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TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:13 PM

[ EDITOR’S NOTE ] Welcome to the return of the TeamTalk Magazine, the quarterly publication of Bayan Telecommunications for its employees. This being the first issue of the year and the first after ceasing publication in 2007, it is fitting to direct our attention to Bayan’s re-stated Vision, Mission and Values (VMV)—the reason why our company exists. Although the VMV is scheduled to be launched company-wide during our Bayan Day celebrations, HROD has already started to cascade this on a divisional level by the time you are reading this. It’s important for employees to internalize our VMV because it will give each one of us a direction when we make decisions. Unlike in other companies, Bayan doesn’t want our VMV to be merely just a sign in the wall or some sugar-coated statements that sound glorious. We want everyone to live them, be seen living them, and constantly communicating them to our stakeholders and fellow employees. With a re-stated VMV, TeamTalk is committed to uphold and communicate our Vision, Mission and Values. We sincerely appreciate the continued support of our contributors and readers alike. If you have feedback about this issue, or would like to submit an article for publications, please contact TeamTalk via email: grbaclagon@ Happy reading!



TUNDE’S CORNER Saving Money and Spending it Wiesely


The year that was for Bayan A recap of Bayan events in 2008


Vision, Mission and Values

What’s your game plan?

Bayan invades The Arena


in 2008?


12 Simpler, Bolder, Better: Bayan re-states its 14 An interview with two Bayan Mancom members 17 Bayan! Bayan! Musikahan! highlights 20 What’s your most memorable Bayan moment 22 Meet the bITikletas

HROD Division Publisher Philbert L. Berba Manuel L. Sison Editors Gerry R. Baclagon Editorial and Design Head Editorial Consultancy by Junep Ocampo of Right Media

TeamTalk Magazine is a quarterly publication for the employees of Bayan Telecommunications, Inc. Business and editorial offices are located at the HROD Division, Bayan Telecommunications Corporate Center, Malingap cor. Maginhawa Sts., Teacher’s Village East, Diliman, Quezon City. TeamTalk appreciates your inputs. Please email you comments, suggestions and contributions to or ph. Or call 449-7080 and 482-1634.

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Saving money and spending it wisely W

hen we speak of saving money, we often think of penny-pinchers or those who would do anything just to avoid spending. But if you examine it closer, you would see that this exercise simply means being careful with one’s resources. Being a cautious spender is an art. It is knowing how to get the best value for one’s money or how to do things in a manner that requires the least cost, least energy or less time. When I go out with my family, it’s fun to practice this art and pick something different and less costly instead of doing the regular thing. Instead of going out for food or a movie, we do something else – like play a board game or anything that will make us pay less or even nothing. I do try from time to time to ask myself, “Do you really have to spend on this?” Take coffee, for instance. Instead of buying expensive coffee in those posh coffee shops, I have bought a coffee maker and tried the local Batangas brew, which is very nice.

Personal experience I’d like to share with you some ways on how I practice wise spending: • When buying things, I always negotiate for a discount. • I often go off the beaten track when looking for things to buy. This usually yields huge benefits in terms of variety, quality and cost. For example, my wife is known for making frequent trips to Divisoria. Her friends would tell her, “Oh, please take me there, take me there!” since they are not comfortable going there by themselves. She does take her friends there and they end up very happy to get the same quality – or even better – at a much lower price. • I try to have a good time without necessarily spending too much. I always take my family on adventure trips, discovering new areas in the Philippines. This is probably one of the most enjoyable things for me. We have swum with the whales in Donsol, climbed Mount Pinatubo and drove all the way to Pagudpud and back. I hope this 2009 we could finally go to Palawan. There are still so many places to discover in this country. And they don’t really require so much in terms of financial resources. Difference with cost-cutting As a business executive, I am always careful in equating wise spending with being stingy. In 2008, we cut down on our expenses but we did not cut down on our investments. In order to grow, investments are necessary. There is a big difference between being a wise spender and being one who does not spend on anything. Not spending on anything is not a good approach. I always want to focus available spending on areas that could deliver the results needed – to improve our returns and improve the satisfaction of customers. Be-

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TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:14 PM

ing cautious in spending simply means allocating available resources to the areas that are most critical and those that will yield the best returns. From this perspective, it is very important to continually examine the business because what could be giving the biggest returns now may not give the same returns a year from now. And the other way around, what didn’t work the first time may finally work this time using another approach. You cannot just cut cost on anything or everything. Some areas actually need more spendI was in my late ing. And it’s not so much a matter of cutting costs. It’s a matter of prioritizing. Maybe in one area we spent a million but within three months we were able to get 5 milPay yourself first. Save at least 10 percent of lion. Will you cut that or your income. Remember, it’s not how much you will you rather cut the make but how much you save that counts. area where you spent P60,000 yet after six Have a budget, with priorities clearly marked. months still you only get Stick to your budget whatever happens. P90,000? You don’t want Avoid temptations. Kung ayaw mong gumastos, to cut across the board. huwag kang mag-mall! You want to look at the Don’t get a credit card. If you already have one, opportunity and apply make it a point to always pay your balance in full. the funds accordingly. If If you have multiple credit cards, choose the one you don’t fund an opporwith the best network and get rid of the others. tunity, it goes away. An

How to be a Wise Spender

opportunity doesn’t wait. The customers wouldn’t wait for you. Starting early Being a cautious spender can be learned. I

Write, review and revise. Take note of all your expenses, including the receipts if possible. At the end of each month, see if you could still make further improvements on your spending. You’ll be surprised how far your money would go if you handle it with care.

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try to teach it to my children but I’m not really sure if I have been successful. I try to teach them how to manage their allowance, how to create a budget and save for the things they really want. In learning to be a wise spender, it’s very important to start early. The challenge is how to set a budget. Start with a target of how much to save. One of the first things I’ve learned when I was young is to set aside a portion of my allowance as savings and investment. I was given that advice early in life but I don’t think I was successful in applying it in my life early on. 20s, already working for some time, when I finally mastered the discipline to do that. The rule of thumb is a minimum of 10 percent, if you could do higher, say 20 percent, then that’s desirable. With these uncertain times – and nobody could predict the future – it is always good to have something to fall back on. Someone asked me before Christmas what I would ask Santa Claus if he were to visit me. Without hesitation, I said I’d ask him to help everyone in Bayan meet the company target. 2008 was a challenging year. If things go right, we’ll have a very exciting Christmas next year.


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The year that was for Bayan By Dimpy M. Jazmines

Sa activities, developments, projects at plans, naging exciting para sa Bayan ang buong 2008. Sa ating pagsisimula ng bagong taong 2009, ating munang balikan ang mga kaganapan sa Bayan noong 2008.

15 E-SERVICES Nag-sponsor ang Bayan sa E-Services conference.

30 NI-LAUNCH ANG BAGONG TAMBAYAN Natuwa ang mga Bayan employees nang nakita nila sa kanilang computer screens ang fresh at bagong anyo ng Portal – ang TamBayan!


JANUARY BAYAN SA “DINAGYANG” Dumalo ang Bayan sa selebrasyon ng “Dinagyang” 27 festival.

FIRST G.A. NG 2008 Nagtipon ang mga Bayan employees sa ROC MPH para sa kauna-unahang General Assembly ng 31 taon.

BAYAN WINS TWO ANVIL AWARDS Panalo ang Bayan sa 43rd Anvil Awards for the Ogrevision speech ni Tunde at para Sulong Annual Report ng Bayan.

JOB FAIR SA SOUTH Kasabay ng pagexpand ng service ng BWL sa South, nagkaroon ng job fair ang Bayan para sa mga BWL sales agents sa Las Piñas 15 at Parañaque.



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EMERGENCY EMPLOYEE ASSEMBLY Pinangunahan ni Tunde ang emergency meeting ng Bayan sa ROC Helipad at BCC Basement para ilahad ang “crisis opportunity” at ang dapat nating gawin para malampasan ito at makuha ang ating mid-year target.

CASINO NIGHT SA CEBU Matapos ang kanilang successful series ng Casino Nights, dinala ng Bayan Business ang kanilang winning Casino Night formula para sa mga kliyente nila sa Cebu.

TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:16 PM

BANNERING SA EDSA, JOLLIJEEPS SA MAKATI Pinuno rin ng Marketing Division ang ilang parte ng EDSA ng streamers ng Bayan, at inayos ang ilang “Jollijeeps” (mga kainan on wheels) sa business district Makati para may branding ng Bayan 12

BAYAN’S 1ST BIRTHDAY Nagdiwang ang employees ng Bayan ng isang taong kaarawan sa pamamagitan ng bonggang selebrasyon na ‘Kakaiba Turns One’ na ginanap sa ROC grounds; mayroon ding photo exhibition at short film festival na tinanghal sa event na ito.


LABANG PACQUIAOMARQUEZ, SAGOT NG BAYAN Pinasaya naman ng Bayan Business ang kanilang mga clients sa pamamagitan ng isang free screening ng labang Pacquiao vs. Marquez. BAYAN SUMUPORTA SA “ARAW NG DABAW” Naging present ang Bayan sa selebrasyon ng “Araw ng Dabaw” sa Davao City.

MARCH LAUNCH NG BAGONG BAYAN WEBSITE Panibagong website ng Bayan ang sumalubong sa mga Internet users nang i-check nila ang site ng Bayan sa web.


BAYAN, INVOLVED SA CALL CENTER EVENT Isang major call center event, ang CCAP Call Center 101, ang sinuportahan ng Bayan.

1st QUARTER STORM SA BAYAN! Nilusob ng mga raliyista ang ilang offices ng Bayan upang ihayag ang ating “First Quarter Storm” cry at hikayatin ang mga employees na magbenta ng BWL.

DRESS-UP NG KALESA AT JOB FAIR SA GLORIETTA MRT STATIONS Muling nag-job fair ang Umeksena ang Bayan sa Bayan, pero ngayon ay sa Intramuros, Manila kung saan 25- Glorietta Mall sa Ayala driness-up nila ang ilang kalesa; 26 Center, Makati naman. at ganoon din ang ginawa sa isang stations along MRT3.

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BUSINESS PUZZLE SOLVED CAMPAIGN Nag-blitz at nagpaikot ng roving truck ang Bayan Business para i-promote ang kanilang “Business Puzzle: Solved” campaign sa mga major business districts.


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HIP-HOP NA GAWAD GALING Naging hip-hop ang celebration ng ikalimang taon ng Gawad Galing sa UP Ang Bahay ng Alumni sa Diliman. Kinilalang Top Seller of the Year si Daisy Devina ng Bayan Regional, at Best Performing Division naman ang Bayan Business.

MANAGED SERVICES INI-LAUNCH Nag-launch ang Bayan Business ng kanilang bagong business offering para sa mga kliyente, ang Managed Services.



NAGPASIKAT SA PYRO OLYMPICS Nag-arkila ng yacht sa Manila Bay ang Bayan Business para sa kakaibang treat sa mga kliyente habang nanood ng Pyrolympics.


SPA TREAT NG BAYAN BUSINESS Bukod sa Pyrolympics, nagpamper din ang Bayan Business ng mga kliyente nito sa kanilang Spa Party na ginanap saThe Spa sa Libis, Quezon City.

USAPANG “GREEN” SA BAYAN Nagkaroon ng special divisional meetings sa Bayan sa pangunguna ng kani-kanilang division heads upang ipaliwanag sa lahat ng empleyado ang ating opportunity crisis. “Usapang Green” ang tinawag dito dahil ang opportunity crisis na ito ay magbubunga ng kasaganahan at paglago ng Bayan kung sama-samang magtutulungan.


KAKAIBANG DIRECTORY/ SUBSCRIBERS’ MANUAL Naglabas ang Bayan ng kakaibang version ng directory na nagsisilbi ring subscribers’ manual

JULY BAYAN, MAY LOPEZ ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Nanalo ng dalawang Lopez Achievement Awards ang Bayan, bunga ng ating pagkaka-accomplish ng 100k BWL Challenge. Nagwagi ang Bayan ng trophy for Customer Focus dahil dito, at pinarangalan pa ang ating Managing Director na si Tunde Fafunwa dahil sa pangunguna at inspirasyon na ginawa nya para maabot ang ating BWL target 27 noong 2007.

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BAYAN, NAGPACONFERENCE AT EXPO PARA SA CALL CENTER INDUSTRY Naging bida ang Bayan sa call center industry nang maging major sponsor ito ng CCAP Call 23- Center Conference 24 and Expo.

TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:18 PM


SCREENING NG INDIANA JONES Hindi doon nagtapos ang pag-alaga ng Bayan Business sa kanilang clients. Ini-libre rin nila ang mga kliyenta at pamilya nila sa special screening ng “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull”.

BE-WINNERS APPRENTICE LAUNCH Isang bagong twist sa Be-Winners Program na hango sa reality show na The Apprentice. Ito ay ni-launch para i-challenge ang mga Bayan employees na maghanap ng kakaibang mga diskarte sa pagbenta ng BWL.




TUNDE HITS THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Nag-ala Barack Obama si Tunde at bumisita sa bawat sulok ng Bayan upang ikampanya ang company-wide mid-year targets at i-rally ang mga taga-Bayan para ma-accomplish ito.

STATE OF THE BAYAN ADDRESS Kasabay ng State of the Nation Address ni Gloria, ay ang State of the Bayan Address na ginanap noong Mid-Year General Assembly ng mga empleyado. Sa pangunguna ni Tunde, nagbigay ang ManCom ng post-game analysis ng ating mid-year challenge at inilahad din ang plano for the rest of 2008.



BWL SALES CONFERENCE SA THUNDERBIRD Inipon ang mga leaders ng BWL sales groups ng Bayan para sa isang BWL Sales Conference na ginawa sa Thunderbird Resort sa Binangonan, Rizal – kung saan nagpalitan sila ng best 28- practices at nagplano ng mga 29 breakthrough initiatives.

BIGATEN, INI-LAUNCH Kasabay ng General Assembly ay ang pag-launch ng BigaTen, isang employee incentive program para sa second half of the year.

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BIGATEN DROP-INS Nagkaroon ng BigaTen drop-ins sa iba’t-ibang opisina ng Bayan para i-promote ang programa at i-resolve ang mga katanungan tungkol dito.

29 “MANKOMUSTAHAN” TAYO Nagsama ang mga Mancom ng Bayan para sa isang “Mankomustahan” session na ginanap sa Richmonde Hotel sa Ortigas.

SEPTEMBER BAYAN SUMUPORTA SA 10TH ANNIVERSARY NG VERIZON Dahil isa sa mga valued clients ng Bayan ang Verizon, sumuporta ang Bayan sa 10th anniversary celebration ng kumpanya.

BIGGEST BILL LOSER SHOW LAUNCHED Isang kakaibang pakulo ng Bayan na kung saan mapapanood ang isang web-based reality show na paligsahan sa patipiran ng kanilang mga cellphone bills. Syempre, 4 panalo ang gumagamit ng BWL!


MARKETING DIVISION, NAG-OPERATION KALULUWA Mula October 31 hanggang November 2 ay tumambay ang mga Bayan booths sa mga matataong sementeryo sa bansa para maghatid ng free calls using BWL.

7 BAYAN, PANALO SA QUILL Nag-uwi ang Bayan ng dalawang Philippine Quill Awards na iginawad ng International Association for Business Communications (IABC) para sa “Biggest Bill Loser” campaign at sa “Can We Talk” speech ng Bayan.

15 BAYAN WATCH SA TAMBAYAN Isang bagong application ang ini-launch ng Marketing Division sa TamBayan – ang BayanWatch, kung saan makakakita ng updates sa mga marketing efforts ng Bayan at pati na rin ng competition.

NOVEMBER BAYAN BUSINESS GOES TO HONGKONG Dahil naabot ng mga Bayan Business teams ang kanilang mga targets, naging reward nila ang trip to Hong Kong.

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BAGONG BAYAN CENTER SA SOUTH Nagbukas ang Bayan ng isa na namang bagong Bayan Center sa Metro Manila South – ito ay sa 3/F Building B ng SM City Sucat.

BAYAN WELLNESS DAY Nag-bowling ang mga Metro Manila-based Bayan employees sa Puyat Bowling Center sa Farmers Plaza, habang nag-bowling at nag-badminton ang mga provincial based12- employees sa masaya at successful na 13 Bayan wellness event na ito.

TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:21 PM

9 Q3 GENERAL ASSEMBLY Bayan-wide assembly na kung saan pinag-usapan ang latest updates tungkol sa Bayan at ang magandang resulta na bunga ng ating pagtulungan sa gitna ng opportunity crisis.

P499 BWL BASIC VARIANT AT BAGONG BWL TV AD, INI-LAUNCH Kasabay ng Q3 Bayan General Assembly ay ang pag-announce ng mas murang P499 BWL Basic Variant sa market at ang pagpapalabas ng bagong nakaka-aliw na BWL TV commercial.



BAYAN BUSINESS, SUMAILALIM SA ISO AUDIT Nag-undergo ng audit ang Bayan Business Division para sa ISO certification nito. Naging maganda ang resulta dahil pagkatapos ay ginawaran ng ISO certification ang Bayan Business.

HALLOWEEN PARTY SA BAYAN OFFICES Dumagsa ang mga costumed kids ng Bayan employees sa BCC, ROC at provincial offices para maka-pag trick or treat kasama ang kanilang parents. “GASTOS GANG” SA MRT STATIONS Samantala, sinimulan naman ng “Gastos Gang”, ang grupo na pinasikat ng Bayan TV commercial, sa araw na ito ang kanilang public dance 29 performances sa MRT stations.

11- IT TEAM BUILDING 12 Nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang IT Division na mag-team building activity sa MMLDC sa Antipolo.

11- “BAYAN, BAYAN MUSIKAHAN” GINANAP 12 Nag-dagsaan ang mga Bayan employees sa The Arena sa San Juan para i-celebrate ang “Bayan, Bayan Musikahan!”, ang successful na corporate Christmas party ng Bayan.


CUSCARE NAGTAYO NG MGA BAHAY PARA SA GK Nakapag-donate ng P85,000, at nakapagtayo ang mga 100 volunteers mula sa CusCare Division ng 9 na bahay para sa ilang beneficiaries sa Sitio Pajo, Brgy. Baesa, Quezon City.

BAYAN VOTED BY CYBERPRESS AS I.T. COMPANY OF THE YEAR May pahabol na naman na award ang Bayan, this time as “I.T. Company of the Year.” Ang nagparangal, Cyberpress, ang organisasyon 19 ng mga I.T. journalists sa Pilipinas.


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Simpler, Better, Bolder

Bayan re-states its Vision-Mission-Values


he start of a year is a time when we get rid of the old to make way for the new. It is also the time when we contemplate – look back at the past, examine the present and pray for the future. It is therefore the perfect occasion for a company like Bayan Telecommunications to re-state its raison d’etre, the reason why it is here. Launched in 2007 under the banner “Kakaiba,” Bayan’s VMV Our Vision (vision, mission, values) statements are now updated to be We are a communications more precise, easier to undecompany that thrives on stand and relate to what being being different and disruptive to “kakaiba” means. bring out the best in the Our vision, mission and values lives of Filipinos. outline who we are as a company and employees, what we seek Tayo ay isang communications to achieve, and how we want to company na isinusulong achieve it. They provide a clear ang pagiging KAKAIBA sa direction for our company and pagpapaganda ng buhay employees and help ensure that ng bawat Pilipino. we are all working toward the ____________________________ same goals. Crafting a clearer and wellOur Mission defined VMV statements is To let the Filipino voice only the first step. The next step is of course execution! Everyone be heard. must learn it, and live it–from Itaguyod ang boses the management to the employng bawat Pilipino. ees and every decision or move we make must be aligned with our VMV.

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TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:24 PM

Bayan Values defined Kumikitang Kabuhayan (Profitable and Enriching Enterprise) Itinuturing naming parang sarili naming kumpanya ang Bayan. Nagpupursige kami para matugunan ang pangangailangan ng aming customers, kapwa empleyado, pamayanan, at shareholders Sama Samang May Saya (Teamwork with Fun)

Ok sa amin ang diversity o pagkakaiba-iba at naniniwala kami na kailangan ang empowerment para sa mahusay na trabaho. Kailangan ding may kakaibang saya. We lead, we follow, we engage, or we happily get out of the way in support of the team’s decision.

KuSang KakaSA: The new Bayan values Kumikitang Kabuhayan Sama-samang may Saya Kakaibang Diskarte

Simple at Totoong Serbisyo Kakaibang Diskarte (Different and Innovative) Kami ay proud bilang mga Pinoy Aksyong Dekalidad na may global outlook. Ang mga produkto at serbisyo namin ay nagtataguyod sa boses ng bawat Pilipino. Kakaiba ang diskarte namin dahil nakikinig kami sa aming mga customer at hindi kami takot na sumubok ng mga bagong paraan. Ayaw naming makuntento sa mga paraang nakasanayan na. Simple at Totoong Serbisyo (Simple and Honest) Simple kaming makiharap sa aming mga customer. Totoo kaming makitungo sa aming kapwa-empleyado at mga supplier. Hinihimok namin ang lahat na maging responsable at tapat sa pagsasalita. We serve with integrity that inspires. Aksyong De-kalidad (Quality in Action) De-kalidad at maasahan ang serbisyo namin. Nandiyan kami sa oras na kailangan kami ng aming mga customer. Tama at wastong impormasyon ang aming gamit upang matugunan ang pangangailangan ng aming customer at empleyado. We take accountability for every individual’s action.

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[ 13 ] 2/4/09 2:58:24 PM

What’s your game plan for 2009? Interview by Dexter C. Lim

The year 2008 was a challenging year for Bayan. Will 2009 be the same? We sent three questions by email to two of our division chiefs to find out their views and wishes for their group this year. Here’s what we got: What ‘s your wish for your division this 2009? Joevel Rivera, Product Development and Management Division (JR): Bonus, bonus, bonus!!! Of course our wish is for BWL product to exceed its volume and revenue targets and for the demand for EVDO to exceed the supply. For my team, I wish that they’ll be happier, more inspired and more united. And for all Market Groups, I wish that they would exceed their targets. Dave Rogers, Network Division (DR): Network division covers two main areas that are always focused on quality -- one is operations and the other is engineering. On operational issue we focus on training and day-to-day customer service KPI’s driven by customer experiences. In engineering we focus on building a better network that is inherently more robust Joevel Rivera

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TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:24 PM

Dave Rogers

where future service problems are eliminated before they happen. A true picture of success in operations and engineering would be when Customer Care no longer receives calls from our customers pointing out where our network or process needs improvement. In other words “zero RPHC”. How do you intend to achieve your targets? JR: Our strategy is pro-active monitoring of key product SLAs and applying intervention if necessary to ensure the SLAs are achieved. We also want to constantly update each product’s SOPPs and definition and work with Customer Care and the Market groups in hearing customer feedback about our products to ensure that reasonable and important suggestions are considered in improving our services DR: Currently Network has ongoing preventative maintenance activities in many areas from OSP upgrades, battery replacement, down to eliminating single points of failure. This is also accomplished by ensuring our quality standards are continually improved in the purchase of new network elements and the methodologies of how we design and implement the new technologies. Each department within the Network division develops very specific plans to ensure we are always improving on service quality and service delivery. What’s your most realistic expectation? JR: If our team knows where we are going and they stay focused in the execution of our plans and programs then there is no reason why we cannot achieve our goals. Of course that’s assuming we obtain the sup-

port from other teams, particularly IT and Network. Our efforts are only as strong as the weakest link in the development chain. Our commitment is that our area will be one of the strongest and most reliable parts of that chain this year. DR: One of the major goals for Network this year is to ensure Bayan becomes TL9000 certified. This will ensure Bayan’s design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of products and services meet the highest international telecommunication standards. The TL9000 certification will assist Network in identifying where we have process and product problems. But that is not enough. That is why we have the Customer Satisfaction Survey to make sure we are in touch with what the customer’s definition of quality is. The TL9000 is a tool to fix and maintain our quality but the Customer Survey is another tool to help us know what true “quality” means to our customers. Q1 • 2009

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[ 15 ] 2/4/09 2:58:24 PM

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TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:25 PM

A heartwarming opening prayer was rendered by the CCF Hand Mime Chorale.

Bayan Mancom and other special guests pose for the camera.

The Arena at San Juan sizzled last December 15 as the whole Bayan came together and got treated to a night of fun, excitement and entertainment at the Bayan! Bayan! Musikahan! Christmas Party. The kakaibang musical party highlighted Kapamilya stars like Valerie Concepcion, Pinoy Dream Academy alums RJ Jimenez and Irish Fullerton, as well as the Solid Gold dancers. Not to be outdone, Bayan’s homegrown talents also displayed their stuff. Bubbly Margo Montano and WWRR DJ Jack Melo hosted the event, while 80s tribute band Kudos and the Sexy Department provided the music in which Bayan employees grooved to till the end of the night.

Tunde welcomes Bayan CEO Gabby Lopez to the party.

At nagpa-raffle pa!

Ang mala-ASAP na opening number starring Bayan impersonators!

Hataw ang CQCI Boys as The Eraserheads...

Lanie Fuenzalida of Revenue Assurance as Cherice Pempengco

Jebson Santiago of I.T. as Arnel Pineda. Di ba syang-sya?

Q1 • 2009 teamtalk Q1 2009.indd 17

I.T. Bayan inmates nag-ala Cebu inmates.


[ 17 ] 2/4/09 2:58:36 PM

The Solid Gold Dancers made the night even hotter!

The wise-cracking and sexy Margo Montano and the debonair DJ Jack Melo hosted the party.

Syempre, the night won’t be complete without hearing the holiday greetings of Bayan CEO Gabby Lopez and Managing Director Tunde Fafunwa.

Network’s Limited Mobility Band (above) performs before some 2,000-strong Bayan crowd (below).

Napatili ang mga girls sa pag-harana ni RJ Jimenez.

Sir Gabby enjoying the night with the Bayan Mancom.

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Network dancers, ‘di nagpahuli!

TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:58:48 PM

Sir Jojo: “I’m your number one fan, Valerie!”

Sir John, nakipagbiritan with Irish Fullerton! Sir Louie a.k.a. Pappy Louie: “Feel na feel ko lyrics dahil sa iyo.” Belly dancing with Margo Montano.

Hip, hip, hooray! Panalo tayo kay Valerie Concepcion!

Kudos sa mga taga-Bayan!

Margo and the Kudos Band: Head over heels sa 80s music.

The Sexy Department Band sang ‘till the night is done!

Ganito mag-party ang Bayan!

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[ 19 ] 2/4/09 2:59:01 PM


What is your most memorable Bayan moment in 2008?

2008 for Bayan is like one rodeo ride…wild, tough but fun and exciting! – Bayan Business Marketing Team

When friends from competition and personal acquaintances often tell me how BTI evolved big time as a household name with that “sige..gastos” chant. Bayan, making its mark in the Telco industry as a force to reckon with and recognized by competitors as a potential threat, prompts me to give out my usual “boy next door charming” smile up to my ears with great pride. – Erwin M. Abastillas Department Head, Trade Marketing

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TEAMTALK MAGAZINE Q1 • 2009 2/4/09 2:59:03 PM

Hong Kong Trip Incentive! Sobrang saya ng 2008 para sa Bayan Business because of the Hong Kong Trip. Enjoy kaming lahat taking pictures during the tour lalo na sa Disneyland. Bayan le moment in My memorab of the became part was when I er Ms. tion team und BWL Collec . Mary Datiles l process d and painfu ar h a as w t I h it. it was wort but I knew still odds, I am better Despite the l 09 wil be a 20 at th l fu hope an! year for Bay Taino – Roselle E. pecialist Collection S

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– Norwin Aquino Bayan Business

Last year sa Bayan, fulfilling na ang aking career, ang dami ko pang learnings, fun moments and meaningful relationships!! – Nancy Tiongson HROD


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Barkadahan sa Bayan

Meet the bITikletas! “Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle!” – Freddie Mercury of Queen Nakita n’yo na siguro sila. Yup, they’re the ones who often go to office on bicycles. They are all from the IT department and they call their group “bITekleta” Founded by Dexter David, bITekleta includes Wayne Andes, Elmer Cruz, Eric Abaja, Mondi Notario and Bong Tanada. There’s no woman rider yet in the group but these gentlemen say they would want to have their female Bayan co-employees to join them in their rides. With good weather, bITekleta riders usually go out on Saturdays and Sundays as well as holidays, as long as there are no conflicts in their family schedules. They have gone to various places, most of them scenic. Favorite destinations are San Mateo, Antipolo, Boso-boso, Sierra Madre, Tanay and Montalban. They’ve crossed the Wawa River in Montalban and visited Batlag falls, enjoying the sight of girls swimming in bikinis. And no, they don’t really prepare for these rides. “We just ride,” Dexter said. bITekleta riders obviously get physical exercise through biking. But their hobby also allows them relieve stress and get to see places without worrying about the rising cost of gasoline. As they say, exercise na, pasyal pa. After tiring rides, bITekleta riders reward them-

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selves with a hearty feast of bulalo at Mang Vic’s, a famous restaurant on zigzag roads of Tanay. There are some downsides to biking, however. “Sometimes we get road rash,” said Dexter. He was quick to add that the biggest disease that strikes them and other riders is “upgradicitis” or the itch to upgrade to a better bicycle or equipment after some time. “Nakaka-addict to,” he confessed. Those wanting to try bike riding, bITekleta members have these advice: • Get a bike that fits your size. • Invest in safety gears. • Choose what parts work for you. Upgrade later. • Be ready with at least P15,000 for your first bike.

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Bayan, get ready for bayanBROADBAND Kung akala mo na bayanWIRELESS landline lang ang produkto ng Bayan na pwede mong bitbitin kung saan-saan sa Metro Manila ay nagkakamali ka! Ngayong February ay inilabas na ng Bayan Telecommunications sa mga empleyado nito ang pinakabagong produkto ng kumpanya – ang bayanBROADBAND. Unang matitikman ng mga Bayan employees ang bagong bayanBROADBAND sa pamamagitan ng isang exclusive internal launch na gagawin sa buong buwan ng February. Limited sa 300 na Bayan employees na gustong mauna sa serbisyo ang pwedeng mag-avail ng service. Pagkatapos ng February ay saka pa lang ila-launch ang bayanBROADBAND sa mga customers ng Bayan. Sa March na rin pwedeng mag-avail ang iba pang interesadong Bayan employees na nahuli sa naunang 300. Ang hatid ng bayanBROADBAND sa mga gagamit nito ay mobile Internet connection na pwedeng dalhin sa mga lugar sa Metro Manila kung saan may coverage ito. Nasa 256kbps ang bilis ng broadband speed ng serbisyo, at nakapagbibigay ito ng unlimited na connection na pwedeng gamitin ng walang patayan. Sa mga employees na interesado, basahin ang mga announcements sa e-mail, sa bulletin board o sa TamBayan kung paano mag-avail ng bayanBROADBAND sa pamamagitan ng employee availment program. Q1 • 2009 teamtalk Q1 2009.indd 23


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