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he orange leaves are gone and the trees are left bare. The days become shorter and the nights

become cooler. The air is crisp and the breeze somehow finds a way through your clothes and sends a shiver down your spine. We start piling more and more layers on because winter has arrived. I, for one, can’t help but welcome it with open arms (not only because my birthday is in this season…haha!) There’s just something about the smell of rain, being tucked up in furry blankets and the purring of thunder in the background that just makes me so happy. When the days are lit with that perfect winter’s sun, you appreciate it so much more. It’s a season to be cozy and a time to spend with loved ones. I must say, it is sad to have to study in this type of weather when all you want to do is climb in bed and watch some movies. Don’t even start with chilly mornings and having to peel off your comfy gown to put on the

icicle-cold shirt for school. I don’t mind too much, though, because this season also brings butternut soup and hot chocolate. Who can resist? Winter teaches us a lot about patience too. After waiting long enough, this season showers us with rain that leaves everything clean, gleaming and pretty.

It’s something

we’ve missed - especially in Worcester. I’ve learned a lot about patience this term and also a lot about working under pressure. What a whirlwind this term has been! From musical practices, the Oscars, the test series, interschools, exams, the lot…we have been busy. It’s certainly good to be busy, but you need to have boundaries: when is too much too much, you know? It’s another thing I’ve learned and am currently working on. It’ll soon be holiday and we’ll be able to enjoy the season in all its glory. In case you get bored, you can of course read the articles inside and we’ve added some extra things you can do during the coming holiday in this Circum edition. Stay warm, stay cozy and enjoy the holiday, Dear Readers!


or every Marvel fan, 26 April was a day that stood above the rest on our calendars. After 10 years of build-up, the long awaited Infinity War had come. And we’ll all agree that is was....oh, wait. No spoilers!

But while we’re all in this Avengers mood, let’s take the time to think about real heroes; heroes that we see almost every day of our lives; heroes who save us from the murders of malicious mathematics, the tortures of troublesome technology, and the scourge of slanderous science. Heroes who teach us how to run faster, throw harder and jump higher than others; heroes who have bright sides and dark sides, secret identities and maybe not red capes, but red pens indeed.

Who are these heroes, you ask? The TEACHERS! Yes, they may sometimes cause pain in the aftermath of their wrath, but we know they’re actually in the process of saving us from ourselves. And when their red pen isn’t marking away at the speed of light, they have time to help us with the things in school that leave us a little baffled, but that their supercomputer minds have no trouble understanding.

They walk among us, these teacher heroes and I think it’s about time we reveal their secret identities....

Mr van Niekerk – Nick Fury Tall, bald, and sarcastic, we all know Mr van

Niekerk to be a man with a mission. If it’s not recruiting journalists and English Olympiad participants, it’s recruiting heroes to save to world. And not only this - he also leads a crew of hand picked representatives that fight to bring truth to their fellow learners… in the form of a newspaper.

You’ve seen the evidence, and now you only have to believe it. Our teachers are just too special, too talented, to be normal. Still don’t believe me?

Well, if a green monster starts trashing the history class or a disrespectful learner get’s ninja-ed in accounting, I’ll be there to tell you I told you so.

Ms Sherriff – the Black Widow She’s got the fighting spirit, and is not someone you want to cross. Tough, independent and strong-willed, Ms Sherriff is known as being a woman whose good side you’d prefer to stay on. But, like her alias, the Black Widow, she really has a super soft heart, and as long as you aren’t from an evil organisation (and remember to do your homework), you know you won’t only be protected from her, but by her.

Mr Olivier – Tony Stark / iron man He’s a technological genius, he says exactly what he thinks and he’s extremely sarcastic. You don’t need any more evidence to see the connection between billionaire Tony Stark and Mr Chris Olivier. No-one ever really knows why he’s always late for much time does it take for his jet to fly him in from Stark Tower? Or is he locally working on some secret invention that will change the school for the better?

Mr du Toit – Bruce Banner / The Hulk He himself has admitted to “posing as a history teacher” and “finding him somewhere where no-one would expect him to be”. The fact that he knows everything about his field, his brilliant anger management skills, and genius sense of humour, were hints, but his green arm and secret boxes were just dead giveaways. Is Bruce Banner hiding away as a history teacher in a remote town in South Africa? And which class will be the one to push this Social Scientist too far?

by Simone Botha photos: Miché Wium

Q: W scho

A: *a when room door

Have you ever sat in class, pretending to do your work and started wondering about weird questions that you’ve always wanted to know about your teacher?

The Circum sat down with some of the teachers to investigate and solve the questions that you’ve always wondered about….

by Be-Arthur Davids photos by Liam Waters

Q: Do you work f

A: Of course I do tradition.

Q: Define the pe Q: Where do you get your personality from? A: Well, be specific, which one are you referring to? Personally I think I am a combination of Gordon Ramsay, Lemon-grab from Adventure Time and Zaphod Beeblebrox from Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy. Q: Why don’t you like Grade 8s? A: It’s not that I don’t like them, but there is a primary school attitude and a high school attitude and their primary school attitude needs to be squashed.

Q: Do you purposefully look like Father Christmas? A: No, I practice. Q: Why do you always look like you are up to no good? A: Because I practice and I am up to no good! I enjoy upsetting people. A few years ago I decided that nobody will upset me anymore. Instead, I upset them.

A: Everything is g

Q: Why don’t yo

A: Mr Schoeman them in my class

Were you naughty at school and what’s the worst thing you did during ool?

after about 10 minutes* No, I was not naughty. The worst thing I did was n my team and I locked up one of the other team members in the store m for about 2 and a half hours and just before he was about to break the r down, we opened up for him.

Q: Who of the teachers do you find most attractive? A: Kan ek ʼn meisie kies? (giggle) Okay, Juffrou Steenkamp.

for a secret agency?

o! My father and uncle used to and now my brother and I have continued the family

erfect day?

green. From the milk on my porridge to the sky.

ou teach Grade 8s?

n does not allow me. There was an incident a while back where I killed a few of s.

Q: Why do you drink so much tea? A: Growing up I associated tea with family and love and so throughout the years I have always connected with friends who love tea because when we have tea together we have time to connect with meaningful conversations.

Q: What are your top 3 movies? 1) As Good as It Gets 2) The Shawshank Redemption 3) Gladiator


verything is blue: your Mondays, your moods, your music, and, to top it off, so is your school shirt, blazer, stockings, scarves, athletics frocks, socks, sport uniforms, sweater and tracksuits! School uniforms; one of the most controversial debate topics to ever exist. Students hate it; adults love it. But is it really necessary for this outfit worn for almost 200 days a year to cause such dislike within learners? There’s got to be a better way! Since the Circum is the voice of the learners, we decided to investigate this disputable topic. We wanted to know what the learners thought, what research said, and what could be considered as an alternative day-to-day look for the Gimmies.



UNIFORM INSTEAD OF CIVVIES? Unfortunately, this answer is not no. Studies show that wearing a school uniform improves students’ discipline. A study done in the USA and 38 other countries proved that in classrooms where learners wore uniforms, pupils were more focussed, listened better and the noise-levels were lower. So if you think your class can’t possibly get any louder, you’re wrong! A study from Oxford Brooks University also found that wearing a school uniform enhances a feeling of pride and unity. Our point is that school uniforms obviously have a positive impact on learners, so imagine the effect it could have if Gimmies were as proud of their school uniform as they are of their new Vans or denim jackets. If science shows that people who feel good are more motivated to do good, this, combined with the focus and discipline school uniforms provide, is a match made in heaven.

WHAT CHANGES DO WE HAVE IN MIND? Sadly, our current school uniforms can’t be traded in for sweatpants and a hoody. Even though this would be comfortable and great (since it needs no ironing), a study done in 2015 from the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, proved that by wearing neat, posh outfits, learners tend to think much better than by wearing slacks and slippers. So the perfect school uniform would still be a semiformal, tidy outfit, but with a little bit of added pizzazz…




we’re pretty sure all learners would prefer white shirts to the light blue ones we currently wear, due to two reasons: our Donkiefriends wear the exact same ones, and the horrendous, embarrassing sweat stains. For girls, we suggest plain, collared shirts with navy stripes on the sleeves, to match their flowy, navy skirts (excuse the non-WG models, clothes are expensive and the Circum is balling on a budget.) For the boys, we recommend navy shorts and white shirts as well, with grey socks ending just below their knees. The girls would wear grey socks ending just above the knee, since knee socks are soooo in right now.


Getting up in the cold

darkness doesn’t have to make

you question the meaning of life every




forward ideas for a new school uniform will get you to jump out of bed, ready to start each day feeling fabulous. For the girls, we have two outfits in mind, outfit one






dress with a white collar. Navy stockings will be worn underneath, so



won’t be free of the constant


tearing. However, on the exceptionally cold days, navy pants, white button-up shirt and a beautifully designed tie will also be an option. And, to finish off both looks, a grey blazer will be








happening feeling, we decided that blue,

white and predominantly red jackets would brighten up the mood of even the nonathletic pupils. Paired with our normal navy pants and white tekkies, the Gimmies will never fail to look fantastically fierce. Accessorise to rise! Wearing a colourful headband or a nice, somewhat flashy watch is not the worst thing a teenager could do. Even though pupils are wearing uniforms, it shouldn’t be im-

possible for them to express their individuality. As long as whatever accessory they’re wearing is appropriate and neat, we say: give it a go! Learners should feel free to add a few personal touches to their uniforms, to give it an inviting, friendly feeling. Stick a pin to your blazer, get a colourful backpack, and let your hair down. No one has ever died from not wearing a ponytail. Except for Absalon, but he had it coming…

worn as well. For the boys, we have two words: fitted

With the suggested new school uniforms, most things

pants. Gone are the days of drowning in

are still blue: your skirts, pants, ties, stockings, and

your shapeless grey trousers. Semi-formal

the boys’ blazers, but you don’t have to be! This

navy pants, a white shirt, a navy blazer and

modern, stylish attire will look “spickerish”, and learn-

a traditional, sleek tie will be the new winter-

ers’ own personal touches will give it a comfortable

look for the men of Worcester Gymnasium.

and warm atmosphere. George St Pierre said, “If

A solid white stripe will be the new sign of

you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good,

honorary colours, and we’ll stick with black

you do good.” We couldn’t agree more. Dress to

shoes for now. The Gimmies will be comfort-

impress, for progress, to achieve success.

able, confident, and fit to attend the next Royal Wedding in these uniforms.


DISCLAIMER: We love our current school

PT tracksuits: We so often for-

uniforms and wouldn’t really want to re-

get that it’s possible to look

place it. We know that in our light blue

dashing even when you’re

shirts and grey trousers, it’s possible to

physically active. When you’re

achieve greatness and be just as happy

on a run and you feel like you

as any American private-school student.

might pass out, it’s still im-

The Bosvarke love our current school uni-

portant to look good. Since

forms, but a little wishful thinking never

the red in our school badge

hurt anyone…

doesn’t really feature anywhere else (and red is the new black), our fashion experts saw a wonderful opportunity to incorporate this colour in our school clothes.

By Kyle Duvenhage Photos by Gaby Jacobs

“What is the most common phrase




Clarissa replied by saying, “Quando agente chegar em casa






‘We’ll talk about it when we get home...” When




phrase in a middle of a Portuguese


know it won’t end well for


that person when they get


ver wondered when people around you were having a conversation in a different language – “What are

Shona-speaking, Melisa Zimwara said, “My mother always

they talking about?” We have all asked ourselves

says, ‘Melisa, ndichakurova!’, whenever she scolds me.”

that curious question, be it in a McDonald's queue, a fancy restaurant, clothing store or maybe even here at school. We have all heard that different vernacular especially in breaktimes when the person passing by is speaking in an incomprehensible dialect. All you hear is either the many clicks or different pronunciations of the known alphabet.

‘Ndichakurova’ means ‘I can hear you’. South Africa is the only country that has been blessed to have 11 official languages, therefore it would be unjust to represent only one of the languages. Itumeleng Leteba, a Sotho-speaking learner was asked what was the most common phrase she uses in her language and she replied,

It has been said that Worcester Gymnasium is a very di-

“Modimo waka hleng!” which means ‘Oh my Goodness’ and

verse school – a real rainbow nation and that’s true. There

is usually said when you’re shocked by something.

aren’t a lot of schools with as many races as Worcester Gymnasium. Multicultural Week and the enthusiasm and effort the learners bring speak volumes on behalf of Worcester Gym’s diversity.

Whenever you hear Swahili-speaking Francois Prinsloo saying, “Nakupenda Ma,” know that he is talking about his mother and how he loves her or when you ask him how he is and he replies say-

A small group of Worcester Gym’s learners from different

ing, ”Ninda maber,” know that he means to

countries and backgrounds were asked to flex their multilin-

say that he’s good, but he is just flexing

gual skills where they had to answer questions in their

those multilingual skills we all know


Bosvarke seem to have perfected.

Now we all know that French is the language of love and


when we hear people speaking the language, we get all gid-

Boasvarke! We knew we rocked,

dy and emotional. Since we have a French-speaking student

but who would’ve thought we

in the school, Glen Kyony, I took this as a perfect opportuni-

rocked in so many different

ty to ask him the one question girls would like to hear from




their beloveds, “How do you say ‘I love you’ in French?” His immediate response was laughter and a “typical”, but nonetheless I got my answer. So, girls when a guy says “Je t'aime”, the church bells should ring and smiles should appear for it means he “loves” whoever he is talking about. From the DRC we travel all the way to – South America, Brazil! Ever looked at Brazilians when they were having a conversation and all you can hear is basically nothing but an exotic Portuguese song. When Portuguese-speaking learner, Clarissa Veiga, was asked, “Do your ever get scolded in your mother-tongue?” she quickly replied, “Yes, all the time!”

By Lona Sukani





Get to know Mr Schoeman


huffling from class to class we, as learners

Who would you want to watch in concert or live?

from Worcester Gymnasium, only really come into contact with our teachers, but

few of us really know much about the man who runs the show - our principal. The Circum thought it fitting to conduct an interview with the ex-army, Captain-Haddock-lookalike, fisherman, Go-MAD-enthusiast and Lionel-Richie-fan, Mr Schoeman. What were you like in high school? A jock, nerd or rebel? Academically








participated in a lot of activities, but no special achievements. I wasn’t a provincial player in anything although I loved sport. Perhaps I was a bit of a rebel

because in my grade 12 year, a group of us boys started a hockey team in the school, which didn’t go well. We played on our own and we arranged our own matches, but I don’t think my school staff would consider me to be a rebel. So, that’s basically a combination of each, but not specifically a jock, nerd or rebel.

Most probably Queen, but unfortunately we won’t be able to do that now. I think that would be quite interesting to watch. Which songs do you have completely memorised? I have quite a few, generally music from the 70s and 80s. Which of them are your favourites then, sir? That’s difficult. I enjoyed The Commodores, Lionel Richie, Queen and Abba and their dance music. Cats or dogs? (a very important question)

Can you tell me about one of your fondest childhood memories?

Dogs, because cats are just too independent I think. We don’t have dogs, though, but I do have a little par-

Growing up in Mossel Bay, we had a holiday all year

rot at home. It’s actually Andre’s, but we’re caring for

round. That was great; being at the beach. I love fish-


ing and water sports. That I will remember - the whole area I grew up in and the nature around us.

Which actor would you choose to portray you in a

famous and they all have these great stories to tell.


The one thing I learned from them, and there are

Captain Haddock (chuckles). No, I’m just kidding. John Travolta

many things, is that they’re down-to-earth and extremely friendly.

perhaps, he’s quite versatile. It’s

They have these accolades, but once you

not because he looks like me, but

meet them, you realise wow! No matter

I enjoy his movies.

how famous you supposedly are, you

Do you have any hidden talents? I don’t think so. I can’t play guitar or sing, but at some stage I could surf ski quite well, but then

again I haven’t tried that in years. What’s something you feel passionate about?

must be grateful for what you’ve achieved and that I’ve picked up from all of them. What’s one thing that your mother or father taught you that had an impact on your life? To be kind to people, that’s something especially my mother showed me and then from my dad’s side, a love and respect for nature.

Making a change in education. Worcester Gymnasium is something I feel passionate about and being in teaching, seeing the diversity and learning from people every single day. What’s one thing on your bucket list? Visiting Namibia or Angola with my family and fish-

Mr Schoeman surely portrays kindness and a passion for education as Worcester Gymnasium’s principal. We appreciate him very much and thank him for taking the time out of his schedule so that we could learn a bit more about him.

ing. I’m quite a keen fisherman. Have you ever been to Namibia? Yes, with the rugby tour and also when I was in the army, but I want the opportunity to also show my family Namibia and to drive around a bit and see the wildlife. What’s your favourite word or phrase to use? I enjoy using “Go MAD”. Also, in my office, and some

learners may recognise this, I say “just be honest”. If you’re in trouble, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, just be honest and tell me exactly what happened. If you’re honest with me, I can see if I can help you. Have you ever met someone famous and what was the experience like? I’ve met Francois Pienaar, he started the MAD* project, Pro-

fessor Richard Ross and Helen Zille. I also meet the people who attend the mother and daughter evenings. I consider them to be

By Emily Voigt Photos : Chane Pienaar


e’ve all heard about the Oscars, an award ceremony where celebrities get awarded for their brilliant talents, as well as a ceremony where every presenter makes a little joke he’s been working on for the past 3 months. But what about an award ceremony for teachers? An award ceremony where teachers get awarded for their brilliant talents and where teachers get to make their little jokes. Worcester Gymnasium, welcome to: The teacher Oscars!

We had lots of categories, and lots of nominees, but we decided to award only certain categories. We can talk about categories such as best legs in the school, which clearly belongs to Mrs Du Toit, or best couple in the school, Mr and Mrs Olivier, but why not talk about some other, unexpected candidates and their special taents, who we aren’t quite aware of?

Here are some of his famous jokes he’s made in the past: Aartipitheucus is nie jou ideale matriekafskeid date nie. Moet nooit vir ‘n seun vra of ‘n meisie mooi lyk nie, vra eerder hoe lyk haar fenotipe. He once told someone to close the gate at the netball court, to stop the wind from blowing in.

On one question paper, there was a picture of two birds, and he asked the class to close the windows, so that the birds don’t fly out.

Everyone knows that Mr Conradie is a funny guy, but not everyone is lucky enough to experience his jokemaking life. It’s clear that Mr Conradie was actually born to be a stand-up comedian, but I guess he combined that profession with teaching.

We all have that one best friend who we do everything with, a best friend we can’t imagine our lives without or in their case, a best friend we can’t imagine our job without. We interviewed Miss Mills and Mrs Conradie about their friendship, so that we can also understand the meaning of friendship goals.

Do you send each other memes? Yes, along with just regular funny pictures. What is one word that describes your friendship? Ms Mills: Accepting. Mrs Conradie: Fun. Can you give us a line from one of your inside jokes? Ms Mills: Limited addition. Mrs Conradie: Outside circle. How did you two connect in the first place? That’s easy, we’re both English. (Note that they both gave the exact same answer.)

By Karla de Bod Photos: Jana Matthee

Ons almal het ‘n onderwyser nodig na wie toe ons kan gaan wanneer ons in groot nood is om weg te kom van die mense met wie ons onsself daagliks assosieer. ‘n Onderwyser na wie toe ons kan gaan wanneer ons ondersteuning nodig het. ‘n Onderwyser wie vir ons soos ‘n tweede ma is. Juffrou Snygans is daardie onderwyser vir 90% van die skool, die ander 10% het haar tien teen een nog nie ontmoet nie. Ons het vir Juffrou Snygans ‘n paar vra gevra, in verband met haar mammawees in Worcester Gimnasium. Hoekom dink Juffrou is die leerders so gemaklik met u? Ek is baie lief vir kinders en hulle weet dat ek verstaan hoe hulle dink. Wat is Juffrou se doelwit in die klas? Om leerders te help om hul volle akademiese potensiaal te bereik, terwyl ek hulle ook emosioneel ondersteun. Wat is die eienskap wat vir Juffrou so ‘n goeie ‘mamma’ vir die leerders maak? Geduld. “Wat motiveer vir Juffrou om u goeie gesindheid teenoor die leerders te behou?

Onderwys is my passie en is wat ek nog altyd wou doen, en omdat ek my werk geniet is ek altyd positief teenoor die leerders.

The Oscars doesn’t have to be about celebrities, or about the people everybody is familiar with. The Oscars can be an event where people who have qualities that seem to be insignificant, but in reality have a big impact on those around them, can get recognised for those qualities. Whether it’s making a flou joke, showing us what friendship is all about or being someone who provides us with comfort, these seemingly insignificant qualities can make a massive impact.


ancers? Rappers? Singers? Gimmies got it all! On Tuesday, 8 May, Worcester Gymnasium held its annual Oscars evening, but this year with a bit of a twist. It was decided that the Oscars would be combined with a Gimmies got Talent competition. Learners could enter by posting a video of their talent on YouTube and then it was up to the school to vote for their top 5 acts. Dit was strawwe kompetisie maar 5 wenners was uiteindelik aangekondig en die skool was in rep en roer om hulle opvoerings in lewende lywe te beleef. Na baie ure se oefen en met ‘n senuwee wat knaag het die aand van die Oscars aangebreek. Wat ‘n reuse sukses was dit nie! Worcester Gimnasium se leerders het net weereens bewys hoe divers en talentvol hulle is. Ondersoek is deur die Circum ingestel om bietjie meer oor die deelnemers van die Gimmies got talent uit te vind. Hoe het jy gevoel toe jou/julle naam aangekondig is as deel van die top 5? Vida & Anneleen: It was in maths period that we heard the announcement and we weren’t really shocked at the results. I guess it all just felt unreal until the very last moment before the actual performance. But we were very excited about the results. Yaaseen: Ek was heeltemal stom geslaan, om uit te vind dat ek deel is van die top 5 talentvolste mense in die skool.

Berna, Rudene & Luché: Ons het dit glad nie verwag nie, want ons het die oggend wat die video’s moes ingaan besluit om deel te neem. What did you think of the new technological approach to the Gimmies got Talent? Vida & Anneleen: At first we thought it would cause some hazards, but we realised that it was pretty convenient when we used the voting system ourselves. The fact that you could vote at any time from anywhere appealed to us the most. Yaaseen: Dit is beslis ‘n aanpassing vir die skool, maar ek dink dit het goed gewerk. BRL: Alhoewel dit ‘n goeie idee was, het baie mense nie geweet hoe om dit te gebruik nie en daarom dink ons nie dit het sy volle potensiaal bereik nie. Wie is jou/julle rolmodel? Neo: Cassper Nyovest (a rapper and dancer) Yaaseen: Adam Sevani (beter bekend as Moose van Step Up) en Les Twins, die wenners van World Of Dance 2017 en natuurlik Michael Jackson BRL: Adele Who or what inspired you to enter the competition? Vida & Anneleen: Our desire to perform and to sing in front of an audience was our motivation to enter.

Yaaseen: Daar was ‘n hele klomp mense wat my aangemoedig het, maar meestal was dit my familie en mede graad 8’s. My graad 8 vriende het ook ‘n groot invloed gehad op my besluit, baie van hulle is nog redelik skaam en ek wou net vir hulle wys dat ‘n graad 8 ook ‘n naam vir hulself kan maak.

BRL: Ons vriende en Mnr van Niekerk.

Hoe het dit gevoel om voor so ‘n groot gehoor deel te neem? Neo: Ek was eers bang en baie op my senuwees. Toe die klomp mense vir my begin skree en my aanmoedig, het ek egter meer gemaklik begin voel.

Vida & Anneleen: We are in the school choir, and are going to participate in the musical. BRL: Ja, ons is onderskeidelik in die koor, musical en VCSV band. Natuurlik sing ons daagliks in die stort ook. What is next?

Vida & Anneleen: It was thrilling and very delightful. Even though we had butterflies. Being on stage filled us with joy.

Neo: Ek dink daaraan om ‘n YouTube kanaal te begin waar ek video’s van my dans sal oplaai.

Yaaseen: Dis nie die eerste keer wat ek voor 500+ mense dans nie, ek het ook al deelgeneem aan Goudini’s got Talent. Dus was die gevoel min of meer dieselfde. Ek het gewonder wat almal gaan dink van my en soos ek op die verhoog gestap het, het my bene lam geraak. Ek dink egter dat ek besig is om al gewoond te raak daaraan om op te tree.

Yaaseen: Meer inspirasie vind, meer oefen, meer video’s maak vir my YouTube channel en hopelik World of Dance 2019. Wie weet, miskien sien julle my weer volgende jaar by Gimmies got Talent, ouer en meer ervare.

Who did you think were your biggest competition? Neo: Yaaseen Yaaseen: Almal wat daar deelgeneem het, was vir my ewe goed. Almal is gekies omdat hulle baie talentvol is en ‘n geleentheid moet kry om hul talente te kan deel met die skool. Ek dink nie ek kan kies nie. Ek het net geweet dat ek my alles moet gee, no mercy.

BRL: Vir nou moet ons eers fokus op skool en eksamen, maar ons het groot drome vir die toekoms. The world is our oyster.

It is safe to say that these talented students definitely have a bright future ahead of them. And with hard work and determination they can conquer the world. One day when they are famous, they will hopefully remember that Worcester Gymnasium was one of their stepping stones to greatness.

By Leandrie du Toit Photos by Abigail Drake

BRL: Vida en Anneleen Dink jy daaraan om jou talente verder te vat ? Neo: Ja, ek wil eendag ‘n spertyd professionele danser word Yaaseen: Definitief, ek hoop om volgende jaar deel te neem aan “World of dance SA” in die junior afdeling BRL: Ons sal seker aan kompetisies deel neem vir die fun. Gebruik jy jou talente in jou allerdaagse lewe? Indien wel, waar ? Neo: Nee, ek tree net so min of meer 2 keer ‘n jaar op, verder dans ek net omdat ek dit geniet.


How much do you really know about the town you grew up in? If you’re interested in history and culture, visit Worcester Museum. Its exhibitions showcase a time when the region was inhabited by indigenous hunter gathers. Trekker farmers and the introduction of commerce followed. Broaden your horizons and learn something new!

Go the Mountain Mill Mall with your friends and get clothes for each other (for free)! The “Barbie on A Budget Game” is super fun and works like this: Go to your favourite clothing store. Determine who will pick out clothes for who. Set a timer for 5 minutes on your phone. Before the timer ends, you must assemble an entire outfit for your “assigned” friend depending on what you think will look best on them. Let everyone try on their clothes in the fitting rooms and decide who has the best fashion sense in the group!

Do a fun photoshoot with your besties. Use props and find cool locations. Make a slideshow using these pictures and add your favoUrite songs as background music. You can post the montage on social media or keep it for

Have a genre-themed movie marathon! Invite some people over and don’t watch anything that doesn’t link to the selected genre, for example “horror” or “romantic comedy”.

Do some community service. This may not sound ideal to you, but you’ll feel so much better after doing something good for someone else. Help the elderly, donate blood, volunteer at the SPCA or just make sure your neighbour’s yard is well kept. Give something back to society.

Watch the sunrise and sunset. One of the best ways to fully marvel at the world in which we live is to just sit and stare at the sunrise and sunset every few days. It truly is a sight to behold.

Worcester is surrounded by mountains. Go on a hike with a friend! You don’t have to be an experienced mountaineer to slip on a pair of tackies and tackle the “koppie” nearest to your house. Enjoy the view from the top and become closer to Mother Nature. Don’t forget that safety comes first. Keep hydrated.

Complete a DIY project. Download the Pinterest app. You’ll find loads of amazing ideas. Make your own tie-dye T-shirt, phone cover, slime, notebook, picture frame. The possibilities are endless. You’ll feel intuitive and accomplished.

Go on a road trip! Get Google Maps out, pick a random location, and just drive (or get someone to drive you if you don’t have a license yet)! Here’s a little road trip playlist for you. Because what’s a good drive without your favoUrite bops?



1) In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

1) Psycho – Post Malone

2) Friends – Marshmello & Anne -Marie

2) Wes-Kaap – Youngsta CPT

3) Rockstar – Post Malone

3) This Is America – Donald Glover

4) God’s Plan – Drake

4) I Like It – Cardi B

5) No Tears Left to Cry – Ariana Grande

5) 66 – Lil Yachty

Indie: 1) Firework – Canyon City 2) Young Understanding – Sundara Karma 3) Sleep on The Floor – The Lumineers 4) Ditmas – Mumford & Sons 5) Hard Wired – Shakey Graves

Afrikaans: 1) Winter – Spoegwolf 2) Niks en Nêrens – Heuwels Fantasties

3) Gebruik My – Heuwels Fantasties 4) Vriende – Jan Bloukaas 5) Skatkis – Bouwer Bosch

by Bianca du Plessis photos: Kayla van Greunen


he Worcester Junior Town Council Is a Youth Development Organisation that aims to empower the youth through leadership and aims to make a change in the community of Worcester. It is a non-profit organisation that consists of high school learners from the eight respective high schools in Worcester, Rawsonville and Zwelethemba. The Circum thought it well to dig a little deeper and talk to the big bosses of the JTC, outgoing junior mayor, Shakeera Williams (a grade 12 learner at WG) and incoming junior mayor, Franklin Kriel (currently a grade 11 learner at HTS Drostdy) to find out a little bit more of what the JTC is really all about. They were both asked a few question that would capture how they felt towards the JTC, their answers were as follows:

Describe the JTC in 3 words. Junior Town Council. (Just kidding!) Youth Leadership Empowerment OR Strangers turned Family. The Circum journalist was in awe of this heartfelt emotion. What is your fondest memory of the JTC? It has to be the Orientation Day of 23 September 2017. E verything had been planned: transport, programmes, team-building activities, duties, motivational sessions – everything! And then when we arrived at Nekkies, the tables weren’t even packed out and the hall that was booked by the “guardian”, who was an hour and a half late, was too small… At this point the Circum journalist was utterly shocked. … but seeing how well the councillors worked together to make everything work out for the best was very heartwarming and I immediately knew that this would be a great group.

What is the most important thing you have learnt while serving on the JTC? I can honestly say that most of my life lessons have come from these past two years of my life. I think the one I will remember best, however, is that you can make a change, no matter how small. Our motto for the term 2017-2018 was “Aspire to Inspire before we Expire”. That’s exactly what we did. We may not have been able to change the world, but I think we each changed inside for the better. And to me, that is a great start. How does it feel to be retiring? In a way it is less stressful, but it was one stress that I think helped to build my character. I put my heart and soul into the council and it became such a big part of me, so it is going to be a difficult adjustment. However, having steadfast trust and faith in the new council of 2018-2019 makes that adaptation just a bit easier. I know in my heart that they will do us proud and I have no doubt that they will create a new legacy that the former councils will lovingly envy. Being a member of JTC, I couldn’t stop nodding in perfect emotional agreement. Why would you recommend the JTC to other school -going learners? The Junior Town Council is something through which you develop skills that you never thought you could possess, befriend people you would probably never have contact with, plan and organise projects that you would never have thought could be so successful and find family members who were complete strangers at first. You grow as a leader, a student and a friend. A journey that I would encourage every learner to embark on. What did you learn in your term as mayor? There are so many lessons I learnt, that putting them all down on paper would fill a book. But some of them include the following: People are different, but everyone is equal. I learnt how to use my skills, passions, strengths and abilities to benefit others. Selflessness is an undervalued quality in people. Stereotypes must fall. “We” has a much greater impact than “I” and most of all we aspired to inspire through JTC love!

By Mikyall Harris

Describe the JTC in three words Vibrant, Passionate, Determined What is your fondest memory of the JTC from the past term? It most definitely has to be the CANSA relay (he says giggling) where we had a ball of the time and truly bonded as a JTC. The laughs, pyjama party and amazing float is truly something I will remember. How does it feel to be the new incoming junior mayor? It is a great privilege, but at the same time a great responsibility. I am really excited about the term that is lying ahead and have great hopes for the council. I am sad however to say goodbye to my senior councillors, but I feel that with the help of my fellow councillors we will make them proud.

What’s the most important thing you have learned while serving on the JTC thus far? To always be humble, I have also grown as a leader and I have learnt how to accept other people’s differences. (Thoughtfully he adds) I still have a lot to learn though.

The WG JTC greets Shakeera Williams and Ruth Pretorius who will be leaving “home” while Mikyall Harris and Leandrie du Toit will be taking up the torch as WG’s councillors, The JTC would also like to welcome the two new recruits, Amber du Plessis and Be-Arthur Davids to the JTC home and the many new recruits that are yet to come. On behalf of WG we would also like to wish the new JTC mayor and his council best of luck in the term to come.

Why would you recommend the JTC to other school going learners? The JTC teaches you valuable leadership, planning and organisational skills that you would not have learnt anywhere else. It teaches you unity in diversity and most of all it is a home away from home. What are your aspirations for the JTC of 2018-2019? To take the JTC to a whole new level (he says with the utmost confidence). I want the youth to feel the impact that the JTC makes. I want the JTC to be seen and heard more than ever and I want the JTC to grow in prestige to urge more learners to apply to serve as a Junior Town Councillor and most of all continue showing the JTC love.





Circum, Term 2, 2018  

Worcester Gymnasium's magazine, by the learners, for the learners.

Circum, Term 2, 2018  

Worcester Gymnasium's magazine, by the learners, for the learners.