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@wmijnhardt Wilfred Mijnhardt Wilfred Mijnhardt, Policy Director RSM, Passionate for Universities, Business Schools, Excellence Impact, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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25'th December, 2013 07:02   Wake Up or Perish: Neo-Liberalism, the Social Sciences, and Salvaging the Public University 11:15   RT @kimgarst #TWITTERTIP Retweet, Retweet, Retweet. People love to be retweeted & they will start RT'ing you back! #twittertip #youcandosocial 14:31   Single-Author Papers: A Waning Share of Output in all fields but especially Economics and Business; down from 70%... 21:52   I created my personal @ImpactStory today, makes me proud to be social. Check me out here: 26'th December, 2013

December 2013 / 2

10:53   RT @kholmber @asist_org @sig_met @kholmber Slides from "Conducting Twitter Research" webinar available at 27'th December, 2013 01:48   LSE book: The Impact of the Social Sciences: How Academics and their Research Make a Difference.#university 20:47   28 Business Gurus That Changed the World; their background, theories and how each theory works in practice. #impact 28'th December, 2013 11:33   Professors defending WallSt business and get paid for, balancing at nexus of commerce and academia. #impact 15:26   Map of Europe anno 1581by Heinrich Bunting; great to see the relativity of wordviews anno 2014 29'th December, 2013 11:42   RT @santo_fortunato Author Impact Factor featured on Physics Today: try it out!

December 2013 / 3

11:49   @SciTransit Tracking the dynamics of individual scientific impact; a new Author Impact Factor (AIF) 12:29   RT @WIRED The best scientific visualizations of 2013 13:10   RT @oatp Open Science and the Three Cultures: Expanding Open Science to all Domains of Knowledge Creation - Springe... #OA 13:10   RT @oatp Scholarly Publishing: CrossRef Set to Launch a Text and Data Mining Service Named Prospect in Early 2014 |... #OA 13:16   RT @Wharton Prof. @AdamMGrant's research shows that people who give the most tend to be most successful in business: 22:20   Preparing the World's Research Universities to Respond to an Era of Challenge and Change. #glion #impact 30'th December, 2013 12:58   The Determinants of the Quality and Prestige of Public Graduate Research Universities. #HEI #impact #reputation

December 2013 / 4

15:50   Solutions and Best Practices in Gendered Innovations in science, health, medicine and engeneering. #universities 21:37   Top Plagiarism Scandals of 2013 from a variety of fields including politics, religion and filmmaking. 22:08   Release early and often; Publicly sharing information early in the research enterprise accelerates discovery. #impact 23:46   Just created a public google news section on [Business Schools]. #impact - via 31'st December, 2013 00:02   The notion of talent: What are the talents we are looking for? grant allocation processes on individual+panel level. 00:05   More competition, better science? The predictive validity of grant selection. #research #impact #universities 07:57   RMIMR stats; my weblog 2013 in review 14:29   Majority of published scientific data not recoverable 20 years later. @SciTransit

December 2013 / 5

19:07   European Universities on the cross road: More Market or more Hierarchy? 20:03   LeaderBeing: Critical Reflections on Context, Character + Challenge in the Culture of Research and Its Administration 20:19   3362 SciVal New Generation Factsheet v10.indd SciVal-New-Generation-Factsheet.pdf!

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1'st January, 2014 19:45   Twitter yearbook 2013 Wilfred Mijnhardt; 700+ quality tweets on Business Schools, Universities, Impact of research. 21:17   RT @felixdemoya Countries with the highest increase rank (2003-2012) among the 50 more productive in science. Most develop. countries 21:18   RT @felixdemoya Scientific influence can be defined as the capacity to produce an effect on the advancement of scientific knowledge 21:52   Erasmus University Rotterdam has highest Q-ratio (69,67%) of all Dutch Universities 2013. 22:14   Netherlands scores highest average amount of citations per document in field of Business, Management and...

January 2014 / 7

23:36   Universities can improve academic services through wider recognition of altmetrics and alt-products. 2'nd January, 2014 00:08   European Business Schools start Fundraising Games. As Weak Economy Crimps Subsidies, Alumni Receive Unusual Appeals. 12:45   @MISymposium2014 @StStremersch Great new ECMI book: Innovation and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry #impact 13:03   GMAC 2013 hiring survey report by 900 employers + 158 business schools; consultants pay the most for MBA's 13:14   GMAC job search survey 2013 with useful Ranking of Most Successful Job Search Methods Used. #bschool #mba 19:21   Research misconduct: A grand global challenge for the 21st Century - #RCR #FFP #impact #research #universities 22:14   Google Scholar is having a great impact on the research-seeking behavior of researchers...But Can It Be Trusted?

January 2014 / 8

22:27   Science authors seek better social science research transparency. #universities 3'rd January, 2014 00:12   Metrics Mania: Journal metrics, article metrics, author metrics, altmetrics #research #impact 10:56   What makes a scholarly article go viral? #impact #research #altmetrics 14:10   Check out this @twttimes newspaper: 14:42   The Wisdom Agenda: Research-intensive universities in the 21st century. #impact 15:06   Measures of research group excellence; citation-based indicators are poorly correlated with group quality. 15:15   Measuring academic influence: Not all citations are equal; towards an [Influence-Primed H-index]? #altmetric 4'th January, 2014 00:11   Ecollection on Open Access Perspectives in the Humanities and Social Sciences. #impact #publishing #research

January 2014 / 9

5'th January, 2014 16:38   Institutionalization of knowledge brokers; Knowledge mobilization requires flexibility and entrepreneurship. #impact 20:30   The new [professional class] of University managers have too much power, warns think tank. #universities 21:41   @Phil_Baty top academic leaders should be involved in every strategic hire of university managers to garantee their empathy with academia. 6'th January, 2014 11:13   Late bloomers: Artists reach peak only at 42 #PhilipHansFranses via @newsle 7'th January, 2014 12:08   Google Scholar: Publish or Perish, Scholarometer, My Citations. Which Citation Count Tool Is Telling Which Truth? 12:14   Science and Internet; Scholarly Practices,Teaching, Legal Issues, Scholarly Communication, Impact, Future of Science.

January 2014 / 10

12:47   Who is the best scientist of them all? towards Universal metrics and rankings? Nature #impact #research #altmetrics 12:51   Research Reputation emerge in a collective manner. Does fame rests on merit or is it boosted artificially? Nature 8'th January, 2014 14:31   Russell Group prepares their next VC payment rise: 46 colleges in the US paid their Vice-Chancellors over $1,000,000 15:58   Recruitment of university leaders: Politics, communities and markets. #Governance #Universities #Managerialism. 22:14   Researchers propose alternative way to allocate science funding 12'th January, 2014 23:20   RT @Harvard Top 10 tips for researchers who want to know why it is important to "care for and feed" data

January 2014 / 11

14'th January, 2014 09:53   Mapping Scientific Excellence; Measuring institutional performance with two indicators: Best paper Rate and Best... 15:01   Impact with integrity: The new Scientific Integrity Dilemma Game developed by Erasmus University; Professionalism... 15:01   Impact with integrity: The new Scientific Integrity Dilemma Game developed by Erasmus University; Profe... | @scoopit 15:02   Impact with integrity: The new Scientific Integrity Dilemma Game developed by Erasmus University; Professionalism... 15:08   Business schools need to engage with the bigger issues according to Peter Tufano, new dean of Said @Oxford #impact 15'th January, 2014 12:32   Moneyball for Academics: Network Analysis Predicting Research Impact; probability for a paper to become most cited.

January 2014 / 12

16'th January, 2014 19:27   A perfect introduction to management consultancy; new book by Marc Baaij #impact #efmdnews #aacsb #eur #rsm 21:27   New OECD/Worldbank Innovation policy platform; Metrics and evaluation for universities and PRIs. #impact 21:42   new hefce project to investigate monographs and open access #impact 22:06   Top 10 Retractions of 2013 | The Scientist Magazine® via @sharethis 23:14   Can internationalisation lead to institutional competitive advantage in Dutch public higher edu institutions 17'th January, 2014 09:03   A longitudinal study of Google Scholar coverage between 2012-2013; coverage for econ is increasing at a stable rate 10:58   New Knowledge Exchange discussion paper on Open Knowledge and the value of open. #impact #universities #research

January 2014 / 13

18'th January, 2014 17:31   Do altmetrics correlate with citations? An extensive comparison from a multidisciplinary perspective. #impact 19'th January, 2014 10:29   I suggest a baseline rule for altmetrics on research: [If you can't read it (because of paywalls) don't tweet it] 20'th January, 2014 09:42   Bibliometrics of Danish Centres of Excellence; DNRFpubs perform as good as highest-performing EU universities #impact 22'nd January, 2014 00:27   Visualize your university impact like Michigan economic impact report, a great way to enhance reputation 10:36   Educating Integrated Catalysts: Transforming Business Schools Toward Ethics and Sustainability #AACSB #EFMD 22:36   LERU Roadmap for European universities engaging with the challenges of data-driven research #impact #RDM #data

January 2014 / 14

23'rd January, 2014 09:19   Since 2005 #WEF published many #open reports; but how is peer review, quality, impact and data integrity assured? 20:55   Riding the wave and the scholarly archive of the future. #research #publishing #universities #impact 21:22   Collaborative Improvements in the Discoverability of Scholarly Content. #open #publishing #research 22:21   Novel Scholarly Journal Concepts; new business models, editorial models, innovating traditional journals 22:48   How to present your research support service offer online? Five university library research support websites 23:55   Proud to host 30th EGOS Colloquium @ Rotterdam School of Management #rsm, The Netherlands July 3–5, 2014 23:56   #EGOS14 General Theme: Reimagining, Rethinking, Reshaping: Organizational Scholarship in Unsettled Times

January 2014 / 15

25'th January, 2014 23:03   Trends in three decades of rankings of Dutch economists - #impact #research @SciTransit 27'th January, 2014 23:59   How To Get Published In The Best Entrepreneurship Journals; A Guide to Steer Your Academic Career. #impact 28'th January, 2014 00:06   New Public Spheres Recontextualizing the Intellectual. #universities #scholarship #professors #dialogue 29'th January, 2014 10:24   New Business Models and Changing Contexts of Business Schools; A set of guidelines for revising the modus operandi. 10:51   RT @LSEImpactBlog How to find an appropriate research data repository to share your data. 14:54   EFMD: Business School of the future: Features on Impact survey BSIS and reinventing scientific (management) research.

January 2014 / 16

14:57   From funding agencies to scientific agency; Collective allocation of science funding as an alternative to peer review 14:58   RT @ESRC 'What have we learnt about impact and where to we go from here?' - event at @warwickuni, February 26th 15:01   EFMD promotes Business School Impact Survey (BSIS) as scheme for measuring a business school’s impact on the world 15:46   Impact resource for deans: Dual impact of research; towards the impactelligent Business School @EFMDnews #EFMDdeans 15:59   RT @researchremix Very happy to announce that @Impactstory now includes twitter, facebook, and g+ metrics from @altmetric! #altmetrics 21:27   On the Shoulders of Giants: Leveraging Peer Networks for Leading-Edge Professional Development (EDUCAUSE Review) 23:14   Altmetrics: from hype to opportunity via @figshare

January 2014 / 17

30'th January, 2014 15:07   RT @JwrHardcastle Articles published in #OA journals have increased in @webofscience from <2% in 2000 to >11% in 2013 19:36   RT @BioMedCentral Great news! @SpringerLink articles will now be complete with @altmetric data 22:29   The Global State of Young Scientists careers; Diversification, Specialization, Mobility, Transparency, Attractiveness 22:37   The Impact of Governance on Management Research; Some changes in academic publishing to encourage innovative research 31'st January, 2014 10:59   On the lack of women in business schools and what is being done to improve the situation 11:15   What's happening in topics at the EFMD Deans & Directors annual? Check this Infomous cloud on #EFMDdeans @EFMDNews 20:04   A global map of the entire internet; what a fascinating result!

January 2014 / 18

20:32   Acadamic Torrents facilitates storage of all the data used in research, including datasets and publications

January 2014 / 19


1'st February, 2014 00:42   Strengthening leadership capabilities in International Higher Education in Australia and Europe. #universities 13:11   RT @RodrigoCostas1 New CWTS website with working groups and altmetrics #bibliometrics #altmetrics... 13:53   The Research Book: Impact of the Social Sciences. Very relevant for bschools too #universities #EFMDdeans #AACSB 14:05   Engaged Social Science: impacts and use of research in the UK. Audio of the LSE impact book launch 2'nd February, 2014 00:31   Principal investigators (PIs) as boundary spanners, science and market shapers. #impact #universities 00:34   Principal investigators as scientific entrepreneurs; focussing, shaping, brokering, innovating. #research #impact

February 2014 / 20

00:36   ‘A jack of all trades’: the role of PIs in collaborative networks in scientific knowledge commercialisation. #impact 12:54   Twimpact & Altmetrics | I, Science via @I_science_mag 14:16   Impact Round-Up 1st February: Privacy and open data, publication bias, and the mechanization of scholarship. 21:22   Idea for altmetrics based on iWise Maps: Move from article level to quote level. Example: iWise map Erasmus: 4'th February, 2014 09:43   How can we preserve #altmetrics for 50+ years? I think we need a global [Web of Metrics] to complement WOK, SCOPUS, GS, ORCID, HANDLE, etc. 5'th February, 2014 14:25   Ten simple rules to guide the process of writing reserach papers. #research #publishing #universities

February 2014 / 21

6'th February, 2014 13:14   BSIS – Business School Impact Survey Presentation #EFMDdeans 15:12   Securing the Future of Management Education, Competitive Destruction or Constructive Innovation? #EFMDdeans #impact 7'th February, 2014 09:34   A scholar’s publications are more likely to be cited by papers in a journal that is edited by the scholar. #impact 20:28   Report on Progress in Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Europe #universities 20:34   Competence Profiles & Professional Development: Competence Development Framework for Early Stage Researchers 20:36   Quality Assurance as an Approach to Promoting Research Integrity. #universities #phd #doctoral 21:01   Why does innovation matter to doctoral education? #universities #bschool #phd #doctoral

February 2014 / 22

21:06   Doctoral assessment: process, issues and the concept of originality. #universities #phd #doctoral #bschool 21:50   Expert group recommendations: Optimizing Europe’s research performance and effectiveness. #universities #eu 22:21   Educational Fundraisers Predict Continued Growth in Donations in 2014 23:05   Dynamic Impact Factors and Escalating Journal Self Citations. #impact #ram #research 23:11   RT @LSEImpactBlog Universities can improve academic services through wider recognition of altmetrics and alt-products. 23:14   Universities can improve academic services through wider recognition of altmetrics and alt-products. #impact 23:37   RT @stevedenning @Forbes Why Aren't Business Schools More Business-Like? They are responding to disruption just like business! #stoos 8'th February, 2014

February 2014 / 23

00:07   How-to guide for building a university-administered impact management tool for academics. #research #bschool 10:17   “A has power over B to the extent that he can get B to do something that B would not otherwise do.” R.A.Dahl 23:54   Leiden Rector on the transitions in integrity, governance and information technology dynamics in university 11'th February, 2014 10:32   Business schools and the future of Africa’s growth | BusinessDay 12:23   Women at business school; What advice would you give to women in business?– Allègre Hadida, professor via @FT 19:19   Novel Research Impact Indicators; real-time data from blog posts, social bookmarks, social media and others 19:23   Paths to Career and Success for Women in Science Findings from International Research. #gender #university

February 2014 / 24

20:08   Can We Rank Scholarly Book Publishers? A Bibliometric Experiment with the Field of History. #research #universities 23:47   Career Moves; Mentoring for Women Advancing Their Career and Leadership in Academia. #universities #gender #bschool 23:48   The Value and Role of Mentoring and Role Models in Attracting and Retaining Junior Women Faculty in Academic Medicine 12'th February, 2014 14:38   (vol) vertrouwen op, in, wantrouwen, in vertrouwen nemen, vertrouwen genieten/geven, zelfvertrouwen, geloofwaardigheid, #debatvertrouwen 20:22   The Digital Disruption of Education Publishing; How Online Learning Is Reshaping the Industry’s Ecosystem 20:31   How Millennials Are Changing the Face of Marketing Forever....Business schools included. #EFMDdeans #AASCB 20:35   Meet 5 academics who have switched disciplines mid-career | University Affairs via @UA_magazine

February 2014 / 25

20:42   Great inspiration for universities' valorization challenge: see it as Operating models in wealth management 20:52   RT @felixdemoya Retractions may be a useful surrogate for misconduct, but there is more misconduct than has been noted in retractions 21:10   RT @PoetsAndQuants Today's most viewed: Our new 40-under-40 list of the world's best business schools professors under the age of 40... 22:12   2013 Revenue Harvard Business School: 587 m$; publishing 31%, ExecEd 25%, Endowments 24%, MBA tuition 18% #EFMDdeans 13'th February, 2014 18:48   Bridging the gap to the market: ERC funds 67 innovative projects. #impact #universities #research 20:28   RT @C21U What Non-Profit Universities Can Learn from the For-Profits | @InsideHigherEd 21:50   RT @PLOS NEW "Accelerating Impact" video shows real world examples of innovative reuse of #OpenAccess research #ASAP

February 2014 / 26

14'th February, 2014 23:34   The European Research Council and the European research funding landscape. #universities #excellence 23:43   U.S. Dominance in Science Faces Asian Challenge..the crown is slipping. #universities #research 15'th February, 2014 00:21   Universities in Europe in 1650 on the map of Europe, amazingly crowded. 17:55   Tension in Business Education between Academic Rigor and Real-World Relevance: Role of Executive Professors 16'th February, 2014 09:53   Cooperation, Competition, and the Contractarian View of Scientific Research. @SciTransit #universities 10:17   The nature of co-authorship: a note on recognition sharing and scientific argumentation. @SciTransit

February 2014 / 27

10:57   Attention please for Bschool big data fans; twitter opens up its archives for research. #efmddeans #impact 12:19   New UNBOSS book about work/leadership, unlike any before. Any bschool dean comments? #EFMDdeans #AACSB 15:54   Different business model innovations have different management challenges and require different leadership 19:40   The SSCI Syndrome in Higher Education, a Local or Global Phenomenon. #impact #research #universities 19:48   Revisiting the Mission of the Business School Through Scholarship of Engagement. #bschool #EFMDdeans #impact 20:32   Researchers on the move: The impact of brain circulation. Oecd indicators. #research #careers 20:51   Supporting Evaluation with Unique and persistent Identifiers for Researchers #orcid #universities #impact 22:02   Making your research accessible - Research to Action. #impact #universities

February 2014 / 28

17'th February, 2014 12:55   Google Scholar for research; super search tips for how to use Google Scholar more efficiently. WoW! Wouter on the Web 20:10   Knowledge Angels: fostering innovation in knowledge-intensive business services through creative individuals 20:14   Scientific Output and Collaboration of European Research Public Organisations. #bibliometrics #impact 20:16   Scientific Output and Collaboration of European Universities. #bibliometrics #research #universities #impact 20:56   Scientific Output and Collaboration of Companies Publishing the Most in the ERA. #bibliometrics #impact 21:35   RT @curtrice World Economic Forum launches online academy - University World News: 21:35   RT @LSEImpactBlog Book Review: Doing Research in the Real World by David E. Gray #phdchat

February 2014 / 29

21:36   RT @felixdemoya The most stinging dismissal is to say: “That’s academic.” In other words, to be a scholar is, often, to be irrelevant 18'th February, 2014 09:12   Increasing impact, enhancing value - a practitioner's guide to leading corporate philanthropy. 09:56   Future of business schools and how they might change in the future. #EFMDdeans #AACSB 19:26   University-Industry Innovation Magazine on interaction HE and Business 19:29   the ecosystem of university-business cooperation. #impact #valorization #research 19:35   Fostering University-Industry Relationships, Entrepreneurial Universities and Collaborative Innovation. 19:37   Challenges and Solutions for Fostering Entrepreneurial Universities and Collaborative Innovation. #impact

February 2014 / 30

20:19   Proud result: 7 NL university repositories are in the webometrics global top 100 repository ranking 2014. 20:31   @BizEdMag What would you like from rsm for the impactfeature? Here is my weblog on impact of research fyi: 20:34   RT @AACSBdan Cameron Anderson @BerkeleyHaas talking with #AACSBDeans about harnessing collective wisdom #ResearchImpact 20:58   @BizEdMag this weblog is open to everyone and has attracted over 18.000 visitors, very relevant for deans, research directors etc. 21:00   @BizEdMag I started this blog a few years ago when impact became a hot issue for bschools and universities, please contact me by email 19'th February, 2014 20:41   The field of Eurocracy; elite actors and relational structures that underpin the functioning of EU polity. 21:03   Towards A Multi-layered Approach to Becoming an Entrepreneurial University. #impact

February 2014 / 31

22:10   Beyond Reason and Tolerance The Purpose and Practice of Higher Education. #universities #impact 23:24   Tweet your research: a how to guide. #impact #universities #publishing 23:26   Social Media & Academic Life #TandFEditors 23:47   Interesting new app: the wheel of truth of your twitter network. #impact 20'th February, 2014 00:09   A fresh policy on gender balance and gendered research 12:18   Does ‘open science’ support ‘open knowledge’? #impact #universities #OA 12:20   Cross-Cutting Analysis of Scientific Publications versus Other Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators 12:29   NL is not only top in skating, but also in publications per researcher. See table IV page 30. @SciTransit

February 2014 / 32

14:26   Academic Libraries & OA strategies; responding as competitors to changing scholarly information practices. 21:25   Check out all tweets on #researchimpact on Tagboard 22:41   Who are the top 20 tweeters for Altmetrics in the last 14 days: 23:46   @Wowter @KeitaBando Guess who tweeted the most about Google Scholar: 23:56   @Wowter you can check the [mention reach] of your frustration through to see if it is a generic emotion.. 21'st February, 2014 00:20   Proceedings International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators 2013. #impact STI_2013_Proceedings.pdf 10:44   Profit (p)-Index: Degree to Which Authors Profit from Co-Authors; benchmark to Nobel laureates. #metrics 17:40   Qualtrics Reveals Plans to Launch new Innovation Exchange, a Revolutionary Online Marketplace for Business Solutions

February 2014 / 33

18:05   Gender Summit EU 2014 From Ideas to Markets: Excellence in mainstreaming gender into research, innovation, and policy 22'nd February, 2014 11:02   RT @Freek_Vermeulen Can we please stop the knee-jerk reaction "correlation is not causation"? Statistics has made a bit of progress since the 1980s you know. 11:03   RT @Freek_Vermeulen "Beauty is wealth": Appointing a good-looking CEO boosts a company's stock returns 11:04   RT @Freek_Vermeulen Power affects the brain: When people gain power, they lose some of their ability to empathise with others: 11:05   RT @Freek_Vermeulen Greater differences in pay among employees in R&D groups make them less successful at developing innovation: 11:06   RT @Freek_Vermeulen If you want to increase employee productivity, present a pay increase as an (unconditional) gift creating reciprocity 13:38   Does Intra-European Cooperation + International Collaboration of ERA effect in more scientific impact?

February 2014 / 34

13:52   Bibliometric analysis of scientific performance of EU countries and regions for 17 FP7 thematic priorities. 23'rd February, 2014 00:50   Scientific Research Measures (SRMs) to rank scientists' research performance including whole citation curve. #impact 00:57   Support for new career academics: an integrated model for research intensive university business/management schools. 14:02   RT @martin_eve Google Scholar will count a blog post as an article if it's cited: a preservation suggesstion #OA 20:55   @Julie_covuni @Soc_Sci_Impact @warwickuni looks very intersting,can you share the presentations with me Julie? 21:48   Good practice elements in doctoral training; training doctoral researchers for a diverse job market. #phd 24'th February, 2014 16:35   @Julie_covuni @Soc_Sci_Impact @warwickuni thanx Julie, what will be the hashtag?

February 2014 / 35

23:56   RT @Genomethics This picture makes me laugh every time I see it - academics explained through the muppets 23:58   Solving for 'X', Seven business school deans share their most successful solutions to their 21st-century problems. 25'th February, 2014 21:34   New handbook on the entrepreneurial university. #impact #bschool 26'th February, 2014 13:23   Special issue on Research assessment: Review of methodologies and approaches - Research Trends #universities #impact 19:40   How can we involve our international faculty members if all the debates are in Dutch? @SciTransit @rathenauORG 20:26   MyScienceWork opens access to full catalogue of scientific articles. #OA #impact 21:48   "Towards a Google Scholar API" good read

February 2014 / 36

21:54   The Changing Business of Business Schools. #aacsbdeans 23:20   The public choice of university organization. Transforming towards a managerial university. 23:30   RT @ResImpactNet With systems, come challenges including: impact definitions, bridging the divide between academics and administrators #researchimpact2014 23:46   special issue of research trends: The societal impact of research 27'th February, 2014 00:02   Citations of Most Often Cited Economists: Do Scholarly Books Matter More than Quality Journals? #impact #research 00:06   Social media in scholarly communication. What is the meaning of Mendeley reader counts and tweets? #impact #research 28'th February, 2014 09:05   RT @CiscoEIR Business Schools Should be Transformed to Drive #Entrepreneurism via @EntMagazine & @ent_net

February 2014 / 37

09:08   RT @admiralpr #Highered #MBA Why business and academia should collaborate to drive relevant research opportunities 09:33   Are Teaching and Research Mutually Exclusive? #universities 09:34   Announcing Pilot Study: Increase Your Net Tuition Revenue 19:11   EU grant procurement in the modern European university - The role of university research management structures 20:50   Citation-based Plagiarism Detection; Citation Pattern Analysis to Identify Plagiarism in Scientific Publications. 22:36   Successful researchers publicizing research online: outlink analysis of highly cited Euro scientists' personal pages. 23:44   The efficiency of universities’ knowledge transfer activities: A multi-output approach beyond patenting and licensing

February 2014 / 38


1'st March, 2014 00:24   The Economics of Economists; Institutional Setting, Individual Incentives and Future Prospects. #universities 10:12   Audit culture: Why law journals are ranked and what impact this has on the discipline of law. #impact #research 10:15   2014 Global Go-To Think Tank Index based on international survey of scholars, donors, policy makers, and journalists 10:18   Interesting; the global thinktank ranking has a system: Think Tank Impact Assessment Framework. #impact 10:29   Dialoog vertrouwen wetenschap? Please include thinktanks, see index, advocacy is everywhere. #debatvertrouwen 12:15   RT @my1stmonkey Definitions, Evidence & Structures to Capture Research Impact & Benefits - 7 Essays on #Impact - #HigherEducation 13:23   RT @Write4Research Experiment in open peer review for books suggests increased fairness and transparency in feedback process.

March 2014 / 39

13:55   Academic Research Quality E-Valuation: Adaptive Hybrid Model based on Journal Rankings and Citing Methodologies. 14:01   Quality Weighted Citations Versus Total Citations in the Sciences and Social Sciences. #impact #research #publishing 14:20   Measuring the Regional “Third-Mission-Potential” of Different Types of HEIs. #impact #universities #valorization 14:32   Browne and Beyond; Modernizing English higher education. #universities #he #innovation 14:37   Rethinking Impact: Applying Altmetrics to Southern African Research. #universities 2'nd March, 2014 13:20   created a new news facility on Business schools related hashtags news @hashtags. 3'rd March, 2014 00:12   Collaboration is the key to research impact

March 2014 / 40

19:57   Here are some survival lessons for research centres: How to Build a Bad Research Center. 4'th March, 2014 10:11   @etxe31 dear joel, your presentation is very good. where can i find an english version of the bylaws of tse, it is not on the tse website. 10:30   @etxe31 tse is ranked 25 at ssrn econ departments, nice position! 10:44   IESE is now nr 1 international business school @ssrn with over 170 k new downloads, great results! #impact #EFMDdeans 10:51   Only 5 researchers @IESE are responsible for main volume of new downloads, what makes them so hot? #research #impact 11:57   @etxe31 Joel you can check the most downloaded TSE researchers on total downloads @ssrn. #impact 12:14   IMEC values presented by De Neve are clearly communicated on IMEC website. Impressive.

March 2014 / 41

14:16   RT @UberResearch Wizard automates inclusion of grant information in ORCID - Research Information via @researchinfo @ORCID_Org 5'th March, 2014 11:59   Knowledge, Diversity And Performance In European Higher Education; A Changing Landscape. #universities 12:20   Strategic University Management: State of the Art and Unfolding Practices. #universities 14:51   Does it Pay Off to Incentivize Universities? Performance Funding in the German Higher Education System. #impact 23:57   Science 2.0: Research Data Management for research universities. 6'th March, 2014 00:01   Science 2.0: Open Access to research publications. #universities #oai #impact 00:19   Medical Research at Universities – An International Comparison. #impact #excellence #innovation #bibliometrics

March 2014 / 42

01:00   Learning to Measure Influence in a Scientific Social Network. #impact #universities 16:05   How innovation concepts are getting overadvanced: see article on Quadruple/Quintuple Innovation Helixes and SIR 16:10   The concept [smart innovation] is a hot policy concept for EU; what are goals? 7'th March, 2014 10:07   Very interesting developments in Nijkamp case; global support for his publishing praxis by an army of professors. 10:12   RT @SteefvdVelde Check out RSM Discovery (launched today), our platform with short videos on our research findings. So proud, so cool! 10:34   The looks of the new RSM impact initiative: DISCOVERY. There is so much value in our research. 10:48   RT @ACEICulturalEco 2.A bibliometric study on culture research in International Business Date:2014-02-07 By:Cláudia Frias Pinto...

March 2014 / 43

14:10   Proudly received my certificate on completing HUMANE winterschool for Senior University Administrators. #EFMDnews 14:49   Are business schools adapting enough for their uncertain futures? Relevant chapter in new EFMD book on management ed 8'th March, 2014 22:04   Gender-heterogeneous authorteams receive more citations than publications by gender-uniform teams. #impact 9'th March, 2014 11:14   Humanities and Social Sciences in Management Education: Writing, Researching, Teaching. #EFMD #AACSB #bschools 11:35   Careers in academe: the academic labour market as an eco-system. #universities #shrm #bschools 21:07   Predicting Scientific Success from Coauthorship Networks; a quantitative insight into social dimension of publishing. 21:17   Principles of scientific research team formation and evolution; explaining how team sizes have evolved over 50 years.

March 2014 / 44

10'th March, 2014 23:41   CitNetExplorer new software tool for analyzing and visualizing citation networks of scientific publications. #impact 11'th March, 2014 07:42   Definition of a model based on bibliometric indicators for assessing applicants to academic positions. #universties 21:02   THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE; AN ENTREPRENEURIAL STAKEHOLDER LEARNING ORGANISATION? #impact #bschool #universities 13'th March, 2014 20:23   Taconomy of motives to cite: Argumentation, Social Alignment, Mercantile Alignment, and Data. #research #publishing 20:26   Using altmetrics for assessing research impact in the humanities. #impact 21:41   Room for increased ambitions? Governing breakthrough research in Norway 1990 – 2013. #universities #impact

March 2014 / 45

21:53   Proportion of articles with zero citations 3 years after publication; globally still nearly 40% (figure 4.5) 21:54   Proportion of the publications not receiving any citations during the first three years after publication: the visual 14'th March, 2014 20:20   paper “Journal rankings and interdisciplinarity” stresses importance of interdisciplinary ranking system at EU level 20:43   Shareholder Primacy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Role of Business Schools. #impact #bschool #EFMDnews 20:47   The legitimacy paradox of business schools: losing by gaining? #impact #bschool #AACSBnews #EFMDdeans 21:14   Public funding of science: An international comparison. #universities #research 21:16   RT @MiedemaF The Economist | Combating bad science: METRICS lead by John Ioannidis of Stanford, fights sloppy science @SciTransit

March 2014 / 46

21:34   RT @lorcanD "Institutional repositories (IRs) should actively collect the full range of work produced by scholars " 23:19   MBA programmes will soon have to compete with elite online alternatives for same population, killing 3rd tier schools 15'th March, 2014 12:26   Gender and self citation across fields and over time.Who wins? Visual here: #impact #research 14:50   Why are we ALWAYS measuring income / pay / earnings of MBA's and NEVER their contributions to global prosperity? #wef 17:31   The role of knowledge users in public–private research programs: An evaluation challenge. #research #impact #sep 17:38   Electronic Journals, Prestige and Economics of Academic Journal Publishing; current state of the publishing industry. 17:45   Innovation from Big Science; enhancing the economic Impact agenda of Big Science. #research #universities

March 2014 / 47

17:49   Reputation management: Evaluating journals for publication and impact. #research #impact # publishing 16'th March, 2014 10:03   308 bschool deans are active on twitter according to @followerwonk bio search for Dean business school #ft #EFMDdeans 10:17   829 bschool professors are active on twitter by bio search for Professor business school. @edans wins #ft #EFMDdeans 17:45   @edans A business professor with 188 k folowers is a benchmark for other profs. Stats: 17:52   @edans Digging a bit deeper reveals high activity, popularity and communicativity. A true social professor. #impact 18:00   @foller metrics service reveals @edans is listed over 7000 times, I guess an english weblog would make a celeb! 18:22   @edans has a kloutscore of 80, this is very high, even for a professor. #altmetrics #impact

March 2014 / 48

17'th March, 2014 11:01   Why and where do academics publish? Starbuck on trends in collissions of norms, editors, channels and deans. #impact 20:52   Control and traceability of research impact on practice: reframing the ‘relevance gap’ debate in management. #bschool 22:37   GigaDB: promoting data dissemination and reproducibility with the GigaScience database. #impact #research 18'th March, 2014 07:54   Event: The Impact of Science; int best practcs in measurng and demonstrg the contribn of scientc research to society 19:23   RT @sci_citations Why aren't they citing my #papers? 19:24   RT @sci_citations @labroides @KateClancy @researchremix can help U in getting post-publication #citations, digital proof of your impact 21:37   RT @sciam How Data Mining Uncovered Rampant Scientific Plagiarism and Fraud

March 2014 / 49

19'th March, 2014 20:57   Modern Business school culture: more customer-focused, responsive, flexible, virtual and cooperative. #efmddeans 22:07   RT @openscience sciforge: Publication & Citation of Scientific Software with Persistent Identifiers slides by @mrtnhmtz #openscience 20'th March, 2014 18:03   Towards a certification mechanism for genuinely good HR management in the public research sector in Europe. 18:27   Rethinking Strategy for an Age of Digital Disruption..a wake up message for business school deans. #EFMDdeans 21'st March, 2014 21:15   THE LIFE OF A PROFESSOR: STRESS AND COPING. #universities @SciTransit 21:43   NEW Protocol for Research Assessments NL; productivity is no longer a seperate evaluation focus. #impact @SciTransit

March 2014 / 50

21:53   New SEP research evaluation protocol NL; quality domains vs assessment dimensions; impact driven? Visual @SciTransit 22:45   RT @curtrice Speaking at conferences affects careers! via @science2_0 22:46   RT @curtrice Mothers in Science. 64 portraits of women in science and how they found their balance. 23:01   Another great bschool magazine: Stanford Business Magazine spring issue. Research story telling is impactful 23:02   RT @Stanford The spring issue of Stanford Business magazine explores the theme of "pursuits": 23:09   Every issue of @Stanford Business Magazine has special theme, see their archive with issues back to 2001. #impact 23:26   As many as 50% of research papers are never read by anyone other than the authors, referees and editors. #impact 22'nd March, 2014

March 2014 / 51

11:26   RT @jasonpriem One third of @tandfonline authors announce article publications via social media: via @LB_CopyEditor 23'rd March, 2014 09:54   Harvard BS for all: now offering $1500 online programmes. Why go EU schools if you can get elite brand? #EFMDdeans 10:11   Now productivity is out of SEP, we can work on innovative ways to measure and stimulate it. @SciTransit 11:44   How should the societal impact of research be generated and measured allowing interdisciplinary comparisons? #impact 12:28   Bibliometric Methods in Management and Organization. #impact #bschool #universities 12:36   Impact Factor 2.0: Applying Social Network Analysis to Scientific Impact Assessment. #universities @SciTransit 18:55   On top of @SciTransit we need a new field: [Science-Forensics] performing CSI [Citation Scene Investigations] making citation trails visible

March 2014 / 52

18:58   RT @2020science Gender balance in science blogging networks (quick analysis before tomorrow’s #scicomm talk) 20:30   Stanford University To Open A Center For Studying Bad Science. 20:41   How research funding agencies support science integration into policy and practice: An international overview 23:26   RT @thinkable_org Must read piece by group of senior researchers on the critical need to pursue the risky and unthinkable in science. 24'th March, 2014 20:08   Spinning a web of open science; Social networks for scientists, data sharing & OA to change research conduct. #impact 20:30   The Effective Academic: A Handbook for Enhanced Academic Practice. #universities 20:54   @jasonpriem reflect: paywall publishers are like dodo's, their business model is in fact extinct, just wait..

March 2014 / 53

21:47   Correcting failures in science; balancing between correction and retraction; transparency is key 22:01   The Evolution of Data Citation: From Principles to Implementation. #research #universities 22:04   RT @thedataorg 20 Research Transparency Initiatives to Follow on Twitter from BITSS Blog 23:05   RT @digicmb Science 2.0 online streaming or Lanyrd #sci20conf #scicomm #socialmedia #networks #research 25'th March, 2014 09:39   Although productivity is now out SEP, the definition of worldclass/execllent is sharpened. 09:49   SEP reflection: how can a research group perform on the level of worldleading/excellent without being at least VERY productive? @SciTransit 10:00   New SEP requires a SWOT for Positioning/Benchmarking the research unit. Worldleading/excellent groups need metrics

March 2014 / 54

15:33   The new SEP protocol in a beautiful wordcloud showing top 200 words on quality, relevance and viability @SciTransit 15:42   Hot Paper in Econ & Bus @ScienceWatch; Do only 12 citations in two months make an Econ-Bus paper really "hot"? 16:51   How well developed are #Altmetrics? Cross-disc. analysis of their presence in scientific pubs. #impact #research 17:04   Comparing #Altmetrics, #Bibliometrics & #Scientometrics tweets: who's hot last month? #impact 23:23   The effects of research grants on scientific productivity and utilisation. #impact #universities 26'th March, 2014 11:07   OLD SEP scores inflated, NEW SEP excell. criteria will strike most researchgroups.@SciTransit 11:15   Sensing the SEP scores inflation per field over the years, Law, Health and Econ need a new strategy. @SciTransit

March 2014 / 55

14:57   Thomson Reuters-Google Scholar Reciprocal Linkage Offers Big Win for Researchers and Publishers 22:35   Trust and Authority in Scholarly Communications in the Light of the Digital Transition. #research #publishing #impact 22:39   Impact and role of social media in scholarly communication; the presentation #science20 #altmetrics #trust 23:13   Academia Europeana; the most boring website I have visited recently, especially the business/econ section. #nonimpact 23:20   Guidance on research and publication ethics in Europe 23:24   Institutional responses to violations of research integrity 23:26   Retractions and misconduct: Lessons from Science; the good, the bad and the ugly 23:38   Fake Papers A Symptom Of More Serious Problems In Academia

March 2014 / 56

23:41   RT @FootnoteMedia Can scientific publishing incorporate opportunities for dialogue the way social media has? by @bonnieswoger #acwri 23:43   RT @ivanoransky Oh, the irony: Paper on “Ethics and Integrity of the Publishing Process” retracted for duplication 23:49   These 40 Science Experts Will Completely Revamp Your Social Media Feed. @SciTransit 23:53   The Exploitative Economics Of Academic Publishing 27'th March, 2014 13:04   @PostdocNews This is how it should be! and I like the title of your event:"Be the arcvhitect of your career" 14:35   @PostdocNews You may want to check out my weblog on dual impact of research, a lot of value for postdocs in there: 21:17   interested in University Business? Try a subscription to my RebelMouse for great content stream! @SciTransit #impact

March 2014 / 57

21:55   Placing excellence at the centre of eu research and innovation last I would add #eu #impact 22:01   Heeft u ook zo'n gevoel van topsectoren beleidsmoeheid...weer een set slides met innovation policy lingo.. 22:25   A Canadian-centric look at scholarly science and technology publishing trends 2014. #research #impact 29'th March, 2014 08:18   RT @MiedemaF Academic publishing in transition? @SciTransit 08:39   @neesjanvaneck You may reserve a place for me! 09:19   [Open innovation] research 2003-2013; a bibliometric review with nice thematic clusters. #research 09:36   @CCSresearch Very proud and powerful impact report! I think every research institute should take up this responsibility @SciTransit 09:46   @CCSresearch impact model explained in visual. Classic, easy to communicate and actionable. #impact #universities

March 2014 / 58

10:05   RT @KeitaBando A variety of new #altmetrics tools can help you get a more complete picture of others’ research impact, .. 10:08   RT @LGTummers "The university is the engine of social mobility within the US" Chancellor Dirks @UCBerkeley speaking at #leadership academy. #2014ela 10:10   RT @LGTummers Increase interactions between faculty and staff at universities to increase #collaboration. Dr. Johanna Butler. #leadership #2014ela 10:11   RT @LGTummers Only 12% revenues of @UCBerkeley are state funds.Rest tuition (22%), government grants (22%),private gifts and grants(19%) #Public-private 10:26   Nice video: Science 2.0 explained @SciTransit 30'th March, 2014 01:18   Comparing Nordic Universities with Bibliometric Indicators; 2000–2012 including humanities + social sciences. #impact 10:35   @Wowter You are among the global top 3 people on bibliometrics profile based on nr of follower, great! #impact 10:47   @StevenVdWalle apres nous le leduge!

March 2014 / 59

11:50   @StevenVdWalle SAP kan ons leven blijkbaar niet makkelijker maken EN ook niet leuker, en dat ik het weekend van de aangifte... 12:00   @GlobalHE @GlobalHE I'm honoured, best price is enduring endorsements, retweets, favourites and mentions of my content to your community 21:33   A Bibliometric Comparison of the Research of Three UK Business Schools. #impact #EFMDdeans 21:54   New article level metric integrates impact of researchers, journals, social bookmarks and web citations. #altmetrics 31'st March, 2014 08:28   Erasmus Management Lecture 2014: Future of Management Research: Big Data, New Data, Better Science - ERIM #EFMDdeans 16:01   RT @altmetric Realising the Potential of #Altmetrics within Institutions: (courtesy of @portablebrain and @Stew) 16:32   Tweets about #sci20conf have reached 68,048 accounts until today; see top contributors. #influence via @tweetreachapp

March 2014 / 60

17:02   See what happened at the Science 2.0 conference #sci20conf on @tagboard: @SciTransit 20:56   @Infomous cloud of the Science 2.0 Conference #sci20conf

March 2014 / 61


1'st April, 2014 08:10   @Impactstory I think it is an attempt for a MEANINGFUL CONTEXT for altmetrics, currently missing as they are still too pointilistic/micro. 18:56   Altmetrics create a incomplete impact profile of a work if not all co-authors are social media active, I call this [social influence bias] 19:06   Altmetrics should correct their scores for social media non-active co-authors, and recalculate when these become active later in time. 19:11   Altmetrics scores should be corrected for self-tweets, self-mentions and self-favourites. 19:18   Altmetrics should give a higher weight for social media references by people with high social influence status, like a @klout score of 75+ 19:23   Altmetrics should create a global top league of the articles that belong to the proportion of 10% most social media referenced articles 20:04   Above a Swamp: A Theory of High-Quality Scientific Production #research #impact #publishing

April 2014 / 62

20:09   Why Top Scientists Publish Junk Papers: Unveiling Hidden Rationales behind Scientific Publications. #impact 20:17   Universities as Innovators: The Effect of Academic Incubators on Patent. #impact 20:25   Drivers and Barriers in Digital Scholarly Communication; a comprehensive picture of current landscape #impact #sci20 22:45   The (lack of) Impact of Retraction on Citation Networks; ....#altmetrics needs to deal with retracted articles too 3'rd April, 2014 12:21   RT @UniversitiesUK Infographics - The impact of universities on the UK economy launched today #unisandgrowth 12:47   Measuring full impact scholar’s work: Total Impact Score by @Impactstory; Will one UBER metric do it? @SciTransit 13:04   @PostdocNews I think we even do NOT have the statistics in place to do it...

April 2014 / 63

13:18   @PostdocNews Ofcourse NL universities need to do this. Universities should be [IMPACT DRIVEN], not research / teaching driven only. #impact 13:29   Creating cultures of integrity. Ethics education in UK business schools #EFMDDeans #AACSBdeans 21:58   Business of accreditation: 85 BSchools get AACSB Accreditation; why are the assessment reports not public? 22:29   The Value and #Impact of #Data Sharing and Curation; synthesis of three recent studies of UK research data centres. 23:03   RT @Write4Research Research assessment, altmetrics and tools for determining impact: Reading list for #HEFCEmetrics review launch. 4'th April, 2014 13:12   Top-1% & Top-10% of Most-Frequently-Cited Pubs..NL scores high, not so much @Scitansit visual: 21:53   Academic inventions and patents in the NL 2000-2010: 50% of 2898 patents are still unexploited by business. #impact

April 2014 / 64

5'th April, 2014 08:10   Growing best +brightest; factors for research #excellence in #universities apart from funding. #impact. @SciTransit 09:16   @Saarenke @AACSB Please share it all! 09:30   Einddebat vertrouwen wetenschap 14/4; ben benieuwd of er ook international faculty op af zal komen #debatvertrouwen 09:38   RT @edumemeUK Vice chancellors really are the new bankers 09:39   RT @LSEImpactBlog The usefulness of citation counts depends heavily on the context of an individual’s publishing community. 09:39   RT @LSEImpactBlog GitHub for Academics: a more open way to host, create and curate human knowledge 18:55   RT @GeorgesRomme Can we create an integrative discourse in #management studies? #research @daviddenyer @NicolayWorren #invite

April 2014 / 65

19:00   RT @CameronNeylon EC releases expert group report on Text and Data Mining for research. Only skimmed so far but looks very interesting 19:00   RT @stevehit Visibility and Citation Impact, case study of 2 researchers using 'publication marketing tools' #oaimpact #openaccess 6'th April, 2014 11:49   RT @jameswilsdon “There is this increasing faith that physical science is the answer to all our terrible questions.” Mary Midgley @FT 12:48   Twitter@Erasmus: Although @_basjacobs has by far the most followers, @zihniozdil tops on authority based on profile 12:57   Twitter@erasmus: NL scene is headed by @elbertdijkgraaf, highest social authority, most followers based on profile 13:55   RT @MsPhelps Our article "The comparative recall of Google Scholar versus PubMed" now in PMC w/ @wichor @giustini @pfanderson #OA 14:28   Nice example of value of visiting lecturers for the societal #impact of business schools; reflections on the #Bitcoin

April 2014 / 66

15:53   Fraud in science: a plea for a new culture in research. @SciTransit 16:08   Why are US #universities hiring so much non-tenure-track #faculty? Currently nearly 70 % of all faculty members. 16:13   All presentations of #sci20conf are online now. @SciTransit 7'th April, 2014 12:45   SciCombinator; the most talked about/latest scientific content & concepts. Algorithm: #impact 14:07   I love the new @RSM discovery video series: see f.e. Shira Mor: Stereotypes can help international business. #impact 15:08   @RSMErasmus Thanx, I guess you mean #rsmdiscovery, not #rsmdicovery.. 22:05   RT @sharmanedit Did you see the claim that 50% of papers are never read & 90% never cited? Not true, as I detail here:

April 2014 / 67

8'th April, 2014 09:07   Entrepreneurial subjectivity of successful researchers; ‘soft skills’, flexible, adaptive, responsive dispositions. 22:33   Innovations in the Public Sector: A Systematic Review and Future Research Agenda. 9'th April, 2014 15:45   9 trends reshaping business environment by long-term potentially irreversible shifts in global economy. #AACSBdeans 12'th April, 2014 21:16   Beyond the lone genius and big egos in science, towards an increasing tendency for collaborative research. #impact 13'th April, 2014 18:26   RT @petersuber "Higher priced titles do have higher Impact Factors and Eigenfactors, but the increase in the… 20:29   Engaging with Engagement: How UK Business-Schools could meet the Innovation Challenge.#EFMDdeans

April 2014 / 68

20:32   From Relevance 2 Relevate: How UniversityBased BSchool can remain Seats of Higher Learning and Contribute to Business 21:55   Top G20 coutries with highest percentage of highly cited papers: UK (2.0), US (1.8), Australia/Canada/Germany (1.7) 22:03   Top 5 US Institutions with High Impact in Management, > 100 papers in 2008-2012, 7.84 average citations per paper. 15'th April, 2014 13:22   RT @jameswilsdon Measuring impact of social science research on UK govt policy: new paper by @PJDunleavy @simonjbastow & @janetinkler 16'th April, 2014 08:13   8 things for a research support service spring clean Proud2Know #impact 17'th April, 2014 11:56   RT @seinecle @blahah404 @Impactstory "clean" measures of impact (not tainted by self promotion or easy to hack) are hard to find.

April 2014 / 69

19'th April, 2014 08:46   Current narrow band of research impact leads to functionalist + short-term perspective in both research and teaching 08:49   BRICS countries and scientific excellence: A bibliometric analysis of most frequently-cited papers. #impact #research 08:59   Top 30 countries with highest percentage of top cited papers 1990-2010. #impact @SciTransit 09:12   Amazing; although USA produces many papers, CH, DK, NL, SE more infuential with more PPtop 1% papers @SciTransit 09:14   RT @LSEImpactBlog Fast scholarship is not always good scholarship: relevant research requires more than an online presence. 21'st April, 2014 20:48   RT @voxeu Towards measuring research supervision quality: Research supervision, unlike the quality of academic research,... 21:11   @RichardTol You should try #altmetrics and impactstory to measure your influence.

April 2014 / 70

22'nd April, 2014 07:39   @RichardTol your top 100 followers have a combined reach of 2,079,709; I would call this impact potential! 16:25   Top 100 @altmetric followers have a combined reach of 2,489,901; Is this substantial #impact potential? #altmetric 21:01   Academic search engines; #impact on the future of scientific communication, #research measurement and evaluation. 24'th April, 2014 21:12   Publishing in Public Administration: Issues with Defining, Comparing and Ranking the Output of Universities. #impact 25'th April, 2014 18:51   RT @Wowter Altmetrics, another view on impact by @Wowter #altmetrics #bibliometrics 20:33   Measuring scientific performance for improved policy making. #research #eu #innovation #policy #impact

April 2014 / 71

20:57   NL is only country where research evaluation results do NOT influence core funding. page 14 21:45   RT @stevehit Novel Research Impact Indicators, on article-level metrics #altmetrics at PLOS, Liber Q via @infodocs #oaimpact 22:51   Highest #altmetrics score among thousands PlosOne articles is 2454. How do I know it is high? 23:11   3544 is the second highest #altmetrics score ever. I wonder if highly cited articles with no altmetrics score exist.. 26'th April, 2014 10:45   @mcleish_t Think big! Who would REFuse? 10:46   RT @WinfriedRuigrok "The Exploitative Economics Of Academic Publishing" via @readability 13:45   @mcleish_t REF is costly because it's is a political zero sum game. If invested in proper RIS systems & metrics it can be done as #EUREF

April 2014 / 72

27'th April, 2014 08:47   PLOS ALM Reports tool: report on #altmetrics articles. 13 articles alltime, one big hit 75k 09:07   PLOS ALM Reports: article-level metrics for any set of articles incl. visualizations. SERIOUSLY useful! @SciTransit 09:22   I guess #altmetrics has the same transformational potential for science as #bitcoins has for business. #impact 09:37   If we combine #altmetrics into a #bitcoins like global payment system, maybe we can enable a single valuation system for academic reputation 09:42   So if such a global valuation system for academic reputation would emerge, #altmetrics can better be renamed to #ScienceCoins. #impact 10:03   LIBRE; opening a new era of openness and transparency in scholarly evaluation and communication. @SciTransit #impact 11:51   RT @Phil_Baty Infographic: Globalisation of science and innovation: via @markwfranks

April 2014 / 73

11:59   Writing for #impact: how to craft papers that will be cited. A taxonomy of #publishing impact. 12:03   Useful for every academic: Studying and Researching with Social Media. #impact 12:05   RT @libreapp Issues arising when #research evaluation, validation and dissemination are journal-dependent processes #openscience 12:43   @Wowter @WageningenUR @isidroaguillo See how terrifically well this works! 15:19   RT @ttso Drawing from the Sat morning idea bank: port #bitcoin to #altmetrics. Reward researchers for impact. 15:22   @ttso We should call on global #philanthropy for some investments and start building the #ScienceCoins system. #impact #reputation 15:40   #bibliometrics n-gram starts in the sixties and peaks in the nineties, long before #altmetrics. 15:59   Interesting; N-gram dynamics of #bibliometrics, #scientometrics and #webometrics.

April 2014 / 74

16:26   @Saarenke Hope we meet in Lapeenranta for the @EFMD doctoral ed conference 7-9 May! We share some interests I guess 16:44   #AWT shows eye-opening Foreign Fractions and major source countries for science communities? 20:41   Lack of reward systems for PUBLIC SCHOLARSHIP severely limits future of public engagement in the academy. @SciTransit 29'th April, 2014 20:14   Profiling the Flagship University Model; Changing the Paradigm From Ranking to Relevancy. 20:37   @BizEdMag Thanx a lot for featuring my social media strategy and weblogs! #impact 20:45   BizEd magazine special issue on #research in business schools in the digital age. #EFMDDeans #AACSBDeans #impact 30'th April, 2014 12:38   @ttso we have to contact @GeorgeSorosFund and make him aware of this #ScienceCoins idea value for mankind!

April 2014 / 75

12:52   @ttso @wmijnhardt @GeorgeSorosFund #ScienceCoins is a reputation payment system not a currency, this is easier to accept by scientists

April 2014 / 76


2'nd May, 2014 19:24   @neesjanvaneck A global top 30 rank needs a MNCS > 1,5 and PPtop10% > 17%. This is mission impossible for most NL universities. 3'rd May, 2014 08:01   The silent vosviewer revolution in the LeidenRanking 2014; field defs at article level, not journal level 08:13   New filed definitions of @cwtsleiden ranking 2014 are fundamentally different (article level) and very @SciTransit 08:24   Now LeidenRanking uses vosviewer, who will offer the most for the algorithm, Thomson Reuters or Elsevier? @SciTransit 09:05   RT @MiedemaF HEFCE UK project on the use of metrics in research evaluation should also be next step for #KNAW SEP @SciTransit 20:00   Who is driving the @SciTransit movement:@MiedemaF Network analysis of last month

May 2014 / 77

20:10   Who is driving the @altmeric conversation? See the network analysis of last month: #altmetrics 23:03   What is the mention map of the @SciTransit conversation? Influence might be too local Dutch. 4'th May, 2014 17:50   My followers live in the U.K. (24.2%), the Netherlands (23.2%), the U.S. (21.1%) & more. Create your map at 19:56   My followers live in Netherlands(27%),UK.(21%),USA(20%) & more Create your map free 21:43   @MiedemaF An analysis with shows that @SciTransit needs a social media strategy to prosper 8'th May, 2014 07:44   The most useful feature of @nuzzel is that it summarizes the most relevant tweets shared by my followers. #impact

May 2014 / 78

08:05   John Kraft on positioning your business school doctoral programme between academic and professional purpose @EFMDNews 08:19   How many of top business school phd graduates do not academic articles after the phd? What would be a reasonable percentage? 50%? @EFMDnews 09:19   Not all citations are equal: x-index selectively incorporates citations by more influential authors. #impact#research 09:33   Dispelling five key myths on Scientists using Twitter; the most persistent myth is: Serious scientists don’t Tweet 12:37   Ton van Raan to head new @ERC_Research expert group on Key Performance Indicators. Again great news for @cwtsleiden 13:00   @MaxJ_K Challenging idea, do you have a suggestion for a century of journals editions to apply it to? 14:26   RT @OSTAustria_DC Mt @plazi_ch: a new platform for scientific communication opened @LyuboPenev @Science_Open 15:44   Academic citation practices need to be modernized Medium via @Nuzzel

May 2014 / 79

22:26   RT @ScholarlyComm RT @pressfwd: New at PressForward: "Scholarly Communication, the Web Way - A New Series" #scholarlycommunication 22:32   Academic prestige: Why climb the greasy pole? as elite universities do not add value to output. #impact #research 22:57   Ranking of Most Successful Business School Graduates Job Search Methods Used @GMACUpdates 23:04   RT @JustinWolfers How transparent are thinktanks about who funds them? 23:16   RT @BizSchoolDean UK universities need to triple fundraising workforce by 2022, says study... #highered 23:17   RT @BizSchoolDean Time for business schools to decide their strategic purpose? Michael Porter would be proud... #highered 23:24   RT @Hadas_Shema The new Dutch research evaluation protocol via @wordpressdotcom

May 2014 / 80

9'th May, 2014 05:04   Ranking universties by twitter influence,@ftbized @FTworldnews Smart new addon for global business school rankings? 05:17   Adding @altmetric scores to journals in @ftbized business school rankings would incorporate article level impact in rankings. @BizDeansTalk 08:41   Optimizing bilateral #STI cooperations; towards a basic Principles Umbrella? #innovation #EU #H2020 #impact 09:36   RT @markwfranks From 2014 Innovation Report High public R&D spend usually associated with high private spend 09:36   RT @markwfranks From 2014 BIS Innovation Report Over half of UK business R&D now done by foreign-owned firms. 09:42   RT @went1955 Global flows in a digital age — McKinsey report with lots of data and graphs — 10:02   Top productivity in nr of articles in 1 per cent most cited per 10 researchers = 1.5. page 35.

May 2014 / 81

12:56   @UBABert Thanx, here is the correct link: 13:16   Towards HE #philanthropy workforce; #HR report, capabilities & toolkit 13:20   RT @Saarenke Process and Quality indicators of Business Doctorate. #EFMD Doctoral Conference @UniLUT 13:50   Business School Deans: ABS/BAM Dev Progr for Directors of Research (DPDOR) 2014-15 [SUBSCRIPTION is OPEN] #EFMDdeans 10'th May, 2014 00:04   In search of rigor, relevance, and legitimacy: what drives the #impact of publications? 08:39   ASQ editr: Why Do We Still Have Journals? certify contributions, convene scholarly communities, curate relevant works 19:59   RCUK starts Open Access Implementation Review; When will NL follow to make it happen? #impact @NWO @VSNU @SciTransit

May 2014 / 82

20:23   Why are University #Repositories in NL never evaluated on curation performance and support for the impact of research? @deVSNU @RathenauNL 20:26   RT @researchinfo Hill #uksglive We think univs will want control over output. New role for #repositories Need to be discoverable & accessible 21:49   RT @openscience Peer Review of Datasets: When, Why, and How To increase data trustworthiness and transparency. #openscience 21:50   RT @arfon Peer Review as a Service - some thoughts on what's needed to change publishing #openscience #openaccess 21:52   RT @FWFOpenAccess #OpenScience Pioneer Peter Murray-Rust in Vienna on “Realising the Value of Published Scientific Research” | 22:11   @jeroenbosman @deVSNU @RathenauNL For example @IRUSNEWS does serious efforts to make #repository performance visible. 22:48   Business models of Institutional #Repositories should dedicated to support faculty research dissemination. See OCLC

May 2014 / 83

23:09   The competitive environment of the Top100 University #Repositories. This benchmark is useful. 23:47   50% of open access repositories in ECON and BUS are EU based @OpenDOAR. 11'th May, 2014 00:08   Top 10 Institutional #Repositories NL: Wageningen Yield biggest with 160K records. @Wowter 00:42   Top 10 EU #Repositories cover 90% of all records. Wageningen ranks 31. Merge the rest? @Wowter 23:44   From business school to boardroom; Nr of MBA graduates who are currently ceo of FT500 company. 12'th May, 2014 19:04   Erasmus seminar ‘Research Impact and Relevance: How to publish a world-class paper’ registration open! 19:22   The Future of Management Research: Big Data, New Data, Better Science. Erasmus Management Lecture 2014, May 26, 14.00

May 2014 / 84

21:45   RT @petergklein The New Empirical Economics of Management 23:12   Is 'Convergence' the Next Revolution in Science? A relevant question for university based business schools too. 23:30   The promise of convergence in #research will not happen without the expansion of public-private partnerships. #impact 14'th May, 2014 14:37   RT @webofscience SCI marks 50 years! Hear what Dr.Garfield has to say about the future of citation indexing. #scianniversary 14:40   Dr. Eugene Garfield, about the origin of SCI and its evolution since 1964. 14:46   New Web of Science umbrella with the Core Collection.What a goldmine! 16'th May, 2014 14:32   RT @HEDDAhighered Conference review: EUA conference ‘Changing Landscapes in Learning and Teaching’ #EUA #highered #conference

May 2014 / 85

14:43   RT @Impactstory "this data set has 6x more cites than any article in oceanography from 1982 to now”—on valuing data sets #altmetrics 16:26   The leaked NYT innovation report is a key documents of this media age; relevant for business schools too 16:31   RT @ECR2STAR A guide to research metrics and their importance for young researchers. 16:48   Impact & Relevance: Erasmus University Strategic Plan 2014-2018 in a colourful brochure. #impact 16:51   10 broad trends in scholarly #publishing. via @researchinfo 17'th May, 2014 10:25   New Foundations of Management Research; a must read for deans + directors of research in business schools #EFMDDeans 20:45   Academia 2.0: removing the publisher middle-man while retaining #impact. #research #universities #review

May 2014 / 86

18'th May, 2014 10:29   Research that matters Thoughts on reinventing scientific (management) research. #impact #bschools 10:33   Business schools of the future need to focus more on dynamic capabilities to re-invigorate + re-develop themselves. 19:46   Systematic retrieval of scientific literature based on citation relations: CitNetExplorer tool. #impact #altmetrics 23:41   Engaging with engagement: how business schools could meet the innovation challenge. #innovation #AACSBDeans #impact 23:51   The legitimacy of business schools in 3 phases: scientification, politicization and corporatization. #impact #bschool 19'th May, 2014 00:05   RT @JentheHumanist Many of America’s top business schools are focusing on Humanistic Business Management. Here's why - 07:27   Understanding the impact of academic #journals as innovation #diffusion process. #research #publishing #bschool

May 2014 / 87

07:38   @rstraub46 or maybe accelleration of innovation compared to non specialised journals, isn't impact all about variety in influences? 07:52   @rstraub46 you are oversimplifying quality publishing, convergence cross fields is very present in business schools, but engagement too low. 08:14   @rstraub46 Good point. When we start to publish impact driven we have to calculate the yield of our investments, but also the risks involved 08:20   @rstraub46 see example here of innovation form publishing: 20'th May, 2014 19:53   Impressive Economic Impact Investments Russell Group Universities; 2% is for business schools 21:56   The changing university business model: a stakeholder perspective. #impact #innovation 22:00   Creating research #impact: the roles of #research users in interactive research mobilisation. #universities

May 2014 / 88

22:38   The conversation cloud for the 'economist du jour' Thomas Piketty; what was the role and impact of business schools? 22'nd May, 2014 08:01   Kudos service helps researchers to boost visibility and impact: please add some management journals! @InezvKorlaar 08:02   RT @anna_jester What are Metrics to you? Publisher, Researcher, and/or Institutional Metrics slide from Melinda Kenneway #APET14 23'rd May, 2014 19:04   RT @LERUnews LERU launches new Enterprise and Innovation Brochure: "LERU - Open for business" @SteveCaddick #LERU 24'th May, 2014 09:09   #IBO Report on research: Strategic choices, governance, connections, positioning, finance, accountability @SciTransit 25'th May, 2014

May 2014 / 89

00:57   IBO Wet. OZ report as word cloud. What NL looks like in IBO policy lingo. @MiedemaF @MinOCW @SciTransit @deVSNU 10:38   Imagine huge accreditation market for @AACSB with 6K business masters 10:47   @AACSBdan you have a bright future in EU with the new ADam office! 21:06   #Impact of #Science; internl best practices measuring + demonstrating the contrib to Society. 22:39   Erasmus Univ ECMI 1st AMA/EMAC #Marketing #innovation symposium, global line up of academia & business @StStremersch 26'th May, 2014 19:29   @FT Check out this great 7th Professional Asset Management conference with global speakers at RSM Erasmus University. 19:48   @WSJeurope Check out this Professional Asset Management Conference with global speakers at RSM Erasmus University.

May 2014 / 90

19:49   @BW Check out this Professional #Asset Management Conference with global speakers at RSM Erasmus University. 19:54   @JofFinance Check out this Professional Asset Management Conference with global speakers at RSM Erasmus University. 20:02   @ftlive 7th Professional Asset Management Conference with global speakers at RSM Erasmus University. @marnoverbeek 27'th May, 2014 07:53   AMA, EMAC and #ecmi2014 bridge academia, business and the atlantic. #marketing #innovation #businessmodels @StStremersch 09:02   Anil Menon Cisco on globalization of urban services as biggest market and #marketing challege towards 2020 #ecmi2014 @ftbized @StStremersch 09:24   Eric Bradlow @Wharton #ecmi2014 on [smart big data compression] for effective #marketing research @ftbized @BW @StStremersch 11:29   RT @nmcamacho #ECMI2014 12:49   RT @ECMI_Symposium Van den Broek (Randstad): "Accelerating the HR Services Game Powered by Continuous Changing Technology" #ecmi2014

May 2014 / 91

12:50   RT @ECMI_Symposium "Mayors are next presidents of the world, they are the new ceo's of urban services" #ecmi2014 28'th May, 2014 20:12   RT @mjadoul "A new mission for marketing: from enabling shareholder value to creating stakeholder value" Jagdish Sheth #ecmi2014 20:13   RT @StStremersch Paul Polman, CEO of @Unilever on sustainability: "We have to change the way we do things, not for us but for generations to come" #ecmi2014 20:14   RT @EmoryGoizueta RT @StStremersch: Faculty Jag Sheth: "By 2015, China will be the biggest e-commerce market in the world" #ecmi2014 #GoizuetaKnows 20:56   RT @ECMI_Symposium The next 20 yrs the new global brands will come from China" #ecmi2014 20:57   RT @ECMI_Symposium Kumar: "5 or 10 descions in a decade will define us. in chaos of every day you have to make that descision." #ecmi2014 21:00   RT @ECMI_Symposium "NGO's are going to be very important partners of companies for innoavte sustainable production" #ecmi2014

May 2014 / 92

29'th May, 2014 16:13   RT @ResearchTrendy RT37 special issue on #altmetrics, incl great contributions from @mikethelwall, @Hadas_Shema, @juancommander, @Stew & @mrgunn is out now! 16:20   Good science communication is a matter of judgement. #research #impact 16:53   The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age; new loyalty pact between employer and employee. Bschool wakeup? 18:02   Science Exchange; marketplace for scientific collaboration, experiments from world's best labs. Idea for bschools? 18:13   IDEACITE; brilliant innovation to give DOI's to ideas and make the inspiration process open and citable. #impact 18:34   RT @digitalsci NPG Scientific Data launches - they recognise more than 50 data repositories including @figshare 18:34   RT @digitalsci Emerging needs in the Scholarly Publishing Space - Phil Jone's Slides from #ssp2014

May 2014 / 93

18:59   RT @figshare #opendata embedded in articles in @nature's new journal @ScientificData - Powered by figshare: 19:15   Towards a deeper web for science; will data driven tools and platforms deliver on the promise? 22:56   PROFILING THE FLAGSHIP #UNIVERSITY MODEL: Changing the Paradigm From #Ranking to Relevancy @THEworldunirank #impact 30'th May, 2014 10:02   Why do [Highly Citing Authors] get so little attention compared to [Highly Cited Authors]? Citing behaviour (giving) is undervalued. 13:39   The role of corporate identity in #university #branding: Case Aalto #University School of Business. #reputation 17:12   Is Maximizing Impact of Research Desirable? The limits of the social sciences. #research #universities @SciTransit 18:06   I wonder when the first [All-you-can-learn] business models for #Universities and business schools will appear; [Studyfy] like #spotify

May 2014 / 94

23:20   RT @AACSBdan "Is Management Due for a Renaissance?" asks @davidkhurst @HarvardBiz @rstraub46 @JonHaidt 23:41   RT @PJDunleavy Business schools have lost a staggering amount of credibility in the business community. 23:44   On the future of business education and the needs of employers. #bschool #relevance #impact 31'st May, 2014 13:43   How Good are the top Three Journals in Finance?16 Research Assessment Measures (RAM) for 89 Leading Finance Journals 14:32   The Google Model: Managing Continuous Innovation in a Rapidly Changing World...Some inspiration for business schools. 19:54   Twitter to Release All Tweets to Scientists: Billions of Tweets Will Be a Research Boon and An Ethical Dilemma 23:24   [Fast science] like fast food, is synonymous with poor quality, a manifesto for [Slow Science]. @MiedemaF @SciTransit

May 2014 / 95

23:55   Over wetenschapsfraude als bliksemafleider en de misplaatste topsport metafoor voor wetenschap. @MiedemaF @SciTransit

May 2014 / 96


1'st June, 2014 08:07   RT @SciPubLab "Superior alternatives": Björn @brembs proposes new ways for scholarly #publishing. But when do they become reality? 08:08   RT @SciPubLab An open journal built on top of the #arXiv: Arfon Smith on how easy #PeerReview can turn #repositories into journals. 08:09   RT @bernardrentier Global progress towards Open Access - Pan European Networks | @scoopit 08:15   RT @VIVOcollab MT @library_connect: Going beyond bibliometric & altmetric counts -> impact @kristiholmes #altmetrics #vivo 08:24   RT @mfenner Eight-step program for publishers to integrate with @orcid_org. My presentation from #sspboston yesterday 09:13   RT @bluebottlebiz Business School Professors Should Be Like Movie Directors Also read @ashgate

June 2014 / 97

11:29   The rise of the global capital;why many ambitious Dutch people leave Adam to join the global elite. #bschools via @FT 11:43   @mcleish_t @SciPubLab @durham_uni Looks like a very open editorial policy, tried to visit but the url does not work 14:27   Here comes the establishment; Clayton Christensen: Do We Need A Revolution In Management? via @forbes 14:38   RT @f48org Peace-building – The university’s fourth mission - University World News: 2'nd June, 2014 15:16   Report #ecmi2014 #Marketing +#Innovation Symp; Big data, social media, sustainability, emerging markets @StStremersch 3'rd June, 2014 20:48   PIPredictor - Predict your probability to become a Principal Investigator (PI) based on: 21:39   The Economics of Economists: Institutional Setting, Individual Incentives. #universities #careers

June 2014 / 98

4'th June, 2014 08:07   Are women more likely to be unsuccessful in applying for university leadership roles? 17% run by women via @Nuzzel 09:03   The creation and dissemination of management knowledge: nice cluster visual Book 5'th June, 2014 12:07   @wolfketter @GOettingerEU @RSMErasmus What a great programme for the #energy forum @ftbized @BWbschools @WSJeurope 20:15   @SE4ALL Erasmus Energy Forum 2014 #sustainable #energy #innovations through smart #markets #microgrids @wolfketter 20:44   Over 100 M scholarly documents are now available on the public web through GS, MAS and more 21:28   #RCUK joins 70+ funding organisations and 15 k UK researchers in using Researchfish #impact #universities #RIS

June 2014 / 99

21:59   @MRCcomms I enjoyed your very nice and useful annual report on Outputs, outcomes and #impact of MRC #research 6'th June, 2014 00:11   Shifting #impact metrics: accountability (Metrics 1.0) > Standardization (Metrics 2.0) > Value Creation (Metrics 3.0) 07:49   How B-Schools Pump Up Applicant Pools; Improving Economy, active school recruiting drive Interest in Business Degrees 07:55   @panasonic Great initiative, smart #energy #markets can speed the process. See the Erasmus Energy Forum. @E4ALL 7'th June, 2014 08:56   Ethics of scholarly publishing: exploring differences in plagiarism and duplicate publication across nations 2008-12 13:41   #Climate impacts #Europe: what If the 2080s climate would happen today? We need sustainable smart markets @wolfketter 15:24   How do International Organisations Tweet? It's integrated in their business model, a good benchmark for bschools

June 2014 / 100

8'th June, 2014 08:48   Impact and Research Assessments: Researchers need more gamesmanship, tactics, guile in performing ‘impactfully’. 14:32   Org. Transformation And #Scientific Change: #Impact Of Restructuring On #Universities + Intellectual #Innovation. 14:34   Where have all the #Scientists Gone? Building Research Profiles at Dutch #Universities; its Consequences for Research 14:38   The Impact of Authority Structures in #Universities and Public #Research Institutes on Changes of Research Practices 21:18   RT @JohnAByrne Which business school professors have the highest speaking fees? A list of the top ones 21:24   RT @LSEImpactBlog Social media is not just about promoting content - it is also a primary vehicle of research development. 21:27   The A to Z of Social Media for Academia. #impact #bschool #research 21:47   How do young tenured professors benefit from a mentor? Effects on management, motivation and performance. #research

June 2014 / 101

9'th June, 2014 09:53   When will repositories start systematic [quality assessment] of their content? #or2014 has no session on quality. 10:08   Repositories in search of a sustainable business model, any progress since 2006? #or2014 10:18   When will repositories deal with retractions? As these are current isssues in research and publishing. #or2014 10:38   @CLIRDLF This desperately needed as repositories are too much technology and systems driven and need to reconnect to excellence in research 10:46   When will repositories realize that their purpose is strengthening sustainable [scientific integrity]? #or2014 10:58   See how the conversation is unfolding and discover what the world is thinking about #OR2014 #sonar via @bottlenoseapp 11:52   Now this is what I call an impact mindset for repositories; [EPrints bazaar] tools and connectors. #OR2014 #EPrints

June 2014 / 102

12:51   RT @R_Koenig My presentation @ #sci20conf: Science and the Beta-Society: How Web 2.0 platforms challenge scholarly communication 13:25   Check this unfolding @Infomous cloud stream of tweets and topics for the Open Repositories conference #OR2014 15:25   @OpenRepos2014 Here is the infamous cloud for the start of the conference. #OR2014 15:36   @OpenRepos2014 Here is the tagboard for the OR2014 conference: 15:57   @OpenRepos2014 What are the topics of this #OR2014 conference: 21:30   Chinese Management Insights (CMI) is getting better and better. See latest cover. @geoyip 23:17   @janetinkler Great achievements and lot's of metrics. I hope that [research support offices] and other university support have learned too! 23:30   Funding Individuals – Changing Organisations: The #Impact of the #ERC on #Universities. #research #careers

June 2014 / 103

23:46   What kind of impact do #altmetrics capture? Disentangling the meaning; content analysis of WOS publications. #impact 23:48   Dissemination of scholarly literature in social media via @figshare 23:49   Visualizing readership activity of #Mendeley users using VOSviewer via @figshare 10'th June, 2014 14:16   RT @mrgunn The Alternative Metrics Project whitepaper from NISO is available for comment Thanks @TAC_NISO @mfenner @abugseye! 14:21   NISO #Altmetrics Standards Project White Paper; Version 4 - draft for public comment. 20:39   @janetinkler What would be the top 10 things a research office can implement from the impact project results, or is it fo faculty only? 21:25   International Progress towards Open Access and Harmonised Scientific Careers at the Global Research Council event.

June 2014 / 104

11'th June, 2014 13:04   @janetinkler Thank you, the focus could be on how the insights from the impact project can guide research support to be more impact driven 13'th June, 2014 20:30   False Feathers – A Perspective on Academic #Plagiarism. #research #misconduct 20:58   The Author Affiliation Index (AAI) as an Assessment of 25 Entrepreneurship Journals. #research #publishing 22:05   Responsible Conduct of Research Courses Do Not Reduce Trainee #Research #Misconduct. What Can? Good Mentors. 22:15   Breaking the Glass Ceiling? #Gender and #Leadership in Higher Education. #universities #careers #HEI 22:22   RT @mfenner My presentation "Article-Level Metrics for Impact Assessment" given at VHB meeting in Leipzig today

June 2014 / 105

17'th June, 2014 17:47   How elite consultants are reshaping democracy by helping corporations and advocacy groups to mobilize participation. 18'th June, 2014 11:52   Scientific #misconduct:Why do scholars do it? Procedural Injustice in Peer-Review and Scientific Misconduct.#research 11:56   Insights for Research+Practice: What can we Learn about Fraud from other disciplines? #misconduct #research #impact 21:56   Best + brightest scientific minds of our time 2014; In business: @HenkVolberda + Justin Jansen @RSMErasmus #impact 20'th June, 2014 17:43   Uprooting researchers can drive them out of science;changing institutions frequently is disruptive and unnecessary 23:59   @MarykeRSM @rsmmba @BartScheenaard RSM has so much potential, we just need to release it in a smart way.#impact

June 2014 / 106

21'st June, 2014 12:09   Higher Education as a Winners-Take-All Market: Effectual Thinking versus the Treadmill. #EFMDDeans @AACSBbizschools 15:27   The Frontier of Technology and the Educational Experience. #universities #bschool 19:20   Sentiment analysis of scientific citations; detecting citation context. #impact #research #publishing #altmetrics 19:39   How Expert Leaders Influence Performance in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations; experts best lead experts. 20:39   Proof over promise: Towards a more inclusive ranking of NL academics in Econ & Business. #impact #careers #research 22'nd June, 2014 09:12   RT @rschconsulting Research Management - What has it ever done for us? My thoughts on why research managers matter more than you think

June 2014 / 107

09:16   @rschconsulting Why don't you start an office in Rotterdam for the european market in research consulting? 10:42   RT @driven_by_data This how the World Cup network starred at me two weeks ago in Gephi. Now: Amazing datavis tool 11:17   RT @RickyPo Does the scientific journal have a future? | Information Culture, Scientific American Blog Network via @sciam 11:18   RT @NewMindMirror Instinct Can Beat Analytical Thinking - @HarvardBiz: #psychology #heuristics #cognition 14:35   RT @SciPubLab #Elsevier: New #ShareLinks let authors share their new papers 50 days for free after final publication @sciencedirect 17:06   RT @introspection "5 years grant are essential to allow people focusing and make trial/error iterations." JP Bourguignon from @ERC_Research #esof2014 17:34   RT @MiedemaF reproducibility is still a challenge.... and needs our time and attention @SciTransit

June 2014 / 108

17:48   @theandynelson hi andy, any chance followerwonk will or may offer academic licenses for universities and students for reduced fees? Thanx 23'rd June, 2014 18:47   "Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought". A.Szent-Gyorgyi 22:30   RT @stefhaustein Henk Moed: three drivers of altmetrics, i.e., policy/politics, technology and open science #altmetrics14 22:33   Article-Level Metrics for⁰ Impact Assessment 24'th June, 2014 20:45   NVAO edu crisis: maybe we should start an "education in transition" movement called #EduTrasit. @MiedemaF 21:04   International Trends in #University Governance: Autonomy, Self-government and the Distribution of Authority. #HEI 21:07   Institutional logics of rigor-relevance: rigor-relevance relationship and impact on management research legitimacy

June 2014 / 109

21:10   Reflections on the distinctiveness of European management scholarship. #efmddeans #bschool #research 25'th June, 2014 09:58   RT @altmetric Momentum for Article-Level Metrics: New Uses (via @plos) #altmetrics 09:59   RT @Impactstory #Altmetrics ain’t just for scientists—#lawyers can use them, too: (PDF) #law #legal 09:59   RT @Impactstory Publishers use @altmetric data as discovery service ("those who read X also read Y”) and an author service (‘who read this?’) #altmetrics14 27'th June, 2014 08:49   Future of management theory; Only 25% of top articles are on theory. #EFMDdeans @AOMConnect 21:51   Further US research; investments, impact, metrics, innovation.

June 2014 / 110

29'th June, 2014 14:48   Multidimensional Assessment Scholarly Research Impact. usefulness and limitations 10 metrics. 16:56   Beyond Academic Capitalism: Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Institutional Ethos at a Public Research University 17:14   Identifying and Analyzing Researchers on Twitter. #research #impact #influence #networks 17:27   Scholarly blogs are one of the most prominent information sources for #altmetrics. #research #impact #universities 17:54   Evaluating the individual researcher – adding an altmetric perspective. #research #universities #careers #impact 18:43   RT @arnaudvag Ten things you need to know about #causality in research @CEGA_UC 19:40   RT @BizDeansTalk "The digital degree" - (The future of universities) by The Economist 20:00   HIJACKED JOURNAL LIST: List Of Hijacked Journals And Fake Publishers. #impact #research #publishing

June 2014 / 111

22:36   High-Ranked Social Science Journal Articles Can Be Identified from Early Citation Information. #impact #research 30'th June, 2014 05:13   Google Scholar #Metrics 2014 lauched; top publications on business, econ and mngmnt. #impact 05:31   Check out the tweetbeam for #EGOS2014 @EGOS2014 @RSMErasmus 06:11   Another twitterwall for @egos2014 #egos2014 #egos14 07:39   Measuring the broader #impact of #research: The potential of #altmetrics. #universities #bschool #metrics 22:10   Reimagining & Rethinking Organizational Scholarship in Unsettled Times. @RSMErasmus @nytimesscience @ftbized #egos14

June 2014 / 112


1'st July, 2014 16:14   RT @stephanepere Who’s Afraid of Data-Driven Management? - Harvard Business Review 16:23   RT @BizEdMag "Academic publishing once created a free market of ideas. Times have changed." -- "Pay Up or Perish" in @BizEdMag: 16:23   RT @BizEdMag The number of filled f/t faculty positions at b-schools that are filled by doctorates is declining - @AACSB data: 2'nd July, 2014 20:02   Nl invests 81 m-euro large scale research facilities "for internat. competitiveness"; not for @SciTransit @MiedemaF 21:53   Developing a documentation system for evaluating the societal impact of Science. #research

July 2014 / 113

3'rd July, 2014 07:20   RT @HarvardMagazine The interdisciplinary Tobin Project addresses real-world problems: 07:27   RT @JLOrtegaPriego "Influence of co-authorship networks in the research impact..." New accepted paper in Journal of Informetrics 14:58   RT @AstroKatie Challenge for researchers: Tweet the "elevator pitch" version of your research program like a one-tweet research proposal. #1tweetresearch 14:59   RT @unimelb Have you checked out #1tweetresearch? Researchers try and summarise their research in a single tweet. Could you do it? (via @astrokatie) 4'th July, 2014 09:23   What Happened to the Public Organization? A Bibliometric Analysis of Public Administration and Organization Studies. 11:49   Consultation on 'Science 2.0': Science in Transition European Commission @ResearchEurope @MiedemaF 20:47   The business school model: a flawed organizational design?

July 2014 / 114

21:04   Entrepren. Behavior of Acad. Scientists: Network/Cognitive Determinntsof Commttmnt to Grant submssns + Award Outcms 21:26   Philanthropy at research-intensive universities. #impact #hei #funding 5'th July, 2014 09:16   RT @HarvardBiz "Business education today is anachronistic." Here's what has to change: 09:19   Publishing rigor: An extension of scientific rigor. Minding the business of scientific reporting. #research #impact 22:08   RT @BorisOPopov Perils of ‘#impact’ for academic #socialscience - Contemporary Social Science #academia 6'th July, 2014 00:13   RT @cwtsleiden Special events #sti2014 on new evaluation approaches, quality standards indicators, university rankings, and bibliometric library services

July 2014 / 115

00:29   See discussion on #HEFCEmetrics evolve with @infomous cloud. #research #metrics #impact @HEFCE 17:19   Talent development as a university mission: the quadruple helix. #universities #careers 18:10   Citation Pattern Visualization to detect Cross Language Plagiarism. #research #misconduct 18:18   THE FAILURE OF #ALTMETRICS And what information scientists and library professionals can do about it. #impact 18:44   Do open access articles in #economics have a citation advantage? #impact #publishing #oai 19:15   Envisioning and Enabling Sustainable Smart Markets. The dual impact inaugural. @wketter @RSMErasmus 19:49   Fast academia, slow university-work, time and well-being, 21 hours workweek, is transition emerging? @MiedemaF

July 2014 / 116

7'th July, 2014 13:40   Strategic cultures of #philanthropy: English universities and the changing geographies of giving. 9'th July, 2014 06:34   Collective Philanthropy: Describing and Modeling the Ecology of Giving; powerlaws in gift-size distributions 06:38   Using Mturk to Evaluate Published Scientific Literature; I wonder when Mturk will start showing up as co-author. 07:24   Research quality and peer review for think tanks; how to measure it, and how to support it..and what about integrity? 08:03   Top 50 Management Schools in Greater China; impact factor–adjusted publs Index (IAP) #impact 08:36   Which of the world's institutions employ the most highly cited researchers? #Impact

July 2014 / 117

08:50   Impact Factor 2.0: Applying Social Network Analysis to Scientific #Impact Assessment. #altmetrics #research 08:55   High cost of misidentifying high potential leaders; 40%-80% are “false positives. Would this apply to academia too? 09:22   RT @lfvscience20 Publication metrics in a changing landscape - Metrics - Research Information #publishing 09:27   Online Learning at Research-Intensive Universities @LERU_Office #EFMDDeans Report: 21:54   Towards a consolidation of worldwide journal rankings for business schools. #research #publishing #EFMDdeans 23:02   Committing to data quality review; The need for Independently Understandable Data for Informed Reuse. #research #data 10'th July, 2014 07:33   How researchers incorporate external (non-academic) influences in their research process.

July 2014 / 118

10:02   Een gedragscode voor economen? @MiedemaF 20:54   #Altmetrics: a primer Where does the data come from? Can it be gamed? #research #impact 21:18   Estimates of the Continuously #Publishing Core in the #Scientific Workforce. #research #careers 11'th July, 2014 07:56   Corporate brand image in business schools: role of Cognitive and Affective brand attributes. 20:31   ERC's view is that women and men are equally able to perform excellent frontier research. Any news here? @MiedemaF 12'th July, 2014 11:20   Academic capitalism; The Corporatization of Canadian #Universities. #governance #HEI

July 2014 / 119

13'th July, 2014 17:22   Do business schools need to be more business-like in order to survive in today’s dynamic environment? 18:12   The Organisational Embedding Of #Expertise: Centres of #Excellence and their various strategies. #universities 18:23   Uk's first ‘Dean for Research Impact’: Research #impact: defining it, measuring it, maximising it, questioning it. 19:33   RCUK #Impact definition scheme is still one of the best. 21:36   Science #Valorisation; tools to valorise science outputs. Featuring #ImpactStory, #Altmetrics, figshare and others 14'th July, 2014 08:25   RT @conradhackett There are about 12 new science & engineering PhDs for each new faculty position 08:28   RT @markwfranks Good summary of key findings from 2014 UK Innovation Survey.

July 2014 / 120

11:33   RT @helenbevan Our new white paper is finally out! "The new era of thinking & practice in change & transformation". Download at 15'th July, 2014 09:14   Scientific connectivity of European regions: towards a typology of cooperative schemes. 11:57   I wonder what the current take-over value of #altmetrics is for Thomson Reuters or Elsevier..100 M euro? Let's start the bidding on twitter! 17'th July, 2014 20:09   Empowering #Faculty: A Campus Cyberinfrastructure Strategy for #Research Communities. 21:29   RT @PoetsAndQuants $400K: The shockingly high cost of a single academic article by a business school professor 18'th July, 2014 07:18   Secrets of the genius brain; scanning 13 of the most famous scientists, mathematicians, artists, and writers. #impact

July 2014 / 121

19'th July, 2014 20:48   h-index as a guide to resource allocation in higher education; does it lead to further inefficiencies? #research 21:12   Should research #fraud be a crime? should the police help to investigate #misconduct or prevent harm? The BMJ 21:31   Significance chasing in #research practice: causes, consequences and possible solutions. #misconduct #reproducibility 23:46   The Complex Relationship between Competitive Funding and Performance 20'th July, 2014 00:04   Highest 2014 SNIP value on CWTS journal Indicators=71.66; Business-Managemnt field scores 5.92 21'st July, 2014 11:54   German Centre For Research and #Innovation shows it's 2003 (social) performance, I wonder what the ROI is.#impact

July 2014 / 122

22'nd July, 2014 10:16   Recording citations in the digital era..Get prepared to move away ‘legacy’, print-orientated practices. #publishing 10:40   Managing the teaching–research nexus: ideals and practice in #research-oriented #universities 10:43   Adaptive #research #supervision: exploring expert thesis supervisors' practical knowledge. #PhD #universities 23'rd July, 2014 09:09   The Radical Imagination: Social Movement Research in the Age of Austerity. Beyond neoliberal capitalism? @MiedemaF

July 2014 / 123


20'th August, 2014 22:20   Measuring the Composite Indicator for [Research Excellence] in the EU; rationale, components, and implications. 22:40   Do #Altmetrics Follow the Crowd or Does the Crowd Follow Altmetrics? 23:20   The [enduring impact] of influential papers; primary and secondary citations and nr of citations in the bibliography 25'th August, 2014 22:33   BizEd Magazine Receives Eleven Industry Awards, Including 2014 Magazine of the Year - @BizEdMag @AACSBdan @AACSB 26'th August, 2014 16:54   OA repositories worldwide, 2005-2012: Growth, characteristics, future possibilities. Global coverage, NL out of top10 22:33   Context Counts: Pathways to Master Big and Little Data. #sti14 proceedings #impact #bibliometrics

August 2014 / 124

22:50   RT @AnneGlover_EU A rough guide to scientific advice at #SciAdvice14 @jameswilsdon @GlobalSciAdvice - a paper for discussion. 27'th August, 2014 07:41   Beyond journals, New #impact driven #ranking of business scholars using google scholar published. @BizSchoolDean 07:49   How a more pluralist conceptualization of scholarly #impact motivates engaged business scholarship. @BizSchoolDean 08:30   Having Scholarly #Impact: somes lessons from cases; characterics of high impact ideas and creative process. #bschool 29'th August, 2014 10:06   Is there a schism in academic evaluation? Maybe, but in high-end grant competitions, it's a winner takes all dynamic. 31'st August, 2014 14:48   100 Extremely Eminent Psychologists of modern era. Imagine an H-index of 175 and articles with 30K+ citations.#impact

August 2014 / 125


4'th September, 2014 11:07   RT @neesjanvaneck My latest upload : CitNetExplorer #STI14 on @slideshare via @SlideShare 11:17   The #sti14 conversation is evolving; check out the @InfomousClouds topics here: 11:35   @Wowter you can take the lead in the conversation! #STI14 11:41   Proof over promise: how valuable Google scholar and POP can be for impact analysis beyond journals #impact #sti14 22:44   @Impactstory the paper is here: 7'th September, 2014 00:13   Roadmap for Implementing Third Mission University. 17:59   A consolidation of worldwide journal rankings in business and management; new perspective @bizschlsjournal @TheABS_UK

September 2014 / 126

21:25   RT @Wowter Essential reading for scholarly authors: Onodera, 2014. Factors affecting citation rates of research articles. 21:26   RT @Science_Open Too many researcher profiles #profileinflation? Let's at least make them all interoperable with @ORCID_Org 22:18   Who is leading the #sti14 conversation? @Wowter ofcourse 8'th September, 2014 16:31   Is #Altmetrics an Indication of Quality Research or Just HOT Topics? #impact 21:59   Shocking: 50 (of 748) journals in business have over 50% Self Citations, 10 over 75%. #impact 9'th September, 2014 09:53   Archetypes of governance for science and technology labs based on funding and interdependance

September 2014 / 127

10'th September, 2014 07:47   #Review vs #Impact: Validation of Peer Review, Research Impact Measures: Implications for #Funding Strategies #grants 08:52   Some interesting papers on #impact of research at the Brit Acad of Mngmnt conf this week #BAM014 @AOMConnect @FT 12:32   The emperor’s new clothes: the h-index as a guide to resource allocation in higher education. #universities #impact 11'th September, 2014 08:17   Assessing th usefulness of #altmetrics for measuring the broader #impact of research. Counts from PLOS and F1000Prime 13'th September, 2014 17:02   @RudolfSinkovics @bizschlsjournal @TheABS_UK good news Rudolf, I hope ABS will include your method, this would enrich the journallist! 15'th September, 2014 12:56   @curtrice Equilibirum, Motion.. we need more metaphors for a university balancing act. Anyone?

September 2014 / 128

13:35   @curtrice-talking about unicycles..what about a rigor relevance uni(versity)cycle what a dynamic!.. 17'th September, 2014 10:03   The Global Trends on Internationalization and Assessing #Impact Beyond #Research. #universities @AKtokyo @MiedemaF 16:37   The top 50 science stars of Twitter via @nuzzel thanks @isidroaguillo 16:45   RT @emulenews FYI @auroraferrer Scientific Research on Science Communication - Special Suplement in PNAS - 16:48   Science communication as political communication, ensuring the voice in broader societal debates surrounding science 16:50   Expertise and credibility: Gaining trust and respect in communicating to motivated audiences about science topics 22:25   RT @AACSB Dean's Corner: Can Business Schools Learn Something from the Sciences? #eNEWSLINE

September 2014 / 129

22:25   RT @BizEdMag In latest issue of @BizEdMag: Measuring the impact of business academic research 22:30   Exposing Data From an Open Access Repository for Economics As Linked Data. #impact #oa #research 22:40   RT @Impactstory How many citations are there in the Data Citation Index? #altmetrics h/t @nniiicc 22:41   RT @Impactstory .@ReaderMeter’s new tool tells you how often your favorite publisher's been cited on Wikipedia (@PLOS = 12,000+!) 22:48   What is the @Wikipedia [cite-o-meter] score of @Elsevier publisher? Interesting new view on #impact. 18'th September, 2014 23:07   The contribution of Australia's Universities to top tier econ research: 2001-2010: the dominance of the top 4 #impact 19'th September, 2014 09:02   New Models for U.S. ST Policy: the emerging basic research investment shortfall towards 2032

September 2014 / 130

15:23   RT @OECD_Edu Is expanding access to higher education worth the price?@VandDammeEDU #OECDEAG 20:14   RT @ae_barcelona "Bibliometrics: Use and Abuse in the Review of Research Performance"(Wenner-Gren Int. Series) available online 20:33   @R_Collignon congrats Robert! What's the next frontier? 21:20   RT @PeerIndex A Plea Against ‘Vanity Metrics’ 20'th September, 2014 23:04   @jeroenbosman Thank you for your comment on the LSE blog Jeroen, much appreciated. 21'st September, 2014 20:07   RT @Wowter A review of the characteristics of 108 author-level bibliometric indicators #108 22:41   Financial costs and personal consequences of #research #misconduct resulting in retracted publications. A 1% rule?

September 2014 / 131

22'nd September, 2014 18:31   2014-REF impact case studies to be analysed - HEFCE via @nuzzel thanks @SimonRKerridge 20:09   Scholarly #Metrics Under the Microscope, Edited by Blaise Cronin and Cassidy R. Sugimoto. #impact 22:18   Just registered myself for the next Information Visualization MOOC @cnscenter Indiana University. #ivmooc 23'rd September, 2014 10:36   NPG decision to make NC 'OA only flagship journal' is about branding and differentiating the NPG journals portfolio. 24'th September, 2014 04:52   RT @Wowter Who are the influential researchers versus the mass producers? Bibliometrics beyond the h-index 04:55   RT @GemmaDerrick Intentions and strategies for evaluating the societal impact of research. #sti14 #sti2014 @SlideShare@researchimpact

September 2014 / 132

05:06   Talent Proof;Selection Processes in #Research #Funding and #Careers. #Grants, #Gender, #productivity, Success factors 14:10   What's the Future of Public Higher Education? Essay on Public No More: New Path to Excellence for Public Universities 23:19   PhDTree documents the academic family tree of PhDs worldwide: nearly 200K phd's in Business are listed (WoW!). 25'th September, 2014 09:19   If publishing in top-5 journals does not bring extra rewards, incentives for this may create an inefficient myopia. 26'th September, 2014 15:46   Self reported MNCS NL UMC's is higher than NL medical sciences in the Leidenrnkng14, is the crown tumbling? 19:15   Why #universities, departments, and research groups have different scholarly performance; Organizational factors

September 2014 / 133

28'th September, 2014 20:37   Impactstory: Incentivizing Open Science through altmetrics [1:am Conference, London, 9/25/2014] via @SlideShare 22:05   Disrupting university; modifying business models in response to technology-driven influences. 29'th September, 2014 09:55   RT @DigitalKoans "Going Beyond Data Management Planning: Comprehensive Research Data Services"

September 2014 / 134


1'st October, 2014 23:01   Business Schools for #Impact Project Launch at UNCTAD World Investment Forum 2014. 3'rd October, 2014 23:02   RT @OECD_Edu The third great wave: the digital revolution | The Economist #WorldEconomy 4'th October, 2014 09:04   Research #impact - 'top tips' on communicating & pitching research to non-academic audiences via @youtube 19:35   RT @thomsonreuters The total number of Nobel Prize laureates awarded from 1901 to 2013 by country of origin ( 5'th October, 2014

October 2014 / 135

12:28   RT @Research_Voice Assessing the quality of #PhD dissertations. A #survey of external committee members #phdchat #highered #researchers 12:28   RT @Research_Voice From outcomes to process: #evidence for a new approach to #research #impact assessment #highered #science #peerreview 12:30   RT @SIAAssociation Have you seen SIAA's Resources Centre? Full of useful #socialimpact guides, research, impact reports + much more 8'th October, 2014 18:10   I wonder when the Nobel Prize for #altmetrics is given, I guess in 2050 when the inventors live as gods, long after Elsevier/TR takeover 9'th October, 2014 23:08   Rise of the Rest: The Growing #Impact of Non-Elite Journals. Business and Management appr. 0.5 10'th October, 2014

October 2014 / 136

12:14   RIP Research School Accreditation Committee (ECOS) 1990-2014. A very sad fact for top #research & #doctoral edu in NL 12:28   What If all journals would be priced according to their impactfactor like Nature: IF 42 and Subscription $42. #impact 12:33   Measuring citation impact/societal #impact in research evaluations; basis, effects problems of impact measurement. 11'th October, 2014 07:54   Pictoring #altmetrics as [scholarly activity flavours] assumes they need to be integrated into meaningful contexts. 08:00   Transforming Assessment: Alternative Metrics and Trends; presentation slides. #research #impact #altmetrics #niso 15:34   Good advice against #predatory open-­access (POA) journals: Reject journals whose articles are not in Google Scholar. 20:34   Writing effective research profiles @erimphd #impact

October 2014 / 137

20:41   Joining the ‘buzz’ : the role of social media in raising research visibility @ERIMPhD #impact 22:21   So You’ve Written the Research Report: What Else Do You Need to do to Ensure People Actually Read it? via @WorldBank 12'th October, 2014 08:38   RT @lorcanD Economist essay on The future of the book 08:38   RT @ConstanceM Social media messages speak louder than CVs - via @FT ... @lorcand 08:51   This article made clear to me we need an [Author Impact Factor] and an [Process Impact Factor] next to the JIF. 15:11   How to define and measure #research #productivity? Is [Fractional Scientific Strength (FSS)] the solution? 19:17   It looks as social media presence of @SciTransit is fading. Is momentum over or just [Transition Fatigue]? @MiedemaF

October 2014 / 138

14'th October, 2014 17:06   Networks-productivity; Does network proximity to an editor influences #research productivity? evidence from rotations 17'th October, 2014 20:05   RT @Impactstory Applying a “level of engagement” indicator could help root out the Twitter bots that corrupt ~9% of tweet #altmetrics 20:05   RT @Impactstory Blaise Cronin is skeptical of “keeping score” by counting citations (and #altmetrics) 20:12   Reinventing Higher Education, Towards a more interconnected world; #IERHE has already started. @SantiagoIniguez 21:23   RT @HarvardBiz 11% of business leaders, compared to 96% of chief academic officers, think grads have the right skills for work 21:36   GOT SKILLS? The fusion of modularization with [mastery-based learning] and the Workforce Revolution; #competencybased

October 2014 / 139

18'th October, 2014 07:45   RT @skonkiel What metrics can measure research data impact? Some thoughts: #altmetrics #rdm 15:32   RT @LSEImpactBlog Scholarly vs. Activist Identities: What standards should govern academic engagement in the public sphere? 15:32   RT @LSEImpactBlog New forms of open peer review will allow academics to separate scholarly evaluation from academic journals. 15:33   RT @LSEImpactBlog "Scholarship is not just about publication but about interaction, interpretation, exchange, deliberation, debate.." 15:34   RT @UKDSImpact Maximising the value of research data: developing incentives and changing cultures 19:03   If only 15% of all MKT citations is application, affirmation, negation, why don't we call the rest #altmetrics?; ; 21:59   Nice tool: See what people tweeted about "bibliometrics" #twxplorer @KnightLab

October 2014 / 140

19'th October, 2014 09:38   10 Innovations in Global Philanthropy; are business schools ready to play this new funding game? 13:33   Reputation in #academic #careers; author #reputation, journal reputation and institutional reputation all interact. 19:33   Novel citation normalization for combining relational and evaluative bibliometrics to enhance research evaluations. 21'st October, 2014 20:48   RT @MiedemaF my 'Science in Transition' pitch TEDxMaastricht October 13, 2014 'haste produces waste' 22'nd October, 2014 07:15   Currently, an estimated 85% of #research resources are wasted. How to make more published research true. @MiedemaF 07:26   Can Graduate Schools afford NOT to train all future graduates in "Open" scholarship alongside research excellence?

October 2014 / 141

08:34   RSM Discovery 19: practical insights from the cutting-edge of management science. #impact #Research. 20:20   #Coursera offers (only) 48 Business/Management #MOOCS with verifed certificats, of total 363. 23:07   The [Scientific Influence Passivity Score] (SIP): Bibliometrics learning from Twitter. #impact 23'rd October, 2014 20:04   #Impact @sciences: the end of the ivory tower? Strategies, #excellence, #evaluation, #benchmark, @LSEImpactBlog #SIT 20:32   The role of business schools in advancing sustainable development objectives. #WIF14 @cems_alliance @BizDeansTalk 21:40   Strategic options for universities & research groups: Balancing Quality and Relevance. pag 59. 23:01   Business schools need new approach to growth and profitability; react urgently to a new type of student @EFMDNews

October 2014 / 142

25'th October, 2014 12:26   Should the Value of U.S. Business Schools be Redefined? | Economy Watch via @EconomyWatch 20:04   Profiling research-intensive Flagship Universities on their mission; From Ranking to Relevancy. 20:38   Role of #university #governance in innovative modes of #education provision. GAIHE paper 26. 23:51   RT @Hetty_RSM #RSMKili14 @rsmmba Kili Sisters 2014 - summit attempt NOW! @Worldexp_uk @Dianne_RSM This will be their view 26'th October, 2014 00:13   The Right Metrics for Generation Open [Open Access Week 2014] #altmetrics #impactstory via @SlideShare 11:51   RT @HarvardBiz Some weekend reading: The most important article on competition you'll read this year

October 2014 / 143

14:02   Fundraising in business schools; A transatlantic divide via @TheEconomist 27'th October, 2014 09:52   Social Media for Scientists; Decision tree for scientists who are interested in communicating online. 09:55   Social Media for Scientists: Common fears: 16:51   Dead or Alive: 382 Highly Cited #Researchers (h>100) in #Google #Scholar #Citations: Sigmund Freud is (still) on top. 21:49   Like a marathon runner, the doctoral researcher has to have stamina. Your #PhD thesis checklist. @ERIMPhD @PhDForum 22:23   RT @pat_loria My presentation at #eRes2014 on using #altmetrics to track the scholarly and social impact of research datasets. 23:40   RT @GlobalHigherEd Publish or perish? The rise of the fractional author… @ResearchTrendy #bibliometrics

October 2014 / 144

28'th October, 2014 09:05   Changing Governance of HE and #Research Comprehensive empirical assessment of changing European research governance 09:21   A place for #citation data - Making research #impact more user driven. via @researchinfo 09:33 covers data from 16 social media sources, 5 cover 95.5% of the total set. 29'th October, 2014 17:43   RT @lutzbornmann Very interesting discussion of the quality concept in science: Quality is context dependent via @wordpressdotcom 23:51   Top 100 papers all time; Nr. 1 article received 300.000 + citations. Rest shows a steep powerlaw graph @NatureNews 30'th October, 2014 09:11   #WEF Globl #Gendr #Gap Indx14,Equality key competitiveness. INSCOPE @HenkVolberda @RSMErasmus

October 2014 / 145

14:20   @VanDammeEDU Doctorates bring research skills into wider economy and society. New @EAG_Indicators. …@ERIMPhD 21:31   @GenerationCO2 The power is in the eyes of the there a predator inside? 22:10   RT @BizEdMag "The unidimensional research professor disconnected from reality is becoming an anachronism" @MBSarkar @foxschool: 31'st October, 2014 15:39   Citation #impact of #research #teams in emerging academic field. Brokers are more likely to generate valuable output.

October 2014 / 146


3'rd November, 2014 11:57   Alienation and Behavior of Public Employees...Applied to academia, alienation can be opposite concept of #impact 5'th November, 2014 23:02   @seinecle @yvonnenobis @emirousseau NL produces 2% of global scientific publishing and they think they can beat the power. Insanely naiff. 23:08   @seinecle @yvonnenobis @emirousseau pitty that amazon is (also) not open access... 6'th November, 2014 05:38   RT @jobsacuk 91% agreed collaboration increases research impact Academic research infographic: (via @piirus_com) 05:46   The reflective futures practitioner: Balancing salience, credibility and legitimacy in producing foresight knowledge 05:49   New actor constellations in higher education and research governance: the emergence of academics' political movements

November 2014 / 147

06:03   The Institutional Development of Business Schools. @EFMDNews @BizDeansTalk @AACSB @BizEdMag @AOMConnect @TheABS_UK 06:13   Can universities survive the digital age? - University World News: 7'th November, 2014 20:51   @emirousseau @seinecle @yvonnenobis because the business model of the universities is unchanged. Simple as 123. 8'th November, 2014 00:21   RT @BioMedCentral Does moving from subscription to #openaccess affect journal Impact Factor? Latest on the blog: 10:06   A new market for #bised publishing: Business Education in Video. @BizEdMag #competencyed 12:01   Does organizational governance contribute to academic quality? Two top #research #universities: @Berkeley and @MIT. 15:10   Influence of #rankings on #universities and #HEI: #impact or illusion? @euatweets @ftbized

November 2014 / 148

17:15   Opportunities for #Innovation: Reimagining the Next Decade of Higher Education for Public Comprehensive #Universities 17:35   Which #Bschools received #Donations of > 50 Mi $ from a Single Source? @AACSBbizschools 9'th November, 2014 23:23   RT @TheABS_UK We're ready to go for our Annual Conference 2014. You can join the conversation on #ABSconf2014 23:32   Business Schools Become Masters Of Entrepreneurship | BusinessBecause 10'th November, 2014 11:44   Will staffing differentiation and exploiting technology make business schools more effective and efficient? #ABS2014 #bschool @EFMDNews 11:49   RT @KHarradine "Need to develop and diversify business school faculty" Prof Angus Laing @TheABS_UK chair #absconf14 11:50   RT @IanFMcNaught Rebalancing the curriculum. Analytical to leadership and creativity; lifelong learning #absconf14 @SmallBizCharter

November 2014 / 149

11:51   RT @TheABS_UK Angus Liang: "We need to move to flexible modes of delivery that supports lifelong learning" #ABSConf14 11:52   RT @TheABS_UK Sweeney: Hope @TheABS_UK can build the case of impact of business schools #ABSConf14 12:00   #ABSConf14 To deal with the current disruptions, #bschools might have to appoint much younger deans of maybe half the age of current deans. 12:13   #ABSConf14 Like last year, only very few delegates from non-UK are in the list. Why are they not at this hyper relevant @TheABS_UK annual? 13:03   RT @TheABS_UK @JulieDaviesUK has a rather interesting stat: only 4 business school deans have done a TEDx talk. #ABSConf14 13:08   RT @TheABS_UK Mason: "We need to put employability at the heart of research-led teaching." #ABSConf14 13:25   #ABSConf14 If engagement is so important for #bschools, why is only one delegate dean (Leeds) labeled as [dean of research and innovation]? 15:45   #ABSConf14 prioritising [learners outcome] and employability as strategic business drivers is more fundamental than research impact agenda

November 2014 / 150

17:23   #ABSConf14 @AACSBdan If all these ecosystems are changing, how will this impact the aacsb criteria? 12'th November, 2014 19:39   Finding New Business Models for Higher Education in Unsettled Times. #universities #disruption #innovation 23:32   RT @isidroaguillo Ding, Ying, Rousseau, Ronald, Wolfram, Dietmar (2014). Measuring Scholarly Impact: Methods and Practice. 23:37   RT @Wowter Research assessment and bibliometrics in Finland @cwtsleiden 23:46   RT @acabezas RT @GScholarDigest: 62% of the top 1% most cited documents in Google Scholar between 1950 and 2013 are books 13'th November, 2014 08:48   Informetrics, bibliometrics, scientometrics, altmetrics: What is it all about? via @figshare 23:34   10 simple steps to building a reputation as a researcher in your early career. #impact @ERIMPhD #phdforum

November 2014 / 151

14'th November, 2014 12:40   New:Building Leadership Capacity for Business Schools.@BizEdMag @BizDeansTalk @AACSBbizschools 21:00   RT @lutzbornmann See the new #biblometic Nature Index at Do we need a new Index which count on the journal a. not on the paper level? 22:11   RT @Milanes_guisado Relationship between altmetric and bibliometric indicators across academic social sites....J. l. Ortega 22:13   RT @Milanes_guisado Evaluation systems need not be perfect: University research assessment and the ongoing quest for simplicity. 22:36   RT @GeorgesRomme Rotterdam crowned as the best #city in #Europe at 2015 Urbanism Awards #urbanismawards #innovation #ArchitectureIO 15'th November, 2014 10:07   RT @ManagementShift You can get a FREE Chapter 1 of THE MANAGEMENT SHIFT book at

November 2014 / 152

10:25   Book: #Incentives and Performance: #Governance of #Research Organizations. #universities 12:55   #Bibliometrics in a changing research landscape: integral part of research #evaluation, changing #research practices 16'th November, 2014 11:36   Comparison of #research networking tools and research profiling systems. 19'th November, 2014 16:37   #Nature Index: Are #Research Institutes Replacing #Universities in a world with massive global disparities. IREG 20:24   Now your [TweetsTrail] is back: Twitter has indexed all tweets since 2006 into a complete Tweet index. 20:25   Rankings provide a more complete picture of worldwide research | Elsevier Connect - Elsevier via @nuzzel

November 2014 / 153

21'st November, 2014 08:36   Brain drain vs gain: how scientists move via @wef 22'nd November, 2014 11:59   Humanities and Social Sciences deserve solid financing and effective support. #universities @LERUnews @euatweets 18:49   Complete guide to analyzing scholarly communication and the informetrics used for the assessment of scholarly #impact 19:22   RT @PatriceHoudayer Report: 82.6% of #highered faculty have not yet taught online-only course via @educationdive #edtech 19:41   Top 25 business schools hand out $224.9 million in scholarships. @BizEdMag @BizDeansTalk 23:28   RT @PJDunleavy How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang 29'th November, 2014

November 2014 / 154

10:17   RT @Research_Voice Economic impact of entrepreneurial universities’ activities: an exploratory study of the #UK #science #innovation 10:35   New #scientometrics centre connects science to society Presentations: #bibliometrics News:

November 2014 / 155


1'st December, 2014 10:15   Identifying #research fields within business and management based on actual citation patterns. 14:49   RT @AshridgeUK B-schools find ways into the hearts & minds of managers through medical devices & techniques to enhance #leadership 5'th December, 2014 14:13   Open Access and the #Humanities: Contexts, Controversies and the Future. #research #publishing #oa #universities 7'th December, 2014 13:53   Will new [University Enterprise Zones (UEZs)] enhance #innovation? #universities #impact @deVSNU @RathenauNL 14:24   More university #entrepreneurship: #Universities plan to buy #student loans. @deVSNU @RathenauNL #innovation

December 2014 / 156

15:28   New @scimago distribution of #innovation in f.e.western europe. How is your #university performing in multiple years? 15:38   RT @LSEImpactBlog Miseducation of Scholarly Communication: Beyond binaries and toward a transparent, information-rich publishing system 15:39   RT @LSEImpactBlog Basing faculty promotion on flawed variables doesn’t help the selection of competent academics. 15:39   RT @LSEImpactBlog How-to guide for building a university-administered impact management tool for academics. 15:48   Summer Schools in Europe: the latest higher education ‘commodity’ - European Association for International Education: 17:16   Face it, it's official: #China now accounts for 16.5% of the #global #economy compared with 16.3% for the U.S. 18:09   The contribution of #research to #innovation and growth. #universities #impact

December 2014 / 157

20:41   RT @GdnHigherEd How do you measure the impact of research? Expert @CMManville discusses how the UK's approach compares with Australia 20:44   RT @KurtDeketelaere To See the Future of Science We Need to Look Beyond the '2.0 Paradigm' @LERUnews via @HuffPostUKTech 20:44   RT @KurtDeketelaere How and What : Innovation as Europe’s new narrative @Euractiv @LERUnews 20:45   RT @OntUniv Canada First Research Excellence Fund will help support globally competitive research from our universities: #cdnpse 8'th December, 2014 08:00   Quantifying #Replicability: The R-Index. Towards better replicability of published #research. #universities 08:07   Do it yourself: examine statistical integrity of published research findings with this sheet applying the r-index. 19:51   RT @Valerie_LISU Impact factor fallacies via @curtrice Quality control in research: the mysterious case of the bouncing impact factor

December 2014 / 158

20:05   RT @isidroaguillo Messy URLs is a nightmare that decreases visibility and citability of papers in repositories. DOIs is not alternative for OA, only for CRIS 20:07   RT @JelteWicherts Ouch! 83% of studied psychology articles in journal Science show results that are too good to be true due to pub bias 9'th December, 2014 10:06   Uber for #experiments: A startup enables #researchers to tap labs worldwide to conduct experiments on their behalf. 10:12   Study on assessing the #research management performance of framework programmes projects.Final report. 10:18   RT @TheEconomist Despite their failure to predict the financial crisis, economists remain very influential 10:55   RT @seinecle Social networks and a researcher's productivity: 15:18   Psychology of Immoral Behaviour: executive pay, narcissism moral leadership and regulation.

December 2014 / 159

11'th December, 2014 17:19   #Altmetric Top 100 2014: only 3 NL articles are included; what does this tell us about the #impact of NL #research? 20:11   New @NAPress report: The #Postdoctoral Experience Revisited. @PhDForum #PostDocLife #research #university 12'th December, 2014 12:53   #Reproducibility as a condition for sustainable #research? The pros and cons of #validation studies. #universities 12:56   What are real #breakthroughs in #research? Insights from a #European comparative study. 13:55   RT @lutzbornmann Does Quality Matter for Citedness? A comparison with para-textual factors and over time #bibliometrics #altmetrics 13:56   RT @UlfKronman Misleading Metrics: List by Jeffrey Beall of questionable companies that purport to provide valid scholarly metrics:

December 2014 / 160

14:05   RT @KeitaBando Alternative impact: Can we track the impact of research outside of academia? #altmetrics 18:02   @euatweets report on #impact of [#Excellence funding schemes] on #universities, profiling,restructuring,leadership 21:09   In Search of #Excellence? Debating the Merits of Introducing an #Elite Dutch #University Model. #research #ranking 21:17   RT @PJDunleavy Qualitative and quantitative research are fundamentally distinct and differences are paramount to the social scien… 21:41   RT @UCBITSS ReplicationWiki, a database of empirical studies in economics #bitss2014 21:49   RT @UCBITSS Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology=new journal dedicated entirely to registered reports. #bitss2014 21:49   RT @UCBITSS Badges to acknowledge transparent work. Get credit for adopting good research practices. @BrianNosek #bitss2014

December 2014 / 161

13'th December, 2014 01:07   Learn, Unlearn, And Relearn. Why Flexibility And Sharing Make For Better Global Business @BizEdMag via @forbes 14'th December, 2014 23:51   RT @egonwillighagen try the new Data Citation bookmarking in @citeulike (++) ! support for @figshare and @datadryad (cc @altmetric @Impactstory) #altmetrics 15'th December, 2014 21:27   Germ. 68 @ERC_Research STG'14, Nl=19, Nr 1 UK=13 21:27   RT @ERC_Research RT @EU_Commission: #EU backs 328 top early-career researchers with €485 million: @Moedas #H2020 16'th December, 2014 22:42   Shaping the Future of #Research: a perspective from junior #scientists. @PhDForum @PostdocNews #universities @ERIMPhD

December 2014 / 162

22:43   RT @Phil_Baty Sovietised #REF blocks progress. Innovation comes when universities encourage risk-taking says Andrew Oswald #REF2014 17'th December, 2014 10:32   #Innovation teams and labs: practice guide (for #universities and @AACSBbizschools) @nesta_uk 20:28   RT @markwfranks New BIS report. UK ranks highly on extent & quality of international research collaboration. 20:31   RT @markwfranks Today's Science & Innovation Strategy analysis report: Unusual UK research breadth/quality. 18'th December, 2014 08:31   UK traditional #research powers dominate 2014 Research Excellence Framework rankings. #HEFCEmetrics #REF2014 19'th December, 2014

December 2014 / 163

00:27   Great to experience the original handwritten articles by #einstein in the [Einstein Archives]. 10:20   RT @JSCIRES Editorial Board is happy to announce the Twitter account of "Journal of #Scientometric Research"- #OpenAccess #PeerReviewed Journal #JSCIRES 10:28   Social and Natural Sciences Differ in Their #Research Strategies, Adapted to Work for Different Knowledge Landscapes 20'th December, 2014 11:01   New book: Science Diplomacy; New Day or False Dawn? 21'st December, 2014 00:29   RT @MaxCRoser Top 40 countries by the number of scientific papers published. Source: 16:27   What the world is thinking about #REF2014 @phil_baty @timeshighered #sonar via @bottlenoseapp 16:38   RT @Phil_Baty Must-read report given today's talk of ditching QR. Quality-related research funding irreplaceable, say universities

December 2014 / 164

16:38   RT @Phil_Baty 30% of a research submitted for the UK's #REF2014 was 'world leading' 16:57   4 models of allocation of QR funding in UK #HEI #research #universities #REF2014 (see p48). 19:11   Few influencers show presence in #REF2014 mentions. @Phil_Baty @LSEImpactBlog @timeshighered 20:46   RT @trishgreenhalgh Assessment, evaluations and definitions of research impact: a (new) review. Unpacks the impact component of the REF. 20:47   RT @trishgreenhalgh And now for the analysis. #REF2014 @ResFortnight 23'rd December, 2014 09:36   Great #dataviz What did #Netherlands export 1995-2012? and more; Atlas Of Economic Complexity 25'th December, 2014 12:59   RT @HarvardBiz Five changes that would initiate a new era of highly relevant business school research:

December 2014 / 165

13:13   RT @MiedemaF The maze of impact metrics : Nature News & Comment 2013 'research impact is a multidimensional affair' @SciTransit 13:19   RT @MiedemaF Financial costs and personal consequences of research misconduct resulting in retracted publications 18:06   Scientists seek demigod status, journals want blockbuster results, and retractions are on the rise: is science broken 22:17   RT @NatureNews 'Are they scared of unconventional research?' Peer review rejects papers that go on to get most citations 27'th December, 2014 12:52   RT @Research_Voice #Research excellence and #university–#industry collaboration in #UK #science parks #H2020 #innovation #highered 12:53   RT @Research_Voice A Tale of Two Metrics: #Research Assessment vs Recognised #Excellence #REF2014 #nobelprize #economics

December 2014 / 166

12:55   RT @Research_Voice Female university rectors in European countries - still room for improvement! #womeninscience 17:36   #REF2014 appendix: Bus-Man has most submissions (101) and nearly lowest 4 star research (26%). 19:50   RT @NicolaiFoss Discipline-dependence of attractiveness and intelligence among professors. #attractiveprofessors 21:16   Popularity of manuscripts at elite journals: desk-rejected manuscripts receive fewer citations 21:34   Confusing Productivity measures in #Universities: Performance Paradox and Strategic Behaviour. 23:23   Investigating elite groups in #economics. #universities #research #excellence 28'th December, 2014 11:18   RT @LPLResearch "Oil Is Down 35% But We've Seen This Before...7 Times Since 1985" our @LPL #ChartOfTheWeek

December 2014 / 167

30'th December, 2014 14:24   A New #Bibliometric Index Based on the Shape of the Citation Distribution.

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