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Case study: Seal, a Woodcraft Folk young leader Summary: Seal, 15, is a Venturer from Cambridge Woodcraft Folk who has been a member of the TREE steering groups for the last four years. It was through this she helped plan and then attended Training for Leaders Old and New. (Venturers = 1

“Since coming back from Leaders Old and New I've made an effort to become more involved with my District. To start I ran a session for my Venturer group on the Aims and Principles of Woodcraft, plus I’ve become involved with the Acorn Elfins.”

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Recommendations: Don’t be afraid to ask, people are always keen to get help. You have more to offer than you think. Ask Woodcraft members what there is but be patient you will get in there in the end Come along to stuff such as national events as everyone is always happy to see you and it’s always useful. Go along to the next event either nationally or locally. If there isn’t one, why not make one? Recommended resources Venturers Issues book, I found it really interesting and full of good sessions Old Woodcraft documents from the archive are great to base sessions around Games, Games, Games DVD - you can be the person to run all the great games! (Contact Folk Office to get a free copy)

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Useful links Woodcraft Archive: Issues for Venturers: issuesforventurers

Full write up of Training for Leaders Old and New: Through the TREE Steering Group I helped to plan the Leaders Old and New training event, so I was keen to attend and bring other members of my group along. While this event was much bigger with a bigger range of people than anything I’ve done with TREE, my TREE experience enabled me to be The aims and principles session was pretty good so prepared to make the most of the event. TREE had empowered that’s why I chose to run it with my group. I me to speak in a committee sized group and helped me feel particularly liked how the aims and principles were more comfortable at bigger events such as this. So I was able to acted out. I also ran the ‘in their shoes’ activity take full advantage of all the cool workshops and ways to get from Leading for the Future, as I found that involved. interesting. Overall, Leaders Old and New reminded me that it’s important to keep things interesting The biggest thing I got from Leaders Old and New was the and gave me loads of ideas how to do that. chance to talk to other leaders from around the country about what it's like to be a leader. It helped me to see that I could In the short term I now plan to run more help and enjoy it as well. I could see people who organised Woodcrafty sessions with the Elfins and a Ceilidh Woodcraft and those that ran groups, so I could clearly see how for everyone in the District plus people from I could change things and be the most benefit to my district and outside Woodcraft who want to get involved. Woodcraft as a whole. The event taught me new skills in Overall I plan to inspire other people to get facilitation, mentoring, bushcraft safety—and gave me a involved while having a good time and visiting lots confidence boost. Before attending, I didn’t know how much I of different places and meeting different people. liked Woodcraft and it opened my eyes to how widespread the I'm really keen to reach out more, not only talking movement is but still linked by the aims & principles. It was to people inside Woodcraft but also those outside. great to have the range of leaders at the event, particularly the newer leaders who weren’t set in their ways, who I felt I could I can’t wait for the opportunities being a DF will learn more from. bring. (DFs = 16—20 ye ar olds )

Case study: Seal, a Young Leader who went to Training for Leaders Old & New  

Seal, 15, is a Venturer from Cambridge Woodcraft Folk who has been a member of the TREE steering group for the last four years. It was throu...

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