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About the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health

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Message from the Board President




Message from the Scientific Director & CEO

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Top Moments of 2018

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Achieving the Summit of Knowledge Exchange Acknowledgements



About the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health About Us

Our Strategic Initiatives

The Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health) is an International Knowledge Translation Platform funded by the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE-IKTP) and hosted at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business. Under the leadership of world renowned researcher Dr. Anne Snowdon, SCAN Health enables the exchange of information and expertise to accelerate the implementation of healthcare supply chain best practices around the world that will significantly reduce medical error, improve health system performance and drive economic growth for companies.

Annual Global Networking Event A multi-stakeholder event that brokers collaborative relationships and knowledge exchange that addresses key priorities and challenges in global health systems. Knowledge Mobilization Platform Accelerates knowledge dissemination worldwide by profiling best practices and sharing lessons learned in supply chain transformation through online forums, educational programs and collaborative spaces. Annual Design Competition Creates the opportunity for industry to engage with health systems to design the solutions needed to advance supply chain transformation and solve challenges in healthcare settings.

Our Vision To advance global capacity to adopt and scale best practices in healthcare supply chain to offer traceability of products and care processes from bench to bedside to patient outcomes.

Our Mission To develop an International Knowledge Translation Platform to mobilize expert knowledge and research evidence to work with health systems to accelerate, scale and measure health system supply chain transformation.

Annual Virtual Business Case Competition Builds leadership capacity in the next generation of health system leaders by challenging students to solve real-world supply chain issues in healthcare with business expertise. Healthcare Supply Information Maturity Model (H-SIMM) Guides and measures the progress of health systems on the journey to supply chain transformation.


Message from the Board President SCAN Health is moving mountains by successfully mobilizing knowledge across an expansive international network involving hundreds of partners from multiple sectors. As the first NCE-funded network hosted at a business school, SCAN Health is strongly positioned to mobilize knowledge about the value and impact of supply chain in health systems to build expertise to improve system performance and population health. Our shared vision of safer care for all creates a collective imperative to drive global capacity to transform our healthcare supply chain enabling products and care processes to be traced from bench to bedside to patient outcomes - and back again.

Top: Mr. David O’Toole and Dr. Kevin Fenton join Dr. Conway in Manchester, UK for #SCANHEPS18. Bottom: Dr. Conway announces the launch of SCAN Health’s KM Platform.

During 2018, SCAN Health has strengthened collaboration with our key stakeholders in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America, established new partners in the Caribbean and established relationships with many prospective members as our network continues to grow. Through the launch of a unique knowledge mobilization (KM) platform, our global reach and penetration have expanded significantly. This ground-breaking platform enables global capability to access and share emergent health sector supply chain research, knowledge, best practices and expertise within Canada and internationally. SCAN Health’s strong results are only achieved by the incredible commitment of our staff and of many, many partners—and of our dedicated and dynamic Board of Directors. I am proud that our Canadian network continues to accelerate and achieve results that contribute to world knowledge, economic growth and health system sustainably. By engaging with an incredible network of international partners, we are collectively mobilizing new knowledge and opportunities that achieve significant value for health systems, business providers to those systems and our larger society. I look forward to continued remarkable progress on the part of SCAN Health and our affiliated partners. Sincerely,

Dr. H. Allan Conway, BBA, MBA, DBA Board President, SCAN Health 4

Message from the Scientific Director & CEO There are endless opportunities to be gained by mobilizing the knowledge and power of data achieved through supply chain transformation. Digital tools and supply chain processes that are embedded in clinical environments can track and trace every product and care process linked to patient outcomes to create transparency and visibility across health systems. Automating our supply chain, digitizing care processes and leveraging predictive analytics to inform decision-making and reduce risk of error offers global health systems a pathway to sustainability to meet the growing demands for healthcare in the 21st century. SCAN Health’s strategic initiatives mobilize knowledge, experiences and lessons learned to support Canadian and global health systems to achieve peak performance. We share ground-breaking research, innovative approaches, case studies and best practices which are then taught in leading business schools, informs innovations in industry, advances implementation of supply chain models in health systems and guides policy decisions across global jurisdictions. Supply chain knowledge and best practices provide the foundation for current and emerging leaders to reduce health system costs, optimize performance, advance patient safety by reducing medical errors, improve population health and drive economic growth for companies.

Views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains at #SCANH2018 in Calgary, AB.

This year, in partnership with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), we launched a ground-breaking Healthcare Supply Information Maturity Model (H-SIMM). This model provides the only research-based pathway to measure key performance indicators in health systems providing the evidence of the value achieved by transforming health system supply chains to enable traceability from manufacturer to patient. I am excited by the impact of SCAN Health. With the resounding support and commitment of our incredible Board of Directors, Expert Advisory Council, NCE, faculty, staff and championing partners, we are reaching new heights and unleashing capacity to achieve economic growth for Canadian companies, sustainability for our health systems and positive population health outcomes. Sincerely, Dr. Anne Snowdon, BScN, MSc, PhD, FAAN Scientific Director & CEO, SCAN Health 5

Inspiring Solutions to Overcome Mounting Challenges Design Competition The Design Competition mobilizes health system leaders to identify real-world supply chain challenges they are facing and provide this to industry and global partners to create solutions. This unique opportunity fosters collaboration and enables meaningful discussion between health system leaders and solution providers to achieve value for health systems and the populations they serve. The success of the inaugural Design Competition validated its proof of concept with this model being contemplated for health system transformation around the world to meet healthcare’s growing demands and objectives.

Dr. Verna Yiu awards the top three teams in the inaugural Design Competition for innovative solutions to transform Alberta Health Services’ supply chain. (L-R) Robert Rowe, Keith Dodds, Jean-Philippe Racette, Dr. Yiu, Dr. Snowdon, Rob Sobie & Greg Kalanomos.

Expressions of Interest are accepted until June 5, 2019. Submit yours at


The 2nd Design Competition is partnered with the Healthcare Transformation Group (HTG), an action-oriented collaboration comprised of six U.S. healthcare systems: Geisinger Health System, Intermountain Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System and Mercy. The winning teams will be announced at SCANH2019, a pre-event opportunity to the HTG Summit on October 22nd in Baton Rouge, LA. The brokering of these relationships and the sharing of knowledge and expertise between healthcare and industry leaders are essential to develop strategies that advance health system traceability around the world.

“AHS is looking at all areas of the health system to improve efficiencies and deliver the best healthcare possible to Albertans. That includes areas we don’t often think about, such as supply chain infrastructure. We have much to learn from the industry leaders who participated in this Design Competition, and will look forward to considering their insights.” Dr. Verna Yiu, President & CEO, Alberta Health Services (AHS)

Virtual Business Case Competition This unique virtual competition enables emergent student leaders from business schools around the world to compete and demonstrate their exceptional skill, knowledge and innovative ideas to advance supply chain strategy in health systems. Canadian Blood Services (CBS) challenged teams to identify, design and implement a solution to achieve “vein-to-vein” tracking and traceability of blood products from the “vein” of donors to the “vein” of recipients.

1st Place

“The competition has enabled Canadian Blood Services to identify the conditions and circumstances under which it can optimally integrate its supply chain processes with the in-hospital managed care processes for patients undergoing transfusion events.”

This is a globally recognized problem that students had the opportunity to improve with their solutions. The first-place team traveled to Ottawa to present their winning solution to CBS’ Executive Management Team. The CBS case is now taught in international business schools to further ignite new thinking. The next competition will launch this summer. Details and updates can be found at

Michelle Davis, Carson Hollingsworth, Morgan Sowers & Abigail Wegman, University of Tennessee

“We were very excited to participate in the competition and be exposed to a complex, realworld issue affecting the lives of patients and donors.” Michelle Davis, Competition Participant, University of Tennessee

3rd Place

2nd Place Amee Choksi & Jonathan Kong, Rotman School of Management

Vincent Collard-Tremblay, Amélie Théorêt & Noémie Villiard, HEC Montréal

Dr. Graham Sher, CEO, Canadian Blood Services


Leading Collaboration to Achieve Peak Performance Annual Global Networking Event

Industry, government & health system leaders identify opportunities to empower citizens and achieve value for patients. (L-R) Mr. David Price, Dr. Judy Birdsell, Dr. Carl Nohr & Dr. Verna Yiu

The 2nd Annual SCAN Health Global Networking Event: Leveraging Supply Chain Maturity to Achieve Value for Citizens and Clinician Teams, took place on June 5th, 2018 in Calgary, AB. The event, hosted by Alberta Health Services, examined key dimensions of supply chain infrastructure in clinical settings that inform and empower citizen self-management of health and wellness with the support of provider teams. With multiple networking breaks, the event provided unparalleled access to top healthcare executives and thought leaders from around the world. This networking event lead to the formation of a Joint Registry Project that includes partners spanning four countries to create AI tools that can predict care pathways that will achieve the best outcomes for patients requiring hip replacement surgery. View the #SCANH2018 program here.

“Principles of supply chain management support integrated information management which in turn is the foundation of integrated healthcare.� Dr. Carl Nohr, General Surgeon


European Procurement Summit The SCAN Health European Procurement Summit took place on October 4th, 2018 in Manchester, UK. The Summit attracted key leaders and professionals across Europe and North America providing a rare opportunity to foster global dialogue and collaboration on shared health system challenges. Panels examined and discussed new evidence of innovation procurement practices based on real-world evidence emerging from supply chain infrastructure across global borders. The sharing of seminal research on the value and impact of integrated data systems and predictive analytics tools can inform decisions and define value for populations. It was generously hosted by NHS North West Procurement Development as a preevent opportunity to the Excellence in Supply Awards 2018. View the #SCANHEPS18 program here.

Top: Mr. Brian Mangan, Deputy Director of NHS NWPD, delivers closing address at the Excellence in Supply Awards 2018.

“By working together globally we can develop a platform of joint data and standardize methodologies, advance standards and accelerate user data.� Mr. Greg Webster (Pictured right), Director, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)


Mobilizing Knowledge To reach peak performance and quality, we must mobilize knowledge to improve the tracking and tracing of products, processes and procedures in health systems. SCAN Health launched the first of its kind knowledge mobilization platform focused on supply chain best practices in health systems. The goal of the KM platform is to accelerate the transformation of health system supply chain into a strategic asset that achieves safer and sustainable healthcare across global jurisdictions.


“The expectation of SCAN Health is to mobilize supply chain knowledge, leading to safer and higher performing healthcare environments and realizing value for patients, health system sustainability and economic growth for companies. The knowledge mobilization platform is designed to do exactly that.� Mr. Jean Saint-Vil, Associate Vice-President, Networks of Centres of Excellence

to Rise Above the Clouds As the only platform in the world uniquely focused on supply chain processes for health systems, it delivers an interactive learning environment for collaborators around the world to share, engage and discuss. Through online forums, learning materials and dynamic tools, users can interact with leading industry professionals, academics, regulators and health system leaders on this emergent opportunity. To share your expertise and insights on key challenges and priorities, please visit:

“There is much we can learn from one another across various disciplines and global jurisdictions. It is critical we share new findings, innovative breakthroughs and also our failures. The knowledge mobilization platform enables us to capitalize on our learnings by sharing them to achieve value-based outcomes in the health sector and for our citizens.� Dr. Anne Snowdon, Scientific Director & CEO, SCAN Health


Top Moments of 2018

Dr. Charles Alessi, HIMSS Chief Clinical Officer, interviews Dr. Snowdon on deploying precision medicine through healthcare supplyInsert chain.pic

Longwoods publishes Dr. Snowdon’s research on healthcare supply chain transformation.


SCAN Health submits transition briefing to the Ontario 360’s 30on-30 initiative describing the public policy impact and value of supply chain innovation in health systems.

SCAN Health signs MOU with the Northern Health Science Alliance.

“This joint working arrangement means that the life sciences industries in Australia, Canada and the UK will benefit from closer relationships.” Dr. Hakim Yadi, CEO, Northern Health Science Alliance

HIMSS Analytics and Dr. Snowdon collaborate to develop H-SIMM.

“This collaboration is an extraordinary opportunity to build on HIMSS Analytics’ strengths to improve health through information and technology, and its mission to globally lead endeavors optimizing health engagements and care outcomes.”

Mr. Hal Wolf, III, FHIMSS, President and CEO, HIMSS


Achieving the Summit of Knowledge Exchange

Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) Conference is the leading healthcare supply chain education event

HIMSS Asia-Pac18 gathers 1,500+ of the brightest in health IT across the Asia-Pacific and globe

Week of Health and INNovation is a European health tech and health innovation conference

AHRMM18 Chicago, US

HIMSS AsiaPac18 Brisbane, AU

WHINN 2018 Odense, DK 14

HIMSS Global brings together 45,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and market suppliers from around the world.

HIMSS19 Global Orlando, US

Acknowledgements THANK YOU TO OUR NETWORK MEMBERS FOR THEIR EXPERT ADVICE AND COMMITMENT TO ADVANCING SCAN HEALTH’S VISION & MISSION Board of Directors Dr. Allan Conway, Board President Mr. Garnet Fenn, Board Secretary Mr. Kevin Fenton Ms. Lynne Golding Ms. Martha Huston, Board Treasurer Mr. Patrick Lor Ms. Eileen Mac Donald Dr. Sue Matthews Mr. David O’Toole Dr. K. W. Michael Siu Dr. Peter Vaughan Mr. Hal Wolf Dr. Verna Yiu

Business Case Competition Judges Dr. Graham Sher Dr. John Blake Dr. Randy Bradley Mr. Peter Brereton Mr. Ron Johnson Mr. Feargal Mc Groarty Mr. Peter O'Halloran Dr. Julie Paquette

Event Collaborators

Mr. Brian Mangan & NHS NWPD Team Dr. Verna Yiu & Alberta Health Services Team

NCE Liaisons Ms. Sara Esam Mr. Pascal Marchand

Expert Advisory Council Dr. Charles Alessi Mr. Paul Broadbridge Ms. Karen Conway Mr. Brent Diverty Dr. Joseph Drozda Mr. Desmond Griffiths Mr. Blain Newton Ms. Terrie Reed Dr. Eugene Schneller

Business Case Competition Advisors Mr. Anders Larsson Dr. Donald Lighter Mr. Matt Mentel Mr. Rick Prinzen Ms. Betty Jo Rocchio Dr. Amrik Sohal

The SCAN Health team sincerely appreciates the incredible support from our Network members! (L-R) Ms. Kathryn Cox, Ms. Lori Turik, Dr. Anne Snowdon and Ms. Lubna Amin


Enabling Peak Performance in Healthcare Supply Chains

Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health Odette School of Business University of Windsor 401 Sunset Avenue Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3P4 @SCAN_Health @SCAN Health (519) 253-3000 ext. 6336


Profile for WIN | SCAN Health

SCAN Health 2018-19 Annual Report: Enabling Peak Performance in Healthcare Supply Chains  

A Message from Dr. Anne Snowdon: I am delighted to share with you the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health) 2018-19 Annu...

SCAN Health 2018-19 Annual Report: Enabling Peak Performance in Healthcare Supply Chains  

A Message from Dr. Anne Snowdon: I am delighted to share with you the Supply Chain Advancement Network in Health (SCAN Health) 2018-19 Annu...