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I'll never forget the first time I offered a private coaching intensive for one of my very first clients. Oh was it fancy and decked out! I had way too much food, albeit delicious, hors d'oeuvres, champagne, chocolate, candles, a gorgeous bouquet of fancy flowers and few special gifts for her. All the things I would personally love to experience in a private coaching intensive. Not to mention the exquisite experience of holding the space, time and attention to totally focus in on her priorities and goals in her business. Power packed and priceless!

It had always been a dream of mine, to fully support a woman in business in this way, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would be willing to invest in herself to work with me, privately, all day at a 5-star hotel. I was reading an old, tired, scarcity money story of mine, believing that I and what I had to offer was not worth paying for.

But guess what happened....

She made the investment in herself and this experience because she had been looking to grow and expand and learn the value of charging her worth and earning more money. And she knew that in order for her to charge her worth, she had to change her own money story and get on with making big decisions to get big results!

And it gets better...


|womenofmore.COM | 4

For me, I realized that in giving her this experience of stretching and

I decided that I would create from a place of

“Is this what I would sign up

investing in herself to enjoy a unique

for” mentality. And then I began

and private intensive with me, I was

focusing on attracting the type of

living my dream of charging my worth and changing my own money story.

woman who is seeking to up level her own unique brilliance in the world and

You see, following my dreams was a

create the kind of business that she’s

double blessing for BOTH she and I

proud to make available for her ideal

and ultimately the people we both serve. This is the moment that I truly began to believe that what I have to offer has VALUE to the world. And once I finally stepped into my power and pursued my dream - I then created the opportunity for someone else to fulfill her dreams as well. I simply became in alignment with my true desires and then began ACTIVELY pursuing them and making them a reality...AND YOU CAN TOO! I got crystal clear about not just what I do, and who I am as a coach, speaker, and author, but also the kinds of experience I want others to have when they work with me.

clients and customers. I still do private intensives of this caliber, but recently I have been holding group workshops called See and Be Seen. This semi-private, laser focused, luxurious gatherings have been very successful. So much so that I’ve created a formula to launching and hosting workshops, boot camps & retreats, to help others take their expertise and knowledge and package it into a workshop or intensive experience for their clients and customers.


I hope you’ll join me in the master class at




Darieth Chisolm is an Emmy Award Winning television personality, former NBC News Anchor, entrepreneur, author, speaker and business coach. Darieth recently celebrated becoming one of the Top 10 Trailblazer in Communications by Walker’s Legacy and was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 with Style Week in Pittsburgh and recipient of 2016 Shero Award.

Darieth is also a Visibility and Multi Media Strategist who coaches women to become confident and outrageously successful, conveying their brand, message and mission to the world through various online media platforms. Contact her at or


La Rue HOWARD Recorded New Year’s Eve 2015 at the River of Life Christian Center of Orlando, LaRue Howard’s EP Who is Like Our God is packed with songs that enable the Body of Christ to sing praises to the true and living God. Song titles include the electrifying, Caribbean styled Perpetual Praise, a classic choir song from Revelation 5:13, Blessing & Honor, written during a mission trip to Port au Prince, Haiti, Who is Like Our God, and a prayer to the heart of God, We Turn to You.



YOUR GIFTS AND DREAMS ARE THERE! BY LATISHA SCOTT Growing up I had many ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a veterinarian, a fashion designer, a teacher and a lawyer. I recall as a child bringing stray dogs home. In grade school, I prided myself on my coloring and drawing skills. I never colored outside the lines and I could look at certain pictures and images and recreate them. Over time I found I loved drawing dresses. I would look at magazines and draw what I saw pictured. During the summer months I would play school with my brother and sister, of course, I was the teacher. As I got older I discovered I enjoyed debating and loved settling arguments amongst my friends, I enjoyed discussing challenging topics often times my teachers would say I’d be a great lawyer.


Order your's today!

However I never pursued any of things I dreamed about becoming, I didn’t have anyone pushing me or encouraging me to strive for the very thing I felt I would be great at. Needless to say, I lost confidence in those dreams and I settled for just graduating High School. I decided that I would be successful without college. For many years as a young woman, I did pretty well without college until the day I became a mother. The day I found out I would be a mother I realized I had to strive to give my child the life my mother wasn’t

stay connected ig: @whataboutaclutch FB: Latisha Nicollette

able to give me. Although I had a semi-thriving career in banking risk Management College screamed a better life, I enrolled to later graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Business then a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I didn’t stop there I became a homeowner, the second person in my entire family to own a home. God has given and planted gifts and dreams in each of us. I thank God for the many opportunities that caused me to dig up my gifts and dreams. Don’t allow your God given gifts to remain buried dig them up.



Melinda A. Proctor Remax Sunvest Realty 5560 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington, DE 19808

Voicemail: 302-322-2233 Cell: 302-420-9526 Office: 302-442-4200 Fax: 302-442-4201




Current State: Ohio Name of Business: Vision by Design Business Vision: Helping entrepreneurs to launch or revolutionize their businesses via creative branding, strategic marketing, and “coach-sulting” them in pursuing their passions and fulfilling their purpose. MORE Information: IG- @v2beme, Email- How did you discover your MORE? While motivating, counseling, and mentoring others, I realized that MY purpose was to help people find out what THEIR purpose is. By using my gifts, talents, and expertise, I help others to bring out what’s already in them that they may not yet see and then teach them how to make that profitable for them, whether it’s for business or personal fulfillment. Describe yourself? I am a CEO: Creating Every Opportunity, Conquering Every Obstacle, and Consistently Encouraging Others Who do you consider as your female mentor near or far? My mother- she always pushed me and believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself What would you say to inspire women around the world? Invest in yourself, for the return, will always be great and guaranteed!Add a little bit of body text

Beverly Washington

Current State: Illinois Business Name: SOAR RADIO Win Inspiring Nation Business Vision: So far with the success of the hair business, this has led to additional businesses, as a Personal Wardrobe Consultant and an Accessories line called Taste-ful-ly Done. MORE Information: Facebook, Instagram(Mz.bev_WIN and Soar Radio (W.I.N.) How did you discover your MORE? One day I said I love servicing my clients, but I knew there was more of me that needed to be shared throughout the nation. Through setbacks, doubts, fear and failure, God allowed me to share my MORE through the radio on an Inspirational network. This led to my own show W.I.N Women Inspiring Nation. Describe Yourself: 54 Years Old, Married 28 Years, and 1 Daughter Lover of God ( He is my everything ), witty, spontaneous, love people, conversational, loves fashion. Who do you consider as your female mentor near or far? Dr. Lamata Mitchell -VP of Instruction and Academic Operator, Arizona. What would you say to inspire women around the world? We are imperfect women living in an imperfect world. Meaning, we all need to be encouraged. It does not matter your status we all have issues. It's ok to hear no or be rejected, it allows time to self- reflect and make improvements in one's life. |WOMENOFMORE.COM | 11



Jonshea Farris Current State: Georgia Name of Business: The Mending Station Inc. Vision of Your Business: The Mending Station Inc. is a religious nonprofit organization that aims to serve the broken; and assist in one's process of healing through messages of restoration, love, and forgiveness. Whether healing from a post traumatic event, grief or the unresolved hurt from a failed relationship. MORE Information: IG: @jonsheafarris FACEBOOK: Jonshea Farris TWITTER: @jonsheafarris

How did you discover your MORE? I discovered my MORE at the end of 2015 while sitting in my bedroom. It was during this time that I asked God about His purpose for my life. In turn, He placed the name of my ministry (The Mending Station Inc.) as well as the scripture Luke 4:18 in my spirit and said to me “There are so many people that are going through life broken and scarred because of things that have happened to them, and I’m going to use you and your testimony as an avenue to heal them so they can forgive, let go and live their best life NOW!” It was at that moment I discovered my purpose and began to walk in my MORE.

Who do you consider as your female mentor near or far? First, I would have to say, my mother and grandmother. Both pastors’ wives, they were my first examples in showing me what it meant to be a woman of class, prayer, and faith. In addition to these awesome examples, I have admired Dr. LaToya K. Williams (Therapist, motivational Speaker, and entrepreneur) and Yolanda Lewis (Best-selling author, WebTV Host and producer). What would you say to inspire women around the world? You are God’s masterpiece and no matter how broken you may think you are, you can always be put back together. I know that you’ve been through things that have left you battered and scarred, but God wants you to give Him the fragments of your broken heart so He can mend you and make you whole.

Wendy T. Talley

Current State:  California Name of Business: KW Essential Services (Dept. of Thelese Consulting Group, LLC) The vision of Your Business: Our vision is to help individuals uncover their true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating.   MORE Information: Founder Thelese Consulting Group, LLC, and KW Essential Services Co­Founder Kiaundra Jackson, MFTI (KW Essential Services only) ­ 6080 Center Dr. Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90045 ­ 310­242­6112 Instagram: kwessentialservices Instagram: thelesecgrpllc How did you discover your MORE? I discovered my MORE when I got sick and tired of being governed by the rigid performance measure designed with me in mind at my employment. I was constantly told what I could not do, what I was only able to do and how I was not qualified enough to hold Higher Level position. Deep down inside I knew I was MORE than what they told me. I knew I could run my own business and make great money doing it. Describe yourself? I am a child of God, wife, mother, Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the State of California, Adjunct Lecture at the University of Southern CA, and Entrepreneur. I have overcome the stigma of having a learning disability by graduating from one of the top 10 colleges in the nation, the University of Southern CA Social Work Masters Program. Who do you consider as your female mentor near or far? My mentor is my mother, Verga Mae Flenoury. What would you say to inspire women around the world? I would say to women who desire to be MORE “Take the wheel of your dreams and drive into your destiny.”


While in deep thought about the direction that my life has taken and my newly developed mindset, I became deeply saddened. I began to think about my 3 sons and the mindset that the old me, with the old mindset, had taught them.

I was the type of Mother who would give long


lectures filled with clich s. I could easily be heard saying things like

“Your character is

defined by what you do when no one is looking”, and

“actions speak louder than words”,

“work hard now so you can play hard later”

just to name a few.

I had accepted where I was in life and what I was. I had abandoned my own dreams of being a musician, entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker. My children heard me sporadically talk about wanting more but they didn’t see me pushing past my own comfort zones, or putting myself in positions to bring forth the things I so badly desired. My sons’ were looking up to celebrities and outside influence for inspiration. Why? Because those people were actually living their dreams. Those individuals did not just talk about it, but they were actually living it. As a Mother, I realized it was time for me to be about it too. I wanted my children looking to me for inspiration. I wanted them to actually see what’s required in real time when someone is focused on making their dream a reality. I wanted them to personally

I was laying out expectations and trying to

see me in the midst of late nights and early mornings. I needed for them to

teach something that I wasn’t living. I was

experience seeing me managing multiple priorities, sacrificing and compromising.

trying to give my sons’ the roadmap to a

It was important for them to understand that success doesn’t just happen, but that

destination that I had never been. I wanted them

it’s built on the momentum of a series of small but critical actions.

to dream BIG but my visions were small. I wanted them to understand that hard work and

I wanted them

to feel the joy of seeing our lives impacted by the results of my hard work and dedication.

dedication pay off, but my personal work ethic and behaviors weren’t reflecting my own

When I talk to my children today about what they can be, who they can be, and

expectations. I was trying to teach my children

where they can go in this life, I am glad that I am walking it, talking it, and living

to have a success driven mindset but they were

it! As a parent, I have come to realize that I should be the best demonstration of

getting a front row seat to their Mother living a

every expectation I lay out, every life lesson I give, and every clich

life of complacency and mediocrity.

Always practice what you preach.

é that I teach.


Paint Me Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch By DAPHNE HENRY


A Golden Circle Hosted Event to support the Cure in Huntsville, AL Breast cancer is the 2nd largest cancer diagnosis, followed only by lung cancer. There have been over 240,000 new breast cancer cases in 2016. On average, 3% of breast cancer cases will result in death.

Robin Scarbrough

Although these statistics are astounding, Nurse Smith encouraged the ladies not to fear, because

“We have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind (II

Timothy 1:7). The statistics are provided for awareness. Therefore, October has been Phenomenal love filled the home of Robin Scarbrough as ladies from

designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, not Breast Cancer Fear Month.” Awareness

across the city of Huntsville joined their voices and hearts in support of

provides knowledge, and knowledge is power. According to Nurse Smith, this increased

the cure at the Paint me Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch on

awareness is empowering women to make informed decisions about prevention, detection,

Saturday, October 22, 2016. Guests ranged in age from 16 - 67. The

and treatment. Such decision making is leading to a decrease in breast cancer-related deaths

event not only supported breast cancer awareness month but also

since the late 80s.

provided an authentic sharing of love that united ladies from various generations and walks of life.

Although these statistics are astounding, Nurse Smith encouraged the ladies not to fear, because “We have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind (II Timothy 1:7). The statistics are provided for awareness. Therefore, October has been designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, not Breast Cancer Fear Month.” Awareness provides knowledge, and knowledge is power. According to Nurse Smith, this increased awareness is empowering women to make informed decisions about prevention, detection, and treatment. Such decision making is leading to a decrease in breast cancer-related deaths since the late 80s.

A total of three breast cancer survivors attended the brunch; two of the ladies (Vivian Harris & Andrea Brezzell) openly shared their personal breast cancer journeys and their victorious testimonies. Both ladies echoed several of Nurse Smith’s key points and also provided the following jaw-dropping preventive measures that can be implemented daily. Robin’s inspiration for the brunch came when she was suddenly awakened early one morning as she heard the words

“Paint me

Pink.” As these words rang in her ears, she was initially in awe because she wasn’t quite sure what they meant. She actually remembers verbally repeating the words

“Paint me Pink” as she

began pondering their meaning. Shortly after arriving at work, the meaning of the words resonated in her heart and she said, I want to have a Paint me Pink Brunch!”

“That’s it;

She immediately shared

her heart’s desire with co-workers and friends and the planning for the brunch began!

The morning event started with a powerful prayer led by Minister Deloris Brownlow, which truly set the tone and stage for everything that followed. As the ladies satisfied their palates with delectable

Do not reuse cooking oils and use foil and/or wood chips for grilling. These dietary consumption measures, along with eating organic foods, will reduce the risk of ingesting pesticides and cancer causing substances such a carcinogen.

Write a list of anyone you have not forgiven. Forgiveness prevents harboring emotions that create dis-ease, which causes disease in the body.

Avoid turning the a/c on immediately after returning to a vehicle that has been sitting for long periods in the sun. Opening the windows before turning on the a/c will prevent inhalation of particles and cancer-causing toxins, such as benzene.

food selections, they began connecting with great conversations,

As women get older, they need to become more cognizant of incorporating preventive

purchasing premiere jewelry, and decorating the pink painted

measures due to hormonal and immune system changes that naturally occur with age.

ribbons. Nikki Strickland, an Education Lead with Sephora, also

The guests left with a renewed hope and commitment to share the powerful knowledge

completed makeup demonstrations and applications during the

gained from the brunch with their family and friends. Profits from the premiere

event. The outpouring of love formed a connected circle of hands

jewelry sales are being donated to Breast Friends 4 Ever, a team that is part of the Liz

and hearts throughout each room. While the guests continued

Hurley Breast Cancer Fund at the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

eating, Nurse Ruth Smith from Huntsville Hospital began sharing

Thank you, Robin, for being a Golden Circle Women and hosting the

important information about breast cancer. She initially shared the

brunch that ignited a phenomenal love explosion that is having world impact!

following breast cancer statistics.

“Paint me Pink”

Over 3 Million Views. Over 17K Social Media Followers. Throw in hundreds of new customers supporting small businesses and eight small business ambushes. What do you get? A movement.

Photographed By Al Dixion WWW.SHYNEPHOTOS.COM

SMALL BUSINESS GLADIATOR | 18 These are amazing statistics for an amazing woman who at one time used her skills and resources to develop marketing strategies and lead product launches for corporate giants like Coke, UPS, and General Mills. Her focus then was to help these companies bring their products to market. Her focus today is helping small businesses stay in the market.

This woman has started a movement that has been like oxygen to small businesses in the Atlanta community


La Detra WHITE?

La Detra White is affectionately known as the Ambush Queen. She shows up unexpectantly to a small business, interviews

and a breath of hope to small

the owner, and surprises them with a blessing for their

businesses everywhere. In case you

business. The blessing might take the form of financial

wonder why this is such a big deal let’s

support, business services, equipment, or new customers for

look at the facts.

them in the parking lot. And, all of this excitement takes place

Every 60 seconds a small business opens its doors.

in front of an audience on Facebook Live where the audience is also given a chance to help out. One ambush received more than a million views and garnered lots of new support and customers for that business. (continue)

28 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales and provide 55% of U.S. jobs. 50% of American small businesses close their doors in their first five years. The reasons for this failure vary. Lack of exposure. Lack of support. Lack of resources. The attention brought by the phenom that is LaDetra White attracts all three to targeted businesses resulting in donations, sales, and services valued at more than $100,000. People from all across the country are reaching out to offer their support. Atlanta has been taken by storm and the rest of the country is paying attention.

Photographed By Al Dixion WWW.SHYNEPHOTOS.COM


Michelle and I acted like giggling school girls as we waited in the hallway and watched the door for La Detra White’s arrival. We planned to greet her as soon as she entered the building. Our awesome photographer Al Dixon from Shyne Studios ( went out to bring her in.

All of a sudden, the door creaked open, sunlight filled the room, and LaDetra White emerged. The Ambush Queen. Community servant leader. Movement initiator. Small business gladiator. She was finally here.

I wanted to capture the moment when she and Michelle connected for the first time. It was beautiful. LaDetra gave her a huge hug as she said hello. She hugged Michelle like she’d known her forever. They both started talking and laughing at once. And then, she hugged me. Michelle let out a

“Wooooooh.” I knew it was going to be a good day. The photo shoot went perfectly. LaDetra looked absolutely beautiful in a colorful dress while Michelle looked fabulous in her Women of More tee shirt. Both were walking in their purpose.

La Detra shared her heart and soul with us during the interview. She told of graduating from Howard and Harvard Universities. Of incredible success as an executive in corporate America. But corporate success couldn't prevent life’s pain and disappointments. Corporate success didn’t prevent the road blocks and curves life is known to throw. She persevered. She kept going. One foot in front of the other she pushed through. Today, she’s pushing for others.

Photographed By Al Dixion WWW.SHYNEPHOTOS.COM

Michelle Washington and I saw the videos showcasing the amazing work La Detra White was doing. We witnessed her changing the lives of unsuspecting small business owners in big ways. We were in awe of this woman who exemplified servant leadership. She was amazing. She was a woman of MORE, and we were determined to meet her.

Mrs. LaDetra White -Community Servant Leader, Movement Initiator, and Small Business Gladiator could be coming to a business near you so be ready! LaDetra White is a Woman of MORE.

We made contact and set up a meeting. We could hardly wait to meet this amazing woman. We’d arrange a photo shoot, have a sit-down interview, and take her out to eat. The date couldn’t come soon enough.

CONNECT WITH LA DETRA WHITE social media facebook La Detra White | Awesome Life Ministries IG: putting your money where your heart is youtube: La Detra White


The Forgotten, Mature Woman When a man reaches an age of maturity they are gifted with the title of Distinguished, an honorable title? When they are in May-December relationships they are cheered and patted on the back by society, praised for capturing a good-looking acquisition and is often observed as the "norm" for older men in mid-life crisis (that was a dagger being thrown, if you didn't recognize it, lol). But when mature women are engaged in May-



is it me or am I feeling subtle, yet oh so overt,

December relationships they are termed Cougars and society is eagerly awaiting and betting to see how long this will last. The term Cougar isn't complimentary. When I think of a cougar, I imagine an animal that is on the prowl for weak, vulnerable prey. This term is not something that I would aspire to or desire to be called or labeled.

the sting of age discrimination? I applaud and cheer the accomplishments of my younger

This is an opportunity for open dialogue. I cherish my

Queens, today (20's, 30's and early 40's). I

relations with my younger Queens. This Water Cooler

believe that technology has given our younger

Conversation has little to do with Us vs. Them. It is

Queens an advantage that has propelled them

more to the point of a forgotten, invisible treasure that is

into a solar atmosphere that could not have

struggling to be seen, heard, valued and respected. This

been imagined or fathomed 10 or 20 years ago.

is more to the point of the difficulties that we face to transition into this new Generation X culture without

Women in their late 40's, 50's and 60's are blatantly

losing our identity, uniqueness and the grace of our new-

dismissed, disregarded, disengaged and are a forgotten and

found coming into ourselves. I choose not to fit in, for I

invisible factor and commodity in this ever-evolving culture

am an eagle, that relish and cherish in soaring high

that we live in. Our value has been overlooked and

above the rest but when you clip my wings to box me in

discounted as non-essential. We are a very visual society

because you are unsure of my purpose, you lose the

and sex appeal has been overrated, overplayed and

opportunity for me to show you just how high you can

overused. My sex appeal has not dried up and withered

go and to show you the visuals from heights that you

away nor has my need to be wanted and desired a thing of

have never imagined or fathomed before.

the past. Some job opportunities are given to the younger Queens based on, to me, their age, looks and not necessarily their qualifications. Again, when competing with a younger counterpart factored with today's technology, I believe, the advantage is definitely tilted to the younger Queens. I believe the treasures we possess are invaluable to our

The beauty and magnificence of eagles are to see the effortlessness of their soar as they glide through the heavens and the majestic spread of their wings. I am a woman of age, grace, and dignity. I no longer need to roar to be heard, but I whisper to draw you into the temple of serenity, tranquility, beauty, and peace.

younger Queens, as well as, the world. To dismiss our presence is to deprive the world of essential nutrients needed to survive and to thrive vibrantly and brightly as a culture. The vivaciousness of a mature woman is priceless.

By Tracey Renissa Blogger and Creative Writer


Faux Leather There is something about the leather look that is so chic and sexy at the same time. You can create a sexy look with the modern zipper details for a night out on the town or a midi length with a turtleneck or a blouse and take this trend right to the office.

The Over the Knee Boot This is the trend that I wore last year and will definitely be rocking in fall and winter months. I love wearing these with shorter skirts because it allows me to wear the shorter length and gives me the modesty that makes me feel comfortable and they also look fabulous with the skinny jeans and a long sweater. Off The Shoulders

The off the shoulder trend is one that is flattering o

everybody body type is brings attention to the par

the body that women love the most the collar bon shoulder area. It creates a sexy look but keep it

classy at the same time. I can’t get enough of thi trend weather it’s in a top or a dress.




Makeup on Aisle 64 was created to be responsive to the needs of women north of 40.  Women whose skin care and makeup needs have changed but they aren’t quite sure what to do about it.   Women like myself.  I figured if I had questions, they had questions.  If I needed answers, they needed answers. Makeup on Aisle 64 is my way of finding and delivering those answers.   I realized I’d been wearing my makeup the same way for the last 20 years – a little blush, eye shadow, lipstick.  Today my challenges include dark circles under the eyes, fines lines, and where I used to have oily skin, I now deal with dryness.  I’ve got a few blemishes I’d like to cover up.  When I surfed the Internet looking for solutions, I didn’t find much that dealt with these particular needs for women of color.  My demographics were pretty much nonexistent.  I decided to fill that void.  I would be the voice for the woman north of 40 who still wanted to look and feel amazing.


Email: Facebook: Makeup for Black Women 40 and Over

Makeup junkie. Makeup diva.  Whatever.  I love makeup.  My family members are like, “Who is this person?” It’s the new me.  It’s the Denise Jordan who realized that makeup is just an accessory -like clothes, shoes, and handbags -- it’s an accessory to help us look and feel great.  And the nice thing about that is we pick and choose what accessories work for us.   Makeup on Aisle 64 is duo-faceted.  There’s the blog at for those people who prefer to get their information in print and there’s the YouTube channel at for those who prefer video.  Do me a favor.  Check out them both and let me know what you think. Makeup on Aisle 64.  Your beauty destination.|21|





An HR Consulting & Leadership Development Firm We provide strategic business solutions, daily virtual HR support, customized leadership boot camps, and company retreats. We conduct private executive coaching sessions, and host women's leadership conferences all across the country.



Women of MORE Magazine November Edition  

With this magazine, we have an opportunity to inspire and equip women in a unique way. To speak and connect to women in a way that is fittin...

Women of MORE Magazine November Edition  

With this magazine, we have an opportunity to inspire and equip women in a unique way. To speak and connect to women in a way that is fittin...