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1'st January, 2013 23:27   Transformations in Research, Higher Education and the Academic Market; The Breakdown of Scientific Thought 23:44   Academic Identities—Academic Challenges? American and European Experience of the Transformation of Higher Education... 2'nd January, 2013 15:40   Business schools need to produce leaders for the many, not the few; a new philosophy of leadership | The Economist 4'th January, 2013 19:25   Science Mart; Privatizing American Science…A Neoliberal Economics of Science

January 2013 / 2

20:02   Societal returns of scientific researc How can we measure it? 22:03   Journal Impact as an Innovation Diffusion Process; five potential dimensions of journal impact; Magnitude, Speed,... 22:31   Endowment Management Based on a Positive Model of the University 6'th January, 2013 22:07   Academic Faculty in University Research Centers: Neither Capitalism’s Slaves nor Teaching Fugitives 22:22   Reality Check: Faculty Involvement in Outreach & Engagement 22:36   Community Engagement and Boundary-Spanning Roles at Research Universities 23:28   Identifying Research Fields within Business and Management: A Journal Cross-Citation Analysis 23:45   Academic Entrepreneurship In Asia; The Role and Impact of Universities in National Innovation Systems

January 2013 / 3

7'th January, 2013 19:26   Women as academic authors over the years..there seems to be a "paper ceiling" in the labyrint.. 8'th January, 2013 23:34   Impact beyond the Impact Factor 9'th January, 2013 10:34   Business schools face a challenging future; the traditional lecture-based model is disrupted by free online contect - 10'th January, 2013 20:41   Looking forward to present @ 2013 #EFMD Doctoral Programmes Conference on Collaborative Models for #Doctoral Programmes 11'th January, 2013 21:33   Nine Facts about Top Journals in Economics 21:46   Where are university websites hiding all their research?

January 2013 / 4

12'th January, 2013 00:29   Business Schools Professor Salaries By Discipline Set – What’s the Trend? 11:50   Ranking journal quality by harmonic mean of ranks over four distinct classes of assessment measures..towards a... 14:10   UI GreenMetric 2012: 5 NL Uni listed. Gron (53), Eindh (60), Twen (72), Ams (122) and EUR (148) #vsnu #ranking 18:16   Prestige (AIS) and publication charges for open access journals; eigenfactor meets journalprices for the best deal... 13'th January, 2013 13:47   The race for excellence – A marathon not a sprint we need impactelligent universties. / 13:52   How Our Universities Have Been Turned into Corporate Marketing Centers | 15'th January, 2013 10:04   Serious impact opportunity for UK Business Schools: Enterprise Research Centre (ERC)

January 2013 / 5

22:16   Reality check for students: calculate the "Average debt at graduation" Kiplinger's Best Values in Public Colleges - 22:41   Excellence mapping – Ranking and mapping of research institutions based on excellent paper output (top 10% most cited) 23:30   What does business want from business schools? 23:40   Evidence shows that business school students are more narcissistic than others, does it matter? - Businessweek 16'th January, 2013 22:38   Researchfish; a new Research Outcomes System for researchers and funders 23:06   Strategies to Get Your Research Mentioned Online; why simply sharing a link is not enough 24'th January, 2013 00:08   What is societal impact of research and how can it be assessed? …another proof that societal impact is much harder...

January 2013 / 6

23:58   Medical Doctors Discover the Benefits of the Business School - they realize that health care is a business. 26'th January, 2013 21:56   Managing your assets in the publication economy; publish for maximum visibility and impact 23:08   5 miljoen euro voor Pan Amsterdams Valorisatie plan (UvA, HvA, VU, VUmc en AMC) 23:34   Research uptake and impact: are we in danger of overstating ourselves? four issues in the balancing act between... 27'th January, 2013 00:20   Imagining the University ; a university that has the capacity continually to re-imagine itself 22:56   Males are Overrepresented in Life Science Scientific Misconduct. This gender difference needs to be better understood.

January 2013 / 7

28'th January, 2013 19:11   it's official: Beatr-ex.. 30'th January, 2013 00:55   Beyond the ‘Postmodern University’…does this also imply competing realities for narratives on Impact cases? 22:37   Editoral impactfactor pimping through 'editorials'; the impact loophole.

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1'st February, 2013 21:04   New TED Book:SOS Save Our Science / 2'nd February, 2013 16:58   University 2060: the brave new world of higher education - 22:06   Research collaboration in universities and academic entrepreneurship: the-state-of-the-art 22:18   From the entrepreneurial university to the university for the entrepreneurial society – enhancing entrepreneurship... 3'rd February, 2013 00:21   Funding agencies urged on undoubling of overlapping grants a next challenge for universities?

February 2013 / 9

4'th February, 2013 21:28   After Aaron, Reputation Metrics Startups Aim To Disrupt The Scientific Journal Industry | TechCrunch 6'th February, 2013 08:09   HE leaders need to reframe discussion of value | Inside Higher Ed / 9'th February, 2013 08:16   New rector Leiden on Leiden DNA, moving graveyards and proving trust in universities. 10'th February, 2013 00:53   MERIL – the most excellent research infrastructures (RIs) in Europe across all scientific domains 12'th February, 2013 15:40   A ranking of UK universities research impact based on Google Scholar results 15:50   Impact Report: Michigan's research universities generate $15.5B economic impact, 74K jobs and $375M in tax revenue

February 2013 / 10

13'th February, 2013 13:33   New ways to fund science | Harvard Gazette 13:52   Measuring the citation impact of publications with percentiles increases correct assessments and fair comparisons 15'th February, 2013 00:18   Dynamics of the Contemporary University; Growth, Accretion, and Conflict 14:34   How virtual science communities are transforming academic research | Elsevier Connect 14:38   Seminar on Individual and Scholarly Networks; Building Networks, Evolving Networks, Evaluating Network Relationships. 18:10   Why Business Schools Teach Transparency but Practice Ambiguity - 18:24   Most comprehensive report in 50 years on education of key scientists 18:28   Penn State Professor Uses Pop Culture to Teach Economics - Businessweek

February 2013 / 11

18:31   Crowdfunding university research and tech commercialization: 6 sites that are doing it 16'th February, 2013 22:17   @pvdmm ..ik mis dat leidse nieuws een beetje.. 21'st February, 2013 11:27   Top 10 fundraising universities: Stanford University raises record-breaking $1bn 22'nd February, 2013 19:48   National Science Foundation Scales Up Entrepreneurship Program | Xconomy / 19:50   Your Brain is Being Augmented, You Just Don't Realize It | Endless Innovation | Big Think / 19:53   The Leadership Test Comes to B-School - Businessweek / 19:56   Do rankings perpetuate an antiquated and misguided vision of business management? | International MBA /

February 2013 / 12

20:00   Professor's 'Twitter predictor' reveals stocks' swings / 20:02   More elite universities offer free online courses / 20:05   More european universities join Coursera 23'rd February, 2013 15:12   Academic Institutions in Search of Quality: Local Orders and Global Standards 24'th February, 2013 14:07   N.Y.U. Center Develops a ‘Science of Cities’ / 14:15   UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Partners with Other Bay Area Schools to Foster Innovation 27'th February, 2013 10:27   Higher Education & Research Citation Impact in BRICK countries moves towords world average, impacting innovation...

February 2013 / 13

28'th February, 2013 13:58   Talking about ceo bonusses 2012.."Let's make things Tepper" where will this end?

February 2013 / 14


1'st March, 2013 20:36   Top Business Schools Embrace MOOCs - Businessweek / 4'th March, 2013 23:22   March Metrics! First Annual World Championship of Research Impact 6'th March, 2013 09:04   MIT Technology Review's List of 50 Disruptive Companies for 2013 | MIT Technology Review / 8'th March, 2013 20:41   Saїd BS and W.K. Kellogg Foundatio llaunch the Oxford Impact Investing Programme - 20:48   Higher ed on the move: Harvard and MIT convene summit on online learning and the future of residential education / 20:53   Global Report on the Status of Women in the News Media | UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization /

March 2013 / 15

10'th March, 2013 11:18   Knowledge exchange: A comparison of policies, strategies, and funding incentives 16:23   Disciplining Interdisciplinarity; Integration & Implementation Sciences (I2S) for Researching Complex Real-World... 14'th March, 2013 14:52   Another boring "Most Influential Business Professors" list released; why not aim at High Potential influencers.. 15'th March, 2013 11:06   Citation patterns in organization and management journals: Margins and centres in the field 22:12   Shaping the Future of Business Education 16'th March, 2013 10:46   Unbundling the University | Campaign for the Public University /

March 2013 / 16

23:25   Scientific Trading Dynamics: metaphor to study knowledge transfer and Knowledge Trading Impact in the sciences... 18'th March, 2013 10:15   New study on Benches and Boards: Female Science Professors Underrepresented on Corporate Scientific Advisory Boards 23'rd March, 2013 00:23   3 Dutch Universities in selective European Research Council list of Organisations hosting at least 25 ERC... 24'th March, 2013 11:38   Funding of Education in Europe 2000-2012: The Impact of the Economic Crisis [feedly] / 21:22   Universities in Change – Managing Higher Education Institutions in the Age of Globalization 22:09   Leading the Entrepreneurial University: Meeting the Entrepreneurial Development Needs of Higher Education...

March 2013 / 17

29'th March, 2013 10:38   Metaphors of management research; ‘Beasts, burrowers and birds’: The enactment of researcher identities in UK... 13:46   Harvard College admits only 5.8% of 35 K applicants with lots of this our EUC (happy) future? 30'th March, 2013 20:05   Business school output: A conceptualisation of business school graduates 20:33   Professors in the Boardroom and their Impact on Corporate Governance and Firm Performance 31'st March, 2013 14:55   RT @DominiqueVanpee Rodrigo Costas - Altmetrics : complement or replacement of bibliometrics (CWTS) @jasonpriem 14:58   Altmetrics : complement or replacement of bibliometrics?

March 2013 / 18


1'st April, 2013 22:43   Nice event "Measuring & Maximising Research Impact" #uniresearch2013;, also check out this: 23:02   Assessing Research Impact: An international review of the Excellence in Innovation for Australia Trial 3'rd April, 2013 21:48   Strategies for Business Schools in a Multi-Polar World 5'th April, 2013 19:54   The Practical University - / 20:12   'Report Card' Faults Research Universities' Impact on Global Health / 20:15   How 2U is Changing Higher Education: What You Can Learn from American University and USC /

April 2013 / 19

20:19   Harvard “Reject” to Establish Asian American University / 20:23   Top 100 Thesis & Dissertation References on the Web: Online Ph.D. Program / 23:12   Leadership and Cooperation in Academia Reflecting on the Roles and Responsibilities of University Faculty and... 23:42   Author-level Eigenfactor metrics: Evaluating the influence of authors, institutions, and countries within the... 6'th April, 2013 15:55   Reputation and Impact in Academic Careers; the early citation advantage of co-authors with high reputation 16:29   Academic Impact and Wikipedia Ranking 20:48   Scholarship: Beyond the paper; The journal and article are being superseded by algorithms that filter, rate and... 21:24   Business School Culture: Customer-Focused, Virtual and Cooperative

April 2013 / 20

21:42   The Business School in the Twenty-First Century; Emergent Challenges and New Business Models 7'th April, 2013 15:50   The business school of the future: the network-based business model; The global balanced network – beyond... 19:14   Promises Fulfilled and Unfulfilled in Management Education; Reflections on the Role, Impact and Future of... 19:34   Doing Research That Matters; Shaping the Future of Management 20:11   Developing researching managers and relevant research; the ‘executive research programme’ 20:44   Strategic Leadership in the Business School; Keeping One Step Ahead 11'th April, 2013 00:45   EDUCATION is emerging on the UNIVERSITIES #TweetzUp report 01:02   RANKING is emerging on the UNIVERSITIES #TweetzUp report

April 2013 / 21

18:46   Commercialization of academic knowledge And Valorization In Regional Economic Development 12'th April, 2013 20:07   business schools embrace liberal arts. / 20:16   How universities will compete: appeal to elites, move online - 14'th April, 2013 22:34   How should the societal impact of research be generated and measured? 22:39   PLOS Collections : Article collections published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) 23:05   Impacts of research demonstration reports by the Russell Group Universities; how serious case based advocacy can... 15'th April, 2013 20:14   AACSB 2013 Business Accreditation Standards: new impact metrics covering all core business of impactelligent...

April 2013 / 22

20:49   New #AACSB standards 2013 in as word cloud 16'th April, 2013 18:30   Research Data Metrics for datasets; the first landscape study on the assessment of use and impact of datasharing... 17'th April, 2013 12:26   New SPARC report on Article-Level Metrics helps decisionmakers to deal with metrics and career decisions 18'th April, 2013 06:10   Getting down to business in the business school. 19'th April, 2013 10:24   The pursuit of academic excellence and business engagement: is it irreconcilable? 13:05   Alternatives to Peer Review in Research Project Funding

April 2013 / 23

23:08   What makes business school research impactful? Academic visibility, Prominence, perceived quality or collaboration? 21'st April, 2013 21:23   Organization and role of international collaboration in research production; multinational research studies have... 23'rd April, 2013 18:19   Some Current Issues in Business Education.. a view of the classic issue of relevance dating back to 1958…any news? 19:24   Management, Education and Competitiveness: Europe, Japan and the United States 19:47   The Tyranny of Relevance and the Art of Translation; towards pathways of impact 26'th April, 2013 16:09   Ultra wealth, a great new word for business schools. new report global map

April 2013 / 24

20:59   Practicing what We Preach; do the levels of geographic diversification in editorial board membership of... 22:43   The Worth of the University; on the critical role that universities play in educating students and promoting the... 27'th April, 2013 14:15   Put peer review under review, a follow up on the Rand report 22:03   Research collaboration in health management research communities is growing but the Cooperation intensity is... 28'th April, 2013 11:49   business schools merger in france announced null / 12:00   Universities urged to put focus back on basic research / 12:05   Entrepreneurship at Universities -- 311 Years Late The Accelerators - WSJ / 12:10   Famous professors teaching right now.

April 2013 / 25

22:17   The Role of Research in Business Schools via

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2'nd May, 2013 18:42   The UNIVERSITIES ZUP is emerging on #Tweetzup 8'th May, 2013 19:44   Episode 17 of Bibliotech: Citation and social media | University Affairs / 9'th May, 2013 16:03   Nascent Academic Entrepreneurs Face Unique Challenges, Conflicts in Taking Innovations from University Lab to Market 19:51   How good is research really? Measuring the citation impact of publications with percentiles increases correct... 21:09   Are alternative metrics still alternative? 21:55   The power of altmetrics on a scholar’s CV; 10 benefits to scholars and scholarship when altmetrics ar embedded in...

May 2013 / 27

22:59   Communities of Impact; can communities of practice theory enhance the understanding of research impact; on... 23:13   A Simple Journal Ranking Tactic to Address Coercive Citation and Discipline-Specific Citation Density in Academic... 23:35   Why do scholars cite the New York Times so much? The New York Times as a resource for Mode 2 knowledge 10'th May, 2013 00:05   The University as an Entrepreneur: The Ingredients for Valorization and Valorization Strategies 00:28   Convergence and Divergence Dynamics in British & French Business Schools: top schools need a more heterogeneous... 18:34   @EricvanHeck When will you start your stream? It seems a bit empty... 18:36   .@HenkVolberda, your Klout Score is 44 (I'm a 46). Check out your @klout profile today! 18:38   Check out my new influencers list on @klout, featuring ERIM Influencers

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18:59   .@ReneDeKoster, your Klout Score is 26 (I'm a 46). Check out your @klout profile today! 20:43   @TeresaAmabile maybe you would appreciate my weblog on dual impact of research 21:34   @thinkers50 This is how the Thinkers50 (2011) list looks like according to Klout Social Influence scores. 12'th May, 2013 21:58   @AACSBdan Hi Dan, You might be interested in my weblog on dual #impact in business schools and #universities 22:24   From 1993 to 2009, U.S. universities added bureaucrats 10 times faster than they added tenured faculty. via @BW 13'th May, 2013 13:58   @AACSBdan As Impact is crucial in the new AACSB standards, is it an idea to join forces in support towards AACSB schools on impact issues? 21:12   Do the Dutch Care About Female Executives?

May 2013 / 29

14'th May, 2013 09:10   How Business Schools Can Save Themselves From Irrelevance; from occasional to continuous business learning. 11:45   RT @LSEImpactBlog The link between blogging and tweeting and the fact that people will download your research if you tell them about it 15:43   @UN_Energy Check out this great event: Erasmus #Energy Forum - Erasmus University 19:27   The great divide between business schools research and business practice; would ‘industrial sabbaticals’ be a new... 19:45   Relevance or ‘relevate’? How university business schools can add value through reflexively learning from... 21:19   Analyzing the citation characteristics of books: edited books, book series and types of publishers in the Book... 15'th May, 2013

May 2013 / 30

07:36   Building Your #Business School’s #Brand Through #Executive Education (Elaine Eisenman, Kai Peters) | @GlobalEd 22:54   From the boardroom to the business school classroom. So, you want to be a business professor? 23:16   Research staff and public engagement: a UK study 16'th May, 2013 08:42   From bench to bedside: The societal orientation of research leaders 09:00   In search of relevance: The changing contract between science and society; introducing the credibility cycle as... 19:20   The Responsibility Of Business Schools In Training Ethical Leaders - Forbes 20:06   Are elite journals declining now emerging and established journals are publishing an increasing proportion of... 20:30   An anker for careersupport: The Professor Is In, Getting You Through Graduate School, The Job Market and Tenure…

May 2013 / 31

20:31   RT @marnoverbeek Fantastic day for ERIM: three NWO vidi grants awarded! Congratulations to Justin, Martijn and Patrick! 22:15   @HalbeZijlstra Naar minder verzorgingsstaat en toch resultaat: Private Investors Could Be Part of the Solution 22:50   RT @GlobalHigherEd Researchers and Scientific Groups Make New Push Against Impact Factors via @chronicle See: 17'th May, 2013 15:53   .@AbeDeJong, your Klout Score is 24 Check out your @klout profile today! 21'st May, 2013 11:33   International Co-authorship Relations in the Social Science Citation Index: Is Internationalization Leading the... 22'nd May, 2013 16:37   @RommertDekker, your Klout Score is 23 and you listed are on the ERIM influencers list

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16:40   @IvoArnold, your Klout Score is 42 and you're listed as ERIM influencer 23'rd May, 2013 05:36   Top Business Schools Embrace MOOCs - Businessweek via @BW 05:41   Business schools breaking out of the 'West Is Best' Mindset - Forbes 20:03   Business schools can share their experiences with other university units to help them decrease taxpayer dependency 20:31   Public No More: A New Path to Excellence for America’s Public Universities; how research universities can survive... 24'th May, 2013 20:41   Check out People in Business Schools in one magazine via @twtrland 20:47   Professors from the Netherlands on twitter via @twtrland 21:52   @twtrland great service! can you add some influence scores like @klout to enhance the impact of it all

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22:09   @gusummit2013 Global summit attracts 85% of followers from the UK 22:30   @GenerationCO2, your Klout Score is 41 and you are on the ERIM influencers list 22:31   @muelkaptein, your Klout Score is 48 and you are listed on the ERIM influencers list 25'th May, 2013 08:31   Business schools drive a global boom in social entrepreneurship, social enterprise is trending via @globalenvision 09:00   Business Schools are Driving Innovation in the Domestic Economy UK according to new ABS report 15:30   2013-UK #universities contribute to economic #growth - 20:39   What Will English Higher Education Look Like in 2025? 20:44   Implications of #Excellence in #Research and #Teaching

May 2013 / 34

26'th May, 2013 22:37   Towards The Third Generation University (3GU); moving from the medieval to the science-based towards Science... 29'th May, 2013 08:40   Top #vacancy: ERIM Director for Centre Development Erasmus #University #EUR #RSM #EFMD #research #bschool #innovation 31'st May, 2013 23:02   CWTS Journal Indicators: free access to over 20.000 journals indexed by Scopus; business & management are covered

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1'st June, 2013 23:36   Research impact and scholars’ geographical diversity 2'nd June, 2013 19:08   As long as (British) business schools keep real-life business at arm’s length distance, they will keep on struggling 3'rd June, 2013 09:34   RT @ERIMResearch Join us on Wed 12 June, 15.00, for Prof. David Yermack's perspective on #executive #bonuses. Register at 4'th June, 2013 11:26   Deep Impact: Unintended consequences of journal rank; is using journal rank as an assessment tool a bad... 7'th June, 2013

June 2013 / 36

21:41   Taking the reins as a business school dean; challenge for business schools is to build curricula and supportive... 17'th June, 2013 20:54   #ImpactStory gets $500k grant by Sloan Found. and will blow away #tradmetrics making #altmetrics mainstream praxis 22'nd June, 2013 13:59   Match Your Personality With B-School Teaching Style MBA Admissions: Strictly Business ( 14:06   Data Isn't Useful Unless You Talk About It - I add: same for business research - Harvard Business Review 14:10   New Research: Where the Talent Wars Are Hottest -that is what's relevant for business schools 14:35   Washington Think Tank Launches Center on Higher Education Reform - Higher Education / 14:42   why maastricht is rankingsmart; be in the right league for higher results

June 2013 / 37

22:52   Smart Coalition: Four Top Asia Business Schools Join Forces to Recruit Future Global Leaders - WSJ 23'rd June, 2013 17:17   Nature Publishing Index 2012; NL nr 9 in global country ranking with 8 top Dutch universities in global top 200... 24'th June, 2013 11:46   RT @PaulJump 14 journals denied an impact factor this year for being part of citation cartels. 26'th June, 2013 22:30   Management Education for the World : A Vision for Business Schools Serving People and Planet 30'th June, 2013 12:10   Doing Research That Matters; Shaping the Future of Management

June 2013 / 38


2'nd July, 2013 07:21   Business schools must fundamentally change the way they operate. BizEd Magazine 09:41   A New Impact Trend: Business Schools & Corporate Art Collections. 18:24   Some campus projects are stunning pieces of architecture. 19:01   @FinnWynstra, your Klout Influence Score is 26. Check out your @klout profile on 'ERIM influencers' 4'th July, 2013 22:46   Altmetrics: New Indicators for Scientific Communication in Web 2.0 6'th July, 2013 23:19   Centres of Excellence (CoE) impacting the Nordic research systems

July 2013 / 39

9'th July, 2013 13:01   Dramatic Growth of Open Access Journals and documents..but will it al create real impact? 12'th July, 2013 15:58   Altmetrics: Value all research products; publications, data sets, software & other non-traditional research products 13'th July, 2013 14:51   Disrupt or Be Disrupted: An evidence-based blueprint to improving the practice of graduate management education 18:05   Why Has the Number of Scientific Retractions Increased?. a new type of researcher emerging..the ‘serial retractor’? 20:15   56 Indicators of Impact 16'th July, 2013 04:38   The MBA – a degree of relevance for the 21st century?

July 2013 / 40

05:03   Human Right is new business for business schools. NYU creates a Center for Business and Human Rights 17'th July, 2013 22:47   There are already 61 open access #Business books in the recently launched Directory of Open Access Books #DOAB 19'th July, 2013 21:15   5G wireless for universities...yes please! 22'nd July, 2013 23:31   Overview of the Altmetrics Landscape; publishers and service providers listed 23'rd July, 2013 12:42   Strategic Disclosure: The Case of Business School Rankings 24'th July, 2013 12:14   Comprehensive University Accountability Reporting, it is possible; see 2013 Accountability Report UoC

July 2013 / 41

27'th July, 2013 09:51   #Google play textbooks starts; When will a [play #university] appear as competitor of #iTunes university? 09:56   RT @tinglinl New social business report by MIT Sloan Management Review. 28'th July, 2013 12:36   The Best TED Talks By B-School Professors | Poets and Quants 29'th July, 2013 13:49   Bibliometrics of individual researchers....handle with care 18:23   Presidencies Derailed: Why University Leaders Fail and How to Prevent It

July 2013 / 42


10'th August, 2013 16:36   RT @_JoyCastro How valuing research "impact" over "quality" hurts universities: #highered 16:46   RT @LDRLB The Top Professors on Twitter in Leadership, Innovation, and Strategy. 19:39   F1000Prime and Public Library of Science collaborate on article-level #metrics #altmetrics 11'th August, 2013 13:17   Google scholar #metrics 2013 for buss, econ & management does not add value from an altmetrics perspective 19:34   Bankers in the Ivory Tower: The Financialization of Governance at the University of California[]

August 2013 / 43

12'th August, 2013 08:06   RT @LSEImpactBlog Data repositories are expanding their role to ensure quality of reproducible research. 08:49   Cool hunting for the worlds #thoughtleaders #bschool #thinkers50 09:12   RT @brembs Research impact: We need negative metrics too 13'th August, 2013 21:48   The relationship between tweets and WoS citations; A new framework utilizing the coverage of articles and the... 21:56   The Virtual University: Impact on Australian Accounting and Business Education 14'th August, 2013 11:22   RT @Research2Action Altmetrics and the Global South: Increasing research visibility #altmetrics #researchimpact

August 2013 / 44

18'th August, 2013 08:47   RT @CSRwire Why don’t #universities research how their #investments #impact the world & take responsibility for that? #activism 20'th August, 2013 22:51   @PeekAnalytics -- the standard for social audience data -- has a new free account offering. I just signed up. 21'st August, 2013 01:06   Beyond the scholarly articl fixation; Evaluate your business school’s writings as if your strategy matters 01:20   The great divide between business schools research and business practice 22'nd August, 2013 19:51   New UNESCO book: #Rankings and #Accountability in Higher Education #HE; Uses and Misuses.

August 2013 / 45

23'rd August, 2013 18:04   Research #impact: Altmetrics make their mark, but must be used cautiously 19:57   Open Access Strategies in the European Research Area, Brazil, Canada, Japan + US from the year 2000 onwards #OA #ERA 20:18   Assessing #Webindicators in research #evaluation: Strategies for Evaluating #Altmetrics 20:24   Proportion of #OpenAccess Peer-Reviewed Papers at the European\World Levels 2004-2011 in 22 fields of knowledge #EU 21:12   Brave New World for Business Ed: Money/Fulfillment, China/Chicago, Sustainable/Shareholder Value, Campus/Online? 24'th August, 2013 09:44   International Business Schools and Their Role in Society 09:56   Beware the Sirens of Management Pseudo-Science @HarvardBiz

August 2013 / 46

12:19   Identifying excellent researchers: A new approach for finding the one-in-a-hundred economists in a crowd of 32000 25'th August, 2013 17:09   Innovation in Business Education in Emerging Markets 19:04   OAI8: An overview of scholarly impact metrics; But: Why measure it at all in cases where the scholarly community... 27'th August, 2013 17:59   External Influence as an Indicator of Scholarly Importance 18:08   @pvdmm this could be interesting; Women Leaders in Higher Education: Shattering the Myths 18:36   A three-dimensional analysis of power and engaged scholarship 18:51   why firms appoint academics and why they prefer business professors 19:06   Measuring the benefits of University Research: Impact and the REF

August 2013 / 47

19:23   Tracking and evaluation on the individual and enterprise level; tracing research productivity 28'th August, 2013 21:08   @SijboltNoorda nice talk today, you might like my blog Dual impact of research; towards the impactelligent university

August 2013 / 48


3'rd September, 2013 09:22   Choosing Real-World Impact Over Impact Factor via @chronicle 09:39   Start academic year NL universities: the race for the best celebs & royalties as impact windowdressing? VSNU 14:17   Check out the new ERIM PhD Reference Guide 2013-2014 by Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) 14:19   Also great news: the new ERIM Master of Philosophy in Business Research Study Guide 2013-2014 16:04   Nature article Vast costs of Arctic change impacts global media like a tsunami @generationco2 - ERIM 18:54   RT @AcademicaTopTen Moody's increasingly downgrading elite colleges #highered 19:12   RT @AACSBdan The way we teach, create, manage, & engage in bschools Great initial contributions about our future

September 2013 / 49

7'th September, 2013 13:06   Maximizing the #Impact of Research: New Reporting Guidelines Collection from PLOS 21:34   Industrial and academic collaboration: hybrid models for research and innovation diffusion 9'th September, 2013 22:15   40% of US Professors are parttime and called the [Precariat]; “precarious & proletarian" academic workingclass 10'th September, 2013 12:19   Assessing Research Impact An international review of the Excellence i Innovation for Australia Trial 18:46   Entitymetrics: Measuring the #impact of knowledge units. #altmetrics 18:49   AACSB The Promise of Business #Doctoral Education for innovation, sustainability, relevance & quality #phd #bschool

September 2013 / 50

11'th September, 2013 21:31   New book: Global #University #Rankings, Challenges for #European Higher Education #HE, #universities 22:02   RT @MyOpenArchive Redefining the Impact of Research Outputs in the Age of #OpenAccess: Current State of Reuse and #Altmetrics 13'th September, 2013 12:26   How librarians are raising researchers’ #reputations (and #impact): #academic networks, profiles & analysis 13:46   Are men more likely than women to commit scientific #misconduct? Maybe, maybe not. | EthicShare Community 14'th September, 2013 12:03   I just registered #altmetrics on @Tagboard: 12:16   I just registered #researchimpact on @Tagboard:

September 2013 / 51

15'th September, 2013 19:24   RT @sharmanedit Important preprint by Bjork & Solomon on journal speed by discipline, access and size (pdf): via @rmounce 17'th September, 2013 07:07   RT @CACSSSResearch Development and Verification of a Bibliometric Model for the Identification of Frontier Research (final report) 19:31   JIBS Editorial: How to write articles that are relevant to practice #bschool #impact #relevance #publishing 18'th September, 2013 09:30   ERC report: Identifying Frontier Research; #Novelty, #Risk, #Applicability are key. #impact #bibliometrics 23'rd September, 2013 08:09   Quality not quantity: measuring the #impact of published research 11:39   Information Standards Quarterly #ISQ special issue on #altmetrics for #researchimpact: Almetrics Have Come of Age

September 2013 / 52

11:42   Consuming Article-Level Metrics: Observations and Lessons. #ISQ #altmetrics #researchimpact 11:43   Institutional Altmetrics and Academic Libraries #ISQ #altmetrics #researchimpact 11:45   Altmetrics in Evolution: Defining & Redefining the Ontology of Article-Level Metrics #ISQ #altmetrics #researchimpact 11:46   How #Altmetrics Can Expand Our Vision of #Scholarly Communication and #Social Impact - #ISQ #researchimpact 11:48   Social Signals Reflect Academic #Impact: When a Scholar Adds a Paper to #Mendeley #altmetrics #researchimpact 12:00   #Impact on business by business schools & management schools #ESRC #researchimpact #ABS #BAM #bschool #AACSB 20:32   Management: Theory and Practice, and Cases #bschool #aacsb 20:38   Enhancing Management Education Relevance: Joint Knowledge Creation between Business Schools & Business #aacsb #efmd

September 2013 / 53

24'th September, 2013 07:06   RT @BizEdMag How to measure research impact on practice? Influence on govt, industry funding, startup creation,etc #impactofresearch #aacsbaccreditation 25'th September, 2013 10:15   Varia on Impact Factors, Journals, Publishing. 21:20   2012 SNIP values for 20K #scopus journals have been released on CWTS Journal Indicators #impact #altmetrics #snip 27'th September, 2013 13:47   RT @Dianne_RSM The usefullness of citation counts depends heavily on the context. @wmijnhardt @Toffeemen68 13:54   RT @StevenVdWalle 0.2 contracts at UK universities risen by nearly two-thirds in 2 years prior to the REF - Gaming at its best 19:37   Harvard, the world’s wealthiest school, grows its endowment to $32.7 billion #wealth #bschool via @BloombergNews

September 2013 / 54

21:06   More serious grant investments for #altmetrics, #nsf honors the strategic value with amplifying 300k 21:22   RT @AACSBdan Hoping bschools "follow @NYUStern's lead in examining the intersection of business & human rights" @PeterBlairHenry 21:39   A new plea from professors: Buy my idea #crowdfunding via @Trapit 28'th September, 2013 08:07   Elsevier is moving; new Personalized dashboards provide #metrics to gauge an article’s #impact 19:26   Report: high mobility of researchers results in more impactful research #impact #era 22:02   Check out my new topic: DataPhilanthropy; sharing private sector big data for research on @scoopit 22:28   @rgkirkpatrick Check out the new blog on DataPhilantrophy: 22:35   @PVdMM Universities should benefit more from shared private sector big data through Data Philantrophy: new weblog:

September 2013 / 55

30'th September, 2013 07:05   RT @PPBN_Times Open Access and the Changing Landscape of Research Impact Indicators: New Roles for Repositories

September 2013 / 56


1'st October, 2013 20:31   The Strategic roles of centers in business school development 3'rd October, 2013 19:34   interesting to see how #bibliometrics researchers label their clientele as [amateur bibliometrics] #impact 21:49   Received a golden label "giant among curators .. work is world-class awesome". 21:57   Rating Business Publications by #bschool Deans Survey Results by @bizjournalism 6'th October, 2013 21:54   RT @felixdemoya “The impact factor is both problematic and idiotic,” Vitek Tracz says. 21:55   RT @felixdemoya Scientific journals without quality control are destructive, especially for developing world countries

October 2013 / 57

22:08   Is Academic #Science Trapped Inside the Ivory Tower? #Universities and the Diffusion of New #Knowledge 22:37   Speculations on the Future of Graduate Management Education #bschools #aacsb #efmd 7'th October, 2013 18:42   RT @StevenVdWalle Testing peer review: 157 predatory open access journals accept bogus paper 18:43   RT @StevenVdWalle Open-access is blurring the demarcation between pseudo-science and authentic science. 9'th October, 2013 01:08   New mathematical model for research #impact and forecast long-term success. #altmetrics 01:12   RT @Research_Voice Researchers’ views on research evaluation and the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator 09:45   Top 10 Tips Publishing CSR Research in Top Journals Green Conduct

October 2013 / 58

16:06   Beware for Expert Failure: Re-evaluating Research Assessment #impact #evaluation #assessment #experts 16:11   Assessment of Science: Relative Merits of Post-Publication Review, the #Impact Factor, and the Number of #Citations 16:13   RT @figshare Can we risk losing the raw data future researchers will need to do their work? via @guardian 18:21   RT @mfenner @Stew do users care about 0.1% to 1% click-through rate #NISOALMI 18:25   RT @JPGNonline Current ToC: Dedicated Bibliometrics: A More Appropriate Impact Factor for Specialty Journals?: No abstract a... 10'th October, 2013 08:13   #Hefei Statement:10 characteristics of contemporary #research #universities to fulfil research and education missions 08:40   The globalization of social sciences? Evidence from a quantitative analysis of 30 years of production,...

October 2013 / 59

12:27   Self-published titles in 2012 jumped to over 391,000 titles, up 59 percent up from 2011 and 422 percent up since 2007 12:28   Kudos attracts 1,000 academics in first 24 hours #impact #altmetrics via @researchinfo 13:21   Breaking Away: Top Public #Universities Push for ‘Autonomy' .. it's all about tuition freedom 22:54   Dual Impact cloud by Infomous; a cool new way to explore content online 11'th October, 2013 08:12   My week on twitter: 5 retweets received. Via: 15:13   @InfomousClouds I will create more clouds as they are much more useful than the old wordclouds.. I like the #economist cloud too! 18:36   @trouw Duurzame 100 blijkt nog steeds lokale polderparade, een blamage jegens alle internationale duurzame toppers die Nederland versterken. 19:24   @InfomousClouds just tried iOS app, why is there no group on business schools or universities?

October 2013 / 60

19:32   HBS Develops Online Learning Platform @pvdmm 19:35   MBA special: the future of business schools is brics and moocs #aacsb 19:57   Leaders urge #research #universities to look beyond U.S. government for support 20:04   Vice-chancellor of Oxford Professor Andrew Hamilton calls for £16,000 tuition fees @pvdmm 20:08   China announces edX platform to power its new online learning portal XuetangX 20:10   University boss: Head teacher, mayor or chief executive? 20:12   Florida reveals #universities with most successful #graduates - #metrics #highered 20:13   Florida universities performance funding showoff 20:14   A glimpse at the future of #college education: no textbooks, no calendars, no price cuts.

October 2013 / 61

20:20   RT @tom_peters If meetings are "pain in the ass," you will act accordingly--& waste peeerless leadership opportunity after peerless leaderhip opportunity. 22:24   RT @JohnAByrne Wharton says it is open to a non-academic to lead its business school 23:08   Are ALMs/altmetrics propagating #global #inequality? #alm #altmetrics 12'th October, 2013 14:01   RT @TAC_NISO RT @mhsorens: The Many Faces of #Altmetrics Mapping the Social Reach of Research #alm13 13'th October, 2013 10:52   #dataphilanthropy and research #impact would be great too @InfomousClouds 10:57   RT @Phil_Baty Amazing visualisation putting #unirankings “into the perspective of the human & economic shapes of the world”: 11:05   RT @BizDeansTalk A new study shows that when it comes to new computer tech, many CEOs lack the leadership and vision needed.

October 2013 / 62

11:05   RT @BizDeansTalk CEO Kai Peters Ashridge bkgpeters Developing next gen leaders for a sustainable futurethe stewardship model 11:09   RT @BizDeansTalk London Business School seeks to raise $160 million in its first ever fundraising campaign PoetsAndQuants 12:39   RT @PeerIndex Want some science for your weekend reading? Take a look at our Science of Influence white paper! 14:53   Puttings science back in the hands of the scientists #altmetrics #alm13 #impact #universities #research 14'th October, 2013 14:02   The persisting gender gap in academia (including citations): #gender #gap symposium 19:05   RT @TAC_NISO Charles Bailey has released the #altmetrics bibliography #NISOALMI 19:10   The #altmetrics bibliography is available for an overview of the field sofar #impact #metrics #research

October 2013 / 63

19:30   The rise of #innovation and #research in #China and a roadmap for more strategic UK-China collaboration. 20:08   #Altmetrics in practice 15'th October, 2013 08:47   How to evaluate individual researchers meaningfully and with a focus on excellence? A proposal for a set of... 12:03   The A to Z of Social Media for Academia #impact #universities 12:12   Academic Visibility: #Webometrics and #Research #Impact Analysis 19:48   Mysterious Publisher Launches with 44 Journals #OA #publishing #universities #research 19:49   RT @NickKristof Come read us! RT @JournalismBuzz: NY Times Drops Paywall for International Edition Launch: 22:52   NL has highest percentage of international co-publications in business and management compared to UK, France and...

October 2013 / 64

23:04   NL has highest percentage of international co-publications in Economics, econometrics and Finance compared to UK,... 16'th October, 2013 07:51   RT @gruzd Universities Need a Data Science Rethink 22:07   University-Business Forum: Strategic Partnerships for #Innovation and #Growth: From Dialogue to Partnerships #impact 17'th October, 2013 12:38   In judging research #impact; please include effects of emphasizing particular measures and be open on methods used. 14:04   Imagine 2020: Univ.of Pearson (buys Coursera), Univ.of Google (buys Udacity), Univ.of Walmart (buys Univ. of Phoenix) 19:26   140 Characters in Search of a Meaning : Incorporating Motivation into #altmetrics via @figshare 20:47   Visualising Article Performance — #Altmetrics Searches for Appropriate Display

October 2013 / 65

21:02   Tweets can predict highly cited articles within the first three days of article publication #altmetrics 18'th October, 2013 09:47   Race for talent at business schools; Innovation can help recruiters to catch the best MBAs #AACSB #EFMD @BizDeansTalk 11:20   Discover what the world is thinking about #altmetrics #sonar via @bottlenoseapp 15:08   How the #G20 impacts #Global #Trends in #Scientific #Innovation #impact 16:29   @dominiek you have build something very nice. Universities and busienss schools should be more aware of the value of your platform #sonar 16:49   How #science goes wrong; #Scientific research has changed the world. Now it needs to change itself | The Economist 19:28   Discover what the world is thinking about #bschool #sonar via @bottlenoseapp @bw @forbes @WSJ @FT 20:07   @NielsPflaeging thanx for following me; in return your topicprofile

October 2013 / 66

21:09   @thinkers50 Check out the [social Thinkers50] social media influence @klout .. a surprising social reality check: 23:19   @dorieclark has the highest #Klout score on Future Thinker Award Shortlist @thinkers50 23:45   @sherylsandberg has the highest #Klout score on the Breakthrough Idea Award Shortlist 2013 @thinkers50 19'th October, 2013 01:29   A flawed system for judging research leads to academic fraud, plagiarism industry, invented research, fake journals 22:38   @dorieclark I hope that the professors with real social influence will win, instead of the boring ones from the previous century 20'th October, 2013 08:50   RT @curtrice The great citation hoax: Proof women are worse researchers than men 09:23   RT @HarvardBiz The 2 most important documents at any company

October 2013 / 67

10:00   RT @jeroenbosman Do's and don'ts in individual level bibliometrics. very concise and clear, by Wouters & Glänzel 15:15   Towards a publication strategy; publishing, be cited or perish. #impact #research 21'st October, 2013 18:27   RT @clairebower Which articles have the biggest impact? #Altmetrics now live on journals from BMJ: @altmetric 22:51   The dean hunters - on appointments and why the term of #deans in top business schools is getting shorter. #FT #AACSB 22:59   The leading lights of business education; only 7 out of 64 deans are female. Bschools still live in the dark ages #FT 22'nd October, 2013 08:54   @curtrice I see you are NIAS fellow this year. interesting and close by Erasmus Uiversity 09:02   @curtrice you are most welcome at eur for a coffee, we share some interests I guess..

October 2013 / 68

18:03   Elite Researchers Citation Laureates in Economerics 2013 Predictions by Thomson Reuters Sciencewatch; UK is in twice 18:30   Peer based research evaluations; an authoritative source of validation for institutes to optimize their strategies. 19:17   Publish or teach? Is today’s business school only as good as its research? #AACSB #EFMD #FT #bschool #research 19:40   Lost in Translation? Mind and Matter in Management Research; the intellectual and sociological roots of the malaise 23'rd October, 2013 11:17   RT @researchimpact Rt @IOE_Engagement: Need a tool kit for public engagement with research? Try this tx @nccpe 17:41   Assessing Research Quality at the Individual Level, is it getting too difficult? #eiasm #research 19:12   Assessing Research Quality; An editor’s perspective #Eiasm #research 19:15   Evaluating Research Quality: The UK approach #Eiasm #research #ref

October 2013 / 69

22:12   Ranking Leading Econometrics Journals with Citations Data from ISI and RePEc; 20 Research Assessment Measures (RAMs) 23:02   Moving Beyond Bibliometrics: Understanding Breakthrough Emergence through Missed Opportunities; a framework for... 23:02   Moving Beyond Bibliometrics: Understanding Breakthrough Emergence through Missed Opportunities; a framework for... 24'th October, 2013 20:12   Achieving Impact in Research; a guide for the purposes of gaining research funding and reporting achieved impact... 25'th October, 2013 08:14   How Individual Scholars Can Reduce the Rigor-Relevance Gap in Management Research 20:18   A living heart for a modernist Campus - Erasmus University Rotterdam revitalizes its grounds @pvdmm

October 2013 / 70

21:08   RT @DUKEpress University presses facing challenges, via @TheEconomist: h/t @lisabayer 22:03   Twelve simple ways to maximise your citation count and drive citations independent of intrinsic quality. 27'th October, 2013 10:04   RT @Toffeemen68 Business schools vs schools for business vs factories that produce 750 EMBAs per year 10:34   Force 11 Resource and Tool Catalog is a dynamic list of web-based scholarly resources #research #impact 13:17   RT @Phil_Baty Most read: 5 examples of fraud that universities can learn from | Features | @TimesHigherEd 14:01   Redefining impact: The surprising back story behind one paper’s citations via @Trapit 29'th October, 2013 00:35   Future directions for scientific advice to governments. #impact #research #policy

October 2013 / 71

07:41   RT @ttso Iben Brøndum: Researchers’ views on research evaluation & the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (abstr) #nwb2013 07:55   Symbiartic; The art of science and the science of art. #impact through art of science works #altimpact RT @SciAm 08:40   REF puts UK bschools in scramble to hire top talent; the #REF game dominates academic dynamics in #research via @FT 14:08   Web inventor's open data institute announces new global network for open data and open knowledge via @guardian 21:36   RT @McKQuarterly RT @McKinsey_MGI: #Opendata: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information #podcast of new report 30'th October, 2013 11:11   Emerging markets necessitate a rethink of business education - #bschool #AACSB #EFMD via @FT

October 2013 / 72

31'st October, 2013 23:52   The Challenges of Strategy and Leadership in Higher Education and the the Academic Enterprise #universities #bschools

October 2013 / 73


1'st November, 2013 09:12   My week on twitter: 1 mentions. Via: 11:54   Tweets per day for #altmetrics last month; is there a metametric to keep up with the altmetric dialogue? via @Topsy 12:00   Tweets per day October compared for #altmetrics (1236), #webometrics (219), and #bibliometrics (151); via @Topsy 2'nd November, 2013 10:43   Learn how researchers can enhance their online reputation. #impact #reputation #research #universities 3'rd November, 2013 13:23   Google scholar search on "science in transition": 0 results. Obviously not very significant (yet) @NRC 13:44   Book by Dijstelbloem and Hagendijk is NOT published in open access, bit oldschool. @Scitransit @nrc

November 2013 / 74

18:15   Conceptualising research quality in medicine for evaluative bibliometrics. #impact #research #medicine 18:55   #Impact of Journals and Academic Reputations of Authors; the IEEE Publication Galaxy 20:18   Top Peer Reviewed Journals for 22 ISI Subject Disciplines 2009, 2010 and 2011 and average 2009-2011 #impact 4'th November, 2013 16:17   Wikipedia’s coverage of academics is well below 50% and scientists with a high citation-based #impact are left out. 5'th November, 2013 22:28   Organizing for Professional Judgment: Bureaucracies and Heterarchies 22:49   How Universities Work is destined to be an essential handbook for anyone wanting to understand universities 23:03   Determinants of Research Citation #Impact: A Combined Statistical Modelling

November 2013 / 75

23:08   The myth of the Ivory Tower and the dynamics of organisational identiteit in higher education #university 23:12   A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Management research 6'th November, 2013 08:33   All scoops on Google Scholar in one place for easy scrolling #scholar 09:48   Overview of Econ & Business domainTrend 1960-2012 with relative importance of subdomains - Microsoft Academic Search 09:53   Top cited authors in Business Adm. & Econ 1960-2012 (nr. 1 = 7832 citations), is NL in? #impact #research 14:21   Knowledge brokers: the role of intermediaries in producing research #impact; moving beyond the supply push model... 14:27   Knowledge exchange between academia and the third sector through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

November 2013 / 76

19:01   Benefits of Higher Education Participation for Individuals and Society: key findings "The Quadrants" 19:39   RT @FLettice Innovation and Research Impact Complementary or Competing Objectives? 20:47   The need for change in the governance of science #sit #universities #research 20:59   RT @KeitaBando SIGMET Panel at ASIST: #Altmetrics Present and Future by @stefhaustein via @SlideShare 21:02   RT @KeitaBando Nine reasons why Impact Factors fail and using them may harm science via @wordpressdotcom 21:29   Forbes Media partners to create online business school | Media Business via @media_business 22:35   RT @isidroaguillo #CSIC Researchers ranked by Google Scholar Citations profiles #CSIC Institutes also ranked 7'th November, 2013

November 2013 / 77

10:22   Business of Bschools is More Than Business; Social/environmental responsibility for long-term competitiveness #oped 16:04   Management and university performance: good practices have a big impact on outcomes #universities #performance 20:26   Maximizing research visibility, impact, and citation: tips for editors and authors #research #impact #metrics 21:04   Live webcast Centennial Dies Natalis EUR November 8, 2013 14:30 - 16.00 (AMS time) - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam - 8'th November, 2013 21:56   The Influence of Financial Performance on Higher Education Academic Quality 22:20   Business Engagement, Research Impact and Academic Identity 9'th November, 2013 10:09   @EdwinHorlings Edwin heb jij niet een mooie visualisatie van de impact van medical schools in Europa en of wereldwijd over laatste 10 jaar?

November 2013 / 78

11:14   @EdwinHorlings super. Ik ben aan het kijken of top centres hun organisatie anders structuren en het primaat van de research is key 12:52   @EdwinHorlings op schoollevel. Kun je niet even een mooi plaatje maken met schools vs top 5% impact segment obv scopus subject categories 13:19   @elmersterken voor een rector moet een dierentuin toch een getrouwd beeld oproepen, zijn jullie al bij de reptielen geweest? 10'th November, 2013 23:46   Reforming European #Universities and Reforming European Welfare States: Parallel Drivers of Change? 11'th November, 2013 14:24   SpotOn London 2013 Video: What should the scientific record look like in the digital age? | SpotOn 19:15   RT @jasonpriem "The Google scholar experiment: How to index false papers and manipulate bibliometric indicators" ht @RodrigoCostas1

November 2013 / 79

21:51   Are [Big Data] Sucking Scientific Talent into Big Business? #universities #bschool #AACSB 22:25   Celebrating the impact of research @ Imperial College Business School with video's schowcasing the #impact stories. 12'th November, 2013 15:50   Third Stream, Fourth Mission: Perspectives on University Engagement with Economic Relevance. #impact #university 16:11   Beyond the third mission: Exploring the emerging #university function of co-creation for sustainability. #impact 13'th November, 2013 11:06   Your Life Story: university researchers have created algorithm to compose accurate biographies based on tweets only 11:24   Research Utilization in Social Sciences:disciplinary and methodological context matters in dissemination of research 15:27   How to take charge of science policy: making research more visible. #impact #relevance #universities #metrics

November 2013 / 80

14'th November, 2013 21:34   LERU Research Careers Project; possible research career paths in the Netherlands. #universities 21:38   Academic career maps in Europe; France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, NL, Belgium. #universities #LERU 22:55   Do more distant collaborations have more citation impact? #universities #research #publishing #citation 22:58   RT @BizEdReboot Infographic: Business Education Needs a Reboot 23:12   What Drives Publication Productivity in German Business Faculties? #universities #research #bschool #aacsb 15'th November, 2013 21:03   World social science report 2013; is research impacting prosperity? #wssr #impact #research #universities 22:51   RT @BizDeansTalk Trinity Announces New €70 Million Business School and Innovation Hub

November 2013 / 81

22:56   RT @rmounce Quick plug for @mfenner's new @PLOS paper on his behalf: What Can Article Level Metrics Do for You? #solo13alt 16'th November, 2013 00:28   Invention Revolution: #Universities need an invention culture to successfully translate from [mind to factory]. 21:47   Sensegiving and strategic management in HEIs: sensemaking and sensegiving of top managers. #universities 22:19   Transformation of university governance: on the role of university board members. 17'th November, 2013 12:00   'Wetenschap moet vanaf 2016 gratis zijn' - is echte Nederlandse beleids naïviteit; science is business v@volkskrant 12:08   RT @public_uni University managers have too much power, warns think tank via @John__Field 12:11   “@descartescentre: Min.Bussemaker in #Buitenhof over @SciTransit.Maar waar zijn de initiatiefnemers? Gemiste kans!”: dan is de hype al over?

November 2013 / 82

12:12   RT @ademoor Important, but what TYPES of data #opendata? How to balance #privacy where needed w/ openness where possible? - 12:24   RT @martin_hulst The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences published a study about the #ROI of scientific research. @_knaw 12:27   RT @ciripache "How to Critique Journal Articles in the Social Sciences" by Scott Harris via @sage_us 12:27   RT @openscience The #WSSSPE at #SC13 is the First Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science, in Denver this weekend #openscience 12:27   RT @PVdMM Het lijkt alsof P Borst en de rebellenclub Science in Transition eigenlijk in 'violent agreement' zijn. #nrc 12:35   “@FulvanderWel: #Buitenhof @SciTransit focus op onderwijs Go #EduTransit”...heel sterk, of beter nog: #topsectorenTransit 12:44   the perils of academic entrepreneurship. The real world of science2business #sciTrans 12:56   Het lijkt dat #SciTransit op de website kritische Tweets negeert, toch een eenzijdig advocative denktank?

November 2013 / 83

15:11   Do Open Access Electronic Theses and Dissertations Diminish Publishing Opportunities in the Sciences? 15:21   Comparing university organizations across boundaries #universities 15:23   Tomorrow’s Universities and the Seven Pillars of the Knowledge Revolution. #impact #research #SciTransit 16:26   RT @GeorgesRomme Great source: Academic #startups daily news @maxbpv9 #Entrepreneurship #innovation #academia 16:27   RT @GeorgesRomme Dissertation @bobwalrave - winner of Beta PhD Award 2013: balancing exploration-exploitation in recessionary times 17:55   Analyzing citation characteristics of books: edited books, series and publishers in the book citation index 22:23   Altmetrics in Institutional Repositories. #impact #universities 22:51   Challenges Facing the Altmetrics Movement

November 2013 / 84

23:36   RT @researchremix Here are the slides for Credit,Citation,Impact policy session at #wssspe 23:47   As Journal Impact Factor Loses Respectability, Can Altmetrics Provide Other Measures? 18'th November, 2013 21:03   Altmetrics as Indicators of Public Impact 21:06   Telling your research story with (alt)metrics 21:11   Online social networking for the sciences and how an average scientist makes himself visible 21:58   Measuring academic influence: Not all citations are equal. #impact #research #universities 22:16   exemplar models and promising practices in mid-career faculty development 23:04   External Influence as an Indicator of Scholarly Importance. #impact #research #universities

November 2013 / 85

23:18   Academic Entrepreneurship: An American (Individualistic) Perspective. #universities 23:38   The Correlations Between Article Citation and References’ Impact Measures: What Can We Learn? #research 19'th November, 2013 19:14   HEinnovate; Commission and OECD launch website for universities to measure entrepreneurial impact 19:16   How entrepreneurial is your Higher Education Institution? HEinnovate 20:23   RT @isidroaguillo @CSIC After the GS Citations list we are working on other Social Web profiles like Academia, ResearchGate, LinkedIn 20:24   RT @isidroaguillo Future edition (late January) of Ranking Web of repositories to add altmetrics indicators using webometrics tools

November 2013 / 86

20'th November, 2013 12:25   Find our best researchers in their area of expertise with our new expertise search @ ERIM. #impact #universities 22'nd November, 2013 10:38   RT @Nobelprize_org More than half of the Nobel Laureates are born in Europe: 446 out of 851 10:48   Interesting show of the Business school pictures shared via Twitpic on twitter in Realtime. 23'rd November, 2013 13:30   DRAFT - Declaration of Data Citation Principles. Towards responsible RDM? #research #impact #scholarship 16:19   A rector's view on how to write a worldclass paper. 16:22   Elsevier: Scientific Publishing, Insights into what authors, editors and journals want.

November 2013 / 87

20:13   Innovation management processes for academic research. #universities 22:42   Towards universal Open Access: what we can do about it, and who should do it. #research #publishing 22:55   IEEE Issues Statement on Appropriate Use of Bibliometric Indicators in Evaluation of Scientific Publications 23:01   Ranking Leading Econometrics Journals Using Citations Data from ISI and RePEc. #impact #publishing #research 23:51   50 Most Beautiful Business Schools in the World. #bschool #architecture #reputation 24'th November, 2013 12:21   The Corporatization of Higher Education. #universities #bschool 12:25   Governance reforms in higher education; institutional autonomy in Asian countries. #universities #unesco 23:31   Excited for the ABS annual conference tomorrow; The Business of Business Schools #impact #bschool

November 2013 / 88

25'th November, 2013 09:36   Just created my own impactstory page, let's see what they will deliver on my digital presence.. 09:38   RT @ImpactStory New ImpactStory release: better sign-up, easier importing 11:27   Exciting start @bloomberg headquartes for #ABS13 11:32   Research grants more often bigger, multidisciplinary and granted to specialized experienced researchers. Bschool have to make choices #ABS13 11:38   Institutional metrics of excellence are needed next to indivdual metrics to make impact incentives work #ABS13 11:50   RT @policyreviewtv We're live today from Bloomberg HQ for #ABS13 here: 12:02   The list of delegates contains only one non UK school: RSM #ABS13 12:21   Business in Uk does not work with business schools like in US according to Dean Anand of Imperial #ABS13 12:34   Differentiation means modularization and flexibility. Focus in courses, articles and people. Do we still need programmes as products? #ABS13

November 2013 / 89

13:21   RT @poljourno Central message from #abs13:UK business schools must adapt to rapidly changing world (tech/geopolitics) to maintain leading global ranking 13:35   Bloomberg is recruiting bschool graduates with a few years experience and some specialisation to be directly valuable for business #ABS13 13:59   External challenges for business schools #AMA2013 15:39   Business schools have to deal with publishers as competitors moving into their markets like Forbes bschool. #ABS13 15:48   I wonder when CKGS will move into the bachelor + selective master market in buss edu in Europe...could mean real business dynamics #ABS13 16:03   RT @Deanjourno Evolving the business school model – a way forward. Report from the #abs13 conference in London today 16:04   RT @KPMG 96% of businesses say they don't manage data effectively. Is big data key to accelerating innovation? #KPMGCapital 16:35   Ten Business school priorities for the near future. #abs13

November 2013 / 90

26'th November, 2013 00:45   RT @BizDeansTalk Organizing the government-affairs function for impact - McKinsey Nov 2013 09:04   RT @LBS The dangers of overlooking the power of qualitative judgement while being seduced by analytics and big data: #LBS_BSR 09:06   RT @StanfordBiz How Nonverbal Behaviors Affect Your Status & Power, from Professor Deborah Gruenfeld 09:08   RT @openscience Twitter is "massively important" for #scicomm, @robinlloyd99 et al. observe #sciox #openscience 10:52   RT @smrsltd #abs13 Yesterday it was ice cream today BizSchools are rock! They should all have Enterprise running through the middle - Ron Livingston 10:53   RT @agcrisp RT @bkgpeters: #abs13 How to differentiate? 138 b-schools all doing same thing? Sinek has some ideas- why not what: 11:44   RT @londonabs #ABS13 never been a more exciting time to be a bus school - @LiamByrneMP bus schls must ensure next generation of business leaders

November 2013 / 91

27'th November, 2013 21:52   The Future of the Post-Massified University at the Crossroads; Restructuring Systems and Functions 21:58   Measuring journal performance in multiple fields; the efficiency of a journal's citation generation process. 22:06   Towards a [Data Usage Index] for research data archives. #rda #rdm #dui #metrics #altmetrics #universities 22:22   Scientific performance indicators: a critical appraisal and a country by country analysis. #impact #research 28'th November, 2013 12:56   Towards a common model of citation: some thoughts on merging altmetrics and bibliometrics - Research Trends 29'th November, 2013 12:10   Supporting the creative industries: The rationale for an exchange of thinking between the art and business schools.

November 2013 / 92

20:00   Resources for Evaluation of Individual Researchers 20:27   UKRISS Core Information Reporting Profile, Harmonisation, CERIF, euroCRIS, CASRAI 20:49   Resilient Universities; Confronting Changes in a Challenging World. Do Universitis have the Ability to Adapt? 21:12   Strategic Tools for University Profiling: Mapping, Multi-dimensional Ranking, Benchmarking and Degree Profiling. 21:30   Up or out? How individual research grants affect successful academic careers in the Netherlands. 21:58   Connecting with the Ivory Tower: Business Perspectives on Knowledge Exchange in the UK. #impact #universities 22:15   ABDC Journal Quality List 2013 launched; why do they need so many (over 2700) journals to assess bschool publishing? 22:57   Re-imagining the Creative University for the 21st Century; Creative Social Development and Academic Entrepreneurship

November 2013 / 93

23:14   RT @Phil_Baty Top 20 ways to improve your university's world ranking: #THEunirankings #Unirankings

November 2013 / 94


1'st December, 2013 11:23   RT @Villavelius From Jan 1st 2015, Dutch universities will no longer be judged on the "size of their scholarly production" (in Dutch) 11:24   RT @LSEImpactBlog The time is ripe for co-produced research collaboration between academics and NGOs 11:40   RT @Wowter The Book Citation Index is still underdeveloped and has serious limitations which call for caution when using it for bibliometric purposes. 12:51   European Investments in joint and open research programmes and analysis of their economic impact 13:05   Knowledge transfer from from European universities and institutes to industry; practices & mechanisms 14:03   EU Bookshop search on [Altmetrics] delivers zero results; European Union still has to discover altmetrics power. 14:32   Science as an open enterprise; towards all scientific literature online all data online, and for them to...

December 2013 / 95

14:57   The social fingerprint @leadsift for @pvdmm is labeled as [influencer]; nice score! 4'th December, 2013 22:45   New [Gateway to Research] by research councils UK; how are business schools covered? 22:54   RT @Wowter Journal hierarchies are in constant flux: Larivière, 2013. Are elite journals declining? JASIST #ranking #IF 22:54   RT @Wowter Bookmarked: Thelwall, 2013. Social network or Academic Network? JASIST #Science2.0 23:22   RT @researchwhisper '30 tips for successful academic research + writing' by @DALupton at @LSEimpactblog is well worth reading v @nsriazat 23:29   Academic publishing slammed by scams #Anne-WilHarzing via @newsle

December 2013 / 96

5'th December, 2013 16:42   The beautiful giftbox for our [Ingenium Alatum] Bronze ERIM PhD Statue is launched today. #ERIMresearch http://www.erim.nl 16:43   @wmijnhardt 6'th December, 2013 12:43   Gear Up: The Impact of Your Work. #research #universities See visual here: 23:40   Global university reputation and rankings: insights from culturomics 8'th December, 2013 19:49   The role of Twitter in the life cycle of a scientific publication. #impact #research #altmetrics 23:14   @SciTransit Wake up call for NL: internl UK article and citation share 2013; Productivity means competitiveness. 23:21   International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base - 2013 the report pdf

December 2013 / 97

23:22   International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base - 2013: Supplementary data. 9'th December, 2013 11:33   Scientific Success: Inspiring Life Stories of top Researchers, Scientific strategies, Career development methods 10'th December, 2013 16:16   RT @erasmusnieuws EUR nieuws: Erasmus Universiteit neemt aanbevelingen Taskforce Wetenschappelijke Integriteit over #erasmusuni 22:32   RT @jasonpriem Scientific Publications: Moving Beyond Quality and Quantity toward Influence. #altmetrics 23:02   Impact on business by business and management schools. #research 23:25   Thomson Reuters Acquires AVEDAS [converis]; only two left in the market for integrated CRIS systems: Elsevier & TR 23:37   The global higher education market and its tensions; @SciTransit for the real world: towards market stratification.

December 2013 / 98

23:59   Scientific Publications: Moving Beyond Quality and Quantity toward Influence. #impact #research #universities 11'th December, 2013 11:38   Governance Reforms: Four Organizational Dilemmas for European Universities in Structuring their Internal Organization. 20:25   Twitter matters as science seeks to make a social impact. #research #altmetrics 22:09   RT @OECD Very few universities are successful at commercialising inventions patented: #OECD #techtransfer @OECDinnovation 22:26   Which academic research caught the public imagination in 2013? meaning of altmetric 5734 complex without context 22:54   [Impact Validity]; indicating the potential of research for social and political change, advocacy or activism. 23:10   Some issues on Bibliometrics; the way a University Professor would like to be served. #impact #universities #research

December 2013 / 99

12'th December, 2013 10:03   Check out my @RebelMouse featuring the joint LDE news collection at 11:53   @altmetrics; how will altperformance of articles be archived permanent? Idea: create an annual "Altmetric Citation Report" like the JCR\SJR 14:36   What if Top Journals Start Focusing on Pageviews? Will style ever become influential over substance? via @motherboard 19:44   EIT and H2020; facilitating further Synergies and Complementarities? #research #eu #universities 22:27   Business schools and top executives must rethink how they work together. The Economist 22:30   RT @timoreilly Love the focus on big data in science, incl social science. Solomon Hsiang reports on economic analysis of Phillipine typhoons #caldatasci 22:32   How To Get Tenure at a Major Research University. #careers #academia

December 2013 / 100

13'th December, 2013 10:45   Only one Female researcher made it in the Dutch Economics Top 40 Ranking 2013; this can't be true. #esb @SciTransit 14:52   Battelle Forecast on Global R&D Funding 2014; Is more research spending the answer? #impact #altmetrics @SciTransit 15:37   Scientists increasingly represent universities; media roles change; expert to research manager to guardian of science 14'th December, 2013 10:33   Some useful research; Model and analysis of competitiveness of major European soccer leagues. #impact 15'th December, 2013 20:09   Helga Nowotny, ERC President, on the value of uncertainty in scientific discoveries. #impact #universities #research 20:21   Now this is what I consider a great research magazine: The University of Cambridge Research-Horizons. #impact

December 2013 / 101

16'th December, 2013 09:03   Book review: The myth of research-based policy and practice - LSE Research Online -#impact 18'th December, 2013 15:47   Tweeting Academic Articles; contents of tweets are unlikely to give deep insights into the reactions. #altmetrics 19:39   RT @scholarlykitchn AAP: New Report Released Tracking Usage Pattern of Academic Journal Articles: 20:59   365 days: Nature's 10 Ten people who made the difference in science 2013. #impact #research 19'th December, 2013 20:56   RT @glynmoody Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing interesting move #openaccess

December 2013 / 102

20'th December, 2013 01:27   RT @LSEImpactBlog Universities need proactive and imaginative strategies to communicate their research 01:27   RT @LSEImpactBlog How citation rates vary widely across disciplines 08:12   ING Erasmus 100 Top International Firms; Europe Continues to Dominate. #impact #ranking 21'st December, 2013 09:57   the Schekman initiative is courageous. All #Nobel prize winners are untouchables and should decide to publish in open access journals only 10:01   How to break free from the stifling grip of luxury journals. #impact #publishing #oai 10:55   Here is a nice innovation project for #SIT: Create a Responsible Data Forum. @SciTransit 21:42   What is the best way to be productive in a rising academic career—collaboration or individualism? #research

December 2013 / 103

22:04   Opening Science; How the Internet is Changing Research and Scholarly Publishing. #impact #universities 22:11   Bound to the Ivory Tower? Mobility of University Scientists as a Driver of University-Industry Collaboration 22:45   HOW TO PUBLISH AND NOT PERISH; A short guide for academics on getting your research into the right journal 23:26   Towards Another Scientific Revolution. @SciTransit #research 23:29   Excellence by Nonsense: The Competition for Publications in Modern Science. #research #universities #impact 23:31   Academia Goes Facebook? Potential of Social Network Sites in the Scholarly Realm. #research #universities 23:34   Novel scholarly journal concepts; new business models and new editorial models for traditional functions 23:37   Altmetrics and Other Novel Measures for Scientific Impact. #research #universities #publishing

December 2013 / 104

23:41   Open Science and the Three Cultures: Expanding Open Science to all Domains of Knowledge Creation. #research 23:43   Blogging Science? Potentials and Constraints of New Forms of Scholarly Communication. #impact #research 23:46   Open Science paradigm; new interdependencies between funding of research and practice of Open Science. 22'nd December, 2013 11:13   RT @Phil_Baty Interrogating the network: The year in social media research via @NiemanLab h/t &trished 23'rd December, 2013 08:39   I joined Publon today because they credit reviewers with an Open, quantifiable peer review system 08:46   The vision of Publons; The Future of Academic Research, you can review their first article in the platform 08:54   The most trending science articles of 2013 @Scitrends; powered by @Altmetrics. The logic is getting viral

December 2013 / 105

10:34   Top ERiM research, impact and top support awarded by new Erasmus University Rector Pols in annual ceremony 13:30   Thinker50 Panel Discussion on The Future of Business Education. #bschool #AACSB #EQUIS 21:22   2370 MBA Programs 2012/13—6 Major Disciplines (of 26),8 Delivery Methods. Is differentiation suffering? #AACSB #EFMD 21:39   Bringing Ideas to Market; How US business schools are helping the NSF commercialize innovation. #impact #bschool 22:47   Debating the Future of Management Research; recommendations for management researchers. #JMS #bschool #AACSB #impact 23:29   Ethics in the Production and Dissemination of Management Research; Institutional Failure or Individual Fallibility? 23:46   Research Social Networking Services do influence citation patterns of open access articles. #altmetrics #impact

December 2013 / 106

24'th December, 2013 11:06   Chinese Management Insights (Dec. 2013) | 11:50   Female Executives Blazing New Trails In STEM Industries 18:55   Twitter Scholars: How Science Goes Viral | The Connectivist #altmetrics via @theconnectivist 19:00   Towards five stars of transparent pre-publication peer review 21:44   Overcompetitiveness; pressure is so high that academic researchers systematically over-estimate chances for success. 22:27   Brain Competition Policy framework for policies to attract international academic talent. #universities #faculty 25'th December, 2013 07:02   Wake Up or Perish: Neo-Liberalism, the Social Sciences, and Salvaging the Public University

December 2013 / 107

11:15   RT @kimgarst #TWITTERTIP Retweet, Retweet, Retweet. People love to be retweeted & they will start RT'ing you back! #twittertip #youcandosocial 14:31   Single-Author Papers: A Waning Share of Output in all fields but especially Economics and Business; down from 70%... 21:52   I created my personal @ImpactStory today, makes me proud to be social. Check me out here: 26'th December, 2013 10:53   RT @kholmber @asist_org @sig_met @kholmber Slides from "Conducting Twitter Research" webinar available at 27'th December, 2013 01:48   LSE book: The Impact of the Social Sciences: How Academics and their Research Make a Difference.#university 20:47   28 Business Gurus That Changed the World; their background, theories and how each theory works in practice. #impact

December 2013 / 108

28'th December, 2013 11:33   Professors defending WallSt business and get paid for, balancing at nexus of commerce and academia. #impact 15:26   Map of Europe anno 1581by Heinrich Bunting; great to see the relativity of wordviews anno 2014 29'th December, 2013 11:42   RT @santo_fortunato Author Impact Factor featured on Physics Today: try it out! 11:49   @SciTransit Tracking the dynamics of individual scientific impact; a new Author Impact Factor (AIF) 12:29   RT @WIRED The best scientific visualizations of 2013 13:10   RT @oatp Open Science and the Three Cultures: Expanding Open Science to all Domains of Knowledge Creation - Springe... #OA 13:10   RT @oatp Scholarly Publishing: CrossRef Set to Launch a Text and Data Mining Service Named Prospect in Early 2014 |... #OA

December 2013 / 109

13:16   RT @wharton Prof. @AdamMGrant's research shows that people who give the most tend to be most successful in business: 22:20   Preparing the World's Research Universities to Respond to an Era of Challenge and Change. #glion #impact 30'th December, 2013 12:58   The Determinants of the Quality and Prestige of Public Graduate Research Universities. #HEI #impact #reputation 15:50   Solutions and Best Practices in Gendered Innovations in science, health, medicine and engeneering. #universities 21:37   Top Plagiarism Scandals of 2013 from a variety of fields including politics, religion and filmmaking. 22:08   Release early and often; Publicly sharing information early in the research enterprise accelerates discovery. #impact 23:46   Just created a public google news section on [Business Schools]. #impact - via

December 2013 / 110

31'st December, 2013 00:02   The notion of talent: What are the talents we are looking for? grant allocation processes on individual+panel level. 00:05   More competition, better science? The predictive validity of grant selection. #research #impact #universities 07:57   RMIMR stats; my weblog 2013 in review 14:29   Majority of published scientific data not recoverable 20 years later. @SciTransit 19:07   European Universities on the cross road: More Market or more Hierarchy? 20:03   LeaderBeing: Critical Reflections on Context, Character + Challenge in the Culture of Research and Its Administration 20:19   3362 SciVal New Generation Factsheet v10.indd SciVal-New-Generation-Factsheet.pdf!

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