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AMSA FOLLOW--UP FOLLOW ACTIVITIES Presented by: Atle Fretheim PAME Chair 2011 WMUWMU-IMO Conference on Oil--Spill Risk Oil Management g Malmø 8. March 2011

The Arctic Council „



The Arctic Council is the council of ministers for the 8 states bordering the Arctic: Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Finland, Iceland Iceland,, Norway, the Russian Federation, Federation, the United States and Sweden. The Arctic Council develops joint arctic programs, policies and measures p measures.. 6 p permanent Workingg Groups. p So far, not developed legally binding instruments. PAME is the working group providing policy recommendations to the AC on matters related to the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Environment..

The Arctic Council’s Marine Strategic Plan 2004: „

Called for a comprehensive p assessment of Arctic marine shipping, taking into account that marine transport p in the high g Arctic may increase substantially


Focus on p potential impacts p on humans and the Arctic Marine environment


PAME was tasked to carry out the assessment

The Arctic Maritime Shipping Assessment (AMSA) Report 2009: „ „

„ „ „

Report p readyy in spring p g 2009 Focus’’ on potential impacts on humans and the Arctic Focus Marine environment v (oil p pollution,, introduction pollution d c of alien species,, disturbance of marine life species life,, etc) etc) Includes 17 recommendations Endorsed by Arctic Council Ministers in April 2009 PAME was tasked to coco-ordinate the follow up activities.. activities

AMSA FollowFollow-Up „

PAME in October 2009 produced proposals for actions on all 17 recommendations on which the AMSA Report requires follow follow--up


The proposals were presented to and approved by the Senior Arctic Officials in Copenhagen in November 2009


Involved Arctic Council WGs were requested q to cooperate in the followfollow-up and Arctic Council countries were asked to take the lead on follow follow--up activities

AMSA FollowFollow-Up Categories „

Actions to be implemented by PAME Recommendations d I(A), A I(B), I(C), I(D), II(D) and d II(G)


Actions to be implemented by other AC working groups Recommendations I(E), II(C), II(F) and III(C)


Actions to be followed up nationally Recommendations II(A), ( ), II(B), ( ), II(E), ( ), II(H), ( ), III(A), ( ), III(B) ( ) and III(D)

PAME Implementation Recommendation I(B) on IMO Measures for Arctic Shipping 1) To T assess progress within h IMO on augmentation off global l b l IMO ship safety and pollution prevention regulations for mandatory application of relevant parts of the Arctic Guidelines + + (develop a“Polar code” and related SOLAS/MARPOL amm.) - To be developed by 2012 ? – Work is well under way in IMO - Norway lead in IMO, in cooperation with other AC countries

Arctic Council countries to cooperate in relevant IMO meetings.

I(B) on IMO Measures M ffor Arctic A i Shi Shipping i 2) To consider measures avoiding or eliminating the environmental i l risk i k regarding di the h use and d carriage i off heavy h ffuell oil by vessels operating in the Arctic. – Norway and USA co co--leading. leading „ Finalized Phase I at PAME meeting in February 2011: Traffic, risk assessment, present regulations, policy options. „ Based on Phase I findings PAME decided to implement Phase II on possible new measures to reduce the probability of HFO spills p and the nature of such measures. Agreed measures to be proposed in IMO, as appropriate To be presented to AC Ministers meeting in May 2011


Recommendation I(C) on uniformity (harmonization) of Arctic marine shipping pp g regulatory g y regimes g (coastal ( states)): states): To be considered at a later stage as per IMO Polar Code developments. A Polar Code will strongly influence the harmonization of regulations.


Recommendations I(D) ( ) on Strengthening g g Passenger g Ship p Safety in Arctic Waters: Waters: - Denmark and USA coco-leading. 1)) To monitor and discuss IMO work on Enhanced Contingency g y Planning Guidance for Passenger Ships Operating in Areas Remote from SAR Facilities. 2) To collect information and monitor and discuss ship operators development , implementation and sharing of best practices. Inform IMO. Encourage industry to strengthen ext guidelines.


Rec II(D) on Specially Designated Arctic Marine Areas: PAME in February 2011 agreed on a project to consider proposals to IMO for designation of “Particular Sensitive Sea Areas” and/or “Special A Areas” ” (i ((including including i l di associated i d protective i measures measures)) in i regions i off the h Arctic. Project to be endorsed by Ministers in May 2011. Considerations will be based, among other, on the findings in implementing recommendation II (C) on the identification of (marine) Areas of Heightened Ecological and Cultural significance in the Arctic Arctic.


Recommendation II(G) ( ) on Addressingg Impacts p on Marine Mammals due to ship noise, disturbance and strikes: Work ongoing in IMO etc. AMAP and CAFF to assess Arctic issues. B d on this, Based thi PAME to t consider id possible p ibl policies p li i andd measures.

Implementation by other WGs „



Recommendation I(E) on Search and Rescue (SAR) (SAR) The Arctic Council SAR Task Force has p prepared p an Intergovernmental g Agreement (legally binding) on Aeronautical and Maritime SAR in the Arctic, for ministerial consideration approval in May 2011 Recommendations II(C) on identification of Marine Areas of Heightened Ecological and Cultural Significance in the Arctic. AMAP/CAFF/SDWG to provide a full report to PAME II II--2011 Recommendation II(F) on Oil Spill Prevention and III(C) on Ci Circumpolar l E Environmental i lR Response C Capacity. i EPPR to follow follow--up, - work in progress


Full report to Ministers in 2011 „

PAME will p present a consolidated report p on follow follow--up p activities of all 17 AMSA Recommendations to the Ministeral meetingg of the Arctic Council in Nuuk, Greenland, 12. May 2011.


PAME proposes that an updated report be presented to Ministers in 2013. 2013

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PAME Ministerial Deliverables „


„ „

Heavyy fuel oil project p j Phase I Report p ((Recommendation I(B) ( ) action 3)) and proposed project for Phase II to be implemented in 20112011-2013. Report on the follow follow--up of Recommendation II(C) on the identification of areas of heightened ecological and cultural significance (prepared by AMAP/CAFF/SDWG) and proposed project for implementation of Recommendation R d i II (D) by b PAME in i 20112011-2013. 2013 AMSA status report on the follow follow--up of all AMSA recommendations. P Proposed d AMSA activities i i i for f the h PAME WP for f 2011 – 2013. 2013

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Panel Discussion - PAME  

2011 WMU--IMO Conference on Oil-Spill Risk Management Malmø Presented by:by: Atle Fretheim PAME Chair 8. March 2011

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