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Spring 2019

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On a New Rug Cleaning & Marketing Class!



Continuous development and learning are in the centre of every successful enterprise, and a carpet and rug cleaning business is no exception. A day or two spent away from the tools learning about new materials on the market, acquiring new skills or marketing techniques is an essential investment making your work better and more effective. WoolSafe wants to assist in this by keeping our repertoire of training courses fresh and diverse. See pages 6-7 about a not-to-be-missed opportunity to further your rug cleaning and marketing skills.

Another great way of learning is by meeting and networking – and what better place than at the WoolSafe Conference, where, as well as listening to presentations and panel discussions, you can also bring your own problems to be solved. For the next conference we will return to Sin City, where the fun remains, but the knowledge comes home with you! Happy learning everyone.

Dr Ă gnes Zsednai WoolSafe Managing Director

INSIDE THIS EDITION Marketing Mix p. 3 WoolSafe Conference Preview P. 4 Affiliate Marketing Opportunity P. 5 Textile Pro Rug Care Programme P. 6-7 WoolSafe Academy Events P. 8 Special Offers P. 9 Around the World P. 10-11 In the WoolSafe Lab P. 12-13 Carpet Cleanability Testing P. 14 Under the Magnifying Glass p.15 New WoolSafe Associate Member P. 16 New Approved Products P. 17 New Service Providers P. 18-19 Contact Details p. 20

WoolSafe Conference USA Preview!

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By Steve Bakker WoolSafe Global Marketing Director

United We Stand WoolSafe’s mission is to educate carpet and rug owners, and the professional cleaners responsible for looking after their flooring, on the best maintenance techniques and chemistry recommended to make wool carpets and rugs look better for longer. WoolSafe has a very unique offering within the cleaning and flooring industries but that doesn’t mean we stand alone. To further our mission goals, increasingly we are joining forces with our industry partners and friends to collaborate on educational courses and events. There are several organisations in the UK, USA and other regions where we have representatives, that have similar or complementary objectives to WoolSafe. Take the National Carpet Cleaner’s Association (NCCA) in the UK for example. Like WoolSafe Academy, the NCCA also provides training to their members. So why not jointly offer courses? It means both organisations are widening their appeal and increasing the reach of the course promotions. So, rather than have competing course dates WoolSafe Academy and NCCA are jointly offering select courses in 2019. These are the 5-day Faster to Master and the 3-day IICRC Rug Cleaning Technician (RCT) training. The aim is to have more courses running for the benefit of all. See all the events on page 8.

WoolSafe Academy has also linked up with Lisa Wagner and Mark Kennedy of Textile Pro Network to deliver a unique ‘rug cleaning operation development training programme’ this summer in Wales. Textile Pro Network has a membership, mainly in the United States, of experienced rug plant operators. There is obvious synergy there between our organisations so we are very pleased to be working together. All WoolSafe members attending the training programme, and meeting membership criteria, will be invited to join Textile Pro free of charge. Last, but certainly not least!, WoolSafe are extremely excited to be joining forces with the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) to jointly host an Educational Conference in Las Vegas in September. Following on immediately after The Experience Convention the programme will be packed with useful seminars and workshops delivered by WoolSafe and ARCS tutors and members. For all cleaning and flooring industry stakeholders we partner with, there is an exciting affiliate marketing opportunity with WoolSafe Academy that awaits you! Read on to get more details...



gas Ve s La SA U ce en er nf Co e af lS oo W

WoolSafe and the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) have teamed up to bring you a uniquely beneficial educational programme of seminars and workshops to help carpet and rug cleaners expand their business and increase profits. The full day’s programme (to be confirmed shortly) will be followed by a complimentary drinks reception. The proposed programme theme is about helping carpet cleaners transition to a more lucrative rug cleaning operation. In the programme we are having morning seminars on: 1. 2. 3. 4.

conference so delegates can discuss the topics of the day and network with new and old friends before heading out to dinner. Everyone at WoolSafe is really excited to be collaborating with ARCS on this event. Our two organisations combined create a vast knowledge base which we can draw upon to provide interesting and beneficial topics of learning for the attendees. We also hope that by introducing our repective memberships to both organisations there will be an increase in membership enquiries to both.

Building a rug plant Marketing a rug plant Systems and processes to get consistent results Finding more rugs to wash

The afternoon will be dedicated to problem solving and include 30 minute Workshops on: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Fixing colour run Viscose cleaning Simple repairs and making rugs secure prior to cleaning Specialist treatments

Drinks and snacks will follow immediately after the close of the 04

The venue is: Paris Hotel, Las Vegas Blvd S. The date is: 21 September 2019 Corporate sponsors of this event please contact n! Registration will open soo


Academy Affiliate Marketing Opportunity In order to broaden the reach of WoolSafe Academy, and reward the industry partners and supporters that recommend our training, a WoolSafe Academy affiliate marketing programme has been developed and launched recently. Cleaning or flooring industry organisations wishing to recommend WoolSafe Academy training and generate income in the process please contact the office. You will promptly be registered and given access to your own affiliate dashboard on so you can copy links and track your commissions. Your dashboard will record the number of visits to WoolSafe Academy and sales generated. WoolSafe will pay a commission on any sales of training courses and most products through the Academy. There are some affiliate links already created, for example to the online Fibre

Care Specialist and Inspector courses. Those links, with their unique identifier, can be copied and placed on an affilaite website or social media feed or even in an email reply to an enquiry. Any visitor coming from an affiliate’s link will be tracked for 30 days and if a purchase is made at any time during that period the commission is paid. Some invitations will be sent out in the weeks ahead. Please take a look when the ‘Affliliate Application for WoolSafe Academy’ email arrives and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Steve, WoolSafe Marketing Director, will be happy to talk you through the process. Not yet received an affiliate invitation? Would you like to participate? To register email 05


t Course Rug Cleaning Operation Developmen If you are wishing to take your existing rug cleaning operation to the next level or are an experienced cleaner setting up a rug cleaning plant, and wanting to get all the systems in place from the outset, then this is the training programme for you! More than just another training course the Technical Rug Cleaning, Marketing & Systems for Profit Programme is a 3-Day Live Conference + 30 days access to Online Modules and includes many post-training benefits.

those attending will have familiarity with rug washing either through previous rug educational courses or through their actual rug cleaning experience. If you are new to the rug cleaning craft, you will need to complete the online content prior to the conference so you have a strong understanding of the rug washing process. If you are experienced as a rug washer, the online modules are an excellent source for content review, as well as to train your newer employees.

Lisa Wagner and Mark Kennedy present an in-depth rug programme focusing on both technical and marketing topics central to building a successful rug cleaning operation. Participants will gain a higher level of understanding of the rug cleaning process, including best practices that minimize mistakes and produce superior cleaning results. Participants will also discover the best performing strategies and systems for building highly profitable long-term relationships with clients.



Rug Cleaning Challenges & Solutions. An overview of the most common technical challenges in rug cleaning operations today, with step-by-step solutions provided.

30 days prior to the event, registered attendees will receive online training module access covering various rug cleaning topics. The event in Wales is intended to take rug cleaning operations to the next level. There is an expectation that 06

Rug Washing A-to-Z. A complete overview of all of the steps in the rug cleaning process, with the tools and equipment options to choose from based on your space and budget available. Rug Plant Set-ups. Large and small size operation examples to show how successful rug cleaning facilities around the globe are maximizing production.

On The Wash Floor. Demonstrations of the wash process and specific cleaning solutions throughout the day.

WOOLSAFE NEWS Spring 2019 DAY 2 – RUG CLEANING SYSTEMS Setting The Stage. Crafting your estimating system so you attract quality inquiries and filter out those only interested in lowest price offers. Invoicing and photodocumentation best practices. Rug Plant Operational Flowcharts. Setting up systems to minimize mistakes and support successful outcomes on the technical and service sides. System examples provided to use as is, or modify for your own customized needs. Tackling The Trickiest Textiles. Systems for spotting “problem” rugs. How to handle the communication process so you remain the “expert”. Rug Multipliers. The top ideas, additional products/services, and tools/equipment that are delivering the biggest return on investment in production and client experience in the best performing rug facilities today. DAY 3 – RUG CLEANING PROFITS Rug Cleaning Sales System. The exact no-pressure sales process behind some of the most profitable rug operations in our industry. Clearly laid out so that you can implement the system in your own operation right away. “Raise Your Hand” Marketing. How to build a marketing system that brings you the best quality new clients, keeps your current clients using you more often, and consistently grows your company revenue. Specific strategies and examples shared, as well as a plan for those wanting to transition from mostly carpet revenue to mostly rug revenue. Successful Niche Networking. Identifying ideal business partners/groups to work with in order to reach a larger market

together. Today’s top performing networking strategies. Textile Pro™ Action Plan. Every participant will leave with an Action Plan of their own design for the future growth of their rug cleaning business. POST CONFERENCE BENEFITS All participants in this course will upon completion become members of the Textile Pro Network at no additional cost. You will have access to the members-only Textile Pro Facebook group page for on-going technical and business support from the community of experienced rug specialists, as well as the Textile Pro instructors and consultants. All participants will be given a path for earning Textile Pro certification, and those with established and operating rug wash facilities will be listed in the consumer referral directory. The $250 fee for the Textile Pro certification process and basic directory listing will be waived for all WoolSafe Approved Service Providers joining us in Wales. Lisa has a number of regular UK and EU enquiries from consumers who read her rug blog, and she would love to develop a group of qualified and caring companies to receive these jobs. Success for us will not be a sold-out event. Success will be that a year from now we will have rug cleaning operations who can point to this July event as the one that had the biggest impact on their rug cleaning confidence, quality, and profits. Thank you in advance those who make the decision to join us. We promise to make it a very valuable choice on your part. Early Bird - Until 17th May 2019! Enrol at For payment plan options contact Call +44 1943 850 817 07

WOOLSAFE NEWS Spring 2019 Date

Training & Educational Events

02/05/2019 Fibre Care Specialist Training Course Prochem Europe, Chessington, Surrey 08-09/05/2019 Carpet Inspector – Complaint investigation WoolSafe HQ, Otley, West Yorkshire 20-24/05/2019 The ‘Faster to Master’ Total Carpet Care course Legend Brands Europe Ltd, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire 04/06/2019 Specialised Cleaning Techniques for Modern Upholstery Textiles WoolSafe HQ, Otley, West Yorkshire 18/06/2019 Fibre Care Specialist Training Course WoolSafe HQ, Otley, West Yorkshire 26/06/2019 Water Damage Treatment Opportunities Legend Brands Europe Ltd, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire 27/06/2019 Textile Colour Repair WoolSafe HQ, Otley, West Yorkshire 02/07/2019 Advanced Spot and Stain Removal from Wool Carpets Scimitar Clean Ltd., Bentworth, Hampshire 11/07/2019 Control and Treatment of Textile Insect Pests WoolSafe HQ, Otley, West Yorkshire 16-18/07/2019 Technical Rug Cleaning & Marketing Training and Mentoring Prestige Rug Spa (Red Dragon Cleaning & Restoration) Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, Wales 18/07/2019 Fibre Care Specialist Training Course Legend Brands Europe Ltd, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire 05/09/2019 Cleaning Fine Fibres (sisal, viscose, silk, bamboo etc.) Jacaranda Carpets, Desborough, Northamptonshire 21/09/2019 WoolSafe and ARCS Educational Conference USA 2019 Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 30-04/10/2019 The ‘Faster to Master’ Total Carpet Care course Solution Cornwall Ltd, Indian Queens lndustrial Estate, St Columb 07/10/2019 Fibre Care Specialist Training Course McMillan’s Cleaning and Restoration, Hillington, Glasgow 08-10/10/2019 Rug Cleaning Technician course (IICRC RCT) McMillan’s Cleaning and Restoration, Hillington, Glasgow 22/10/2019 Deodorisation & Infection Control WoolSafe HQ, Otley, West Yorkshire

Find out more: 08


Half price refresher courses! The majority of people need to hear technical information more than once for it all to sink in. If you're one of them then you’re in luck! WoolSafe Academy is offering refresher courses for half price. That's right, any course you have ever done through WoolSafe Academy you can come on the course again for half price, no matter how long ago your initial course was. This is not a short time offer either. Any course you enrol on now, you can be sure that you can do a refresher at anytime in the future with the same offer. Look left for all the events that are coming up. Quite the bag of treats! Enrol: Agnes saw this cool little tool, for clearing out the hairs from your vacuum, at a cleaning show recently RollaReleasa The purpose built super strong cleaning gadget that keeps your vacuum’s brush roller free from pet hair, human hair and all the fibres that gather in your home, improving performance and efficiency without damaging your vacuum. Available in the WoolSafe Academy Store at a discounted price of £4.50! (RRP £4.99) WoolSafe Academy Store has negotiated a 10% discount from the seller of this product. Click the ‘Buy product’ button and the discount is automatically applied when you checkout (before you pay). Alternatively visit RollaReleasa direct and use the discount code: WOOLSAFE10 09


Around theWorld WoolSafe North America

By Ruth Travis WoolSafe Director North America

As always, Winter is a little slow for the cleaning industry. But once Spring begins, it become more active. Director Ruth taught a Rug Cleaning Technician (RCT) course in Jacksonville, FL in March 2019. Heirloom Oriental Rugs, a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider company, hosted 21 students. There is another RCT course scheduled in June in Statesboro, Georgia.

Plans are being made to hold the second North American WoolSafe Conference in the Fall following The Experience convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are thrilled to be working with the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) on this joint venture. We continue to grow our Service Provider network here in North America with five new companies having joined since January. See page 19 for details. We are pleased to congratulate six companies which are celebrating 10 years as North American Approved Service Providers in 2019. A big thank you to all of them for their continued membership. Champion Carpet Cleaning, David Barnes Denton, TX FiberSeal of Portland, Cathie Niedermeyer Portland , OR Fresh and Clean, Lee Senter Concord Ontario, CA ECO Interior Maintenance, Doug Bradford Arnold, MD FiberSeal of Shreveport, Rick Baudoin Shrevesport, LA Showcase Carpet Cleaners, Lucian Abrudean Newport Beach, CA



Zealand w e N & a li a tr s u A fe WoolSa By Col Nation

WoolSafe Director Australasia

Small group and one-on-one combined WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist and Advanced Stain Removal training at the operator’s premises has been ideal for many Service Providers who see the value in this format. The training can be completed in less time while being very interactive and truly hands-on. The stain removal training involves the learner actually getting to remove a variety of aged stains from wool carpet. These stains include permanent texta pen, lipstick, nail polish, red wine, coffee and red cordial. These stain removal sessions are usually so effective that I can re-use the carpet samples a number of times.

colour, loop pile wool. You get no second chances with a two-colour carpet as these are very difficult to spot dye in the traditional sense, so the red cordial dye stains must be removed with nothing but a WoolSafe Approved detergent and a delicate heat transfer operation.

The photo shows Mathew Tully, a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider from Mount Gambier in South Australia working on his stained sample of a Cavalier Carpets two-

WoolSafe China WoolSafe China Director, Jiang Huangzhou (pictured left) has been busy educating carpet retailers on correct carpet care at the recent Domotex Shanghai trade show. A banner promoting the award-winning WoolSafe Carpet Stain Removal Guide App was placed prominantly on the Kaili Carpet stand. Development of the WoolSafe China website continues, and with completion now in sight, we look forward to ramping up the speed of expansion over the coming months and years. Great oaks from little acorns grow... 11


b a L e f a S l o o W In The By Dr. Agnes Zsednai WoolSafe Managing Director

Diluting cleaning solutions can raise the pH Our preconceptions are turned upside down with this WoolSafe Research! One of the important characteristics of any water-based chemical is its pH. Carpet cleaning products are no exception: much is taught about pH at training events, including the WoolSafe Fibre Care Specialist course, where we spend time on understanding that cleaning products with the same pH can have very different effects on the colourfastness of the carpet being cleaned. One reason is buffering, which can keep the pH stable, regardless of how much acid or alkali you throw at it.

there are those too, that defy it. As the graph (right) shows, a solution of a single, strong alkali, NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) behaves as expected: the pH drops with dilution, then settles at around 7.

So, you have already got to grips with the strange fact that some chemicals can swallow a lot of acid without as much as a flinch in their pH, but what about a product getting more alkaline just by diluting it with water?

However, no cleaning chemical is a solution of just one ingredient, they could contain various surfactants, builders, solvents, chelating and buffering agents, polymers and fragrances, all of which will add their own acidity/alkalinity to the mix. That will cause them to behave differently. Cleaner 1, a high pH, non-buffered, relatively simple chemical behaves similarly to NaOH, only settling at a higher level of pH. Not so the others, whose pH starts to rise, then either drops back below the starting one (Cleaner 3), or settles at a higher level (Cleaner 2).

Dilution usually means weakening: the more water you add to your orange cordial the weaker the taste, so would you not be surprised if your chosen chemical with a concentrate pH=8.2 would measure pH=8.8 at 1:16 dilution? After all you just added 16 times more water (with a pH around 7) to it, which should have brought the pH down, not up, right? There are, indeed, some chemicals that follow this simple logic, but

The reason is simple if we remember what we measure as pH: it is the activity (concentration) of the free Hydrogen ions in the solution. In alkaline solutions, it will be determined by the concentration of the free OH- ions, where the key word is ‘free’. In order to measure them, the ions have to separate (dissociate) from the chemical’s molecule. The extent of this dissociation is determined by the nature of the chemical



(through its unique dissociation constant) and by the dilution of the solution. In laymen’s terms: as we add more water, the molecules have more room to move around, which can aid their interaction and dissociation, and so the production of OH- ions. We can learn two things from this

experiment: the one is that you cannot make a high pH chemical safe for wool just by diluting it many times. The other is to use all products according to the manufacturer’s instruction, as all of their properties (including, but not restricted to its pH) had been optimised for the recommended dilution rate.

The WoolSafe Organisation carries out unique research into aspects of cleaning chemistry and methods and the affect these have on natural and man made fibre flooring. WoolSafe research is available to view and download in the Technical Files and Library in the WoolSafe Academy. WoolSafe Academy is a free resource open to all stakeholders in the cleaning and flooring industries. We hope you benefit from the information provided. 13


Wool Carpet Cleanability Testing WoolMark has been one of the most recognised logos in the world since the 1960’s. The mark is employed on textile products as an assurance that the product is made of 100% pure new wool and conforms to a set of standards laid down by the organization. WoolMark’s great strength is that you find it not only on apparel but also on washing powders suitable for wool and on washing machine dials to signify which wash cycle is preferable for wool garments. It links wool apparel with cleaning products and suitable cleaning methods and techniques. So that’s wool textiles taken care of, but what about wool carpets and rugs? In response to requests from Associate members, in particular our American partners, WoolSafe are aiming to provide the same clarity to carpet and rug owners, and those responsible for carpet care, as WoolMark has done for owners of wool clothing. WoolSafe is developing a programme to offer one certification mark linking wool flooring products, suitable WoolSafe Approved cleaning products, free wool carpet care advice and the WoolSafe Approved professionals with the know-how and experience to maintain them correctly. 14

WoolSafe’s laboratory will provide carpet ‘cleanability’ testing to WoolSafe Associate Member carpet manufacturers. In addition to submitting proof of having met industry standards of performance the carpet will also be tested for spillage repellence and appearance retention to wet cleaning. The tests will look at texture change and colour fastness to standard WoolSafe Approved cleaning products. Ease of maintenance is a major natural attribute of quality wool carpets and rugs. No other fibre performs so well and can, if correctly maintained, look like new even 15 or 20 years after installation… 100 years or more for rugs! WoolSafe Approved carpet ranges will be entitled to carry the WoolSafe Approved Easy Clean Carpet tags on in-store sample books, displays and point of sale promotional literature to help get a consistent message over to customers. When it comes to consumers choosing a carpet for their homes and ensuring that they look great for longer they will simply look for the WoolSafe mark.

Like to find out more about the Easy Clean Wool Carpet programme? email:


The magnifying glass


By Dr Eric M Brown WoolSafe Certified Trainer

The Case Of Wally The Window Cleaner In the lab we received a strip of carpet measuring 180 cm by 20 cm that had been removed from a patio door type entrance to an hotel. The strip showed differential fading across its width, and the fading was primarily confined to the tips of the tufts. A classic case of light fading. From parts of the sample that showed no fading we carried out colour fastness to light tests in accordance with BS EN ISO 105-B01 and found that the light fastness was well within commercially acceptable tolerances. Furthermore we noticed that the intensity of the fading varied across the width. A quick test for chloride ions confirmed that there was no contamination with salt – some dyes may change shade in the presence of sodium chloride, a phenomenon seen at the seaside or after roads have been gritted in the winter. We confirmed with the hotel that the carpet had never been cleaned - a sensible enquiry because we have had several examples over the years where light fastness has been affected by cleaning with

cleaning agents that have not been WoolSafe Approved, the critical factor being pH. Nevertheless the next obvious test was to determine the pH of the normal and faded areas. Samples were taken as shown in the diagram. The result of the pH tests is shown in the table. Areas marked A and B were unfaded and considered to be the ‘normal’ pH of the carpet. Where the carpet was faded alkaline pH values were recorded.

Further enquiries confirmed the culprit. It was Wally the Window Cleaner and his alkaline detergent. The high alkalinity had wrecked the light fastness. 15


New WoolSafe Associate!

Riviera Home is fast becoming one of the leading brands for retailers who believe in the strengths of wool carpet, and the company’s growing investment in serving the UK is well-timed for the resurgence of interest in natural fibres. “We are doubling the number of our ranges this year and are already well ahead with preparations for launching our first phase in the first half of 2019. Riviera Home seek to offer quality wool products to both the discerning customer looking for a unique and desirable carpet, as well as those customers working to a strict budget,” says Riviera Home’s UK Director of Sales & Marketing, Howard Lindsay. Riviera Home UK is the subsidiary of one of India’s largest carpet manufacturers, with seven factories employing more than 3,500 employees and worldwide operations in Belgium, Germany, the US, China and Hong Kong. They have invested heavily in the UK division since its inception in 2013, with offices, showroom and a warehousing and distribution centre on the outskirts of Kidderminster. Most of Riviera Home’s flagship ranges are created in 100% undyed wool such as their ever popular Burford and Tetbury ranges which are eco-friendly, sustainable, and finished with a natural jute backing. 16

Riviera Home has something to offer most consumers, from cut piles to tip shears and loops in a variety of textures to suit all tastes and budgets. Riviera Home’s growing reputation has been built on artisan crafted handwoven carpets, producing a traditional carpet in a traditional way by highly skilled Indian craftsman who have passed their skills on from generation to generation. Capri, Florence, Milano and Verona are Riviera Home’s unique 100% wool, handwoven flatweave ranges inspired by the great Italian designers. Full UK stockholding and elegant point-ofsale completes Riviera Home’s commitment to serving independent retailers with an approach that sets their wool products apart from the mainstream, and provides a strong offering on style and sustainability. ‘Watch this space’ for this new and exciting up and coming designer-led brand.


New Approved Products! We welcome a new WoolSafe Approved Product Licensee, Viking Pure Solutions. Their product, Pure Clean can be used as either a cleaner or spotter. This is what Viking Pure has to say about their revolutionary product: ‘Viking Pure’s patented e-water is a non-toxic solution that has the power to redefine our idea of a clean environment. The chemicals that our society has come to rely on are harmful to our health, our wallet and our planet. They are also ineffective at killing the bacteria, viruses and superbugs that are plaguing our homes and businesses. Viking Pure Solutions are not only more powerful than chemicals, but our patentprotected systems have revolutionized the very process of generating natural cleaning solutions. The result is a substance that originates in nature and yet is the only one of its kind that has no detectable salt in the final product. This means that finally we can use the solutions without risk of corrosion caused by salt-based products. We have seen the future. And the future is clean.’

Newly developed FaciliPro™ Carpet and Upholstery 3 in 1 Cleaner and Spot Remover. Dual-action chemistry eliminates the need for pre-spotting when used as an extraction cleaner. Also effective when used as a pre-spray. It’s portable so that extractors may be filled on site without a dilution station.

Contempo® Truck Mount Extraction Solution is a highly concentrated carpet cleaning detergent for use with truckmount extractors or as a pre-spray. The heavy-duty formula breaks down and emulsifies all types of soils, delivering consistent, powerful cleaning on every job. Economical and easy to use, Contempo Truck Mount Extraction solution leaves fibers cleaner and brighter. 17


New Service Providers

Mr Gabriel Andreca Brio Carpet Care Alresford Hampshire England 01962 458 428 07564 010 847 Mr Terence Atkinson Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Preston Bamber Bridge Lancashire England 01772 311 467 07483 812 854 Ms Helen Carroll Carroll's Carpet & Upholstery Ashton-in-Makerfield Lancashire England 01942 409 401 07881 816 839


Mr Neil Worsnop All Square Cleaning Warwick Warwickshire England 01926 492 696 07557 944 461

Mr Harry Forbes West Highland Specialist Cleaning Services Oban Scotland 07708 696 135

Mr Shaun Luxton Nicholas Street Pontypool Torfaen Wales Phone: 0800 566 8949


Heartlands Color Care Madina Woodruff 5622 Frederick Street Omaha, NE USA 402-706-8431 Smith’s Fine Rug Cleaning Peter Smith 3867 S. Valley View Blvd. #6 Las Vegas, NV USA 702-566-2144 Rio Rancho Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kelly Rigdon 1714 16th Ave. SE Rio Rancho, NM USA 505-891-1188 Renaissance Rug Cleaning Inc. Randy Hyde 1926 SE 10th Ave. Portland , OR USA 503-963-8565

David Epp Licenced to Kill Pests Coolum Queensland Australia 0423 052 007 Sam Coombs Aqua-Clean Pty Ltd Westbrook Queensland Australia 0417 750 466 Phillip Kirkman Ulysses Total Cleaning Elanora Queensland 07 5641 1998

NEW Badges available to members!

Extreme Carpet Cleaning LLC Shawn Milliken 117 Old Padonia Road Suite F Cockeysville, MD USA 410-666-6600 If you are an experienced and highly trained professional carpet or rug cleaner and would like to benefit from membership of the global WoolSafe Approved Service Provider programme, please contact your local Director (see back page) or email: 19

Regional Offices The WoolSafe Organisation - Head Quarters 49 Boroughgate, Otley, LS21 1AG, Great Britain, T: +44 1943 850 817 E: Managing Director: Dr. Ágnes Zsednai WoolSafe North America 437 Alfred Ladd Road East, Franklin, TN 37064 T: + 1 615-972-0250, E:, Director: Ruth Travis WoolSafe Australia/NZ PO box 158, Yandina, Queensland, 4561 T: 0408 966 500 E:, Director: Colin Nation WoolSafe East Asia 41-M, Jalan Manis 3, Taman Segar, 56100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Ph: 1300-221-123 Outside Malaysia: + 603 9130 1034 E: Director: Tshun Peei Wong WoolSafe China Building C, NO. 2888 QilianShan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China 上海市普陀区祁连山南路2888号C座 Director: Jiang Huangzhou 蒋煌洲 (Firmin) Contact Assistant to Director: Kastol Zhao 赵轶 T: +86 18964734465 WoolSafe Greece Riga Feraiou 31, 15451 N. Psihiko, Greece, Tel: +30 210 674 6311 Email: Director: Dennis Paraskevopoulos WoolSafe Germany Europe related enquiries will be dealt with by UK head office +44 1943 850 817, F: +44 1943 462 127, E: Contact: Dr. Ágnes Zsednai

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WoolSafe News Spring 2019  

Woolly news from around the world. Wool Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Carpet Inspection, Training course.

WoolSafe News Spring 2019  

Woolly news from around the world. Wool Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Carpet Inspection, Training course.

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