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" (",,!)+!/.&2" 713-867-2175

 !"  "/". %,."/0.&2" 281-367-7727

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BBVA Compass is a trade name of Compass Bank, a member of the BBVA Group. Compass Bank, Member FDIC.

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!%%'(")'&*+,#$&-$")* 2334567*+89: Warrior Fans: The Woodlands Christian Academy Athletic Booster Club has enjoyed unprecedented support this school year with record membership and participation! This support has enabled us to impact the athletic program I`WYV]PKPUNUL^LX\PWTLU[HUKLUOHUJLTLU[Z[OH[ILUPÄ[V\YZ[\KLU[ athletes. Your support of the Booster Club has provided the football program with new uniforms, a hydration station and new communication headsets for the coaching staff. The swim team has received swim parkas (worn at meets between events to stay warm). The volleyball program received a UL^JV\Y[UL[;OLZVM[IHSSWYVNYHT^PSSILULÄ[MYVT[OLT\JOULLKLK [HYW[OH[OHZILLUW\YJOHZLK[VRLLW[OLPUÄLSKKY`;YHJRHUKÄLSK WHY[PJPWHU[Z^PSSLUQV`UL^LX\PWTLU[ZWLJPÄJ[V]HYPV\ZL]LU[Z@V\Y support has also allowed for the purchase of a court division net that will separate the two courts in the new David Gymnasium! Booster Club is also proud to sponsor some wonderful opportunities for the Warrior community to join together in celebration of our student athletes. The all school fall and spring pep rallies, the end of season sport banquets and the year end baseball BBQ are great fellowship and community building events. Kevin Zubke grew up in Adrian, Michigan where he attended Madison high school, and lettered in football, basketball all four years. In 1994, coach Zubke We thank you for your support as and wetrack continue to work together to began his coaching career at his almamater high school before moving to Indiana in 1999. While enhance the living Warrior athletic program. in Indiana, he coached basketball at Norwell High School for 12 years and this past year coached 2012 Indiana Miss Basketball Jessica Rupright. Coach Zubke has three children, David (26), Ben (24), and Emily (22). Coach Zubke is very excited to Go Warriors!join the Woodlands Christian boys’ basketball program and he looks forward to helping these young men achieve success both on and off the court.

The 2013-14 Athletic Booster Club Board of Directors

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Asherman Bonner Dietrich Eric Galassini George Glover, Bart Greer Harvey Kelley Mardaga Martinez Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Conner Owens Ray, Richie Powers Young, Scott

Allen, Richard Albiez Awasum Bennett Bento Berent Birdwell Bradley Bryngelson Caron Clem Copeland Doner Draper Ellis Freet Gettys Giorgi Glover, Andrew Goodwin Gray Griggs Guilbeau Hanigan Harkins Hassell Kasparek Kemp Kesterson Key Landers Leach Leppert Lusk, Chad Lusk, Greg Mabry Marcinkovich 4HUZĂ&#x201E;LSK McDonald Michel

HEI537J*(6G68*.6C:674 Allen, John Carroway Hulett Lohr Mallory McBride Mittelstaedt Silman Thomas Young, Shawn

!B77E37*KBF Bub, Callaghan

Mirbahaeddin Miseldine Montero Morton Mueck Muschenheim Newcomb Oglesby Peters Petty Ray, Jimmy Reagan Regier Robinson Rogers Rubich Sacks Scrushy Sevier Shearer Sievert Terenzio Thedinger Van Horn Walker Whittecar Williams, Dave Yanochik

James B. Hanigan, DDS, MS, PA Scott Andersen, DDS Dr. Drew Howard Hassell Family


Head Girls’ Coach


Assistant Girls’ Coach

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Head Boys’ Coach


Assistant Boys’ Coach






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Welcome to the 2013-2014 varsity swim season! Twelve young men and women have already put in [OV\ZHUKZVM`HYKZVMSHWZO\UKYLKZVMÅPW[\YUZKVaLUZVMKP]LZHUK[OYLLZ^PTTLL[ZHUK[OL`HYLQ\Z[ getting started! Every practice, they dedicate their time to being better than they were the day before and Z[YP]LMVYWLYZVUHSL_JLSSLUJL0U[OLLUKLHJO\UPX\LS`NPM[LKH[OSL[LPZWHY[VMVUL\UPÄLK[LHT>HYYPVY Swimming! The team’s success is not only the result of their hard work, but also the committed people who have support them along the way. Parents who carpool them to and from the pool, fans who come to the meets to cheer them on, an athletic department and school support staff who encourage the athletes’ endeavors, and above all else, a mighty and powerful God! We will continue the tradition of “good sportsmanship and best effort”, as we strive to surpass the successes of last season. Everyone is invited to come on out and cheer on your Warriors at the next meet! See ya’ at the pool! ~Coach Bub


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\"Z/Q*!/*"#/*&%*M#%1'* %K*W%1U*-#1&-*$)*-,/* (%#'*!$-,*"((*W%1#* ,/"#-T*M#%H/#2&*>V[?] (%H/Q*.%.*X*'"'

Z"-$/Q*!/*"#/*/^-#/C/(W* M#%1'*%K*-,/*(%H/(W* !%.")*W%1*,"H/* 2/+%./T* !/*(%H/*W%1 .%.*X*'"'

!"#$%&'()%*+,$'-.'+)/// &#.0-.+,%123$-%4.++.+,%5"6'(%.+%5"#()"+7(%8"()%9$'().,."#(%1$'3( 2012 Best Custom Dream Home Silver Award ™ 2012 Professional Remodeler Silver Award 2012 TAB Star Finalist Best Custom Master Bathroom Over $2M ™ Winner Announced September 13 2012 National Chrysalis ™ Winner of Five 2012 NARI CotY Awards, Including Judge’s Choice





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Winter guide media 2013 14