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Relocate & Renovate Your guide to the best local design and build experts plus; schools, eating out, health clubs, shopping & more.

A very warm welcome to Bath and the surrounding areas from all of us at Hamptons.

You will be moving into one of the most highly regarded cities in England. Desirable homes, tree lined avenues, diverse shops and restaurants and an eclectic, vibrant population.

Hamptons has been matching people with property that’s right for them, locally, nationally and internationally, since 1869. We were pioneers, setting standards that few of our rivals could match. And this hasn’t changed since.

Today, 150 years after we first set up home in Pall Mall, with 15 decades of finding property and looking after people under our belt, our clients now consider us to be their ‘home experts’.

Your sincerely,

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MENU GORDON JONES 2 Wellsway, Bath, BA2 3AQ T 01225 480871 E info@menugordonjones.co.uk W menugordonjones.co.uk Bath surprise
“Jones has restored my faith in the tyranny of the tasting menu. A chef at the very peak of his considerable powers”
Tom Parker Bowles, Daily Mail


Hamptons offers you a warm welcome to the charming and picturesque city of Bath

Bath is one of the largest cities in the South-East, known for and named after its Roman-built baths. The city is in the valley of the River Avon, 97 miles (156 km) west of London and 11 miles (18 km) southeast of Bristol. Bath became a World Heritage site in 1987and has software, publishing and service-oriented industries. Theatres, museums and other cultural and sporting venues have helped make it a major centre for tourism.


Interview with PRAiA studio

What are the most popular requests from residential clients?

Since we started our practice, we have secured a consistent string of work on historic buildings, being passionate about Heritage and understanding the legal and technical aspects of such projects. Lately, we have seen an increase in demand for Passivhaus projects and generally an interest in energy-efficient systems. We also recently launched the Build Well, Live Well™ concept where we promote more natural and truly sustainable solutions with similar performance. As we try to get the best of both worlds, with lessons learned from traditional buildings and smart application of new technologies, we are delighted to see the excellent feedback from our clients on the Build Well, Live Well™ projects.

Is there a project you are most proud of?

Tell us a little of the background of your Architects practice?

We like a challenge so we started our practice during the lockdown, with the belief that we could be a force for good, focussing our energy and know-how in port of listed building owners. We now specialise in bespoke houses, new builds or retrofits. Other sectors include commercial, hospitality, and horse racing, having worked on the new Princess Royal Grandstand at Cheltenham and other Jockey Club projects in the past. Recently, being intrigued by Passivhaus buildings, which require 90% less energy than a typical construction for around 10% extra cost, I qualified as a Passivhaus Designer.

Do you offer pre-exchange assessments to residential clients?

Yes, we often prepare planning appraisals for our clients, that help inform their decision. We recently completed one for a plot in Devon, where we worked with our client to improve the current planning permission for the conversion of an existing barn of no architectural value. We suggested a replacement dwelling, a new energyefficient home with a smaller footprint, better orientation, and a significant biodiversity boost for the site. With most of our projects located in Green Belt, AONB, or Conservation Areas, we are used to additional scrutiny from the authorities, and we thrive on the challenges of preparing the bestsuited design for a particular site.

We treat every project as being unique, as we do with our clients, so all of them are notable in their own way. A local example, pictured on the next page, would be a new detached house located on an ¼ acre plot in Mendip Hills AONB. We proposed a strawbale construction to a Passivhaus standard, with an upturn layout arrangement to capture the outstanding countryside views around. The materials are sympathetic to the context and the proposals received strong support from Bath NES council at the Pre-App. Our client was extremely happy with the outcome.

Some words of encouragement for the family who are hesitating to make that first call to an Architect?

To begin with, we strongly believe that we can improve lives through design, having learned from personal experience the benefits of living in a healthy and well-designed environment. A good design will also bring a great return on your investment. Secondly, we appreciate that some families might find it overwhelming to work with an architect in terms of understanding the process ahead and any technical jargon. This is why one of our priorities is to build a strong bond with our clients, by clearly communicating in plain English, to enable them to actively participate in the project. We also focus on being fully transparent, so we do not have any hidden costs or unexpected delays. Lastly, we have extremely competitive fees, and we offer different tiered service packages, so our clients will be able to choose what suits them best and they won’t have to break the bank to work with an Architect



Bath is, without a doubt, remarkable. With an impressive Roman legacy and stunning Georgian architecture, it’s no wonder the entire city is a World Heritage Site.

However, look beneath the surface of Bath’s well-known history and you’ll find little-known stories waiting to be told.

Ever since its legendary beginnings, Bath has been home to a cast of colourful characters; from Anglo-Saxon royalty to an eighteenthcentury dandy, these extraordinary historical figures each helped shape the city into what it is today...


Instagrammer’s Dream

Roaming through the honey-coloured streets of Bath feels like an exotic holiday. Even High Street shops are made of beautiful Bath stone. Forget the industrial clouds of smoke and dull, grey city life.Bath is a metropolitan city with a green backdrop.We’re surrounded by National Trust sites, full of woodlands and walking trails. With its rural backdrop, wonderfully preserved buildings, and views, Bath is an Instagrammer’s dream.You might need an extra memory card for your phone.

Kids will love it here

Of course we have plenty for the kids; we’re MoneySupermarket’s most family friendly city in the UK. Once you’ve made your way through a few museums, Royal Victoria Park, Alexandra Park and Bath City Farm are some of our best outdoor spots.

The nightlife is great too

Independent cinemas, comedy nights, and cocktail bars. Under the surface you can find nightclubs aplenty, stowed underground to keep noise in the clubs and away from your night’s sleep.

One neighbourhood in Bath has been named one of the best places to live in the UK. Bear Flat was selected at number two on The Sunday Times’ prestigious list for 2020.

Interview with ‘BWS Standfast’

When people have just invested into a new home do you feel they concentrate on the design and aesthetics more than security?

No, a prospective client will want the system to do exactly what they want it to primarily, and then they want it to be in keeping with the property, layout, and furnishings.

What is your process in terms of identifying the right security solution for that client?

A site survey and risk assessment are the first steps in the process of identifying a customer’s requirements. The next stage is to then design and propose a tailored system based on the information compiled in the initial survey and from the end user.

How has technology impacted your industry?

Technology now more than ever has impacted our industry positively in terms of

making systems accessible for end users, to monitor and operate their systems remotely. Another technology benefit is from the company point of view, as we are able offer remote maintenance, monitoring, and diagnostic reports.

Do you work with landlords and developers as well as private homeowners?

Yes, over BWS’s history, we have worked with a vast array of customers across the domestic, commercial, industrial, and local authority organisations.

What would you say to someone who is hesitating to make that first phone enquiry to a security provider?

We would say to trust that when you speak to us, you will be talking to a friendly, knowledgeable and professional person who will guide you through the process and leave you feeling reassured.

“We’re leading the way in fully accredited security installation and maintenance”
“Our security and fire systems can be tailored for every sector, slipping effortlessly into your property for peace of mind.”

Bath became an elegant spa city in the 18th century during the Regency era’s craze for water healing and the city’s popularity has not decreased since then. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and a popular haunt for fans of its most famous resident, Jane Austen, Bath continues to pull in the tourists with nearly 4 million visitors a year. Located on the edge of the Cotswolds, Bath is also an ideal base for exploring these stunning medieval villages.


Georgian architecture, excellent schools and beautiful countryside – it’s no wonder that Bath is one of the most popular -cities in the UK.


Bath Somerset and the surrounding area has been a home to rockstars, celebrities, athletes, academics, artists and common or garden members of the upper-crust for generations. Here are a few notable names you may or may not know..

Jacqueline Wilson

Dame Jacqueline Wilson DBE, FRSL is an English novelist known for her popular children’s literature.

Jane Austen (1775–1817) – novelist

Russell Howard (born 1980) – comedian.

Jesse Honey (born 1977) – BBC Mastermind champion 2010

Beau Nash (1674–1761) – master of ceremonies in Georgian Bath

Bill Bailey (born 1965) – comedian, musician, actor, TV and radio presenter and author

Manolo Blahnik (born 1942) – shoe designer

James Buckley Thorp (living) – founder of Bath clothing brand Rupert and Buckley

David Lassman (living) – screenwriter

Ken Loach (born 1936) – film director

Charles Dickens (1812–1870) – novelist and frequent visitor to the city

Eddie Cochran (1938–1960) – rock and roll musician, who died in Bath

Tears for Fears – musical group

Peter Salisbury (born 1971) – drummer and percussionist of the Verve

Peter Gabriel (born 1950) – musician

Olly Barkley (born 1981) – England international rugby player

Jamie Chadwick (born 1998) – racing driver

Matt Green (born 1987) – professional footballer

Amy Williams (born 1982) – winter Olympic gold medallist

Jeremy Guscott (born 1965) – England and Bath rugby player

Jason Gardener (born 1975) – athlete, 4 × 100 m Olympic gold medallist

Adelard of Bath (c. 1080 – c. 1152) – astronomer, philosopher and mathematician

Mary Berry Mary Berry, is a British food writer, chef and television presenter.

Interview with ‘SKD Loft Conversions Specialists Ltd’

What’s the most common usage your clients have for their new space?

Historically the need for a loft conversion was to add additional living accommodation, most commonly master bedrooms with suites and walk-in or build in wardrobes. However, in the last 3 years we have seen a shift in usage, we are often now asked to design our projects incorporating home office space. This has resulted in larger scale projects often developing more unused roof space into luxury habitable spaces for both living and working.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

I am passionate about the design aspect of my role, I take great satisfaction designing a scheme tailored to individual needs and enjoy the challenge of designing a space with the structural and offend planning restrictions in mind.

Tell us a little about your background and how you got started developing lofts.

I began my career in the loft industry when I was just 17, working as an apprentice with a local loft conversion company. Within a year or so I had the opportunity to manage and construct my first loft conversion. After working in the industry for 6 years with 2 different companies I decided, in 2009, to set up SKD Loft Conversion Specialists. The business has grown in size and stature ever since and continues to do so year on year. A strong reputation is very important to us and as such we work hard to develop very close client relations from the initial consultation through to completion and beyond. This excellent client care is proven invaluable as most of our work is generated from referrals, happy clients. This together with well looked after staff is the foundation of our business.

I feel I offer something unique, as I not only survey and design all SKD loft conversions but I can back this up with my on site experience. There is no better feeling, for me, than realising a clients dream space, very rewarding!

Do you work mainly with architects, or can you offer the whole design and project management service?

We offer the complete design service that’s is managed from the initial inquired through to complexion.

Would you say that in terms of the value added to a property the majority of your projects pay for themselves quite easily?

In my view, a kitchen extension is a ‘want’ but a loft conversion is a ‘need’. Provided you are sensible with the design and budget, more often than not, clients will see a very good return on their investment, both practically and financially.


Schools & Nurseries

Whereour children spend most of their weekdays and how they are being educated is a decision which should take some serious consideration. We have put together this list to make your life a little bit easier. All local schools and nurseries offer free tours so please go and visit your preffered options before making that final important decision.


King Edward’s School

North Road



01225 464313


Royal High School GDST

Lansdown Road



01225 313877


Monkton Senior School

Monkton Combe


BA2 7HG 01225 721102


Bathwick St Mary Church School

Darlington Road



01225 465654


The Paragon School, Junior School of Prior Park College

Lyncombe House

Lyncombe Vale Bath


44 (0)1225 310837


Bathampton Primary School

Tyning Road, Bath, BA2 6TQ 01225 465229


Bathford Church School

Dovers Park, Bath, BA1 7UB, 01225 858776


Dunster Pre-School

St. Georges Street, Dunster, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 6RX


Beechen Cliff School

Kipling Avenue, Bath, BA2 4RE Tel: 01225 480466


Paulton Junior School

Plumptre Close, Paulton, BS39 7QY

Tel: 01761 418137


Saint Gregory’s Catholic College

Combe Hay Lane, Bath, BA2 8PA


Fosse Way School

Longfellow Road, Bath, BA3 3AL 01761 412198


Bishop Sutton Primary School

Wick Road, Bristol, BS39 5XD

Tel: 01275 332817


Brue Farm Day Nursery

Brue Farm, Lovington, Castle Cary BA7 7PP


Bathford Church School

“We help our children grow by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and values they need both to make sense of the world”

Interview with Avonvale Carpets

Tell us about the background of Avonvale Carpets

We have been serving Bath and the surrounding areas since 1972, bringing a combination of excellent product choice, in-depth expertise, and perfect fitting. We are a privately owned, second-generation family company, offering decades of hands-on experience of all kinds of quality flooring. We’ve been in our current premises in the city centre since 1984 and continue to develop our showrooms, enabling us to offer our customers the newest products and designs.

What product do you sell that is very popular right now?

Wool-based carpets are always popular as they offer the greatest selection of colour, finish, and construction. Wool also tends to be a more environmentally friendly option, containing fewer chemicals that can impact air quality when compared to some man-made fibres. In addition to being biodegradable and a renewable resource, wool is naturally insulating and breathable, which is particularly beneficial for period properties. Whilst soft, neutral tones are always popular, we’ve seen an increase in customers choosing to experiment with bold colours and patterns – especially on stairs, which are a great place in the home to make a statement.

What’s the process?

From first discussions we always try to get as full an understanding of your lifestyle and expectations as possible and talk about fibres and maintenance as much as texture and colour, to ensure we recommend products that are going to be perfectly suited to your individual needs. We can lend or order samples for you to view in situ or against other elements of your interior, to help with your selection process and will help go through ranges until you find your perfect shade. We’ll organise a site-visit to take measurements and assess the floor, before pulling an estimate together which covers all aspects of the work involved. Once you’ve decided on a product, we’ll liaise with the manufacturer and organise a fitting date that is convenient for you.

Why should Hampton’s clients choose Avonvale Carpets?

Time spent working in traditional department stores and fitting high-quality products provided our co-directors Paul and James with a solid grounding in the flooring trade, teaching them the prime necessity of absolute integrity and excellent customer service. It’s a vital philosophy that lies at the heart of Avonvale Carpets. We are also one of the few independent retailers in the Bath and Wiltshire area to employ its own fitters. Our team is director-led and are professionally trained; sharing in our high standards, they ensure expert fitting and complete peace of mind. We also have longstanding relationships with the leading manufacturers and deal with these directly, guaranteeing great quality products and pricing.

What’s your favourite aspect of working in the Bath area?

We love Bath because of the variety of work we are invited to do; no two properties or briefs are the same, which certainly keeps us on our toes!


Fun for the kids

Bath is a city filled with fun activities, guaranteed to keep all ages entertained and with plenty of family-friendly accommodation and places to eat too, it’s safe to say that this heritage city is most definitely a family affair.

Marvellous museums bring remarkable stories to life for children. At the Roman Baths, children’s audio guides and costumed characters help fully immerse you in Roman life.

For something a little more active, enjoy a family challenge at Victoria Falls Adventure Golf, run wild at the fantastic play area in Royal Victoria Park or complete the family trail on the Bath Skyline Walk before having fun in the natural play area.


Cheddar Gorge & Caves

A famous UK beauty spot, with caves and clifftops.

Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3QF


The UK’s original safari park, with over 1,200 animals and more than 480 years of history.

Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW

Escape Rooms at Cheddar

Two Cheddar-themed escape rooms to test your brain power and bravery.

Cheddar Gorge & Caves, C heddar, Somerset, BS27 3QF


Explore the City of Bath on two wheels. Sydney Wharf, Bathwick, Bath, BA2 4EL

The Edge and Andrew Brownsword Gallery

Contemporary arts centre home to exhibitions, performances and workshops.

The Edge, University of Bath, ath, BA2 7AY (BA2 7PD for SatNav)

Sally Lunn’s Kitchen Museum

Bath’s Oldest House is open for diners in the restaurant. Museum will reopen shortly.

Sally Lunn’s House, 4 North Parade Passage, Bath, BA1 1NX

The Roman Baths

The epicentre (and raison d’être!)of the World Heritage City of Bath. Abbey Churchyard, Bath, BA1 1LZ

Bath Escape - Logical Escape Rooms

Solve a series of puzzles and find clues to escape a locked room within a set time limit.

12A Princes Street, Bath, BA1 1HL

The Jane Austen Centre

Immerse yourself in everything Austen at The Jane Austen Centre. 40 Gay Street, Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2NT

Somerset Lavender Farm

A family-run working lavender farm offering spectacular views across its lavender fields.

Horsepond Farm, Bishop St, Faulkland, BA3 5WA

Excel Tennis and Victoria Falls Adventure Golf

A fun golfing adventure for all the family Royal Pavilion, Royal Avenue, Royal Victoria Park, Bath, BA1 2NR


Interview with ‘DBP’

What type of projects have you been working on recently?

A recent house extension: a classic situation combining a kitchen (with a micro cement floor), and an integrated living space in a rear extension to a spec built 1980’s house. We added rooflights to introduce light into the floor plan and provided a site-specific solution utilising stone from the nearby quarry which was emphasised by using recessed joints to reflect the dry stone walls locally.

Tell us a little about the background of your firm?

The David Brain Partnership is a RIBA Chartered Practice and was founded in 1986. The partners are Robert Lucas and Craig Underdown. We strive to create buildings that not only enhance the quality of life for those using them, but also thoroughly fulfil their function and satisfy the demands of the environmental context in which they are built.

Building projects can seem daunting they are complex and consequently carry risk, an architect managing this risk will add value to this process. If you need Planning, Listed Building Consent or Building Regulations approval, we will help you with the applications required before your project can go ahead.

We provide attention to detail throughout the design and construction process. The careful selection of quality materials, contractors, craftsmen, equipment and the financial investment involved is given full attention, as is close monitoring of site operations. We highly value the importance of using traditional skills and practices where appropriate, we have a conscious awareness of our environmental responsibility, and believe sustainability should be provided for the benefit of the client, and the wider context given the current climate emergency.

The refurbishment of a Grade II listed house and gardens in Wiltshire: The practice and consultant team has been associated with this project since 2012 working on behalf of the owner whilst he was overseas. The culmination of work was late last year and handover is now finally complete. The building restoration and landscape work has prepared the property for the next 100 years and the proposals built and as yet unbuilt have added site value.

Do you work with investors and landlords?

Our portfolio includes some award-winning housing developments which comprise the conversion of grouped listed buildings, small estates of new builds for private developers and one off speculative house designs. We often work within the setting of a listed building or within the context of a conservation area or indeed the World Heritage Site of Bath and its environs.

Are you happy to give appraisals to Hamptons clients before they exchange?

We welcome the opportunity to engage with clients at the earliest opportunity to gauge requirements and assist in brief development. We are highly skilled and professionally trained to turn your aspirations into reality. Time spent building a good client relationship is rarely wasted and informs later decisions. Delivering a potentially life changing product comes with a responsibility, but that is not to say the journey cannot also be enjoyable!

Craig Underdown
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Pubs & LiveMusic

Delve into Bath’s thriving live music and entertainment scene to discover laid back jazz sessions, open mic nights, quirky folk acts and hysterical comedy shows featuring top stand-ups. Book tickets for one of Bath’s music venues or spend an evening with a cocktail in hand whilst listening to live music in one of Bath’s many restaurants, pubs and bars.


The Rose and Crown

Sit back and relax in our intimate bar and dining areas, or enjoy our outside courtyard. The Rose & Crown, 6 - 8 Brougham Place, Larkhall, Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, BA1 6SJ


The Bell Inn

An absolute favourite with music-loving Bathonians

The Bell Inn

103 Walcot St

Bath BA1 5BW 01225 460426


Green Park Brasserie

The place to go to for great ambience. Enjoy a bite to eat, a glass of vino and small great music.

6 Green Park Station

Bath BA1 1JB 01225 338565


Chapel Arts Centre

Bath’s alternative arts venue always has an interesting and eclectic musical line-up

St.James’s Memorial Hall - Lower Borough WallsBath - BA1 1QR


Royal Oak Pub

The Royal Oak Pub boasts a sun trap beer garden and hosts regular gigs.

Lower Bristol Road

Bath BA2 3BW

Call - 01225 481409


The Horse Shoes

This pub is a great find. Regular live music, good beer and friendly staff. 55 Frome Rd, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1LA


Heralded as the Best Venue in the West of England and Wales, Komedia consistently has a great line-up of bands coming to play.

22-23 Westgate Street, Bath BA1 1EP



A favourite with students, Moles does lots of cheesy, disco nights plus DJ sets but also has a variety of decent live acts.

14 George Street, Bath. BA1 2EN

Tel: 01225 437537



The Forum

Originally an art deco cinema, The Forum host some of the biggest bands to visit Bath.

The Forum

1a Forum Buildings

St James’s Parade

Bath BA1 1UG


The Cork

A brilliant boozer with beers and burgers to their name, The Cork is one of the best pubs in Bath with good reason.

11 – 12 Westgate Buildings, Bath, BA1 1EB

T: 01225 333 582

E: info@thecork.co.uk

B: bookings@thecork.co.uk



Interview with Lighting & Furniture expert Mark Holloway

Tell us a little about the background of your company and how it was established?

Holloways of Ludlow was founded in 1985 by the Holloway family in the market town of Ludlow. For over 35 years, Holloways has nurtured a reputation for sourcing unique contemporary lighting, furniture, and home accessories and become a leading supplier to design professionals. Since 2002, when Mark Holloway took over the reins, the business has grown significantly. With showrooms in Wimbledon, Brook Green, Bermondsey, Brasted and now Bath, Holloways has firmly established itself as part of the UK’s independent retail landscape. How would you describe the Holloways of Ludlow style?

We love products that effortlessly combine design and materials. We search for products that will stand the test of time and that are made to last, in stark contrast to fast fashion and throw away culture. Our particular focus is on exquisitely crafted pieces from across Scandinavia and the best of classic British designs reimagined for modern homes. By attending design shows and events, we are constantly on the lookout for new trends, staying up to date with what’s happening in the market to supply our customers with what they want most. Representing the very best design brands, including Carl Hansen & Søn, GUBI, Fritz Hansen, Muuto, Flos, Finn Juhl and many more, along with up-and-coming designers and our own in-house lighting brand, Old School Electric, our range of products simply can’t be found anywhere else.

What can clients expect when they engage with your firm to furnish their home?

When working with Holloways of Ludlow, our clients can always expect a personalised service and a dedicated team for help, support and expert advice. We keep our customers at the heart of everything we do and offer unparalleled service and benefits like our Price Guarantee, flexible delivery options and access to almost any piece of lighting or furniture available on the market.

What are the major changes you have seen in customers demands and tastes?

With the world moving toward more sustainable habits we have seen a big increase in demand for environmentally friendly designs, with our customers taking more of an interest in how products are sourced and produced. As our motto illustrates, we share this passion for sustainability and believe that people should Buy Better, Buy Once and Cherish Forever. Everything that we sell is judged against our founding principles - that good design is timeless and that things should be made to last. We have also seen a big focus on outdoor furniture; our customers are realising the potential of their gardens, embracing and investing in their outdoor spaces to enjoy more time spent outside. Which part of your job gives you the most satisfaction?

We love spending time with our clients and being able to make them happy - we always aim to satisfy their needs and help them to find their perfect furniture and lighting. Seeing our products in people’s homes is really fantastic. It’s always a joy to be able to meet with clients in our showrooms where we can share our passion for design with like-minded customers, interior designers and architects, and we firmly believe in the value of showrooms. With showrooms in London, Kent and our newly opened Bath space, we know that nothing beats seeing our beautiful products in the flesh, and that the personal service and expert advice we can provide in-store is unparalleled.


Fitness & Health

Leading a hectic life? Need somewhere to tone your body or just simply have a relaxing massage? We have put together the best locations for you to do just that. Whether you fancy going for a swim or need regular fitness classes, we know that our recommended providers will do their best to keep you in shape.


Bath Sports And Leisure Centre

North Parade Road





Tel-01225 486905

Space Health and Fitness

7 Hayesfield Park, Bath BA2 4QE


Tel-01225 337030

Health Bath

23 Crescent Ln, Bath BA1 2PX


Tel-01125 465111

Phase One Health & Fitness Gym in Bath

7-9 Comfortable Place, Bath BA1 3AJ


01225 486905

Bath Boxercise

New King St, Bath BA1 2BN




The House, 5 Green Park Rd, Bath BA1 1BQ



Artisan Cafe’s

The Bath Coffee Co

A cosy independent Coffee Shop, serving speciality coffee, possibly the best coffee served in Bath, 14 Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AD www.bathcoffeecompany.co.uk

The Colombian Company

Colombian coffee boasting an assortment of delicious food and beverages

6 Abbeygate St, Bath BA1 1NP www.thecolombiancompany.com

Society Café

Beautiful cafes serving fantastic speciality coffee in the hearts of Bath, Bristol & Oxford

19 High St, The Corridor, Bath BA1 5AJ www.society-cafe.com

Cafe Lucca

Hip eatery & cake bakery inside a shop with modern daytime fare & afternoon tea plus a terrace.

1-2 Bartlett St, Bath BA1 2QZ


Thoughtful Bakery

19 Barton St, Bath BA1 1HG www.thoughtful-bakery.myshopify.com

Good Day Cafe

Brunch coffee and cake in the heart of Bath.

12 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RH www.gooddaycoffee.co.uk

Lulu Caffe

Low-key corner cafe serving an array of breakfast & lunch staples plus coffee drinks & tea.

1 Hot Bath St, Bath BA1 1SJ

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of great places to go for a coffee in Bath. But if you want to avoid the major chains and also enjoy great value and ambience, you have to be selective. www.lulucaffe.co.uk

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of great places to go for a coffee in Bath. But if you want to avoid the major chains and also enjoy great value and ambience, you have to be selective.Here’s our round-up of 8 of the best in the city.

The Bath Brew House

14 James St W, Bath BA1 2BX


The Green Bird Cafe

Perfectly located between the Royal Crescent & the Circus in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath.

11 Margaret’s Buildings

Bath BA1 2LP


Newton Farm Shop and Cafe

Newton Farm, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BT


Pickled Greens Cafe

House Blend Coffee Notes: Deliciously creamy, stone fruits, sweet chocolate & honeyed florals through milk

2 Abbey Street Bath BA1 1NN


Cafe Retro

Independent dog friendly cafe serving the people of Bath and it’s visitors since 1993

Close to Bath Rugby & just along from the Roman Baths & Bath Abbey.

18 York Street Bath BA1 1NG



High Street Hotspots

Bath is heaven for Shopaholics,

The city’s independent retailers make shopping in Bath truly special, with many unique shops offering beautiful items that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

Bath Artisan Market

Bath’s friendly and creative market, with local crafts, independents and street food

Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HA

SouthGate Bath

A vibrant, bustling shopping centre in the heart of the city.

SouthGate, Bath, BA1 1AQ

Newton Farm Shop and Café

Newton Farm Foods is a family business neatly nestled away on the Duchy of Cornwall Estate in the picturesque village of Newton St Loe.

Newton Farm Foods Ltd, Newton Farm, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BT

Guildhall Market

A thriving, historic covered market. Guildhall Market, High Street, Bath. BA2

Kilver Court Designer Village Gardens

A unique designer retail outlet and stunning garden.

Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5NF

The San Francisco Fudge Factory

The San Francisco Fudge Factory’s fudge has been lovingly handmade in their independent, family-run shop for 23 years.

Offering over 30 flavours

6 Church St, Bath BA1 1NL

Rossiters of Bath

Rossiters is an award-winning and design-led department store, set over four floors of a beautiful historic building. 38 - 41 Broad Street, Bath, BA1 5LP

Topping & Company Booksellers

A characterful independent bookshop with regular author events. The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LS

Antiques Textiles and Lighting

The shop won the British Antiques and Collectables Award for best Antiques, Textiles and Lighting Shop in the UK. 34 Belvedere, Lansdown Rd, Bath BA1 5HR


Electrifying live bands performing in a converted vintage cinema. The world’s most insightful thinkers debating in a Georgian ballroom under glittering chandeliers. Rising classical music stars playing in the historic Bath Abbey. These are just a few of the memorable experiences that are made possible by the wonderful arts and music venues in Bath.

The Little Theatre

Dating from 1935, showing arthouse and mainstream films, plus live screenings and a cafe/ bar.

St Michaels Place Bath BA1 1SF


Old Theatre Royal

The Old Orchard Street Theatre in Bath, Somerset, England was built as a provincial theatre before becoming a Roman Catholic Church and since 1865 has been a Masonic Hall. It is a Grade II listed building

12 Old Orchard St, Bath BA1 1JU


The Mission Theatre

The Mission Theatre is a theatre in Bath, England. In 2004, the Next Stage Theatre Company took possession of a grade II listed building originally built as a Congregational hall in 1797

32 Corn St, Bath BA1 1UF


Theatre Royal Bath

“One of the most important surviving examples of Georgian theatre architecture”. It has a capacity for an audience of around 900.

Saw Cl, Bath BA1 1ET


Theatres & Venues


Independant Boutiques

Along with all the history, culture, topclass restaurants and buzzing nightlife, Bath is home to some incredible fashion boutiques. Here’s a round-up of the very best…

Grace & Ted

In love with designer fashion but can’t quite afford the price tag? We hear ya! Grace & Ted is the answer to your label-loving prayers.

10 Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AB 01225 461518



9A Bartlett St, Bath BA1 2QZ 01225 33998



13 Broad St, Bath, BA1 5LJ

Square Square is one of the Uk’s leading independent fashion stores. With a 40 years heritage of showcasing women’s designer clothing.

12 New Bond St, Bath BA1 1BE




The Loft, 1-2, Bartlett St, Bath BA1 2QZ



Chain selling boho-chic womenswear, shoes, accessories & home decor (some feature wedding attire).

1-4 New Bond St, Bath BA1 1BE


Portman Bath UK

28 Milsom St, Bath BA1 1DG www.nickieportman.co.uk

Flock 12-13 The Corridor, Bath BA1 5AP www.flockbath.co.uk

Kimberly 13 Trim St, Bath BA1 1HB www.kimberly.co.uk

Looking for that certain item of clothing that will really stand out from the crowd? Or perhaps an exceptional gift for a loved one? The city’s independent retailers make shopping in Bath truly special, with many unique shops offering beautiful items that simply can’t be found elsewhere.


Places to eat


comes in at the mouth

And love comes in at the eye; That's all we shall know for truth.

Before we grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you, and I sigh.”

Take your pick from pioneering Michelin star or AA Rosette-winning restaurants, welcoming gastropubs, cosy cafés, chilled out bars, thriving local producers and passionate artisans. Feast in Bath and you will discover a wealth of culinary talent serving up tantalising gastronomic delights.

Whether you’re looking for lunch after a busy morning exploring or somewhere to celebrate a special occasion, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a restaurant in Bath.

(A Drinking Song, William Butler Yeats. 1939)

Mantra Progressive Indian

5 Bladud Buildings The Paragon, Bath BA1 5LS

Tel-44 1225 446332


Dough Pizza Restaurant

14-16 The Corridor In Between Pulteney Bridge & Thermae Bath Spa, Bath BA1 5AP

Tel-44 1225 443686


Koffmann & Mr. White’s Abbey Hotel, North Parade At the Abbey Hotel, Bath BA1 1LF

Tel-44 1225 461603


The Circus Restaurant

34 Brock Street, Bath


Tel-44 1225 466020


The Olive Tree

4-7 Russell Street

Queensberry Hotel, Bath BA1 2QF

Tel-1225 447928


Sotto Sotto

10 North Parade, Bath BA2 4AL

Tel-1225 330236


.Noya’s Kitchen

7 St. James’s Parade, Bath BA1 1UL

Tel-1225 552582


Rooted Cafe & Supper Room

20 Newbridge Road, Bath BA1 3JX

Tel- 1225 425161



Green Park Station Goulash, Bath BA1 2DR

Tel- 7849 263704


Comptoir + Cuisine


5 George Street, Bath BA1 2EJ

Tel- 1225 684733


Menu Gordon Jones

Stylish contemporary restaurant offering Modern European multicourse tasting menu and global wines.

2 Wellsway, Bath BA2 3AQ

Tel-01225 480871


Thai Hut

Green Park Station

Bath BA1 1JB



Virtually all you need !

Bath and North East Somerset group

Bath & North East Somerset Council account; with news & info. For service issues: https://twitter.com/ccbathnes


Total Bath

All things Bath. Bringing you a Total Guide to the City. Events | Guides | Sport | Competitions | Offers | and much more. With so much happening in Bath and the surrounding areas over recent years, there’s yet to be one dedicated portal that combines the latest info…


Poetry & Literary Heritage - Bath, Somerset

Bath and North East Somerset Poetry & Literary Heritage --- From short stories and poetry competitions, Bath’s historic venues and record office;

Bath Bargains - Buy and Sell

This site is for buying and selling (or giving away) pre-owned goods in the Bath (UK) area.


Bristol & Bath area BUY - SELL - SWAP

This page has been setup to promote the group Bristol & Bath Area BUYSELL - SWAP.


For Sale, wanted etc in Bristol & Bath

Advertise your business opportunities and stuff for sale, free or wanted on here



What’s on in and around Bath

Welcome to Whats on in and around Bath

I set up this group so we can all share our events with each other. Any events in and around Bath are welcome


Mums (and More) in Bath

This group is safe and supportive place for ALL PARENTS AND CARERS in Bath and the surrounding areas to look for advice, recommendations and generally help each other along in this adventure that is raising small humans!



Council Contacts

Whenyou need an advice or help, we have put together the most important contacts for you to have at hand.

Applying for Building Regulations approval

You will need to apply for Building Regulations approval for most building work. This can include new-builds, alterations, extensions or a change of use.


Alison Phillips

Technical Support Officer


01225 477518 M. 07870 812004

Chloe Donneky

Technical Support Officer

chloe_donneky@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 394119

Dawn Harvey

Senior Building Control Surveyor

dawn_harvey@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 477567 M. 07977 228450

Derek Garwood

Principal Structural Engineer derek_garwood@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 477538 M. 07977 228106

Julian Humphrey

Building Control Surveyor

julian_humphrey@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 477543 M. 07977 228453

Kieran O’Neill

Technical Support Team Leader kieran_ oneill@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 477638 M. 07977 228104

Lisa Clements

Tech Support Officer

lisa_clements@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 394119 M. 07530 263180

Paul Stevens

Senior Building Control Surveyor paul_stevens@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 394110 M. 07977 228455

Phil Mansfield

Head of Building Control & Public Protection phil_mansfield@bathnes.gov.uk 01225 477541 M. 07977 228105


Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings or to the local environment need consent - known as planning permission.

Without a planning system everyone could construct buildings or use land in any way they wanted, no matter what effect this would have on other people who live and work in their area.

Your local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development - anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre - should go ahead.


• Get expert planning advice

• Local requirements for planning applications

• Best practice guidance for submitting plans and documents

• View historic planning applications

48 Hamptons International 32 Gay St, Bath BA1 2NT www.hamptons.co.uk
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