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SHIPREC 2013 The Inventory of Hazardous Materials and Shipping related issues

Junichi Hirata Manager of Practical R&D Promotion Division & Ship Recycling Team NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI WG Chairman for Recycling of Ships Asian Classification Societies(ACS)

History of ClassNK: Mil. GT


1899: Established 150

1999: NK becomes the world’s largest 100 class society 50

0 Year

2007: NK Register reaches 150mGT 2012: NK Register reaches 200m GT

We are expanding the globe. Today, ClassNK has a network of 121 survey offices worldwide, including:

20 offices in Japan & 101 offices


25 of which have been established since 2008


16% 16%

Budget for   Joint  R&D   and   17% collabora5on   programs   with  clients

Total Budget of R&D Activities : about 40 million USD Contribution to Japan’s National R&D Projects for GHG reduction

Joint R&D Projects with Industries 12 million USD

8 million USD

15-­‐20% of  Budget  

Facilities & Personnel Costs for R&D

R&D for Class matters

Spends for   Collabora5on 19 million USD

2 million USD


No. of Joint R&D Projects






60 ( Under Negotiation )

R&D Partners of ClassNK Maritime Industry


The above are some of our partners on R&D projects.

Collaboration on SRC in Japan Delegates to IMO


Government Ship Trial of Issues in SRC


Research Institutes

Ship Builders



Recycling business

Study Cooperation with overseas countries

Stake Holders at Maritime Sector in Japan are cooperating together for Implementation of all Procedures and Survey on Ship Recycling under the Convention.

Ship Recycling Convention IHM for Ships SRP for Ship Recycling SRFP for Ship Recycling Facilities

ClassNK Activities on SRC IHM for Ships

60 trials

SRP for Ship Recycling

10 trials

SRFP for Ship Recycling Facilities

10 trails

Ini5a5ve in  IHM  study (MEPC 52/3/8)

Japan has started research project with regard to IHM since 2004 and taking initiative in IHM study. * Traceability is the ability to trace the production history, use, or localization of an entity by means of recorded identification.

Proposal of the Ship Material Traceability System

History of  discussion  on  IHM  in  IMO Ø  MEPC 47 (Mar. 2002): Establishment of WG on Ship Recycling Ø  Assembly 23 (Dec. 2003): Adoption of IMO Guidelines on Ship Recycling Ø  MEPC 55 (Oct. 2006): Draft of IHM Guidelines were submitted by Japan and Germany Ø  MEPC 59 (Jul. 2009): Adoption of IHM Guidelines Ø  MEPC 62 (Jul. 2011): Amendment of IHM Guidelines

WHAT is IHM? "   IHM indicates Quantity & Location of actual Hazardous Materials on board the ship, Wastes, and Stores Switchboard of M/E

M/E in Engine Room

IHM, Map for safer and greener recycling “Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) provides ship-specific information on the actual Hazardous Materials present on board.�

2 ways of developing IHM p  Development of IHM for New Buildings order







Ship Owner IHM

Informa1on Supplier (Tier  1)


p  Development of IHM for Existing Ships order

Ship Owner IHM

HazMat Expert Onboard Inspection Development of IHM

Informa1on Supplier (Tier  2)


p Development of IHM for New Buildings







Information Supplier

Information Supplier

(Tier 1)

(Tier 2)


500-2000 MD

100-500 MD /engine


If we develop IHM by hand…

One (1) IHM from 500-1800 MD •  Collecting, Collating, Searching, Storing data from 10,000+ pieces of equipment •  Large amount of correspondence to track and follow •  Large storage space requirements for each ship.

Class NK provides the solution PrimeShip-GREEN/SRM Cloud System for Ship Recycling Management

• Paperless • Uniform data • Minimal correspondence • IHM is developed, updated, and certified all on the system • NO restriction by Class

One Platform for the entire maritime industry

PrimeShip-GREEN/SRM works Shipbuilders •  Prepare ship data •  Request MD/SDoC to suppliers •  Set Location on board

•  Verify in quick and rational method

Suppliers •  Input MD/SDoC Ship data MD SDoC Location



Shipowners Ship-recyclers •  Review IHM •  Request MD/SDoC to suppliers for newly installed products

IHM for new building is Ready. MORE THAN •  90 shipbuilders PrimeShip-­‐GREEN/SRM •  1,300 suppliers have registered ACS is preparing unified e-format of HazMat information for industries. And it will arrange Seminar on it.

IHM for existing ships is also ready •  Expertise based on trial IHM Development for 40 Existing Ships •  Build-up trained HazMat Experts team

•  HazMat Expert services are provided all over the world. •  Cooperation with IHMA is important for future.

Ready for HKC on IHM ClassNK has issued Statement of Fact (SOF) for HKC: •  80 SOC for new building •  160 SOC for existing ship

and even more… ClassNK approaches for the appropriate and effective use of IHM at recycling stage: • 

Demand from Ship Owners to find good SRF


World’s 1st Development of SRFP under HKC Compliance

Collaborate extends more on SRFP and SRP

But‌ Stakeholders have to cooperate and collaborate more and more. Because it is needed to unify manner of developing IHM for industries. ClassNK supports all the stakeholders with sufficient technical knowledge and practical judgments.

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Hirata the inventory of hazardous materials and shipping related issues