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G oba Industry Global dust y Response Group (GIRG) Oil Spill Response sub-team 8th March 2011 M l Malmo

Oil Spill p Response p Organisation


OGP Management Committee (provides overall steer)

GIRG Co-ordination Group ((incl. Communication / Support) pp )

Well Engineering Design & Equipment / Operating Procedures

Capping & Containment Capability Review Group

Oil Spill Response

Analysis Group

Technical / Design Group

Background g

• Macondo spill response effort is widely acknowledged to have been successful, but… • ….post-event analysis has identified potential opportunities to further strengthen future spill response plans • Longer–term issues that are not considered pressing now, now but may potentially become more visible in the next few years, were also identified. identified

Background g • GIRG OSR sub-team: over forty experts and responders from OGP, the IPIECA Oil Spill Working Group, and the Tier 3 Oil Spill Response Centre in UK • Full consultative process in worldwide Oil Spill Response Community • Included consultations with US API and Australian AIP/AMOSC, IMO and others in Asia, Latin America and Europe • Over fifteen issues identified for further work

Issues for future consideration

• Environmental Effects of Dispersants • Subsea S b use/capping / i & containment t i t (with ( ith API)

• Dispersant Approval & Supply Chain • Global protocol/supply chain capabilities

• Dispersant Effectiveness Monitoring • Global adoption of SMART protocol?

• Airborne Dispersant Delivery Systems (ADDS) • Alternative airframes – R.O.W. ROW

Issues for future consideration • Tier2 / Tier 3 response resources • Verify the response philosophy and strategy

• Assessing Response Preparedness • Risk/Hazard assessment • Prescriptive vs. safety case models

• Effective exercises • Benefits of real-time exercises g of National & Industryy plans p • Testing

• Surveillance of Oil Spills • Subsurface tracking of oil & dispersed oil

Issues for future consideration • Communications: forming a “Common Operating Picture” • Capture IT and Technical developments

• IPIECA Oil Spill p Working g Good Practice Series • Include E&P – new technical publications required e.g. on ICS, ISB and offshore decanting

• Mobilizing, managing and integrating responders • Integrating volunteers, civil protections, military, etc.

• Response to different types of oil • Relating oil properties to response scenarios

Issues for future consideration

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Outcomes of OGP Global Industry Response Group  

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