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Annuol Galhering Hague Appoal for Peace 2. Sumner Modness 3. DF Sweatshirts 4, DF Conference 5. (Booking Form) 6. Winter wondarlond 7, (Booking Form) 8. Df C<tnp 9, Cohrnittee Dobdre 10. Notionol DF project {und 11, Red ond Grcen Network 12. DF Diory I3. Com itleeAddrosse, I.

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TheFle* Look AnnualGathering After somemajorrethinksit was decidedthat it was a good ideato movethe annual Gatheringto later in the year(end ofJune) andit would be heldundetcanvas It startedin a radicalnew light the sunxas out andit wasnt freezingor snowingwhich is alwaysa bonus.A largefield was filled with severalcirclesoftents andit had a rcally nioerclaxedatmosphere.The mainbusinesswasheld in a largemarqueewith a smallstageat the liont. From talking to peopleit wasobviousthat peoplefelt much lessintimidatedby it all, the set-upwas muchmore relaxedandcloserto the feelingof Peoplefelt thattheycouldtalk andair theirviews.Themotionswere a DF conference. ofa slightly differentnatureto yearsgoneby asall but 1 were passedall most for 18- 25 yearoldson NationalCouocildid causea stir Theelections unanimously. posts to filled a'ld 3 peoplethat were very close Therewere infact 2 be astherewere 2 peoplewho drewfor the seoondpositionandthisleadto all sortsofsuggestions from tossinga coinandcuttingthemin half,to themeachdoinga year.ln the endit wasdecidedthattheycouldbothbe on NationalCounciltogetherfor thewhole2 yet more years,tfuswouldcountasa resultasit givestheDF movement Evening wasa National Council. Saturday representation on partystsrlingof with a ceildh,whichwasfollowedby tremendous in a Drag culminating moremusicandall sortsofperformances, performance thatwasjustout ofthis worldl lt reallywasa lbbulousweekendandonethat shouldbe attcndedit much next Year. $eater numbeas

<.it-> Hagueappealfor peace wentto London ln May DFsfrom aroundthecountry(mainlyBrightonandSheffield) to run a ardcheat the ElagueAppealfor peaceconference.While thc conferencewas runningthe kids were entertainedin true woodcraft stylelvith badgeandliiendship Thanksto all thosewho helped,it wasa bandmaking,games,songsaoda parachute. publicity good for which was the Folk event, successful

Ifyou havebeâ&#x201A;Źnto an eventandwant to write a rcport, or ifyou are planningan went, pleaselet us know sothatit cartgo into DF News.


Get ready for summermadnegs! Brighton Folk are organisinga nationalevent for the folk and non- alike. Planneclfor 10'12'ofScptember, thjs oheapand cheerfulevent will give you thc chanceto recapturethat camp atmosphereand introduceyour unelliShtenedmateto lhe crazvdeliehtsoIWoodcraft.

Llve band6, ftde game, At'rlcen dnunrnhg, DJ 6ets and l'ood a.II Ibr tJ:.emeagre pr{ce of e5 (97.50et tire gatâ&#x201A;Ź). on thebackof For moreinfbrmationcontactMaddy the southeastRep (address DF News)or calltheSouthEastofliceon 01273881881

Form on other side


'l he New DIi hoodedsweatshii ls a scll o'rt ... but don't wolry you can order one liom f'olk Supply al a bargainpriceoft15.50 + il 50p&p

EPXCA TtL,,lNrroc EgcIALc tlANl6E

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CRTIT"L Plcasccan you ser)dnrc Sen(ithis fbrm logethcrwilh 1 l 7 1 r each$vcatshirtr(l Folk Supplv.l:l RitherdorRd. l,ofldonSWl7 8Q[. Pleasemake clequcs payahleio 'DF Hverlts'


\ arle

PhoneNumber Therearccuffent]vno mediumswcatshirls ie{i, bowc'ler\,!eMAY ordef somemore if dernandis suiljcient.


oonET00F coilFEnEilcE OnE,"'iEI/? On a more seriousnotethough over the pastyear and continuing otr the run up to thc next cooferencea lot oi uork hasgone into trying to lnake it Inorc lln and involvingtbr all. l he darcis srillto be decidedbur it shouldbe early Octoberafter pe(tplehavâ&#x201A;Ź startedat Lui and we are hoping to hold it again in StajlfordHailjust or.ttside l-oLrghboroughWe arc hoping that there will bc a lot rrtore linre for peoplelo take part iD 1'unworkshopsand activitiesand that we can get a betterlinc up ofevening entertainmentSo ali in all it shouldbe an absolutelystompingweekendand a great chanceto meet up \\,ith all those old lriends and the onesthat you are Finu ro meer becauseyou are going on DF campl

'99 BookingFormFor DFGonference Formmustbe receivedbY 01/10/99 Personal Details D.O Br




Address T e l e p h o n e : (.........) .. .........


E- mail:


Nexl ot Nin ( to be contacted in case of emergency) Nexl of kin should be conneclableduring the time of the event if at all possible'

Nameof nextof kin: ...

Address: Telephone {after5:3opmandweekend)l (duringworkhours) Telephone Medicallnfomation Name and Address of Doctorl Seflous Allergies/Conditions: Currentlyused medication:

in the last3 years Yes/No Havevouhada tetanusinoculation Corserl (EssentiaI tor under 1Bs) To aitendDF givepermission for '' .. .. . . . L............ ......... . (parenvguedian) Conference99 lf al any pointclurinqthe eventtheyu;gelltlyrequrremedrcalatlen|on and foftreatmentto be givenby a providingthat I cannolbe conlacted,I give permission Dale:-l)reoisteredcorrventional/homeopaihicpractitioner.Signed. Payment Thedepositis â&#x201A;Ź5. Thefull paymentis t15 (TBC)and mustbe receivedby 09/10/ggPlease 10DF Eventsmakesll checkspayat)le (Addresson backof DF news) '99 BenGreenland Pleasereturnthislorm to: Df Conferencâ&#x201A;Ź Have you inctuded your deposit, checked lhe cheque is made out correctly and got the consett section signed if you aae under '18?

.. .... Sig n edr

Date: |


Woody'sWinter Wonderland1999 The Lasf WoodcrattEvenl of Nhexear -â&#x201A;Źe++ary Millenniurn. Why or|ly celâ&#x201A;Źbratethe tur of the nrille nirrol oncc? Corneto woody's winter wonderland1999and selehmtcit prematurely,theretbr ello\\,ingyolr lo celebraleLwicc Secallvotrold u'oorlcrallfriendsarrdmahcLradsrrf ltlillL-nniunl lhc lastwocxlcrallncw vcar ()1_lhe new onesas wc celcbrate



cver'l he venLlelhat We hopethatlirisyear'sWinterwonderlandrvill be lhc t-'iggest is in Cheshife( fo be confirmed)can hold a massive52 peoltle,a 1o1morelhanthe usual35. Howeverspaceis stilt limitedso don'1delayin bookin! vout place

Woodt"s Winter Wonder land t999: 27thDecemberto J0fl'Decernber

Don't missit

BookingForm For WinterWonderLand '99 Formmusibe receivedby:0il1?i99 PersonalDetails D.O.B _/_/_

Name: Address: T e l e p h o n e ; (........)


.... ............E- m ar l

Di e ta r R y equi renrents... .

Next of Kin ( to be conlacted in case of emergency) Next of kin should be connectableduring the time of the eveni il al all poi.Silrle

Nameof nextof kin' Address:

(after5:30prn andweekend) Telephone (duringworkhours) Telephone Medical Inlormation of Doctor Nameand Addr-oss SeriousAllergies/Conditions: usedmedicatron: Currently in the last3 years Yes/No Haveyouhada tetanusinoculation Consenl (Essentialfor under 18s) givepermission . To attend winter . fof . 1...-........... . .. .. (parent/oua.dian) '99 lf at any poinlduringthe eventtheyurgentlyrequiremedicalattention'and wonderland {or trealmentto be 9rvenr'Va providinqthai I cannotbe contacted,I give permission Da1el-/-/-

praclilionefSigned- .. . conventional/homeopalhic regrstercd

Payment The deposit is t1O. The full paymentis â&#x201A;Ź25 (TBc) and musl be rcceived bv 01/12199Please make all checkspayâ&#x201A;Źbleto DF Events. Pleasereturnthisfom to WrnterWonderland99 Elm CoitageWrsewoodRoad Sheifreld56 4WE Have you included your deposii. checkectthe cheque is made out cotrectly and got the consent section siqned ifyou are under'18?





Large Debate on Committee!!! "DF committeeis secretive" never does any work" committee "DF "DF committeeis too bureaucratic" "DF committeeis cliquey" "DF committeedoes ndt discuss what I want it to" "l don't understandDF commiltee" l heseareiust someofthe criticisms that we have heald aboutcommitteerecently and it seemsthat we (the I)F movement) want radicalchangein the rvav in which we are organisednationally.How shouldwe changecommitteellWhat shouldcomnlittee do? Ilow can it be mademore accounlable to YOU? l'heseare questionsthat need answering.So DF corruritteehasdecided rhat dre time has come 1(|have a huge dobate on the lirture of l)F oommittee

What CommitteeActually Does The constitutionstatesthal the is roleol'D F cornnriltee "-ni.Nltionnl rcspnihlo


I cll.x{rip


will bc

li)rl)olic!. ft,.tr,!t. corunrnnrb!r, Mn

a.rri,cs rrii,n rhc Wold!1ilt link "

what this meansin actualihcl is that fbur times a year we get togetherand discussthings that wc l'ccl are relevantto DF's we arivc on the Saturdayand go shoppingfbr food. then we havelunch. After lunch we set aboutbusiness.We startwith matter arisingfrom the last minutes, this is developmentsin issuesraisedat the last meeting F,achmembergives a report on what they havedone in the last three months. We then generally discuss,the poetry book, DF garments and Workers beer,ho$' they are going do they needanythingetc,.Next comesany other business.this is whcrc wc discussany thing that the membersof conmittee think is relevanllike the Hagueappealfor peaceetc,. Ori Sa(urdayriighi there is generallya pany with local DFs. On Sundaywe haveplanningmeetings for eventssuchas camp, Winlerwonder land and conference Each memberthen goeshome and completesthe lasks s/heundertookat the meetln!4.

We don't want to hearyour We want everybodvto lrear views your vie*s and ycu to heartheirsand we wan( .eal changeto come out oftliis. I o lhi. end ue hopelhat uorkshops\!il. take placeon camp and that we will focus on it at this ),earsnew folmat conlerence. So discussit in your groups,wilh your DF fneitds-sendyour' vier to DF'neq,s Remember,its your' comftittee, thefe (o suppo( yo!l. is it doing'rWHAT DO YOt-r WAN'l .Ioin the Gi{nt Debatâ&#x201A;Ź o Cornmittee NO\ry

Report of the last committecMeeting. Committecthis tirnewas hcld in Alex Wilde'shousein Sheflield fhe meetingwasn'1 as well attendcdas it normally is bccauseseveral memberswereahroao'rr husy In rnaltcrsdrrrrn!, tiom the last meetingwe disusedthe location of winter now looks like lve have a veruein Cheshirelan Sudberybravely volunteeredto organiseit.. On the linancial side ofthings we decidedthat we haveqr-ritea lot of money but wefen't doing very much with tt. so fbr a startwe decidedthat we would fund the l)Fpoetry book ifalternative funding had not alteadv beenfound. We also decidedthat the money shouidbe availableto furd DF projects(see article on Narror,rr- lll.' p.olecl tund).there ought to be e fund tbr eacheventto help peoplewho can't aflord to go io eventsand to subsidisetravel pools.The make over ofDF confbrencewas on anothertopic ofdiscussion,we conoentrated ho$'to mate the plenary shorterand more organised.We decidedthat we leeded less motions,but more ftotions that were about"Dti ... as young peoplein societytoday". We brajn stormedaboutideasfor campprogram.We brain stormedprogramideasfor camp and came up with somegreat ideas.

DFSarnp'(l{l AT LUGtrRSIIALL WOODCRAI,.'T FOLK CAMP SITR SOUTTI OF LONDoN NEAR PETWORTE From 2l't to 28d'August1999, Progrimmc: Sculpturesin the woods, a long hike, salsapafiy with band and D,, \vorkshopson massageand aromatherapy.relaxation,l)F democracy,the Cieen and Red Network. lsrael.Peru. village gate.craft â&#x201A;Źxchaoge,secretefiiends, nakedday. swimming pool. archery"fbrum theatre,millennium time capsule,sauna There is a srrimming pool on site and a large barn, toilets and pcrhaps electricity:!l Pleaseget your forms in a soon as possible we havedecidedto lowef the prioe.and changethe deadline jn order to allow as many l)Fs as possible1()oome.So ignore what it sayson yotrr lbrrn, whioh you should havealreadyrcccived,the pricc rs fornrs now flO beforc the 7'nAu-oustanrl 1.15aflerwafds Plcascscndyorrr bookin--e (address make cheques on back ofDF News) and and chequesto Bronia Housman oavableto DF cafiD '99 we havealso set up a linlited fund for DFs who find it too expensiveto come to camp. tl'this appliesto you pleasecontactBronia l-lousmanand a reducedrate, loan or full subsidyoanbe negotiatedd(pendingon the numberofapplicants to the fund SubsidisedTravel pool will nlso be in effect on csmp. If any hod\ would like to offer their senices, adviceor help set up the camp. run a workshop,or havean intelestingpfogrammeideapleasecontactBronia Housmanor David Jackson,22 FerrersRoad, Lewes,East Sussex.BN7 lPY, Iel (012'73\1^12041. We also needto know ifaryone is planningon brirging a car, or who hasany kind ofmedical qualificationor first aid ccrtificate.lfyou havethen pleaseindicate

(r (

:.2 rL-


DF pmiecffunding Na-rroltarUnknownto mostpeoplethe DF movementis curently sittingon significantfunds, raisedmainly by DFs working for WorkersBeer-DF Committeethoughtthat it was beingfar too preciousaboutmoneywhiohshouldbe usedto supportandencourage DF activities.Somemoneyneedsto bekeptin reserveto enablethingslike the DF sweatshirt andpoetrybookto go aheadandalsobail out eventswhichmakea loss Asidefrom this onevr'ayin which it vr'asdecidedthatthe moneyshouldbe spent thetravelpool ofthe tkee mainnationaleventsofthe year(DF wasto subsidise of andWinterwonde and).Thisalongsidea trail subsidising camp,DF conference greatetparticipation the costofthe eventfor individualswouldhopefullyencourage eveots. of national LocalDF activitiesareasimportarfasnalionalonessoit wasthoughtthat a error^r, llf Proieelfund shouldbe setup sothat all dillerent events,activitiesand projectscouldapplyfor funding.It is not the aimto getrid ofthe moneybut to seeit of projectsnorwhichpeople well spenton developing theDF movementExamples couldapplyfor funds: . 'lo enablea disabledmemberto attendmeetings the projectfundcouldsubsidise thecostofhiring a hall. . Travelto a meetingreleventto the woodcraftFolk,whichvou wouldn'totherwlse havebeenableto attend. . Contributingto thecostofhostinga delegation . Basioequipmentandresources. . frainingeventsfor DFs . Settingup a newDl group . A loanto initiatea fundraisingevent This list is not exclusiveandall ideasofweird andwonderfulproiectsarewelcome To try andregulate(notresttict)the useofthe fundssomecriteriahavebeenset&s giuidelines to thosewighingto applyandDF Committeewho areelectedto manage the DF finances. . Eachprojectmustcloselyfollow theaimsandprincipleofthe WoodoratiFoIk r A detaileddescription ofthe pmjectmustbe includedin the application . Eachplojectmustwile a report,includinganarticlelbr DF News! in advanceofDF Comolitteâ&#x201A;Ź . You mustapplyto your regionalrepresentative . Individualsmayapplyfor up to f,50andgroupsof l0 or moreup to i200 . All receiptsof bills mustbe shownbeforereceiptoffunds. to havea This is an opportunityfor actionwithinyour localgroupsandcommunilies, t-olk. reallyfantasticDF movcmentandraisethe proftleofthe Woodcraft Contactyour regionalrepresentativeor anothermemberofDF Committeefor an aoolicationform

GR.EEN& R.EDNET'WO]R.K What is green & retl? The green-andred network aimsto providea forum for digcussionof ttrc hr' a"! ori*lt a of lheFolk. We seekto Fovide I physicalandmentelenvironmentwherc peopiewithin rheFolk can shareideas,&ndexamplesofgood praclice,help support and nurtureeachother,developinnovstiveeducatiomlmethodsandres{turc€s'and qeate links wirh progressiv€&ndsocialmovements8ndgroupsouteidethe folk We encouragian active iovolvementwith the aimsand principles,and an investigationoihow thesecso be kept |t the cor€ ofour educsliorialand outreaah work, ihroughthe ure ofpolitical and socialeducstior! paxticipatior!demoqacyand kept slive in co-operctior endwood-ct8ft. We are k€eoto $e lhaS?'!'nol 'l&:aaq itr thosethat arenew thosethat haveit, rekindledin thosethst havelost it, aodignited to the Folk. The &imofthe networkis o struclur€without hisrarchy-whete all are empowered andactiveandwhereevery mernberis a "leader" In placeof rules, or regulatioN, and/'&&al dua/aa',based upon' the free flow there is the responsibilityof aor.lLiriual of ideas,experienceand r€sponsibilitiesThe netwotk will work throughgroups'o( Circles,which may be basedin a panicular district or are4 or may cometogetherto work olr a specificproje-ot,or areaof interest.


Therewaso tent setup whereyou could find out aboulthe netwotk ard how to 8et involved. [t was alsoa bit of paa. aal cal*, awayfrom the hustleartdbustleof conference,where you could rakea bit of time to think aboutthe aimsand principles of tha folk and get a cup of far ttade/.a a a//*. lhe tent wasalsousedase spacefor a rangeofworkihops over the weekend,including A commo! trcsrury for-all a guest-epeaker from the otganisatiol celebralingthe 3506 anniversaryofthe Diggers occupatiooof St. George'shill.


At Dresentthereis one Green& Red Circl€ thst mcetsin Brighton' ii includespeople who act asoontaotnoints for someofthe otherlegions. lt is envisionedthat €veryooe wantingto got involved oaotalk to thes€people,aadwhen enoughpeopl€havecome togetherth; they canform a new circle ln th€ meantimepeopleare invited to the BdghtonCircle. London Antrs Swindcn { anna.swinden@ndirect.couk} 261, Archwsy Road (0181)14l 3910 LondonN65BS North ac uk) David f,dler I d.a.he1le.@geo.hull. 91, West€rnRoed (0t14)266267| ShefreldSl0 1LB South East Pr[l Bemrosc {} 31,Chaonelview Road Drighton (0i273)683114 Woodingdear\

DF Diary Pull out and rtick on Yourwall DF Committ€eaddress€s on the brck 21-286August

DF camp 1999 Book now ifyou haven't already,it's going to be a fantastic event.. . .


workers Beerat Resdingfestival Thosewho get to go, havea greattime

10ft-t2b SGptembcrSummerMadncssTherightto learn A packedweekendofmusic,gamesandcelebmtion Sept4lnber

A Northern event(to be Possiblya \rr'orking weekendat HeightGate..... Contactlan (address on back)tbr deatils

ld-3d October

Elfin leadertrrining weekend HamsterlevForestcentre- Co. Durham ContactNorthernOfice for details

16'lT- October

DF Conference f)ate andvenueto be confirmed

26e-29sllecember Wint.r Wonderlsnd 1999 The very last wooddaft eventof the centurv! Dateandvenueto be confirmed 31" December

Workers B€ermillennium newyesrsevent Anyonebusy?! Desdlinefor reply21" November

'Ihi6 edltLon of .Df Newswas GuesLSdlt€d by Alex, Ellen &nd Ian B],u€ Skles, gee you ei C&mp

DF Committee Address l,ist 1999 Bronir Eousman Flome57 Col€ddgeRoad London, N8 8EH 0 1 813740101 Term brhl@ukc Ben Greenlend




llome 10Gre$aoldeRoad AoocksCreen Birmirgham.827 6QD Knty Rrown Scotland 'I reasurer Home20 North ParkRoad Hom€l58a Pennsylvania Road Kitkby Merseyside, L32 2AS Exetet,EX4 6DX 01392427566 01515484560 Termbg4@coventry Term kmboio@studenls acuk Rosielleller RainbowNet TamsinPesrce Southwest Home35 BailbrookLane Home9l WesternRoad Bath,BAI 7AN Shefileld. Sl0 lBL 01t4 266267 | 01225112574 (pager04325536002) Ian Sudbery NorthEast HomeElm Cottage Northwest f,mmi Curtin Sheffield.36 4WB llome 9 BurfordDrive Tffiffi" I_, WhalleyRange Manchester. M16 8FJ Maddy Ryle SouthEast com HomeI Bible Cottagcs rollerblind(g)hotmail Alex wilde Clhair Rodmell.nearl,ewes EastSussex, BN7 3HJ Home136Broomspring Lane ol2'73477324 Sl0 2F'D Sheffield. 0114276l0ls AliceTaylor EastAnglia ferm Flat 2/1,55 ByresRoad Home3 DorsetRd Lewes Glasgow,Gl I 5RC 014135"13'19'7 EastSussex. BN7 ITH Term 826KingsCollege u99800707@8sa I.AOCRoC CB2 I ST Oliver llarris Cambridge. I{omeChestnutColtage Lane (pager04325351084) Rosemount Midlands Bath.BA2 4NE Anthouy Lyons Rectory Road 01225316765 Home27 com OJHanis(TAAOL. Solihull,Bql 3RJ llllen Martinez Southlondon 01217051283 Northloodon Sheffield.56 2WZ AnDaTresdway (HannahTolrerman) 01142339464 Term 01715153296 Home40EssexRoad Lelton, London,El0 6HF 0t8| 53S3781 (018I 5396086for Hannah) anna@essex-road. Folk IIouse 18tutherdonRoad,LondoflSWI7 8QE 0lEl6726031

lur ivdh.r"i il.+i"- '5{1


DF News 1999 Summer  

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