

Brazil UAE Brazil


Sivaramakrishnan Marketing Manager

Youth4Global Goals, Asian Development Bank





Brothers for All

South Africa



Deputy General Manager

Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited

Hong Kong



Head of Outreach and Public Responsibility Asia & Pacific





Head of Public Education and Youth Initiatives

UN Women




Austria Austria Malaysia

Digital Empowerment FounIndia dation

Belgium Malaysia


3.8. THE WSA WINNERS | 40 INNOVATIONS FROM 30 COUNTRIES The 40 WSA Winners, invited to pitch their projects and innovative solutions in Singapore were:

Business & Commerce Business & Commerce

Wipster Micepad

New Zealand Singapore

Business & Commerce Business & Commerce Business & Commerce

Meniga Testlio D.A.R.V.I.N

Iceland Estonia Austria

Government & Open Data

Open Spending Austria


Government & Open Data Government & Open Data

Business Gateway Local Authority Finances

Lithuania Ireland

Government & Open Data

Parliament and Citizens


Government & Open Data



Learning & Science Learning & Science

Bliu Bliu Snowball

Lithuania Kuwait

Learning & Science



Learning & Science

Notesmaster Namibia


Learning & Science



Entertainment & Lifestyle Entertainment & Lifestyle

FlipBeats Creators

Sri Lanka Argentina

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Kerbal Space Program


Entertainment & Lifestyle

Our World War Interactive

United Kingdom

Entertainment & Lifestyle Culture & Tourism Culture & Tourism Culture & Tourism

PledgeSports Latest Sightings Vienna State Opera live Teleport Flock

Ireland South Africa Austria Estonia

Culture & Tourism

Städel Digital Collection


Culture & Tourism

First Life VR

United Kingdom

Media & News



Media & News

Center for Investigative Reporting Bosnia And Herzegovina

Media & News

Your Story

United Kingdom

Media & News



Media & News



Health & Environment Health & Environment

ARANZ Medical CleverCare

New Zealand Brazil

Health & Environment



Health & Environment



Health & Environment


Inclusion & Empowerment

Internet of Bees (IoB) LISA, Information Services for Villages The Social Coin

Inclusion & Empowerment


New Zealand

Inclusion & Empowerment Inclusion & Empowerment

The Social Swipe PARE

Germany Mexico

Inclusion & Empowerment

Indonesia Spain


3.9. WSA GLOBAL CHAMPIONS 2016 The WSA Grand Jury selected one Global Champion in each of the WSA categories. The WSA Global Champions were announced at the WSA Gala and Award Ceremony 2016. The winners received their awards from high level laudators such as: H.E. Ahmad Alhendawi, United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, Dorothy Gordon, Director-General Ghana India Kofi Annan Center for Excellence in ICT, Ralph Simon, Chairman Mobile Entertainment Forum, Gabriel Lim, Second Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information Witman Hung, Managing Director at Qianhai International Liaison Services Ltd. and many more...

Business & Commerce MENIGA | ICELAND Government & Open Data LOCAL AUTHORITY FINANCES | IRELAND

Learning & Science CODERDOJO | IRELAND

Entertainment & Lifestyle CREATORS | ARGENTINA



Health & Environment MIROCULUS | MEXICO

Inclusion & Empowerment THE SOCIAL COIN| SPAIN


3.10. WSA SOUTHEAST ASIA 2016 The World Summit Award South East Asia (WSA-SEA) had its inaugural launch in Singapore. This regional initiative is organized in partnership with the World Summit Award, following its objectives, criteria and rules. Operating within the UN framework, WSA-SEA looks at maximising the regions’s technopreneurs and enterprises´ potential in developing ICT solutions from a global perspective. Through WSA-SEA, the following 5 Digital Innovators SOUNDEYE (Singapore), Backstreet Academy (Singapore), Neeuro (Singapore) , HandTalk (Laos) and parentUpp (The Philippines) were given the chance to present their products on a global stage, being connected to potential investors, veteran national experts and governments across more than 178 countries. In its first year, the WSA-SEA scouted for the crème de la crème of digital innovations that can create sustainable social impact by enabling the society at large through e-content and technology. With rigorous judging processes based on global assessment standards, the Award ensures the mining of the best ASEAN Digital Innovators. A specially allocated Jury selected from the WSA and Creative Alliance Network chose one Global champion and 5 WSA-SEA winners: Mark Hon (BANSEA), Janet Ang (IBM), David Leong (Republic Polytechnic), Chin Chee Seong (PIKOM), Colin JG Miles (minimob), Josephine S. Cacdac (TRACE COLLEGE), Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo (bubu), Felix Lee (WSA Singapore National Expert) and Jalen Wong (Republic Polytechnic). The candidates were judged based on the content, functionality, design, technology and innovativeness of their products. The products were also assessed on its impact on society both locally and regionally. “Neeuro has done Singapore very proud by creating an impressive product that looks at engaging the minds of the ageing population. What we liked was that this solution is affordable and can be replicated to impact countries outside of our own,” added Mr Felix Lee, Chief Judge of the WSA-SEA Judging panel.


3.11. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER SESSIONS & INTERACTIVE DISCUSSIONS WORLD CAFÉ- Philanthropy 2.0: Sustainability models for local transformation models Introduction by: Stacey Choe, Membership Services Director, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network The Knowledge Café is an interactive discussion format to facilitate an lively process between different stakeholders. In Singapore WSA invited the participants to discuss if Philanthropy could be a business model for digital social entrepreneurs and what means can be use to assess success. The main outcomes presentend included: .) Philanthropy can effectively be integrated into social entrepreneur business models, if used as seed funding, but the social enterprise has to develop a business model that can survive without it. .) Social enterprises develop solutions with social impact, content and impact comes first and not economic growth that would be relevant for VCs. .) KPIs are also crucial for social enterprises and have to be clearly defined in the beginning and before philanthropy comes in. FISHBOWL SESSION—STARTING UP FOR GOOD A Fishbowl is another interactive discussion format, providing everyone in the audience the chance to share their view. In Singapore WSA discussed with experts from ICANN, INTEL, the UNITED NATIONS, local stakeholders etc. how Social Entrepreneurs can chance our society and how they can be empowered. H.E. Ahmad Alhendawi, the UN SG´s Envoy on Youth, encouraged youth to engage more in political discussions. Only a very low percentage of youth in UK voted in the Brexit referendum, although it affects their future most. Rudy Laddaga, from the Gnius Club Mexico, claimed that kids should already learn how to collaborate in school . Start-Ups need to build good and strong teams, but in schools, it is only taught how to work alone.


3.12. INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS The WSA Social Innovation Congress in Singapore offered all delegates hands on workshops to gain new skills, boost their creativity and get new ideas and input for their enterprises. INSIDE FACEBOOK— Tips & Tricks for easy Facebook by Mathias Haas (Supersocial) Hands-on demonstration how to optimize your reach towards your community and fans through social media. The 5 most important criteria short and easy explained: From Storytelling to Social Ads. FACTORY OF IMAGINATION-Making Ideas not Things by Adam Montandon & Steffie Limere Fire up the machinery of your mind with an interactive creative workshop from the Factory of Imagination. FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY by Janine Warner, Jean-Luc Scherer and Rudy Laddaga Brainstorm together in a playful way how we can implement future technologies in a smart way. THE CIRCLE OF INNOVATION How to create a Culture of Innovation by Paul Hughes This workshop presented the 3 mind-sets of Innovation to kick start your Culture of Innovation, the key principles of action that all successful organisation use to stay innovative and a step-by-step process of what to do. ENGAGING THE COMMUNITY FOR IMPACT by Larry Tchiou by Singtel (WSA Corporate Partner) With the combined experiences of a corporate and a tech accelerator versed in different aspects of the social sector, attendees gained an enriching and insightful Asian perspective on how to address social challenges in more impactful ways through different proven methodologies of community engagement. BUILDING A TRIBE THAT MATTERS by Zikry Kholil In Building a Tribe that Matters, Zikry Kholil taught the audience how to start your very own tribe, your movement, your cause right from your seat. STORYTELLING FOR SOCIAL IMPACT By Red Bull Amaphiko Strong stories are powerful. In their workshop, Red bull explained how telling your story in the right way allows you to utilize this power, cut through the noise and grow your impact.


3.13. SINGAPORE Get2Gether & Networking evening WSA is all about building new relationships, friendships and partnerships. Networking works best in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. The WSA Social Innovation Congress audience had the opportunity for exchange, fun and informal discussions at two networking receptions. The First Get2Gether took place in a beautiful setting, right beside the Hotel pool with the skyline of Singapore surrounding the guests and enabled the participants to get to know each other right from the start, enabling a familiar atmosphere for the whole Congress.

F#ck-up Stories from our Startups „If you have never failed, you haven‘t really tried“- under this motto start-ups shared stories about their failures, problems and crisis at the Impact Hub Singapore. This evening was dedicated to failures and what to make of them, and created an atmosphere of problem solving thinking and the understanding, that made failures stand never alone, but are known to everyone. The audience had vivid discussions and Nadav Ossendyver, WSA winner concluded: „It is so great to know that it happens to everyone, and that we are not alone experiening failures. I got so much advice and positive views on my failures. It is inspiring!“


3.14. WHAT DO OTHERS SAY ABOUT WSA SOCIAL INNOVATION "Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. And there is no better place for exploring both than at the WSA!!!” Mathias Haas, CEO Supersocial, Austria

WSA 2016 is so far the best event that I have been to in my professional life. I am still overwhelmed by the number of amazing people that I met, great ideas that I heard and potential connections for future business. For me it was all about people, people and once again inspiration that I got from people at the event. From discussing UN's challenges in getting closer to social entrepreneurs to hearing about projects that help to save lives in Bangladesh or prevent bulling in schools in Mexico, or help children become next generation developers.... WSA 2016 Congress in Singapore has made me extremely proud to be one of WSA winners and part of this incredible community. Odeta Iseviciute, Winner Bliu Bliu, Lithuania

"I am fortunate to get invited to more conferences than I can attend these days, but I can't imagine missing even one WSA Social Innovation Congress. Not only do you consistently bring together an exceptional and diverse group of tech leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs, the conference itself includes such a fresh variety of events. From dynamic keynotes to the conversational fishbowl to the gala awards ceremony, everything is so impeccably organized. Thank you for including me in your latest great event in Singapore." Janine Warner, Executive Director, SembraMedia, USA

"Becoming the Global Champion in the Learning and Science category at the 2016 World Summit Awards was an honour for CoderDojo. It was inspiring to spend three days immersed with like minded individuals, who are all focused on positively impacting their countries and the world through their initiatives. I'm confidence that our participation at the WSA will lead to new Dojos in many countries " Giustina Mizzoni, Executive Director, CoderDojo Foundation, Ireland

„WSA is an unique event where you can meet social entrepreneurs from all over the world, make interesting connections and create friendships for life, it's not just an award, it's the chance to meet people working on things capable of making the world a better place.“ Karlo Rodriguez, Winner Grillo, Mexiko

„WSA in Singapore was amazing opportunity for us to showcase Imagga’s exciting image recognition technology and make new friendships and valuable connection. WSA family brings so much value to a technology startup based in Eastern Europe. We strongly believe being part of the event, and now, one of the 8 Global Champions is great honor but also a chance to work together with so many bright minds from all over the world into making UN’s Sustainable Development Goals reality. Chris Georgiev, Winner Imagga, Bulgaria

„Since its launch in 2003, the World Summit Award has been addressing issues of digital divide and promoting digital innovation. Today, this forum has grown into an international platform for entrepreneurs, ICT experts, venture capitalists, investors and governments from all over the world to make a social impact through digital innovation. I’m excited about the outcome of the Social Innovation Congress to bring the benefits of technology to more people in Southeast Asia. I would like to extend my appreciation to World Summit Awards (WSA) for inviting me here“ Dr. Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore



350 attendees total from 67 countries Top 5 countries in terms of attendees Singapore Austria Malaysia Philippines USA


REGIONS Africa Arab Countries and Middle East Asia Europe Latin America and Carribean North America and Oceania




73 73 51 151 47 5

15 14 12 31 11 1

3 1 5 22 6 3




Type of Companies participating in WSA competition 6%




Government 12%


Start-Up SME Corporate




4.1. WSA PUBLICATION Featuring Partners, winning projects, start-ups and speakers

The WSA Social Innovation Congress program provided an excellent overview about all activities, including background information about parnters and speakers.

Print run: 1500 Language: English



Youtube Channel: WSATV Total Views: 166.277 Views June, July 2016: 2560

WSA SOCIAL INNOVATION CONGRESS TEASER VIDEO WSA Congress Post Show Video, capturing the highlights.



events.wsis-award.org WSA created a special event page for the Congress, to give a special feature to all speakers, the agenda, logistical information, statements by UN representatives, sponsors and partners.

Top Countries/Visitors. Singpore on #2


Page Views with a clear peak shortly before the congress

4.4. SOCIAL MEDIA #WSA16 In order to spread the word about all ongoing activities, sessions and meetings, WSA used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach its online communities. For WSA Social Innovation Congress WSA created a Social Media Wall, showing all activies with #WSA16 Check out the Social Media Wall here: https://walls.io/ WSA16



GLOBAL REACH: SOCIAL MEDIA #WSA16 FACEBOOK WSA Social Innovation Congress featured its speakers, partners, topics, updates and winners continuously on Facebook. Current Facebook Likes: 6,229 (JULY 2016) | www.facebook.com/worldsummitaward


Great content shows great results. The reach on Facebook had clear peaks during the weeks before the WSA-Global Congress and the days during the congress in Singapore.


SOCIAL MEDIA #WSA16 FACEBOOK: Reactions, Comments, and Shares www.facebook.com/worldsummitaward


During the WSA Social Innovation Congress the WSA Facebook collected many new likes.


The post about the WSA Social Innovation Congress Opening speeches reached 11,406 people and got 461 likes. FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/worldsummitaward/ All event pictures are available on Flickr and the album has been viewed 965 times. All pictures by @philippbenedikt and @alexmattersberger


GLOBAL REACH: TWITTER #WSA16 WSA official hashtag #WSA16 has been used 1125 times in 30 days. From the graphics below, a clear peak during the Congress days from 29th June until the 1st of July is noticeable. Twitter.com/WSAoffice


4.5.PR, MEDIA & NEWS Mediapartners 2016


WSA Clippings (Selection)  CoderDojo named Global Champions at World Summit Awards (CoderDojo, July 11, 2016)  World Summit Award Proclaims The 8 Global Champions At The Social Innovation Congress Gala (Economy Decoded, July 11, 2016)

 World Summit Award to Focus on Sustainable Impact through Digital Innovation (Glocal Khabar, June 27, 2016)

 Singapore Hosting UN-Based World Summit Award Congress - Meet The Top 40 Change-Makers (Economy Decoded, June 21, 2016)

    

Sustainable Impact Through Digital Innovation (GeoConnexion, June 20, 2016) Tanzania: Girl Who Puts the Crown Back On African Queens (AllAfrica, June 19, 2016) WSA 2016 (Business of Apps, June 13, 2016) Singapore Is Hosting the UN-based WSA 2016 Social Innovation Congress (appindex, June 13, 2016) Telecommunications Regulatory Authority opens registration for World Summit Awards 2016 for ‘The World’s Best Interactive Contents’ (Al Bawaba.com, June 13, 2016)

 ‘Interactive Contents’ award begins registration (The Gulf Today, June 12, 2016)  Sustainable impact through Digital Innovation. Singapore is hosting the UN-based World Summit Award Social Innovation Congress, June 29 (Egypt ICT, June 7, 2016)

 World Summit Awards 2016: Sustainable impact through digital innovation (The European Sting, June 7, 2016)

         

Sustainable impact through Digital Innovation (ICTpost, June 6, 2016) World Summit Awards (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, May 9, 2016) Sleekwork Academy set to train tech talents in Africa (GhanaWeb, April 12, 2016) hSenid’s FlipBeats wins big at the World Summit Awards 2015 (ReadMe, December 24, 2015) AttitudeLive wins World Summit Award (Paralympic Movement, October 28, 2015) Africa cannot be excluded from globalization – Paul Kagame (StarAfrica.com, October 21, 2015) Irish site scoops major prize at World Summit Awards (Business & Finance, October 16, 2015) Rappler wins UN's 2015 World Summit Award (Rappler, October 14, 2015) Icelandic Software Wins Award (Iceland Review, October 13, 2015) Some brilliant news just in: Localauthorityfinances.com has won in the World Summit Awards (Brightspark Consulting, October 12, 2015)

     

Innovation of tomorrow today: cancer diagnostics via app and robotics for kids (Almasalla, October 12, 2015) Failure is part of innvation success - repeat, repeat, repeat (ICTpost, September 25, 2015) Baku to host International Forum of Innovations (News.Az, September 17, 2015) Smartur 3D gets mBillionth award (The Indu, July 30, 2015) Smartur 3D wins mBillionth South Asia 2015 (The Hans India, July 29, 2015) mBillionth 2015 Awards: how mobile apps are making a difference in South Asia (YourStory.com, July 24, 2015)

 UAE TRA invites digital content entries for WSA (Trade Arabia, June 25, 2015)  UAE TRA invites digital content creators to submit for World Summit Award e-Content 2015 contest (ZAWYA, June 23, 2015)

 Why World Summit Awards Are Needed for the Web (Manic Zambia, June 16, 2015)  WSA calls for participants for the World Summit Award 2015 (IRNA, Islamic Republic News Agency, June 10, 2015)

   

ictQATAR Invites Entries for World Summit Award e-Content 2015 Contest (The Peninsula, April 20, 2015) Presentan nueva edición del World Summit Award Paraguay (Paraguay.com, March 22, 2015) Nueva edición del WSA llama a los creadores de aplicaciones (Ultima Hora, March, 21, 2015) Social Startups: These are the 16 most important competitions for social entrepreneurs (Wirtschafts Woche Green, September 19, 2014) (German)

 TCAG to hold World Summit Awards here (The Businnes Times, September 16, 2014) 28


WSA NEWSLETTERS WSA shared 5 newsshots, announcing the WSA Social Innovation Congress 2016, informing the global network about recent news, partners, speakers, winners etc. Each WSA newsletter was sent to 13500 contacts world-wide.


5. WSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Peter A. Bruck Chairman, World Summit Award CEO and Chief Researcher, Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft AUSTRIA

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS Christian Rupp Federal Executive Secretary, eGovernment, Chancellery Office AUSTRIA

Osama Manzar Founder & Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation INDIA

Catherine Warren President, FanTrust Entertainment Strategies CANADA

Manar Alhashash Secretary General, Kuwait e-Award; e-Leader, UN GAID KUWAIT

Witman Hung Executive Vice President, Next Horizon Ltd. China Rodrigo Assumpcao President Dataprev BRAZIL Dorothy K. Gordon Director-General, Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT GHANA

Latif Ladid President, IPv6 Forum LUXEMBOURG Chitranganie Mubarak Chairperson ICTA SRI LANKA Ralph Simon CEO & Founder, Mobilium International, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment ForumAmericas UNITED KINGDOM

NON EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS George Sharkov Director ESI Center Eastern Europe BULGARIA Adam Montandon Associate Professor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship DENMARK Marta Tomovska Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information Society and Administration Mazedonia Anne Githuku-Shongwe CEO and Founder Afroes KENYA, SOUTH AFRICA

Mario Franco Founder and Chairman, Millenium@EDU Portugal Janine Warner Creator DigitalFamily.com USA Saeed Al Mansoori ADSIC UAE

Rudy Laddaga Lopez CEO and Co-Founder, U-TOUR MEXICO Anya Sverdlov Managing Director, Actis Wunderman USA


6. WSA Social Innovation Congress Partners


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WSA Social Innovation Congress Singapore | Event Report  

The WSA Social Innovation Congress in Singapore took place from 29th June until 1st July and featured the best digital innovations from all...

WSA Social Innovation Congress Singapore | Event Report  

The WSA Social Innovation Congress in Singapore took place from 29th June until 1st July and featured the best digital innovations from all...