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If your spouse is your best friend it will mean an ultimate relationship, and you will have not have to look outside the relationship to discuss any matter to arrive at a fair solution.

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Culture & Art


raditionally, in Hispanic culture, a woman’s role is to care for home and family-usually an extended family. According to Cultural Diversity in Nursing, Hispanic women are protected, and revered with full authority in the home, while her husband remains the respected head of the household.

Women in HISPANIC CULTURE by Susan J. Wyne


The Facts

n Hispanic culture, family is the most important social unit, and family members are expected to extend aid and support to all other family members. Women fully participate in Hispanic culture, as ensuring family solidarity and well-being is her primary role.



n the United States, Hispanic culture has grown, especially in the states of Texas, California, Florida and New York. Hispanic women, while acculturating more slowly than Hispanic men, have now fully assimilated into American life, while holding their own in their families and culture. , 4 Woman’s Essence Magazine

Dating Latin Women B efore you rush off and chase that Latin women you have your eye on first read up on a few Latin dating tips. Latin dating is different because the women are different. The women are different because the environment and culture in which they live is different. So if you want to succeed at seducing a saucy Latino you need to understand their culture. If a Latin women feels understood you will have a much great chance of success.

So here are your latin dating tips


et to know her culture: Perhaps the most important Latin dating tip you can get is to understand and love her culture. Her culture whether it be music food or dance is very important to her. Where she is from and the language she speaks is an important part of her identity. Do not strip away her identity by trying to replace it with your beliefs and culture. Integrate the two together and understand where she is coming from. She might want you to start dance classes or cook her Latin dishes. Accept these new challenges as exiting new goals that will enrich your life. Take the initiative by learning some Spanish before you meet her. She should understand and speak English well but she will be exited that you put the effort in and learnt her language. A little goes a long way when it comes to showing an effort toward something that is important to a women.


atin women are very used to macho men trying to seduce them with nice bodies and smooth talking but these men are rarely honest about their intentions.


he best thing you can do is to be honest and upfront with your intentions. Expect that she will have her guard up at first because she is used to sleazy guys trying to game her. Be the opposite and actually voice what you intend to get out of the relationship.


hey are beautiful and outgoing so try not to be intimidated. Act natural and laid back around Latino women, they love to have fun and you should too.

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 5

Career Management

Work from home Ideas for Women

f you already have a stable job that you enjoy, look into the possibility of telecommuting. With the recent huge advances in technology, many office jobs can be done from remote locations, including your home office. This allows you to keep your current job while saving money on things like fuel for your car and, in some situations, childcare.



f you want to change your entire job focus, more work from home ideas for women can be found on the internet. While there are many get-rich-quick schemes and scams, there are just as many legitimate ways to earn money from home, if not more. You will need to spend a good deal of time sorting through what is real and what is, shall we say, of a questionable nature. So be sure to research what you find and make sure it fits your needs. There are many useful website which provide reviews of online offers. The easiest way to look at the types of jobs out there is by breaking down the opportunities into two categories: production and sales.


ales jobs are some of the most common work from home ideas for women. These are the jobs you most likely think of when you hear about working from home. They involve making a small financial investment with a company for a sample kit and then selling directly to customers. Some common types of sales companies include kitchen utensils, cosmetics, and accessories.


n contrast, production jobs are more subtle. These jobs involve the creation of a product, either through hand manufacturing or intellectual work. Many women gravitate to these types of jobs, as they provide a bit more structure with scheduling. Production jobs can be anything from freelancing graphic design to starting your own handmade clothing line.


o matter what sort of at-home position you’re interested in, there are risks involved. Moving from a traditional job position to working from home carries with it a large chunk of responsibility. In addition, many work from home jobs don’t have the same stability that comes with traditional outside the home work. Before you start taking the steps to work from home, be certain your finances can survive a few months of low sales or sparse contracts.

W , 6 Woman’s Essence Magazine

orking from home allows many women to be their own boss, make their own rules, and care for their families the way they dream. Don’t be afraid to make the change, there is a work from home career that is right for you.

Understanding More About

Child Psychology by Maxine Wagner


hild psychology is the study of the way a child’s mentality changes, emotional, and their perception. This type of psychology focuses only on the child and works to discover why childhood conditions such as ADD and ADHD occur. Anytime the brain is affected, child psychology can help you understand it more and can help you deal with the condition and home.


hild psychology is a field of study that can be very rewarding. If you have a knack for communicating with children in a variety of situations, such as when a child is abused or becomes abused, children who display certain amounts of anger that tends to be a problem, or if the child has a problem concentrating or learning in school, or if caregivers including teachers suspect that something may be wrong with a child, it may be important to for child psychology experts to examine them further. Those involved in a child’s care such as parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, babysitters, and day care providers will need to be included in anything that deals with helping that particular child.


hild psychology is a growing profession due to the increase in childhood conditions and diseases such as autism. Autism is a condition that affects one in every one hundredten children and it affects more boys than it does girls. Autism may not be detected until normal childhood development milestones are not reached when they are suppose to be. Psychology of children is very important in assisting parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone else involved in a children’s care to understand the conditions that a they may be going through.


here are different context of psychology studied in children. One is social. This involves any relationship that a child has with adults and peers and how each relationship affects the child’s learning ability, thinking process, and how the child develops.


he next context of psychology studied in children is culture. The culture will play an important role in where the child lives, the values set, customs shared with others, and the lifespan of that children. Culture is also important in how the baby or toddler is able to communicate with parents and receive an education.


s expected, psychology touches a wide range of topics that involve a child or deals with how a they thinks, acts, communicates, socializes, and more. During psychology courses, a student will learn the genetics of children, the prenatal development, social growth, development of perso-nalities, the language development, gender roles in today’s world, cognitive development stages, and sexual development as well.


t’s important to understand how children develop and why they do the things they do. Child psychology field can take you into the life of a child and help you understand these elements.

Once you understand how a small toddler or older children thinks, behaves, and grows, and you understand how they live, you will have a better understanding of the child. It helps to foster better communication as they grow up.

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 7

Special Feature - Life Motivation

The Pursuit of a Better Life by Steeve Simbert

Past In 1682, during the reign of Louis XIV of France, Madame Bourgette gave birth to five little children, five innocent souls whom the impostor doctor called ‘five little monsters’. It was for the first time in history that someone who was enduring so much misery had the audacity to be pregnant and carry five misfortunes in her stomach. Madame Bourgette, a beautiful young woman once, became transfigured by the hardships of life, became more like an eighty-two year old grandma while she was only in her thirties. Life was cruel. Life was even worse than the 1930’s Great Depression in this poor suburb of France. If the condition of living was so barbaric, how could someone as ill-fated as Madame Bourgette have dared to produce five of these little creatures? How had she dared to give birth to these five sensitive souls who would endure the dreadful state of living? The answer is that she didn’t want to. Three days before she got pregnant, she swore to death and to the gods of Athens that she would live a life of celibacy. She even had the audacity to climb to the top of a mountain to swear so she could feel closer to the gods. Her words as she swore were: “In the name of the gods of Athens and the gods of gods, I will devote my precious virginity and ne-ver share it with anyone until my last breath on planet earth.” Despite her tenacity in carrying out her vow to the gods, she managed to wander around the village as proud as a lioness behaving as a celibate. Unfortunately, in exactly three days, three hours, and three minutes, she was dishonored by three vagabonds that asked her for thirty-three cents or to kindly donate her virginity. She refused to donate the thirty-three cents. She said she didn’t have any. Oh heaven! How could someone as hopeless as Madame Bourgette possibly have thirty-three cents? Madame Bourgette herself had not eaten for seven days. Where on earth would she possibly have such a fortune to give to three gangsters that had just escaped the prison La Bastille? She calmly approached the three vagrants, and slapped each one of them on their cheeks like a perfectly well-measured punch. Fortunately or un, 8 Woman’s Essence Magazine

fortunately, each of the vagrants lost two teeth at once. Out of despair, the three escapees took Madame Bourgette’s celibacy. Oh sky of heaven! Madame Borgette gave one cacophonous yell that could be heard in the entire impoverished town while losing her heavenly virginity to these wicked animals.

Reflection This was Madame Bourgette’s earliest sad story. Many of us face some of the most pressing hardships in life. Sometimes we even question existence itself. Sometimes we cannot even understand our purpose for living. At other times, we beg God to take our lives. These same hardships have existed since the world was created. Many of us might even face a similar scenario as Madame Bourgette’s. Other people have it easier. At the same time, others face even worse predicament than Madame Bourgette’s. Despite any destitution we have faced in the past, this does not define who we are. We are greater than our minds could even determine. We have this extraordinary power inside of us. We simply have to harness the strength that exists in us, and transform any adversity into success. Many of you might wonder how someone like Madame Bourgette could manage to live. Madame Bourgette understood that at certain times in life, we need to consider the possibility of our own downfall. But that does not determine that this is us nor that this will be our future. We simply have to learn from our crisis, and become powerful enough to resist anything that we might face in life. We are bound to overcome any suffering. It is not about how many times we take the punches of life, but how many times we can take a blow, get back up, and keep moving forward. In this life, there will be moments in which we will be completely lost and in despair. But the reality is, will we be able to handle our present obstacles, and overcome them at a certain point?

Future Madame Bourgette understood that the past was not her concern. The only way she was able to overcome this outrageous obstacle was to live and wish for a life of only greatness. After this terrible event happened to her, she was determined that she now had a greater purpose in life. She was resolved that she would give her life to guarantee the well-being of her five little children. In life, many of us do not have a purpose; this is why we are so confused about life. Madame Bourgette took her five little children and decided to do whatever it took to give them a better life than she had had. She was living to the fullest every day because she understood it was only that way that she would be able to accomplish her dreams—to provide care for her children. In life, when we demonstrate incomparable bravery in times of crisis, good things will happen to us. The good Lord will take care of us. Madame Bourgette miraculously was accepted to the convent. The priest who was in charge decided to support Madame Bourgette in order to provide an education for her children. Madame Bourgette, someone who was deprived in her life, was now for the first time happy as she was watching her children grow. There is truly some mystery in life. Everything happens for a reason. These five little children who happened to come unexpectedly inside Madame Bourgette were now her reason for living. As she grew older, all of her children became very successful. In her late days, her children were the ones that took care of her. As they were all living in the spirit of brotherhood, they all moved to a new castle in which they were living with their mother, family, and grand-children.

Sometimes for those of us who are questioning our lives, we never know what the future may entail for us. My advice for you today is:

“Live your life to the fullest despite any hardships that you will face in life, and it will all be worth it one day.” Steeve’s blog: Fellow Clinton Global Initiative students blog:

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 9

Fashion Trends & Beauty

Color blocking With pink by Favor Olugu



his summer/spring’s hottest trend- color blocking though not a new trend is back with a big bang! Its official! The spring 2011 runways exploded with vibrant hues that were avant garde, playful, and impossible to ignore both for their brightness and their prominence across designers and retailers. We spotted a lot of playful vs. sporty designs on the catwalk, all with a very clean cut and a super intense color palette that we couldn’t be more thrilled, excited and eager to brighten our looks and wardrobes with these eye-popping candy coated colors. So say hello to the beautiful daffodil yellow, vermillion orange, hibiscus red, cobalt blue ,tangerine orange ,royal purple, lemon green and most especially, every girls favorite color- PINK

n the spirit of this month’s breast cancer awareness campaign to raise awareness of the importance of regular screenings – which include self-exams and the array of resources available to patients and their families, what better way can we think of to participate in the pink purpose breast cancer awareness initiative than to jump into this season’s trend train and color block with pink.


airing separate pieces - When colorblocking with separate pieces, it’s easier to pair a bright hue with a nude hue. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can try to pair two bold colors, but i suggest starting with a bright top and nude skirt.

olor blocking combines the use of two or more blocks of color in an ensemble. This could be for a top, bottom, dress and even a handbag or shoes. Simply it means – creating an outfit by putting areas or blocks of solid color . , 10 Woman’s Essence Magazine


heat - You’ll look like a fashion genius without putting any thought into it if you simply buy a color-blocked dress. Pick one that works for your skin tone and personal style- and make sure all the colors flatter.


... At Your Finger Tips Ladies we know how important it is to accessorize with our nail polish, this is a ‘must-do’ so to help us with this, I’m going to be making a list of our favorite ‘must-have’ hues that are in. This season statement shades from lustrous metallic in graphite and burnished bronze to smoky purples and steely blues and especially green nails which was once considered as wild and crazy but here you have it, these colors have elegance and sophisticated written all over them. Here is the easiest way to update your wardrobe with these ‘in’ hues, take a look.


ick it up a notch - Once you’ve got your neutral and bold hues covered, it’s time to add one more (yes, one more). Pair lemon green top with cobalt blue and a fuchsia pink bottom or offset turquoise blue pants with a pink camisole or tank top and a rich green jacket.


p the Ante - Once you’ve got your main hues represented in your outfit, take color-blocking to the next level by accessorizing with scarves, jewelry, shoes and bags. A bright yellow top looks great with pink chunky neck piece and a deep purple skirt pairs nicely with bright pink shoes.


pposites attract - It’s all about physics, ‘unlike charges attract’. Make sure you have only one neon color. While it’s totally okay to rock three bold colors, only one of them should be super bright. Try this formula: one bright + one bold + one neutral. They should include monotone, bright colors, muted colors, contrasting and complimentary colors.

Now that we’ve seen the wonders we can work with the color pink and that wearing pink doesn’t just give you a glow but it brightens up any complexion. It also helps a variety of non-profits that promote awareness, detection and care for women dealing with breast cancer. So, go on and have fun blocking colors. Do let me know how you plan to wear it.

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 11

Celebrity Style

Styling the

Kardashian way by Favor Olugu


im Kardashian is a diva with style. The reality television bombshell prides herself on being sexy and alluring and unlike most curvy women, Kim strives to enhance her assets and draw attention to them. The reality star’s style is appreciated by many. She has graced the cover of so many magazines, owns a clothing store with her sisters- Dashand has her own fra,

12 Woman’s Essence Magazine

grance among other things. Her look is city chic mixed with a feminine seductive glamour and elegance. Usually her look is full of flashy jewels, exotic prints, perfectly done make-up and of course her ever gorgeous mane, whether it’s falling to her back or tied in a sexy up-do. For special occasions and

awards, Kim always opts for tight fitting gowns that plunge below her bust and most times goes for darker colored dresses (Black or Red) with embellished bust and hemlines that are either full or not. She looks professional in simple black and white but while out on the town, Kim can look quite risque, playful and fun. When dealing with business though, she cleans up well with tailorfitted white tops and black slacks from designers she loves. In these outfits, she tries to keep her cleavage to a minimum.

eventually developed a rift between classic Chanel lovers and new-generation Chanel fans, she has also gained a notoriety because she buys her shoes on eBay. Here the newlywed star is spotted alongside with her husband for a date night out, both looking stunning as they both complement each other a great deal. Even though keeping up with kim kardashian can be hard,this diva always puts her best face forward and inspires us all with her great sense of style.

Kim K , carries innovative hand bags by Chanel and other of her favorite designers, particularly known for her Chanel ice cube bag which caused a stir in the designer handbag community and

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 13

, 14 Woman’s Essence Magazine


3 Easy but helpful tips To Maintain your beloved silver jewelry


hen we talk about jewelry, every girl will have her own beloved jewelry. Some girls may prefer the luxurious diamond jewelry while others may like the simple but comely silver jewelry very much. For those silver jewelry lovers, besides to enjoy the beauty brought by these elegant ornaments, there is one more thing they will worry about- the maintenance job. If you are one of these lovers and have no knowledge about the maintenance, the following article will provide some easy but helpful tips to you. by Zhang Yan

How to keep its “new” all the time?

Some notes about silver maintenance.

When you have some silver jewelry, you will find that it will look dim after you wear it for a period of time. You may wonder how we can keep its “new” all the time. Here one little tip can help us. After you bought some silver jewelry, you can smear a thin layer of transparent nail polish on its surface which can isolate the jewelry from the air and prevent the discoloration. In this way, your beloved jewelry can shinny all the time. For better effect, you should repeat this step every 10 days. If you want to remove the nail polish, soak the jewelry in the banana water and rinse it with clean water.

During the daily wearing, there are some notes you should pay attention to. Do not wear silver jewelry together with other metal jewelry to avoid the deformation or scratches caused by collision. Take off your silver jewelry and keep it dry when you want to have swim. Clean the jewelry with cotton swab or tissue paper to remove water and dirt on the surface timely after each time of wearing. When you do not wear it, put it in the sealed bag to avoid contact with air.

If my silver jewelry has turned lackluster, what should I do? People who have rel=nofollow []silver jewelry may have this experience: after a period of time without wearing, one day you take it out from your jewelry box and find that it becomes black and lost luster. In this case, you need to clean and polish it. If the situation is not so serious, you can do the cleaning job by yourself at home. Toothpaste is one of the simple and available tools in everyone’s home. You can scrub the jewelry with the toothpaste and rinse it with clean water. Or you can prepare one piece of silver cleaning cloth at home. Such cloth can polish the silver easily but it can be used to clean the smooth silver with certain hardness. To clean the soft necklace or hollow carved silver jewelry, you can use the silver cleaning liquid.

Although the silver jewelry is not as precious as the diamond or gold or gemstone jewelry, but every piece of jewelry in our hands has its own special meaning for us. For more tips or advice on jewelry maintenance, you can have look at review , Woman’s Essence Magazine 15

, 16 Woman’s Essence Magazine

Special Pink Edition Breast Cancer Awarnes

“I’m a singer who touches millions of people and my words and my knowledge of what I’m learning from cancer can help millions. And if I can help millions, even if I help one person, that’s one person more than none ”

Anastacia Surviving Breast Cancer By Ojay Milah , Woman’s Essence Magazine 17

Who says women are the weaker sex? The

world is full of stories of women who have fought and survived breast cancer. Since October is the month for breast cancer awareness the world over, we at WOMAN’S ESSENCE Magazine decided to give you our beloved reader, a wonderful peep into three of the world’s famous breast cancer survivor stories


All the women we chose to write about all had

successful careers at the time of their diagnoses. The news of having breast cancer hit them like a thunderbolt. People at first feared they won’t recover from it; in some cases, even they thought it would be the end for them. But fought they did, and victory they got.


orn Anastacia Newkirk, this is one famous lady who’s been suffering from one illness to the other. You can join others who call her the Survivor Chick and you won’t be wrong. Right from when she was little, she’s been known to fight. And all through, winning is what has always been the outcome. Born in Chicago, Illinois, the family would later move to New York City when she was a teenager.


espite her ongoing health problems Anastacia pursued her ambitions and first gained prominence on BET’s Comic View, singing Oleta Adams’ “Get Here” in 1992. During the early 1990s, she appeared regularly on Club MTV and in videos for the hip hop group Salt-n-Pepa.


n 1999, she attracted the interest of record labels after making the finals of the MTV talent show The Cut. Anasn New York, she enrolled at the Professional Children’s tacia signed a contract with Daylight Records, a custom School in Manhattan. Anastacia soon was diagnosed with label of Sony BMG’s Epic Records in March 1999. And then Crohn’s disease when she was thirteen. The incurable bowel in January 2003, as if past illness was not enough, Anastacia disease led to an operation where surgeons cut directly suffered breast cancer. She had decided to have her breasts through her stomach muscles removing a foot of the singer’s reduced because of back strain. From a routine mammointestines, causing Anastacia to be wheelchair bound and gram for the surgery she discovered she had breast cancer. needing to learn how to walk again. Despite her illness she On hearing the news, Gary Farrow, UK vice president of her record label Sony, said “Anyone who knows Anastacia soon became interested in dance. However she was frequently critiqued for being ‘too large to make it in the music knows she’s a fighter.” business’. n her doctor’s advice, Anastacia decided upon surnastacia subsequently dieted, triggering a Crohn’s regery. Having no idea of the outcome, Anastacia lapse that caused her intestines to collapse which redecided to document her journey — hoping it would help sulted in hospitalization tube feeding and steroid treatments other young women. She let 20/20 cameras follow her which caused hair loss, weight gain and swelling of the face. virtually every step of the way, candidly answering ques-



, 18 Woman’s Essence Magazine



tions and talking about her feelings. “I’ve never been this afraid. It’s just — I’m helpless! At the end of the day no matter what happens, if I do have to take off my breast, if I do have to go through chemo, if I do have to do all the things that go along with this word cancer, I’m gonna be okay. Because, I’m not gonna die. And if I do, I’ll die trying,” she said.


ne month after her diagnosis, Anastacia underwent seven hours of surgery. For Anastacia’s mother and sister, the hours during the surgery would crawl by as they waited to see if and where the cancer had spread.


fter a successful completed surgery and radiotherapy, Anastacia subsequently established the Anastacia Fund to promote awareness of breast cancer among younger women. Anastacia said she never felt bitter about her diagnosis, instead feels she was “chosen” to face breast cancer, because she’s in a position that allows her to help others. “I’m a singer who touches millions of people and my words and my knowledge of what I’m learning from cancer can help millions. And if I can help millions, even if I help one person, that’s one person more than none,” she said.


would say to anyone suffering from cancer, inally, it was over. Doctors had removed part of Anaskeep on pushing because it’s not something to tacia’s left breast and two lymph nodes, doing reconbe ashamed about. The sooner you catch this disease structive surgery at the same time. Anastacia went home you’re smiling like me. And I saved my life, my docto wait. The removal of two lymph nodes indicated that tor saved my life.” Right now, life for Anastacia, the the cancer might have spread throughout her system, but it multiple platinum diva who’s performed with would be days before she would know for sure. Anastacia Elton John, Celine Dion and Paul McCartney, is was in pain and sick from the intense medication. Four days best described through a line in one of her songs. after, she was told that the cancer had not spread. A few “You can say what you want about me… try to do weeks after the report, she was hitting stages, performing to what you want to me, but you cannot stop me.” her fans. Not even breast cancer could.


, Woman’s Essence Magazine 19

Jill Eikenberry

surviving cancer and marriage


igh profiled Hollywood star-couple, Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker has been married for a long time now. Theirs is a true love story, perfectly fitting the saying that a couple who plays together stays together. Broaching on an over four-decade union, the couple has enjoyed a highly productive personal as well as professional pairing. Balancing strong solo careers as well, they have appeared together in all three mediums at one time or another.


ollowing a 1985 off-Broadway Obie Award win for her work in both “Lemon Sky” and “Life Under Water,” Jill and husband Michael were cast in the acclaimed TV law series “L.A. Law” (1986), produced by Steven Bochco. For a marriage

that had been like a Hollywood scripted honeymoon, shock was soon to hit the two lovers. Just before the beginning of the run of the law series, Jill was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer eventually went into remi-ssion but, as a result of her ordeal, she became committed to her new cause and co-produced a 1989 documentary for NBC called “Destined to Live” which featured interviews with other cancer survivors, including former actress Nancy Davis, also known as Nancy Reagen.


eflecting later about having breast cancer Jill was quoted to have said, “I’ve had breast cancer twice. I wasn’t sure the first time I got it if I would ever get older.” To this day Jill remains an ardent activist for breast cancer research and early detection. Her efforts have been recognized with awards and commendations and both she and Michael have been official spokespersons for the Susan G. Komen Found ation. She has since been inducted into the Cancer Survivors Hall of Fame.

Christina Applegate O

n August 3, 2008, the Emmy Award winning actress, Christina Applegate, best known for playing Kelly Bundy on the FOX sitcom Married…with Children, was reported by People magazine to have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This was confirmed by her representative who said in a statement, “Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection through a doctor-ordered MRI, the cancer is not life-threatening. Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery. No further statement will be issued at this time.”


iagnosed with breast cancer in July 2008, Applegate chose to have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. She was very open about her diagnosis, having seen her mother survive breast and cervical cancer, as well as testing positive for the the BRCA1 gene mutation. The actress had a lumpectomy on each breast, and when her diagnosis was clear, she opted for prophylactic mastectomies to prevent a recurrence. Few weeks later, on August 19, 2008, it was announced that Applegate was cancer free after a double mastectomy, even though cancer was found in only one breast. She has an inherited genetic fault, a BRCA1 mutation, which often triggers breast cancer. Her mother, Nancy Priddy, is a breast cancer survivor. Applegate said when she first was diagnosed, “I was just shaking and then also immediately, I had to go into ‘take-care-of-business-mode’ which included a change to a more healthy diet.”


hristina took part in the television special “Stand Up to Cancer,” and would later launch her own cancer charity for women who can’t afford proper preventative care, “Right Action for Women.” Christina Applegate’s cancer charity is helping provide funds for low-income women who are at high risk for breast cancer.


fter being diagnoised with breast cancer in 2008, two years after in 2010, she was said to be pregnant, joining the ranks of celebrity mothers-to-be. The actress known for her TV show “Samantha Who?” is engaged to Martyn Lenoble, a bassist rock musician and founding member of the band Porno for Pyros. Good news for Applegate, it is said that a pregnancy after breast cancer treatment does not increase the risk of a recurrence. , 20 Woman’s Essence Magazine


Cancer Awareness Events All Over the World

ll over the world, to mark October as Cancer month, and to create awareness about the disease and possible preventive measures and cure, there is a tradition of events billed to take place. Common among the activities is the Race for the Cure. First held in October 1983, in Dallas, Texas, where 800 people participated, the race has been duplicated all around the world, including Nigeria. According to the organizers, by 2002 the number of participants reached 1.3 million and the event was held in over 100 US cities, and in several other parts of the World. In Australia and New Zealand, it is known as Dove Pink Star walk; the Germans have their Komen Frankfurt Race for the Cure; Netherlands refer to theirs as the Walk for Women. In Italy, they have Komen Italia Race for the Cure; Canada’s Run for the Cure, and United Kingdom, Race for my wife and Race for life. While in Bulgaria it is simply known as Breast Cancer Walk, Hungarians call theirs Avon One-Day Walk for Life and Puerto Rico say its Komen Puerto Rico Race for the Cure. Aside the race, there are several awareness programmes like conferences to discuss and share information relating to the disease. Some countries also engage in what could be termed the Ride to Empower. The Ride to Empower started in 2008 and raises money for Breast Cancer Network of Strength’s programs. The Ride to Empower is a destination bike ride, with fully supported route lengths ranging from a 100 miles to less than 32 miles. The location for the Ride to Empower changes yearly. With the colour pink as the official colour for cancer awareness, during the month of October, several events known as Pink Days are also held around the world. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October, people raise money by organizing activities such as theme parties or a “pink day” (when employees wear pink clothing or accessories) at work. The money raised is donated to the organizers’ choice of breast cancer care or research programs. Also during the month of October, the National Football League promotes breast cancer awareness by incorporating pink on its websites, graphics, and advertisements. Players also show support by wearing pink gloves, cleats, captains patches, and other apparel during games. In Nigeria, a foremost cancer foundation, Pink Pearl Foundation, has lined up events for the entire month of October. Events have been grouped into four categories, namely Pink Kitchen which is an open restaurant to be flanked by celebrity servers including the governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan. Celebrities include Sammie Okposo, Mabel Makun, Mo’Cheddah, I Go Save, amongst others who will be actively involved for the duration of the event. The second programme is called Ball Out which according to the organizers, is a novelty football match between two women team to create awareness, impact knowledge and provide screening for our women. The women team is to comprise of top government officers wives in both Delta and Edo State, Nigeria. Another event is the Pink Ride which holds from the 18th to 22nd of October, in collaboration with Lifestyle Cycling Club, Port Harcourt, and would cut across Edo State to Delta state. The cyclists, numbering over 100 will be riding through Benin-Warri-Abra-

ka-Asaba, and would be viewed by over 500,000 spectators over the entire journey through several cities, towns and villages. A further one million people is expected to be reached through post coverage of the event through television, radio and newsprint. The last event lined up is the Camp Diva. Another foundation known as the Burlesque Princess would be teaming up with the Pink Pearl Foundation to host Camp Diva, a course which will be offered to female cancer survivors and their friends and family. The class will incorporate dance and empowerment exercises. For what can be referred to as Global Illumination, in several parts of the world, world-famous landmarks are illuminated in pink light to draw attention to the importance of mammography screening for early diagnosis of breast cancer as well as research for finding ways to cure and prevent breast cancer. Some of these landmarks, as listed below are The Harbour Bridge The Hangzhou Department Store Niagara Falls The Eden Project The Majestic Hotel The French Affiliate Building The Angel of Peace City Hall Azrieli Towers Constantine’s Arch The Arena Tokyo Tower Freedom Tower at Miami Dade College W Atlanta – Buckhead Hotel W Atlanta – Midtown Hotel W Atlanta – Downtown Hotel W Atlanta – Perimeter Hotel City Hall Square The Dam Square The Skytower

Sydney Hangzhou

Australia China

Ontario Cornwall Cannes Paris

Canada England France France

Munich Reykjavik Tel Aviv Rome Verona Tokyo Miami, FL

Germany Iceland Israel Italy Italy Japan USA

Atlanta, GA USA Atlanta, GA USA Atlanta, GA USA Atlanta, GA USA Seoul Amsterdam Auckland

Korea The Netherlands New Zealand

This month of October is definitely packed to the brim with interesting activities all over the world for victims of cancer. Wherever you may be, we at WOMAN’S ESSENCE Magazine urge you to join in the fight against cancer. You mustn’t be the biggest donor of funds but there are several little activities you can involve in, like dressed in pink any day in October or all through the month, if you know how to work the magic with just one color. You can also pass on this article, inviting your family and friends to read WOMAN’S ESSENCE Magazine and be better informed on issues that affect women.

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 21

Health & Fitness

Have nutritious & delicious foods on your list to improve your memory by Jamie Starr


s one gets older, human development deteriorates and one of the aspects that are mostly affected is the memory. People tend to be forgetful due to the reality that the cells decline when one becomes aged. Disease is also inevitable when one gets older thus mental health is also affected consequently resulting to poor memory. Research results revealed that foods containing antioxidants could be of great help in internal cleaning, stimulating brain activity, improving the immune system and helping in oxygen circulation. Moreover, experts say that foods rich in Vitamin C, B12 and B6 help improve your memory. Various foods contain the said vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they are easily available in the supermarket or at your own backyard. Take three servings of fish such as salmon and sardines every week. They , 22 Woman’s Essence Magazine

are rich in Omega 3 that prevents the brain cells inflammation. Include spinach on your list because it is rich in folic acid that prevents mental illnesses brought about by aging. Take at least a half cup of it daily to prevent you from having an Alzheimer’s disease. Antioxidants are present in green leafy vegetables, preferably the dark ones. Experts say the darker the leaves are, the more nutritious they are. Never overcook the vegetables because antioxidant property and nutrients tend to diminish when done well.

Blueberries pose great memory boosting powers because of its anthocyanin- a phytochemical that promotes healthy body. Fisetin, a yellow substance needed by the body is present in strawberries, cherries and blueberries. Coffee lovers will be happy to know that opposing to what people say coffee is a good beverage because it has antioxidants and stimulates brain activity. When eating apples, just wash it with clean water and eat as it is, do not take off its peelings. Quercetin, which prevents memory loss, is concentrated on its peelings than the flesh itself. Red onions have higher amount of phytochemicals than yellow and white onions. Nasunin, an antioxidant that guards brain cells, is present in eggplant. Aside from being an herb, rosemary is an excellent memory stimulant and has the capability to defend the brains from neurodegenerative disorders. Take moderate amount of grapes; otherwise eating too much of it will overturn its beneficial effects. Minimize your intake of processed meat products. Instead take plenty of fish, fruits and vegetables. Train yourself to include nutritious food in your everyday menu by creating a meal that is healthy and helpful to your memory too. You can also teach the kids as early as now to enjoy eating fish, fruits and vegetables to prevent their bodies from diseases and avoid having memory problems at their young age. Improve your memory by recreating a list of healthy nutritious and delicious foodstuff. Check your list if you have the foods cited above and if none, include them the next time you go to the supermarket. You can start now, choose from a variety of foods needed by the body and it will surely lighten your burden of memory loss.





SAUCE * 6 tablespoons (34 stick) butter * 14-13 cup hot pepper sauce * 1 ½ tablespoons cider vinegar * 1 0.6 ounce envelope dry Italian salad dressing mix * 1 pound chicken tenders, rinsed and patted dry * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil * Wooden skewers (soaked in water for 30 minutes to avoid burning) * Purchased blue cheese dressing


In a heavy saucepan, combine butter, hot sauce, cider vinegar and dressing mix. Stir over low heat until smooth. Taste and add more hot sauce if desired. Preheat grill. Place chicken tenders in a large bowl; drizzle with vegetable oil. Toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper. Thread each chicken tender onto a wooden skewer.


Pizza Burgers

Ingredients * 1 pound ground BEEF, TURKEY, CHICKEN, OR PORK * 12 cup chopped BEEF, TURKEY, OR PORK pepperoni (about 2 ounces) * 12 cup Italian-style dry bread crumbs * 12 cup prepared pizza sauce * 12 teaspoon dried oregon leaves * 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded Mozzarella cheese * 6 sandwich buns

Grill on an oiled rack until cooked through and golden brown, about 8 to 10 minutes. Brush generously with Buffalo Sauce in the last minutes of cooking. Serve with blue cheese dressing for dipping. Serves - 4 Beers and Coolers on deck. Here’s to another W!


Recipes by Food Uncomplicated

Method In a medium bowl, stir together ground meat, pepperoni, bread

crumbs, pizza sauce and oregano. Shape mixture into 6 patties. Grill or broil burgers for 5 minutes per side or until no longer pink inside. Place burgers on buns; top each patty with cheese. Serves - 6


, Woman’s Essence Magazine 23

Home & Garden Decor



ed is thought of as the color of passion, of vitality, love, and even, danger. Unarguably, it is the most noticeable and vibrant of colors and is not limited to where it can be incorporated. Whether it be fashion or interior decor, red is a favorite everywhere and here, we can see how it can be incorporated effectively in modern and new ways, into sleeping quarters. And if you tend to agree with red being the color of passion and love, then you will find it quite appropriate for your bedroom. Design by Zaib. This ultra modern red bedroom, is accessorized with light panels, unique red vases, and hanging vertical lights. The intensity of the red and brown colors are relieved by the cream colored pillows and floors.

Design by Zaib

Design by Bonaldo

The design is by Italian company Bonaldo, which likes to combine true Italian style with modern, contemporary trends. Design by Hulsta. We admire the soft wood that permeates most of this red bedroom. The red here, only appears in a few pops, in the carpet and pillows and blanket.

Design by Zig


, 24 Woman’s Essence Magazine

Design By ZigShot82. This red bedroom has a touch of Asian style with graphic prints on the bed and dresser, and simple, clean lines. The quirky red and white bedroom, incorporates heart cut out designs throughout. We think it’s perfect for a young girl’s bedroom.

Design by Hulsta


Design by ZigShot82

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 25

Travel & Destinations

World’s Prettiest Botanic Gardens


f you love nature and like traveling, the world’s top gardens can be a feast to the senses. You can literally forget cities with hustle-bustle, traffic, noise and pollution when spending time there. Each garden is outstanding and special in its own way. It establishes a connect of mankind with the nature with a sense of serenity. by Neil Karen


hâteau de Versailles was itself a monument to Louis XIV’s absolute rule. The 250-acre landscapes are riddled with paths which lead to flower beds, ornamental lakes, and quiet corners decorated with classical statuary.


ituated in southeast China, the Master-of-Nets Garden was designed during the Song dynasty. The arrangements of halls, music rooms, pavilions, and waterside perches is an exercise in natural harmony , 26 Woman’s Essence Magazine



oyal botanic gardens in London sp over a hundred types of plants

tourhead’s foliage as seen from a high hill vantage point

Travel & Destinations


illa d’Este was listed as one of Italy’s 31 major historical sites

pread more than 300 acres. There are



ituated in La Canada Flintridge, California, Descanso Gardens is home to more than 100,000 plants. It is known as one of the largest collections of camellias in the world


stablished in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Garden is known as one of the prettiest botanic gardens in the world. Covering 52 hectares, the garden is bordered by Holland Road and Napier Road to the south. It has a small tropical rainforest of nearly six hectares in size.

tourhead is a grand example of genteel fascination with the past. It is now home to many trees and shrubs from all over the world , Woman’s Essence Magazine 27

Women’s Issues

A Healthy Daily Routine Keeps You Stress Free


hat happens when you chalk out your every day plot? It becomes very simple for you to follow which is why you tend to lead a stress free life ahead. Practically speaking, following a healthy routine makes life better in terms of sorting out your office work at the right time or even spending a good amount of hours with your family and loved ones is concerned. by Eliza

If you are a working woman and house wife as well, then first thing you must do is plan your daily routine in such a way that you are able to concentrate on your work and home both at the same time, efficiently. Make sure that the plan is pragmatically feasible and also within the limits of your physical limits or stamina. Do not make a plan that sounds too good to be true. A plan that allows you to have a good workout plan is simply the best. Make sure that it concentrates on how you should spend time jogging or running all evening so that you have a health oriented program lined up for you to follow. This could be great as far as combating official stress is concerned or even to help you maintain your health requirements on a daily basis. Official life is busy but important so have it scheduled just like you want it to be so that you hardly bring back any office work resulting in a better family life ahead. Be sure of making such a plan that it helps you work as much as you can while at work and not when you get back home. Family life counts the maximum so have it sketched in such a manner that you are able to give your friends and family the most. Do not compromise on this aspect as your entire life revolves around your family, so be sure of making them happy all the time. That should be your priority. , 28 Woman’s Essence Magazine

Weekends, picnics and vacations should definitely feature in your list. Make sure that you have at least one vacation in a year so that your family likes the way you pamper them and not otherwise. Once again, make sure that this aspect is well looked after as there couldn’t be anything worst than ignoring the weekends, vacations or even picnics and yet expect your schedule to be the best. Have such a healthy routine chalked out which will not only help you have a better family life but also a good friend circle in the bargain. After all life has to be more organized and tailor made someday!


Find true Love -

How to know for sure that he’s THE ONE by Janice S Evans

Are you in love with The One? Do you know what real love is? Or are you putting up with someone you’re not really in love with? Love is intriguing. Oftentimes, girls who are approaching the age of 30 or are over 30 become desperate to find someone to have as a partner for forever. Many women would settle for Mr. OK if he’s the only option on the horizon. Many women feel that they will never find true love again. If you’re in a relationship with someone currently, how do you know if it’s for real or it’s just second-best? Here are some key factors to assist you in working out if you are truly in love or you are just settling for something less than perfect.

1.You are truly in love if you would be devastated if he broke up with you.

3.You are in love with him if you feel terrible if he loses his job.

You would be inconsolable and would miss him desperately. You cannot even think about the possibility of the two of you splitting up. You truly are in love with him. If you don’t feel bad when the two of you break up, then you are a settler. Further, the moment after you broke up, you are off to the mall for a new dress to wear to a club that night. You do not feel guilty at all if you flirt with a new guy straight after you just broke up.

To be in a relationship means to share a life. If you are truly in love, you will be deeply affected if your man is feeling down or sad. If he got laid off at work, then you would feel terrible as well. You would want to do something to help him out. If that’s the case, then your love is true. If you didn’t really love him, you’d be angry when he lost his job.

2.You are settling if you are in a relationship because it is convenient. A relationship is “convenient” if you are in it just because it is easy for you and suitable. You are in the relationship because you are being selfish. It would be inconvenient for you to not be in a relationship. If you broke up your relationship, there would be lots of changes that would have to be made, like moving house and changing friends. You can’t be bothered to that. You may as well stay in the easy relationship even if is not real love.

4.You are a settling if you go along with other people’s opinions. You do not really love your man but other people do. You are in the relationship because the people around you think he is a good catch. He has a good career, a nice vehicle and his own house. He is a success in the eyes of his friends and his workmates. You know that he is a good catch but you just don’t feel a true connection to him. That is not true love. You are just trying to live up to other people’s idea of a good relationship. You are worrying too much about other people’s opinions.

Importance Of Friendship In Marriage It is difficult to find good friends but once found they are with you for long. Similarly it is difficult to find a good match, once found he or she is to be with you through thick and thin of your life. Life will be enjoyable if in marriage you can count your spouse as your best friend. If your wife is your best friend, life will be full of love, happiness and you will have a great contentment. A friend is one with whom you can share each and every event of life. It is easy to discuss even the most secret event or happening of your life or of your family with your close friend. If your spouse is your best friend it will mean an ultimate relationship, and you will have not have to look outside the relationship to discuss any matter to arrive at a fair solution.

ssures when together, enjoying a game or food or a drink, are indications of friendship in marriage. Listen to the advice of the other with an open mind and don’t be critical of what the other says. Often friends tend to disagree on matters and discuss them at length to come to a conclusion and successfully so. Similarly discussion between the couples is a friendly gesture.

From above it will be apparent that foundation of successful marriage is friendship, which enhances trust and happiness. Research has revealed that happy couples are those who have constant dialogue, may be verbal or through any To be close to the other be open, never try to deceive, be form of communication or body language. This helps assure ready to help even in adverse circumstances, let the other that you love the other despite there being some problems. develop trust in you and understand that you will be available in need. To properly arrive at such a conclusion try to Letting the other have his or her time without questioning put yourself in the other person shoes, and remember that is an indication of friendship in marriage. Having no preto find a friend in your wife you have to be friend first. , Woman’s Essence Magazine 29


Permision to Dream

by Jemima Owen


destination wedding seems to be somewhat of a faraway dream; for some of us anyway. But it’s actually something that should be considered during the planning of where to get married. If you’ve always wanted a traditional church wedding or a cosy garden wedding at the back of your parents’ house then you will already have the ideas in your head. But what about those of you who are lacking inspiration? What if you don’t have many ideas and are dazed at all the options you’ve been given locally? This is where a destination wedding can come into play. So here is another option to stir up some more thoughts.


destination wedding can be anywhere out of your home town that can span over a long weekend, and possibly include your honeymoon celebrations as well. It can be exciting to jet off somewhere after your wedding reception, but to stay where you got married for a couple of weeks can also be romantic; there’s no travel stress, long layovers or an additional honeymoon expense. You choose one destination that ticks all your boxes and stay there for the ‘I Do’s’, the photo’s, the dancing and the honeymoon. It’s a choice that allows room for you and your close family and friends to relax a little bit the days before the wedding. Having a destination wedding will lay a symbolic mark on that place for the , 30 Woman’s Essence Magazine

long years that you and your partner are married for and can make it wonderful to visit for your anniversaries.


etting married this way has its benefits, but it also raises the dubious issue of guests; not everyone will be able to afford the cost of travelling to your dream destination. The important thing to remember, amongst the whirlwind of wedding politics is that it is your special day. There are ways to get around this; after your destination wedding in the Italian Alps or the Caribbean, round up another event in your home town where all of your friends and family can make it and have a blessing. This doesn’t mean you have to spend money on

another extravagant wedding; your guests should understand if you have to cut out a sit down meal. Find a cheap venue, ask for help to decorate it, wear your already bought dress and ask your guests to bring a dessert and a drink – have a party involving features from your wedding but make it more casual. Make it your own and have fun... why not even dance down the aisle with your husband?


t’s your day, and your memories that will last for a lifetime, so before making hasty decisions, look at all your potential options.


Those pretty little things

by Jemima Owen

In so many articles, we read ‘how to plan on a budget’ and that is exactly what we want to be hearing. We don’t want to read an article giving us tips on how to plan a wedding with an overflowing bank account, do we? An extravagant wedding isn’t on the cards for all of us, but at the same time I don’t think we allow ourselves to believe that there is room for those small but pricy things we’d love to have on our wedding day. There can sometimes be a middle ground.


fter budgeting for all the main areas you can’t be without, such as, venues, rings and stationary, allow the time to review it. Discuss with your partner the special things that you long for to be in your wedding. Maybe you have always dreamed of a cupcake tower for your cake or personalised candles surrounding the top table in the evening. Special touches like these can be judged as a waste of money if you are on a budget, but if it means a lot to you, it isn’t a waste, because it’s your special day, not your guests. Don’t let someone’s judgement ruin the unique things you would rather spend money on.


n the financial side of things, as you have reviewed your budget you will notice places where you are able to move certain digits around to accommodate for particular things. Maybe the stationary could be less formal and you could have fun with it by sending out photographs of yourselves with the important details on the back. It’s personal and cheap and gives you leeway to put that spare money towards a chocolate fountain. Who would dare judge you for that? It’s chocolate, come on.


few lavish things at a wedding can really make it special. It can say a lot about what sort of couple you are; a chocolate fountain is fun and small, intricate favours can show you are thoughtful. Details like these make photographs extra wonderful, they put smiles on your guest’s faces and they make the bride and groom happy. Reviewing your budget is worth it; go on, make your small dreams a reality.

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 31


How to save

mariage after husband’s affair by Janice S Evans


arriage is a solemn happening in the life of two strangers, who decide to unite for the remaining part of their lives, and take care of the other through thick and thin. They also vow to fulfil all needs of the other and be faithful till end of life. In a successful marriage, despite some small differences here and there, both the partners lead a happy life by adopting the principle of reconciliation. Despite the will to forget and forgive the other over small issues, cheating by the husband is one thing which is most difficult for the wife to forget and forgive. Study has revealed that about half of men in USA have extra marital affair, consequently about half of the married women have to face this reality, in some cases they themselves are involved in such an affair. The desire in men to have extramarital sex can be attributed to a number of reasons like domestic situation or chance sexual encounter which continued. Mere fact that men have more sex desire as compared to the women cannot be an excuse to cheat. As per study, infidelity of wife is said to be a reason cited for extramarital affair, though without justification.

, 32 Woman’s Essence Magazine

Once known, it is difficult for the wife to forget this and lead a normal married life. Though infidelity by any one will most probably end in dissolved or strained marriage, still combined efforts of both can help save marriage. This can be achieved by open hearted discussion between the partners, with a will to forget and forgive, but both should have desire to continue in marriage. Whatever is the reason or the problem, in marriage cheating is no answer. For reconciliation to begin, husband should accept the wrong doing and should take the responsibility to assure the wife that he will not indulge in such an act again. Similarly a man who blames

his wife for infidelity and makes it an excuse for his wrong will never be in a position to save his married life. Coming out with the truth and accepting the guilt will help, wrongly denying the affair will lead to more disputes and misunderstanding. Instead of showing remorse at what has ha-ppened trying to cover it up with expensive gifts and dates will never help. Another way to save the marriage can be through marriage counselling. Going to an expert and discussing the problem with an open mind can help arrive at settlement and restart of married life. If any party is not willing to go to a counsellor it means that he or she is not willing to continue.


The Single Moms Weekend trip guide

by Tiffany Jasper

It’s Saturday morning, you’ve just gotten the kids ready, fed and heading out the door. Once in the car, it begins; the oldest fussing about her having to be with the family on errand day instead of with friends, the middle one is teasing the oldest because she has to go with them and the toddler has learned how to unbuckle the seat belt to his car seat and jump to the floor for a fruit snack he dropped yesterday. All while you’re driving. Whew! You have already called this a day of headaches before reaching your first destination!

(try to stay away from s-u-g-a-r…that may increase that “busy” activity). The snacks will hold them over until the next meal. 4). When in public, be confident with the fact that children will be active, talkative and want to express themselves. Be firm but understanding with all behaviors. (Don’t worry too much about others noticing your kids being kids. Who cares what they think anyway, right?)

5) Lastly, if you have older children, give them a bit of responsibility or even a reward (not a bribe) to sort of keep their Single Mom, know that you are not alone when it comes to this younger siblings occupied while on the errands. They may give weekend routine. This is happening all over and most of us are han- your older child(ren) a sense of responsibility, hey and a little dling it the same, stressfully. It is time to change that! Know that cash for their piggy bank wouldn’t hurt either. kids will be kids and we have to allow them the time and space to be who they are. (Once we realize this, the quirky things our kids do Since we know that errands with the kids are inevitable, won’t affect us as much). Here are a few tips you can try: we can be fully equipped and ready for all of their questions, concerns, activity, disappointments, explorations in and out of 1) Prepare before every outing: that means figure out how the car, grocery store and more as we continue our journey as long (approximately) the errands will take then add two hours single moms. Each day I say, “Be encouraged in all you do as a to that time (we know things never go the way they should when mother and as a Woman!” the kids are with us) 2) Make sure each child has a book, toy, favorite snuggie to keep them occupied during those down times. Begin or join in with the discussions of the items they have chosen to bring on your errands. Don’t forget to allow conversation and exploration to happen often. When you feel that you have run out of topics, let your immediate surroundings be your guide. 3) Plenty of snacks are always necessary on your “trips” and they are a money-saver. Many times the kids get cranky if they go too long without that granola bar, piece of fruit, milk or crackers

, Woman’s Essence Magazine 33

, 34 Woman’s Essence Magazine

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