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December 2018 | Edition 1




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ON OUR COVER: Jena is passionate about helping women find your purpose and embrace your power no matter what your age. To live healthier and more fulfilling lives pursuing interests that reflect your purpose, passion, magic. She works to Inspire, Empower and Ignite others by illuminating a path of possibilities so you achieve your best efforts along your journey to success and the Best of You. Her mission is to ignite purpose and teach you to follow destiny habits to achieve your greatness.


and attract more magic into your life


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Name: Jena L. Bell Age: 57 Industry: Business and Life Strategist Country: Washington, USA Describe yourself in two words: Purposed Driven Jena is the Founder and CEO of Pathways to Abundance, the Founder of Jkids Foundation, an organization partnering with schools to teach kids life skills and build self-esteem through the “I Am� program, and a global award winning author. Jena is passionate about helping women find your purpose and embrace your power no matter what your age. To live healthier and more fulfilling lives pursuing interests that reflect your purpose, passion, magic. She works to Inspire, Empower and Ignite others by illuminating a path of possibilities so you achieve your best efforts along your journey to success and the Best of You. Her mission is to ignite purpose and teach you to follow destiny habits to achieve your greatness.


Give us a bit of background about yourself and when/ how your entrepreneurial journey started.

To understand my entrepreneurship journey, first you have to understand my personal journey. My life radically changed five years ago. October 14, 2018 marked the anniversary of what I now refer to as the beginning of my second “rebirth.” It was the start of my journey to reboot my life, reclaim my joy and to yes, discover the woman God intended for me. I got lost in the climb to be everything to everybody. For years, I masked the pain of a failing marriage and chose to hide behind a wall to shield my disappointment. I was isolated and felt alone. But this time, I knew it was time to make a change and to leap. As I began the journey, it was soon sidetracked by an extended divorce that took almost two years to resolve and within one week of walking out of divorce court, I received a call that my job of 27 years was ending. So, imagine, ending both a 24 and a 27-year relationship at the same time. Well, I quickly discovered that God was moving me in a big way. I didn’t know what was happening, but my faith told me He must have a bigger plan. I had to trust the process. It was a very difficult time both financially and emotionally, it seemed everything was heading south. But I had to face the reality and now my rediscovery was required at an entirely different level. I was 54, a single parent, divorced and unemployed. I had to create a new norm in a world that was unfamiliar. A world I had yet to imagine. What I now know for certain, during the worse times, we find the best of ourselves. The real champion in you is revealed and must find her roaring voice to soar. I had to create a new path along my journey. I am certain my rebirth occurred so I could find the voice, create the message and stand proudly as the voice for women globally to find freedom in purpose for their life. It was through the darkness, my purpose was revealed and I fully embrace the call to ignite purpose in others, to make a difference in the world and create a legacy for generations that follow. It was through this rebirth I became the purpose driven woman I am today. My leap to entrepreneurship was a leap to purpose driven entrepreneurial endeavors that help women globally master life changes, soar after setbacks, break free from mental bondages, and create a pathway to an abundant life through businesses and careers that reflect their purpose..


Why is it your passion to help women succeed in their lives?

My passion for helping other women succeed is purposed in my purpose. I believe that women are natural nurturers, who focus on making life perfect for others. We pour into others and forget to pour into ourselves. When we become empty vessels, we mask our pain and ultimately the shame turns to anger. We feel anger because it happened while unconsciously unaware of the consequences of our mastery of “the nurturer.” We seldom discuss it openly because the perception is that everyone else is happy. The truth of the matter is, many more are not. I understand because I was that woman. My goal is to help liberate other women to say it’s ok because you are purposed for so much more. You deserve more. It’s your time! As a business and life strategist, my passion is helping women resolve the issues in their life to create the freedom to pursue business endeavors that can generate financial freedom for their families.


Tell us about some of your amazing achievements?

I was in a corporate environment for over thirty years and served as chief executive over a $29 billion program, serving 5 million members nationwide. I led the first ever multi-year strategy and with a dynamic leadership and core team, we achieved record success and introduced innovative consumer engagement initiatives. My leadership approach is to lead game-changing efforts. In my coaching business, I take the same approach with my clients, strategizing to help them achieve game-changing results. I measure my success by their success. When I witness individuals who first came to me feeling stuck, for a variety of reasons, whether a result of a setback, life change, or even a limiting mindset for years, suddenly break free and start achieving exponential results, it’s exhilarating. I have clients who are starting businesses they only once thought about, or who stepped out courageously to make significant changes in their personal situation, or even now embrace their own power. These are all results I am proud to be a part of. To witness the changes and see their purpose explode in their businesses tells me my business is working and making an impact. In 2017 I was selected by the BOSS Network as Business Influencer and Star of 2017, only one year after launching my business.

2 | DECEMBER 2018 | ISSUE 1

My latest personal achievement is the release of my book, Mirror Affirmations. It is rewarding and humbling to know that lives will be transformed. The possibility that others will have the same opportunity as I did to finally break through and see themselves in the mirror as God has created them, is humbling. Already the feedback is that women are beginning to see their lives through a different lens that creates joy and is liberating. My book won the Global Authors Award in London and was nominated for the 2018 Global Authors Championship Award.


You are a specialist in transforming people’s lives. Did you always know you would be helping other people or did your vision change throughout your journey?

I am a learner and teacher of life. I started reading self-help books as early as high school. After graduating from college at the University of Texas, I had one desire that permeated my employment decisions: to always be in a position to make a difference; to be a game changer. In choosing how I wanted to pursue my accounting career, I decided to take the Internal Audit route, because it was important to me to be part of the change. I believed internal auditors could drive an organization. Looking back now over the 30 years, being a change agent was a hallmark of my professional career. I always strove to help departments and the organization move from good to great. When I think about it, it’s really the same now. Transformation occurs when the fundamental nature, belief, or appearance of something is significantly altered. I believe it’s part of my DNA, but in working with individuals, the impact is far greater. Changing lives, perspectives and mindsets have exponentially positive repercussions that move masses, depending on the impact of the people you change. What’s different is I am purposed for the transformational coaching to change lives and businesses that will improve the world. It’s global and impactful.


From your many achievements, what is your biggest achievement and why?

Aside from the successes in business and the book, my biggest achievement has been more personal. Overcoming the circumstances in my life and not allowing them to break me but grow through me to create the purpose driven woman I am today. Instead of breaking, I chose to use each circumstance as greater strength and deeper wisdom. Those circumstances enable me to touch the souls of others. I have overcome a broken marriage, job loss, financial loss, and I still stand proudly as a mother in the face of all the adversity. Being a mother to a wonderful daughter who stood with me through all the pain, the fall and the rise. I look at the rise as my most significant achievement because others now benefit from the lessons of my life. Without these experiences, my testimony and witness would not be what they are today. In growing through, I have become a global author, an international speaker, a global voice for women, and an entrepreneur willing to change the game for others.


What do you think is more important, motivation or execution? Why?

I think both are important, but you need execution to get results. With results, you create the change you desire and earn the revenue you want. Without the execution, you just feel good. Right? But that is short-lived if you remain in the same place. When you are motivated into action, you feel good; you have a positive mindset. You then have to move and act. The act is the execution of those bold ideas and dreams. The result of the motivated execution is the manifestation of the vision.


What inspires and motivates you? Basically, why do you wake up every morning, get the work done and do it all over again the next day?

I am inspired first by my purpose. I am very clear at this time in my life that what I have been purposed to do is to transform lives and ignite the purpose in others so they make the difference in the world they were created to make. I am motivated to actually do that every day. I help others achieve their best life by creating it through a purpose-driven life and a legacy. I want to leave a legacy of service and economic independence that enriches my family and others. As I help others create their legacy, generations are enriched. Woman Entrepreneur | Global

Transformation occurs when the fundamental nature, belief, or appearance of something is significantly altered.

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Forgiveness is not for the perpetrator, it’s for the person who was hurt. When you forgive, you permit yourself to heal.


What has been your biggest fail to date? How did you overcome that and what did you learn from


My biggest fail to date was my first property investment. Wow, what a big one! It was plagued with issues from a bad investment to a bad contractor. Consequently, it became a money drain and completion was significantly delayed. My biggest lesson: never delegate control of a project of that scale to someone else. You have to maintain control with trusted, proven, individuals. The contractor had good credentials, prior performance, references, and was recommended by a friend. Needless to say, much was fabricated and evidence of mismanagement of the funds happened late in the process. The second lesson: cut your losses early and be willing to move on. The third: you don’t have to go at it alone. When you are emerging in a new space, getting assistance upfront saves you time and money. I now have a coach in this area.


What three tips can you give to other women who want to achieve results in their business and life?

1) Start with achieving greater results in your life. What you do in your life, and the circumstances going on in your life, impact what you believe about yourself and what is possible. Who you see in the mirror influences the decisions you make in your life and your business. Start inward. Your belief systems control everything. Money, relationships, partnerships, confidence, courage, and ultimately your willingness to step out of your comfort zone, are all influenced by what you believe about yourself. This is one of the themes in my book, Mirror Affirmations. I work with women to release emotional baggage that weighs them down and keeps them from really achieving the full abundance they desire. Emotional baggage is like walking around with a heavy backpack around your body. It restricts your movement and can eventually disable the properly functioning spine, the core of your existence. When you understand that and gain greater perspectives, you can begin to heal and let go. Letting go, frees you to be open to greater possibilities. 2) Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone, to stretch yourself, and believe it’s possible. When you operate from a belief that it’s possible, it’s possible for you and in your business. You move more freely, take more risks and explore bigger ideas. 3) Have a vision for your life and your business that is purpose

4 | DECEMBER 2018 | ISSUE 1

driven. It’s your WHY. When you know your purpose, the vision is created as a manifestation of what’s possible. To fully manifest the vision, you must execute and act on it. When the vision appears or becomes apparent, it’s evidence of God’s possibility for your abundance and you must act decisively. Don’t worry about having it all figured out at once. You can do that as you go along. Often, we want to figure it all out in every granular detail, and then we get stuck in analysis, delay, procrastination and no implementation. Without the implementation, we remain stuck. Success in life and business comes when we find harmony in our actions and beliefs. Success is not one single action, it’s the consistency and discipline of taking many small actions over time.


Tell us about your new book?

I am so excited about my book, Mirror Affirmations. It was birthed out of a desire to partly share my story. I know that healing comes when you can share your story openly and authentically, which is what I wanted to do in the book as an example to other women. More importantly, the desire to share lessons from my life to help others particularly women - heal, to open their eyes and envision a new life for themselves after setback, loss, disappointments and unmet expectations. As women, we sometimes get lost behind the pain and lose sight of our power. The book takes you on a journey of rediscovery, release, and revelation of who you are through the eyes of God, so you embrace your own power. When you look in the mirror, you no longer see the pain or loss, you see the woman Woman Entrepreneur | Global

you became as you grew through the circumstances. You begin to see the victor, not the victim. One topic I discuss in the book is the importance of forgiveness which is a major issue for a lot of people. When you have been hurt, abused or even neglected in a relationship, it’s normal to feel angry and betrayed. These, albeit normal emotions, wreak havoc on our emotional health causing one to build walls to protect ourselves against further hurt. These walls impact how you relate to others creating conflict and limiting your abundance. The important aspect to recognize is that forgiveness is not for the perpetrator, it’s for the person who was hurt. When you forgive, you permit yourself to heal victoriously. It is the process of healing the open wounds. It’s not just a bandage, it’s healing the inside out. In the book, I walk through that process. The book is not just a good read; it’s an experience to transform. I offer a free download of the chapter, Forgiveness Now, on the website for the book, www.mirroraffirmationsthebook.com


You will also be doing a tour through South Africa empowering women in business. How did that begin?

The South Africa tour is gearing up to be a first of its kind where women will come together and learn, network and obtain realtime access to information to help them start a business or grow an existing business. One of the major issues is lack of economic empowerment for women and the encouragement to take a leadership role in their own life. I want to help to change that, not just in South Africa, but globally where it’s needed. I say to all women, no longer wait for someone else to give you authority, be the author of your economic blueprint. It will be one of a kind, the first for me of this nature, but not first to the business of changing lives and communities. It will be a two-day conference held in 4 major cities with speakers, workshops, and forums featuring dynamic international purpose-driven women. I encourage other purpose-driven women to use their gifts and talents to achieve three things: 1) financial wealth and independence, 2) a legacy for their families and communities and 3) to make a difference in the world. We will celebrate these women while teaching, learning and inspiring others.


What can we expect from you in the next 12 months?

The next 12 months will be a season of great harvest. I will be conducting my Purpose on the Rise 2019 Conference in South Africa, USA and possibly expanding to other countries. My goal is to liberate women across the globe. I will also conduct Women’s Rediscovery and business retreats in Costa Rica, global book signings, exciting new program launches and property development initiatives in Costa Rica. Possibly a second book.


If you could do it all over again, what will you change and why?

If I could do it all over again, I would still do it again, just sooner, with greater action sooner. I think many times we wish we could do over, but our experiences help to shape who we are and who we ultimately become. Are there different decisions I would make? Certainly, but my experiences, both professionally and personally, have created the treasure of what we offer to clients, the depth of character, authenticity, ability to connect with people and get results. With regards to different decisions, I would say, I would have done things in a different order. I would have started with a business coach right out of the gate, built the automated revenue generation infrastructure and personal brand sooner. Why? Because they are key to building a successful, sustainable business.

This all came about because I had the opportunity to visit South Africa to speak at a JT Foxx Mega Business conference in 2018, and it was phenomenal. I connected with so many wonderful South African women that I vowed to go back. This conference makes good on that promise and to lift the voice of women around the globe.


How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors, what makes you unique?

There are several differentiations, but three unique separators. Firstly, I have a faith-based approach to my business. My business is based on a fundamental belief that we all have a purpose and a calling in our life. When we answer the call and discover our gifts and talents, we use them in harmony to create the pathway that is illuminated by the vision God shows us for our life. Secondly, I help clients create their unique path, envisioning possibilities for their life and business that are purpose grounded, creating opportunities that reflect who they are, and generate revenue that follows. Thirdly, my work and clientele are based on a deep connection I make with people that transmits in a way that brings out the very best in them and transforms. My professional and life experiences provide uniqueness to create strategies for business and life to achieve the greatest results. It’s not either or, its harmony of both.


What is the hardest thing about entrepreneurship that no one tells you?

The hardest thing about entrepreneurship is that it is hard. Simple. People can make it look like an easy, carefree and luxurious lifestyle, but the reality is it takes a while to get there, and you must be willing to make it happen. You must be ready to step outside your comfort zone, imagine what’s possible, create a vision and implement it. I believe that what sets entrepreneurs apart from business owners, is their willingness to pursue big ideas that not only serve a need, but also impact another person’s life. It’s the belief that you can and will make a measurable difference. Whether you are a solopreneur or have a team, you have to make it happen. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. One last point, the freedom you achieve is the freedom to pursue your dreams.

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December is here. I am looking for the overly shocked emoji face right now as that is exactly how my face looks like while I am writing this. It is so crazy to think this year is in its final month. In December do not put much pressure on yourself to gain new clients for 2018 but set yourself up for new clients in 2019. Use this time to set your goals for 2019 (monthly goals and quarterly goals) and make sure you put them where you see them everyday. Now is also a great time to make your vision board for 2019. What you think and believe is what you will attract. If you want to be great, then be great! If you want to own a Ferrari then you need to think and act like a person that owns a Ferrari. Do not waste December, use it to plan and finalize the amazing year you will have in 2019. Kindest Regards, Erna Basson Founder and CEO | Woman Entrepreneur Erna Basson is an award-winning entrepreneur, world-class business coach and international keynote speaker. She is well known for starting, growing and selling companies fast and her passion is to help people become entrepreneurs so that they too can achieve and live their dream. She is the Founder and CEO of Erabella Beauty , the fastest growing hair extensions brand in the world. She is the CEO and Founder of Woman Entrepreneur, a global platform to Empower Women in Business

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Keep your documentation simple and easy to use. There should be slight differences between all levels of your organization. Your core performance expectations should be the same as they would be based on your values and your current company goals. One to two pages maximum excluding a performance development plan if the employee is interested in succession planning or is not performing up to standards. Include the following four categories on all your reviews.

There are many ways to obtain feedbac from the employee. Provide the perform several weeks before you plan on having to them how the form and the proces provide their own self-assessment either meeting. You can also solicit feedback with the employee so that your yearly a a combination of views. Some employe feedback. This can also be a good revie come from a place of trust and respect.

1. Company Initiatives These will be tangible goals which are measurable. 2. Soft Skills Communication, adaptability, time management, creativity, critical thinking. 3. Leadership Comments An opportunity to review all positive areas and opportunities that the employee has experienced throughout the year. 4. Employee Comments An opportunity for the employee to share their own comments and career aspirations.


As most people cannot remember what not remember what they did throughou yourself and your leadership team to t humans, we tend to remember the neg not performing there will be formal per about all the wonderful things people d recognition program and how do you tr you complete, it is fair and respectful to


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opportunity to assess each and every employee’s performance. Depending on your rmance discussion with your employees. Some businesses will conduct reviews at their mplete. Either time frame you choose, the following tips are important to implement to eneficial for both the employer and the employee.

ck. One of the most important is directly mance review document to the employee g your assessment meeting and explain ss work in your business. Ask them to r a few days before or for the scheduled k from other leaders who work directly assessment is more robust and includes ers like to obtain colleague to colleague ew method as long as the views shared

t they did last year, they will most likely ut the whole year. Create a process for track progress or the lack thereof. As gative things. Usually when someone is rformance management, however what do during the year? Do you also have a rack it? On all performance assessments o the employee to review the whole year

and not solely the last few months of what you may remember. There should not be any surprises in a performance review. All ratings should generally follow what an employee is expecting based on discussions throughout the year.

ADJUST THE TIME FRAME If your company reviews performance on a yearly basis, it’s recommended to change your old practice and expand performance assessments to bi-yearly or even better, quarterly. This could shorten the length of your formal document as well as your meeting. It would be perceived as a check-in and provide more up to date accurate feedback which can benefit both the employee and employer. Similar to an October article on succession planning, incorporating more frequent reviews can help with employees’ development as well as their engagement. The workforce of today is changing and keeping employees engaged is important. Therefore, discussing performance on a continual basis is a positive way to get the momentum going. Every employee deserves to receive a leader’s time and effort concerning assessing performance. We spend more time at work than we do at home, thus as an employer do what you can to enhance your employee’s experience.

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I’m sure you’ve heard th tribe.” Well, this is true. B whole lot more than just y situations, opportunities a whether or not you realise on most often, is exactly w to experience absolute m your mind focusing on the

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I know you want to see som your life, so here are seven


GET MOVING Motion changes your e you need a major emotional u this may be the exact time yo But I promise you, the more y you’ll feel. Movement and ex feel-good brain chemicals. T Combine this with being outs


PRACTICE GRATITUD It’s almost impossible focusing on all of the things practice, even for 5 minutes, w life. It will also have you feelin what we’re aiming for.


PUT ON YOUR FAVO Make a playlist on yo exclusively for the days when better state of mind. The key i it won’t have as much of an ef of those fantastic feel-good s

he popular statement “Your vibe attracts your But what’s also true, is that your vibe attracts a your tribe. You control the exact type of people, and outcomes that you experience in your life, e that you’re even doing it. Whatever you focus what you’re pulling in to your life. So, if you want magic in all areas of your life, the key is to keep e things you’re excited about.

planet is vibrating at its own unique frequency. As and alter our vibration, by the things we do and e ever had one of those days where you feel so come in contact with says hello and tends to be is because you’re vibrating at an extremely high de, if you’ve ever had one of those days where that “everything is going wrong today”, you’ll fortune into your life, due to the low vibrational around with that day.

t we are and what we focus on most often. Magic hose who believe in it, and those who choose to he secret to manifesting the very best results in vibrating high, as often as possible, and to keep positive outcomes you wish to attract into your

me major magic and good fortune attracted into n ways to raise your vibration:

emotional state. So, if you’re not feeling your best, and upshift to occur, get your body moving! Unfortunately, ou feel like hiding under the covers and being a sloth. you can get every part of your body moving, the better xercise help you release endorphins, which are happy, The better you feel, the higher your vibe is raising. side in nature, and you’ll really be rocking!

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VISUALISE YOUR IDEAL FUTURE We can get so focused on - and even obsessed with - the past or the negative things that are going on in our lives. And all that will accomplish is attracting more of the same negativity into our lives. A great way to snap yourself out of that spiral is to start visualising your ideal dream future, even for as little as 120 seconds. The very act of envisioning it will already start a strong attraction process of you calling it into your life. Allowing yourself to tap into how it would feel to already be living that life, will completely raise your vibration, and in that moment, your brain won’t know the difference between the visualisation and really living it.


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My clients send me a picture of their plans early every morning before they begin their work day, and their completed plans at the end of each day. It is what I use to guide them, to encourage them, to hold them accountable and to support them. It will also work for you.

7. Philanthropy

Begin with your “why”. What is your “why that makes you cry”, and what is the “why” of your business. Why do you care and why should people care? How are you different and better for them? What do you stand for? What is your brand story? And what is in it for them? Answer all this first. Secondly, who is your

The first five build your business, but number 6 protects, nurtures and builds the primary business builder - you. You are your business’ first asset and the bedrock foundation. You are the wellspring that your business’ vitality depends on for innovation and growth.

We deeply value each of these areas of life as we know they are the key building blocks for a stronger you, a stronger business, and a stronger investment portfolio.

www.womanentrepreneur.co | 15

At number 6, Work-Life Integration, we use my Vital 7™ as

It all begins with having a very clear vision, and a clear sense of

a sub-system within The Core 7™ to plan for and measure

purpose, mission and identity; feeling worthy of success.

elite performance in the following seven vital domains of life. Remember, everything is interconnected in an ecosystem called

Living The Core 7™ feeds the belief that you are worthy of

you. Where you are at on an embodied energy level will always

success. It builds your entrepreneur identity. It breeds success.

impact your long-term business success.

This system builds you, so you can build the people who will build your businesses for you.


We build our sense of being worthy primarily in two ways: 1. making personal sacrifices working 12 to 20-hour workdays;

1. Spiritual 2. Mental

and 2, by being charitable at scale. These two actions “cure” all feelings of not being worthy - fast.

3. Emotional

Yet, we are not complete workaholics. We live the full spectrum

4. Physical

life. We work hard and smart from early on a Monday morning,

5. Financial 6. Social 7. Sexual

almost always take Friday afternoons and evenings off, and we work Saturdays – including a 20-hour day once a month. If possible, we always take Sundays off. We do not rest because we are lazy, but because we understand to rest is part of the elite performance process. It all matters. It is all connected.

As we neglect any one of these seven vitals, it weakens all six

We believe in whole-person development, and in work-life

the others - first on an energetic level. As we strengthen any one

integration. In a “balanced life”, but this does not mean we

of these seven vital areas of life, it strengthens all six the others.

give an equal amount of time to every aspect of our life. We

Everything matters. The one thing is everything. “Business is an

simply, if it matters, if it is important to our health, family life and

ecosystem” as my mentor, Mastermind business partner and

prosperity, give it time.

friend, Professor Lew Jaffe always says. At minimum, each day, we do something for our mind-bodyWe measure everything, and I use these metrics to coach you to

spirit wellness, something for our bank account/investment

get better. We can only improve what we measure; it takes the

account/wallet-purse; and something for our loved ones... and

guess work out. Success is both an art and a science. Measuring

community. This is the Big 3. The inner core of The Vital 7™.

helps us manage the science part of the equation. It is why my students get great results.

We also love starting and ending each day with a spiritual practice and strive to do at last three good deeds daily. We

I look forward to sharing with you some of the best in the world

believe in gratitude. We know that there is a spiritual energy in

strategies and practices in each of the vital seven areas as it

everything - we honor this.

really is the ultimate building blocks of life. When you master The Vital 7™, you master life. It is the very foundation from which everything good in your life will grow. Weakness in these seven areas leads to a life of underperformance, mediocrity and suffering. Strength in all seven these vital areas leads to a fabulous life, rich in everything good. As successful entrepreneurs, we also believe in contribution. That, as we give to the circle of life, it feeds the very ecosystem in which we function and everyone, including us, also benefits in

It all begins with having a very clear vision, and a clear sense of purpose, mission and identity; feeling worthy of success.

the greater picture. We know that giving leads to fulfillment. As we create and give our reward is fulfillment.

16 | DECEMBER 2018 | ISSUE 1

Woman Entrepreneur | Global

Three Billionaire mentors of mine taught me this: everything is energy, spiritual energy, it is in the air, the water, in food, in every cell of our body, in everyone. Never underestimate its value and importance. Never be too busy to see it, to honor it, to respect it - be mindful - be grateful - be inspired by it in good, in work, in money, in relationships, in sex, in everything. In everyone.

We attract what we are. Your business is a reflection of your inner self.

We attract what we are. Your business is a reflection of your inner self. Of your energy, your thoughts, your aspirations, your association, standards and habits. It is what will determine whether you are broke, or wealthy. SUCCESS CAN ONLY COME TO THOSE WHO CARES ENOUGH FOR IT TO:  Raise your aspirations  Raise your standards  Raise your association  Raise your personal efforts Success avoids those who lack ambition and who are indifferent to all we are discussing together here. Success avoids those who neglect getting mentored and coached, and who do not selfeducate and mind feed lifelong. Coaching and marketing are

As you grow, cultivate your leadership skills for it is one of the master keys in building a business at scale. The Core 7™ and my Vital 7™ will build you so that you can attract higher quality staff, which in turn will attract higher quality clients. It is always interconnected. This is a proven path to success. Dial in your primary world-class product and service combo, your pricing, and your customerclient experience to be truly “WOW” and you, my friend, will be well on your way to higher and higher levels of success and to achieving greatness in your lifetime. This is how you gain a competitive edge, and how winning is done. I look forward to going deeper with you on all this, so you can achieve better results faster. Let’s co-create your ultimate personalized daily schedule based on this wisdom, starting with your own best personalized morning routine. You will find it powerfully catalytic and generative.

critical for your success. Make both a priority. Learn and develop high income skills - marketing, selling, real estate investing, public speaking. Learn how to successfully invest in commercial real estate, especially larger multi-family apartment centers. This is your master key to financial security, freedom and peace of mind. The Core 7™ must be lived with self-discipline, a personal sense of urgency, and day-by-day consistency. Add to this the wise selection of a marriage partner, the wise selection of business partners, and the wise selection of team members and you begin to have a solid foundation upon which to build your business success and personal legacy. From this foundation, focus your efforts on income-producing

I wrote this article starting at 3 am in total joy, using Notes in my iPhone, and followed it with a 16 oz glass of alkaline water at room temperature, prayer, and meditation, the study of real estate investing, 50 kettlebell swings, journaling, and day planning - all well before 6 am. Then “starting” my day with an organic greens-infused plant-based protein smoothie, gym workout - legs day- a quick shower, an unhurried breakfast, and preparing for a coaching call at 8:30 am with one of my private coaching clients who is getting amazing results using my Core 7 System™. Will you be next? Is this the kind of energy and conversations you want more of in your life? Yes! Join us in our upcoming Mastermind - in person, or virtual via video technology. You will be very glad you did.

business activities, giving priority to high-value people and actions; and actively embrace an investors mindset. Avoid wasteful consumer habits and indiscriminating spending. Enthusiastically plan annually, monthly, weekly and daily using a zero-based budget system, and systematically set aside a wise percentage of your income, 10-50%, and invest it in carefully selected income producing, and value holding assets. Primarily and foremost well located, well and correctly bought real estate, and secondarily gold as a two-layer foundation before selectively adding paper assets.

Learn more about me at www.meetdavidfabricius.com You can also contact me via messenger.

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No longer are gender roles clearly defined, with many homes being a dual income. Therefore, we find ourselves maintaining a household and having a career; managing our business and staff, working in and on our businesses, whilst trying to balance this with spending time with our families and maintaining a healthy relationship with our partners. We endure all of these daily duties while also trying to sustain health and fitness, which often results in the experience of

burn-out. In the May edition article, Manage Your Energy and Connect to Your Success, I discussed how we often believe we need more hours in a day, and we believe that, by working more, we will achieve more. While in fact, we can become more productive and successful if we only stop and slow down! I spoke about the power of mindfulness and the neurological benefits of implementing mindful practices on a daily basis - guided meditation, driving to work via a new route, and becoming more aware of those activities we do on autopilot. Rather than the over-active stress response your body is currently experiencing, you will learn in time, the relaxation

response. I am adding to these practices in in hopes of getting more clarity on this subject. Even with mindfulness, many of my clients report an unhappiness within themselves in spite of what they claim to be having everything. Why? Usually because there is an imbalance and lack of value and time spent in and on self. As a result, there is a tendency to feeling frustrated, unhappy, irritable, tired, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Your emotions have an impact on everyone around you, and you start feeding off each other. For some, there may be a work-life imbalance, with too much value and emphasis on achievement at work – in fear of being out-performed, judged as a woman in male-dominant culture, judged by other women potentially without families, judged by staff, competing with others…. As a result, you may be overcompensating and working too much, resulting in relationship issues with your partner and/or your children. In turn, to avoid that, you may work longer hours and it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. You are not able to invest time and energy on yourself, let alone your relationship and any quality time with your family. This is where the concept of balance comes in. There is a need for balance within our everyday activities - work, health, finances, home, career, spirituality, relationships and self/ body. How on earth are we supposed to achieve all of this at once? Guess what? You don’t! You simply need to create balance. We often think we need to apply an equal proportion of energy to each area of value and importance every day even though this is often not possible. You can have it all - just not every day! The idea of lopsided balance is one where we give priority to two to three of each area of value at a time, knowing that the others will receive their designated attention the next day or week (depending on circumstances). We do this with the knowledge that, over time, all areas will be balanced out in terms of attention and focus. In addition to this, be conscious of the actions you choose in finding this balance. When I refer to nurturing yourself, be aware of the intentions of your behaviour. Don’t just do things that distract you from stress (like drinking a bottle of wine while watching TV for example). 20 | DECEMBER 2018 | ISSUE 1

Do something that will nurture your soul instead; something that makes you feel more alive, engaged and energised. Getting out, having a great meal, spending time with friends are great examples. That’s not to say you can’t drink, but ask yourself: What is the intention of the drinking? Is it a celebration or a coping mechanism? Ask yourself why? In this busy, demanding world, not only do I want to help you to gain a sense of Intrinsic Focus and control in your quest for success, but I also want to make sure you are fertilizing yourself. This is an analogy I was once given and I love it. We are like plants growing and giving every day. Yet, without the necessary sustenance the plant won’t grow, in fact, it is more likely to wither and die. This is not to say that we will have the same extreme outcome, but we could. Stress can lead to and have an impact on illness. I digress… the idea here is that, like plants, we need fertilizer too. It is important that we don’t rely on others for this but depend on ourselves instead. We choose the right activities and mindset to do so, with awareness and consciousness. As part of the process of gaining a sense of control over your life, include bits of fertilizer each day to help you continue to grow and thrive. Despite of what is happening in your life - to you and the others in your life - what are you doing to nurture and fertilise yourself? To fill your well? What is it that you love to do? What is it that is important for you to do? For yourself and your family and business? Do not stop doing these things as it is this which holds you above water and keeps you going as you strive for success in business and life and with your family. But there’s no time you say? That is simply an excuse, you need to find the time! To take this concept of self-nurturing further, we also need to find balance here. This is the balance in terms of self; of energy output to all these activities, and investment in self to balance the energy expenditure. This is your balance within. Both are important, however I believe commitment to self and living from a place of balance within are vital in assisting you in showing up and remaining authentic to each moment of your day. Sometimes we get really good at supporting ourselves, but in an unbalanced way. We may give ourselves physical support, but not spiritual support. It’s important to look at both. Perhaps you exercise too much, almost as a form of avoidance? By spiritual I don’t necessarily mean religious. I am referring to the energies around you: how much drama are you surrounding yourself with and what type of people do you choose to spend time with? Consciousness and awareness in terms of where your choices and actions are stemming from, is the key. As we practice lopsided balance or balanced self-nurturing, while trying to manage a family and success in a career, you are coming from a conscious space of authenticity and integrity for who you are and want to be. Coming from a space of love and respect for self and others, you can’t go wrong. Go forth and create your balance within your self, your mind and your actions. Woman Entrepreneur | Global

it is not something you find, it is something you create In our May 2018 Edition of Woman Entrepreneur, I discussed time and energy management with you. This month I would like to raise the topic of the everelusive concept of balance. While there are some similarities in what I am going to write about, there are some differences also, as I see balance as incorporating a more conscious mindset in our approach to our daily lives and the way we manage our time and energy. Balance is an interesting topic and also one that has come up with numerous clients recently.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniella Princi is the health and wellness expert behind “Your Intrinsic Life�. She is a professional psychologist, coach and international speaker, assisting you to reconnect and transform your life, mind, body and soul.

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