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MAJOR MITCHELL’S COCKATOO Cacatua leadbeateri These breathtaking Major Mitchell cockatoos were photographed from a hide as they came to drink at a water trough, in the Australian outback of New South Wales, past Cobar. The Cockatoos (“cockies” in Aussie lingo) were attracted by putting nearby, piles of wild melon, which they love to open and savor the seeds. An interesting point about these cockatoos is that they seem to fling their crests forward to open them in demonstrative displays, rather than merely raising them (like Umbrella Cockatoos, for example). We are grateful to our US member, Dr. Stewart Metz MD, for this superb shot. More “Parrots in the Wild” shots are still needed. Rosemary Low


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Major Mitchells Cockatoo  

Major Mitchells Cockatoo Excerpt PsittaScene Feb. 1998