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Parrots in the Wild Lilac-crowned Parrot Amazona finschi

by KATHERINE RENTON Afterfledging fledgingfrom fromaanest, nest,this this After young Lilac-crowned parrot young Lilac-crowned parrot has a lot to learn. TheThe radiohas a lot to learn. radiotransmittercollar collarcarried carriedbyby transmitter thefledgling fledglingenables enables the researchers to studythe the researchers to study parrot’s developmentand and parr ot’s development movements.Three Threemonths months movements. afterfledging fledgingfrom fromthe thenest, nest, after young parrots become young parrots become independentofoftheir theirparents, parents, independent andseparate separatefrom fromtheir theirfamily family and groups to join juvenile flocks. groups to join juvenile flocks. Somemay mayremain remainininthe thelocal local Some areawhile whileothers othersmay maydisperse disperse area over60km 60kmfrom fromthe thearea area where over they first hatched. where they first hatched.

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Lilac-crowned Parrot  

PsittaScene Issue 12.3 Aug. 2000 Excerpt Lilac-crowned Parrot World Parrot Trust Publication

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