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A studio instead of a seat. It’s not business as usual.


SALVATORE FERRAGAMO SHOEMAKER TO THE STARS Discover the differenc ce of a Business Studio on our A380 and 787 Dreamliner. Eat when you want with menu guidance from our Food & Beverage Manager. Sleep on a large, flat bed, rela x with noise-cancelling headsets or wo ork using in-seat connection por ts and mobile or Wi-Fi connectivit y. The ideal space for work, rest and play.



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Issue 29



Be whirled away upon a magical journey across desert plains with true Arabian nights, desert adventure, Middle Eastern fauna and nomadic romance.

Publisher Kevin Rolfe


Designers Mike Gibas Mark Askam

Surrounded by desert, mountains and sea, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah promises adventure and relaxation - a true all-in-one.


Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort features stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Hajjar Mountains that provide a backdrop for the 18-hole championship golf course at Al Hamra Golf Club.


Located in Ras Al Khaimah, this charming resort is close to shopping and entertainment at Marjan Island and Al Hamra Mall. Discover remarkable restaurants, bars and beach parties.


Situated on the pristine white sands of Ras Al Khaimah’s tranquil Marjan Island, Rixos Bab Al Bahr enjoys the beautiful beach, stylish rooms, and comprehensive amenities you may expect from a five star.




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Travelers looking for a destination with yearround sunshine, sweeping white sandy beaches, so adventure and world class resorts are invited to visit Ras Al Khaimah, the northern most emirate of the UAE and located just 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Ras Al Khaimah is a unique destination for visitors of all ages. With its 416,600 population the emirate boasts of beautiful mountains, red sandy desert and lush green plains along with a series of creeks and lagoons. It has a rich heritage dating back 5,000 years, which manifests in numerous historical sites, forts and abandoned villages. The Emirati culture is omnipresent in Ras Al Khaimah and you will be welcomed with the warm Arabic hospitality wherever you go. Ras Al Khaimah offers a variety of entertainment and relaxation facilities including exclusive Hotels & Resorts, international cuisines’ restaurants and selective spas, all at great value for money. With a wide range of activities covering Watersports, Sailing Cruises, Desert camps, Golf courses and Mountain Adventures, the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah presents an ultimate outdoor experience for residents and visitors alike.  64 kilometers of coast line with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches are a heaven for all sun-seekers.


Located just 45 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and being well connected by Airport and the National Highway, Ras Al Khaimah enables easy stopovers as well as extended holidays. With its splendid natural treasures and recreational choices, Ras Al Khaimah is a picture-perfect leisure destination that is a must for travelers, looking for the real essence of Arabia.




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HERITAGE AND CULTURE Ras Al Khaimah has been the site of human habitation for several millennia and its indigenous cultural traits portray the real flavor of Arabia. Today, the native values, heritage and culture which have evolved over centuries, continue to thrive the modern look, infrastructure, facilities and the moderately liberal lifestyle that characterize Ras Al Khaimah. Ras Al Khaimah’s culture is rooted in a long tradition of literary work, camel races, falconry, traditional artwork, fishing, pearl farming and the cultural exchange brought about by trade routes. The local museums and forts provide visitors with a glimpse of the emirate’s cultural life, history and heritage. The people of Ras Al Khaimah are welcoming and friendly. Many are employed in the fishing, trading and agricultural industries and while you can still see farmers growing date-palms, Bedouins (tribes) roaming the desert and fishermen trading by the coast, increasing modern industries are taking over. However, the emirate is keen to promote and preserve its heritage, particularly its fishing and sea trading villages of Julfar and Jazirat Al Hamra; the oasis selements in Shimal, Falayah and Dhayah; and the remote villages of the Al HajjarMountains.

Many people imagine cities in the UAE to be in the shadow of soaring skyscrapers, but Ras Al Khaimah City, the capital of the Emirate has the majestic backdrop between both the mountains and the sea. Divided into two parts by a natural creek, a bridge connects the old city with the newer part with old souks and historic buildings siing comfortably alongside newer glitzy malls and office blocks. Both sides are vibrant and exciting, home to four fihs of the Emirate’s population, yet there’s an atmosphere of a small, convivial, bustling town. National Dress The present national clothes are a continuation of the old costumes of early Muslims. However, due to the cultural changes that have taken place in all the classes of the society, the national clothes, especially women's clothes, have changed significantly. LUXURY REDEFINED


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Women's clothes Women's clothes in the UAE look like the usual clothes worn by women all over the Arabian Peninsula. The dress, commonly called "Nafnoof", "Al Goon" or "makawar" is a long variety that reaches down to the feet. UAE women also wear an embroidered "Kandoorah" whose style varies according to its embroidery, fashion or material. Men's clothes Mens clothes are simple in design and colours. Men all over the country nearly wear the same main dress called “Kandurah”. The design of the Kandurah differs slightly in some places or according to the weather. Popular Arts The UAE in general and Ras Al Khaimah in particular is well known for its folklore, folk music, folk dance and other traditional and popular art forms which embody and reflect the social, ethical and aesthetic values of the community. Traditional dances for example are meaningful movements played rhythmically to symbolize the common ideas and likes of a certain community. Al Wahabiyyah It is one of the oldest art forms of Ras Al Khaimah and is performed only here. The songs during this performance are divided into three sections. Drum players stand between two rows of performers comprising the band. One of the performers begins by reciting a line of poetry. He repeats it a number of times until the other performers have memorized it. Then he recites another line of poetry from the same poem. The first line is a start and the second is the astinato or pedal. The two rows of dancers rhythmically move forward and backward, a row bows and drummers keep drawing nearer to it for 10 minutes while moving their heads. The opposite row repeats the some movements as the drummers draw nearer to them as well. Dancers with swords and guns add charm to the show. This folkdance is usually performed on special occasions, feast days and at wedding parties. Local Cuisine Ras Al Khaimah’s kitchen is known for its delicious dishes and recipes passed from one generation to another.


Local people, being seafarers and merchants for centuries, brought into the country exotic plants, spices and recipes from all over the world. Therefore, traces of Indian, Egyptian, Iranian and Turkish cuisines can also be found in local dishes.



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ENDLESS FUN AND ACTIVITIES As a leisure destination, Ras Al Khaimah provides visitors with a choice of exciting activities and places of interest from water sports, desert experiences, and golf to historical sites and cultural aractions. Whether you’re looking for complete relaxation or an adrenaline rush, you will not be disappointed.

Historical Sites Experience the rich heritage of Ras Al Khaimah, which includes majestic forts and museums – each telling a story of its own. History lovers would enjoy visiting the Dhayah fort, built in the 16th century on a mountain overlooking the Gulf, to fight the British troops.

Bassata Desert Village Live the ultimate desert experience with the Bassata Desert Village! Enjoy a wide range of traditional Arabic activities with dune bashing, belly dancer, Arabic Tanoura, camel riding as well as Arabic barbecue.

Water Sports With a number of beaches and modern equipment, Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect destination for water sports. With a wide variety of activities, choose your favorite sport from scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing and fishing.

Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club Under the Patronage of HH Sheik Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club is a members’ club for sailing, yachting and water sports enthusiasts.

Golf Passionate about Golf? Ras Al Khaimah won’t disappoint you with its choice of two 18 - hole championship Golf courses.

Falcon Show in Banyan Tree Al Wadi Falconry is one of the famous traditions in the region. Ras Al Khaimah hosts a unique falcon and raptor display at the first desert spa resort in the Middle East - the Banyan Tree Al Wadi. LUXURY REDEFINED

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Breathe Romance in the Arabian Desert Be whirled away upon a magical journey across desert plains with true Arabian nights, desert adventure, Middle Eastern fauna and nomadic romance.

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Step into a privileged sanctuary at Wadi Khadeja. An oasis of peace awaits you at Banyan Tree Al Wadi, the United Arab Emirates' first desert

resort and spa to offer an all-pool villa concept with integrated facilities comprising Asianinspired hydrotherapy spa facilities, dedicated nature reserve where you interact with Arabian Gazelle and Oryxe and access to Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach and eighteen-hole championship golf course at Al Hamra Golf Club.


A jewel amidst the endless sandscape, the resort is set against the magnificent Al Hajjar Mountains, offering you the surreal aura of desert romance. LUXURY REDEFINED

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AL RIMAL POOL VILLA – KING Light up your dreamy Arabian stay at this traditional mud-brick Arab villa redesigned to provide modern luxury, tastefully furnished only with the best. Be enchanted by views of the tranquil desert oasis on your personal terrace or have a romantic soak with your loved one in your private pool. Bring your search for a true desert experience to an unparalleled end.

| 14 |

AL KHAIMAH TENTED POOL VILLA Be greeted by the dramatic furnishing in classic Arabian style at the Al Khaimah Tented Pool Villa. Modern and elegant with an opulent bathroom, bring your desert experience to new heights. With an exclusive private pool in the middle of the desert and a comfortable king sized bed, you leave feeling rejuvenated, captivated and wanting to come back.

AL SAHARI TENTED POOL VILLA Majestic, grand and modern, lavish living awaits you at Al Sahari Tented Pool Villa. Overlook the beautiful desertscape while reposed in the extensive private pool. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a spacious bathroom and spa treatments tailored to suit you, be prepared to have your desert living redefined.

SPA SANCTUARY TENTED POOL VILLA Experience true sanctuary for the senses as you indulge in unlimited spa treatments at the Spa Sanctuary Tented Pool Villa. Experience luxurious tranquillity and a grand hideaway as the classic furnishing of this modern villa sweeps you off your feet. LUXURY REDEFINED

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Archery Range Test your aim from the safety of a specially designed tented deck. Falconry Deck Expansive views of the Al Wadi Nature Reserve

| 16 |

Falconry Mews Where the Middle East's ďŹ rst and only falconry course is conducted, and a place for you to ďŹ nd out more about these beautiful birds.



The Stables Traverse the nature reserve on horseback and run among the beautiful desert animals that live here.

Khan Zaman Tent Ae traditional Bedouin tent set on the fringe of the nature reserve. Climb atop a camel and let it carry you out to the sand dunes . LUXURY REDEFINED

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BANYAN TREE SPA Lavish Spa Treatment Pavilions, the largest stateof-the-art hydrotherapy facility in Banyan Tree Group – The Rainforest, and unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf shimmering usher you into a lush world where relaxation reigns in priority. The best of restorative retreats awaits you in the midst of desert living.

| 18 |

Conference, Events & Business Your event will be expertly managed by Banyan Tree's team of highly experienced event planners. Tailoring special wedding or meeting packages to meet your unique requirements, pick your choice of venues from an exclusive desert terrain of Ras Al Khaimah to a conference block which accommodates up to 150 people.

Nature Reserve The Al Wadi Nature Reserve is Ras Al Khaimah's ďŹ rst managed protected area. Spanning 100 desert hectares across the Ghaf Tree wooded valley within Wadi Khadeeja, the reserve is a sanctuary for indigenous ora and fauna. LUXURY REDEFINED

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RESIDENCE Inspired in design by the local Arabic leitmotif, Al Hamra Residence and Village oers a unique blend of local heritage and modern design. Nestled between a breathtaking 18-hole Golf Course and a sandy beach, and within close proximity to the tourism aî…&#x;ractions of Ras Al Khaimah, Al Hamra Residence and Village provides a unique holiday experience to guests, combining the highest levels of comfort and luxury, all at great value for money.

| 20 |

Guests staying at our resorts can expect highly personalized 24-hour service, combined with authentic, elegant surroundings of the highest quality. We encourage our guests to explore the beautiful emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, while enjoying the vast range of facilities that our resorts provide.


E & VILLAGE Al Hamra Residence and Village presently comprise of two distinguished resorts in Ras Al Khaimah: Al Hamra Residence &Â Al Hamra Village Golf & Beach Resort. Whether looking for a family holiday, or a weekly getaway, or romantic rendezvous with your loved one, our resorts are a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Unwind and relax at Al Hamra Residence located on the pristine shores of the Arabian Gulf. Previously known as Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort, this premium resort takes full advantage of its scenic location with enthralling rooms and a vast array of recreational activities. LUXURY REDEFINED

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Al Hamra Residence features 147 stunning suites, all boasting relaxed ambience and exceptional views. Evoking the area’s rich culture, rooms feature traditional and stylish Arabic design with a modern twist. With the white sand beach just a stroll away and its close vicinity to the various tourism aractions of Ras Al Khaimah, Al Hamra Residence gives you every reason to extend your stay and unwind. Leisure and Recreation There is always something to do at Al Hamra Residence! Soak up the sun on the magnificent beach or swim in the calm waters of Arabian Gulf. The outdoor swimming pool is ideal for a dip in the mornings/noon and relaxing while geing the perfect tan for you. Those who love outdoor activities can enjoy a game of tennis, beach volleyball or use the modern gymnasium for a quick workout. Al Hamra Golf Club, just a couple of minutes away from hotel, will challenge your Golf skills!

| 22 |

Private Beach 250 sq. m. of sandy beach - open from sunrise to sunset Swimming Pool Outdoor Pool 25x10 meters and a separate children’s pool - open from 8:00 to 20:00 hrs Tennis Courts 2 tennis courts to enjoy a game with family/friends - open from 8:00 to 22:00 hrs Health Club Gymnasium - open from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm Massage Center Offering traditional Thai treatments – open daily from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Natalie Tours Kids Club concept Now your kids can get the same world-class experience at the Kids Club through Natalie Tours. Aer providing a great summer season of fun and games at Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy and Cyprus, the animation team of Natalie Tours is with us exclusively! First of its kind in the UAE, a professional animation team will entertain the guests and the kids especially through the program, Port Comfort.

Offering Zebra Club for kids between 2- 6 years, and Pirates Club for kids from 6 to 12, the team from Natalie Tours will entertain your lile ones with fun games, creative competitions and prizes, while you spend quality time with your loved one at our unique properties, Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort, and Al Hamra Village Golf & Beach Resort. LUXURY REDEFINED

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Rooms and Amenities Whether it’s a seafront location or the mesmerizing landscape of 18th hole Golf Course, the suites of Al Hamra Residence will inspire you. These 147 splendid suites, each one with its own charm and individual appeal, have been designed to be warm and comfortable. Choose from sleek rooms and magniďŹ cent 1, 2 or 3 bedroom suites.

| 24 |

Each hotel suite is spacious and contemporary, with expansive windows featuring Sea/Golf course views. Premium quality beds, high-speed wireless Internet, and a fully equipped kitchen make both short and long stays hassle-free.

Dining and Entertainment Choose among three delightful restaurants and four bars at Al Hamra Residence - including mouth-watering international cuisine at "Sea Breeze" Restaurant, fresh fish and seafood at the beach view “Samakmak” restaurant, poolside cocktail and snack at the "Marjan" Pool Bar & Restaurant or refreshing drinks at the Beach Bar. Also, you could dine at your convenience with 24hour room service. Guests of Al Hamra Residence can also visit The Village restaurant and The Village English Pub in Al Hamra Village Golf & Beach Resort, just a couple of minutes away on a walking distance.

Meeting and Events Al Hamra Residence is ideal for arranging large meetings and social events which can be held at Al Hamra Convention Center. The Convention Center is within walking distance and has a maximum capacity of up to 800 people. Al Hamra Convention Center Al Hamra Convention Center is the ideal venue to hold celebrations, conferences, product-launches and seminars. An elegant pre-function foyer for receptions leads to the double height ballroom that can be separated into 3 independent conference rooms, each with its own automated audio visual system. LUXURY REDEFINED

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Welcome to Ras Al Khaimah – the land of beautiful white sandy beaches, imposing mountains and stunning mangroves. It is the northern most and fourth largest emirate of the UAE. The diverse landscape and rustic charm of Ras Al Khaimah offers tourists an opportunity to experience and explore nature at its authentic best. With a wide range of adventure and sports activities covering mountain climbing, desert camps, golf courses and watersports, the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah presents an ultimate outdoor experience. Whether shopping in the welcoming old Souq (market), driving up the imposing Jabel Jais mountain range or taking a ride on the world’s tallest water slide, Ras Al Khaimah has something for everyone.

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This rising emirate, with its rich history and culture, offers a number of historical sites and ancient ruins dating back to the 13th century AD. The forts and the museums display here the proud heritage of the Emiratis here, who which are still renowned for their warm hospitality. Located just 45 minutes from the Dubai International airport and 30 minutes from Oman, Ras Al Khaimah enables easy stopovers for guests. With its picture perfect natural beauty and recreational choices, Ras Al Khaimah forms the perfect leisure destination. LUXURY REDEFINED

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American Express World Luxury Expo, Riyadh  .": 2017 Showcasing a selection of the World’s Leading Luxury Brands ACCESS BY INVITATION ONLY world-luxury-expo-riyadh/

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WALDORF ASTORIA RAS AL KHAIMAH Set in a charming beach-front location, and only 50 minutes from Dubai, the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah is ideal for leisure getaways. The multi-award winning resort offers palatial rooms, stylish dining and an 18hole golf course. Surrounded by desert, mountains and sea, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah promises adventure and relaxation a true all-in-one. The resort boasts an extensive size and includes:

• 18-hole golf course and a tennis court • 350 meters of private white sand beach • Water-sport activities • Spa, fitness center and a Kids Club • 9 restaurants • Four meeting rooms, a boardroom and the adjacent Convention Center This grand palace features 346 guest rooms and suites, all with WiFi and HD plasma TVs. Meal time is bliss at our hotel with intricate sushi plates, juicy steaks and an array of Middle Eastern dishes. Aer sundown, 17Squared is the go-to places for one of the best cocktails in the area. Enjoy aentive service synonymous with Waldorf Astoria, and for a more personal touch select our Private Concierge service. LUXURY REDEFINED

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ACCOMMODATION Experience an unforgeable stay in one of the 346 spacious rooms and suites with indulgent amenities, True Waldorf Services and spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and Hajar Mountains. The King Imperial Suite is a truly unique duplex that stands alone over 2 whole floors with its own private internal staircase, a VIP elevator and direct private spa access – an extravagant and unparalleled address suitable for only the most discerning guests. Admire the views from the balcony at this abundantly expansive 422sqm space which features separate king-sized and queen-sized bedrooms, a full sized foyer, two en suite bathrooms, a dining room, kitchen and the living room with a grand piano.

| 40 |

GOLF Al Hamra Golf Club offers a challenge for golfers of all skill levels, from novice to expert players. This par-72 championship golf course has hosted regional golfing championships and is home to some of the most outstanding facilities in the region. The course measures 7,325 yards total and boasts five tee options on each hole. For night time play, the club uses the latest zero pollution floodlights. Book an individual or group lesson with Al Hamra's Golf Academy. The Golf Academy is run by PGA qualified professionals. Hone your skills by utilizing the designated bunkers, pitching, chipping and puing areas. Fine tune your swing with the swing analysis soware provided in the swing studio. Shop for all of your golf needs at the two pro shops on-site. Both shops provide the latest in equipment, clothing and accessories from the top brands in the golf industry. LUXURY REDEFINED

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RESTAURANTS AND LOUNGES Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah is home to a variety of bespoke restaurants and bars, offering an exclusive range of dining and entertainment experiences to suit every mood and taste. Dine on an extensive range of favorite global and local dishes served at Qasr al Bahar. Enjoy first-class ingredients in dishes cooked in open kitchens, featuring Arabic classics, Indian tandoori, European-Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Lexington Grill, the US steakhouse, showcases grills, steaks and seafood with private dining room and long bar seating. UMI, the Japanese restaurant, serves Teppanyaki and sushi. Relish elegantly presented home-style dishes at Marjan, featuring finely spiced, marinated and grilled food from the Middle East.

WALDORF WEDDINGS From the moment you say, "Yes", to the day you say, "I do", we'll work with you to guide your wedding journey to ensure your event is handled expertly. The palatial Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah hotel provides an idyllic destination for an unforgeable wedding. Revel in meticulous aention to detail, inspired catering services and seamless organization by our expert wedding planner, all within a seing of luxury beach resort luxury. The beautiful golden sands of the private beach and the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf beyond provide an ideal backdrop for intimate outdoor and unforgeable wedding ceremonies and magnificent receptions tailored to your specifications.

Sate your appetite with refreshing cocktails, juices, salads and sandwiches at the poolside in Azure or at the beach in Al Fayrouz. Visit 17Squared for its high-energy and stunning 17th floor views or relax with specialty coffees and cakes at the icons Peacock Alley. Camelia Lounge caters to tea lovers and offers the traditional Waldorf Astoria high tea. LUXURY REDEFINED

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WALDORF ASTORIA SPA A place of refuge and restoration; the spa offers enchanting and mystical signature treatments combined with captivating exceptional care to create a place where guests can surrender and restore personal wellbeing to reach subliminal levels of relaxation. With an undersea theme that flows through the tranquil area, the calming blues of the raw silk clad walls, lighting and floor to ceiling windows allow for a sense of serenity and space. Two differing product lines are used in the spa; Voya, totally organic, sustainable seaweed products which have been produced on the shores of Ireland by the same family for over 100 years and QMS Medicosmetics, powerful, intelligent skincare formulations based on scientific logic not miracles.

SPORTS Sports lovers will appreciate the wealth of activities on offer at Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah. Due to its diverse landscape and commitment toward providing tourists with a range of activity choices, Ras Al Khaimah has become a hub for outdoor sports and indoor games. The emirate provides safe and cost-effective opportunities for guests to try out a wide variety of activities in picturesque natural locations, whether exploring the magnificent mountains or playing a round of golf on a championship course. Stay fit during your holidays, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah boosts 2 tennis courts where hotel guest can practice their tennis skills free of charge, day and night. Bookings are available at the hotel health club of through the Personal Concierge. Coaching is also available upon advance request and against a fee. hp:// hotels/uae/waldorf-astoria-ras-alkhaimah-RKTWAWA/index.html


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Celebrating Excellence in Spa Tourism

5 September 2016 Forte Village, Sardinia worldspaawards

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Welcome to Rotana's first property in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The Cove Rotana Resort is where the traditional charm embraces the uniqueness of the Arabian culture. The spectacular resort is located on an idyllic water inlet on the Ras Al Khaimah beachfront overlooking the Arabian Gulf with 600 m of pristine beach.

| 48 |

Spread through the idyllic resort, are a number of Villas that are ideally designed to accommodate families or a group of friends. With a Nubian touch in their design, the Villas are well-craed and aesthetically designed to offer comforts that you would expect of a 5-star resort and much more.

From spacious living rooms, private terraces, spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf to the lagoon or lush green hills, each of the Villas are designed to anticipate and cater to your every need.

The city of Ras Al Khaimah is the capital of the Emirate and is divided into two parts by a natural creek. Ras Al Khaimah - meaning the “top of the tent” is situated in the northernmost part of the UAE. With the varieties of landscapes, Ras Al Khaimah is an interesting and aractive area to visit. The waters of the Persian Gulf and 64 km of sandy coastline form a natural border in the West. The Eastern part has a spectacular mountain range called the Ru’us Al Jibal. It is part of the Hajar Mountains, which start in the Musandam Peninsula and run as far south as Sur in Oman. LUXURY REDEFINED

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Villas Spread through the idyllic resort are 79 (1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Villas) that are ideally designed to accommodate families or a group of friends. With a Nubian touch in their design, the Villas are wellcraed and aesthetically designed to offer comforts that you would expect of a 5-star resort and much more.

| 50 |

From spacious living rooms, private terraces, spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf to the lagoon or lush green hills, each of the Villas are designed to anticipate and cater to your every need.

Recreation You can keep fit and relax with our state-of-theart facilities • 600m pristine beach • Bvodylines Fitness & Wellness Club includes jacuzzi, steam, sauna, 7 massage rooms, fully equipped gymnasium, fitness classes, cardiovascular and weight training.

• • • • •

Flipper's Kids' Club Baby siing service on request and kids menu 2 outdoor swimming pools Kids pool Offsite activities include sight seeing trips, desert trips, fishing trips • Water Sports Activities LUXURY REDEFINED

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Dining & Entertainment Basilico Mediterranean Restaurant This upscale dining restaurant offers a mix of traditional and modern dishes and a variety of choices from all over the Mediterranean with an Italian emphasis. Basilico is the place to wine and dine, to spend time with friends and leisurely enjoy the best life has to offer "La Dolce Vita".

| 52 |

Cinnamon All Day Dining Featuring extensive and diverse choices of International buffet with Oriental highlights and an outdoor terrace, Cinnamon is the place to socialise over a casual meal or celebrate your occasions with a circle of friends.

Breeze Situated near the main lobby, Breeze lobby lounge and bar is an ideal place for aernoon coffee or tea or for sampling an excellent selection of cocktails and mixers. It offers snacks, cakes and pastries from the cake counter as well as Shisha in the evening on its spacious terrace.

Laguna Bay Unwind and take in the calming atmosphere of poolside dining at Laguna Bay pool bar. Situated by the lower pool, facing the Villa islands and lagoons, it offers cold snacks accompanied by an appealing selection of fresh juices, cocktails and iced drinks. LUXURY REDEFINED

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MERcEDES AMG GT S In the Mercedes-AMG GT S, the already outstanding performance of the MercedesAMG GT is boosted even further. With additional highlights that allow conďŹ guration of vehicle systems to make it desirous of a race track, the Mercedes-AMG GT S is an outstanding expression of the essence of AMG. The new Mercedes-AMG GT S embodies the sensual purity of sportiness and emotion. The two-seater is characterized by hallmark rearwheel-drive proportions. The V8 biturbo front mid-engine ensures optimum weight distribution, which forms the basis for superb driving dynamics.

| 54 |

The long bonnet with its pronounced powerdomes, the greenhouse which has been moved far back, the large wheels and broad tail end make up the distinctive looks. The large tailgate conceals a practical luggage compartment.



The creative interaction of diverse design elements lends the coupé a superior, selfconfident front: the three-dimensional diamond radiator grille with central Mercedes star, a broad louver and AMG leering stands in the center of the front end. LED High Performance headlamps

with stylized "eyebrows" as daytime running lamps, side lights and indicators, as well as three separate high-beam reflectors lend the Mercedes-AMG GT S its characteristic look. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 55 |

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The interior design embodies maximum emotion and sensual purity. Radically low, sporty proportions create a unique sense of spaciousness. Clearly drawn components and their authentic materials underscore the dynamic character and create instant excitement: Anyone opening the door discovers an exciting interplay between the deep, sloping dashboard and a dominant, arched high center console, a design which evokes emotions and impresses with its perfection.

| 56 |

The already outstanding performance of the Mercedes-AMG GT is boosted still further in the Mercedes-AMG GT S. The AMG 4.0-Liter V8 Biturbo engine with 375 kW (510 hp) and 650 Nm delivers a further 35 kW (48 hp) of output and additional 50 Nm of torque. The AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension is adjustable in three stages – from comfortable through to sportily taut. Further highlights include the electronic AMG rear axle differential lock with variable locking effect and the additional "RACE" transmission mode, which configures the vehicle systems to make them suitable for circuit racing.

The combination of aluminum spaceframe, V8 biturbo engine with dry sump lubrication, sevenspeed dual clutch transmission in transaxle configuration at the rear axle, locking differential, sports suspension with aluminum doublewishbone suspension and the low kerb weight of 1570 kilograms delivers racetrack performance. The concept with front mid-engine and transmission in transaxle configuration makes for a beneficial weight distribution of 47 to 53 percent between the front and rear axle. In conjunction with the vehicle's low center of gravity this translates into extremely agile handling and permits high cornering speeds.

With a favorable power-to-weight ratio of 3.0 kilograms per hp, the Mercedes-AMG GT S selfconfidently lines up alongside the very best in its segment. The sports car also sets a new benchmark figure for fuel economy: fuel consumption of 9.6 – 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers (NEDC combined) constitutes a considerable increase in efficiency.


| 57 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |



Named aer the iconic Crystalline enriched Al Marjan Island, Marjan Island Resort & Spa is located in Ras Al Khaimah‘s first man-made archipelago of 4 picturesque coral-shaped islands and boasts breath-taking scenic marine views of the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf.

| 58 |

The Moorish designed Marjan Island Resort & Spa offers impeccable standards of service combined with distinctive style reflecting its Arabic heritage and a tradition of hospitality.


The newest destination and most discerning resort araction of Ras Al Khaimah is a genuine place to experience world-class tourism in a seing where Arabian hospitality complements our amiable culture. This alcohol-free resort is a place devoted to serenity and well-being and offers exclusivity and tranquility.

With close proximity to the vibrant city of Dubai, around a 40 minutes’ drive, the resort is a perfect serene getaway. Far from the city bustling activities, the resort is an unrivalled address for comfort and tranquility with family fun indulg LUXURY REDEFINED

| 59 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

ROOMS & SUITES Comfort with spectacular views Experience an unforgeable stay in one of the 299 spacious rooms and suites with indulgent amenities, unrivaled services, entertainment and comfort blended with Arabian touches of originality.

| 60 |

Choose among multiple experiences in one stylish seing that harnesses the soul and essence of Andalusia with our sophisticated Moorish designed selection of accommodations: Superior and Premium Rooms, Family Rooms, Junior Suites, Marjan Suites, Two-Bedroom Suites, ThreeBedroom Suites and get transported to the glorious and legendary lifestyle of Andalusia’s past.

Rooms and Suites are large and spacious, feature well-appointed and modern bathrooms for selfpampering, in-room business facilities and ample working space, separate seating area and complimentary high speed Internet. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 61 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

DINING An array of taste and flavors Inspired by our vision to make Marjan Island more than a sleeping destination, this alcohol-free resort opens up the development to a wider audience by creating a haven of taste and leisure and developing a fresh approach to the act of dining. Our concept menus have been specially created with the UAE’s and International diverse audience in mind, with items for all tastes and dietary requirements.

| 62 |

Our philosophy is to serve great quality, wholesome food with true flavours and prepared with authenticity, the way cultures intended, in a relaxed and tranquil seing. Superior in quality, with a blend of culture and the contemporary, we focus on customers’ enjoyment in mind. Combined, these principles help us to create one of the most unique culinary destinations in Ras Al Khaimah.

Our restaurants champion fresh, locally selected produce for its carefully considered menus and will establish itself as a hub for UAE residents to enjoy a variety of social and relaxing Dining with leisure and entertainment activities. Our variety of restaurants, which can seat up to 800 people in the relaxing ambiance of its interior, is surrounded by beachfront and horizons and with white sandy beaches and promenades and also oers customers the opportunity to dine outdoors on the deck, suspended over the seafront.

Our varied cuisines are tailored to satisfy every age and taste. The Resort selects only the ďŹ nest ingredients in the preparation of its food, most of which are locally grown and organic. Customers can explore the culture of food through interactive and educational menus, allowing them the novel opportunity to choose their ingredients and discover the heritage of the dishes they order. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 63 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

RECREATION Located in the heart of the resort with a prime location on the first floor and overlooking the breathtaking views of Al Marjan Island, La’mar Spa embraces the Arabian Sea waters.

| 64 |

The relaxing seing of Al Marjan Island extends to the interior of the spa with the clean environment and the unique seing of a new and private destination with separate areas for ladies & gents. Dominantly holistic with wellness trends focusing on rejuvenation and relaxation, our vision is to offer a differentiated spa culture with a unique variety of lifestyle services to feel vibrant and healthy.

In La’mar Spa you will learn what it means to revitalize your inner energy in the natural environment of the gentle waves, warm Gulf climate and rooms overwhelmed with light. Our experienced therapists will be pleased to help you select a service tailor-made to your needs. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 65 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |


HILTON AL HAMRA BEACH & GOLF RESORT Take in breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and the Hajjar Mountains as you tee off on the 18-hole championship golf course of Hilton Al Hamra Golf & Beach Resort. Surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, this impressive Ras Al Khaimah resort offers easy access to Al Hamra Marina, shopping malls and numerous leisure facilities and is just an hour's drive from Dubai.

| 66 |

• Luxury beach-front resort in the heart of exclusive Al Hamra • 18-hole championship golf course • 50 minutes from Dubai International Airport • 8 restaurants and bars, including the original Trader Vic’s Mai Tai® • Convention center with 6 meeting rooms & a ballroom for up to 1000

Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort features stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Hajjar Mountains that provide a backdrop for the 18-hole championship golf course at Al Hamra Golf Club. This world-class course offers a fun and challenging game to golfers of all levels.

Al Hamra Golf Club uses zero pollution floodlights to offer golfers the ability to play into the night. Host a society or corporate event with the assistance of the club’s professional staff, which will ensure all aspects of your event are taken care of.

The Par-72 course by Peter Harradine was designed with five varying tee options on each hole. Enjoy the scenery as you play the course that wanders around four inter-connected lagoons that merge with the water of the Arabian Gulf. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 67 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

ROOMS & SUITES Our rooms are designed with comfort and convenience in mind; providing a place to unwind or to catch up on work. Explore the various types of rooms, explore the amenities, and choose the space that's right for you. GUEST ROOMS Select from the choice of guest room in a villa-like building with a garden view or superior room with contemporary design in the main building, or upgrade to a deluxe room at the beach front and enjoy spectacular Arabian Gulf and Marjan Island views. All the rooms feature Wi-Fi access, 42-inch TV and a bathroom with a separate bathtub.

| 68 |

SUITES Spoil yourself in a luxurious and spacious suite. Enjoy stunning sea or garden views from the large windows; unwind in the living room with a seating area and watch a favorite movie on the 47-inch TV. Our Presidential Suite boasts private dining facilities, kitcheneî…&#x;e and a rooî…šop terrace. All suites feature Wi-Fi access, 47-inch TV and elegant bathroom with a separate bathtub.

DINING At Hilton, dining options are designed with you in mind. Food lovers are spoilt for choice at this Al Hamra resort. We have seven dining outlets, including our friendly beachfront restaurant, Le Chalet, and the authentic Lebanese restaurant, Al Jazeera. Sample innovative dishes prepared with only the freshest ingredients, or simply sit back with a cup of local tea or Turkish coee in the Lobby Lounge.

SPA The Spa at Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort boasts an idyllic seî…&#x;ing on the vast shores of Al Hamra. Step into this hotel spa and feel embraced by the aromatic scents inviting you to unwind and begin your spa journey. Select from a range of rejuvenating treatments, such as facials, massages and body wraps performed by our team of professional therapists with exclusive, organic spa products. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 69 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 28 |


| 70 |


MAGNAT LZR 980 HEAD PHONES Magnat's high-end speakers legendary for the past 40 years. Magnat's high-end headphones legendary from 2014. A clear concept, premium quality materials and exclusive technology. The birth of a new legend:

The LZR 980 reference headphones! Our claim: State of the art technology. Optimum ergonomics. An audiophile sound. And the look? Exclusive! Developed in collaboration with world-renowned Italian design company Pininfarina. Selected components & materials guarantee optimum precision & maximum dynamics. The LZR 980 is our reference – our benchmark. Experience the difference! LUXURY REDEFINED

| 71 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

LAZER HEAR THE DIFFERENCE! LZR – Laser! The basis of the product name! Excellent dynamics. Brilliant trebles. Rich bass lines. Realised through exclusive components & laser technology. Our "Metal Core" drivers deliver maximum sound precision: Authentic, natural, clear & detailed. The result: High-end audio in a pocket format. MAXIMUM COMFORT. Perfect ergonomics & unrivaled comfort are ensured through practical tests & case studies. Memory foam ensures a perfect fit for your head & ears. The optimum positioning of the headphones also provides the best possible insulation for your outer ears. What about sweating? No chance! The Air-Tec ventilation system ensures you keep a cool head. COMPROMISE? NEVER! Magnat.LZR stands for quality. Without exception. Stringent material selection and meticulously precise production quality are benchmarks of the LZR 980 series. Sensitive joints are made of metal. The breathable LZR-Pro fabric used for the ear pads sets new standards! The headband & ear cups have been coated in multiple layers. Stylish: Mother of pearl white. Cool: Rubber paint black.

HIGH PERFORMANCE CABLES. Only high performance components are used, even when it comes to the cables! High-purity OFC copper and gold-plated connectors ensure optimum signal transfer. What about cable breaks? This isn't an issue, thanks to anti-kink protection at all transitions. The cables used for the LZR 980 are "tangle-free": Thanks to a special design and optimised surface, tangled cables are a thing of the past. LZR 980 PRODUCTDESIGN BY PININFARINA The Magnat.LZR 980 series – a technical masterpiece and elegant style icon combined. The design: "made in Italy by Pininfarina". The highest standards of design and aesthetics combined with the technical perfection of legendary high-tech products.


| 73 |

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RESORT & SPA Ras Al Khaimah, the most pristine of the Emirates, is only an hour and 15 minutes' drive from Dubai International (DXB) Airport. The multi-award winning resort provides a leisurely pace of living, sprawled over 1.5 kilometers of private white sandy beach, offering the perfect destination for a family getaway.

| 74 |

• 1.5 kilometer of private sandy white beach • 14 dining and lounge choices, including 4 specialty restaurants • Spa with treatments, hammam Turkish baths, saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools • 7 outdoor pools, 24-hour fitness center and beach club • Fully-equipped water sports center offering snorkeling, water skiing, windsurfing, diving and much more

ROOMS & SUITES Watch the sun set over the sea from a stylish room or beach chalet at Hilton Ras al Khaimah Resort & Spa. All rooms, suites and villas feature internet access and a private balcony or patio. Our Royal Suite offers a private steam room, sauna and Turkish Hammam. GUEST ROOMS Relax in a 48 sq. m./516 sq. . guest room with a balcony, LCD TV, work space and WiFi. Guest rooms also feature a mini bar and a large bathtub. Upgrade to a spacious 50 sq. m./537 sq. . guest room with garden access for direct access to the gardens with the beach just a few steps away. We also offer 51 sq. m./548 sq. . sea view rooms – perfect for a memorable stay.

HILTON SUITE Spoil yourself in this luxurious contemporary suite with a separate living and dining area. The vibrant suite has a large bathroom and walk-in shower. Relax on the sofa and surf the web with WiFi access. De-stress while watching DVDs on either of the two LCD flat-screen TVs. Some suites offer a whirlpool.

VILLA Enjoy the stunning sea view from the balcony of your villa. Unwind with DVDs on the large LCD flatscreen TV, or get to work at the desk in the working area. Pamper yourself in the spacious bathroom with walk-in shower. Some suites have separate living and dining areas. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 75 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

THE SPA Discover a haven of relaxation at The Spa at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort. Embrace the healing powers of the four elements with our range of rejuvenating treatments and tranquil spaces. Our professional spa team will help you choose from a wide range of therapeutic spa treatments, including body scrubs, customized facials and therapeutic massages using Kerstin Florian products.

| 76 |

Embrace the healing powers of the four elements with our range of rejuvenating treatments and tranquil spaces. Our professional spa team soothes the senses with pampering body treatments, rejuvenating facials and blissful massages.

SPA EXPERIENCE Embrace in a journey of senses from the moment you arrive for your treatment. The Spa features separate male and female changing rooms, two Moroccan Hammam, nine treatment rooms and two relaxing lounges. Experience the amazing whirlpool tub, sauna or steam room, complimentary along with your treatment.

DINING Dining and entertainment are at the heart of the Hilton Ras al Khaimah Resort & Spa experience, with spectacular views, cuisine and delicious drinks in more than a dozen venues. Specialty options include ďŹ ne Italian cuisine at Piaceri de Gustare, stylish beach barbecue at Al Bahar and an exciting taste of Brazil at Pura Vida. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 77 |


American Express World Luxury Expo, Jeddah 0$50#&32017 Showcasing a selection of the World’s Leading Luxury Brands ACCESS BY INVITATION ONLY world-luxury-expo-jeddah/

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 28 |




Experience a warm welcome at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Resort & Spa Marjan Island with the signature chocolate chip cookie when you check in. Located in Ras Al Khaimah, this charming resort is close to shopping and entertainment at Marjan Island and Al Hamra Mall. Discover remarkable restaurants, bars and beach parties within and near our beautiful resort. Guests enjoy easy access to a wealth of sporting and leisure options, including golfing, sailing, aviation and desert camping. Indulge in a therapeutic treatment or massage in the luxurious eforea: spa or relax on the so sands of the 650-meter private, white sandy beach, lapped by the azure waters of the Arabian Sea. Swim in one of the five temperaturecontrolled pools or stay active in the fitness center fully equipped with top of the line Technogym equipment.

Food lovers will be spoiled for choice with seven on-site bars and restaurants, including two specialty restaurants, an all-day dining venue and a rooop bar. Take in beautiful sea views from your spacious and inviting guest room or suite. All of our accommodations offer either a balcony or patio, with direct access to the beach. The resort boasts a newly renovated kids club with an outdoor playground and dedicated arcade areas for older kids, in addition to a Pirate Boat Aqua Zone with lots of water slides for the whole family to enjoy. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 81 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 28 |

Discover a beautiful beachfront base on the luxurious Marjan Island at DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island. Feel welcome the moment you arrive with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie on arrival. Boasting an ideal location less than an hour from Dubai near RAK Free Zone, RAK Investment Authority Offices and extensive shopping, dining and leisure options, this Marjan Island spa resort is perfect for business and leisure guests. Make the most of your recreation time with a wealth of leisure amenities including the first eforea: spa in the U.A.E., five swimming pools and a 24-hour fitness center. Soak up the sunshine on the hotel's 650-meter private white sandy beach or sip cocktails as you enjoy splendid island views in the rooop bar. Dine in style at this Ras Al Khaimah resort with seven on-site bars and restaurants, including two fine-dining venues and a traditional pub.

| 82 |

Each of the spacious guest rooms and suites at this Marjan Island hotel offers wonderful views and contemporary amenities including WiFi, a mini-refrigerator and a separate bathtub and shower. Each of our accommodations also features either a balcony or a patio offering direct access to the beach. Hold an event in the spectacular seing of DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island with five flexible function spaces, contemporary A/V equipment and a connectivity station. Our stunning beach is the ideal seing for an idyllic outdoor wedding or celebration, and our delicious catering options and dedicated event team will ensure the success of your function.

KING JUNIOR SUITE WITH SEA VIEW AND BALCONY Take in the sea view from the furnished balcony of this 68 sq. m./731 sq. . suite, featuring a living area with sofa, a work desk and a king-sized bed. Watch the 42-inch LED TV or surf the internet using WiFi while enjoying a hot beverage from the in-room espresso machine.

ONE BEDROOM SUITE - SEA VIEW AND BALCONY Take in the sea view from the furnished balcony of this 68 sq. m./731 sq. . suite, featuring a living area with sofa, a work desk and a king-sized bed. Watch the 42-inch LED TV or surf the internet using WiFi while enjoying a hot beverage from the in-room espresso machine.

This contemporary suite also features a mini fridge, and the modern bathroom has a bathtub and standing shower. Special touches include a complimentary local newspaper and boled water. Sleeps 2 adults and 1 child with a rollaway bed.

This contemporary suite also features a mini fridge, and the modern bathroom has a bathtub and standing shower. Special touches include a complimentary local newspaper and boled water. Sleeps 2 adults and 1 child with a rollaway bed. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 83 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 28 |

DINING Food is comfort. Whether you are into health food, snacks, or gourmet food all the way, we’ve got something to tickle your palate. Try the Italian cuisine at the Vespa restaurant or enjoy the world cuisine as well as local specialties at Al Marjan restaurant. Al Marjan Al Marjan is our all day dining restaurant and is a combination of all the elements of world cuisine and local specialties represented in a truly international buffet, with innovative live cooking elements to give a creative atmosphere and focus on fresh products and innovative presentation of the meals.

| 84 |

Boardwalk Our pool bar has a healthier approach to food with fresh juices and innovative mocktails. It is the perfect location for daytime refreshments or evening dining next to the pool. Brasserie A destination restaurant for both in-house guests and outside guests, Brasserie offers a wide menu with some classic European dishes, innovative funky mixes and some general great home-style food as well as interesting beers, pronounced wines and great coffee menu.

ShoFee Rooop Bar Soak in the views of the Arabian Gulf from the 9th floor while you enjoy your Shisha and Arabic snack in this full air conditioned venue.

The Lobby Lounge An integral part of the lobby, featuring a warm and elegant atmosphere serving light snacks, coffee, tea and other beverages.

The Anchor The Anchor is a maritime-inspired restaurant and bar, where you can relax with a cold drink over a game of darts or pool. Catch the game on one of the big screens as you chat with friends in our friendly gastro pub, inspired by British traditions. Linger over a menu of British classics and European favorites, or just select from our extensive beer and wine list. Wine is available by the glass or bole.

Vespa Enjoy a fun, friendly, family-style Italian restaurant with daily specials on the blackboard. You will always get fresh ingredients and beautiful recipes, all filled with love and passion just the way mama used to make it LUXURY REDEFINED

| 85 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 28 |

EFOREA: SPA The time has come to relax, replenish and let go with the ultimate hotel spa experience at DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island. Our eforea: spa at DoubleTree, the first in the U.A.E, is a place to release the stress of everyday life and to ascend to a state of emotional tranquility and physical well-being. Whether your desire is to invigorate the soul, relax the mind or beautify the body, our professional therapists at eforea: spa at DoubleTree will exceed your expectations.

| 86 |

eforea: spa at DoubleTree offers unique and skillfully designed treatment journeys to pamper every guest's need. Book the Essentials Journey to address specific skin concerns using targeted treatments and powerful, technologicallyadvanced treatments. Or, let go of daily stressors and indulge in our truly unique and indigenous Escape Journey. Add one of our Global enhancements craed using treatment techniques from around the world. Indulge in a luxurious treatment unique to the local area. Enjoy traditional exfoliations, mud masks, cereal scrubs and perfumed water treatments to nourish and moisturize the skin. Experience our Turkish Bath Ceremony where black olive oil soap is used to give you a luxurious foam massage followed by an exfoliation, a Vichy shower and a fragranced oil treatment, all designed to pamper the skin and deeply relax your body.

HIGHLIGHTS • Contemporary, beachfront resort on Marjan Island, near shopping, restaurants, nightlife and leisure opportunities • 450-meter private beach, 5 temperaturecontrolled swimming pools, 24-hour Fitness Center

• On-site dining with 7 bars and restaurants, including an all-day dining venue, 2 specialty restaurants and a rooop bar • Newly renovated kids club, an outdoor playground and fun filled Pirate boat aqua zone

• First eforea: spa in the U.A.E, with 7 treatment rooms, sauna and steam facilities and whirlpool • Three flexible meeting spaces with spacious breakout areas and connectivity station LUXURY REDEFINED

| 87 |

A private apartment in First Class. That’s Flying Reimagined.

In the First Apartment on our A380 you can relax in a large leather armchair befo ore retiring to the comfo ort of a separate bed, dressed with all-natural bed linen. Enjoy a seven-course tasting menu prepared by our Inflight Chef.. Ta ake a refreshing shower in the First Class bathroom befo ore landing.

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BANYAN TR RAS AL KHAIMAH BEAcH Be knied into a tempting tapestry of fine sand, the Arabian Gulf panorama and golden sunshine dancing on moving azure waters. Open your soul to the magic of Ras Al Khaimah beach hotel.

| 90 |

Cradled in the enclave of Al Jazirah Hamra, translated as the Red Island, Banyan Tree is one of the region's most exclusive beach resorts. Stretched along a private shore of white sand and fringed with desert greenery, the resort is an impressive illustration of love twined with adventure. Here, live out your Arabian romance.


| 91 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

BEACHFRONT POOL VILLA A Bedouin-inspired abode complete with plunge pool, a beach cabana, high-tented ceilings and opulent bathroom with bath furnishings elevate this In-Villa experience to loî…šy heights. A plush bedroom with high tented ceiling, canopied bed draped with sheer quality fabric, accented with Arabian-styled lamps and Middle Eastern furnishings veil your Arabian villa experience in mystique.

| 92 |

A plunge pool made irresistible with cool lapping water and pool tiles in a graduation of rich blue shades, the dizzying sight of endless sea, its nearness ensuring a ow of constant sea breeze are the perfect foil for the wild beauty of the Middle Eastern desert.

SPA SANCTUARY TENTED POOL VILLA Experience true sanctuary for the senses as you induge in unlimted spa treatments at the Spa Sanctuary Tented Pool Villa. Experience luxurious tranquillity and a grand hideaway as the classic furnishing of this modern villa sweeps you off your feet.

FACILITIES Resort Pool Located next to the Sands Terrace, the resort's infinity pool overlooks the vast expanse of ocean and provides refreshment and cool leisure. Banyan Tree Spa Seek revitalization when you embark on an awardwinning spa experience. Receive the gentle touch of skilled hands artfully blending the most exquisite of oils and remedies to knead your tension into oblivion.

Banyan Tree Gallery Bring home the lile touches that make Banyan Tree unique. With an enchanting collection of handicras, resort apparel and signature spa amenities, you will find every item imaginable to relive your Banyan Tree experience in the privacy of your home. Fitness Pavilion Located at the Al Hamra Golf Club, the Fitness Pavilion is equipped with state-of-the-art workout gear to satisfy the expectations of any gym enthusiast. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 93 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

DESTINATION DINING “Discover an enchanting array of delectable foods of impeccable freshness and quality” Come into the heart of a desolate universe and find lush repletion in the sphere of the resort's Destination Dining experience. With food beautifully prepared and gracefully served in a seing of remarkable beauty, let your romantic journey into the wilds of Arabia commence at our restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah.

| 94 |

BANYAN TREE SPA “Feel your youth awaken in surroundings made for rejuvenation” In a desert world nestled by the sea, receive the gi of peace in six Arabian Spa Treatment Pavilions, each complete with its own Outdoor Shower. A mystical world will charm and enchant you as you embark on a journey to the pinnacle of tranquil serenity.

MEETINGS AND EVENTS With state-of-the-art facilities cradled in the loom of a magnificent Arabian landscape, both Banyan Tree Al Wadi and Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach are the perfect desert oases for fulfilling every corporate need. Whether you are organising a corporate retreat, a business function or a gala event, Banyan Tree Al Wadi and Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach are excellent choices for your event needs. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 95 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

THE RAINFOREST EXPERIENCE A multisensory awakening treat awaits couples at The Rainforest, a unique Banyan Tree concept bringing couples through 16 unique hydrothermal therapy experiences. The experience includes an ice igloo, brine cavern, herbal sauna and rain walk, each chapter drawing you deeper into the uî…&#x;er completeness of perfect privacy. ROYAL WADI Soothe your sunburned skin with a cooling blend of aloe and lavender. A delicate body scrub of green apple, cucumber and white sesame eectively and gently removes dead skin cells and nourishes fresh tender skin, while a soothing massage and facial treatment round the circle of the harmonious Royal Wadi.

| 96 |

PRIVATE FALCONRY SESSION Learn more about this fascinating ancient desert art form with Banyan Tree Al Wadi's professional falconer in an exclusive, interative session. PRIVATE HORSE RIDING SESSION For three quarters of an hour, saddle up and canter away into a secluded arena of the nature reserve. Explore the reserve's rolling dunes and valleys without hesitation, and feel your soul expand in sheer pleasure. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 97 |

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Combining a sporty design with prestige mechanics, the Chronograph CAMBIANO offers a level of technical and aesthetic refinement that immediately places this collection in a class of its own.

| 98 |

WHILE THE AFFINITY between the Chronograph CAMBIANO and the Tourbillon OTTANTA® is clear, this new timepiece is the result of in-depth development adapted to its functions and specific features.


| 99 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

Following the example of its predecessor, from which it inherits certain aesthetic codes such as the oscillating weight and screws, the Chronograph CAMBIANO presents a varied topography united by a succession of curves and sharp angles. Architecturally rich, it is structured with contrasting finishes and surface treatments selected with meticulous aention to detail. The superbly proportioned AMADEO convertible case allows the timepiece to be used as a wristwatch, miniature clock, pocket watch or sports counter. The steel case-band and caseback have a circular satin finish, while the bezel, support, bow and crown are in ball-milled steel with black DLC coating. The push-pieces of the chronograph, shaped to resemble an accelerator, are arranged symmetrically on either side of the bow at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock in keeping with BOVET’s customary aesthetic codes. This positioning ensures perfect ergonomics regardless of which case configuration is used. For optimal functionality and perfect clarity, chronograph and time indications are displayed separately. Chronograph functions are therefore arranged on the dial’s horizontal axis, with the seconds hand naturally in the centre, the minute counter at 9 o’clock and the hour counter at 3 o’clock. Time indications meanwhile occupy the dial’s vertical axis, with hours and minutes in the centre, seconds at 6 o’clock and large date at 12 o’clock. In addition, to eliminate any possible confusion, the chronograph hands are blued, while time indications are shown by rhodium-plated hands. Perfectly balanced, the small seconds-hand with its stylised design is evocative of the motor car and the world of watchmaking. BOVET crasmen employed all their expertise and experience to accurately convey the intent of the Italian designers and create a dial of spellbinding technical complexity. The finished article, comprising 35 components on five levels, meets all design criteria to the leer (design, volumes, legibility and sportiness).

| 100 |

The Chronograph CAMBIANO has been rigorously tested to ensure absolute reliability regardless of the environment in which it is used. Its combination of technical and aesthetic refinement places the Chronograph CAMBIANO at once in the “specialist” and “versatile” categories of prestige sports timepieces. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 101 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |


Situated on the pristine white sands of Ras Al Khaimah’s tranquil Marjan Island, Rixos Bab Al Bahr enjoys the beautiful beach, stylish rooms, upmarket restaurants, stunning views, and comprehensive amenities you may expect from a five star beach resort in the Middle East. But what really sets Rixos Bab Al Bahr apart is the all-inclusive concept of this Ras Al Khaimah hotel.

| 102 |

A resort with a difference: at Rixos Bab Al Bahr, guests can indulge in a variety of restaurants at no additional cost. With few exceptions, everything is inclusive from the kaleidoscope of cuisine in Seven Heights and the delicious selection of unlimited beverages in See & Sea, Mojito Lounge and Inferno, to the diverse choice of entertainment and nightlife, kids clubs, spa, sports, and recreational activities. Five delectable a la carte restaurants, including a steakhouse and a seafood restaurant, offer a more diverse dining experience at just a small supplement per person. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 103 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

ACCOMMODATION The spectacular pyramid design of the resort ensures that nearly every one of the resort’s 650 rooms and suites enjoys a view of the crystal blue Arabian Gulf. In addition to being the ultimate getaway for families, one of the resort’s three pyramids is a dedicated adults-only zone and configured into suites to suit larger parties of friends and couples.

| 104 |

Decorated in cool, sophisticated hues of azure and bronze, the rooms feature a wealth of comfort and convenience while the marble-clad bathrooms add an extra touch of luxury.

King Suite Experience the sumptuous three bedroom King Suite. These penthouse suites command unrivalled views of Ras Al Khaimah’s natural beauty, the resort and the ocean, featuring all the space, comfort, and luxury one could expect. LUXURY REDEFINED

| 105 |

world luxury | DAILY | Issue 29 |

| 106 |

DINING As the perfect all-inclusive resort for families, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Rixos Bab Al Bahr. At the heart of the resort, surrounded by waterways, is Seven Heights, our all day dining restaurant and one of the UAE’s largest buffet restaurants that features an array of world cuisines. Throughout the day, guests can enjoy breakfast here followed by lunch, dinner and supper, or they can snack on a variety of drinks and poplar dishes from the many poolside and beachside outlets - including a burger bar, cake shop and 24 hour coffee shop - all inclusive in the package.

By night, the entertainment square opens up to a magical amphitheatre of five world-class a la carte restaurants*, including the popular Mojito Bar. Here guests can enjoy drinks and dinner against the beautiful backdrop of Marjan Island and spectacular entertainment show of international proclaim.

ANJANA SPA Anjana Spa, a concept uniting Turkish culture and traditions to staying well. The Turkish culture is famous for its rich and flavorful tea with some of their best plantations originating in the historical region of Rize, rich in fertile earth. Take a deep breath and relax with Anjana Spa at Rixos Bab Al Bahr. Two ultra-luxurious Ooman

spas – one for men, one for women – are the largest spas in Ras Al Khaimah and provide everything you need to achieve a state of complete and uer relaxation. Whether you have selected a spa vacation, or are simply enjoying a respite from the excitement of the resort, Rixos Bab Al Bahr Spa is the ultimate haven of serenity. LUXURY REDEFINED

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DAY & NIGHTLIFE Whether its winter or summer, Rixos Bab Al Bahr will keep you entertained. Our host of diverse entertainment options changes on a seasonal basis and oers options perfect for families, groups of friends and couples.

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During the winter months, the entertainment at our hotel focuses on the great outdoors. Organised fun and games in our temperature controlled pool make up the majority of the daytime activities, as do our weekend beach parties.

Those looking to relax and enjoy the view will love the beachside adults-only InďŹ nity Pool with its own bar. The cool winter nights are marked by live music, dancing, famous shows and breath-taking acrobatics at Entertainment Square, our purposebuilt amphitheatre. Revellers can party late into the night at the nearby nightclub, Inferno. As the temperatures rise during summer months, the evening entertainment moves indoors. Guests can still enjoy daytime activities, which revolve around live music performances at Seven Heights. Evening entertainment includes live music and

jazz nights, karaoke, quizzes, retro parties, and theme nights continue at Mojito Bar, before the action moves to the nightclub Inferno. RIXY CLUB At Rixos Bab Al Bahr we care about guests of all ages. Happy kids make for happy parents, and hence the Rixy Club ensures smiles all round. Let your lile ones enjoy a thrilling holiday full of new

friends, fun and games. Activities on offer at this unrivalled kids club include the Rixy disco, music, games, cinema, treasure hunting, beach and pool games, talent shows and more – and all kids can win special prizes with their Rixy Club passport. LUXURY REDEFINED

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Service that go oes above and beyond. That’s Flying Reimagined.

Each and ever y one of our Cabin Crew is highly trained, enthusiastic and personally dedicated to setting the highest standards on board. That’s why we don’t only have Cabin Crew, but Inflight Chefs, Food & Beverage Managers, Flying Nannies and ser vice that’s always delivered with a smile.

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The Eyes The most sought-aer precious stones are those which, through their light and colour, tell of the infinite facets of beauty. Bulgari has masterfully selected those that, like the charismatic emerald, enhance the sophisticated and seductive personality of the woman wearing them. The Sign The new Serpenti collection celebrates women and their look, each unique and unmistakable like a precious gemstone. The colour, shape and depth of their eyes are the most distinctive, seductive features of femininity, the kind that aracts and hypnotises just like a snake in its coils; and Bulgari's latest creations exude these same qualities. en-gb/serpenti LUXURY REDEFINED

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World Luxury Daily No.29  

Our special focus on the Emirates descends on Ras Al Khaimah, the northern most emirate of the UAE. Plus, a host of luxury essentials includ...

World Luxury Daily No.29  

Our special focus on the Emirates descends on Ras Al Khaimah, the northern most emirate of the UAE. Plus, a host of luxury essentials includ...