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The Road to Results Designing and Conducting Effective Development Evaluations By Linda G. Morra Imas & Ray C. Rist This comprehensive text presents concepts and procedures for evaluation in a development context. It provides procedures and examples on how to set up a monitoring and evaluation system, how to conduct participatory evaluations and do social mapping, and how to construct a “rigourous” quasi-experimental design to answer an impact question. The book begins with a description of the context of development evaluation and how it arrived where it is today. It then discusses current issues driving development evaluation, such as the Millennium Development Goals and the move from simple project evaluations to the broader understandings of complex evaluations. The topics of implementing “Results-based Measurement and Evaluation” and constructing a “Theory of Change” are emphasized throughout the text. Next, the authors take the reader down “the road to results”, presenting procedures for evaluating projects, programs, and policies by using a “Design Matrix” to help map the process. This road includes: • Determining the overall approach. • Formulating questions. • Selecting designs. • Developing data collection instruments. • Choosing a sampling strategy. • Planning data analysis for qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method evaluations. It also includes discussions on conducting complex evaluations, how to manage evaluations, how to present results, and ethical behaviour – including principles, standards, and guidelines. The final chapter discusses the future of development evaluation. The Road to Results is an essential tool for those involved in development evaluation. The Road to Results is also available as an interactive e-book, using technology developed by educators specifically for textbooks and other learning materials. Visit for more information. Jun 2009  |  558 pages 978-0-8213-7891-5  |  Print Edition $49.95 978-0-8213-8080-2  |  E-book $37.50 Stock no. C32273  |  Bundle $62.50

Handbook on Poverty + Inequality By Shahidur R. Khandker & Jonathan Haughton

Handbook on Poverty + Inequality was originally designed to support training courses in poverty analysis and inequality. It begins with an explanatory text that includes numerous examples, multiple-choice questions to ensure active learning, and extensive practical exercises that use Stata statistical software. It will help researchers and evaluators in charge of preparing background materials for Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and those responsible for monitoring and evaluating poverty reduction programs and policies. Apr 2009  |  448 pages  |  978-0-8213-7613-3  |  Paperback $39.95

Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism A Comprehensive Training Guide This training guide has been developed by the Financial Market Integrity Unit of the World Bank to support the World Bank’s Capacity Enhancement Program on AML/CFT. The program offers countries the tools, skills and knowledge to build and strengthen their institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks for developing a robust AML/ CFT regime. Jun 2009  |  632 pages  |  978-0-8213-7569-3  |  Paperback $75

A Practical Guide

Reference Guide to Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism, Second Edition

By Hennie van Greuning

By Paul Allan Schott

Applying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in a business situation can have a significant effect on the financial results and position of a division or an entire business enterprise. This book gives private or public sector executives, managers, and financial analysts without a strong background in accounting, the tools they need to participate in discussions and decisions on the appropriateness or application of IFRS.

This second edition is a comprehensive source of practical information on how countries can fight money laundering and terrorist financing. Aimed at helping countries understand the new international standards, it discusses the problems caused by these crimes, the specific actions countries need to take to address them, and the role international organizations play in the process.

Apr 2009  |  344 pages  |  978-0-8213-7727-7  |  Paperback $49.95

Jan 2006  |  288 pages  |  978-0-8213-6513-7  |  Paperback $39.95

Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Handbook on Impact Evaluation

International Financial Reporting Standards (Fifth Edition)

A Practical Guide for Bank Supervisors By Pierre-Laurent Chatain, John McDowell, Cedric Mousset, Paul Allan Schott & Emile van der Does de Willebois

Effective supervision is key to the success of a country’s AML/CFT system. By providing examples of good practices, this book aims to help countries better conform to international standards. In this regard, this handbook is specifically designed for bank supervisors. However, there is an overall low compliance in the supervision of banks and other financial institutions. May 2009  |  304 pages  |  978-0-8213-7912-7  |  Paperback $39.95

Quantitative Methods and Practices By Shahidur R. Khandker, Gayatri B. Koolwal & Hussain Samad

This book reviews quantitative methods and models of impact evaluation. The framework presented can be very useful for strengthening local capacity in impact evaluation among technicians and policymakers in charge of formulating, implementing, and evaluating programs to alleviate poverty and underdevelopment. Sep 2009  |  280 pages  |  978-0-8213-8028-4   |  Paperback $39.95

Sustainable Land Management Sourcebook

Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook

This sourcebook is a resource of good practice information on land and natural resource management issues that will be of operational relevance to practitioners in the tropics and sub-tropics. It covers a comprehensive range of topics on the technical issues of land and natural resource management and is presented in a way that will facilitate use by both experts and lay readers. The text is well-illustrated with graphs and photos and, for the more specialized reader, key references and web links to institutional reference databases are provided.

By The World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) & International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

2008  |  212 pages  |  978-0-8213-7432-0  |  Paperback $45 Agriculture and Rural Development Series

Practical Guidance for Sustaining Forests in Development Cooperation

Development Communication Sourcebook Broadening the Boundaries of Communication By Paolo Mefalopulos

Illustrates why the field of development communication is important and how its tools and methods enhance longterm and sustainable results. The book presents basic concepts and explains key challenges faced in daily practice. Each of the four modules is self-contained, with examples, toolboxes, and more. 2008  |  266 pages  |  978-0-8213-7522-8  |  Paperback $35

Provides an up-to-date understanding of gender issues and a rich compilation of compelling evidence of good practices and lessons learned to guide practitioners in integrating gender dimensions into agricultural projects and programs. 2008  |  790 pages  |  978-0-8213-7587-7  |  Paperback $45 Agriculture and Rural Development Series

Forests Sourcebook Forests Sourcebook provides practical operations-oriented guidance for forest sector engagement toward the goals of poverty reduction, conservation and economic development. Intended to guide World Bank lending activities and projects, it offers information useful to a broad audience of practitioners, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations.

Tools for Institutional, Political, and Social Analysis of Policy Reform

2008  |  400 pages  |  978-0-8213-7163-3  |  Paperback $30 Agriculture and Rural Development Series

A Sourcebook for Development Practitioners

An Institutional and Financial Perspective

By Jeremy Holland

This handbook brings together in a single source guiding principles and tools that will promote sustainable microfinance and create viable institutions. It takes a global perspective, drawing on lessons learned from the experiences of microfinance practitioners, donors, and others throughout the world.

By Joanna Ledgerwood

This sourcebook introduces a framework and a set of practical tools that analyze the institutional, political, and social dimensions of policy design and implementation. The authors fill a perceived gap in knowledge of the application of social tools, and complement existing guidance on conventional economic analysis of distributional impacts of reform. 2007  |  286 pages  |  978-0-8213-6890-9 Paperback + CD-ROM $35

Approaches to Urban Slums A Multimedia Sourcebook on Adaptive and Proactive Strategies By Barjor E. Mehta & Arish Dastur

This multimedia sourcebook with CD-ROM synthesizes an extensive body of knowledge and experience in managing urban slums accumulated over the last 30 years. The key lessons learned and their implications for future work serve as a useful tool for capacity building and knowledge sharing for policy makers, practitioners, planning institutions, community groups, NGOs, and university students. 2008  |  60 pages  |  978-0-8213-7354-5 Paperback + CD-ROM $30 WBI Learning Resources Series

Microfinance Handbook

1998  |  302 pages  |  978-0-8213-4306-7  |  Paperback $39.95

Transforming Microfinance Institutions

Handbook for Evaluating Infrastructure Regulatory Systems By Ashley C. Brown, Jon Stern, Bernard Tenenbaum & Defne Gencer

“Just the sort of toolkit bankers need to understand the regulatory risks in countries where they are first-time lenders to the sector.” Keith Palmer, Chairman, Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, London, United Kingdom 2006  |  420 pages  |  978-0-8213-6579-3  |  Paperback $40

Financial Sector Assessment A Handbook This handbook presents a general analytical framework and specific techniques and methodologies for assessing the overall stability and development needs of financial systems in individual countries. 2005  |  484 pages  |  978-0-8213-6432-1  |  Paperback $60

Evaluating the Impact of Development Projects on Poverty A Handbook for Practitioners By Judy L. Baker

Despite the billions of dollars spent on development assistance each year, there is still very little known about the actual impact of projects on the poor. This handbook seeks to provide project managers and policy analysts with the tools needed for evaluating project impact. 2000  |  240 pages  |  978-0-8213-4697-6  |  Paperback $39 Directions in Development Series

Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System A Handbook for Development Practitioners By Jody Zall Kusek & Ray C. Rist

Provides a comprehensive ten-step model that will help guide development practitioners through the process of designing and building a results-based monitoring and evaluation system. 2004  |  264 pages  |  978-0-8213-5823-8  |  Paperback $39.95

Customs Modernization Handbook By Luc De Wulf & Jose B. Sokol

Given the immense need for access to all financial services by low-income people, this book provides a practical guide for practitioners, regulators, donors, investors, and academics involved with credit-focused MFIs contemplating becoming licensed as regulated deposit-taking financial intermediaries.

Provides an overview of the key elements of a successful customs modernization strategy and draws lessons from a number of successful customs reforms as well as from customs reform projects that have been undertaken by the World Bank.

2006  |  566 pages  |  978-0-8213-6615-8  |  Paperback $50

2005  |  352 pages  |  978-0-8213-5751-4  |  Paperback $45

Providing Full Financial Services to the Poor By Joanna Ledgerwood & Victoria White

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World Bank Handbooks, Sourcebooks, and Practical Guides  

This brochure includes information on twenty practical guides covering various areas of development, including development evaluation, anti-...

World Bank Handbooks, Sourcebooks, and Practical Guides  

This brochure includes information on twenty practical guides covering various areas of development, including development evaluation, anti-...