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TEFLON Session Plan Introducing Woodcraft Folk: Democracy, Values and History Saturday 23rd Feb 2013 9.00-10.30 Lee Valley YHA Session Aims  

To share some factual information about the history and nature of the organisation To explore the Woodcraft Folk Aims, Principles and Practices

Learning Outcomes By the end of the session learners should:  Be able to explain some of the history and background of the Woodcraft Folk  Be familiar with the Woodcraft Folk Aims, Principles and Practices  Feel better integrated into Woodcraft Folk, and more able to join in Woodcraft Folk activities Time 90 mins Trainers Ghee Bowman Kit Jones Materials/Resources needed  Sticky wall and/or blutak  Flipchart  Markers  Handouts o Values we Need o ‘Who are These Folk?’ o WCF Aims and Principles o certificate  Material from WCF Archive  WCF Aims & Principles blown up on A4 paper  Table of resources & materials (especially games book and songbook and preferably something that refers to our history)  Laptop with Woodcraft Folk website open, if available in your venue

‘Introducing Woodcraft Folk’ - Notes for Trainers


Session 1: Opening circle (10 mins) GB/KJ  Welcome KJ  Introduce yourself  Quick Ice breaker GB  Talk through aims & process of the session Session 2: Who are these Folk? (30 mins) KJ In small groups, participants have material from the Woodcraft Folk Archive website, must devise a short drama to show an aspect of Woodcraft Folk History and/or Democracy Show the dramas Give out the handout, which has basic info on Woodcraft Folk Rest of this session as per manual Session 3: Values we need (15 mins) KJ KJ to write process in here

Session 4: Aims & Principles (15 mins) GB Segue into Woodcraft Folk A&Ps Then as manual

Session 4: Carrying out A&Ps (20 mins) As manual, maybe without plenary demo, to save time

‘Introducing Woodcraft Folk’ - Notes for Trainers


Introducing Woodcraft Folk, session plan "Values, History, Democracy"  

An introduction to Woodcraft Folk workshop written for and tested at Tflon