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2014 Annual Report of the

Woods Hole Research Center

Board of Directors Chair Wilhelm M. Merck Managing Member, Essex Timber Company Trustee and Treasurer Merck Family Fund

Vice Chair Thomas E. Lovejoy Senior Fellow United Nations Foundation Professor George Mason University Treasurer Joseph R. Robinson Managing Director MidMark Capital

Clerk R.J. Lyman Member, Mintz Levin Senior Advisor, ML Strategies Members John H. Adams Founding Director Natural Resources Defense Council

Stephen T. Curwood Host, Living On Earth World Media Foundation

Philip B. Duffy President Executive Director Woods Hole Research Center Iris Fanger Dance and Theater Historian and Critic

Scott J. Goetz Deputy Director Senior Scientist Woods Hole Research Center Joshua R. Goldberg General Counsel and Managing Director Financo, Inc. Stuart Goode Private Investor

David Hawkins Director, Climate Center Natural Resources Defense Council

This list reflects Directors on the Board as of January 1, 2015.

Staff President and Executive Director Philip B. Duffy, Ph.D. Deputy Director Scott J. Goetz, Ph.D.

Research Staff Alessandro Baccini, Ph.D. Jesse B. Bishop, M.S. I. Foster Brown, Ph.D. Ekaterina Bulygina, M.S. Glenn K. Bush, Ph.D. Oliver Cartus, Ph.D. Michael T. Coe, Ph.D. Tina A. Cormier, M.S.

Mary Farina, M.A. Gregory J. Fiske, M.S. Kevin Guay, B.S. Kathryn Heard, M.S. Robert Max Holmes, Ph.D. Richard A. Houghton, Ph.D. Holly Hughes, B.S. Patrick Jantz, Ph.D. Josef M. Kellndorfer, Ph.D. Melaine Kermarc, B.Sc. Wendy Kingerlee, B.S. Paul A. Lefebvre, M.A. Min Li, Ph.D. Marcia N. Macedo, Ph.D. Dana Mock, B.A. Zander Nassikas, B.A.

Lily Rice Hsia Consultant Mather & Hsia

Amy Regan Vice President Harbourton Foundation

Karen C. Lambert Environmentalist Political Activist

Tedd Saunders President Eco-Logical Solutions Chief Sustainability Officer The Saunders Hotel Group

Lawrence S. Huntington Chairman Emeritus Fiduciary Trust International

Victoria Lowell Community Leader, Conservationist

Merloyd Ludington Publisher and Editor Merloyd Lawrence Books William Moomaw Professor Emeritus Center for International Environmental and Resource Policy The Fletcher School Tufts University Jeremy Oppenheim Director Sustainability and Resource Productivity McKinsey & Company

Susan M. Natali, Ph.D. Neeti Neeti, Ph.D. Prajjwal Panday, Ph.D. Johanne Pelletier, Ph.D. Amanda E.W. Poston, B.A. Brendan M. Rogers, Ph.D. Kathleen Savage, M.Sc. John D. Schade, Ph.D. Christopher Schwalm, Ph.D. Seth Spawn, B.A. Thomas A. Stone, M.A. Wayne S. Walker, Ph.D. Administrative Staff Elizabeth H. Bagley, B.A. Tracy Barquinero, M.S.

Constance R. Roosevelt Conservationist

Honorary Directors Anita W. Brewer-Siljehølm Neal A. Brown John Cantlon Joel Horn James MacNeill Mary Louise Montgomery Gilman Ordway Gordon Russell Ross Sandler Helen B. Spaulding J.G. Speth Robert G. Stanton M.S. Swaminathan Ola Ullsten Founder George M. Woodwell

Paula C. Beckerle, B.A. Kelly Benway, B.B.A. Florence Carlowicz, B.A. Shauna Conley, B.S. Annalisa Eisen Michael Ernst, M.F.A. Stanley Hammond Duane H. Martin Joyce McAuliffe, B.S. Robert J. Mollenhauer, M.Ed. Lisa Strock O’Connell, B.S. Fred Palmer Camille M. Romano, M.S., C.P.A. Julianne Waite, B.A. Allison B. White Eunice Youmans, M.A.

Woods Hole Research Center

Annual Report of the Woods Hole Research Center The Annual Report of the Woods Hole Research Center is published by the Office of External Affairs of the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) in Falmouth, Massachusetts. WHRC is an independent research institution where scientists investigate the causes and effects of climate change to identify opportunities for conservation, restoration and economic development around the globe. President and Executive Director Dr. Philip B. Duffy Director of External Affairs Eunice Youmans Graphic Designer Julianne Waite Copy Editor Allison White

Woods Hole Research Center 149 Woods Hole Road Falmouth, MA 02540 Email: Website:

Newsletter Subscribe online at

Copyright All material appearing in the Annual Report of the Woods hole Research Center is copyrighted unless otherwise stated or it may rest with the provider of the supplied material. WHRC takes care to ensure information is correct at time of printing. The publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any information contained herein.

Letter from the President and Executive Director All of us at the Woods Hole Research Center are proud that this year WHRC was recognized as the world’s #1 Climate Change Think Tank by the International Center for Climate Governance. (Of course, having joined WHRC after the fact, I crow about this award without having done anything to earn it!) It’s always great to be “number one,” naturally, but this award is especially gratifying because it is based on success in exactly the areas where I would like our Center to excel: scientific excellence, extent of involvement in the policy process, and effectiveness in disseminating the results of our work. It’s heartening to be recognized as successful, but to remain that way we must constantly strive, and continually innovate. That means staying at the forefront in our science, finding new ways to engage policymakers, and exploiting new and old media alike to get our message to as many people as possible. Each of these is challenging, and to remain effective we must succeed at all three. None of this will be possible without the generous support of donors who share our conviction that the challenge of climate change can be met only by wise policies that are informed by the best science. Helping that to happen is our goal, and there’s nothing more important. The best legacy we can leave our kids and grandkids is a healthy planet. Thanks for your interest and support.

Philip B. Duffy President and Executive Director

Cover: Amazon River, Brazil. Photo © Chris Linder.

This page: Tanguro Ranch, Brazil. Photo courtesy of Paulo Brando.

2014 WHRC Annual Report


Statement of Activities Support and Revenue


Individuals and Foundations (34.6%) Investment Income (9.5%) Other Income (0.4%)

U.S. Government (55.5%)

Research Programs (67.3%)

Development & Fundraising (6.2%) General & Administrative (26.5%)


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

Total 2014

Total 2013

11,100 -

$ 4,984,373 3,106,241 857,655 10,991 21,588 (9,849) 9,810 -

$5,131,067 3,691,333 771,784 6,431 35,340 (7,593) 26,515 -

Support and revenue Contributions U.S. Government Foundations and other Investment income Donated equipment In Kind donations Change in value of split-interest agreements Other income Net assets released from restrictions


Total support and revenue

Research programs General and administrative Development and fund raising Total expenses

Change in net assets Net assets Beginning of year End of year 2

2014 WHRC Annual Report


2,068,335 242,180 10,991 21,588 (9,849) 9,810 6,689,833

$ 4,984,373 1,026,806 615,475 (6,689,833)

6,286,338 2,477,491 583,502



6,286,338 2,477,491 583,502

6,902,958 2,226,168 594,527












$ 6,850,690



$ 2,413,461




$ 3,687,779



$ 12,951,930





Statement of Financial Position Fiscal Year 2014 Highlights In Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14), the Woods Hole Research Center received another unmodified (unqualified) audit opinion from the external audit firm of Calibre CPA Group, with no management comments or deficiencies, demonstrating, once again, the integrity and diligence of our Finance office.

FY14 was a challenging year that resulted in a decline in the Center’s total revenue by 7% and in total net assets by 3% from FY 2013. We are grateful to the Board of Directors and our donors who demonstrated their commitment to WHRC through an increase in contributions totaling $2.1 million in FY14. Nearly a quarter of the total WHRC income came from these unrestricted donations, which were vital in carrying the Center through this difficult year.

Historically, the majority of WHRC’s annual revenue has come from US government grants. Ever-increasing federal budget cuts coupled with greater competition from a wider variety of organizations has led to a decline in government support for science. In FY14, US government grants represented 55.5% of WHRC’s total revenue. Support from individuals and foundations made up 34.6% of total Center income. In addition, the Center’s investment income increased by $85,871 (11%) over FY13. Halfway through FY15, WHRC has a new president, a renewed mission and an expanding staff. Although it is premature to announce that FY15 will show a turnaround in finances, the addition of several scientists, larger donations than at this time in 2014, and other indicators point to a financially brighter 2015. Full financial statements are available at



$1,803,857 1,034,367 548,122 198,201

$1,914,343 1,008,095 493,910 500,785

5,016,353 897,111

4,567,091 757,208



Assets Current Assets Cash and cash equivalents U.S. Government contributions receivable Other contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other receivables Total current assets

Investments Endowment and quasi-endowment investments Other investments Total investments assets

Net property and equipment

Other assets Other contributions receivable, net of current portion Beneficial interest in real estate trust assets Bond proceeds held in trust for debt retirement





69,065 212,651 19,420

140,190 212,651 20,560



Current liabilities Accounts payable Accrued expenses Liability under charitable gift annuities Refundable advances Loan payable

$352,321 237,154 9,533 16,297 114,192

$187,444 411,020 9,439 51,760 114,192

Long-term liabilities Liability under charitable gift annuities, net of current portion Loan payable, net of current portion

56,230 2,843,442

58,650 2,958,774

Net assets Unrestricted Operating Board designated for quasi-endowment Net investment in property and equipment

2,474,464 532,488 3,843,738

2,190,153 532,488 4,442,492

2,413,461 3,687,779

2,476,640 3,676,679

Total other assets Total assets

Liabilities and Net Assets

Total current liabilities

Total liabilities

Total unrestricted

Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets

Total liabilities and net assets




6,850,690 12,951,930





7,165,133 13,318,452


2014 WHRC Annual Report


Donors We are deeply grateful to the individuals, foundations, and businesses listed on the following pages who supported us through gifts and pladges made during the Center’s fiscal year July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014. $100,000+ Charles R. O’Malley Charitable Lead Trust Harbourton Foundation Albert* and Katharine Merck Kristie Miller and TL Hawkins* Gilman and Margaret Ordway Amy and James Regan Ruth McCormick Tankersley Charitable Trust

$50,000-$99,999 Wilhelm Merck and Nonie Brady Joseph and Marité Robinson

$25,000-$49,999 Anonymous (2) Endurance Foundation Paul A. Faraca The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment Benjamin and Ruth Hammett Monique Liuzzi Joan Tweedy Tortuga Foundation $10,000-$24,999 Gregory Cogan John Cogan and Mary Corneille Avram and Carol Goldberg Joshua Goldberg Stuart Goode and Nancy Cooley Esmond Harmsworth Horizon Foundation Lawrence and Caroline Huntington Timothy and Joan Ingraham Island Foundation, Inc. J. Atwood and Elizabeth Ives Nancy Lassalle Linden Trust for Conservation Francis and Victoria Lowell John Myers and Merloyd Ludington Trust for Mutual Understanding Mary Waterman and William Lunt Anna Wiancko-Chasman and Paul Chasman $5,000 - $9,999 Acacia Conservation Funds Greg Alexander Matthew and Brooke Barzun 4

2014 WHRC Annual Report

Anita Brewer-Siljeholm Cape Cod Foundation Davis Conservation Foundation The Armand G. Erpf Fund Iris and Robert Fanger Michael Fanger and Linda Sattel Spencer Glendon and Lisa Tung Serena Hatch The Hintlian Family Sam and Karen Lambert Lawrence Foundation William and Margot Moomaw Jeremy Oppenheim Ted and Connie Roosevelt Gordon Russell and Bettina McAdoo Silicon Valley Community Foundation Superior Nut Company Whalesback Foundation W. L. Lyons Brown Foundation George and Katharine Woodwell James Worth

$1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous (1) Robert and Alison Ament Association to Preserve Cape Cod The Atlantic Philanthropies “the Fund” Dorothy Baldini Michael and Margherita Baldwin Bartol Charitable Foundation, Inc. Rhoda Baruch John Jeppson and Wendy Benchley Stephen Bernier Ed and Amy Brakeman Sierra Bright Stuart and Joanna Brown James and Ruth Clark Michael and Marcia Corrigan Sally Cross Michael and Dudley Del Balso Ed and Susan Epes Robert Epstein and Amy Roth Bob and Randi Fisher Geoffrey Freeman and Marjorie Findlay Dan and Bunny Gabel Scott Goetz and Nadine Laporte Sibyl Golden John and Polly Guth George and Marina Hatch Whitney and Elizabeth Hatch Bayard and Julie Henry

Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation – John Hirschi Donor Advised Fund Art and Eloise Hodges David Hoover and Carol Swenson Richard and Susan Houghton John and Lily Rice Hsia Hamilton and Edith Kean Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot and Irving Hamer Carl and Joanne Leaman David and Dana Lee William and Noelle Locke Thomas Lovejoy R.J. and Leslie Lyman Marvin and Annette Lee Foundation Robert and Laurie Mollenhauer Mary Louise and Charles Montgomery William and Mary Sue Morrill Abigail Norman Elizabeth and Frank Odell Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County Martin and Joan Person Eugene and Diana Pinover Pisces Foundation Melanie Powers and Rick and Paul Presbrey PWGphilanthropy LLC Quebec-Labrador Foundation, Inc. Pat Riley Thomas and Claudia Roush William and Jill Ruckelshaus Winthrop and Mary Rutherfurd Tedd and Ella Saunders Robert Stenson and Kate Stenson-Lunt Gerard and Mary Swope Andrew and Ursela Szent-Gyorgyi Edward and Penny Thomas Martin and Laura Wattenberg Nina Webber Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation Douglas and Barbara Williamson Mary and Redwood Wright Ron Zweig and Christina Rawley $500 - $999 Anonymous Tim Barclay and Beth Taylor Charles and Christina Bascom Franco Baseggio

The Benjamin Family James and Barbara Birney Priscilla Case Thomas and Ann Coe Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld Molly N. Cornell Murray and Judith Danforth Lawrence and Regina DelVecchio Bos Dewey and Liz Barratt-Brown Kimball and Nancy Faulkner Ruth Fye Arthur and Linda Gelb James Green and Molly Bang Melinda Hall Jane Hallowell Robert and Marion Howard Gordon and Elizabeth Hughes Margaret and Robert Huskins Robert Inches David Isenberg and Paula Blumenthal Christopher and Susan Klem Phillip Lake Kai and Marion Marcucelli Nawrie Meigs-Brown and David Brown Harriet Meiss Josephine Merck and James Stevenson Elwynn Miller Michael and Annette Miller Henriette Montgomery David O’Donahoe and Diane Pienta Robert and Pamela Pelletreau David and Laurie Reed Anne Sawyer Thomas and Heidi Sikina Nancy B. Soulette Upstream Foundation Richard Verney E. Andrew Wilde Roger Williams $1 - $499 Anonymous (5) John and Christine Abrams Kurt Bocherding and Kate Ackerman John and Patricia Adams Ingrid Akerblom Carla Alani Kathleen Allaire Catherine Allard Robert and Helen Alsop Dina Angress Dolores Arond Duncan and Dorothy Aspinwall Kathleen Avery David and Nancy Babin George and Elizabeth Bagley Joan Balfour Robert and Lucinda Ballard Rolf and Edda Bandle Leo Tugan-Baranovsky

Anne Barnes Marilee Bass Philip Becker William Beinecke Ralph and Joyce Berger Howard and Deborah Bernstein George and Roberta Berry Alden and Barbara Besse Olive and Carleton Beverly Jag Bhalla Richard Bierly Mary Biggar George Billings Donald and Alpine Bird Jordan and Barbara Ann Birger Linda Black Milton and Sandra Blackington Jim Blechman Jill Blockhus Lonegan and Mary Bonczek Frank and Mardi Bowles Peter Bowman John and Nancy Braitmayer Emily Bramhall Charles and Helen Bresnahan Edward and Barbara Brody Eleanor Bronson-Hodge Catherine Brotherston John and Elaine Brouillard David and Jennifer Brower Thomas and Kathryn Brown Lawrence and Margaret Bruce Magalen Bryant Barry and Sylvia Bunshoft Stanley and Helen Burd David and Irene Burwell Alan and Joyce Bush William and Helga Butler Michael and Charlene Cain Diana Campbell Jean Campbell Samuel and Rebecca Campbell John and Irene Cantlon Ben Carnevale and Joanne Blum-Carnevale Margaret and Samuel Carr Robert and Myra Carrier John and Helaine Carroll Charles and Margaret Chace Benjamin Chadwick John and Mary Ann Chamberlain Jean Chapman George and Dorothea Chidester Frank and Julia Child Jane Chrisfield Naomi Church Tom and Rachel Claflin Arthur and Mary Clark Darlene Clark

Ros Clark June Clase Ellen Coldren Peter and Edna Collom Sylvia Connor Dean and Cynthia Conway Nathaniel Coolidge Bruce Cornish John and Barbara Cotnam Robert and Patricia Cowan Arthur and Mary Cox Roger Craig Elizabeth Davis Joseph Day William and Patricia Day John and Carol DeBraal William Denneen Philip and Tina deNormandie Paul Destler Maria Dewees Jane Dewell Donald and Anita Dickinson Joseph and Grace Donahue Patricia Donahue Robert and Patricia Donahue Patricia Donovan Richard and Jean Doub Toni Dove David Dow Angie Doyle Michael Dryfoos and Ilga Jansons Nicholas Dryfuse Martin Dugan Frank Dunau and Amy Davis Susan Duprey Frank and Nancy Egloff David and Frances Einhorn Denny Emory Mary Ellen Falk Robert Falk Elizabeth Farnham Alison Farrar Stephen and Rosemary Fassett David and Doris Fausch Gail Fenske and Donald Cecich Hart and Nancy Fessenden Richard Fewkes Sharon Finzer Diana Fish Daphne Voss Fisher Gordon Fitzgerald Glenn Fleming Nancy Fontanella David Ford Kenneth Foreman and Anne Giblin John and Katharine Forline Charles and Maryanna Foskett Elizabeth Foss Elvin Fowell 2014 WHRC Annual Report


Richard Fowler Robert and Georgina Frampton Alan and Anita Frank Nino and Dorothy Fulgoni A. Mark Gabriele Willard and Constance Galliart Brad Gandy Stephen Gardner and Mary Voce Michael and MC Garfield Lucinda Gaskell Carl and Nancy Gewirz Donald and Ruth Glotzer Serge Golden and Mary McCabe-Golden Elaine Goldman Dick Goodson Marc and Carol Gordon Susanne Graham Fay C. Graning Alan and Elizabeth Green Lloyd Greenberg Joseph Greene Alan and Fran Greenglass John and Jane Griffith Robert and Virginia Guaraldi Sumila Gulyani Lorraine Gyauch Charles and Ethel Hamann Albert and April Hamel Evelyn Hanson Peter and Karen Hargraves Stanley and Elaine Harlow Mary Hill Harris Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Harrison Carl Hartdegen Lee and Rose Hartman Robert F. Hassey David and Betsy Hawkins Elizabeth Heald Jill Heathman Stanley and Marie Hecht David and Alexis Heitman Kurt and Ruthann Hellfach George Helmholz Raymond and Marilyn Henault James and Lorna Henderer Bart and Jane Henderson Barbara Herbst Ralph Herbst Carrie Hermstad David and Joan Herschfeld Charlene Herzer Thomas and Mary Herzog Alfred and Winifred Hesemeyer Philip and Ann Heymann Alan and Judith Hoffman Alexander and Marion Hoffman Lynne Hogeland John Hogg Max and Gabby Holmes 6

2014 WHRC Annual Report

Betsey Holtzmann Richard and Marjy Horton Nancy Hough Alan Houghton and Sky Pape Anthony Howell and Patricia Benner Gene and Harriet Hower Martha Hume Mark Hurwitz Frances Huxley Lynn Jackson D. Randolph Johnson Leonard and Patricia Johnson Michael and Molly Johnson Paul and Alice Johnson Raymond and Lola Johnson Susan Johnson Anthony and Elisabeth Jones Barbara Jones Dick Jones and Vicki Bok Floyd Judd Richard Kacik Leah Karpen Fred and Whitney Keen Dennis and Joanne Keith Kenneth Keller Richard Kendall Kevin and Stephanie Kennedy Robert A. Kennedy David Kessler and Marianne Wiser Sandra Kinet Elizabeth King Stephen King Larry Klein Tania Klutts Camilla Knapp Donna Kuroda Albert and Sonia Kutzin Zina Labudde Diana and John Lamb Paul and Cynthia Lambert Marjorie Lange Jessica Langsam Lawrence and Hannah Langsam Ellis and Harriet Lapin Gary LaRue and Susan Barrett Alan and Laura Lauder Rowena Lauterbach Charles and Patricia Lawrence Adrienne Leaf Joseph Lee and Susan Eisner Julia Lee William Lehman Mandi Leissoo Edwin and Judith Leonard Richard Leonard Melvin and Katherine Levine William and Louise Lidicker Frances Lightsom Vito Lipari

Douglas and Kim Livolsi Whitney and Phillip Long Jean Lootz Edward Lopata Nancy S. Lovejoy Bruce Luchner Allen Luke Maija M. Lutz and Peter A. Tassia Hugh and Jane Lynch Amanda MacEvitt Fred and Judith Mackenzie Donald and Janna Macoy Laurence and Katherine Madin Wayne and June Malary Charles and Susanne Mann Philip Mann Randall Bennett and Lorraine Marden Paul J. Marin Leon and Marilee Martel Elizabeth Garner Martin Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation James Martin Natalie Mather Robert Matthew Patricia Maxon William and Stephanie Maxon Frederick and Barbara McAlpine Edmund E. McCann Jennifer McCann Michael and Janet McClure Wallace and Nancy McCurdy Mary McDonough Brendan McDougall Victor and Ruth McElheny Nadia McIntosh Stuart McIntosh Cornelia McMurtrie Robert and Anne McNeece David and Barbara McPhelim Ruth C. Mead Jonathan and Jane Meigs Maria Meleca Jerry and Lalise Melillo Frederick Menkello Pete and Sara Merrill Caroline Meuly Will Meyer Cathryn Michelini Dwight Miller Susan Miller and Lee Kramer Rosemary Minior-Walker Dana and Eileen Miskell Jane Mitchell Rodney and Suzanne Moll Elizabeth Molodovsky Donald and Sandra Moncevicz Allan and Maria Moniz David and Marilyn Moore Mary Ann Moore

Charles and Sarah Morgan Katharine Morgan Kirstin Moritz and Rod Hinkle Yvette Morrill Ken and Laura Morse Thomas and Elizabeth Moseley Day and Kathie Mount Allen Myers Mark Nault Ann Little Newbury Arnold and Arlene Newman Peter and Virginia Nicholas John Noel John and Vivian Novado MacArthur Noyes Roberta Odell Lyn O’Doran William and Donna Marie Oglesby Robert Ohlerking Pauline O’Leary John Olson John and Karen O’Neil Ralph and Cecilia Otto Michael Owens Jeffrey and Susan Parker John Parker and Maja Paumgarten John and Monica Parks Fredric Parsons Walter and Ruth Paul John and Natalie Payne Tyler Pelt Susan Peterson Henry and June Pfeiffer Paul and Sandra Pimentel Warren and Kathleen Pinches Theodore and Maria Pitas Jerry and Sheila Place Roger and Serra May Plourde Arthur and Linda Polishuk Christopher and Pamela Polloni Jerry and Barbara Porter William Porter Robert and Edith Potter Stevan Power Rex Pratt and Diane McMahon-Pratt Donald Procter Ronald Rauber Maridale Ray Shaun Reddy John Rich Ruthann Richards Margaret Richardson Mary Ring John and Marie Rixon Road Scholar/Elderhostel Inc. Alison Robb Jim and Derreth Roberts Mimi Robins Sue Robinson

Howard Roche Rochester Area Community Foundation Peter and Jane Roda James and Dianne Roderick Edward and Wendy Rose Robert Rose Dennis and Kathryn Rosenfeld David and Edith Ross Perry Ross Nicholas Rossettos Gilbert Ruff and Susan Bonthron Richard Sailor and Mary Johnston Jennifer Salerno R. Keith and Susan Salisbury R. Neil Sampson Abigail Sanford Elizabeth Sayman Daniel and Paula Schiller Calvert Schlick Lucy Schmeidler Norman Schnayer Judith Schooley Edward and Mary Schreiber Joel Schwartz Martin and Gladys Schwartz John Sears Richard and Lucille Seeley Deborah Gates Senft and Stephen Senft Michael and Amy Shaw Megan Shea Peter and Anne Sheldon James and Lesley Shepard Shane Shepherd Peter and Margaret Sherin Daniel and Joanne Shively Vivian Sinder-Brown Wendin Smith Robert and Elizabeth Snow South Mountain Company Foundation Jennifer Stamp and Tom Anderson Wallace and Pamela Stark Kenneth Stasney Theodore and Susan Stebbins M. T. Stein Gerald and Margaret Steinberg Tim Stephens Tom and Judy Stetson Wesley and Patricia Stimpson Allan Stocker Michael Stone Cal Sutliff Michael and Karen Gorton Christopher Szent-Gyorgyi Jared and Heather Tausig Katharine Thompson Walter and Nancy Thompson Edward and Elizabeth Thorndike Marie Tien Timothy and Janet Trask Jack and Uta Valpey

Alex and Landis Van Alen Vera Van Atta Mathias and Cornelia Van Thiel Susan Veeder Emily Wade Stephen and Carol Ann Wagner Lena Wang Grace Kennan Warnecke Matt Watson Diana Weatherby William and Judith Weil Lewis Weinfeld Betty Weinstock Larry Wentworth Lewin Wertheimer Andreas and Denise Marie Wesserle Bob and Nettie West Mrs. Dorothy Wexler Ruth Whipple Barbara White Stuart and Tilda White Susan White and Ellen Corcoran Liz Whiteley Joan Wickersham Joanie Wiinblad Anne Wild Lorraine Wilkening Thomas Wilkinson Marsden Williams Robert Williams Benjamin and Ann Williamson Tom and Pat Willis Norman and Elizabeth Winskill Frederic and Susan Winthrop Edward and Toby Woll Eric and Sandra Wolman John Woodwell Margaret Wright Jay Wrobel Donna Wygle Charles and Ellen Wyttenbach Mackenzie Yates Margery Zaccheo Louise Zawadzki Michael Zimmermann Laura Zschock *Deceased

Matching Gift Organizations GE Foundation Microsoft Matching Gifts Program The Prospect Hill Foundation FM Global Foundation Pitney Bowes The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Matching Gift Program YourCause LLC, Trustee for Hewlett-Packard Merck Partnership for Giving New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. 2014 WHRC Annual Report


George Perkins Marsh Society Born in 1801, George Perkins Marsh was the first to draw attention to the notion that the natural menace to nature was humans themselves. He published his ideas in a book called Man and Nature in 1864, to wide acclaim. Still in print, it continues to influence our vision of the natural world. The Society, named in his honor, recognizes friends who have elected to partner in the Center’s future by supporting the Center through a life income gift, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or bequest. Society members: Donald and Sharon Bidwell, Deborah Cernauskas, Robert Downs, Denny Emory, John Eustis, Dolores Arond and Warren Felt, Iris and Robert Fanger, Hanna Hopp, David and Edith Ross, David Hoover and Carol Swenson, E. Andrew Wilde, George and Katharine Woodwell, Redwood and Mary Wright Gifts In Honor Of

Bill Amaru from Robert A. Kennedy

Foster Brown from Richard Sailor and Mary Johnston Katie Burke from Rob Matthew

George and Yara Cadwalader from Benjamin and Ann Williamson

Iris and Robert Fanger from Edward and Barbara Brody, David and Jennifer Brower, Barry and Sylvia Bunshoft, Michael Fanger and Linda Sattel, Alan and Elizabeth Green, Michael and Karen Gorton, Leon and Marilee Martel, Michael and Annette Miller Lorraine Gyauch’s grandchildren Dylan, Chloe, Cooper, Dara, Bailey, Noah, and Lallie from “Baba” John and Cheri Holdren from Kai and Marion Marcucelli

Olwen Huxley from Jean Campbell, Susan Duprey, Joseph Greene, William and Stephanie Maxon, Will Meyer 8

2014 WHRC Annual Report

Vincent Kasulu from Scott Goetz and Nadine Laporte Thomas Kennedy from Robert A. Kennedy Stephanie Klein from Larry Klein

Kira Lawrence from Charles and Patricia Lawrence, Maridale Ray Vicky Lowell from Elizabeth Foss, Charles and Ethel Hamann George Martin from Matt Watson

David and Colin Millar from Ruth Whipple Jerry and Sheila Place from Maria Meleca

Stella Rose Platt from Gerald and Margaret Steinberg Wilson, Cathy and Colette Snyder from Alan and Judith Hoffman

Thomas and Ann Stone from Christopher and Pamela Polloni

George and Katherine Woodwell from Dan and Bunny Gabel, Richard Leonard, Nawrie Meigs-Brown and David Brown, Kirstin Moritz and Rod Hinkle, Abigail Norman, John Olson, Tom and Judy Stetson Gifts in Memory Of Katama Bonthron from Gilbert Ruff and Susan Bonthron Suzanne K. Bowman from Peter Bowman Clarita Bright from Sierra Bright

Barbara Burwell from David G. Burwell

Carl Hartdegen III from Carl E. Hartdegen

Richard A. Houghton Jr. from Priscilla Case, Alan Houghton and Sky Pape, Richard and Susan Houghton Matthew Hower from Gene and Harriet Hower

Hugh Huxley from Kurt Bocherding and Kate Ackerman, Franco Baseggio, Jag Bhalla, Jill Blockhus, Catherine Brotherston, Jean Campbell, Jane Dewell, Angie Doyle, Nicholas Dryfuse, Susan Duprey, Robert Falk, Glenn Fleming, Richard Fowler, Brad Gandy, Lucinda Gaskell, Lloyd Greenberg, Joseph Greene, Sumila Gulyani, Mary Hill Harris, Carrie Hermstad, John Hogg, Frances Huxley, Michael and Molly Johnson, Zina Labudde, Alan and Laura Lauder, William Lehman, Mandi Leissoo, Amanda MacEvitt, Patricia Maxon, William and Stephanie Maxon, Jennifer McCann, Brendan McDougall, Will Meyer, Jane Mitchell, Michael Owens, Shaun Reddy, Jennifer Salerno, Abigail Sanford, Wendin Smith, Tim Stephens, Cal Sutliff, Andrew and Ursela SzentGyorgyi, Christopher Szent-Gyorgyi, Marie Tien, Lena Wang, Liz Whiteley, Jay Wrobel, Mackenzie Yates Mary Janney from Katharine Morgan Davy Jones from Matt Watson

Barbara Little from Ann Little Newbury Anthony Liuzzi from Monique Liuzzi

Pucky Roslansky from Deborah Gates Senft and Stephen Senft

Janet Burt Chalmers from Cornelia McMurtrie

Owen Roth from Frederick and Barbara McAlpine

Dennis Dewees from Maria Dewees

Douglas Shanklin from James Martin

Jacques Cousteau from Philip Becker

Henry Russell from Anne Wild

Nancy O. Egloff from Frank Egloff

Alfred W. Wakeman from John and Katharine Forline

Be a part of our future.

SINCE ITS FOUNDING IN 1985, the Woods Hole Research Center has been on the front lines of efforts to publicize and reduce the effects of climate change around the world. As we mark our 30th anniversary, we offer our deepest gratitude to you, our donors, for investing in our work and believing in our mission. The great issues of environment will define the next decade, the next generation, and the next century. Let’s continue working together to discover the solutions.

You’ve been a part of our past. Please be a part of our future. Make your gift today to the Woods Hole Research Center.

Woods Hole Research Center 149 Woods Hole Road Falmouth, MA 02540

WHRC Annual Report 2014  
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