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Annual Report Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014


Dear Friends,

Elizabeth Keeley

Helping women experiencing homelessness or poverty by offering a safe, comfortable daytime shelter, nutritious food, and support services to improve their lives has been our mission for more than 32 years. Your investment in and generosity to the Women’s Lunch Place (WLP) has resulted in a respected and successful community for women, open six days a week, with staff and countless volunteers improving the lives of hundreds of guests every week.


Homelessness and poverty are complicated issues that create unspeakable hardships. Most of our guests have experienced major trauma in their lives, violence in personal relationships, sexual assaults, or physical abuse as children. The WLP is a reliable resource in Greater Boston for women experiencing these challenges. Programs and leadership might change over time, but the WLP’s core mission remains a constant for our guests: providing a warm and welcoming community that offers healing, hope, and dignity to women seeking love, acceptance, and support. In Fiscal Year 2014, a few of the milestones you helped us to achieve were: • $3,419,172 in revenue to support our programs - an 8% increase over FY13. • 79,525 meals served to women and children - an 11.5% increase over FY13. • 18,000 guest visits to our Resource Center accessing solutions ranging from health care to housing to legal advice. Guests find healing and community in our Creative Expressions program, where, in this year alone, we saw over 2,884 visits to our classes in drawing, sewing, painting, writing, and so much more, taught by our talented volunteers. Several guests are successfully marketing and selling their art at local shows and online. We are so grateful for the dedicated volunteers, who donated more than 28,000 hours in FY 2014, the equivalent of 14 full-time staff. With each person’s help, we improve the lives of working women living in poverty, women who do not have a safe place to live, those looking for employment, or seeking help for their addictions or mental illness, and for all who are a part of the Women’s Lunch Place community. Your donation does make all the difference in the world! Thank you. With much appreciation and love,

Elizabeth Keeley Executive Director

Hannah Grove President, Board of Directors

Hannah Grove, President Anthony Leonard, Vice President Barbara Breen, Treasurer Mary Jane Patrone, Secretary Pam Savoy Barnett Kay Calvert J.W. Carney, Jr. Kate Cook Eileen Hsü-Balzer Mark Lippolt Michelle McGee Katherine C. O’Connell Sandra Allen O’Connor Sharon Saffitz Derri Shtasel, M.D. Joanne M. Sullivan John Sutich Roberta Weiner

year in review In Fiscal Year 2014, your support made an impact at the Women’s Lunch Place in these ways:


homeless moved into permanent


1,622 individual advocacy visits 18,000 resource center visits

feel safe at WLP

& we made a

difference in their lives guests found employment with our assistance

estimated value of

in-kind donations

76 women went on outings including a Red Sox game, ice skating at Frog Pond, and a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts

116 attorney visits

we served




an 11.5% increase from 2013


2,458 medical visits 31

15 GUESTS moved off the streets and into an emergency shelter

2,884 creative expression visits

of guests reported that they


and affordable housing


3,155 naps


loads of laundry

28,000+ volunteer

& intern hours

guests whose housing was “at risk” received stabilization services and remain housed

what we do The Women’s Lunch Place serves each woman’s individual needs, all with dignity and respect. Our breadth of programs, strong community partnerships, and well-trained, dedicated staff and volunteers allow us to meet each woman where she stands. At the Women’s Lunch Place, lunch is more than a meal. meals program Combined with stress and fatigue, insufficient nutrition increases a woman’s susceptibility to illness and poor health. At the Women’s Lunch Place (WLP), we look to better our guests’ quality of life. Our meals program, which includes breakfast and lunch, strives to improve the physical and emotional well-being of our guests. Wholesome, nutritious food is a luxury that many women in our community cannot afford. For many of our guests, the Women’s Lunch Place is not only their primary source of food, but their only source of true nutrition. Breakfast and lunch are served six days a week; food preferences are accommodated, with vegetarian alternatives at every meal. Women gain self-confidence and a sense of normalcy as lunch is served restaurant-style in accordance with ‘trauma-informed’ care principles to minimize the trauma associated with food insecurity.

“I come for breakfast. It’s my only meal of the day.” — Guest

advocacy Women experiencing homelessness and poverty face a number of issues on a daily basis. Our advocates assist guests in breaking down those barriers. Skilled advocates provide individualized help with a wide range of complex issues such as shelter and housing, employment, substance abuse, domestic violence, medical care, mental health, and resources for legal challenges. Volunteer lawyers assist with legal problems and questions. Advocates provide emotional support, advice, and encouragement to empower our guests to make healthy decisions.

“The advocates are great and I appreciate the help of attorneys. The staff and volunteers all make a difference in our lives. Thanks.” — Guest “Advocates journey with guests, from the joy of hard-won victories to being there when things fall apart. What makes this program special is that we fill in the cracks, going where other services can’t, so that women don’t slip through. We are especially good at providing both the emotional and practical support to help women navigate complex systems.” — Tara, WLP Advocacy Manager

creative expressions Our Creative Expressions program offers classes in painting, drawing, creative writing, photography, jewelry-making, sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, dancing, music appreciation, and much more. Guests who have experienced trauma find healing, confidence, and empowerment while discovering their artistic talent. Guests display their artwork at local shows and events at the shelter. For some guests, the items they make with Creative Expressions have become a source of income.

“Basic nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. If that’s not there, day-to-day activities are hard to accomplish. That’s why we emphasize fresh produce in our meals program, and we try to keep it simple. What did all of our mothers and grandmothers tell us? EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! That’s what we say too! We introduce a large variety of produce to our guests; we stay seasonal if possible; and, we cook food with care and respect so it tastes great. When a guest comes up to me and says, ‘You know I’ve never really liked eggplant, but today, today I ate it, and you know what? I liked it.’ That’s a huge victory. That’s what keeps me going.” — Joshua Birdsall, WLP Chef and Food Service Manager

guest services There are a variety of basic needs that every woman has no matter what her situation is. The Women’s Lunch Place offers these services with no questions asked: showers, laundry, toiletries, emergency clothing, and much more. Guests have access to a nap room for resting and medical services provided by Women of Means and Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program. Birthdays are celebrated each month, honoring those women born in that month with a special birthday gift and birthday cake for all. Holidays are celebrated throughout the year with a special focus on Mother’s Day.

“I would like you to know that the WLP is loved and appreciated and very much needed by all who come here.” — Guest “It’s a safe place. I love all the women. You can relax. Talk. Know you’re not alone.” — Guest

resource center and library The State Street Resource Center allows for self-advocacy. Guests use the computers to search for jobs and housing, write résumés and cover letters, and stay in touch with family and friends. Many guests use 67 Newbury Street as their home address to receive mail. This is especially important when applying for jobs and housing. Guests can send and receive faxes and phone calls and use resource guides created specifically for the Women’s Lunch Place. The Susannah Waldo Wood Reading Room is a quiet place for guests to sit and read or take a book with them.Guests have the opportunity to attend classes on a variety of topics including literacy, computer skills, housing and legal issues, employment, financial literacy, nutrition, and stress reduction.

“Thanks to WLP for helping me to live a better life.” — Guest

job readiness Guests seeking jobs receive personalized attention from our Employment Services Coordinator, who has expertise in addressing the unique employment challenges that our guests face. Unlike short-term job training programs, the WLP often has lifelong relationships with guests. We continue to assist women after they are working, to ensure that they have the support they need to successfully maintain employment. Our partnerships with private and public agencies ensure that our guests have full advantage of all the resources available to them.

”I couldn’t have done it without Margaret. She helped me to write a résumé and gave me the confidence to get out there. I am so grateful. Thank God for the Women’s Lunch Place.” — Guest

stories from our guests Lila Lila* came to the WLP as a survivor. Very recently, she had left an abusive relationship and moved into public housing. The first step to recovery had already been taken. For the next, she needed the Women’s Lunch Place. Sadly, while in the relationship, Lila temporarily lost custody of her daughter due to safety concerns. To meet the Department of Children and Families’ requirements to regain custody, Lila needed to do two things: completely separate from the abuser and move into a permanent two-bedroom apartment. Lila filed a restraining order and remains separated from the ex-partner. However, she discovered that she owed back rent to a former landlord, which prevented her from signing a new lease, and her limited income did not stretch far enough to cover the small amount. With the help of the WLP’s emergency assistance fund, Lila was able to pay the back rent. Finally, Lila has reunited with her daughter and begun to rebuild in their new, safe home.

Samantha Samantha* is her family’s rock and works hard to care for everyone around her. She had lived at her apartment for the past three decades, but with ever-increasing rent and a disability that prevents her from working, it became difficult to pay her rent. Recently, the landlord began preparing to sell the building and needed the tenants to move out. Samantha did not want to lose her stable home. Unable to persuade Samantha to move, he gave her an eviction notice. In addition, she owed a substantial amount of back rent. She came to the WLP for help. Advocates supported Samantha, helping to stabilize her mental health and ensure effective parenting. They worked to address her hoarding issue and her deep anxieties over moving. Our pro-bono attorney fiercely negotiated on her behalf and secured a solution: if Samantha moved out by a specific date, leaving the apartment clean and empty, the landlord would forgive all of her back rent. If Samantha was unable to move out in time, she would not only need to pay the back rent but also become evicted, which would severely restrict her eligibility for future housing and put her at risk for losing custody of her grandson, so it was critical for Samantha to meet the deadline. Advocates supported and encouraged Samantha throughout the stressful transition. They hired a professional packer and cleared out her entire apartment just in time. With the help of the WLP, Samantha and her grandson moved into a safe family shelter, and they are starting to look for a new permanent home. Most importantly, they are together.

*Names changed for confidentiality.

financials consolidated statement of activities revenue and support

FY 2014

FY 2013

$899,356 $715,419 $613,728 $150,296

$739,131 $625,317 $693,226 $142,843

Total Income plus In-Kind Donations








Program Expenses Administration and General Fundraising

$2,840,961 $119,944 $390,244

$2,745,861 $135,839 $392,864

TOTAL EXPENSES $3,351,149 increase (decrease) in net assets $68,023 net assets begining of the year $3,727,902 net assets end of the year $3,795,925


Signature Annual Events Individuals Corporations and Foundations Other Income


income Graph


Expense Graph

income Graph

revenue and support

Expense Graph

$3,717,175 $3,727,902


Other Income 6%

Administration 3%

Fundraising 12%

Corporations & Foundations 26% Signature Annual Events 38%

Program Expenses 85% Individuals 30%

donors It is with deep gratitude that we recognize the people, organizations, and foundations that have supported the work of the Women’s Lunch Place between July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014, our Fiscal Year 2014. Listed below are all donors who contributed a total of $500 or more during Fiscal Year 2014. $50,000 + Anonymous Anne and David Bromer Citizens Bank Foundation Cummings Foundation Michele and Howard Kessler Estate of Ellen M. O’Donnell $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Sally and Jeb Bachman Kate and Andy Ebbott Fassino Foundation Genzyme Liberty Mutual Foundation Libra Foundation, Inc. State Street Corporation State Street Foundation, Inc. SWAN Society in Boston, Inc. Hansjörg Wyss $10,000 - $24,999 Pam and Harry Barnett Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts The Boston Foundation Holly and David Bruce Kay Calvert and Jim Manzi Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund Covidien Partnership for Neighborhood Wellness Program DC Beane and Associates Construction Company Helen Donovan Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Hannah and Jack Grove Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. Eileen Hsü-Balzer Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation, Inc. Christine and David Letts Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation Massachusetts Woman’s Home Missionary Union Barbara A. McCann Michelle R. McGee Sarah R. Monaco Kari and Frank Murphy New England Patriots Foundation

The P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Project Bread Alison and Frank Quirk Red Sox Foundation Reliable Roofing and Sheet Metal LLC Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation The Charles Sanders Trust Saquish Foundation Derri Shtasel and Gary Gottlieb Jean Tempel Tufts Health Plan Foundation Vila B. Webber 1985 Charitable Trust Roberta and Stephen R. Weiner Foundation Adam and Rita Weiner Melissa Weiner Janfaza and Andrew Janfaza Whole Foods Market $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous (7) Gregory D. Ansin Tracy Atkinson Melinda and Joseph B. Bator Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation Edith C. Blum Foundation BNY Mellon Boston Properties, Inc. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Brown Charitable Foundation Carolyn O. Carlson J. W. Carney, Jr. and Joy B. Rosen Cogan Family Foundation Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares Comcast CVS Caremark Deutsche Bank Championship DiMarco Family Fund of The Columbus Foundation Alice Willard Dorr Foundation Erica and Jeffrey Drazen ESG City of Boston McKinney Funding Feeley & Driscoll, P.C. Foundation M F-Squared Investments, Inc. Elisabeth Heinicke

John W. Henry Family Foundation Scott Kennedy Norman Knight Charitable Foundation Joyce Kosofsky and Kenneth Gloss Deborah and Paul Kuenstner The Lindsay Foundation Pamela and Stuart Mathews Mary E. McCoy Diane McDermott and Gerry Roy Robert McGee Robert M. McGee Ruth McGee Maureen and James Mellowes The MENTOR Network John C. and Eunice B. Morrison Charitable Foundation Katherine and Carl O’Connell Ogilvy Public Relations Old South Church Shelly and Thomas P. O’Neill III Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mary Jane Patrone Clare Reilly and Mark Reynolds Samuels & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Spector Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stansky Staples Foundation State Street Matching Gift Program TJX Companies Polly and Ming Tsai Frederick E. Weber Charities Corp. Louise and David Weinberg Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous (2) Shari L. Agatstein Russell V. Antonevich Jr. Donna and Paul Archibald Patricia and Jon Baker Judy M. Belliveau Debra Taylor Blair BNY Mellon Community Partnership/Matching Gifts Lynn I. Bogle Margot Botsford Mary and Brian Carty Jackie Cavanaugh Janice Hayes-Cha and Jang-Ho Cha

The Congregational Church of Needham Manuel Costa Anne S. Covert Coverys Amy B. Daley Danversbank Charitable Foundation Dennis Family Foundation Amy Drucker Mary B. Dunn Charitable Trust Chris and Jean Egan Foundation EMD Serono, Inc. Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston Ann-Marie Filles The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation First Parish in Lincoln Cynthia and John Fish Fish Family Foundation Marta and Robert Frank Mary C. Gallagher Kim and Eric Giler Give With Liberty - Foundation Match Sarah E. Hancock IBM Employee Services Center John Hancock Kearney, Donovan & McGee PC Elizabeth Keeley Maryann Kelley d/b/a Sissyk Kershaw Foundation Charitable Trust Patricia and Jonathan Kraft Vivien Li LINK Andrea Lowenthal Allyson McCann The Phyllis W. McGillicuddy Charitable Trust Barbara Moore and Jack Vanwoerkom Betty Morningstar Newman House of Newton, Inc. Northeast Utilities / NSTAR Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP Susan Olsen and Richard C. Walton Patricia A. Parcellin PDBK Charitable Foundation Joseph Perini Memorial Foundation The Plymouth Rock Foundation

John R. and Emma D. Quint Memorial Fund Robert F. White Associates Sharon and Jeffrey Saffitz Connie and Jonathan Smith Valentino USA Weber Shandwick Ande Zellman $1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous (3) 360 Public Relations Ace American Insurance Co. Margaret and Bob Ackerman Adage Capital Management, L.P. Alchemy Foundation Alexandra Construction, Inc. Kara L. Amara American International Group, Inc. Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Oyinda and Emmanuel Amurawaiye Anna’s Taqueria Arch Re Facultative Underwriters Inc. The Barrington Foundation, Inc. The Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation Beacon Hill Circle for Charity Judith and Barry Berman Nancy and David Berman Monica and David Bernstein Biogen Idec Foundation Sarah L. Booth Kevin Boyle Clemia Brittenum Bruyette Family Foundation Elizabeth Carey Heather and Christian Carrillo Missy and Marshall Carter Karl E. Case Christy Cashman Terry Charron The Colonnade Boston Commonwealth of MA Employee Charitable Campaign Maureen Corbett Katharine Crawford Dellbrook Construction, Inc. John Devine Joyce A. Di Bona Coleen and Edward Dinneen Janet and James Dougherty Emergency Food and Shelter Program c/o ABCD The David and Margaret Engel Family Foundation Alexandra England and Charles Pratt Kenneth Ensdorf

Factory Mutual Insurance Company Firestone and Parson, Inc. The First Church of Christ, Scientist First Congregational Church of Winchester, U.C.C. First Unitarian Society in Newton Follen Community Church Kim H. Freedman Lena and Ronald Goldberg Claire Greene and Thomas Titchener Deborah and Martin Hale Amy and John Haley Hancock United Church of Christ Anne and Rev. Grant Harrity The Hartford Lisa Herrington and John Sutich Mary G. Hildebrandt Carrie Cullen Hitt William Hodgins Hologic, Inc. HOPEsudbury Christina Horner Emily Hughey Interim Healthcare H. L. James Susan Jarvi Carolyn and William Kaelin Jill Kammermeyer and Robert Hochstetler Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc. Donald G. and Yvonne Keamy Family Foundation The Ruth E. Klabunde Estate Stephen J. Klaus Susan and Bryan Koop Leonard Kopelman Korn/Ferry International Lorena Kreda and Richard Bijjani Jessica Ladd and William Brack Kathryn and Tom Lakin Jeanne Larkin-Henry Sandra Larson and Nicolas Minutillo Danielle Lauzon Lisa S. Lenon and William Stanton Anthony F. Leonard Stephen J. MacQuarrie & Kathryn P. Martin Charitable Gift Fund Kathleen and Robert Mahoney Elaine and Charles Mangum Richard C. Mazzarella Missy and David McGraw The Memorial Church of Harvard University Joanne R. Menter Merck Foundation Karen and Brad Meslin

Peter R. Milnes Ellen C. Minnihan A. Peter Monaco James and Robin Moody Mount Vernon Church of Boston The Naduse Foundation National Grid Neighborhood Association of Back Bay David Noble Northeastern University Sandra Allen O’Connor and Brian O’Connor Karen and Barry Oshry Diane and Scott Palmer Charles Parker Jr. Partners HealthCare Andrew Paul Jill M. Phillips Kimberly and Michael Pradko Mary A. Quigley R. N. Thomas Consulting Group, Inc. Sandra Ray RDK Engineers Eileen Reilly Sharon Reilly Chelsey and David Remington Charlene D. Rideout Judith Ritchie Carmen V. Rodriguez Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston Saint Cecilia Parish Rotary Club of Boston Adelard A. and Valeda Lea Roy Foundation S&F Concrete Contractors, Inc. Rosaria E. Salerno Marjorie A. Schneider and Edward D. Shirley Kathleen and Frederick Schultz Thelma F. Shtasel Simmons College George R. Spalding Martha S. Stone Joanne M. Sullivan Ann H. Symington Foundation Bernadette M. Thie and Ian Roke Amy Tierce Travelers Ann Marie Turo and Arthur C. Jordan Geertruida M. Veldman Regina Ventre Veson Nautical Patricia Villani Wellesley Congregational Church Catherine W. Wetherell Winchester Unitarian Society Jonathan C. Wulp Marianne and Andrew Youniss

Norman Zalkind $500 - $999 Anonymous (4) The 200 Foundation Maggie and Kevin Ahearn Julie and Paul Ahern Karen K. Allan Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Diane M. Anderson Joanne Andrews Nancy P. Anthony and Clifton Clarke Gwenyth Beaven Christine and Ernest Bell Rosalind and Walter Bernheimer Amy S. Berylson BNY Mellon Employees Boston Financial Data Services Boston Private Bank & Trust Co. Boston Share Network, Inc. Florence M. Braff Barbara F. Breen and Frederick A. Zajac Tina M. Burke Susan O. Bush Michael Busnach Butler Family Fund Anne L. Caliento Ronald A. Campisi Aileen and Bob Capozzi Charles Cartwright Frederick V. Casselman C. Michael Cataldo Suzanne M. Chapman Ann M. Chiacchieri Christ Episcopal Church Peter Christie Citizens Charitable Foundation / Matching Gift Program City of Boston Employee Campaign Alisa A. Cliff CNA - Continental Casualty Company Marsha R. Cohen Grace E. Colby David Colella Pamela W. Conover Karen and Brian Conway Copley Wolff Design Group Maureen P. Corcoran Joanne and Richard Crispin Cynthia Croatti Pamela and Belden Daniels Justin Davis Midge and Tom DeSimone Denise and Robert DiCenso Julie H. Doherty Mary C. Doran Eagle Investment Systems LLC Alison Ebbott and Bill Hasan

continued... Susan Edwards Elaine Construction Company, Inc. Empire Education Group Martha Fagan and Donald Benovitz Raymond Faulkner Janet Fine and Laurence Hardoon Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Loretta C. Franklin Paul Gannon Robert Gatti Andrea and David Gilmore Vanessa and Michael Gobes Paula Gold Google Gift Matching Program Ingrid Hache Valerie Haertel Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. Margaret Heylin Michelle Hicks Erin Higgins and Douglas Rosner Hope and David Hirsch John B. A. Hostage, Jr. Margaret Ingalls Michael A. Interbartolo, Jr. Marcy Jackson Anne Jacobs John Hancock Matching Gifts Program Julie B. Kahn Mary Kane Estrellita Karsh Kelly Kavaler Karen Keefe Julia Kehoe Kenney Development Company Rebecca Kinchley Judith and Timothy King Jonathan Knowles Julie Koeninger Jonathan E. Kolb Barbara Krakow Susan Kron Amber G. Kunkel Patricia Latimore and Bourdillon Apreala Priscilla Lavin Jo-Ann Leinwand Lorraine and Donny Levine Ruth A. Levy Caroline S. Lindeke and Robert L. Wolff Mark H. Lippolt and Scott MacDonald Martha Lipshitz Lewis Lloyd Carolyn F. Locke Anita and Joseph Loscalzo Anastasia and William Lyman Joanne Lynch

Loran B. Macumber Laura Maltby Allegra Manacher Sheila Manning Barbara Manzolillo Sara Jo and James E. Marble Helen W. Marden Peter Marks Kristin Martin Katherine M. McDonough Mary Beth McInerney Anne S. McMahon Microsoft Giving Campaign J. A. Milano Beverly and Wayne Miller Wendy and Eric Miller Lynne and Frank Minard Lynn Modell Modera Charitable Foundation Mary Lou and Anthony Monaco Sarah S. Montgomery Anne T. Moran Mary Moscato Terence Mullany National Air Traffic Controllers Association Charitable Foundation Patricia and Francis Nemia Lory Newmyer and Stephen Cooper Nan Niland Joan Nissman and Morton Abromson Timothy Nistler Curtis Nyquist OCEANAIR Helen O’Connor Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program Teresa C. Paolini Joanne C. Peckarsky Anne Peretz Ann and Christopher Pfohl Pyramid Advisors LP Sally and Robert Quinn John X. Regan Jane Remillard Maud H. Rheault Martha Richardson Sima Roossta and Martin E. Poitzsch Mary D. Rosenfield Meredith Rosenthal Robert Rosenthal Rebecca Roth Ellen Rubin Teresa and Steven Rusconi Marion J. Ruth Nanette Phaneuf-Rutter and David Rutter Kenneth W. Salinger

Jane Saltonstall Deborah A. Scott and Ralph C. Martin, Jr. Bernice Siegel Karen Siegel Carol Silverston Darrell N. Smith Mary H. Smoyer Ellen and Robert Smyth Brian Souza and Darren Carlton Laurie A. Stalker and F. Matthew Kramer Jeanne and Don Stanton Starr International USA, Inc. (C.V. Starr & Co. Inc.) Patrina and Nickolas Stavropoulos Studio for the American Trade Bead Farley N. Sullivan Laurie Swett Helen Taplin Verizon Foundation Sara and David Walden Webster First Federal Credit Union Catherine and Scott Webster Wellesley Congregational Church Village Churchwomen Wellesley Gentleman’s Society WGIRLS Inc. Ann Houston Wiedie and Keith Hartt Karen A. Willis Anne Young Mary Moran Zeven

We have made every effort to list donors with the utmost accuracy. If we have made any error or omission, please let us know by contacting Lorraine Levine Director of Development at or 617-449-7190 so we can correct our records.

WLP 2014 Annual Report Writers: Yan Ho, Megan Sweeney Photography: donated by Jeff Adams Photography Graphic Design: donated by Victoria Krasnakevich

get involved with the women’s lunch place! donate The Women’s Lunch Place relies solely on the generosity of individual donors, corporations, and foundations. Here are a few ways you can support our mission: • Sponsor a lunch or breakfast • Support our annual events: Spaghetti Dinner, eat LUNCH give, and Mother’s Day cards • Celebrate a loved one by making a gift in their honor • Mark a special occasion with a donation in lieu of gifts • Host an event to benefit the WLP • Help our guests through monthly/annual giving, corporate matching, and legacy gifts

in-kind donations Toiletries, birthday gifts, and emergency and seasonal clothing are always needed by our guests. Visit our website for a current list of needs.

volunteer We welcome individuals and groups to volunteer in food preparation, serving meals, assisting in the Welcome Center, Resource Center, and more.

partner with us Host a collection drive of items for our guests, sponsor a meal in honor of a loved one or celebration, or help us sell and write Mother’s Day cards for our Mother’s Day Campaign, to name just a few. To learn more about getting involved with the Women’s Lunch Place, please email us at

The Women’s Lunch Place provides a safe, comfortable daytime shelter, nutritious food, and services for women who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. We treat women with dignity and respect, and foster a community committed to meeting each woman’s needs.

We believe that no individual should have to be hungry or homeless.

We believe all human beings should be treated with dignity and respect.

We meet each woman where she is, and we base and adjust our services according to her needs.

We offer our services in a gracious, comfortable, and safe environment, offering both physical and emotional sustenance.

We create a community of understanding and acceptance among guests, staff, volunteers, and board members.

67 newbury street | boston, ma 02116 | 617-449-7196 Visit our website at

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Profile for Women's Lunch Place

The Women's Lunch Place FY14 Annual Report  

The Women's Lunch Place Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014

The Women's Lunch Place FY14 Annual Report  

The Women's Lunch Place Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014