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Ship Recycling 2013 World Maritime University 9 April 2013

”GREEN” SHIP RECYCLING What did we achieve? Where do we go? Arjen Uytendaal

Encounter Bay in Barcelona harbour November 16. 1998

IMO MEPC 42 (November 1998) first time on the agenda

16 November 1998

"Encounter Bay" in Singapore Harbour. January 11, 1999

Developments Industry Working Party on Ship Recycling, 1998

•  Industry Code of Practice on Ship Recycling •  Instigated first guidance on Hazardous Materials Inventory •  Use of standard recycling contract •  Criteria for declaring a ship ‘Ready for Recycling’ •  Certification of yards worker safety & environmental management •  Minimise hazardous materials on board •  Gas-free all tanks (except those required for final voyage) •  Introduced cradle-to-grave analogy / Green Passport

Developments •  MEPC 47 (march 2002) agrees to develop recommendatory guidelines to be adopted by an Assembly resolution •  MEPC 49 ( July 2003) finalizes the IMO Guidelines on Ship Recycling •  Assembly 23 adopts the IMO Guidelines on Ship Recycling by resolution A.962 ( 5th December 2003) •  Assembly 24 adopts ”new legally binding instrument on ship recycling” (1th December 2005) •  First draft by Norway 2006 •  IMO Hong Kong Convention – may 2009

Developments Individual Shipping Company efforts •  •  •  •  •  • 

Nedlloyd / P&O Nedlloyd / AP Moller Maersk Hoegh Autoliners DFDS P&O ferries Shell Fugro Boskalis Swire Group HKG KLine Canada Steamship Line CSL Stena Lines

Achievements today? •  About 16-20% of all ships are recycled “Green” •  In 15 year ….. •  Whow …… •  mainly by West European Ship owners

What is green?

Is the discussing relevant with > 80% non green?

Green ship recycling What is “Green” ? Who determines what is environmentally sound and safe? –  IMO? –  EC? –  Local authorities? –  ISRA? –  NGO’s? –  ILO/Workers? INFRASTRUCTURE + –  Ship owners? MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS –  Shippers? –  Class? –  ISO 30.000? –  Media / Public opinion? –  Insurance / banks? Yards are getting confused …….

Green capacity •  Europe – America’s –  Good infrastructure, good management systems but limited capacity. No commercial market. •  Turkey -  Landing on concrete coast, varying quality of management systems, all over process controlled by shipbreaker association / authorities. OECD country. -  Capacity; about 900.000 LT not fully utilized

Green capacity •  India Sub Continent –  India Bangladesh Pakistan –  Infrastructure beaching in tidal zone areas –  Weak management systems (slowly improving in India) –  No green capacity (YET!) Our approach is technology neutral as long as facilities can provide evidence that the criteria are fulfilled. Of course, we do not expect the current substandard facilities to meet these criteria. Soledad BLANCO

Director Directorate for Sustainable Resource Management, Industry and Air Environment Directorate General European Commission

Green capacity •  Asia – China (others minimal) –  Quay operations, floating dock, slipway –  varying quality of management systems Jiangmen Zhongxin 0.5 million LTD IMO statement of compliant by IACS member

–  Fast growing capacity, ship building capacity converted into recycling. 2009 2,83 millions LDT 2013 4,20 millions LDT (just the ISRA members!) Not fully utilized at all!

International Ship Recycling Association The Association promotes: •  •  •  •  •  • 

Environmentally sound and safe ship recycling Uniting the responsible yards of the globe Increasing green recycling capacity Establishment of alliances with ship owners Creating a global level playing field Certification of its members on ISRA standards

International Ship Recycling Association We have members from •  China •  Turkey Maritime Delivery Inc (“MDI”), •  United States m.a.r.c Maritime Asbestos & Recycling Consultant •  The Netherlands •  UK •  Germany •  Hong Kong •  Middle East •  Norway CTI Centre Testing International (formerly known  as  “Van  Heyghen  Recycling”) •  Belgium •  Open for members from ALL countries

I.S.R.A Standards for A-members •  ISRA Certification •  Legal Requirements Local, IMO, Basel and ILO guidelines •  Physical requirements Sheltered environment, protected from currents and tides Adequate coverage of the yard, concrete floors, using lifting equipment etc •  Workers Health and Safety requirements Training, personal protective equipment, facilities •  Down stream hazardous waste management system, •  Emergency Responds system.

Stepping up to an academic level Tianjin University(TU)

Private funds G.S.F. Jiang Xiagang Changjiang Shiprecycling Yard (China)

Tianjin Tianma Shipbreaking CO Ltd

Fully sponsored PhD research focused on the ship life cycle and recycling total budget USD 1 mio. What kind of KPI and relations exist between the type of vessels demolished and the type of materials a shipbreaking yard needs to handle? What options for processes and sub-steps are available to optimise this process? What is the influence of the timing of materials leaving the yard on the optimal lay-out in the yard, but also which materials or design solutions are very cost-inefficient in the recycling process. Do alternatives exist to be applied in the design and engineering of vessels? 4 year program starting April 2013

How to change ship owner behavior?



•  For European flag ships it will be also allowed to be recycled in facilities located in non OECD countries. •  Provided that these facilities are recognized as sustainable and as such approved and on the list. •  Who approves? In Europe the flag state administrator, outside Europe to be appointed by EC. •  If owner complies to EC regulation, ship not subject to the Basel Convention and not classified as waste.

Europe •  So will Europe decide what is environmentally sound Ship Recycling? •  How? But for sure ISRA members will comply with EC standards and will come on the list. •  Implementing a recycling fund in Europe? For valid reasons owners are deadly against a fund.

Corien Wortmann

Peter van Dalen, against breaking on the beaches but happy EP environmental committee is Pro funding by owners

So where do we go? •  The EC approved list of yards will be leading for Green Ship Recycling ISRA will cooperate •  In the 7th annual General Meeting ISRA decided to update the ISRA standards to become fully in line with EC requirements. ( ISRA was starting point anyhow for EC wording) •  All ISRA members will be checked accordingly and will be certified GREEN SHIP RECYCLING EC REQUIREMENTS = ISRA!

New I.S.R.A. members Are you a responsible ship breaking yard? JOIN ISRA AS A FULL MEMBER!

Are you a responsible ship owner? JOIN ISRA AS AN ASSOCIATED MEMBER! Also for all other maritime stakeholders with CSR join ISRA as an associated member! WWW.ISRANETWORK.COM ARJEN.UYTENDAAL@ISRANETWORK.COM

Uytendaal green ship recycling  
Uytendaal green ship recycling